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Posted By: James Allen  |  11 May 2014   |  10:44 am GMT  |  12 comments

Run that Track, a charity initiative involving the F1 community running around the circuits on the calendar is now close to raising $1 million after 260 members of the paddock ran last night in Barcelona.

Among them was Marussia driver Jules Bianchi, GP2 driver Jolyon Palmer, plus McLaren senior engineers Tim Goss and Ciaron Pilbeam, SKY Sports’ Simon Lazenby and members of all the F1 teams and many broadcasters.

The programme began in 2010, the idea of McLaren’s Simon Morillas, who ran laps of each F1 circuit for fitness reasons with other engineers and mechanics. As the idea grew in popularity, more members of the paddock joined in, drivers, engineers, journalists and photographers.

In 2011 UBS got involved, donating money to the Make a Wish foundation for every lap run. The total is now up to $923,200.

Last year the F1 community ran a total of 28,000 kilometres.

According to Morillas, “The idea was simple, take the simply peaceful and individual activity of running around the F1 tracks to a ridiculously crazy and completely over the top F1 level where competition and performance could be scrutinised and analysed (and strange conclusions drawn) by people who really should be doing other things. ”

The website dedicated to the Run That Track programme has all the details. Run That Track

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  1. kenneth chapman says:

    james, are you prepared to disclose your lap time?

      1. Random 79 says:


      2. Gaz Boy says:

        Come on James, racing driver excuses are not applicable to journalists!

      3. kenneth chapman says:

        @ james…nice try there. may i offer you some sage advice. nip down and talk to horner and see if he can arrange a new chassis for you. maybe there is crack somewhere?

  2. Sean Hardman says:

    Fantastic amount raised. Would be great if we could all give it a go at our local race. I know would be a logistical nightmare but would raise a lot of cash.

  3. Random 79 says:

    Nice work guys :)

  4. Steven M says:

    With the amount of money some of the drivers make it would be nice if they donated, say $5, for every lap run, it’d bi nice if they participated on this…

  5. Carl says:

    I wouldn’t want to run round Spa :D

    1. kenneth chapman says:

      hahaha i couldn’t run around spa!

  6. Johne8 says:

    The principle isn’t to artificially turn out to be effective, dbfeeedekdkd


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