F1 Summer Break 2015
Competition: Win signed Force India memorabilia from Memento Exclusives
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Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  09 Apr 2014   |  11:25 am GMT  |  428 comments

As they prepare to launch their new Sahara Force India collection, we’ve teamed up with memorabilia specialists Memento Exclusives to give away an exclusive signed VJM07 photo.

The team’s official photographer James Moy shot this pic of the 2014 Sahara Force India machine at the car’s launch earlier this year and it’s since been signed by race drivers Sergio Perez and Nico Hülkenberg. The framed picture also includes a piece of genuine race-used bodywork from the 2012 car.

To be in with a chance of winning just enter your user name in the comments below and on Friday we’ll pick one name out of the digital hat to receive this piece of Force India memorabilia.

The full Sahara Force India ‘up cycled’ collection is available from mementoexclusives.com.

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    1. @clubforce



    2. Daniel Hustwayte says:

      Daniel Hustwayte

    3. Darren Weston says:

      Everything crossed, great prize from a great team.

  1. Mathew Atkins says:

    Not gonna lie, its a pretty sweet prize.

    Holding Thumbs

  2. ETC says:

    ETC2500. Fingers crossed

  3. Ben Thomas says:

    Nice picture!

  4. Matt Willson says:

    Would absolutely love this! Big Force India supporter spoke with team members at last years young drivers test @ Silverstone and took time out if their day to show us some of the inner workings of the team. Huge respect in this sport love an underdog!

  5. Dean West says:

    Dean West

  6. John england says:


  7. ernie says:


  8. Alan grant says:


    Pick me!

  9. Clara Bennett says:


  10. Tomislav Bacinger says:

    Great giveaway! :)

  11. Matt Willson says:


    Matt Willson

  12. Kshitij Gopal says:

    Feel the force! Big fan of FI, would love to win this memorabilia :)

  13. Jonathan Hawkins says:

    Jonathan Hawkins

  14. Brent says:

    Best “pound for pound” team in F1.

  15. Josef Willsher says:

    Josef Willsher

  16. Denis says:

    Me first?

  17. Jodi Hall says:


  18. Steven Wooding says:

    User name? What user name would that be?

  19. Mr Ed says:

    Ooh ooh Pick me, Mr Ed.

  20. Arnaud Tinet says:

    Would love to receive the prize :-)

  21. Dan Wilson says:

    Would love to own this, as big fan for Force India. Got ideal space for it on wall at home

  22. Laura Anderson says:


  23. Chris Bryan says:

    Chris Bryan

  24. Gaz Boy says:

    Excellent competition, and a lovely piece of F1 memorabilia!
    That Force India paint scheme was has grown on me; OK it doesn’t have the restrained elegance of the Mercedes or the functionality of the Red Bull, but its visually smart netherless.
    I’ve always thought Force India make up for their financial short-fall compared to the Big Four by being very canny, street wise and efficient in their operational duties. The 3rd and 5th in Bahrain proves that; being best of the rest after Mercedes is truly a lightweight boxer punching way above their weight.
    Eddie Jordan must be delighted!

  25. Chris Hobbs says:

    Chris Hobbs would like the Force India Memorabilia.

  26. Steve Cobby says:

    Steve Cobby

  27. Dan says:

    Daniel Lee

  28. Anant Ahuja says:

    Would make a nice addition to my bedroom wall.

  29. Nick C says:

    Great prize James.. I hope I’m lucky!

  30. Pierre H says:

    looks a great picture!

  31. Thomas says:

    If i were to win
    This price would stand on top of the tv-bookshed so i could look at it every time it was F1 on tv

  32. Michael308 says:


  33. rebeca berry says:


  34. Ronald Sebuhinja says:

    I hope this comes my way!

  35. Jon Wilde says:

    Jon Wilde

    I don’t think I’ve ever been in a digital hat before! It’s roomy in here :)

  36. Adam Barns says:

    Amazing photography and a brilliant prize!

  37. Jay Khimji says:

    Jay Khimji

  38. Ragavendran.S says:


  39. James Bond says:

    I’m in

  40. Mr F1 says:

    Would love this!!

    Pick me me me :)

  41. Maciej Rychter says:

    Maciej Rychter

  42. Prof. Frink says:

    This would look smart over the mantlepiece…

  43. Leslie Martin says:


  44. Peter Farrington
    Competition entry

  45. VJ says:

    Looks nice!

  46. Liam Mulholland says:

    Great Win for Sergio, showing everyone that Force India can compete with the big boys. Keep up the good work!!!

  47. Himas says:


  48. krakinho says:

    Sead Marusic

  49. 355gts says:


  50. Congrats to ForceIndia for gaining 2nd place.
    yey, #FuelTheForce.

  51. Cassie Nunn-Price says:


  52. Shantanu arlekar says:

    Go force India,proud of u boys!!!!

  53. Ashish Kumar says:

    I have been a proud fan of forceindia since it was born in 2007. As it is the best start to any season for forceindia I am hoping that several more podiums are going to come this year. It is so heartwarming to see my team on 2nd place in constructors list ahead of such bigs guns of F1. It will a thing to cherish for my life if I get to lay my hands on ForceIndia Memento from their collection.

    Cheers guys!

  54. Daniel Ridley says:

    1Germany Nico Rosberg61
    2United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton50
    3Germany Nico Hulkenberg28
    4Spain Fernando Alonso26
    5United Kingdom Jenson Button23
    6Germany Sebastian Vettel23


  55. UncleZen says:


  56. Shantanu arlekar says:

    This time around we need 2 CARS on d podium,make d ferraris and red bull look slow.

  57. Rohit Puri says:


  58. Renata Szabo says:

    Hi Team!

    I’m really big fan of the sport since 2006, and it’s npw my life!! Tomorrow, on 10th of April will be my Birthday! I would be the Happiest in the World if I could win! :)
    Gooo Force India!!

    Renata (Hungary)

  59. Ben says:

    Ben Fulford!

  60. Big fan of F1 and more importantly force India would love the signed memorabilia, Hulkenberg and Perez are huge inspirations to me

  61. Stuart Harrison says:

    Feeling lucky this time ;)

  62. Martin Burstow says:

    Hey James, I’m a big F1 fan, and it would be totally awesome to own some real memorabilia from the sport, also wishing Schumi a continued speedy and successful recovery

  63. Francois says:


  64. leighton davies says:

    Leight f1

  65. Alexander Supertramp says:

    Alexander Supertramp

  66. Kovid says:

    Kovid Kakirde

  67. pablo says:

    hi! FeelTheForce! :D @peicheck

  68. Dennis p says:

    Dennis p

  69. Monktonnik says:


    Fingers crossed

  70. Richard Groves says:

    Richard Groves

  71. Jason Norwood says:

    Jason Norwood

  72. John says:

    Good time to offer this post Barain…

  73. terrymck says:

    I’m in

  74. Socratis says:

    Socratis Socratous

  75. AndyFov says:

    Andrew Fovargue

  76. Panayiotis says:


  77. jedd cooke says:


  78. Jimmy Sampat says:


  79. Eric de Blaauw says:

    Would love to add this to my collection!

    Eric de Blaauw

  80. Ticketyboo says:


  81. james wiltshire says:


  82. TBP says:

    TBP- Fingers crosssed.

  83. Jorge Gonzalez says:


  84. Swapnil Shah says:

    Ooh boy. PLease be me. PLease please be me.

  85. Richie says:

    Richie Hetherington

  86. Dorly Pereira says:

    I Want it!!!

  87. Ross Lalic says:


  88. Ryan Moore says:

    Wooooo! Go Force India! A podium for Perez was phenomenal !!!!

  89. Rhianne Lamb says:


  90. Manoj says:

    We are excited to watch stuff like these in our home,because if we have the piece of the thing which we love most then it give us unspeakable experiance to watch live race with these @clubforce memoribalia.we feel as we are watching race live on the crkt….!!

  91. Niall O'C says:

    Niall O’C

  92. Dr T says:

    I’m putting my name in the digital hat!

    Tim Clay

  93. Fareed says:

    Fareed Ali

  94. Ashwin says:


  95. Ross O Doherty says:

    Ross O Doherty

    1. Ross O Doherty says:

      Twitter @RPOD86

  96. Shwetabh mathur says:

    I want this one to be mine…

  97. sergio nascimento says:


  98. Simple says:


  99. Jonathan Kelk says:

    Jonathan Kelk

  100. Mitchell says:


  101. Matt Rees says:

    Fingers firmly crossed.

  102. Ian H says:

    Ian Hamilton

  103. Krishna Raviteja says:

    All the best Sahara ForceIndia

  104. rohit baid says:

    I’m really excited about it:)

  105. José Salas says:

    Force india memorabilia picture

  106. F1luc says:

    Good luck to all :)

  107. Adrian Setterfield says:

    Adrian Setterfield

  108. Paul Gawne says:

    Wow, what an amazing prize! – pgf1

  109. Josh Cocksedge says:

    I’m a really big fan of Force India and Nico Hulkenburg

  110. Lee Furlong says:

    Open to people in ireland?

  111. Stuart Gillespie says:

    Pick me!

  112. mike cullom says:

    mike cullom

  113. Paul D says:

    Paul D

  114. Javier Valles says:

    User name? Twitter:@JavierValles24

  115. Lindsay little says:


  116. Rob Prior says:

    Fingers crossed :)

  117. Chris Munn says:

    Chris Munn

  118. Roland Luza says:

    Excelent idea!

  119. Ankush says:

    I want to win. Choose me, choose me.

  120. Sarthak jain says:


  121. Peter Platell says:

    Yay Force India!

  122. John O'Sullivan says:

    John O’Sullivan,

  123. Geoff Honour says:

    Great result for Force India on the weekend.

  124. Prathik Khanna says:

    @prathikkhanna twitter ID! #FeelTheForce

  125. FerrariFan says:


  126. Subhakar Das says:

    Nice memento!

  127. Richard Bernecker says:

    Richard Bernecker

  128. Paul Jarman says:

    Would look lovely in the hallway

  129. Matthew Jones says:

    Matt Jones

  130. Nats Koga says:

    Nats Koga

  131. Keenan says:


  132. Darren Poole says:

    Great competition!

  133. Trebor157 says:


  134. Wayne says:



  135. Peaf says:

    username – peaf

  136. NZF1Fan says:

    What a great prize!

  137. Brian Moran says:

    Please consider me for the piece of memorabilia.

  138. John Montoya says:

    Thank you for the chance to win memorabilia.

  139. BPsych says:

    Would love to have this! :)

  140. Harshad says:


  141. Israel Rios says:

    Israel Rios.

  142. Imraan Omar says:

    Imraan Omar

  143. Omarion says:

    Hi James :)

    I’ve been following your website for a good few years and I guess now is as good a time as any to say that it’s the best out there.

    Thanks for keeping us informed and keep up the great work.


  144. Igor Noronha says:

    Igor Noronha

  145. NF1 says:

    Nigel Fidler

    Also note my e-mail has changed to nigelalanfidler@gmail.com

  146. Howard P says:

    Oh my, yes please!!!

  147. Tyler says:

    It’s a great car, too bad it has to race in the open wheel endurance series.

  148. Michael says:

    Really looking forward to Toyota Indy car series at long beach this Sunday.

  149. Paul Lewis says:

    Paul Lewis

  150. D1M0NST3R says:

    D1M0NST3R (Can this be sent to México?)

  151. dannyboy94 says:

    dannyboy94! Fingers crossed ;)

  152. Pete Elmore says:

    Congrats to SFI for the podium finish in Bahrain!

  153. Ma Oberson says:


  154. Lerik Abhimannue says:

    Lerik Abhimannue

  155. Carlos Garza says:


  156. Hiren Patel says:

    Hiren Patel

  157. Guillermo Solares says:

    Very Proud of India Force and the driver’s Line up, probably the Best one!! If Nico and Sergio may have other Mercedes they would be front runners. But, be patient guys, you are atracting sponsors and that will help the Team. You may become in the Next Red Bull replacement team… Keep it Up Nico and Sergio!! Great Race last Sunday!!!

  158. Guillermo Solares says:

    Very Proud of Force India and the driver’s Line up, probably the Best one!! If Nico and Sergio may have other Mercedes they would be front runners. But, be patient guys, you are atracting sponsors and that will help the Team. You may become in the Next Red Bull replacement team… Keep it Up Nico and Sergio!! Great Race last Sunday!!!

  159. Raj says:

    Phupinder Roopra

  160. Michael says:

    Please pick me!!!

  161. Cookie says:

    Fingers crossed!
    Paul Cook

  162. Steven says:


  163. Daniel Gomes says:

    I’m in for this. Hope I get it!

    Thanks James for the opportunity!

  164. Owen WIlliams says:


  165. David Melvin says:

    David Melvin

  166. Amit V says:

    Amit V

  167. guillermo mendoza says:


  168. Noel Lopez says:

    Noel Lopez

  169. Yeah :) I want to participate

  170. Thisisanirban says:

    Exciting prize!

  171. Mahomedalid Pacheco

  172. waferbreaker says:

    Wow – waferbreaker

  173. Paul Evans says:

    Paul Evans. I’d love to win this fantastic prize, thanks!

  174. Patrick Schenk says:

    Patrick Schenk

  175. jules0711 says:


  176. Mr t says:

    Yes please!

  177. Matthew Ruddock says:

    Matthew Ruddock

  178. Rahul says:

    would love to have this!!!

  179. Carolina Andersson says:


  180. Neil Fuller says:

    Nice prize for any collection

  181. Andrew Belson says:

    Andrew Belson

  182. David F says:

    That would be amazing to own!

  183. tracy steer says:

    pick me

  184. George Debenham says:

    count me in.

  185. cutesmile says:

    Would love this

  186. Kevin Williams says:

    I have just space on my study wall for this

  187. Steven Bremer says:

    This is awesome.

  188. Colin says:


  189. Rick says:

    Spiffing prize!

  190. Melanie Burton says:

    Brill prize!! :-)

  191. Jeremy Dolby says:

    Could be me? Go India!

  192. S Edwards says:

    Fab! :)

  193. Laurence H says:

    I’ll throw my hat in the ring for this.

    Laurence H

  194. Goran says:

    Nice memento.


  195. Bryan Purdue says:

    Bryan Purdue

  196. Matthew Kable says:


  197. Grant H says:

    Love this website, pls pick me!

  198. Brian Keates says:

    Brian Keates

  199. Ben Moorhouse says:

    Ben Moorhouse

  200. Rich C says:

    Rich C


  201. Mickie Bull says:

    Sweet prize!

  202. David Walker says:


  203. Helen Scarth says:

    Hope I win

  204. krish says:

    Pick me..pick me..pick me

  205. Ares7 says:


  206. Ian Henderson says:

    i cant see where to regiter on here to enter :(

  207. Stuart Sheehy says:

    fab prize

  208. sputnik says:


  209. Lawrence says:

    Pick me Pick me

  210. Stephen says:

    Stephen Donnelly

  211. Peter Noyce says:


  212. Stephen Gurman says:

    A great prize James!

  213. David Paterson says:

    Yes please

  214. Martin Nash says:

    Fingers crossed…

  215. Martin Bradley says:

    Martin B

  216. Rich says:

    fingers crossed

  217. Dave Archbold says:

    Great prize!

  218. Zesssmo says:


  219. Arion Jones says:

    Arion Jones

  220. James D says:

    James D

  221. Colin N says:

    Yes Please.

  222. J.D. SEKORA says:

    Such a wonderful piece of Memorabilia from such an Awesome team which has stuck to it. J.D. Sekora

  223. Nuno says:

    It doesnt hurt to try.

  224. KING Arthur says:

    Digital hat funny

  225. Sam Furniss says:

    Fabulous prize and what a start to the season they’ve had so far.

    (Sam Furniss on Facebook)

  226. Bob Clark says:

    Great prize – please please (pick) me – apologies to the fab 4

  227. Steven King says:

    Yes please!

  228. Simon Lord says:

    Simon Lord

    Have admired Nico Hulkenberg’s driving since seeing him driving A1GP at Taupo. Would love to add this to my very small collection,

  229. Hamish says:


  230. katleea says:

    Fantastic prize!

  231. Shane Feeney says:

    Fantastic prize! Good luck for the rest of the season FI.

  232. Rich Morton says:

    Rich Morton

  233. Rob Pullar says:

    Really good to see Perez and Hulkenberg getting decent cars at last.

  234. Starbug1 says:


  235. Balsac says:

    Love a freebie

  236. Amy Hynd says:


  237. Carlos A. Jalife R. says:

    Great prize JA!
    Hope to be lucky enough.

  238. Your Name Here says:


  239. Elle Haus says:


  240. Pete Colantuono says:


  241. Richard Dreyer says:

    Rich Dreyer

  242. Alex Y says:

    Alex Y

  243. Derek Lorimer says:

    Yes please

  244. stevie smith says:

    My other half would love this :)

  245. Craig says:

    Would love to win that – I’d promise to save the piece of bodywork in case they need it in Monaco. Cheers.

  246. Craig says:

    Would love to win that – I’d promise to save the piece of bodywork in case they need it in Monaco. Cheers.

    Forgot my user name – it’s Craig.

  247. Dylan Bok says:

    Gee whiz. That would be the bees knees.

  248. Patricia Juárez says:

    I would love to have this, looks amazing, big fan of Checo and the HULK.

    Patricia Juárez

  249. OffCourse says:

    Thanks for the op.

  250. JohnBt says:

    The Hulk has to be a force this year, drove so well for the 3 races. And congrats to Perez for his Bahrain podium.

  251. Shaynus says:


  252. fausta says:


  253. Brendan says:


  254. Anvesh Malireddy says:

    I’m in..!!

  255. Leigh Barratt says:

    Leigh Barratt

  256. Liam in Sydney says:

    Here’s hoping! 8)

  257. Kenlli Chooi says:


  258. Naren Chauhan says:

    Like the team

  259. Adam says:


  260. Mark says:

    Fantastic picture, gratz to who ever wins it!

  261. Kim Kat says:


    Great prize! Good luck to all and thanks for the giveaway!

  262. R Nige 5 says:


  263. Susan Carruthers says:

    Susan Carruthers

  264. Henri Vermeulen says:

    Would love a piece of F1 on my wall!

  265. Toby says:

    Toby Liggins


    wonderful prize

  267. Icemave says:


  268. Sridhar C says:

    Sridhar C.

  269. Nitish Thakur says:

    So happy with Force India so far this season :)

  270. John De Paoli says:

    John De Paoli

  271. Aamir K says:

    Aamir K

  272. Daniel Parker says:

    Fingers crossed.

  273. Stephen L says:

    Stephen L

  274. Sarah Lewis says:

    Top prize for a mad F1 lady!!!

  275. Cathryn Bowen says:

    Excellent – fingers crossed

  276. Adam Spurrier says:

    What a lovely prize. Would look amazing on my wall.

  277. Rena Plumridge says:

    Would love to win

  278. Craig Reay says:

    Good prize

  279. Michael Clarke says:

    everything is crossed

  280. Matt Batt says:

    Matt Batt

  281. Alan Revitt says:


  282. Amelia Avossa says:

    I need this for my Fiance!! i would die if i won!! he would LOVE IT

  283. Natalia S says:

    great prize

  284. Estophile says:


  285. Mick Durnall says:

    Great prize

  286. harry madden says:

    well done on sunday keep up the good work know you hasd it in you Good Luck for Rest of the Season

  287. Mark Rayner says:


  288. Stuart burton says:

    Stuart burton and fingers crossed

  289. Fares T says:

    Fares T

  290. Lee says:

    Please let me win somthing!!!!!

  291. David Vessey says:

    Fingers crossed!

  292. Arcturis says:

    Arcturis – count me in

  293. sam bailey says:

    Sam Bailey

  294. Ashley Martin says:

    Ashley Martin
    Great prize, hope I’m the rabbit pulled out of the “digital hat”

  295. Andrea Miles says:


  296. ArunasNesvarbu says:

    Good luck for me :)

  297. Nathan Satchell says:

    Would love this

  298. Michelle Kuek says:

    Wow! Would love to win this!

  299. I love F1 and follow force India would love this very much

  300. Jack says:

    Jack Rush.

    Great competition, James.

  301. angela sandhu says:


  302. stuart w says:


  303. Martin Fry says:

    Martin Fry

  304. Phil Pierce says:

    I’d love to win this

  305. Andrew J says:

    Andrew J

  306. Niall Quinn says:

    Niall Quinn

  307. Ciara Finan says:

    Ciara Finan

  308. Phil Alloy says:

    Over here, over here! Look towards the sunset and about 6,000 km west of you.

  309. Scott Cammish says:

    Fingers crossed!

  310. Rick Albright says:

    Just cleared a spot on the wall.

  311. Kevin Green says:

    ^^^^Check all the Bobby sucking going on above^^^

    Anyway…….can Kevin Green have it please :)

  312. Oliver Holland says:


  313. Joseph F says:

    Gimme gimme gimme :)

  314. Denis says:

    Looks nice…

  315. ianb_100 says:


  316. mark sanderson says:

    I’m in!!

  317. Mike Jones says:

    Mike Jones

  318. neil adams says:

    Neil Adams

  319. chirag patel says:

    Chirag P

  320. Paddy says:

    Paddy, good luck folks.

  321. Vicky S says:


  322. captainj84 says:


  323. James not Allen says:

    Hope I’m not too late!

  324. James not Allen says:

    Hope I’m not too late!
    James not Allen

  325. David Morton says:

    I will go for it……..and then upgrade to a drive…..yuck yuck yuck!

  326. Alan from Toronto says:

    User Name = “Alan from Toronto”

  327. Anthony O'Callaghan says:

    Fingers crossed

  328. sudipt123 says:

    Go with the force! @sudipt123

  329. photozen says:

    Great prize, thumbs up !


  330. Stephen says:

    Awesome! :) And great to see Force India doing so well this season.

  331. Jamie says:

    Jamie Gilbert

  332. Craig Paterson says:

    Craig Paterson

  333. DebsW says:

    What a great competition. I will keep my fingers crossed :)

  334. Yadhav maharaj says:

    I love force India best team with low budget on grid with great drivers and levery

  335. Ashish Sharma says:

    Go India

  336. McHarg123 says:

    Benjamin McHarg

  337. Tp, {arfitt says:

    Pick ME!

  338. James Deans says:

    James Deans

  339. victoria carter says:


    amazing prize!

  340. Mark Taylor says:

    Mark Taylor

  341. e scott says:

    sweet x

  342. Kerry M says:

    Kerry M… keeping my fingers firmly crossed on this one! :)

  343. drarpad says:


  344. Thynaks says:


  345. Stuart Lees says:

    Stuart Lees


  346. Box Box Box says:


  347. John Baker says:

    Forza the Force!

  348. Nicholas L Sevaaetasi says:

    Nicholas S. SFI!!!

  349. Brett R says:

    nice one

  350. Sergei Martyn says:

    Sergei Martyn

  351. Kenneth M'Boy says:

    Kenneth M’Boy

  352. kenneth chapman says:

    kenneth chapman

  353. Dwaipayan Ghosh Dastidar says:

    Excellent offer! Love SFI

  354. David Walker says:

    David Walker

  355. Beachbum says:

    This would look great on the wall of my shack!!

  356. Mile says:

    Lovely prize, but you didn’t explain what user name!?

  357. joe mac says:

    It’s mine!

  358. Tom Redknap says:

    Tom Redknap

  359. Kramgp says:

    Great start to the season

  360. Aizaz Iqbal says:

    Nice photo.

  361. jawsf1 says:

    hope I win!!!

  362. Amit Verma says:

    C’mon my son.

  363. Mark says:

    For my daughter who is on a mission to become the next Adrian Newey

  364. Bradleigh Phelps says:

    :) ….

  365. Mercedessss says:


  366. madmark1974 says:

    Hope I’m not too late!

  367. Jacobo Lopez says:

    Jacobo Lopez

  368. Mistertoad says:

    May the Force be with me…

  369. Graham says:

    everything crossed

  370. Shijo Nair says:

    Feel the force, die hard force India fan

  371. javier sarro says:


  372. john naylor says:

    Please,please let it be me

  373. Brett R says:


  374. Caity Bear says:

    need,want,must have

  375. Byron Leiva says:

    Byron Leiva

  376. Steven Thomas says:

    Steven Thomas

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  377. oztimbo says:

    trust me to be last :(

  378. Carlos - CHFM says:

    Vamos Checo! Vamos!!!

  379. Simon Purnell says:

    Simon Purnell

  380. Gerardo Mendez says:


  381. Jason E says:

    Too late?

  382. Justin French says:

    Fingers crossed! Would love to hang it it on my wall.



  383. Fabian Leung says:

    Fabian Leung.
    Better late than never :)

  384. Darran Largey says:

    Now that is one sweet prize, would look very well on my wall.

  385. Max Nalborczyk says:

    Love that Force India!!

  386. Simon O'Dea says:

    Simon O’Dea.

    Would love this, especially in such a great year for Force India!

  387. Paul says:

    Paul Gill. Would make a great present for my son who loves the Force India colour scheme this year


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