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Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  24 May 2014   |  10:10 am GMT  |  20 comments

 Mercedes this morning announced a “multi-year” extension to its deal with Malaysian oil and fuel supplier Petronas, continuing a partnership that started in 2010.

Announcing the new deal, Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Toto Wolff said that the team’s dominance so far in 2014 can in no small part be attributed to fuel.

“It’s not just a sponsorship,” he said. “The partnership has been a major part of our on-track performance this year.”

This year’s power unit regulations, which accent efficiency, have led to a quite battle for supremacy among F1’s fuel suppliers, with improvements in the blend of components within fuels, including density, octane index and volatility, leading to significant gains in performance.

In Barcelona, for instance, Red Bull motorsport adviser Helmut Marko admitted that a new fuel from supplier Total was expected to yield a performance gain of two to three tenths of a second per laps. Ferrari, too, experienced a boost from a changed fuel in China, where Fernando Alonso claimed his first podium finish of the year. Lotus have already announced that it will race with a new Total blend here in Monaco.


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  1. Gaz Boy says:

    Nobody, including myself, seems to talk on this forum about the role and importance of the fuel companies in F1 – it’s just as competitive and cut-throat in producing the ultimate explosive petrol as the chassis and aero bods.
    An excellent and well refined fuel mixture with the perfect compromise of power, economy and efficiency can give a good huge advantage to an F1 engine.

    1. Random 79 says:

      That’s because tyres are (or at least were) much more interesting to talk about ;)

    2. Iwan says:

      It’s been covered by this site a couple of times. Here’s one example:

      1. James Allen says:

        That was in V8 era, I get the impression that the fuels are more important now with hybrid V6s and also with fuel flow meters.

        We should do something on it

    3. Andrew M says:

      Because, although it’s obviously a very complex area, the restrictions on fuel are much more stringent and the benefit to be gained by it is minimal. Most of the name-drops for fuel companies are commercially motivated I would imagine.

    4. RodgerT says:

      Have you never seen any of the articles about Shell on here?

    5. C63 says:

      That’s because you are too busy withering on about the crown prince of suspension suppleness being the coke bottle thermal discharge front wing torque advantage F1 valley Reggie Frank Macca Incredible Hulk rumour !

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        Hulk to drive for Williams???????

      2. Gaz Boy says:

        PS Actually, perhaps Hulk is on his way to Woking?

      3. C63 says:

        all joking aside, Macca (I thought speaking GazBoy would be polite)didn’t sign the Hulk this season – why would they change their mind and sign him next? Fezza, generally, don’t take drivers who haven’t won a race or two (not much chance of FI winning a race this season) so he isn’t on their radar either. The Brackley lads and lasses have made their choice. No vacancies at RBR and Frank needs a bit of sponsorship to balance the books and the Hulk is broke :-(.
        So all in all, chances of signing for a top team for the Incredible Hulk aren’t looking great. Time and tide wait for no man and he will soon be 27, uh oh…….

  2. Lindsay says:

    You have to go back to the early 90′s when F1 cars ran some exotic fuel cocktails & everyone was talking about fuel.

  3. Kramgp says:

    Merc have all their ducks in a row. We could be looking a few years of Red Bull like dominance.

  4. AlexD says:

    I think what would be important it so announce a F1 partnership with Bang & Olufsen….

  5. Pkara says:

    Always important to have a well oiled machine…what…what ;-)

  6. DB4Tim says:

    All liquids in Formula one are extremely advanced …and VERY secrete!

  7. RodgerT says:

    So I guess this means they’ll be keeping that sickly shade of green in their livery for awhile yet.

  8. Gerard says:

    James I’m listening to you on the F1 app. Great commentary but I must ask you to please when you speak of Monaco greats and I know your a Pom BUT please speak of the late great legend Sir Jack Brabham his memory especially this weekend should be remembered

    1. James Allen says:

      Will do thanks

      Just done a tribute package for him on Network 10 for tomorrow’s show. Also did a cracking Rosberg interview post quali

  9. Adrian J says:

    Hi James

    On some websites they’re suggesting that part, though by no means all, of McLaren’s problems this year is that they are down on power compared to the other Mercedes teams due to using Mobil.

    Have you heard this at all?


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