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Rosberg Takes Dramatic Silverstone Pole As Hamilton Makes fresh qualifying Error
Posted By:   |  05 Jul 2014   |  2:50 pm GMT  |  202 comments

If this 2014 season needed another Saturday afternoon twist, then the British fans at Silverstone witnessed the most dramatic one thus far with Nico Rosberg snatching pole position for the British Grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton decided to not complete his final qualifying lap. Hamilton therefore starts sixth, whilst Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button complete the top three.

First Canada, followed by Austria, now Silverstone; Hamilton had all he needed to take pole but made a mistake and then compounded it by not completing the lap. The final sector was mush faster than previously, so Hamilton would have had a chance to do better than sixth, even is the driving error at Turn 4 cost him the pole.

The Briton had set the pace throughout in the changeable conditions as showers appeared, halted and then returned as quickly as you read. The lap times fluctuated by plus or minus eight seconds at times with rain and then dry.

As the final stage of qualifying began Hamilton was once again the pace setter, gently steering his car through a damp final sector on dry tyres to lead a provisional front-row lock-out for Mercedes. Rain fell and it was questionable whether the track would again retain its grip.

A return to the pits for the top ten saw the rain stop for a final time and they made their way out for one final effort.

Hamilton radioed in to say the track was slippery and subsequently made his biggest error of the season so far.

Sebastian Vettel in the rain at Silverstone

if pole was a surprise bonus to Rosberg, Vettel had to set a lap time on the final run because he had not set one to that point as was down in 10th place.

He was the first to begin his final lap, ending the first two sectors two seconds off the pace. It seemed to be a popular pole position for Hamilton. But when Vettel entered the now dry final sector the Red Bull driver hustled his car through Stowe and the final chicane to take the top spot. It was clear that the track was very fast in Sector 3.

Hamilton had almost stopped Rosberg getting his final lap in as the pair were together and passed just before the chequered flag. Rosberg had radioed demanding Hamilton increase is pace.

After his driving error, Hamilton had to let the faster Rosberg through. Unaware of the improvement to be had in Sector 3, he pitted without improving his time and we watched as his name tumbled down the time sheets to sixth.

To add insult to injury Rosberg was rapidly improving and, finding time in the final sector, took pole position by 1.6s. It is his 8th career pole and the fourth of this fantastic season for the German.

Like in Austria, Hamilton must now make his way through the field to stop his team-mate extending his substantial Championship lead.

For Vettel, who made it through Q1 by two tenths of a second it was perfect timing and a brave final sector that puts him in with a good chance tomorrow. The Red Bull race pace was strong in Free Practice and it will be interesting to see if the four-time World Champion can cause Rosberg some trouble tomorrow.

It was a very good day for Button, who was fast throughout in the changeable conditions. The McLaren driver lost his father earlier this year and a campaign to ‘Paint Silverstone Pink’ in memory of John Button made for an emotional 2009 World Champion. “The old boy was smiling down on me today,” he said afterwards.

The shaken up grid sees Nico Hulkenberg take fourth place for Force India, ahead of the second McLaren of Kevin Magnussed with Hamilton completing the top six. Hulkenberg;s Force India team mate Sergio Perez had looked set for a career best 3rd on the grid before the final runs.

Each session today had it’s part in the drama and Q1 gave a hint of what was to come.

Following a shower in this morning’s final Free Practice session, qualifying began in damp conditions with the intermediate tyre chosen to develop a dry line. Hamilton set the pace initially and radioed in to say that dry tyres would be soon needed if the rain stayed away.

With six minutes remaining those in lower positions threw caution to the wind and bolted on a set of medium slick tyres as they sought after a place in Q2. And with purple dots covering the timing screens the rest of the field were prompted out of their garages.

A busy track and an abundance of opposite lock gave the British fans plenty to enjoy. The Mercedes pair were comfortably through within the top three places but there was a shake up behind. Marussia took two cars through to Q2 for only the second time in their history and with them through, two others must fill their place. It was a career best 12th on the grid for Jules Bianchi and 13th for Max Chilton, although he drops five places due to a gearbox change.

The Williams and Ferrari drivers struggled to put temperature in to the slick tyres in greasy conditions and with yellow flags covering the middle sector they were unable to improve. Fernando Alonso was the cause of a short yellow flag and starts the race in twentieth place, behind Valtteri Bottas, Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen.

As Q2 got underway, it was a return to the intermediate tyre due to light rain reappearing. A banker lap from each car was followed by a replay of Q1 as all cars left the pits in the final six minutes on a set of medium tyres. This time there was no shocks, with the Lotus pair joining Marussia and the Saubers out of qualifying.

Max Chilton, with the thirteenth fast time, will take a five place penalty for a gear box change but nevertheless gives the Banbury-based team a result to cheer about.

British Grand Prix, Silverstone, Qualifying

1. Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m35.766s
2. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1m37.386s +1.620s
3. Jenson Button McLaren 1m38.200s +2.434s
4. Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1m38.329s +2.563s
5. Kevin Magnussen McLaren 1m38.417s +2.651s
6. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m39.232s +3.466s
7. Sergio Perez Force India 1m40.457s +4.691s
8. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1m40.606s +4.840s
9. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1m40.707s +4.941s
10. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 1m40.855s +5.089s
11. Romain Grosjean Lotus 1m38.496s +3.626s
12. Jules Bianchi Marussia 1m38.709s +3.839s
13. Max Chilton * Marussia 1m39.800s +4.930s
14. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber 1m40.912s +6.042s
15. Pastor Maldonado Lotus 1m44.018s +9.148s
16. Adrian Sutil Sauber no time
17. Valtteri Bottas Williams 1m45.318s +4.938s
18. Felipe Massa Williams 1m45.695s +5.315s
19. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1m45.935s +5.555s
20. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m46.684s +6.304s
21. Marcus Ericsson Caterham 1m49.421s +9.041s
22. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham 1m49.625s +9.245s

* Drops five places due to gearbox change

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Posted by:
  1. HP says:

    Hamilton conspiracy theorists, come at me bro!

    1. Wayne says:

      First time I’ve ever really felt let down and disappointed with HAM. Every chance the guy gets he posts about how he drives every lap and never gives up – and he gave up in front of his home crowd who had paid to watch him. Been a fan for six years and never questioned that before today.

      1. JB64 says:

        You hit the nail on the head, Wayne. I couldn’t believe he just gave up on the lap like that, extremely disappointing.

      2. Joni Hagner says:

        You cant do anything other than laugh at that one,,how utterly embarrassing for the gangsta wannabe lol

      3. aveli says:

        where are those boasts from hamilton, please tell me which site their on. i want toreador them and lough with you.

    2. furstyferret says:

      Im one of lewis biggest fans, but at the moment he’s driving like an idiot in qually, he’s just handing this wdc to rosberg, who’s not pulling up any trees at the moment, hes just being steady and letting lewis do sll the work for him, as for the race, barring reliability its a 1 2 for the mercs, if lewis can make up the gap quickly the race might be still on, great result for vettal and jenson, might shut ron up for a 2 of days at least..

      1. aveli says:

        no fan of hamilton use the word idiot in the same sentence as the word hamilton. have a look at all the f1 sites and you will see his name and pictures all over the shop because he is the star of the show.
        it doesn’t matter how he qualified, he is still hamilton, the best ever driver to have stepped foot in he sport.
        one hing that doesn’t seem to change is that disorder.

      2. F1heroes says:

        Best driver ever? Just another one-trick-pony.

      3. Dutch johhny says:

        haha your actually are funny. Im stil hoping this is a guy making these post with alot of sarcasm. If you are actually serious well….

      4. Peter Wells says:

        The season just gets better and better
        Headline shoud read Hamilton Chokes again !

      5. HP says:

        best ever? nowhere near that list!
        hes all over the news and websites? Lol come on now, thats not how you defend your ‘hero’ or ‘god’ :P

      6. aveli says:

        this is simply an opportunity for you to celebrate and you are making the most of it like you know you may not get many chances.

      7. KRB says:

        aveli, he said “like an idiot” … which is true. Hamilton is currently making some rather amateur mistakes out there. Very uncharacteristic of him.

        He should’ve completed the lap 100x out of 100, in those conditions. If it was a monsoon, then ok, you know that there will be no improvement anywhere. But it wasn’t like that. As James has shown, even with the mistake, and even if he let Rosberg through after it, he still would’ve bettered his Q3 times and would be further up the grid.

        I hope it was a genuine mistake … I haven’t seen any footage of it. If he tried to be “Rosberg at Mirabeau” clever, and it didn’t come off, then that would just be so much worse.

      8. Ivan says:

        “Best ever”…. You gotta be kidding me, lol

      9. aveli says:

        have a look at this page and tell me how many people are not writing about hamilton. he has captivated the whole f1 world. it doesn’t matter how well or poorly he performs, everyone wants to write about him. hardly anyone wrote about rosberg pre 2013. now rosberg is a superstar.

      10. Sujith says:

        @aveli atleast you did not say Rosberg is an average driver like other Lewis fans.

      11. deancassady says:

        this is a judgement call in confusing, variable situations; uncertain, because of the strange lop-sided probability one may have had, with respect to mechanical deficiencies from the team machinery (Compared to the other user of the machinery), one might start to get a bit spooked at overstressing things, in extremely variable conditions, etc, etc… blah, blah, blah…
        ‘idiocy’ is irrelevant, when considering this stuff, and thus only pejorative.

        I totally understand the underperformance of the situation, by the way; and I totally agree, this was an overwhelming underperformance.

        But, ascribing it to ‘idiot’ is not very clever; you can do better than that.

      12. Gaz Boy says:

        To be honest, in these changeable conditions in qualifying it is a lottery, especially at Silverstone which because of its length can be wet in one part and dry in the other. It’s all part of Silverstone’s charm!
        I think today’s qualifying is what in English common law could be construed as “extenuating circumstances”.
        Anyway, 6th on the grid is alright, and its a long old race and anything can happen. Let’s hope the tyres don’t explode this time!

    3. Torchwood Five says:

      Alrighty then.


      1. Gaz Boy says:

        I was going to say Lewis thought he saw a spaceship and believed he was going to be kidnapped by aliens…………………….
        Although come to think of it, if aliens are interested in intelligent life, why would they be interested in a load of lunatics who drive 200 MPH + racing cars eh????

      2. Rich C says:

        Daleks, for sure.

    4. Timp says:

      Hay fever this time, right?

      1. Sebee says:

        Darn it…only your theory backed by “facts”.
        During his media briefing at Silverstone, a team aide handed him a hay fever pill, as he is suffering with the pollen in the air around rural Northamptonshire.

    5. Sebee says:

      Cloaked UFO flew over S3 to dry it with energy exhaust as they are Rosberg fans up there in space.

      1. Sebee says:

        If this doesn’t pass mod after Daleks, we’ll know it is true! ;-)

    6. Sodesu says:

      Man, what a blunder. And the pit interview, oh dear… I know he lacks brain cells but trying to stop Nico getting another lap in and then take his eyes completely off the ball, a OMG moment come on even the die hard fan boys must see this man is almost becoming a laughing stock.

      - Why did you go into the pits on your last lap?
      - I don’t know…


      1. Wayne says:

        He’s hardly a laughing stock is he? What sort of comment is that to make?

      2. Sebee says:

        This year, is he keeps this up, will reinforce the point that he’s a non-closer and he lucked into that WDC. He has time to shape up still and at least put up a fight.

      3. deancassady says:

        that’s a little overly sharp, dontcha think?
        the pressure must be exceptional, in a way that most people, including the vast majority of people posting here, cannot really imagine it?!? Eh?

      4. uan says:

        the pressure is exceptional, no doubt about that. But it’s also exceptional for Rosberg, if not more so (Hamilton IS faster than Rosberg is).

        This should also add some perspective on Vettel’s accomplishments over the past 4 years – he’s also faced some exceptional pressure, especially in 2010 and 2012 .

        A good argument can be made that Hamilton is the fastest, most natural driver on the grid today, but he’s also showing that he’s not as well rounded a driver as an Alonso or Vettel is. Over the years, people have made the case that if Hamilton had the most dominant car on the grid, he would run away with the title. He may end up with the title, but it’s clear he’s not running away with it, nor is it down to his two DNFs (the one in Canada being caused by his driving style, as Rosberg was able to garner points with the same exact issue).

        The problem with these mistakes is that they can tend to compound over time, as he falls further behind, he needs to risk more, may make more mistakes, and the downward cycle continues.

        But this is F1, and tomorrow is a new day – Rosberg may DNF and HAM comes through for a win and the WDC closes up to a near draw.

      5. Lohani says:

        I won’t criticize Lewis Hamilton. Bad day, bad luck, bad call, you name it. Whatever it was, it’s none of my business. But, here’s something I do stand by. One of the qualities that make a great champion is the ability to handle immense pressure and perform at the highest level.

        I’m not saying Lewis isn’t a great champion. I’m not saying he is either. I’m just giving my views (which are my own and subject to bias and conditioning) on what a champ ought to do. Talent is one thing. Performing, as expected, at the highest level requires more than just talent. Temperament, attitude, mental strength, focus, etc. Given Lewis’ credentials, I have to admit that he’s on a slump, a bad phase. Seeing it from another driver’s point of view, that may read as a weakness or not. Ultimately, he needs to get over it.

        I give Rosberg a lot of credit for the way he’s handled everything. He did very well against Schumi from the get go. He’s not a mug. The pressure is on him too, but not as much as it is against Lewis. It doesn’t look good when the proven and promising, illustrious team-mate is making unforced errors.

      6. Alec Tronix says:

        At lead the left the pits – not like Ricci who made the same incorrect decision that Lewis did.

        I also think it’s time a rule was introduced that a car that fails to make it back to the pits has it’s time deleted, whether because it ran out of fuel, broke down or crashed.
        This way there would be no advantage to Sutil who wrecked several drivers lap times by crashing with minutes to go but still ends up better of than the drivers he disadvantaged.
        Would also have stopped Rosbergs antics at Monaco.

      7. Peter Wells says:

        not true
        In Monaco Rosberg made it back to the pits after his pole lap.

      8. uan says:

        The two situations of Hamilton and Ricciardo are completely different. Red Bull made the decision for RIC. The only reason VET went out is because RB made a gross error in not sending him out early enough in Q3 to get in a time before the rain came.

        Rosberg went out again because he needed to try for pole and Lewis went out to cover Rosberg at the minimum. HAM’s mistake seems to be too much focus on Rosberg and not on his own driving. If he did go off at T4, it would explain why he gave up the lap early, though he should have kept going if for no other reason to create dirty air in front of Rosberg.

        Hamilton really needs to change his attitude of “I’ve done enough”. That will eventually bite a driver (similar to Alonso thinking he needed only to cover Webber in Abu Dhabi in 2010 to be WDC) . Maybe this will be where Hamilton learns that lesson.

      9. HP says:

        karma :P

      10. Alec Tronix says:

        At least he the left the pits – not like Ricci who made the same incorrect decision that Lewis did.

        I also think it’s time a rule was introduced that a car that fails to make it back to the pits has it’s time deleted, whether because it ran out of fuel, broke down or crashed.
        This way there would be no advantage to Sutil who wrecked several drivers lap times by crashing with minutes to go but still ends up better of than the drivers he disadvantaged.
        Would also have stopped Rosbergs antics at Monaco.

    7. Sebee says:

      Oh…I got a better one. He wants to lose so he can go back to McLaren in 2015.

      1. Tickety-boo says:

        That hurts – I don’t even want to think about that, I’d be happy to see ‘nando back there though – a real driver who can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, which to be honest McLaren have produced in copious amounts these pars few years :)

      2. Elie says:

        & can “negotiate” a way to fill it up.

      3. Torchwood Five says:

        Regarding Lewis going back to McLaren in whatever future year.

        This is a thought I have every time I spot an article on Bernie Ecclestone wrestling control of Formula One back from one entity or another.

        The past insight that Daimler could pull Mercedes out of F1 over Bernie’s corruption charges/verdicts do have me keeping an eye on those sort of developments.

    8. deancassady says:

      I’m a Hammy fan.
      I believe anything is possible in F1, therefore, I cannot rule out the possibility of the conspiracy theory veracity, against Hamilton.
      Be that as it may…
      I remember reading a supposed quote of Niki saying something like (quite likely paraphrased), ‘Lewis is not cracking’, [under pressure].
      I believe this may be false.
      You have to push to the end.
      Lewis is NOT behaving like the good-old-Lewis (warts and all); he is suffering in performance now; and I believe it can be seen from the pressure. It seems odd that he never seemed so … offf.. fresh into the sport against a monolith of head games and psychological warfare at McLaren, but now, I believe I am watching it.

      I am still totally believing that Lewis can with the 2014 British GP, and hoping to see it.

      So what do you know, sometimes I am in total alignment from the rabid Brit-o-centric F1 media, after all.

      Go Jensy, go!

    9. aveli says:

      @hp, you’re the first to post and which of the 22 drivers did you post about? why do you think that is? has he taken over f1 or you?

  2. Sebee says:

    And you say it’s not the worst Ferrari ever? Look at the driver lineup, you think they forgot how to drive?

    Glad Lewis cleared up that whole thing about the edge he has over Rosberg. Well, one thing is certain, have to watch tomorrow. Action there will be.

    1. F1heroes says:

      Ferrari is not as bad as it seems. It’s just that Alonso cracked under pressure and spun.

      1. Hansb says:

        If Räikkönen spins his car for the 3rd time it is because this Ferrari is undriveble but when Alonso spins his car its because he cracks under pressure……

      2. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:

        Kimi fans are always funny.

    2. Harshad says:

      It also the worst team on the grid. In these changeable conditions, when you don’t have a fast car you need to take a little more chances, Both the drivers should have had 2 laps in final part of Q1. But they went for only 1.
      It’s a tad unlucky for Kimi, Alonso spun in front of him, so Kimi had to lift off causing him enough time to miss Q2.

      1. Harshad says:

        Sorry I got that wrong!
        In reality, Alonso spun on his own it didn’t affect Kimi, Kimi was just caught out (like all other drivers) by rain on their flying lap.

        Rumours are that Kimi has had enough with Ferrari and he is leaving the team this year.

      2. Sebee says:

        Yup, absolutely correct. I was going to say not only the car but team synergy is sub par as well.

    3. deancassady says:

      It looks like the Red car is pretty well as lowly as it have ever been, comparatively on performance.
      Now I have to agree that it is wasting one of the greatest team line ups in the past 30 years.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        In the case of Nando, I’d agree with that – but Kimi? I do question the motivation of the mono-syllable, mono-tone Choc Ice specialist, but I’m just being cynical……………
        Seriously, to see the Matador being relegated to a bit player is such a shame not just for Ferrari, but for us spectators. For the last five odd years he has been at the peak of his immense powers and yet the history books will show no championship reward for the most relentless driver in the field. History can be a cruel mistress. As can Scuderia Maranello come to think of it………………

  3. AlexD says:

    Sad to see Ham cracking, but really Rosberg is stronger and will become even stronger as the season progresses. Rosberg wins his races and also cracking HAM’s territory

    1. AndyFov says:

      Of all the mistakes he’s made in his career, and he’s made a fair few – crashing into Kimi at the red light at the end of the pitlane, crashing out of China on spent tyres back in ’07 – this is as bad as any I can recall.

      It just allows Nico’s confidence to grow and forces Lewis to take even more desperate measures as the season continues. I guess it’s very easy to think ‘what a numpty’ with hindsight, but to be fair to Lewis I didn’t see foresee that last sector becoming lightning quick right at the end.

      Not that it matters, as they’ll win both titles regardless, but it’s a shame Merc don’t have a driver with Lewis’s speed and Nico’s mental strength and intelligence rolled into one. They’d have an Alonso on their hands then. :)

      1. aveli says:

        how about counting the mistakes you have ever made in your career?

      2. AndyFov says:

        Oh, I’ve made plenty. That’s not the point. I’m not the one who has been likening myself to Senna and saying it’s my inherent natural ability that sets me apart.

        Lewis is the better driver, but he’s in danger of leaving F1 with unfulfilled potential. He should have won in 2007, and he’s beginning to make it difficult for himself this year. A driver won’t get too many chances to win a WDC in their career, if Lewis takes one from a very possible three he’s little right to be considered an all time great in my opinion.

        That would be a shame. Lewis, when he gets his act together, can be unbeatable.

      3. aveli says:

        what hamilton has achieved in his career to date is more than enough for him. any more is a bonus and you can liken yourself to whoever you like because you have that right.
        what’s the international dialling code for the uk by the way?

      4. Rohind says:

        @aveli : u regularly claim that he’s the best driver to have set foot on the earth.If that is the case, the number of mistakes should be less and performances consistent. Vettel had the faster car in the second half of last year ( definitely not as dominant as Mercs now) and he won nine in a row. Doubt if Hamilton can pull off something like that.He choked in the final races of 2007 and again choked in 2008, letting Vettel’s Torro rosso to overtake him in the last few laps.Was it not for the Glock’s failure,he might nothave won the championship that year.
        Having said that, he looks to be in form unlike 2011 and 2013 and has had his share of misfortunes.Also there was no way he could have known that track would be dry in the last sector
        But still, he has got a great car this year and with double points for Abu Dhabi h and Rosberg being slower than him, the championship is wide open for taking.But no way, he’s the best driver ever, not even the best on current grid

      5. don says:


        HAM isn’t the BETTER driver, he’s the FASTER driver.

        It takes more than speed to be the best.

      6. aveli says:

        @rohind, I suggest you have a look at all the f1 sites and you will see images and stories of hamilton as if there weren’t 22 drivers in f1. no, don’t do that, look at this page and see how many have not posted about hamilton. he is the best driver to have ever stepped foot in the sport and we will not see another as good in our lifetime that’s why we are enjoying his performance so much. can you imagine f1 without hamilton? how dull will it be?

  4. AlexD says:

    Kimi 4th?

    1. AndyFov says:

      And 20th. It was bad enough having two teams called Lotus in the sport, two Kimi Raikkonens is just too much!

      1. Rich C says:

        But look at it this way: he’s ahead of Alonso *twice!

      2. Gaz Boy says:

        Even if there were 2 Kimi’s, you would still only get a one syllable answer from a question………..

  5. Craig (usually in Manila but now in Melbourne) says:

    Nice summary Matt.

    Any idea why RIC didn’t go out for a further lap in Q3?

    Fair to say that he coulda/woulda been right up there in the top two or three if it wasn’t for the fact that he was out of the car watching the last few minutes of quali on the tele.

    1. KRB says:

      Was RIC’s a total driver call though? I’m sure it was heavily influenced by his engineers and the pitwall. He is, after all, still in his first year with the team, and they are the reigning world champion team. They have a great track record of getting these calls right. Not today.

      1. kenneth chapman says:

        it was a red bull pit wall decision not to send him out and horner has apologised.

      2. Horoldo says:

        I believe it was RICs call. He has taken responsibility for it.
        Hope he can fight through in the race.

  6. Adrian Warnock says:

    Yes this was a mistake by Lewis team suggested the pits, while McLaren told Jensen to push because sector three had a lot of time to gain…

  7. RichB says:

    no surprise lewis mad a mistake

  8. gpfan says:

    Hamilton is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  9. Paul K says:

    That is a pretty embarrassing mistake – fair enough if you are down on your previous run on a dry track, but giving up when you don’t know what the track is like ahead AND on your home track… No wonder he looked so ashamed

    1. aveli says:

      how can that be embarrassing? are alonso, raikkonen and massa embarrassed?
      hamilton made the decision to drive his car the way he wanted to drive and he will keep doing that. if anyone wants to drive it better then they should go and drive it better that him.
      he will do it again tomorrow in the race, the way he wants to drive it and get the result he wants.
      eddie jordan talked about how great rosberg is and yet when he was asked for a prediction he didn’t name rosberg. i wonder if he is suffering the same disorder as some people on here.

      1. KRB says:

        aveli, I’m a big Hamilton fan. But it’s silly to be “My Driver Right or Wrong”, like you are. Constructive criticism is just that … constructive. Sure there’s a lot of negative criticism of Lewis out there by the haters … of course all of that should be discarded, as it’s not meant to help. Hamilton is the Reggie Jackson of F1: you can like him, or you can hate him … but you can’t ignore him.

        Lewis was great today, up until the last minute of qualifying. It was then that he was over-thinking it. Just continue on in the same manner that had brought you success over the previous 59 minutes. This is now 4 races where Lewis has not been on pole. That’s far too many, given the strength of the car, and Hamilton’s natural speed. He is reaching for it, instead of letting it come to him.

      2. aveli says:

        he was great and still is great. what is the point in watching sport if we knew what the outcome would be? is there a point even taking part? just because the outcome of qualifying doesn’t match your expectation doesn’t make hamilton less great great. he is still great!

    2. Bearforce1 says:

      Its a rookie mistake. And Lewis aint no rookie…..

      As someone who is someone in F! was quoted as saying to Lewis: “You are fast but stupid”

      1. aveli says:

        how would you classify yourself if he beats you in an exam?

    3. Elie says:

      @Paul K- “but giving up when you don’t know what the track is like ahead ”

      You just hit the nail on the head & didnt realise it..


      What do you people think would have happened if he knew what the track was like ahead?
      & how did Nico know what the track was like ahead..

      Lewis accepted it was his call – but I dont think it was his call alone to make

  10. Gaz Boy says:

    I don’t want to sound smug or conceited, but I have said many times on this forum if you want an F1 quali/race to be completely bonkers and fantastic just add some water – a rain affected track equals thrills, spills………..and lots of unpredictability! Not to mention certain teams and drivers making utter fools of themselves.
    Speaking of which – Williams and Ferrari, hang your heads in shame! The golden rule of qualifying is get a banker lap in ASAP if the weather is a bit iffy. Still, pride comes before a fall and all that…………
    Actually, come to think of it, the Toro Rosso and Daniel’s side of the Red Bull garage has got to be in the category of: “Why did you wait until its too late?” A bit harsh I suppose, but you can’t improve your lap time if you’re not actually out on the track! The thing with Silverstone, is that a slight breeze dries the track quite quickly…………..
    Big shouts to the Hulk and Jenson, lovely to see the Vroom from Frome wearing that pink helmet in tribute to his late father John. The SAS’s motto is who dares wins…………..he who dares was certainly Hulk, Jenson, Seb and Rosberg Junior. If you don’t take a risk you don’t get the reward and all that, certainly in changeable conditions. As for Lewis, well 6th isn’t the end of the world, but to demoted from pole in the last few moments must have hurt. Still, like I said, it is a recoverable position race day wise – it’ll be great to see a Mansell-esque Lewis charge.
    On the BBC, Eddie speculated that Nando and Ferrari are heading for an imminent divorce. While there is no doubt tomorrow we are in for a treat with the Matador slicing his way through the field, I think Eddie has a point in saying Ferrari’s lack of operational efficiency and being bogged down in a technical mire has perhaps terminally damaged the relationship between team and driver. According to Eddie, expect the divorce papers to be filled soon………………keep an eye on that one.
    Big shout to Bianchi, a superb performance – possibly Nando’s/Kimi’s replacement at the Scuderia in the not too distant future? Very likely I would say.
    Have to see what the rain Gods have in store for tomorrow………………..
    PS Nice to see Mark W on the BBC – always informative analysis, measured opinions and well thought out responses from Mark. His excellent analysis on how to do a fast lap at Silverstone was literally an eye-opener. Mark revealed he used to look at the flags blowing just above Abbey to see the direction of the wind! That’s a racing drivers brain for you…………..always leave nothing to chance, even the gusty wind that blows on the track at Silverstone.

    1. Tealeaf says:

      Nando and Ferrari divorce? Ok but where would Alonso go? McLaren?

      1. warley says:

        I don’t know but he is exhibiting the cheerfulness of a man that knows his Ferrari ordeal will soon be over. Might be fun to have a poll to see what people think he will be driving next year! My vote is for Williams.

      2. Harshad says:

        Yes, by the look of it. McLaren have made no secret that they want Alonso for next year.
        Apparently, as we are approaching silly season 2015, suddenly no one is talking about it!
        And on the other hand, we have Ferrari offering a new contract to Alonso for 1+2 yrs after 2016. So Ferrari are reacting makes me think that there is something happening behind the scenes.

      3. Gaz Boy says:

        (Cough) Red Bull???????

      4. Gaz Boy says:

        Tealeaf, don’t forget this is Eddie Jordan’s opinion. Eddie is privy to insider information that is, 9 times out of 10, usually accurate, so if he’s heard on the grapevine that the divorce papers are being written, it’s probably true.
        However, Eddie didn’t say WHEN the divorce would kick in – that’s the clincher.

      5. Rohind says:

        McLaren is definitely an option.Honda could surprise everybody and provide powerful engines.

        Alonso to McLaren and Vettel to Ferrari is likely in 2016.
        But if Alonso chooses to join McLaren in 2015, it leads to all sorts of possibilities in the driver market, especially if Hamilton fails to win the championship with Mercedes and their relationship somehow deteriorate

    2. Harshad says:

      Eddie Jordan said that even Kimi is leaving Ferrari after this year on his own. No Ferrari aren’t asking him to leave, he is leaving team on his own, because he is just fed up with Ferrari. Don’t know what to make of that story.

    3. ferggsa says:

      If I was Bianchi I would stay at Marussia

      1. James Allen says:

        He could end up at Ferrari before too long

    4. Coobs says:

      Good to hear Mark Webber is showing his face around the place. Don’t get to hear about him much in Australia these days but the small amounts we do are interesting… Lets hope he brings Vettel some bad luck????

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        I think Mark’s jinx has transferred to Mr V already……………..ha ha!
        Seriously, it’s great having Mark on the BBC – we’re lucky to have him. His excellent insights reveal things to us spectators about the dark arts of Formula 1 driving – it really is a mental chess game to an F1 driver.

    5. JakobusVdL says:

      Gazboy, thank goodness you’re here!
      At least you look a bit further through the grid than just Hamilton and his nemisis
      Quali was very entertaining, Williams and Ferrari made a huge mess of things, Red Bull very nearly did the same . Yet again Force India and Toro Rosso Showed that they are solidly in the second tier of teams (this is now everyone except Merc at the top and everyone except Caterham and one Lotus at the back)
      Depending on the weather for the race It could be a blinder. I’d expect the pole Merc will gap the field quite quickly but the battles of out of position cars coming through the field should make of some interesting racing – I hope the Uk director doesn’t focus exclusively on the other Merc

    6. F1-1ID says:

      Re: MW’s commentary skills…I saw him on the AUS GP broadcast as well. I think the guy might be the the key to opening new doors for the sports fan base! His incites are captivating!

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        Totally agree – I never knew Mark would look at the flag masts above Abbey on the parade lap to check the wind direction!
        No wonder he was so sublime at Silverstone…………..

  11. Tom says:

    Sadly we saw all the very worst of Hamilton today. Ungentlemanly and cynical tactics, another horrendous error of judgement on the track and an entirely unprofessional attitude when interviewed. Hamilton is clearly one of the fastest drivers out there and it’s really sad to see that talent wasted because of his weakness mentally.

    1. Greg says:

      Agree, he held Nico up making him having to run behind him in that last run hoping to give some pay back I guess for Monaco (Nico’s home race) and he gave up when he thought he had delayed him enough. I really don’t think he even thought the track could be quicker when he pulled out of the pits and in my opinion he was more concerned making sure Nico wouldn’t even get the opportunity to try and beat him. Bad sport, clearly his plan was to stop Nico even getting a try on Lewis’s home turf, maybe next time he should crash……….. I’m please it went down the way it did.

      1. KRB says:

        Hmm, I think it’s silly to say he clearly did this, as they were both following Perez, who was holding both of them up. They only got by Perez after the pit entrance, into the last corner complex. Was Perez trying to hold both of them back? They were both already ahead of him on the timesheets, so I doubt it. He was having trouble with the conditions. Would it have been wise for Hamilton to try to pass and then have Perez slam into the side of him, like he did with Massa in Montreal?

        Finally, Hamilton could’ve carried on his lap even after his mistake … that definitely would’ve held Rosberg up. Instead he moved over and let Rosberg through, onto the main straight.

      2. Bearforce1 says:

        100 hundred percent chaps. Lewis played negative racing today. Lewis tried to ruin Nico’s chance to get a good lap in and botched it badly cause it was plain for all to see.

        In a way Lewis was lucky that the team reminded him to let Nico through. Otherwise Lewis might be facing a grid penalty for impeding another driver.

      3. kenneth chapman says:

        i tend to think that there was something going on in this scenario. in fact the ‘biter’ got ‘bitten’. or something like ‘malice a forethought’. anyway, it blew up and proved a point. as i have steadfastly maintained, hamilton is not as good as he thinks he is. today he exhibited his flaws.

  12. Anne says:

    Well Ron Denis got smarter all of a sudden. Perfect timing I must say. Jenson has realistic chances under heavy rain tomorrow. But not much in mix or normal conditions.It will be an emotional race for him. Lewis? Hello? Are you there? Ferrari and Williams… I´m speechless. Marussia did an amazing job. I hope they can manage to finish in the points. Great call Vettel and Rosberg. Well fought and well deserved places.

  13. Lee A says:

    Just deserts for Hamilton for trying to deny Rosberg a final lap.

    1. aveli says:

      you wish he tried to ruin rosberg’s lap. well rosberg is on pole, that means he didn’t. he moved out of he way of rosberg so that he could set his pole lap. he didn’t trigger the yellow flags or attempt to trigger them. hamilton qualified 6th and 16 cars qualified lower. why aren’t we happy for those who qualified higher or gutted for those who qualified lower? have we allowed hamilton to take over our brains?

      1. kenneth chapman says:

        in reply to your last line….only you would know the answer to that?

    2. James says:

      This also aroused my suspicions. Nearly close to Hungary 2007? Can’t say for certain though. A bit like Monaco this year……

      Like I said after qualifying last race, with only a two horse race, well..Hamilton can still come through to victory..comfortably. If ANYTHING happens to Rosberg, or if nothing happens to Rosberg, Hamilton can definitely win tomorrow.

      I noticed that after Hamilton set his best time, what looked like pole, a shot of Lauda in the garage, a momentary shake of the head until he realised the cameras were on him. I think he wants Rosberg to win.

      In the championship, I’d still go for Hamilton, as there are plenty of points on the table, and he’s naturally the quicker driver. Plus the stupid 50 pointer.

      It was a great qualifying. I was hoping no Mercedes was going to get pole. For a very brief moment, I thought young Kvyat would get it, but no. Very entertaining and a surprising conclusion when it looked set. Hope the Ferraris, Williams, Ricciardo and Hamilton make for interesting viewing tomorrow.

      1. aveli says:

        will lauda get what he wants? very interesting james.

      2. Lohani says:

        Lauda’s head turn could easily have been him thinking the time Lewis put in was a few tenths off than he (Lauda) would have liked. He’s kinda a perfectionist and basks in his own mind sometimes lol. Gotta love Lauda. He’s a triple world champion, after all bundled with a shoe box full of signature quirks. The guy gets almost burned, loses his hair, comes back and gets a WDC. And, he is as assertive as he always have been. Kinda like Kimi, he does what he wants, says what he wants lol.

      3. KRB says:

        Well, that’s if Hamilton’s car has the race pace. Merc had about 0.6s per lap over Red Bull on race pace in FP2. Hopefully that holds tomorrow.

        I wouldn’t say that Lewis can come through comfortably. First he’ll have to manage the first lap, and make sure he’s not caught up in anything stupid. Vettel should prove the toughest to pass, to get into P2.

        The only way that Hamilton could beat Rosberg if both have incident-free races, and there are no safety cars or adverse weather, is if his race pace is so much better (i.e. Malaysia and China better). However, I think Rosberg’s learned why he was so off the pace in Malaysia, so we’re not likely to see such a gap in race pace between them now. Plus the fact that Lewis missed out on his long-runs here.

        If it’s wet, it probably helps Lewis. If there are any safety cars, they would likely be to his benefit. Being 6th is not the best, as you’re on the inside wall. He will have to be clearly ahead of whomever he’s dicing with at Turn 3, to be able to take Turn 4 in the best way.

      4. James says:

        Sorry to love my own terrible, wild predictions. Here’s my latest top 3.

        1. Ham
        2. Ric
        3. Vet

        DNF – Ros. Tyre failure.

        Haha. Enjoy the race everybody.

    3. LB says:

      You mean Perez?

  14. Stephen Taylor says:

    Matt Kimi must be a miracle worker if he can qualify both 4th and 20th.

  15. goferet says:

    Wowsers, the British weather is chuffin’ marvelous that always creates a spectacle during a race weekend.

    So many people did well today in difficult conditions the first of whom being Rosberg as he kept his foot down in Q3 and got rewarded with a surprise pole.

    Vettel too put in a corker lap to finish the day in P2 however for once, Red Bull’s pitwall weren’t on top of their game as first they sent out Vettel too late for his first Q3 run and didn’t send out Ricciardo at all for a second Q3 lap.

    The miracle of the day belongs to the Frome flier with a P3 result, am sure Papa Smurf would have approved as it was a nice dedication to Jenson’s father.

    Hulkenberg and Mini-mag did well to stay out of trouble as for Lewis, interestingly he also made a mistake in 2008 qualifying which saw Heikki take pole >>> maybe we shall get another good performance from Lewis.

    Special mention to Bianchi and Chilton for putting in the drives of their career to secure P12 and P13 >>> well done chaps.

    As for poor Williams & Ferrari at the back, well, at least they will give the fans their money’s worth as they curve through the field.

    Overall, it appears we have a jumbled grid in other words >>> get the popcorn ready mates.

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      Bianchi was my qualifying driver of the day. Superb driving. Perhaps a draft contract or pre agreement with a certain team from Maranello has been finalised already? Go on Luca, go for the “yoof” vote………..
      Speaking of Mr De Monty, I bet he’s punching the Ferrari motorhome walls in frustration. “Bloody Inglese weather” he’s probably muttering to himself! However, he shouldn’t feel so hard done by. Sometimes rain affected qualifying works for a team, sometimes it doesn’t. Don’t forget, a couple of years ago Nando used a wet qualifying to his advantage to secure pole position. This time the wet track was against Ferrari, so I guess that’s karma………………
      I think honourable mention goes to the Romain Empire: that Lotus has looked evil in the fast swoopy corners, it seems to have a fundamental aero balance problem (for high speed directional change) and yet Grosjean was just a tenth away from Top 10 qualifying, so well done him. At least Lotus will have a Merc engine next year……………..
      Williams…………….from heros to WTF?

      1. goferet says:

        @ Gaz Boy

        Lol… Perhaps the Inglese weather was trying to even the slate after Italy defeated England at the World Cup.

        As for the Hulk heading to Ferrari, I don’t think it will be this year as Ferrari have confirmed Kimi & Alonso it will be in 2015.

        Regards, Grosjean, yes I agree he did a fantastic job too, hopefully he can score some decent points tomorrow.

      2. Gaz Boy says:

        Now Lotus have Merc engines for next year, I wonder if the Romain Empire will stay at Enstone for 2015? Although this year’s Lotus chassis is wayward – to say the least – it has been massively compromised by an unreliable and has as much torque as a pencil sharpener.
        However, with more rampaging horses – not to mention a PU that has enough twisting force to turn back time! – and a better understanding of these new regs next year, might that persuade Grosjean to stay at Lotus? At least he has undisputed No.1 status there.
        The silly season is now getting very, very silly…………………

      3. Rohind says:

        Hulk is a strong racer. But not much of a qualifier.Getting the feeling that Perez could be faster than him.
        Ferrari should look at outright fast driver and build the car around him
        Vettel would be the best choice for Ferrari in the future

      4. titanracer69 says:

        RoGro has a tough road to hoe. things were looking GREAT for him the last half of 2013. unfortunately, his team has imploded this year, he has no chance, no publicity, etc.. therefore, he is likely cruising under all the team bosses’ radar this year. I see his only ace in the hole is via Boullier at McLaren, but that may be over-stating his influence by a bunch. too bad. I kinda like RoGro as a potential top 3? driver… BTW, who was it who was responsible for this years’ disaster known as Lotus? and where is he now? just sayin’…

    2. Dave C says:

      You say things and then you put drivers down.
      But the thing is you just couldn’t do it could ya? you are just not man enough to admit what a brain dead man Hamilton is? a cynical tactic to stop Rosberg getting another lap ended up in him looking once again like a complete utter low IQ fool eh!
      Sure with the best car and a green track tomorrow Hamilton should easily win tomorrow due to Rosberg’s average talents but boy come on if there’s ever lessons on how not to throw away a gifted F1 championship Hamilton has plenty of examples.

      1. goferet says:

        @ Dave C

        I don’t think anyone can be sure that Lewis deliberately tried to ruin Rosberg’s lap as he said on the team radio it was slippery for him

        As for the race, no am not sure Lewis will win it, for all I know Vettel may surprise the fans.

      2. aveli says:

        hamilton clearly moved over to the left to allow rosberg through to set his lap. if anyone thinks hamilton tried to block rosberg then I am so sorry that they feel that way.

      3. KRB says:

        @Dave C, a silly comment even by your standards!! If he wanted to screw up Rosberg’s lap, why did he let him through then? He could’ve kept on going, even after his mistake. That would’ve at least kept Nico behind him. Again, just more searching for an equivalent to Rosberg’s Mirabeau “error”.

        As for your last paragraph, as a Hamilton fan I’m almost ashamed b/c my belief in his driving abilities clearly pales next to yours! :-) He should “easily win” ?!? C’mon now, that’s clearly a CYA on your part, in case he does pull it off tomorrow. Yes, it’s possible that he could win tomorrow. I don’t think it’s likely at all. In percentage terms, I’d put it at < 5% chance.

      4. kenneth chapman says:

        @KRB….’why did he [hamilton] let him through then?’ because he ran the risk of getting a grid penalty for ‘impeding another driver’. it’s quite simple really.

      5. KRB says:

        @ken, you don’t get an impeding penalty if you’re on a hot lap also … He was ahead after his mistake, and could’ve carried on with his flying lap, with no risk of a penalty.

        Rosberg himself has said that Lewis played it fair.

  16. Spectreman says:

    Correction (antepenultimate paragraph) : Alonso starts in 19th, behind Bottas, Massa, Chilton, and ahead of Raikkonen.

    1. uan says:

      that’s an amazing thing to be saying, Chilton starting ahead of Alonso and Raikkonen even after taking a 5 place grid penalty!

      1. JakobusVdL says:

        I’m cancelling my LaFerrari and ordering a Marussia ;-)

    2. KRB says:

      You wanna know how good Alonso is at the start? The lights haven’t even gone out yet, and he’s made up 3 spots! :-)

      He now starts 16th, after the exclusion of Maldonado, and the penalties to Chilton and Gutierrez.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        What’s that old cliche, its better to be born lucky than good…………….
        And this time Nando hasn’t needed a team-mate to have a “broken gearbox” to move him up a grid place as well!

  17. Andrew M says:

    Championship over?

    1. Tealeaf says:

      No nowhere near over, expect Lulu to come through and easily win tomorrow especially if it rains and expect the last race and the double points nonsense to be the title decider.

      1. Steve Mc says:

        Not a fan of modern F1, then, I’m guessing…

      2. Abram says:

        I cann’t believe the moderator allow such deregatory statement. Just yesterday one guy wrote something like if it is Lewis who overtake under red flag he would have been penalized questioning the steward’s decision and the moderator was treatning his future comments will be dumped to junk. It is clear JA don’t like Lewis but such hypocrisy is very obvious and disgusting. SHAME! Now you move my comment to junk.

      3. James Allen says:

        It slipped through in error and has been deleted

        It’s hard with so many comments, occasionally one bad one slips through

    2. Sujith says:

      Too early to say the championship is over. Come on!

  18. Richard says:

    Today showed us why both Hamilton and Ferrari will never be champions again….

    1. F1heroes says:

      Ferrari will be Champions again if they employ a driver who is a good qualifier and racer and can lead the development of their car like Schumi did. They can even win 5-in-a-row in such a scenario.

      1. Harshad says:

        Apparently no team can win world title if you keep botching your strategies just like ferrari do, and they do it repeatedly.

      2. Rohind says:

        Time for Ferrari to woo and get Vettel on board

      3. Richard says:

        Vettel won;t change anything, what happend today wasn’t Alonso’s or Kimi’s call, men who are paid an insane amount of money made that call and they called it wrong. What would Vettel bring anyway? He can’t even drive his much better Red Bull faster than his rookie teammate because he has such a small set-up window…

      4. Rich C says:

        Shumi’s secret was the vast team of test drivers in Maranello and the billion kilometers of testing they did day after day.

  19. greg says:

    Best lap of the day, Kimi for managing to get 4th.

  20. Paige says:

    This whole Hamilton-Rosberg battle really reminds me of the Andretti-Peterson partnership in the Lotus 79, more than anything.

    Hamilton, like Peterson at that time, is the more talented and quicker driver. I think if Rosberg was honest, he would admit that, and he has come close to doing so in a couple of interviews.

    But Rosberg is smart, he understands the car, and he has an understanding of lots of little things that, ultimately, can give him an advantage on Hamilton. In this duo, Rosberg is like Mario Andretti.

    In the end, Andretti took the title after Peterson died in a crash. The championship could easily have gone either way. Right now, it seems to be going Rosberg’s way, and I really have to wonder here Hamilton is psychologically. Let’s hope he manages this better than he did 2011, when the wheels came completely off as they seem to be doing now.

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      Ronnie’s daughter Nina was at Monaco this year.
      Check out footage on YouTube of the 1973 British GP – just watch “Super Swede” Ronnie drift his gorgeous John Player Lotus 72 through the original Woodcote corner…………….ah, lovely.

    2. Tim says:

      +1 totally agree,spot on analysis of the Rosberg/Hamiltn dynamic.

      I’m a huge Hamilton fan, but I’m afraid that this really is going to be Rosberg’s title. If Hamilton manages to win the WDC from this position, it would be phenomenal. However, mentally he does not have what’s required.

    3. Tealeaf says:

      I don’t think Rosberg would admit anything like that tbh.
      You said it yourself Nico is smarter and understands cars more, and probably more consistent as well so all that are talents, sure Rosberg is a ‘slow’ driver hence the pasting Webber gave him at Williams but he is barely slower than the overrated Hamilton which says a lot about Hamilton’s speed, Webber, Kimi and probably even Montoya in their prime are faster than this man, you and rest of the fan club better hope for rain tomorrow.

      1. trev says:

        be careful as your hero Vettel, the driver who apparently could win F1 GPs in a milkfloat, is becoming very overrated this season.

      2. Tealeaf says:

        Vettel is my hero? I’ve praised the guy on occasions because of the good job he’s done in the last few years but in actual fact I’m a Alonso and Button fan, both drivers I might add that would beat Hamilton as long as old Ron isn’t there to say things like “basically we’re racing Fernando”. God I hope Alonso doesn’t return to Mclaren, join Mercedes if they have the guts to sign him and prove once and for all in 2007 it was Ron that sabotaged Alonso especially in the 2nd half of the season, I mean clear that year from silverstone onwards Alonso had the upper hand in quali and races UNTIL Fuji where Ron intervened and started with dodgy tyre pressures and stuff trying to make it look subtle and then finally let it slip the team was ‘racing Fernando’, so yeah would love to see Fernando going to Mercedes and show why he is best in the business with a good hiding he would give to Hamilton that makes Rosberg’s current beating of Lulu look like child’s play.
        One last thing I know Jenson won’t win tomorrow due to that weak car of his but maybe just maybe if it rains a podium would be good.

    4. F1heroes says:

      There’s a difference, though. Peterson had to play second fiddle. Hamilton has same status as Rosberg.

  21. BluesPaul says:

    Alonso spun just to stop Kimi getting p18. The guy has no shame.

    Its going to be lonely for those 2 drivers, esp if the day turns rainy and misty, and they find they’re all by themselves at the back, with the pack a long way up the road … then the shadows lengthen, …and vampires and eerie monsters emerge from the woods looking for drivers in red :)

    So glad I’m not a Ferrari driver

    1. greg says:

      Kimi getting knocked out was completely Alonso’s fault. But come on, he didn’t do it on purpose, he just made a mistake – but a very stupid mistake.

      1. James says:

        Really Greg?

    2. finster says:

      Heh heh heh, I hope Bernie doesn’t read these comments.

  22. Howard P says:

    I’ve always said there are two sides to every Kimi…. the emotional Kimi came out top today for once

  23. Sujith says:

    How many times have I said this. Rosberg has all the tools he needs to win this WDC. In today’s case, he had Fernando Alonso’s “NEVER GIVE UP” attitude as well. That was one heck of a Quali session.

    Sad for Lewis. For sure he has to look at himself get his focus straight and try to start as well as or even better than he did in Austria. All is not lost.

    Ferrari have to take a long hard look at themselves and their procedures and say… “WE ARE BAD!”. They really don’t deserve the drivers they have got. Well yeah, their little embarrassment is a little bit overshadowed by Lewis’s but still its pathetic to say the least. This is F1 a little class is always expected.

  24. aniphatak says:

    Disappointed that Hamilton does not start on pole position tomorrow. However, all is not lost. He can still win from 6th. It will not be a Vettelesque win. He will have to be patient for the first few laps and then it depends upon how long he can make the medium tyres last and keep up with Rosberg.

    Passing Rosberg will not be easy. But, because its Silverstone, Hamilton will find a way. Last year, he was driving superbly until the tyre blowout.

    1. aveli says:

      you know all this and you are not driving f1 cars? i think you should have a go.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        Aveli, there are some excellent drivers in GP2 and GP3 who want to have a go in F1 but can’t! Mainly due to a spectacular lack of imagination from the leading TPs and also because, without naming any names, the rent a drivers fiscal backing takes precedence over ability, sadly.
        As Kyvat has proven, if TPs follow their gut instinct and take a chance on “yoof” drivers, they can do the business.
        The issue of F1 graduation from the Junior formulas is something I think Gerhard Berger is trying to sort out at the FIA – at the moment its too convoluted.

      2. titanracer69 says:


  25. warley says:

    Bad luck for Hamilton today but he needs to get over it and race. I don’t think anyone watching on TV saw that coming with one min of Q3 left and not many on the pit wall either. Full marks to the drivers prepared to give it a go on a damp track. Hammy needs to be careful if trying to be last over the line to do the last lap since if another car were blocked from starting a lap stewards may have to look at it.

  26. Thompson says:

    Yep…. big error of judgement by Hamilton – someone should have reminded him of Brazil 08.

    But I hope he can put it behind him and and make a race of it tomorrow. This is a fascinating season, even when all is going against Hamilton you still cannot help believing he can win this championship.

    Rosbergs action in Monaco had a grwater

    1. Thompson says:

      Pls edit the above to end

      Bigger impact than first thought…….

    2. Tealeaf says:

      The only reason everyone thinks Hamilton will win the title is because of 1. no competition from other teams, 2. Rosberg is a awfully slow driver, I remember him even being out qualified by Nakajima on occasions.

      1. KRB says:

        If you think Rosberg is an “awfully slow driver”, then that just shows how much you know about F1.

        In 2008, Rosberg’s avg start pos was 12.11; Nakajima’s was 15.06.

        In 2008, Vettel’s avg start pos was 11.00, compared to Bourdais’ 13.78.

        In 2009, Rosberg’s avg start pos was 8.06; Nakajima’s 12.18. Only Alonso (over Piquet Jr and Grosjean) had a wider gap with their teammate in 2009.

        In 2014, it’s Vettel and Mark Webber’s speed that is being reassessed, b/c of the results of Ricciardo. It’s clear now that either Webber’s ability was waning with age, or he just could never “get on” with the RB cars (and Pirelli tires) from 2011 on. Or a combination of both.

      2. Tealeaf says:

        Even your figure says alot tbh, imo the 2008 Williams over the season was a faster car than the Torro Rosso until STR pulled in front towrds the end of the year and also Bourdais was at his peak back then that year coming from winning multiple champ car titles and definitely a faster driver than the diabolical Nakajima, in that sense you could say Vettel out qualified Rosberg.
        I agree Webber was past his best especially the 2nd half of 2012 and then 2013 but at no time did Webber ever out perform Vettel like the way he out performed Rosberg, and then with Schumacher in his 40′s especially 2012 out qualified Nico so many times until the last 1/3 of the season, what does that say about Nico’s speed if he was having troubles with a driver way past his best, imagine that frighteningly fast Schumi from 1994-2002 teamed with Rosberg!? It was be a slaughter to end all slaughters.
        The bottom line is Rosberg is unremarkable and does not deserve this title, currently in F1 Alonso, Vettel, Hulkenberg, Bianchi, Grosjean, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Magnusson, Kvyat, Raikonnen, Bottas and maybe even Massa are all quicker than him over 1 lap which would make him AVERAGE, Hamilton should have this Formula Mercedes championship easily won by now but due to his inefficiencies this is going down to the wire, god help Hamilton should he throw this 1 away. Please Mercedes sign Alonso the best driver in F1 deserves another crack at the title.

      3. KRB says:

        Williams faster than the STR?!? Sorry, I never saw the Williams on pole or winning a race. Did you? Your claims do not help your credibility.

      4. Tom says:

        [mod]“Awfully slow”? Does an awfully slow driver outqualify Lewis Hamilton at Montreal?

        A big point to note about Rosberg is that he is a very fast learner, maybe the fastest I’ve seen in F1. He may not have the natural speed and flair of Hamilton, granted, but his ability to find small advantages through hard graft is second to none.

        And let’s not forget, it’s not just sheer outright speed that makes a complete driver – as we’ve seen a number of times this year already.

  27. Dave says:

    James, from the onboard footage with Hamilton slowing down and almost preventing Rosberg getting a final lap, is it fair to say that he was perhaps focussing too much on what his team mate was up to rather than the track ahead. Personally I can’t understand his actions today. Whats the opinion from the paddock?

    1. James Allen says:

      No, I think there was an opportunity to do the dirty and Hamilton didn’t take it. He was on provisional pole at that point, remember

      Fair play to him

      1. James Allen says:

        You cannot say he wanted to do it, because it is impossible to know what another person “wanted” there is no proof

        As a racing driver, it must have been tempting…

        Don’t forget that Vettel was ahead and also backing cars up to get a gap

      2. Thompson says:

        You say that James and you know what how these guys grew up I believe has alot to do with how they race .

        Rosberg in my mind has proved his moral compass is skewed – if he wins the title it’ll be llike Schumacher’s 94 title.

        Hamilton regardless of what he has achieved still feels he has to ‘fit in’ into this elite world.

        He did move over which was interesting – maybe it was misjudgment but it never appeared to cross his mind of doing something so cynical.

        It’s like the Prince and the pauper…..fascinating.

      3. F1heroes says:

        Assuming Hamilton is the prince?

      4. glennb says:

        I’m more a Rosberg fan but I would have to agree with James here. There is no way Hamilton would stoop to that level, especially when he’s playing at home. He’s been on the wrong side of that move with Alonso at Mclaren and it must have sickened him. He was just preparing for his lap in his own way. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing him come through the field tomorrow. I reckon he’ll get most of the work done in the first few laps, assuming he starts well. Wet or dry the cameras will be on him anyway ;)
        Go RIC.

      5. danny says:

        Wasn’t Perez holding them both up? They played the message from Rosberg to tell Hamilton to speed up at the same time as showing Hamilton overtake Perez. Subsequently Perez missed out on a final lap (because he made a mistake going too slow).

        So absolutely agreed Hamilton could have slowed Rosberg down enough at the last corner to knock him out but didn’t.

        Mention was made (several times) of a radio message from the pitwall to Hamilton about letting Rosberg past – is it normal for the pitwall to speak to a driver during a flying lap?

      6. Bearforce1 says:

        I think if the team did not say something to Lewis. Hamilton would have done the dirty. Or continue with his dirty tactic.

        Always rated Lewis as fast, no denying it he is massively quick. I just don’t like his personality. Lewis always blames his team mates or worse the team (posts telemetry etc etc). This guy has been in the best car from his first year in F1. Nico is the one who has done it tough starting in bottom to midfield cars and proving his worth to earn a top tier car.

        I don’t buy all the Lewis wares his heart on his sleeve nonsense. Being honest doesn’t make you are nice person if your opinions are unpleasant. I believe Lewis speaks his mind honestly. Its the honest stuff that comes out of his mouth that is pretty ugly. This is to say the true Lewis is pretty unattractive on the inside. Contrast Lewis With gentleman Jenson or even Nico.

        Anyway this post won’t likely make it through. Here’s hoping.

      7. aveli says:

        there are 21 other drivers please choose to post about the ones you like. i enjoy reading positive comments.

      8. KRB says:

        Anyone who thinks he backed Nico up is being silly, and just looking for some Mirabeau “error” equivalent. Here’s the radio transcript from Q3 from Perez and his engineer:

        Q3 Gianpiero Lambiase (GL) to Sergio Perez (SP):
        Perez had begun his final out-lap in front of the Mercedes drivers but they overtook him at the exit of Stowe.
        “Checo… What happened, mate? We’re down to P7.”

        SP to GL: [sighs]

        GL to SP: “Checo, why did we let the cars through after Stowe? Why did we let the cars through after Stowe, mate?”

        SP to GL: “Because I had very cold tyres. I went off into Copse. I had no temperature to do the lap.”

        Hamilton was behind Perez, and caught up with him after Stowe down into Vale corner. He couldn’t be sure whether Perez was going to do a flying lap or not.

  28. Richard says:

    Well it does just show how fickle conditions should be, and drivers should take nothing for granted. I suppose Hamilton would have been right nine times out of ten, but he never seems to have much in the way of good luck, and this time conditions came back and bit him. – It was a silly error, and I’m sure he will be kicking himself. I did not see him make any error other than letting his team mate past. Anyway I hope he can get his head together for the race, and if we experience mixed conditions then it could actually be anybodies win.

    1. Bearforce1 says:

      So Lewis should have impeded is team mate?

      1. KRB says:

        Don’t think he said that. He should’ve completed the lap, that way it would be unlikely that Nico could’ve beaten his time. Certainly would’ve meant he would be P2 at worst.

  29. don says:

    Being quickest doesn’t necessarily mean you are the best. He obviously isn’t the best at handling pressure and it’s increased immensely in the past few races.

    I think at this point HAM should quit making comments to the press about his superior pace over ROS. ROS may be getting motivation over his statements. Silence is golden.

    You HAM fans (I’m not one of them) should quit being so critical of him – there is still a lot of racing left. He will no doubt be taking it to ROS tomorrow. Don’t be fair weather friends!

    1. KRB says:

      Agreed … never make “bulletin board” comments when you’re up. If your opponents thinks they’re doing well, but still you’re beating them, that’s the best of both worlds. Hamilton should never have made the “hunger” or “dominate” comments that he made. He had Rosberg where he wanted him … he was beating him when he was faster, and also when Nico was faster.

      He is the faster driver … he just has to let his driving do the talking, and don’t over-think things. Total focus on the driving, and see it through to the end. Today he didn’t see it through.

  30. Mark says:

    James, please note you have Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m38.329s +2.563s in forth place on the above results.

  31. Rishi says:

    Wow what a session but, equally, what a nightmare for Lewis! For a while we were watching Vettel and wondering if he’d manage to beat Kevin Magnussen (who was 9th and last of the timed runners at the time) to sneak into 9th place and then suddenly the commentator goes “Hulkenberg on pole” and as that happens Vettel takes pole. Then it’s like a lightbulb going off in your head “hang on! Didn’t Hamilton let Rosberg through on his final lap?! [Penny drops] Hamilton has ballsed this up!” To be fair, all the drivers went out in hope rather than expectation to improve their laps so, in a sense, it is an understandable mistake but that doesn’t make it any less costly! Obv there is still race day, and there is an overtaking opportunity at the end of the Wellington Straight, but one senses he may need a bit of luck with the weather, or with an opportune Safety Car, to win the race – if only because Rosberg will now get first pick on strategy etc.

  32. Colm says:

    Kimi Raikkonen is both 4th and 20th in the listing at the bottom of the post… who is missing?

  33. Dave says:

    I don’t believe it. Yet again we see a driver aborting a lap or not getting through because the team was trying to save tyres, thought the lap was a dud etc etc. It’s just ridiculous – get out there and race!

    It’s not over until it’s over!

  34. Fox says:

    Ferrari did very bad strategically. Even if some mistake happen there must be a chance to recover. Why neither Alonso nor Raikkonen did not have such chance? It is strategy issue: they put wrong tires, Alonso did mistake, Raikkonen suffered from it immediately, both losers. How it could be done elseway? Come earlier to secure 107%. Put right tires. Do not go nose to nose on the track. Very dark clouds are gathering above Pat Fry.

  35. Thompson says:

    The race could be a great one.

    While me thinks Rosberg will drive off into the distance & the RB and FI will prove to be big obstacles, the romantic in me wants to see Hamilton pass the cars in front of him run down Rosberg and win the race.

    Strangely I think it’s something he can actually do for some reason.

    Hamilton is under pressure but if he can put todays events behind him and drive the Merc he can put Rosberg under pressure.

    If he can and Rosberg cracks the balance will be restored and this gp will go down in history.

    It’s unlikely as rosberg has been consistent over the season – impressively so – I gave him 10 out of 10 regards his performance in the poll ran earlier this year on here.

    I don’t know why but I have butterflys for this race, it’s a mouth watering prospect.

    The Renault engine proved to be better than many believed – will Horner pay the devil his due If vettel wins?

    I tell you, if Hamilton was running away with the season I could agree with alll of the naysayers out there that the season is rubbish – bit this season…… Wow, just wow!

  36. Keith says:

    Q3 0:00 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington The track’s… slower.
    Q3 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton So currently no one finding time, Lewis. So no one improving.
    Q3 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton No reply broadcast.
    OK Lewis, I’m afraid that last sector really picked up some pace. So we’ve been bumped mate to… so we’re now down in P6.

    Lewis asked for clarity – he didn’t get it however JB got it from McClaren.

    Mercedes let Lewis down – he asked for the info – they told him to move aside – scandalous! Lewis wasn’t just racing Rosberg he was racing for position – that instruction was a disgrace.

    Merc are more to blame IMO as Lewis asked the question – if JB got the call surely the data was there – they either didn’t spot it or chose to do Lewis’s legs – I say that as this run of. ” preventable bad luck” is beyond coincidence. The decent thing would have been to share the blame with Lewis who has admitted his part.

    Shame on mercedes – they will get “their” champion – wonder what damage they will do to their brand in the process – I for one am starting to view them as a dishonest brand. I will remain open minded but if this goes on…..

    1. Elie says:

      @Keith- Exactly.People here having a go at Hamilton but missing the clear & basic fact!

      1. F1heroes says:

        Conspiracy theory?

    2. Tim Olson says:

      Really??? You’re probably the only person I’ve heard from today that has managed to turn this whole thing around and blames Mercedes for the whole thing! Unbelievable the way fan boys can go to such a low level.

    3. aveli says:

      i thought hamilton had already aborted his lap when hulkenberg crossed the finish line. enjoy the race tomorrow.

  37. john says:

    Wahayyy, somebody cloned the Kimster !! he’s in 4th and 20th place.Well done, that man.

  38. sri says:

    Ferrari is a joke. Their strategy was always poor, Kimi always had to lose places in first pit stops. Today their brilliance made sure both cars were out in Q3. If they had a bad design team, only their strategy team can beat that for mediocrity prize. Don’t come for racing if you want to be taxis.

  39. yst_01 says:

    Adrian Newey makes the difference.

  40. Jason says:

    It is not over till it is over. Today could have happened to anyone. Lewis was told no one is improving and thus comes in. In hindsight, he should have went for it anyway but one less lap eating into his tires is valuable in the race.

    Tomorrow should be fantastic. Ferraris and Williams are out of position. So is Lewis. We will see if Vettel can jump Rosberg off the line and if so, if Vettel is suddenly motivated. We will see if Dan cruises up behind Vettel and beats him from so far back.

    And best of all, the English weather will catch people out if it decides to sprinkle. It did well to catch the Brit out today didn’t it :) As a Lewis fan, and for that matter a fan of quite a few drivers, I look forward to the races where they get to do some overtaking. Tomorrow will be one of them.

  41. Sujith says:

    If Williams had kept the BMW works deal and a lot of sponsors they lost after 2005, Rosberg would have had a much better F1 Debut than he actually got in 2006. Wonder if that would have changed the minds of the people who under-rated him so much.

  42. john button says:

    Hi everyone
    just a few points from the other side of the world .
    No doubt about it , Lewis has heaps of talent , but he now needs to have a hard look at himself after this mistake
    1 How quick does the track dry out ? Lewis did do a warm up lap , and if he wasnt worrying /thinking about Nico and doing a monaco pay back ??would have realized the last section was a lot faster .There fore he wasnt thinking / concentrating on doing a flyer .
    2 Lewis has never had the metal pressure on him before in F!, First year just chasing Alsono , second year , best car , basically driving it flat out with the best car .The following years all his other team mates are no where as talented as him and had the upper hand
    Lets look at Rosberg , had the pressure of racing against Schmi for two years and handled it very well . Hes metally tough and lewis should stop thinking hes weak,
    3 If lewis wants a chance to win a championship , suggests he does the following , Get rid of the bling , ear rings , the designer sunglassses and base cap and re appoint his father as manager .Ever since there break up , Lewis has lost his focus / concentration / direction and thats whats needed to win championships .The one good move hes done is move to merceeds , nows he got to make it work .

  43. John says:

    Due to the incompetence of Williams and Ferrari we will have the pleasure of watching 4 fast cars going through the field. Great !!! I look forward to it.

  44. aveli says:

    hamilton looks fantastic in his new hat and looked even cooler as he pretended to have parachuted into the circuit.
    rosberg has gone another step further to choose the same gloves as hamilton. I can wait to watch them battle it out at the front if hamilton manages to get to the front.

  45. aveli says:

    coulthard looks absolute smart today, leaving mcnish needing a new jacket.

  46. aveli says:

    lots of pink shirts, go team button!

  47. Thompson says:

    Oh no…….reset

    My romantic vision almost came through. If Rosberg had not broke down I believe he would have got caught – get passed, we will never know.

    But 1 dnf and it’s start all over again.

  48. vernon says:

    Lewis didn’t realise he could get back 4s on that qualifying lap. No thanks to his team fior not being alert to and signalling that. 1 DNF for Rossberg. Leaves another DNF for Rossberg and two races where he has 1 second longer pitstops beforr we will see who has the most wins and who leads the WDC without cheating and favouritism. Lewis is not free of error….but sometimes it looks like more sinned against than sinning… Maybe now Rossberg will keep his trap shut and drive…..something he didn’t learn from Michael Schumacher.

  49. gotten says:

    surefire 2012 release dates


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