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Hungarian GP: Who was your Driver of the Day in Budapest thriller?
Hungarian GP 2014
Posted By: James Allen  |  27 Jul 2014   |  7:18 pm GMT  |  400 comments

The Hungarian GP was one of the best races of the season, with huge swings of fortune, five different race leaders and a grandstand finish – the three leading cars were separated by less than a second, with a few laps to go.

There were a number of standout performances, but who caught your eye the most? Who was your Driver of the Day?

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo
Ricciardo took his second win of the season and a very satisfying one too. He dropped two places at the start but then benefited from the first safety car – and the mistake of staying on intermediate tyres by McLaren – to lead. From here he always had a good chance to win. He was on a three stop strategy that wasn’t helped by the second safety car, nor by an ERS malfunction around lap 44, but he fixed it and attacked on new tyres at the end and caught and passed Hamilton and Alonso for the win.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso
The Spaniard was two laps away from winning a Grand Prix for Ferrari in an otherwise depressing season for the ‘Reds. Alonso’s start was spectacular as always, making up for the lack of qualifying pace in the car. He maintained a strong pace and then took a huge gamble to run 32 laps to the finish on a set of soft tyres, without stopping again. He held off the Mercedes for second place.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton
From the pit lane start to the podium, a stunning result, but once again the fastest car in the field didn’t win the race and Hamilton knows that reliability issues again hurt his chances of a win. He progressed quickly, after an initial off due to cold brakes. He was able to pass cars more aggressively than Rosberg – Vergne for example, whom Rosberg could not pass. he went for a long stint on mediums and gave something away on pace as a result, but did get longevity with a 31 lap final stint.

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg
Had it all under control at the start, but got on the wrong side of the first safety car and from there it was a struggle. Still had a chance to come back and win the race on a 3 stop strategy, but lost places due to stopping after the second safety car when the field was bunched up and also not being able to pass Hamilton, despite a team order.

Kimi Raikkonen F1

Kimi Raikkonen

Seventeeth to sixth at the flag – another classic Raikkonen recovery, after a howler by Ferrari in qualifying which cost him massively.

Jean Eric Vergne F1

Jean Eric Vergne
The final result of 9th will be a minor footnote in history, but Vergne was mighty today, running at the front after the first safety car and resisting Rosberg, who could not pass him. On a similar strategy to Alonso, he was second behind the Spaniard at mid distance, but stopped earlier into traffic and didn’t have the pace to get back.

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  1. GB says:

    Hamilton was mighty today. He is showing repeatedly that he is the fastest driver and is only 2nd in the championship due to misfortune. Mercedes request for him to let Rosberg past was misguided and plainly wrong. This from the team who are happy to let their drivers race. I think the fact they have a favourite is becoming increasingly obvious but I can see talent rising to the top come the season end.

    1. Pat Angelo says:

      Any one who doubt Lewis’s Hamilton”s driving ability as a racing driver after his performance in Germany and now in Hungary after starting from the back of the pack and from the pit lane due to mechanical failure need their head examined!

      What a driver what a result.

      1. Pkara says:

        Here Here :-)
        Totally Agree
        Lewis was awesome.
        Great recovery & stunning drive.
        A true Racer

      2. powersteer says:

        Where will HAM finish if Merc pits HAM for another set of BRAND NEW options at lap 5x while he was ahead of ROS?

      3. Phil_too says:

        Not saying it wasn’t a great recovery. There is room to doubt. He finished third in what is the best car on the grid by miles, while hugely advantaged by safety car interventions. Also, at at least three points in the race he struggled to overtake slower package cars.
        It’s a serious DOTD contender, but there are still some doubts.

      4. Doobs says:

        He was helped by safety car which also brought Ros to him. Nothing in his drive really. Sorry.

      5. powersteer says:

        IMHO, Merc compromised HAM’s strategy by putting all their focus on ROS’s.

        If HAM was on 2 BRAND NEW option tyre stints at the end, will he finish on a higher step in the podium given how well he was able to carve his way thru traffic?

      6. Sujith says:

        I would say what you said is true! I am not a fan but I appreciate talent. However, having said that, Rosberg is not an average driver as most of the people here think.

        Lewis Hamilton is not going to have a walk in the park to win this championship. So yeah, good thing, he has the talent to deal with a much more difficult situation than he originally thought.

      7. Sasidharan says:

        Put him in a Ferrari and if he repeats this, he must be the greatest driver ever born.

      8. Sammy says:

        I don’t see it that way as Lewis could have won if he had overtaken Alonso. Instead he was passed by Ricc and was lucky Ros didn’t catch him at the last lap of the race.
        Dotd surely Alonso who did everything right frolm start to finish. Not fighting Ricc in turn 1 was a mighty decision as it would have distroyed his tyres completely with more places to lose as a consequence.

      9. Bobbyf1 says:

        Hear, hear. Heart of a champion.

      10. Richard says:

        Lewis spins off the road and is driver of the day? For what? Benefitting from safety cars and from disregarding his teammate’s different strategy? Lewis is a stunning driver but this shows how the fanbase distorts reality. It’s great to see him at the sharp end and battling with Nico for a podium but this is the fastest car by some
        margin, please let’s not forget that.

      11. Pem says:

        Befor the safety car came out I think Ham was 13/14th when it went in he was 13th

    2. KRB says:

      Just saw that Hamilton’s podium today (#63) puts him past Coulthard (62) on the all-time list, so Lewis now has the most podiums of any British driver. Didn’t hear any mention of it in the BBC broadcast.

      He passed Clark in poles back in China, and tied Jackie Stewart’s win total at Silverstone. Only Mansell lies ahead with 31 wins, in terms of British drivers. Lewis will have to at least match Big Nige, if not beat his win tally, to take the DWC this year.

      1. BMG says:

        Mansell and Jones are my all time favorite drivers because of their aggressive driving styles.

        I hope the stewards continue to let the drivers race and pass, make for a great spectacle.

        Both were Williams driver in their prime, Bottas should be watching some the old footage for inspiration.

      2. Richard C says:

        Mentioned in the Sky F1 broadscast however

      3. Richard C says:


        Very difficult decision. There is a lot of talk about who was luckier than who in adjudicating the deserving DOTD, but the truth is most of the drivers encountered some form of “luck” today. That is part and parcel of racing and what spices things up. I am a massive RIC fan and was jumping on the couch in the early hours of Monday morning down here in AUS as he made the final pass for the lead, but I went with Alonso for one reason only;

        He was the only driver of the leading group that missed the benefit of the first safety car incident (others being ROS,BOT,VET) and yet still made it to the podium.

        HAM has to be mentioned also, but the superiority of the Mercs this year, seem to sway peoples votes away from them. Same thing was occurring with Red Bull and VET the last few years. The hard fought performance in an under performing team always trumps a dominant performance by a dominant team in the punters’ eyes.

      4. Gaz Boy says:

        It does make you think if Lewis had started in his normal grid position then a couple of wins in the last week could have been his………………….
        However, he didn’t start in his natural grid position because of sloppy preparation and discipline from his team. Merc need to get their act together when it comes to Quality Control – I think everyone will agree with that.

      5. BluesPaul says:

        Hi KRB
        This was one race that Lewis should have won with his eyes shut. He and Mercedes binned it.
        Why? The stars are aligning against. That cycling w/end disaster was a bad omen. I hope they win again this year ….. it won’t be that easy again though.
        Lewis and the rain …….. where’s the rainmeister? making the same mistake as our two scandinavian rookies, but just keeping it off the wall.
        Lewis and Alonso …. where’s the great overtaker? slamming on the brakes 3 secs earlier than Alonso into turn one lap after lap. Yes he had the meds on when he should have had softs, that didn’t help. But I think mentally he is hugely intimidated by FA. It’s a skillful campaign that Alonso has worked on over the years, and Lewis is cowed.
        “OMG .. it’s Alonso …I’ll never do it”.
        Even when he saw Dan power past, still didn’t push Lewis into brave mode.
        While I’m at it I may as well moan to you about Lewis’s saturdays. Oh dear when a quali goes wrong and the car breaks. Lewis loves nothing more than to “ham” for the cameras..
        Up go the shoulders, down comes the head, and I’m going to walk as slow as I can towards the garage, with my head near my waist. Then I’ll ask Toto and Lauda to let me go home now so I can have a good cry..!
        LH needs to grow out of all this, and put a spring in his step, esp when things go wrong, otherwise someone else will take this wdc like candy from a baby
        I’m talking Dan not Nico.
        Sorry about the rant. It’s a frustrated Ham fan here!

      6. C63 says:

        Didn’t hear any mention of it in the BBC broadcast….

        They mentioned this on Sky – maybe DC had his nose put out of joint and thats why he said nothing.
        Incidentally, do you get the BBC feed in Canada or are you watching via the website?

      7. aezy_doc says:

        Blues Paul, Hamilton is far from intimidated by Alonso. There is literally no reason why he should be. In case you hadn’t noticed, his tyres were shot – just look at how Rosberg closed in.

      8. Gazza says:

        As anyone one else noticed the latest trend to call yourself a fan of so and so etc……when you are just plainly a WUM. :)

      9. KRB says:

        @C63, in Canada we get the BBC broadcast on our TSN. FP2, qualifyiing, and the race. JA and McNish for the FP2 session, Ben Edwards and DC for quali and the race.

      10. Bullethead says:

        Driver of the day…it’s almost a no brainer. Lewis Hamilton was immense. To come from the pit lane to the podium..and making it to position 13 before the first safety car came out. AMAZING. NOBODY DOES IT BETTER! However, like I said, it was “almost” a no brainer. Alonso was outrageously good. To keep LH behind him when LH had a massive car advantage over him was sublime. So from that perspective FA was easily the driver of the day. All three drivers that made it to the podium were superb.

    3. darren says:

      Mercedes was mighty! Without that first safety car rosberg would of walked it and hamilton would of finished further back!

      1. Kristiane says:

        But then at the same time:

        1. You can also easily say without the engine fire, Hamilton would’ve most probably taken pole or at the very least, started on the front row. Had the engine fire not happened Hamilton might also have walked it.

        2. As a result of the safety car, we were about to witness the differences in race craft between the two Mercedes drivers.

      2. Henri says:

        would HAVE;



        Ok, grammar lesson over.

      3. mr squizzer says:

        Yep and without the engine fire on Saturday Hamilton would have had walked pole .

      4. Pem says:

        You do not know that until the end

      5. Chris M says:

        Whilst true, Rosberg was still ahead of Hamilton and Alonso after that first safety car with the same options open to him. Relatively poor pace in the middle of the race, where he was passed by other cars and couldn’t overtake the Torro Rosso, is what cost him.

      6. eric morman says:

        Nico should have passed Vern within a couple of laps but while Ham was behind him he was just thinking of limiting the damage,
        so Nico deserved to loose…

      7. JG says:

        * would HAVE or would’ve. Would OF makes no sense.

      8. 323gts says:

        without the engine fire…..

      9. Drgraham lewis says:

        You should check you facts.

        The strategy report will point out your errors.

      10. C63 says:

        And that’s the difference between Rosberg and Hamilton. Plenty of drivers can drive a quick quickly when they are out in front on their own – I remember Hill was a bit like that – but when they find themselves in traffic and having to compete with other cars/drivers it’s a different story. Rosberg, from memory, only fell to 4th or 5th with the first safety car and yet that was him done, and everything unravelled from there. Hamilton started from the pit lane and undoubtedly was the beneficiary of lucky timing with the safety car. However he was still only 13th (I think) when the first safety car came in. Yet he still finished the race in front of Rosberg. Alonso was also unlucky with the first safety car and yet he managed to finish in front of Rosberg. That’s the difference between ordinary drivers and champions .

    4. littleredkelpie says:

      Alonso by a country mile. His 2nd position in that dog of a car had no peers today.

      1. pargo says:

        Imagine Alonso in a half decent car. He’s easily a class above the rest!

    5. Ryan says:

      Sorry. Good recovery for Lewis today but not DoD. The massive car advantage those guys enjoy makes anyone finishing ahead deserving the gong, regardless of circumstance.

      DoD is a split decision between Alonso or Ricciardo.

      1. Benji says:

        Ryan, you’ve nailed it on the head. I’m not disputing Hamilton’s talent, but the car is clearly a class above what everyone else in the field has. I’m a happy Australian fan as Dan won, but DoD has to go to Alonso.

    6. kieran says:

      The safety car in 2008 Singapore was engineered. The safety car(s) today wasn’t. Big difference.

    7. Tickety-boo says:

      Of course the real skill is in avoiding the circumstances to put in the spin in the first place.

    8. Bryan says:

      Are you serious? Surely it was a lack of car control that caused him to run wide onto the astro-turn. From there he was a passenger and it was only luck that kept him off the wall.

    9. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      Freak team, a good team should put 2 winner Cars there and let the drivers decide alone on track who will be the Drivers’ Champion, and not to try to decide for itself!!!

    10. Steve Zodiac says:

      Are you saying that the safety car was not needed? Today was the luck of the draw as was yesterdays fire. Lewis simply made the best of a bad situation and Nico was a bit unlucky, it happens. Despite all my gripes about the way F1 is going, todays race was action packed and delivered the goods (except I can still hear the crowd and tyre squal over the cars).

    11. F430-Fox says:

      That’s because of all the doughnuts he’s been practising last season … ;-)

    12. Goob says:

      Umm… I think that was more to do with luck then skill…

      If it spun at a different angle, his input would have made no difference. Besides, it was his own fault for spinning in the first place…

    13. eric morman says:

      so Hams spin did not count? [mod]
      22cars on a track that is hard to pass and Ham comes Third,
      what do’s a driver have to do to win your respect,
      oh that’s right there is only one driver in your race, the rest don’t exist, [mod]

      1. James Allen says:

        Please be respectful to other posters -Mod

    14. Joost says:

      Haha, you are so funny.

      Spin recovery makes you driver of the day these days apparently?!?

      I was happy for him not to damage his car but honestly you can’t credit somebody for a “save”. I also think he himself considered himself lucky. You just can’t control a car that is so much out of control. There a just too many variables at play. But I guess you are a Vettel fan. The guy that get’s constantly beaten by his new team mate right?

      About Hamilton, (yes I am a Hamilton fan) this safety car came at the exact right time for him, just as the fire did the day earlier. Please don’t make this particular single occasion look like he has luck. Because frankly he doesn’t,

    15. PT says:

      When you say ‘came to his rescue yet again’ you mean like it did in Germany right?

    16. Seifenkistler says:

      Hamilton would be driver of the day if and only if he pays the money the mechanics lost from his own pocket.
      Disobeying team orders and preventing more points for the team is kind of stealing from the mechanics. Or at least it used to be that they get bonuses for every team point.

      1. C63 says:

        Don’t you think the mechanics might ‘owe’ Hamilton a few points with all the mechanical gremlins he has had to put up with this season ;-)

    17. BluesPaul says:

      Helping Bernie spice up the show!

    18. nutboy says:

      Erm when exactly did the safety car last rescue HAM. He was due some fortune at some point this season.

    19. Bogdan says:

      Agree with you. Incredible that Mercedes would ask that so early in the race when anyone of the top 5 could’ve won the race with another SC or some rain.

      James, how can you give Rosberg a mention at the DOTD??? He is driving the fastest car on track and started on pole. He was struggling big time when Alonso and Vergne overtook him.

      Where would Alonso or Hamilton been if they swapped cars and start places with Rosberg? I’ll tell you, miles away. All he did was complain over the radio “Why is he not letting me through?”.
      Cannot believe these drivers which drive the fastest cars around and still need favours, especially from the title contender. Incredible!

    20. BobbyT says:

      I’m assuming that the GB user name refers to Great Britain right?

      Unfortunately I think too many parochial Brits are voting on your site James. I’m an Aussie and while Dan drove brilliantly executing two nice moves on former world champions, both HAM and RIC benefited form the safety car. Alonso was past the pit entry with Vettel Rosberg and Bottas when the first safety car merged yet he still managed to get 2nd. Only bias would prevent a true F! fan from voting Alonso.

      1. GB says:

        Wrong. The GB user name does not refer to Great Britain, [mod]

        A lot of drivers benefited from the safety car above the front runners. The SC helped Hamilton but it certainly didn’t give him 3rd position – he had to earn that by making some crucial overtakes. As did Alonso. As did Ricciardo.

        This blog asks for our driver of the day. For me it was Lewis Hamilton.

        YOUR driver of the day is Alonso who did amazingly well to make his strategy work [mod]

      2. James Allen says:

        There is no need for that tone with other posters -Mod

      3. Pem says:

        From pit lane to 3rd is not just a safety car is it and which country do I come from?

      4. BobbyT says:

        Thanks for the mods James re GB

        I’m not sure Pem, what country do you come from?

        I’m amazed that a driver who ends up backwards with his left front against the wall at turn 2 is considered Driver of the day (seriously?). Alonso’s Ferrari is much slower that Hamilton’s and Alonso did not benefit from a safety car.

        After the safety car Hamilton was two positions behind Rosberg (who couldn’t pass a Toro Rosso). Hamilton clearly benefited massively from the safety car.

        My bias would put Ricciardo as driver of the day, unbiased I think it has to be Alonso, not a great car, on old tyres, no benefit from the safety car, could have pitted and guaranteed fourth but rolled the dice and got past in the last two laps by a car on fresher rubber.

  2. Thomas says:

    Very hard to split the top 3.

    Maybe a 10/10 for both Alonso and Hamilton and a 9.9 for Ricciardo because his slower pace in the opening stint meant he lucked into the race lead thanks to the safety car.

    Alonso – stunning job in the first half of the race. His pace on the damp track after the SC was phenomenal. Great consistency in the final stint. Wonderful job at the end bar a little mishap at the chicane.

    Hamilton – untidy spin at the start of the race, but can be forgiven. Cut through the field very fast. His pass on Vergne was race defining and at that point I believed he could’ve won. Bad call by Mercedes to put him on the mediums (on a green track) for 30 laps. Probably threw away a potential victory with that strategy call. Did well to hound Alonso and fend off Rosberg.

    Ricciardo – shabby first stint but as soon as the switch to slicks came on, he flew. Excellent second stint to limit the gap he had to recuperate in the final laps. Wonderful pace and overtakes. This boy will only get better.

    Superb race.

    1. Drgraham lewis says:

      Agreed but I had to give it to LH.

      Brand new brakes, no warm up lap and pit lane start make it the drive of the year even if he is not happy with it.

      The ridiculous thing is Mercs refusal to reconsider strategy mid race. NR is not lets just say Mr Overtake and they really should have considered bringing in LH (who had a pile of brand new soft tyres compared to used one single set left on the other side) when NR was behind and seeing what he could do.

      Political correctness gone crazy – Toto!

      Do you think this would have occurred under Brawn?

      Not a chance…

    2. Andrew M says:

      “Bad call by Mercedes to put him on the mediums (on a green track) for 30 laps.”

      Absolutely, especially considering Lewis must have had so many new sets of soft tyres after not doing any qualifying runs on them. I don’t know why Mercedes split the strategies, Rosberg and Hamilton only stopped a few laps apart, so surely what was good for one driver was good for the other. Even with Rosberg being behind Hamilton after that stop, being held up by Hamilton and having to fight his way past Bottas/Raikkonen/Massa he was on the same piece of race track as Hamilton at the end, so if Hamilton had gone onto that strategy he would certainly have gotten second and probably would have won. Rosberg probably would have followed him home too. Bad day for the Merc strategists definitely.

  3. Sebee says:

    Trust me guys, James puts the guy who deserves it most as the first option. ;-)

    1. Sebee says:

      OMG…I just voted and Ricciardo is third. You guys did see him pass Alonso and beat Mercedes, right? You do remember that’s “mighty” Renault power back there.

      There is no pleasing this crowd. If Lewis doesn’t win the WDC lock your doors and windows. Riots are coming.

      1. KenC says:

        Lewis and Fernando were sitting ducks to a fast car with new tires.

        Ricciardo was the lucky driver of the day as the first Safety Car gave him a huge advantage when it allowed the first 4 cars to pass pit entrance, Rosberg, Vettel, Bottas and Fernando. Without that gift, it’s doubtful that he’d even be on the list.

      2. JF says:

        Yeah. Lewis result was a given. A bit surprising for rosberg not to win but Ricciardo was superb today.

      3. Phenom says:

        What are you on about? Compounding the fact that is a chassis and aero led circuit, it was wet and for the majority of the race no car was able to put down full power, evidenced by that almighty Merc engine unable to make ground on Renault power on the straights. Ricciardo had as good a chance as anyone and it was a phenomenally well deserved victory with 2 risky and decisive overtakes at the end wholly deserving a race win.

        That said, if some feel that a pitlane to podium race in what was effectively a brand new car which hadn’t been optimised and simply had the settings from yesterday’s barbecued chassis copy pasted onto it, who are you to discount that feat?

        But then again anybody who could possibly beat the might Seb in equal machinery through the year simply must be Ayrton reincarnated right? No mere mortal could dismiss him so flippantly… ;)

      4. ErikT says:

        Ham was really good today. I haven’t voted for him all year, but he was obviously driving like a WDC today. Clean, fair and fast.

      5. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        The Red Bull car has better top speed than the Ferrari, believe it or not. Plus the difference in tyres at that moment and chasis. Fernando also overtook (and he did it in equal conditions) a Mercedes, and beat them two in the end. With the F14T. Lewis takes it because this site, even beeing the most international F1 web all over the internet, has around 40% of british readers and voters (at least those were the numbers one or two years ago), and that’s reflected in the poll.

      6. Purple Helmet says:

        You did see Hamilton start from the pit lane didn’t you? And somehow end up in front of Rosberg at the end, despite Rosberg apparently having no car issues whatsoever? Yes, Ricciardo blew his teammate away too, but Vettel has been found out long ago, and it’s routine for Ricciardo these days, whereas Rosberg has at least looked competitive and reliable, if not brilliant.

        I would give all the top three full marks for their performances and giving us a cracking race.

      7. Robb says:

        Yes, Daniel drove well, a future champion that one. But the passes on Lewis and Fernando just weren’t that special considering the tire advantage at the time.

      8. Andrew c says:

        Clearly you missed Lewis pass Vergne around the outside of turn 4 yeh? Watching a different sport at the time were you? Go back and watch the whole race and put some thought into the driver who came from the back – regardless of his name.

      9. Rodrigo Luiz Martins says:

        You’re right! Lewis couldn’t pass Rosberg when they were stuck behind Vern. The best car can’t overtake a Toro Rosso. Ricciardo overtook F. Alonso and L. Hamilton, and what a move overtaking Lewis.

      10. Truth says:

        It’s all opinion I suppose Sebee, but at the time of posting this Rosberg has 4 votes for driver of the day, work that one out,taking nothing away from Nico but he doesn’t belong on the list this time.The top 3 in the race all deserve the most credit in my opinion, it’s a tough call who deserves it most, also I thought Kimi did well this week from 17th to recover to 6th.

      11. Azza says:

        I thought the same thing! Dan is DOTD for sure, amazing moves on Hami and Alonso, must be plenty of one eyed Lewis and Ferrari fans here! ;-)

      12. Formula Zero says:

        +1. That’s exactly how I feel. But I am not surprised, it’s a British blog after all. The arrogance (grumpiness in Martin Brundle’s words), ignoring team orders, both Merc drivers are toe to toe, just about every race being so chaotic, Ricciardo’s Vettel bashing on track, Alonso’s out of the skin drive, SC drama, this race had it all. Did not expect to enjoy this season so much with the fuel restriction & all the technical changes. Particularly witnessing how fast the Mercs are compare to the rest of the field. This has been the best season in at least 5 years. Would’ve made things better if the Ferraris & Bulls were in the championship mix. 4 weeks wait until the next race seems eternity!!

      13. kenneth chapman says:

        what does ricciardo need to do to convince people that he was the DOTD by far and away? he is all class and excitement.

      14. PB says:

        With all the rest that had to be said in response to this comment already being said, the only thing I’d like to add is that I’m glad to see some hardcore fanboys potentially coming around to switch loyalties based on where genuine talent lies…or am I just being too optimistic here!

      15. jcrawfor74 says:

        Sebee I agree!
        Is this DOD or a popularity contest? Looking at the poll results I would say the later. The fan-boy-dom of the LH fans seems to override logic.
        People gave LH DOD last week, when he raced like a pin ball bouncing off the other drivers on, I think no less than 3 separate occasions. This week he spins on the 3rd corner of the race. Granted he made it to third, an impressive drive, but he is in the best car in the paddock. But, Alonso and DR didn’t put a wheel wrong, whilst LH did.
        I just think LH is making too many mistakes to be considered DOD.. or perhaps I am just a DR fan-boy ;-)

      16. Tornillo Amarillo says:

        Sebee I voted Ric too, not HAMILTON. I know I’ve made a mistake.

      17. Steve Zodiac says:

        Although i like Lewis and think he did well today, I have to agree Ricciardo was best driver and, it looks, something special, a future World champ for sure. It is time for the Mercedes team to have a good look at themselves as they are indanger of shooting themselves in the foot!

      18. Grayzee says:

        Hah! I’m with you, Sebee.
        Hamilton dropped it on the first lap and was lucky to not hit anything.
        Alonso also went wide, but certainly drove his usual dogged best to defend at the end.
        But Riciardo never put a wheel wrong, whether in the wet or the dry, and those overtakes, especially on Hamilton, were just sensational.
        I guess with James being British, and this being a British website, there are a lot Hamilton supporters on here, but, you gotta give credit where it’s due.
        Cheers, from a “two eyed” Aussie :)

      19. Drgraham lewis says:

        Errr – you did note he started fourth did you not?

    2. KRB says:

      @Sebee, I am surprised too. I voted for RIC. His pass on HAM was brilliant. He’s a true racer. HAM’s pass on VER into Turn 4 was also a great move, and crucial to his final position.

      Each of RIC, ALO, and HAM had great races. Very hard to separate them, but for me there is a clear winner. If RIC scores a 100, then ALO is a 98 and HAM is a 95. Next back from that is under 80.

      1. kenneth chapman says:

        @ KRB that makes sense. you are quite right.

      2. Sebee says:

        The boy won. Has to count for something a little extra under the circumstances. Glad the Canadian chapter is in agreement.

    3. C63 says:

      I can’t disagree that the DOTD vote is more of a popularity contest than a representative poll. However, I am struggling with the notion that Nicoo was somehow a contender for DOTD . Are you able to shed any light on this ? (I know you like a theory ;-) )

      1. Sebee says:

        That safety car carfuffle really caused him to lose out. He came back to 4th and that makes him a contender for DOTD. But agreed that he’s just filling a seat in this contest and there was no way he was going to win unless he was driving a Marussia.

    4. Terry Jones says:

      I think this is supposed to your opinion, not James’s, otherwise what is the point of a vote. Hamilton for me, what a drive with a totally new chasis and the rest. Showed he can overtake where Rosberg cant’.

    5. Formula Zero says:

      To Andrew C, settle down mate. It’s people’s opinions, feelings & individual race analysis, not personal. Comment on the race, not on posts. There’s no right or wrong opinions unless it’s personal attack on posts.

    6. Sebee says:


      If you think Rosberg is winning DOTD here ever you must be new here. For that result please head over to Jens Allenbach on F1 blog url: JAonF1.de :-)

    7. Rohind says:

      U think everybody vote fair??
      Some of the Alonso/Hamilton fans would vote for their drivers even if they finish outside top 10.

      1. Krischar says:

        @ Rohind

        You forget a stuff mate

        If Lewis or Alonso finish outside top ten irrespective of the circumstances, They will not even qualify for the DOTD

        I believe you are too annoyed with Dan Ricciardo performaces as he completely chastened vettel. whereas the so called quirk 4X WDC can only make a novice mistake and spin the car rather than win the race which his new unknown team-mate have achieved

        Lewis and Alonso are head and shoulders above the rest of the field, that includes a quirk 4X WDC whose name is vettel

    8. Doobs says:

      Purple Helmet; I saw two safety cars and smoke coming off the back of Rosberg’s brakes.

      1. Sebee says:

        Are we calling it 2 safety cars, or 2 1/2? I was actually thinking there were 3. It was declared the SC was coming in end of the lap. Just because SC didn’t pass through the pitlane….

  4. Anil says:

    Undoubtedly it was the podium trio who were all electric today. F1 doesn’t need gimmicks; it needs these 3 drivers pushing hard on fantastic circuits.

    1. Colm says:

      Thank you for using the word “gimmicks”. It should all be capitalised for emphasis, though. GIMMICKS. You are absolutely right, they are not necessary at all and are very annoying. The double points thing, hanging over this season like a dark cloud, is a huge GIMMICK.

    2. Matthew Cheshire says:

      I definitely agree to that. Its very hard to separate the top three for DOTD, without playing favorites.

      Driving and surviving was the order of the day. No need for gimmicks. Old fashioned rain and concrete separated the men from the boys (we’ll find a new metaphor if Suzy gets a drive).

    3. James Clayton says:

      Too right. The main reason that this race was so good was that the tricky conditions negated, to some extent, the effects of the DRS and ridiculous tyres.

      1. VSI says:

        “Tricky conditions negated, to some extent, the effects of the DRS and ridiculous tyres…” It also negated Mercedes’ outrageous PU advantage – amen to that.

        While we are, rightly, slagging off the GIMMICKS (good with you Colm? :)), I think F1 should also recognise that the PU freeze immediately after a huge regulation change can completely skew the championship. I think teams should be given a chance to develop their PU during the first yr post such a massive change to bunch up the competition more – doing so, we won’t need to rely on mother nature (aka rain) to make races as interesting as the one from this past WE.

  5. Gaz Boy says:

    Hmm……………….I’m tempted to say one of the drivers from the English speaking Nations and say either Lewis or Danny Boy…………….
    …………….but I’ll say Nando. That Ferrari had no right to finish in the Top 4, let alone 2nd and leading the race for a while. The Bullfighter is the most complete driver in present day competitive motoring, and to say him relegated to playing Guildernstern and Rosencratz for most of this year when he should be playing the part of Hamlet is a waste!
    While we’re on Shakespearian analogies, Danny Boy was King (of the Hungaroring) Lear and Lewis was Philip the Bold.
    As old Will Shakespeare would say for the rest of the season, in regards to Lewis: “To be a WDC or not to be a WDC? That is the question………………”
    PS The fact that the majority of European and English speaking countries dont get free to air live TV coverage is a Shakespearian tragedy worth of Hamlet……………I’ll let you decide who Mr E would be cast as………….

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      Actually, on second thoughts, can I nominate Bernd Maylander for DOD? He earns his money’s worth, doesn’t he!

      1. aezy_doc says:

        Not at Hockenheim he didn’t. Should have been on half wages!

    2. Galapago555 says:

      Wow. “The bullfighter”. Brilliant. I think it’s the very first time that I see any Spanish sportsman being called with such an imaginative nickname. Maybe you could call him “Matador” instead.

      Actually it surprises me that you don’t mention Flamenco or Paella.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        It’s a compliment squire – it’s not a pejorative. If it was, why would I give Fernando the DOD award? If you read, I mentioned he is the most “complete driver” in racing today – praise doesn’t come higher than that.
        As for Paella or Flamenco, I don’t know about Mr Alonso’s personal life, so I can’t comment…………..being a racing driver, I guess he sticks to salads and pasta on race weekends.

      2. Joe flacco says:

        I call him ‘El Hombre’……..

    3. Bonko says:

      Voted Ricci by a hair; Alo and Rai close runners up.

    4. Sebee says:

      If Ferrari don’t win this season Daniel’s pass on Fernando will sting extra.

    5. dren says:

      I have to disagree with the Ferrari comment. The Ferrari didn’t look too bad in the race. You have to look at Kimi’s race to see that. If Kimi had not been caught out in Q1, I wonder if he would have finished ahead of Alonso this time.

      1. Krischar says:

        @ Dren

        “I wonder if he would have finished ahead of Alonso this time” – Joke of the Millennium

        Kimi could not even beat bianchi with much faster car on saturday than marussia. Kimi to beat Alonso on sunday? Complete charade

        What Alonso achieved is Imperious and only the greatest pilot in the history of F1 (Fernando Alonso) can produce results of that magnitude

        Please take out your insular view and because you deride Alonso do not claim that ferrari are faster. Beyond this kimi raced with Force India’s, STR and sauber / Mclaren’s. so it is easier to finish P6 from P16. Whereas Alonso fought with Williams RBR and Mercedes which are easily miles faster than Ferrari.

  6. Rupert B says:

    The podium in the order they finished.

  7. Ian says:

    Yes, Alonso and Ricci drove fantastic races. But. If the guy who started in the pit lane and finished third, beating his pole sitter team mate despite idiotic ‘orders’ coming in from the pits, doesn’t win today’s DotD, then JA will have confirmation the majority of his blogosphere audience is comprised of carpet-chewing mental cases…

    1. Oly says:

      If you take away Merc`s superiority OR two lucky SC to his advantage, then we could talk about fantastic recovery. With those two, I don`t think so.. even Seb Vettel would have won in that situation.. ;)

      1. Darrin from Canada says:

        …and nevermind that he has had the same “Lucky” things happen for 2 races in a row…
        In the interest of fairness I was also very impressed with both Alonso (whom I am not personally fond of, but respect) and Dan R (Who, by kicking the butt of his 4 time WDC teammate, is shaping up to be the future of F1) as well.
        But c’mon, what does Lewis have to do to impress some of you guys! (Not be British – obviously – says the Canadian of German heritage with no dog in the fight)

    2. Mathew Mann says:

      “carpet-chewing mental cases…” wow nice insult. I voted Dan

      As some of the above argue that Dan doesn’t get DotD because of the 1st safety car them maybe Lewis shouldn’t get if because he benefitted the most by the compression of the field twice……. and to boot, driving the fastest car.

      1. falonso says:

        So who’s left with nothing coming his way? The great, great Alonso :-)

    3. Doobs says:

      Lewie was helped by the safety car, issues with Rosberg’s brakes and the Merc Multi 21 “misunderstanding”, so a good drive, but not DotD

    4. Steve Mc says:


    5. Drgraham lewis says:


      Obviously people here do not realise how much of a handicap no warm up lap is during a wet race!

    6. Drgraham lewis says:

      Let alone a pit lane behind someone start!

  8. Paige says:

    One of Ricciardo, Alonso, or Hamilton.

    And most certainly not Rosberg, who was very ordinary today.

    1. mjsib2301 says:

      Any of the top 3 but definitely not Rosberg. He ruined his own race by not being able to overtake Vergne

    2. kieran says:

      Rosberg has been pretty ordinary throughout the entire season thus far. I can’t remember a stand-out performace by him yet. Can you? (and don’t mention any races where Lewis has been handicapped)

    3. Doobs says:

      With no brakes at one point Ros did OK. But not DoTD

    4. Kristiane says:

      Agree. I just couldn’t decide between the top 3.

      Rosberg works very hard to find out how to beat his team mate, definitely. However, to me I’ve always felt his skills and racecraft are quite ordinary compared to Hamilton. I’m not saying he’s bad, Rosberg is better than Button in my opinion, a little less than Kimi in speed but definitely not on Alonso / Hamilton level. I’d say even Dan Ric is better than Rosberg.

    5. FastGuy says:

      ROS was ordinary…or less than. It was disappointing to hear him crying about the team-ordered “pass” that he wanted spoonfed. What was HAM supposed to do, pull over and wait? I think ROS is showing his inner sense of entitlement more and more as time goes on.
      ALO got my vote, for doing the most with the least. Those last 10 laps…maybe add “magician” to the list of nicknames. He’s one of the greats.

  9. David says:

    Difficult, Hamilton’s drive from the pit lane to third should be enough, but even he wasn’t that thrilled – maybe if he’d passed Alonso. Also, he needs to remain a bit more up, even though everything seems against him just now. Had he been more positive in his comments during the race, maybe Mercedes (or he) would have thought about a more aggressive strategy with soft tyres in the final half of the race. Could have even won. So that leaves Alonso or Ricciardo for driver of the day – Ricciardo given he won with two neat moves over Hamilton and Alonso.

    1. devilsadvocate says:

      Probably could have passed Alonso if he had not pushed so hard earlier trying to open the gap on rosberg when the team told him to let him through. Once Rocciardo caught them he was done though, hard to pass while also defending.

      No one gave vettel any credit when he did the exact same thing two years ago at a worse track for overtaking and with fewer (or none) safety cars. So Hamilton gets none from me today. Ricciardo’s sound handling of Hamilton and Alonso at the Ed had me standing on the couch shouting and clapping. No one else was in the running in my mind today.

      1. Bruno says:

        Except that you’re wrong, it’s easier to overtake with the DRS in Abu Dhabi than in Budapest, which is the main and justified reason why Vettel’s race in Abu Dhabi 2012 can’t be compared with Hamilton’s brilliant drive today.

      2. kieran says:

        Oh come on, wake up. If he let Rosberg through, he would have ended up behind him towards the end, regardless of whether he would have passed Alonso or not. So in the end he would have been at least 3rd anyway…..

      3. Brian Bell says:

        What race was it where Vettel came for pitlane start to podium with any SC help?

      4. Remco de Waal says:

        Are you talking about Abu Dhabi 2012? That was an even sloppier race than Hamilton had today. Vettel damaged his front wing on two occasion, one of which was behind the safety car. His car was also set up for overtaking, so it was really easy passing everybody that day.

      5. Andrew M says:

        I assume you mean Abu Dhabi, where there were two safety cars, one of which fell at an amazingly fortuitous time for Vettel as he’d just pitted after clattering his front wing against Bruno Senna? Plus Lewis retired from the lead of that race, Vettel wouldn’t have been on the podium otherwise.

      6. aezy_doc says:

        Lots of people gave Vettel credit for that drive, but Abu Dhabi is easier to overtake on than Hungary. There are two mega straights to do so. Also, there were two safety cars at that race which had a greater impact than the safety cars today.
        Ham didn’t once get defensive with Rosberg today (until the last lap or so), he didn’t need to.

      7. Rohind says:

        To all the people who says its easier to overtake in Abu dhabi, Wasnt it the place where Alonso in a Ferrari lost 2010 championship coz he could not overtake Petrov in a Renault

    2. Drgraham lewis says:

      I suspect his demeanour was down to the crazy team orders and the fact he knows he had a pile of soft tyres all nice and shiny sitting in the pits. While Rosberg did not.

      And that’s if they were equal in ability during a racing scenario where overtaking is required…

  10. Clare Olding says:

    Lewis was my driver of the day amazing to be on podium when he started from pit lane. Glad he ignored team orders !

    1. Doobs says:

      He didn’t cry so much when Ross Brawn protected him from Rosberg…

  11. Andrew M says:

    Very tricky between the top two, but Ricciardo got the job done so he gets my vote. I think driver of the day is the podium in podium order – Ricciardo, Alonso, Hamilton.

    I see Hamilton is winning at the moment, that should be good for some drama :)

  12. AlexD says:

    I really do not know who was the driver of the day. Essentially, it is between 3 people for me:
    1. Ricciardo – he won the race, he did not make any mistakes and had a very matured, measured drive. he was patient and also aggressive when it was required and managed to overtake both Hamilton and Alonso for the win, but…..he wad fresh tyres and a perfect strategy for every phase of the race

    2. Alonso – he did not have the pace of Williams, Merc or even Red Bull. He had a great start and never made a single mistake. He was taking risks and had to drive on softs for 31 (or more) laps. He did not let Hamilton get passed him and kept the second position. It was impossible to hold Ricciardo, but he was exceptional…he always is

    3.Hamilton was battling psychologically with the situation. He has the most to lose and for the second weekend in a row he is starting from the back of the grid due to no fault of his own, while his team mate has it super easy from P1. He only made a small mistake with cold breaks, but was very inspiring all the way through the race

    I just do not know who did a better job…..you have to put it in perspective. I would say all 3 are equally good today. Maybe I will pick Alonso…

    1. PB says:

      Agree 100% with your views. All three were right up there, but Alonso gets my vote by the tiniest of margins for the fact that he didn’t put a foot wrong all race, ran on softs for 34 (?) odd laps and nearly won the race in that horrible car.

      Daniel gets my vote for number 2 because he overtook the other podium finishers and we know it takes a mighty effort to pass Hamilton even in a slightly faster car – so well done to Daniel.

      Hamilton is number 3 for me in this race. Of course he came from the back to finish second, but the other two just did enough!

      On a slightly different note, not sure why James has even bothered to list Rosberg in this list for this race?? Did he do anything at all on raceday worthy of being listed here? Everything noted in the paragraph above providing the background for his inclusion sounds like he was a big loser!

    2. Kristiane says:


      Though Alonso did make a mistake tho in the final stages of the race where he he to cut across the chicane as he overshot the braking zone.

    3. Panayiotis says:

      Totally agree.

      I think I will pick Alonso out of the three, just because he had the worst car of the three and also was not aided by the Safety Car. Other than that very marginal between them though.

      Note 1: Where is Vettel? Ricciardo has blown him away time after time…

      Note 2: What is Rosberg doing as a candidate for DoD? Very mediocre performance in my opinion. Perhaps he was thinking of the bigger picture and being too cautious but certainly nothing extraordinary done.

    4. OscarF1 says:

      I have to agree with most of what you write…. except about Hamilton.

      I had to read twice “for the second weekend in a row he is starting from the back of the grid due to no fault of his” to come to understand “for the second weekend in a row he is starting from the back of the grid. In this occasion, due to no fault of his” (I hope I got it right).

      Their drives were all fantastic though I’d say that “small mistake” is something other drivers didn’t do or, in the cases of Ericsson, Grosjean or Pérez had slightly more significant consequences.

      To me, a reckless and lucky driver is less worthy of DotD than others.

      1. aezy_doc says:

        What did Lewis do in Hockenheim quali that was his fault? His brand new brake disc disintegrated, for heaven’s sake.

    5. Ed Bone says:

      AlexD you make an excellent point about HAM and the psychology of the race.

      I realise that both Ricciardo and Alonso had great drives, but they had very little to lose and everything to gain from an aggressive attack after some good fortune in the race. Both spectacular drives, nonetheless.

      But it was a HUGE drive from Lewis, not least because, against all the odds, the momentum has now shifted back to him in the most extraordinary way,

      Drive of a true champion.

  13. Grant H says:

    Im gonna say

    Alonso is batting above what that car is capable of getting p2

    Id say ricciardo drove a good race but lucked in on the timming of safety car just as rosberg lost out, from then on red bull gave him the best strategy and im kind of surprised others did not go for it.

    Lewis nuff said p3 from pitlane

    1. dren says:

      Kimi finished P6 in that same “dog” of a car from starting P17. I don’t think the car was such a dog at this track in the given conditions.

      1. falonso says:

        The car is crap, Mercedes, Red Bull and Williams are faster.- SIX cars.
        A few things in the race – SC, etc – came Kimi’s way.
        Not one thing came Alonso’s way.
        2nd on dead tyres is a ridiculous result.

  14. james encore says:

    Brilliant drive by Hamilton. Only a dozen drivers have ever come from 20th or worse to finish on the podium On he and John Watson have done it twice – and he’s done it twice in the space of a week. If he wins the championship it will be probably be down to those two performances.

    On any other day Ricciardo’s drive – and getting past Hamilton and Alonso in particular would have earned it, and Alonso got a much better result that the car deserved. Even Kimi’s comeback – 16th to 6th is a heck of drive. But pitlane start, podium finish , that’s outstanding.

    1. Sami says:

      I completely agree with you. Lewis is Lewis and Ayrton Senna was Ayrton Senna, but since the Brazilian genius passed away, no driver has ever reminded me the latter’s raw aggressive spirit more than Hamilton.
      He deserves the DOD and the Championship !!!

      1. cheesypoof says:

        You’ve got to be a joke. Yes I think you’re a joke. Your comparing Ayrton to a guy who crashed into cars and barriers during both recent races and luckily escaped? If this is what F1 fans are nowadays then I’m glad the sport is in decline. Who crashes into things every weekend and gets compared to greatness?

      2. Kristiane says:

        +1 on that.

        In the past we only see one, maybe probably two greats to be in F1 at anyone time. In our time, we see Alonso, Hamilton and now Dan Ric all in the same field together.

        Fantastic stuff! I’m glad I’m living through this time to witness the great driving from these drivers.

        (despite being a fan of Kimi, kinda hurts a little I can’t really fool myself in to adding him to the list of names above, imo Kimi is not in that category).

      3. Gaz Boy says:

        I agree – Lewis can win the WDC on merit . One with proviso – Merc get their technical discipline together!

      4. aezy_doc says:

        Some people on here think Senna never made a mistake. He made plenty.

    2. Oly says:

      Merc is outstanding car. Lewis has THAT car AND a three times luck: 1st survived his own fault incident, 2nd Ros got unlucky with SC, 3rd Ham got lucky with SC.
      Nice drive, but take any of those away and he would be lucky to end up in points.
      So not only good driving but a massive ammount of LUCK.

      1. Bruno says:

        Saturday luck you mean?

      2. kieran says:

        …don’t you think he was UNLUCKY to have caught fire in qualifying which forced him to start in the pits? I can’t belive you actually called Lewis LUCKY. haha

      3. David says:

        Nothing lucky about Hamilton’s pass on Vergne and nothing unlucky about Rosberg’s failure to get past the same quickly enough. That’s down to a difference in talent and audacity.

      4. Brian Bell says:

        Don’t forget to mention all the luck he had being quickest in all FP and the fuel fire……

      5. Peter says:

        Nico also has THAT car and had a massive amount of luck in qualifying and how did he go?

      6. Goob says:

        If Hamilton didn’t have fire yesterday, he would have smoked the pack… his pace is unquestionable…

      7. OscarF1 says:

        100% agreed

      8. Don says:

        same can be said of Ricciardo; take away the 1st SC and he would have been no where near the podium, let alone a win!
        BTW, Lewis didn’t benefit from the SCs anymore than the rest; he was 13th when the 1st SC came out and when it pulled in, he was still 13th!!!

      9. Ed Bone says:

        Yes, he was extremely lucky to have his car go up in flames in Q1 as well.

      10. Oly says:

        Hahaha Hamilton Fire Brigade to the rescue :-).

        I think it`s obvious that DOTD means race day, Sunday, not FP or qually, or any other past performance. So yes, LH was extremly lucky on race day.

  15. Quercus says:

    Had to be Hamilton. Pit lane to 3rd was real ballsy driving.
    Rosberg, pole to 4th, was mediocre.
    Ricciardo shows great class; definitely a future WDC.
    An excellent drive from never-give-up Alonso, though his corner-cutting when under pressure is starting to look like a game-play tactic.

    1. Don says:

      exactly! imagine if it had been Lewis that cut the corner???
      so those of you saying Alonso didn’t make a mistake, go back and watch the race again!!!

      1. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        I personally think he did it on purpose to gain some meters.

  16. Mocho_Pikuain says:

    I doubted between the podium trio, but can’t forget the mistake Lewis did at the second corner that could have costed him the race, and revising a lap by lap chart I saw Ricciardo’s race wasn’t THAT impressive (not a the Fernando and Lewis level), he gained 16 seconds thanks to the first safety car with the other cars trapped behind vergne (huge racing by the frenchman I must say) and a bit also behind Felipe. After that it was almost like a 2 stop strategy with a 3 stop strategy benefits.
    So, for the amazing start, 7 overtakes on track, for fighting over his weight again, keeping the Mercedes behind and for making a set of soft tyres last for 32 laps, DOTD has to be Fernando Alonso.

    1. cheesypoof says:

      Finally someone with common sense and impartiality. I compelling agree. That is the most sound representation of what happened in this race. Daniel did great but had a huge slice of luck. Hamilton had a huge slice of luck from his spin and safety car. Nico had misfortune with the safety car as did the other 3 drivers in the leading four including Alonso.

    2. Drgraham lewis says:

      Just remember a brand new car and no warm up lap. His brakes did not work properly for four laps…

      1. OscarF1 says:

        Do you mean drivers who do a formation lap need 3 laps for their brakes to work?
        I believed it was a driver’s task to understand that starting from the pits meant starting with cold brakes…

  17. falonso says:

    Alonso in that Ferrari, again and again. Any comparison seems laughable.

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      Agree, he is the most complete and rounded driver in Formula 1. Not to mention the most consistent.

  18. Roe says:

    Toss up between Alonso & Ricciardo for me! Hamilton did a great job but was lucky on the first lap!
    Was nice to see Jev up there too!
    Think all the drivers that managed to keep it on track did a great job today since there were so many offs!!

  19. darren says:

    Driver of the day alonso for me. Exceeded the capability of the car on worn tyres. Hamilton good result but in far faster car as demonstrated by rosberg at start! Ricciardo great again but result was more down to safety car but great passes to make it work!

  20. Stephen Taylor says:

    The podium finishers are joint DOTDs
    Honourable mention to Kimi
    Williams were too conservative again and Mclaren took too much of risk with their respective strategies.

    1. Stephen Taylor says:

      of a risk

  21. Vinola says:

    Button- wet weather, changing condition maestro

    1. rudyBB says:

      jajajjaa thumbs up!!

  22. Richard says:

    Fantastic drive from Lewis to finish third, if Mercedes had pitted him at the same time as Ricciardo he may have won the race. As it turned out both Alonso’s and Hamilton’s tyres were gone and they were easy pickings for Ricciardo at the end. I think Mercedes were trying to maximise team points rather than protect any particularly driver. It just happened that Rosberg was on the better tyres at the end, however I don’t blame Lewis for not making it easy for him. They are after all in a championship battle.

  23. JDanek007 says:

    Hammy, you are heroic! Likewise Alonso, Ricciardo Daniel & Iceman!! Vergne, too!

    Speaking of Vergne, what will happen to him once he’s inevitably non-renewed by STR?

  24. Kris says:

    Why is Rosberg on this list?

    1. KRB says:

      Indeed. JA should sub in Massa for him instead. Massa’s had some pretty bad luck this season, and I was happy to see him net some decent points today.

      1. Matías says:

        bad luck? there’s not such a thing, apparently. There’s only a “conspiracy” as the HamBoys seems to think…

    2. Andrew says:

      Was just about to ask that!

    3. TBone says:

      My thoughts too. He wasted that car today…

    4. Michael says:

      @ Kris He is, where? Nico Rosberg is a fraud! Wanting to know why Hamilton didn’t move over for him. His problem is he’s had it too easy. Somebody needs to remind him he’s in a battle for the WDC. If Hamilton’s luck ever changes Rosberg won’t win anything. Roseberg and Mercedes were exposed today!

    5. cheesypoof says:

      Why shouldn’t he be, James at least has the ability to see the obvious. Rosberg was streaking away at the front when the safety car disadvantaged him and his strategy. Unlike Lewis he didn’t slide off and crash into the barriers. He follows team orders unlike his team mate who decided to ignore them compromising both strategies and he still finished less than a second behind him. So why shouldn’t he be nominated?

      1. aezy_doc says:

        I don’t think Hamilton ignored team orders. He acknowledged them and disagreed! Rosberg didn’t do anything extraordinary today, in fact he fell below expectation. That’s why people are questioning his addition to the list. Also, you’ve undone yourself with your argument. If Rosberg should get driver of the day (or be in contention for it) for being in a far superior car and leading for 9 laps or so, then Hamilton should get a higher mention for his achievements today (something you are reluctant to credit him for because he was in a superior car!).

      2. surya kumar says:

        Really? ? In The poll above Jean Eric Vernge has managed to get 69 voted vs Nicos count of 19..Goes on to show that Nico did not deserve a mention in the DoD list here.

      3. KRB says:

        Which team order did he follow in the race, that would disadvantage him? Pretty easy to do that, thanks.

    6. Kristiane says:

      Well why not? Just to show even more how much others deserve it more more so than Rosberg :D

    7. Goob says:

      Because how many drivers can’t overtake with a 3 sec a lap closing advantage…

      The funniest part was his lie to the media after Mercedes burnt Hamilton’s car – he said he wished for Hamilton’s car was not set on fire, because he would enjoy a tight on track battle..

      1st to 4th is quite an achievement…

      It disgusts me that Mercedes did not give Hamilton the clearly super soft tire… he would have smoke the field.

  25. simon says:


    Its clear hamilton is going to win this driver of the day vote for his ‘heroic’ comeback.
    The last time someone went from the pit lane to third was Vettel at Abu dhabi in 2012.

    Vettels car then, while dominant, was no where near as dominant as the merc at the moment. And raikonnen, while popular, only won because hamiltons car had a mechanical failure.

    Yet in 2012, Raik won the driver of the day vote over Vettel. Today it will be Ham by some way.
    Today I feel Ricciardos drive was far more impressive (than ham today or raik in 2012).

    anyway… not much of a point to this post …

    other than I feel ricciardo should win DOTD.

    oh, and I suppose its good to start a debate…

    1. KenC says:

      “Today I feel Ricciardos drive was far more impressive (than ham today or raik in 2012).”
      Ricciardo was the lucky driver of the day as the first safety car put him into the lead, when it let the first 4 cars pass pit entrance before coming out. Ricciardo would never have won without it, and we wouldn’t be talking about him at all because there would have likely been 5 cars in front of him at the end.

      1. kenneth chapman says:

        @kenC ….not so as the second safety car negated that early advantage. read DR’s comments and then think it through.

      2. devilsadvocate says:

        If it werent for the timing of that safety car we also wouldnt be talking about Hamilton either so what’s your point? If the first safety car had come out giving those 4 drivers a chance to pit Rosberg would have comfortably cruised to the win unchallenged further widening his championship lead. Hamilton wouldnt have even come in the top 5.

        You act like he just rolled out of the pits and then sauntered home unchallenged. His two passes in the last 5 laps of the race were sublime… gave a good driving lesson the Ham and Alo.

      3. Peter W says:

        T o all the LH fans out there dismissing DR’s drive because “he got lucky”:
        1. LH was lucky to get away with spinning off the track – didn’t hit anything and there are no sand traps.
        2. LH was lucky that there were 2 safety cars (normally none at this track) that brought him closer to the pack.
        3. LH was lucky that Vettel spun, because he couldn’t get by him on the track.
        4. LH was lucky that the first safety car so badly hurt Rosberg (and Bottas and Vettel) who otherwise would have driven off into the distance.
        Maybe a bit of a reality check is required by some on this site.

      4. Doug says:

        I’ll give you he was lucky with the first SC, but he did have to drive a fantastic race for the remaining 55 or so laps, and pass two to get the win. He got lucky, but drove very well too.

        Ricciardo or Alonso for me.

      5. KenC says:

        @kenneth chapman,
        How did the 2nd SC negate the early advantage? You think Ricciardo knows?

        I saw the race with the T&S on my iPad app. In the first SC, Ricciardo was 5th in the order and 18 secs behind Rosberg. Afterwards, he didn’t have to pass anyone to get to 1st and was 10 secs ahead of Rosberg when the 2nd SC came out. As you know, running on clear track is a huge advantage, particularly in changeable conditions.

        When the second SC came out, Ricciardo, Massa and Bottas, of the leaders, popped into the pits. How did this disadvantage those two? As someone who has followed Indycar for decades, I can assure you the optimal pit strategy is to pit in your pit window just as a SC period occurs. First in, is an advantage. Instead of losing 18 secs, under a green flag stop, Ricciardo loses a trivial amount of time, as the field has packed up behind the SC, with Ricciardo in 6th behind Lewis.

        The fact is, Ricciardo had the optimal SC strategy/luck you can imagine. Indycar strategists, who face SC situations far more often than in F1, would quickly recognize this as the optimal pitting strategy. You can’t get any better than being first into the pits, in your pit window, with all the leaders in front of you already past the pit entrance. Rosberg came out 5th, Vettel 7th, Alonso 8th and Bottas 11th. That was luck as I described it originally. The good strategy was the 2nd SC and pitting, as pitting under a SC always saves you time and track position as long as it is in your pit window. Once again, he was first in the order to pit. That was a good strategy call.

        Of course, that forced him onto a 3 stop, but the question for the strategists was whether 3 sets of slicks were better than 2 sets of slicks over the last 56 laps of the race, once you factor out the first 14 laps under inters. But, recall, one also has to factor that Ricciardo’s 2nd SC stop doesn’t lose as much time as a stop under green flag conditions. In terms of track position, Ricciardo’s SC stop didn’t cost him any more than would be expected under a green stop, as he slotted in right behind Lewis who was only 11 secs behind him before the SC. Truly, it was an optimal strategy.

      6. KenC says:

        I’m not sure what your point is, what does Lewis have to do with my post? It’s about Ricciardo’s luck.

        As for your hypothetical, I completely agree, Rosberg would have driven away without the first SC. Nowhere in any of my posts have I disagreed. In fact, I have stated in another post, how disadvantaged the front 4 were, in particular, Nico.

        As for Ricciardo’s two passes, I was watching on T&S, and by that time, Alonso’s tires were shot, and he was slowing to 1:29s when the race pace of Ricciardo was in the 1:27s, and Nico was in the 1:26s. The speed differential at that point in the race was no different than a Merc passing a Caterham. Do we applaud Nico when he passes Kobayashi? Of course it was exciting given it was towards the end of the race, but when you look at the actual circumstances, Ricciardo was on Softs with 12 laps less than Hamilton’s Mediums, and 16 laps less than Alonso’s Softs. Was it really a surprise to anyone? Surely, not “sublime” as one would expect any driver to be able to do it under those circumstances.

      7. KenC says:

        @Peter W,
        1.Was Lewis spin lucky? Sure. Doesn’t make Ricciardo any less lucky.

        2. Was having 2 safety cars lucky for Lewis? Sure, but not nearly as lucky as for Ricciardo. In fact, under the first safety car, in terms of track position, Lewis was 13th before and afterward. He gained no track position at all. Why? Because the 4 disadvantaged lead drivers, all shuffled in ahead of 13th. Unlike Ricciardo who went from 5th to 1st.

        3; Was Lewis lucky to have Seb spin? I suppose, but how much of that was down to pressure from behind? We’ll never know.

        4. Isn’t this the same as #2? As I pointed out, in fact, Lewis gained no track position due to the first safety car. Of course the field closed up, but EVERYONE behind gained from that.

        You know, I’ve written several posts, and while I chose Lewis as DOTD, since starting from pit lane and finishing on the podium is a HISTORIC result, I’ve also written posts stating how hugely disadvantaged Nico and Alonso and Seb and Bottas were by the first safety car and how Nico would have walked it to the finish otherwise.

        The question is who here has blinders and needs to look in the mirror. It’s ironic that you seem to believe I’m the biased one, when I’m the one that was looking at the actual data of the race.

      8. Peter W says:

        Thank you for agreeing that LH had FOUR separate occasions of good fortune during the race that kept him in the event and brought him to the front of the pack. That was the entire point of my post.

    2. Mocho_Pikuain says:

      The two best cars Sebastien overtook in Abu dabi 2012 were a Williams (late 2012 Williams) and a McLaren with worn tyers. Lewis DNFed, Kimi and Fernando beat him, Nico had a problem with kartykeyan, Mark let him trough, Felipe spun out right on the moment when seb was coming… Oh and by the way, the difference on lap time between the Red Bull at that moment and the rest, wasn’t that far from the advantage Mercedes has right now.

    3. devilsadvocate says:

      Yeah it’s useless to point out Vettels pit lane to third in Abu Dhabi to this crowd. Like a middle school research paper, for them the facts only ever support their conclusion. Leave me be I say, who cares if vettel Abu Dhabi 2012 had a less dominant car and no help from rain/ multiple safety cars. For these lot, that race was a shrine to Vettels mediocrity some even went so far allege that it was further proof redbull was cheating meanwhile Hamilton does the same exact thing this year at an easier track with a better car and they want to give him the wdc trophy already with the season only half over… Oh well

      1. kieran says:

        Easier track? HAHA, 2014 cars are much more difficult to drive (compared to 2012), Hungaroring is more difficult to overtake on, Mercedes cars are VERY unreliable (especially NO44), and….oh I forgot, it was a wet track at the start, which doesn’t help cars starting from the pitlane as their tyres and brakes are ‘stone cold’.

    4. Fox says:

      You should consider majority of vote are from Brits… Obviously there is some bias in favor to Hamilton.

      1. Matías says:

        totally agree. Is not that Ham have done a bad race -far from that- but with that car, you can’t expect any less. As for Alonso.. what can be said about this guy that? he’s driving a Fiat 500, and still get it to the podium, where certainly doesn’t belong!

      2. Kristiane says:

        Germans, Italians, Spanish or even the Filipinos press can start a poll of their own.

        Oh wait.. Germans aren’t quite as interested in the sport as Brits…

        Not a Brit here btw.

      3. Hansb says:

        There is nothing wrong with that. I guess every nation cheers for his own drivers and this has always been the case.
        When you see german polls, mostly Rosberg and Vettel get lots the praise, together with a certain Mr. Alonso who seems to pop up in every drivers poll after every race. I guess he is recognized as the most complete driver at the time by most.

    5. Robb says:

      Yes, Seb’s drive in Abu dhabi was similar to Lewis’s today in that neither would likely have done it without help from safety cars. Although Seb also benefited from a lot of attrition. Cars were dropping like flies in that race. I actually think the better drive up through the field was Lewis’s last to eighth in Barcelona 2012. He did it without the benefit of safety cars or retirements, he carved through the field, never putting a wheel wrong, or clipping a wing, on a track that’s hard to pass on.

    6. dan says:

      I agree that, for me, Ricciardo just edges it for DOTD. If Lewis had won the race from the pits then I don’t think there would any doubt, getting third was massively impressive, as was Alonso today but they are both proven world champions who both have performed those kind of feats before.

      The reason Ricciardo would take DOTD for me is that he continually keeps exceeding everybody’s expectations. The Red Bull is not where they want, especially with Renault, but he was consistently outperformed Vettel all season. According to logic it should be four time world champion who is scrapping for the best of the rest points against Mercedes, not the new boy.

      It’s great to see that even Ricciardo seems a bit surprised by the pace of his success at Red Bull and is seems to be enjoying every moment of it.

    7. kieran says:

      You’re forgetting that the Hungaroring is one of the most difficult circuits to overtake on. EVER

    8. Brian Bell says:

      quote ‘anyway… not much of a point to this post …’


    9. Ben says:

      Yes that was a great drive from Vettel @Abu Dhabi but I’m not sure if the advantage that Mercedes had at this track is much more than the advantage Red Bull had then. If you look at qualifying Rosberg was only 3 – 5 tenths in front of Vettel. Vettel had experienced good luck with SC’s and if I remember correctly (I may be confusing this with another race) he also had several cars moving out of his way including Schumacher and both Toro Rosso’s. No one was moving out the way for Hamilton today!

      1. Rohind says:

        No..You dont remember it correctly. In Abu Dhabi-12, Vettel had gained upto 13th before safety car and he pitted and came out at 18th after SC, which means he had to do all his overtakes twice. Safety car was not helpful to Vettel that day

  26. surya kumar says:

    HI james,

    How come Nico Rosberg’s name is there in the Driver of the day and 2 people have even voted for him. I would rather have Vettel at his place for the remarkable save without which there would have been a third safety car. Something seems to be wrong here, instead of Fighting it out with your closest rival and team mate you keep moaning on the radio “”Why is he not moving over”” again and again. This kind of Behaviour is not even worth F1 standards leave alone driver of the day.

    1. Kristiane says:

      Agree with you.

      Though at least the poll results can be used as a basis for a talk with Nico and tell him “Hey Nico, look, what you said on the radio weren’t all that impressed by the fans, no more requests for favours, cool?” ;)

  27. Miha Bevc says:

    Top 3 guys were all awesome, but Dan takes it. It’s not like everyday you pass Hamilton AND Alonso in the closing stages to win a GP – especially on a circuit like this. Who did that before?

    1. Michael says:

      @ Miha Bevc Lete’s be honest here. I give Daniel a lot of credit but, he was on fresher tires than Alonso and Hamilton. Their tires were all but gone their was no way they were going to stop him from passing. The late tire change won him this race.

  28. KenC says:

    Has to be Hamilton, with Alonso 2nd. To be honest, Ricciardo was massively advantaged by the first Safety Car, as it came out just as the first four drivers had passed, putting Ricciardo in the lead. I’m not quite clear how the 2nd safety car hindered Ricciardo.

    Conversely, Rosberg was hugely disadvantaged by the first safety car, as well as the other 3 cars behind him at the time.

    I thought the Safety Car deployment had learned from Indycar where you don’t deploy immediately, but wait until you can pick up the lead car. That way you don’t make it a crapshoot like we saw today. Rosberg, Vettel, Bottas and Alonso were hugely disadvantaged by the bad timing of the Safety Car deployment.

    1. Peter says:

      Although I agree with you that the safety car did disadvantaged Rosberg in the race, it pales in comparison to the disadvantage Hamilton had after that disastrous fire in qualifying forcing him to start from pitlane. Both Mercedes drivers were presented with a challenge and forced to actually drive for their points in the race.

    2. kenneth chapman says:

      ricciardo went from first to sixth after the second safety car. numerically speaking that is a ‘disadvantage’ despite how it sets him up for a ‘possible’ challenge. when one takes into account the randomness of F1 for ricciardo to actually pull it off is nothing short of superb driving and a sequence of events that he took advantage of. he was outstanding in all areas.

      1. KenC says:

        Uhm, by that definition of “disadvantage”d, virtually everyone’s stop is a disadvantage, which is of course nonsense.

        Actually, the second SC, only a couple frontrunners stopped, Ricciardo and Massa. As you note, Ricciardo dropped from 1st to 6th. That was NO disadvantage. Why? Because if Ricciardo had stopped for fresh tires under green flag conditions, he would have come out 8th behind Bottas. When the safety car does out, Ricciardo is just about to pass the Sector 2 timing stripe, and is the first car to have a chance to enter pit lane. By the time he does so, the rest of the field has slowed. Bottas completes Sector 1, 6 secs slower than Ricciardo, as he has already slowed. So, rather than coming out behind Bottas, as he would have if everyone was on race pace, he comes out ahead of Bottas, under Safety Car speeds.

        He was ADVANTAGED by the 2nd Safety Car, compared to what a normal pit stop would do to his track position. The ideal strategy when a Safety Car comes out and it’s in your pit windows is to go in immediately, before the field is picked up by the Safety Car. Ricciardo was a huge beneficiary twice in the race, at the first Safety Car, since he was the first driver out of the pits afterward, and the second Safety Car, he was again the first driver out of the pits. The first was pure luck. The second was good strategy.

        Usually, you’ll find in NASCAR or Indycar, where there are lots of Safety Car situations where you can hone your strategy, the lead cars will all follow the strategy of the leader. It’s the cars just outside of the leaders who typically gamble with the alternate strategy. While Massa who was in 2nd after Ricciardo followed him into the pits, none of the other lead cars followed, not Alonso, Vergne, Rosberg, or Vettel.

  29. EBChicago says:

    All of the top three deserve credit for sure, but what Alonso did with a non-competitive car on tires that were many laps beyond optimal was amazing. He got more out of that car then he had any right to.

  30. Rishi says:

    For me, this GP runs Bahrain very close as being the Race of the Season so far (I’d put Canada 3rd). So many great drives as well. In the end, I went for Ricciardo because for me he really made his strategy work with his two late overtakes, despite the clear engine disadvantage. However, Alonso was also heroic in his efforts; Lewis’s comeback was awesome after another difficult weekend; Raikkonen looked to have really solid race pace today; and, while Vergne faded late on, his performance in the slippery conditions was really impressive. I also want to mention Esteban Gutierrez because I feel that without his MGU-K failure he might well have got Sauber’s first point(s) of the season today. It’s weird because I didn’t think he was doing that well until I recently saw that he’s been outqualifying Adrian Sutil so far this season. Also he drove that good race in Monaco, but he may still rue throwing the hard work away with that mistake at La Rascasse.

  31. Anne says:

    Alonso, Ricciardo, Hamilton and Kimi. Honorable mention Vergne

  32. Mer1in says:

    Both Ricciardo and Alonso produced stellar drives, but Hamilton gets my DOTD vote for bouncing back against great adversity for 2 races in a row. It has to be said that Lewis won that 3rd position despite being disadvantaged by his team three times. The first time was the engine fire during qualifying. The second time was during the race itself when Mercedes put him on the more conservative tire strategy (compared to his teammate), which arguably cost Hamilton his best chance to win the race. The final, and potentially most costly blow, was the team order to move aside for Nico, which must have felt like rubbing salt in a wound for Lewis. Kudos to Lewis for ignoring that appalling team order, which flew in the face of Toto Wolf’s pre-race declaration that Mercedes would allow both their drivers to race each other.

  33. Bart says:

    Alonso, without a shadow of doubt. Ferrari is the slowest car in the top 4 by quite a margin

  34. Bobbyf1 says:

    HAM. Keeps pulling unbelievable results out of the bag. SC or no, to beat Rosberg from the pit lane should silence the doubters.

  35. Hansb says:

    Alonso to me but close with Ricciardo. Hamilton third. Reason to choose Alonso : At the first SC the top four at that time (Alonso in 4th) just missed the pitlane therefor giving them disadvantage to the rest of the field.

    But while the others finished fourth (Rosberg), seventh (Vettel) and eight (Bottas),Alonso ended in second place !!

    1. Bruno says:

      Damn right

    2. What is Rosberg doing as an voting option for DOTD? And what are those 11 people (as I type this) thinking voting for him!
      The race today showed most clearly so far how the two Mercedes drivers compare. Lewis comes from a pit start to get 3rd; Nico comes from Pole to miss the podium despite being in the fastest car in the field and having no mechanical issues reported at all. He is clearly just a competent racing driver lucked into the best car. There are at least half a dozen other non-F1 WC in the field who would be doing just as well or better in the same car, not to mention every WC in the field who would be wiping the floor with him without breaking sweat.
      DOTD is Lewis easily for that comeback from the start, especially as he had some kind of damage to the front wing right from the first/second corner on the first lap which must have had a handling effect of some kind.
      Honourable mentions for Alonso, dragging his Ferrari aound very impressively as well and showing Kimi what he needs to be doing (iI’ll not be surprised if KR is paid off by Ferrari AGAIN, and wouldn’t bet against that happening before the end of the year). Sebastian Vettel is starting to get used to the new car I think and his spin and presence to be able to tear off again instantly was very impressive and showed a real natural racing ability. Maybe he’s a bit like Jenson, where when the car is right, he is near unbeatable, but if the car is not quite there, he cannot drive around the problem in the same way like drivers like Alonso, Lewis or MS Mk1 are able to?
      And Riccardio of course did a great job, and he may end up as the only non Mercedes-Petronas winning driver all year, which would be a massive achievement, considering his power-limited Renault PU. Wonder if he will be asking for a pay rise for next year??

      Overall a great race – watched it on BBC and would have loved to see the whole race as I am sure there was lots happening that we didn’t see as part of the highlights package (I’m guessing there is a limit to how much actual race time is allowed to be shown as part of the BBC/SKY deal?)

      Championship standings …. Rosberg may be going into the summer break ahead on points, but after Hungary, Hamilton has romped ahead on the psychological race and I cannot imagine Rosberg can possibly believe he is the better drive of the two. Starting on pole, car working perfectly, but finishing behind your Pit-starting teammate and on a circuit that is renowned to be very hard to overtake on must be just about as big a kick in the teeth as it is possible to get.

    3. Baktru says:

      In the slowest car of those 4 no less.

      Alonso for me as well. What that guy pulls out of that Ferrari is amazing.

      But Ricci, Ham and Jev were stellar as well yesterday. And finally a good race by Kimi as well.

  36. BR says:

    DOTD should know what cold brakes means. Lucky he didnt crash, also perfect timed SC, VET’s spin was also an acceptable gift. Voting for HAM seems fake. ROS had the bad luck this time, but nobody seems to care. Lost a huge gap, ‘perfect’ timed SC, then brake issues, just another race where he needed that one lap more, or even a team order for the win.
    The ‘unlucky’ ‘teamconspiracy’ ‘heroic comeback’ Hamilton deserves more votes than Rosberg, that’s true, but this 50% gap is pathetic. Just saying, because i can’t stand it.

    For me it’s ALO for DOTD.

    1. Peter says:

      Seriously? You think Rosberg had bad luck? He lost what ?…..maybe 5 places as a result of the badly timed SC. Hamilton loses 24 places as a result of his badluck yet still managed to get in front of his team mate. Lets not forget Hamiltons even had a damaged front wing.

  37. Limelee says:

    It’s such a tough one. Lewis was electric in the first half of the race and then he managed the last stint as best he could but you can’t help but feel that the Harder tyres weren’t the ones to be on to attack for victory. But I also think that once he got ahead of Rosberg on the road his priorities shifted from winning the race to beating his team mate. He was 100% right not to let him through. The split strategies was new for Mercedes and they gave the faster strategy to the slower driver today. In future they should just keep them in the same strategy and let them race it out. Imagine the fallout if Lewis had let him pass and then Nico overtook Lewis later in the race.

    Alonso had no right being where he was and driving on those tyres and it’s an absolute shame Ferrari aren’t able to give him a car capable if racing at the front. He’s spent so long surpassing expectations that it’s become expected to see him driving supremely for a reasonable result. What we actually want to see is him driving like that and winning!

    Rosberg was caught out today. He was poor behind Vergne and really that’s what cost him positions. Clearly he was afraid to take risks and that’s whAt allowed the others the opportunities to beat him. Despite a scintillating final stint, by then the damage was done.

    Raikkoben was good but in terms of recovery drives, Lewis’s was much more accomplished so it’s difficult to make him driver of the day. Which leads is to my driver of the day…

    Daniel Ricciardo! He got the opportunity and He was given a good strategy and used it to attack. The first stint on dry tyres was what forced Hamilton and Alonso to stay out and put himself in a position to attack at the end. And then he overtook the two top drivers in consecutive laps. So for beating two Mercedes, overtaking two world champions in two laps, and once again humbling his stumbling team mate. He worked incredibly hard and did everything he could to make it happen and considering the company he is up against so for me he edges it.

    Any of the three on the podium could easily have it but it’s those 2 overtakes that edge it for me

    1. Aaron says:

      No way should Mercedes insist the two drivers use the same strategy at each race. As I understand it, each side of the garage is free to choose their own strategy and that’s exactly how it should be. Strategy is part of F1 – don’t remove that part of the contest.

      1. Limelee says:

        That’s the kind of setup they use at McLaren. At Mercedes they have a single strategist for the team and agreements over who gets preference in certain circumstances. Generally the lead car gets the optimum strategy, and the second car driver can choose between the same strategy, or a variant strategy( usually around which tyres go on when) the drivers don’t make strategy calls, it’s left up to the strategy man after that variant. Naturally, if the guy in front is getting choice on when to stop, using the same strategy means you have to pass him on circuit. That’s why in nearly all instances, the second driver chooses the variant because it adds in a variable by which an advantage may be formed. At no point this season prior to Hungary have Mercedes run split strategies( ie different numbers of stops) As it’s commonly accepted that only 1 strategy is the right one, therefore if you split strategies you definitely get it wrong once! At the beginning of the race, the strategist was clearly given two objectives, Make Rosberg win the race, and Lewis to get as high up as possible. He was still focussing on giving Rosberg the fastest route to the finish when the call was made to put him on the extra stop strategy and he was still hoping to give Lewis better track position. The reality was that once Lewis was 25 seconds ahead of Rosberg before his stop, they should have switched Lewis onto the same strategy. Not doing so meant the Rosberg couldn’t run the optimum strategy and Lewis didn’t have the tools to attack. Two strategists could still have made this error. What Merc needed really was the benefit of hindsight!

  38. JOHN H says:

    Alonso was river of the day for me, he made that Ferrari a second quicker and a meter wider than it was designed.
    Ricicardo was a close second with a flawless drive putting him the right place at the right time.

    1. Robb says:

      I give my vote for river of the day to the Mississippi. (sorry, couldn’t help it).

  39. Karen says:

    Alonso is my choice as DOTD, incredible drive in the Ferrari and to hold position on worn tyres.
    Lewis did a great job but was lucky with his near miss early in the race and Riccardo got a not so great start that put him in a lucky position with the first safety car.
    Splinting hairs really as the top 3 were all superb in an excellent race.

  40. Fox says:

    I am happy about two facts:
    1. Riciardo exposed Vettel. Pointy was a mediocre pilot in super car.
    2. Raikkonen exposed Alonso. Samurai is a super pilot in mediocre car.

    What I would like to happen again is both Alonso and Hamilton in one team again.

    1. Matías says:

      the best thing is that if ALO was the one winning the race, all this HamBoys will still put him as the driver of the day. I’m sure that is harder to drag that ferrari to a podium (let alone, WINNING!) than putting that amazing mercedes in the podium, from the pit lane..

    2. Kristiane says:

      Careful of what you wish for lol… might create another Big Bang.

    3. Andre says:


      Ricciardo is one stellar driver but did he expose Vettel yesterday ????

      What was the reason Ricciardo came in front of Vettel? Before the SC he was way behind Vettel.
      If Button wouldn’t had stayed on Inters he would have finished in the top 3-5 as well.

      Nothing wrong with supporting a driver but don’t bash the others. It’s childish.

  41. Reuben says:

    Hamilton’s drive was amazing but the Merc is mega. Look at Rosberg in the final few laps, 3 seconds a lap faster than the leaders. For me, it has to be Alonso. Legend!

    1. aveli says:

      where was that 3s a lap all race?

    2. Mark says:

      But as shown before (Bahrain), with newer tyres he still cannot over take Lewis who has much older tyres.

    3. danny says:

      He was 3s a lap faster (than ALO and HAM, not RIC) because he had new softs, Alonso had 20-odd lap old softs and Hamilton had 20-odd lap old mediums. RIC had disappeared up the road and ended up winning by 5 seconds (which he stretched out in 2.5 laps).

      So ROS was 1 second faster than RIC (when RIC wasn’t pushing to catch anyone as he was in the lead with 2 laps to go).

      I’d have to disagree on the mega-ness of the Merc. All this talk of 3 seconds a lap faster is such rubbish. When you have tyres which are nearly gone (or being ‘managed’) you are going to be much slower than someone who is pushing.

  42. Fox says:

    Was it me only or somebody else noticed how Alonso hardly catched his car balance after the last turn before the finish?

    I got impression he made four or more moves to balance it. His tyres were dead indeed. He could finish in the wall where Perez and Vettel did earlier.

  43. ant says:

    thats a hard one ! I truly believe the three best drivers finished in the top three, id give it to alonso ( again ) for having probally the 7th fastest car behind merc williams and redbull, keeping his cool driving well, not falling off and bringing it in second – awesome.

  44. ajay says:

    Alonso for me- sad for Button as I am a fan. That Renault engine is up on power now is it not:-) and the Ferrari is no longer a slouch in a straight line so I think the racing is going to even closer second half.

    It’s been mentioned, but the only reason this ended up a great race was the safety car splitting the field- is that supposed to happen?

    Best save of the day- Vettel, just could not believe he got the car to stop

    1. Matías says:

      well… there aren’t much straights to take full benefit for the amazing mercedes power in Hungaroring…

  45. George says:

    D.O.D. must be HAM again.. mainly due to the EPIC comeback and equally EPIC pass on Verne – his complaining of a hot seat were probably his balls on fire after pulling off the most stunning pass of the year.

    Epic is the only word to sum up this race.

    It is increasingly turning out to not be the story at fault with this sport, but the way it is told that needs tweeking… bring on Spa

  46. BMG says:

    I picked Ricciado because he chose the more aggressive strategy, but anyone of the three deserved best driver.

    The real winner was F1.

  47. Adam says:

    Alo, Ham and Ricciardo for me.

    If it’s driver of the day, while brilliant and I was genuinely happy for him, Hamilton still threw the car away at the start. 9.8/10

    Ricciardo: sh!t start but brilliant there after, and those passes at the end!? So good to him doing well. 9.79/10

    Alonso will be ruing only every winning 2 world championships asa direct result of his decision to go to and stay at Ferrai. Genius driving again this week. Nearly made it work..9.78/10

    Sure it sounds crappy but you don’t get closer racing than this and where the podium is made up of grid positions 4, 5 and Pitlane.

  48. Bo Amato says:

    Would have to say.
    1. Riccardo
    1. Alonso
    3. Vergne

    Take away the first Safety Car and Hamilton does not get back in the race. 1st lap spin, 17th when safety car came out.

    Yes he drove we from that point. Thought it was ridiculous that Merc were trying to get Lewis to move over, well in a way they want to win races, and if Lewis had let him through Rosberg may have won the race. Like to be behind the closed doors meeting on that one. Was a good last GP

    1. Truth says:

      Hamilton had made it to 13th on lap 8 when the safety car was called out, not 17th, despite the spin.

    2. Michael says:

      @ Bo Amato Sorry, Rosberg would not have won this race. Ricciardo still would’ve won. There wasn’t enough laps left in the race to make up the difference. Rosberg losted this race when he couldn’t get pass Jean Eric Vergne. I think it took him 17 laps. That was pathetic!

    3. Don says:

      @Bo Amato: really interesting what you’ve just wrote! I’ll tell you to be more objective in your analysis; without the 1st SC, Ricciardo, whom you chose as the DOD would have been no where near the podium! Out of the 3 on the podium, the one who benefited most from the 1st SC was Ricciardo!
      And Lewis was 13th when the 1st SC came and he ended up 13th when it was pulled in; be objective and stay with the facts…

  49. CW says:

    Each of the three drivers on the podium deserves Driver of the Day. Any of those drives in any other race then the vote would have been a no-brainer. Since we had all three in the same race, and you can only pick one, then it has to be Ricciardo – and that’s because it’s only the win that differentiates their achievements.

  50. Sergio says:

    I dont understand HAM merits. He did costly mistakes at the begining and SC was his real friend in a Mercedes that is able to lap almost all the rest of the cars but Red Bull in this track in normal conditions. I think ALO is by very, very far, the best of the show. He drove the best in wet & also he was masterful managing his tyres. No one in this era are able to do same result with this car. ALO and the rest….

    1. aveli says:

      why attack hamilton on this? he started from the pit lane and his teammate started on pole. he finished 3rd and his teammate finished 4th. where is your logic about the speed of the car? did rosberg lap he field with his speed advantage?
      submit your driver of the day and leave others alone.

      1. Sergio says:

        I’m not attacking HAM I’m disagree with the people who say he deserves to be the Best of Race.

      2. aveli says:

        well sergio, I am one of those who think hamilton is man of the race or driver of the day. he started in the pit lane for the first time in his career and didn’t realise how cold the brakes were and went spinning. From then on, he chased with the help of other crashing to invite the safety car into play. he kept his cool, overtook cars in spectacular while other drivers couldn’t overtake and sat behind until the end of the stint. he finished ahead of his teammate who was on pole and nearly got am assist from the team. is that not enough to earn him man of the race? have a look at all the f1 sites around the world and you will notice that they are all writing about hamilton. the driver who won the race is hardly written about in comparison. we cannot be wrong unless you can point out reasons why another driver should be driver of the day. there are 21 other drivers but you also chose to write about hamilton and didn’t mention any other driver. hamilton is the boss of f1.

    2. LB says:

      So you conveniently forgot Alonso cutting the chicane? All drivers make mistakes…Hamilton 1st lap spin, Vettel spin, Alonso cutting the chicane,

      1. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        With Alonso beeing how he is, I would say he cut that chicane on purpose to gain some meters. He didn’t attack or overtake anyone, and had worn tyres, stewards wouldn’t act there, and he knew it.

      2. Sergio says:

        Yes 1 mistake of Alonso = 10 of any other driver to compensate his greatness. Charlie stay alert!

    3. Don says:

      @Sergio: why do you single out Lewis to have gain more under the SC? what about Ricciardo? please watch the race again; without the 1st SC, he would have been no where near the podium!!!
      And Alonso wasn’t without mistakes either; he cut a corner whilst under pressure from Lewis!!!

      1. Sergio says:

        ALO was saving tyres in front of HAM and he didn’t lose time with his mistake, HAM did (NP thnks SC). I agree with you about SC gain with Ricciardo, in fact I dont understand the merits (in comparison) of both drivers: HAM & RIC.

  51. Jason says:

    It is between Lewis for coming from last to the podium on a track no one overtakes on, Dan for the win or Alonso for putting a rubbish car on the podium. I voted for Alonso. That car beat two Mercs, one Red Bull and destroyed his world champion flying Finn teammate.

    1. Oly says:

      You mean THAT DRIVER, not that car.
      Alonso`s adjustability, consistancy and focus are amazing, the best I can remember in my 25+ years watching and loving formula one.

      1. Jason says:

        Alonso is the best I’ve ever seen probably. The passion inside me would say Senna but Schumacher was troubling him and Alonso was much better than Schumacher. While others like Lewis, Mika and the old Kimi may have more one lap outright peak speed, Alonso is the best all rounder I think.

    2. Don says:

      @Jason: One of the Mercs started from the PL without the preparation lap and with cold brakes and Alonso started from p5….for a track so difficult to overtake, it’s Lewis that’s supposed to receive merit for finishing just one place behind Alonso!!!
      And why do people continue to say the Ferrari was rubbish? It was quite good in race trim.
      And he didn’t destroy the Finn; the Finn started from 16th and ended at p6; 10 places gained!
      Alonso started from p5 and ended up p2; 3 places gained….so go figure why you say he destroyed the Finn!
      If it’s about quali, the Finn started 16th because of a wrong call from the team not to allow him to do another run in Q1

      1. Yago says:

        The Finn started 17 because he was 7 tenths slower on the mediums than Alonso… That’s pretty much destroying the Finn.

      2. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        1-Lewis should know his brakes were cold, his first lap incident is all his fault, he was really lucky there.

        2-Alonso was 5th at the start and made another position in the first lap, but with the first safety car he dropped some places. Still, he overtook Vettel, Rosber and Vergne in two laps to hunt Daniel, the most benefited driver there.

        3-The Ferrari wasn’r rubbish, nobody said that, but the Red Bull was faster, and the Mercedes way faster, and both with better top speed.

        4-Kimi had a nice race, and still finished 26 seconds behind Fernando after only 44 around one of the shortest tracks of the year. That’s 0.6 seconds per lap faster, I call it destroying.

        5-If its about qualy, Fernando beats Kimi 9-2 and this 2 beeing one power failure in Bahrain and a diferent set up in Spain.

      3. Krischar says:

        @ Don

        The finn is not good enough to keep Bianchi at bay with his medium tyre run despite the two failures handed the initative to ferrari and allowed the team to save soft tyres for rest of the quali and race. Who is the flying Finn? The one who ended up 8 tenths slower than Alonso on the medium tyre run. Ferrari have made the correct call it was never a mistake on the part of Ferrari Kimi’s was not good enough. Bianchi did the impossible whereas kimi was miserable to watch on saturday

        Ferrari are indeed a rubbish and produced another sub-standard car mate, OK what documentation and evidence do you have to suggest otherwise? Do not try to despise ALonso with False assertion like Ferrari are faster. Enough is enough plenty of Savants in F1 have confessed and confirmed the fact that Ferrari are not just behind Mercedes, however they are behind RBR, and Williams when it comes to the pure pace difference anamoly

        What Alonso did in the race was simply unbelivable, He beat one of the bulls both williams and both Mercedes with much slower car than the other three teams. Alonso is a Fable and their is no one like him ever born or will never be born again. We are really honoured to watch such a talent in the cock-pit this generation.

        I am Amazed by many of the posts and comments which appear hear. The hatred comments towards Alonso have never ever reduced here despite the wonderful performances which Fernando puts week-in & week-out. Instead People suggest Ferrari are quick and pilots (Notably Alonso) have under performed which is diamaterically hilarious and Delusional to read

        Fernando you are treat to watch and we live here to watch you all the time.

      4. Don says:

        @Krischar: sorry mate, if you think that I hate Alonso or any other driver for that matter, then you are mistaking. What I’m saying is that when people are making comments they should try and maintain the facts as facts.
        for example: for this particular race due the weather conditions and the nature of the track, you can have a faster car but if you are in traffic that pace will not show!
        When Ricciardo was in front and the Mercs were in traffic, he was going about 0.2 secs faster!
        When Alonso was in free air and on fresher tyres, he was the fastest man on track for about 10 laps.
        When Rosberg was in front, he was about 1.2 secs faster than anyone else but no where near that when he was in traffic!

        Ask James to confirm these facts if you don’t believe me or better still, go watch the race again and pay closer attention this time!!!

      5. Jason says:

        Alonso destroyed Kimi the way he has done all year. You can break down minute details but the fact is in a race with no safety car to bunch the pack, Alonso would have been a minute up the road. I call it destroying. When someone in the same car as you cannot get near you, it is being destroyed.

        Kimi may have finished sixth but how many cars took themselves out of contention? McLaren, Williams, they screwed up. Vettel spun, the Force India cars took themselves out.

        Ferrari in the hands of Alonso was making life difficult for Mercs that were clearly over a second faster per lap than him in any race trim any weather on any tires. Merc is the car to be in. Alonso put that car there because of race craft.

        You can’t always be lucky but Alonso makes a lot of his own luck by pushing to the maximum every single lap.

        Kimi finished 25+ seconds behind Alonso at the end despite the fact Alonso was being pressurised by much faster cars and despite the fact Alonso had dead tires.

  52. dan says:

    This is one of the toughest ‘driver of the day’ polls for a while for me. As soon as i voted for Ricciardo, i wanted to change my mind to Hamilton then Alonso for all the reasons mentioned above.

    With a welcome of Williams return to form this year and action at the front like today, I’m quite enjoying this season.. you just know there are more great races ahead. If Mercedes stlll dominate then there will be some great Lewis vs Nico battles. If others catch up then there are going to be some great Mercedes vs The Rest races like today…

    1. James Allen says:

      Agreed its very tough this week

      1. Tornillo Amarillo says:

        Taugh because Driver of the day is like to compare drivers in the same strategy, but today the top 3 were in different strategy or compounds. Anyway was very funny and a new twist in the Pirelli zaga. But it could be just about rain.

    2. Salvo Sparacio says:

      Agree. Hamilton wouldn’t of done that without Mercedes and he made two mistakes definitely not the driver of the day and by his comment he knows that. Rosberg was brilliant in the rain but had issues and again with that car he should be able to do what he did on the last stint. It’s between Ric and Alo . Ric because he beat mercedes with second and out raced 4 time world champion again has third best car(Williams or Redbull) and Alonso beating Mercedes with the 4th best car. It’s a toss up. Alonso’s car is by far the most unstable of the top group and always seems on edge.

  53. Monktonnik says:


    The last few laps were amazing.

  54. Shoki Kaneda says:

    Great drives by the podium finishers, each in their own way. After this weekend’s unfortunate Mercedes team events, perhaps it is time for Lewis to think about returning home to McLaren. He would almost certainly lose a season but together, McLaren and Honda have seen greatness. It would be a mistake for anyone to think that Honda does not know how to make a winning F1 engine or that McLaren cannot build a competitive car.

  55. Matt Will. says:

    I don’t see Alonso in a Mercedes or Red Bull neither finishing 2nd nor lower in this race. It means all other drivers in the top teams did too many errors having a really good car, like Rosberg, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Vettel… That’s all, period.

  56. Nator says:

    I’m an Aussie & a Ricciardo fan. But his win came down to excellent strategy & great driving. Alonso’s strategy was gone for 32 laps and was just pure driving. I went Alonso, but Honarable mention to all of the above. Great race, well done Dan!

  57. Keith says:

    Appreciate the race analysis thread will appear in a day or so but why didn’t Mercedes switch Hamilton onto the faster finishing strategy once he had established a full pit stop buffer ahead of Rosberg?

    Also later when he maintained position against Rosberg (not ceding to team orders) he was clearly the lead driver why didn’t Mercedes offer him the change of tyre to soft first?

    Hamilton would have then been racing for the win or at least second and Ros then 3rd. If team points are all that counts to. Mercedes – why did they buckle and not implement this when it was obvious? I think this is what Hamilton and Brundle inferred post race by their behaviour and answers.

    Many questionable decisions that require explanation. No one here can answer them but can they gather momentum to make Mercedes answer?

  58. JON_C says:

    Pit lane to podium says it all.
    How is Rosberg even mentioned for DOTD?
    Fantastic race by Ricciardo and Alonso to.

  59. Ray C Boy says:

    Hard to split the top three, probably Ricciardo based on his lack of experience against a couple of champs,not to mention his champ team mate.

    Sure Dan had the bounce of the ball but he grabbed it and ran with it, again.

  60. W Head says:

    Ricciardo is definitely the driver of the day to capitalise on those conditions. To pass a Merc and Ferrari even with fresher tyres is great when you compare with Rosberg that couldn’t pass Hamilton with fresher tyres. Enough said.

    Starting from pit lane in a car that is up to a second per lap quicker than anything else is not that great of a drive but in saying that to recover from a tank slapper bodes well for Hamilton. Maybe his luck is turning around, maybe not.

    1. Ben says:

      If you look at Rosberg’s qualifying times the Mercedes only had 3-5 tenths advantage at this track… Maybe more if Hamilton had been able to get some times on the board but we will never know. It’s hard to judge race pace from this race as there were so many contrasting strategies and conditions so from the evidence I have seen I don’t Mercedes had a second advantage not at Hungary anyway.

  61. Keith says:

    Ricciardo…. no mistakes and overtook 2 X World Champs in his first year in a main game car.

    Of course Alo and Ham deserve credit especially Alo when you look at how Kimmi is performing, but really if Dan is driving like this in his first year with a main game car, what’s he going to be like in 2 seasons from now?

  62. Jordan says:

    Definitely Ricciardo. Robust overtaking, fast pace while managing issues, all in the 2nd/3rd fastest car. Bit unfair that only his summary says he benefited from the safety car when clearly this played a huge part in Hamilton’s and others races.

  63. Kev says:

    Hamilton’s race could have ended as early as the third corner? Helped massively by the safety cars and obviously the fastest car on track. I don’t think he is the DOTW.

    Alonso for DOTW. Barring that one incident where he straightened the corner, he didn’t put a wheel wrong. That man is massive and gave a lesson in defensive driving. Salute to Kimi as well. Silent progress to 6th.

    Dan was showing all the qualities of a future champion. Well Dan :)

  64. Markj says:

    It seems for about 50% of the followers of this fine site, all Lewis has to do to get DOD is successfully get into his car without falling over and he is the DOTD.

    He is a fine driver, but is it not possible that every Sunday jaunt is a master class in keeping the car on the road (except for the bit where poor lane markings caused him to take an alternate route encompassing a tuning of his front wing on the wall).

    Perhaps allow that Fernando did a great job in a car, that in certain parts of the track, is not quite the equal of the Mercedes. Also, Daniel, after a poor start, rode his good fortune with the safety car, managed do pass both Fernando and Lewis and not put a foot wrong.

    And while I am on it, would it kill Lewis to smile and pretend to be interested in post race presentations. Daniel smiles, jinx’s around, he and Fernando chat, Lewis looks unapproachable, and then recounts his tales of woe. ENOUGH I SAY. Stick the miserable SOB in a Caterham for a season, and then see if he can crack a smile when he beats his team mate and come third.

    Here ended the rave.

  65. Pkara says:

    Has to be LEWIS as driver of day.
    That pass on Vergne encapsulated a British Bulldog Spirit.
    Where Rosberg had a half hearted lunge at Vergne , Lewis showed a true Racer spirit & hurtled past Vergne in a stella overtake.
    Unbelievable heart from Lewis to come back from Saturdays Quali fire. Hats of tp Mercedes for the rebuild. But an odd decision to ask Lewis to Rosberg pass Lewis. Glad Lewis held station with some stunning defensive driving. Rosberg likes to win from the front when its a parade woth no tussles….but cannot take Lewis on a one to one Dog fight. Reminds me of his Dad who did the same sneaking in to a World Championship.
    So Lewis is Driver of The Day :-) :-)
    Alonso amazing drive.
    Riccardo well done.
    Honourable mention to Vergne ( I do hope he gets another bite of the cherry next season maybe with another team)

  66. Roni says:

    DofD to me is Alonso!

    Vergne is close next, then Lewis and Ricciardo!

  67. Michael says:

    Got to be Ricciardo. To pass here is almost impossible and he did it at key moments. Alonso drove well, but I do not think he passed a single car on track today. Rosberg had brand new softs and seemed unable to do anything.

    1. Yago says:

      “Alonso drove well, but I do not think he passed a single car on track today”

      From 8th to 3th after the safety car, that’s passing 5 cars in a row… Not to mention his start. Maybe you were focused in other drivers…

  68. Sean says:

    I voted for Ricciardo. That’s twice now he’s seen a win for the taking and got the job done. Brilliant racing.

  69. aveli says:

    after watching the high lights hamilton is my driver of the day, spectacularly overtaking vergne and pushing vettel into that spin,. he didn’t only provide the best drive but had the balls to give team orders a single finger salute. i don’t understand how rosberg lost the lead.
    i think for the rest of the races, rosberg should start 10th and hamilton 22nd. it will make a thrilling race each race weekend.
    ricciardo and alonso also drove well but strategy played a major role for them. vettel’s recovery from that spin was quite impressive and vergne held up so many cars for so long.

    1. Dutch johhny says:

      What a suprise that you think lewis is driver off the day… About that team order he ignored, you also think then that vettel did the right thing last year right? or is that different?

      1. aveli says:

        i have always said “any driver who helps his teammate to beat him is idiotic.”

  70. S. Butts says:

    Ricciardo: Unleashing the Beast

    That’ll be the book. DOTD by a huge margin, for me. Not as simple as it might have appeared.

  71. aveli says:

    some think hamilton cost rosberg the win but I think mercedes cost hamilton the win today because he dominated all three practice sessions only for the car to catch fire during qualifying. hamilton would have won from pole and did well to salvage third from the pit lane.

  72. Hunter C says:

    On the subject of overtakes, a lot of people here apparently forgetting that of the top 4 drivers caught out by the first SC, only alonso battled back. He restarted EIGHTH and carved his way up to 3rd, while hamilton, rosberg, vettel and bottas were all languishing around the midfield.

    Ricc had a great drive, beautiful passes at the end, but really really benefited from the first SC, gaining 7 positions for free.

    Ham had a nice drive, spectacular pass on JEV, but also a massive beneficiary of the SCs and restarts. also a naughty move at the end running nico clean off the track. (kimi showed us how to properly defend there earlier against seb)……

    so alonso for DOTD imo. (also, did i forget to mention he did 32 laps on a set of options?) and finished 2nd in that junk heap ferrarri?

  73. Torchwood Five says:

    Hamilton, easily, my driver of the day.

    But if one incident could put someone into my DOTD, it would be Sebastian Vettel for that awesome recovery out of that spin in the same area that saw to Perez.

    If tv producers need a scene to take from this year’s campaign to add to your regular compilations next year, that one has to be there.

  74. Ricciardo is my pick this week.

    Classy overtakes on both Hamilton (which Rosberg could not replicate despite the tyre advantage) and Alonso.

    The top three had an amazing race.

    Special mention to Vettel for not smacking his car in the pit wall in the same fashion as Perez.

  75. Darren Lin says:

    Mr.Allen, since Ricciardo won the Hungary gp, do you think Red Bull can bounce back at the second half of the season?

    1. James Allen says:

      At some venues they will be close enough to do what they did here, yes

      1. Darren Lin says:

        So there is a possibility for Red Bull to bounce back at the constructor championship?

  76. holy says:

    Brillant dive by the top 3 but one of them is driving a car of questionable quality, that’s Alonso, he is the dotd.

  77. JohnL says:

    Gotta give it to the young cool headed smiling assassin. He’s not intimidated by the established superstars ALO and HAM and I feel like every GP is another chance for him to cement his well deserved place alongside the quicks at the top of the F1 talent pool. Just think about it, the drivers he beat are the best of the best and we automatically expect their amazing performances in every GP as their raw speed is unquestioned. I think ALO and HAM just did what they are paid the big bucks to do whereas RIC sprung an upset. Credit where credit is due.

  78. FireWhiting says:

    Ricciardo. Was way behind Vettel and looking lost until the first safety car catapulted him into the lead. Took that opportunity and ran all the way to the chequered flag with it. More superb overtaking, this time on Hamilton around the outside.

    Vettel deserves a mention for the not hitting the wall: save ot the season so far.

  79. IP says:

    Ricciardo gets my vote. People talk about luck, but you make your own luck sometimes and Dan drove brilliantly to his strategy when it counted. He kept it on the road all day too. I believe (correct me if I am wrong) that he was the only driver in the top 4 that didn’t go off all on his own for the whole race.

    We can argue all we want about DOTD, but I just hope the fantastic racing this year shuts up all the whingers. Yes the cars are quiet. Yes the drivers can’t driver flat out 100%. But the general quality of the racing and the excitement levels have been immense.

    Watching these drivers go wheel to wheel only cm’s apart and having to work for a living has been brilliant.

  80. MonsterMashie says:

    To many “one eyed” fans… Riccardo WON the race… with a great drive, a great strategy and great passes (against world champions).

  81. Tornillo Amarillo says:

    This Championship is between the Merc’s drivers.

    This race started with 14 points of advantage to ROSBERG. Predictably, it should have finished around 30 points of advantage to ROSBERG. And the team played in favor of ROSBERG in this fight.

    But it’s not, just 11 points of advantage to ROSBERG at the end.

    So HAMILTON did it really well.

  82. Michael says:

    I had to vote for Rosberg.

    Vettel and Hamilton may have shown some serious skill to recover after spinning their cars, but Rosberg drove his car backwards the whole race.

    1. Dutch johhny says:

      Quote of the day!

  83. Peter says:

    I cannot believe there’s actually people voting for Rosberg – [mod]

  84. jag says:

    @james allen, i have suggestion, please include Thumps Up (like), Thump down(unlike) features in addition to comments in the posts. It enhances the interaction in many ways.

  85. LB says:

    Alonso DOTD for me, the other two were pretty lucky with the 1st safety car.

  86. Kristiane says:

    Difficult to pick between the top three finishers… the three of them shone in their respective ways.

    Though idiot of the day definitely goes to the person who called for team orders on the Mercedes pit wall. How else did he think Hamilton was going to react? “Alright, I’ll let him through. After you, Nico”? Talk about opening a can of worms. I agree with what Hamilton said during the race that if Nico could come close, then yes he can try to pass. Even so nothing is guaranteed as Nico still has to prove he can beat Hamilton fair and square on track, something he didn’t manage to do on Vergn while Hamilton made mincemeat out of the same TR driver.

    Better try next time for Rosberg.

  87. Grant says:

    Lewis pressured VET into a mistake.
    Taught Nico a lesson on how to overtake ‘Vergne’.

    After a FIRE in quali managed to salvage 3 points in WDC.
    Had the team put him on the softer tyre that he was so fast on, and made it last, he would have won this race.

  88. Random 79 says:

    Toss up between Ricciardo, Alonso and Hamilton for me – all great drives by great drivers – so once again bias wins out: Ricciardo :)

    Special mention to Vettel also for the excellent save after his spin. In all honesty as much as I’m enjoying seeing Ricciardo beat him it’s about time he had a little luck this year :)

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      Regarding Mr Vettel, that old analogy about the collapse of the Roman empire springs to mind…..
      Weirdly enough, history is repeating itself somewhat:
      In 2004 a German driver dominated the WDC and won 13 times. The following year, due to a regulation change, he struggled and was a bit player on the grand prix stage.
      In 2013 a German driver dominated the WDC and won 13 times. The following year, due a regulation change, he struggled and was a bit player on the grand prix stage.
      Deja vu?

      1. Random 79 says:

        Interesting…I’m surprised goferet hasn’t picked up on that yet (unless he has and I missed it ;) )

      2. Dutch johhny says:

        Only difference is that schumacher got 3rd in the championship in the 5th fastest or maybe even lower car of the grid. The difference between a legendary driver and a good driver.

  89. Kristiane says:

    Several things common about the top three finishers from Hungary GP:

    1. Huge will and controlled aggression to win, or achieve the maximum result possible;
    2. Great racecraft despite in slower cars (not so for Hamilton currently though, but he is one of those drivers who can drag a dog of a car to wring every ounce of performance out of it)
    3. Never gives up attitude.

    So glad to witness these drivers racing hard together.

  90. Iwan says:

    Would be interesting the analysis of the race later this week. I’m sure Merc’s thinking was if Lewis moves over, Rosberg can punch in some quick laps to reduce the gap to the cars in front. Then with fresh at the end chase them down for victory rather than finish with a 3rd and 4th.

    If so, I get their reasoning. But he never came close enough to challenge Lewis on merit and therefor I agree with Lewis not moving over.

    We don’t see all the numbers they do and don’t for one reason believe it is a conspiracy or a case of the team favoring the one over the other.

    Agree that the safety car helped Lewis, but then again it was the same safety car for all and it impacted on EVERYBODY’S race. Will give it to Alo and Ric this week. They were brilliant.

    F1 at it’s finest.

  91. Craig Sock says:

    Picking amongst the three trophy-bearers today is difficult.

    Ricardo had us on our feet shouting at the tv. He and his team engineered an ingenious race, seized the lead from world champions, and stayed cool and out of trouble in mixed conditions. He is better at this than I imagined. Well done RBR.

    Hamilton once again shows guts-driving. Car prepared on the fly after calamitous qualifying, pit lane to 3rd, telling Merc strategists to go soak their heads (we speculated at the time those orders were given, that there was probably a betting pool running in the Mercedes pit as to whether Lewis would obey – good on them), willing himself past cars where he had no right to expect traction – epic.

    But Alonso continues to do more with less that any driver I can recall. That was another superb, gritty drive from the Spaniard. I’m no Alonzo fan, but the guys skills are supreme.

    Fernando Alonzo, then Lewis Hamilton, and Daniel Ricciardo, the three separated by virtually nothing.

    Really glad to see Kimi move up, and JEV show something.

    PS: Why is the guy who started on pole, frittered away critical laps behind a Toro Rosso, and whined about not being handed a win or podium by, of all people, his teammate, on this list? We all know he can drive, but today he was not worthy, and quite frankly, presented as an over-entitled ‘bleep’.

    Formula 1 had an exceptional day.

    1. james says:

      JEV really is an underrated talent. Hope he finds a drive for a high profile team.

  92. janis 1207 says:

    This time it’s not so easy to decide.
    Ricciardo it is, I think, because of his brilliant overtaking moves. On the other hand, it cannot be denied, Alonso once again did the near impossible, almost winning the race!
    Feel gutted for Rosberg. He deserved better, although I suspect he had some kind of car problem mid-race, when he was losing places.
    Hamilton defied team orders, and arguably destroyed all hope of peaceful coexistence with Rosberg. Sure, he cut the points deficit a bit, but – was it worth it? Very poor driver management by Mercedes as from now on team orders will be considered to be just recommendations which can be safely ignored.

  93. Vaisa says:

    Ricciardo, can’t do better than that. Swipe his team mate by Australian smile. Great overtakes at the end. Ferrari driver were good too.

    Well Hamilton. He made terrible mistakes at the begining. Does he really don’t know his brakes are cold if he hasn’t do any warm ups with them. Rookie mistakes. Or maybe that was just another team effort agains him…

  94. Jane_Kay says:

    Hard to say this time…

    Hamilton’s drive was very good, but I think he was “expected” to do so as the car has such an advantage over other cars.

    Ricciardo’s last passes on two WC were great, but he had tire advantage.

    I think I will go for Alonso this time, stayed cool and took everything he could from the car.

    But I also need to mention Vettel – great spin control, save of the day, this could easily result in thrid SC. Also he didn’t make Hamilton’ life easier.

    Roseberg should not be here… (just my opinion)
    But again this whole thing is rather a popularity contest, however, I enjoy it very much.

  95. Veteran says:

    Rics drive was nothing special, he had just massive luck with the safety car.
    If the RBR strategies wouldn’t have been sleeping, Vettel would have won the race. He was quicker than Ric all weekend. Third time this year RBR makes up a rubbish strategy for Vettel.
    And all RIC had to do, was overtake a crappy Ferrari with very very worn tires, while his tires were almost new. Wow [mod]

    Most overrated driver this season: Riciardo.

    1. kenneth chapman says:

      [mod] ricciardo did an amazing job to win out of nowhere. overrated? obviously the entire paddock and a huge number of fans/followers would disagree.

  96. Jim Jones says:

    Has to be Hamilton He was absolutely incredible coming through the field, that move on Vergne was one of the best overtakes I’ve ever seen, especially at a part of the track where overtaking is almost impossible.

    It would have been the perfect race if Mercedes put him on the softs instead of the mediums, he would have likely won the race with them and been the first driver in history to win from the pitlane. I’m beginning to feel very sorry for Lewis this year as almost everything is going against him from his team yet he’s still only 11 points behind. Shows what an incredible driver he really is.

    1. Don says:

      @Jim Jones: roger that; if they had put him on the soft tyre, in all probability he would have overtaken Alonso, get closer to Ricciardo…then pit him for fresher soft about 1 lap or 2 after Ricciardo pitted and in all probability, he would have won the race!!!
      And for a collateral benefit if they had chosen this tyre strategy for Lewis, Rosberg wouldn’t have been anywhere close to him (Lewis) and they would have avoided that embarrassing call to Lewis to slow down for Rosberg to pass!!!

  97. Mitch says:

    Fernando was grand, Lewis is a ham, but Dan IS the man!

    1. aveli says:

      hamilton was behind vettel and rosberg who couldn’t pass gutierrezg for several laps but as soon as rosberg and vettel were out of the way, hamilton pounced on gutierrez in an unexpected manner, move of the season so far. came from the pit lane at the start, recovered from a spin and was 13 by lap 8. finished ahead of his teammate who started on pole. he was fastest in all three free practice sessions only to be let down by the car at the start of qualifying. which other driver achieved half as much?
      please try to be honest with yourself.

      1. Mitch says:

        The second corner Ham put her in the wall.. Was extremely lucky… Sorry, but Dan IS the man..

        No mistakes, brilliant call to get in on the first SC, was cool when behind the train behind Verne, handled ERS issue, punched out 3 or 4 fastest laps when needed. Brilliant in the last 4 laps to get Ham and Alonso..

        He also knew halfway through the race that he had a good chance of winning… rather than carrying on like a pork chop..

        Dan’s only problem is we viewers are now used to his high level of racecraft.. If it was his first win, there’d be no argument.

        The only reason people are choosing Ham is because people thinks he’s being hard done by.

      2. aveli says:

        @mitch, i see why you chose ricciardo but horner told us all that ricciardo does what he is told by the team. i think vettel has woken up in the last couple of races only to be let down by bad luck. you will understand this as the second half of the season unfolds.
        ricciardo drove a great race no doubt but i think hamilton drives at a much higher level. even is you don’t understand that hamilton started in he pit lane for the first time and hadn’t experienced cold brakes as cold as those in the first corner. while he recovered from that spin, the field were pulling away yet he caught them up and 13th by lap 8.

  98. Goob says:

    Toto Wolf is becoming a major concern… is he from the school of Whitmarsh Team Principles?

    He stopped Hamilton from achieving the first pit-lane to flag victory…

    We must understand Mercs motives…

    They know Hamilton is the superiors driver, and would like to keep him at a low wage and for a long time… if they suppress him know, they gain in both those departments…

    If Hamilton becomes WDC, they know he will probably move on to another team and will demand higher wages…

    There is something fishy going on at Merc… Toto is not to be trusted after this race… he is another snake.

  99. Stephen Taylor says:

    That semi wet race was like a a cross between Silverstone 87 and Imola 05.

  100. Thompson says:

    I am going for Hamilton.

    Pitlane to 3rd! – Fastest car…..pah!, safety cars…..prrrft, pitlane to 3rd, 19 places on track and beating the poll sitter in the same car!!!!!

    (how can you not be impressed)

    If it was so easy Rosberg would have come back through the field after the 1st and 2nd SC, winning by a country mile. the track did not allow for that

    Having spun on the first lap with doubts in a car rebuilt overnight again!!
    Then having to drive assertively while managing your tyers so all your hard work would not be undone….I’m exhausted just texting this.

    Considering the other two candidates started in the top 10 and also benefited from both SC – not taking anything away from FR and DR but…..

    Anyone of you amature psychologist who love to psycho analyse Hamilton in your spare time. – how much mental strength is required to go through the last couple of race weekends he’s had and perform on track in this way……?

  101. The Spanish Inquisitor says:

    A photo of Alonso’s tyres after the race, please.

      1. JohnL says:


  102. Mark says:

    Lewis had cold brakes which resulted in him spinning on the first lap.

    Why cannot drivers who are starting in the pit lane go on the parade lap as well as the rest of the grid? And then return to the pitlane when the grid goes to, well, the grid(!)

    The pitlane starters then have a chance to warm up their brakes.

    1. TGS says:

      That’s a good idea.

  103. Craig D says:

    Such a tough one, all the top 3 were outstanding. I went with Alonso because there was the real impression that very few drivers could have got what he got out of that Ferrari.

    Hamilton rose up the order magnificently, with aggressive overtakes that Rosberg couldn’t manage. But he was aided with the the top guys getting caught out by the first safety car, the frequent crashes of other guys (like the Force india’s taking each other out), the McLarens being on the wrong tyres, etc. But stirling driver regardless.

    And Ricciardo, again won the race with some seriously good moves, especially on Hamilton.

  104. Sergio says:

    Hungary was the best track suited for the Red Bull, the only real contender of Mercedes cars. In fact I thing Red Bulls in a cornered part of circuit are faster or at least as fast of Mercedes cars, the SC deployment did not played very well for ROS and the best for HAM. If you say “starting of pit lane to 3rd” it sounds amazing, but not always means the same: speed of the car difference, SC, strategy. Everything was right for the English but him: he did some mistakes, he complained at the begining (as usual) he passed easily all cars but the MAIN cars. The Mercedes car needs a few laps to pass Marussias, Catherhams, Lotus, Saubers, Force Indias, Maccas, one Ferrari and supposedly Toro Rosso ones but the real dogfight would be with Williams & RB (talking about
    competitiveness of the car) The Martini Racing cars showed the worst strategy possible and RB as I said, it was really fast. Just two cars appeared out of his class, two drivers who were not invited at the show: Jean Eric Vergne & Fernando Alonso, the first was amazing, the second was a miracle.

  105. Rohind says:

    Instead of Rosberg, Vettel deserved a nomination for DOTD for keeping that car away from the barrier and making the tyres last for 35 laps and keeping Bottas on faster tyres at bay

  106. Ben says:

    This really has been a tough one. All of the drivers on the podium deserve DOTD and I’ve had to really split hairs to make a decision.

    3. The reason I’ve made Ricciardo 3rd even though he won the race is because I feel he lucked out the most from the safety car. This meant that he inherited the lead but fair play to him and the team for getting the rest of the strategy bang on and the overtake on Lewis at the end was fantastic even though he did have the fresh tyre advantage.

    2. Alonso managed to get on the podium with the not so great Ferrari even though he was on the wrong side of the first safety car and as James said he would have won if the race had been two laps shorter. He also managed to fend off Lewis at the end. I’m not an Alonso fan but I have some respect for him as a driver. The Ferrari does look much quicker in race trim than quali but only in Alonso’s hands!

    1. Lewis wins it just for me, starting from the pit lane and spinning on the first lap but still recovering to 3rd and most importantly in front of his team mate! He did have some good luck with the SC and the Vettel spin but the fact he had got his car to wear it was meant that he was able to take advantage of it. I think the argument that he is mentally weak has once again been shown to not be true. When he is able to come back from a shocking qualifying and perform like that in the race again shows just how mentally strong he is!

    I’m shocked Rosberg is on this list, yes he was unlucky with the first SC but so was Alonso. He also could not get past Vergne for many laps. If Lewis had parked his car to let Rosberg through I’m still not convinced he would have got the win as many commentators have suggested. I think the best he would have got would have been 3rd maybe 2nd but definitely not the win. He couldn’t get past Vergne so I think it unlikely that he’d get past Lewis or Alonso, both of those drivers have been masterful defensive drivers this season and Rosberg doesn’t seem to have that killer instinct to get the pass done. And I’m not even sure that Hamilton really ignored team orders other than slowing right down to let him through. I believe he told the team that if he gets close enough I will not defend but that he was not getting to park the car for him. It was an unfair request.

    Luckiest/unluckiest driver of the day – Vettel, how Vettel didn’t total his car with that spin!? Was it luck or skill? I’m going with luck because he did make contact with the wall.

    Biggest dunce of the day – Grosjean, I’m a big fan of Grosjean but crashing your car when following the SC is just negligent!

  107. Van says:

    You can make a case for any of the the top 3 whom all had outstanding drives, although personally I will give it to Ricciardo for being the only one to have the aggressive race strategy, making it work, and completely blowing away his illustrious team mate.

  108. Slick says:

    Ric, Alo and Ham all deserve driver of the day. All three drove exceptionally well but Ham shades it for me. He drove nearly half the race on tyres that, by all accounts, were more than a second a lap slower in a car that had been completely rebuilt and was in constant fight mode including against his own team. The pit lane start became irrelevant after the second safety car and Merc should have given him an aggressive strategy at that point rather than a holding strategy.

  109. Ryan M says:

    Alonso, once again showed us all that he is the most complete driver when it comes to Sunday afternoons. Somehow at the starts, through the races, and in battles, he stays out of trouble, a opinion that can only be backed up with the fact he is the only driver to finish all the races in the points this year. Let’s not forget he is in the 4th fastest car (Williams, Red Bull and Mercedes all quicker), and lead the GP, and was unfortunate not to win, comparable with Hamilton on the time he changed his tyres in the slower car, and less durable tyres, not to mention is only the 2nd driver this year to finish in front of BOTH Mercs.

    Frustrating how many people believe Hamilton is doing ‘Senna-Like’ drives in a car that is arguably the most dominant car in recent memory. Lets not forget in Hockenheim he was involved in no less that 3 incidents on track and was fortunate that he wasn’t forced to change his front wing or retire from that race. Put that together with yesterdays performance where he nearly binned it in the wall, was unable to challenge Alonso in a much faster car, and on the medium tyres towards the end of the race, and I think Hamilton’s drive was pretty ordinary – lets no forget the luck he had with the safety cars too ;-).

    Vettel once again shown he has more Jam than Hartleys, many a driver would have ended in the wall.

  110. BluesPaul says:

    Driver of this Half Season: HAM

    Driver of the Day: DAN

    Hamilton should have won this event with ease, and I believe he could have done so even with the set backs of saturday.
    Alonso was greatly aided by the drop of 10degrees to track temp and also the cooling sprinkle of rain. Gave the soft tyre an extra life of 12 lap per stint. If Ferrari had had to use the med tyre as well they would have been last of the finishers.
    Alonso cut the chicane to stay ahead with no penalty.

    But that didn’t stop the brilliant Dan doing what no one else dared to do: put LH and FA in their place and make them both look terribly ordinary drivers.

    It will be either Lewis or Dan who take the title 2014.

  111. Andrew Carter says:

    It’s a very tough call between Ricciardo and Alonso, went with the former since he won but both of them were supreme. Hamilton would have been right with them except for his spin on the first lap, didn’t cost him too much in the end but a mistake is a mistake. No one else was in their class yesterday.

    1. Don says:

      @ Andrew Carter: so what do you call Alonso cutting the chicane, race craft???
      please, be objective; cutting a chicane under pressure is either cheating or a mistake!!!

  112. John Bennett says:

    Lewis has my vote mainly from the bad choice of tyres the teams gave him ( he did have all new sets ) and the bad calls from them. Jack Villeneuve summed it up, Nico thought that’s a good idea get in front with tyres that are going off, slow him down, then blast pass with quicker tyres.
    Just my thoughts.

    1. **Paul** says:

      “Jack Villeneuve”

      ARGH!!! The school holidays are here.

  113. djr says:

    Mercedes definitely compromised Hamilton race in Hungary by sticking to this rigid strategy they have before each race. When weather conditions are interchangeable causing unpredictable racing conditions during the race they should immediately put both drivers on the best strategy, and then let them race. Instead of putting Hamilton on mediums they should have put him on softs and told him that he would be stopping again like Rosberg. What happened to the first car getting preference in strategies? If Mercedes had done that Hamilton might have won the race.
    In future, give the drivers their own strategist and let them call their own strategies. Sharing data is ok, but data for setting up the car should not be shared. Then let the best man win.

  114. JohnBt says:

    Ticked Alonso as DODT as he was not helped by safety car and kept his softs for the last stint lasting over 30 laps with a car not in best of the top three. But credit must also be given to Ric and Hamilton too.

  115. BH says:


    IMHO, Lewis can’t get DOTD because of his first lap spin. After that he drove mighty to get back up for another fantastic podium, but I have to put Riccardo and Alonso ahead of him. They drove in the same conditions and did not make any mistakes.
    Riccardo’s drive was amazing, but he benefitted from the safety car which allowed him to make an extra pitstop over Alonso and not overly compromise his track position. For me, Alonso’s soft tyre stint, and resisting Lewis through all those braking zones without DRS and not compromising his corner exit, well that was some of the best driving I’ve seen all year.

    Alonso all the way, today at least.

    1. JohnL says:

      You forgot to mention the ALO “mistake”

      1. BH says:

        You’re right. I forgot about when he ran on at the chicane.
        My breaking zone point seems a bit silly now.

  116. al says:

    Exactly, plus Merc gave him the wrong tyres and massively distracted him with a daft team orders, with Rosberg….

    Ricciardo lost places at the start, was very lucky with the SC, but went well after. Alonso was decent, but we will be listening to his fans droning on about his car being slower than a milk float.

    Lewis was the star, by a mile. Merc cost him the win, even from the pitlane start with tyre choice.

  117. zed24 says:

    Check the vote James….There, you have it.

  118. Tom says:

    There’s something about Lewis Hamilton as a personality I don’t like – maybe he’s trying too hard to be Mr Marketable – and I don’t always thing he’s the best driver, but he was yesterday.

  119. EA says:


    Only driver who did not benefit from luck or +3secs/lap car advantage. Had Lewis or Alo won this race, it would have been one of the most epic F1 wins ever……

    Lewis had bad luck during Q, but he got a few breaks during the race. The way Roserg drives i really hope Lewis beats him to the WDC. It all started with him moving over for Lewis in their first race together. What a wank.

  120. JPS says:

    James I actually think there wasn’t a standout because all drivers mentioned drove at their best. Just a great race. Honourable mention to Vettel for luckiest escape of the day. If he had hit that wall his humiliation by his teammate would have been complete.

  121. Bill says:

    Ricciardo was my driver of the day. Sure he benefited from the first safety car, but from then on, he still had to get the job done, which he did superbly. He was patient when required, and aggressive when he needed to be.

    Some say that Daniel doesn’t deserve DOTD because he was “lucky”. Well if luck diminishes DOTD, then there is no way that Lewis deserves it. Lewis was incredibly lucky to have survived his first lap excursion.

    On a day when drivers were making mistakes galore, Dan surely deserves both the race win and DOTD for his lack of errors. Even Fernando was not without mistakes. He was seen to slide off the the track twice during the race.

  122. CHRIS OR ADELAIDE says:





  123. Messrine says:

    Alonso. Imagine what he could have done with the Mercedes? As always he just manages to squeeze every ounce of performance out of his car. Superb!

  124. jpinx says:

    Alonso — for not making any mistakes and dragging that brick around the track to a position far in excess of it’s capabilities….

    That’s not to say the rest of the guys didn’t do well…. LH was brilliantly scything through the field all the way to the podium. DR was solid, fast and thoroughly enjoying himself – the mark of a great driver.

    I’m not sure what SV is up to these days, or Massa — seems that some bad vibes are going their way …..

  125. Richard says:

    Alonso, nearly won in a pretty bad car after having lost out at the safety car. Ricciardo benefitted from this and that is why Alonso was the driver of the day.

  126. Krischar says:

    Toss up between Lewis and Alonso

    Excellent drive by lewis and clearly put the Mercedes in P3 from a difficult starting spot.

    Kudos to Dan ricciardo for his second victory, Ricciardo is awsome to watch and put his more illustrious 4X WDC back in his place. At this rate Ricciardo could go on to win the big prize anytime sooner. Most notably Ricciardo has Broken the myth vettel is unbeatable. Had Ricciardo drove alongside vettel instead of webber. Dan would have become a 4X WDC instead of vettel

    Alonso for sure is the DOTD, that was a mega drive under intense pressure. Ferrari have been poor through out the season,. In hungary once again Ferrari were 1.3 seconds off the pace when pitted against the Mercedes for pure pace, not just that RBR and Williams were easily lot faster than ferrari and best of the rest behind Mercedes.

    Alonso have delivered time and time again for Ferrari with ropey cars at his disposal, that drive in hungary has been really special and has to be the drive of the season thus far in F1 2014. we are so blessed and Privileged to witness Fernando Alonso. Thank you Fernando for such a bravura display

    Keep up the splendid work Fernando and more of the same please.

    Besides that, Happy Birthday Fernando

  127. MaxRPM says:

    Another great race! If all the F1 insiders could stop trash talking the engine sound, DRS, etc crowds and the TV audience would have to increase.

    For me, DOTD is either RIC or ALO.

    If HAM hadn’t spun early on I’d have him up there too. However, on a wet track and with a lot to do, losing the car was a mistake. He is lucky he didn’t damage something to slow down the rest of his race.

    RIC and ALO drove clean/fast races and didn’t lose the car despite the tricky conditions. If you want to wind DOTD, you need to drive fast without making big mistakes.

    1. James Allen says:

      Agreed. It was a perfect illustration that you don’t need artificial points systems and sparks from skid blocks, the racing is really good and very interesting this year on the whole.

  128. TimW says:

    It’s very close in the results between Alonso, Hamilton and Ricciardo, as it should be, they all drove brilliantly. Daniel made great use of a quick car and a great strategy, but I have to say I think other drivers could have done the same. I don’t think there is another driver who would have come through the field like Lewis though, great pace and some brilliant overtakes, the move on Vergne was one of the best moves I’ve seen in 25 odd years of F1 viewing, equally I don’t think there is another driver who could have dragged that Ferrari into second place. Alonso may not be quite as quick as Lewis but he has a brilliant racing brain and is so unrelentingly competent even I (as a Lewis) fan have to admit that he is the best driver out there, Lewis is more exciting to watch, but Fernando is the governor! So I can’t decide between LH and FA, so I’m voting for jean Eric Vergne….or Jules Bianchi!

    1. Yago says:

      I don’t see the evidence on this “Alonso may not be as quick as Lewis” thing. I don’t know why some of you keep saying it. It’s like when people say Nadal is not quite at Federer or Djokovic level purely tennisticaly speaking, which is wrong. Alonso is the number one driver, and he is so because he can extract the most of whatever car he is given, that is going faster than anyone on a given car, being it over one lap or over twenty. And Hamilton is the number two driver, better than the rest for the same reasons. It is not as if Rosberg is better than Hamilton because he is more intelligent and bla bla bla, Rosberg is not as good as Hamilton, and he will never be, because he can not drive a given car quite as fast as him.

  129. Krischar says:

    Who else it could be other than Fernando

    Simply brilliant and drove a consummate race, this year hungary GP proved to be the most enthralled one.

    A sumptuous drive by the greatest pilot in the history of Formula1.

    Alonso the real bull fighter

  130. Johann says:

    The amount of bad luck Vettel has had this season is incredible. He just can’t seem to catch a break this season… And Ricciardo seems to have everything going for him..
    Not counting Austrilia.. Since Ricciardo got disqualified.

    1) Bahrain.. Power problems
    2) Spain.. gearbox fails.. starts P15
    3) Monacco… Seb running third, Kimi running 4th.. loo and behold, Vettel’s engine goes kaput and kimi picks up a puncture and Ricci inherits 3rd.
    4) Canada… Hulk holds Vettel up on in-lap.. speeds up for Ricci when Vettel is in the pits
    5) Austria.. ECU goes to sleep for 60 seconds
    6) Silverstone … unlucky with pit strategy..held up by Alonso
    7) Hungary… loses out to first SC.. Wrong mode at SC restart allows Alonso to overtake him.. Spins due to mistake by trying to push a little extra because Rosberg pitted … As always, things fall into place for Ricciardo..

    For those saying Hamilton pressured Vettel into making the mistake, I’d like to point out that it was actually Rosberg pitting that lap that forced Seb to push a little harder as Seb would have no DRS to defend against Hamilton.

    And everyone wants to read this as Ricciardo showing up Vettel??

  131. Nandy says:

    DOTD is a slam dunk !

    The safety car was a disadvantage to 4 drivers and only 1 finished on the podium and in a car that was at best the 3rd/4th fastest team over the weekend, with 32 lap old soft tyres. Would be a traversity if he doesn’t win more than 2 titles.

  132. Krischar says:

    James how do you sum up the drive which Alonso have delivered in Hungary ?

    I Certainly see this as the drive of the season thus far in F1 2014

    Expect your assessment and answer on this…

    1. James Allen says:

      Gazzetta dello sport called it a “masterpiece”

      I’d say it was one of the best drives of Pirelli era

      1. Krischar says:

        Thank you james for the candid assessment

        You have nailed it “best drives of Pirelli era”

        I feel very proud to say, i am a devout Alonso fan

      2. Amritraj says:

        A kind word for Alonso from your side, James. Have things thawed between the two of you?? :)

        On a serious note, Mr. Hembrey should be eating his words from the 2013 season about Alonso having to take lessons from Vettel on how to drive on these tyres.

  133. Alex Butters says:

    All three on the podium were mighty.

    Alonso gets driver of the day in my opinion though – again and again he drags average cars into contention.

    I find it frustrating that in lists of “best ever F1 drivers” he is always overlooked. His achievements should be up there with the very best drivers in motor racing history.

  134. goonerf1 says:

    Driver of the Day – Messi

  135. Bru72 says:

    My vote as they finished.


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