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Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Jun 2014   |  6:18 pm GMT  |  379 comments

The Goodwood Festival of Speed roars back into action next weekend (26-29 June) and we have three pairs of tickets for the Saturday and five pairs for the Friday, courtesy of our friends at Shell.

They will be bringing Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen to the event, while Mercedes has Lewis Hamilton on hand among a host of great names and cars from the motorsport world. Also featuring will be Sir Stirling Moss, Sir Jackie Stewart, Anthony Davidson, Dario Franchitti, Jochen Mass, Karl Wendlinger, and DTM hero Bernd Schneider.


As well as being on display, the cars are regularly run up the Goodwood hill so fans can see and hear the cars in action.

There are always many of the great F1 cars of the past and this year that includes the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio’s 250F Maserati

Another feature this year will be a run of so-called hyper cars up the Goodwood hill including La Ferrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918, and Koenigsegg One:1.

For your chance to win a pair of tickets, simply log into the comments section below leaving an email address and then leave your name in a comments box. We will pick the winners at random on Tuesday 24th June and tickets will be mailed out that day.

The competition is open to anyone, but please note that the prize includes the tickets only and no travel or subsistence costs will be provided.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
Behind the Scenes at the track
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  1. james murphy says:

    james murphy

    1. Jane Jackson says:

      Fingers crossed…

    2. Thomas Knudsen says:

      Thomas Knudsen

    3. Mr Paul Sanderson.
      good luck…

    4. Simon Rowe says:


    5. matthew wornham says:

      Matthew wornham

  2. robbie farrell says:

    robbie farrell

  3. Andy Cairns says:

    Andy Cairns

  4. Sami Raza says:

    Sami Raza

  5. Heather says:

    Heather Beames

  6. Robert Burnand says:

    Please include me in the draw for tickets to the Goodwood FofS next weekend. Thank you.

  7. Lewis Claydon says:


  8. Paul Lloyd says:

    Paul Lloyd

  9. Stacey akers says:

    Stacey akers.

    Would love to win for my husband who spent 13 years in the army. It would be an amazing treat. Thanks

  10. Alan Frener says:


  11. Marco Briglia says:

    Marco Briglia

  12. Antonino Morello says:

    Antonino Morello

  13. Nathan Tague says:

    Nathan Tague

    Thanks James!

  14. Richard whittle says:

    Richard whittle

  15. jon g says:

    Awesome prize :)

  16. carl smith says:

    Carl smith

  17. Sam Brooks says:

    Randomly pick: Sam Brooks ;-)

  18. Rob Wilkinson says:

    Rob W

  19. Sean Lane says:

    Would love to take my son the Goodwood

  20. Sean Lane says:

    Would love to take my son to Goodwood

  21. Stefan Sigurdsson says:

    Stefan =D

  22. Michelle Race says:

    Please, please, please, I would love to be there on the Saturday. I’ve always wanted to go and see the F1 boys in action, what an amazing prize! X

    Michelle Race

  23. Ande Miller says:

    Ande Miller

  24. Luke Ford says:

    Luke Ford

  25. Rachel says:


  26. Kenny Kong says:

    Kenny Kong

  27. Richard says:

    Ironicly, there are four hypercars, three of which are going to be featured in Top Gear’s next season, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jennifer Clarkson, Hammond, May all showed up along with the Stig who will take the Koenigsegg for a spin.

  28. Arto Toivonen says:

    Arto Toivonen

  29. Ben Churchill says:

    Ben Churchill

  30. Robert Cocks says:

    Robert Cocks

  31. Blair Daggett says:

    Wanna go!

  32. Felix Winstone says:

    Felix Winstone


  33. georgie says:

    would adore!

  34. Andrew reynolds says:

    Andrew Reynolds

  35. Anthony Shilling says:

    Anthony Shilling

  36. Rob says:

    Rob Horton

  37. James says:

    James Nolan

  38. Nigel Denton says:

    Nigel Denton

  39. Steve says:


  40. Richard Rohani says:

    Richard Rohani

  41. Mike Hobbs says:

    Mike Hobbs

  42. Dan Parrott says:

    Would love to be there!

  43. Marcin Gorajec says:

    Marcin Gorajec

  44. Samantha Neame says:

    Samantha Neame – Would love, love, love to go this year!

  45. Alan Perestrello says:

    There is no place on earth like Goodwood

  46. kellie barnes says:


  47. Katarzyna Gorajec says:

    Katarzyna Gorajec

  48. James Hill says:

    Hope to win some Festival of Speed Tickets! James Hill

  49. Kazimierz Gorajec says:

    Kazimierz Gorajec

  50. Dave bennett says:

    Dave Bennett

  51. RogN says:

    Roger Neal

  52. Joanna Ploszynska says:

    Joanna Ploszynska

  53. Emyr price says:

    Emyr Price

  54. Jonathan Towers says:

    Jonathan Towers

    1. Chris hobbs says:

      Chris Hobbs

  55. Andy Fellows says:

    Andy Fellows

  56. Robert Mason says:

    Yes Please!!

  57. Antonio Romero says:

    Good luck to every1. Antonio Romero

  58. Garry Howe says:


  59. jamie cresdee says:


  60. Paula Cawley says:

    Paula Cawley

  61. Jeremy Rance says:

    Jeremy Rance Would love a pair of tickets :-)

  62. Ian Michie says:


  63. Kevin Harrison says:

    Kevin Harrison

  64. Sophie Bolton says:

    Sophie bolton

  65. Laura Smith says:

    Laura Smith

  66. nikolai currell says:

    Nikolai Currell

  67. Nick Meakin says:

    Nick Meakin

  68. Michelle Cresdee says:

    Michelle Cresdee

  69. Rod Lake says:


  70. Natasha Lovett says:

    Natasha Lovett

  71. Rachael Fearn says:

    A perfect treat for my husband, great prize!!!

  72. Paul Goodger says:

    Paul Goodger

  73. janice norris says:

    janice norris

  74. Andy Young says:

    Andy Young

  75. Steve Page says:

    Steve Page

  76. BARRY NORGATE says:

    I would love to win this great prize!

  77. James says:

    James Hedges

  78. Harrison Vrbanjac says:

    Harrison Vrbanjac

  79. Philip says:

    Philip Rainsford

  80. Rich Prior says:

    Rich Prior

  81. Slick says:

    Stephen Cudd

  82. Alistair Leaford says:

    Alistair Leaford

    Keep up the good work!

  83. Gwion Daniel says:

    Gwion Daniel.

  84. James Dalton says:

    James Dalton

  85. GEORGE COLES says:


  86. patrick o'brien says:

    patrick o’brien

  87. Nicki Bradley says:

    Please enter me in the draw for FOS tickets

    Nicki Bradley

  88. pat aubrey says:

    Never be able to afford one; so looking at them fly past will have to do!!

  89. Paul Bendrey says:

    Paul Bendrey

  90. Steve Smith says:

    Steve Smith

  91. Harry Hamilton says:

    Harry Hamilton

  92. Eleanor Powell says:

    Eleanor Powell

  93. mjsib says:

    Martin Sibbit

  94. sibs says:

    Carrie Sibbit

  95. Daniel Burns says:

    Daniel Burns

  96. Matthew porter says:

    Matthew Porter

  97. Mark Tully says:

    Mark Tully

  98. Helen Battle says:

    helen battle

  99. Paul Cockram says:

    Paul Cockram

  100. Dennis Joseph says:

    Please please let me win some tickets.

  101. Keir says:

    Keir Badger

  102. Dennis Joseph says:

    Dennis Joseph. Please please let me win some tickets.

  103. Phillip may says:

    Phillip May

  104. Trevor Matthams says:

    Trevor Matthams

  105. Tony Ashby says:

    Tony Ashby

  106. Matt Smith says:

    Matt Smith

  107. Maciej Rychter says:

    Maciej Rychter

  108. Jon Wilson says:

    Jon Wilson

  109. Emily O'Mara says:

    Emily omara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  110. Gill Lacey says:

    Gill Lacey – hoping to go to Goodwood!

  111. Graham Barden says:

    Graham Barden

  112. Ben says:

    Ben Azzopardi Innisfail Australia

  113. neil lewis says:

    Neil lewis

  114. Anthony Stott says:

    Anthony Stott

  115. Andrew Newman says:

    Andrew Newman

  116. Peter Trapmore says:

    Peter Trapmore

  117. peter lewis says:

    peter lewis

  118. Sam Acott says:

    Sam Acott

  119. Andrew Dobb says:

    Andrew Dobb

  120. John Sewell says:

    John Sewell

  121. Nick Brennan says:

    Nick Brennan

  122. Grant Harvey says:

    Grant Harvey

  123. Sue Thompson says:

    Would love to o to Goodwood!

  124. Stuart Hicks says:

    Stuart Hicks

  125. Jon says:

    Jonathan Burnett

  126. Patrick Vent says:

    Patrick Vent

  127. andre shelverton says:

    Andre Shelverton

  128. Jon Bayliffe says:

    Jon Bayliffe

  129. Mel O'Riordan says:

    Would so love to go as it’s my birthday on Thursday!

    Mel O’Riordan

  130. Anna Grounds says:

    Anna Grounds

  131. Sarah Jane Mogford
    27 Henby Way

  132. Thanushka Galkissage says:

    Thanushka Galkissage

  133. Simon Curtis says:

    Simon Curtis

  134. Mike Spikin says:

    Mike Spikin

  135. Ka-Chun Lam says:

    Ka-Chun Lam

  136. Daniel Spiller says:

    Daniel Spiller

  137. Will Wykeham says:

    Will Wykeham

  138. Donald MacDonald says:

    Donald MacDonald

  139. Jane Scott says:

    Jane Scott

  140. Matt Gonzalez says:

    Matt Gonzalez

  141. Nick Meikle says:

    Nick Meikle

  142. Garryt says:

    Garry Pope

  143. Matt W says:

    Matt Woodruff

  144. Toby harding says:

    Awesome! It’s been too long!

  145. Toby harding says:

    Toby harding

  146. Simon Spiers says:

    Simon Spiers – would love to take my 10 year old son to this!

  147. Kenneth Li says:

    Kenneth Li

  148. Derek Young says:

    Derek Young

  149. Ian says:

    Ian Bannister

  150. Toby Liggins says:

    Toby Liggins

  151. Jane Jackson says:

    Jane Jackson

  152. Jamie says:

    Jamie Howlett

  153. David Wright says:

    David Wright

    Would love to see a driver in F1 car really trying – like Nick Heidfield did. It sounded awesome!!!

  154. Brian Saunders says:

    Brian Saunders

  155. M Smith says:

    M Smith

  156. Steve Cordingley says:

    Steve Cordingley

  157. Mark Farrington says:

    Mark Farrington

  158. paul morris says:

    Paul Morris

  159. Robert Prior says:

    Robert Prior

  160. Alison Hart says:

    Alison Hart

  161. kelly Jones says:

    Kelly Jones

  162. Alyson Graham says:

    I’d love to go to Goodwood!

    Alyson Graham

  163. Mark says:

    Mark Sinclair

  164. Richard Hazenberg says:

    Richard Hazenberg

  165. Harry Palmer says:

    Harry Palmer

  166. mark high says:

    Mark High

  167. Des Murray says:

    Des Murray

  168. John Nicholas says:

    John Nicholas

  169. Vibeke Hansen says:

    Vibeke Hansen

  170. Mark Bennett says:

    Mark Bennett

  171. Steve L says:

    Stephen Lapthorne

  172. Marcus Hughes says:

    Marcus Hughes

  173. Lee Savage says:

    Lee Savage.

  174. Russell Savage says:

    Russell Savage

  175. Jason Norwood says:

    Jason Norwood

  176. Paul Braithwaite says:

    Paul Braithwaite

  177. Aaron Rattan says:

    Aaron Rattan

  178. Amanda says:

    Oh yeah! its my birthday on the 26 th June this would make the best present ever! ;-) x

  179. Adam Windmill says:

    Adam Windmill
    Not to deny anybody else I can’t make the Friday but Saturday would be all good.

  180. darren cutmore says:

    Darren Cutmore

  181. manil shah says:

    Manil Shah
    It also happens to be my 16th birthday on the 30th June.

  182. Rob Upton says:

    R Upton

  183. Jacobo Lopez says:

    Jacobo Lopez

  184. Mike Senior says:

    Mike Senior

  185. Kevin Dowie says:

    Kevin Dowie

  186. Claire eason says:

    Claire eason

  187. Graham Webster says:

    Graham Webster

  188. Kate Leigh says:

    kate leigh

  189. Kath Entrican says:

    Kath Entrican

  190. Dave Entrican says:

    Dave Entrican

  191. Nick Jefferson says:

    this would be amazing as i won ticket to thrusday and could not go dew to it beeing my last day of teaching for my degree so winning this would be the best thing ever

  192. Niall Quinn says:

    Niall Quinn

  193. Ciara Finan says:

    Ciara Finan

  194. Niall Quinn says:

    Niall Quinn
    (sorry if this appears like a second attempt – I’m not sure if my last one went in)

  195. Jonathan Melson says:

    giz some tickets

  196. Diane Mitchem says:

    Di (Diane) Mitchem………what a lovely birthday present if only I could win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. manil shah says:

      Its the day before my birthday as well. Kimi is my hero.

  197. bob grevatt says:

    bob grevatt

  198. Darren Reynolds says:

    Darren Reynolds

  199. Peter Salthouse says:

    Would love to win this fantastic prize!

  200. Neil Harper says:

    Good luck everybody!

  201. Chris Hancock says:

    Chris Hancock

  202. claire woods says:

    Claire woods

  203. Chris Tingey says:

    Chris Tingey

  204. Kerrie says:

    Kerrie wilton

  205. Kerry warburton says:

    Kerry Warburton

  206. Nigel Charlton-Wright says:

    Nigel Charlton-Wright

  207. HP says:

    Hiren Patel

  208. Richard Grist says:


  209. Neil Whitlock says:

    Neil Whitlock

  210. James van Bregt says:

    Thanks for organising!

  211. Iain Weir says:

    Iain Weir

  212. Mark O'sullivan says:

    The festival of speed is astounding.

  213. Emma Wolski says:

    Emma Wolski

  214. Lucy Caton says:

    Lucy Caton

  215. David Kent says:

    David Kent

  216. Adrian Crook says:

    Adrian Crook

  217. jura says:

    Fingers crossed :-)

  218. Natalie says:

    Ian Green

  219. craig boult says:

    Craig Boult

  220. Gareth Williams says:

    Gareth Williams

  221. Lisa Knight says:

    Top prize, would love this!

  222. Deborah Kerrigan says:

    Debs Kerrigan Glasgow

  223. Andy vaughan says:

    fingers crossed … it would make my year

  224. Nicki Doyle says:

    Nicki Doyle

  225. Rod Johns says:

    From the Farm to Goodwood

  226. TJ says:

    Just won a key ring (est cost: £3) at local tennis tournament, first win of any type in 40 years so I’m thinking this is my lucky decade…..

  227. Tracy Gladman says:

    Tracy Gladman

  228. sam pope says:

    yay! would love!

  229. Nick Moore says:

    Thank you ;)

  230. Nik Langdon says:

    Nik Langdon

  231. Nick Moore says:


  232. Andy Knight says:

    Andy Knight

  233. Nicholas Jeffery says:

    the last chance to go before kids come along!

    1. Nicholas Jeffery says:

      Forgot to add…… Nicholas Jeffery

  234. Charmaine says:

    I hope I win! Thanks for the comp

  235. ben says:

    Ben Allen

  236. Steven Wooding says:

    Steven Wooding

  237. Simon Purnell says:

    Simon Purnell

  238. susan o'connell says:

    susan o’connell

  239. Martin Myall says:

    Martin Myall

  240. Mark Baker says:

    Mark Baker

  241. Rhianne lamb says:

    Rhianne lamb

  242. George Gibson says:

    Glorious Goodwood!

  243. Marco Damin says:

    Marco Damin

  244. Sian James says:

    Sian James

  245. Emm Yeo says:

    Emma Yeo

  246. Niki Denton says:

    Niki Denton

  247. Barry says:

    Barry Nutt

  248. Abey Philip says:


  249. Ian Stallwood says:

    Ian Stallwood

  250. Daniel Fawcett says:

    Daniel Fawcett

  251. Steve Fall says:

    Steve Fall

  252. David fowler says:

    David fowlee

  253. L Pflieger says:

    Thanks !

  254. Shaun Nicholson says:

    Shaun Nicholson

  255. Rod Nash says:

    Rod Nash

  256. Luke McCarthy-Reed says:

    Come onnnn! I need a bit of luck.

  257. Zeno Venter says:


  258. George Goodfellow says:

    George Goodfellow

    (Can only make Saturday!)

  259. Nerissa Bailey says:

    Nerissa Bailey

  260. Mark Houchin says:

    Mark Houchin

  261. Matt Winton says:

    Matt Winton – me me me

  262. Matthew Miles says:

    Matthew Miles

  263. Lucy Vincent says:


  264. Rodney D A Nash says:

    Rodney D A Nash

  265. Miguel Sampaio says:

    Miguel Sampaio

  266. susan gault says:

    Susan gault would love to win

  267. Michael Gani says:

    Michael Gani

  268. Ahmed says:

    Ahmed patel

  269. Adam Hardwick says:

    Adam Hardwick

  270. Ben Akhurst says:

    Finger crossed.. I have always wanted to go the Goodwood.

  271. Samantha Mason says:

    Sammy Mason

  272. Chris Robinson says:

    Chris Robinson

  273. Ian Jarvis says:

    Ian Jarvis

    Here’s Hoping!

  274. Rui Sargento says:

    This would be my first time at Goodwood, will keep my fingers crossed hoping i get lucky!

  275. Nick M says:


  276. Anthony Olver says:

    Pleaaaaaaaase JA!!!

  277. Rui Sargento says:

    Rui Sargento

  278. Alastair hendry says:

    Alastair Hendry

  279. Peter Gallo says:

    Peter Gallo

  280. Bernadette Rogers says:

    To see my hubbys face when I gave him the tickets would be more thrilling than any F1 star….well nearly. x

  281. Neil jones says:

    Neil Jones

  282. Kerry Scanlon says:

    Kerry Scanlon

    fingers , legs and everything crossed

  283. mike davies says:

    Mike Davies

  284. Steven Skelton says:

    Steven Skelton

  285. Karen Singleton says:

    Karen Singleton

  286. Melanie Purvey says:

    Melanie Purvey

  287. Leigh wakeford says:

    Leigh wakeford

  288. Richard Warner says:


    Richard Warner

  289. Ricky Woolway says:

    Ricky Woolway

  290. Steven Carey says:

    Feeling lucky punk

  291. Rodney D A Nash says:

    Rodney Nash

  292. Nicole Harris says:

    Nicole Harris

  293. John nicholson says:

    John nicholson

  294. Geoff Henderson says:

    Number 1 on bucket list

  295. Nicula Madalin says:

    fabulous festival!!!

  296. David Wall says:

    David Wall

  297. daniel needham says:

    Daniel needham

  298. simon pritchard- says:

    Simon Pritchard – thanks

  299. COLIN BUTLER says:


    Saturday please!!!


  300. Angela Harris says:

    Always watch Goodwood Festival of Speed etc. on T.V., it would be awesome….to actually be there.

  301. Kate Hewitt says:

    Kate Hewitt

  302. Richard Eldred Hawes says:

    Richard Eldred Hawes

  303. Jason Smith says:

    Jason Smith

  304. Steve says:

    Stephen O’Keeffe

  305. David Taylor says:

    David Taylor, Sunday if possible please if I’m lucky

  306. Lee Clarke says:

    Lee Clarke has his earplugs ready

  307. James hannon says:

    My last hope of having tickets for saturday

  308. Chris Giddins says:

    Chris Giddins

  309. chris capon says:

    Love Kimi – leave me alone !

    Sat please please please !

  310. chris capon says:

    Chris capon

  311. Clare Turner says:

    Clare Turner

  312. Paul Baker says:

    Paul baker

  313. Simon brown says:

    Fingers crossed. Never been and I have a 10year old who would love it. Plus 28th June is my 39th birthday. What a present!

  314. Becci Cleary says:

    Becci Cleary

  315. Cally Martin says:

    Cally Martin

  316. Gary Cullen says:

    Gary Cullen

  317. Charlotte Thornton says:

    Charlotte Thornton

  318. Barry Aldous says:

    Barry Aldous

  319. mike brees says:

    mike brees

  320. Arnaud Tinet says:

    Arnaud Tinet

  321. JEANETTE KEMP says:


  322. Martin Self says:

    bring it on

  323. Danny Eaton says:

    Danny Eaton

  324. Gareth Stratton says:

    I feel the need, the need for speed…..

  325. Linda Morris says:

    Linda Morris

  326. kevin creasey says:

    I would love to take my son for his birthday.

  327. Debbie Upton says:

    Great Prize, I would love to go x

  328. Darren Poole says:

    Darren Poole

  329. Simon Atherton says:

    Simon Atherton

  330. Roddy Megally says:

    Roddy Megally

  331. Peter Spiers says:

    Peter Spiers

  332. Nigel Willmott says:

    Nigel Willmott

  333. Doug Chandler says:

    Doug Chandler

  334. Michael C says:

    wouldnt it be nice ………..as the beach boys would say

  335. Graham Angel says:

    Graham Angel

  336. Nicholas Jeffery says:

    Nicholas Jeffery

  337. DJMcDonnell says:

    me me me…… pick me ;-)

  338. neal herbert says:

    neal herbert

    please thank you

  339. Gareth says:

    Gareth Jones

  340. Ed Smith says:

    Ed Smith

  341. Emma McCarter says:

    Emma McCarter

  342. Peter Cotton says:

    Peter Cotton

  343. neil says:

    i’d love to go again!

  344. Ben Ford says:

    Ben Ford

  345. David Hatton says:

    David Hatton

  346. Jon C says:


  347. david mansfield says:

    David Mansfield

  348. Ian b. Chisholm says:

    Would fly from Toronto – the perfect excuse to visit !
    ( Not that I need one…)

  349. stuart lees says:

    Stuart Lees

  350. Chris Harkness says:

    Thanks for the chance of this competition, Would love to see Kimi!

    1. James Allen says:

      It’s closed I’m afraid. Closed Tuesday as it says in the post and the winners have been informed.

  351. John Moore says:

    Can’t wait!!!

  352. sharlene speakman says:

    sharlene speakman good luck fingers crossed


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