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Hamilton Holds Off Rosberg To Win Fascinating “Battle of the taxi drivers”
Posted By:   |  06 Apr 2014   |  6:50 pm GMT  |  953 comments

If Formula 1 in 2014 is a battle of the taxi drivers, as Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo called it this morning, then it could catch on.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg gave an exemplary display of close racing today to have a race-long battle in the Bahrain Grand Prix, with Hamilton claiming victory at the Sakhir circuit following an enthralling race, in which Sergio Perez completed the podium. He now has two victories to Rosberg’s one, but the German still leads the world championship.

It is the 24th victory of Hamilton’s career, equalling the tally of Juan Manuel Fangio, and gives Mercedes their second one-two in succession.

“It’s a long time since I had a race like that,” said Hamilton. “My weekend started off well but I didn’t really have great pace for qualifying and the race. I knew that I needed a good start and to go into the first corner in the lead was crucial to my race this evening.

“From there, it was such a battle. Nico drove fantastically well and, in all honesty, he had the pace on me today but I managed to hold on.”

Bahrain under lights produced a fascinating race, not just between the Mercedes drivers, but among team mates at Williams and Force India, and between Red Bulls and Ferraris too. There were DRS overtakes but many non-DRS overtakes too in a thrilling 57 laps.

The battles throughout the field culminated in a ten-lap sprint to the finish following a late Safety Car period following a spectacular roll for Esteban Gutierrez.

With Hamilton snatching the lead from Rosberg at the start line, the Briton established a one second lead as the pair disappeared from the following cars. As the first phase of pit stops approached Rosberg decided to attack and on laps 18 and 19 the pair staged a furious fight, with Hamilton on the limit to retain his lead.

A late braking manoeuvre in to turn one saw Rosberg momentarily take first place, only for his team-mate to switch back on the inside and regain the lead.

A lap later and Rosberg attempted the same move, holding the inside line as both cars locked up in the heavy braking zone. The German was more successful this time around, holding the lead on the run up to turn four as Hamilton switched sides behind.

The two raced wheel to wheel through the downhill chicane complex with Hamilton once again taking back the lead of the race, before pitting at the end of the lap for a second set of soft tyres with Rosberg staying out a further two laps before a switch to the medium compound tyre.

Mercedes were able to complete the race on two stops, with each driver opting for a different strategy. Rosberg went for the medium tyre in order to have a crack at Hamilton at the end on the faster soft tyre at a time when Hamilton would be on the medium. Then luck swing dramatically Rosberg’s way with the Safety Car, which cut Hamilton’s 10 second lead and seemed to turn the race in Rosberg’s favour as the two cars pitted line astern, Hamilton for mediums and Rosberg for softs.

At the restart, Rosberg attacked, knowing that he had to take advantage of the soft tyre’s 6/10ths of a second performance advantage straight away. Twice he made his way up the inside in to Schumacher corner, Turn One, only for Hamilton to once again switch back and hold position.

It was a remarkable display by Hamilton, who managed to hold off his team mate, despite having clearly the slower tyre.

After chasing each other around, Rosberg’s soft tyres began to overheat and he dropped back and followed his team-mate home to increase Mercedes’ lead in the Constructors’ Championship, with Force India on 44 points the closest to Mercedes’ 111.

Behind, the battle for third swung in numerous directions as Valterri Bottas lost the initiative at the start. Felipe Massa held the final podium spot in the opening phase of the race due to a brilliant start from seventh to third by the first corner.

He opted to pit two laps later than team-mate Valtteri Bottas, the Finn taking third place through use of the under-cut as the pair sat ahead of the Force India duo.

With two-stopping Perez and Nico Hulkenberg showing stronger pace as the race wore on, they were able to hold third and fourth position prior to the Safety Car, which could have wrecked their race when it came about as Pastor Maldonado exited the pits, tagging the Sauber of Esteban Gutierrez in the exit of turn one and flipping the Mexican in to a barrel roll.

At the restart, the closely bunched field gave Red Bull drivers on the faster soft the chance to move up after a quiet race at the tail end of the points positions.

Sebastian Vettel led his young team-mate, before the Australian made use of the DRS-zone to move past the world champion in to turn one.

We were in unfamiliar territory with Red Bull in this race; first the team instructed Vettel to let his team mate through in the first stint as he was on the faster tyre at the time, then in the final stint Ricciardo showed himself as the faster of the two as he passed the world champion and set about chasing the Force india duo, taking fourth from Hulkenberg before quickly hunting down Perez, eventually ending the race less than a second behind and taking his first points for Red Bull with a good drive from thirteenth place on the grid.

It was his first points finish of 2014 and nothing less than he deserved after a sensational start to his Red Bull career.

Vettel was unable to take fifth place from Hulkenberg, the two countrymen completing the top six.

After running third and fourth earlier in the race, the Williams pair eventually came home in seventh and eighth with Massa getting the better of Bottas.
They headed the Ferrari pair of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, who completed the top ten.

Hamilton has the trophy tonight and Rosberg is gutted to have lost to his old friend, especially after the safety car seemed to have given him an open goal.

But, if it’s not too much of a cliché, Formula 1 was the winner in this race. Against a backdrop of carping and criticism about it being “Formula Boredom” it was one of the most exciting races for a generation.

And with Rosberg and Hamilton in this kind of mood and no team orders from Mercedes, there is much to look forward to in the coming races.

Bahrain Grand Prix, Sakhir, Race, 57 Laps
1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1h38m42.743
2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes +1.085s
3. Sergio Perez Force India +24.067s
4. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull +24.489s
5. Nico Hulkenberg Force India +28.654s
6. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull +29.879s
7. Felipe Massa Williams +31.200s
8. Valtteri Bottas Williams +31.800s
9. Fernando Alonso Ferrari +32.500s
10. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari +33.400s
11. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso +41.300s
12. Romain Grosjean Lotus +43.100s
13. Max Chilton Marussia +59.900s
14. Pastor Maldonado Lotus +1m02.800s
15. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham +1m27.900s
16. Jules Bianchi Marussia +1 lap
17. Jenson Button McLaren +2 laps

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  1. dzolve says:

    Wow, what a fantastic race!

    But I do feel like I’ve been cheated these past few years by Red Bull and their conniving team orders – To see Mercedes battling it out at the front shows what we’ve been missing! Who cares if they’re miles ahead when they race like this.

    By the way, congrats to Ricardo for putting Vettel in his place!

    1. Michael says:

      Yes, he did. Just think what he would’ve done without the 10 place grid penalty. I also want to know does Redbull still think they’re catching up to Mercedes? I think not. Mercedes are not showing there hand. I believe they have a lot of pace in hand. After the Safety car they still beat the field by 24 seconds. The rest of the grid have a long way to go.

      1. dufus says:


        The nature of RIC and VET is interesting.
        RIC on VETs rear, “we need to do something about this”.
        VET on WEBs rear, “get him out of the way”.

        If RIC does beat VET this season and this is still a big if, VET will have nightmares about that big white smile. Much like the rest of us with that finger :)

      2. Grant says:

        I’m amazed by RIC performance against VET as well.

        Looks like this guy may have been very underrated whilst at TR.

      3. Just a bloke says:


      4. Beachbum says:

        Agreed. Not only what he said, but also thw way he said it that impressed me.

        Calm, authoritative. diplomatic. In complete contrast to the rantings of Mr one finger.

        Looks like we’ve got another top bloke from down under!

        Not a Red Bull fan, far from it, and not an Aussie. But like Mark Webber before him, Danny Boy gets my support from now on.

    2. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:


      Without cheat mode (in one car only), things are A LOT harder, huh???

    3. Quade says:

      Oh yes! Thank goodness the Pirelli WWE nonsense has been removed from the sport. We got real racing up and down the field.

      I was on the edge of my seat through out! That is easily the best F1 race I have ever witnessed. Brilliant!

      Lewis has shown once again that he has more in the toolbox than Nico, 10 times he overtook Nico and 10 times, he made it stick. 9 times Nico attempted to pass Lewis and 9 times, he failed.

      As for Vettel, it just seems to be whinge season. Not much more to add there. It could turn out that Bernie’s unimaginative, artificial “spice it up” nonsense only gave us tainted championships in the last few years.

    4. Michael says:

      This race might shake Rosberg’s confidence. He was on the option tire and still lost. This will definitely give him something to think about. I think I heard a radio transmission by Redbull that said “Sebastian, Daniel is faster than u get can u get out the way” lol

      1. Elie says:

        +1 oh the joy!

      2. kenneth chapman says:

        like you elie, a joy to behold.

      3. Roberto says:

        Oh, I think Rosberg’s confidence is just fine. Late in the race, their boss instructed both drivers not to crash into one another. Rosberg took that to mean, “OK, I’ll make sure not to so something stupid and hit my teammate”. But Hamilton took it to mean” OK, the responsibility to avoid a crash lies entirely with Rosberg no matter what I do including running him off the track. I can do anything I want and Rosberg will have to back off and give me room.”

        I think Rosberg knows he could have beaten Hamilton had Hammy heeded the team instructions and shown the same respect for the team, the team orders, and his fellow teammate that Rosberg did. I suspect things may be different next time. Rosberg is no Massa.

      4. Michael says:

        Without the safety car and the different tire strategy he wouldn’t have come close. Hamilton had a 10 second gap before the safety car. This race was practically over.

      5. Josh says:

        Yep. I thought the same thing. I prefer Hamilton and he is a nice guy but Rosberg went up a level in terms of respectability after this race and also Malaysia 2013. I think when Button retires and if he stays true to his personality and morals in his battles with Lewis this season he will be the most respected driver on the grid. Lets just hope they both battle it out fairly for the WC.

      6. Aaron says:

        It seems highly likely one of the two Mercedes drivers is going to end up as world champion. They both know it, which is why I think we can see them racing so hard. We never saw how far Rosberg was willing to push Hamilton. I’ll reserve judgement until we’ve seen Hamilton coming from behind and trying to overtake Rosberg.

      7. Bring back V12's !!! says:

        @Roberto – I take it you are one of those people who just despise Lewis no matter what he does? You can’t even congratulate him on a stunning defensive performance/win? Reminded me a little of that footage of Ayrton holding off Mansel in the Monaco GP many years ago. Lewis is a fantastic race driver but some people will just choose to discredit him no matter the circumstances.

      8. Big Al says:

        Are you mental? That was clean and fair racing to the end and only the most blinkered person couldn’t see that.

        Cheesy as it is to say Formula 1 is the winner with this one, The fans are winners and what a showcase for the new formula. I love the fact that Mercedes when they pushed each other actually showed the rest of the field what they could really do, and I still think they have some in hand as well….about time RB dominance was questioned, they will catch up but a hungry RB means good battles to come.

      9. Wheels says:

        Can’t disagree with you more! Firstly, neither driver ever touched the other….

        Secondly, it all depends where both battling cars are placed on the track. If the nose of one car is well positioned, alongside, and down the inside, in a corner’s braking zone, the car outside has to give room, even if the driver arrived in said area, first! That is known as being out-braked…

        Don’t give room and turn-in–you have Bianchi/Sutil’sw accident.

        Lewis never closed the door on Nico in corner braking. He simply moved wide left, and took advantage of Rosberg’s deep corner entry. This allowed Hamilton to slip behind his Teammate and gain better traction, a much quicker exit and line to set up the next sequence of corners.

        Meanwhile, any attempt to pass a car on the outside is done at a driver’s own risk if the inside car has the proper race line and corner exit…. That’s how it works! Lewis never put Nico off into the dirt. Once Nico had to move over onto the corner exit tarmac run-off because Lewis had the proper inside corner exit line. But is not the same as putting another driver into the weeds!

        In the end, neither driver complained about their Teammate’s tactics–and rightly so! Earlier, Rosberg’s made a comment over the radio about Lewis’ first move after Nico began his attack for the race lead.

        However, from my view, that complaint was due to shock at how quickly Hamilton fought back, just a reaction, from Nico, really. No doubt, seconds afterwards Rosberg realized that Lewis wasn’t going to surrender victory, by any amount, easily. Following that, Nico got down to business and put up a great fight, in his own right!

        What those two super competitors did was, simply, to inject much needed excitement into the new F1 season and formula by carrying on their old Karting rivalry, from the distant past, with 800+ horsepower at their disposal. Superb wheel to wheel racing–the best in decades!

      10. Dan says:

        I kind of agree that Hamilton was quite aggressive with Rosberg, running him to the outside of the track on several occasions. However, this used to be what we called racing before this era of complaining to Charlie every time a driver is passed outside of a DRS zone.

        I think it was great defensive racing from Hamilton and Rosberg might just be kicking himself that he didn’t get past.

        I’d speculate that if it had’ve been Vettel or Alonso (or Hamilton for that matter) in the trailing Mercedes, they would have made a move stick and won the GP.

        Rosberg should have plenty of opportunities to show that he does have the killer instinct this season, but the opening exchanges have undoubtedly gone in Hamilton’s favour.

      11. VasEline says:

        Brownie points dont count towards a world championship. Vettel was ruthless, ‘even all smiles’ Jenson Button was ruthless to his team mate when he took the crown. Rosberg needs to be more ruthless on track. F1 isnt kind to on track nice guys, with at least 0.3s/lap advantage and an ambiguous team order you’re saying he chose to respectfully give up 7 points? In for a penny, in for a pound.

      12. PopsTwitTar says:

        VasEline said it – Rosberg needs to be tougher if he wants to win. Hamilton will drive a guy off the track if he has too to get his position. He’ll play chicken longer, because he believes that the other guy will yield. Rosberg did it over and over again yesterday…2 wide in the corner…and Rosberg was the one backed off. Neither guy might yield, and there might be a collision. But until Rosberg proves to Hamilton that he is willing to risk that for a position, he wont the races on track. He would have to hope for better luck to win the races (and championship).

    5. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      The song says>

      Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
      Because I’m HAMMY!!!

      1. Sebee says:

        Wonder who will be DOTD second week in a row. Ali G “Hamilton Army in Da House. Big up yourself.”

      2. Tornillo Amarillo says:

        Dad Anthony Hamilton should be proud.

      3. Dazzler says:

        Stick to the racing Sebee

        Stereotyping is poor form from you.

      4. Rem says:

        We should remember one thing, if Hamiltons car had not broken down in the first race, he would have won all three races and be way ahead of everyone else including Rosberg.

        Lets hope Hamilton doesn’t suffer any mor “reliability ” issues”.

      5. Grant says:

        Clap along if you feel like Hammyness is the TRUTH……. :D

    6. aveli says:

      it’s not redbull’s fault. their drivers just weren’t as good as the mercedes drivers.
      both the mercedes drivers are gp2 rookie champions. the only other gp2 rookie champion is hulkinberg but he is not in the same league as the mercedes duo.
      now those who don’t understand why hamilton is the best f1 driver to have stepped foot in the sport will begin to understand as the evidence unfolds.

      1. Wayne says:

        I happen to agree that HAM/ALO are the best drivers in F1 by a margin but…. It does not matter who you put in that rbr right now they would not catch the merc, the engine just isn’t up to it. Personally I reckon RBR have done a great job with the car but they cannot compensate for the stunning job merc has done with the engine.

      2. BoogWar says:

        Merc has other customers with the same engine. I think there is a bit more to the W05 than just superior power. 24 seconds in 10 laps? TWO POINT FOUR SECONDS PER LAP? Jeezalou!

      3. Ash says:

        We’ll said BoogWar….

      4. Tom says:

        Great race, very enjoyable but I’m a little concerned about the huge gap between Merc and the other teams. Doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season for those of us who enjoy close competition. Merc are enjoying a far bigger advantage then Red Bull ever did and it will be a major embarrassment for Hamilton if he doesn’t take this Championship with only Rosberg in his way.

      5. aveli says:

        are you sure about that? red bull won for 4 years and their champion driver won 9 races in a row last year, 13 in total on a single season. mercedes has only won 3 races between their drivers. let them win for 4 years before we start complaining.
        with their speed advantage, they have given us more entertainment in a single race than redbull ever did I their 4 dominant years.
        ferrari and renault engineers fell asleep when they were asked to design the new engines. mercedes put the air compressor of their turbo as far away from the exhaust manifold and as close to the inlet manifold as possible. a simple idea. am not an engineer but I remember posting this idea on the old bbc forum and anti hamilton fans posted their usual rubbish.

      6. grat says:

        Look at it this way… You get two races… one up front between the two Ferrari… er.. Mercedes drivers, and then the battle for the rest of the field.

        Actually, the rest of the field appears pretty close to each other, Mercedes engine or not. Ferrari is lamenting their pace, and it’s obvious their car has a problem, but they’re not very far behind Red Bull, who isn’t that far behind the Mercedes powered cars.

        At the moment, the silver arrows are where the Brawn GP01 was– about a full year ahead on the development curve.

      7. Ash says:

        “they have given us more entertainment in a single race than redbull ever did In their 4 dominant years”

        Such a justified statement Aveli….Merc have earnt so much respect from the F1 fans for allowing both guys to race, providing such a beautiful racing spectacle for the true racers out there.

        Wonder if Ross Brawn would of approved of this policy?

      8. bob says:

        Really? You are kidding right?

        Button drives a dominant car for 6-7 races and gets nothing but flak about winning his WDC in a dominant car.

        Vettel wins most of his 4 WDC’s in a dominant car and he get’s a lot of stick about it.

        Hamilton is now driving THE MOST DOMINANT car in recent memory (we’re talking MP4/4 dominance here) and you proclaim that it proves he’s the best ever?

        MY GOD!

      9. john3voltas says:

        Couldn’t agree more, bob.
        Not a huge fan of Hamilton but still I consider him in my top 3 and it has always been a joy to see him racing (except for the silly “Cranes ‘R’ us” season).
        But I haven’t been enjoying him this season.
        For instance, today for at least 3 occasions he didn’t leave enough track space for his team mate, forcing him off track (opposite to the regulations!).
        And he’s been acting strange on press conferences. As if they changed his brain.
        Kinda weird but this seems a different Hamilton but for worst :(

      10. Tom says:

        Wow, a rare voice of reason on this site :)

        Well said Sir.

      11. Anil Parmar says:

        You did watch his battle with Nico, right? It was fantastic racing. No one doubts vettel and his talent but I think we can all admit he had it pretty easy over the years.

      12. Ab says:

        Its the racing betwen the Mercedes that hes wining so far is the *point* – maybe you missed that bit.. to hold off a faster car for 10 laps with race thinking up to that of the greats shows something special.

      13. Quercus says:

        No, it was nothing to do with driving the most dominant car, it was the way Lewis held onto that lead against Nico when Nico was on the softer tyre. Those two have raced against each other for more than half their lives and they know each other’s every move. When Hamilton is overtaken it’s like he moves up a gear.

        One of the best races I’ve ever seen. What a battle! What a season!

      14. aveli says:

        the evidence is overwhelming! you can cry all you like but hamilton is the best f1 driver ever to step foot in the sport. you better start appreciating it because you may never see another driver as good in your life time.

      15. j says:

        There is a small difference. Look at their teammates.

      16. L.B says:

        Button and Vettel had no real challenge from their team mates.

      17. grat says:

        Button got flack for not being able to defend the second half of the season– it was apparent that once his car was no longer the absolute fastest, he had difficulty winning. In contrast, Hamilton won two races with the MP4-24, which was a dog of a car.

        My problem with Vettel is that he constantly made rookie mistakes on his way to at least two of those titles. To be fair, last year he drove much better than he had previously, but hasn’t (yet) shown the kind of racecraft that Lewis Hamilton displayed in Bahrain from laps 52-57.

        Hamilton was consistently one move ahead of Rosberg– Any time Rosberg was about to overtake, Hamilton would take the line that would allow a re-overtake.

      18. Lucas says:

        At least it is “MP4/4″ dominance also in the sense that there are two great drivers free to fight. It could be worse – something like 2002 or 2004. I’d rather have a repeat of 88 then a dominant team with a strict #1/#2 hierarchy any day of the week. If Red Bull gets a lot of flak at the moment, it’s their own fault. Webber was doing better than Vettel in 2010 and then they decided to “put him on his place”. If they let them fight on equal terms, they could have lost that WDC to Alonso, they could see Webber get the title, but in any case they would be still be considered a “cool” team, which is the image they had when they entered the sport. Mark my words, if Mercedes let the drivers fight as they did today, there’s no way people will hate them as they now hate Red Bull even if they are this dominant the whole season.

      19. NJ says:

        What was great is the PAIR of them. ROS and HAM. Their knowledge of each other’s styles, placing, and where they will fight each other.

        It’s the same thing MSC and HAK had.

        The PAIR of them will make the races great.

      20. Jon_C says:

        Relax Bob, take a chill pill. Just enjoy the racing for what it is at the moment and dont get caught up in the whole ‘best driver ever’ argument because its getting a little old now.

      21. Richard says:

        What proves Hamilton is one of the best drivers ever is what he did to Rosberg. Supreme driving ability!

      22. Bob says:

        A few things…

        First of all, it was a great race and a great drive by Hamilton – no doubt. But as far as I’m concerned his win was more to do with Rosberg’s poor race craft than Hamilton’s amazing driving.

        I mean c’mon! He tried to go around the outside of turn 4 FOUR times! I can’t help but think that any of the other top drivers would have got Hamilton.

        Second of all, @j and @L.B – really? Button and Vettel had no challenge from their team mate?

        Barrichello – 11 wins, 68 podiums, 14 pole positions and 17 fastest laps

        Webber – 9 wins, 42 podiums, 13 pole positions and 19 fastest laps

        Rosberg – 4 wins, 14 podiums, 5 pole positions and 6 fastest laps.

        So to make Hamilton look better, you declare that of the above drivers, Rosberg is the biggest challenge and the other two were easy? Give me a break!


        It was hard for Brawn to challenge at the back half of the season cause they had no budget.

        Second of all, the MP4/24 that Hamilton won in was NOT a dog of a car. The one he was driving for the first half of the season was, hence his results in the races preceding his win, but the one he won in was a new car altogether.

        Are you honestly going to tell me that the car he drove to 12th, 13th, 16th, 18th in rounds 6, 7, 8 & 9 was really the same car he won in during round 10? I guess his amazing brilliance just went missing for the first 9 races of the season.

        I really wish Hamilton fans could have some sort of balanced view for a change!

        The CONSTANT belittlement of his rivals and the constant bigging up of Hamilton regardless of how good or bad he does is really getting tiresome.

        Hamilton is a great driver, no doubt, but he isn’t a great as you all make him out to be and his rivals aren’t as bad as you make them out to be.

      23. Andrew says:

        “aveli Reply:
        April 6th, 2014 at 11:48 pm

        the evidence is overwhelming!”

        Can you please present some? He is very good, one of the best but greatest of all time?

      24. Big Al says:

        First of all chill. Second of all, JB and SV have had a number of questions pointed at them for their ability to perform when they haven’t got A) the right car, or B) the right setup.

        Can you tell me a race where Lewis hasn’t put the car a place or 3 further than it should be? He has had his ups and downs, but what you are seeing is what people have been talking about for years, if you take Vettel out of the dominant car he gets lost in the pack, you take JB out of the dominant car he is a good driver but puts the car exactly where it deserves to be.

        You put Hamilton in a dominant car with a great team mate who is quicker, on better tyres and with no fuel saving he puts the car past the chequered flag 1st.

      25. kieran says:

        Are you kidding ME? Hamilton has proven himself by beating two world champions as teammates and shown us supreme overtaking and defending skills throughout his career. Haven’t any of you noticed anything different between this year the past three? Now that the tyres are durable again Lewis can show his full potential – the tyres were holding him back after all and helped bunch up the grid. Peoples judgement on drivers has been clouded by schizophrenic tyres and warped the grid up. Thankfully the drivers have more control over the races now and we’re seeing the true colours of some.

      26. Beachbum says:

        Nailed it right there. Only fanboys get a kick out of seeing their “hero” winning in a dominant car.

        One team having an huge advantage has never been good for F1, whoever you support.

        We saw a fantastic race yesterday with great drives from many drivers, but let’s face it, we watched 2 races yesterday. Merc and the best of the rest. Both great races in their own right, but we need one race not two.

        For me it devalues Hammy’s win somehow, as does winning in a HYBRID

      27. chris says:

        bob +10000000000000000000
        unfortunately some people have short memory and change their mind very easily.
        last year hamilton was nearly overshadowed by rosberg, according to some people, while even a wall knows that mercedes n1 driver is hamilton and that mercedes last year wasn’t a perfect car.
        now, with a car in which even fisichella and barrichello could have won a wdc, we talk about best driver, while for button and vettel it was just the car.
        best car would be a better definition(with a good driver), for almost 90% of wdc winners. sad but true. drivers count for 10/20%, not more.
        put perez, hulkenberg, grosjean, bottas, massa in such a car and they would all be wdc champions because like it or not, the differences between the top 10 drivers aren’t so huge as some journals want us to believe.

      28. unF1nnished business says:

        In F1 you’re only as great as your car.

      29. avelino says:

        i think you are a few of those suffering from a genetic defect called antihamiltonism.
        how could you possibly compare this race to any of those won by red bull or brawn? hamilton didn’t dominate the race. if you are not aware, rosberg was faster than him and he still won. can you use your intelligence to explain how he did it?

      30. Andrew M says:

        “It was hard for Brawn to challenge at the back half of the season cause they had no budget.”

        They scored more points in the second half of the season than anyone except Red Bull and Barrichello won two races during that period; Button just collapsed, and was pretty lucky that Red Bull and Vettel didn’t take advantage. Having said that, this was back in 10 points for a win, 8 for second; under today’s points system he’d have wrapped up the title earlier.

        On the flip side, Button got more out of the Brawn than he’s given credit for in the races he won, like nailing key overtakes in the early stages, putting in good last ditch qualifying laps, and not making the mistakes that Barrichello did.

      31. Andre says:

        Let’s all be adults please and have a normal discussion.

        Respect all drivers, don’t bore us with your personal favourite.

        It’s getting old.

      32. Brax says:

        This +1000

    7. Sammy says:

      Thanks to Maldonado and the safety car we’ve seen some exiting racing.

      1. Wayne says:

        That’s rubbish, there was plenty of exciting racing long before the safety car and you know it.

      2. Sebee says:

        Beside Daniel, he’s right. The show spiced up big time after SC. Before that Lewis had a 10s cushion that was as comfy as the one he takes his pre tea time nap on.

      3. j says:

        Agree. There are a still a few people who were enjoying the attention they were getting from making negative comments that they just can’t give it, even after a race like that.

      4. john3voltas says:

        Gotta hand it to Wayne here.
        I’d seen plenty of action before SC came out on track.
        But the big question is: WHEN???
        When will they cancel Maldonado’s super license?
        The FIA has given him enough reprimands and penalties. Today Gutierres was very lucky.
        I say it’s time to act before he kills someone.

      5. Sebee says:

        Seriously guys, you’ve seen Lewis control charging Nico .3s back. You think Lewis would have pissed away 10s? I say Nico would have gotten 7 of those 10 back at best thanks to tire. Let’s at least be honest about that one.

      6. BoogWar says:

        +1,000,000 Maldonaldo’s gotta go. And he’s driving a car that can do some real damage

      7. Roberto says:

        Yep, Mondonado has replaced “Joie” Chitwood as my new “Thrill Show” hero.

      8. Matthew Cheshire says:

        +1. Not quite up to Ken Carter standard (yet).

      9. aveli says:

        maldonado didn’t invent the safety car. it has been part of f1 for a long time.

    8. FerrariFan says:

      One of the best races in recent history. Thanks mainly to Mercedes letting their drivers race throughout the race.

      Same thoughts about Mercedes domination. I dont care as long as its not one driver running away with it every single race. Credits to Mercedes for not pouring cold water on the excitement in the name of bringing it safely home.

      What a pathetic car Ferrari has built. I am not sure what LdM was cursing when Alonso was passed by a Force India (I think). He should stop politics and focus on using all that money wisely.

      Finally a great day for Force India. I was thinking they could potentially win it if the two Mercs collide and mess it up. It could still happen in some race.

      1. Wayne says:

        I think that should have been ‘what a pathetic engine Ferrari has built’ – I’d be willing to bet that their car is basically sound and the engine is the problem. Those merc engines were just driving past them like they were not even there.

      2. Anil Parmar says:

        Yeah…once the ERS kicks in the car is nowhere :(

      3. Doug says:

        I think the cars look a major handful..and that’s not the engines fault!
        Awesome race…best I’ve seen for ages..a big pie in the face for all the nay-sayers! :-)

        It must have been double tears for LDM, Ferrari picking up scraps..and a great race that just flushed his 83% down the toilet!

      4. Phil says:

        It’s a Ferrari engine, right??

      5. Phil says:

        My meaning being of course, a car normally includes an engine right? So what’s wrong with competing on not just chassis and aerodynamics but also on engine

        It’s an end to end competition. On every car component

        And Ferrari have done nowhere near as good a job

        Thus the LDM whinging.

      6. grat says:

        You know, Luca’s always saying he’d love for Ferrari to be able to supply customer chassis– I bet if he asked Todt to get rid of that pesky rule about only 4 teams per engine, Mercedes would gladly build (and sell) Ferrari a stack of engines. :)

      7. Brent says:

        After the race Kimi said, “we had no down force and no top speed”. You should be able to have one or the other. It sounds like lack of power and poor chassis design on top of the highest fuel consumption. Hardly a wonder Montezemolo wants changes to the rules.

        They all could take lessons from Force India on getting the most bang for your buck.

      8. john3voltas says:

        Not sure if the powertrain is the only issue for us.
        We were losing on the high speed corners too.
        In fact we were losing everywhere :(
        The car seems to be sound but…slow!
        I don’t know whose fault it is and I think it’s still too early in the season to call it off but if by the 2nd or 3rd European race we’re still fighting for 6th-10th I say LdM has to act.
        I mean even if it’s not his direct fault, Domenicali has to step down.
        LdM needs to start hiring experienced people. Not a fan of Alonso but the drivers are ok even if I expect e bit more from Kimi.

      9. ONS says:

        Ferrari actually think that by painting the car RED it will go faster!

      10. kent says:

        Ferrari has added some additional talent, but in essence it just keeps doing the same thing year after year- manage only a second-rate car-and thinking that somehow this new year will be better. LdM needs to clean house like Ron Dennis did; should have tried to grab Eric Boullier or Ross Brawn, for example. I think it’s evident that Domenicalli doesn’t have what’s necessary.

      11. Andy says:

        Oh yea,sacking Martin Whitmarsh has really improved things…………………….

      12. Messrine says:

        Totally agree! I am a Ferrari and an Alonso fan through and through and I am dissapointed that they just cannnot get their act together again and give him the car he deserves. As for Vettel, we are starting to see him being outclassed by Riccicardo, which is what I expected.

    9. Sebee says:

      What were you watching last 5 years?

      Yes, I never recall Vettel and Webber heated on track battles where one didn’t give the other an inch. Those 5 seasons together were just a beautiful bromance.

      1. Andy says:

        Close on track battles between Vettel and Webber were few and far between. Sure there were a few good ones but the vast majority of races Webber couldn’t get Vettel, what were you watching over the last 5 years?

      2. powersteer says:

        Turkey 2010 comes to mind… thats RBR close racing for you ;)

      3. C63 says:


        I would say Turkey 2010 was more an example of crashing rather than close racing. I know that might appear to be flippant, but any fool can crash into their competitor.
        What we saw from Ham/Ros displayed unbelievable skill. What we saw from Vet/Web [Turkey 2010] displayed a complete lack of skill.

      4. powersteer says:


        i was actually trying to be sarcastic ;)

      5. Purple Helmet says:

        RB distinctly favoured SV (the wing affair being a case in point) and to be fair, Webber wasn’t really a top, top driver. You get the impression RB kept him on because their cars were fast enough to come in 1-2, but they didn’t want them battling each other.

        Fair play to Merc, they have two top drivers, and they are letting them go for it. They might be streets ahead of the rest of the pack, but if we get to see Hamilton and Rosberg going for it like this every race, it will be a classic year.

      6. Daniel says:

        When Webber drove for Williams, he put Rosberg in the shade, Webber was denied time and time again by the team, not their driver and today proved it. All Webber doubters need to realise he was better than Rosberg and Rosberg put Shumy in the shade. Webber helped that team to 4 world championships, give him some honest credit please.

      7. Michael says:

        @ Sebee A beautiful bromance, really? Is that what u want to call it? All I remember was acrimony between the two. They were not “bros” remember “multi 21″ does that ring a bell? Stop, defending Vettel and let him take his beating like a man.

      8. Richard Dreyer says:

        It was obvious sarcasm.

      9. aveli says:

        red bull don’t know how to put on a show. they just want to win by telling the drivers what to do.

      10. Matthew Cheshire says:

        Hey Michael, I know that hit on the head was a big one but surely you can spot sarcasm as heavy as that. Careful on those skis next time?

      11. grat says:

        You need to get a new Sarcasm Flow Meter. Yours has apparently been drilled into one too many times.

      12. Rubinho's Keyfob says:

        The difference is, a turn or two later someone would have been bleating over the radio and telling them to stop.

        Big props to Merc for the show today. Reminding them to be respectful of each other, but letting them race.

        I have huge respect for Ross Brawn, but I think if he was still on the pitwall he may have made a call for Nico to hold back today in the later laps (to be honest, I think that may have been justified as the only reason Nico was so close at that point was because of the pace car).

        Hmm, I wonder if some people will see this as a LACK of management on Merc’s side (rather than “having the balls to let them race” it could be seen as “not having the balls to tell them to hold position”).

        Whatever, it’s fascinating. More, please! :)

      13. MISTER says:

        Merc can afford at this stage even a crash between the drivers. Their car is 2 second clear of the next at some tracks, so if they don;t win this race, they will win the next.

      14. aveli says:

        mercedes managed their drivers better than those who give team orders. the engineers are allowed to do their best for the team. the mechanics are allowed to do their best for the team so why can’t the drivers be allowed to do their best for the team?
        as far as am concerned, let nature take its course and leave politics out of racing.

      15. Gravity says:

        While I do agree that we got to see some good racing thanks to Merc / Paddy, the situation is not fully comparable – having a car 2 sec ahead of everyone is different to last year. I see no harm in them backing Lewis once he is ahead – the same can’t be said for Nico till he proves he has it in him to show some Magic when needed. He had a great opportunity yesterday – imagine the headlines today if he had pulled it off last night…

    10. MISTER says:

      It seems Vettel is not as fast as others thought when you put a fast driver alongside him and take away the blown diffuser which Vettel mastered.

      Thank you to Mercedes, Force India and Williams for letting their drivers race.

      And yet again, Alonso outscores Kimi. Give the guy a car..

      1. aveli says:

        are you suggesting that vettel is a fake time world champion?
        judge him at the end of the season.

      2. MISTER says:

        He is a world champion, but we could only compare him with Webber so far. Now we have Dan, which did not show much speed in the Torro Rosso, compared to Vergne, but it looks like he has the upper hand already in his 1st season at the team.
        I would’ve expected Vettel to massively outperform Dan, as the car would’ve been built around Vettel more than Dan.

      3. grat says:

        Don’t know about Mister, but I (not-a-Vettel-fan) wouldn’t suggest that. I think he was lucky in 2010 and 2012 (Ferrari mistake, and McLaren implosion, respectively).

        I think he’s a very fast driver, but was a very immature driver when he won the WDC the first time, and hasn’t (yet) had to deal with a bad season.

        I expect this season will make him a much better driver, and may help his negative image.

      4. Krischar says:

        @ Aveli

        yes vettel is a fake 4X WDC. You have called it right

        Vettel was protected by EBD and the team entourage for the last four seasons over Webber. Daniel have proved it right from the outset. The way Daniel muscled his way past vettel into turn says a lot about the kid’s potential. I cert this will be the pattern going forward through out the season

        vettel starts P10 and ends up behind daniel, while daniel from P13 to almost P3 you beauty. Fantastic drive daniel keep it going

      5. aveli says:

        @krischar, we’ll find out if you’re right about vettel being a fake time champion by the end of the season or better still over the number of seasons he’s teammates with ricciardo.
        you will see the real champion emerge.

      6. Gravity says:

        Yeah right – after 4 championship, you still need more time for him to prove & one bad race & you right him off – have some consistency in your thought process.

    11. Wayne says:

      Well Exactly, the whole world heard Paddy speak to the drivers and only Ted decided that it was team orders ‘plain and clear’ as he put it.

      What a fantastic race, battles all the way down through the mid-field! Fuel still hasn’t really come into play, I was really worried before the season started that it would be an economy drive but not one race has really been impacted by fuel yet! HOORAY! No ridiculous tyres either! Hooray again. ERS seems to be working right, i.e. it’s not too easy to overtake – that’s a third hooray right there.

      Realise I’m going to get written off as a HAM fan-boy but….was that a great drive or what? That was HAM from his first couple of seasons but now with extra added control and maturity! Breath-taking.

      Seems to be the only F1 teams who are criticising the sport are those that did a terrible job with the engines. They’re transparent and embarrassing. Merc did the best job, they rightly get the rewards and they’re teaching Pirelli a thing or two about how to use F1 to promote a brand as well ;)

      Seems that VET is struggling. Are the doubters about to be proven right this season? Can he drive around a car that does not suit him? Can he elevate a car like all the best drivers? Not to Merc level yet but he should be able to push that car to the second row/podium shouldn’t he?

      And I still really like the sound of these new engines, I love being able to hear the engineering at work and I love being able to hear the environment when the camera gives us a driver’s perspective.

      The only thing wrong with F1 right now (as is often the case)is the people who run it (the teams and the politicians).

      1. bob says:

        Wayne, that was a great race and it was a well driven race from Hamilton, no doubt.

        But let’s get real here – Hamilton didn’t win that race – Rosberg lost that race and he knew it!

        I honestly believe that any of the other top 4 or 5 drivers would have nailed Hamilton after the safety car if they were in Rosberg’s car.

        I mean, c’mon! Rosberg has some mega speed but his race craft leaves a lot to be desired! He’s so frustrating to watch! 4 times trying the same unsuccessful move around the outside of turn 4!!

        Like I said, Hamilton defended well but all that really entailed was driving his line – Rosberg did all the hard work for him and expertly positioned his car on the outside ready to be pushed off the track!

      2. aezy_doc says:

        If the positions had been reversed I do think Hamilton would have passed Rosberg.

      3. Sebee says:

        You know….to lose Mercedes a guaranteed 1-2 is to lose favor within the team instantly. Rosberg though…OK…I’ll still lead this after this race. But this will blow up.

      4. Wayne says:

        It definitely did not just entail HAM driving his natural line, Bob, really it didn’t. Neither in defending or re-passing each time.

      5. What you don’t seem to understand is this? How was Hamilton able to keep pace given the fact that his tires were slower during the last stng. The guy is a genius. Alonso would not have passed lewis and as for Vettel we now know how bad webber was. Riccardo is putting him in his place alright. Go lewis go.

      6. Alan says:

        Hamilton did clearly win that race, and the only way Nico got close was due to the safety car.

        As much as I like Mercedes and Hamilton, I do hope that some-one closes the gap before the summer break.

        But to suggest that Hamilton didn’t win that, sounds like a Vettel fan that has suddenly realised that French cars don’t do electrical systems very well.

      7. Gazza says:

        “Like I said, Hamilton defended well but all that really entailed was driving his line ”

        What race where you watching.?

        Hamilton was off line numerous times using every tactic in the book to defend and retake his position.

        A masterclass in defensive driving.

      8. tonyc says:

        Lol.. What?

        Rosberg “lost” the race?

        If it wasn’t for the safety car, he wouldn’t have been anywhere!

        Hamilton has the measure of Rosberg.

      9. Phil says:

        Bob – if it wasn’t for the safety car, Rosberg would be on the ‘faster’ tyre and chasing down a 13 second lead with 17 laps to go. Doubt he would have made that from what he showed during the race. But Hamilton and Rosberg were both equal chances of winning it.

      10. grat says:

        I have to disagree. Hamilton made sure Rosberg’s window of attack was very small, and slammed it shut every time. Eventually, Rosberg’s tires started failing, and he no longer had the speed.

        Re-watch it, if you can, and watch how Hamilton shifted his approach to the turns every time Rosberg got close enough for the pass– and used that different line to re-take the position immediately.

      11. Bob says:

        Let me clarify – of course the safety car put Rosberg on Hamilton’s tail. Without it, I doubt he would have been able to catch him. But the fact is there was a safety car and Rosberg was on his tail.

        From that point on, Rosberg lost the race and he knew it. Did you not see how devastated he was after the race? He KNEW he should have won that.

        And no, Hamilton did nothing special in defending turn 4 – he blocked the inside, as you do, and then simply drove through the corner. He didn’t have to do anything else because Rosberg kept trying to go around the outside again and again.

        He should have cut back and gone up the inside, just like Hamilton did to him and like many others did during the race.

        In other words, his defending job could have been much harder. I think we can all agree that Rosberg made it easier for him than it could have been.

        However, all in all it was a great race and a great drive from Hamilton.

      12. Alexander Supertramp says:

        Have to disagree on Hamilton. My view is that he’s been very good in the past years as well (2011 being the exception) with 2012 a very good example. He was good in 2013, but the thing about Lewis is he doesn’t care about P2 and above. So the moment he realised there was no fighting Seb he remained “just” a very good driver. Now he’s great because he smells victory, he’s adding those couple percents that make very good drivers like himself “great”.

      13. foreverf1 says:

        @ Alexander Supertramp. I love Hamilton’s abilities on the race track but isn’t kind of unfair to his employers to give up on P2 just because he knows he doesn’t have the car to get P1. You help your team by scoring the most points. More points more money. I think this is part of what cost him the championship in 07. Japan and Brazil comes to mind.

        I think this is what separates him from Alonso, who celebrated 9th with a fist pump today because he knows that he squeezed everything out of that car.

      14. DraykeFields says:

        Good observation about Ted. The guy is a sensationalist & this season particularly seems to be all over the place. Someone & Sky needs to pull him aside & have a few strong words.

      15. Andre says:

        Why is Vettel struggling? It’s one race, where he had problems all weekend.

        He also had ‘software’ problems in Australia.

        We all know where he finished in Malaysia.

        Getting so tired of these shortsighted opinions.

      16. Truth says:

        New to this forum but have quickly picked up that Bob really doesn’t like Hamilton, trying to argue that Hamilton didn’t have to work hard in defense is rather poor I feel.
        Credit where credit is due I say. Not the only driver that deserves credit for that race. Watched since the early 70s and that was fine driving for the win by any standards.

    12. Brendan says:

      It looks like the best of the racing we’re going to be seeing this year, will be between these two guys Hamilton and Rosberg, the Mercedes team so far this tournament have been flawless. http://www.f1worldtour.com

    13. Kramgp says:

      Maybe we can consentrate on the racing now instead of having to listen to Ferrari and RBR throwing tantrums.

      1. j says:


    14. Rockman says:

      I only got to watch the race from lap 24 because I didn’t wake up in time. The race starts at 1am here in Australia, now I’m absolutely kicking myself…

      What a race! Great job by Lewis and Nico on that battle. Lewis currently has the upper hand but Nico is always there, he will get his time soon methinks.

      Dan really is not intimitated by his teammate. He is laying down the gauntlet every chance he gets at the moment. He is a star in the making thats for sure.

      Good job by Force India drivers and Williams as well.

      Shame on Ferrari. They should really look at themselves instead of constantly bickering and pointing fingers. No one else to blame here but Ferrari itself. Their drivers are being wasted. LDM will soon have knives in between peoples teeth, he should look on the mirror while doing it to himself.

      Why is Maldonado still im F1? So Ricciardo gets a stop/go and 10 place grid penalty for an error by the team. But Maldonado gets a stop/go penalty only? Does he need to seriously hurt a driver before this gets a look at? He doesn’t belong in F1. Period.

      Btw, best looking trophy for Lewis I’ve seen in a while.

      1. Hudson says:

        Hahaha I am in Australia too, and I knew I wasn’t going to wake up on time so I recorded it and made sure the news alerts on my phone were off. Woke up at 4.30am this morning and watched for a good 2 hours before heading to work. What a fantastic race it was.
        I am a Hamilton fan, but I liked Rosberg’s response. He could still smile and fool around with Hamilton. I am not sure how Hamilton would react if he was on the losing end next time around. He doesn’t come across as a good loser to me, but maybe I am wrong.

      2. aveli says:

        hamilton doesn’t know how to be on the losing end. he only wins. even alonso couldn’t beat hamilton in a wheel to wheel combat in the same car albeit henbane the then youngest ever back to back double world champion, who had just seen off schumacher(best wishes) into retirement and hamilton was a rookie. this is all alonso could manage.

      3. Tad says:

        Exactly! Have you noticed Lewis reaction when he saw the trophy?

    15. Ahmed Sydney says:

      Exciting race yes, race craft lacking by Rosberg.

      Hamilton owes Rosberg big time, any other driver would have passed and sealed the result in 1 or 2 attempts. Put Alonso, Vettel, Raikonnen etc and it would be game over.

      I mean seriously, all Rossberg had to do was park his car on the apex of turn 1, and not give Hamilton a chance at aiming back on the inside. He did the same thing like 4 or 5 times! Definition of Insanity…
      Then when Rossberg finally gets ahead he stays on the outside of turn 4, gifting Hamilton the inside line!

      Seriously Rossberg on softer tyres and could not pass with so many opportunities, that was ridiculous! These guys are supposed to be too notch drivers, race craft from Rossberg made Hamilton look good.

      1. Wheels says:

        Man, you’re seriously underestimating both driver’s immense talent–especially Hamilton’s!
        There’s more to it than you make it out to be…. Lewis was simply faking Nico out on deep, corner braking, then undercutting Rosberg on corner exit. Not by any means an easy task with F1 Turbo power!

    16. Skan says:

      If ever there was a race that deserved double points – This one was it! My best race in the 15 years I have followed F1. Super good show by Mercedes!

    17. Gravity says:

      And one race is all that’s required to write off Seb!! Funny :)

      Lewis was awesome – his head is in the right space for now… can he hold on to it?

    18. Arnie S says:

      RAI about the Ferrari: It’s not like there is a massive problem in handling, we are just lacking the downforce and the speed and the horsepower.

      OK, so you miss downforce, speed and BHP, what is really good then ;)

    19. deancassady says:

      Wow, what a fantastic blog response!
      James, you must have pushed over the last milestone for stickiness on an internet site!

      Is it because people, chanting to the beat of the knee-jerk reactionary naysayers, the poeple were expecting stifling non-competition?
      Or is just because the beloved Lewis won a seemingly tight two-car race (against the awful Hum, at that?)

      Anyhow, way to go on the web suite and reporting; there are no traditional media avenues that are truly in your formula.

    20. Julian papes says:

      Not sure i’d agree with the pundits about what a great race it was. Let’s face it: the ending was set up by the safety car. without it, another boring race at the front anyway. if we want this kind of ending, why not just bring out the safety car at every race? Oh yeah, someone already thought of that! It is called NASCAR! What a joke!

  2. Kevin Green says:

    Sebastian………Your team mate is better than you! :) looks like Mclaren ditched the wrong driver too!

    1. Michael says:

      It looks like? Everybody knew they screwed up when they let Lewis go. Button isn’t even in the conversation when it comes to the best drivers in F1.

      1. aveli says:

        button is a champion.

      2. Michael says:

        Ok, whatever u say. lol

      3. bob says:

        “…Ok, whatever u say. lol…”

        Ummm, no, it’s not whatever he says, it’s fact. Look it up.

        And I believe the original poster was referring to Perez.

        People like you make me laugh. 3 years he was Hamilton’s team mate and in 3 years he scored only 2 wins less than Hamilton, but more points and more podiums.

        Not even in the conversation? Keep dreaming pal!

      4. NickH says:

        @bob. Hamilton did break down a lot more when leading though. And he had a lot more poles

      5. Cliff says:

        I think he meant Perez., Hamilton chose to leave.

      6. Michael says:

        It looks now like Lewis was a profit. He knew a sinking ship when he saw one. lol

      7. Alexander Supertramp says:

        I think he was referring to Perez.

      8. Mike Martin says:

        He is referring to Perez. Button was never in the elite drivers club anyway.(and never will be)

      9. Michael says:

        @ Mike Martin thanks for looking out. It seems like they made the wrong choice in both cases. It’s really sad. Mclaren is becoming the next Williams.

      10. AuraF1 says:

        At least Button destroyed his team mate this weekend. The mclaren simply wasn’t in the league of the force India this time – if anyone think that shows Perez is better than button or magnussen they don’t understand the basics and probably shouldn’t be using a computer unsupervised…

      11. Gaz Boy says:

        Bit harsh?
        Jenson is a WDC, that’s a very, very elite club!
        It’s like saying England have only won World Cup………but the triumph of 1966 it still one more championship than the likes of Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Hungary – no disrespect to those countries intended, but they all fell at the final hurdle.
        Jenson, on the other hand, did achieve world championship status, so his name is etched in F1 history for as long as there is F1 – as a champion. Like Bobby Moore and co in 1966…………….

      12. Kevin Green says:

        Oh please too funny Button is a Vettel type champ ie got the exceptionally better car sit back and enjoy the ride! same idea as as Ricky is clearly showing in Vettels case always said Vettel was a top 10 driver for what they are at very very best!

      13. Carl Craven says:

        Hmmmmm race wins and a WDC title puts him there no matter what you think. Not many people actually have one of either.

      14. Mike Martin says:

        Don’t get me wrong guys. Button is an excellent driver. He is just not as good as Senna,Prost,Schumacher,Alonso,Vettel,Hamilton,Lauda,Mansell just to name a few. These guys have that extra what makes them elite.

        What a beautiful race…will watch again many times.

      15. NickH says:

        Jenson is a good driver. He may not be as fast over 1 lap as he top 2 or 3 guys, but he can race if he’s happy with his car.

        Great driving from Perez though today. I think the Hulk v Perez battle will be a good one and like the Hulk will be pretty miffed at Perez getting on the podium before him.

      16. bob says:

        “…Button was never in the elite drivers club anyway.(and never will be)…”

        Yes, cause they hand out WDC’s to every Tom, Dick and Harry!

        And don’t even THINK about spouting that rubbish about him having the worlds most dominant car! Assuming Rosberg or Hamilton goes on to win the WDC this year (I can’t see it not happening) then Button will have won his WDC in the least dominant car of the last 3 World Champions – FACT.

      17. cka_bob says:

        Jeez if Button is so bad are there even any words that describe most of you guys? It’s like tribal wars or something, why can’t people just enjoy it without having to whinge about some driver, team or technical regulation.

      18. Red 5 says:

        Ok, time for some home truths on the Button front.

        I have been watching the sport for a quarter of a century and Button is without doubt the weakest driver to pick up a World Championship in that time, and one of the weakest ever. The other driver who comes close on that front is Damon Hill, but you could at least claim that Hill was a very decent qualifier. Damon also has the humility to admit that he wasn’t in the top tier.

        Jenson Button only even had a shot at the title by dint of having the dominant car of the season, and the only car to benefit from the blown diffuser. He also benefited from having a very ordinary team mate to contend with in Barrichello, who was only ever a good number two. Even during his prime with Ferrari, he rarely ever had the upper hand over Schumacher, and by 2009 was way clearly past his prime. And yet old man Rubens managed to push Button all the way to that year’s title.

        Now as for those who rightly claim that few if any drivers ever win the title unless they are driving the best car, or at least one of the best cars, that is quite right. However in the normal scheme of things the best drivers tend to find themselves in the best cars precisely because they are the best drivers. Senna and Prost didn’t find themselves in dominant Mclarens by fluke, neither did Mansell at Williams or Schumacher at Ferrari. That wasn’t the case though with Button in 2009.

        At the end of 2008 the best drivers in the sport were Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen and these were the drivers rightfully in demand and in place in the top teams. Button by comparison was staring forced retirement in the face as his Honda team had decided to pull out of Formula One, and no other team were particularly interested in hiring him. His immediate future was saved by the fact Ross Brawn, keen to utilize the loophole he had found in the regulations decided to lead a management buyout of the team and ask Button to stay without a salary. With no other options, he agreed, the blown diffuser was a huge advantage, and the rest as they say is history. Button therefore found himself in the dominant car that year, not because he had earned his place through being one of the top drivers, as is usually the case, but by fortuitous circumstance.

        Burton’s lack of true class has only been further borne out in the years subsequent to 2009. At Mclaren he was comprehensibly out performed by first Hamilton and even by Perez last year. The only occasions in which he has been able to win races with the team have come when the weather has been changeable and he has been able to roll the dice on tyre choice.

        If any further proof were needed of Button’s lack of world class, it comes in his current situation. Button now finds himself in a Mclaren team that is clearly no longer one of the sport’s top teams. Meanwhile Hamilton finds himself sitting pretty in the Dominant works Mercedes; fluke? No. It has been clear for some time that Mercedes were a team on the up, and a team who were clearly going to be one of the leaders when it came to the new formula. Hamilton is merely following the usual path; finding himself where the best drivers usually find themselves; in the best car.

      19. C63 says:

        @ Red 5
        Excellent post, absolutely on the money in my opinion.

      20. For sure says:

        Button fans are some of the most delusional fans ever.
        Yes he did win a WDC with not only the best car but the car that was over 1 sec faster.
        No champion in the past 20 years got beat by guys who never won WDC like Fisichella and Rubens, it’s a fact.
        If you are a team principal, you would trade Button for Lewis, Alonso or Vettel.

        Don’t get me wrong he is a very good driver, just not a world class driver. There’s no reason to hate the guy.

      21. aveli says:

        those of you who don’t understand the value of button hear me out. after button’s first race schumacher looked him up and down while they waited to be weighed. he must’do seen something special in button. two teams fought over button’s services, a legal battle. he is 34 and has managed 250 races and still able to beat his younger teammates with ease except hamilton. he is a champion and a good one for that matter. stop the hate and see the facts as they are.

      22. Gaz Boy says:

        RE Red 5: You’re entitled to your opinion. However, in 2008 Kimi was one of the top 3 drivers in F1?????? Are you sure about that??? Comprehensively smashed in the gonads all season long by that chap called Felipe who oh so nearly won the 2008 WDC! In 2008 and 2009, Autocourse rated Kimi as 9th for both seasons. And even they were being generous. And at the end of 2009 Ferrari said, Kimi, on yer way son………..I may be wrong, but to claim Kimi’s performances in 2008 and 2009 were worthy of a Top 3 rating is extremely myopic.

      23. Elie says:

        @ Gaz Boy do you honestly believe a driver thats a WC in 2007 and rated by the greats as the fastest driver on the planet in. All of a sudden becomes nobody in 2008. Do you also think Felipe was the same driver in 2008 that he is now…. Really think about it mate..

      24. Red 5 says:

        Gaz Boy, I’m very relieved to hear that you think I’m entitled to my opinion, that means ever so much to me…..

        It’s interesting that you should only pick up on a minor detail in my post and one that is neither definitively quantifiable or indeed at all paramount to my overall argument. From your total silence on any of my key points, can one assume you are in reluctant agreement?

        Whether Kimi had been at the very top of his game in 2008 is neither here nor there, and whether he went on to have a good 2009 is totally irrelevant seeing as we are talking about the state of F1 at the end of 2008, in the context of whether Button had done enough at that point to be considered a top driver, and one who would have, in a normal situation, likely found himself in a dominant car.

        Kimi at the end of 2008 still had the number 1 on his car, having won the World Championship in a very good Ferrari just a year earlier. He had been brought in to lead the dominant team of the era to replace the dominant driver of the era because he was considered one of the very best and probably the outright fastest driver in the field at the time.

        With that in mind, I stand by my statement that as of the end of 2008, the best drivers in the sport were considered to be 2005 & 2006 world champion Fernando Alonso, 2007 World champion Kimi Raikkonen and 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

        Outside of those you also had Felipe Massa who, as you rightly pointed out, had just come off a very impressive 2008, totally justifying his position in a top team, as well as the in-from drivers of the moment who might also have reasonably expected to be drafted in to a traditional top team, notably Robert Kubica and Sebastian Vettel.

        That then adds up to there being AT LEAST 6 drivers who at the end of 2008 would have been considered of a higher caliber than Jenson Button, who had just come off a season where he had been beaten again by his teammate; the old man, number two, Barrichello.

        Thanks to fortuitous circumstances then, Jenson flukes his way in to the dominant car of 2009 and has an easy shot at the world title that his talent under normal circumstances would never have afforded. That is why he is probably the least deserving world champion in history and why in a recent list of the top 50 drivers in F1 history, he didn’t even make the list.

      25. Anil Parmar says:

        He was referring to Perez, not Lewis…I think!

      26. Carl Craven says:

        Michael, is Button not a WDC on your planet?

      27. Doug says:

        I thought Lewis was at his best today..but Button was showing well until his clutch issue…possible 3rd on the cards. To write JB off is to downplay Lewis’s skill..they are both top level drivers just like Alonso and Kimi…I’m still not convinced by Seb..he doesn’t seem to enjoy the close competition like Lewis and Jenson do!

      28. aveli says:

        now i’d love to see vettel and button in the same team.

      29. Doug says:

        So would I…I knoiw that JB would be up for it…mmm…not so sure about Seb though?! :-)

    2. C63 says:

      Sebastian team radio ‘ get me out of the way, I am too slow’ .

      1. Michael says:


      2. rad_g says:

        With all the respect to the man, he complied and even told them where he’s going to let him pass.

      3. aveli says:

        why do the redbull drivers have to ask for permission to pass their teammate? have they not learned from paddy lowe?

      4. Wayne says:

        I think he handled that with incredible maturity and team spirit. He complied without whining and even told them where it would happen to avoid any issues.

        The question is did he do that to save face (because he was going to get passed anyway) or did he do it for all the right reasons?

      5. grat says:

        I think he did it for the right reasons. He and Ricciardo were on different strategies, and there was no reason to hold up his teammate.

      6. Andrew M says:

        I agree, first likeable thing I’ve seen from Vettel for a long time.

      7. Mansell Mania says:

        Good one lol!

      8. Joel says:

        It was funny to see Seb’s excuse everytime Riccardo passes him, for ex., DRS is not working. But, I did see it work on his car later in the race.

      9. Yea. And gears not working too. The guy is being out classed by his team mate. Am glad I don’t have to see that stupid finger he used to bring out to say he is number one.

      10. Yak says:

        And I did also see it open briefly at the start of one of the straights and then close again long before it should have. Maybe it was sorted out later on, but it definitely was a problem.

    3. Paige says:

      The trouble with Checo has never been his speed and ability. The trouble has always been that he is completely schizophrenic from one race to the next. When he is on his day, he is bloody quick and puts in a top level performance. When he is not, he runs into everything in site. If he can pull off these kinds of performances consistently this year, especially as he is being measured against Hulkenberg, he will do himself some very big favors.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        Well said.
        Pastor also springs to mind – victory in Spain 2012, superb drive. What he has done since?
        Measured consistency is the key.

    4. Grant H says:

      Says a lot that seb moved over…good to see him putting team first after stuff like multi 21 gate last yr

      1. kenneth chapman says:

        hahaha did vettel really have any option? ricci was all over him like the proverbial rash.

        interesting to note that as soon as ricci blew him away he came on the radio stating that he was slow at the end of the straight!!

        but he still fought competetively until he realised that ricci was just too fast for him.

  3. mark01981 says:

    Driver of the day lewis! Best race in years.

    1. Grant H says:


      Lewis was pure world class today, best way to answer all the critics is with drives like that, awesome drive

      1. aveli says:

        6 years after winning a championship and not winning another, most drivers fade away like villenurve. not the best driver to have stepped foot in the sport. 44 just steps it up another level.

      2. Andre says:

        I would think that the best F1 driver ever to have stepped into the sport would not need 6 years… :)

      3. Lance Manion says:

        Give it a rest Aveli. Hamilton has the best car on the grid. He’s always been fast. I just hope to see the same people who gave no credit to Vettel the last 4 years and all credit to the car do the same here with Hamilton if he cruises to an easy WDC. This Mercedes looks as good as any car Vettel has driven.

      4. aveli says:

        @lance manion, why are you telling me what to do? are you in pain? is that how you cry? vettel is a very good driver but people can see through it all. redbull gave adrien newey shares in order for him to design them a fast car which doesn’t break down. mclaren refused to give him shares when he asked and he designed them a fast car which broke down at every opportunity.
        vettel was never paid much money by red bull. why do you think that is? hamilton on the other hand is paid a lot more? why is that?
        this is how hamilton started his race on pole, stayed ahead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MeTHySzddYand won.

    2. KRB says:

      Yes, indeed! What an amazing race, and not just between the two Merc drivers. Perez-Hulk, Vettel-Ricciardo, Massa-Bottas … multiple examples of teammates going wheel-to-wheel!

      I was cursing the bonehead Maldonado for causing the late safety car, thinking at the time that it had robbed us of a great finish to the strategic battle then unfolding between Hamilton on the softs and Rosberg on the mediums. I was certain that with them each having to swap to the other compound, that Rosberg would be able to easily get by on the faster options, with the SC having erased Lewis’ 9.5 sec lead. What I didn’t account for (or rather, didn’t account for enough) was Hamilton’s tenacity and sheer determination to win that bloody race! Absolutely AMAZING.

      1. Kenneth M'Boy says:

        The whole top 10 were drivers of the day. An amazing class of drivers, worth getting up to watch at 1am in Oz. But for me, Dan really proved he’s the real deal to the F1 world. Although a lot of us already knew that. I just wish Brian Johnston had of hit a high note and belted out Thunderstruck during the podium.

        Maldonado is a madman, I’ve said it before. He’s going to get someone really hurt one day and they need to get rid of him despite his money coming to teams. Way too much red mist when he sees someone in front of him. It’s moronic intimidation tactics that are supposed to make the other guy think twice the next time they race. Cheap club go karting stuff that no one respects. They should sit him down and make him watch that race to show him how real drivers with brains are supposed to race.

      2. KRB says:

        Ricciardo definitely had a great race, very happy to see him bag his first points. He’s been horribly done by, in the first two races.

        Yeah, having celebs like Johnson, and Benedict Cumberbatch last race, for the podium, is quite the incentive. I bet the drivers got an autograph. I certainly would if I was as close to such a rock icon.

    3. bob says:

      I think Hamilton should buy Rosberg a beer after that one – after all, Rosberg gifted him the race!

      INSIDE of turn 4 Nico – INSIDE!!!

      1. Truth says:

        And a BITTER for Bob I reckon. LOL

      2. TimW says:

        or a saucer of milk!

      3. kieran says:

        Haha, maybe he’s had one too many BITTERs.

      4. C63 says:

        One of the wittiest comments I have seen for a long time. Made me laugh out loud :-)

      5. aveli says:

        red bull and williams should stop interfering with the racing and allow the drivers to race like paddy lowe does.

      6. aveli says:

        yes hamilton is that good! So good that you don’t understand how he does it and yet refuse to admit that he is as good as he is. another genetic disorder?

      7. KRB says:

        Perhaps leave him your number on his website. I’m sure he never thought about going up the inside. ;-)

      8. Phil says:

        Gifted? You must have been watching a different race just 99% of us.

        Congratulations – you’re in the one percent.

      9. KRB says:

        bob, re-watch lap 53 please. Rosberg tried to take the inside line going through Turn 4. Hamilton knew it, and kept tight to the apex through there. Rosberg tried a few different attacks, but Hamilton read his book each time.

        If you’re too young for the reference, here’s a clip (amazing actor; amazing film):


  4. Anthony says:

    That was one of the best races I’ve ever seen – an absolute classic.

    I really hope this shuts up all the naysayers. This is shaping up to be one of the best ever seasons.

    1. Alan Green says:

      A race like that, after LdM’s Taxi Driver comment…

      1. Kramgp says:

        LDM will do well to keep quiet for a week or so. RBR should spend more time singing Rics praises and apologizing for costing him valuable points in the first 2races.
        Well managed merc. That’s a way better way to win fans and increase viewing figures than RBRs approach.

      2. bob says:

        The racing is mostly between teammates. Just look at the positions after the safety car: Teammates next to each other, because the car is a much bigger component this year than in the past.

      3. ferggsa says:

        This particular track (power track), and others like Monza, Mexico in the old days, bring out the cars differences, but I also think this year team mates are more even than in previous years, and pit walls are letting them race, at least for the time beign

        Should make for a fun season throughout the field

      4. David in Sydney says:

        I think Luca was actually referring to the F14T driving like a taxi…

      5. LT says:

        So true! LdM should focus on making a faster taxi

    2. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      So Safety Car should be mandatory… Just thinking.

      1. radohc says:

        don’t say it too loud, otherwise certain Mr. Ecc…

      2. Matthew Cheshire says:

        Bernie is probably drawing it up now. But it would have sprinklers on the back, a PA with V12 engine noise and Danica Patrick driving in a bikini.

      3. ngwe23 says:

        Ssshh. Don’t give them ideas!

      4. Tornillo Amarillo says:

        Well, tire change and tire-compound change are already mandatory, why not…

      5. Daniel says:

        Like NASCAR. There is a candy wrapper on the track, bring out the SC. While their at it they should then hose down the field and put everyone onto intermediates. LOL

    3. Rene says:

      great race if you like watching team-mates battling – not so much if you like close racing. Teams lined-up neatly without the safety car, too unevenly matched to fight each other…

  5. Sebee says:

    Just FYI, before you start giving the new formula credit for this exciting finish,  it should be noted that it was really thanks to the safety car and we have seen this before many times.  goferet can tell you how many times if needed.  Lewis was 10s ahead and was going to control this till the end like a game of Ms. Pac Man until SC came out.  What took so long for the SC by thr way?  Was Bert pinching a duce?  

    This MB is a 2s per lap faster space ship.  They opened up 20s to P3 in 10 laps!   

    Remember boys and girls, it’s not Lewis or Nico who’s winning this year.  It’s they boys in the engine shop! :-p.  

    1. Sebee says:

      Bernd not Bert.

    2. Anthony says:

      If you dislike F1 so much why do you watch it? There are plenty of other formula that seem better suited to your proclivities.

      1. SteveS says:

        You moaned about F1 for years. If you disliked it so much much why did you watch it?

    3. C63 says:

      Oh Sebee, you are almost as bitter as Christian and Newey. To be honest, I always thought you were better than that – still we live and learn I guess.
      Hey, I have an idea, why don’t you start supporting Mercedes, then you could enjoy the races again ;-)

      1. Alexander Supertramp says:

        Agree with you, sour grapes Seebee. Come on man!

      2. FerrariFan says:

        As a Ferrari and specially Alonso fan, that’s exactly what I am doing right now and its great. I can’t wait for more close battles between the two Mercedes drivers. I think if the Merc’s show the same kind of domination throughout the season, the team would allow the two to fight each other throughout the season and that will be classic.

      3. Sebee says:

        Not bitter. Just wondering what all these changes and a billion accomplished. Not my money so I don’t care that much but it would be nice to get something back.

        I guess what we did get is Hamilton winning, which is probably sufficient for many fans here.

      4. Matt H says:

        Everyone has there favourite driver and no one likes them losing but man that was entertaining stuff . Granted the safety car made it that way, but edge of the seat nonetheless. I’m sure vettel will be back up there soon to challenge the spaceship that is Mercedes but aside the engine the bulls still to me look aero wise a more solid package. I want Hamilton to win this no doubt but I hope nico pushes this hard all season. It’s so much more rewarding being hard fought! That’s not a dig at any of vettels champs either as some were equally hard

      5. Dazzler says:

        Well I’m happy. Many Hamilton fans have been frustrated in recent years because he rarely has the tools to fight with.

        Now there is a new world order and there are competitive fights for the wins. Not just for P8 like last year

        Long may that continue. Whoever is involved.

        Lewis now has a car to match his talent.

      6. C63 says:

        Not bitter. Really? You could have fooled me. Your disappointment that the race was so exciting is palpable.
        Not sure what you mean by ‘nice to get something back’. Maybe when you are completing your journeys in the same time and using 35% less fuel you will consider that you got something back.

      7. timw says:

        Sebee, the changes were brought in to make f1 more relevant. Every sport has to move with the times and F1 couldn’t carry on with the big banger gas guzzling engines of the past. The benefits of the changes are a reduction in aero dependence, meaning the cars can run closer together and a big increase in torque making the cars more of a handfull to drive. It was a great race today and there wil be more, there will also be dull races, just as there has always been.

      8. Sebee says:

        C63, I think you’re a bigger Hamilton fan than I am a Vettel fan. Seriously. But not like you hide it. Since you’re rocking a C63 in your silver jacket I just want you to know that you won’t find me in an Infiniti drinking a Red Bull.

        Also, I survived 2008 just fine.

      9. C63 says:

        Since you’re rocking a C63 in your silver jacket….

        Half right. I have never purchased any team wear, not even a cap, I always think it’s a rip off.

      10. timw says:

        Ive never bought any team merch either, but those Williams caps are very tempting…

    4. Ed Bone says:

      Of course it was. Maybe the boys in the engine shop should drive the cars too.

      1. Sebee says:

        Just pointing out what I’ve been hearing last few seasons. It’s funny a bit how now a shoe is on the other foot and those views are gone about as fast as a Mercedes into the lead.

        Like Lewis is winning, not the car. But Newey was winning not Vettel.

        Or RBR domination was boring, but 2s per lap MB domination likes of which RBR never achieved is exciting.

        I find that funny. Let’s check the temperature and ratings by 10th GP when Mercedes wins WCC in Germany.

      2. NickH says:

        It was a brilliant race, hats off to Mercedes for letting them race lights to flag and for giving us what is going to be an almighty scrap for the championship. Well done Mercedes.

        Ferrari oh dear.

      3. bob says:

        I completely agree Sebee!

        It’s the same crap we’ve been hearing from Hamilton fans for years.

        Button wins – only cause he had the best car.
        Vettel wins – only cause he had the best car.
        Hamilton wins – cause he’s the best driver ever.

        We’ll just forget that Hamilton is now driving the most dominant car in F1 history since the McLaren MP4/4…

      4. Robbie says:

        Bob and Sebee.

        Button wins – His Aging teammate is THE no2 and no challenge.
        Vettel wins – His Aging teammate is forced to be the no2 by RBR and he loses his fight after 2010.
        Hamilton wins by beating a teammate faster than him on the day with superior race-craft.

        Try actually watching the racing, if you can, instead of sucking on your lemons when Vettel fails to get into Q3 and is passed fair and square by RIC.

      5. timw says:

        They had 2 seconds over the force india at this track for one part of the race, the real gap is around a second, it will very between different circuits, but it isn’t out of the question that Red Bull could close, they just need Renault to bring a few more bhp.

      6. Gazza says:

        Off course Lewis is wining because he has the fastest car, don,t let some if his more star struck fans wind you up.

        I have always been a Hamilton fan because I believe he is the best seat of your pants driver out there. He is not perfect by a long way but when he,s in the groove he is pound for pound the most exiting driver to watch.

        For what it’s worth I think Vettel is a very deserving champion, he has just never captured my imagination in the same way,

        Perhaps it’s my natural British bias.

      7. L.B says:

        Is Hamilton winning because of the car? Yes, definitely. But he’s not being favored and he has a team mate who can keep him honest throughout the race unlike Vettel in previous years which is why RBR domination was boring. Also Hamilton’s class has already been certified (He matched a double world champ in his first season). Vettel’s has not.

      8. Dazzler says:

        Bob, Sebee

        You people are being very bitter.

        You are going to have to learn how to accept defeat.

        I’m going to enjoy watching Vettel losing his crown.

        Vettel is a class act and living legend but he was never massively more talented or faster than Kimi, Hamilton and Alonso and he has been very fortunate up till now.

        What F1 needed was competition and we are getting that this year.

        Red Bull deserved their success and now Mercedes are worthy of theirs.

        Yes the Mercedes domination is bigger than any advantage since early 1998, but Rosberg and Hamilton cant do anything about that.

        At least they are permitted equal status.
        The RBR domination was boring.Simple.

        The Mercedes domination will be boring at times this season but nothing about Bahrain 2014 was boring. Even you Sebee will have to agree with that.

        You Hamilton haters are getting what is due.

      9. Ed Bone says:

        Sebee, although you may not have noticed, Rosberg had the same car as Lewis on Sunday.

    5. Grant H says:

      Another red bull fan?

    6. Michael says:

      @ Sebee I have a feeling you’re going to have a very long long year. lol

      1. Sebee says:

        At least my hearing will remain undamaged by season end. My audiologist has been urging me to quit F1, now he will think I “listened” to him!

      2. Tad says:

        Please close the door on your way out. I am new for f1 but I remember all your posts the past years. I don’t usually respond to your comments but wishes to see your reaction when your boy is unable to beat a better teammate on average car.
        Bring on china! Can’t work, can’t think of other thing?
        James, do you think there may be some change to the rule to close the gap? Like engine upgrade for Renault & Ferrari

    7. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:

      “This MB is a 2s per lap faster space ship. They opened up 20s to P3 in 10 laps!”

      I did not hear you saying the same thing when that same thing hapenned with Vettel.

      Where were you, Seebe???

    8. Quade says:

      Funny stuff! Just as Ricciardo seems to be revealing a few truths that aren’t engine related too! :)

      thank goodness we can now see wheel to wheel racing from start to finish now that the wretched tyres we had in the last few seasons are GONE.

      This race was a classic from start to finish. Just incredible!

      1. Andre says:

        Oh yes ofcourse Webber never passed or finished before Vettel.

        Judgement on one race..my dear god.

    9. KRB says:

      Sebee, you can’t be serious! Even without the SC, it would still be an amazing race. Before the SC, I was under the assumption that the lap difference between the option and prime was 0.5s/lap, which was less than expected, but still large enough to have made the last stint an interesting battle.

      You are looking at it in hindsight and just saying it was all pre-ordained to happen the way it did. Nothing could be further from the truth!

      At the time of the SC, I was sure that we were robbed of an interesting finish (how wrong I was!).

      The Merc is incredibly fast, you are right. It was just over 2 sec/lap faster after the SC, you’re right. The designers and engineers at Mercedes and Merc HPP no doubt deserve huge kudo’s for this car. I was glad to see Aldo Costa – the Ferrari scapegoat for their 2011 car – up on the podium accepting the Constructors’ trophy.

      But Sebee, who won that race today??? Who found themselves 10 laps from the finish with their teammate right behind them, in the same car, but with the faster tires? Do you for a moment believe that Nico didn’t think “it’s mine now” in his helmet after the SC erased Hamilton’s 9.5s advantage?

      Give credit where it’s due. It can only be to your credit to do so.

      1. Sebee says:


        Fine, you dragged it out of me. :-) You are right that when SC came out Nico surely thought the race came to him.

        And yes, Lewis drove clean, left room and read each play perfectly. Kept the charging Nico in P2 even though the latter had benefit of DRS and faster rubber. It was 10 laps in a pressure cooker and Lewis didn’t put a wheel an inch off. These are facts.

        You really think we would have had that finish without SC? I doubt it very much. I can’t believe how in battle mode the MBs left the grid 20s back in 10 laps. They will lap P3 at Monza.

      2. KRB says:

        Thanks for that … I was starting to worry about you, thinking you’d crossed to the dark side.

        As for the finish, at the time I (and I assume most others) didn’t know! I thought if the option is 0.50-0.65 sec/lap faster, and they switch (HAM to Med; ROS to soft) with 17 laps to go, that we would be in for a storming finish. Of course in hindsight it’s clear that w/o the SC that Lewis would’ve won comfortably. I guess Rosberg technically was fine to run to the end w/o another pitstop, but I don’t know if that was ever part of the plan.

        Not sure if they’ll be that far ahead at Monza. They’ll be quicker than most through the Lesmos, but otherwise the Merc-powered cars will be closer than they were here. The Renault-powered cars, on current power, would be way down, although the Red Bull will be good getting around Parabolica and onto the power sooner than most.

      3. Sebee says:


        Mercedes engine in P3 car as well that was 25s back.

      4. C63 says:

        I can’t believe how in battle mode the MBs left the grid 20s back in 10 laps…

        Superb line :-)

    10. Kingszito says:

      @Seebe, c’mon admit it. This was the best race we have seen the past four years. Lewis and Nico raced each other from start to finish. It was always going to end like it did between Lewis and Nico, though might not have been so intense without the safety car.

      There was battle up and down the grid. This is a slap in the face for all the critics of the new formula. Many thanks to Mercedes for letting both of their drivers to race. This race is a box-office material. Lewis, Nico and all the drivers got me saying wow! Wow all race long.

      I enjoyed it.

      1. Sebee says:

        What are you talking about? Safety car made that ending possible. Lewis was working on his meal schedule for the week after the first pitstop. If SC do didn’t come out it would have been a Vettelesque GP with Lewis showing how it’s done.

      2. James Allen says:

        Disagree, It would have been very close at the end without SC.

        Rosberg on faster tyre would have caught Hamilton just before the end. I’ve been through it with Merc strategy guys

      3. Sebee says:

        If he was going to gap 10s+ due to tire James, where was that speed differential after restart? Rosberg had benefit of DRS and soft rubber and couldn’t pass. If the speed differential was that high he would have breezed by in a DRS zone by staying close in pre DRS section thanks to tire. No?

      4. SaScha says:

        @James Allen, Hamilton had a gap from more than 10 sec. The soft tyres was said to be 0,5 sec faster a lap, how would it have added up with 17 laps to go?
        You and Nicos engineers made a mistake at thinking Hamilton would wear out his soft tyres faster in the 2nd stint, but he kept them alive for 20 laps and still was able to push. This was the crux where the Rosberg strategy failed

      5. TimW says:

        Sebee, he would have caught him but would have had just as much difficulty in getting by, the sc gave us 10 laps of Merec battling but we would still have had 2 or 3, don’t forget the stops would have been on different laps without the sc.

      6. Ed Bone says:

        Sebee, you need to listen James, he is a zillion times better informed than you.

        Also, drop your obsession that it’s the cars that win races on their own, it’s not.

        Best car + best team + best strategy + best driver + best luck = winner.

      7. NickH says:

        Sebee obviously knows better than the Merc strategists! :)

      8. Richard says:

        James Allen: While I agree Rosberg would have caught Hamilton at the end, it would have been less close than it was and we would not have seen that immaculate and extended defence we did see. Beyond that because the track had rubbered in it drastically reduced the gap between the soft and medium compounds, and of course Rosbergs soft tyres would have lost their edge in just the same way so I think the result we would have seen would have been more lightly that than the one we did. Marvellous race, quite outstanding!

      9. Rene says:

        so exciting! maybe at the next race only the 2 mercs schould race, like that fantastic race in the USA a couple of years back! who cares about the rest of the field, this new f1 is almost as great as that race was!

      10. Sebee says:

        BTW….so many exciting races last 4 years. Let’s start a list right here:

      11. bob says:

        It was a great race, but I’m sorry, Canada 2011 still beats it!

      12. Alex Butters says:

        Yes going to be very difficult to choose a driver of the day yet again!

        So many F1 / Gp2 / Gp3 etc champions on the grid this year,very very high quality racing throughout the whole field…

        I am a huge Lewis fan – but I do hope this season doesn’t into a red bull style domination – come on Ferrari Red Bull Mclaren etc sort your cars out and give them some competition?

      13. Elie says:

        Im with Sebee here. what are we missing James , Lewis kept Nico at bay on fresh softs and no margin – why would Nico have more chance with worn softs against worn Mediums AND 10 sec further behind- it makes no sense-why are Merc strategists saying this ? Thanks

      14. James Allen says:

        Because the softs were around 0.7s -0.8s a lap faster, plus mediums had warm up issues for a lap or two.

        With no safety car they would have pitted with 10 seconds or so to go and Rosberg would have caught him, if Ham didn’t have at least 9/10 secs lead

      15. SaScha says:

        Hamilton had a 13 sec lead before the SC and he had no issues to warm the tyres up. As niki Lauda said after the race, Lewis was able to put so much heat in the medium tyres to be able to go almost as fast as on the soft tyres

      16. SaScha says:

        yes, in the end Lewis had NO gap, and Nico WAS on the faster tyres, how can we assume it would have been easier for Nico with a 10 sec gap? Lewis to trundle around & wait till Rosberg finally catched up?

      17. aveli says:

        rosberg wouldn’t caught hamilton up had the safety not been deployed and we would’ve seen the same show as hamilton put on for us.

      18. Elie says:

        Thanks James but 1 or 2 laps warming up a medium tyre (& warming up softs) arent going to cost you10 sec are they..Further, during the race we were seeing some teams 1-2 sec between the Softs and the Mediums. Even using yours/mercs .8sec diff Nico would have needed 12.5 laps just catch Lewis if they pitted with 10 laps remaining-Game Over. If he was that much faster he should have passed him within a few laps of the safety car.

        Engineers and teams can sit & calculate laps times and deg rates etc. But they cannot determine what drivers do when they are fighting to win!.

        I cant believe anyone could suggest Nico had a hope with a 10 sec gap after what we saw on Sund. Something is not right here…

      19. James Allen says:

        Well that is from Ham’s engineers at Merc, so if that is not good enough for you, I give up

      20. Mike Martin says:

        Closing a 10 second gap in free air is much faster than wheel to wheel racing. Nico lost lots of time with his charging(and overheating the tires in the process). If Nico would had got in front he would be breezing away with ease.

        Suck it up guys. This was a 100 meter sprint race between Usain Bolt and Michael Jordan and Jordan actually miraculously won it.

        Don’t belittle such a great day and race.

      21. Elie says:

        Appreciate your feedback as always James & .if this advise from Merc was before the safety car we would all be happily agreeing with it. But like I said After what we saw what Lewis did – do you believe it….. You dont think it has something to do with Mercedes being German and trying to keep a level support for its drivers…i?! Its getting a bit silly- he got walloped by Lewis twice during that race- jumped at the first pit stop and again on the harder tyre.. Mercedes are playing it down.. Would of.. Could of.. Should of.. But didnt & Nico showed how much he got exposed in the post race – that was clear for all to see.. He will have his days too.. But trust me they will be much less from here on in.. Its a huge psychological blow

      22. Elie says:

        @Mike Martin- and what do you think would have happened to Nicos Soft tyres driving flat out for 13 laps trying to make up 10 + sec??. & once he got into dirty air after 13 laps – how easy do you think it would have been to pass on completely shod soft tyres — Comeon guys – Use some sense for gods sake!

    11. Andrew M says:

      It’s not Mercedes’ fault that Red Bull have had their, how would Herr Vettel say it, “balls in the pool”.

      1. Alexander Supertramp says:

        Hahaha, boomerang!

    12. Cheesypoof69 says:

      So let me get this straight Sebee, Mercedes are 2 seconds a lap faster? That’s not one but two fingers in the air, right?

      1. Sebee says:

        How many laps after safety car?

        What is the gap to P3?

        Thank you.

      2. Cheesypoof69 says:

        Maybe you should change your name to Mercedee, Lewee or Nicky. Problem solved :P

      3. Sebee says:

        You’ve got a fat lady singing somewhere? I was Sebee when Schumi was winning I am Sebee today, I will be tomorrow!

        Be honest, would it not be a cheesy move by me to name myself Lewee, after 3 GPs too? ;-)

    13. Gazza says:

      Oh come on Seebee your negativity is unbecoming.!

      I thought you were better than that.

      Besides what went on behind the Mercs was also brilliant wheel to wheel action the whole race, and not just because of DRS.

    14. Sammy says:

      Exactly my thoughts too.
      Thanks Maldonado, thanks safety car and thanks Mercedes for letting them have a go at each other for 3 laps.

    15. Sven says:

      Exactly, mow we saw the real pace of the Mercedes.
      2 seconds faster than anything else. Both in the first stint and after the pace car.

    16. Rich B says:

      I sense another red bull man throwing his toys out of the pram :-)

    17. dzolve says:

      I’m beginning to think the Red Bull’s would actually have been 2s a lap quicker themselves in recent years had they had a decent driver!

      1. H.Guderian says:


      2. Joe B says:

        Lol’d at that!

    18. Mike Martin says:

      Hey, look everybody….it’s a Vettel fan. Quickly grab your photo camera before they get extinct.

      “Riccardo is faster then you”…PRICELESS!!

      1. C63 says:

        Imagine if a Martian landed on Earth this season. I wonder if they would rate Vetell as a top driver? Just goes to prove, if proof were needed, that it was all down to the car after all.

      2. Andre says:

        I guess you missed some of his brilliant moves in this race.
        SC ruined Vettel’s race as his two stop strategy was killed.

        Oh btw. Why do you even watch F1?

      3. rob says:

        If a “Martian” or any creature whatever, from wherever in the universe visited the planet known locally as Earth, He, she, or it would shake his, her, or it’s head, or whatever it had to shake, at the behaviour of the “prime” species on the third rock, and fly away laughing. (or whatever such a person/creature/monster/nice person would do to express contempt for grown men chasing each other around in circles in funny looking chariots, and others paying money to watch!…..We like it though. GO DANIEL1

      4. C63 says:

        SC ruined LH strategy as well. So what is your point?
        As regards why I watch F1. Odd question, was it rhetorical?

      5. Andre says:

        My point is simple, he was on a 2 stopper unlike many around him. So the SC ruined his strategy. I’m not talking about LH.

        The question is not odd.

        If someone speaks about an F1 driver in the matter that you do, why do you even watch it.

        A little childish isn’t it?

      6. C63 says:

        If someone speaks about an F1 driver in the matter that you do, why do you even watch it. (Sic)

        If I understand you correctly, it would appear you are questioning why I watch F1 because you happen to disapprove of one of my comments. I still think your question was odd. If I had said something, like ”this new formula stinks, no racing, boring etc’ then you would have a point. But I didn’t say that. I made a light hearted remark implying that Vetell is not looking so impressive this season. You disagree, your entitled to your opinion but, unfortunately for you – so am I :-)

    19. aveli says:

      it must be a genetic disorder. the evidence right in your face and you go to look for things from the dark? incident occur in races and the drivers drive accordingly. the conditions were the same for all the drivers and those who could deal with those conditions better than the rest, did.
      i hoped we’d have a great race today and we certainly did!

    20. FerrariFan says:

      It was a great race even before the safety car. The first stint battle between the two Mercs was as intense as the last 10 laps.

    21. BW says:

      Sorry for you to have missed most of the race, as you must have undoubtedly come around lap 40.

    22. rad_g says:

      The stupid rule that allows lapped drivers un-lap themselves.

      1. neilmurg says:

        As they said in the commentary, the point of the rule is so the competitors on track can race without lapped drivers in the way. Admittedly it was more of a problem in the era when overtaking was more difficult. But not many here seem to remember the racing then, when it could be really boring. One of the great fixes was DRS, and some people still whine about that.
        I think it’s important to remember that in F1 a safety car is exactly that, not an artificial way to spice up the racing, if it’s needed it’s used, props to Charlie. Some win and some lose when it’s deployed, which is a shame for the losers, but F1 is safer for it.

      2. NickH says:

        Yeah it’s makes sense to let them unlap themselves so they get out of the way but they shouldn’t have to wait till they rejoin the back of the pack as it takes too long

      3. KRB says:

        With the max fuel limit now (100kg/race), perhaps what they should do now instead is have all lapped cars just drop back to the back of the SC line, but now those cars would only be allowed to use (race_laps-1/race_laps)*100 kg’s of fuel for their race.

        Ok, they would get the benefit of one less lap of tire wear, but the fuel restriction should make sure that no lapped car benefits (anymore than any other car might with a SC). It certainly wouldn’t take as long as it does now, any time the SC comes out.

      4. OldIron says:

        I’m with KRB (was thinking the same after the race, oddly). Just drop the backmarkers to the back of the line – they don’t even need to wait for the queue to form up for that, just let people move through to the race order position. It would be way faster than faffing around letting them drive through the queue of faster cars after waiting for the queue to form.

        More radically, I was also thinking just have them pull into the pits out of the way, but thats (possibly) a bit harsh :). More seriously, if merc ever drive at full speed the whole race, it might remove a large portion of the field.

      5. neilmurg says:

        KRB, oldiron, rad_g
        terrific, you want a rule change, thanks for sharing.
        Except it won’t change this race, or any race sooo why not talk about the race instead?

      6. KRB says:

        @neilmurg, snarkiness will get you everywhere. ;-)

      7. neilmurg says:

        yeah, it was wasn’t it (I had to look up snarky), oops

    23. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      It’s not Lewis? But Lewis beat ROSBERG in inferior tires.

      But sure Vettel was number 1 before so yes, it was Newey in that case.

      1. David in Sydney says:

        They were not inferior tyres – the team itself told Rosberg that the speed differential between the two tyres was not what they had thought (i.e. the softer tyres were not faster).

        Hamilton had another masterful race and Rosberg was behind. Still leading the Championship but for how long..?

      2. Tornillo Amarillo says:

        Well if it was not what they had thought, maybe it WERE faster but not that faster (i.e. 0,6 seconds faster)… Who knows how faster, but it seems they were faster anyway…

    24. My Dad's Harder Than Yours says:

      It’s incredibly embarrassing to see how Ferrari and Red Bull are whining about the rules in an effort to corrupt the competition, just because Mercedes have comprehensively beaten them in the engineering battle. Glad today’s race was such a cracker and glad to see Mercedes allowing their drivers to race from lights to flag, very refreshing.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        Imagine if they had taken each other out? Or could that happen in the near future? In only takes a locked front wheel from the car behind running closely to his team-mate and…………..

      2. Andrew M says:

        Then they would have shrugged, still led both championships comfortably and won the next 16 races.

    25. Anil Parmar says:

      There were still plenty of battles to watch out for without the safety car though, as some teams tried 2 stops and some tried 3. The battle for 3rd was fantastic as both Force India and Williams showed pace and the fight for the win would have gone on until the end.

    26. zx6dude says:

      lol. when it was Vettel running away with it, it wasn’t just the car! now someone else is doing it and it is the “engine shop”!

    27. surya kumar says:

      Did you not watch the first part of the race then. The team mate battles at FI Williams ferrari and Red Bull. .Some people cannot like anything.

      1. James Clayton says:

        Did anybody else hear Massa get on the radio to his team complaining that Botass’ (who was in front of him) tires were finished… basically asking the team to move Bottas out the way? Did nobody else see the hypocrisy in that message after the events of Malaysia??

      2. TimW says:

        I noticed that, Felipe really shot himself in the foot in Malaysia didn’t he? Obviously it would have been the right thing to do to let Massa through at that point but why would the team risk upsetting Valterri? No point asking him anyway, clearly there is no way Bottas would have let him through.

    28. aezy_doc says:

      Even prior to the safety car it was still a decent race. Crashtor helped make it a classic.

    29. Tyemz says:

      Not exactly objective from you this time around Mr Sebee. Split tyre strategies in the second stint meant that the racing between the two was going to be interesting at the end, even without the safety car as Rosberg was going to use the faster softs against Lewis’ slower mediums.

      1. Sebee says:

        10s gap? Come on…

    30. bmg says:

      Agree, opened up a 20 second gap in 10 laps. FIA need to bring them back to the field some how.

      1. NickH says:

        Why?! They’ve done a better job than the others

      2. KRB says:

        Should RBR be made to hand back their last 9 wins from 2013, as Merc and the others stopped developing and moved their resources to their 2014 cars?

        These regulations were initially supposed to come in for the 2013 season, so perhaps they should hand back all 13 wins from last year?

        Merc prepared for 2014, and clearly prepared better than most. Arbitrarily punishing them for foregoing late-2013 to reap rewards in 2014 would be more than a little unfair, no?

      3. bmg says:

        Good point.

    31. aveli says:

      if it rained you’d have said is the rain, if there was a sand storm you’d have said it was the sand storm. it was a race and it is normal for the safety car to be deployed for a damaged car to be removed from the track following a crash. rosberg and hamilton drove the cars. so did ricciardo, perez, vettel,hulkinberg, massa, bottas and co.
      the drivers did their job in an exciting manner not the safety car. did you hear how hamilton whipped up the crowed into a frenzy?

    32. Doug says:

      Twas a great race before the safety car!
      The merc end dual was just the icing on an already delicious cake! :-)

    33. Joost says:

      Sebee, sssssssst.

  6. dren says:

    Just wow…all I can say. I like the new formula although it seems most that post on here don’t, but after this race it will be hard for anyone to be a critic. Excellent racing between teammates in several teams. Vettel looks to have his hands full. Raikkonen looked stronger this race even with the Magnussen issue yet again. The racing up front between the Mercedes was great and classy at the same time. All around a very exciting race.

    1. FerrariFan says:

      Is it me or did everyone feel the sound of the cars at least in the TV coverage improved this grand prix? I dont mind it its sounds good to me and that shouldn’t be the reason for Luca and Dieter to take F1 back into the stone age.

      1. Tyemz says:

        It’s not you. Could be me and you though. I felt the sound was greatly improved on TV.

      2. Tornillo Amarillo says:

        Yes, sound engineers could be great, in fact they put sound to electric sport cars…

      3. Monza 71 says:

        The sound would undoubtedly have been better after the safety car because everyone remaining in the race would have had enough fuel to run flat out.

        Instead of using 11,000rpm and coasting, as they have to do when fueled for an economy run, they could use the whole 15,000rpm.

        The one thing they can do to improve the spectacle for every race is to insist the cars all start every race with a minimum amount of fuel to enable them to run flat out ( within the 100 litres/hr fuel flow limit ).

  7. P says:

    f1 is still amazing…
    i hope they don’t change anything midway…please not again

    1. Grant H says:

      They wont be able to change it now, that will silence all the no sayers!!!

      1. Red Rider says:

        Maybe Maldonado just saved the new formula from the cry babies, i.e. Bernie, the Bulls, and Montezemolo. At the same instant he came close to giving Gutierrez a massive headache plus.

  8. Sebee says:

    Do you guys think P2 slot has an advantage over pole at this track? Or is at least as good as pole slot?

    1. Andrew M says:

      I agree with you to some extent, I don’t like it when pole has the outside line into turn 1. I did thing Rosberg was a bit too polite, Hamilton certainly didn’t return the favour later in the race!

      1. Alexander Supertramp says:

        Rosberg should have set himself up for a counter attack in turn 2 (using the Merc’s traction). Lewis did this 3 or 4 times!

      2. Andrew M says:

        Yeah, it’s remarkable that Nico speaks fourteen different languages but has never heard the phrase “park it on the apex”.

    2. C63 says:

      If your name is Lewis Hamilton and you occupy P2 slot it would appear that it is not a disadvantage :-)

    3. KRB says:

      Grid positions for the winners of the Bahrain GP:

      P1 – 4
      P2 – 3
      P3 – 1
      P4 – 2

      The other times that P2 has won though, the pole car didn’t have the race pace to compete for the win. Last year, Vettel won as Rosberg tumbled down the order, to finish 9th. In 2008, Massa passed Kubica on the first lap, and Raikkonen in the other Ferrari was past two laps later.

      This year, the pole car had at least as good race pace as the P2 race winner, and possibly better.

    4. aveli says:

      if you weren’t aware, it was the driver in the 44car which made that difference. if you are not sure, you can see evidence of hamilton’s starts from formula 3, gp2 through to f1(2007&8). consistent ballistic starts.
      don’t cry too much.

    5. Rich B says:

      in both gp2 races the pole man had a bad start

      1. aveli says:

        how about after the start and when hamilton got i front of hamilton, what advantage did hamilton have then? he was directly behind rosberg and yet managed passed him on the slower tyre. pleas tell me about that advantage.

      2. James Clayton says:

        Wait, what? Hamilton got in front of Hamilton who was directly behind Rosberg? Ouch it’s going to take some time to get my head around that one! :)

      3. Richard says:

        Steady on fella, over reaction to a simple fact.
        Sorry I’m not really sure what you mean with ‘Hamilton got in front of Hamilton what advantage did Hamilton have then?’ I merely stated the drivers on pole in gp2 didn’t start well ie from a standing start, suggesting p2 might’ve had better traction to launch off. Note I say might.

      4. aveli says:

        james clayton, have you never made a mistake? you know what I meant and am sure you could focus on the topic if you had a stronger argument but simply because you don’t have a strong argument, you divert your attention on my error hoping to win that at least.

    6. David in Sydney says:

      I got the sense that P2 was better than P1 and it explains Hamilton being happy in the post qualifying press conference where he said, among other things, that he was happy…

      1. NickH says:

        No, most races won from pole in Bahrain. Why is it so unfathomable that Lewis just got a better start?!

    7. James Clayton says:

      I’ve noticed that Hamilton seems to sacrifice phase 1 of his start to get a bigger speed advantage in the second phase. In Malaysia his initial getaway was slow but then he bolted away. I found it interesting that it also appeared to work here when starting from p2.

  9. Matt says:

    What an exciting race to watch. So many battles throughout the field. I only wish I had DVR so I could rewatch! So many great moves and drives. Perez drove exceptionally. Ricciardo did a stellar job to pass Vettel and climb up to fight for the podium. The Williams boys were in there swinging too. Ferrari looked pretty sad. Vettel looks to really be struggling. Hulkenberg was flying too, some really nice moves. I’m thrilled. What fun!

    1. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      It looks like the last tires didn’t work well for HULK, but he is undoubtedly in the top.

    2. neilmurg says:

      I do :P

  10. dazzle says:

    Strike Two – Lewis Hamilton

    1. My Dad's Harder Than Yours says:

      Maybe Lewis is a Time Lord?

      He certainly bent the laws of space and time today!

  11. Tom Power says:

    Yes great race. I gambled on an expensive Now TV pass to watch live. Today it was well worth it. Well done Mercedes for giving us a great race.

    1. Grant H says:

      Amazing race, funny i used to call this travk borain!!! Not this yr

  12. Mitchel says:

    Is anyone feeling they were a little quick to judge F1 2014?

    1. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      Whenever Maldonado is in the grid, F1-SC version will be great.

      1. bob says:

        Cars need a few very small explosive charges, just enough to hurt a car, but be safe for the pilot. Then we can have Maldonado stop racing, and instead, sit in a room full of buttons: Each button detonates one charte, causing an accident and a safety car.

        He can then maldonado people at his heart’s content without posing as a race driver.

      2. dzolve says:

        Taxi for Bob

      3. Red Rider says:


  13. SteveS says:

    Bahrain was the most exciting of the early season races last year as well. I don’t know why so many people criticize this track.

    Newey was prescient in his criticism of the new low noses. With last years noses Gutierrez would not have been flipped upside down like that.

    It’s not too early to start talking about where the W05 ranks in the pantheon of “Greatest F1 Cars”. The F2004 managed seven 1-2 finishes but the W05 seems certain to completely obliterate that mark. They really showed their pace after the safety car, blitzing the rest of the field by about two seconds per lap.

    I’ve predicted that Lotus and Caterham will drop out of F1 this season. A few more races like this and Ferrari may join them.

    1. C63 says:

      Ferrari drop out of F1. Lol.
      To be truthful with you, that was funnier than when Ricciardo overtook Vetell. Priceless!

      1. timw says:

        Oh I don’t know, Dan putting manners on Seb was the funniest thing I have seen in years!

    2. KRB says:

      I still think it’s too early, as it’s only 3 races in. But just looking at the three races in isolation, it is indeed a beast of a car. If the present gap persists through the season, and the reliability is decent, then yes, it will be one of the best-ever cars.

      The last time a constructor has won the first three races of a season was the 2006 Renault. Ok, the Brawn did win 6 of the first 7 in 2009, and RBR won 6 of the first 8 in 2011, but neither won the first 3.

      The F2004 won 12 of the first 13 races, and had eight (not seven) 1-2′s. The F2002 had nine 1-2′s. McLaren’s MP4-4 had ten 1-2′s in 1988, in 16 races! That is the most ever.

    3. FerrariFan says:

      The Lotus proved to be the best fork lift out there flipping the Sauber like a pancake.

      On a serious not, I hope the driver is safe. I am puzzled by Maldonado’s penalty for the incident. I saw it as two drivers taking two drastically different lines in the wide open Tilke track. Four cars could take four different lines in these tracks. If anyone needs to be penalized, it must be the bright brains that came up with the rules that created the fork lift and proboscis cars.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        Perhaps a new career beckons for Pastor as a fork-lift driver in a warehouse?

      2. RichyS says:

        A warehouse with a decent insurance policy on its stock.

      3. timw says:

        As a former fork lift driver I cansay he lack s the skills and spatial awareness even for that job!

      4. kenneth chapman says:

        hey gaz boy, so your outraged moral senses deserted you and you did watch the race after all?

      5. Gaz Boy says:

        Kenneth, no it didn’t – I read the report on the BBC website. I didn’t watch the race, even though apparently it was exciting.
        Imagine how exciting F1 will be on proper tracks like Montreal and Silverstone eh?

      6. C63 says:

        It wasn’t the nose of the Lotus that flipped the Sauber. They showed it on sky and it was wheel to wheel contact that caused the Sauber to flip.

      7. Chuck 32 says:

        FINALLY. thank you C63 for looking at the incident with open eyes (and slow motion DVR) IMO it took two mistakes to cause that accident. first Gutierrez saw Maldonado coming out of the pits and should have checked his right side mirrors to locate the guy. Maldonado simple had no chance of making it inside the Sauber and should have reacted to Estaban coming down hard into the corner as the Sauber was in plain site right in left-center of his field of vision. The rotating tires touched, nothing to do with the Lotus forked nose.
        Poor driving by Pastor, Avoidable accident for Estaban.

      8. TimW says:

        Pastor wouldn’t have appeared in Esteban’s mirrors, the Lotus was too far to the right.

    4. Dazzler says:

      The Gutierrez/Maldonado incident was not anything to do with the noses. The tyres touched.

      1. Red Rider says:

        Yes, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a funny story.

    5. Quade says:

      It wasn’t the nose that flipped Guthierez. He rode over Maldonado’s rear wheel. Or should I say Malfunctionado as someone dubbed him elsewhere? :)

      1. aezy_doc says:

        Mal-ice-donado? Mal-practice-donado? Mal-adjusted-donado? Mal-aise-donado?

      2. NickH says:

        ‘Mal-practice-donado’ hahaha

      3. Quade says:

        I meant his rear wheel rode over Maldonado’s front wheel.


    6. Bob says:

      I don’t think the new nose had anything to do with Gutierrez flipping. if you look closely the flip happens because his rear right wheel hits the back of Maldonado’s front left and with all that power going down throws the right side of the car into the air

      1. FerrariFan says:

        Hey Guys. Thanks for the clarification. Sadly here in Canada, I think we get borrowed footage from BBC. We got a couple of replays but no close shots showing what actually happened. Also it was pathetic that when there was so much action happening up front in the final laps they were keen on showing Button driving slowly into the garage.

  14. Anil Parmar says:

    As soon as the safety car came out, I knew we’d be in for a thrilling finale and it certainly delivered.

    Firstly, great race from Lewis to hold off Nico; their battles were fair and clean whilst they really push each other for every inch of the race track. Also, the pace of the Mercedes on fresh tyres at the end was unbelievable.

    Secondly, great news for Force India and they deserve it; they were mighty all weekend and it’s great to see Perez smiling after a tough 2013.

    Vettel had a weekend to forgot, beaten by his team mate who had a 10 place grid penalty.

    As for Ferrari, their software update for Spain better do the track because their performance onto the straights is horrible but what is worse is their severe lack of speed come the end of the straights.

    1. Grant H says:

      Haha im a ham fan and when the safety car came out i thought lewis had no chance on the primes, its drives like that which prove ges worth every penny

      1. C63 says:

        Completely agree. Unbelievable drive by Hamilton to keep Rosberg at bay.

  15. Sri says:

    Ferrari can say goodbye to Championship. Yes, Luca has rightly said that their Ferrari car is a taxi with Alonso and Raikkonen as the most expensive chauffeurs in the world. Too bad they did not build a two-seater car, it would be worthwhile to have a ride by waving the hand.

    Overall a very good race with lots of overtaking amongst the “best” and also amongst the “best of the rest”.

    1. aveli says:

      did webber not use the fiat as a taxi last season?

    2. Krischar says:

      @ Sri

      yes sri you spot on the money mate

      Ferrari will exactly do this, they will bring updates to Barcelona. If they work it will be fine for the team (Iam sure no updates will work on this F14T). Otherwise after spain Ferrari will come out and say we have shifted our focus and resources for the 2015 season

      Shame and disgrace for the team who have enough budgets and personnel coompete with Mercedes. Yet they only competed with STR in the bahrain GP

      Alonso/Kimi are in and set for another tough season towards the end of their Careers.

  16. Vinola says:

    Wow. Best DRY f1 racing I recall since Senna/Prost days. Arguably better, because of the close racing in the midpack and intra-team rivalries on full display. On this showing, I’m buying my tickets for Austin!. Still wish it was louder, but I’m happy!

    1. Mansell Mania says:

      But when we were seeing everyone going at it hammer and tongs today were we even thinking about the noise!

      1. Vinola says:

        good point, well said!

    2. Paul D says:

      Was thinking exactly the same thing!

      Can’t remember a better dry race in the last 20 years. Just superb.

      1. Vinola says:

        I watched the last 10 laps on my feet; my heart was pounding. Just like Interlagos in the wet.Wow.

    3. Mike says:

      I missed the Senna/Prost days but I do remember how exciting the Fangio/Moss years were,and this race was right up there for thrilling racing.

      1. Alexander Supertramp says:

        Fangio/Moss, very good comparison!

        Interestingly Lewis matched Fangio 24 wins tally today. Perhaps Goferet can elaborate? I remember a very interesting Melbourne stat predicting Rosberg will not win the championship.

      2. Rem says:

        Rosberg only won the 1st race due to Hamiltons car “Breaking Down”.

    4. James Clayton says:

      I think people are getting carried away, or have just been so subdued by the Pirelli years that they’ve forgotten how good races used to be.

      Yes it was a very good race. The beginning and the end were both fantastic to watch and there was some decent races down the field too, but there’s no *way* that it was the best race in the last 20 years!

  17. JohnBt says:

    What a fantastic race! If races were like the last 10 laps. The overtakes were great and the in team battles gave us a really good show. Well done.

    1. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      Yes, Safety Car should come always around Lap 10 and 40, without previous notice…

  18. Andrew M says:

    Even though I’m a Hamilton fan, I can’t remember being this gripped by a race for a long time; I hope we have many more close battles between the Mercedes drivers this year, as there doesn’t seem much chance of the others catching them at this rate; the gap they pulled out after the safety car was pretty frightening.

    Even though Hamilton somehow managed to hold on for the win, there’s a lot for Rosberg to take from this race – he was a match for his teammate on pace in both qualifying and the race, and was exactly what he needed after Malaysia, proving that he can take the fight to Hamilton.

    Also props to Perez for outqualifying and outracing Hulkenberg.

    Also, with no hint of sarcasm, props to Vettel for letting Ricciardo through early in the race, that was a really good “team player”-thing to do. Also, I literally laughed out loud at the irony of Massa trying to get the team to move Bottas out of the way for him :D

    1. Grant H says:

      I thought Rosberg drove superbly also really pushed lewis to the limit!!!

    2. aezy_doc says:

      Not so sure about rosberg and what he’ll take from this race. Out qualified his team mate, but lost out into turn one. Tried to pass but failed to make it stick so Hamilton got the pit stop. Was never going to pass on the same strategy so mixed it up. Would not have caught Lewis without safety car. Couldn’t make a pass stick with the faster tyre. I guess he could be encouraged that he isn’t a million miles away and so can make the most of any misfortune that befalls Hamilton. That’s rosberg’s only chance for the championship – if he is luckier than Hamilton. He isn’t faster, that’s for sure.

    3. Richard says:

      Actually no Rosberg had the advantage of superior “on the pace” setup whilst Hamilton’s car was “off the pace”. This actually makes quite a difference between cars that are basically the same, and was why Hamilton was a bit down cast knew his car was a bit off. However when push comes to shove Hamilton raised his game to off set the disadvantage. In fact Rosberg had an outright advantage all the way through and still failed to take the win. – He was simply up against a superior racer end of story!

  19. C63 says:

    Fantastic drive by Hamilton, breathtaking finish to the race!
    Anyone who says Mercedes have team orders needs to think again, and fair play to Mercedes for adopting this philosophy. If you have a dominant car, and Mercedes are clearly dominant, then as long as their drivers are allowed to race it’s still exciting.
    Phew, I think I will need to have a nice cup of tea :-)

    1. KRB says:

      I suspect quattro or some others will still have some theory as to how Mercedes employed team orders to ensure a Hamilton win. There’s no helping some people.

    2. FerrariFan says:

      I think Mercedes did themselves a favor this race by not enforcing a dumb team order and alienating the fans.

      1. C63 says:

        Do you know, I said the exact same thing to Mrs C63. :-)

      2. James Clayton says:

        My girlfriend couldn’t watch the race and when I gave her a brief review she asked with surprise in her voice “But didn’t the team ask them to hold back” :)

      3. Breton says:

        I’ll bet she was really interested!!!

      4. Tad says:


  20. Vipin says:

    Today’s Bahrain race was one of the best races I have watched for a long time!

    The Best was – No team orders. (Baby crying to move his team mate out of his way)

    Not won by a single driver everytime and his team mate finishing somewhere down the grid.

    1. SteveS says:

      “The Best was – No team orders.”

      There was team orders at Red Bull. But since they were team orders against Vettel nobody cares.

      “Baby crying to move his team mate out of his way”

      Enough about Riccardo.

      1. Vipin says:

        You watched Malaysia 2013.

        What did Vettel said about Mark?

      2. Dan says:

        No there was not team orders at Red Bull.

        Letting your team mate past while on a different strategy is not team orders.

        When the safety car went in, the Red Bulls raced and Riccardo won

      3. NickH says:

        They were on a different strategy Vettels tyres were much older as he was trying to 2 stop so not really team orders. Vettel understood this more than you as he complied instantly

      4. KRB says:

        Wow. Ricciardo was in a different race, the pit wall should’ve orchestrated it long before Ricciardo had to waste time sitting behind Vettel. Pit wall fail there.

        Ricciardo a crybaby?! Geezus. If anything, he was careful with his words over pit radio.

  21. Doug SA says:

    Thank you Mercedes, Hamster and Nico!!!!!

  22. Dmitry says:


    Absolutely epic! For all my words about the questionability of changes I have to say sorry – “new” F1 is great. I do not understand how Lewis was able to hold off Nico, but the battle was beautiful! When both Lewis and Nico received a message about “10 laps to go” I thought this was a secret order… man, never did I anticipate what was to follow.
    As I think Lewis also understood this message as an order, because his surprise and reaction on Nico’s first attempt was genuine. Lewis defended like I’ve never seen before and his re-pass maneuvers were so delicate that if I wasn’t watching a race I would think I am watching some ne “Fast and Furious” movie!
    Thank you, Mercedes, for letting those two race!

    What else can I say? The battle behind Mercedes was not simply a battle it was a war of strategy and skill. Different strategies, constant battles, overtakings, numerous lock-ups with plumes of smoke – honestly, I am considering the race again!
    It’s a great pity Safety Car had to be deployed (but considering the horrific crash it’s great it was just to clean the track). Regarding the crash – what were those 2 thinking?!? I blame both of them – both Gutierrez and Maldonado looked like thinking they are alone on the track! I hope they will be talked to. Thoroughly.

    1. Gil Dogon says:

      Well, at least we have to thank poor Maldonado an Gutierrez for providing such an opportune safety car, that set up the most spectacular Race finish I have ever seen. Not to mention the flip itself which was Indeed straight out of Fast and Furious ….
      Anyway this provided for quite an exhilarating fill-good finale all around. It did seem to prove beyond doubt some points about Mercedes team. First is that indeed they are way off in front of the pack. More importantly it proved, that indeed their driver team mates seems to genuinely race, but keep a mutual respectful friendship.

  23. foreverf1 says:

    What happened to “Bohrain”? When did Bahrain ever get this exciting? Amazing race all the way down the grid.

    1. FerrariFan says:

      Maybe its the lights that did the trick ;-)

      1. foreverf1 says:

        Valencia at night and under lights, anyone?

    2. Alanis Morissette says:

      To be fair to Bahrain, I think it’s recent snoozefest reputation came when they changed to the longer layout for one year in 2010. Before, and since, it’s always been a reasonable race.

      1. foreverf1 says:

        You’re right. Last year’s race was entertaining, actually. With Nico’s and Lewis’ Mercs tires falling off plus the drama between the Mclarens plus the podiums for the Lotuses. It was alright.

  24. Malcolm says:

    What a brilliant race, action all over the race, a great duel between Lewis and Nico.
    I can’t see how any follower of the sport, could not have enjoyed this race.

  25. brendan says:

    well done nico, you really shown your true colours, [mod].. if lewis had been behind nico ,with the soft tyres, would be past him in one lap..
    what is nico waiting for? best chance ever to become champion, pass lewis you have a 25 point advantage.. who is going to challenge them this season? (all the other going to take points from each other)
    nico has the cheek to stand up on the podium, and say I don’t like finishing 2nd to lewis… well you had 10 laps to pass him ,on faster tyres.. so he must love it.. he better get used to finishing 2nd in the champion ,
    after todays display.

    1. Mike says:

      What a load of rubbish!!!

    2. furstyferret says:

      It was a great race, but I do think rosberg lacks a bit of mongrel in his driving, out in front great, but trying to overtake he really seems to lack that killer instinct, his moves in the same corner are just so obvious, weres lewis one chance, bang move done, it could be the difference between them to this year..

      1. brendan says:

        well said… proves today nico has not got the killer instinct,proves how good lewis is again.
        to be a champion you need that little extra,
        that’s why nico wont be champion.
        need to take your chances.. cause lewis wont have many bad days.. I guess lewis had a rye smile crossing the finishing line,the title is his now, bar breaking down.

      2. aveli says:

        did this double champion have the killer instinct against a rookie?

      3. brendan says:

        Alonso didn’t have soft tyres on,didnt have the faster car,and no DRS zones either,back than it was harder to over take.

    3. KRB says:

      Thing is, with Lewis’ 1st race DNF, Rosberg is still in a good position in the table, 11 points up. But Nico was comprehensively beaten in Malaysia by Lewis, and today he came 2nd in a race he really should’ve won, after the SC intervention. This one has to be quite the blow to him, but still, it only amounts to a 7-point hit.

      1. nicolas nogaret says:

        7 points ?
        looks more like 14 to me

      2. KRB says:

        Yes, you’re right. I was thinking back to when Vettel made that mistake on the last lap in Canada 2011, which allowed Button through to steal the win. In my mind, those are defining moments for a driver, yet in reality it was only a 7pt hit for him in a walkover season.

    4. Jean-Christophe says:

      I’m definitely a Lewis Hamilton fan. But I have to say that your post is a disgrace

      1. neilmurg says:


    5. CJD says:

      you missed the point – tonight the primes where quite eqal (to almost all cars)

      1. aezy_doc says:

        They were almost equal. Maybe 2/3 tenths a lap over a stint, but rosberg also had drs. He had 5 laps I reckon of nearly a second advantage, he got his nose in front but didn’t make it stick. After those 5 laps his advantage was over and Lewis had enough to hold him. If the roles were reversed, I can’t help but feel Lewis would have gotten the job done.

      2. KRB says:

        If Nico would’ve got by and won, Lewis would have borne no fault. The options were at least 0.5s/lap faster, and Nico had DRS as well. It’d be interesting to see how many times Nico got DRS off of Lewis, over the whole race. I’m sure that alone could account for the 0.3% advantage Rosberg had in fuel consumption this race.

        I agree that with roles reversed Lewis would’ve nailed Rosberg.

      3. NickH says:

        The primes were a big disadvantage, they were much harder to switch on especially after cruising behind the safety car. Perez said as much as well that’s why Ricciardo caught him so quickly as Riccardio was on option. Nicos option tyres dropped off after following Lewis so close for quite a few laps

    6. dzolve says:

      Very harsh words Brendan, but for sure, an element of truth in what you say!
      It sometimes really is all about ‘who has got the balls’!

    7. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      Too harsh with Nico, he tried to win doing a epic dance there, got P2 with a bunch of points for him and the Team, and he was also conservative: he still keeps the top spot in the driver standings.

    8. tharris19 says:

      @Brendan. Back off. You are not being critical, you are judging Nico’s character and I don’t think you know him (personally) well enough to do that.

      1. brendan says:

        nico maybe the nicest person in f1.. am judging his character in the car..
        he proved today he hasn’t got it.. lewis proved again he has.. that’s why hes with the team…that’s why he is a world champion.
        he needed to show lewis that he has a fight on his hands to be champion ,maybe force lewis of the track.vettel did it to webber,loads of team mates has done it to each other.
        I want nico to win.. needs to get toughen up.
        maybe its sour grapes on my part,cause I have bet nico for the title..

    9. Mike says:

      Agree with Brendan. Poor sportsmanship.

  26. Paige says:

    There is no other way to describe this race than this:

    This was the best Formula 1 Grand Prix in a very many years. We will have to go back to the ’80s to find the last one that was this great. I suppose it is no coincidence that the engines were V6 turbos at that time, as well?

    Formula 1 is just fine, folks. The cars may not be as loud, but they have more power with a greater differential between horsepower and grip. That’s what you need to have to have the kind of race that we had today.

    The highlight of the race has to be the battle between Hamilton and Rosberg. This is going to be 1988 all over again: one team with a car almost assuring them victory in every race, and two of the absolutely best drivers in the sport zooming away in them and giving each other unadulterated hell every race.

    In the end, though, Hamilton truly showed his class with this victory, even moreso than in Malaysia. Nico really seemed like he got the balance right for this race and had the advantage at the end of the first stint, and Lewis held him off. He got a gap through the pit stops, pulled it out while managing them, and seemed to have gotten the better of the strategy game before the safety car. Then Nico had it all in his favor with the softer tire, and Lewis just simply beat him. This is really a big win in his favor, especially psychologically.

    If Nico isn’t asking himself, “Man, What the hell do I have to do to beat this guy?”, then he should be and should find an answer very fast. This should have been Nico’s race. He had pole, he was plenty quick enough to win, and he just didn’t get the job done. He needs to take advantage of days like this, because he’s not going to always have days like this when he has the car to right and Lewis is perhaps not perfectly happy with his car. Because as we saw in Malaysia, it’s very hard to beat Lewis when he has the car to his liking and you don’t.

    1. Yago says:

      Interestingly, I said after Malaysia: “Lewis is on “Alonso mode”, he has become the complete driver, he will absolutely win the title this year”. He showed today there was something in my words. He even pulled several “Alonso moves” in turn 1 to ragain the lead! And he showing that coolness after the victories and poles of a man looking at the big picture: the WDC. I wish it was Alonso instead of Rosberg in the other Mercedes, that would be epic!!

      1. KRB says:

        It would be, no doubt. 2007 was a great year for F1, one of the best all-time.

        I’m glad that Hamilton is in the best car, and glad that there’s no #1/#2 policy at Merc (F1 needs a true title challenge, and we haven’t had that in years). But I totally sympathize with the likes of Alonso and Kimi struggling solely b/c the car is lacking. For them, unless things change drastically and quickly, it’s another season lost. The only silver lining for Kimi is that his paycheques won’t bounce!

    2. Sammy says:

      So the best race since 20-30 years?
      Please stop talking nonsense.
      Nico and Lewis were racing each other for 5 laps. Not even sure if Nico was allowed by his team to do what he did.

      1. Quade says:

        Haha! Its really an incurable disease!

    3. German Samurai says:

      Best race since Brazil 2012.

      I’m not sure if Nico is done after this.

      He’s strong mentally. Schumacher and now Hamilton as teammate hasn’t fazed him.

      Hamilton is regarded as one of the best over one lap yet Hamilton only has a slight edge in head to head qualifying.

      Next time roles are reversed Rosberg will show zero mercy to Hamilton. Hamilton is the psychologically weaker of the pair.

      1. chief add visor says:

        +1 on rosberg’s mental strength.. super maturity on his part not to sulk and make demands from the team, very unlike 2 current champs who shall remain unnamed. He accepted the result like a champ…That alone is a damn good dynamic in a cut throat sport that houses with gigantuan egos.Rosberg I salute ya!

      2. Mike says:

        What! did you not see his attitude on the podium? I don’t know what Nico is like as a person,but I would have been much more impressed if he had shown some grace in defeat,no matter the disappointment.That’s the mark of maturity,self control,and a true sportsman.

      3. Kirsty says:

        He’s alright, but no need to take a dig on other drivers to make him look better. He’s not very happy on the podium. Schumacher sometimes drove like a weekend driver when he’s at Mercedes…he’s not much a benchmark at that point.

      4. German Samurai says:

        Mike, you mean he should be more like Hamilton who has spent the last several seasons taking every chance to diminish Vettel’s achievements by alluding to the strength of the Red Bull being the reason for Vettel’s success.

        The Red Bull was dominant in 2011 and second half of 2013, but no other time.

        Hamilton is enjoying a car advantage no-one has seen in 25 years.

      5. Kingszito says:

        Another grammar thrown at Hamilton to overcome. What evidence do you have to support that. You guys keep bringing up one reason or the other against Hamilton. That Nico is a multilingual, he is a professor, he is a thinker, he is psychologically stronger, he is this he is that, Hamilton is not. I am glad Hamilton is proving you guys wrong.

        Hamilton is as strong as any other driver on that grid psychologically. Hamilton has lost a world championship with one point, that would put any driver off his game, rather Hamilton came back the next season even stronger and won it. That isn’t an attribute of someone who is weaker psychologically. This is fact.

      6. StevenM says:

        He’s weaker? Really? How so? He had engine trouble and he came back and he won malaysia, he got beat to pole he came back and he beat the polesitter.

      7. KRB says:

        Did you see Nico mumbling to himself and doing a weird face on the podium, right after Lewis mentioned that Nico was on the options? I certainly wouldn’t deem that as Nico being unfazed.

        He’ll have to forget this one asap, or it could play with him.

      8. Dr Lewis says:


        After last weeks upside down smile I was expecting better than that from him…

        I can’t help feeling it already is playing with him

        Just like it did with Alonso – funny how quick people forget Lewis the Rookie completely fazed him that year yet comment on him ‘losing the title’

    4. SteveS says:

      “.. two of the absolutely best drivers in the sport”

      Hamilton is arguably one of the best drivers in the sport. Rosberg has done nothing so far to merit that description. People exaggerate his skills in order to make Hamilton look better by comparison, but Rosberg came off second best when he was Webber’s partner at Williams.

      1. KRB says:

        As a rookie!! And it ended up 7-4 for Webber in 2006, when Webber was 29 and at his peak. Rosberg is a quick, very decent driver. There’s a reason he is the 5th highest paid driver in F1, and that contract signed with Mercedes before they had committed to really throwing the money in.

    5. SteveS says:

      “This was the best Formula 1 Grand Prix in a very many years.”

      Eh, for the typical fan who hangs out here every single race won by Lewis Hamilton is always described as one of the greatest races in history. His fans have an unusual weakness for hyperbole.

      1. James Allen says:

        You don’t think it was a great race?

      2. KRB says:

        It totally was. Anyone who doesn’t think so doesn’t have their head on right. So many great overtakes and re-passes, and not just from the Merc pair. How many switch-back moves did we see? That is great racing people!

        I’m glad that Hamilton won of course. But if Nico had got by, it would still be a great race. If it was Kimi and Alonso doing the same up front, I would still have loved it.

        As I said in a previous post, leave it to Hamilton to provide another public service to F1, by giving the [mod] the perfect pretence with which to hoist themselves on their own petards.

      3. PaulL says:

        I’m not sure you perceive that when a DRS pass or attempted pass occurs, some of us think it’s not the effect of two cars side by side that counts but the meaning behind it. Some of us are unable to pull the wool over our eyes.

        Also, flat-out racing is a fundamental; without it, nothing else matters.

      4. James Clayton says:

        It was a good race, James. It really was. But, as I said earlier, people are getting carried away calling it the best race in 10, 20 or 30 years.

      5. TimW says:

        for some people it is only a great race if their favourite driver wins.

      6. James Clayton says:


        “for some people it is only a great race if their favourite driver wins.”

        Mine did. Still doesn’t alter the fact that this was no way the best race in the last 30 years!

    6. Andrew M says:

      “We will have to go back to the ’80s to find the last one that was this great.”

      I enjoyed this race more than I have enjoyed one for a long time, but let’s not go nuts…

  27. Valentino from montreal says:

    As a Schumacher-only fan ,my perspective on this new Mercedes dominance is this :

    1) I like Vettel, he’s the best out there, but it’s good that Red Bull are struggling , keeps Schumacher’s records out of reach , way out of reach ! Some other team had to step in sooner or later ..

    2) Ferrari won’t win another title soon .. Again there , historians of F1 will always associate Ferrari to Schumacher , and vice-versa …

    3) Alonso will continue racing and retire with 2 championships , but again, he won’t be ever seen in the F1 history books as the guy that took Schumacher’s place ..
    ( Vettel could be that guy )

    4) Schumacher’s comeback is seen as a success , considering the circumstances, his 2011 second half and 2012 where he was at his strongest , proved that in his 40′s , he was quicker than Rosberg , the same driver that is neck-and-neck with the “supposedly” fastest driver in F1 , Lewis Hamilton …

    5) Off topic , but the next new race track Ecclostone should put on the calendar in an event at Walt Disney world Orlando , Florida … Bahrain with all it’s colourful lay-out, palm trees, ponds and lakes, fireworks and so on, is a Walt-Disney style race-track !! Yup the future of Formula-One is looking bright indeed !! ( sarcasm)

    1. Harshad says:

      Loved that 5th point.
      +1 to that.

      And yeah, I’m convinced that Alonso now is heading out of Ferrari at the end of this season.

      1. Brett says:

        Where will he go? The only rumor I keep hearing is Mclaren and that team appears to be a train wreck. They are the slowest of the mercedes engine cars and you have to think the Honda engine will be a downgrade compared to Mercedes next year.

      2. Harshad says:

        Atleast he can take his chances, not that Ferrari are any better though.

    2. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:

      6) Kimi??? well….

    3. Cheesypoof69 says:

      3. He was the guy that stopped Schumacher in his tracks by beating him twice. The record books only tell one side of the story, Schumacher benefited from having the fastest car several years in a row, and that is the main reason he has his records. On numerous votes via the public and f1 professionals Schumacher has not been ranked as his records would seem to show. Certainly had his more than his fair share of cheating too.

      The only other person with such a dominant car has been Vettel as the record books show regarding constructors. And I’m loving watching him without the fastest car because it shows how ordinary he can be. But I suppose it must be nice to be a fan of the guys with the fastest cars, certainly makes your life easy…

      1. German Samurai says:

        Schumacher only ever had the best car on the grid in 2001, 02 and 2004. Only the British media try to diminish Schumacher’s achievements.

        Schumacher could have stayed at Benetton for 96, jumped to Williams, jumped to McLaren, instead he went to a basket case Ferrari team. Drivers then, and drivers today go to teams that give them the best chance of winning championships. Not Schumacher.

        Vettel only ever had a dominant car in 2011 and the second half of 2013. He was still leading the championship without the best car at the halfway point last season.

        2006 Schumacher had a car not capable of winning races, and 2006 he was up against a Renault with an illegal mass damper in the first half of the season.

        Schumacher (who was 37 at the time) came storming home nearly snatching the championship after giving up a large deficit early in the season. Schumacher was as impressive as he’d been at any point in his career in those final four races of 2006. Don’t forget that leading up until Italy 2006 he was not only fighting Alonso in the championship but fighting for his seat behind the scenes.

      2. German Samurai says:

        *2005 Schumacher had a car not capable of winning races

      3. Cheesypoof69 says:

        You must be joking regarding Schumacher only having the fastest car for 3 years in his career. All a driver can hope for is having a car capable of winning races and he has had that more than anyone. By the way your basket Ferrari team spent the most, had the most testing facilities and had the most power. They also bought the entire core double championship winning Benetton team over. Who are you trying to fill here? Schumacher had everything he could ever ask for. Your making him sound like a saint. He was also paid the most by far. All he did was go where the money and power was. I don’t blame him but I’m not going to sit around a two decades later and daydream past facts.

      4. Zachary's disease says:

        Mass damper was legal from 2005 then at the German gp in round 8 it was deemed illegal. From then Renault never recovered the .3 ish per lap. This was max Mosley at his most obvious. Trying to give schumi one more present…actually monza penalty for impeding Massa when alonso was never closer than 110meters in front him was desperate. Check the lap times from Turkish gp onwards and tell me who’s car rocked. 7titles not enough? Must u dismiss the skill of other drivers who beat him like he and FIA dismissed the fact that maybe Kimi, JPM, and others deserved a title that was given to Michael?

      5. Zachary's disease says:

        German gp 2006 I forgot to mention

      6. Andrew M says:

        “Only the British media try to diminish Schumacher’s achievements.”

        Yay, I’m part of the British media!

      7. German Samurai says:

        “You must be joking regarding Schumacher only having the fastest car for 3 years in his career.”

        Nope. Let’s stick to the facts.

        “All a driver can hope for is having a car capable of winning races and he has had that more than anyone.”

        Schumacher’s extreme talent made it possible for horrible cars to compete for wins and championships when they had no business doing so.

        “By the way your basket Ferrari team spent the most, had the most testing facilities and had the most power.”

        Toyota spent the most throughout the 2000′s, and McLaren (with Adrian Newey designing their cars) spent as much as Ferrari. Let’s not forget BAR’s enormous resources and Williams with BMW backing.

        Testing was open to all teams in that era, hence teams basing themselves at Silverstone close to the track. If resources and testing was all that was required for success then Ferrari wouldn’t have gone from 1979-2000 without a drivers title.

        “They also bought the entire core double championship winning Benetton team over.”

        Expect that team never actually gave him the best car at Benetton. The Williams was superior to the Benetton in 1994 and 95.

        “All he did was go where the money and power was.”

        Going to where the money and power was would have meant going to Williams or McLaren. Not Ferrari. Ferrari had to be rebuilt from the ashes.

    4. Oly says:

      Hate to say it in this circumstances, but Schumacher’s skills suddenly dropped without the dominant car. The proof is his comeback period which I would rather forget. Something similar is now happening to Vettel I guess.

      1. German Samurai says:

        Schumacher matched Rosberg for pace in 2012. What does that say about Rosberg (and by extension Hamilton) to be matched by a 43 year old?

        Vettel on the other hand is 26 and will be at the peak of his powers for the next 6-7 years.

      2. Oly says:

        Lets stick with facts, not dreams. In 2012 season ROS vs MSC quali score was 12 vs 8 and the season ends with ROS on P9 with 93 points vs MSC on p13 with 49 points.

      3. C63 says:

        Vettel on the other hand is 26 and will be at the peak of his powers for the next 6-7 years…..

        If today’s showing is anything to go by, Vetell will need all of his powers just to stay in front of Ricciardo.

      4. German Samurai says:


        Michael Schumacher vs Nico Rosberg

        9.0 vs 9.5 (average qualifying position)
        10 vs 10 (teammate finishing above other where both cars completed qualifying)
        0.113s (average lap-time Schumacher was faster by)

        7.5 vs 8.8 (average finishing position)
        7 vs 3 (teammate finishing above other where both cars completed race)

      5. Dutch johhny says:

        @oly get your facts straight man. The score was 10-10. also forgetting that schumacher finished only 2 out of the first seven races when the car whas somehow decent. But anymay you say lets stick with facts you say? fine 7 times a champion, ask pat symmonds or ross brawn about schumacher and his talents? they tell a different story then you, but what do they know ofcourse. Anyway your turn mate…

      6. madmax says:

        Oly, correct 2012 stats that don’t include qualifying potentialities =

        Michael Schumacher vs Nico Rosberg

        9.0 vs 9.5 (average qualifying position)
        10 vs 10 (teammate finishing above other where both cars completed qualifying)
        0.113s (average lap-time Schumacher was faster by)

        7.5 vs 8.8 (average finishing position)
        7 vs 3 (teammate finishing above other where both cars completed race)

        The only thing Rosberg had over Schumacher was a car that didn’t break down every other race that year.

      7. aveli says:

        age doesn’t count in f1. I have seen weight been measured at the end of races but I haven’t seen any drivers’ age being measured.

    5. furstyferret says:

      Cant you just enjoy the race val, I know hamilton winning the race has ruined your day, but surely as a f1 fan you could just sit back and enjoy the two mercs slugging it out,

      1. nicolas nogaret says:

        no point in answering val , leopards don’t change their spots
        at least this post is an improvement …usually he only makes anti hamilton comments , nothing positive

    6. Truth says:

      Wouldn’t know where to start pulling your points apart, think it must be a wind up.
      Stick to curling ay !

      1. Quade says:

        Yeah, its surely a wind up. Not possible to be that sour.

    7. German Samurai says:


      Alonso had his chances in 2010 and 2012, but wasn’t good enough. The young guy in his third full season kept it together best in the final races of 2010. Alonso suffered paralysis behind Petrov. Brazil 2012 he got out qualified by Massa and could only finish 1 second ahead of him. If you can barely beat Massa then you don’t deserve a championship.

      People will jump all over Vettel for being beat by Ricciardo, but Hamilton who is in his prime and widely proclaimed as the best driver out there by most Brits is at best only slightly faster than Rosberg.

      Rosberg got the Webber treatment today in regards to pit strategy. Putting Rosberg on mediums for the middle stint was purely to take him out of the picture. Also, Hamilton drove Rosberg off the track with almost impunity. If there was contact it would have certainly been Rosberg’s fault like Webber at Turkey 2010.

      If Rosberg had of been given the same tyres for the middle stint I’m certain he would have soon been on Hamilton’s tail again attempting an overtake.

      1. dufus says:

        RIC smashed VET all weekend. This maybe a pattern unfolding….

      2. Johny says:

        When Hamilton with car faster than Alonso’s couldn’t overtake Kubica in same race in Abu Dhabi 2010, it’s ok, but Alonso was paralysed behind Petrov? Amazing analysis!
        2012 was the same – Alonso had better car that Vettel so it’s only himself to blame he has lost the title. Another amazing analysis!

      3. trev says:

        GS what are you talking about? The SC played out the strategy perfectly for Nico and he couldn’t win. Suck it up and move on.

      4. brendan says:


      5. Quade says:

        Yes, if only… :)

      6. Matt H says:

        Let’s be realistic here. Rosberg is good. Top 8 driver but not great. The top 4 are separated by a knife edge and it’s down to car / man / setup combination. Rosberg could have been there all night and not got the job done . Hamilton keeping him at bay first stop did the trick. Role reversed if Rosberg was out front on hards and Ham on softs Hamilton would have passed and he wouldn’t have allowed the retake. Credit where due Hamilton out thought , out fought and outraced him today! This may be different in other races but a missed chance for Rosberg

      7. tharris19 says:

        @German Samauri and @ Valentino you will be ok as will Nico. It is a long season with a lot of racing go.

      8. nicolas nogaret says:

        GS , you clearly were not listening to the rosberg radio ; he changed to an alternative strategy when hamilton was in front ; evidently he reckoned he couldn’t beat hamilton on the same strategy

      9. bmg says:

        I would say Alonso is the best driver out there.

        He has a dog of a car but he still gets the points.

      10. aveli says:

        fantastic, this is how he compared to a rookie teammate.

      11. SaScha says:

        Rosberg chose his strategy himself, confirmed from Wolff, Lowe & Lauda, So Nico had only himself to blame. Nico couldn’t overtake Lewis on whatever tyres he was fact.

      12. Fastfastfast says:

        Actually, Rosberg already confirmed that his strategy was decided by him and his engineer even before the race so your conspiracy theory has just been debunked.

        Why can’t people just accept that TODAY, just for today, April 6, 2014 at the Bahrain GP, Lewis was just a bit better than Nico. Maybe Nico will get the better of him next time.

        Great race by Lewis and Nico today. The better man won.

      13. KRB says:

        Alonso wasn’t good enough?!?! He should never have been anywhere near the title in 2012 with that car. Without the misfortune of being taken out at Spa, he would’ve won the title.

        In 2010 he had a better car, but it still was no match for the RB6. RBR should’ve won that year going away, but they almost conspired to throw it all away.

        You’re confusing drivers who have some room for error, versus drivers who simply must be error-free (or as close to error-free as possible) to stand any chance. Alonso in both 2010 and 2012 was the latter, while Vettel the last four years has always had that wiggle room. Vettel had to be error-free in 2009 (he could’ve won that year), but how did that go for him?

        As for the race, it was Rosberg’s choice to go soft-medium-soft. With the SC, it almost paid off in spades. It SHOULD’VE paid off, most definitely.

      14. Krischar says:

        @ German Samurai

        Alonso never had chances or oppurtunities presented to him by the Ferrari team. In Fairness Alonso made the chances for himself and kept the team in WDC title hunt till the last race for 2010 and 2012. Yet in 2010 Ferrari committed a Gambit blot which costed them WDC. In 2012 ONce again Alonso drove a vintage season (The best season for me in the entire formula 1 history) to stay in the title fight until the last race. Once again the lotus pilots have decided the 2012 WDC and gifted the WDC for vettel

        In brazil ALonso got out-qualified? What are you talking about? Do you have brain fade? Massa was crushed by Alonso to the core and ousted by the team finally. Imagine where Ferrari would have finished in WDC standings for the last 4 seasons with massa’s effort right in the mid-field.

        No people have jumped into quick conclusions here. Vettel was beaten by daniel in melbourne and here in bharain even with 10 place penalty disadvanatge Daniel out-qualified and out-drove vettel. This clearly reflects the ability of young Daniel. This will remain as the pattern as we move forward into the season. Brace yourself for more excuses in favour of vettel when Daniel beats him consistently through out the season

        Vettel is a average driver who was flattered by the quickest car in the grid and sub-dued teammate

        Vettel is no where near the class of Alonso and no where near to the speed lewis possess as well.

      15. Oly says:

        well said

    8. Anil Parmar says:

      Vettel the best out there? He was second to Ricciardo all weekend and that includes the 10 place grid penalty…

      1. UAN says:

        And last week, RIC was second to VET all weekend, including a full second behind in the wet in Q3.

        Today, RIC was helped by having the safety car close up the gap to VET and he had fresher tires.

        Having said that, RIC is the real deal, and very fast and I enjoy his driving a lot. He took Hulkenberg quickly and with another lap may have got Perez for a podium – definitely an epic drive.

        I’d also note that VET doesn’t seem to have too many issues with a fast teammate, allowing him to pass cleanly on lap 15, even telling the team where he was going to let him go by, to minimize time loss for both cars. Nor was he whinging for team orders to keep RIC behind him.

      2. kenneth chapman says:

        he could hardly do otherwise could he? ricci was all over him and i suggest that vettel knew that and he wanted to appear to be a team man when we all know that isn’t the case…..dare i say it again MULTI 21. consider

      3. dufus says:

        Look at the lap times. RIC was faster and would have passed him without the safety car no problem. It was inevitable.

      4. Rohind says:

        So Mr Parmar,going by your logic for judging the best, Alonso, Hamilton, Senna,Prost, Schumacher etc have never finished second to a team mate ( not even in a single race)??.
        Impressive logic I must say. I admire your objectivity.You are not a fanboy at all!!

      5. Anil Parmar says:

        I never said that, I’m just pointing out that it’s naive to call Vettel the best our there, we need to see much more from him to know that.

        And I am a fanboy…an F1 fanboy that is. Only driver I’ve ever supported was Michael and the only driver I’ve ever disliked is a certain Maldonado..

    9. chris says:

      ham is not the fastest. his car is the fastest. wake up.

      1. brendan says:

        lewis makes any car he drives even faster.. like button makes every car he drives even slower.. ha ..must be a killer for button,both ex team mates beating him.. and a rookie showing him up..
        lewis is more than a driver,he contributes a lot to the development of a car. he doesn’t just turn up and drive..
        you are seeing a special talent.. even thought the git didn’t let nico past .. ha
        he is the best driver in f1.

    10. Kimi is Finish says:

      It looks like everything revolves around Alonso in Val’s world….every post has an alonso reference. It’s like the girl you pick on at school that u have a crush on. When unlimited testing, max mosely and Reuben’s come back to F1 then whoever is at Ferrari will have a chance to be the next michael. Until then I’m happy watching fernando race well. I loved watching him in the Renault in 2009 and after spa 2012 I don’t care how many titles he ends up with. If he got killed then what good would those extra titles and money bring. Be happy and concentrate more on praying for your favourite drivers health…and worry less about fernando.

  28. franed says:

    After a buttock clenching 20 minutes I finally go the NowTv box to accept that I had paid for a day’s Sky F1 channel. It cost £10 and I shall still watch the BBC highlights tonight as well.
    Great race by the Silver team, it was carting of course, you could anticipate every move and knew the counter to it, great stuff. Unfortunately the only shot of Luca enjoying the race was at the moment at Ferrari was passed and he went off in disgust for a seethe in private. I guess the atmosphere inside the Ferrari camp may be a little strained :-) Oh it’s ok, Fernando said the car performed well today!

    1. KARTRACE says:

      If anything SF proved it that they finally managed to turn front runner driver into a midfielder, and not one but two drivers. Massa was lucky enough to move to Williams after all. If I was Alonso I would stop racing right now till they produce a race car. I am wondering how much more he could handle this humiliation. He should do same what Senna did to McLaren back in ’90s. It is appalling performance from scarlets.

      1. Krischar says:

        @ Kartrace

        yes it makes me feel very painful to watch a talent like Alonso who only fights for P9 or P10 with such a sub-standard machinery

        Beyond this Ferrari will not improve at all anytime sooner, they were and still are a mid-table team. WDC standings do reflect this fact. Alonso masked the team’s problem ever since 2010 to this point

        Cannot understand how pilots like Alonso/ Kimi decide to stick / re-join the average team based on past legacy

    2. Krischar says:

      @ Franed

      I did not like the comments from Alonso “Fernando said the car performed well today”

      Now after the hungary 2013 incident, it is very clear that Ferrari pilots cannot gripe about the car despite Ferrari have produced the RED trucks instead of a racing machinery. All this team talk and team player acts are good to do if the car is half decent or good. However when the performance is not there the pilots have to go vocal about it. I know alonso tries to play it safe. However at the moment he is the big loser compared to his other brethern’s

      LDM can be as political as much he wishes. However no one will respect him as a leader if he keeps moaning about the rules and let his top class pilot down year after year with ropey machinery just to save his public image

      Alonso please beter leave the team as soon as you can, do not stay in the team where there is no value or respect for you skills. Otherwise 3 WDC will be only a mere dream.

  29. dazza says:

    Great race. The Mercedes is more dominant a car than Vettel ever had. The safety car made the end of the race not the 2014 rules. The extra fuel allowed cars to push! Limiting fuel pointless for f1!

    1. Truth says:

      But merc let the drivers race rather than favouring one.

    2. Dazzler says:

      Blame Pastor Maldonado for that.

      1. chief add visor says:

        blame? Nay dazzler, thank maldonado…a bouquet from all fans!!! tho’ I suspect the silver team might send a wreath. hehehe

    3. Grant H says:

      I disagree would still have been a great race without safety car, Lewis dod an amazing job to get a 9 + sec advantage and we had some great wheel to wheel stuff already before pit stops

      1. Grant H says:

        Ps i do agree though the fuel limit rule is daft

      2. Mack says:

        Drivers have the same fuel mass. Let them use it as they want. Use it too quickly and run out – too bad.

    4. aezy_doc says:

      It was a decent race even before the safety car.

    5. KARTRACE says:

      At least both drivers appear to be on the equal terms and there is a two hose race opposed to a single horse race previously… This is like days of Fangio and Moss who used to race each other at Silver Arrows, no one could touch them then and now

  30. Olivier says:

    You know what? This brought me back to the epic Villeneuve vs Arnoux battle in Dijon. Similar howl similar racing.

    Don’t mess with the sound and the new formula. Today we’ve seen epic racing.

    In Borerain?

    Who would have thought?

    1. aveli says:

      villenurve arnoux battle was crude losers battle, wasn’t for victory. it was a lucky one off. there weren’t any repeats to show that they had that ability. they crashed into each other like novices.
      this had a battles up front, in the middle and way out at the back.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        Bit harsh on Villeneuve Snr-Arnoux? Agree it wasn’t for the lead of the race at Dijon, but it was a lot of fun for both the drivers and spectators. Nobody probably remembers Jabouille and Renault won the race; all anyone remembers about Dijon 1979 is Gilles and Rene!
        Although Gilles and Rene didn’t repeat their battle at Dijon like that again, Gilles had a massive scrap with Jonsey at Montreal 1979 (which Alan won), another great battle with Jonsey at Buenos Aires 1980 until his steering broke, and there was also a great battle between Keke and Gilles at Long Beach 1982. Great races, great drivers.

      2. aveli says:

        you describe them as great battles but I see them as crude because they were not clean. look at how hamilton does it. on the edge and yet clean albeit much faster. look at the detail.

      3. j says:

        Thanks for those rubbish Villeneuve comments. Now that we have confirmed your level of F1 knowledge I can safely ignore anything you have to say for the rest of the season.

      4. aveli says:

        am sure you will not be able to ignore the show hamilton puts on for the rest of the season.
        banging wheels is crude and maldonado gets penalised for doing that.
        watch hamilton for the spelling of the word finesse.

  31. Harshad says:

    Ferrari atleast get the starts sorted out…
    Alonso didn’t have best start for both the earlier races and now it’s Kimi’s turn to have a poor start with a lot of wheelspin in 2/3 gear.

    Oh dear…They can’t build a fast car, they can’t optimise their strategy, their cars always suffer from heavy tyre degradation, their straight line speed is nowhere to be seen,their engineers don’t understand what the drivers are saying(in Kimi’s case)….

    I don’t what sort of team this is.

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      Ferrari alternates between crushing dominance (2000-2004) or complete incompetence (most of its history).

  32. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:

    GREAT RACE!!! (the best in the last four years)

    - Kudos to Merc. They showed how to handle two drivers when you have a SUPER car. Let them fight. RBR must be ashamed. Always over protecting the (cough) “best” driver.

    - “Sebastian, Riccardo is FASTER THAN YOU”. PRICELESS.

    - Aldo Costa receiving the trophy at the podium. Well done mister Luca di Montezemollo. Well done. Very clever.

    - The Prancing Donkey ending in 9th and 10th. Definitely a mid field team now. Well done DOM and LdM. Well done. Thanks so much!!!

    - GREAT drive by HAM (and ROS). HAM is just bit ahead, though.

    P.S.: Mr. Horner, Mr. Mateschitz and Mr. Marko: THIS IS RACING!!!. Stop moaning and work hard.

    1. SteveS says:

      Since you seem to have forgotten, Red Bull favored Webber over Vettel when it came to team orders. “Multi 21″ was a team order to Vettel to stay behind Webber.

      1. H.Guderian says:


        It was and order to Web turn his engine down while Vet kept pushing as hard as he could.

        Web was clearly ambushed by the team.

      2. kenneth chapman says:

        yes, that is quite right steveS it was a pre race agreement between horner vettel and webber that whoever came out in front after the final tyre change would take the lead, unchallenged, in order to safely get the cars home.

      3. Anil Parmar says:

        It was actually a pre race agreement beteeen both drivers and team..didn’t matter who was ahead.

    2. Mocho_Pikuain says:

      Just one thing, the sentence Seb was told is “Sebastian, Ricciardo is QUICKER than you”. It would have been epic if they had used the word “faster” but still makes the trick ;)

      1. UAN says:

        And even more priceless is that VET said “I’ll let him through at Turn 11″.

        No dramas.

      2. nicolas nogaret says:

        what else would he do ; he was on the alternative strategy with the slow tyres and unless the team has totally lost it’s marbles this would have been decided before the start

      3. uan says:

        There’s a bit of schadenfreude in the way some people are finding that “order” to Sebastian. Some folks feel that Vettel is actually slow/mediocre, and that he only was fast in the preceding years because of 1) team orders; 2) having the fastest car; 3) Webber was actually slow; and/or 4) that Vettel wouldn’t be able to handle a fast teammate, like Alonso, Hamilton, or Kimi and in fact prevented those drivers from joining Red Bull. It’s also a dig against Vettel that his detractors have that he is subject to throwing his toys out of the pram when things don’t go his way (in the same way that Hamilton isn’t seen as an “intelligent” driver).

        So when you say “what else would he do” and that he was on an alternative strategy – well exactly. So why do some people find it funny or somehow that Vettel be on the receiving end of that order? Or that, unlike Massa, he doesn’t feel threatened by it and understands how the race is unfolding in the moment?

        From the outside, it actually looks like VET and RIC get along and that VET doesn’t mind how well RIC is doing. It’s funny, VET has always been okay with just racing. I remember in 2011, when WEB infamously ignored team orders not to try and pass VET at Silverstone, that VET didn’t care. He actually preferred racing and beating Mark on merit.

        If anything, it was great to see MAS stay in front of BOT at Williams, since the last race they were ordering MAS to move aside for BOT.

        But so far, VET hasn’t said or done anything that would make one think that he was entitled to remain in front of RIC. So I personal find it bizarre that people got a kick out of that – though intellectually I understand why. At the end of the day RIC had a phenomenal race and was probably a lap away from getting pass PER for 3rd (and I’m not a fan of Perez, and would love to see HUK in a better car, but I was glad to see Perez score the first podium FI has had in a long time). I think it’s great to see our favorite drivers do well, but it doesn’t have to be a zero sum game where we need to see other drivers do poorly. Just my 2 cents.

      4. kenneth chapman says:

        as i have said so many times….what option did vettel have?

    3. Mike Martin says:

      +1 Brilliant comment

    4. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Prancing Donkey! I’m laughing harder than I should!

    5. FerrariFan says:

      Agree with all your thoughts.

      Specially the one about Aldo Costa brought a smile!

    6. Anil Parmar says:

      Ferrari desperately needing the software update…let’s hope it comes at China and not just Spain as we need the extra top speed and drivability out of slow corners.

      Hopefully we’ll have some weight saving measures coming to the car soon as well :/

      1. Timmay says:

        take away Kimi’s icecream

      2. Rene says:

        love to see you try…

      3. jake says:

        “Hopefully we’ll have some weight saving measures coming to the car soon as well”
        They have used more zeros in the new software code as they are lighter than the ones…
        Likely to work as well as any other upgrade they have tried this year.. :-)

  33. Yago says:

    This race was won by two small details:

    1) The start

    2) Better pace from Hamilton with the medium tyres.

    However, I think Rosberg was far from excelent on “melee” racing. He should have been able to pull the pass in turn 1. It is clear Hamilton is a better racer. He did “an Alonso” to regain position again and again in turn 1.

    1. Scott says:

      Agree with this. Rosberg’s attempts to pass were obvious, desperate and easily defended against. He does not have the ability of Hamilton, and we’ll see Hamilton consistently beat him this season on a stroll to the championship.

  34. Distant Knight says:

    Great race, perfect example of why team orders are not needed, no matter where you are in the field. The title battle at Mercedes should go down the wire hopefully.
    Another great race from Daniel, excuses coming thick and fast from Vettel already. Will be an interesting fight between him and Ferrari for biggest dummy spit too :-)
    Sad to see Jenson retire in a milestone race as well. Maldonado, great effort mate!

  35. Richard says:

    Absolutely scintillating race, quite the best we have seen in a long time, and brilliant defence by Hamilton to take the win. In my view it beats anything in the Red Bull domination era because it was proper racing at various levels down the grid. Here we see Hamilton starting to climb again as his confidence grows. – Very well done!

  36. Johny says:

    There are teams that go up and down during the years but there is only one which has one of the top budgets and still manages to go only down – one, headed by Fenomenale Stefano. What a disgrace that team became to whole Ferrari brand. It’s really sad to see two world champions who are supposed to be in front fighting Lewis and Nico barelly make to a points. It’s a pitty Kevin and Jenson didn’t make to finish today – it would have been amazing to see both prancing horces out of points.
    Oh sure – Stefano is planning to bounce back. Bounce back on what? Force India? Williams?
    Best picture of the day today was the face of Luca di Montezemolo in the end of the race… Picture worth a thousand words

    1. H.Guderian says:


  37. fox says:

    It’s time for Alonso to refuse from salary and get a seat in normal car. That Fiat is a truck as Prost described it. Seems Domenicali is untouchable there, thus Alonso must go to race. Interesting would be to see Ham and Alonso in same care again.

  38. Harshad says:

    I’m convinced Alonso is on his way out of Ferrari by the end of this season.
    Spanish Media has reported that Luca had a private chat with Fernando before the race and it didn’t go down very well. Fernando’s physical therapist was asked (by Luca) to leave the room, which didn’t go down well with Alonso.

    Things are hotting up between these two.

    1. Rockman says:

      If this is indeed true, then I feel sorry for Ferrari employees and fans alike.

      Fernando has been the only thing keeping Ferrari in contention since 2010. This shows extreme disrespect from LDM. And utter arrogance/ignorance to look in the mirror and see what is the REAL problem.

      If Alonso is booted by Ferrari, I will lose all respect I have for that team. At least until LDM himself is gone.

      1. Harshad says:

        Alonso won’t be booted with Santander around.
        But I think he will leave voluntarily most likely at the end of this year.

      2. Krischar says:

        Why Alonso will be booted?

        Santander? does not really matter. They will back Alonso irrespective of the team he drives for

        If anybody needs to be booted from the team it’s LDM and Stefano no one else. Alonso’s exertion have been the saving grace for Ferrari over the last 5 seasons. Alonso wrung everything out of the car as much as he could and remained in the WDC title fight until the last race of the season twice through his own exertion. I BET any other pilots (Ambition to win WDC) in place of Alonso would have left the Ferrari team long time ago. Whereas Alonso did have not any options open and still risked his future with Ferrari. This has backfired Alonso now so badly and infused new doubts in the minds of his fans whether there is enough time still left for him to win the WDC 3.

        Time is running out thick and fast for Alonso to move on from this Lackdaisical Ferrari team. If Alonso is serious about his 3 WDC he needs to find another team / option sooner for 2015.

      3. fox says:

        Agree with you. Domenicali wasted Alonso’s talent during five years. I have no idea why Luca continued to belive to Domenicali who did not deliver. Few years might be OK, but several years of failures had to have consequences. Seems like some unclear family biz to me. Sorry for Alonso, but he is still young to get a better seat. Even if Honda’s first year will be try & fail, they can be competitive on second year, having learned, like Merc did recently.

    2. Tad says:

      May be some truth in it. Anyone noticed Alo clapping in sarcasm when he cross the finish line?
      Things don’t look good at Ferrari atm.
      Our own James can give us some info as he is closer than any of us.

  39. Grant H says:

    Best race since canada 2011 i watched whole thing and will watch again tonight on highlights wow

  40. Irish Con says:

    Top class from Lewis there. I can’t help thinking that if Lewis was in nicos shoes today he would of won. Nico lacks that last 1 or 2 per cent to be the best. Too nice I think. Seb or Fernando wouldn’t of let Lewis off the hook there today.

  41. Gaz Boy says:

    I’ve just checked the results. Well done to Merc, Lewis and Nico, but to be honest………what did anyone else expect?
    I’ve haven’t got Sky and have posted columns on this website saying I don’t like the idea of a race in Bahrain, so I’m glad its all over. I won’t be able to watch BBC highlights anyway as I have to pop out later, and anyway to decry an event and then watch it would be hypocritical, even though apparently it was an exciting race.
    What I can say without hypocrisy is that if Ferrari are going racing to finish 9th and 10th, they are going racing for the wrong reasons.
    Also, well done Daniel – third time lucky I guess.
    I’ve posted this comment to Random 79 but I don’t think he received it, so I’ll say it here, but I’ve noticed Daniel has the same wooly hair – albeit in better condition – than a certain 6’5′ 17 stone Big Ape Yorkshireman. Will Daniel start wearing a cream sports jacket with jeans, make flippant comments to Sergio about Mexicans and start shouting on the team radio: “GET OUT OF MY WAY!”
    PS The new series of TG in the summer, Daniel has to be a shoe in for a star in a reasonably priced car.

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      PS What is the technically the plural of chassis? Is it like sheep and deer, both singular and plural?

      1. C63 says:

        The plural and singular spelling of chassis is the same.
        However, I believe it is pronounced differently, ie chas -ee and chas – eez .

      2. Gaz Boy says:

        Thanks. Mind you, it is a French word so pardon my ignorance.

    2. Random 79 says:

      Nah I got it…albeit late.

      Due to the time the race is on and the times I work and time zones and other equally technical excuses I often don’t get to see the races until hours after the fact, so I tend to steer clear of anything F1 related so that I don’t see the result until such time as I actually get to watch the race myself.

      Anyway…same hair? Kind of.

      Shouting “GET OUT OF MY WAY!”? Maybe, but only when he’s behind Vettel…not that he’s there for long ;)

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        “Tonight, Daniel is a Formula 1 star in our reasonably priced car…………….”

  42. Oly says:

    Imho this race was thrilling only because of the safety car and last 10 laps. Before that it wasn’t dull, but not thrilling either.
    In those last 10 laps we found out few things:
    - Mercs are in another dimension – in 10 laps they were 23 seconds faster than first car behind them. In race distance they could easy overlap every other car on the track.
    - HAM is much more aggressive driver than ROS, I would even call him reckless. They avoided collision at least twice only because of Nico’s cool head.
    - Ricciardo IS faster than Vettel. So the truth is in past years RB was much more superior car with good (VET) and not so good (WEB) drivers. No wunderkid, just phenomenal car.
    - Ferrari are exactly in position where they belong, but not because of drivers. Two world champions do not belong in that dog of a car.
    - Same for MCL – a complete disaster.

    1. nicolas nogaret says:

      I think people forget that webber was at a major disadvantage …his size , even though he starved himself down until he looked like a concentration camp survivor
      unfortunately for vettel danny boy doesn’t look to suffer that disadvantage

    2. chris says:

      vettel won on a toro rosso. ricciardo has never even got a podium. do you judge a driver from 1 race?how clever you are.

      1. Oly says:

        If clever means compering drivers in different teams in different time, I’m not clever – you are.
        I’m comparing them now, both in the exact same hardware and conditions. And my judgment so far, from 3 races is exactly what I heard today: “Sebastian, Ricciardo is faster than you” ;)

      2. Andre says:

        4+ years against 3 races. 2 of wich he had problems all weekend.

        My god you are a visionary.

        All those other people including wellknown F1 people are totally wrong of course.

        Webber never beat Vettel of course.

        Don’t hate man.. ENJOY

      3. H.Guderian says:

        MALDONADO won a race.
        So, your point is???

        Heinz (who would love to see Alo at McLaren/Honda again in 2015) Guderian

    3. Andrew M says:

      Hamilton was certainly more aggressive, but the only time he pushed those boundaries was when he cut across the front of Nico’s front wing the first time around, everything else was fine. The other times Nico left the track is because he was half a car length behind Hamilton, tried to go around the outside and Hamilton took up the racing line, which is what he is entitled to do.

      I still don’t understand why Rosberg didn’t just park it on the apex in turn 1 to block Lewis off, just to mix things up a bit. Sure, it may or may not have worked, but at least it would have made Hamilton work a bit harder and think on his feet, as opposed to trying the same thing that hadn’t worked all race.

      1. Richard says:

        I think because he was carrying a greater speed into the corner made Rosberg run wide allowing Hamilton to take the undercut.

  43. f1kings says:

    the sound of the new engines are not so pleasant to hear, but to see force india and williams and the other teams getting in the action is very special. and for lewis hamilton this is why the mercedes team and niki lauda hired him !! i like nico rosberg the safety car give him the opportunity he needed to win, but lewis hamilton wasn’t going to make it easy . and if the roles was reversed and lewis hamilton had the soft tyres he would have found a way around nico rosberg ….

  44. Guy says:

    Great race by evenly matched drivers in the teams who are racing each other. The fact that certain cars cant compete with each other didn’t matter as there was great racing within the teams.

    Also that comment made by Newey about the low noses which might cause dangerous situations may need to be looked into!!!

  45. Pkara says:

    Heart stopping action 10/10

  46. Kimonas says:

    What I saw today:
    i) Ricciardo pulling Seb’s pants down and possibly Webber’s too
    ii) Hamilton from another planet
    iii) Ferrari are officially the biggest losers ever considering the money they’ve spent and finally
    iv) Mclaren are even worse than Ferrari despite the Merc engine

  47. jmv says:

    Those top teams that are not competitive must stop politicizing around the new rules, and get hard to work with all their in-house engineering talent.

    Today F1 racing has won!

    All drivers showed amazing skill and class except one driver who year after year proves that he does not belong in F1.. guess who?

    As a Hamilton fan… it was amazing to watch him drive on pure instinct in the last 10 laps…

    As a Hamilton fan it is also worrying to see that Rosberg is getting stronger and stronger (hope Lewis has sufficient talent left under that hat of his)

    I checked #f1 on twitter after the race and I could not spot a single negative tweet in all 100 tweets that flowed in.

    I believe the F1 fans all agree that this is no taxi driving racing.

    To Luca: get your engineering team in order.

    By the way it was such a pleasure seeing Aldo Costa on the podium! Ross knew what he was doing.

    1. jmv says:

      Ps big changes for 2015 in F1:

      - Fernando to leave Ferrari
      - Vettel to join Ferrari
      - Horner to leave RBR and becomes Little Bernie
      - Newey to leave RBR and enjoys yacht designing
      - Fernando may end up in Ron’s arms only because they need each other

      1. Mansell Mania says:

        - Luca de Montezemolo sacks the entire Ferrai team

      2. Mansell Mania says:

        And puts himself in as the lead driver

      3. FerrariFan says:

        - Fernando to leave Ferrari
        To where is the big question?

        - Vettel to join Ferrari
        End of his winning days, but more money!

        - Horner to leave RBR and becomes Little Bernie

        - Newey to leave RBR and enjoys yacht designing
        Beware rival Yacht designers

        - Fernando may end up in Ron’s arms only because they need each other
        The more probable thing will be a swap of positions for Vettel and Alonso.

      4. NickH says:

        Lol @ ‘Beware rival Yacht designers’

  48. Cheesypoof69 says:

    James, straight question… How on earth does Ferrari end up with such a weak power unit that they are basically the 6th fastest team? How is this possible when it was said Renault had the weakest power unit? I know Ferrari are generally clueless but I’m still amazed that they couldn’t overtake anyone on the straights today without serious help.

    1. H.Guderian says:

      Easy one.
      They have LdM AND Dom.

      Heinz (who would *LOVE* to see Mr.LdM AND Mr.Dom out of F1) Guderian

    2. Damon says:

      Being Ferrari doesn’t entitle them the best power unit, it’s a dog eat dog world, Mercedes have done a better job that’s all.

  49. Richard says:

    Painfull day in the office for Mr. Vettel.
    Ricciardo certainly is “not bad for a nr. 2 driver”. Judging by the time sheets, Mercedes have a 2.4 second advantage at this point of the season, it was a 10 lap race after the safety car and they ended with a 24 second advantage.

    Maldanado needs to be sacked, asap.

    1. aezy_doc says:

      Don’t forget, they were fighting too, which would have slowed them down. I’d put it up to at least 3 seconds. What a monster of a car.

    2. UAN says:

      I think what’s becoming clear is that Webber was a number 2, never a co-number 1, especially the last few years. Webber hadn’t been this racy since 2010, if even then. RIC is the real deal, and already better than WEB was, imo.

  50. SteveS says:

    Some numbers on the RB7 of 2011 (often described as a “dominant car”) versus the 2014 Mercedes W05.

    2014 Mercedes W05, gap to first non Mercedes.

    Australia – 27 seconds
    Malaysia – 24 seconds
    Bahrain – 24 seconds

    They finished 1-2 in the last two races and presumably would have done the same in Australia but for LH’s engine failure.

    2011 Red Bull RB7

    Australia – 22 seconds
    Malaysia – 3 seconds
    China – minus five seconds (Vettel finished second)
    Turkey – 10 seconds
    Spain – 0.6 seconds
    Monaco – 1 second

    There was one Red Bull 1-2 finish in the first six GP’s (and 3 for the whole season) with Webber finishing 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 4th, and 4th.

    You have to go back to the McLaren MP4/4 in 1988 to find a car as dominant as this years Mercedes.

    1. Dazzler says:

      What are you trying to prove here ?

      Maybe you should tell Newey and Renault to pull their fingers out.

      Red Bull were worthy of their success in 2013

      Now Mercedes are deserving of theirs.

      1. chris says:

        just the truth

      2. SteveS says:

        I’m not “trying to prove” anything. I’m pointing out that the “dominant” RB7 was not in fact terribly dominant and that the 2014 W05 looks like being either the first or second most dominant car in the history of F1.

        Contrary to popular opinion a “dominant car” is not defined as “a car in which a driver I don’t like wins the title”.

      3. Kimi4WDC says:

        I think plenty of people having hard time recognising that Vettel was able to deliver the performances when it mattered. And he had to come from behind two win two of his titles.

        Would Vettel been at least triple World Champion by now if he was the one to pair Alonso in 2007? Probably yes.

      4. Dazzler says:

        The RB7 like the RB9 was dominant. It was better than the Ferrari and McLaren.

        I remember the 2011 Spanish GP well. Its the one I remind Vettel fans of when they say I only think its exciting when Hamilton wins.

        I was on the edge of my seat till the last lap.
        Vettel won in the best car. There was a quick talented driver chasing him till the end.

        He was given a fighting chance and that all I ask for.

        I would say the Vettel’s in rivals 2011 were doing a better job than Mercedes’s rivals are now.

        Kimi4WDC you are right Vettel did the job when he needed to and made the best of the advantage when he had to. He had to come from behind but his rivals gave him a lot of help.

        Its what Button did in 2009

      5. Anil Parmar says:

        Worth remembering that the gaps between the mercs and other cars are hugely inflated by the fact that we are at a start of a new set of regulations. Everyone will catch up.

    2. Grant H says:

      Thanks for this, imagine also if u were to convert that time difference into development hours to catch up… I will take a punt and say merc will be untouchable this yr

    3. Matt H says:

      Possibly so but the points tally will tell the true story. Red Bulls were dominant but we didn’t know how much they had extra in hand as they just coasted when they had a gap. For Mercs that is there true top pace. This happened as Ham and Ros had to push all the way to the line. All Bulls had to do was just manage pace as there was never gonna be a teammate challenge ! Big difference. The Merc is well ahead make no bones about that but them bulls were equally dominant in a less obvious way to hide there true hand

      1. Purple Helmet says:

        I agree completely, RB rarely showed their true pace, they always just managed the gap… I think part of the problem was that Webber was an average driver in a top car, so Vettel often didn’t get pushed. And RB kept him there for 4 years for precisely that reason.

        Merc have two top, top drivers, and they let them race. I cannot give them enough kudos for that. If we’re going to have one team dominate, then thankfully it’s one with two top drivers and no team orders.

        My feeling is Lewis has the edge on speed, but Rosberg just looks less likely to park it in a hedge. It’s going to be close.

      2. SteveS says:

        “Red Bulls were dominant but we didn’t know how much they had extra in hand as they just coasted when they had a gap.”

        What “gap”? Did you even look at the numbers? In three of those races the gap was three seconds or less. In one of them there was no gap at all, the McLaren won in China. And if the Bull’s had so much extra pace “in hand”, why was Webber “coasting” along in fourth?

      3. Matt H says:

        Because webber was garbage and vettel only needed a 5 to 10 second lead to break the drs tow then all he had to do was manage tyres and temps. No need to go flat out as he could maintain therefore red bull just matched the others pace. Why on earth would you go flat out and risk crash/ incident for no additional gain ? With Merc ham had to go flat as did ros as they both wanted to win. With seb he just mimicked the first chase car and that was sufficient. That’s why seb never looked on the edge or ragged. He was miles off the kerbs and cruising

      4. NickH says:

        Vettel pulled showed their true pace at the end of 2013 in Abu Dhabi when he pulled out 30 secs in 30 laps and then just cruised for the rest of the race

    4. chris says:


      you got the point. merc is like brawn gp or MP4/4

    5. Joel says:

      Just chill !!! and try to enjoy the weekend.
      Don’t need to try so hard to discredit someone. It was a wonderful race and even the most skeptical fan would agree.

    6. KRB says:

      Uh, if car A can always beat its competitors by 10 secs, and car B can always beat its competitors by 30 secs, you’re saying that car B is 3x as dominant?!? A WIN IS A WIN. You don’t get more points for a win b/c you finish 20 sec’s further ahead than another race-winning car.

      In the last 9 races of last year, It was totally predictable that Vettel was either going to win the race, or not finish it. No other word for that other than total dominance.

  51. Anne says:

    Finally! what a race!!!! Amazing thriller between Lewis and Nico and Force India and Williams.Checo and Force India in the podium was a nice suprise. Great job Ricciardo finishing ahead of Vettel. RB is decent but not what they used to be, at least not yet.

    Luca better shut up!!! His team is ugly, period. Other teams did a good job.Ferrari didn´t.

  52. RobertS says:

    Brilliant race today, f1 needed this race in light of the poor comments. I too was doubting whether these rules would produce close racing after watching the first two races. This race provided great racing throughout, even though the 2 fastest cars easily were ahead Mercedes allowed their drivers to race. Great win for Lewis, he really raced and deserved that, hope Rosberg doesn’t think it was too aggressive.

  53. Carbonated says:

    Mixed feelings here – the safety car made the race more exciting than up to that point but it was great to watch.

    But here we are all over again – one team is far and away better than the rest so the race winner is usually settled after a few laps.

    It will be interesting to see if Kimi can do any better than Maasa who is doing fine thank you. Better start working on next year’s design Luca:)

    1. Mansell Mania says:

      “so the race winner is usually settled after a few laps”

      The way Lewis and Rosberg are going at it at the moment, I’m not sure you need to worry about that so much

      1. Carbonated says:

        Hamilton will beat Rossberg 9 times out of 10…boring

      2. Kingszito says:

        Watch the race and stop complaining. This is not Red Bull, it’s Mercedes. Two top drivers at the top of their games. No team orders, no holding back just pure wheel to wheel racing. Top class!

  54. Joao says:

    Sometimes words can’t describe the art. That race was art!

    I wouldn’t mind watching it all over again. Although it was a long race, so maybe not. :-)

    As fate would have had it, it was all written in the stars and by stars. That race was worth 6 stars out of 5.

  55. Penfold says:

    Hi James

    Do you think there will be a heated discussion in the Mercedes debrief regarding the split strategy. I know it made for great racing but surely Mercedes should have foreseen this. My brother and i watched the race together and we called the safety car scenario 10 laps before it happened (it was so obvious), Hamilton must have been absolutely seething under that crash helmet. I can’t see the benefit to Mercedes of splitting the strategies when they are so much quicker than everyone else?

    1. James Allen says:

      No, it was that rare race where they can look back on both sides of the garage and say that they wouldn’t do anything different.

      Rosberg said as much in press conference

    2. Grant H says:

      Nico asked for the strategy and this plan b was agreed before race – nico admitted it was slower in race time but gave him best chance of a shot at the end

    3. nicolas nogaret says:

      it was a switch to an alternative strategy in an attempt to be hamilton

    4. Kingszito says:

      I believe that the split in strategy was to put some gaps between the two cars and let them fight it out at the last stint, which would allow the driver that did a better job to win without such an intense battle after the safety car.

  56. Sergio says:

    Today was one of the best races I’ve ever seen in years. Whatever you saw, you enjoyed with overtaking, team mate battles, speed differences, lots of smokebraking, etc, etc., but Ferrari. Maybe it was the worst day to citicise this F1. The king is dead, God save the new one!

    1. KRB says:

      Indeed. We really need to see some stats on how many passes there were in that race. It was action galore. A true watershed race. I would never thought Bahrain was capable of that. The only thing that disappointed was the “champagne” on the podium … not enough fizz to spray anyone!

  57. Andy says:

    Great drive from Lewis! He won the race. Rosberg won me over with his personality – gracious in the race and outside of it too! That gesture when they climbed out of the cars was awesome!

    1. Joel says:

      Agree. It was very refreshing to see.

  58. Carl Craven says:

    James, you used to gush about Jenson Button until Lewis came along, now he doesn’t even get a mention in an article in which he had a great race until the safety car ruined his race.


    1. Grant H says:

      He had a DNF due to clutch so what do u mean by safety car? Did i miss something?

  59. Mike Martin says:

    The best dry race I have ever seen. Absolute brilliant race. AMAZING! Can someone pinch me if I am truly awake? Wow!

    Lewis is an absolute legend! Thanks Mercedes!

    1. Carbonated says:

      A legend in his own mind

      1. C63 says:

        Whether you like him or not – I am guessing not in your case – surely you can admit Hamiltons driving at the end if the race was exceptional. He was being hunted down by his team mate who had the faster set up and he holds him off for 10 laps. By any standards that was impressive driving.

      2. Grant says:

        Not to mention the DRS advantage…..

  60. LHFAN says:

    James, is it possible for the engine sound to be improved by changing the shape of the exhaust outlet? Just wondering, dont get me wrong i like the sound of the engines but this would probably shut up people like Luca Demonatzemalo.

    1. Grant H says:

      Theyve agreed to change noise now, and in this season!!!

      Like u said imagine this will mean changing the exhaust shape

      Be interesting if this suits anyone, obviously for performance teams wont want to waste energy

    2. Mike says:

      With a race like that who cares about the sound?

  61. SD says:

    Whew, what a race!! Lewis and Nico should be massively proud. This will go down as one among the best races in F1 history.

  62. foreverf1 says:

    The low ugly noses finally flipped a car over and under and over again. How could this be safer? I’m glad Guttierez is okay.

    1. Grant H says:

      Good point i bet this drives a rethink!

    2. Matt H says:

      Think it was more the combo of rear wheel of the sauber on rear wheel of the lotus. Can happen in open wheel formula but not the low tusk to blame. Granted it was 100% Maldonado fault and unlucky with the wheels overlapping. Don’t think it would be any different a scenario if same lines were took with a different nosed car. Maldonado needed to back out corner was never his by miles

      1. foreverf1 says:

        I stand corrected. Just watched it again on the pvr and it had nothing to do with the lotus nose. It was obviously wheel against wheel that made the car flip.

        It had, however, had everything to do with Pastor’s nose. He shouldn’t have stuck it in there.

    3. Truth says:

      Tyre contact flipped the car over, not the ugly nose.
      This is similar to Webber’s flip from same tyre contact. Always a potential for it in open wheeled racing.

  63. Thompson says:

    Great race. My heart was in my mouth with the deployment of
    the SC. Knowing Rosberg was on the quicker tyre – few what a drive by Hamilton.

    Showed his intention just before the 1st round of stops…superb.

    It’s full time Maldonado was kicked out of F1, did he not see the Sauber, a 5 grid penalty!!??. Something not quite right there.

    The track looks far far better ‘under lights – made it easier for the drivers to see we’re they were going(anyone who has played this track in a videogame will know how hard it is , few reference points vast run offs )

    This is what it looks like when drivers have equal machinery.

  64. Grant H says:

    Thought it was nice touch to see the banter between nico and Lewis after the race, in the room before podium believe Lewis was comparing part of the race to thier old karting days in italy

  65. Curro says:

    Hamilton was supreme today.

  66. Chris J says:

    F1 racing is back!! Great stuff today by all the drivers. If the FIA want to make changes let’s ban team orders!!! Both Mercedes drivers were epic and Ricciardo seems to have got to grips with the RB10 much better than his 4 times world champion team mate, hope this continues for the rest of the season. :)

  67. Fireman says:

    Pretty amazing to think that we got such interesting race when Mercedes advantage is that huge. Even the customer Mercs had huge advantage. Only Red Bull could challenge them today. Sadly Ferrari is not there.

    And amazing drive from Lewis.

    1. Mansell Mania says:

      I don’t even think Red Bull were challening them today until the safety car came out. They seemed to benefit from that quite a bit.

      Ironically its kind of nice to see two cars just completely destroy everyone else. As long as they are racing each other, unlike in the Shumacher / Barichello days

  68. Rich B says:

    red bull got lucky with the safety car, it saved their soft tires, Williams may’ve had them otherwise

  69. Kingszito says:

    The only word to describe this race is “epic!” Couldn’t have happened at a better time. Yes! Right there in their faces (Luca, Beni, Newey, Honner etc) Live.

    This is everything a racing car should be. The cars are not planted like the exhaust blown diffuser cars. Drivers are not just battling with their fellow drivers, they are also battling with their cars at every given point. Trying to out-brake each other up and down the grid.

    This is the best race for a very very long time.

  70. Ash says:

    Great race….

    Lewis Hamilton – like him or loathe him…. It’s the greatest defensive drive of the modern era I witnessed today. I’ve also noticed that Lewis over the last two races seems to have better tyre management, let’s see if that trend continues. One thing is for sure Nico can’t allow Lewis to win races when he is clearly the faster package – he has to punish Lewis.

    1. Mansell Mania says:

      ” It’s the greatest defensive drive of the modern era I witnessed today.”

      Absolutely agree. Seat of your pants stuff. Especially in this DRS era when passing someone on fresher tyres is almost a given. And on the Baraihn circuit to boot.

    2. Tom says:

      I think Alonso holding off Schumacher at Imola 2005 with a crippled engine was head-scratchingly brilliant. But Lewis deserved this win, no doubt. Fully agree that Nico has to take his chances or the title is heading Lewis’ way. Probably why Nico was so disappointed with himself afterwards. Was great to see them in parc ferme slapping each other on the back and happy with each other though.

  71. TheDude says:

    Looked like GUT had the racing line to me and Pastor was classic Pastor.
    Is there a procedure for revoking a super license and, if so, is Maldonado not a candidate? I’ve only watched F1 for one season plus three races (these three) and already I have the impression that Pastor is a danger to everyone around him. Am I just new to this?

    1. Grant H says:

      Mine clearance maldonado at his best at least he got a grid penalty

    2. aezy_doc says:

      No, from an f1 veteran of 25 years watching, Pastor is one of the most truculent, insolent and dangerous drivers I’ve ever seen. He’s taken at least 2 deliberate swipes at other drivers, let alone the damage he causes through incompetence. He may be fast on his day, but he’s a liability in a race car.

    3. Aquataz says:

      Go to YouTube & be scared- guy’s a menace

      1. Alexander Supertramp says:

        The Maldonado comments/nicknames give an indication of his awful track record, but they are are hilarious at the same time.

  72. Peter says:

    Mercedes advantage is shocking, just as Ferraris lack of pace. lewis has the luxury that he only has to battle it out with Rosberg.

    1. dazza says:

      Yeah agree. Only battling one other driver not really a very satisfying way to win world championship!

      1. Where's Equin0x gone this year? says:

        What like seb most last year and all 2011!!!

    2. Alexander Supertramp says:

      You’re correct. But I can’t see anyone taking the challenge to Mercedes. Only Red Bull, but just how much performance can Renault extract from their PU under the ‘engine freeze’? A couple more 1-2′s and the WCC will be all but played for.

  73. Marcelo Leal says:

    Why are you talking in the past?
    I’m still watching the race, and should be until I go to work tomorrow.. ;-)

  74. Hansb says:

    Finally, this was a very good race to watch, yet I’m not this thrilled like some of the Hamilton fans…
    The Merc pair gave a good show but I doubt Hamilton will be the same sportsman as Rosberg if he loses next time.
    Behind them there were several overtakings with and without DRS which is good.
    The young generation did a great job (not Maldenado), Ricciardo is impressive!
    But I still dont get used to this lazy muted sound of the engines, the fuel consumption thing is no good, it is displayed at some points in the race but it adds no extra dimension. No valuable information because it is not clear to me when someone is really pushing and in the process using (too) much fuel.

    Finally to Ferrari : it is a mess. Their PU seems even less powerful than the Renault. The car is not good with these tyres at these temperatures and it seems to lack mechanical grip with that. Both Ferrari’s missed the apex very often because they seem to struggle with stability all the time.
    So, no driver within this team is bigger than Ferrari itself. But I think the old man today turned around in his grave so he didn’t have to see the humiliation any longer. The 6th fastest team on the grid….

    1. Grant H says:

      “I doubt ham will be a sportsman” what??? Who claimed pole on sat i didnt see lewis being unsportsman like did u?

      1. Kingszito says:

        Rosberg beat Lewis in some races last season, but I did not see any “unsportsman like” from Lewis. Rosberg beat Lewis during quali on Saturday and Lewis handled himself correctly. None of them wants to be beaten by their team mate, they are naturally disappointed/sad whenever they are beaten but they try as much as they can to conceal it. As a Lewis fan, I would be very disappointed in him any day he starts being OK with losing.

      2. Hansb says:

        Well I didn’t mean this saturday or last season. It seems both men are candidates for the WDC this year and depending how things evolve during the season, I think things to get spiced up between them rather quickly.
        Lets wait and see. I think Rosberg will be the more gentle one wereas Hamilton is the kind of animal like Alonso.

  75. Richard says:

    I think another reason why this season is going to be so good is that there are many team mates at the same level. There is a high level of sparring going on between them and long may it continue. The old idea of a lead driver and a number two is actually detrimental to the team and more importantly the sport. Let them race for heaven sake!

  76. Harrison Vrbanjac says:

    Maldonado gets only 5-place grid penalty? Comparing to Ricciardo’s 10? Come on, someone please……

    1. aezy_doc says:

      To me this was comparable to Grosjean at Spa, but worse. Only one other car to consider, less adrenaline than at the start of a race. Why he didn’t receive a greater punishment, who knows?

    2. Mocho_Pikuain says:

      Fully agree. But at least he also got a -3 on his licence points.

      1. kenneth chapman says:

        exactly, ricciardo’s wheel wobbled and came loose in the pit lane, 10 sec penalty + 10 place grid penalty! maldonado causes possible life threatening move and guess what….5 place grid penalty!!! something is drammatically wrong here.

    3. Mack says:

      It seems there are inconsistencies in the penalty apportionment department!

    4. Chuck 32 says:

      my thought as well, Ricciardo penalized 10 Grid spots for a loose wheel. Maldonado gets a 5 grid spot penalty and three points on the license?

    5. jay dee says:

      The lotus is so slow it will put him back of the grid anyway.

    6. Otto The Busdriver says:

      Maldonado gave him only a slight tap, nothing outrageous about his move. The biggest problem with the accident was that it looked bad on TV and there were these unpopular car noses involved. Nothing more.

      Had it been other way around(Maldonado on the outside and Gutierrez flipping him over), the whole website here would be like “OMG, Maldonado turned in too late and payed the price!” or “Maldonado’s indecisiveness cost him dear.”

      Just imagine(for example) Massa and Ricciardo in the same situation. One of the guys turning in very late, using a strange line and the other one judging the situation slightly wrong way and…breaking his own front wing. Basically the same situation, but less fireworks. “No further action” would be the verdict, I’m quite sure. I don’t think people would want to eat Ricciardo alive, as this seems to be the case with Maldonado.

      I think stewards should penalize the mistake, not the consequence.

      1. Harrison Vrbanjac says:

        Well comparing situations, I would say that Ricciardo was eaten alive in Malaysia. Misjudging happens now and then among the drivers, but it happens to Maldonado more often then anyone else.

  77. Alexander Supertramp says:

    Very good view again James, F1 was the big winner today. And what a great timing for this great show, the LdMs, Bernies, Horners/Neweys of this world lost a big battle today.

    The W05 is in a different world, so the only thing missing is a closer field for race wins, let’s hope other teams catch up. But in the mean time Mercedes is showing that a dominant team is not the end of the world.

    The race itself ;

    - Amazing start by Felipe and dito race. I was very critical of him last week, but I’m happy to swallow my words. Shame the SC kind of screwed Williams, but they should build on this result. Same for Felipe, he had the edge over Bottas!

    - Same for Perez. I have been very critical of him, but this was a brilliant display of his talent. Flashes of 2011. Very happy for FI achieving their first podium as well.

    - Lewis, just wow. Very aggressive, but also very clinical, pure skill. I was amazed by Rosberg’s pace in the first stint, he was keeping Lewis very honest. I don’t think Rosberg could have won without the safety car. First of all there was quite the gap to close, but even if he had managed that the race showed that he wouldn’t have been able to pass. This was really his race to lose after the SC and he did. This is very much strike 2 for Lewis.

    - Gutierrez/Maldonado and other so called F1 drivers (Sutil/Bianchi,..) should really improve on their close racing abilities. There were so many amazing battles, all fair and precise (F1 worthy). Racing incidents are okay, but you don’t belong in F1 if you put off this kind of shenanigans. Worst of all is they almost took out Rosberg.

    * I read Bernie is ‘going to war’ against the FIA because he wants the engine rules revised. He’s openly criticizing the ‘new Formula’ in a very political attempt to crash it’s worth and start a new series, “GP1″. James? Sounds like a crazy story, but it makes sense.

    1. quattro says:

      “Very good view again James, F1 was the big winner today. (1)And what a great timing for this great show, (2) the LdMs, Bernies, Horners/Neweys of this world lost a big battle today.”

      You can be assured that (1) was a direct consequence of (2). If things does not change (very very fast) the 2014 drivers (and hence constructors) titles are already decided – hence the 2014 championship, whether we like it or not, is dead.

      I suppose this is great news to Merc/HAM/ROS fans, but I believe the fans of the rest of drivers/teams are a bigger number. Prepare for lower viewer/reader figures – unless journos continue working “overtime” promoting this pseudo/taxi “championship”.

  78. aveli says:

    it was a thriller in bahrain! who could’ve played hamilton’s role if he was absent?

  79. aveli says:

    hold that though for a minute and understand why he is the best ever f1 driver to have stepped foot in the sport! we will not see another as good as him in our lifetime.

    1. SteveS says:

      We’ve already seen better than him in our lifetime. You witnessed a a driver in a fantastic car beating his teammate today. But we’ve been witnessing that for many, many years in F1.

      1. Ash says:

        Like who?

      2. tch says:

        Senna, Prost and Schumacher for starters.

      3. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso, for exaple. And that’s in MY lifetime. Senna, Prost, Fangio, Clark, Lauda, Piquet, Brabham, Stewart… All those are considered to be above Lewis (I can’t give an opinion as I never saw them drive), and in the current grid Alonso showed to be better, outscoring Lewis while the spaniard drove a worse car.

      4. Ash says:

        First and foremost, everybody is entitled to there view, and I’m not here to disrespect any driver or anybody.


        When it comes to pure, fair, clean racing, which includes racing against your team-mate with the same equipment, Schuey doesn’t come into that category for me at all, he had great machinery over the years, but, almost from the beginning, Schuey has had unchallenged No. 1 status, until Rosberg, and then he got spanked. In fact I don’t know this, but did Schuey ever beat a World Champion teammate or anything close? A lot of what Schuey achieved just wasn’t pure in my eyes.

        When people mention Alonso I just chuckle to myself, because here we have another guy that likes unchallenged No.1 status, some people choose to forget 2007 has some kind of blip for Alonso, but not me, he got mentally rattled on and off the track by a rookie (Canada 07, USA 07, Japan 07 etc) until he shamed himself publicly in 07 because his talent couldn’t do the talking on track. How do you blackmail your own team? How do you leave a great car like McLaren had (blueprints from Newey)in 08 to go back Renault, all because you aren’t Number 1, he just wasted a year of his career because he had no balls – plain and simple, the thought of been beaten by Lewis again was giving him sleepless nights – to me he’s known has the spineless spaniard. Take Jenson Button, he dealt with Lewis fair and square, that’s why I respect JB, came to the team, made the adjustments and got the job done in 2011.

        Fangio, Clark, Lauda, Piquet, Brabham, Stewart – I can’t speak on drivers I didn’t see in my lifetime…

        Senna & Prost both great drivers, but I’d take Lewis over Prost everyday of the week, just on the basis that Prost loved to get involved with the politics side of things when it suited too much, and to me that is not pure racing.

        Lewis is greatest driver to leave Britain and that’s now, and will go down in the hall of fame of great F1 drivers in my view when he retires from the sport with a minimum of x3 tiles I hope haha.

      5. aveli says:

        well said ash. they only say what they say out of fear.:-) they cannot cope with the truth. have you noticed that not a single one of them has posted a video link of their favourite drives? they don’t post any because they don’t exist. i post them because it is the truth. hamilton has never selected any engineers, designers or mechanics and insisted on any team taken them on. he just join teams and drive whatever car they give him, like this. they must be sick of him.

      6. aveli says:

        please post the link so that i can witness them too. are they better than these?


      7. aveli says:

        come on tech and mochuain, post your links and let’s compare.
        i’ll tell you again, Hamilton is the best f1 driver to have stepped foot in the sport. you better start appreciating his skills because you will not see such skills from another in your lifetime.
        he doesn’t ask his team to ask his teammate to pull over so that he can win, he doesn’t ask for an advantage within the team, he doesn’t crash into others in order to win, he is not selective when it comes to teammate, he just drives better than everyone.
        post your your links please.

      8. Brax says:

        He does not.

      9. aveli says:

        @brax, if you think he doesn’t, please give me the chance to see a better driver than hamilton and post a youtube link of a drive better than this. if there isn’t a driver as good then don’t post a link.

    2. James Clayton says:

      I really wish Hamilton’s fans would calm down a bit, they give the other Hamilton supporters a very bad name :(

      1. Ash says:

        “I really wish that Hamilton fans out there can express there thoughts and views without people saying calm down, for expressing there views on a forum/blog, in which this site was designed for”

        Some people really believe that Lewis is one of the greatest drivers of ALL time and express that view, in which I share that view, especially talent wise, just needs a couple more titles and it will then be official.

  80. The Spanish Inquisitor says:

    I don’t understand Kimi’s last change of wheels. His set was new. Perhaps he could win Alonso without these change. Conspiracy.

    “The revenge comes at China”, said Alonso. I don’t belive nothing… Game Over for Ferrari/Alonso.

    1. Curro says:

      Alonso was extremely mild during the Spanish post-race interviews.

      Obviously he’s trying to sound diplomatic and even complimentary towards the team in the face of a difficult situation, knowing very well what happened last year in Hungary and the chain of events that unfolded.

      But also it could be that he’s looking for a way out, and one of the aspects he wants to cover is not being accused of being a bad team player…? More conspiracy.

    2. Harshad says:

      That is Ferrari team for you, they always botch up strategically in races.

    3. Krischar says:

      @ Spanish Inquisitor

      There is no revenge factor at all here

      Alonso know he cannot voice his opinion any more even if the Ferrari pilots were given red truck and ask to deliver the results. Alonso carried on the entire ferrari team on his shoulders ever since 2010 to this point. Massa did not bother about the car or his position in the team too much

      The bust up between LDM and Alonso last season were used by the fans and experts here to crticize Alonso for being so open about the team. Still Alonso’s concern were spot on the money about the car and this season it has been proved once again thus far.

      LDM is so Dim-witted who does not even mind to respect his drivers opinion.

      I feel very sorry for you Alonso, I am devout Alonso fan. Yet i Feel time has ran out already to bag another WDC come 2015 please make the correct choice and jump to some other team who can provide you a machinery which is worthy of your talents

  81. dzolve says:

    “Sebastian Vettel led his young team-mate, before the Australian made use of the DRS-zone to move past the world champion in to turn one”

    Actually James, Riccardo and Vettel BOTH had their DRS open during the pass. Vettel was within 1s of another car, so it wasn’t due to DRS that got Riccardo past Vettel!

    1. kenneth chapman says:

      well spotted.

      1. Rohind says:

        Vettel’s DRS was not working initially in the race when he overtook Raikkonen.But not sure if it came back later in the race though. Nevertheless, brilliant driving by Ricciardo

  82. dufus says:

    What a drive by Daniel. No-one can hold this kid back.
    Without the grid penalty it would have been a solid third place behind Merc. Hell 1 more lap and he would have had the podium from 13th place start. And didnt he stick it to Vettel. Agressive but controlled. His third faultless drive for RBR.
    Oh yeah almost forgot ! Special mention to HAM and ROS for the entertainment up front :)

    1. kenneth chapman says:

      like you dufus, i was absolutely thrilled to see ricci do the business. he has always impressed me with both his speed but also his racecraft. he very rarely makes mistakes and he is relentless in pursuit whenever a challenge is put in front of him.

      i rather thought that horner downplayed riccis drive. he simply said that it was ‘a great drive’ but left it at that. usually when praising a driver he is more effusive. riccis result was everything considered worthy of greater comment.

      to come back to within four tenths of s podium from 13th in a car which is dramatically down on power compared to the mercs, is, IMO, better than just ‘a great drive’. it was the drive of the day for me however there were a lot of terrific drives during the last ten laps that it is hard to discern the ultimate best. let me just say, that was a brief glimpse of what F1 should be all about.

  83. Jenks says:

    New Rule: Safety car deployed 10 laps before the end of every race.

  84. acme says:

    24 second in ten laps, that’s a tough one.

  85. Alexir says:

    Jeez Ferrari……this season is going to very long and painfull for them.

    Really shame for both Kimi and Alonso. Time is running out for both of them to win another championship and honestly I just dont see Ferrari capable of delivering championship winning car any time soon.

    As for Mercedes, well I can already see them being as dominating this season as Mclaren in 1988 or Ferrari in 2002 and 2004. Hopefully it will be atleast tight fight between Nico and Ham, like it was today, otherwise its going to get rather boring at the front.

    1. James Allen says:

      Lot of problems: power unit lacking punch, high tyre deg, lots of things to get on top of

      1. BeaverBill says:

        We can always blame it on the wind tunnel for the 4th year straight!

      2. aezy_doc says:

        Is the tunnel they’re referring to dominecalli’s mouth? There’s a lot of wind that comes out of there.

      3. Grant H says:


      4. dazza says:

        Trouble for Ferrari is relevance to the real world. 1.6 V6 engines bear no relation to their road cars. If your spending big money on a Ferrari it’s all about the engine and design. Your not interested in energy harvesting and batteries! Lack of success and relevance could seriously make Ferrari quit F1. You can all criticise them for poor car but too much about engine. Engine not good enough then season over!

      5. C63 says:

        1.6 V6 engines bear no relevance to their road cars….

        Aren’t you overlooking who owns Ferrari – Fiat. 1.6 V6 engines are very relevant to their road cars.

      6. Aquataz says:

        Hang in there JA – Ferrari needs to play the long game, but It is soooo painful to see FA mid pack

      7. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        But as far as I know the focus of all their problems is the software that regulates the power delivery from batteries.
        Once they sort it out (they expect to do so by spain) traction will improve (due to a more progressive delivery), total power will increase (meaning better acceleration and top speed) and as tyres will slide less in traction, tyre degradation will also be better. Anyway, Kimi looked like he could do a 2 stopper today, so it cant be that bad on that aspect.

      8. Stephen Taylor says:

        What about car handling? That did not seem great either?

      9. Fireman says:

        This was also the worst track for current Ferrari, according to Kimi.

  86. zx6dude says:

    Don’t look like any taxi I’ve been on!

    Great racing all the way down the field…

    1. dmac1965 says:

      James James hahaha “Battle of the taxi drivers” lol! Felipe Massa is the only real taxi driver on the grid! But just as it was between Seb and Mark the last few seasons, when we watched these two team mates racing for a victory amongst themselves, we will never ever know if any of their racing was 100 per cent or just play racing for the cameras and us. DITTO Ham and Rosberg in this race. DITTO Ham and Rosberg’s playful interaction with each other after the race? Oh how I really miss the days of Hakkinen vs Schumacher and Senna vs Prost, that was real racing folks. The real battle this race was between team mates Dan and Seb in Red Bull. Dan being relogated to starting 13th and Seb starting 10th. In the last 5 laps there was clearly no team orders directed to them. That was a real racing battle folks. And without a doubt the best motor race in Dan’s career thus far. Catching and passing a 4 time world champion, and only finishing a second off a podium place. Dan qualified 3rd for the race, I wonder where he would have finished if he started from 3rd?

      1. Rohan says:

        He would have finished 3rd. You are not honestly suggesting that Ricciardo could have taken the fight to the two Mercs?

        Dan and Seb also had fortune play them a good hand with the Safety car – they were a fair way off from the two Force India’s before that.

      2. Alexander Supertramp says:

        RB benefitted greatly from the SC with both drivers among an elite group of drivers on soft tyres.

      3. Mike Brazil says:


      4. NickH says:

        He would have finished 3rd or 4th. Benefited a lot from the safety car as the force India’s were on primes

    2. ferggsa says:

      You’ve never been to Mexico

    3. Mike says:

      You haven’t been in a taxi in Jakarta.

    4. kenneth chapman says:

      obviously you’ve never ridden in a taiwan taxi…..or a thai one either!

  87. AlexD says:

    Ferrari fans, can it get any worse? I am really shocked how behind ferrari really is. What to do? I to not think they will find the answer. New wind tunnel, two world champions in the team and it is so sad to see this happening. I mean….if Alonso and Kimi cannot even approach the front, what else is there to say?
    Luca is trying to solve a wrong problem….

    1. Aquataz says:

      After Barcelona I bet they will decide in Maranello to solve next years’ problem…

    2. Fireman says:

      At least they finished. And finished on points :D

      But to keep some optimism, this race was surprisingly good so maybe there’s more surprises to come.

    3. brendan says:

      you can see Alonso saying arrivederci to Ferrari,hes not getting any younger.. they seem to be getting worse each year.

  88. Lee says:

    How many races before Maldonado gets a race ban?

    1. Mocho_Pikuain says:

      At this pace I think its 3.

    2. H says:

      Great race. Epic, entertaining – just great.

      Amongst all the other tweaks for 2014, maybe letting Maldonado race is inspired choice? Mobile chicane? Safety car implementer? He certainly made the race interesting for us.

      I don’t want to be flippant about driver safety – that roll was really scary. But maybe the forces that be quite like PM causing a bit of havoc… particularly as he’s paying for the privilege!

  89. quattro says:

    Oooch, some risks the merc pitwall/management seem to be forced to take!! It seems as the talk about the need to change the rules, following this taxi championship we have been seeing thus far, have really made them nervous for loosing the multi-second car advantage they have.

    I think that is the (one and) only reason they let their drivers do today what they choose not to do a week ago – race. They want to give the impression that we still have racing…

    The irony in this is that, by allowing their drivers to race, it allowed us to see how big the Merc advantage really is. Right after the safety car went in, the two Merc drivers started racing and probably were using their PUs close to 100%, as the pit wall was informing HAM that he could use overtaking maps and such to defend… At those times the two Merc drivers were lapping THREE seconds per lap faster than the two guys in 3rd and 4th behind them! ROS could probably go still faster. Many drivers had same tire age so that should not be the factor either.

    Lap after lap they were doing that, hence we know that is what he Merc car can do, compared to the fastest of the rest.
    Yes, this IS hence a taxi championship. Actually it is NOT a championship as 20 drivers are 100% and mathematically outside all sorts of fair competition for the championship at all – both drivers and constructors are already decided. And as engine development for performance is FORBIDDEN and we know were Merc is dominating – it should remain so. Yea, EPIC!

    1. aezy_doc says:

      How can you possibly find negatives in this race? It WAS epic. If you won the lottery you’d be sad it cost you a pound to enter.

      1. C63 says:

        :-) you just made me laugh out loud. Thank you.

      2. quattro says:

        “If you won the lottery you’d be sad it cost you a pound to enter.”

        The odds are so against you in lottery, that you SHOULD feel sad if you wasted money entering it. You will have to know your numbers in order to realize though…

    2. oddz says:


      so I guess you didn’t enjoy the race!

      1. quattro says:

        Right, I did not.

        The Mercs were more than THREE seconds per lap faster than “the rest” during “the race”, as was very evident when the two Mercs started racing each others for real after the SC. I do not consider 2 F1 cars, in the same event as 20 GP2 cars as racing. Especially not when the 22 cars lift and coast during the event in order to save fuel

      2. TimW says:

        well if you didn’t enjoy thst race it’s obvious that you wont enjoy any race ever! Maybe you should consider another sport.

      3. quattro says:


        The fact that I do not consider the current formula to be a sport (rather a pure engineering contest) does not, mean I cannot express what I feel about it – deal with it son.
        Besides, the last time I checked I was the one paying all my F1 related expenses – so again, keep to the subject/contribue…or even better sh*t up altogether, please.

      4. TimW says:

        you can express what you feel about the sport if you wish “son” but I am also free to point out that your talking total nonsense. You want me to contribute so here are a few. the Mercs are not 3 secs faster than the rest, they were running between 1 and 2 seconds faster than the Force India at the end of the race as Perez was struggling to get heat into the medium tyres and also having to defend from Ricciardo. The gap in qualifying between the fastest Merc and the fastest none Merc (Ricciardo) was 0.866 seconds and the gap between the fastest race laps was 1.765 seconds. A big advantage but not the 3 seconds that you stated. You say that you don’t consider F1 to be a sport, rather a pure engineering contest, F1 has always been a mix of the two and this year is no different, I saw 2 sportsman in equal machinery having a purely sporting contest at the front and various other sporting contests going on down the field, the fact that the other teams haven’t done as good a job at the engineering side isn’t Merc’s fault it’s theirs! We have had periods of domination by one team before, it is the responsibility of the other teams to catch up, until that happens we will have to make do with watching Nico and Lewis racing each other for the lead and enjoy the battles behind for the other points positions.
        My point stands, the Bahrain GP was in the opinion of the overwhelming majority of people a very exciting race, I thought it was as exciting as any race I have seen in the 30 years that I have been following the sport, and yet it seems it wasn’t good enough for you. I think it is highly unlikely that we are going to get a race that is significantly more exciting than that, so I say again maybe you should consider another sport.

      5. quattro says:


        “they were running between 1 and 2 seconds faster than the Force India at the end of the race”
        HAM was lapping up to 2.8 seconds per LAP faster than the f India in 3rd after the SC. The difference per lap compared to VET and BOT was even greater. ROS in 2nd was even faster than HAM apparently, so you figure the per lap difference…If I am to choose between what the teams say or what the timing tables show…I will believe what I SEE in the tables…every time.

        “…F1 has always been a mix of the two and this year is no different”

        Agree it always been a mix, YES but this year IS different though. Merc has obviously a huge power advantage AND the other teams “racing” in “the pinnacle of motor sport”, are NOT allowed (in a legal way) to develop test and upgrade their PUs for pure performance. Hence this state of affairs (whatever 1.75-3 seconds per lap advantage) will continue (?) until at least the end of the year. Hence, the drivers and constructor titles are (after only 3rd round) in practice already decided and done with. Racing??
        Again, as a fan I find that NOT to be racing, but purely a boring engineering contest. Racing per definition is drivers racing each other. As no driver, no matter how skillful, CAN race the Mercs CARs, we have no championship other than the engineering one (that already is over as PU performance development & testing is NOT allowed)…
        We have then not started talking about the “lifting and coasting” aspect of the new green (racing) era…

        “My point stands, the Bahrain GP was in the opinion of the overwhelming majority of people a very exciting race”
        Congrats to you and everyone who enjoyed then. I am not sure how representative that is of the general F1 audience…assuming it is representative is questionable.
        In either case, the number of people thinking whatever does not prove a point right or wrong…or change facts; lap timings, #poles,#race wins, gaps to 3rd , amount of lifting & coasting and who and when title is done. That is what matters to me. The lap timings table is there for you to study & enjoy!

      6. TimW says:

        You have cherry picked one lap at one track and added a couple of tenths and are now quoting the gap between the Mercs and the rest of the field as 3 seconds, this is incorrect. Have a look at your lap time tables for all three races and come up with a more realistic figure. The gap between Mercedes and the next quickest car is not that unusual, similar gaps have been seen before and it certainly not rare for one team to have an advantage. If your car is 0.5 seconds quicker or 5 seconds quicker, you are still going to win the race! I think that Renault are allowed to make upgrades for reliability that may allow them to run their PU at full power, this may well close the gap, but ultimately McLaren and others have the Mercedes PU as well, it is up to them to make the most of it. There is no difference that I can see between Mercs advantage this year or Red Bulls in previous years, you can quibble about the time difference but the result is the same, one team out front and the rest trying to catch up.
        The main point I am trying to make is if you couldn’t find anything exciting in the race between Lewis and Nico than F1 probably isn’t for you, look at the comments and press coverage from the Bahrain GP, you may not want to admit it, but you are undoubtably in a tiny minority of people who didn’t enjoy the race. I wonder when was the last time you watched a GP and thought “that was a really great race”.

      7. TimW says:

        P.S who did you see lifting and coasting and when? I didn’t notice this happening and as far as I am aware the only driver critical on fuel in Bahrain was Kobayashi.

    3. Doug says:

      So much great racing going on throughout the field, if you didn’t get a buzz watching that race you’ve been OD’ing your medication! :-)

      1. quattro says:

        “… you’ve been OD’ing your medication!”

        Actually, I did double-check “the medication”! When I went back to watching the F1.6 “race” again, and despite the medication being 100%, the Mercs were still “racing” the rest of the field with a 3 seconds per lap faster car, I could still not hear any sound from the new Green engines and the majority of the field were still “lifting and coasting” a significant part of the lap to save fuel! Strange this.

        Thanks anyway for the advice. May I ask what medics you are taking (for not seeing all this I see)??
        Keep them coming, Einstein!

      2. Doug says:

        Mmmm, does it not confuse you that just about everyone else watched a great race from lights out to the flag?

        Does it worry you that you see a 3 second gap where even the other teams only see 1.5 seconds?

        Are you concerned that you seem to think your posting to a dead scientist called Einstein?

        Mmmm, I suggest upping the medication to 50% above your prescription level, it may help. ;-)

        Seriously, it’s pretty obvious you’re not a Mercedes fan (neither am I) but to watch that race with such a miopic viewpoint beggars belief.

        You’re not LdM are you? :-)

      3. quattro says:


        “Mmmm, does it not confuse you that just about everyone else watched a great race from lights out to the flag?”
        Congrats to everyone who feels it was great…Confusing me? Nop, humans have done/said much stranger things in the past…read a history book, its true.

        “Does it worry you that you see a 3 second gap where even the other teams only see 1.5 seconds?”
        Oh my, Nop. I see the two Mercs were close to a minute ahead of the next car PRIOR to the SC and in the 10 laps SPRINT to the flag AFTER the SC they managed opening a 24 seconds gap down to the 3rd (despite ROS being stuck behind HAM on primes.). I know it is not that simple but gives a hint: 24/10 = 2.4.
        PS. does it not worry you that you take so lightly at a consistent 1.5 seconds per race lap time difference, in what is called the pinnacle of motor sport?

        What does worry me though is that the drivers and the constructors titles seem already decided and done with (without any on-track fight for it between teams) – much worse than the redbull domination era – and still people cannot seem to be able to see further than the SC induced 10 exciting laps at the end of the otherwise dull BAH GP.

      4. brendan says:

        I put £100 win on nico at 2/1,when the crash happened.. I needed medication willing nico to pass lewis..
        I have bet f1 for years and its more exciting when you have money on it..
        you should all watch motogp,nearly every race is exciting.. no teams order and they push each other of the track..every rider has guts.

  90. Leslie D'Amico says:

    All I can say is “Hey Kimi, how’s that switch to Ferrari working out for you? Well at least they can pay you… And Hey Pastor M., how’s that new team working out for you? Same as the old car, so slow it runs into people?”

    1. Antti says:

      Well, even if Ferrari is not at the front, it certainly is better than Lotus, so looks like Kimi made the right choice.

    2. NickH says:

      Working out better than Lotus

    3. Elie says:

      Still better than not being paid a cent and told to get the $&@* out of the way after you earned 400 points for Lotus over the last 2 years !!!..

  91. Karl Reid says:


    Anthony Davidson showed on the sky pad on sky f1 that MAL Lotus’ nose didn’t get under the car to flip it over. Using their simulation and other camera angles they showed the front wheel of MAL’s Lotus interlocked with GUT Sauber’s rear wheel. Pitching the Sauber into a flip.

  92. richardc says:

    What a race!! Congrats to LH and Nico for waht will down asa classic. Just watched the Nico interview and he is on the edge. If LH did not have the problem in Race 1 I beleive it would all be very differant. LH now has to win the next race and will still be behind??!! What a great championship, c,mon Lewis the championship has your name on it

  93. deancassady says:

    Yeah for Formula One!
    Still an intra-team battle for the drivers championship, at best, with the constructors now a forgone conclusion.
    Yet it was fun, after the safety car the action in the top ten was really fun to see.
    Still not as good as 2012, but really coming along, in that Bahrain race, anyhow.
    Sad to see Ferrari languishing, especially 7; there doesn’t seem much hope of a championship challenge in 2014.
    Great to see my faith in Perez justified, que bueno, Checko! Looks like a good move in teams.
    But three seconds a lap, Mercedes ahead of the next, Force I!!! Incredible!
    I’ll have to look at it again, but does anyone else think a ten second stop-and-go is appropriate for the job on Gutierrez, or is there a fundamental safety concern with the nose specifications???
    It’s one or the other.

    On the topic in intra-team at Mercedes:
    I guess I’ll not really believe that they are free to race, until they have a tearful coming together.
    We know about Vettel-Webber; we do NOT know about Hamilton-Rosberg.
    I reckon that they will hold the course, not come together, until they have an insurmountable lead, say Monza, then the gloves will really be off, and we’ll likely have confirmation of the ineffectiveness of team order, one way or the other.
    That could be interesting.
    Way to go Lewy!
    Keep fighting Nico.

  94. Johny says:

    2 seconds per lap gap increase after SC – is thins something amazing and exiting?
    Yes, show in front was good, there were some good overtaking moves by others as well, but again there is a dominant car and there are others, fighting for leftovers – is this something to be really happy about (even if you are LH or NR fan)? Would you people like to see 10 laps remaining with LH, NR, FA, KR, SV and even others still fighting for a win?
    F1 is still pile of crap and even penalties prove that – Bianchi for example has got 4 poins for incidents which weren’t his fault. And raming other driver almost deliberately it’s now twice less dangerous than seeing your wheel is lose and stoping in 100 meters in pits to tighten it. Ridiculous

    1. quattro says:

      Actually I think it was rather 3+ seconds at right after the SC went in…and that was the pace of HAM. ROS was even faster!

      I think that majority of the excitement is from Merc fans, HAM fans and F1.6 journalists that want us to BELIEVE the current formula is exciting (or racing at all)… in order to save their revenues for this year. It is really sad.

      1. Elie says:

        I agree that journos are selling it…and did you notice just how many have all become huge Mercedes fans.. They know where their breads buttered

  95. Mansell Mania says:

    Well that’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve been on the edge of my seat like that. Watching Nico do everything to get past Lewis on fresher tyres right at the end. Reminded me of Alonso vs Shumi at Imola and Senna vs Mansell at Monaco!

    And here’s me thinking that the safety car had ruined a perfect dual between the both of them – preventing the different strategies from playing out. If anything, the safety car made the battle even more intense – and Lewis showed us all the driver he really can be. To hold off Rosberg on much faster tyres, DRS assisted on an easily passable track for all those laps. Amazing.

    Having lost some (or quite a lot of) interest since the BBC stopped showing half of the races live(they must be gutted today – highlights not even on until 10.00pm) I can say I’m right back into it again now.

    Thank God for the new regs – which have finally given Lewis a car capable of showing what he can go. With Nico pushing him all the way through the season. Fantastic. Oh yes and a William’s revival to boot.

  96. quattro says:

    RIC to pit: Guys, move him out of the way. He is too slow!
    Rocky: SEB, RIC is faster than you. Try putting him in the wall, your only chance to beat this Aussie
    VET: But…how can that be?! I am a four times world champion…FOUR!!!

    1. Krischar says:

      Yes Quattro

      Yeah a 4X WDC who is average pilot flattered by the quickest car out there, now the Aussie karma follows him and he simply could not even match Daniel for pace

      Well done Daniel, you look a like the real deal and you will a WDC soon with the Aussie Grit

    2. neilmurg says:

      thats not Radio, that’s just voices in your head, try lithium

    3. neilmurg says:

      and after reading your other contributions, add a couple of valium and an selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, it’s going to be a depressing season for you

      1. quattro says:

        Ooch, I guess I pressed the wrong button for you there!

        To my defense, I should remind you that we have tried all along to warn you for this… For four year we have said that probably “It was The Car all along, that was superior – Vettel was just a passenger taking advantage of a super package”. You have been ignoring it and now you get chocked, when you see a youngster like RIC easily beat him.
        I understand you don’t like it…but not my fault you know!

      2. neilmurg says:

        I’m not particularly a Vettel fan, but I find him to be a personable, intelligent chap who has done some brilliant driving.
        And yes, I ignore all of you and make my own mind up. And who is the ‘we’ you refer to, you and the voice in your head? Please feel free not to answer, if you can.
        Also, there’s enough mis-information around without adding stuff that you’ve made up. All the ‘I told you all along’ is just fluff and self-aggrandisement

  97. jmv says:

    Question James: watching a rerun of the race now and notice one thing… that it is much more exciting to watch drivers dueling with each other since the cars are a bit more loose…

    And realized that they are loose because the aero factor is less.

    And following Jacques Villeneuve’s please of many years back, the racing would only get better if the mechanical grip would be a bigger factor than aero.

    Watching Bahrain this year, I can’t remember seeing F1 cars being able to follow each other this close, hence the many duels.

    So the question is… did we see close racing because of more mechanical vs aero?

  98. Jarv027 says:

    Excellent race!!
    Hope the other teams can close the gap to Mercedes soon.

    Big thanks must go to Mercedes for letting Hamilton and Rosberg race :))

  99. After this race looks like Adrian, Bernie, Luca, nil Ron 1.

    1. Grant H says:

      +1 totally loved rons comments

  100. Bob says:

    Brilliant race. So Much for taxi driving.

    The one thing I have to add in relation to the article is about what James said about Gutierrez flipping because of the low nose.

    It looked to me like he flipped because his rear wheel hit the back of Maldonado’s front wheel which threw the right rear of the car into the air. I don’t see how either car having a higher nose would prevent that.

  101. TimW says:

    Superb race! Great driving up and down the field (except for Pastor obviously) action packed thriller with stand out performances by Sergio, Daniel, Felipe and of course Lewis. Nice that the Lewis bashers and new rule knockers have been silenced, One of Hamilton’s best ever and a great answer to everyone who was predicting the end of F1 last week! Much kudos to Mercedes for letting their drivers go at it, it must have been tempting for them to call it off, but I’m very pleased they didn’t.

  102. panagiotis says:

    Ferrari, my god Ferrari….

    1. Mansell Mania says:

      What the heck is Alonso going to do now if he wants to get his 3rd WDC?

      1. brendan says:

        move to another team.. ha

  103. Luc says:

    For sure we are going to see more races with likewise epic battles this year, with no doubt a handful with no happy endings.

  104. fausta says:

    As much as I had looked forward to this season I find I am just losing interest. So it will be the two merc drivers battling it out all year – great. We finally break the Rb dominance and another team takes over. Even though I see other teams finally in the mix etc and can be happy about that I guess I just am not excited about this new F1. I am sure it doesn’t help that my least favorite driver is now winning all the time. I sure hope Rosberg can beat him to salvage something out of the season.

    1. Tom says:

      Yes, it’s very disappointing to have such a predictable outcome to the Championship after so much expectation pre-season. I don’t have a big downer on Hamilton as you seem to but I certainly don’t think he’s the best driver in F1 and it’s very disappointing that his battle with the inferior Rosberg is likely to be the only competition we see this season.

  105. Purple Helmet says:

    We’ve lost the musical whine of the V8, but the volume of the whining from Montezemolo and Horner is almost as loud.

    Montezemolo is one to talk about boredom, they’re the team that had Barrichello and Massa moving over every week to let Schumacher win another championship by a mile.

    If this is what boredom looks like, let’s have Merc dominate every year.

    1. German Samurai says:

      Barrichello only ever moved over to let Schumacher win at Austria 2002. At the time Schumacher had 44 points in the championship, Barrichello had 6 (when 10 points for a win), plus missing the championship by a whisker in 97, 98 and 99 was fresh in the mind of everyone at Ferrari so they were taking no chances.

      Schumacher returned the favour giving Barrichello the win at Indianapolis later in the season. This is forgotten.

      Also, Schumacher was forced to move over to let Irvine win at Malaysia 99. Massa was forced to move over to let Alonso win Germany 2010. Massa was forced to move over to let Kimi win the race (and championship) Brazil 2007.

      So please, enough about Austria 2002.

      1. Stephen Taylor says:

        Massa did not move over in 2007 , the team pitted him early.

      2. German Samurai says:

        “Massa did not move over in 2007 , the team pitted him early.”

        Massa was on record as saying he would help Raikkonen.

        Massa had spent 2/3rd’s of the race comfortably leading Raikkonen.

        “Team orders” were banned back then.

        They brought Massa in 3-4 laps earlier than Raikkonen for that final pit stop.

      3. KRB says:

        Oh c’mon people. Anyone with eyes could see that they worked Felipe’s stop so Kimi could jump him.

        And the same thing the next year, when Kimi slowed and allowed Massa past for 2nd in China 2008.

      4. Stephen Taylor says:

        German Samurai you contradict yourself.

      5. Kimi is Finish says:

        What about Massa apologising for qualifying on pole in Turkey 2006? The kaiser and his helpers bringing 7 titles………wasn’t enough for him thou. Glad he came back to show us his talents

      6. Doug says:

        No.1 status does not a great driver make!

      7. quattro says:

        “This is forgotten”
        Sorry, but witnessing how SCH demanded BAR to let him by and give him the victory in a season when they were dominating everyone sooo badly – that is so bad a display/character that it is unforgettable.

      8. German Samurai says:

        Ross Brawn gave the order.

        You know, much like the order he gave to Rosberg last year in Malaysia to stay behind his slow teammate.

        But that’s different right?

      9. neilmurg says:


  106. John Bond says:

    Can someone explain why the engine development is not allowed and the aerodynamics can still be improved? Is that about money? Aren’t the car manufacturers more interested in further development of engines as that technology potentially can be used in their production lines? How can one use F1 aerodynamics in a saloon car? My point is, as further development of F1 engines is not allowed, it will be Lewis-Nico fight for the wins. I am not talking about the title here. I am talking about every single race. By the way, I was using my lawnmower today and all the time the sound of F1 cars was in my mind. No idea why.

    1. aezy_doc says:

      Because you use a 1.6l 15000rpm petrol driven hybrid turbo v6 lawnmower that has 8 gears? Tell me where you got that because they don’t sell those in b and q!

    2. Darren says:

      No I don’t think anyone can explain it, height of stupidity, as is the ban on in season testing. I have long argued that the very principle of spending hundreds of millions building a racing car but not being able to take it for a spin whenever you want to is wrong. Fair enough they should limit the testing for cost purposes, that’s easy to do though, just give them say 50 sets of tyres to use for testing purposes the whole season, how, where and when they use them is up to themselves.

      F1 should be an engine based formula, as I think it was Martin Brundle said, the whole point in single seater racing cars has always been that they have too much power and not enough grip.

      As you said they are playing the “it’s more relevant to road cars” card this year for the engines, which is fair enough, new engines were sorely needed and they don’t bother me. Aerodynamics and the production of downforce is completely irrelevant to road cars. Getting the most power out of a litre of fuel is.

      With the 100kg/hr flow rate limit and the 100kg fuel limit then any increase in power comes from the engine / recovery system being more efficient.

      But then you have the very good point made by Adrian Newey (who I hasten to add would doubtless not be complaining if Red Bull were winning) saying that all the efficiency and relevance to road cars is already very well covered in Sports Car racing, where they have been using ERS systems and diesel engines for a few years. Audi certainly incorporate things learned on the race track into their road cars. F1 should be about flat out racing.

      You just need to compare the lap times from say last year, or even 2011 at the height of exhaust blown diffusers, and 10 years ago. The 2004 cars still hold lap records due soley to having more power, everything related to grip has increased since then (tyres, aero). I know its easy to look through rose tinted specs to the racing 10 years ago which was in reality dull and dominated by 1 man. But there’s no doubt in my mind that the cars were more impressive, sounded faster, looked faster and were faster.

      Incoherent rabble over, point is, engine development should be allowed.

    3. james encore says:

      It’s easy to explain. Ford, Toyota, BMW and Honda all dropped out of building F1 engines because the costs were horrific.
      Back when the old turbos made way for 3.5L engines I went to a corporate day at Williams. “Ford” said the speaker “Always built V8s so they’ve built a V8. Ferrari always built V12, so theirs a V12. Renault thought that the optimum cylinder size meant 10 cylinders. Honda built all 3 to make sure”.

      Who says 6 cylinders is the optimum for 1.6L ? It was fixed at 6 to stop someone getting an advantage by going for a different number.
      In the same way if you say to the teams “Guys you have 100L of fuel. That’s the engine rules, build anything”, who knows what energy recovery they could come up with, maybe someone would be building a 1 L engine which revs to 30K and someone else goes down the path of 5L V24 … You don’t want to be the one who makes the losing bet.
      These new turbos with a motor/generator on them can run like an electric supercharger. The 1.5L turbos of the early 80s ran enough boost to get 1500 HP. There’s no reason why a 1.6 couldn’t get the same, but the engine builders don’t want an arms race to see who can build an engine which can output 2000HP for a couple of dozen laps, and 500 for the rest of 5 races. (The tyres wouldn’t stand it and the speed differential would be dangerous). So instead of limiting boost pressure, they limit fuel flow.

      Mercedes built a better engine. So does the sport say to them, “Well, you had an advantage so everyone else gets to improve but you don’t”. Or Does it say “The drivers have five engines, so each change can be to an updated revision of engine”.

  107. chris says:

    said from a non vettel fan’s perspective, looks like a bunch or morons praise mercedes(and their driver) for winning while they don’t get that merc is even more dominant than rbr last year and winning with a car like that is as easy as it was for vettel to win the last six races in 2013.
    so hamilton fanboys needs to calm down, since lewis is winning with a brawn gp style car(button and barrichello won on it) and there is a long list of drivers that would be able to win on such a car.
    if you scorn vettel who was the only one winning on a toro rosso, then you’ll need to laugh at hamilton because he found it difficult to win in 2013 with a car that was way better than vettel’s 2008 toro rosso.
    reading such ridiculous comments makes me think that some livers have suffered a lot from 2010 till now.
    vettel is already in the history of f1, like it or not and what is more he had been labelled as a phenomenal driver before he won his first wdc.
    sure some poor lobotomized people and journalists are trying to discredit him for one average race, but thanks god history is written down and noone can changge it.

    1. Oly says:

      mmmm.. bitter words coming from non-Vettel fan.. ;)

      I’m not HAM fan but when it comes to raw racing HAM and VET names should not be in the same sentence. Ricciardo is the proof – he is already match to 4 times WDC.

    2. H.Guderian says:

      VETTEL: The most overated F1 driver EVER.

      1. Krischar says:

        Excellent H Guderian

        Well put.

        Vettel is simply too over-rated. Vettel was protected by newey, EBD and mark webber for the last 4 seasons.

        Daniel is quicker than you can you confirm whether you understood the message? Vettel

        The way Daniel drove from P13 to P4 was simply a treat to watch and when he muscled his way past vettel into turn 1, i had plenty of chuckle and enjoyment

        Webber must have laughed off at vettel display had he watched the Bahrian GP

        Daniel has already proved he his more than a match for the so called 4X WDC vettel

    3. Gazza says:

      “non Vettel fan’s perspective”. LOL!!!

      Who are you trying to kid.?

      Reputations can be lost more easily than they are won!

      I think you’ll be OK but you could be sweating a bit more in the future.

      1. Ash says:

        “Reputations can be lost more easily than they are won!”

        Well said Gazza…

        Vettel’s stock is plunging rapidly at present.

        Vettel holds this record, that record, this stat, that stat, let Riccardo beat him this year and his reputation will be in tatters.

      2. James Allen says:

        No it won’t

        And anyway he will still be a 4x WDC

        There aren’t too many of them around..

      3. Ash says:

        No it won’t in your view James…

        In my view, for Sebastian to get beaten by Riccardo in the same car in his first year with the team, under the new regs, will personally damage Seb’s reputation without question in my view, beating Mark Webber and having the best car on the whole over the last x4 yrs doesn’t answer;

        Can Seb’s adapt his driving style without the aides of the EBD for example?

        Can Seb’s now beat a younger/hungry team mate without asking for Riccardo’s front wing?

        Is Seb’s quicker than Ric over 1 lap?

        When Lewis had that dog of a McLaren in 09, we found out more about Lewis Hamilton that year than in 07, 08, we found out that Lewis was the real deal and scored more points in the 2nd half of that season than any other driver.

        Like Alonso, in that Ferrari, working miracles with machinery that is sub standard like he has – that is greatness.

        To me, this is Seb’s 09 year, and I want to see what’s he’s about like the rest of the F1 world does, but IF he gets beat by Riccardo, the reputation and the class of Vettel will be bought into question without a shadow of a doubt in my view and rightfully so.

        So James in your view, Vettel has nothing left to prove in the sport of F1?

      4. James Allen says:

        Not a great deal, but beating a world champion in the same car, I guess.

        People need to realise that you don’t win 4 x WDC by accident, even if you have a dominant car in two of those seasons

      5. brendan says:

        this year is like no other, these cars take a lot more to master, with little testing,take longer.
        redbull has no chance of winning on power circuits. put vettel in nicos car ,lets see his stock raise..
        if your cars slow,dont matter who is in it,
        if you want to blame anyone ,blame ginger spice.. ha

    4. NickH says:

      Definite non vettel fan. Rbr was extremely dominant last year, they just rarely showed it. Watch vettel pulling 30 seconds away in 30 laps in Abu Dhabi last year

      1. quattro says:

        Mercs dominance is way larger than anything RB have had. Compare the lap times of the Merc cars to the other cars on track, after the SC went it. As the Merc drivers were fighting each other they had to show their true pace this time.
        They were at times lapping more than three seconds/lap faster than the rest. And that was the pace of HAM. ROS was even faster than that…
        Titles do not get cheaper than this one.

    5. Dazzler says:

      Yesterday’s race must have really hurt you.

      Learn to accept defeat gracefully.

  108. Paul D says:

    This feels a bit like 1988.

    I’m not sure how long this Lewis / Nico bromance can last under the sort of continued pressure that will follow.

    Could we see a split Mercedes garage by the end of the season if this goes down to the wire?!

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Definitely. They are still bound by the common good, i.e. the Constructor’s Championship. Every 1-2 cements Mercedes’ position as the leading team. At some point their lead will be “pretty comfortable” and the driver’s competition will become fiercer.

  109. Kbdavies says:

    The best race in F1 for a very long time! A few points though -

    - If anyone is still in doubt, Lewis is silencing his critics and cementing his reputation as one of the best racers in F1.

    - His best performances always seem to come at a time when F1 most needs a boost – as he did when he single highhandedly silenced the “no overtaking in F1″ criticism in 2010; earning plaudits from Norbert Haug and Ross Brawn at the time.

    - Though absolutely great for the show, the “no team orders” at Mercedes will end in tears eventually for one or both drivers; sooner or later. This is a risk they can probably take.

    - This race runs the risk of making the FIA consider introducing a random Safety Car rule in order to “spice” up the show. It’s not like there’s no precedent. This is what led to the advent of the “cheese” Pirelli tyres.

    - PU dominance aside, Merc also showed they have a fantastic chassis and their tyre usage is excellent. Lewis could easily have won in Malaysia with a 2 stopper, and both drivers showed minimal degradation today.

    - And finally, the race showed that tyre behavior is still a lottery; as it has been the past 4 yrs. Even Pirelli had no idea the difference between the Options and Prime would change so drastically!

    1. Zachary's disease says:

      And let’s remember all the other times Lewis won a few on the trot and said things are different now……all you fans stormed the forums stating his greatness…probably would lap Clarke, moss, Stewart in the same car around spa….. .all it took was one phone call from p diddly or Nicole and their was the entourage…..then along came the bad results……then some good results……then everyone said how great he is…….then Lewis said the same……..then some bad results…….some good ones………more bad……more good……etc, etc,etc,. Let’s just wait and see.
      Honestly I hope he does go on with it. I like him now

  110. Darren says:

    What a race! I have always been critical of the Bahrain (Boring?) Grand Prix on a featureless and boring track. Well I take that back, classic race! I think the DRS system has been nearly perfected for this year, it gets you close but to make the overtake you still have to put the work in, unless you are miles faster anyway. Wasn’t just the DRS either, those overtakes into turn 4 and down through the chicanes were immense!

    Possible contender for one of Hamilton’s finest race victories IMO, the Hamilton of a few years ago would have blown it, either crashing into Rosberg or making a mistake, he has shown his maturity. Top marks to both Merc drivers, superb display of how to go racing.

    Ferrari must be worried, very average showing. For me Massa needs to improve, he is not ruthless enough and lacks conviction in overtakes.

    China has a hard act to follow now, I fear with that massive straight it may just be a Mercedes powered walk over though.

    1. Ash says:

      Sorry Darren,

      But the Hamilton of 2 years ago would of won that race, in 2012 his last season for McLaren I believe he was the best driver that year, if the McLaren team/Whitmarsh did there job he would of won the WDC that year imo.

      People love to use this word maturity with Lewis, so he wasn’t mature for his age in 07 beating Alonso, or in 08 winning the title in his 2nd year in F1 with the 2nd fastest car after Ferrari/Massa that year, or 09 scoring more points in the 2nd half of the year than anybody else in that poor McLaren, beating Button over 3 years, beating Rosberg in a car that’s not suited to him or his style in 13.

      The maturity on track that Lewis has displayed since coming to F1 is un-rivaled in my view.

      1. Darren says:

        Yes I agree 2012 Hamilton would have won and that he should have won the championship that year. I see what you mean but he made mistakes in the heat of battle back then that he wouldn’t now (China 07, all the silly crashes with massa, crashing out of 3rd at monza) , that to me is maturity, doesn’t suggest that he was immature just that he his more mature now. Before you just got the sense that yes he was immensely fast but was always about 2 mins away from disaster.

      2. aveli says:

        @darren, all those events took place in the past. if you believe hamilton crashed more often than he should, why has he scored more points per race than everyone except vettel?
        like ash, i find it annoying when i hear the words instinctive, mature and cerebral when people speak of hamilton. all those who practice this simply try to hide their true feelings but i can read them like a book. brundle and walker lead the anti hamilton brigade and i will like to inform them that hamilton writes the script, not them.
        you will all see how hamilton wins races this season. it’s not a matter of how many he wins but how he will win them.

      3. Darren says:

        Aveli, the fact that they took place in the past is exactly my point.

        I always find it laughable that everyone automatically assumes that criticising a driver means you are a “hater”. I am aware that Hamilton has quite a sizeable group of detractors but I am certainly not one of them. I will be backing him to the hilt for the championship this year, his second is long overdue but if we are being honest he hasn’t deserved it. Whether him or the car he hasn’t been consistent enough over the course of a season.

        Being a bit of a rough diamond that requires tempering is no insult IMO. I would class people such as Michael Schumacher and Nigel Mansel in the same camp, devastatingly fast but a bit unhinged in their early career but later settled down and combined their speed with metronomic consistency that crushed the opposition. Everyone needs time to develop and mature. Even Vettel who has basically won straight from the start will mature, this season looks like it will be a test of that for him.

        I stand by my point that the Hamilton of a few years ago would have probably crashed into Rosberg at the weekend.

  111. Joel says:

    What a shame Luca; not the car or the driver, but his attitude.
    So, is it safe to call the Ferrari a “slow Taxi”?

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Behold Ferrar’i 2014 challenger, the F14T(axi). Perhaps they should just call it ‘FIAT’. Anyway, it’s not an awful car but it’s definitely below Ferrari’s prestige.

  112. Alex Trickle says:

    Same comment as yesterday for qualifying – people jumping to conclusions left right and centre.

    It was a fantastic race, but a good race doesn’t make it any more obvious that one team mate is better than the other. Drivers have better and worse weekends – the show of a better drive is over a whole season. Ricciardo performed better than Vettel this weekend (although saftey car did help a lot) but doesn’t prove anything yet. If he performs better over the whole season or in the majority of races then we can start questioning Vettel’s genuine talent. As it stands its 1 a piece (Aus was no fair contest due to significant engine issues for Vet).

    Same thinking applies for Ros vs Ham. Both had great weekends, Hamilton defended very well but still can’t judge anything this early on.

    So regardless of getting annoyed at peoples’ thoughtless conclusion jumping – excellent race and hopefully look forward to more of the same (although maybe less of a Merc advantage would be good!)

  113. Joel says:

    I’m waiting for Tealeaf’s comments; His comments are usually very ‘enlightening’. Where are you mate?

    1. dufus says:

      I suspect he is licking his wounds ;)

    2. TimW says:

      He is probably under his duvet crying! In his absence I will try and fill in for him, here goes.
      ” Vettel was clearly driver of the day, he obviously had some kind of problem with the car meaning it was 2 secs a lap slower than Ricciardo’s. Hamilton clearly showed what a terrible driver he is by only just managing to beat the average Rosberg in a car that is at least 12 seconds a lap faster than everyone elses, and the biased British media are still trying to make out that he is better than Vettel! it’s obvious from this race that Vettel is the best driver ever, just accept it!” Was that enlightening enough for you?

  114. nicolas nogaret says:

    anyone notice that the DRS overtakes are no longer ridiculously easy ? it is now an aid rather than just a drive by ; easy to see why …the acceleration with these new engines is much better so if the cars are evenly matched it takes more than just DRS , dare I suggest driver skill ?

  115. Ken says:

    Pretty sad when the pace car sounds more like an f1 car than the f1 cars do.

    1. NickH says:

      I don’t think F1 cars have ever sounded like the Amg muscle cars

  116. Bernd says:

    As one of the naysayers after Australia I figure I should comment on this one as well. I skipped Malaysia and figured I’d just watch the start of Bahrain since it was on at a reasonable time – and the beginning of the race was interesting enough so I stuck with it, and what a cracking race it turned out to be. One or two more races like that and I won’t be able to kick the F1 habit after all.

    I do still have misgivings about the fuel flow sensors and how the FIA can use them to influence race results behind the scenes. That should be cleared up.

    Also, Maldonado needs to go, his penalty is ridiculously light compared to Ricciardo’s. Will they give him a 10-place grid penalty only when he kills someone?

  117. Rishi says:

    I said before the weekend that Bahrain tends to give us good racing but not necessarily translated into good races but we got both today! This was a great race and credit to the teams and drivers for really going for it out there today with mostly strong pace, different strategies and clean, hard-fought racing.

    Mercedes showed their true pace at times today when the guys raced each other and it looked alarming but if they keep racing each other we’ll still be in for a good season. Wouldn’t count Red Bull out either, particularly on more high-downforce tracks later in the season. Both Hamilton and Rosberg went at it hammer and tongs so credit to them both and well done Lewis for coming out on top.

    Gaps behind much smaller but Force India still the clear second fastest this weekend I’d say; Perez seems to like this track and delivered a really good podium, whilst Hulkenberg was right in the battles from 11th on the grid. Behind them I’d say it was very closely matched between Williams, McLaren and Red Bull; credit to Ricciardo for not letting misfortune get him down, but I wonder if Williams will be a bit disappointed with their start to the season?

    I don’t know, but they probably won’t be as disappointed as Ferrari, whose problems as stuck out like a sore thumb today. Both drivers were visibly struggling; Raikkonen in particular was working really hard and did not look comfortable at all with all those lock-ups. A really difficult weekend for the boys at Maranello.

  118. BobbyT says:

    Maldonado FLIPS an opponents car, gets a 10 second stop go penalty (should have been black flagged), 3 points of his super license (should have been 6), and a five place grid penalty (considering he never makes it out of Q1 he will start form the back of the grid in China I expect – good)

    Ricciardo in Malaysia is given the all clear to leave from his pit stop but his front left tyre is loose. He stops quickly, gets pushed back, eventually leaves the pits, servers a drive through for an unsafe release (race totally ruined through no fault of his own) and the cops a 10 place grid penalty for Bahrain. Yes an unsafe pit release needs tough policing, but I don’t think there is the right balance. Maldonado deserves more than what he got (he has earn a reputation as a kamikaze – remember the chop on Lewis Hamilton at Spa?) and I think Daniel deserved less, his race was ruined in Malaysia which is punishment enough, Fortunately he extracted an excellent result from P13 in this race, but I don’t think as a driver he deserved a second race to be compromised. Maldonado deserves everything he got plus more IMO

    1. PP says:

      Tell that to the cameraman who got hit by a flying tire in the pit lane a few years ago, I’m sure he’ll agree with you…

      1. Damon says:

        That could easily be sorted by instead of these stupid rules that punish the driver for no fault of his own!

        Just give them a minimum time to do their stop in that will allow the teams to change the tyres comfortably.

      2. Rob T says:

        That’s been solved with no more cameramen in the pit lane (that’s tongue in cheek I realise that we need to protect people in the pit lane and around their circuit from stray tyres). I think ruining one race is enough incentive for a team to get it right. My main point was how does Maldonado’s penalty of 5 grid positions compare to Ricciardo’s penalty of 10

  119. Mack says:

    I am pleased I stayed up very late to watch a good race. Both mercedes drivers very racy on the track. Ric did well. Would like to see Alonso closer to the mercs as he is a driver with good skills and judgement. Alonso mixing it with Rosberg and Hamilton and a few of the newer drivers will be good for F1.

    Cars have 100kg of fuel so let them use it as the teams wish. Run out of fuel – you have not used it in the best way. Take the fuel meters out.

    Bit more sound would not go astray although at the track it is good to hear the tyres protesting and the barge boards scraping when drivers get serious. Cant hear this on the TV broadcast.

  120. F1 Bobby says:

    Great race. Merc dominance is beautiful with close racing between the two of them.

    Ferrari need to pipe down and spend more energy working on their car than complain about rules that have given us the best race in years.

  121. dave howard says:

    Great race all the way down the order. HAM likely would have had an easier time of it without the safety car. If I were ROS, I’d have been a little disappointed in having my strategy switched. Only the safety car made that look like a good move. Consistent pressure on HAM throughout the race may have yielded a better result. Any of those critical of HAM’s defensive tactics need only look to past races at how ROS defends his positions. He’s about as aggressive as they come on defense. Fair play all around.

  122. Monza 71 says:

    Clearly we need a safety car sent out at random on most races for a few laps to give the cars enough fuel to be driven flat out in the latter half of the race !

    Thanks to all the teams that allowed their drivers to race each other, especially Mercedes.

    What a transformation !

    Still hate the noise, though.
    I agree with Vettel……………..

  123. Witan says:

    It seems common opinion by trackside pundits and Rosberg himself that he had the faster package today (after learning, he said, from Hamilton’s performance last weekend).

    If that is true it demonstrates that race craft is as important as simple pace in close racing.

    Hamilton promised to study how Rosberg was quicker so he could do a Rosberg on Rosberg in the next race.

    Two professionals learning, thinking so they can better fight it out. Great taxi racing.

  124. German Samurai says:

    I wonder if people will diminish Hamilton’s achievements this year like they did with Vettel?? Hamilton easily has the most dominant car in a quarter of a century.

    Even if Hamilton wins the championship he needs to win at least another two to be in the same breath as Vettel.

    Hamilton’s main rival in 2008 was Massa and now in 2014 his main rival is Rosberg.

    Vettel’s main rivals in championship seasons have been Alonso and Hamilton.

    1. NJ says:

      The measure of a challenge is always the Challengers.

      ROS and HAM will make the championship real. Just like MSC and HAK did (even if the two just ran away with everything).

      F1 only needs two guys going neck and neck for TV ratings to soar.

      1. German Samurai says:

        Yes, but like I said, Vettel’s main challengers in championship years have been Alonso and Hamilton.

        Hamilton’s main challengers have been Massa and Rosberg.

        One has better rivals than the other. Plus this season Hamilton’s only rival he has to deal with on track is Rosberg. Yesterday was an anomaly. Most races will end with one Mercedes driver 50 seconds ahead of the pack and the other 40 seconds.

        This is the time trial world championship this season.

      2. Gazza says:

        Your argument is so flawed.!!

        Hamilton was challenged by Alonso in the same car no less

        Its much more relevant who your rival is in the same car has you.!!

        Hamilton has driven against 2 ex WDC in the same car and pretty much came out on top bar a slip in 2011,

        Vettel has yet to pit himself against an ex WDC in the same car. Yes sure Webber was no slouch but he was in the twilight of his career.

        Its what we fans want to see, its why Senna and Prost are still rated generally above Schumi.

        Alonso is now taking on Kimi, if Red Bull don’t sort there engine soon would Vettel go up against Hamilton at Mercedes, lets hope so.
        Hamilton never seems to mind who is team mate is.

    2. Kimi is Finish says:

      No because most race fans know lewis is seriously good. In a bad car he still delivers. Vetted gets out qualified by webber when blown diffusers get turned off/ down etc…great drivers don’t get that done to them. Great drivers don’t miss the apex by half a meter a dozen times a race

    3. Kirsty says:

      Hamilton raced Alonso in equal machines. Vettle race webber and F1 rookies.

    4. Fireman says:

      Sure. Maybe not to the same extent here since Lewis is British.

      Both drivers are in F1 hall of fame already so I wouldn’t waste my time bickering about it here.

    5. KRB says:

      Vettel was not challenged by his teammate from 2011 on. Webber did ok in the first half of 2012, leading Vettel. Then Newey worked his magic, and the car was super from Singapore on.

      In all 4 WDC years, Vettel had the best car. Best car, without a challenging teammate = WDC 19x out of 20. With the best car, there’s no need to over-drive the car, and you can bounce back from mistakes/misfortune easier than any pursuers in lesser machinery.

      Vettel was the pursuer in 2009, and so any errors (AUS, MAL, MON, HUN, BRA – geez that’s a lot) were quite costly. It’s too easy to say the Brawn was a beast in 2009. It was, for the first 7 races! He finished 11 pts back … he surely lost more pts than that thru mistakes.

  125. npw123 says:

    Watching the race today, made me think of 1988!

  126. D Vega says:

    How proud Smedley must feel to be parroted at every race.
    Hamilton is too good in too good of a car. He is focused now.

  127. Craig in Manila says:

    Now that we know the true pace of the Mercs, I’m seriously doubting that Renault will be competitive at any (dry) time this year.

    So, the question is, is RBR locked-into using Renault engines in 2015 ? Or are they already doing the paperwork to join-up as a Merc-powered Team to replace McLaren ?

    1. James Clayton says:

      I really don’t see Merc rushing to supply RBR with power units, they probably fancy a shot at the championship next year, too!

      My guess is that Caterham and Marrusia will be in an epic battle to secure that final Merc engine. The one that doesn’t get it will probably go with Honda.

    2. Alex Trickle says:

      I doubt Merc would ever allow the team with the best aerodynamics to get their engines no matter how much RB offered!

      The only engine manufacturer that might sell to RB would be Honda but we have no idea how their engine will turn out.

      1. Craig in Manila says:

        Pure speculation of course but I’d reckon that the Merc Board would be pretty happy to have RBR dump Renault and use Merc engines instead.

        Assuming that they meet their objective of winning the WDC and WCC (this year), what’s next for them anyway ?

        Would be a great PR story to have brought one of the best Teams on the grid into their stable and, by having RBR as one of their Teams, would let them start to think about moving away from having a factory team and move towards being purely an engine supplier.

        They could then place HAM into RBR alongside VET and have an incredibly strong team : Merc engines + RBR Team + HAM + VET + Newey.

        They’d also save a heap of cash,

        Could almost be said that it’s a no brainer.

  128. David says:

    More taxi driver races please!

    1. JohnBt says:

      As a fan of Alonso and Kimi I agree with you totally. What a shame for Ferrari producing the best taxis.

  129. aveli says:

    maldonada should be given a race ban for what he did.

  130. Chuck 32 says:

    James – this weekend we briefly heard tale of the “split-shaft” Mercedes Turbo. I think they have separated the turbine and the compressor components by placing them at opposite ends of IC unit. This would appear to allow more efficient harvesting of of heat by the MGU-H, more efficient integration of the motor keeping the Turbo up to speed with less energy. This efficiency is the source of the Mercedes dominance. Why don’t they open the engine rules again allowing changes to system components not the basic IC unit. it would still take Renault and Ferrari 6 months to work it out.

    1. aveli says:

      because the rules were made and all parties agreed to them before they are asked to design their cars and engines. they should let Mercedes win for 4 season before the other teams are allowed to copy the mercedes’ design.

    2. aveli says:

      i doubt that’s the only advantage because williams, mclaren and force india all have the same turbo unit.

  131. T says:

    Hi James

    Was the Maldonado incident exactly what Adrian Newey was talking about with the noses being too low? Are the FIA going to look more closely? I am sure this sort of impact and result of a car flipping will happen again.

    Great drive for Ricciardo though.

    1. T says:

      Also, Bahrain is usually a boring GP but this was exciting even though it is a two horse race.

    2. James Allen says:

      No, on second glance it seems that there was tyre contact, not the nose

  132. alanf1 says:

    Best car in the modern years of F1 wins again. F1 is more about the cars than the drivers’ skills. We should curb our enthusiasm when talking Lewis this, Vettel that, Button etc… No matter what a driver does, a tractor never wins on track. Kimi and Alonso are the best example. Trumpeting as the best pair for this year, the results are still not there and will never be as long as Mercedes is what it is. This year is doomed for all other teams.

    1. JohnBt says:

      [This year is doomed for all other teams.]

      You’re not wrong, if not for the safety car Merc would’ve lead by more than a minute which is way too much. But at least we had a fight between Lewis and Rosberg with the other teams too. Guess we better treasure a good race while we can.

      1. aveli says:

        it’s not all about what car he has, it’s all about what he does with the car he has.

  133. Mikeboy0001 says:

    A very good race, and fantastic how Hamilton could hold on to the lead in the last stint
    I have 2 notes:
    The TV director in a F1 race has to have a better understanding of what racing is about. If the lead car is 10s ahead of 2nd, obviously there’s no point in showing it, but if the 2nd car is less than a second off the lead, why do you cut to the back of the grid instead of showing the chase? This is just one example in many poor judgment editing in GP’s for some time now
    Also, and James, if you can give me your insight, I thought the rules had changed regarding pushing another driver off the track when defending, and it looked to me Hamilton did just that to Rosberg in 2 different ocasions. Was he not penalised because Mercedes obviously didn’t call Charlie? Shouldn’t this only be up to the Stewarts regardlessly?

  134. kenneth chapman says:

    i have yet to see the final fuel figures but it does appear,primarily that the post SC race was as good as it was, was largely due to the drivers not having to conserve fuel. if this is the case then in order to get better ‘wheel to wheel’ racing F1 need to ditch these dumb fuel flow and associated restrictions and let them get on with it.

    great racing, exactly what F1 should always be and before i forget, that is what adrian newey advocated yesterday!

    1. Craig D says:

      Actually, they were all doing fine with fuel before the SC. If you looked at the graphics, many drivers were in the green. And there was great racing before the SC too.

      In fact behind the SC, Rosberg was even asking how to burn/”dump” fuel as he now had too much!

      Of course the correct balance of needs to be struck with this new era, just like how the right level of tyre degradation was required to add a new aspect to the racing but not to ruin it like sometimes happened in the past. In fact part of what made Bahrain exciting was how different cars and teams performance varied due to degradation at different points of the race, with Williams and Ferrari not fairing too well, and that helped mix the strategies up.

      But it seems this fuel management isn’t actually as critical as some people seem to have in their heads. Alonso said on the track parade to the media, “It’s really not that big a thing. You need to stop going on about!” I haven’t seen drivers having to give up racing at the end of a race because they needed to crawl to the line, as was feared. It’s a good competitive driver for the manufacturers to make the best engine.

      And the races would be crazy without the fuel flow restriction. The speed differentials would be insane and then you would have cars crawling across the line at the end! To remove it, you also would have to remove the maximum starting fuel limit. But then you remove the whole point of building more efficient engines with an emphasis on designing good energy recovery systems.

      It’s fine as it is. It’s just that Renault and Ferrari have done no where near as good a job as Mercedes and those tied to them as moaning at anything they can rather than getting their heads down and focusing on getting back on terms.

      Btw it was a great race! Only just watched it and haven’t said that yet! :)

  135. Red Rider says:

    Many of the comments glory in the wheel to wheel racing we saw, especially with the two Mercs.

    Many other comments are about who is best, when was it best, etc.

    Imagine, no more Ferrari, no more Mercs, no Bulls. Just one model of car. The drivers get their car randomly – a lottery. But they all have the same motor, same chassis, same computer program, same everything.

    We’d see this kind of racing all the time. No one could rightly say, “It’s the car, not the driver.”

    And it would be so much cheaper.

    1. Random 79 says:

      We already have that and it’s called the celebrity race ;)

  136. Random 79 says:

    Pastor Doth Vault Sauber Airborne?

    1. grat says:

      Disturbingly, this is the second time we’ve seen an F1 car thrown into the air– and it’s only race 3.

      Granted, Massa’s car didn’t go as high, or as unstable, but his rear tires still left the track for much longer than necessary.

      1. Random 79 says:

        More disturbingly is the fact that these lower noses were supposed to be safer.

        I think a re-think might be in order – they can’t be as high as they were, but it seems that they weren’t taking situations like this into account either.

        Maybe they should also be looking to make the side-pods flat again like the ones from around twenty years ago, rather than the curved ones we have now.

        Finally, all the drivers should have a little audio warning that beeps faster and/or gets louder the closer they are to Maldonado.

        Have the regulations for 2015 been set in stone yet?

  137. powersteer says:

    Truly the best race I’ve watched in modern F1!

  138. Morogi says:

    The starting grid, in my opinion, was wrong, with the pole sitter on the outside, because both Mercedes took off at the same pace, and, as the onboard video from Hamilton’s car shows, Nico’s car was half-a-car lenghth ahead when they entered turn 1. But as Lewis had the inside line, Nico had to break and ended up behind Lewis, which in my opinion, was unfair to the pole position qualifyer.
    Secondly, if the Safety Car would not have been deployed, Nico would have had the advantage of one less pitstop compared to Hamilton, and I doubt that Lewis would have had the pace to come back, make up for the lost time and pass his teammate for the win.
    I can totally understand Nico’s frustration, he should have won the race.

    1. skidjitsu says:

      1. The grid layout was pretty standard for a track where the final and first corners are both right-handers. Nico started on the racing line side of the track (more rubber, less dirt); perhaps it was just a good effort from Lewis to lose only half-a-car length off the line.

      2. Nico would have pitted again regardless of the safety car. Put simply, they took turns at running the slower (Medium) tyre – Nico first and Lewis second. The advantage Lewis obtained from running the Options disappeared when the safety car came out. It was then Nico’s turn to have the advantage, except he no longer had a 10 second gap he needed to make up.

      Yes it was Nico’s race to win – he started on pole and, had he managed to hold onto his position, should have had the strategic advantage for the first round of pits. Failing this, he was then assisted greatly by the safety car and should have passed his teammate, who was a sitting duck. He couldn’t, because Lewis Hamilton was at his brilliant best; a man on a mission from lights to flag.

      1. Morogi says:

        You are right, Sir, Hamilton drove brilliantly.
        One must wonder, though, given that on lap 41, when the safety car was deployed, Hamilton’s soft tyres were 21 laps old and Rosberg’s medium tyres were 19 laps old, with only 16 laps to go, would Rosberg have absolutely needed to pit?
        I mean, if the softs lasted 21, wouldn’t the mediums have lasted 35?
        If you consider Rosberg might have switched to a 2-stop strategy after losing the lead at the start, then the Safety Car surely ruined it for him.
        Without the SC, we would have had the same battle for the top, but with Lewis attacking from behind. Of course, if and only if he managed to make up for lost time with the final pitstop.
        Nice race, though, I saw no taxi drivers on track last Sunday.

      2. Vahid says:

        As I understood from race and practice both compounds in term of performance and durability were closer than anticipated before and I don’t think a one stop was even possible for Nico let alone keeping Lewis behind with such an old tyres. The question before the race was between 2 or 3 stops I don’t think any team even considered a one-stopper. I love to know James thought on this though.

    2. Vahid says:

      When SC was deployed both Mercs had done 1 pit stop and had 1 pit stop left to do. so no advantage was lost for Nico, just the opposite, the SC just made a more than 10 sec gap to Lewis zero, so the SC was very much advantageous to Nico. If he couldn’t pass Lewis with no gap, he certainly couldn’t pass him with a 10 sec gap.

    3. ReviLO says:

      “Nico would have had the advantage of one less pitstop compared to Hamilton, and I doubt that Lewis would have had the pace to come back, make up for the lost time and pass his teammate for the win.”

      What? I think maybe you should watch the race again.

      1. Morogi says:

        This would be more fun over a pint!
        They had very similar pace, actually Nico was a little bit faster sometimes. In a pitstop one loses about 40 seconds. With 16 laps remaining, that means he would have to be at least 2.6 seconds per lap faster just to catchup. Then challenge for the pass. Sooo…. Interesting!
        Anyway, I don’t like to watch reruns of F1 races when I know the outcome, but I did check the data from the official F1 app before posting. It’s brilliant and also a lot cheaper than last years’. Besides watching the sessions live with English commentary, you can download data for entire races, see where everybody was at any particular moment. Nice!

  139. Howard P says:

    An incredible race, couldn’t be more different than the first 2 borefests. I was like a kid during Christmas throughout. However, this is the 2nd incident in 3 races now that the lower nose has shown to be MORE dangerous (Kobayashi’s brake failure plowing into Massa’s back, lifting him up and almost taking Kob’s head off) – rather than the 1 in past years (Schumacher in Abu Dhabi). Surely this needs to be revised?

    1. Ade says:

      Yes, I was beginning to think I was alone in believing this new low nose is not doing what they were hoping. Mr. Newey was right when he suggested it might provoke more trouble than it would eliminate. I’m not sure that Sauber would have been pitched into a barrel roll had it been hit square on by last years Renault!

  140. Matt says:

    Hi James,

    Apologies if you have covered this before, but do the engine manufacturers have scope to develop their power unit to improve performance (as opposed to reliability) between seasons? i.e. Mercedes won’t automatically have a locked in advantage for the next few years if the others are good enough to catch up?


    1. James Allen says:

      Yes, between last race of 2014 and end Feb 2015 they can do performance development in specified areas.

      Same at the end of 2015

      1. Lars J says:

        Which is why F1 is damaging itself. Not because of the sound, but because of non-development (no testing, no development of new engines) meaning we have a locked up situation.
        We can now watch Rosberg & Hamilton fighting for the rest of the year. Which they do well – but I need not to follow a lot of races in this formula Mercedes.

  141. Michael Spitale says:

    If I was Rosberg I would be furious with Hamilton’s driving. He was not just racing hard, he was pushing him off the track and slamming the door way too hard. No one would ever be able to pass if the car in front was allowed to drive you off track every time you made a run on them. It is almost as if Rosberg knows Lewis is willing to crash rather than not take 1at and he was not willing to take that chance.

    Great race over all, my Ferrari boys are not in a good spot sadly. That Merc lump is a gem!

    1. Mike from Colombia says:

      You have obviously never done any racing.

      Car behind has the responsibility to pass cleanly. Car in front can hold the racing line.

      1. Michael Spitale says:

        “Car in front can hold the racing line.” he was not holding a racing line.. he was pushing him off track and taking lines he would never usually take. I am not mad, neither driver is a favorite of mine. My point was simply that Lewis was playing a high speed game of chicken with Nico.

    2. Jari says:

      A good point. I think Rosberg should have taken the chance, if he wants to be the champion. When they were side by side he should have just kept his line. I think Hamilton wouldn’t have crashed to him. If Hamilton had then it would have been a lesson to him that Rosberg will not back out when he has a fair and proper chance.

      Rosberg is too much of a team player and I think Paddy Lowe’s words before the safety car left had something to do with his “polite” driving as well. Rosberg answers to him like a schoolboy “ok.”, Hamilton said nothing.

    3. Oly says:

      Yes Lewis is willing to crash rather than lose position. We have seen that already, didn`t we ?
      Both Merc`s avoided DNF only for Nico not being a kamikaze driver like Lewis.

    4. Damon says:

      Utter tripe! Go watch every race for the last few years at Bahrain and you’ll see it’s a move that everyone makes, funny how nobody complains until Lewis does it!
      The only reason Rosberg was getting near to the side of Hamilton was because he was carrying extra speed around the outside because of the run off, I can guarantee if there was gravel there he wouldn’t have tried that move once!!

      1. Spinodontosaurus says:

        Yeah, it’s an extremely common move at Bahrain, and other tracks for that matter. Vettel shoved Ricciardo off there on the opening lap, Button did it to Perez last year, and Perez to Alonso later on.
        It’s pretty brutal, but that’s life.

      2. Mike from Colombia says:

        Or a wall

  142. NJ says:

    What was great is the PAIR of them. ROS and HAM. Their knowledge of each other’s styles, placing, and where they will fight each other.

    It’s the same thing MSC and HAK had.

    The PAIR of them will make the races great.

  143. Sebee says:

    KRB and C63, I just re-read my comments, and I’m not really sure how you view them as anything but factual. Basically I say that MB have a spaceship with warp drive, a grid that spent a billion and I’m not sure value for dollar is there, that Lewis was hardly going to lose this after first lap and SC only made that finish possible. Not sure any of that is off much really.

    Seriously, if FIA approached this other way around I think we may get more. Example, “hey, we’re gonna spend a billion on a new formula. Proposals for ideas please to get most value for your dollar.” Would be interesting. To hear 2015 cap rule is gone and Todt sounding disappointed after making the grid spend this for what we have is funny a bit.

    1. James Clayton says:

      “I’m not really sure how you view [my comments] as anything but factual”

      “MB have a spaceship with warp drive”

      1. Sebee says:

        You people don’t have warp drive yet?

    2. KRB says:

      Well, any regulation change was going to mean more money for the teams, as the manufacturers would look to recoup their R&D costs.

      F1 had to change … Renault wanted the turbo’s or threatened to leave, and the same with Mercedes. So instead of the usual Ferrari threat to leave F1, it would’ve been F1 leaving, with a Ferrari spec-series left behind.

      The cost is big, for sure, but it is more front-loaded. Seeing as these reg’s are set to run to 2020, that’s 7 years to average the costs over. Plus the new reg’s are solely responsible for Honda bringing their hefty wallet back into the game. Maybe others will follow suit, we can only hope.

      Not sure the cap rule is gone. Looks like negotiating gambits to me. Until the final deadline passes, there’s still hope.

    3. Elie says:

      Bit Ironic saying MB spending Billions when Red Bull been doing just that for 7 years not 3 AND own 2 teams in F1. Pot + Kettle= Black thanks Sebee

      1. Sebee says:

        Billion is the three engine makers and all teams on this new formula we have.

      2. neilmurg says:

        a source for the ‘billion’ please

  144. Kimi is Finish says:

    What a race….reminded me of many races in the seasons past….like 2013 before the tyre change, 2012, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006….Yeah it was good but rosberg made it good by not getting it done on the 8 or 9 chances he had to win it.

  145. F1addicted says:

    Great race and Hamilton did really well to fight off the bad luck of the safety car. He’s bested teammates such as Alonso before, no one would have got past him yesterday.

    Also good to see Ricciardo prove that Vettel is not a top driver, by beating him easily.

  146. Ozherb says:

    At time of reading, 574 comments. For me that confirms that most agree it was a cracking race (even if Gutierrez hadn’t been Maldonadoed).

    The inter-team battles have been fascinating thus far. Hoping for more of the same.

    Even with Merc reaping the reward of their superior car,I’ll not be missing 1 minute of this 2014 season.

  147. Nick says:

    Ferrari were woefully slow on the straights. Their engine (or power unit) is clearly lacking punch.

    Can they make changes to improve it during the season following homologation, or are they now locked in to that spec for the entire season? I recall reading no further changes, which if true, doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season, no matter how good their other updates are.

  148. kenneth chapman says:

    i really did expect the ‘new’ rosberg to do a bit better yesterday. i have always thought that he was an easy beat and didn’t have the ‘mongrel’ element needed to make it to the very top.

    as an armchair observer it seemed to me that he was not learning about where he could/couldn’t get the pass done. he repeated the same move on more than one occasion and on top of that hamilton was quite prepared to muscle him off the track. how hamilton escaped the stewards i’m not sure but he did get away with it.

    i’m a firm believer that if you want to get a desired result you don’t continue the same move expecting something different to occur.

    as a further foot note, the sheer size of the net gain mercedes have at the moment, something to the order of 2.5 secs per lap at bahrein, is daunting to say the least. how any of the others hope to whittle that down in any substantial manner is akin to urinating into a force five gale!

    nevertheles an entertaining race especially the last ten laps.the FIA should discard the fuel flow meters, give them another 10kg and lets see where we go from there.

  149. Kay says:

    I have said this before and now again: It is fights that we want, not simply overtake for christ’s sake!

    People kept saying “we want more overtake”, when they actually meant they want fights. An overtake is simply what happens when a faster car overtakes a slower car. Happens all the time even when cars lap backmarkers.

    Fights is what we saw with HAM and ROS, constant fighting for places.

    So improve the race so that drivers can fight, not merely overtaking!

    1. James Clayton says:

      Amen to that bro. I absolutely *hate* the way races are hyped with “…this track should produce a lot of overtaking”.

      If seeing cars pass each other without a fight is thrilling for you, go for a picnic along the banks of the M25 and keep your eyes on the fast lane – providing there’s not a traffic jam you’ll get more than your fill!

  150. Joshua says:

    What a race? Great way to silence the nay sayers! Great racing throughout the field. I can’t remember being so excited during a race!

    Well done F1!

  151. Phil says:

    Amazing race. Best since Button’s win in Canada. Just what the sport needed.

    The only downer of there being so much wheel to wheel racing was hearing all the drivers whining over the radio. It reminded me of footballers appealing to the referee to get other players booked. It seems like they’re so insulated from real racing in F1 that when it happens they think it’s against the rules. Just grow a pair and race I say.

    Huge respect to Mercedes for letting their drivers race to the flag. That was a classic battle that we’d have missed out on if Lowe had told them to hold position. I hope this approach continues for the whole season. I don’t mind if Merc do win every race if we see a fight like that each time.

    My last comment is that I hope Mercedes at some point this season recognise the contribution made by Ross Brawn to this success. It was very much him who put in place all that was needed to achieve what they are likely to achieve this year. It feels somewhat unfair that he was pretty much forced out before being able to enjoy the fruits of his hard work. I don’t think it will happen but I’d love Merc to invite him to a race and (assuming they win) allow him to collect the constructors trophy.

  152. Grant says:

    Glad that Lewis admits that Nico had a faster setup after quali.

    1. Mike from Colombia says:

      A consolotation prize for anti-Hamilton “fans”.

      1. Grant says:

        And unfortunately there’s a lot of those….. :D

  153. F1Fan says:

    Just wondering, If Vettel is in Merc now, who will catch him by the dominance Merc has?

    He will lap the whole feild twice..

    1. Damon says:

      Just wondering if Ricciardo was in the Mercedes, who would catch him?

      He would lap the field three times…..

    2. Dazzler says:

      Rubbish. If Vettel was in the Mercedes a teammate would keep him honest maybe even him.

      Take your pick from Alonso,Rosberg,Di Resta,Hulkenburg,Hamilton,Kubica, or Raikkonen

      And my money would be on ANY of those drivers over Vettel in the same car.

  154. Jason says:

    To anyone still moaning about F1 after this race, get lost. Seriously that race left me buzzing for ages. I even watched the highlights a couple of times.

    I also loved the team principle meeting. I normally find them a bit boring yet this week, it was great.

  155. fox says:

    I got a feeling that there was an order. Arguments below.

    1. Hamilton is Merc’s advertisement cow and they [Merc] would put all bets on him [Ham] for better marketing buzz.
    2. Hamilton is paid significantly more than Rossberg, hence Merc wants better return of those money.
    3. Bernie favored Hamilton for 2014 like he [Bernie] favored Vettel before. There is some scenario behind the F1 show. F1 is more show & rumors than sport.
    4. Rossberg had a chance to win psychologically. He was on better tyres than Hamilton and could attack and overtake. Apparently he gave up after Lowe’s call. So Rossberg lost the most important race – psychological. After this he is transforming to Massa. From now he is broken. Get ready for “Nico, everybody is faster than you”.

    1. kieran says:

      Bernie did not favour Lewis for 2014, he favoured Nico. There are plenty of articles on this. However, yes I think Nico will have to play mind games with Lewis. I doubt Lewis will take the bait though. After all he has been through many battles of mentality throughout his career.

  156. TimW says:

    tealeaf’s a bit quiet, I’m betting a bit worried about him!

  157. Just a bloke says:

    Congratulations to Mercedes, HAM and ROS, a great display of hard racing and sportsmanship.

    To all at Red bull, maybe you now understand why you get booed….

    RIC, fantastic effort :D

  158. Craig D says:

    Great race indeed. Brilliant performance from both Mercedes drivers. By rights Rosberg should have won at the end but Hamilton showed perfect defensive driving; I have little doubt that many other drivers would not have been able to keep 1st place.

    It’s clear though that this Mercedes is more dominant than the best Red Bull years of 2011 and 2014. They were up to 2s/lap faster at one point I think! It’s just a good job they have two closely matched drivers who are allowed to race. Those who think Hamilton will have an easy run to the title need to think again, even though I think he should win out in the end.

    And a great battle behind, which would have still been good even without the SC (what was Maldonado thinking?!).

    It was great the race was able to fly in the race of the talk from the big heads who’s teams are struggling. What is it with this sport always trying to pull itself apart?! The message should be celebrating the achievements of the sport and the incredible brains of those involved to design such complex technology and how well they’ve done when everyone thought most would be unreliable at the beginning of the season. And also to get across the benefits other industries will eventually feel through the lessons learned in meeting the challenge.

    It’s not about F1 being green per se (no one can honestly believe that) but about using resources cleverly to gain the competitive advantage. Efficiency is always a good a thing and regarding fuel conservation: those that have a good engine and package that’s efficient don’t have to worry about it so much. If you don’t have a lean engine, the job is to make it better rather than cry and try to dumb the technology down because it’s too difficult for them. Mercedes has proved the challenge can be met! They are ahead mainly because they’ve worked hard to develop the best energy recovery system. It would be easy to say, here have double the fuel but then where’s the challenge. But I guess in terms of fan interest it depends on whether you’re interested in the technological challenge or not. But that challenge a core element of F1 in my opinion.

    Ferrari wanted engines to be a dominant performance factor (when before they complained of “It’s all aero, aero!” when their wind tunnel was weak). Now they’ve got their wish but they haven’t done the best job so now they’re complaining again. Same with Red Bull and Renault. Sour grapes. They need to acknowledge the work Mercedes has done and knuckle down and focus on their issues rather than trying to twist things their way through politics and bad mouthing the sport. It’s just how Red Bull said it’s up to the other teams to catch us up with aero and exhaust blowing development.

    It’s mental how badly Formula 1 can PR itself. It’s too negative too often. I guess that’s what happen when money dominates…

    Anyway, looking forward to the rest of the season even if it could be a 1988 dominance. Will Mercedes win every race? I don’t think so, and this was a strong Mercedes track; one that was rear limited too, whereas China will be front limited so teams such as Williams may fair better there…

  159. giorgio0078 says:

    … such a thriller.. NO comments … to be continued …

  160. Krischar says:

    Well done lewis

    Consummate drive by lewis, he was under the cosh for the last 10 laps or so. Rosberg heaped the pressure on him. Yet lewis denied rosberg any clear space to get him by.

    Rosberg maturity has really amazed me, rosberg was full of smiles and gave lewis pat on the back despite the defeat in bahrain GP

    However Rosberg needs to be very mindful of the chances. Rosberg should have won in bahrain. Late SC and softer tyres in last stint of the race transmitted some advantage in favour of rosberg over lewis, yet the chance has sliped through his hands. Rosberg need to remain more clinical and needs take his chances. Otherwise lewis will easy bag the WDC

    Kudos to mercedes as well who let the pilots to race for the victory on track, rather than imposing any coded messages. Lewis and Nico can continue to battle out in this fashion to fight for WDC. This is will be too tight to call. Lewis is still the favourite over Nico. Yet nico will have his say for sure in the WDC battle

  161. kieran says:

    This race certainly has thrown the whole ‘Lewis-gangsta rappa’, ‘too focused on dog and celebrity’ out of the window. It has also discarded the ‘Nico-thinker’ away too. I wonder what angle the media will attack Lewis from now? They’ve had 5 years of used material, they must be running out of ideas now. haha

    1. Grant says:

      They’ll find something, you can bet on it.

      “Why is he not smiling” “He looks off” “Prima donna” “Not focused” …..

    2. Ash says:


      Great Post…..

    3. avelino says:

      does it require intellegence to keep a teammate on a faster set of tyres behind over a period of 10 laps on a circuit with so many places to overtake?
      can anyone explain to me how hamilton did that?

      1. avelino says:


  162. David T. says:

    What a fantastic race! In my mind, there was only one thing that went horribly wrong;

    Why were the world feed cameras so fixated on the midfield battles?? Yes, of course there were good battles up and down the field, but when you have positions 1 and 2 equally as thrilling I would have liked to have seen more of it… a lot more! They would only switch to Nico and Lewis after a pass attempt was nearly finished. Pure travesty!

    Please F1, show the leaders more often!

    1. Random 79 says:

      “Please F1, show the leaders more often”

      In this case, yes, but for years when Vettel was out in front all on his lonesome we were saying show us what’s happening down the field, so maybe it sank in.

      1. Ebi Bozimo says:

        Random 79, you said it right there: “Vettel was out front all on his lonesome…” THAT was why there was no point ‘showing the leaders’. There was only a ‘leader’. In Bahrain, the TV cameras had a RACE – as opposed to a ‘drive’ – on their hands and we could certainly have done with more camera time.

        It was initially edge-of-my-seat and then eventually standing-on-my-toes-directly-in-front-of-my-tv exciting!

        My appreciation of Rosberg went up by many degrees as he came out of the car and playfully ‘charged’ Hamilton.

        Bahrain 2014 was a win for F1, for Mercedes and for Hamilton. Honorable mention, Rosberg.

  163. Stuart Harrison says:

    Wow, so many comments!

    For me, it was fascinating to see such close racing without tyre degradation getting in the way. If you’d been 0.3 seconds behind your team-mate for more than a few laps last year, your tyres would have given up. This year it seems not to be the case and the racing has improved dramatically as a result.

    Definitely one of the best races for a very long time. “Bore-rain” no more.

    1. kieran says:

      Too right, aerodynamics have been the ballgame for too long now; drivers can finally show what they’re capable of in cars that require great throttle control.

  164. Harrdy says:

    Kimi and Alonso. Because they did not just stop the car and walk away. I guess they wanted to.

  165. Damon says:

    When all said and done the worrying thing for Hamilton is that Rosberg was faster than him. Yes he won the battle but will he win the war??

    Rosberg is easily the quickest driver he has gone up against since Alonso, be interesting to see if he’s quicker in China.

    1. skidjitsu says:

      I can’t help but feel that this should be more worrying for Rosberg than Hamilton. On a weekend where he was more comfortable in the car when it counted, he was only able to win the battle for pole but not when it was most important on Sunday.

      Rosberg won’t be faster on every weekend and at Bahrain, Hamilton showed he has the fight in him to make up for slight deficits in pace.

  166. avelino says:

    coulthard said, ‘how is hamilton managing to keep rosberg behind?’ white brundle simply said, in an uninspired voice, ‘brilliant’ driving.
    i wonder what murray walker thinks of this race. has he seen one as good? am sure he’d be in a good position to refer us to good examples to look at on youtube.
    that was an optical orgasm indusing race!

  167. Dave Aston says:

    Slightly off topic, but… I read that Denis Jenkinson and Alan Henry told Senna that they considered a great Grand Prix driver to be one who wins 10% of all his races. You don’t have to win one of your first ten, but eventually that has to be the ratio, and Senna agreed that was a good system. Sunday was the 900th F1 Grand Prix. So, Michael Schumacher has won more than 10% – of all the Grand Prix in the 65 year history of the category.

    1. aveli says:

      thanks to ros brawn, nigel stepney, rory byrne and rubens barrichello.


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