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F1 paddock unites to raise $1million for children’s charity
Run That Track at Spa 2014
Posted By: James Allen  |  24 Aug 2014   |  8:17 am GMT  |  7 comments

The members of the F1 paddock who take part in the “Run that Track” initiative, whereby hundreds run a lap of each track on the calendar, have broken through the $1 million barrier for money raised.

The challenge, which was started four years ago by McLaren engineer Simon Morillas, sees drivers, trainers, mechanics, engineers, media and catering staff taking to the track in the evenings after practice and qualifying. And for every lap logged, F1 global partner UBS donates $100 to Make a Wish Foundation, whose aim is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

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After the summer shutdown, Run That Track needed 48 laps to break through $1Million over the Belgian Grand Prix weekend.

Over 120 laps were registered over the weekend, taking the total to $1,007,200.00

Simon Morillas, said, “It’s fair to say that RunThatTrack began as a bit of a prank, but the way it has taken off in the Formula One paddock has been incredible.

“I would never have thought that what started as a bit of fun could go on to make such a difference and really impact on the lives of seriously ill children and young people across the world.”

There is inevitably a competitive side to it with Nico Rosberg’s press man Georg Nolte the fastest man this year. Max Chilton’s physio Sam Village, a successful triathlete, had been the pace setter, but has been doing three and four lap runs this season, so his times are slower.

The previous fastest man in F1 was Matthew Kingston-Lee, a photo technician for XPB Images, but he is not travelling to races this season.

For more information about Make-A-Wish International, visit worldwish.org

Jules Bianchi

Jules Bianchi was among the 120 plus runners on Saturday night

Allan McNish and Marussia's Marc Hynes compare notes

Allan McNish and Marussia’s Marc Hynes compare notes

McLaren Sporting Director Sam Michael takes a kerb

McLaren Sporting Director Sam Michael takes a kerb

Lotus's track operations boss Alan Permane limbers up

Lotus’s track operations boss Alan Permane limbers up

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  1. Cliff says:

    Good to see F1 giving something back and showing that it’s not always about the racing!

    Well done to all.

    Total votes:

  2. jpinx says:

    Brilliant !!!!

    — Truly brilliant !!!!!

    Total votes:

  3. MR says:

    Good to hear. Well done guys and gals. Perhaps a good media scenario for F1 overall would be to allow a limited amount of fans to particpate as well – for a fee of course which could be added to the charity pot. One way of the fans being able to interact more closely to a sport that does not have a great repore in this regard.

    Total votes:

    1. I know says:

      From a marketing point of view, you’d want to avoid the impression that fans can best interact with the stars of the sport by participating in a different sport. Here, perhaps, public road safety trainings etc. would make more sense. When it comes to running, Red Bull have made a smart marketing choice with their “wings for life” race series, but they are not purely an F1 company. Tracks like the Nurburgring also host popular mass-participation running and cycling events.

      Total votes:

  4. JB64 says:

    Fantastic, huge well done to all involved!

    Total votes:

  5. Carl Craven says:

    This is brilliant, we should have seen more on TV but then I do live in south america, maybe you saw it in Europe. Maybe they should race lawnmowers too.

    Total votes:

  6. Random 79 says:

    Good effort by everyone :)

    Now what I’d like to see is the FIA match them dollar for dollar – if a bunch of guys can raise a million in a weekend don’t tell me the FIA couldn’t do the same if they really wanted to.

    So tell us FIA, do you really want to?

    Total votes:


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