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Win a pair of grandstand tickets to the British Grand Prix!
Posted By: James Allen  |  30 Jun 2014   |  7:12 am GMT  |  878 comments

It’s British Grand Prix time! And JA on F1 is delighted to be able to offer a pair of tickets for all three days thanks to our friends at Silverstone.

We have two tickets for the Abbey Grandstand on Sunday, which allow roaming and free seating in other stands on the Friday and Saturday. And we have a car park pass as well for the lucky winners.*


Over the years we have been proud to have sent many fans to Grands Prix who would otherwise not have had a chance to attend a race in person.

There is nothing quite like the excitement of being there in person to see the great names of the sport and with Lewis Hamilton needing to regain the momentum from his team mate Nico Rosberg, now he is 29 points behind and with Williams on great form at the moment, this should be quite a weekend.


Also this is your chance to witness a special moment as Williams development driver Suzie Wolff is set to become the first woman for over 20 years to take part in an official F1 session when she drives on Friday morning.


Plus you could be there to see the memorable parade of star drivers assembled to celebrate the 50th World Championship Grand Prix at Silverstone featuring Sir Jackie Stewart, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Alain Prost and other legends.

So to be in with a chance of winning, simply give us your entry in the comments section below, making sure to leave us an email address when you register by which we can contact you.

Darren Heath

The competition will remain open until Tuesday at noon, UK time and we will notify the winners and send out the tickets on Tuesday using registered post in the case of UK winners. If the winner is from outside the UK arrangements will be made to leave the tickets at a collection point at Silverstone.

* Please note that the prize is the tickets and car pass only. It does not include travel, accommodation costs or subsistence which are entirely at your own expense.

Darren Heath

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  1. Tom b says:

    Will be amazing, would love to be there!

    1. Jason bate says:

      Would love to win

      1. Karl brooks says:

        Would love to be able to go to the British GP, especially in its 50th year,
        I want to be among the crowd in this new era of F1 with the new cars, sounds and drivers.
        This is a once in.a lifetime experience!!!

      2. Emma Edgar says:

        This would make my husband’s dream come true, and soften the blow of him turning the big 4 0 in August. It would also mean that after years of being a grandprix widow, all the information that I’ve soaked in over the years will be put to good use! Fingers crossed :)

    2. Jon Wade says:

      Would love to go to my first ever F1 race!

    3. Jesper Nielsen says:

      Would be soo stoked to win those tickets!

    4. Me me me me me me memeeeeeee pleeeeeaaseeeee

    5. Jamie Freeland says:

      Can you promise Ferrari will win also?

  2. Daniel Spiller says:

    I would love to win this. One entry please. Good luck to everyone.

  3. Davina Dunn says:

    I would so love to win the tickets for my daughter whose birthday is on the 4th July – she will be 17.
    She has just finished her higher grades ( Scotland ) and it would be such a great birthday treat for her!
    She loves F1 – so much so that her “life stops” when it is on… ……
    It is her ambition to become a journalist and aimin to specialise in sports! I think she intends stepping into Susie Perrys job!!!

    She is my rock and such a role model at school after winning an anti bullying award last year and is an ambassador (Diana award) for anti bullying across Renfrewshire schools – I am a Proud Mum :)

    I hope that she has a chance to win – she would be sooooo excited and elated!


    1. Gaz Boy says:

      Here’s a loaded question – gulp! – but if Scotland decides to break away from the Union does that mean the BBC are not duty bound to show F1 coverage North of the Border?
      In other words, if Scotland becomes independent, will the Scottish government have to negotiate with Mr E over F1 coverage in Scotia? Does that mean Lee, DC and McNishy will have to leave the BBC and go and work for STV coverage of F1???
      For the record, I’m unable to go this year’s Silverstone F1 for a variety of different reasons. This is the first GP I will miss since 2008. Having said that, with the benefit of hindsight that wasn’t a bad one to miss as most of the spectators got drenched that summer’s day in July 2008, even if it was sublime wet weather demonstration from Lewis. I’ve checked this week’s weather forecast on the BBC, and low pressure looks like it might hover over the UK towards the end of the week. Rain in other words is a good chance!
      And also, on the positive side, I won’t have to see that sinfully ugly Caterham and Ferrari in the flesh! I would advise anyone going to Silverstone to avert their gaze when the green and red monsters are within earshot……………

      1. Ian Pringle says:

        I think BBC Scotland can already chose to show it or not as they see fit. They’ve done strange things before with sports rights negotiated by the BBC in London.

        In terms of Indy, more chance of someone other than Merc winning the title this year.

        Barring some crazy turn of events, the SNP need to change the minds of a sizeable % of people the polls say will vote no and get all the undecideds to vote yes as well.

      2. Gaz Boy says:

        Cheers for the info – as you can gather I’m not Scottish (I’m a Sasanch) but I can’t imagine BBC F1 coverage with Lee’s insightful items and DC’s tight white jeans!

    2. Neil Franklin says:

      Fingers crossed, for my daughter’s first GP experience!

  4. Terry Golding says:

    Birthday dream come true for my son and I…fingers-crossed!!!

  5. Philip Harries says:

    Come on Lewis! Do it for Britain!

  6. Paul Bendrey says:

    Paul Bendrey

  7. Paul Brennan says:

    Fingers crossed!

  8. Scott Whitehouse says:

    I’d love to win these tickets, I’m an F1 fanatic, just didn’t get chance to go this year!

  9. Michael Kirkham says:

    Good luck everyone. Here’s to another successful year of F1 at Silverstone

  10. Philip Harries says:

    Go Lewis! Do it for Britain!

  11. Anant Ahuja says:


  12. Jennifer mitton says:

    Thank you!

  13. Anne Parker says:

    Living so close to Silverstone, it’s always been a dream to watch the GP but never had the chance or money. Love to see Lewis win a home GP

  14. Chris jenson says:

    Please enter me in the draw for the tickets for the British Grand Prix!

  15. Neil Wright says:

    Consideration for a pair of GP tickets , not been to silverstone since 2006

  16. Marc Koskela says:

    Please enter me!

  17. Curtis child says:

    Hello, I’d love to win tickets to the British gp, as I’ve always wanted to go . Seeing these cars for the first time in flesh would feel awesome .

  18. David Cameron Walker says:

    Is that all we have to do to enter? Just put a comment here?

    Fingers crossed. Should be a great race.

  19. Pick me, pick me, pick me :)

    I’ve got the sunscreen and the wet weather gear packed already!

    1. dean stewart says:

      Please pick me, never been to a GP and also never won anything!!

  20. Nick Mallard says:

    Competition entry – would love this to happen, especially if the weather is good! Long Live Silverstone!

  21. Phil Renwick says:

    Great event, I would love to be there!

  22. British Grand Prix Ticket Competition Entry

  23. Dan Cross says:

    Tickets, please!

  24. Rob Walgate says:

    I never win anything!

  25. Stuart Vickers says:

    I’d like to enter the competition and be in with a chance of winning tickets to the world’s best Grand Prix at Silverstone.
    It will be an amazing weekend. And hopefully a win for a British driver or British team!


  26. Jack Painter says:

    Jack Painter – jack.painter@live.com

    Many Thanks!!

  27. Tristan shephard says:

    Entering competition to win Silverstone tickets cant think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon then cheering on our British drivers especially button at there home grand prix

  28. Deejay Singh says:

    I can’t afford the tickets for the GP. Would love to win! Please!

  29. Richard Nellyer says:

    You can definitely count me in James! What a fantastic weekend it’ll be!

  30. Kate toumazi says:


    My email address to enter the competition is Kate.toumazi@gmail.com


  31. Steve Fall says:

    Make me a winner..

  32. Rajeev Kapur says:

    Hopefully I am lucky.

  33. James Owen says:

    Pleads consider my entry. Ive been a fórmula 1 fan for most of my life and would like to Take my dad for one last time

  34. John williams says:

    Entry for competition

  35. Lloyd Hobden says:

    Early bird, worm…?

  36. Martyn Jones says:

    Would love some tickets as this years British GO I feel will be pretty special. Hoping Lewis and JB will do us proud!

  37. Iain white says:

    Entry for grandstand tickets for 2014 British f1


  38. steve horsfield says:

    I’d love to win this prize, it would be a perfect opportunity to spend time with a good friend I haven’t seen for a while.

  39. David Saddington says:

    I would absolutely love to get the chance to go!

  40. Andy Dane says:

    Yes please!

  41. Philippa Pickering says:

    Would loooooooooove to win tickets!

  42. Stirron Seaborn says:

    Would be great to win as I’ve been given a 3day Abbey ticket to my first GP as a present but I’d love to take my 2 sons.!! #Silverstone50 p.s. got the link off your twitter..

  43. andrew says:

    oo arhh im in
    andy james- colchester

  44. Nikki turner says:

    Would love to go to f1 it’s my birthday this week and all the years I’ve been born I’ve never had the chance to go,so this would be my one and only chance!

  45. David Ainsworth says:

    Fingers crossed. This is my last chance to make it this year

    1. David Ainsworth says:

      Good luck to the Brits at Silverstone

  46. Ivan Gluckman says:

    Maybe an English driver can have more drive than then England football team !!

  47. Richard Khan says:

    Hi James,

    Would love to win these tickets (and carpark pass).



  48. Carol Ross says:

    Would love to be there this year for the 50th anniversary! :)

  49. Hazel Layden says:

    This is a fantastic prize from a fantastic site. Would make my dream come true to be at silverstone, never been to a live race. :)

  50. Jan Diggle says:

    This year will be the ultimate home race in many ways.. for me it will mark 20 years from my first visit to see the British Grand Prix of 1994, that day was truly amazing, watching Damon Hill soar home to victory in his Rothmans Williams Renault and witnessing the late lovely Princess Diana present the trophy on the podium, the day a thousand words cannot describe, the day I fell in love with Formula one motor racing!

  51. Gareth Cavaciuti says:

    Yes please

  52. Mark Bennett says:

    Thanks James

  53. Collwyn Jones says:

    Applying for grandstand tickets. Fingers and everything crossed! Thanks for posting this competition!

  54. James Towers says:

    Yes please! 20 year fan of F1 and still never managed / afforded to see a grand prix live, would love to be at Silverstone!

  55. Paul Rackham says:

    Love to make my own mind up about the sound!

  56. gavin book says:

    I last attending the BGP in 2008 as a wedding present from my wife and it was great to see Lewis storm the race in terrible conditions and would love to return the favour to my wife and see Lewis win again!

  57. James says:

    Wow, this would be great! :)

  58. Tim Allen says:

    Entry for the competition
    Tim Allen

  59. Nick Twist says:

    It would be a dream come true to be at the British GP this weekend to be part of the 50 year celebrations and to get to see the titanic battle between Lewis and Nico close up!! :)

  60. Jack Simpson says:

    Hi there I am entering for the competition my email address is jacksimpson1996@hotmail.co.uk and my post code is RG1 6HU

  61. Andrew lees says:

    Hi entering the comp, fingers crossed!

  62. Howard Freeman says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  63. Richard Moffoot says:

    Silverstone tickets competition entry!

  64. Cliff Rogers says:

    Cheers James. Hope I’m lucky!

  65. Stacey akers says:

    Would love to win fior my husband he deserves it after 13 years of service in the army he is a massive fan this would just be amazing

  66. Mark Cope says:

    Hi, please may I be entered into the completion to win tickets to the British Grand Prix. I would love to give my support to all the drivers. I’m a huge Mansell fan too, would love to see him in the 50th anniversary parade! I remember being inconsolable when he retired from the sport , I was a broken hearted young boy with F1 in my blood. Have barley missed a race on the box since. I’m going with ground entry on saturday to watch qualifying but sadly cannot afford to go on race day.
    Either way all the very best, please keep up your awesome work covering F1.
    Kindest regards

  67. Andrew Moyes says:

    Entry for GP tickets @ Silverstone

  68. Ed Smith says:

    Ed Smith

  69. Emma Green says:

    This would be so awesome to win. Haven’t been able to stick to our words of attending every Silverstone since 2012 due to lack of funds. My husband and I never get chance to spend anytime together due to his shifts and my working and having 2 young boys, this would be a perfect chance to catch up on the sport we love together!

  70. jo bean says:

    Would love to be there

  71. Mark Kedgley says:

    Thanks! Haven’t been to a Grand Prix for a few years!


  72. Oooo I would so love to go this year and hear the sound of those new hybrid engines. A bit of rain might spice things up nicely too.

    Come on Lewis!!

  73. David Yardley says:

    Would love to take my boy to a live GP to share and experience I shared as a lad and develop his interest in F1 to match my own.

    David Yardley
    Croydon, Surrey

  74. Emma Machin says:

    Please enter me :)

  75. Natalie May says:

    I’d love to go, haven’t been to the British GP since 2008 & 2009!

  76. Tim says:

    Fingers crossed I’m a winner, weather should be good

  77. Daniel Rayner says:

    having read the site for quite some time, for some reason this is the first time i have felt compelled to leave a comment ;)

  78. Rob van der Luijt says:

    Dear JA, On 6 July, I will turn 50, just as the British GP @ Silverstone ! It would be a great bday gift. So, as JA does not only mean James Allen, but is also tge word for YES in the Dutch language, I say: JA please ;-)

  79. Tim says:

    Can’t believe I was the 1st (&2nd) to leave a comment !!

  80. Tom Hayward says:

    Hi James,

    Sounds awesome, what a great prize, lets hope Lewis finds his form and Williams continue the upward trend!

    Many Thanks for the opportunity – Ive got the tent and bbq ready to go…;-)


  81. James Baldwin says:

    Hope I win :)

  82. Colin Pike says:

    Yes please

  83. Juuso says:

    Let’s see if I’ll get lucky this time :)

  84. Dave Bending says:

    Yes please!

  85. Graham Kaye-Taylor says:

    It’s my birthday on Sunday, and rather than watch the race at home, I’d love to win these tickets and take my 5 year old F1 crazy son to his first GP

  86. Morten Nielsen says:

    Fingers crossed :-)

  87. Tim Everett says:

    Tickets in the religious stand, that way I can pray for a lewis win

  88. Aurian says:

    Fingers crossed :-)

  89. Richard Harrison says:

    I would love these tickets so much! Fingers crossed and good luck to all other entrants

  90. Alastair Masterton says:

    Competition entry

  91. Dan Lawrence says:

    This would be awesome!! :D

  92. Lisa Clarke says:

    Please enter me into the competition to win tickets to the British Grand Prix. Thanks.

  93. Ian West says:

    Can’t wait to see if Mclaren can push on and get a good result and I hope Lewis can make inroads to Nico’s lead!

  94. Neil Medler says:

    I’d love to win the Silverstone tickets competition, hopefully cheering Max Chilton on to score a few more points for Marussia…. Go #M4X!!!

  95. Chris Cole says:

    Me me me me me please!

  96. Paul Herbert says:

    Hoping to win some tickets to the F1 @ Silverstone!

    Go Lewis!

  97. Daniel Atchibald says:


    Winning this competition would be awesome and it will be great to take my son to a gp and start him off early.


  98. Rob press says:

    This would be a fantastic oppertunity and would mean the world to me and my 5 year old son. He has never witnessed formula 1 and is as mad as his dad about it. He Will witness some of the older generation of cars. Some of which he has only seen in my old magazines. So to witness this and witness silverstone in all Its glory for Its 50th bday would would be fantastic. Thankyou for the oppertunity to try. Happy Bday silverstone. And may your track be graced with more fantastic machinery in years to come. Long live silverstone long live motoracing long live F1

  99. Claire Harris says:

    I would love the chance to win these tickets for me & my boyfriend, he had an accident in work last year and badly damaged his hand and lost a finger. He’s been unable to work since then so it’s been hard both financially and physically. My partner is starting to see the light at then end of the tunnel but it’s been a tough 12 months. These tickets would make his year as he is a massive F1 fan and I also would love to watch the race live. Thank you.

  100. Dominic Winter says:

    I’m not sure if you have to do anything other than comment to enter this, but here’s my entry! :)

  101. Michael Roberts says:

    Would be awesome to go and hear these new hybrids in action.

  102. Matt Bailey says:

    *fingers crossed*

  103. Dave Workman says:

    I would like to enter the draw!

  104. kimbo.wilson@hotmail.co.uk says:

    Life long fan of Formula one……so really disappointed to not be able to go this year to Silverstone to celebrate their 50th grand prix. Contrary to popular opinion Formula One is not mostly a Male sport, women enjoy it too, and to see Susie Wolff take to the track on Friday would be brilliant for all ladies out there who believe it the sport will always be dominated by men.Formula One …..us ladies love your sport too!!

  105. Phil Grady says:

    Competition entry. Come on Lewis!

  106. Chris Chesterman says:

    I would love nothing more than to be at Silverstone this year!! Following the birth of my son I’ve lived on a diet of TV Motorsport and need to smell that unique hint of molten rubber and higky strung racing engines!

    Great insights as ever James



  107. Jamie Hutchins says:

    I want to win those tickets!

  108. Sean McDonagh says:

    Pick me

  109. Graham Hodgson says:

    Haven’t managed to be able to afford a Grand Prix Weekend since 2008. To win the tickets would be a superb way to break that 6 year hiatus. Fingers crossed!

  110. Alistair Gibson says:

    pls find my Entry to the jA on F1 competition for silverstone british GP tickets.

  111. David Jones-Bierton says:

    This would be sweet.

  112. Andrew Rhymer says:

    Competiition Entry – British Grand Prix Grandstand Tickets…

  113. Really think this is going to be the most exciting British GP in years with Lewis Hamilton doing so well, would also really like to see Jenson Button and Max Chilton race, as well as being a big Ferrari fan,would take my brother if I won thanks. R DiMarco

  114. David fowler says:

    Fingers crossed!

  115. Ian N says:


  116. Ritesh Tendulkar says:

    Ritesh Tendulkar, London

  117. Peter Catton says:

    Thanks for the chance James,

  118. Tony Ashby says:

    Count me in!

  119. Dave C says:

    Yes please!

  120. Richard Barton-Knott says:

    Entry to the competition for Silverstone GP tickets.

  121. Raymond de Bourbon says:

    Can’t wait for this weekend.. Always one of my favourite races!

  122. Luke McCarthy-Reed says:

    Go on then :)

  123. James murphy says:

    James murphy.

  124. Steve meek says:

    Wow love to win these !!

  125. Gareth Jones says:

    Booked time off work for the 50th Silverstone Grand Prix. Unfortunately things haven’t worked out as planned but would love to be there with my wife Sue this year.

  126. Thomas Wood says:

    Thomas Wood

  127. Leo Ward says:

    Please enter me into the Silverstone tickets competition, thanks!

  128. Simon Kelly says:


  129. Kevin George says:

    My entry! Please let it be me :)

  130. Rob Coghlan says:

    Me me me! I’d love the tickets pleasethankyoubyenow

  131. shaun doherty says:

    Yes please :)

  132. Charlie Baker says:

    First corner at a Grand Prix, doesn’t get any better.

  133. Richard Frank says:

    Thanks for the competition!

  134. tim wing says:

    fingers crossed!!

  135. Simon Lear says:

    Would love to win this

  136. tank says:

    I’d love to see the British Grand Prix live!

  137. Hope to win thease. Should be a cracker and good to see the williams do well at home again I hope!

  138. Paul Watson says:

    Would love to win the tickets, been a long time lurker and occasional commentator on your brilliant site! P.s. Loving the redesign

  139. Hayley Scoffin says:

    Would love to be the winner

  140. Emma Higgins says:

    So excited for Silverstone this year, been a great season so far and would love to have the opportunity to experience the race weekend at the track rather than sat in front of my t.v .

  141. Spyros says:

    Well I’m not based in the UK right now but I would gladly make a quick visit for this one.

  142. neil says:

    I’d buy a pink shirt if I won.

  143. Chris Coates says:

    Count me in. :) Getting married the following weekend and can’t think of a better way to go out with a bang.

  144. David Griffiths says:


  145. phillip parker says:

    Me please….that would be lovely…thank you. :)

  146. Edward Clarke says:

    Silverstone is the dream

  147. Jon says:

    Yes please, would be awesome to witness a fantastic event!

  148. Sue Godden says:

    It would be a great birthday present!

  149. Neil Jellis says:

    This is one competition I would love to win!

  150. Rik Kay says:

    Excited as always to have the Silverstone gp just around the corner. Drove past the Silverstone sign yesterday and that alone gets me excited.

  151. Johan says:

    Pick me! :)

  152. Melanie Purvey says:


  153. alex savage says:

    Yes please. One of only a few weekends I have off, so would love to be at Silverstone.

  154. James A says:

    Competition entry

  155. Mike Spikin says:

    Good luck everyone!

  156. Jonathan Greenwood says:

    Hi James
    I’m virtually house bound all weekend
    Due to the tour de France coming through my village
    If I’m at Silverstone I can get away from it all

  157. kim wilson says:

    Life long fan of Formula one……so really disappointed to not be able to go this year to Silverstone to celebrate their 50th grand prix. Contrary to popular opinion Formula One is not mostly a Male sport, women enjoy it too, and to see Susie Wolff take to the track on Friday would be brilliant for all ladies out there who believe the sport will always be dominated by men.Formula One …..us ladies love your sport too!!

  158. Peter Noake says:

    Really hope I win!

  159. David Treadgold says:

    Silverstone Competition Entry

  160. Andreas Trabesinger says:


  161. Thomas Foote says:

    Would love to see the British GP in person this year!

  162. Ed ratcliff says:

    Hope it doesn’t rain too much ;)

  163. Richard hope says:

    I would love to win these tickets.. Please please choose me

  164. Alan Broad says:

    Great comp

  165. David Wall says:

    David Wall
    85 Birchin Lane
    CW5 6JZ

  166. Christian Backlund says:

    Excellent competition James, does the winner also get to meet you at Silverstone? That’d be brilliant!

  167. Alan Billington says:

    Fingers crossed!

  168. declan findlay says:

    I’d like to enter the competition for a pair of tickets go the British grand prix, I’ve never been to a race before!

  169. Chris Pichowicz says:

    Entry for competition.

  170. Zahid Hanif says:

    I would love to win these!

  171. Steve Grundy says:

    It will be a great achievement for Susie Wolf to drive on Friday. I can’t wait untill we see women race on Sundays as well. My daughter has just become a professional cricketer playing for England so I know just how difficult it is for women to succeed in men’s sports.

  172. Wayne Madden says:

    I am a massive F1 fan and have never been fortunate enough to get tickets to a Grand Prix.
    I would love the opportunity to go this season.

  173. Stewart says:

    Competition entry, baby!

  174. Martin Phillipson says:

    Pack your brollies and waterproofs, it’s British GP time!

  175. Andy James says:

    Fingers crossed!

  176. Derek Ekins says:

    I would be happy to give these tickets a good home

  177. Sean Cardus says:

    British Grand Prix competition entry! :)


  178. joew says:

    I’d love to take my son to the GP :)

  179. Erin Freeman says:

    I live relatively close to Silverstone but I’ve never had the chance to go because of the cost!… recently ran the Silverstone half marathon in March but that’s not quite the same as seeing the F1 cars go around and around and around :)

  180. Tom Cuthbert says:

    I’m not too sure what the question/entry is… so I’m just leaving a comment in case this is all that is required!

    Would love to go to Silverstone to see the GP, fingers crossed!

  181. Craig says:

    I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed. Would love to finally attend a GP.

  182. James McNulty says:

    James McNulty

  183. Daniel Lister says:

    Fingers crossed for a thrilling British Grand Prix!

  184. Ahmed Naas says:

    It would be a dream come true after making to Goodwood FOS.
    fingers crossed ;)

  185. gareth lindley says:

    british grand prix tickets

  186. Juliet Hodgkinson says:

    Yes please!

  187. David Mallett says:

    Cant wait, this is going to be the one to watch this year.

  188. Andrew Webb says:

    Would love to come and support Suzie, Lewis, Jenson & Max

  189. Anne Ticehurst says:

    I’d like to be entered into the draw please.

  190. Andrew J says:

    Blimey, that’s an excellent prize!

  191. Dave Hunt says:

    Fingers crossed…!

  192. Sarah Webb says:

    Would love this pretty please , to say thank you to my husband for caring for me for the last 11 months x

  193. Foz says:

    please please please!

  194. Paul Miller says:

    Thanks for the opportunity James…

  195. Matt says:

    Come on Lewis

  196. Richard Gillingham says:

    Never had this chance before

  197. Spencer Sanford says:

    I’d love to win this, I think I’d be soo happy I may pee a little!!!
    Seeing Suzie driving would be a historical milestone to witness also.

  198. Sam Coles says:

    Competition, I am in you!

  199. Andrew Belson says:

    Please send a fan like me would count afford it!

  200. Andrzej says:

    Why not :)

  201. Sebastian says:

    So in for this. :)

  202. David Ainsworth says:

    Let’s hope it’s a great weekend for the brits

  203. JB64 says:

    Please consider this comment as my entry, James! What a great prize, I think it could be a good one this year.

  204. Slick says:

    Stephen Cudd

  205. Grant Cecil says:

    Please enter me for the Britsh GP draw…

  206. Richard Morris says:

    I’d like to enter the competiton for the British gp please

  207. Simon Wright says:

    Entry to competition – thanks!

  208. Paul Baker says:

    Please make me a winner. Huge F1 fan and massive fan of Lewis.

  209. Vincent says:

    I have wanted to attend the British GP my whole life and never been able to afford it.

    This would be an unforgettable experience, to win.

    Good luck everyone!

  210. Alan Perestrello says:

    Alan Perestrello

  211. Ian Pringle says:


  212. Jon C says:


  213. Simon Pritchard says:


  214. Ian Procter says:

    Great Prize

  215. Guillermo Grindlay says:

    Fingers crossed!

  216. Carsten Myhill says:

    Sounds amazing. Fingers crosses.

  217. Samuel Dingle says:

    C’mon Lewis !!!!!!!

  218. Chris Hampton says:

    Please enter me into the competition James, would love the chance to go!

  219. Graeme Marsden says:

    Competition entry – graeme_a_marsden@hotmail.com

  220. Joel Dingle says:

    C’mon Lewis & Fernando!!!

  221. Stephen says:

    James, please make my dreams come true!


  222. Oliver Smith says:

    I have been a massive fan of F1 all my life and I would love to go to the British grand Prix

  223. Andrew Fenner says:

    I couldn’t see a question for this competition, so guess it is a case of leaving a comment and entering a prize draw :).

    Great work James, fantastic site and insight.

  224. Peter Whitfield says:

    Please enter me into the competition to win a pair of tickets to the British GP at Silverstone.

    Many thanks,


  225. Andrew Taylor says:

    Bring it on…………..

  226. Kevin Russell says:

    Hamilton must win

  227. Neil Moloney says:

    Silverstone Comp

  228. Mat Clothier says:

    Competition entry.

  229. JackiTaylor says:

    How wonderful would it be to win these tickets and witness Nico Rosberg increase his lead in the championship?

  230. ben says:

    Ben Allen

  231. Giles Witchell says:

    Yes please!

  232. David Lewis says:

    Entry to competition

  233. Anthony Stott says:

    I attend the British GP a few years ago but I was horrendously ill and completely out of it (can barely remember a thing about it!). Having another chance to go when I’m compos mentis would be awesome!

  234. Nina E Epstein says:

    It would truly be a dream come true for me. Nina

  235. Richard Hill says:

    102 Poster, maybe my lucky number!!

  236. Charlotte Hughes says:

    Love Silverstone GP one of my favourites to watch xCx

  237. Jamie Bell says:

    The costs are so high now a days, I’d given up hope. Please be me! :D

  238. Andy Hagon says:

    I’d love to go :-)
    Fingers crossed!

  239. Nick Gale says:

    Gotta be in it to win it…!

  240. Daniel Hale says:

    Daniel Hale! Good luck everyone.

  241. Andrew Brearley says:

    I’m in! ;-)

  242. Geoff Fall says:

    Would love to see the action live

  243. Mark Bollom says:

    Yes please!!

  244. Wayne says:

    I really hope my lucks in for this one. Never won anything i have entered before so hopefully there’s always the first time.

  245. Chris Gresty says:

    I’m a student that cannot afford to go so this would be a dream come true. Hopefully lewis can do it!!

  246. Andy Holding says:

    Yes please !

  247. Warren Currie says:

    My fingers are so crossed that they’re in knots!

  248. Nic Redhead says:

    I’d like to enter the competition, thanks! Will be a cracking time for whoever wins.

  249. Kieran says:

    Would love to be there to see Lewis win and be part of an amazing weekend!

  250. Laura Gillespie says:

    Would love to win these tickets for my new husband who is a huge F1 fan.

  251. andrea fletcher says:

    I would love to win these tickets to the GP as my husband and I are huge fans.

    I would love to surpprise him with tickets to see the 2014 GP this year
    He would be so shocked

    Here’s hoping!!

    James please make my wishes come true !


  252. James Butler says:

    Got to be in it to win it!! Good luck everyone :)

  253. Andy Brown says:

    I would love to go.

  254. Glen Carroll says:

    F1 is my passion and it would mean a lot to me if you helped me watch a Grand Prix

  255. Paul Brennan says:

    NEver been to a GP – would live to win this!

  256. Andrew Cliff says:

    Desperate to attend the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Fingers crossed.

  257. warley says:

    Golden tickets! Super! Off to buy some Wonka Bars!

  258. Jonathan Kelk says:

    Jonathan Kelk

  259. Robert Prior says:

    Another fantastic competition James! Fingers crossed that I finally win.

  260. Andy butcher says:

    Much obliged!

  261. Mark ironman says:

    For me the British Grand Prix is the best race of the year,at the home of British Motorsport Silverstone!!
    I would love to win the pickets so I can take my son Lewis who is 4 yrs old & he loves f1 just like me.
    Every time we watch it & he sees Lewis in his car he always says “dad that’s me”

  262. Pete Harris says:

    Oh yes please, some mechanical madness!….:-)

  263. Steven Carey says:

    Ooh nice tickets please

  264. Uday A says:

    Love to be there .Thanks Jo

  265. Matt Riggins says:

    My entry

  266. Uday A says:

    Love to be there .Thanks Allen

  267. daniel needham says:

    I feel the need, the need for speed!

  268. David Hastings says:

    Would be great for British motorsport and Silverstone 50th if Hamilton wins. Would be great to win these tickets and be there to witness it :-)

  269. Danielle says:

    Me and my dad would love to be able to go this year. It’s a fantastic experience. But this years a little different I think. I would love to hear the sound of the turbos and truely see what the cars look like in person. And obviously it would be awesome to see Lewis take a British victory for us! Or even Jenson. Come on lads!

  270. Ian Cade says:

    Would be the best way to celebrate our first anniversary.. Best of luck to everyone.

  271. Madeleine Ricke says:

    Wanted to go to Silverstone last year but couldn’t get there due to the damn weather so spend all that money for nothing. Please help me to attend a Formula1 Grand Prix as I always wanted to be at one for such a long time but never had the money for it..

  272. David Hastings says:

    Will the weather hold out #windandrain

  273. Johnnyboy says:

    Come on James, tickets to me please. You know it makes sense.

  274. David Hastings says:

    Competition entry

  275. Liam Philliban says:

    yes, please :)

  276. Megan says:

    Would love to win tickets! It would be amazing to see all the action in person. Let’s go Ricciardo!

  277. Matt Battison says:

    Fingers crossed for this one!!!

  278. Andy Wheatley says:

    Massive F1 fan … been many years before … just couldn’t justify expense for last few years to the powers that be !!!

  279. Paul says:

    Fingers crossed :-)

  280. Guido says:

    Packed and ready to go!

  281. Owen McIntyre says:

    I’d love to be there! Thanks

  282. Kristian says:

    I would love a chance to see a British winner in my first GP at Silverstone… count me in for the draw! :)

  283. Anil Parmar says:

    Fingers crossed :)

  284. Stuart says:

    Haven’t been to Silverstone, or any GP come to that, since 2002. I’d love to see how the live experience has developed since then. Do you still need earplugs?

  285. Emma McCarter says:

    wow what a prize, never had the chance to go before, is this my lucky day?

  286. Chris says:

    Yes please. Who wouldn’t want to win this amazing opportunity?

  287. Josh Newton says:

    Nice one James / Silverstone. Count me in!

  288. Ben Sibley says:

    Prrreeeetyyyyyyyyy pleeeeeaasaaaase?

  289. Alex France says:

    My entry for the competition.

  290. Adam says:

    Would love to get these tickets, never been to a go after 23 years of love for f1. Would be great to see a Lewis win.

  291. Rob says:

    A fair chance we’ll see a British winner! Who wouldn’t want to go?

  292. Zoe Hughes says:

    Would love to win. Fingers crossed!

  293. Rhianne lamb says:

    Would love to be there!

  294. Nico Nicol (@Silverarowangel) says:

    Would love to come to Silverstone with my son, once in a lifetime dream :)

  295. Roy McBride says:

    In it to win it :)

  296. Nick Berry says:

    Hi James What a fantastic prize on offer …….Was lucky to attend in 2008 to see Lewis dominate from start to finish in terrible conditions with my future wife ……Now happily married would love to take her again {hopefully in sunshine ] to see Lewis get the win he needs . Many thanks and fingers crossed Nick

  297. Laura Leslie says:

    I’ve got that day off work so why not. Never been to a Grand Prix.

  298. Alex Grant says:

    Wow! What a prize. One for the bucket list for me and my 10 year old!

  299. Jim W says:

    Please enter me. Would love to be there!

  300. Sonia Green says:

    My husband and I would love to win this!

  301. Andrew Goodlad says:

    This would be great! :)

  302. Daniel Ritchie says:

    Would love to win tickets. Hopefully McLaren have a good race and hoping for a Hamilton win

  303. Luke Dennett says:


  304. Martyn Massop says:

    Fantastic prize and opportunity. Good Luck Everyone…come on Lewis!

  305. Lee Wise says:

    Thanks James, great competition. Fingers crossed!

  306. Tom Ellis says:

    Please let me be the one who is privileged enough to go to the 50th Formula 1 race at the home of motor sport that is called Silverstone!! It would be a dream come true to witness it in real life and it would be a awesome way to celebrate passing my A levels before going on to Uni. Please!!

  307. Lee Benham says:

    Would love to see Hamilton race to victory this weekend. I have a good feeling about him and the car in front of the home crowd. Fingers crossed I might win :)

  308. mark says:

    Havent been to Grand Prix for few years, would be nice to go back

  309. Megan Ward says:

    Fingers crossed!

  310. Kerry Bardsley says:

    Ooooooooh. Yes please! Would need a babysitter for an 8 month old though, whilst he loves watching the races I’m not sure the real thing is his cup of tea just yet. Plenty of time for future f1 brainwashing!

  311. Gavin says:

    In it to win it!

  312. Hayley Norman says:

    Competition Entry! May random chance operate in my favour!

  313. Mark says:

    Think my lad would really enjoy this if I was lucky enough to win,,,,,,,,

  314. Simon Purnell says:

    Wish me luck!

  315. Tom Harris says:

    Would love to be there!

  316. Nathan Moore says:

    I’ve been an F1 fan for since I was 6 years old and would love to be part of the 50th anniversary of Silverstone.

  317. trevor mullen says:

    Would love to go. Please pick me.

  318. Tommi Talvitie says:

    like to win!

  319. Ian hopkins says:

    Never been to a F1 race before. Way to expensive for my pockets :(

    This may be my only chance to go.

  320. Gavin Marshall says:

    Would love to be able to bring my 9 year old son, who dreams of being an F1 driver!

  321. Pops says:

    Never been, would love to go.

  322. Richard Ellis says:

    Please let me be the one who is chosen to go to Silverstone 50th anniversary event as I want to treat my son who has been in and out of hospital the last couple of years for various different treatment but all the time he was in hospital sometimes weeks on end he would never miss a race and always looked forward to them it gave him something to focus on in a very dark time. So for him to be able to be that close to his hero’s after everything he’s been through would be a dream come true for him and it’s a deserving reward I think personally after all the things he suffered! He’s a massive Lewis Hamilton fan and knows the ins and outs of every car and every team! It would be amazing to tell him pack a bag son we’re going to see the best sport on the planet. I hope you take my entry into consideration


    1. chris says:

      Congratulations on winning…. I hope you and your son have a great and well deserved day at the gp. I bet his face lit up when you told him!

  323. Diane Bird says:

    I would love to win these, but not for myself. I would donate them to the wonderfully inspirational lads called Kartforce – karting for injured troops. Seriously injured physically and mentally in active service, coming home as double amputees/severely burned/suffering PTSD, they had little to get up in the morning for. Motorsport has given them a new lease of life. It’s given them new-found confidence, and the chance to be seen for their ability and not their disability. This prize would be a huge boost.

    Please, please please

  324. Sean Lane says:

    I’d love to be able to take my son who is mad for motorsport and F1 but has never experienced a F1 race or Silverstone – hopefully a family memory to treasure

  325. Alex says:

    One entry please.

  326. Joannie Dixon says:

    Tour de France this weekend coming to Derbyshire, but would miss the party to get to Silverstone

  327. James Dilley says:

    Hoping this year will be my year …

  328. JamboUK says:

    Would be an absolute dream come to true. As a fan for 30 years. Fantastic competition. Good luck everyone.

  329. Rik Wolters says:

    This would be awesome!!!

  330. Marcus says:

    Here goes…

  331. Bene says:

    nice competition :)

  332. Chris Whyte says:

    Thank you!

  333. Gary Price says:

    I would love to see history made. …..

  334. James Bennett says:

    Please can I win, this would be awesome!

  335. Simon Billinton says:

    This is my entry for your generous prize giveaway.

  336. Ross says:

    would love to go, last time I went was 2009

  337. James Cross says:

    Never had the chance or the money to go to a Grand Prix despite being a fan for nearly 20 years, this would be a dream come true!

  338. Dominic says:

    Would love to take my son to his first Grand Prix. Well technically he’s been before but only when he was in his mums tummy!

  339. Darryl Finch says:

    Would certainly be fun to go!

  340. Lyndsey says:

    I would love to win these tickets :)
    Also lovin the website keep up the good work

  341. Sophie Twynham says:

    Please enter me for F1 competition!

  342. Josh Robins says:

    I’m excited to watch it on TV, let alone go!

  343. Vicky says:

    Would be the best prize ever to win these tickets!!

  344. Tom H says:

    Would love to be there for race day on Sunday – despite being a huge F1 armchair fan, I’ve regrettably never been to a Grand Prix – something that’s nearly changed a couple of times but never come off.

    Best of luck to everyone else who enters too!

  345. Sean Hardman says:

    Great weekend of Motorsport at Silverstone coming up. Hoping for a classic race.

  346. Joyce says:

    Having attended the feeder series for f1 for years I have never been able to afford the f1. I have watched Kiki, Paul di Resta and Lewis through formalu Renault with Manner Motorsport , who marussias John Booth runs. I have attended British formula 3 and watched Daniel Ricciardo and jaime algieshari come through. Our family are so proud of these boys (and girls, Susie wolf) and would love to see them at the top of their game.

  347. Faïssal Fdil says:

    Let’s do it & see what’s what :)

  348. John Fellows says:

    I would love to go, never been in the grandstand before!

  349. Will Wykeham says:

    I’d love to go to the Grand Prix


  350. Matt says:

    Excited for Silverstone! Hoping for a British winner!

  351. Matt W says:

    One entry please!

  352. Sasa Boskovic says:

    I would love to be there. Good luck to all.


  353. James v B says:

    Oh, go on, then! Count me in.

  354. Anthony Harris says:

    Yes please!! Would love to go.

  355. neil says:

    Silverstone, in pink! Gotta be there :)

  356. aceman says:

    love to see Chilton finish last again or not!

  357. Paddy McKegney says:

    Yes please! Want to see Lewis win there this year after he was robbed by tyres last year!

  358. Denise Hole says:

    Just liat my job and need cheering up.

  359. Rupert Richardson says:

    See you there!!

  360. Darren Sage says:

    Due to getting married at the start of next year we had to give up going to the grand prix this year after going for the last 4 years. Love camping at Whittlebury park and always love the atmosphere. Fingers and Toes crossed we get lucky…….

  361. Steve Boden says:

    Would absolutely love to go!!

  362. Tony Hooper says:

    Me please!

  363. Alastair says:

    Enter me please! Last time I was at the GP lewis won, so I’m obviously good luck!

  364. Simon D says:

    British winner, sounds like a great weekend, would love to go and take my mate on his birthday!

  365. Robert Eddie says:

    Entry for the competition. Thanks! :)

  366. Spanco says:

    I’d really like to go to the British grand prix, even though Holland plays Costa Rica on Saturday night!

  367. Martin Thorne says:

    Ah well, I can but hope and keep everything crossed, I really need to hear the difference myself between last years V8′s and the new PU’s

  368. Adam says:

    This would be an amazing way to celebrate passing my first year of university and my 19th birthday!

  369. Steve Hughes says:

    Go Lewis and jenson!!!!

  370. Ian Williams says:

    Ooh, that would be absolutely splendid. Good luck everyone.… just not quite as good as for me!!

  371. Rob Pullar says:

    I have always wanted to go to see a GP, but the expense was always too much – would love to win this one!

  372. Silvo says:

    Would love to go and see Susie in person, although she’s not “set to become the first woman to take part in an official F1 session”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_female_Formula_One_drivers

    But nonetheless — would love to go. Thanks!

  373. Steve Hughes says:

    C’mon Lewis! Do it for the British fans

  374. Philip Stanford says:

    One Entry Please :) I’ve never been to Sliverstone and i’d love to experience it. It’s probably the closest i’ll get to a home Grand-Prix. I live in Ireland you see… McLaren supporter since my first GP in 1985 when the great Niki Lauda was behind the wheel. It’s hard to watch McLaren the last few years but they’ll return to form, with the great Ron Denis now back at the helm. In Ron We Trust ;) If i don’t win i’ll still be cheering on Jenson and McLaren from the sofa at home in Cork, Ireland.

  375. Nick Freeman says:

    Yes please!!

  376. Peter says:

    I’m going to win

  377. ethan pearce says:

    Hope I win it be my first grand prix and what a special grand prix it is

  378. William Russell says:

    Can’t wait for Silverstone!

  379. Thanushka Galkissage says:

    Fingers crossed…!

  380. One Entry Please. I’ve never been to Sliverstone and i’d love to experience it. It’s probably the closest i’ll get to a home Grand-Prix. I live in Ireland you see… McLaren supporter since my first GP in 1985 when the great Niki Lauda was behind the wheel. It’s hard to watch McLaren the last few years but they’ll return to form, with the great Ron Denis now back at the helm. In Ron We Trust!
    If i don’t win i’ll still be cheering on Jenson and McLaren from the sofa at home in Cork, Ireland.

  381. Tracey says:

    Great prize :)

  382. Stephen Edwards p says:

    Would be the most fantastic of father and son days – fingers crossed

  383. Mark Baker says:

    There would be lots of awsomeness if we could be at Silverstone!

  384. Nick Young says:

    Yes please, sounds like a fantastic prize!

  385. James Durant says:

    Please can I win?

  386. Andrew Howarth says:

    I was hoping to be marshalling at the GP but unfortunately I didn’t get chosen. So this is the only way I could be there now this year.

  387. Amer Muni says:

    My entry for the competition, thank you.

  388. mike cullom says:

    My entry

  389. Matthew Saupe-Potter says:

    I would love to go to the British GP and hear these new whining turbos! Hopefully Lewis can get the home win!

  390. San says:

    Would be an absolutely fantastic treat for me & my partner – apppreciate the last chance/opportunity to attend by JAF1.

  391. Ben Thomas says:

    Can’t beat the British GP!

  392. Keith Crooks says:

    Two tickets for the win!

    Yes please!

  393. Geoff Norman says:

    Hoping – without too much optimism – that Ferrari has a better weekend.

  394. Woody says:

    This would be an incredible experience. I’ve been a huge F1 fan for years but never been to a Grand Prix – so I’d have nothing to compare the sound/volume to!

    Fingers crossed.

  395. Phupinder Roopra says:

    Fingers crossed

  396. Patrick Haines says:

    I’d love to get to go to the British Grand Prix again, went when I was a kid. Great atmosphere! Havnt been able to afford the pennies since…

  397. Mike Lucas says:

    Would be a great Birthday present. (Birthday is the 6/7)


  398. David Mitchell says:

    Would love to win.

  399. sarthak jain says:

    Thnks for the opportunity!!

  400. Pete van Daesdonk says:

    Competition entry!

  401. Ed says:

    As an Engineering Student aspiring to work in F1, not only would the tickets be an incredible opportunity to see a British Driver win the British GP, but it would also provide an opportunity to seek networking contacts within Formula 1, to help launch my career.

  402. Tom says:

    I’d love to go, never been before but something I’ve been meaning to do for years.

    Count me in please!

  403. Stephen Taylor says:

    I would love to go the British GP.James.

  404. Matt says:

    I never win anything so this would be a good start seeing as I’m a huge F1 fan. Fingers crossed!

  405. Eric says:

    I’m the biggest f1 fan who can’t afford a ticket. Only ever been to FP1 and FP2 on a Friday and it was honestly one of the best days ever. I’d loved to go for a full weekend quali would be ace and the race this year will just be something else :) #LH44 plus if I won I’d go on Thursday to the pit lane walks to see the garages. That’d be a dream come true.

  406. john costin says:

    I am a lifelong British F1 supporter now living in the USA. The British Grand Prix marks 100 days since I had a stem cell transplant. It will be a great day and Lewis will put on the show

  407. Gary Pepworth says:

    If I win do I get to meet James so he can sign my The Edge of Greatness?

  408. Victoria Palmer says:

    A queue of fans I’m very happy to join! :-D

  409. Guybrush Threepwood says:

    A dream come true.

  410. Stephen King says:

    The British GP must have one of the most passionate and knowledgable crowds on the F1 trail, would love to be part of it and win a pair of tickets.

  411. Tim Fairclough says:

    Mercedes powered cars will be strong again. Lets hope JB can put in a good performance.

  412. Giles Vidgeon says:

    Another amazing competition James! Just hope i win this time!!!!

  413. Luisa Coates says:

    Keeping fingers crossed for a win for me (these tickets) and a win for Lewis (the race)

  414. Andrew Ferris says:

    Yes please. Would love to win the tickets

  415. Georgia says:

    Would love to win these! My boyfriend and I are both graduating from University next week and this would be such an amazing way to celebrate! Desperate to see Lewis win on British soil, and so excited about the 50th Anniversary Drivers parade! Hope to be able to watch from the stands as opposed to the TV-GO LEWIS!!!!

  416. Sini Mabena says:

    It’s my 40th birthday on the 17th it would just be amazing to win these tickets. I love formula 1, and to in Silverstone for this years grandprix would be the best birthday present ever.

  417. Phillip Donegan says:

    Always wanted to see F1 live!

  418. David Bevan says:

    One entry please!

  419. John Edwards says:

    Best GP of the year, hope the weather is good.

  420. Aaron says:

    Gotta try!

  421. Konrad says:

    Adding my name to the hat. Have never seen F1 live before, but would love to attend Grand Prix at least once.

  422. Francis Rayner says:

    Fingers crossed!!

  423. Ben Bailey says:

    See you at the weekend!

  424. Pavil Belykov says:

    My entry for the competition. Best of luck everyone

  425. Jason Norwood says:

    Fingers crossed

  426. HP says:

    Final chance of winning a ticket for those who couldn’t afford it i.e. me! :-D

  427. Philip Archbold says:

    time for my 6 year old to experience F1 close up… 2 tickets for a father and son day please.

  428. Jason says:

    Thanks JAF1! Please enter me!

  429. Lauren Hamilton says:

    Awesome prize!!

  430. paulie says:

    would so love to win these tickets and take my cousin paul who’s a motor racing nut!

  431. Daniel Mawby says:

    I’d love to go and have looked into it in the past but the cost of tickets is so much I’ve never been able to justify the cost.

    Also I’m pretty sure Susie isn’t the first woman (just the first for many years)

  432. George Warrington says:

    Never been to the Grand Prix as an an Motorsport engineering student I’d love to be able to go!!

  433. Adam Drew says:

    Hoping for something similar to 1987!

  434. Tim Norris says:

    Hope Jenson can try harder at Silverstone…….. or maybe Ron can help out with decent machinery.

  435. Thomas Bray says:

    Love this website and the various competitions you put on. Very varied and obviously exciting to offer these chances to a sport which can be hard to access.

    Thank you.

  436. Martin Tier says:

    I’d love to take my eldest boy who keeps pestering me to go… Fingers and toes crossed :-)

  437. David Hyslop says:

    I love the British GP!!

  438. Jodie Price-Freeman says:

    Would love to win this

  439. Gareth says:

    Would love to win this prize, many thanks!

  440. Paul Jackson says:

    Fingers crossed

  441. Sarah Burnham says:

    Oooh this’d be lovely-what a lovely way to spend a Sunday xx

  442. Dave C says:

    Never been to a GP before. Would be great :)

  443. Antony Best says:

    Excellent work, James. I would love a chance to go to Silverstone this year, I haven’t been seen 2009, and it would be great to (hopefully!) see Lewis win this year, and get his championship back on track.

  444. Carl Sheen says:

    Would love to be there James, would be a great Birthday Present

  445. Richard says:

    Entry Please, Thankyou! :)

  446. Rob Berryman says:

    It must be my turn to win something!!!

  447. Rhys Edwards says:

    I would love to be there!

  448. Stephen Whiting says:

    This would be awesome!!

  449. Ruki G says:

    For silverstone!

  450. Chris Hammond says:

    Thank you James and Silverstone! – please enter me into the draw.

  451. Steve Smith says:

    Saving for next year but winning this would be Fantastic and even better with a Lewis win.

  452. Colster says:

    Took my dad to the 1995 GP when Johnney Herbert won for his 50th birthday. Would live to be able win tickets for him to go again with the bro in law now that I live ‘down under’.

    I’ll be watching from the comfort of my up-side down sofa…. Go Dan!

  453. Rob Orr says:


  454. Adrian King says:

    Can’t afford the GP this year, so making do with a day at testing. Unless I win of course!!!

  455. Ian Nichols says:

    Would be a dream come true to be there this weekend. Fingers tightly crossed, finding it difficult to type.

  456. Clint Graham says:

    Entry Please. Would love to see a Lewis victory after he came so close last year.

  457. Bradley Pring says:

    First day of my internship today based near mclarens hq, and would love to go to see the new cars whizz round the silverstone circuit!

  458. Al Paul says:

    I’m most certainly up for this. Yes Please!

  459. Felix Winstone says:

    C’mon HAM… #stillirise

  460. Dave D says:

    Monster prize…. Fingers crossed!

  461. David Lowen says:

    Thanks for the opportunity, would really like to be there.

  462. Bradley Pring says:

    First day of internship near mclaren hq and would love to see the new f1 cars scream round the silverstone track

  463. R Warder says:

    Best track in the world!

  464. Brian Storey says:

    Oh, go on then!!!

  465. TRS says:

    That would suit me very well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  466. Anthony Rawson says:

    Please let me be there!! Thank you

  467. Steve Martin says:

    Should be an outstanding race will glued to the box regardless of attendance

  468. chris cuddy says:

    Love to go. Here’s hoping!

  469. Marco Damin says:

    It would be great to be there!

  470. Sebastian Kaba says:

    Thanks James for setting this up and your tireless work in bringing us great detailed F1 news.

    Please keep it coming for many to come.

    This is also my entry for the comp.



  471. simon sturgess says:

    fingers crossed…

  472. joanne lole says:

    here goes…

  473. DanT says:

    Thanks for the chance. Here’s hoping!

  474. robimart says:

    Yes, please!! This would be incredible :)

  475. Daniel Winter says:

    I’d LOVE to win these! Never been to an F1 race!

  476. Mark Ashford says:

    I’ve been to lots of other motorsport events, but never an F1 GP. Would love the chance!

  477. Mike Davies says:

    I haven’t been to Silverstone for years. Would love to go again :-)

  478. Patrick Aubrey says:

    You bet i want to win!!

  479. Brendan Etheridge says:

    Please contact me using the email address above to inform me I have won the tickets, thank you!

  480. peter naylor says:

    Sounds awesome.. we’d love that!

  481. Jenny says:

    So much want to be there! Please :)

  482. Andrew Farmer says:

    Let’s hope for dry weather!

  483. Daniel Barnett says:

    Hi James

    Would love the chance to take my girlfriend to her first ever GP. Managed to make her watch all the sessions so far this year at ever GP! And luckily she has this week off! Hopefully there will be magic moments like mansell picking up senna that will make her first gp the first of many!

  484. Steve Hack says:

    Adding my name into the hat

  485. Iain Hammond says:

    Really looking forward to the British Grand Prix, come on Lewis!!

  486. Ross Bell says:

    Hello James. Very exciting! It would be amazing to win the tickets so I may finally succeed getting my wife hooked on F1!

  487. Peter Wells says:

    Thank you James – one entry please

  488. Dan Tyas says:

    This is Hamilton’s race and the start of his comeback to seize the title this year! It would be awesome to win these tickets, to experience a potentially pivotal turning point in the championship!

    Come on Hamilton!

  489. Iain Black says:

    i’ve never been to a race and would love to take my 7 year old son.

  490. Clare Moore says:

    Sticking to the birthday theme it was my birthday Saturday & my hubby went to Goodwood FOS without me, if I win this I’ll reciprocate

  491. Maciej Rychter says:

    I would love to be there!

  492. Michael Bennellick says:

    Last went when I was so small I had to sit on someone’s shoulders to watch Senna s Masell. Would love to go again now

  493. Helen Wiles says:

    I would like to surprise my husband with the British Grand Prix tickets.



  494. Pete says:

    Sounds amazing – please put me in the draw! Thanks

  495. Gary Lyne says:

    i would love to win and get to go to Silverstone!

  496. Christopher Theodoratos says:

    I want to be there!!

  497. Henry Duke says:

    It’s my fiancé’s birthday on Saturday – I’ll try and persuade her that this is exactly what she’s always wanted…!

  498. Rod Lake says:

    lIt would be a dream to attend a Grand Prix. We follow TV, various web sites etc avidly but to see the track and cars for real would be amazing. Thank You JA , you do so much for the fans.

  499. Stephen Pope says:

    I would love to be considered please. Lewis needs every cheer he can get to bring it home in first this year. I have never been to a grand prix before, but have been watching on TV since before I can remember. 2008 was the best race, lets hope for a repeat!

  500. Tony Ditchfield says:

    Would love to be able to treat my brother to a belated 40th birthday treat.

  501. Matt W says:

    Hope we have a great race!

  502. bogdan says:

    Bogdan Velica.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  503. Paul Evans says:

    I’d love to win this competition!

  504. Mike Wilkinson says:

    Would love to take my son to this

  505. Dean says:

    Many thanks!

  506. Rebecca says:

    How amazing it will be to win tickets for this wonderful event.

  507. Geoff Packer says:

    Go Lewis!

  508. Colin Williams says:

    Awesome prize. Hoping to be there

  509. Neil Bailey says:

    Would love the tickets!

  510. Simon Gleave says:

    Sounds great – fingers crossed!

  511. Mike Hirschkorn says:

    Please pick me – I enter every competition on this website and have never won anything :-(

  512. Wayne Sheppard says:

    Would be fantastic to be the lucky winner and revisit the best GP circuit. Many happy GP weekends spent there in the 70s & 80s walking the pit lane on Saturday evening.

  513. Donna Heatlie says:

    Would love to win!!!

  514. David Woodthorpe-Evans says:

    pick me, pick me :-)

  515. Clare Turner says:

    All I can do is keep my fingers crossed!!

  516. ruben says:

    I’m in, would love to be there, never been to a GP and this is the one to go.
    Go for it Ham!!!!

  517. Adrian Pearson says:


  518. Angela Harris says:

    I never win anything….but you’ve got to be in it to win it…so here goes…perhaps my luck will change!
    Only ever watched GP on TV…must be amazing to be there…&..
    Especially this year for the celebrations………
    Plus Lewis for the win…YESSSSSSSS

  519. cristian dobric says:

    will love to win those 2 tickets! ive been a fan for 20 years ! if ill win ill bring by brother in law as he is a F1 fanatic as well :)

  520. Adam Johnson says:

    Can you throw my name in the hat please James. Thanks a lot and good luck everyone!

  521. Leanne Oxbrough says:

    Yes yes yes! Would love to be there this weekend and would be an amazing surprise for my husband :-)

  522. Jo Atkinson says:

    Would love to win this, treat my mate to a quality F1 grandstand experience– as opposed to sitting in the mud in Spa last year with an hour trip by foot each way!

  523. Owen Rees says:

    Two tickets for the British GP, yes please!

    Owen and Alexa

  524. John McGrath says:

    Hi James,

    Fantastic prize – would gladly swim across the Irish Sea and crawl from Pembroke for the tickets.

    Was there in ’96 when Johnny Herbert did the business.

    We bluffed our way into the Jordan F1 party afterwards, and partied with a certain Gary Anderson – absolutely top man.

    Would love to add to the Silverstone memories.

    All the best,


  525. Richard Skelt says:

    Would love to be there…

  526. Pete Harris says:

    Yes please!

  527. Hayden Mellor says:

    An awesome prize, that’s for sure.
    Please pick my name in this draw,
    If I do win, it would be Ace,
    To to be at Silverstone’s 50th race.

    Love to see Mansell and all the greats,
    But first I need to get through the gates,
    Hoping Williams can continue their form, not forgetting Force India too,
    But I am a McLaren boy, through and through.

    Nico is on form and a sportsman too,
    So Lewis has some work to do,
    I wish Kimi could raise his game
    But Alonso is hard to tame.

    Let’s hope for a clean start and sunny day,
    With the prize tickets in the post and on their way,
    Taking part was fun to do,
    If I don’t win, good look to all and everyone of you!

  528. Elam says:

    Go Lewis!

  529. Emily says:

    I’d love to win, my partner and I are just buying our first house so can’t afford to go this year!

    Big Kvyat fan!!

  530. Stephen Geilinger says:

    I have been watching Formula One since Jackie Stewart won his first championship when I was 10 and yet I have never been to a Grand Prix – would love to go this year as it promises to be a very memorable day.

  531. Andrew Mallison says:

    Fingers crossed; who should I disappoint; my wife or son?

  532. Nick says:

    A 1 in 444 chance so far. I feel lucky. Hope I win :)

  533. David Handy says:

    Having been to the Grand Prix before I’d love to go again, especially to see the new circuit. The last time I was there would have been on the last iteration of the track before the new pits, etc was built. Would mean the world to me to be able to attend!

  534. MR says:

    Yes please. Never been.

  535. Emily Hodkin says:

    Would love to be there, would treat my dad to a lovely weekend at the f1! We have always sat and watched it together on the television and he hasn’t seen it live for a long time! this would be a dream for both of us!

  536. Swapnil says:

    I am already imagining myself in the victory pose kneeling on the ground and kissing the Silverstone Earth *Sob* :D
    Do things get more awesome than this?

  537. George says:

    Long time since I’ve been to Silverstone…

  538. Alex Lukic says:

    Never been to a Grand Prix before, would love to go to this one! Lewis for the win and the championship!

  539. Steve Cordingley says:

    Yes please

  540. Rob Upton says:

    Entry posted

  541. Paul says:

    I nearly won your competition a couple of years ago, think I was the runner up on guessing what the difference in qualifying would be between two drivers (cant remember who it was) I was out by 0.009 seconds!

  542. Nigel Taylor says:

    Here’s hoping, fingers crossed.

  543. Kuba says:

    Great competition – would love to go

  544. Eduardo Owen says:

    I would love to win it!!

    Eduardo Owen
    Miami, FL USA

  545. Florentijn Harms says:

    I would love to go to the British Grand Prix for the first time!

  546. Anthony Browne says:

    Would be great to be there, especially with such a great chance of a Brit on the top step!

  547. Tim Cartwright says:

    Would love to win please Mr Allen!

  548. Peter Wright says:

    Would be great to go to Silverstone and support the British drivers this weekend!

  549. the_rh1no says:

    Would love this opportunity!

  550. James Canvin says:

    Would love to take my 5 year old daugter who has become an obsessive fan of F1 this year. :-)

  551. Hussein S Lokhandwala says:

    Would like to enter for a chance to win this great prize. Well done JAonF1. Thanks.

  552. Iain says:

    Would be great to see.

  553. David Heels says:

    Would be my Christmas Day. Just brilliant!!

  554. Andrew wood says:

    would love to go, the misses would be ecstatic , kid free weekend :-)

  555. Lyn Rogers says:

    Would be a great early birthday pressie for both myself and husband as we celebrate in July and August. Fingers crossed

  556. Leon says:

    Please count me in. I’d love to be able to take my Dad and pay him back (in a nice way of course) for introducing me to F1 all those years ago.

  557. Richard says:

    Competition entry

  558. Oliver says:

    I would love to win a pair of tickets! Never been to the Grand Prix live!!

  559. Peter Sixsmith says:

    My entry to the competition. Fingers crossed.

  560. Paul Johnson says:

    Yes please!

  561. John Nicholas says:

    An awesome prize!

  562. Vibeke Hansen says:

    I’d love to go…

  563. Geoff says:

    Please please please let it be me, please please please :)

  564. John Huebbe says:

    Would really like to win these tickets!

  565. Stewart Morris says:

    Never been would love it! Come on Lewis!!

  566. Vaughan Dee says:

    Oh WOW! What an amazing opportunity this is – thank you very much James Allen!

    2014 is the 20th year i have been a spectator at Motorsport events and since my Dad took me to my first every car race at Donington Park in 1994! I have got totally hooked on Motorsport ever since but never had the chance to go to an F1 Race for real and experience the thrill, noise and spectacle of a Grand Prix race…especially my home Grand Prix.

    As a pure coincidence the 2014 British Grand Prix also falls on the weekend after my Birthday (which is the 3rd July) so this would be an amazing celebration for me and my guest! I really do think winning this would make my year!

    Well…fingers crossed :)

  567. Aaron says:

    Didn’t get tickets this year, but am now not working. This would be awesome.

  568. Matt W says:

    Never been to an F1 race – would love to go to Silverstone and experience the atmosphere.

  569. Matt W says:

    Never been to an F1 race – would love to go to Silverstone and experience the atmosphere.

  570. Sharon says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  571. Shaun Burlow says:

    Would be amazing to be there, i’m sure it will be a great weekend!

  572. Philip Smith says:

    Fingers crossed! It’s no doubt a minority view, but it’d be great to see Sauber get some points at Silverstone.

  573. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  574. rob says:

    never been and would love to go!

  575. tom says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  576. Rachel MacCormick says:

    Would love to win for our family , our son is a lewis fan and would love to see him win, this would cheer him up he is just of of a cast after 7 weeks , he broke his leg also we all would love to go to silver stone thanks , good luck everyone else as well .

  577. Marcus says:

    Would love to win this as cost and work usually prohibit going to a race.

  578. Rick says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  579. Dayalan says:

    Will love to be at this fabulous event.

  580. karl says:

    You have to be in it, to win it !

  581. Amanda says:

    Fingers crossed to win this fab prize. I’m a petrol head who loves F1 and Silverstone.

  582. Paul says:

    Fingers crossed, one race in over 40 years of following the sport is not enough.

  583. Steve Riggs says:

    Would love to cheer Lewis to a victory, while wearing pink for papa smurf.

  584. Nigel Yates says:

    Would be great to cheer on the Brits with my brother who is already going! The atmosphere should be reminiscent of Mansell’s titanic battle witj Piquet in ’87 All the way from Dublin would be a small price to pay!

  585. Korrie Stanley says:

    Another entry last but hopefully not least, good luck to everyone

  586. pat says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! This is my entry.

    Thanks again,


  587. Alex Porazinski says:

    Some great competitions on this site! I would love to win tickets to Silverstone!

  588. Andy says:

    Would love to go to the British gp.. Would be an awesome birthday treat for my son…

  589. Mary Chez says:

    I would love to win this great prize…I would score many brownie points with husband and son if i did

  590. Hannah Rice says:

    Great competition! I have never been to a Grand Prix before, so gonna keep my fingers crossed!

  591. Ciaran Scarry says:

    No sob story, i’d just simply love to attend my first Grand Prix at the age of 28!!


  592. molly says:

    This is my entry!



  593. Nick Malin says:

    Would be over the moon to see this in person!
    Absolute dream to see F1 live from the home of motor sport!!!

  594. Mick says:

    This is my entry!

    Thank you,


  595. Antony ibbetson says:

    Would love to take my son make the perfect birthday present for him ..

  596. James Wilson says:


    Can’t wait for the weekend. Hope I win!

  597. Sarah says:

    I’d love to go. Despite watching races/highlights on television every race weekend, I’ve never seen or heard these cars in person. What a weekend it would be!!!

  598. Nik says:

    Thanks for such a great comp.

  599. Will says:

    Would like to enter, please! Forget Wimbledon, it’s all about the British Grand Prix!

  600. Rich says:

    Yes please :-)

  601. helen says:

    This is my entry!

    Thanks again,


  602. Oliver Russell says:

    Please don’t let me win… I can hear my wife giving me grief now. She works two weekends on and two weekends off and she is off this weekend…

    Oh well doubt I will win as it never happens to me so no worries really.

    Good luck to the rest of the participants!


  603. Paul smith says:

    Give it Ibbo

  604. Sandra Porter says:

    Would love to go to this! Fingers crossed :)

  605. Emma Whitfield says:

    This would be amazing and make my year so far :-) Good luck everyone!! And a big thank you to James :-)

  606. Andrew Taylor says:

    I would love to go to silverstone as there is nothing that beats the atmosphere of a grand prix weekend. I was fortunate enough to attend the British grand prix back in 2010 and 2011 and would love the opportunity to go to this years British grand prix.

  607. Chantal says:

    Count me in James.

    Hoping for a Lewis win!

  608. Steve says:

    I would love to have the opportunity to see the cars in action again! It’s been almost 20 years since I could last afford tickets to go to Silverstone!

  609. Beng says:

    Oh, go on then :)

  610. Stephen Barker says:

    Not been to a Grand Prix for about 20 years because of the cost to take a family…Two free tickets are right in my price range :-)

  611. Mark Cox says:

    I’m in!

  612. Lee says:

    Pick me! Pick me! :)

  613. Tom slimm says:

    Please I’m a massive lewis fan and have never attended a grandprix

  614. Fingers crossed!! Couldn’t afford tickets this year

  615. Miles Coates says:

    Never been to a GP…

  616. Kevin Thomas says:

    My son has been bugging me for years to see a Grand Prix, good luck everyone, fingers crossed

  617. Laura Wright says:

    Was at Wimbledon last Friday so being at Silverstone this Friday would wrap up a brilliant fortnight of sport for me!

  618. Tracy Beet says:

    Would love the chance to see all the current drivers race live. Silverstone is always an epic race.

  619. Michelle Hastings says:

    Competition entry. My husband has been saying for 10years he will take me to a grand prix but hasn’t yet. If I win I’ll take my friend, lol

  620. Keir says:

    Fingers crossed X

  621. Steve says:

    Would love myself and my son to win the day

  622. Peter Walker says:

    All the way from SA now in Berkshire and have firmly sewed my thumbs into the ‘holding thumbs position’ in anticipation of a successful winning entry :)

    This is a ‘win win’ situation – Win tickets to watch my favorite driver Win the British F1 GP.

  623. Julian Saunders says:

    Of all the competitions out there, this is the one I would love to win. I can see it now, I’ll take my wife, the sun will shine, and Lewis will win!

  624. John McCormick says:

    Come on Kimi and Valtteri!!

  625. Liz Dane says:

    Would love to go, especially to wearfor pink for papa! Go Jensen !

  626. Richard Rohani says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Silverstone!

  627. ferggsa says:

    I love it that you get more comments from conflicting articles than from prize participants
    Congrats as always
    Please notify me quickly when I win since I would have to buy plane tickets in a rush

  628. emma says:

    Would love to go. Haven’t been able to afford to go so the opportunity would be amazing an experience i have always wanted.

  629. Ian Crehan says:

    I will put my name into the hat. Never been to a Gp and I could also bring someone who has never been before either.

  630. David Lewis says:

    Great chance to try out my new camera and long lens

  631. Michelle Swithenbank says:

    I would love to go to Silverstone to watch the GP with my Dad. Dressed in pink in honour of papa smurf! It would be quite a journey from my home with the British Forces in Germany but I would walk the journey to be there xx

  632. Roy Page says:

    My son and I are “exiled” in Ohio, US of A for last 16 years but watch every GP.
    We are visiting England during the British GP next week, first time for many years, have no tickets though :-(
    How fantastic it would be to be able to go to Silverstone …………… Geez what a great homecoming it would be !

    Roy & Tom

  633. Warren Allsworth says:

    Would love to be at Silverstone to see the Williams resurgence continue

  634. Baghetti says:

    Would love to visit the home of motor racing, a lifetime dream!

  635. Pete Harris says:

    Come on pick me!… :-)

  636. Marcin Gorajec says:

    Let’s find out how these v6 engines sound live;)

  637. Paddy Harris says:

    Want a gift it would be for my Husband!..

  638. Amit says:

    Never been to a race. Turned 30 in June. My first baby on the way in July. Would be extremely happy to have this opportunity to attend my first GP.

  639. inder mittal says:

    Yes please.

  640. Ian Tebb says:

    Fingers crossed for a Lewis victory!!

  641. Pete Harris says:

    Yes yes yes!….

  642. Dharam Patel says:

    What better reason could there be to pull a sickie at work to attend the BRITISH GP!!!

    To be honest, it would be EPIC revenge for them scuppering my holiday plans by not giving me a holiday!

    British GP Here I COME!

  643. mark robinson says:

    I can only dream……

  644. David Cooper says:

    My late father won tickets to the 1992 British Grand Prix on Top Gear! I would love to emulate his achievement!!

  645. Des murray says:

    Please let it be me….

  646. Sharon Faulkner says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to go to testing and qualifying but never a GP – I have fingers (and everything else !!) crossed. Maybe I could get my grandchildren to willingly watch a GP if they knew I was in the crowd – granny spotting :-)

  647. Simon brown says:

    You got to be in it to win it. Filled with positive energy, which if lucky enough to win the tickets and attend my first ever GP, I’ll pass the positivity on to @LewisHamilton who must win for his British fans. Come on Lewis!

  648. Phil J says:

    Yes please. I’d love to hear the exciting new sound of F1

  649. Keeran Mistry says:

    This would make a special prize for my wife. As she has never been to a grand prix weekend before

  650. Vanaert Peter says:

    It would be a dream to be on the Silverstone circuit!!!

  651. Ian Palmer says:

    Tickets for wifey would make her happy!

  652. Jonathan Hawkins says:

    Would love to go!

  653. jason says:

    this could help me pay back my bud for the great day i had at godwood and i brought me pink shirt :)

  654. Sue Jones says:

    Yes please :) I would be so so proud to see out boys bring it home :)

  655. Vanessa Hunt says:

    Would love the chance to have a weekend with my little bro at Silverstone, we are MASSIVE F1 fans and would love to go to Silverstone and cheer on all the British drivers-especially Lewis!

  656. L.Vander Stricht says:

    Just to make a somebody very happy!!

  657. Bjorn Van Rentergem says:

    I hope to win this!! It would be a nice citytrip because i’m from belgium and if Hamilton would win… Best weekend ever :)

  658. Rebecca says:

    My other half got me into F1 last year. Watching it it for real would be such a great experience for us both.

  659. St George says:

    Yes please!

    1st Le Mans followed by 1st British GP in 2014 would be great.

  660. Julian C says:

    Good luck!

  661. Fnasir says:

    Dad’s birthday present!

  662. Pieter Blok says:

    To be there at the British GP would be phenomenal!

  663. David Fuller says:

    Please let me win


  664. Dave B says:

    I attended in 1999 and 2000, and would love the chance to go back!

  665. Sharon Sturgess says:

    Wow, talk about a dream come true. :)

  666. Annemieke says:

    Because i wanna smell, taste, feel …The cars and The drivers especially The iceman kimi

  667. Paul Williams says:

    Comp. entered. Would love to see a Brit win !

  668. Christian Hill says:

    Hopefully is me!

  669. peter Donohue says:

    Hi great site,would love to go to my first grand prix love f1.My wife even said she would go with me .Pete

  670. Jeff Gomes says:

    I would love to witness another Rosberg’s top podium !!

  671. Grant H says:

    Grant Harvey

  672. Stuart B says:

    Would love to win please James.

  673. Karla Sykes says:

    Pick me !!!

  674. Paul dS says:

    Count me in!

  675. Miss Nisaa Roberts says:

    Never been to F1. Great place to start xxx

  676. Darren larkin says:

    I was there in 2008 to see Lewis win then went on to his championship later that year
    I would very much love to be there again this year hopefully to see him do it again
    I’ve only been once and absolutely loved it would love to go again

  677. Deborah Nichols says:

    I would love to treat my Dad to the Grand Prix as he is going to be 70 this year and I have just had my 40th Birthday so it would be great to make the year even more eventful!
    We are both huge F1 fans and would love the chance to support our British drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton alongside the Silverstone Circuit.
    If you could grant our wishes it would be an amazing experience.

  678. Keith Owen says:

    “Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.”

    - Ayrton Senna

    (Entry submitted. In it to win it, like the man himself.)

  679. Andy Fellows says:

    Would love to win the tickets so I can take my wife to Silverstone. We are F1 mad!
    Thanks, Andy Fellows.

  680. Gavin Hart says:

    Used to be a regular visitor to the British GP but with two kids and ever more extortionate ticket prices I’m afraid it has become unattainable, so winning these tickets would be an excellent opportunity to take my F1 mad eldest son to a real Grand Prix.

  681. Dani says:

    This would be absolutely fantastic and would make my whole life. I need to hear those cars roar. Please please make me the winner. It’s not often a girl gets involved or even accepted into Motorsport but I love it just like suzie. Thankyouuuu :)

  682. chris says:

    My girlfriend has been on at me to propose to her for ages… Maybe I could do it as the chequered flag falls to a British victor??

  683. Rebecca Holden says:

    I would love to win tickets to go as it be my first time in going and think it will be so amazing instead of watching it on tv it be amazing time and to hear the f1 cars be so great and it be a great day for me and my boyfriend as he is f1 biggest fan going

  684. Matt Mills says:

    This would be an incredible prize to win, and a brilliant tonic to for my wife who enjoys F1 so much. Since February she has been unable to work due to her M E illness, sadly this has meant funds are tight at the moment, as indeed they are for many families. This would be amazing to win for her, especially on a special weekend for Silverstone. keeping fingers crossed.
    Good luck everyone.

  685. S M Waldron says:

    Yes please!

  686. charlotte auckland says:

    You got to be in it to win it! Hamilton for top podium! What a difference a year makes… ..

  687. Andrew Ferry says:

    win or lose I’ll be listening to your commentary on the radio. Many thanks Andrew

  688. Helena hicks says:

    I have never been before and would absolutely love to go as it’s of course very F1 fan’s dream to attend their home race- it would be incredible

  689. Gareth Williams says:

    Do I feel lucky?

  690. Anthony Hua says:

    Hello James. I’d like to win please. Thank you.

  691. neville says:

    Was looking to get tickets but were too costly. Me and mi bredren would love to get these tickets. Singing sanki and fingers crossed hahaha.

  692. Zoe says:

    Registering my bid to win :-)

  693. Ellen says:

    I want to taste the tension of pilots racing by
    I want to feel the pulse of their speed
    I want to hear their wheels smoothly stroking the asphalt
    I want to smell some roasted rubber
    I want to see the sweaty neks when they exit their amazing machines

    Thanks a lot if you would grant me this experience…

  694. Lee Faulkner says:

    Wow great comp james
    I would love to go. It’s the first time I haven’t been in 5 years. #BabyOnTheWay #Skint

  695. Hannah Pullen says:

    Live, eat & sleep F1 and I couldn’t afford to go so my friends all get to go without me! Make my dream come true to go

  696. Kenneth Iversen says:

    Go Magnussen!

  697. Ian Hillman says:

    I’m in!

  698. Aiden Edmonds says:

    Awesome competition.

  699. Christopher Moore says:

    It’s British Grand Prix Time!!

  700. Ewan says:

    Would be great to take my boys.

  701. Jonathan says:

    Yes please!!

    would love to go – once did some work at the RAC Motorsports office … and handled the trophy! – they were getting it ready to go to the next race – all those names on it! Last name on it was Mansell’s

  702. Geoff says:

    GP competition entry Thank you .

  703. Gana Kugathasan says:

    It’s been my dream to go the British Grand Prix one day!

  704. Andy B says:

    Would love to see my first F1 race live, especially the British GP

  705. Ben says:

    This would be an awesome prize!

  706. stuart Boulton says:

    I would love the tickets so I could takey 3 year old son who is mad about f1 esp alonso also would love to see jenson do well for his dad and see lewis to win
    So pls pick me

  707. Richard Morton says:

    It would be great to win the tickets

  708. Laura Goozee says:

    Oh my word, this would make my life, for sure ;).

    Please send me!

  709. Jonny Speedriff says:

    Good luck everybody, this is shaping up to be a great season and hopefully a great British Grand Prix this weekend. I would love to win the tickets and take my eldest son as a thankyou for him being so great!! Keep up the great work all at JAF1 towers. GREAT!!!!

    1. Jonny Speedriff says:

      a 1 in 694 chance so far, I like those odds!!

      1. Jonny Speedriff says:


      2. Jonny Speedriff says:

        awwww no it keeps getting worse :)

  710. Rachel Ryan says:

    Please, please, please let me get what I want! (those tickets for my husband and son) thanks James!!

  711. Anesah Anwar says:

    I would love to go! It’s my birthday this saturday!! Would be an amazing birthday present!! Plus i have nothing planned either for this weekend :(

  712. Jeff Warren says:

    Would love to be at Silverstone for their 50th British GP
    Oh what fun cheering for Lewis would be.
    Rain or shine, I would not care.
    It would be one of life’s great experiences just to be there!

  713. Tom Traveller says:

    Would love to attend with my son. Many thanks for the opportunity

  714. Nick Robinson says:

    I would absolutely love to win and attend the British GP. Been an avid F1 fan since childhood but never had the opportunity to go in person…..fingers firmly crossed!

  715. Tazeen Syed says:

    Being a fan of the vrooming machines since my young days it was always a dream to watch the F1 races life. Lived that dream back in India at the Indian Grand Prix as I saw Vettel clinch an early championship victory last year. Swore to myself to watch this sport live Atleast once each year just to feel that same adrenaline rush I felt that day at the stadium as I heard the engines roar. Luckily this year I am traveling to UK from the 2nd to the 9th which also happens to be the Silverstone weekend. Would love to win the tickets just to be fortunate enough to watch the race at Silverstone but also be part of it’s historical moment of 50 years. Really hope you can help me live this dream.

    @Decloned_iTaz on Twitter

  716. James Allison says:

    My last hope for tickets this year! :( I have great memories of my car being submerged at Whittlebury in 2012! :D The great British summer at it’s best! Always an epic weekend! Please, please let it be me!

  717. James Brandon says:

    Would be amazing to go to the silverstone gp. I’ve never been to a race before even though I live about an hour and a half away from the track. Followed f1 for the majority of my life and am a big Lewis Hamilton and nico rosberg fan. Hopefully this will be my chance to attend a race for once :)

  718. Hi James, what a wonderful prize you’re offering!
    I’d love to win this for my husband who has been an F1 fan since the days of James Hunt. He suffers from a rare but extremely painful condition called CRPS. It affects his shoulder and ankle. He’s never been able to go to a GP and has never seen an F1 car driven in anger. Going to Silverstone would help him to forget the pain he has to live with for a few hours. He’s such a wonderful man who rarely complains about his condition even though every day is filled with pain. I’d love to be able to see him filled with joy and excitement.

  719. nda says:

    Great prize! Fingers crossed

  720. neale says:

    In my own 50th year, would be great to see the 50th anniversary GP

  721. Amanda says:

    What a wonderful gift this would be, a real dream come true. I only get to watch highlights on the BBC & when you’re such a passionate fan you want to see everything as it all matters. Home GPs are always that bit more special. Fingers crossed for me & good luck to all.

  722. Paul Cox says:

    Pick me!! After enduring so many torrid seasons as an avid Williams fan, I would love to see them score big on home soil! It would also be my wife’s first race and I’ve been trying to get he to a race for years. Great competition. Good luck everyone!

  723. Would be great to go

  724. Tommi Koivula says:

    I’m a big fan of F1 and this site. I live in Finland and I have never seen an F1 race live. Only on TV. This would be a rare opportunity for me and my friend. My vacation starts on Friday and I could probably get flights sorted. That would ruin the budget for the rest of my vacation but it would be totally worth it :)

    1. Tommi Koivula says:

      Well actually after thinking it a while, I would take my dad with me because he has never been in Britain either so it’d be two good things at the same time :)

  725. Martin Spann says:

    would love to be there, haven’t been since i saw senna, prost and mansell race. quite a while ago…

  726. James Sweatland says:

    I’d love to win. Fingers crossed.

  727. Jane Jackson says:

    Would love to be there, thank you James for the chance of a ticket.

    Jane Jackson

  728. Joel says:

    Cheers mate. Tickets would be great!

  729. Janice Baxter says:

    Would love to go to Silverstone this weekend. I’m from Oban in west Scotland and was a teacher there when Susie Wolff was a student. Would be magic to see an ex-pupil burning it up in F1!

  730. Simon reed says:

    Lady Luck look after me.

  731. Simon B says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Silverstone.

  732. Jon Green says:

    Yes please!

  733. BRYAN. B says:

    Would to win as this would be my first to a Grand prix.
    Many thanks

  734. Charlotte Burgess says:

    Would love to be there this weekend. Fingers crossed.

  735. Christi@n says:

    Make me a winner please!

  736. Kristian Lorenzon says:

    This would be an amazing experience, I have always wanted to attend the British GP and what a great year to do so. I would take my GF to experience how amazing an F1 even is. Good luck to everyone!

  737. Paul Mathias says:

    Ohh yes please for these tickets. I would take my family and pay for my two children.

    Come on Lewis & Jenson make it a British winner.

  738. Adam Craddock says:

    It would be good for my wife if I won this, because if i don’t go, i will be grumpy all weekend!

  739. Mads Fabricius says:

    Uhh Pick me!

  740. Daniel Scully says:

    Very excited about Suzie Wolff getting out on track at a GP weekend!

  741. Jos says:

    Good home offered to this pair of tickets !

  742. Sarah says:

    That would be brilliant. I’ve thought for months that I’d like to be there to see Suzie drive on Friday. Very special moment for women.

  743. Simon French says:

    Great website and a great prize! Thanks

  744. Jacci Phillips says:

    Fingers crossed!

  745. Chris Street says:

    Would love to go and see the pinnacle of motorsport around its spiritual home!

    Here’s to a great weekend for the British drivers!

  746. Chloe J says:

    My dad got me into motorsport and Formula 1 when I was a girl. I’ve watched many races on TV over the years but never been to a grand prix and would really love to go!

  747. Jacobo Lopez says:

    Fingers crossed!

  748. Ben Fulford says:

    Silverstone 2014, will there be a British winner? The best to find out will be to be there!

  749. Freya says:

    My entry.

    Thank you!

  750. Charlotte says:

    Aww, this would be awesome for my husband. It would make his year!

  751. Ruby says:

    Thank you for letting me enter.

  752. Gordon says:

    My entry!

    thank you.

  753. Babbara says:

    So appreciated this chance!

    Thank you.

  754. Mick says:

    Thank you this my entry.

  755. Sharon says:

    This is my entry would love to give these tickets to my husband and son!



  756. Richard says:

    This is my entry.

    Thank you,


  757. Poppy says:

    I would love to give these tickets to my dad and brother for my dads birthday.

    Thank you,


  758. Molly says:

    Thanks for entering me!

  759. David McDonnell says:

    Over here please!!

  760. Tom says:

    Big fan! Would be amazing to go and witness it live!



  761. graham says:

    would be fantastic – last time I went, Our Nige was in a prancing horse (think it broke down)

  762. Debbie says:

    Would love to give this to my Husband and son as a lads weekend away!

    Thanks again,


  763. Jeremy James says:

    Grandstand seats would be great!

  764. Gareth says:

    Would be a dream come true to go! Please!



  765. Oliver Unwin says:

    Please pick me! :-)

  766. Jakub says:

    Amazing! Thanks James

  767. Alan Black says:

    Would love the chance to win these tickets.

  768. Paul Chantler says:

    Desperate to go to a GP as I’ve never been before. Been a fan since I was a little boy and that was quite some time ago :-/

    Lewis for the win!!! :-)

  769. Spanzie says:

    once in a lifetime

  770. Anthony Stevens says:

    Great atmosphere.
    Best fans in the world.
    British engineering at its best.


  771. Louise says:

    Please enter me in the competition

  772. Georgie says:

    Desperate to see Lewis win at Silverstone! Please enter me to ticket competition- thank you!

  773. Mark Forse says:

    The 5 Live commentary team do a a fantastic job immersing you in the action. The only thing that could top it off is listening to the 5 Live commentary whilst sipping a nice cold beer in the sunshine (maybe?!) at Club Corner. What more could a man ask for!

  774. Satyavrat Dahiya says:

    Can I get a pair of tickets please..? I have never been to a F1 race. Would be thrilled to be there.

  775. Susybee says:

    Would be awesome to go, fingers crossed!

  776. Ross Newsome says:

    Would love to go, I’d even buy a new rain coat!

  777. Glenn Davies says:

    This would be absolutely awesome :)

  778. David Zolve says:

    Hi James.

  779. Alex Jarvis says:

    Would love to be there and see Lewis win the British GP! ‘Das Beste oder nichts’ As Mercedes would say.

  780. Ian says:

    I’d absolutely love to win these tickets!! Have been an F1 fan since Ayrton Senna days but never had a chance to go to a race! I never won anything in my life, but still hoping! Winning this would be a dream come true!! Fingers crossed! :)

  781. Chris says:

    And my entry:-)Fingers crossed!

  782. Jamie says:

    James, it would make all my dreams come true to win some tickets!! I am pleading (first world) poverty here as we can’t afford to buy them this year!! I have all my fingers and toes crossed and thank you for running a superb website!!

  783. david mansfield says:

    Havent been since ’92. hoping if I get to go our local boy can win

  784. jamie Fox says:

    Yes please thank you sir

  785. Gordon says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!



  786. Chris Harrison says:

    me please!

  787. Steve Rigg says:

    Please. Not been to Silverstone since Alan Jones won in 1980.

  788. Glyn Furlong says:

    Fingers crossed! – I would love to go :-)

  789. Babbara says:

    Would love to win this amazing competition it would be a dream come true!

    Thanks for doing it very grateful.



  790. Mick says:

    My entry.

    Thank you!!

  791. Helen says:

    Enter me please!?

    Thank you so much,


  792. Georgia May says:

    So excited for the weekend- would love to watch from the grandstand, please enter me for the competition!! Let’s go racing!!! #teamlewis

  793. Ruby says:

    Entry completed.

    Thank you!


  794. Freya says:




  795. Sharon says:

    Would love to treat me son and husband to this amazing event! Please.

    Thank you,


  796. Richard says:

    Would love to take my son! Would be an honour to attend this once in a life time 50th Special of the British Grand Prix at the heart of motor racing Silverstone!!



  797. Jay B says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Silverstone, but the price of the tickets has always made it prohibitively expensive, especially when travel and food costs are factored in. A pair of free tickets would be fantastic. I’d be proudly cheering my support for Lewis, Jenson and Max on every lap (and Susie during practice!). Thanks for these competitions, James.

  798. Poppy says:

    Would be amazing to attend!

    Thank you for letting me enter.


  799. Molly says:

    Would love to attend and it’d my dream come true to be that close to my hero’s!

    Thank you,


  800. Tom says:

    I’d never ever forget this weekend if I was successful it’d be one of the best weekends of my life!!

    Thank you either way,


  801. Kasia says:

    It would be amazing to win tickets. Have been once in my life and would love to go again!

  802. Gareth says:

    Would love to take my nephew as he’s a F1 fanatic!

    Thank you for putting this up James!


  803. Trish Ryan says:


  804. Gordon says:

    Would be amazing to give this to my Son and Grandson who are a dedication to the sport! Please make my wish come true!!



  805. Babarra says:


    Thank you!!

  806. Ricky Smith says:

    Would love to take the mrs and step son if possible please :-)

  807. Mick says:

    My entry very grateful.



  808. Helen says:

    Would love to attend with my nephew he’s a massive Lewis Hamilton fan and would love to witness him win again on British soil!

    Thank you,


  809. Freya says:

    My entry!

    thank you


  810. Ruby says:

    Would love to treat me and my uncle to this it’d be amazing!

    Thank you


  811. Sharon says:

    Would love to treat my son to this after his exams would be perfect!!



  812. Ron Ryan says:

    Yes please!

  813. Richard says:

    Would be amazing to go so this is my entry.

    Thank you!!


  814. Ron Ryan says:

    Yes please

  815. Keeley says:

    Left it late but just got my entry done on the last lap. Can Lewis do the same? I’d love to be there to find out :-)

  816. Poppy says:

    Would be amazing to attend,

    Thank you!


  817. Matt Burke says:

    Its going to be a great weekend either way ;-)

  818. Andrea Taylor says:

    Go Lewis x

  819. Molly says:

    Would be a very special occasion indeed!


    THank you,


  820. tom says:

    would be the ultimate dream to attend! please!!

    Thank you


  821. Warren Buys says:

    Warren Buys
    07904 884836

    From Australia and would love to go for the 50th anniversary!!

  822. carl davison says:

    Would be fantastic

  823. Alastair Hawken says:

    Your Facebook feed has only just appeared on my Facebok feed :-( and it has gone past 12 noon on Tuesday :-(

    Would love to have been there this weekend…….love F1and your page JA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  824. King Arthur 2 U says:


  825. kenny wilson says:

    dream come true to be there and experience it all

  826. Ian Shipley says:

    Here’s hoping!

  827. james white says:

    oops i missed this one!

    eee well, might aswell enter anyways!

  828. Curious says:

    ah man I’m too late, I’ve been away for two weeks (watched the Austrian GP in Spanish!!) would have loved to go. Just incase you’re feeling generous I’m still applying :)

  829. whowonthen? says:

    So who won then? Congratulations btw

    1. James Allen says:

      Richard Ellis

      Congratulations to him

      1. Richard Ellis says:

        Thanks for the opportunity, James. Counting down the minutes now…!

        Thanks again Rich

  830. Stephen hurrell says:

    Would love to have been there

  831. Ken Speirs says:

    yes Please, would love to be there.

  832. Robert Owen says:


  833. Simon Kelly says:

    Yes please!

  834. jawsf1 says:

    would be great to take my fiancee of 9 years am sure if she saw f1 in the flesh she would appreciate it much more & stop nagging me on sunday afternoons he he!

    1. James Allen says:

      Competition closed yesterday and we have a winner, thanks

  835. darren cutmore says:

    Love the British GP. Be amazing to be there. Darren

  836. Tom Taylor says:

    Would love to be there in person to hopefully see a Hamilton victory!

  837. sam henderson says:

    a dream come true.

  838. Be nice to see Mr Mansell there again, wonderful memories!

  839. holly says:

    This would make my fathers dream come true as he has been the BIGGEST F1 fan all his life!!

  840. Ron Walsh says:

    Fantastic prize, would love to be at the race

  841. James Roberts says:

    Let me win please :)

  842. I so so so so would love to see the British Grand Prix in person, never to been to one before and what a great way this would be to see my first one! :D

  843. Ashlene says:

    Would genuinely make my year to see a race!!! Would absolutely love to be there!!!

  844. Sarah Lewis says:

    OMG! My dream prize. I’m a massive F1 fan but never been able to experience the British Grand Prix in person so would absolutely love to win x

  845. Keshia Esgate says:

    I would love to take my friend Sarah! It would make an epic day out and two very happy girls! :) xx

  846. Bryan Evans says:

    I have never been,but its on my bucket list of things to do.I bet the atmosphere is electric there.
    Goodluck all.

  847. Rachel says:

    I went to the British Grand Prix a few years back and loved it so much I’d love to go back! Queuing outside Silverstone at 6am is really special. Hanging out in the rain and squelching in the mud adds to the experience!

  848. roy brittain says:

    We live in brackley only down the rd from silverstone, each year we go and stand in a field behind the track and watch the red arrows its like our own private display with 360 view. Would be great to actually inside watching the racing for a change


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