Nico Rosberg

Mercedes say that they have identified the problem with Nico Rosberg's development engine in Monza and that they believe Lewis Hamilton's similar unit will be okay for the Italian Grand Prix. Rosberg had to make an …

06 Sep 2015   |  10:14 am GMT  |  5 comments
Sebastian Vettel

Lewis Hamilton has led criticism of Pirelli’s proposed ‘fix’ for the recent problems with tyre failures, claiming the suggested increase in tyre pressures will be 'a disaster'. The Italian company has explained that tyre blowouts witnessed …

03 Sep 2015   |  3:52 pm GMT  |  94 comments
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton says his approach to driving is that of an “old school” Formula 1 racer and he prefers traditional mechanical controls to the complex technology needed to pilot modern cars. In a revealing interview with …

02 Sep 2015   |  11:09 pm GMT  |  158 comments

The rumbling continues after Sebastian Vettel's tyre failure and subsequent attack on Pirelli in Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix. The Italian company has issued a statement saying that it asked for a limit to be placed …

23 Aug 2015   |  11:44 pm GMT  |  287 comments
F1 start, Hungary 2015

The F1 drivers will be under pressure at this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix, as new rules regarding how the clutch can be prepared for the start will come into force. It is bound to make …

19 Aug 2015   |  8:34 am GMT  |  109 comments
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