Start Hungary F1 2015

Formula 1 is poised to make a decision which will have a significant bearing on the quality of the racing we can expect from 2017 onwards. It is about which company will provide the tyres …

30 Jul 2015   |  8:52 am GMT  |  143 comments
Perez accident 2011

Next season F1 will introduce a high speed camera onto the cars, able to capture the precise movements of a driver's head in major impact to improve safety of helmets, cockpits and circuits. Jules Bianchi's accident …

24 Jul 2015   |  10:48 am GMT  |  12 comments
Massa crash Montreal 2014

The death of Jules Bianchi yesterday, following his accident in the Japanese Grand Prix, has again raised the subject of how motorsport treads a fine line between the thrill for drivers and fans alike of …

19 Jul 2015   |  9:21 pm GMT  |  157 comments
McLaren mechanic

Formula 1 needs to make the drivers seem more human and to be more transparent and play up its innovation and exciting new technology to whet fans' appetites for the sport, according to Joe Brown, …

15 Jul 2015   |  11:06 am GMT  |  125 comments
Podium Silverstone

Joe Brown, the Executive Editor of Wired US, spoke at the FIA Conference Week in Mexico, giving an expert view on why motor sport has been slow to embrace social media, but also looking at …

12 Jul 2015   |  10:19 pm GMT  |  57 comments
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