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Rosberg takes second Monaco win ahead of Hamilton and Riccardo
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Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  25 May 2014   |  2:59 pm GMT  |  667 comments

Nico Rosberg took his second consecutive Monaco Grand Prix victory with a controlled drive from pole, holding off team-mate Lewis Hamilton, who struggled with vision problems in the latter stages of the race. Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo was third.

Rosberg held his lead at the start, with Hamilton hard in pursuit. Behind them the order was changing. Third-on the-grid Daniel Ricciardo made a poor getaway and was passed by team-mate Sebastian Vettel. Ricciardo then tried to fend off the hard-charging Fernando Alonso and that allowed Kimi Raikkonen, who had started sixth, to slip past both around the outside.

As the front-runners settled into the lap behind them Sergio Perez, who had started 10th, was clipped by McLaren’s Jenson Button and pitched into the barriers on the run down to the hairpin.

That triggered a brief safety car intervention and it left the order changed  again. This time it was Vettel on the move – though backwards. The champion reported a loss of power and slid rapidly back to 10th by the end of lap four. He pitted to permit his crew a diagnosis but within moments of them releasing him back into the fray, in last position, he reported that his RB10 was stuck in first gear. The myriad issues quickly saw him retire from the race.

The next man to exit the race was Toro Rosso’s Daniil Kvyat. The Russian rookie had impressed all weekend on his first time out at Monaco but after a decent race start in which he settled into eighth position he began to drop back on lap 11, losing places to Button and Hulkenberg. Kvyat then steered his car back to the pit lane and retired.

At the front the tight battle between Rosberg and Hamilton continued. By lap 19 the German was just 1.7 seconds ahead of his team-mate and both were pushing hard to find any advantage. Behind them Raikkonen was now 9.7s behind Rosberg, with Ricciardo 2.4s behind the Finn. Alonso continued in fifth, nine seconds to the good over Kevin Magnussen, with Toro Rosso’s Jean-Eric Vergne seventh.

The Safety Car appeared again on lap 25. Adrian Sutil lost control of his Sauber on the exit of the tunnel and smashed into the barriers scattering debris all across the run down to the Nouvelle  Chicane.

That was the cue for a flurry of stops as all the front runners visited the pits. The Mercedes came in one behind the other, with Hamilton momentarily delayed. Raikkonen, meanwhile, slotted back into third but was soon back in the pits, for another set of softs, the Finn being clipped by a lapped Marussia on his out lap. That promoted Ricciardo to third.

The order, when the safety car left the track on lap 30, was Rosberg, Hamilton, Ricciardo and Alonso, with Williams’ Felipe Massa fifth. The Brazilian had failed to pit during the safety car period, however, and was still circulating on his starting supersoft tyres.

Behind them, Vergne was handed a drive-through penalty for an unsafe release during the safety car period, the Frenchman having been sent dangerously into the path of Magnussen in the pit lane.

Vergne’s return to the pits on lap 37 shuffled the order in the lower half of the top 10. Hulkenberg was now sixth, ahead of Magnussen, Button, Valtteri Bottas and Esteban Gutierrez.

Massa finally pitted on lap 45, dropping back to 11th. The order now was Rosberg, just 0.8s ahead of Hamilton, with Ricciardo third, 12s back. Alonso was fourth ahead of Hulkenberg, Magnussen and Button. Bottas was eighth, Gutierrez ninth and Raikkonen was back into the top 10.

Vergne’s race, meanwhile, went from bad to worse. Fighting with Jules Bianchi for P13 on lap 52, blue smoke suddenly appeared at the back of the Toro Rosso. By the time Vergne reached the swimming pool section it had turned into a plume and he arrowed into pit lane to bring to an end a frustrating afternoon for his Italian team.

A handful of laps later a second engine failure changed the order again. Bottas, in eighth, was defending hard as behind him Gutierrez, Raikkonen and Massa (on fresher tyres) pushed to get past. In the end none of the trio had to tussle too hard, as on lap 57 Bottas’ FW36 expired in a pall of smoke at the hairpin.

Gutierrez was the next man to exit the race. The Mexican clipped the barrier at Rascasse, sustained a puncture and spun close to the pit lane entrance.

That put Marussia’s Jules Bianchi in a points-scoring position. The Frenchman was due to take a five-second penalty at the end of the race for an earlier infringement but with a six-second advantage over Grosjean on track, it looked like the Frenchman was on the way to his first F1 points.

Hamilton, meanwhile, was in trouble, complaining that he had dirt in his left eye that was impairing his vision. The gap between him and Rosberg drifted to five seconds, with Riccardo now eight seconds behind Hamilton.

The Australian made a determined bid to reel in Hamilton and closed the gap on the Mercedes driver to three seconds by lap 72. Hamilton was soon embroiled in traffic and on lap 73 Ricciardo was running on the Briton’s gearbox.

In the traffic Button passed Magnussen across the start-finish line. Ricciardo and Hamilton wove their through the backmarkers and as they did so Raikkonen attempted to pass Magnussen.

Both got stuck at the hairpin and that allowed Bianchi to move up to eighth, meaning that regardless of his penalty he would retain a points position.

It was now all about the Ricciardo/Hamilton duel. Ricciardo threw everything at the challenge but the Red Bull driver could find no way past as Hamilton used his greater power in tunnel to prevent any move from Riccardo into the chicane.

Ahead, Rosberg crossed the line to take his second Monaco win and to seize back the championship lead. The German now has 122 points to his team-mate’s 118.

Hamilton held off Ricciardo to take second. Alonso was fourth behind the Australian, with Hulkenberg fifth. Button was sixth for McLaren, ahead of Massa. Grosjean was eighth with Bianchi ninth, but the Marussia driver was crucially nine seconds ahead of tenth-placed Magnussen, meaning that Marussia scored their first championship points and took a crucial advantage over Caterham, for whom Ericsson was 11th, in the Constructors’ Championship.


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  1. Simmo says:

    Brilliant race! Really great!

    1. AuraF1 says:

      It really was! Hulkenbergs overtake was one of several highlights.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        The Hulk’s overtake on MiniMag was arguably one of the best of the year so far!
        Apparently he is supposedly too tall, too big and too heavy for F1……….as Bart Simpson would say, yeah whatever.

      2. AuraF1 says:

        To be fair to minimag he showed a bit more maturity by not just flying into Hulk – which was nice.

        But yeah – let’s assume Hulks massive body weight (given he’s about 10 stone instead of 7…sheesh) is costing him a tenth or even two – just how fast would he be if they raised the minimum weight?

        I think as soon as Kimi, Button or Alonso retire if anyone other than Hulk gets their seat it’s just a tragedy. I don’t think anyone is predestined to win a WDC but if Hulk doesn’t at least get a decent shot then it’s a tragic waste.

      3. Tealeaf says:

        I think pound for pound Hulk is the fastest driver in F1 over a race distance on average, will he ever get the chance in a championship winning car? Its 50/50 but without a doubt if he was in that Merc instead of Rosberg then he’d be making Hamilton’s current implosion seem like child’s play.

      4. Paul Kirk says:

        Yeah, Gaz, the Hulk is great, I’ve followed his progress since the A1GP days and he is a natural talent. It’s a real shame that to be successful in F1 you have to be an anemic midget! It is quite refreshing to see real grown up MEN get out of the Indy cars at the end of their races! The currant minimum weight rule for F1 needs reconsidering urgently, in my opinion!

    2. Beats last year’s hands down, doesn’t it?

      Driver of the day goes to Bianchi. These 2 points for Marussia are gold.

      Great stuff from Ricciardo, Rosberg and Hamilton too.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        I stand to be corrected, but those 2 points could be worth UK £20 million – at the very least! That’s an impressive return for 1.75 hours of work!
        Bianchi for Ferrari 2016?

      2. Rod says:

        Why would anyone want to drive for Ferrari? Oh, I was forgetting the money and ‘prestige’…

    3. Marc says:

      But in previous years there were more places drivers used to overtake at. Like in the tunnel or the tunnel exit, the start/finish “straight”, going uphill towards the casino, the end of the short casino straight. Today I didn’t see any overtaking except in Lowe’s 2km/h corner. So I can’t qualify the race as “brilliant”. The SC spiced it up a bit. And the Merc duo kept it alive to some extent.

      1. j says:

        You are going to get a zillion replies to this one Marc.

      2. k5enny says:

        i disagree that the safety car spiced it up.
        In fact, I would say the safety car spoiled what was shaping up to be a very interesting part of the race.

        Mercedes tyres were starting to go off — they were looking like thay would have to pit — and they didnt have the gap on the others.
        ie they would have been coming out in traffic.

        This could have given Ricciardo and Kimi – who were easier on thier tyres a real chance of beating on or both Mercs!!

  2. Darrell Steele says:

    Bit funny Roseberg congratulates his team mate now there is bad air between them never had done before.

    1. Christmas Dinner says:

      Poor form from Lewis today and yesterday.

      Funny, he pretty much compared Nico to a spolit little brat then behaves exactly like one.
      Nico’s behaviour last couple of races especialy when it got a bit spicey in Bahrain should have showed him how to present himself.
      YES he’s disappointed but dragging your bottom lip on the ground ain’t the thing to do!
      I am massive Lewis fan but the way he got his panties in a bunch throughout the last two days is handing over the impetuous mentally

      1. LT says:

        Funny how he always has a mental meltdown at Monaco…ala 2011 (I’m a fan of his btw)

      2. Rishi says:

        My thoughts exactly! There’s always something about Lewis and Monaco weekend; am also thinking of 2007 (“I’m the number two driver”) and perhaps also 2009 (when he talked up his chances pre-event before hitting the wall at Mirabeau in quali). I think it’s such a big weekend, seen still as the closest F1 has to a blue-riband event within the calendar, that if anything he gets himself too worked up. I wonder if in future the team will try and encourage him to simply treat it like another weekend. If he can win there multiple times then great but if not he’s still won there once already so it’s not like he’s trying to end a hoodoo a la Nigel Mansell at the Principality.

      3. deeno says:

        How can you possibly call it meltdown if his team mate had to cheat to win? Would you be happy and smiling??.

        Ham won all his races by being fair to NICO While Nico won because he is a fraud and a liar.

        Look at 2012 and see how mature HAM was. Even when his team screwed his chances.

      4. N says:

        Funny how ‘alaways’ means ‘once in 8 years’ lol

        Some people.

      5. Jaques Levesque says:

        He is certainly his own worse enemy, even his hardcore fans will struggle to defend his behaviour.

        As many on here know, i’m not part of the anti brigade and you are not going to see me taking a dig at every opportunity but jeeez Lewis, your behaviour was nothing short of atrocious. People were commenting about your radio manner…i defended it on the basis that others do the same…we’ve heard them….then the radio calls about “knew you wouldn’t bring me in anyway” when he didn’t pit early with a safety car due. The paranoia displayed was actually quite concerning.

        I’m starting to think he reads the sh1t people post as he really is demonstrating that he has somewhat of a complex.

        Nico dealt with the fallout really well and has come out looking alright in all of this, Lewis on the other hand has not. If i met someone like this at my work then i’d think he had a coke habit tbh and would be linking him in to services to help.

        If he is reading these then here’s some simple advice [mod] and do your talking on the road….you are your own worse enemy.

        I hate the constant barrage of negativity towards him on here as i have always said there is more behind it than how he behaves, thats always been my issue….i’ve argued the toss about balance as other drivers do stuff and it gets laughed at whilst Lewis gets nailed……and then he has a weekend like this where nobody can defend him with any confidence. I’ve never been a fanboy (unless we hit bikes and Noriyuki Haga and then i am A number 1 fan for that lad when he raced) but let me say this, if anyone is coming out and defending his behaviour this weekend then that is exactly what you are.

        Support all you like but wrong is wrong and he was…on so many levels…that cannot be defended

    2. Bryce says:

      Lewis has been carrying on like a young child. I enjoy watching him drive and will probably be able to continue doing that, but after this past week, I would be happy not to hear from him again.

      1. Rod says:


    3. Tim says:

      If Hamilton is looking for ways to lose his entire fanbase for acting like a child, then his actions in the last eight weeks are doing a fantastic job of that.

      Once upon a time I’d have called myself a fan of Hamilton, but I would no longer dare admit as much.

      1. hal says:

        Well I for one am glad there is some fierce inter-team rivalry. You can’t have it both ways. I would be disappointed if he took this loss with indifference. Rosberg kept on sulking for the last four podiums and seems to never get anyway the same level of stick (and Hamilton never compromised his shot at pole).

    4. Beo Wulf says:

      Just saw the post-race comments form Hamilton, and wow, just… WOW! This guy is a disgrace to British motor-sport. He doesn’t deserve to be world champion, let alone double world champion. I mean, questioning the precise team strategy that gave him the advantage in the previous 4 races, allowing him to win against a much faster Rosberg. If it had been Vettel, the booing would be deafening, and the online slander ever enduring. This year the championship is Mercedes clearly, but I really hope Hamilton doesn’t get it. I’m a fierce Nico supporter from now on.

      1. Breton says:

        You are saying that Rosberg was faster than Hamilton in the last 4 races and Hamilton won on strategy.

        Complete nonsense.

      2. Beo Wulf says:

        In 2 of them yes, absolutely. If you add the fact that Hamilton turned engine up against instructions from his team, then in Spain Nico was much faster than Hamilton. In these races, if Nico was allowed to have the undercut, Lewis would have been toast. But this is not the first time Lewis had problem with team mates (, this is just another example of Lewis bad character.

      3. Gazza says:

        @Beo Wulf, we will just ignore the fact that Nico turned his engine in Bahrain shall we.?

        Its all right for him but not Lewis.?

      4. Breton says:

        Actually Rosberg turned his engine up in Bahrain which is obviously why Hamilton did it in Spain as he couldn’t trust Rosberg after Bahrain.

        I agree Hamilton has been petulant but Rosberg has hardly been any better, fist pumping his pole when he should have been apologising to the drivers whose laps he wrecked.

      5. Beo Wulf says:

        If both of you read my comment carefully, you will say that I did not say whether or not Lewis turning his engine up was good or bad. I stated it as fact, which is the truth. It is also true that, if Lewis hadn’t done that in pain, he would have not won the race. Fact, pure and simple. It is also true that Nico never really got into feuds with his team mates, while Lewis has constantly done so, even when he had no real chance to win the WDC. Fact, pure and simple.

        You Lewis fans just don’t like to admit that Lewis isn’t a golden boy racer. He isn’t faster than other current drivers (including Nico) and he has a real bad character. And in spite of all that, he is still the highest paid driver in the paddock, even more than a 4 time WDC. Fact… pure and simple!

      6. Breton says:

        Nico Rosberg has never had a car with the performance he has now and the chance to win a WDC

        This is Hamiltons chance to win a second and it’s not suprising the first feud started in a fight for the WDC

        Hamilton is the highest paid because in terms of raw pace he is the fastest on the grid,period.

        Look at the poles and points and races he has won, in non championship cars the facts speak for themselves.

    5. Tealeaf says:

      That’s funny I remember Nico always congratulating Hamilton after Hamiltin win a race.

  3. Grant says:

    The race was decided yesterday obviously.

    Hope Nico is very proud of himself.

    1. Sebee says:

      He should be.
      You would be.

      1. kingszito says:

        Any comment on Vettel’s car breaking down regularly compared to Ricciardo? Was Vettel at fault for his car break down as you would conclude if it has happened to Lewis?

      2. Matias says:

        Yes, they give Seb the Webber Car :D

      3. Sebee says:

        After that 4 year run, gotta balance the books a bit. I’ve accepted it, hope Seb has too.

        Since I kinda like RBR at least I have a good backup to cheer for in Daniel. Not sure Lewis fans have such a fallback. ;-)

      4. Andrew M says:

        Oh snap

      5. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:


      6. Tealeaf says:

        There won’t be any comments on Vettel having car problems like he has bearly all season, at the next race comments will be ‘Ricciardo beating Vettel’ stuff like that but there won’t be mentions of any car issues, not from these so called ‘fans’ nor will there be much mention from the british media, they can all praise Ricciardo as much as they can but I didn’t see anything sepecial there he couldn’t even keep up with Raikkonen’s much inferior Ferrari early on, Vettel has had powertrain issues nearly every race apart from Malaysia and Barcelona and at those races he was quicker than Ricciardo, I doubt Dan will be Seb unless these reliability issues continue as they are.

      7. C63 says:

        what goes around (sebee) comes around :-)

      8. Gazza says:

        Prehaps Vettel is just driving the car too hard, in trying to match Ricarrdo he is putting too much stress on the car which in turn leads to more mechanical faults.

        Thats what I have heard other supposedly knowledgable commentators suggest anyway.

      9. Matthew says:

        Vettel has Webber’s old car it would seem!

      10. brendan says:

        vettel has been given webbers car by mistake

      11. rad_g says:

        Maybe Vettel inherited Webber’s car?

      12. AlexD says:

        I think he got Webber’s package this year

      13. Rodrigo Martins says:

        I think all the Webber’s bad luck went to vettel!!

      14. Michael Grievson says:

        They gave Vettel Webbers old car by mistake ;)

      15. RichyS says:

        Red Bull have never been good at giving their number 2 driver a reliable car.

      16. Doug says:

        While its fun to laugh at Vettel having a Webber-like run of bad luck this year, he also had a lot of failures in the past too. Its just unlike Webber he was able to win when the car didn’t break. Its a feature of Newey cars they win or the break trying. Good luck to Riciardo to keep making the most of his working car.

      17. Sebee says:

        C63, you’re really all in with Lewis eh? What if he isn’t a closer? Jury is still out on that, he’s just 50% conversion, saved by a Toyota really for the 50% rating. May hurt your feelings if you open your emotions like that. ;-)

      18. BM says:

        I can imagine that Red Bull are trying more aggressive strategies on Vettel’s car, which stress the car more and therefore cause more failures. They have a history of wanting to make Vettel look good and up to a point it also makes sense to try out new things on one car only.

        Or it’s just plain bad luck. They will never tell, if one or the other is the case though, so it’s all pure speculation.

      19. Vettel had as many breakdowns as Webber did during their 5 years as team mates. He also had a lot of breakdowns while leading races. But he’s been lucky in another respect, he hasn’t lost many Championships due to mechanical failure. Arguably he might have had a shot at the title in 2009 too without mechanical failures but that was always a longshot.
        This season must feel a bit ironic to Vettel. On the one hand he has struggled with mechanical problems 5 out of 6 weekends. More than any other driver and he must be very frustrated. But if he was to have a nightmare-season he couldn’t have chosen a better season than this one. Mercedes is totally dominant and there is no way anybody else will come remotely close to the title. Vettel isn’t interested in 3rd places anyway so he’ll see the irony. Terrible season and luck, but perfect timing for bad luck as the season has turned out. The irony would be complete if Vettel wins the championship next season on the back of lady luck. Remember that timing is everything also when it comes down to luck.

      20. Grant says:

        No Sebee, I wouldn’t be.
        My integrity wouldn’t allow me.

      21. Sebee says:

        Funny how we’re learning lately that Lewis isn’t that superhuman with passing mode used to fend Nico off for wins. We’ll see how this plays out going forward.

        I have a feeling Lewis is going to defeat himself. I also think Nico is stronger mentally. For Lewis fan’s sake I hope you’re right about his speed. Nico took all Lewis threw at him in passing mode, and is eating his ice cream from a P1 Monaco plate tonight.

        And don’t take this the wrong way, but since you wouldn’t it is why you won’t be WDC. Don’t feel bad, I think I would and I won’t be either.

      22. James Allen says:

        The saving grace for Hamilton is that Montreal is next up and he’s unbeatable around there

        That will rebalance him

        If Rosberg has the gloves off watch out for him playing with Ham’s mind there to unsettle him…

      23. Sebee says:

        Before people post…I mean what Lewis did in previous GPs.

      24. Grant says:

        Well Sebee if you think that after all the hardship that Lewis has endured, he can be mentally screwed by some young German boy, you’re dreaming.

        Nico can continue with his DIRTY tricks and get away with it (like another young German has been able to), but at the end of the day he’s no match for Lewis’ prowess. And that’s what will see Lewis eadily take this year’s WDC.

      25. DeepAnalysis says:

        James Allen and all those who claimed that LH is – might be – showing mental cracks have not carried out a deep look at the monaco gp itself but also at the history of LH since he arrived in formula one. To start with, I agree that his reaction to NR’s qualifying lap was lacking. He could have handled it differently, and better. But in the race itself he showed that far from being beaten psychologically, he drove an excellent race. I am not worried about LH cracking. On the contrary. Just look at 2012 after the twitter gaff. Despite all the onslaught he got by the media and fans, and rightly so, he dominated the next race in Monza and were it not for mechanical failure he could have won the championship that year. But journalists easily forget LH’s history when they come to analyze his present – impetuous – behaviour. We urgently need thinking journalists just as we need thinking drivers.

      26. James Allen says:

        Where did I say he cracked?

      27. Breton says:


        It’s a shame that neither driver at Merc comes out of this very well.

        No contrition from Rosberg straight after the event for wrecking several drivers flying laps, just fist pumping which does help those who wish to point the finger.

        Lewis understandably upset but boy he is is wining no friends with his petulant attitude and you know I am a big fan.

        Shame Rosberg couldn’t have been a bit sheepish and Hamilton said I don’t believe my team would have done that.

        I am reading that Rosberg broke an agreement not use boost at Bahrain and Hamilton reciprocated in Spain.

        If true I suspect neither trusts the other!!

        James have you heard about the above?

      28. Richard says:

        interesting that the use of the boost button was leaked. Could only have come from
        1) Ham (doubtful)
        2) Ros (probable) or
        3) Merc (possible).
        Not knowing the source of this leak could be what is causing Hamilton’s lack of trust in the team which is pretty apparent based on the radio transmissions.

      29. Breton says:

        James has confirmed he has heard the same.

        Looks like Rosberg broke the rules first in Bahrain, Ham reciprocated in Spain and pit lane opinion is divided on whether the lock up was deliberate.

        So both guilty but if in the play ground and we seem to be, Ham would say he started it!!!!

        Shame neither driver has handled it very well.

    2. KRB says:

      He did all the hard and dirty work yesterday. :-)

      1. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:


        I can barely believe we have statements like yours. What happened yesterday is irrelevant.

        Ham will win 9 out of 10 races, so….

        AND, nobody really knows if it was or not on purpose.

      2. Mhilgtx says:

        I was pretty surprised to hear everyone complaining about Nicos off in Q3. On the US broadcast Steve Matchett was just saying that he thought Nico had held back too far going into his flying lap and cooled the tires down so to be looking for grip and lockup issues. Then bam lock up and and off the track Nico went.

        I am sure Lewis was mad after Spain and him getting 4second pit stops while Nico was getting 2. What might be happening is a case of Lewis alienating his teammates and I don’t mean Nico.

        With that said I thought Lewis did a really good job of not taking chances and securing his 18 points.

    3. Andrew M says:

      Whatever you think of yesterday, there’s no way to undo it now. Nico has the win and the points lead in his pocket and it’s up to Lewis to take it back next time out. This was Lewis’ most dominant period over Nico last year (Canada, Britain, Germany, Hungary), if he can repeat that he’ll take a massive step towards the title.

      1. Dr Lewis says:

        Well said and I have a funny feeling that is the likely result of today…

      2. Michael says:

        @ Andrew M I have a feeling Hamilton will start another winning streak come Canada. Like u said these up coming races are on his favorite tracks.

      3. james encore says:

        I’ve watched Nico’s off several times, and whilst it was certainly convenient, I think the “Don’t ascribe to conspiracy anything that can be explained by cock-up” rule applies.

        Crediting Nico with the guile to go off on purpose doesn’t seem to be the act of someone engaged in mind games either.

        If Nico had fluffed the start and Lewis led into the first corner it would have been his day – and 3 races in a row that Nico really should have won going to Lewis would have us thing the championship is over. As things stand we the Mercedes drivers should have a scrap which goes to end of the season.

        The bad news for the others is the lead: Raikkonen closed a margin of more than two race wins to win his championship, and James Hunt made up 4 wins to be a point ahead when the season ended (and Damon Hill closed up more than 3 wins but didn’t still lost to Schumacher in 94). Otherwise you can’t find a driver who has closed a gap of more than 2 wins to take a championship and that’s the gap between the two Mercedes and the rest.

        I don’t know if Mercedes have decided that one driver doing too well will make the season a huge yawn-fest and so are making as much drama as possible by encouraging these two to race.

        By the way, comparing the seasons …
        Last year, Lewis had the better of Australia, Malaysia, China, Bahrain, then Nico had Spain and Monaco. This year you can argue about Australia, but Lewis had the better result in Spain and the others have matched up.
        Last year then went
        Canada: Lewis, Britain: Nico (won) Germany: Lewis, Hungary: Lewis (won), Belgium: Lewis
        You’d have to make Lewis favourite for the next 5 races (!). In Canada he has 3 wins and 3 poles and was 3rd last year with Nico was 54 seconds behind – the biggest gap between them all season. If that history gets overturned the momentum swings back towards Nico.

      4. Tealeaf says:

        Last year the Merc team messed up Nico’s strategy by putting him on scrubbed tyres on his 2nd stint and lost 25secs due to them laps, in the first stint on same tyres Nico was barely a few seconds behind Hamilton.
        But I agree alot of ‘Hamilton tracks’ coming up win them or lose his mind.

    4. furstyferret says:

      Good result for lewis, if you dont ger the jump at the start, unless nico makes a mistake 2nd is all you can do, considering he’s already had one dnf, lewis is sitting pretty, out of the 6 races rosberg has twice made mistakes in final qually run, so rosberg is feeling the pressure, with 13 races to go, and the dnfs being equal, lewis should be wdc, if hes not, then he’s not the top rank I thought he was, bring on canada

    5. Luis Pastilla says:

      The truth is, this weekend Hamilton was caught napping, literally and metaphorically.

      Not just oversleeping for free practice [never heard of before}

      He simply did not prepare himself. He was arrogant, thinking that he had Nico licked, and he let his guard down.

      That was the mistake that let a lesser driver win the day.

      1. Jon_C says:

        Well this is true, a little. We dont really know what would of happened if Nico didnt stuff up in qualifying. could of been much different

      2. Poyta says:

        How can you say that? We never even got a chance to see if Lewis could have got a Pole or not? I would have bet almost anything that he would have had one up on Rosberg if given the chance.

      3. Craig D says:

        Well we saw their first runs. Why didn’t he get the job done then. There’s no guarantee he would have got pole with that second run anyway, especially as Lewis was consistently losing out in the 3rd sector.

      4. Poyta says:

        Craig D, my theory is that due to Mercedes policy that all drivers can look at each others data Lewis is more inclined to keep all his aces up his sleeve – he didn’t want to show his hand on the first run. Also, keep in mind that a track like Monaco only gets more rubbered with time so the later a run the faster is it – traditionally all drivers get their best time in the last run. If you look at the data Lewis was actually loosing out in sectors 1 & 3 and was always dominant in sector 2 so considering that on that last flying lap he was up in sector 1,he would easily have been up on sector 2 based on previous performance – so even if he was down on sector 3 thats 2/3 so a good chance of getting on Pole. Sadly – we’ll never know and thats my whole point – we never got a chance to see so I take objection to your comments that seem to suggest that Lewis did not prepare himself or let his guard down.

      5. jp says:

        I’m a huge Lewis fan and as much as i hate to admit it -i agree with this. Lewis is so fast naturally that he thinks that it is all he has to do but in f1 there are so many other ways to prepare yourself. politics, mental prep as jackie stewart always says is so important. i think his comments on “hunger” were so ill-judged and stunk of arrogance. however, how nico won was so unsporting and dishonest that i forgive lewis a bit for his post race behaviour. but now he needs to take it on the chin and on to next race.

    6. JF says:

      He drove a great race. He should be proud.

    7. LBV says:

      Nico is spending too much time with Alain Prost…

  4. Dan says:

    Amazing work by Rosberg, Hamilton & Riccardo, as well as Raikkonen. However, the today’s praise must go to Jules Bianchi for bringing his team the first ever world championship point. Fantastic!!

    1. justafan says:

      Raikkonen? The guy drove like an amateur.

      1. Chromatic says:

        Rubbish! Amateurs are never in line for a podium finish. It was amateurs that ruined his race.
        Have another look at the race when you can.

      2. f1supremo says:

        He drove like a grandma in loews. He got reprimanded for his silly driving.

  5. Sebee says:

    Did Lewis’ diamond ear ring come out inside the helmet?

    1. Sebee says:

      Or was it Nicole’s beauty stuck in his retina?

      Theories welcome.

      1. ferggsa says:

        No, just tears from running in second

      2. Dave Deacon says:


      3. Sebee says:

        Valid point.

      4. AuraF1 says:

        And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye,
        but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

        It was divine retribution for his rich boy comments ;)

      5. Roddie says:

        Accurate comment! Spot on! :D

      6. Christmas Dinner says:

        Good work x

      7. GP says:

        Actually, Lewis was crying because Alonso’s girlfriend is hotter than Nicole.

      8. Sebee says:


      9. flesh says:

        If it was divine retribution for comments about rich man poor man im sure he would of had more than an eye problem

      10. AuraF1 says:

        Alternatively it was Martin Whitmarsh and Jenson Button who set up an eye puncturing device in his helmet!!!!!!11!!

        Oh sorry – the old conspiracy theory ghosts took possession of me there…;)

      11. Jock Ulah says:

        Tears of frustration . . . obviously . . .

      12. Gudien says:

        I’m sure someone or something is to blame because Lewis can’t be beaten. Ever. If I had to guess I’d expect it was a problem with his helmet visor which was mishandled/sabotaged by the Merc team prior to the race. Shocking!

      13. Mhilgtx says:

        Actually I blame Vettel!!!!

    2. C63 says:

      Not sure about what got into Lewis eye, but what’s your theory on why Vettel is struggling with his car (reliability) so much? Might it be the way he drives – is he too hard on the car causing it to break down all the time?
      It can’t all be bad luck, can it?

      1. justafan says:

        Certainly Vettel is too hard on his equipment. Just like Webber in the past.

      2. Box Box Box says:

        I think it’s unfair to blame him without any proof and the team rant suggesting that it was his fault. I know he is not popular but he would have come third today (ahead of DR with a compromised car that caused him to loose 0.1 second during qualifying.

      3. DaveC says:

        Haha the guys car breaks down and people still find a way to blame him. The boo boys are back in force

      4. Tealeaf says:

        Trying too hard? Yeah for one minute I thought you were being serious… lolol
        He was trying so hard to break the car from behind the safety car he blew the turbo.

      5. Kay-gee says:

        Poor Vettel, Lewis used to be blamed for failures because of pushing hard at Mclaren by Button fans. I’m an engineer and I know that the best way to spot improvement avenues in a system, is to run it to its maximum.

      6. Gaz Boy says:

        It’s not bad luck, it’s bad preparation.
        Fail to prepare, prepare to fail………yes it’s a rather tired old cliche, but it’s still true…….
        Having said that, last year Mark had his share of reliability and operational issues…..let me think…..wheels falling off on track, car exploding into flames, tyre not attached properly while exiting the pit-lane…….
        In other words, Red Bull do have pedigree in not always putting all the right nuts on the right bolts, whether internal or external…..

      7. Sebee says:

        Since it seems to be software, I think we can attribute this to the geeks.

        Although, Lewis could be responsible here for Vettel’s issues too. The MB AMG is so fast RBR are pushing too hard to catch it, thus flying too close to the sun.

      8. khm says:

        There was a mixup this winter……. Vettel got Webbers car, and Ricciardo got Vettels…..

      9. AuraF1 says:

        I think he is too hard on it but it’s probably just bad luck. As much as I think Webber was the poor son of Red Bull, I think most of his issues were probably just bad luck.

        I think Vettel has settled into the mode of ragging the car into corners and waiting for the insane diffuser power to level it out (a skill that obviously Webber couldn’t learn as well after decades of driving in the opposite way) but in still not convinced that would blow Vettels car up.

        Maybe it’s just Daniel is so awesome it makes Vettel look bad – saying that – pick any of the sports legends and you’ll find a year where they just struggled and toiled. Maybe this is Vettels year in the desert…

    3. Foxes says:

      No, it’s jealous of his lifestyle comments from a wannabe like you!

  6. Gudien says:

    Congrats to Nico!

    1. Avl says:

      Yeah who said that crime doesn’t pay?

  7. TGS says:

    How was Ricciardo lapping a second faster than both Mercedes at the end? Tyres?

    1. Sebee says:

      Nico half way clear.
      Lewis half way blind.

    2. Andrew M says:

      Yes, the Red Bull looked after its tyres a lot more. Rosberg clearly had a bit of pace in hand though, and the lost time due to the Sutil safety car (about 10 seconds?) made it seem closer.

    3. kingszito says:

      The guy is a talent, he has completely put Vettel out of the picture. Vettel excuses is endless these days. Well done Ricciardo.

      1. DaveC says:

        His car broke down

      2. KRB says:

        How many race finishes for each?

      3. Dave C says:

        By the way the above is not me. Its not how many finishes its how the car was in the races. It was clear Vettel had low power at Bahrain as well and that Barcelona quali was disastrous.
        Whats clear is that Ricciardo is very fast as predicted but I still see Vettel beating him if these car issues are ironed out especially next year when things stabalise. Every top driver gets beaten at one point or another just look at Alonso by Trulli and Hamilton! Senna by Prost and was also losing to Hill! Hamilton by Button and now losing to Rosberg.

        However if you stick Vettel in Rosberg’s seat at Mercedes this year he’d dominate like he dominated before with the best car.

      4. KRB says:

        @Dave C, China was disastrous for Vettel. In terms of two-car finishes this year, he trails Ricciardo 3-0.

        Not sure how you go from that, to saying he’d be dominating in the Merc this year. I like Ricciardo, but both Hamilton and Rosberg are better than him. I would like to see Hamilton versus Vettel in the same team, and we know that Lewis was not against it, wanting to go to Red Bull. Rosberg’s new contract likely puts paid to that though, for at least two more seasons.

      5. Box Box Box says:

        Hey KBR, I never said he would dominate in a merc and your two car finish stat is misleading as in Monaco and Malaysia Vettel was gonna finish ahead, in Barcelona his race was destroyed by his car breaking down in quali and in Aus …. We will never know. I’m not saying SV is better but I am saying he’s far from being dominated and pushed out of the picture. I do wish RBR would let them fight more though, when merc let LH fight off a faster NR it’s great TV (Bahrain) I’d like to see SV try to keep DR behind.

      6. PP says:

        Oh yeah because the car breaking is an excuse

      7. Box Box Box says:

        It is a reason, the reason he didn’t finish 3rd in the Monaco go, the reason he is not third in the WDC

      8. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:

        That boy is REALLY good.

      9. Box Box Box says:

        I agree with you, we’ll said

      10. RodgerT says:

        I haven’t heard a stream of excuses from Vettel.

        When Ricciardo beats him on pace he’s admitted it and gave credit, and when the car fails he says what went wrong with the car.

      11. Bradley says:

        In most races this season yes. But Barcelona was close and we have no idea where Vettel would have ended up today in a working car; most likely ahead of Ricciardo after his start.

      12. Box Box Box says:

        Before today SV was ahead of DR in the standings and he would be even further clear if not for yet another mechanical failure. Hardly out of the picture

      13. kenneth chapman says:

        and i suppose that a DQ and a DNF for ricciardo means zippedy doo dah in the full picture either?

      14. aezy_doc says:

        A bit harsh on Vettel – he has had a share of car issues. Ricciardo is doing a sterling job though.

      15. Tom says:

        Hear hear. He even blamed the turbo charger for his DNF today…the nerve…

      16. Sebee says:

        Cars are different, and this plays a role. I can cycle on anything, but I’m way better on MTB than on the road.

      17. Michael says:

        I still can’t believe what Ricciardo is doing to Vettel. He has made Vettel look like a rookie. It’s unbelievable and what does this say about Mark Webber? The Vettel “fanboys” can’t say Vettel leads in points. He has been overtaken. He is officially the #2 driver at Redbull. Daniel Ricciardo ia a future F1 Champion.

      18. Lance Manion says:

        Now you’re being silly. Vettel’s car has had issues at every race. Ricciardo has done well but he’s not a 4x WDC. If Ricciardo had a few wins and was contending for the WDC, then Vettel would be upset. It doesn’t make much difference if Ricciardo is the best of the rest. Vettel is out there to win and the Red Bull is just not fast enough.

      19. Tealeaf says:

        Lololol Lance he’s having you on, don’t worry about it, its better to have a unreliable and weak season when the car can’t win the championship rather than a championship winning car BUT then even when the car constantly having issues and other bad luck Seb still won the championship, he could have even potentially took Hamilton at Monaco when Hamilton faded badly towards the end espcially going by his Barcelona pace.

      20. Alexbookoo says:

        His engine broke. That’s a pretty good excuse.

      21. Yeah, but the Aussie got a mysteriously bad start with Vettel the beneficiary. Haven’t we heard this story before?

  8. Andrew M says:

    A decent race, but the Mercs were untouchable yet again, even with all the time lost through safety cars and Lewis’ issue they took a 1-2. Has the best chance for another team to take a win this season already gone?

    Also disappointing neither Merc driver felt the need to make any kind of conciliatory move towards the other; I don’t expect them to be best friends or anything but a whole season plus of this is just going to get tiresome.

    1. C63 says:

      I watched/listened to the post race interviews with Nico and Lewis but when the analysts dissected what they said, it appeared as if they had listened to something other than me. I think a large part of this ‘feud’ is an invention of the media. It’s normal teammate rivalry to me, they both know that one of them will win the WDC – you can’t really expect them to be pals.

      1. James Allen says:

        No way.

        I sat in front of the in pressed Saturday and Sunday and Ham has clearly lost trust in ROS and wants to stoke it. We are not making this up, I assure you.

        Some of the media may be using top spin, but the breakdown of trust has happened and that’s toxic in a team

      2. Rockie says:

        James I totally disagree with your line of thought with regards Hamilton, he’s trying to cause disruptions within the team after it was actually proven he was dishonest and used an illegal engine map setting to stay ahead in the last race.
        Where does that leave him with Rosberg? I think it’s a little rich for him to try that.

      3. jp says:

        do you think it was the red mist and after some time apart they could have a more relaxed attitude?

      4. Tealeaf says:

        Hamilton lost trust in Nico? What do you expect after all the mental abuse Hamilton’s trying to put on Rosberg in the last month or so?!?! I’m sure if someone’s been taunting you like Hamilton has for a period of time they wouldn’t expect you to still be their best pal or anything…

        So I suppose Rosberg should trust Hamilton to play it fair yeah? With Hamilton’s high power mode always on and crying to the team for preferential treatment???

      5. the kiLLing JoKe says:

        Ham wants to stoke it alright, and that’s a shame because I believe he has the outright speed to beat Nico. However between the ears Nico has the edge and as someone once said of Mike Tyson also applies to Hamilton,’He’ll break before he bends’. Put your head down Hammy and focus on racing and this championship is yours. Keep pouting and playing minds and Nico will take when you aren’t looking.

      6. Gazza says:

        So in fact Nico started the distrust by using the forbidden extra power engine map in Bahrain.?

        What have the likes of @rockie and @tealeaf got to say about that.

        Not a lot I guess.

      7. iceman says:

        Toxic for the team, but great for fans. A dash of bitters in the rivalry really spices up the competition.

    2. Torchwood Five says:

      The way Daniel closely pursued the second Mercedes, I don’t know how you can call them “untouchable”.

      1. Richard says:

        Ricciardo is proving to be a great driver who has got to grips with this type of car. He was able to get closer to Hamilton because of the issue with something in Hamilton’s eye which cost serious lap time, and allowed Rosberg to pull a gap. That said I think the Red Bull car looks after it’s rear tyres better perhaps having more rear downforce.

      2. Andrew M says:

        Under normal circumstances, Ricciardo wouldn’t have gotten near the Mercs. Ricciardo only got near Hamilton because of (i) the eye issue (or for all you conspiracy theorists, whatever issue he was suffering with his car instead of his eye issue) (ii) the safety car reducing Mercs’ lead by 10 seconds (iii) Monaco reducing Mercedes’ advantage over the field significantly. And he still couldn’t get second.

        Even if Ricciardo found a way past Hamilton, Rosberg was 9 seconds up the road. With the safety car time that would have been 19 seconds, about the advantage they’ve had at other tracks.

        Mercedes will not be beaten on pace this year, if they are it will be because of reliability/driver error.

      3. Kay-gee says:

        Nicely put

    3. Gazza says:

      Oh come on.!!

      A season of back slapping is just want nobody wants, and actually a lot is being made out of very little at the moment, they haven’t even banged wheels on track yet.

      I actually feel a bit sorry for Nico, I don’t think he did anything on purpose and he seems to be the most uncomfortable with this ramping up of the tension between him and Lewis.

      Being nice does not win you a WDC in fact the opposite tends to be true.

    4. GP says:

      Your second paragraph answers the first. As Lewis said he would take a page out of Senna’s book, they will take each other out as soon as they get to a circuit with a lot of runoff at turn 1. ;-)

      1. kenneth chapman says:

        the fact is that he couldn’t have taken rosberg out because he was so far in front at turn 1.
        a hollow threat. hamilton is now backing off his previous statements, in some cases stating that he was taken out of context? his eye problem was also a confection i think. a convenient excuse to cover his lack of talent!

      2. Truth says:

        Didn’t look like his eye problem was made up, his one eye looked puffed and sore,what reason to lie as he said it would not have changed the outcome and played it down.Even with eyes open some will only see what they wish to see, the lack of talent comment lets us all see what you wish we’re true, with my eyes closed I see through that type of post based on dislike rather than facts.

      3. kenneth chapman says:

        @truth….i have watched the post race interviews, especially the one after the podium where it is full close up. his eyes looked perfectly normal to me and neither of them even showed any redness!

        my comment re ‘talent’ was meant to convey his inability to even attempt an attack on rosberg and push him even further. some drivers actually made passes on track. some were successful some weren’t but if he is as good as some you make out then he certainly could’ve tried harder. but no, he just complained to the pit wall.

        under the circumstances i think that rosberg showed his talent more than adequately….by comparison that is.

      4. Truth says:

        Maybe on a track where it is possible to overtake he may have had a go, didn’t see any top car attack and pass another top car, cars out of posistion performance wise made the odd pass, have a closer look at the footage regards the eye, on the two different feeds I watched the commentators both mentioned the eye looking sore, I thought so too. Had Nico pulled away during the race I would have thought he had the edge on pace, but as Lewis seemed to run the pace with no problems it would have been interesting to see if he could have pulled away if ahead, in the last 11 Monaco races the pole man has won, except one time when Lewis won,so clearly it’s nearly impossible to pass an equal car, regardless of talent. I never said Nico had no talent or suggested a lack of it in this race or the previous ones. Only some on here make those type of comments.

    5. Leslie D'Amico says:

      Oh I don’t know, Senna vs. Prost at McLaren never got tiresome, quite entertaining as I remember it. Didn’t you think so James?

  9. Marcbob says:

    Really enjoyed your commentary today James, a while since I have tuned in, almost as good as the telly!

    1. Peter Freeman says:

      Is that commentary available as streaming audio online by any chance

      1. olderguysrule says:

        yes james, can we stream your race coverage across the pond?

      2. James Allen says:

        No but it is on the Official F1 App

      3. TGS says:

        It’s available through the f1 app.

      4. Hudson says:

        I enjoy Jame’s commentary too; it’s on Radio 5live but you can’t get it from outside the UK (unless you use the VPN tricks). However the new F1 app uses 5 Live commentary, and I listen to it while watching on Channel 10 here in Australia. Too many ad breaks. Jame is good, but sometimes there is a different guy doing the commentary.

      5. Peter Freeman says:

        Ah the overpriced F1 app that does not work on my phones platform…

        The one thing FOM is doing a very good job of is excluding as many people as possible from having access to any kind of live coverage of races!

        Personally I am praying that German judge locks E up for the rest of his days!!!

      6. Simple says:

        $14 is much more reasonable than the $40 odd it’s been in previous years, and it has more features…

  10. dzolve says:

    Great drive by Rosberg today but hollow victory in my mind!

    1. Sebee says:

      Hollow? I’d say overflowing.

      If accidental, than that’s life. Mistakes happen.

      If on purpose, simply brilliant perfection of execution.

      Either way, great show by Nico.

      1. dzolve says:

        It was a great show by Nico, as I said.

        But to have to win by screwing up your main competitor, whether by design or by accident is pretty desperate.

        Hardly “overflowing” whatever that means?!

      2. luqa says:

        It would seem LH pulled a fast one in Barcelona by engaging in the over-take mode while trying to fend off NR- contrary to a prearranged team-order.

        Strange that this little incidence of blatant cheating by LH- ignoring team orders has been virtually ignored by the press. Yet last year SV was crucified for similarly ignoring a team orders.

        It’s also why LH admitted NR was quicker than him in Barcelona, and why now the suspicion is hanging in the air over every move. That’s twice now than LH- Bahrain and Barcelona, has been caught disturbing team harmony, and he wonders why NR is doing his own thing.

        LH IS fast- no doubt, but he has the maturity and attitude of a child unfortunately..

      3. RodgerT says:

        If it was by accident how can it be desperate?

      4. Craig D says:

        Can’t be desperate if it’s an accident. It’s unfortunate, but it could have been any driver preventing others from completing their lap. I don’t think Nico intentionally went to “crash” at that corner.

      5. LT says:


        Rosberg actually used the overtake mode in Bahrain against team orders first. So it was Rosberg who initiated this not Hamilton.

      6. Gaz Boy says:

        PS, Wasn’t that pass on the Mini-Mag by the Hulk at Portier fantastic? Incredible piece of opportunism, skill and commitment! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a driver pass a competitor on merit (racing, not lapping) there before!
        The Incredible Hulk’s pass on Mini-Mag has to be the best overtake so far this year!

      7. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:

        “If on purpose, simply brilliant perfection of execution”


        That with Schummy was far away from perfect, huh???

      8. Sebee says:

        Look, facts are facts.

        Schumi made a simple little mistake.
        Alonso knew nothing in Singapore 2008.

        End of. ;-)

    2. Tealeaf says:

      Isn’t Hamilton’s win at Barcelona a bit hollow due to Hamilton turning his engine up? Also isn’t all Mercedes wins hollow due to a dominating car?

    3. VP of Common Sense says:

      It’s not a hollow victory, your opinion is short sighted. Hamilton left it too late in qualifying and he was at the mercy of his teammate, the rest of the field, and the track if something were to go wrong. Hamilton shouldn’t have been slower earlier in the session when the two Merc drivers set their best laps. It was a measured drive today from Rosberg, while Hamilton pouted on the radio all day long. Montreal has been a strong track historically for Hamilton, he’ll have ample opportunity to regain the WDC lead.

      1. justafan says:

        He just needs to avoid driving into stationary cars in the pit lane or team mates on the straight.

      2. Kay-gee says:

        Shame, A Buttons fan. How do you cope with his slow nature?

      3. j says:

        Monaco (like Montreal) is a track that gets a lot faster as it rubbers in. “Leaving it late” is the best strategy by far.

      4. VP of Common Sense says:

        It’s never smart to be slower than your teammate at any stage. He shouldn’t have left it late. That left eye must have been red and puffy from all the tears and pouting.

      5. jp says:

        vetted used to leave it late all the time and everyone congratulated him. yes it is a risky strategy but that does not justify [mod] as lewis believes it was hence his upset mode.

      6. Michael says:

        I have a feeling Rosberg won’t be smiling in Canada.

      7. Dante says:

        Oh, finally a very considered observation. Thank you, Mr Vice President, for telling it like it was.

        Lewis is a fine driver but, he still needs to grow up.

      8. Richard says:

        Of course one does not expect to get blocked by ones team mate. The strategy last one over the line is the best one, and to be fair to Lewis I think he only found the time to beat Rosberg on his last pole run which was over 2 tenths up on Rosberg at the point where Hamilton had to back off. I think Rosberg’s stunt was very carefully executed but quite deliberate.

  11. Silverback says:

    Disappointed with hamiltons attitude on the podium, lucky ricciardos smile lit up the stage, Lewis should be happy his car can fight for p1, plenty of other people on the grid that would gladly switch with him

    1. Avl says:

      Yeah he should be over the moon that his teammate decided to cheat him out of a win.

      But hey, nico apologised right? so it’s lewis who is the bad guy for not accepting it.

      nico: “hey lew, sorry for cheating you out of a pole at a track where it’s pretty much impossible to win from any other position”

      lewis: “yeah no problem bro gotta do what you gotta do!”

    2. AuraF1 says:

      I agree – I think if Hamilton wants to really mess Rosberg up he should be really nice and congratulate him – that’d confuse the hell out of him!

    3. Sgordon says:

      I didn’t see nico show him any love either. Doesn’t seem as on sided as your making it out to be.

      1. kenneth chapman says:

        and why should he? hamilton accused him of cheating! hamilton deserves no quarter. live by the sword die by the sword.

        i had to laugh at hamiltons dismissive comments re ricciardo. it very nearly came back and bit him on the bum. hahaha

    4. Paul Kirk says:

      I totally agree with you re Hamilton’s attitude, Silverback, he’s behaving like a little boy that’s had his teddy taken away! He seems to think it is his RIGHT to be winning, well he might grasp the reality of life one day when he finally grows up! (If he ever does!)
      He should have a yarn to Scott Dixon (Indy car driver) about how to handle a faster/luckier team mate!

      1. jp says:

        no. why do people keep saying lewis can’t handle not winning? it’s not losing that was the problem he believed (rightly or wrongly) that nico [mod] and that was why he was so annoyed.
        fair enough to criticise but at least get the facts correct.

      2. flesh says:

        @Paul Kirk I find your comments about Lewis’s lack of maturity and sportsmanship cheap, and dismissive. He is trying to win a world title the thing he believes he was put on this earth for. and at times he says and does things to try and make sense of certain situations, I bet you have behaved in exactly the same manner over far less than a world title I know I have. and I have no doubt whatsoever all the people that criticise his lack of maturity are equally guilty of behaving in a less than mature way. history teaches many things one is when you are touched by genius and make no mistake Lewis is a genius you will always be prone to the odd break down there are many people who have suffered for there genius: john McEnroe, Ronnie osullivan, George best, Paul Gascoigne and that’s just in sport! so don’t be so quick to judge !

      3. Paul Kirk says:

        You’re right in many ways, Flesh, but Hamilton’s demeanor invites critisism. If you saw the Indy 500, and the WSBK races at Donnington on the same weekend and saw how the podium finishers behaved and showed genuine pleasure at achieving their results and enjoying their races, whether 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, I think you’d have to admit Hamilton has a bit to learn. I know we can’t help our personality, but he is a professional.

    5. Matt says:

      I consider myself a Hamilton fan and was very disappointed in his attitude all weekend long. He is sulking around like a temperamental toddler. I believe there was something unsavory in the way Nico caused the yellow flag on Saturday, but Lewis never had the measure of him on Sunday. Nico clearly outclassed him Sunday. Lewis needs to grow up. The negative sulky attitudes are spoiling the competition.

      I realize that these guys don’t want to lose, but both Nico and Lewis act so poorly when they finish second.

      1. Poyta says:

        Hang on when did Rosberg have the measure of Lewis on Sunday? From what I saw he was up Rosbergs a#$ all the time so how was he outclassed? You didn’t actually expect Lewis to overtake right? Not in Monaco.
        Also, in regards to Hamiltons sulking- lets be honest he had every right to be all doom and gloom – he was essentially robbed of the chance to try for pole and because of the nature of the track – little chance of a win. Rosberg was all doom and gloom on the spanish podium too – they both with the package they have, have a right to be less than happy if they don’t get a win.
        I for one am enjoying the sulking – wear your heart on your sleeve boys – I don’t want to see any of that political correctness and all smiles for the camera crap.

      2. flesh says:

        @Poyta Hoorah well said I totally agree these people who moan and vilify lewis must all be saints and live there lives turning the other cheek I think not

  12. Bruno Menilli says:

    Rosberg won this race fair and square, he didn’t cheat and for Hamilton not to congratulate him is just another example of Hamilton throwing his toys out of the pram when things don’t go his way.

    He didn’t even have the backbone to politely express how he really felt.

    This is not the way a prospective champion should act especially to promote the sport.
    Even though he must have been disappointed it was just more very juvenile and amateurish behaviour from Hamilton, which just about sume him up.

    1. KRB says:

      If he didn’t cheat, he definitely benefitted from his own mistake yesterday. Not sure that’s how it’s supposed to work in sports.

      1. Sebee says:

        Come on KRB, it happens all the time in sport and life.

        Ever see a player come out of a penalty box and score on a breakaway? Never or only all the time? Figured hockey comparo would be OK for you.

        Maybe we should start an F1 list of such events?

      2. Truth says:

        Hardly the same thing, but I’m not one to enjoy the misfortune of others. More bad luck for Seb and Kimi, no doubt some will take glee in that also, not me though. I just enjoy good clean racing.

      3. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:



        Kimi deserved the 3rd place today.
        Great start and a *huge* bad luck.

      4. KRB says:

        Yeah, not a good comparison Sebee, seeing as the penalized player there has served the entire penalty, the team has been shorthanded for 2 minutes. If a player coming out of the box then scores on a breakaway, it’s b/c the team on the power play have not covered for the possibility of getting caught by the player emerging from the box.

        In your scenario the team and player have paid for their mistake, and that player then scoring is not down to benefitting from their own mistake, but the other team’s. As it should be.

      5. kenneth chapman says:

        @ H guderian…. kimi would not have lasted the distance,IMO, as he was driving like a madman. his reprimand for his accident is a stark reminder that he has lost it. his stupid attempt to pass at the hairpin was never going to work in a million years.

      6. Sebee says:

        KRB, I felt it was decently close as he’s in there only because of an infraction, and often gets position via element of surprise.

        You asked about it in sports. I felt panalty and getting a scoring opportunity upon exit thanks to it was a decent example. But I’m sure we can come up with other examples.

      7. KRB says:

        @Sebee, must I do your work for ya? Here’s an example I thought of. Not sure if you’re a footy fan or what.

        In the last WC in S.Africa, in the QF between Uruguay and Ghana, Luis Suarez blocked a shot from going into the net with his arm. It was totally deliberate, and it prevented a 100% certain goal. It was 1-1 at the time, with the game in Extra Time. Suarez was red-carded, and Ghana was awarded a penalty, b/c the handball occurred in the box. Anyways, Ghana’s Asomoah Gyan missed the PK, Uruguay hung on, and won the game on penalties.

        So yes, Suarez made a mistake … well, not even a mistake, a total professional foul. He was sanctioned (red card), but still his team benefitted in the end b/c they advanced to the semi’s. In that instance, I believe footy’s rules should award a penalty goal. It would’ve clearly gone in had Suarez not used his arm. Rugby has penalty tries, which work well. Football should have the same.

        I have a lot of problems with many of the rules (or Laws) in football. Cynical fouls to break up an attack, to allow out-of-position defenders to get back, are another example in football of rewarding those that make mistakes. Even making free kick takers wait for a whistle is against natural sporting justice, in my eyes. You’ve fouled someone else, so back the hell up and they can take it whenever they damn well please!

        I’m sure you’ve heard of Declan Hill, and his book ‘The Fix’. Depressing stuff. Football is so susceptible to that, b/c of the scarcity of goals in general. Much harder to fix a hockey game, b/c on average there are 5.5 goals/game, whereas with footy it’s around 2.5.

        Footy of course is ruled over by dinosaurs, so that’s why many of the more irritating aspects of the game remain. F1′s not as bad, though they’re nowhere near good.

      8. Gudien says:

        When will Lewis be a man and apologize for the threat about performing a Senna, and his poor attitude toward Mercedes F-1 race management?

        Don’t hold your breath. Lewis is entitled to slander others because he’s the greatest ever! LOL

      9. KRB says:

        Umm, you don’t know what he meant by “I’ll handle it like Senna handled it”. It could be that he meant I’ll win it on the track.

        Don’t bad-mouth him just b/c you’ve inferred certain intentions from his comments.

      10. Truth says:

        Maybe he means he will let his driving be the deciding factor like Senna and prove himself on track fairly,people and the media always jump to the worst conclusions. Maybe your correct in saying he is the greatest ever but surely it’s a bit early to judge that as it’s only the start of his eigth year in the sport. Taking a leaf out of Senna’s book was the quote……the same Senna that is worshiped for such an attitude. Funny how time distorts the memory of drivers in the past, and their actions.Senna with his flaws seems to be held in higher regard than Prost who was better but more balanced in character and therefore less exciting or volatile,and Lewis with his flaws is seemingly disliked for his flaws despite his talent and exciting style.
        As for slander, you have to actually say something to slander someone, body language and being clearly peeved is not slander, maybe you can point out the slander you speak of as I may have missed that.

      11. VP of Common Sense says:

        Senna would have handled it by winning pole over his teammate. He would have had some laughs at Lewis’s expense if he were around today.

      12. Anil Parmar says:

        It’s monaco, stuff like that always happens in quali..its part of the track!

      13. JF says:

        It’s already established that he didn’t cheat. Sebee has it right.

      14. KRB says:

        Hmm, what was established, by the stewards (not the first time nor the last that I’ll disagree with them, I’m sure!), was that there was no evidence that he did cheat.

        Basically a not guilty verdict versus a declaration of innocence.

        The stewards are not gods, just fallible humans.

        I have an opinion, that’s it. It can’t be proven, nor disproven.

      15. Tim Olson says:

        Nico never cheated he won on merit BUT I was surprised to hear about Lulu using the over boost he was told by the team NOT to use at the last race. Surprised because it took two weeks to come out … & that the source wasn’t Nico.

        Had the shoe been on the other foot, Lulu would immediately have being crying to the media, tweeting images of Nico’s boost data, having a tantrum, and threatening repercussions.

        Again, who would serve the Mercedes brand better as World Champion?

        Time for some team orders Toto … otherwise you’re going to be doing damage control, despite succeeding at winning the titles!

      16. super seven says:

        So would this extra boost have regained him the full 2.5 seconds that his team lost him to Nico in the pits at that race?

        Not saying that it was deliberate on the part of Mercedes, but if your team lose you that much time to your chief competitor, and you have a button that can redress that balance, wouldn’t you feel entitled to use it?

      17. KRB says:

        Umm, Nico used the setting in Bahrain. I didn’t hear Lewis crying to the media.

        Too many stimulus-and-response type comments of late. Let’s use the thing between our ears, that separates us from basic animals.

      18. Matt H says:

        I think you’ll find Lewis used that mode in Barcelona in retaliation to ROS using the mode he shouldn’t of at Bahrain. Think its best you have a sit and think before you make such silly comments as it can make you look a clown : D

      19. Truth says:

        It happened in Bahrain and Lewis never said anything publicly, perhaps he doesn’t react quite the way you imagine, now Lewis has done it also we get to hear about it. Are you more or less surprised now?

    2. Andrew M says:

      Plenty of drivers don’t congratulate the winner, Nico hasn’t congratulated Lewis every time he’s been beaten during the last few races. I frankly don’t care either way, I’m far more interested in what drivers do on the track rather than away from it.

      1. Anil Parmar says:

        Actually nico fact they hugged at Bahrain and at Spain.

      2. Dr Lewis says:

        Incredible how many suddenly come out the woodwork the minute there is either a Lewis loss or some controversy or another. Hundreds of them all suddenly vindicated. Amazing.

        In other news – SV sounded particularly upset this time although I am unsure what the ‘guys’ could have done. Its actually quite difficult to see how his car is having so many issues as this is now far beyond the ‘looking to get the rear end how he likes it’
        There is a real reliability issue here and regardless of how the car goes – he is right at the edge of suffering grid issues through parts usage already.

        I actually am impressed with his ability to hold it together!

        I would have flipped -

      3. Bring back V12's !!! says:

        Red Bull have always put together brilliant packages with the exception of poor reliability. I do think there is some merit to what others have been saying in regards to him pushing the car too hard in order to squeeze performance out of it though.

    3. Tinbasher says:


    4. Kevin Shiel says:

      Well said. Nico drove a great race which left Lewis with little oppotunity of passing. Didnt like hw lewis mourned his team for the pitstop after Sutil’s accident, as a team they did what was right. Plus Lewis behaviour after the race. There was no respect to his teammate, indirectly to the team as a whole. How could he earn his priority within the team if he let his temper go unleashd? Lewis should feel gutted after the qualy but hes been in Racing long enough to understand that.

      Feel gutted for Kimi. For a little while the flying fin was back.

    5. ngwe23 says:

      I don’t recall Rosberg congratulating Lewis the past 4 races and I certainly don’t recall you berating Rosberg for that, so please spare us the Lewis bashing. Fact is, he feels Nico got pole unfair, whether rightly or wrongly. And If that is the way he feels he has every right to register is disappointment, protest, anger or whatever, rather than act according to your will.

      1. Poyta says:


      2. flesh says:

        I entirely agree but the one thing that keeps nagging at me is if lewis had done what nico had done on Saturday in quali would the stewards have done the same thing and found no problem. I don’t think so I am totally convinced lewis would have incurred a grid penalty. which supports my belief that lewis cannot trust anyone not even his team let alone his team mate and especially the Fia I guarantee you as the season progresses lewis will find himself in all kinds of trouble for the most stupid of things and it could ruin his chance of wdc number 2 I hope im wrong

    6. Alexbookoo says:

      Why do you want them to be nice and boring to each other? The championship needs something of interest.

  13. monktonnik says:

    Great race, in terms of close battles and intrigue.

    I thought I noticed that LH didn’t wait for the interviews to be over before he wandered away from the “podium ceremony”. Poor form, I thought.

    I fear that the For Sale signs will beup at Caterham before too long: they can’t hope to beat Marussia now and further points scoring opportunities are unlikely.

    1. Truth says:

      Interesting double standards in comparing drivers attitudes, Raikkonen is rude often and even walks off during being interviewed but is considered a legend as a result, Lewis says nothing wrong and refused to be drawn on the qualifying incident but because of his body language and obvious displeasure he is slaughtered, many Senna worshipers loved his sore loser attitude, and volatile nature. A good loser is often just a loser.
      I’m not suggesting you share these double standards, your post just made me think about this.

      1. NickH says:

        Because Raikkonen is consistently like that, that’s who he is, he doesn’t care about bull****. Other drivers pretend they are are Mr. Perfect when everything is going fine but chuck their toys out of the pram when things go against them

      2. DaveC says:

        Kimi is disinterested by the whole media aspect, Lewis is sulking. That’s the difference

      3. rasforte says:

        Not really double standards, Hamilton often comes across as a brat, Kimi, usually comes across as cool. It’s a matter of style — you’ve either got it or you haven’t….

      4. kenneth chapman says:

        @ kimi is cool? c’mon. this iceman image is a total sham. he is not cool, just boring.

      5. C63 says:

        you saved me the job of replying :-)

      6. JF says:

        Raikonnen doesn’t blame or make excuses.

      7. j says:

        Sorry I love Kimi as a driver but REALLY?

      8. Richard says:

        The difference is kimi is consistent is his approach. Lewis is just moody.

      9. JF says:

        I have to take back my previous. Raik blamed chiton for the hairpin crash. Not typical.

      10. oli says:

        as surprising as it might comes from Raikkonen – he did have his race spoilt by a Marussia, which must feel pretty annoying

      11. GP says:

        I see your point. However, I think the difference between Kimi and Lewis is that, win or lose, Kimi wants nothing to do with PR. On the other hand, Lewis is Mr. Hollywood in that his face is everywhere and he even writes his own column for the BBC. So his current attitude really stands out.

        On a different note, it looks like Lewis and Vijay Malya now have the same hair dresser…

      12. Frique says:

        +1. But I thought he went to see the Doctor?

      13. ngwe23 says:

        He did, but who cares about facts when Lewis, Alonso or Vettel are involved?

      14. Monktonnik says:

        You’re right, I didn’t mention Raikkonen.

        My point was that at any other event you don’t just leave the rostrum while another driver is being interviewed. Monaco is a different track to the others, but in my opinion it shows a lack of respect.

        Since we are talking double standards though, Hamilton has been accused of cheating by lying to the stewards to protect a position in the past, and from memory was found guilty; Rosberg wasn’t. I don’t think he has any moral high ground here.

        His actions are understandable in such a competitive environment, I just thought it was poor form.

      15. Kevin Shiel says:

        Kimi is cold regardless whether things go down his way or not. He always says well this is racing and rarely made any negative comments about the team. at least he shows respect to his fellow drivers n teams. However i see much less respect from lewis when his teammate beats him, be it a mistake or deliberate action in the qualy, fact is lewis could not get ahead of Nico in neither sessions. He thinks he lost out because of nico’s ‘cheating’, but it is part of the racing and i didnt see his outright pace in this wknd to secure a win.
        He should just have kept his cool like hw kimi did and move on.

      16. GP says:

        Let’s not forget Nico’s start. His starts were awful so he said he would look into why it was happening. This time he had a much better start than Lewis. I bet Lewis thought he would take the lead at the start, like he’s been doing a lot lately, and is frustrated that Nico smoked him this time. That was the race right there.

      17. Truth says:

        Yes maybe your right that when Kimi says Perez should be punched in the face he’s saying it to respect other drivers.
        I like Kimi but don’t remember Hamilton saying something so strong as that, although he is obviously judged more harshly than others, Kimi is just an example. Kimi didn’t keep cool after Barcelona, he walked away mid question in a mood, no outrage for that.

    2. ngwe23 says:

      He had to have his eye check out by the doctor. That is why he walked off. But I suppose its Lewis so why should the facts interfere with a good ol’ Lewis bashing.

      1. Monktonnik says:

        I didn’t realise that is what he was doing, but at any other event you would wait until the interviews were over before doing that.

        As I said, I can understand his feeling of frustration this weekend. Bashing or not, I still think it was poor form.

      2. ngwe23 says:

        LOL. I guess if you consider the interviews to be more important than your health then that would be the appropriate action to take. Anyhow, the doctor cleared him and he resumed his activities. But then again, its Lewis, and anything he does is wrong somehow.

      3. j says:

        Never let the facts get in the way of a good argument.

      4. flesh says:

        Well said its always been trendy to bash lewis and all those lewis bashers will miss him when he is gone

      5. Bruno Menilli says:

        Really, you think he would be missed ?
        I for one would not, as he acts just like a petulant spoiled brat when things don’t go right for him, almost as if he is paranoid, believing that the only way he can be beaten is by the others cheating or something going wrong with his car or their car be better than his.
        Perhaps he should try to learn how to sing and go off and be a gangsta rapper or some other pop dude.

        He just exudes ‘bad image’ and does the sport no good, whilst showing no respect for other drivers.

  14. Matthew says:

    The most exciting Monaco race for years. Driver of the day gotta be Bianchi, what a run for him. And what an effort by Ricciardo at the end; a pity he ran out of laps.

    1. Michael Spitale says:

      I would argue Daniel was very lucky today. Kimi and Vettel both ate him up and if they don’t drop out he ends 2 places behind start.

      1. kenneth chapman says:

        there is no way you can say that. yes it was a possible outcome but no one can predict a monaco race with any certainty.

      2. Edward says:

        Exactly – Vettel would have been 3rd and Kimi 4th.

    2. It didn’t matter how many more laps you gave him – as long as Hamilton kept it neat and online, with the grunt the Merc has out of corners there was no way Ricciardo was going to overtake without a big mistake from Hamilton.

      1. kenneth chapman says:

        there is a lot truth there. nevertheless ricci kept up the pressure and drove superbly. brundle et al were waxing deleriously about the way ricci threw the car at some of the corners and always under complete control. it was like watching webber when he won monaco so convincingly in the past.

        monaco is the litmus test for error free driving and ricciardo passed it with flying colours. by comparison just look at raikonnen’s ill fated attempt to pass at the hairpin? that’s the difference i am talking about.

      2. Rockie says:

        That’s just ridiculous he was poor at the start what did he ace only through retirements did he gain the position back

      3. kenneth chapman says:

        @ rockie….who said anything about positions? i agreed in principle that, all things being equal, ricciardo may not have taken second place however that was not the thrust of my post. if you read it again,carefully, all i am saying is that ricciardo drove an excellent race. he also, in case you missed it, was able to close up on hamilton rapidly in order to keep the pressure on. four tenths at the chequered flag! ricciardo also posted a series of fastest laps in pursuit until raikonnen [i think it was him] put the fastest lap on when he changed to a set of new supersofts.

        how many other drivers benefited from the retirements and raikonnens puncture compounded by his ill timed and amateur attempt to pass magnussen?

    3. Mr Ed says:

      A big call to award driver of the day to someone who managed to garner 3 penalties….

  15. Jeff DeTray says:

    Great start to a great day of racing! I’m a Lewis fan, but there was no catching Nico today.

    Big congratulations to Bianchi and Marussia … I sure hope their result is confirmed.

    Now a short break before the start of the Indy 500.


    1. KRB says:

      As Lewis said, the two opportunities were at the start, and at the pit stops. Nico got a good start, just as good as Lewis’. I guess Lewis doing work to help Nico’s starting issues paid off for Nico.

      Then with Sutil’s crash, the pit stop opportunity went out the window. It came at a perfect time for Nico, as he was locking up quite frequently near the end of his first stint. I’m not sure he could’ve gone to 30 laps on his supersofts, or at least not w/o coming under serious pressure from Lewis.

      I’m fairly certain that if Lewis was on pole, as he would’ve been had he been able to complete his last Q3 lap, then he would’ve been able to pull away from Nico, not just keep him behind. This track, and perhaps the Hungaroring, are perhaps the only ones where Nico could’ve kept Lewis behind on track.

    2. Poyta says:

      Correction – there was no passing Nico today – catching seemed easy enough.

  16. Mitchw says:

    This kind of racing isn’t going to win new fans for the sport. Quiet processionals won’t attract normal people, more like fetishists who are really into their thing. If not for the melodrama and politics there’s nothing to see here beyond the raving. Sorry Niki, but I am not worthy, despite following the sport for decades and reading and watching everything I can about it. But save me from counting down the laps please.

    1. I concur. Apart from the start, the lap 1 incidents, Hulk’s overtake, Kimi driving another car into the barrier at the hairpin (can’t even remember who it was as it was so insignificant to the race), Sutil’s crash, Vettel’s retirement, Massa’s attempt at rolling the dice on strategy, Kimi’s hard race to the back of the pack, a couple of blown engines, Hamilton’s yo yoing up to the back of Rosber’s car and dropping back again – and his beautiful comment about not being interested in updates about Ricciardo but wanted only to know what was happpening with Rosberg, Bianchi’s drive and the pit lane penalty that couldn’t be served, and Vergne’s unsafe release in front of Magnusson, and Button’s move on Magnusson, Guttierez hitting the barrier, it was a dull race that had us all counting down the laps.

      I only watched it because I couldn’t sleep (it was past my usual bed time here in Oz) but I found it to be one of the better Monaco GPs in recent years – I know that’s not saying much as it is usually such a tedious processional bore that ANY action makes it a stand-out compared to other years.

      1. Mitchw says:

        Normals will have seen ROS win unchallenged. They won’t have heard it, however.

      2. kenneth chapman says:

        @ brisbane bill….how can you possibly go to bed and miss a GP? i take it then that canada will be well off limits as well?

      3. I’m getting old and have to seriously catch up on my beauty sleep (although I fear I have missed the boat when it comes to restoring some form of beauty). When I lived in the UK we would have parties to stay up and watch the Australian GP. Now I am down under the majority of GPs are at unsociable hours and with having to get up at 5:30 for work on a Monday I am a bit selective about which events I lose sleep for. Monaco isn’t usually on that list. And I am getting on a bit now so don’t cope too well without a good haul of hours in the land of nod.

        Wasn’t going to bother with even recording Canada but now we have a spat going on with the Mercedes pair I will record it and try and avoid all web sites and news bulletins until I get home to watch it.

  17. Schmorbraten says:

    Well-deserved points for Marussia!

  18. Gaz Boy says:

    What a bizarre reason for Lewis to slow down – dirt in his eye! Weird. Well I did speculate would Monaco be another strange race…….to a certain extent it was.
    Anyway well done Rosberg Junior. Nico didn’t put a wheel wrong all race. Faultless performance. I also speculated that if he didn’t win here he might be mentally off his stride – he was answered all his critics – myself included – in the best possible way. Victory, and entirely on merit. Well done.
    Driver of the day – the Incredible Hulk. For a driver who is supposedly too big and too tall he keeps putting in the excellent performances on race day. Jenson also drove well too.
    Shame about Kimi making an extra emergency stop under the safety car. Fernando was very anonymous today, not bad, but not amazing. Kind of sums up Ferrari at the moment really.
    Red Bull mixed bag – good pace at the end from the wooly haired honey badger, but poor reliability on the other car. Again. Also, on full to half tanks, the Mercs were a second a lap faster than Daniel…………..and that’s on a circuit just 2 miles long. Still lots of work to do at Milton Keynes.
    Having said that, strange to have engine failures at Monaco from Bottas, Sebastian and Vergne. I would of thought Monte Carlo isn’t that hard on engines in as much there are no mega long straights to put massive strain on the engines, but there you go. Damon Hill also had a Renault engine grenade itself at Monaco, 1996 I think………..
    Disappointment of the weekend: Williams. No pace, poor reliability, but Monaco is a unique circuit so it’s likely just to be a one off dip. Possibly……….
    I’ve said my driver of the day was Hulky, but Bianchi comes very, very close. What a great result for Marussia! Points! Precious points! It’s taken five seasons, but at last, last, points, precious points!
    How much will that potentially benefit Marussia? I think at least UK £20 Million if they can stay ahead of Caterham. Wow, Bianchi’s 1.75 hours of work could benefit them by as much 20 million quid!!!!!!! That’s value for money!

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      PS Actually, I’ve just decided to have a joint driver/s of the day: Hulk and Bianchi. I think to drive that Marussia to 9th place – on merit – was a superlative performance.
      A star of the future………..possibly with Ferrari? Watch this space!

    2. Andrew M says:

      “Victory, and entirely on merit.”


      1. Gaz Boy says:

        I know yesterday’s qualifying was a bit, er, bizarre, but don’t forget Rosberg Junior had to drive 78 laps error free without headbutting a barrier and having Lewis studying his rear axle. He delivered a mature classy performance – I’ll give credit where it’s due.
        Sometimes Lewis wins, sometimes Rosberg Junior……….way it goes this season unless Red Bull and Ferrari can find a whole nine tenths……..fingers crossed, but that’s wishful thinking on my behalf (as well as Random 79′s too, I bet Random was screaming himself hoarse “come on honey badger get the Ham man!”)
        I actually thought the wooly haired Dan would get Lewis on the entry to Racasse, but still, better to finish 3rd than stuff it in the barrier.

      2. Andrew M says:

        If you’re on pole at Monaco you pretty much have the race won, barring something shaking up the order like in 2008; the pole sitter has won the race every year bar that one since 2003. True, Nico didn’t make a mistake or throw it into the barriers, but that’s the least I’d expect. He won this race yesterday because of his “mistake”.

      3. Bruno Menilli says:

        Rosberg was found innocent by the qualifying stewards, and he won at Monaco because Hamilton’s driving wasn’t good enough to overtake him.

        To my mind that’s all there is to it.

      4. HP says:

        yes, stop with all the conspiracy already! Nico won on merit, fare and square!

      5. Anon says:

        If he hadn’t have brought out the yellow in Q3 then it would be ‘on merit’.

      6. Andrew M says:

        It’s nothing to do with conspiracies, whether you think Nico did it deliberately or not he didn’t deserve pole yesterday, he made a mistake and benefitted from it and it won him the race today.

      7. justafan says:


      8. HP says:

        @Anon, @AndrewM, @Justafan- not Rosberg’s fault if other drivers weren’t faster than him on the first timed lap!
        Knowing its Monaco, antyhing can happen

      9. Andrew M says:

        Of course it’s not Rosberg’s fault he was faster at that point, but that doesn’t change the fact that he got rewarded by making a mistake (at best, giving him a generous helping of doubt).

      10. Rocky4460 says:


      11. Carbonated says:


      12. Andrew M says:


      13. JF says:

        Absolutely. He won fair and square

      14. Bruno Menilli says:

        Hamilton didn’t get past Rosberg at the start, and also, even though there was overtaking done at Monaco, there wasn’t any by Hamilton !

        It’s always the fault of someone else when Hamilton doesn’t do well, ha !

        Nico won it fair and square.

    3. AuraF1 says:

      Don’t Ferrari fund Bianchi directly? If so that was the most cost efficient performance ever – £20 million for no outlay? Bet the fund managers drink twice as much as the engineers tonight!

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        I’d forgot Ferrari “sponsor” Bianchi!
        Yes, you’re right, it was potentially – potentially – a very cost efficient way of generating 20 million quid!
        Still, irrespective of his fiscal backers, superb performance from the Bianchi lad.

    4. kingszito says:

      Driver of the day is Jules Bianchi. You can’t take that away from the guy.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        Couldn’t agree more, one of the best performances of the season so far.
        Are Ferrari preparing a draft contract for him in the not too distant future???

      2. AuraF1 says:

        They might be steady on that. Remember back just two years and Perez was the ‘future WDC at Ferrari’ just waiting to take his anointed seat in the scarlet throne…except it all went a bit cactus fruit shaped…

        But yes, I think given Ferrari prefer experienced hands when Bianchi is in his late 20s/early 30s he’ll be in a Ferrari – having left a very happy (and substantially richer) marussia behind…

    5. Harv says:

      The mercs were not that much faster than DR, after the last SC it just looked like he was coasting to preserve tyres, maybe hoping for another SC while the mercs destroyed their tyres squabbling, before giving it a go at the end if no SC, which is what did eventuate (he made up a differential of almost 15 seconds in about 15 laps once he put his foot down). But this track is unique so in all likelihood the mercs are still going to be too far ahead for a while longer.

    6. Dr Lewis says:

      Yes it was silly of Massa to lapse into unconsciousness when that spring hit him in the head as well.

      Honestly the number of comments of this type amazes me – ask even a moped rider what it feels like when a bee hits you? Let alone something gets through the vents and into your eye.

      It happens and it ruins your spatial vision if you have to keep clearing one eye.

      Fine at Bahrain but Monaco? Think now…

    7. Bradley says:

      How many miles were on those engines? With only five for the season, it may be precisely because this track is easy on the engines that they were using old ones near the end of their life.

      That’s speculation though – does anyone know for sure?

    8. TGS says:

      They are also ahead of Sauber who have yet to score a point.

  19. Harshad says:

    Kimi, has to be one of the most unluckiest drivers on the planet.
    What does he need to do to have a clean weekend and clean race.(He wasn’t a 100% fit when the race started)

    Here’s how his race panned out;
    1)Great start off the line where he made 2 places;
    2)He really was keeping Mercedes pair honest until his tyres started to go off;
    3)After the safety car, Chilton clipped him from behind, so there goes the podium
    4)Marussia (KOB) nearly lost brakes in front of him;
    5)Sauber (GUT) spun in front of him
    6)Makes a mistake overtaking magnussen, and drops a point scoring finish.

    Ya sure people can blame him for dropping points with WCC in mind….but even the most die hard Alonso fan should admit that Kimi had Alonso beaten today, but sadly it turned out the other way around, with no fault of Kimi.

    1. Mocho_Pikuain says:

      Alonso was blocked by the two Red Bulas and had ERS problemas at the start and the next straight. Then nursing the tyres was the only thing he could do waiting for the pit stops window. Before the safety car he closed the gap with Kimi quite easy, following Dan. Then Sutil incident came and Kimi had to stop again. Trying to overtake a Red Bull was nonsense, so he stayed some seconds behind, knowing nobody could catch him from behind. At some point at the last part of the race he lost one front brake and the gap with Dan, that was hunting Lewis, grew fast until the end. He could have hardly done anything better, had quite a stable race and only had to take care of himself all the way. By no means he got beaten by kimi, the only moment when mattered, he proved to be clearly faster.

      1. Harshad says:

        without the chilton incident RAI RIC ALO would have very much finished in that order…
        you saw at the end, RIC was 1.5s faster than HAM but couldn’t overtake!
        so, even if RIC had more pace than RAI, it would have been very difficult to get past RAI.
        Regarding, ALO, he had to get past RIC first and then RAI.

      2. Bryce says:

        I would not have been surprised to see RIC and his amazing tyre saving, to pass VET and RAI had the need arisen. The Mercs though, a different kettle of fish thus far.

      3. Sujith says:

        @Mocho_Pikuain “Alonso was blocked by the two Red Bulas”

        Yes and Kimi took advantage of that and ran around the outside! Yes he took advantage of it? So what? Does that make him any less of a driver than Alonso? That makes him an opportunistic driver. Come on! What more he has to do? Nobody’s claiming Alonso’s trash here. Appreciate good racing please.

      4. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        Man, I think Kimi was extremelly unlucky and he was doing a nice race, I never wrote something that meant Kimi did a bad race or similar, just pointed out that, given the situations Alonso had to fight with, the spaniard couldnt have done more, and that, as you say, Kimi took huge advatage of a situation when Alonso hit trouble.

      5. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        Edit: “…blocked by the two Red Bulls and had ERS problems…”

      6. Michael Spitale says:

        Kimi made a better start, it happens. Alonso picked the wrong line and that was that… There was no way he was going to do better than 6th today if not for Kimi and Vettel hitting their usual bad luck this year. I don’t thing Alonso ever has an issue with his car.. amazing luck really.

      7. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        Look Kimi’s onborad camera at the start. Alonso starts better, the distance increases until Fernando finds himself trapped behind the Bulls and Kimi finds the only free way right in front of him. Also, when the car hits the 100 km/h barrier the ERS is supposed to start working, but Alonso’s didn’t. Both things together made him lose one position.

      8. Michael Spitale says:

        I think you are missing my point. Part of the start is not just how fast you go, but the line you pick and some dumb luck too. Many times Alonso has not been blocked and made up lots of spots and Kimi picked the wrong line and was blocked. Today things worked out well for Kimi.

      9. Sujith says:

        @Michael Spitale Well said Man. Alonso said he had ERS problems but that was after the first corner. He said yes he was blocked by the bulls but could not turn left as he did not want to collide with Kimi who made a great start. He himself as acknowledged it. Too bad his fans can’t see it that way!

        If the roles were reversed I am sure you guys would have been raving about it cheering BRAVE racing by Alonso. Look at Malaysia, where Fernando closed the door on Kimi leaving him vulnerable to K.MAG. That is racing, Fernando did nothing wrong there Kimi did nothing wrong or ordinary here too.

      10. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        So we can say that, while technicaly Kimi didn’t “make” a better start, the situation made him “have” a better start?

    2. Louise Waamilton says:

      All that happened was Alonso was blocked at the start and Kimi benefited. If Alonso had not been blocked I doubt Kimi would have passed him. How you can say Kimi would have definitely beat him is ridiculous. Alonso was 0.6 seconds faster in qualifying and faster all weekends. Nothing would have been certain.

      1. Harshad says:

        It’s the same like in Bahrain, Kimi was blocked at the start by Bottas, Alonso and Massa both took advantage and overtook Kimi.
        So at the start it all depends on a little bit of luck and skill, sometimes it works for you at times it doesn’t.

      2. thinktank says:

        Some of you seem to forgot that not only HAM qualy was spoiled by ROS (RAI too)

    3. NickH says:

      Awful luck. A podium looked pretty certain

    4. Phil Glass says:

      for 6): Kev forced Kimi onto the kerb, and the ferrari lost traction completely so Kimi could not turn it. Yes you may say it was a mistake, but very unlucky.

      btw I don’t think the write up above is by James, as it isn’t very fair in describing the start. Kimi’s start here was 100% [as described by Brundle]. ALO had his usual good start, Kimi was just much better.

      RAI robbed of a podium today by a puncture.

      1. Matthew says:

        Posted by Hynes it says.

      2. kenneth chapman says:

        raikonnen was not robbed of a podium.

    5. Gaz Boy says:

      Apparently he picked up a puncture because Max Chilton drove into the back of him – but I stand to be corrected.
      Netherless, you are right: a podium for the Vanilla Choc Ice specialist was ripe for the taking, but perhaps, just perhaps, Kimi and Ferrari have unlocked extra performance from the Ferrari. If that’s the case, then at least Maranello can challenge for consistent podiums, but as Monaco is a unique circuit on set-up it’s difficult so say.
      When things are working for you, everything goes right…………..and when things are against you, everything goes wrong……..

    6. Sid says:

      Both Alonso and Kimi had great starts. But Kimi was lucky that alonso was blocked by both red bulls at the start and that is the sole reason why kimi was ahead of alonso in the first place.

      Kimi was unlucky but to say that he had the measure of alonso in a weekend where he was 0.7 seconds of alonso in qualifying is laughable really!

      1. Harshad says:

        So how many points did Alonso score in qualifying?
        Where was he relative to Kimi before the chilton incident?
        How much further ground did he lose to RIC in the later stages?
        Remember, without Chilton’s incident Kimi would have been ahead of RIC.

      2. Sid says:

        Without Kimi’s ambitious move on Kevin Mag he would not have crashed and could have at least finished in 6th which is not too bad instead of finishing outside the points.

        That was his own mistake which clearly Alonso did not do.

      3. Harshad says:


        I already mentioned that in point 6 in my original post.
        But none of that would have happened if it wasn’t for that chilton incident.

    7. kingszito says:

      I felt really sorry for Kimi. I thought he would finish in podium unfortunately bad luck took that away from him.

    8. mbh says:

      I completely disagree.


      Good luck.:
      The poor RIC’s start blocking to Fernando.
      Vettel’s abandon.
      Fernando without Eléctric power at the beginning, including the start.
      Not having crashed after his mistake at the end, in fact, his last laps were terrifying, without any control.

      Bad luck:


      Bad luck:
      The start, he was blocked by RIC and his Eléctric unit didn’t work.

      Good luck:
      Vettel’s and Kimi’s problems.

      Worthy of merit:
      He managed to be close to RIC until he lost his tyres at the end.
      He made no mistakes, and I think that only two moré drivers can say the same. Ricciardo isn’t one of that two, neither Hamilton…

    9. justafan says:

      What Kimi has to do? Stop driving like an amateur would certainly help his cause.

      1. kenneth chapman says:

        hahaha i do agree with that.

      2. Harshad says:

        You mean Kimi drove like an amatuer? Well I suppose you watched some different race to ours then! We are talking about chilton incident. That was the moment where a sure podium was taken away from him with no fault of his own.

      3. justafan says:

        Did You see his actions at Loews? Goes my Grandma would have done it better.

    10. akl says:

      The “die hard” you talk about will understand “Kimi had Alonso beaten” just as much as the words “ILLEGAL mass damper”

      1. toleman fan says:

        >“ILLEGAL mass damper”

        Right. Help me out here.

        Sometime in mid/late ’05, a team goes to the FIA and says, “we’ve got this great idea, it’s called a mass damper, we copied it off an old 2CV, we want to race it, ‘kay?” – and the nice man from the FIA, he say, “Yes!” So the team stick it on the car for the last three races of ’05.

        Sometime part way through ’06, the FIA say, “er, no, we changed our mind, you’ve got to take it off”, and the team bleats a bit and…takes it off.

        So this is illegal how?

        The key point is, that unlike some teams {cough}, Renault fronted up the mass damper to Charlie -before- it was raced. The FIA knew it was there all along. No secrets, nothing underhand. The only reason it was declared illegal was because the FIA -changed their mind-. What exactly are your grounds for complaint?

    11. vic says:

      You are right, RAI performed better than ALO today, but the same can be said about VET and RIC . There are always races where mechanical failures or others factors made that a good performance of a driver get 0 points. Today RAI had the tough day, but Im pretty sure that ALO will also have at least one or two races in which he will perfom better than RAI but will end behind him because external factors (mechanical failure, etc.) so at the end of the season all this will even out.

      1. akl says:

        If only you and many Alonso fans acknowledged “mechanical faliures” and “other factors” in the form of kimi’s retirements and engine penalties in ’05, an illegal mass damper in ’06 and countless (fortunate)circumstantial situations at the misfortune of others in ’12

    12. Luis Pastilla says:

      Ah! Today we lament. Luck was against the valiant.

      Equally we celebrate that he was robbed of a better finish than Alonso only buck ill luck, and we know ill luck will not last forever; and that he showed Alonso how to make places on the start at Monaco.

      Soon, very soon, the best driver in Ferrari will be beating the “best driver in the universe”.

      1. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        “Soon, very soon, the best driver in Ferrari will be beating the “best driver in the universe”.”

        People has been saying something like this for half a year now. In six races its 6-0, 44 points advantage and Saturday Alonso was 8 tenths faster than Kimi over the shortest track of the year. At this rate at the end of the year the difference will be at Alonso/Massa level.

      2. Krischar says:

        @ Mocho_Pikuain

        In fairness Massa did much better in the first six races than kimi if we compare 2013 with 2014 season.

        Whenever kimi have 1 good session nearly in 6 or 7 races. All the kimi fanboys will start with bandwagons like kimi is faster than alonso

      3. Timmay says:

        Kimi is my fav driver, but no, it’s very clear that isn’t going to happen

    13. Krischar says:

      @ Harshad

      Kimi had beaten Alonso? When?

      Alonso simply clocked a lap which was faster than kimi by 0.8 tenths on saturday.

      Alonso have out-qualified kimi 4-2, Outraced kimi 6-0. Scored 61 points to the meager 17 scored by kimi. Alonso is plainly faster and miles better than kimi. Even in monaco kimi simply had better start nothing else and that’s hardly 1 or 2 good race starts in half a dozen races already

      Time for you to think and post

  20. JB says:

    Disappointments for both Raikkonen and Vettel. They were fast and clean yet, one is outside of points and the other retired.

    Great to see Ricciardo keeping ‘some level’ of pressure on the mighty Mercs.

    Finally, I think this is how Rosberg can win. He never has the raw speed. So he has to screw Lewis’ head before the race and he will make mistakes.
    Bring it on baby!

    1. Carbonated says:

      It doesn’t take much to get into LH’s head – seen it all before.

    2. Anon says:

      Didn’t make mistakes, did about as well as just about any driver could have in that position.

  21. Melb F1 fan says:

    Cool under pressure – can’t deny Rosberg held it together.

    Hamilton may well be the best driver out on the track, but his behaviour continues to disappoint.

    Post-race celebration sportsmanship was appalling – sadly, it is what we have come to expect from him and becoming a signature of his …

    he continues to behave like a petulant teenager.

    Shake hands, say congratulations and have your tantrum behind doors.

    You race cars for a living, get paid millions of dollars to do it and live a life the rest of us can only dream of.

    No class.

    1. dzolve says:

      You are right.

      Doesn’t Lewis have any advisors who can see the bigger picture?

      He really needs to be saved from himself before he completely ruins his own reputation!

      1. Steve says:

        So in one week Hamilton has went from being fine to needing to be ‘saved from himself’ without doing anything wrong on track.

      2. Grant says:

        He’ll never have a reputation in the eyes of many, even if he embarked on “perfect PR”.

        His biggest fault, “who is”.

      3. Craig D says:

        Damon Hill put it perfectly: “The only person who can beat Hamilton, is Hamilton.”

        Both Mercedes drivers had bad PR weekends: my complaint with Rosberg was the pole celebration – although I think it was more of surprised relief having though he’d blown it when he went off. But Lewis has just blown the whole thing up now. It won’t do him any good. I mean, what would he be like if someone undisputedly cheated?!

        Mind you, he’ll be fine again after Montreal as he’ll blow everyone away there.

    2. Kyalami says:

      Disappoint is putting it very politely.

      No dignity.

    3. Oly says:

      Exactly, very true.

    4. Monji says:

      If you are honest, try swap the roles around, Lewis gets a controversial pole, goes on to win the race and Nico acts cold on podium. Do you think the world would be singing the same song?
      In 2006 Alonso threatened to protest against Schumacher Hamilton didn’t?
      Learn to be unbiased if you’re to give lessons…

      1. JF says:

        There really is no controversy here. The pole was legit and ros won the race.

      2. zombie says:

        Yes, the world would say the same thing about Nico had the situation been other way around. Everything said and done, Lewis Hamilton’s radio messages, his attitude, his self-pitying nature all goes to show he has a lot of growing up to do. Lets not forget, this is a guy who once said Button was getting the better of him because Button had a steady girlfriend and he does not. Lewis Hamilton needs a mentor, someone who can tell him how lucky he is to have a car which is a good 2 seconds/lap faster than the competition.

      3. Asclepius says:

        why is Hamilton always tasked to a higher standard than the rest? He is human no?

      4. Dante says:

        Alonso wasn’t Schumi’s team mate.

      5. MikeyB says:

        If the positions had been reversed, with Lewis taking a controversial pole, I very much doubt that we’d have heard Nico mouthing off about a rerun of Senna vs Prost.

    5. j says:

      Sorry but what race were you watching? I just finished watching the replay and I didn’t see anything unusual at all.

  22. Rohind says:

    Vettel and Raikkonen very very unlucky despite their excellent starts.Red bull should do better to have both their cars running reliably at maximum potential.
    Even in the previous years, one car was doing all the point scoring while other was plaqued with issues.So officially time for Vettel to consider switching the teams.

    High regard for Hamilton for his talent.But he has turned out to be one sore loser. Hasn’t he??

    1. Docjkm says:

      Yes, funny how it’s always RB’s #2 driver quaffing the bad luck!

    2. Asclepius says:

      winners don’t understand losing.Is that why he is paid £20M. If you expect him to smile and wave then you dont understand the psychology of winning at all.

      1. Rohind says:

        Sure.U have the right to be disappointed if u lose and u can express it howsoever u wish. But to blame the team which has given him a fastest car this year and has supported him so well and accuse his teammate of cheating even though he is cleared by stewards is totally unwarranted.
        If he keep up this attitude, he’s not going to win the WDC.I would like to remind u of 2010 when Webber had the best chance to become WDC, till he shot himself in the leg

  23. Joni Hagner says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind now Hamilton is nothing but a fake and a overrated driver. Brundle has just let it slip at Barcelona Hamilton used a higher power mode to defend against Nico now I wonder why the English press wasn’t all over that!
    Now this race disrespecting his engineer yet again trying to get the team to favour him and bring him in before Nico haha what a joke.
    The thing in the eye was probably another lie especially as his tyres were going off! Also one last thing he wasn’t faster yesterday he never purpled the first sector when he said he was 2 tenths up and now at last his foul mouth has caught up with him well done Rosberg a very ordinary driver but enough to beat this wannabe bad boy.

    1. James Allen says:

      That was cleared up in the press conference.

      Rosberg had used it in Bahrain, Hamilton in Spain and both were instructed not to use it here.

      1. kingszito says:

        @James pls which Press Conference was this discussed. Was it published for the public? Pls could you post a link or do a topic on it if you can. Thanks for the info.

      2. Matt H says:

        @joni hagner , yes schooled by James haha maybe people shouldn’t judge before knowing the facts ! Seems people look for any excuse to lay into Lewis

    2. Richard says:

      If that’s the extent of your perception I suggest you keep quiet!

    3. KRB says:

      What a well-measured comment! Thank you for the enlightenment.

    4. Sebee says:

      The funny bit was the radio about Nico, don’t tell me about Daniel request. Next thing you know, radio turns into TV for Lewis with mirror “screens” full of Daniel.

    5. Andrew M says:

      Sky showed repeatedly that he was c. 0.15s (rounded to 2 tenths) up on Nico’s first sector. I don’t know what coverage you’re watching but you’re wrong.

    6. Avl says:

      I always find it amusing how everyone laughs and cheers at kimi for swearing at an belittling his engineers but when lewis gets frustrated at his (he wasn’t even rude) he’s suddenly the most vile human of all time.

      I also wonder how all the people who were ready to jump on lewis for using max power in spain feel knowing that rosberg decided to try that ace first time around in bahrain?

      I guess hamilton is a bad guy for doing it but nico was just trying to win?

      1. C63 says:

        people only see what they want to see. The faux, exaggerated outrage whenever Hamilton says anything even slightly controversial, is ridiculous.

      2. ReviLO says:

        I bet there are a few embarrassed faces around about now!

      3. Andrew M says:

        Nothing new, double standards are always applied to pretty much everything Hamilton does.

      4. JB says:

        differences is clear because Lewis tries to push team to his advantage (i.e. he doesn’t have the confidence or trust that the team is doing all they can to give him the win). On the hand, Kimi knows he is doing his best and does need people to tell him what to do.
        Difference is Hami is a spoiled child who has been spoon fed by Ron Dennis to the top where was Kimi is genuine classy race driver.

      5. JB says:

        Ouch! what am I saying?? LOL…

        On the other hand, Kimi knows he is doing his best and does not need people to tell him what to do.***

    7. Truth says:

      Interesting that Brundle never let it “slip” that Nico did the same previously in Bahrain, wonder why the English press wasn’t all over that also.

    8. Grant says:

      You can’t use Brundle as a reference when it comes to Lewis.

      He’s always been against Lewis in his commentary, race in race out.

      1. KRB says:

        Huh? I don’t think so. I think Brundle is more than fair with all of them.

      2. Grant says:

        I’m not surprised you haven’t picked it up.
        Not many are able to spot it, as it is always ever so subtle, yet very consistent.

        It flies over the heads of many.

      3. Andrew M says:

        Brundle spontaneously cried out in joy when Lewis won the title!

      4. Grant says:

        Of course I would expect him to.
        He’s never obvious about this bias.

      5. Truth says:

        Too obvious. I always wondered why, Button can do no wrong in his eyes but Hamilton he is very critical of.

    9. Kris says:

      “Brundle has just let it slip at Barcelona Hamilton used a higher power mode to defend against Nico now I wonder why the English press wasn’t all over that!”

      I think the first part of your sentence answers the second part. If Brundle just let if slip now, how was anybody to know about it earlier?

  24. Charlie says:

    Absolute frisking catastrophe for Kimbo. Thought he did a bloody good today all things considered.

    1. Charlie says:

      good “job”…obviously.

  25. Grant says:

    Twice Nico made mistakes today, and as expected chose not to go into a run-off area.

    Guess we’ll see him in Canada.

  26. Glennb says:

    Congrats to Nico. A beautifully controlled race from the front. Good to see Lewis so magnanimus on the podium. Oh hang on, no he wasn’t. Hard to play mind games when you’re really not that good at it. RIC showing he belongs in a top team again. RBR must be so pleased they didn’t choose the other guy now.
    Congrats to BInachi and the Marussia team. Quite a day for them. Decent race for Monaco all round.
    Whats up with Perez? Total moron around here.

    1. Michaela says:

      Congratulations for winning the only way he could by defaulting in Q3.

      Well DONE Lewis from reframing from being sick from standing too close to a yellow belly.
      I think it is important to race fair and have integrity.

      1. Truth says:

        Strong stuff lol, I won’t be getting on the wrong side of you in a hurry.

      2. Michaela says:

        lol, I can;t help it if I;m a passionate person! Sorry if I offended you, Mr Rosberg fan!

      3. Truth says:

        I’m a Lewis fan not a Nico fan although I have always liked Nico.Liked the comment because it made me smile then laugh.Especially the being sick/yellow belly bit, lol
        I wasn’t offended, I was trying to be light hearted, I am also a passionate fan.
        Perhaps now I could get offended that you think I’m a yellow belly fan….lol.
        Just laughed reading it again. Your passion was clear, I assume you support Lewis?

      4. Truth says:

        I did reply, possibly in the wrong bit, hope you saw it.

      5. Michaela says:

        Humorous! You sure you’re a Lewis fan?
        You made me chuckle reading your response. Glad that I brightened up your day!
        Yes, you assume correctly, I’m a Lewis fan. He’s such a talented driver and he always has me sat on the edge of my seat!
        Glad that you’re also passionate and you should be offended!

    2. Matthew says:

      Its hard to blame Perez when Button stuck his nose into a nonexistent gap and punted him into the barrier.

      1. justafan says:

        Hehe, like he did in Canada11 to Alonso. JB always gets away with this. Perception of a fair driver.

      2. Checo ran wide says:

        Checo ran wide going into the corner and left a gap but didn’t think Button was that close – so it was a mistake from Checo in the first place that allowed another car to go on the inside. It was also his fault for not accounting for enough space for the other car next to him.

    3. C63 says:

      Good to see Lewis so magnanimus on the podium. Oh hang on, no he wasn’t…

      Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.

    4. Gaz Boy says:

      Perhaps Monaco is just not fated for Mexican drivers?

  27. Craig D says:

    Firsly, well done Marussia to finally score.

    Well done Rosberg. He needed another win and he’s strong here.

    Hamilton needs to not let his emotions control him. If he loses his head he could easily lose this Championship. Not shaking hands with the winner is not going to help him quickly settle and focus on the racing, regardless of the reasons.

    And no, I don’t believe Nico cheated. It’s easy to over analyse a mistake. But if others want to believe otherwise, then maybe you could argue it’s evened the fact Lewis used that power setting last race, and perhaps Nico may have beat him otherwise.

    Either way it’s good for the Championship and the drama, so that’s what matters most!

    And people, please don’t go on about how boring Monaco is! We all know what to expect, and it was quite tense at the end.

    1. Richard says:

      The power setting is open to both drivers and Nico had the faster car with the better set up so less of that sort of dribble.

      1. Craig D says:

        No, because it was reported the team had told Hamilton to not use the higher setting (probably to save fuel). As both sides of the garage share information and relay that to the driver to mirror each other with settings (see the radio transcripts for Bahrain, for example), Rosberg will have been under the impression they were on the same footing (and was likely told by his engineer he too couldn’t use the setting at that point in the race). If it wasn’t an issue, why would Lewis have apologised?

        I don’t care, let them be free to race, and win at all costs, etc. But when the boot’s on the other foot, I’ve often read comments of the other party being called underhand (Button at Turkey, for example, when Hamilton was unhappy Button overtook him – almost – when the team had told him to turn his engine down but the team hadn’t given the same message to Button – clearly a team problem there but people talked up of Jenson being dirty).

        So not dribble, more a warning against the hypocrisy that some drivers tend to get the book thrown at them regardless, while others are viewed as Saints.

        For what it’s worth, I actually think Rosberg wouldn’t have passed him in Spain whatever the situation.

      2. Craig D says:

        Extra! Well, so Nico was doing the same in Bahrain… They’re even then, and it’s fair enough for Lewis to do that. I’m still not pleased with his response to how this weekend played out though. He can be annoyed for not getting his “pole” lap in, and thus losing the race, but not just believing someone is out to get him and cheat. I suppose he think the stewards are against him too…

    2. KRB says:

      Nico used it in Bahrain. As far as we know, perhaps it requires more fuel, to be able to use. Lewis has been better on fuel than Nico in all races, bar Bahrain (and AUS n/a obviously).

      Seems some people can’t think two or three steps beyond a certain point.

      1. Craig D says:

        I hadn’t read the press conference then so fair enough. It makes sense the two drivers have the ability to use such a thing depending on how they’ve managed their fuel (with a Lewis tending to be better), but it had come across that the team had told them they didn’t want them using it anyway (for reliability). And that, going against the team, seemed off. But now it doesn’t seem to be an issue and was media stirring.

    3. Dr Lewis says:

      You really should just see that for what it was. Brundle trying to look important and stir up coverage for the benefit of those that pay his salary. Frankly he hardly put it over with any kind of sensible explanation but fully knew how it would play out.

      They want a war so that the figures go up which is fine but I would rather it was about racing not ‘let’s see what we can stir up’ media sound bites.

      They both have access to the same ‘button’ its about stretching the reliability of the engine, having the fuel to do so and and attempting to smear the result of a rather excellent race given recent years tardy ones. It hardly created yesterday did it?

      Frankly it was sad.

    4. Avl says:

      Nico used the faster power setting in bahrain when lewis didn’t so lewis decided to use it in spain.

      And really it doesnt matter if nico cheated or not, lewis clearly believes he did and if i thought my teammate had cheated you can be sure I wouldn’t be shaking their hand or accepting their apologies.

    5. Truth says:

      Not really evened things up as Nico used the power setting in a race before Spain (Bahrain) so Spain evened things back up.
      So Nico started that little issue not Lewis.
      If you don’t believe me ask James, he mentions it above.

    6. kingszito says:

      Like James said, Rosberg was the first to use the power setting in Bahrain, so Hamilton only returned the favour in Spain. Get your facts right mate.

    7. C63 says:

      Lewis used that power setting last race, and perhaps Nico may have beat him otherwise…

      And Nico used the same ‘forbidden’ power setting in Bahrain and still couldn’t beat Hamilton, despite having the softer/faster tyres.
      It’s funny when someone doesn’t know all the facts , yet is quite happy to give their biased opinion. I particularly like it when their biased opinion is factually inaccurate :-)

  28. Nic Maennling says:

    Well, well, clever old Rosberg. He got away with a slick but unsportsmanlike move. Of that there is no doubt. Not sure what the stewards had in mind. Silly boy – it has tainted his “victory” and his character. Still, we are having to get used to that aren’t we ? Forza Ricciardo !

    1. KRB says:

      Hopefully we don’t see more “mistakes” in the last bit of Q3′s going forward, but this decision by the stewards didn’t help.

    2. justafan says:

      That’s what they call ‘winning at all cost’.

  29. Kramgp says:

    All that stuff I said the other day about Merc having a good team dynamic and re-signing Nico. I was wrong.

  30. Tom says:

    Disappointing that Lewis couldn’t even bring himself to congratulate Nico.

    Well done to Bianchi and Marussia, beating a McLaren in the race. Nice work.

    Gutted for Kimi. The guy just can’t seem to get a break. Not sure he would have been able to stay ahead of Ricciardo at the end but he definitely had the measure of Alonso.

    1. Richard says:

      Since the pole was achieved by disadvantaging the other driver congratulations were hardly appropriate. It’s all a question of what you believe regardless of the stewards decision.

      1. Tom says:

        Well I don’t believe the pole was achieved by disadvantaging the other driver. Lewis messed up his own last quali lap in Bahrain, it happens under pressure. It’s only because of the circumstances that people are questioning it.

        In any case, Nico beat Lewis today and Lewis is making himself look like a very sore loser. I don’t remember Nico refusing to even look at Lewis after the last four races.

      2. Dean Reynolds says:

        A good looser is just a looser! Good on lewis for not putting on the corporate mask and towing the line. You all say you hate the bland personalties f1 has produced but when someone other than kimi shows am arrogant side they are hung out to dry. Show me a good looser and ill show you a looser!

      3. SD says:

        Well, Lewis did not cause yellow flags in Bahrain, did he?

      4. Richard says:

        If a driver is blocked then he is disadvantaged. In Bahrain there were issues with Lewis’car in qualifying and his set up was not quite right. – It was nothing to do with pressure. Lewis knew that had the rub continued UNBLOCKED he would have got pole with an overall faster lap time. I think Lewis is disgusted to discover he has a cheat for a team mate. In my view Nico contrived that mistake to prevent Lewis form getting pole and what’s more they both know it.

      5. Truth says:


      6. Asclepius says:

        That Sir is Flash bulb memory. Nico has done his fair share.My argument is I hold nothing against Nico, all is fair in love and war.But please do not deny lewis is right to anger!!

      7. Sami says:

        It is remarkable how everybody has failed to recall that Lewis crashed at Mirabeau during Q1 in 2009. May be he knows very well what it is to lose your car there and, as it happens, drives the same single seater than Nico…
        He is certainly the driver of the grid who has every right to be suspicious.
        His race was remarkable, and racing with one eye closed and not hitting anything in Monaco, just shows how awesome his talent is.

      8. kenneth chapman says:

        do you really believe the ‘something in my eye’ confection? but i will agree that in an overall sense he is ‘one eyed’. hahaha

      9. Andrew M says:

        Nico didn’t crash, he delicately tip-toed down an escape road and effectively ended the session. If Nico had smashed it hbu the barrier (like Lewis did) then this conversation wouldn’t be happening.

      10. KRB says:

        Kenneth, you don’t obviously? Why jeopardize a result like that, what does it gain him? There was no way Lewis was getting past, even though he was always able to close up at will throughout the race.

        Nico needed pole here to have any chance of winning. He was on course to lose it until his mistake saved him. I have a problem with a sport that, in the best light, allows a mistake to be rewarded like that, or in a negative light, leaves itself wide open to potential skulduggery.

    2. Tom says:

      One other thing… Lewis’ comments comparing his and Nico’s respective upbringings were a definite low blow and totally out of order. Nico answered in the best possible way.

      1. j says:

        The way you keep piling on one comment after another clearly shows your motivation.

        Lewis could have baked Nico a cake with a big #1 on it and you’d still find fault somehow.

      2. L.B says:

        How is being envious of someone’s comfortable upbringing a low blow?

      3. kenneth chapman says:

        @ LB… well surely the fact that hamilton actually made those commenst is indicative of a certain ‘jealousy’ and that trait is not one of any positives that i am aware of.

        the fact that he needs to make this comparison to feed his own beliefs of being more deserving is ridiculous. this type of behaviour just feeds the mill and of itself has no redeeeming features. he would be better served my keeping his personal problems out of the media and seeking some professional help.

  31. Pkara says:

    Unlucky for Lewis
    Shame about the dust in visor which led to the vision problems. Race strategy they could have undercut Shamberg at pitstops but Lowe et al had other ideas.
    Lewis owns the Canadian track so if there are no mechanical issues Lewis will leave Shamberg in a duel with Riccardos for 2nd or 3rd.
    Unless Shamberg does a Monaco again & gets a hollow pole….but Lewis will still whoop his behind by overtaking ‘ol’Lug Ear’ as he is superfast at Canadian track.

    1. Bradley says:

      The track in Montreal is publicly owned. Bit of a conflict of interest otherwise.

      1. Pkara says:

        Owns meaning he goes pretty quick there doesn’t hit the walls like other drivers & goes fast.
        Talk about literal ! Lol

      2. Gaz Boy says:

        Montreal is arguably the best RACING circuit of the year, always tense, dramatic and above all totally unpredictable. Perhaps the formula is this:

        Slippery track + nearby walls + mega long straight + tight chicanes + cars with skinny downforce + tyres that don’t last very long + changing track conditions = superb racing.

      3. GP says:

        Tell that to Roger Penske and Michael Andretti.

      4. Asclepius says:


  32. Mohamed Chaudhry says:

    I believe there should be some changes to this circuit to allow at least one good DRS overtake. It would have made the Race upfront more interesting, secondly it would have mixed things up even more interesting should Redbull have taken 2nd place. Really the race was won on a saturday afternoon which is a shame. it would be really exciting if they had a really long straight above the harbour built on a causeway bridge model.

    Regarding Nico’s ‘error’ on saturday afternoon, I, like a few others, think there is more to this than simply an analysis on telemetry. Nico is known for his high IQ and if you want to win and have the smartness to pull it off it is possible. Of course the telemetry shows he was pushing a little harder second time round which can easily lead to a risk for failure which it eventually did. What the telemetry doesn’t tell you is intention and thats where if you are really smart then you can get the job done. I believe going for the WDC does bring out some deceitfulness as well as ‘cheating’ (to ruin your opponents chances) and expect more to come this season. Its a shame as I was looking forward to a fair and square race between the 2 to prove who really is the best driver. So far Hamilton for me has been the more complete driver and Nico clearly in second.

    1. BW says:

      Yeah, just build another Monaco. With another port, another tunnel and another prince.

    2. Richard says:

      Well said and precisely my own thoughts. I notice Nico had a couple of lock ups at the same corner in the race but did not go off!

      1. Carbonated says:

        That may confirm what happened yesterday wasn’t a prank – he has trouble with that corner for sure.

        Even if he wouldn’t have went off yesterday he may have impeded LH.

      2. Richard says:

        No I think what Rosberg did was entirely deliberate. I simply meant he was able to hold the corner twice in the race despite lockups. There’s no doubt in my mind Rosberg knew that he could win the race providing he could prevent Lewis from getting pole.

    3. Gaz Boy says:

      I reckon they (the Monaco organisers) ought to build a bridge over the actual swimming pool so the track could pass over the top of it with the road rejoining at the Rascasse…….quite a long-ish straight for the cars to overtake at the end of the Racasse hairpin!
      Seriously though, good comments, but you know what Monaco is like, it’s follow the car in front unless the car in front grenades its engine or swipes a barrier………exciting finish though.

    4. Dr Lewis says:

      Good point – if we have to put up with DRS – it at least should do something at all tracks!

      Frankly – bin it…

    5. furstyferret says:

      James can you comfirm m brundle said nico hit the breaks 3 car lengths than the usual braking point,3 meters and locking ok, benefit of the doubt, but that difference smells fishy..

      1. Asclepius says:

        I would do the same if someone pummeled me 4 in a row.My irritation is with people who expect Lewis to be nice.Nice about What?? This is SPARTA!!

    6. JF says:

      So what! Nico nor any other driver are robots capable of perfection every lap. They all lock up, circumstances are different each time. Can’t extrapolate one to the next.

    7. Timmay says:

      Lol, this is what counts as an F1 “fan” these days?

    8. Docjkm says:

      “…changes to this circuit…” WHAT? (rubbing my eyes and looking again…

      Surely THE candidate for commenter of the day!

    9. Rob says:

      Sure, and the fix to make Monaco more interesting is easy IMO.

      Reprofile the entry into Ste. Devote. The reason drivers can’t pass there (apart from at the start) is that the space at the entry is constricted by a bit of barrier that sticks out into the track to the left of the turn-in point, which makes it very difficult for cars to enter the corner side-by-side.

      What would work better would be to widen the entry by moving that barrier back but preserve the angle of the corner by moving the exit back and perhaps squeezing the barrier at the exit. See image:

  33. Kramgp says:

    Coultard said after the race that Lewis wears his heart on his sleeve. I would add that he wears his [mod] on his face, when things don’t go his way.
    Makes for a good race

    1. Pkara says:


      1. Kramgp says:

        My post was modified. He had a face like a slapped bottom.
        Note to self, you can’t say ars e

      2. Pkara says:

        Still not cool ?!
        Well done James re checks :-)
        as the younger fans of F1 do not need to read low brow statements.

      3. Kramgp says:

        Didn’t mean to offend, but you must be very easily offended. It was a joke!

      4. Pkara says:

        Not easily offended :-)
        Just don’t need the Yahoo & other f1 sites abrasive mentality to cross over to a decent forum

    2. Greg says:

      I’m tired of Lewis constantly complaining, he needs someone to tell him to grow a pair and stop this “everyone is against me” attitude. He even went to go as far as saying McLaren would of pitted him when Sutil crashed.
      He had a dig at Nico’s upbringing, but he comes across as the spoilt little brat who moans when things don’t go his way.
      I would love to hear what was said over the radio in past times. I really don’t think any driver constantly moans the way he does. Too much too soon me thinks.

  34. Wilma the Great says:

    Lewis hoped for an undercut against his team mate, but thankfully the safety car voided this strategy.

    1. KRB says:

      Thankfully? Thankfully if you support Rosberg, but as a spectacle the pit stop periods were likely going to be the only real intriguing period. The safety car robbed us of that.

      1. Torchwood Five says:

        Safety car did not rob us of that.

        The team pitting Lewis and/or Rosberg during the safety car did that.

        There are no FIA rules saying that pit-stops can only happen during a safety car.

      2. KRB says:

        So you wouldn’t have pitted when the Safety Car came out? Let’s just say it wasn’t a normal in-race pit period.

      3. Wilma the Great says:

        I approve of the spectacle (and I think this race had quite a lot for a Monaco race with Nico/Lewis/Danny battles going on).

        I would regret it though, if the pit wall tries pulling the strings in favor of one side of the garage.

        And the fact that Lewis was kind of counting on that, leaves me that tiny little bit gloating.

      4. KRB says:

        If there had been no Safety Car, then I would expect that they would’ve pitted Nico first, as lead car. Whether Lewis could’ve jumped him going longer we will never know. I think it’s clear that on relative pace, that Lewis was faster in Monaco, but faster on worn options than Nico on new primes? Likely not. But we’ll never know.

    2. kingszito says:

      He was not hoping for any undercut, he said that the team could have brought him in when Sutil had his accident. That would make sense if the safety car was deployed before he get to the pit entry, but it’s unclear.

      1. HP says:

        he said he was told to close the gap to rosberg before rosberg pits (which hamilton did) so he could have a chance to undercut rosberg!!

      2. KRB says:

        Link please.

      3. HP says:

        I think he said it in one of his post-race interviews. May be Sky/BBC videos

  35. Kramgp says:

    Another great race from Ric. I have to admit I didn’t think he would be this impressive!

  36. Daniel says:

    Great race … Really enjoyed Ricciardo chasing down Hamilton at the end and congratulations to Marussia :)

    I still don’t think Nico went off deliberately in qualifying but it is going to be very close between the two Mercedes drivers all the way to the end. I think Lewis is just a touch quicker so he will edge it.

  37. KRB says:

    Well, a bit of an anti-climax. It’s hard enough to pass a car on this track when you have a 1 sec/lap advantage; near impossible when it’s the sister car.

    The race was decided yesterday in Q3, and after Sutil’s crash brought out the safety car. Lewis I guess could’ve pitted the lap where the crash happened, as he asked, but it’s not certain whether that would’ve got him ahead of Rosberg. It would depend on how much of lap 24 he could’ve taken at full speed.

    Lewis’ chance to pass was in the pit-stop period … he was the faster of the two on speed.

    As for the dirt in the eye, how the hell does that happen? DC was saying that he often had his visor open a little, whenever he raced in Monaco. Just odd. Made for an exciting finish between HAM and RIC.

    As for Marussia, are we sure it’s just 5 sec’s added on? The penalty for serving the 5-sec penalty under a safety car is ludicrous for Monaco, as all usually just stop the once. Not a clearly thought-out penalty.

    I expect Button will also get a time penalty for his crash with Perez.

    1. Dr Lewis says:

      It happens a lot – particularly in the wet.

      I have pulled all sorts out after a race.

      The nature of this circuit and the tyres is that there is a chance.

      At the end of the day – if you can get hit on the head by a spring…

    2. Sebee says:

      Either something through the vent or indeed visor opened a bit perhaps during safety car, and some larger dust came in.

      You open a visor, you accept the risk. Maybe Lewis needed to crack it open today as he was mighty hot under the collar today in P2. ;-)

    3. AuraF1 says:

      Think it’s the other way since Button was on the racing line and against the barrier when Perez turned in. Not sure where Button could go really.

    4. Gaz Boy says:

      Jenson has been investigated and the stewards declared lap 1 to be a “racing incident” so he is not going to be penalised.
      One of the best performances of the day from the Frome Flyer, up there with Hulk and Bianchi. Jenson seems to get a lot of negative opinions on this forum, about how he is a weak driver, a second rate driver, an unworthy WDC, all the usual misinformed nonsense. I’m not saying this because he’s my fellow countryman, but Jenson had an opportunity to win the WDC in 2009 and took it. A champion is a champion. And no I’m not biased; I think any driver who wins a WDC is worthy of the award because it’s a 9 odd month campaign across several continents on very different circuits. It takes a lot of mental agility and toughness to make it to the top. Jenson’s got it, as has Lewis, Sebastian, Fernando, Kimi et al.
      So well done at Monaco Jenson. You’ve consistently proved your doubters wrong!
      PS Also, to prove I’m not biased for English drivers – I’d be delighted to see the wooly haired Honey Badger, Incredible Hulk, that young Kyvat, the boy Bottas and Bianchi get an opportunity to challenge for the championship because I think those aforementioned drivers have got the mental dexterity and agility, like Jenson, to pull off the greatest prize in motor sport. Perhaps in a couple of years time they will. Fingers crossed!

    5. aezy_doc says:

      As a bike rider unless you have good ventilation your visor can fog quite easily. I often ride with the visor open with a slight opening at the bottom to keep it clear. Following Ros so closely obviously a bit of dust got in somehow. In the end, it made for an exciting finish!

  38. Anne says:

    Congratulations to Marussia and Bianchi. I leave all the controversial issues for others to debate.

  39. Kramgp says:

    What a joy to see Bianci and team finally getting a point scoring result. Well done!

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      That’s the good thing about Monaco over the years – as the big lads stuff their chassis in the barrier, trip over each other or have their machines grenade themselves, the tortoises can be canny and clever and drive sensibly, keep it clean and end up with crucial points.

  40. Bob says:

    It’s great to see Hamilton and Rosberg fighting it out for victory, but another driver on the grid who deserves serious consideration for his talents is Riccardo. This guy is the real deal. He’s a worthy replacement for his fellow countryman, but even more than that, a worthy driver all round. I can’t wait to see what he is capable of when the Red Bull can equal Mercedes pace. Now that will be worth watching. Never mind the mind games, the pouting and the silliness of the Mercedes rivalry, let’s see some good old fashioned racing.

  41. Dr Lewis says:

    Let me guess where you have defected from?

  42. Kit says:

    Not to take anything away from Marussia. In fact, Jules did very well. Running the same pace as Lotus.

    However, one fact that is bothering me:

    A stop-go penalty of 5 secs would translate into about a 28-seconds if a driver were to pit. (25 seconds minus 2 seconds, assuming typical tyre change scenario, plus 5 seconds.
    Obviously, not pitting to serve it and having 5 seconds added is preferable to 28 seconds.

    Question is : Why then call it a stop-go ?

    1. Tom says:

      I believe it’s only 5 seconds added to his race time as ordinarily they would take the penalty during a scheduled pit stop (before tyre change), rather than pit specifically for it.

    2. Robb says:

      It wasn’t really a stop and go penalty. This year they assess strait time penalties. If a car will be making an additional pitstop, the team can choose to serve it by being held in the pit box for an additional x number of seconds. If there are no remaining pitstops or if the team chooses, the time will be added at the end of the race.

    3. aezy_doc says:

      Because it is usually taken at a regular pitstop – I guess the convention will be if you don’t pit after the penalty is given it will add 5 secs to your race.

    4. toleman fan says:

      Was it a stop-go?

      Or one of the new ‘wait extra time next time you pit anyway [but not under safety car], don’t pit specially’ jobbies?

    5. L.B says:

      Because it was no longer a stop-go penalty. It was a penalty for (wrongly) serving the stop-go penalty under the safety car.

  43. SKB says:

    TSN changed channels for the race so my recording was of ice hockey…

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the race to watch online, as it isn’t shown again in this part of canada?

    1. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:

      Try “The Pirate Bay” (

      If it’s not there, forget about it.

      1. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:

        Maybe you need to wait a little bit.

        Seems it’s not there YET.

      2. SKB says:

        Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. Kramgp says:

      The quali must have been on Tsn2 because I couldn’t get it. But the race was on the regular slot on Tsn. They don’t usually do any re runs.
      As an extra note, ironically the Canadian and US races are sometimes hard to find on Tsn, because they are shown on other US networks. I think it was Fox last year, and the commentary is awful. They just go on and on about how it differs from Nascar, ie there is left and right hand turns!

    3. Timmay says:

      Just watch the ice hockey – way more exciting.

      Infact – take up ice hockey

    4. garyc says:

      Usually RDS (the french TSN) repeats the race on Monday. Try it , if you can get it

    5. aezy_doc says:

      I would never recommend a VPN to watch the highlights programme on BBC inlayer. Although anyone could do it, it’s illegal, so don’t. :-)

  44. EdwardB says:

    A good race – it was a shame we didn’t get to see more of a tussle for first place, but I appreciate that teammates have little separating them in terms of technology.

    Can someone help explain to me the benefit of Hamilton pitting in the moments before the Safety Car was announced, versus what he and Rosberg did? Why wouldn’t he have just ended up a few spots back after the pit stop, circling with everyone else behind the SC?

    1. brendan says:

      if lewis pitted before the safely car come out..he would be in the lead after it come out.. maybe when all the rest go in, lewis would be behind the safety car..(in the lead)
      like toto said the lead car(in their team) has the advantage ,so he would never let the 2nd car jump the 1st car ,in a safely car situation, but at McLaren they did..(lewis stated).
      maybe am wrong..i was trying to figure it out myself.. maybe if lewis was way behind nico,he would have a case, to come in 1st.

    2. aezy_doc says:

      Because they all pitted too.

  45. cometeF1 says:

    Surely not the best Monaco ever, but far from being boring.
    Rosberg did what he had to do, and did not give Hamilton even a small chance.
    Hamilton questioning the lack of reaction from the team to pit him after what happened to Sutil seems a bit harsh but understandable. He could have been a bit more sporting in the after race.
    Will Mercedes be able to bring things in line between the two before the situation deteriorates too much?

    Interesting time to come for all of us.

    Kimi very unlucky once more. He looked comfortable enough in third.

    Vettel’s luck of old is taking a break from his side. Red Bull will still be happy for another podium with Ricciardo.

    To finish. Great result for Bianchi and Marussia. Marc

  46. Sam says:

    Congrats to Marussia, epic achievement!

    Exciting Monaco, great driving up the front by both Mercs. Solid recovery from Ricciardo after his Webber-Start.

    The great race was tarnished by the utterly classless and disgusting unsportsman-like behaviour from Hamilton. He’s meant to be a role model. Truly disappointing for the sport.

    1. Rick says:

      No, the race was tarnished by the unsportsmanlike behaviour yesterday deciding the outcome today. Simples !

    2. aezy_doc says:

      Get a grip. ‘utterly classless and disgusting unsportsman-like’ – it’s not as though he spat at Rosberg or hit him. He just ignored him. What’s the biggie?

  47. Andrew M says:

    Good to see the points table finally reflecting Ricciardo’s superiority over Vettel.

    1. Carbonated says:

      Way too early to make such a claim. VET was ahead of RIC until his car broke or he would have had a podium.

      1. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        Both Ricciardo and Seb have had two non-score finishes, table reflects reallity right now.

      2. Andrew M says:

        It’s not too early for anything. All I’m saying is that so far this season Ricciardo has had the better of Vettel and, now that they’ve had the same number of retirements, the points table reflects that.

  48. Paige says:

    Rosberg knows the way around Monaco, for sure. As Mark Webber hinted, I’m not sure there is anyone who can beat him there.

    Gut check time for Lewis. We all know how easily his psychology can be fractured. He’s got two weeks to pull himself together and get it back for Montreal.

    As for the moment on Saturday, the only thing I have to complain about regarding Rosberg was the way he celebrated his pole when he got out of the car. His off not only cost Hamilton, but a few other drivers as well who were trying to improve their times. For him to celebrate like that was very disrespectful to them and very unsportsmanlike. But then again, hoping for real sportsman who behave with dignity and class in today’s Formula One is a bit naive, as I’m not sure there is any current driver in F1- aside from Kimi Raikkonen or Jenson Button, who are the only two drivers who have really shown anything resembling true class and sportsmanship in today’s F1- who would have handled that situation properly.

    1. Steve says:

      Not sure if anyone can beat him here… Last year he won because Hamilton lost about 3 tenths in S1 of his Q3 lap and Rosberg sealed today’s victory by bringing out the yellows yesterday, he’s much stronger at Bahrain and India for example.

    2. AydenBee26 says:

      Would this be the same kimi raikkonen that said someone should punch Perez in the face after monaco last year? But of course that’s ‘typical Kimi’ and all his unsporting behaviour is laughed off.

      1. Andrew M says:

        It seems that if you’re constantly surly, unsporting and monosyllabic you’re a sporting treasure, but if you’re only like that 1/6th of the time then you’re ruining the sport.

      2. C63 says:

        I like Kimi, but I have to say you are 100% correct. He behaves pretty much anyway he fancies and everyone just dismisses it as Kimi being Kimi. Lewis, on the other hand, is understandably miffed at being baulked on what he believed would have been the pole lap and is a bit straight faced and sombre looking during the interviews. He remains polite and answers the questions etc (remember Kimi just walked off in mid interview at the last race)and suddenly, for some, it’s a display of disgusting behaviour lacking in class blah blah etc.
        Some folk need a reality check.

    3. IgMi (Kimi fan) says:

      I guess it is hard for some people to bundle competitiveness with class and sportsmanship.

      I always disliked the “go for the gap” approach combined with “I am through or we are both crashing.” I found that it lacks both class and sportsmanship.

      With that, today’s Kimi’s “go for the gap” with Magnussen was a little bit clumsy as it caused them both to crash, but I don’t think the the “I am through or we are both crashing” thinking was behind it. I am interested to hear what would drivers day about the incident.

      1. kenneth chapman says:

        a desperate lunge that was doomed from the start. it was never going to come to anything apart from a disaster. funnily enough the stewards thought exactly the same thing and gave him an official ‘reprimand’.

      2. Harshad says:

        Watch Sutil’s move last year on Alonso and this year on a marussia/caterham whichever car it was.
        Sutil pulled off the exact same move multiple times in two races, in Kimi’s case, Magnussen closed the door a little bit which forced Kimi on the kerb which is why he couldn’t turn his car in cleanly.
        However, I still think Kimi should have pulled it off correctly, but it wasn’t a clumsy move on any grounds.

      3. IgMi says:

        Yep, I think all agree, including Kimi himself based on his comments, that the outcome of the move deserved a slap on the wrist. Although, if the road was just a little bit wider he would have made it.

        If I was to suggest anything to Kimi it would be, grab an ice cream, take a seat, lift your feet up, and think, dig deeper for the coolness we all learned to like so much.

      4. JohnBt says:

        As Murray Walker has said before, “Senna thinks he has the God given right to……..” something along this line. Senna has his dirty side too. So Lewis should not emulate that side at all.

    4. Tealeaf says:

      Really? No one can beat Rosberg around Monaco? Is that your reasoning for Hamilton’s deficiencies around here?
      So how comes in 2006 Webber driving the same car as Rosberg trounced him around Monaco before his engine failure? Also 2 years ago a 43 year old Schumacher put the car on pole when Rosberg was again nowhere???

      1. KRB says:

        What’s your analysis of Vettel’s quali results at Monaco thru the years?

        This should be good.

    5. Truth says:

      Button class yes,a gent even when asked very awkward questions. Kimi is great entertainment but rude many times, if he spoke to people in a factory job the way he speaks to journalists he would look like a panda most days.

    6. Matt says:

      Daniel has class. He has had some great comments and refuses to get into a bad position with Vettel. Magnussen was also complimentary of Daniel in Australia after the exclusion of the Red Bull driver, correcting the Sky Sports interviewer when Magnussen said he was third at Australia because Daniel truly finished in front of him.

      Hulkenberg has also shown some pretty serious levelheadedness and class.

      There is still a good class of driver in todays F1, sadly it is the sour puss Nico and crybaby Hamilton who are tarnishing the sport in terms of sulky behavior at the moment.

    7. Rockman says:

      I agree about Jenson, he’s one of the classiest drivers today. If you were a team principal, you would find it hard to get rid of him since he seems like a very likeable person.

      But Kimi? He’s possibly one of the most rude drivers out there. Not only to journalist, other drivers but also to his adoring fans…

      Few other drivers who have lots of class as mentioned above.

      I like Lewis for the way he drives, but he’s attitude is so hard to get accustomed to. He loves himself way too much and believes his own illusion. He calls Nico a spoilt brat for his upbringing but then he himself acts like one?

      1. James Allen says:

        I don’t mind Kimi, it’s quite funny sometimes

        But all Monaco weekend he was in a really bad mood – noticeably more cut off and dour than usual

      2. Andrew M says:

        More dour? Is that even possible?

      3. Truth says:

        Yes it’s funny how Kimi doing such things as pushing over the f1 photographer(assault) swearing at the team, swearing at the press, walking away from the press mid question, suggesting he should punch competitors in the face and many more examples are just Kimi being Kimi, if Vettel acted in the same way he would get hung for it, Hamilton would also, he gets slaughtered for a lot less and so does Vettel, but it’s just a laugh when it’s Kimi. Why do people confuse being cool with what amounts to contempt and ignorance, that’s just not cool. Alonso would not get away with that behaviour either.

  49. fox says:

    Conspiracy view.

    Remember Mercedes was all German team? German works, German drivers, German money?

    But Schumacher did not perform well. Hence the all-German think was broken with arrival of Hamilton.

    Now, it is opportunity for German team to with with German driver – Rosberg. He is son to Finn father and German mother, unknown gene proportions… but his flag is German. For Mercedes it does make sense and matters a lot. Their goal was to win both cups with German driver and German team. They hoped it would be Schumacher. Now they see that Rosberg is also good.

    Alonso and Hamilton should return to McLaren and fight there. They got a list of unanswered items.

  50. James says:

    Lewis needs to be introduced to jonny wilkinson, a bit of humility would really help him develop into a more likeable guy and be remembered for more than a fast, talented spoilt brat

  51. KRB says:

    Hmm, you do know that Nico used that mode in Bahrain, and Hamilton didn’t?

    Also, I wonder what your opinion is of Hamilton doing work during testing in Barcelona, to help with Nico’s starting issues? Nico seemed to have a pretty good start today.

  52. levan says:

    Marussia is not a Virgin anymore ))) they got the first point ))

    1. Stephen Taylor says:

      They’ve got two points.

  53. SD says:

    “I am more hunger than anyone”
    “I like the way Senna dealt”
    “Why didn’t we pit a lap earlier? I knew you wouldn’t call me in…”
    “I don’t care about Ricciardo, what’s the gap to Nico?” and so on…
    Huhh Lewis, too much within a week, no doubt you have racing talent from God but attitude and demeanour should be worked on very hard. After Bahrain Nico managed to hugg you but today you haven’t even said “hollow” congrats to your friend….

  54. Rocky4460 says:

    Why was Lewis Whinging all through the race? That is so ‘un Senna’ like.

  55. Ahmed says:

    Since when is it the other drivers, in this case ham’s, “duty” to go out of his way and congratulate the race winner? Did Ric, the guy with the biggest smile on the grid congratulate nico? None of these guys are competing for the ‘nice guy of the year’ award… Each and every one of them are there to win th WDC. Rather we have drivers let out thr emotions thn watch a bunch of PR drones… Many ppl slam ham for the way he speaks to his engineer but when kimi slams his engineer with complete disregard he becomes a hero… Ah yes, kimi is th best driver in the world. Afterall, he is driving a marussia with ferrari livery. Alonso was up on kimi by 0.800 on saturday and is constantly ahead of him, though ths will be argued tht kimi’s having problems with his car this year. Gotta feel bad for vet, seems he’s got 4years of badluck all crammed into 2014. With that being said, this all bodes well for 2014 WDC even if its just a slugfest between ros and ham… Montreal, silverstone and budapest will see ham trounce ros. Setting th stage for a seesaw 2nd half of the season

    Ps, if I and the rest of the fans on JaOnF1 don’t leave a special congratulatory msg for Ros, are we also “petulant teenagers” raving on conspiracy theories?

  56. Oly says:

    Of cours HAM had vision problems, he was crying from the start. Him being a mature driver.. what a joke.

    1. HP says:

      haha good one

  57. Truth says:

    High engine power… Rosberg did in Bahrain you mean, or have you just overlooked that. Did you call Nico a fraud for that.

  58. Simon Donald says:

    Quite frankly who cares about the top 3 today. Jules Bianchi scored 2 points… in a Marussia!!!!

  59. Joe B says:

    Another year, another dull Monaco race (despite the attrition, a circuit that devoid of overtaking possibility isn’t worthy of the calendar). Yesterday’s drama added spice, but it was same old same in the end.

    Rosberg did it all yesterday, and I’m 50/50 on whether it was intentional or not – as many others have noted, he locked up in the same place a few times today without going off. Hamilton’s going off the deep end though, and as much a fan as I am of his driving I really think he needs help. Disappointment is one thing, but sulking like that on the world stage is unbecoming and signals real mental fragility. Like I said, I’m a huge fan; and that’s why I hope he gets the help he needs.

    Awesome work from Ricciardo, and Vettel’s woes continue hilariously. I was one of many who thought RBR didn’t sign Raikkonen to protect Seb from being shown up; how wrong we all were… :D

    Great result for Marussia, and a dignified response from Bianchi when he was informed why he got the second penalty. For the record I think that’s a farce; if they’re stationary for 5 seconds in the pits what does it matter if the safety car is out or not anyway?

    I feel like this weekend’s been entertaining for all the wrong reasons, Marussia aside. Roll on Canada, a real circuit!

  60. Michael Spitale says:

    Kimi has no luck at all. Kimi would have been the one fighting for second today and Ferrari would have brought in at least 27 points today, maybe more. How on earth do you get run into during a safety car?!

  61. dubaiobserver says:

    it seems to me that with the championship being between drivers that are so matched, the Abu Dhabi double point system has the potential to bring about a completely false championship result this year
    LH behavior today was pathetic, assuming that it isn’t all put on to make what will be a predictable season more interesting

  62. kingszito says:

    Rosberg used the same ENGINE POWER MODE in Bahrain, Hamilton was just returning the favour in Spain.

  63. VV says:

    A strangely good – and amusing – race in Monaco for a change.

    Lewis is getting a bit whiney and sounding a bit entitled, telling his team that he “knew” they weren’t going to pit him in and instead would make him (and his teammate) wait an additional lap.

  64. Denise says:

    Apart from the last 20 minutes, it was pretty dull. What happened to the great new racing we were promised after Bahrain?
    Mercedes were superior again today. But, I think those Red Bulls are not that far behind at all. Not saying I think they’re going to win in Montreal but it’ll be sooner rather than later. RIC showed great pace at the end today, and so did VET in Spain two weeks ago.
    It could get interesting yet.
    Or maybe thats just hopeful thinking……..

    1. justafan says:

      It will be difficult for RBR to win a race this year because Mercedes not only have superior speed but better reliability too.

    2. aezy_doc says:

      RB certainly won’t win in Montreal. No high downforce corners, traction and power are king and the Mercs have both in abundance.

  65. DTM says:

    Unlucky for Lewis yesterday (and today too with the Safety car) but I reckon he needs to take stock and look at the big picture. To win this championship he also needs to get the team behind him so he shouldn’t show so much of his heart on his sleeve (show better respect to his strategist for example). In Canada he has a great chance to retake the Championship lead and be in a better mindset for the next race after that.

    2nd is still a decent result, it could have been much worse.

    Well done Nico, though. He’s definitely no pushover and I reckon its too close to call who will win the championship. Maybe Nico, if Lewis doesn’t resolve the situation where he doesn’t trust his team. I do think though that Mercedes may prefer to back Nico, since its a German team with a German driver.

    1. justafan says:

      I think we saw last year that Mercedes actually prefers Lewis over Nico, no matter what the nationality.

      1. KRB says:

        How so? Malaysia? For Malaysia, I say India … ROS and HAM were nose-to-tail mid-pack, then Rosberg was given the better strategy that netted him a podium.

      2. KRB says:

        2nd point, that I forgot to add, was that Brawn was there last year, and isn’t now.

  66. snarfsnarf says:

    Good lord, what can I say about this race. First off, all the Hamilton fans who have been happily throwing remarks about Alonso or Vettel throwing “toys out of the pram” need to take a second look at their great British hope. This guy is acting like the biggest brat. His radio conversations even before this race smack of desperation and petulance. He makes his displeasure so obvious it simply has no class. There are many drivers who would give an arm and a leg to have the fastest car on the grid, instead Hamilton is busy accusing his team of plotting against him. If he acts like this now, what was he saying in private in 2007? Maybe he should let Roscoe do the press conferences in his stead? I for one would have much more respect.

    James, it would be great if you could add some details in your post race analysis that some of us fans want to know. Could you perhaps shed some light on the gear ratios of respective teams? I notice Mercedes didn’t seem to even go into 7th gear in the tunnel, while many other cars did. I think it would be interesting if you were able to provide a list of which teams appeared geared higher or lower per race. For instance, how was it that the Ferrari was 0.6 seconds slower at the first sector in qualifying than the Mercedes?? That is a huge difference. Was it a gear ratio sacrifice or pure performance? Thanks!

    1. Carbonated says:

      So true concerning FA and SV – Hamilton is worse!!

    2. Dr Lewis says:

      I am not James but if you look back you will note several teams even using the same engine have chosen completely different ratios for the year as you would expect.

      Look at the shorter gearing of Williams for example – sometimes its a correlation with expected drag etc issue – sometimes its a tactic. With the spread of ratios, number of years and the nature of these engines you will go blind trying to work out the relevance of one gear or another.

      Best stick to personality or nationality assassination maybe?

      On a serious note note – it would be interesting to know if any team has got it obviously wrong in not expecting torque etc characteristics to mean only 75% of rpm will be used?

      1. Dr Lewis says:

        Sorry – not years – gears

    3. Timmay says:

      Nobody would use 7th gear at Monaco – not by design but because the rules in 2014 are that you can only have one set of gesr ratios for the entire season from the Monace extreme to the Monza one. So not a single team would have used 7th gear this weekend. If someone proves me wrong then I really didn’t understand that rule

    4. Sergio says:

      I hope for sooner or later everyone know the reality in 2007 and who is the spoiled child who wants to be the n1.

      1. Truth says:

        One driver (Alonso) complained that his teammate was receiving equal treatment, he obviously expected number 1 status being the current world champion, that’s the reality, most already know this as it’s old news now. I’m sure he moved to Ferrari to get the number 1 status that Mclaren don’t use or Mercedes. Number 1 will be earned at Mclaren and Merc by performance rather than by contract with equal chances for both drivers.

      2. Sergio says:

        You are wrong. Reality said that English Media & Anthony Hamilton & Ron Dennis said that you know and believe, but the real truth was the opposite. Lewis Hamilton complained about his team (Yes he attacked McLaren in front of the world!! but he did not accused as a “whiner” or bad team player) at Monaco 2007 saying he was n2 driver. In that race, both drivers had a brake problems in their cars but Hamilton risked the chance to get double (more or less the same as he did last race). After that he bitterly complained about how unfair was McLaren. But also he did not obeying the orders. He did not accomplished the “fair treatment” because the Englishman broke the rule being the last man on track in qualy. Hamilton was the home boy, the major investment and Dennis puts him alongside the World Champion, a very high risk that I predicted in a forum of pre season. Hamilton is doing the same pattern of spoiled child, he is demanding n1 status even when he arrived as a rookie, but he was Ron Dennis’s “son”. There are lots of things silencesd by English media that year, but this is a German Team and I hope will be clear and real fair treatment. I know some English Media they push hard on his side (HAM), he is a product, a “brand” and many people makes money around him, but the reality, not the F1 News, is he is the spoiled guy, the terrible fast and good driver, but the “perfection” guy only has a really good Media marketing around him to save all his outbursts, that for sure if he would be pronounced by Vettel or Alonso, the headlines and bad press would be huge.

      3. Truth says:

        Dream on.

    5. Joe Sixpack says:

      There’s a great thread on the gear ratios the various teams are running at:

      As for Lewis’ personality and attitude – I predict a 50% chance of self-induced implosion before year’s end. To actively think that your own team is deliberately screwing you over “I knew you wouldn’t pit me…” is both irrational and a massive waste of energy and attention that will only hurt your performance. Yes, this is EffWun and yes, ugly politics do happen, but I’ve yet to see any blatant favoritism within Mercedes. Perhaps he ought to go drive for Ferrari (with his buddy Fernando on the team) for a year, just to gain some appreciation for how good he actually has things. As-is, he sounds like a spoiled 6 year old angrily demanding a ‘better’ flavor of ice cream on his triple-scoop cone.

  67. goferet says:

    Nice Monaco race for it had it all, dominance, close battles, reliability woes and best of all a fairy tale at the end.

    Yes first off, congrats to to Bianci and Marussia on scoring their first ever points, most certainly didn’t expect this from the team for I always thought Kobayashi would pull off this miracle.

    Congrats also to Mercedes for another dominant performance, with both cars effortlessly gliding up front like a couple of twins.

    Unfortunate for Vettel for despite having a good start had some reliability problems on the other hand, job well done by Ricciardo for keeping his nose clean.

    Alonso had a quite race but as always managed to score valuable points mainly through taking advantage of others misfortune such as Kimi.

    Likewise, decent race from the likes of Hulkenberg and Jenson >>>it would appear Jenson still has the killer instinct as shown by his nice overtake Jenson on MiniMag.

    Overall, as promised the 2014 cars are a handful and so they caught out some drivers which is good entertainment for now drivers can never really relax.


    As things stand, Rosberg maybe on course to win the races Lewis won in 2008 whereas Lewis will win the races he didn’t win in 2008.

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      I’d also add Gorsjean drove a stealthy race to finish 8th.
      Not a massive performance from the Romain empire, but a mature, balanced drive to score crucial points. What a difference from last year from the Lotus driver!
      Couldn’t agree more about Bianchi. David the Marussia slays Goliath the Ferrari and Goliath the Macca amongst others!
      Staying on the biblical theme, is it really now nearly 3 years ago when Lazarus returned to earth in the form of Jenson Button at the 2011 Canadian GP?

    2. Krischar says:

      Yes kimi had a horrendous luck today yet to state Alonso’s drive as lucky one sounds quite delusional. Even ricciardo may have not finished on the podium if kimi managed to avert the trouble. Overall few pilots had good fortune because of certain misfortunes and DNF for others.

    3. KRB says:

      On your last comment, Nico would’ve won in China already.

      Unless something similar to last year happens at Silverstone, I don’t see Nico beating Lewis there.

  68. justafan says:

    I fully agree with those who wrote that Hulkenberg is the driver of the day. Starting outside the top ten and finishing within the top five is a great achievement in Monaco where overtaking is extremely difficult.

    1. Stephen Taylor says:

      DOD Top 3

    2. Gaz Boy says:

      Time for a somewhat controversial statement, but in my opinion Martin Whitmarsh made an error of judgement in signing Checo for Macca in September 2012………..he should have signed The Incredible Hulk. Think about it: McLaren could have rebuilt their team around Hulky and Jenson, and I doubt the Hulk would have been told to sling his hook after just one season unlike the young Mexican.
      Having said that, the failure to sign Hulky for 2013, as well as Martin deciding to stay with the dud 2013 Macca instead of bringing out the excellent 2012 design probably sealed his McLaren fate.
      Perhaps Macca came make amends and he sign the Incredible Hulk sooner rather than later????
      And before anyone says he’s too big or too heavy, next year the weight limit is being raised by around 10Kg, so it should denude Hulk’s weight penalty somewhat.

  69. Santo Casto says:

    James, could you shed some light in Hamilton using a different engine map in Spain aparentelly against what Mercedes and its drivers had agreed before the race?

    1. RodgerT says:

      He already did in comments above.

    2. brendan says:

      am wondering why didn’t nico do the same.. if I saw my team mate going faster, I would say the git is using full power,so I am too..
      finally nico has realized to play worked , got him the win today.

    3. Pkara says:

      Rosberg used a higher engine setting in Bahrain.
      Lewis used a higher engine setting in Spain.
      Tit for Tat.
      So all level on cheeky set ups.
      Higher setting more performance though engine takes abit of a pounding & they have only a set amount ot engines to last the season. So running a higher engine setting means over working which may lead to engine ptoblems in next races.
      So all square on the engine front.

    4. Truth says:

      He did, And Nico did in Bahrain, tit for tat.

    5. Santo Casto says:

      What is not clear is if Mercedes ordered the drivers not to use that engine map before Bahrain, before Barcelona or before Monaco.
      There is a big difference to when the orders were given.

  70. Rohind says:

    He was running third and he retired. Were u watching something else?

  71. Tim says:

    You can take the boy out of Stevenage but you cannot take Stevenage out of the boy ( not even with diamond earings. It will be a hair transplant soon once he cannot hide is hair line with long hair )

    Senna my Ar*e.

    1. HP says:

      lol hilarious, and i agree hamilton is no senna! (he is not prost either)

  72. Hebes says:

    Come on lewis, keep your emotions channelled, want to see you win not wasting energy on things you can’t control. The wheel will turn, and the bigger picture is you came 2nd, it’s a long season, and there’s nothing in it, getting the 18 points was key and the best you could do after quali. Leave the moodiness behind, and go nail it in Canada.

  73. Kerty P says:

    Enjoyed every bit of this race. Poor sportsmanship by lewis after the race but then again if I was working for 7yrs to get a Monaco pole just to be cheated in quali. I must say I would act the same.

  74. Luis Pastilla says:

    Please excuse me laughing out loud my friends.

    I just heard Alonso give a very lame excuse for his poor start off the line ..” we had power problems and we lost power….”

    reminds me of his lame announcement after bahrain quali using the same line of excuse. On that occassion, as on this, there is no confirmation from Ferrari :) :) :)

    Also I think would show class to acknowledge that Kimi was unlucky today and lost a podium because chilton drove into his back … under the S. Car !!

    1. Mocho_Pikuain says:

      “reminds me of his lame announcement after bahrain quali using the same line of excuse. On that occassion, as on this, there is no confirmation from Ferrari”

      Don’t lie. Both times there is confirmation from Ferrari, both times from Pat Fry.

      BTW, seeing the drivers points table and the difference between teammates, I really doubt you are laughing out loud ;)

    2. HP says:

      youre right. typical alonso, his cars always at fault which he then finishes in the points (usually 3rd or 4th) so everyone thinks hes the compelte package/best driver etc

    3. Peterpan says:

      You are Wrong, theres is a Ferrari confirmation.
      Take a look to the World championship standing after 6 races:
      ALO 61 points
      RAI 17 points
      Did you see Kimi´s great maneuver at Loews fighting with Magnussen? Great Job. Isn´t it?

    4. Krischar says:

      @ Luis pastilla

      You need have a reality check here

      Alonso Does a 1:16:686 in quali while kimi was 0.800 tenths slower. Alonso have out-qualified kimi 4-2, outraced kimi 6-0 and have 61 points versus kimi’s meager 17 points

      Now this reflects the gulf in class between Alonso and kimi. Kimi is not even a average pilot who failed to beat massa and often looked slower than grosjean as well.

  75. Aadil says:

    Some people just never grow up huh!

    Lewis is 29 years old but has the mentality and maturity of a 15 year old!

    He thinks his the worlds only Ayrton Senna fan but he is nothing like Senna in fact Lewis is the exact opposite.

    Ayrton was supremely intelligent and mature.
    He always conducted himself with dignity and never spoke a word of rubbish in public.

    Like Michael Schumacher mentally they were in another league compared to their rivals!

    Lewis is on the other end of the scale for all his talent his weak mentally!

    Lewis is a mental case!a nut job!

    He needs help!
    Clearly he has some major psychological issues!

    Ayrton and Michael were men!

    Lewis is still a child!

    His not sure whether he wants 2 be Ayrton Senna or Justin Bieber!Judging by the way he looks maybe more like Bieber!

    His lost somewhere in the middle of being an F1 driver and a pop star!

    1. German Samurai says:

      “He thinks his the worlds only Ayrton Senna fan but he is nothing like Senna in fact Lewis is the exact opposite.

      Ayrton was supremely intelligent and mature.
      He always conducted himself with dignity and never spoke a word of rubbish in public.”

      I’m not sure about that.

      Senna was prone to bouts of crying when he didn’t get his way, Prost got into his head so badly that he resorted to pushing Prost off the circuit at high speed in order to win the championship.

      Schumacher I agree with.

    2. jp says:

      i love senna too but always conducted himself with dignity?? even when he deliberately ran his team mate off the track? schumacher when he parked his car so alonso could not get pole, or stunts with villenueve or controversially taking out damon hill or my personal fave going to dave coulthard’s garage to fight with him after an accident on track.

      ok lewis showed all of his emotions post race but so far has completed the races cleanly and no violence.

    3. Ed Bone says:

      “Ayrton was supremely intelligent and mature.”

      Er, no.

      Check out Arton Senna’s interview with Jackie Stewart, who was was totally convinced that the Brazilian legend had intentionally run Alain Prost off the road in Japan 1990.

      Aryton’s angry reposne was , “I can’t believe how somebody like you, would say something like that. I am never going to speak to you again”… and he didn’t for more than a year.

      A year later Ayrton apologised personally to Jackie, admitting he had deliberately run Prost of the track.

  76. German Samurai says:

    Best man won.

    Hamilton cooked his tyres.

    He complained that he had good pace but it’s so hard to pass at Monaco.

    He should be thankful it’s so hard to pass in Monaco because it meant he was able to keep Ricciardo behind him.

    Hamilton has lost the plot. He seems to think the team is trying to sabotage his race. The team made the correct call in not immediately bringing their drivers in. Had the safety car not came out Hamilton would have found himself stuck in traffic when he came back out.

    Rosberg has shown that in terms of raw pace he’s often quicker than Hamilton and only 0.1 or 0.2 slower than Hamilton when he’s not.

    Rosberg also comes with a lot less baggage, a much better attitude, is more emotionally stable, and presents a better image to the media.

    1. C63 says:

      Do you know what? I am beginning to detect a little bias in some of your comments!

      Are you ever going to produce the list of the ‘many’ drivers that you claim would have won 4/5 of the first races this season? It’s becoming embarrassing how long it’s taking you.

      1. German Samurai says:

        “Are you ever going to produce the list of the ‘many’ drivers that you claim would have won 4/5 of the first races this season?”

        Hamilton’s got the most dominant car of all time and the only person he has to beat is his journeyman teammate Rosberg.

        He’s paid significantly more than Rosberg to beat Rosberg. Many people say he’s the best driver on the grid, Hamilton’s fans have long proclaimed that he’ll finish as the greatest British driver of all time. Better than Jim Clark.

        But he’s not showing it. Vettel beat Webber 17-2 in qualifying last year. What’s it? 4-2 in favour of Hamilton. Last year, Vettel had 13 wins, Webber had 0. What’s it this year? 4-2 in favour of Hamilton. And in two of those wins Rosberg had better race pace throughout.

        Far from convinced that Hamilton’s the best on the grid, let alone an all time great.

      2. C63 says:

        Ahh, so you are receiving my replies – for a while I thought they might not be getting through to you ;-)
        Now, back to my point. You claimed in a previous post that Hamilton had done nothing special in winning 4/5 first races this season and there were many drivers on the grid who could have done the same. Obviously,to achieve this feat, they would have needed to win at Bahrain. I have been asking, and waiting patiently, for you to produce the list of these ‘many’ drivers who could have held on for the win as Hamilton did (especially as we now know Nico had used the ‘forbidden’ engine setting and still not got the job done).
        So, I note, despite the bluster and attempt to change the subject in your reply, there is still no list of the ‘many’ drivers. Why may I ask is that – does it not actually exist? Just tell me who they are, simple enough, then you will have proved your point.

      3. German Samurai says:

        Yes, beating your teammate by a second (Bahrain and Spain) is nothing special when you have by far the best car on the grid.

        Hamilton’s only competition is his journeyman teammate who had better race pace in 2/4 of Hamilton’s wins.

        Hamilton isn’t up against 3 other teams like Vettel was up until the mid-season break last season. He’s up against a teammate paid half as much money.

        It’s only that these two guys are out at front that people over-analyse this duel. Pretend they’re finishing races 5th and 6th, with Hamilton barely getting the better of Rosberg in races and qualifying. We’d be saying great performance by Rosberg to take it to his highly fancied teammate. We’d be saying more was expected of Hamilton.

      4. C63 says:

        Still no list of the ‘many’ drivers?

      5. Truth says:

        Spain was close, but surely Bahrain was only close in the end as a result of the safety car, on that occasion I don’t think Nico would have closed the gap otherwise.Think that is a little unfair to call Nico a journeyman driver, he proved last year with his first half way decent car how capable he is and also showed well against Schumacher previously, maybe Schumacher was past his very best but some drivers would have been overawed in the same team as him, Nico showed mental strength and skill then and now.
        Is Seb now a journeyman because Ricciardo is performing better so far, of course not.

    2. KRB says:

      When did Hamilton cook his tires? That’s what Nico thought was the case, as to why he had a gap at the end. Typical race driver mentality, to always reach for the explanation that puts your victory in the best light.

      But Lewis was able to close up at will thru the race, up until he got dirt in his eye. Without Nico’s mistake in Q3, Nico would not have been able to keep up with Lewis in the race.

      1. German Samurai says:

        Rosberg was managing the pace.

        Hamilton would get to 0.800 or so and then Rosberg would build bit of a gap again.

        There was no need for Rosberg to build a lead or driver any harder than he had to and take the chance that he cooks his tyres which would have gave Hamilton the chance to get past.

        As long as Rosberg had traction out of corners Hamilton had no chance.

        Rosberg managed the race superbly never giving Hamilton the chance to make a lunge on him.

        Hamilton cooked his tyres. He struggled for grip in those final laps, often locking his tyres.

        It was a 50 or so stint on those tyres. Hamilton’s never been good at looking after tyres.

      2. KRB says:

        He was better on tire management in MAL and CHN than Rosberg, by some ways. BHN and ESP Rosberg was only slightly better.

        Rosberg obviously was pushing, that’s why he was told to save fuel. He was over target.

        Hamilton’s problem in the final laps wasn’t that the tires were cooked, but that his tire temps were too low, b/c he couldn’t attack corners when driving with limited vision in one eye.

        Make up s’more stuff, why don’t ya? You’re good at it.

  77. Sujith says:

    What a Grand Prix. Kimi Raikkonen : I don’t care much about beating my team-mate I want to put the team in the position it wants to be. And Ferrari deserved a podium here. Gutted for Kimi. He did give the terrible Ferrari F60 a podium in Monaco in 2009

    Nevertheless he is improving and getting on terms with his issues.

    Nico Rosberg, what a man, what a character! Never felt happier for him! Wunderbar Result! :)

    Riciardo is surprising everyone with his driving even his team did not have the slightest clue he was gonna be this good. Amazing stuff :)

  78. Grant says:

    When it’s all said and done Lewis will win the WEB this season because he’s just a better driver than Nico.

    Nico’s Monaco stunt is gonna be possible at other tracks.

  79. Chris says:

    Surely McLaren are loosing patience with JB? I am!!!

    1. C63 says:

      Lol. I gave up with JB years ago. Can’t remember which race, but Schumacher was out of step with the others trying to turn a 2 stopper into a 3 (or something like that). The point was he was carving his way through the field and he got onto the back of JB. Within a lap and half he was past and the next driver down the road was Alsonso – he was stuck behind him for about 12 laps I think. Ever since then, I have felt JB was a bit of a soft touch. Not fair? Maybe, but it’s how it made me feel.

      1. Andrew M says:

        Imola 2005, a little harsh on Button because he was in a far worse car than Alonso.

        But then again that’s the race he was disqualified from and got a two race ban for being underweight so maybe he should have done better!

      2. C63 says:

        Now that’s an impressive memory :-)

  80. j says:

    I had hoped that the horrible Vettel bandwagon fans would be a bit quieter for a season but instead they have all jumped over to Nico’s coat-tails.

    1. Mocho_Pikuain says:

      In Vettel bandwagon there were a lot (and still are a bit) of not so Vettel fans. Now its emptying, and at the same rate Nico’s and Kimi’s bandwagons seem to be frowing. Suspicious suspicious.

      1. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        Edit: “seem to be growing”

    2. C63 says:

      I am not sure about the Vettel bandwagon fans being horrible, but I agree completely they have switched allegiance to Nico. They can hardly ‘score points’ favouring Vettel right now, so that’s all there is available to them – try and chip away using Nico as ammunition. It’s funny really, Lewis has completely dominated Nico this season, the only reason Nico is in front in the standings is because of Lewis retirement in Australia and yet both Nico and his ‘new’ fans are carrying on as if he was the real deal.

      1. DanRic says:

        I think by Vettel bandwagon fans, he meant those losers who mindlessly slagged off Vettel for everything last year. Now it seems they’ve switched target to nico.

  81. Gazza says:

    But…..Nico used the extra HIGH ENGINE POWER MODE when he shouldn’t have in Bahrain.

    So Nico [mod] first.

    Kinda puts a different complexion on things doesn’t it.?

  82. Jamie says:

    I think the media has really got its teeth into Hamilton and Rosberg, which I think is kinda ruining the season a little bit. Ever since someone started to suggest Prost vs. Senna MK2, there has been a litany of disembodied sound bites reported with no care to context with everyone pouring over their body language in some vain hope to garner some sort of silent argument.

    Here is my take on the past weekend, if anyone is interested…

    The run up during the week.. Lewis is asked some quite inane questions regarding motivation and he responds with his now infamous hunger quotation (disembodied quote no.1)

    Saturday.. Nico makes a mistake, I feel its a genuine one. I feel the debate surrounds the point after he made the initial mistake and whether he decided to then let the car go down the slip road, although I doubt it. The meat of this one for me, surrounds the way he over played his excitement once he parked the car. A little humility may have been a little more sporting I think. I can understand a little frustration by Lewis for this one, although in my mind neither of them were behaving very well at this point, although I can understand tensions are going to be a little high, although way too much was read into it.

    Sunday.. Looked like a normal old school race at Monaco really. I feel Hamilton should rethink his previous statement about not needing a sports psychologist as he seems to get a little too focussed on the negative, rather than soak it up and push on (re. pit stops). It was a fine drive from Nico and a deserving win.

    When it came to the podium, all I saw was a happy Nico, a disappointed Lewis who had an obviously sore eye and an ecstatic Ricciardo who worked hard for his third place. Now if the media can start focussing on these points rather than attempt to turn F1 into an episode of Hollyoaks, I think we would all be better for it.

    1. Andrew M says:

      The way Sky are trying to beef up Hamilton and Rosberg is quite blatant, with moody, slow motion shots of the two to a soundtrack of ominous music. I think they used the same production team that does their boxing promos.

  83. jimbob says:

    It was interesting to hear there is one strategist for both drivers unlike say McLaren this means to me it is hard for them to really race each other without some level of bias of keeping the positions they are in the same throughout the race.
    Lewis in my opinion needs to grow some and make some decisions and think about his own race strategy rather then just drive the car. Alonso , button and vettel seem to with out problem.
    After the start the only other chance to overtake was the pits when he saw the crash or was aware, he should told the team he was coming into the pits even though i know they make the call. He should just of come in anyway complained there was something wrong with the tyres etc instead of moaning afterwards, that was his only chance to get ahead of nico . Last year at Monaco he was told to maintain a 8 sec gap to Nico so they could pit on the same lap, I would never have listened considering the average time for tyre change is 3s I would been right on his gear box. He ended up 4th, unless he starts thinking for himself he will end up in situations like this which he does not seem to like.

    1. Andrew M says:

      Toto Wolff said explicitly after the race that if either driver tried to break ranks and just pit on their own like that they would be waved through and wouldn’t have their tyres changed, so probably wouldn’t have been such a great strategy.

      1. jimbob says:

        Really, well he should of risked it if he told the team there was something not right with the tyres and was coming in to pit for new tyres or he was gonna retire what would Toto do then ?

      2. Andrew M says:

        Waved him through as he said he would? Meaning Lewis would have lost second place and god knows how many world championship points. Not to mention he’d have lost the trust of his team and made a total fool of himself.

  84. AlexD says:

    Unfortunately it is not Ferrari fighting, so I am not so eagerly engaged, but it is still interesting to see who will come on top this year: Hamilton or Rosberg.

    I was happy to see Lewis winning 5 races, but I think he is a bit unstable emotionally. He was not very consistent throughout his career. I am not entirely sure he is behaving in the right way. Why so many comments on who is hungrier? It looks like Rosberg missed his breakfast today and was hungry too.

    I think Lewis needs to keep calm and focused on his racing as this is the only way for him to take the title this year. Wolff or Lauda will never support his Primadonna status requests. It might be that Rosberg’s personality is a bit closer to Lauda and Wolff and this might turn against Lewis…even thought he might be quicker and more talented.

    He needs to change his way of behaving and speaking.

  85. Jon says:

    Rosberg’s decision to [mod] yesterday de-values and taints this victory. Unfortunately the same will be true of the championship if he wins this year (which seems unlikely). I have to say I have quite liked Nico throughout his career, this act has made me think again though. A bit like Vettel, Nico needs to consider that ‘win at all costs’ is an appealing concept to some, but when it means blatant cheating or bad sportsmanship it leaves a bad taste in the mouth and is rarely forgotten.

    1. James Allen says:

      You are aware the stewards said that there was no evidence ROS did it on purpose?

      1. Samir says:

        James, I wonder if we could have a better analysis of the Q3 incident, because that essentially settled the race. The stewards in F1 don’t have an impeccable record for getting things right. In short, what we need to know is:

        1. Was the dramatic sawing of the wheel in the braking zone?

        2. Was the said initial rear lockup and eventual front lockup caused by destablizing the car over bumps by sawing the wheel under the pretense of braking, or was sawing the reaction to a massive and sudden loss of control. Obviously Lewis can study Nico’s data. The team is worried about a PR fiasco of course.

        3. Could he have made the corner, of course, killing his lap but letting others’ laps proceed

        4. Why did he reverse back when it was clear that qualifying was proceeding? Of course he knew Hamilton was behind him.

        Arguments like “it’s not in the boy” etc are emotional. Several studies have shown that most humans are capable of cheating under the appropriate circumstances. MSC was granted a lot of leeway over Adelaide ’94 as was Senna for Suzuka ’90. Any keen observer of body language can see that Rosberg was pretty uneasy post qualifying.

      2. justafan says:

        Don’t mix it with 90 or 94. Those were special cases. In 90 Senna got away free because the FIA already put the hammer down on him the year before. In 94 Schumacher got away free because the FIA already put the hammer down on him in Silverstone. You can even go as far as claiming that what happened 90 and 94 was a reaction to FIA’s questionable actions. If you want more details, I’m happy to give them.

      3. Truth says:

        Bahrain race using the engine mode against the teams agreement to try to gain an unfair advantage is enough proof that it’s in the boy!

      4. Samir says:

        Justafan, prior punishment is not a reason for future leniency, each situation has to be dealt with on merit. In 1994, people stated that the Schumacher-Hill accident was a racing incident. In 1990, a lot of people felt Prost had left a gap and Senna was entitled to go for it. In neither case would stewards find enough of a smoking gun, or courage, to disqualify or ban a driver. Yet, in each case there was one most likely explanation based on an analysis of facts, which pointed to the foul play involved.

      5. Barry says:

        Sadly, James, people like to make their own truths :(

      6. Jon says:

        Hi James,

        Yes I am aware of the stewards’decision. This does not change what the on board footage demonstrated. Very strange behaviour which did not appear to suggest any errors, rather it appeared to be a contrived set of actions which lead to Rosberg pulling off the track to bring out the yellow flags.

        Is it possible that whilst Rosberg did not break any rules which the stewards could enforce, this does not necessarily mean the stewards did not suspect that Rosberg may have deliberately gone off?

        A bit like in football when a player dives and the referee is not 100% sure of the dive, he would not book the player but this does not necessarily mean the player has not dived, rather it means that this cannot be confirmed with enough certainty to issue a punishment.

        Anyone watching the on board footage would question what Rosberg was up to. I would suggest that many commentators on the sport have a vested interest in protecting the sporting integrity of F1, and therefore are less likely to come out in public labelling a driver’s actions as unsporting / cheating.

        The view of those without this vested interest is unlikely to be so optimistic.

        I know Rosberg has not committed a crime, but as I said it taints his race, season and career unnecessarily. He has a great chance to win the title this year without cheating, so why resort to it in such a blatant fashion?

        I’m a fan of the sport (have been for 20 years), I’m not pro-Hamilton more than any other driver, or anti-Rosberg. This sort of thing is just annoying to watch, it ruined quali and blocked quite a few fast laps, on a circuit where overtaking is so tricky this impacted hugely on the weekend as a whole. On the plus side it keeps the battle between Rosberg and Hamilton alive.

        Oh well, on to the next race!

  86. Eduan says:

    I like the rivalry between Rosberg and Hamilton but I do think that they carry themselves very immature when either of them come second. Lewis is very vocal and I think despite Rosberg’s fiasco yesterday it put a lid on Hamilton’s progress and reminded him that Nico id not going to let it go. I love Ricciardo though is like breath of fresh air in F1. Friendly guy not intimidated by anyone and is exceptionally quick! Watch him some or other time this year he is going to spoil the Merc party

  87. matthew says:

    Wolff revealed that the tension dates back to the epic battle between the two in Bahrain where Rosberg was using engine modes that Hamilton was not and then Hamilton did the same when the pair were racing in Spain in two weeks ago. Wolff played down the significance of the two incidents, but said it had added to the tension in Monaco and would not be allowed in the future.

    “In the last couple of races we had some little fouls left and right, and in the team we made sure this is not happening again,” Wolff said. “The most obvious bit is you can play around with the engine modes, so this is not happening ever again.

  88. Timmay says:


    It’s so obvious what is going on here.

    -Most dominant F1 car ever – Mercedes. Pencil them in to win every race this year.
    -Rules are so limiting that there is zero prospect of any team catching them this year.
    -every chance the team will (deservedly) dominate the next couple seasons too, even tho they will be caught a bit they will still have the advantage.
    -best buddies Lewis & Nico trading wins all season & slapping eachother on the back won’t be the slightest bit entertaining for the PR spin.
    -manufacture a rivalry between the 2 drivers using dumb interviews & a qualifying drama.
    -despite being in F1 for 7 years with nil personality, Lewis is gonna start behaving all ‘Senna’ all of a sudden cos that’s more cool.

    GG Lah

    1. Rockman says:

      Ha! Funny you thought of this scenario.

      I was just thinking, what if this whole episode is created by Mercedes to distract everyone from noticing how much gap Mercedes really have over their rivals.

      Now they have all the fans and media talking about the rivalry!

      1. jambo says:

        Agreed, this is all media hyperbole. People are getting dragged into to something quite artificial. I feel quite sorry for Lewis at the moment, kid is doing his best to win, acting the same on the podium as many of the other drivers and is getting torn apart for every little word or gesture by the media. Think folks should focus on the racing…

  89. Box Box Box says:

    Hey James can we get an article on LH breaking the agreement on engine boost in Bahrain and Spain

    1. C63 says:

      That would be difficult as Lewis didn’t break any agreement in Bahrain. It was Nico that first used the ‘forbidden’ engine setting – at Bahrain! Lewis, not unreasonably, merely followed suit in Spain..

  90. Luke says:

    All I have to say is that the world feed was total and utter rubbish. Constantly switching away from something interesting to something potentially interesting.

  91. zx6dude says:

    Lewis, Lewis, Lewis…
    How disappointing… whatever grievances you have, you should keep it professional and internal to the team. What can I say? Peevish, childish, undignified, unprofessional, querulous, classless and spoilt are all words that come to mind.
    For me Lewis’ behaviour was the low point of the entire weekend. Nico is showing maturity and professionalism – I don’t believe for one moment he sabotaged Lewis’ qualifying.
    I was hoping that Lewis would take the championship this year but over the last two race weekends I have changed my mind. Either of the Nicos would do :)

    Well done to Bianchi and Marussia. Well done to Ricciardo, once again a great race.

    What must Nico Hulkenberg do to get a drive on a top team? what a race he had. DOTD for me.

  92. Roger W says:

    Niki Lauda said before the race: “This thing we have with Lewis accusing the other of doing something stupid; I tried to fix this this morning with Lewis but I couldn’t. If they hit each other at the first corner then they have a problem with me.”

    Says it all….

    1. justafan says:

      Be sure that the drivers will not dare to mess with Lauda, he’s a 3 time WC and a Ferrari legend, he’s no pushover like Horner for example. If one of the drivers starts to mess with Niki, Niki will show him the door, I have no doubt of this.

  93. Howard P says:

    This is shaping up to be a beautiful rivalry.

  94. krakinho says:

    James, can you tell us when and where in Monaco are drivers weighed after the race?
    I noticed that Lewis drank from Monster bottle right out of the car, not to mention the champagne they might have after the trophy ceremony.
    I know this year total weight of the cars is far less of a issue compared to past years but still, don’t they have protocol to follow which is pretty much the same for all races weight in first, everything else after.
    Being on the subject of the weight (I asked before but never got the answer) when and how are cars checked for the 100 kg of fuel allowance.
    Thanks for your time and answers.

    1. C63 says:

      when and how are cars checked for the 100 kg of fuel allowance….

      Sorry, I am not James but I can help with one of your questions. The fuel allowance is not weighed on a set of scales (like the drivers) but is measured with the fuel flow meter, in real time during the race. You remember all the hooha at Australia with the Bulls exceeding maximum flow? Well that same meter measures not just flow, but total consumption as well (flowrate x time = consumption). The 100kg limit applies to the race only, not the out lap(s) to the grid, the warm up lap or the in lap at the end of the race + the 1 litre sample for scrutineering – therefore it’s not possible to weigh the fuel and just hand it to the teams at the start. Hope that helps.

      1. krakinho says:

        Thanks, it does help.
        I thought that might be a method, but they say FFM is less than 2% accurate so that could be more than 2 kg off, so one would think there’s a more accurate method especially at the sport where timing is down to 1/1000 of a sec.
        Still being on the subject I don’t see why drivers are allowed to pick up marbles after the race and have the car weighed with it. Let say they collect 1 kg (probably even more) of marbles and the car is 0,5 kg over the minimum (with driver). That effectively mean that car/driver combo was breaching the rules during the race, even though the rule says that at no point they are allowed to do so.

      2. krakinho says:

        P.S. Does FIA knows exact weight of the each fuel mix driver can use during the race, per each team and/or fuel supplier, or they just assume that 1 lit of the fuel is let say 0,86 Kg?
        I remember few years back reading article on Elf and Shell fuels and interview with their engineers that big talking point was to make fuel as light as possible maintaining it’s efficiency.

    2. C63 says:

      With reference to your marbles comment – Brundle mentioned at the end of Monaco commentary the FIA are allowed to remove the marbles from the tyres when weighing the cars(although he has never heard of them doing this). So, in effect, the drivers are wasting their time picking up all that rubber at the end of a race.

      Now back to the FFM. You are right there is a degree of inaccuracy, however it is not as bad as 2%. Gill claim 52% of its meters are with a 0.1% accuracy reading, with 92 % within 0.25%.

      As for how the FFM works – as I understand it, each fuel supplier provides a sample to the FIA and Gill, which becomes the ‘fingerprint’ for that fuel. The weight of each molecule of fuel is now known. Now this is where it gets complicated – as the fuel passes through the meter, the molecules of fuel disrupt ultrasonic pules which are fired backwards and forwards inside the meter (2000/second if I remember correctly). The time the ultrasonic pulse normally takes to travel from one end of the meter to the other is known and the amount it is slowed by the fuel is used to calculate the density of fuel molecules, more fuel = more ultrasonic pulse disruption. Knowing the weight of a molecule of fuel, and the density of the fuel molecules, allows a calculation of total weight of fuel flow. Phew, I told you it was complicated :-)

      1. krakinho says:

        Thanks for your time C63. This insight really helps.
        I’ve never heard of tire scrubbing after the race for the weighing purpose, but I do hear radio conversation (with victors at least) where they are constantly reminded time after time to pick up the marbles.
        So I don’t think FIA are allowed (per regulation) to scrub tires, whatever Brundle says (I’m from Croatia, so I don’t get to see British broadcast of the races).
        If they are allowed, they would do it, at the same time teams knowing they might do it, would never push the weight of the car to such extreme that they depend on kilo or so of marbles just to be safe. :-)
        Cheers, K.

  95. karl says:

    There’s an “i” missing in Ricciardos name in the headline

  96. JohnH says:

    The straight line speed of the Mercedes definitely gave Hamilton second place over Ricciardo ,a bit more power please Renault.

    Ricciardo drove very well in the race and out qualified his team again.
    I note the sour look on Marko’s face and the forced smile on Horner’s face. They definitely would have prefered a different outcome.

    1. Edward says:

      Vettel was ahead of Dan when his car broke. Expect to see more of this in the near future. Sooner or later, VET will adjust to the car and Dan will have his hands full.

      1. Krischar says:

        @ Edward

        Vettel was ahead of Dan? Does not make any difference. Vettel has been out-qualified now 5-1 by Dan Ricciardo and daniel is simply faster than vettel. Ricciardo could have been easy 4X champion had he drove for RBR instead of mark webber.

        Too many excuses here in favour of vettel and If a 4X WDC cannot adapt to the new rules right from the word go then he does not deserve to be a WDC winner at all

        Vettel cannot do anything and Ricciardo will easily wipe the floor with vettel this season and as move forward from 2015 as well.

      2. Carbonated says:

        I take it you are joking?

      3. justafan says:

        Only time can tell if Ricciardo can be a 4 wdc.

    2. kenneth chapman says:

      @johnH…yes, i noted that as well and i have already posted re horner’s decidely cool response in his race comments where he couldn’t even come to say anything at all positive about ricciardo’s superb drive. why?

      i thought ricci held it all together in a cool and determined manner. he did all that was asked of him and a bit more. his car control was something to watch and marvel at, especially through the chicane after the tunnel exit.

      1. DanRic says:

        Horner has spoken effusively about ricciardo all year.
        But to be fair to Vettel, he had the ERS issue in qualifying without which he prob would have out qualified Ricciardo. And this being Monaco, once he had jumped up to third at the start, that is where he would probably have finished.

      2. kenneth chapman says:

        @DanRic…..yes, he has and i am fully aware of that. what i was attempting to point out was that here we have ricciardo driving a great controlled race without any mistakes on what is the most difficult track of the season and horner does not say anything really positive!

        i thought that ricciardo’s final ten/fifteen laps were an excellent exercise in wringing the neck of the red bull, taking it to the absolute limit.

        vettel’s ‘possible’ hot lap in quali is about on a par with what ricciardo may have done without his small error in turn eight. vettel and ricciardo,taking the results to date are suggesting that ricci is doing well. they both have two races where they haven’t scored. i have been saying that vettel will come back hard for some time now. that would be expected of a 4 X WDC with far more top team experience than ricci who is in his first year.

        the good thing here is that he is not intimidated or daunted by the other side of the garage. that can only lead to some spirited competition in the future.

  97. Mike Dye says:

    Great job, Nico. Too bad this has become the “asterisk” season. Mercedes has done a fabulous job bringing an absolutely dominant car to the grid. Pity that it is, in fact, the only one capable of winning. Whether the WDC goes to Nico or Lewis is irrelevant. The championship, according to those in power, will go down as the one championship with absolutely no meaning.

  98. HP says:

    typical alonso, his cars always at fault which he then finishes in the points (usually 3rd or 4th) so everyone thinks hes the compelte package :-P

    1. HP says:

      sorry, this reply was for Luis Pastilla

  99. GeeTee says:

    I think Ham’s unsportsman like behaviour is very disappointing to see. His disrespect for his team & teammate set a bad example for the sport & the kids watching who look up to this guy. It’s very unprofessional. You don’t have to like or be best buddies with your teammate fight it out on the track play mind games in the media whatever but sportsmanship after the race is important as the world is watching it’s a team sport at the end of the day. I thought Ham grew up & matured but clearly that’s not the case it’s a real shame. Wondering how Lauda & Toto will address Ham’s bad wanna be bad boy attitude as if it was me I’d certainly wouldn’t accept his disrespect & would put a stop to it right away!

  100. Tim B says:

    Well, Bernie should be happy at least – plenty of headlines and talking points despite Mercedes continuing to dominate.

    The Nico/Lewis rivalry is starting to look a little melodramatic already. Lewis sounds paranoid, Nico looks a bit of a tool with his OTT pole celebration. Maybe they’re both considering a post-F1 career acting in soap operas…

    The truth is that we’ll likely never know for sure what happened to Rosberg in Q3, but without direct evidence to the contrary, the likeliest explanation is that he simply made a driving error because he was pushing really hard. If it had been Vergne or Kvyat or KMag, or even Kimi who tossed it down the escape road, noone would even have blinked. Bad luck Lewis, move on.

    Lewis’s broad hints that there is some kind of evidence of wrongdoing which he won’t/can’t reveal serves to fuel the outrage of his fans, but accomplishes little else.

    It doesn’t help him move his own focus to the next race/rest of the season, it surely doesn’t endear him to the team, and it’s very unlikely to have much influence on Rosberg, even (especially) if he actually did deliberately hold Hamilton up.

    Generally this season Hamilton has had a slight edge over Rosberg, and clearly Lewis believes himself the better driver, so that’s what he needs to concentrate on. “Mind games” aren’t going to win him the championship, particularly if he manages to alienate the team in the process.

  101. JohnBt says:

    Rosberg was certainly faster than Lewis for sure. And Lewis must stop sulking too much, but being an emotional chap I guess that’s how it is. For PR it’s not good as this could affect sponsorships which is already evident.

    Overall the race was not too bad as I didn’t get that bored. There was quite a bit of action with safety cars deployed which did help. Too many cars retired though.

    Gutted for Kimi after he was clipped and made an extra stop which pretty much screwed up his race. Then again, would Ric have caught him in normal situation?

    Somehow Alonso managed fourth which is pretty good though. Now why didn’t Alonso pit at the last stint when his tires were shot, if he did he could’ve made a real quick dash for the finish line and even maybe pass Ric?

    Oh dear, Rosberg been getting much slugging from quail incident. We will never know if he’s guilty or not guilty, one of those IFFY.

    1. HP says:

      “For PR it’s not good as this could affect sponsorships which is already evident.”

      Can you expand on that? or provide us with a link if you have it?

  102. Nick says:

    Nico for sure – he controlled the race and withstood the pressure for such a long time.

    But he also had to put up with Hamilton’s offensive comments about their different upbringing (news flash Lewis, your hero Senna’s very privileged upbringing didn’t affect his motivation…), acting like a petulant child at press conferences (the way he responded to James’ questions on Satursday was appalling), refusing to shake hands with his teammate. I used to like Lewis, but he sounds like a childish brat! Glad to see Nico pull this one out of the bag.

  103. GeeTee says:

    Feel for Kimi he deserved a podium today after that great start. His bad luck continues which is very frustrating hope it disappears for the next race till the end of the season. I want to see him at his best again but Ferrari need to give him & Alonso a much better car as it’s currently an embarrassment being way behind the mercs & red bulls!

  104. kenneth chapman says:

    hamilton is at it again!!! veiled innuendo that he has ‘seen’ evidence that rosberg put the ‘fix’ in.

    why doesn’t he come clean and simply state what he ‘saw’? where’s the evidence to support his analysis? surely the stewards also saw this ‘evidence’ as well and they thought differently.

    this is why hamilton is being viewed as a tool. all talk and faux histrionics only serve to confirm this viewpoint.

    i have always thought that rosberg had a glass jaw and for many years he was an ‘easybeat’ who lacked the mongrel spirit. he has changed and he is now fast becoming a top drawer driver. he played the part with a certain panache on sunday and put hamilton back into the shade. well done nico. [never thought that i'd say that]

  105. Gary says:

    Lewis needs to watch the post race interview with Helio Castroneves from yesterday’s Indy 500. Pure Class.

  106. mem says:

    someone needs to tell Lewis about the big picture. he was always likely to finish 2nd here as its so hard to overtake. Over the season he should prevail.

  107. Paul Dalg says:

    Davidson and Herbert discuss and watch in slow motion Rosberg’s qualifying error.

    I can see both their points of view, so Rosberg’s the only one who’ll be able to say what happened, and that’s not going to happen until he retires is it!

    From my considerably lesser level of racing in karts you could definitely induce this on purpose, but also looking at where he braked and the bumps I can see it being a error purely on trying to push hard. No way the stewards could have penalised him for it due to lack of evidence. Although interesting they could have confirmed bottoming out on bumps, or rear lock up, but don’t suppose this is in the remit of their report. He definitely braked much later and on a different line, but the sawing at the wheel leaves some doubt for me as that’s unusual. Firmly on the fence then.

    Lewis like a toddler I agree, but I’d actually prefer that to the PR drone that most come out with. At least he’s been honest about believing it was on purpose in public, and hasn’t shied away behind PR.

  108. Kerty P says:

    So lewis is childish and unsportsmanlike but if Nico and the team knew from the data that lewis was up on his time and going faster which would have given him pole position before the yellow flags,then why didn’t the team and Nico do the honourable thing and let lewis take the lead on track. Since Nico got pole by bringing out the flags.

  109. Nuno Lapa says:

    In Spain and now in Monaco I was surprised about the amount of arguing between Lewis Hamilton and his engineer.

    Is Spain Lewis was not comfortable with the strategy that the team choose for him in the final stages of the race. In Monaco, again, Lewis complained a lot with the team for not having called him as soon as the safety car was deployed.

    It seems that Lewis don’t completely trusts the decisions that are made in the pit wall, and to me that is strange but at the same time can be revealing about the present atmosphere inside the team.

    1. Krischar says:

      Lewis could have easily got pole in monaco had nico has not made the mistake.

      Lewis is clearly entitled to feel cold, because nico scored a hollow pole in monaco and held the track position to win. Being in a team which have german base and german pilot alongside as teammate with some odd strategy calls,i can understand why lewis questions the team and have some doubts about the team.

      Yet come montreal, lewis can win easily there and lead the WDC standings. Fair play to nico as well it is very much confirmed that nico made a mistake in quali and it was not error which has been made on purpose

  110. Dave Howard says:

    Lewis’ frustration is simple really – and I understand it completely, but his actions/reactions are a disappointment to me as his fan. Simply put, more often than not, the person who ultimately MAKES the mistake does not benefit from it. Nico made a mistake in China Q3, he did not reap pole because of it. Ultimately Lewis has already admitted it was his own fault for not having a faster banker lap. While their relationship will remain frosty through the end of the year, This will be out of his mind in Canada. There will be more crap from the two of these kids before its all decided.

  111. richardc says:

    Firstly I am a LH fan, big time.
    Nico did make a mistake with a view to taking the action he did if it did not come off. I can therefore conclude that it was 6 of one and 6 of another. Nico is also playing the game very well. I have to confess that I did not even think he would stoop to that level of thought process, but then I am not a F! driver in a titanic struggle to win!!
    Lewis does need to take stock of what is important here. He came a very good second and is only 3 points behind. Some of his best venues are coming up and should therefore be cool with the situation.
    Come on Lewis this is your time grasp it and embrace it. Don,t let the situation take controll of you.

  112. kn says:

    Every race, before, after, during..all I hear is Lewis crying & whining. I was a big fan of Senna and any fancy Lewis has in comparing himself to Senna is really laughable. Stop crying Lewis, you are only embarrassing yourself. Or go ask Daniel Riccardo what he would do.

    1. Truth says:

      We’re you also a fan of Senna’s whining crying and tantrums and constant jibes about other drivers, along with his ruthless crashing other drivers off the track. Or was it ok for Senna, his moodiness and volatile nature is far beyond Lewis, by comparison Lewis is a saint. He likes Senna, he makes no comparison, others may do so, but that’s not his fault, in racing spirit and attitude he is like Senna.

      1. German Samurai says:

        Senna’s dead so we mythologize the man.

        Had he lived the mention of Senna’s achievements would have been tarred by how he used his car as a potentially lethal weapon at Suzuka, his skullduggery, almost slanderous accusations against rivals, absence of grace in losing and pure narcissism.

      2. snarfsnarf says:

        I think you might be confusing Senna with Schumacher… The guy that twice crashed into opponents in title deciders like only a reckless cheat would, while lying about it till years later. The same guy with illegal traction controls on his car, the same guy who parked his car in Monaco… You get the idea. Senna had the one crash but warned about doing so beforehand at least.


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