Formula E

At a recent F1 related event I was approached by a senior figure from one of the leading F1 teams; "This Formula E series, what do you think? Will it happen?" The question, laced with a …

16 Feb 2014   |  7:26 am GMT  |  263 comments

The Lotus E22, the final car to hit the track in this pre season build up, should finally get a run out today at Jerez, Spain. It is due to be given a shakedown in …

07 Feb 2014   |  4:47 pm GMT  |  276 comments
Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 10.42.21

Felipe Massa's quote at the weekend about the new 'brake-by-wire' systems on the 2014 F1 cars taking some getting used to has sparked a lot of discussion on the JA on F1 site, with readers …

05 Feb 2014   |  11:45 am GMT  |  201 comments
Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 20.33.31

The first test session at Jerez last week threw up some major surprises and interesting talking points, including the failure of Renault and the innovative aerodynamics on the McLaren. Here JA on F1 technical adviser Mark …

02 Feb 2014   |  9:37 pm GMT  |  226 comments

The numbers didn’t lie yesterday; there was clearly something wrong at Renault. On day two of the Jerez test the four Mercedes-powered cars completed a total of 212 laps; the two Ferrari runners, 100; and …

30 Jan 2014   |  11:31 am GMT  |  92 comments
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