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Which F1 team has the best Livery of 2014?
Posted By:   |  08 Mar 2014   |  3:09 pm GMT  |  220 comments

Now that the final car of 2014 has been revealed in the form of a Martini liveried Williams, the team at JA on F1 have compiled a list of their top five best looking cars and the reasons for choosing. Have a look through and post your thoughts below giving your own top five.

And it is with Thursday’s announcement of Martini’s return to Formula One that we begin. The FW36 ran through pre-season testing under a plain blue colour scheme as the highly expected Martini deal, inked months ago, was scheduled to be announced in the following week.

It was worth waiting for. The three writers of this site agreed unanimously that it is holds the best livery on the 2014 grid with its striking bright white highlighted by the red and blue stripes running the length of the car. We would, however, like to have seen Martini throw in that extra few million euros to have their brand across the side-pods.

Here is the JA on F1 team’s top five:

1. Williams It is a joy to see Martini back in Formula One and gives the slightly more mature fan a great sense of nostalgia. Iconic as the scheme is, it will also be very visible on the circuit stand out under flood lights and we’re looking forward to seeing it at speed around Albert Park in less than a week.

2. McLaren You only have to look at photos from Bahrain to see how good it looks. The light there is terrific for photography and the McLaren looks great in it. The only concern is the lack of a title sponsor, though Ron Dennis has suggested something is in the pipeline and has said he is optimistic that a long term partner will be signed a few months into the season, from the companies that he is talking to.

3. Ferrari Every Winter, when the latest cars are released we know exactly what we are to get from Ferrari. However, its iconic and individual red is so vibrant and deep that no one dare imitate it. Seeing this car in this flesh will give any motor sport fan a special feeling.

4. Red Bull Up until last year the use of stock Red Bull colours looked dated and lacked the artistic flair that other teams had undertaken. However, the introduction of the purple tint to the World Champions latest two editions makes it look spectacular in both day and night.

5. Force IndiaThe VJM07 has that look of stealth and aggression but the splash of orange and green maintain the flair and vibrancy of the Indian national colours.

The Lotus was also a contender with its iconic black and gold colour scheme, but these were our top five.

What do you think? Post your Top 5 and we will pick two at random to win a copy of “James Allen on F1 2013: Winning at all costs”, our book on the 2013 F1 season, the behind the scenes stories and goings on from the year.

The last remaining copies of the book are for sale at £10-99 by following this link: http://shop.jamesallenonf1.com/Info/Book.html

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  1. John O'Sullivan says:

    I agree with your thoughts on the Williams. Martini could have taken more real estate.
    I disagree on force India , it looks like a temporary testing scheme

    1. David in Sydney says:

      Martini logo is fantastic and timeless – yes it belongs on an F1 car.

      Shame the actual livery of the Williams car doesn’t match the stronger branding on magazine mock ups prior to releasing the actual car livery.

      1. Nick says:

        I like it, simple and elegeant.

        Reminds me of the old days when cars weren’t plastered with a million different logos.

        Martini don’t really need to take up a lot of real estate….anyone whose a motorsport fan with recognise the stripes in an instant. Its a timeless livery

        All my pay is going on gear. Now all we need is someone to go Gulf Blue and Orange and we’re set…

      2. Sebee says:

        Vettel Fans, buy that 2013 book from James.

        I don’t think it will be the last one with Vettel on cover, but just in case 2014 review isn’t featuring Seb on the cover with a V for…

    2. stk says:

      Prior to the new Williams livery being revealed I had Force India down as the best looking of 2014!!!

      probably have to admit its now number 2

      1. Equin0x says:

        Everyone narurally wants to jump on the latest trend bandwagon and say the Williams looks the best but to be honest as nice as it is its got too much white in it and not how the classic Martini colour scheme ahould look like and its somehow quite bland, its a bit like the Lotus colour scheme ruined by the Genii red patches all over it, so just judging by the colour then the FI still has my vote but as goes for the cars itself then the Redbull is by far the cleanist and best most balanced looking car, shame they haven’t got the engine to match.

      2. Thomas says:

        I agree with much of what you said, but I recommend you take a little more time when typing it all out. That was all one sentence.

    3. Chuck 32 says:

      Sorry John to hijack your comment but would rather focus on Racing than paint.
      I checked the predicted weather for Melbourne for the coming GP period, 14-16 March. Friday 83°F/28.3°C, partly cloudy with a 10% chance of precipitation. Saturday, 86°F/30°C and partly cloudy. Sunday, 67°F/19.4°C with a 90% chance of Precipitation! @ UTC 17:15, 9 MARCH

      1. gpfan says:

        Sorry to hijack your post, Chuck, but should
        rather focus on real racing, rather than city

        I checked the schedule and the “Glory Days
        Celebration of Speed” is June 27-29 at Mosport.

        As usual, the VRRA (REAL bikes) is Aug. 22-24.

    4. Davexxx says:

      Sorry off-topic but here’s a GREAT 11-min video summarizing all the new features for 2014!

      1. Robert in San Diego says:

        Thanks for that. It does rather point out that the sport is probably going to be harder to understand for the average punter.

    5. **Paul** says:

      Personally I’d go with something like

      1.) Williams / Lotus (both have great colours!)
      3.) Red Bull
      4.) Ferrari

      The Merc/McLaren both look very bland, with just silver/chrome. They lack a bit of identity, as they look so similar. Those mentioned above have identity in spades. I used to love all the old tobacco advertising on the cars when I started watching F1. I’m always left wondering why McLaren don’t go with an orange car when they don’t have sponsorship? It’s their traditional colour, and one that many fans would love to see back in the sport.

    6. Anderis says:

      As a Williams’ fan, I have to say I’m quite disappointed with this livery.

      Black wings look bad IMO. I know they’re probably not painted at all in order to save some weight, but having so many colours available with white and Martini stripe, it makes it looking really disharmonious to have wings in yet another colour.
      A side view is a bit underwhelming as well. Just white, white, white, and some more white, with black wings and Martini stripe, barely visible apart from the very end of engine cover. Nothing to catch an eye. And the worst thing of all is that it won’t shout “Williams” (nor Martini) from longer shots or on TV screen, when the car is moving quickly and the camera not focusing exactly on it. Martini stripe will not be visible, making the car looking like a white splash with some black- the most ordinary colour scheme in the history of racing. While it will be distinguishable from other cars THIS season, I doubt I would be able to distinguish it immediately from Sauber 2010, BMW, Stewart and some other cars from some worse quality shots (assuming I don’t look on car’s shape and sponsorship logos), without the knowledge that they were taken in 2014.

      I think much better job could have been done with traditional Martini colours. And I don’t really understand why so many people are some much delighted and uncritical with this livery.

      I may look like a whinger, but that’s how I behave when I don’t understad why the common opinion is so unequivocal on something- I try to counterbalance it. Though my opinion is very honest and I would rather have last year colour scheme to be back at Williams at any day of the week.

    1. Esteban says:

      + Penthouse!

      1. iceman says:

        Somehow I just can’t see it in this day and age :)

    2. Kramgp says:

      1williams. I should think there could well be a number of sponsors looking to cash in on a great livery. I don’t recon it will be long before we see those side pods adorned.
      2 force India. As Williams I like the new look
      3 Ferrari. It’s a Ferrari
      4 lotus. For going a different route with the nose
      5 sauber. Best of the rest
      Interestingly I don’t see many votes for Mercedes. I really think they need some iconic branding. It’s all very well harping back to the 50s and talking about the silver arrows, but the reality is it isn’t a pin up like a Ferrari or mclaren.

  2. jee1 says:

    My Top 5:-
    3)Force India
    5)Red Bull

  3. Andy says:

    2.Red Bull
    3.Caterham (Nose excluded)
    4.Force India

  4. Ash says:

    1/ Red Bull
    2/ Williams
    3/ Force India
    4/ Ferrari
    5/ Lotus

  5. DB says:

    I like Caterham’s British Racing Green. I’d definitely put that in RBR’s place.

    1. George says:

      Sorry but there is no paint job in the universe that would make that car any better to look at, British Racing Green or not…!

    2. Andrew Carter says:

      It’s metallic green, to light for BRG. Looked better with the gold stripe as well.

  6. Dan says:

    1) Williams- the best livery for years!
    2) Force India- a great change from white to black
    3) Sauber- simple but effective
    4) McLaren- good, but the renders in red and white look better in a retro way!
    5) Ferrari- red, but not the Rosso Corsa of the 80s I still miss.

  7. BW says:

    I’ll skip reasons this time (but it was mostly about noses):
    1. Sauber
    2. Lotus
    3. Williams (Martini livery)
    4. McLaren
    5. Red Bull

    Surprisingly, two of JA nominees are in my ugliest three…

  8. Gaz Boy says:

    Oh that’s easy – the Martini Williams comes on top. Anyway, here is my list:
    1. Williams – very similar to the livery on the 1975 Martini Brabham-Ford. Will Mr Bottas and Massa grow big sideburns, wear skintight flared trousers and open neck concorde collared shirts as a loose tribute to the 70s Martini heyday?
    2. Mercedes – To quote Hawkwind “I’ve got a silver machine………”
    3. Ferrari – how come Italy got the national colour of scarlet red? Surely that should have been given to Britain – for the blood and guts warrior mentality of a country that hasn’t lost a war for a 1000 years. (That little tiff in 1776 with the newly emergent USA doesn’t count – that was a lucky escape for Great Britain! Anyway in 1814 Washington was burned and smashed up by the Royal Navy so I call that a draw with the USA vs GB). Anyway, I digress, a splash of red is a great colour, even if doesn’t actually make Ferrari go faster – which is the point of racing!
    4. Force India – orange looks quite purposeful and poised on an F1 car – check out Bruce and Denny’s Macca’s from the late 60s/early 70s. As long as it done tastefully, it won’t make you look like a tangerine – or Katie Price!
    5. Red Bull – I may cause some eyebrows to be raised, but I think the Bull’s colour scheme has elements of the Australian flag and colours of the Australian desert – and since Daniel is on the Milton Keynes payroll, that is very appropriate and a nice touch! Hope we can see Daniel’s beaming smile on the podium – you would be able to see that grin from space!
    James, you said no one would dare imitate the red of Ferrari – however, from 1968 to 1971 Lotus switched from traditional BRG to the predominantly red (and gold) colours of the Gold Leaf tobacco livery – Graham Hill, Jochen Rindt and Emerson Fittipaldi all raced in red Lotuses until Players tobacco changed it to black and gold.
    PS What is actually the plural of Lotus?

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      Just to add to my comments, the events of 1776 and 1814 had far reaching consequences for F1. The British were actually somewhat disinterested in their colony in the US, as several years earlier they had heard about a fabulous new continent in the southern ocean, so in 1768 the great Captain Cook onboard the legendary endeavour set sail to discover these new lands. And of course, in March/April 1770 the great Yorkshireman discovered New Zealand and, on April 29th that year Cook and his crew planted the Union Jack in Botany Bay – Australia!
      Of course, New Zealand and Australia were annexed to the British empire, and both became affluent, industrialised, civilised countries. Fast forward a couple of hundred years or so and some NZ/AUS citizens called Jack, Bruce, Denny, Jonsey, Mark and Daniel would head to the mother country, and of course Jack and Bruce set up their own teams in Blighty. Jack’s team was bought by a certain Mr E, while of course Macca, even after Bruce tragic early death in 1970, would become one of the pre-eminent F1 teams for well over 40 years now.
      Point is, if the British had not lost interest in the United States, then Captain Cook may not have got funding for his expedition to the Australasian continent, Australia and New Zealand would not become part of the British empire, and therefore – a bit later I admit -there would be no Jack, Bruce, Denny, Chris Amon, Jonsey,Mark and Daniel – and of course, Mr E wouldn’t have bought Brabham if it didn’t exist, and Ron Dennis couldn’t of merged with McLaren if there was no Bruce to found it in the first place! Also, Jonsey was the bloke who gave Frank and Patrick their first flush of success, so the history of Williams would have been totally different!
      As for the war of 1812-1814, that was because the United States was supporting Napaleon and also wanted to annex the British dominion of Canada to the US. So the Royal Navy went across the Atlantic, and in the words of Harry Enfield “Oi, Yanks, no!” Anyway, the Royal Navy smashed up and burned Washington, the Yanks sued for peace, and Canada was left as a separate nation from the USA.
      Point is, without the war of 1812-1814, there would be no Canada – it would have been part of the United States. So we wouldn’t have a Canadian grand prix at Montreal, as there would be no Canada in the first place!
      I apologise for this rather lengthy history lesson, but it does show how certain events way before F1 was formed have massively influenced the sport we love – unintentionally. Had the British been more determined to keep the USA, they wouldn’t have bothered to down under……and that would meanm F1 would be without the likes of McLaren, Jonsey, Daniel’s smile, journalists Peter Windsor and Eion Young…………
      Thank goodness for Captain Cook! Not only the founder of Australia and New Zealand, but completely by accident one of the founders modern day F1 too!

      1. Random 79 says:

        This might also explain your obsession with skintight trousers ;)

      2. Andrew Carter says:

        There are things about Gaz Boy I’d rather not know!

      3. Goggomobil says:

        Rendom,your post-mortem takes a cake.
        By the way,and not to forget a cuban hill foot ware?, and a must an Errol Flynn mustache.

      4. gpfan says:

        Andrew Carter states:
        “There are things about Gaz Boy I’d rather not know!”

        I’d just rather he’d whisht.

      5. Red Rider says:

        Not that it matters but how would you describe the 100 years war as a victory for England?

        And the American War of Independence, the Brits lost. Trying to spin it differently is like the Americans saying they didn’t lose in Vietnam – no one believes it.

        BTW, I’m not French, and I’m not American.

        Having said all of that I hope we all enjoy this GP season, you and I included. Cheers.

      6. Gaz Boy says:

        RE Red Rider: Thanks for your measured response – I don’t mind constructive criticism. You are right, the UK did loose the AWOI – but the point I was making, the British had discovered the Australasian continent just before and decided after the United States had gone its own way to focus on the lands “Down Under” – so freed of trying to control the former colony of the United States, the British could concentrate on setting up the foundations of AUS and NZ………and those countries and their citizens have made a huge influence on the Formula 1 industry – Bruce McLaren being a good example – and his legacy. And AUS and NZ have enjoyed a stable, peaceful and prosperous relationship with the UK ever since.
        Thanks for your comments, you make very valid points – and yes, lets enjoy the new season!

      7. jacksmart says:

        Red Rider, this reply actually to ‘Gazboy’ but there was no reply to his third ‘war and peace’ style instalment of the world according to ‘Gazboy’ so I am placing my reply here!

        Thanks for the ‘theses’ ‘Gazboy’ – very well informed – particularly where your 2nd and last instalments were concerned!

        You are right ‘Gazboy’; the ‘Australian’ UK relationship has been very peaceful – forever!

        You only have to ask the FIRST ‘Australians’ the Indigenous people of the land known as ‘Australia’!

        They will jump over each other to regale you with endless tales of the heartfelt ‘gifts’ of ‘peace’ and ‘stability’ that they have received from the British ‘discovery’ of their already inhabited sovereign land!!!

        Those ‘gifts’ had such a profound legacy, ‘Gazboy’.

        Over 200 years later, the effects of mass killings of indigenous ‘Australians’(commonly known as genocide these days), armed removal of people form THEIR LAND to remote islands and fenced reserves, the forced separation of desert families through the removal of thier children – their placement at ‘christian’ missions to be later used as servants for ‘civilised’ British colonisers, or with childless white British couples, raping of women and children, and many more gifts aplenty… the consequences of which are still suffered today in the most horrific manner possible!!!

        Our family spends nearly every day of every week of every month and year working to assist indigenous people to reverse the consequences of the British ‘discovery’ of their land.

        The suffering for indegenous people has been massive – for generations. This is heartbreaking for any who share in the experience.

        The restoration for indigenous people of their culture, languages, history and heritage, and broken family connections – much dating back 1000′s of years – will take generations to repair.

        ‘Gazboy’ I reckon we’re all on safer ground if we stick to just discussing and theorising over the motor racing – plenty to talk about right there.

      8. Kramme says:

        Please, oh please, let us have some of the 70′s flair back. Yes to sideburns and flared trousers :-)

      9. Just Torque says:

        .. finished?

      10. felangeo says:

        I’m looking for the JAonF1 blog. Could you direct me please?

      11. Random 79 says:

        Okay, this is the Skin tight trousers / History blog.

        From here you just take a left at the Sideburns blog, go a little way past the Weren’t V12s Great? blog and you should find yourself more or less there :)

      12. Pat M says:

        That is the problem with kids these days – too short sighted to take the long view of F1 history. I think you will find that over a thousand years ago the Nordic countries sent their fastest and bravest pilots as emissaries to the British Isles to teach them the importance of technology in the speed of transportation in the form of Viking ships. This is what led the British to establish a global seafaring society, thrilled by speed and technology which years later inevitably spawned the worldwide circus of Formula One. And this centuries long plan was ultimately aimed at providing Kimi with long term employment :)

      13. Roberto says:

        Had the British been more determined to keep the USA in 1776, there would simply be more dead British and they may have irritated the Americans to the point that today German would be the official language in the UK-D (United Kingdom of Deutschland). ;)

      14. Gaz Boy says:

        Really? The United States won WW2 on their own?
        What about the Red Army and Russia? 80% of the Germans wiped out in the Soviet Union – when the Red Army went after Hitler, the Nazis were doomed and on a hiding to nothing – remember the Soviets reached Berlin before the Allies.
        If anything, Britain has a debt of gratitude to the Russians – that’s probably why Mr Ecclestone and Mr Putin got on so well, and why Britain is being very diplomatic to the Russians, not wanting to provoke mother Russia.
        I don’t mind constructive criticism of my essay, that’s fair enough, but mentioning WW2 and good old USA won it on their own is introducing an element I never mentioned – like I never mentioned the American disasters of Vietnam or Pearl Harbour.

      15. Random 79 says:

        I’m not sure if you were 100% joking or not, but either way you’re pretty spot on :)

      16. KRB says:

        Well, the US won on the Pacific front pretty much on their own.

        And who did Churchill try his utmost to get into the war, realizing it would be the game changer? Of course it was the USA.

        I have great respect for Montgomery and the 8th Army, and their successes in North Africa. But after D-Day, Montgomery’s caution could’ve held the Allies back. It was Patton’s 3rd Army cutting through the German positions, and advancing the Western Allies line eastward.

        Of course the USA didn’t win WW2 on its own, but they played a major part in the victory. And fact remains that after WW2, there remained only two superpowers, the USA and USSR.

        As for 1776, Britain didn’t react fast enough to address colonial concerns. If they had, and been somewhat accomodating, perhaps the USA might have stayed within the British umbrella and gained independence through evolution (in the Westminster mould) rather than revolution.

        Both Britain and France couldn’t see the long-term economic powerhouse they were sitting on in North America. France was only too happy to trade away New France in 1963 to keep Guadeloupe and Martinique.

        As for 1776, under any definition of military and strategic objectives, then Britain lost, simple as that. Once France was in the war on the Americans’ side, it was over. It ended with Britain recognizing America as independent.

        In 1812, the British, along with Canadian militias, and their Indian allies, defended British North America from American invasion. The Americans sacked York (now Toronto), and the Brits sacked Washington. Both were eventually pushed back and out. No boundary changes occurred b/c of the conflict. In the end that one was a draw.

        I say this as a 1st generation Canadian of English ancestry (my family landed here in 1969).

        I think we’d all do better to keep it on matters F1.

      17. C63 says:

        Do you mind me asking, but where on earth have you suddenly appeared from? Have you only just gained access to a computer? Your posts are often longer than the articles they are commenting on and yet you have only just appeared on this website in the last few weeks! You appear to have in depth knowledge of the sport so where have you been releasing all your pent up literary frustration until now?

      18. Gaz Boy says:

        I don’t mind criticism of my posts – I respect the fact that if you post on this forum you must accept not everyone agrees with it, fair enough. However, you’re getting a personal aren’t you?
        Judge the art, not the artist.

      19. C63 says:

        Personal? Nothing personal about my question. If I was being personal, I might have mentioned how (mildly)irritating I find it when you insist on calling Williams – Frank and Claire, or Ferrari – Fezza and Renault – Regie, etc. But I didn’t! Might I recommend a can or two of tuffenup buttercup :-)
        No, my question was serious. You have very recently appeared on this website and your posts are often so long I have a nap half way through reading them. So, I wondered where you have been hiding up till now, that’s all.

      20. Gaz Boy says:

        I do apologise if my essay unintentionally offended – I didn’t mean to – and I unreservedly apologise if it did. It wasn’t meant to be American bashing – there’s plenty of people in the Middle East/North Africa who have incredibly extreme views that I abhor and would never endorse – the UK, Europe and Australasia has problems with anti-western sentiment amongst some of its more extreme minded citizens and I certainly don’t want to associate with that.
        I was partly influenced by an old programme I saw the other day, about the solid relationship between the UK and its commonwealth partners, and how after the United States decided to go it alone, the strength of solidarity between AUS, NZ and UK increased, and the UK invested heavily in those two countries. It’s a good point: the year 1776 was a turning point in the British empire, as it stopped looking west and went down under.
        I noticed the implications this has had on F1, for the close ties since the AWOI between the UK, AUS and NZ has seen a flowering of ideas of technology and innovation between the three countries – the wonderful pool of talent from NZ and AUS has benefited the UK F1 industry hugely.
        I apologise if my prose is somewhat cack handed in explaining my theory – it is ham-fisted, and I’m genuinely sorry about that – with the benefit of hindsight I shouldn’t have posted it as it could easily be mis-construed. I accept I was wrong and offer an apology for anyone who mistook my words as arrogant and conceited.

      21. Flying Lap says:

        start your on blog Gaz Boy.
        stop this war lesson, Great Gazzby.
        “It’s the racing, stupid”, they would tell you from the USA.

      22. monsterFG says:

        Well handled mate, problem is some people dont seem to understand half of what you have written. Spot on in all your post Gaz Boy…

      23. Cedgy says:

        James I don’t mean to be discriminating, but can you add a word amount restriction to your website so we don’t have to scroll through people’s essays?
        I’m all for freedom of opinion but please do it in 300 words or less!

      24. James Allen says:

        I agree. Some of these are getting wordy!

      25. NickH says:

        +100000 to a word limit

      26. Sam NZ says:

        Best comment ever…..

        I vote Williams then McLaren!

      27. George says:

        Thank goodness all that happened, Wellington is a great New Zealand city to live in, it also means most of the F1 races are conveniently placed in the day when nothing else is happening ;) & I can support Macca as a Pom & Kiwi at once..
        three cheers for Cpt James Cook!

      28. Brent says:

        Perhaps, if the British had not ruled with such tyranny and taxed the hell out of the citizens of their colonies; America would be part of the Commonwealth and we have been deprived of the NFL.
        The Constitutional Act of 1791 established Upper and Lower Canada and with that identity separate from being British. In the War of 1812 the provincial militias that fought along side the British troops and the Aboriginals, my ancestors, certainly believed they were protecting their country.

      29. Alec Tronnick says:

        I think that you have overlooked the first Europeans to bump into Australia … The Dutchies!
        But they thought it looked pretty desolate and left, not realising that the country was full of oil gas iron ore aluminium gold & diamonds. Otherwise Gaz Van Der Boy would be cheering on Jos Van Brabham.
        Around the same time as Capt Cook the Frenchies also visited Oz but didn’t like it either … Just as well or we might have had Alain Jones and Rene Webber.
        Of course the original inhabitants, the Australian Aboriginals foresaw the introduction of DRS and double-points and completely ignored F1 as a farce like WWF.

      30. Red Rider says:

        Ha-ha very funny. But about the double points, don’t be too harsh. Bernie E. has a point (pun intended). In fact I say, let’s all jump on Bernie’s wagon and double the points for all the races. Then they’ll all be worth more … in an inflationary way.

      31. Kramgp says:

        You must have a lot of free time

      32. cka_bob says:

        What complete nonsense, if none of that had happened something else would have and who’s to say that wouldn’t have been a better alternative timeline. Someone sounds a little too proud of their history, too patriotic perhaps. Personally it just annoys me, each to their own i guess.

      33. Jd says:

        Cook didn’t discover NZ. Abel Tasman did. Although Cook was the first to circumnavigate the islands, and the first European to land, and subsequently claimed it for the empire.

        Nice little twist on history though, and how it affects modern day F1.

        Bruce McLaren is a legend, and its cool that his name lives on in one of the most successful F1 teams, not to mention some groundbreaking road cars like the F1.

    2. Random 79 says:

      or Lotuses
      or Lotusi

      Dammit that’s actually a good question…not that it matters because I’m thinking that most of the time only a single Lotus will actually finish the race (for various reasons) :)

      1. Micky says:

        Loti? Lotum?

      2. Random 79 says:


      3. Flying Lap says:

        in Latin, yes

        lotus-in plural=cateram-Renault

      4. KRB says:

        Has to be Lotuses, no?

        Plural of Mercedes is still Mercedes. Williams, or Williamses? Everyone else is straightforward.

      5. Random 79 says:

        In the end I looked it up and yes apparently it is officially Lotuses :)

      6. CC says:

        In the 1984 FOCA review narrated by Clive James, the witty Clive refers to the JPS cars of Elio De Angelis and Nigel Mansell as “Loti”.

    3. Spyros says:

      So that thing with the Suez Canal doesn’t count as a war, eh?

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        I’d say it was a disaster! Having said that, you make a valid point about a situation which badly affected motor racing at the time – petrol rationing and all that – and also led to economic stagnation in France and the UK, thanks to lack of fuel.
        Having said that, look at the mess Egypt is in now……….can’t imagine a Egyptian GP in Cario any time soon……..

      2. Flying Lap says:

        Gaz? From Gazzpron?
        Boy. Definitely from child.

        Artis, Novelist, Philosophist, Historitian, Cristian soldier, just leave us alone, please!!!!!!

      3. Spyros says:

        Motor racing?

        After this British defeat, the UK no longer controlled the commerce going through the canal. That’s as bad as 20th century defeats get! Racing was the least of your problems mate.

      4. Red Rider says:

        No-no Gaz Boy. Please stay. There’s room for us all. It’s all about fun. The wonderful thing about F1 (& all sport) is that it doesn’t matter.

        Tomorrow, if my doctor says, “You’ve got cancer.” That matters. So whether or not my team wins, I’m still gonna have a beer after and maybe play some football with people at the park.

        Enjoy the season and may your critics enjoy it too.

  9. Rich B says:

    Williams have the best livery since senna’s black and gold lotus.

    I’d put force indy above red bull, never thought I’d place them higher than last, the black makes such a difference.

    1. Alec Tronnick says:

      I reckon the Williams in all white with a red & blue stripes looks remarkably similar to the ’97 Stewart SF01

  10. Ian N says:

    1. McLaren
    2. Williams
    3. Mercedes
    4. Toro Rosso
    5. Red Bull

  11. Andrew Carter says:

    Force India

  12. Haider Al-Seaidy says:

    I was watching testing in Bahrain last week. The McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes and Force India looked amazing…..and now Williams too. From the grandstand, I couldn’t make out the ugly noses and the cars looked better than ever. On the TV, the colours are less vibrant and you can see the hideous noses. Get to a circuit to appreciate the new liveries.

    1. AlexD says:

      Man….really….just think what are we talking here….liveries???? It is a disaster that cars looks so bad. Livery is not going to fix it.

      1. littleredkelpie says:


      2. Mike84 says:

        It’s just a paint job. OK, the cars are painted. Let’s go racing.

  13. luqa says:

    Williams, Redbull, Sauber, Lotus, Ferrari

  14. Howard P says:

    Pretty much what I would have chosen :)

    The Caterham green is nice too. Just the colour mind.

  15. Alexander Supertramp says:

    Best livery;

    1. Williams/Martini => 25 points
    2. Ferrari => 18 points
    3. Lotus => 15 points
    4. Force India => 12 points
    5. Sauber => 10 points

    Note: Mercedes’ Silver Arrows should be better represented in their livery which is still too much dominated by Petronas. Mclaren cars should not be silver anymore.

    Best looking car;

    1. Williams => 25pts
    2. Mclaren => 18 pts
    3. Red Bull=> 15 pts
    4. Mercedes => 12 pts
    5. Force India => 10 pts

    And double points for best car (which is still the only thing that really matters ;

    1. Mercedes =>50pts
    2. Williams => 36pts
    3. Ferrari => 30pts
    4. Mclaren => 24 pts
    5. Force India => 20pts

    And the winner is…

    1. Williams 86/100
    2. Mercedes 62/100
    3. Ferrari 48/100
    4. Mclaren 42/100
    5. Force India 42/100 (Mclaren is p4 because of better performance)

    **Goferet, can you predict the outcome of the Australian GP based on the information above?

    1. Ash says:

      Haha, that was pretty funny.
      Good to see some love for double points ;)

    2. Flying Lap says:

      consider drivers and Aus GP will be more about:


    3. Chuck 32 says:

      In conclusion; if it is fast it looks good. Agreed.

    4. W Johnson says:

      And why should n’t McLaren be “silver” anymore???

      Infact, McLaren is chrome not silver! The chrome of McLaren looks far better than the matt looking silver of Mercedes in my humble opinion.

  16. Ed says:

    I would put the sauber up there too, it has a quiet, restrained but menacing look about it.

    Williams is lovely, as is the maclaren.

    The ferrari looks a little like its trying too hard to be a new livery, when imho they should just stick with the classic colours.

    On the redbull, I think it looks good apart from the solid colour stripes on the sidepod… they dont seem to add anything, yet takeaway from the sleek lines.

    1. Ed says:

      Oh and the FI is so much better than the white based version… almost the best “new” livery other than the williams

  17. Blackmamba says:

    Williams the best followed by Mercedes

  18. Liam Aldersson says:


  19. Jacob says:

    I assume this analysis ignores the ugly blob on the nose of the McLaren? Other than that I more or less agree, the Williams looks absolutely divine with that colour scheme

  20. Random 79 says:

    1: Williams, without a doubt.
    2: Force India.
    3: Mercedes.
    4: McLaren.
    5: Red Bull.

    I know many of you will be thinking that Ferrari should be in there, but it’s just red – it’s always red, always has been red, always will be red, and as classic as that might be the UPS badge ruins it for me.

    1. Sebee says:

      With those sneaky brokerage fees and excessive fuel fees UPS isn’t my choice to deliver anything, especially an F1 WDC trophy.

      Why does everyone like the FI so much? Black with logo sections.

      1. Random 79 says:

        As with all of them it’s down to personal taste – personally I can’t understand why some don’t like the new Williams livery.

        As for the FI, maybe if this had been their original livery it would have been a bit garish, but after years of the same white, orange and green it’s a bold new look and a signal to everyone that this year is something of a fresh start for them and that they mean business.

        Of course adding a lot of black to the livery won’t make the car any faster, but then again it won’t slow it down either so I say good luck to them :)

      2. Alec Tronnick says:

        Because the black is a 100% improvement on the white + orange & green

    2. Simon Lord says:

      But it’s NOT just red – it’s got all the silly black on it too, which spoils the flow of the look. Ferrari have experimented with various things over the years to break up the red (white lines, yellow lines, gold trim)- the only thing that ever really worked was the gold wheels. Would much rather see that than the black.

      BTW, really enjoyed the diversion into history above – thanks for the entertainment, everyone.

      1. Random 79 says:

        Agreed, I don’t understand what’s with all the black either.

        I’m probably going to be contradicting what I wrote above now, but a Ferrari should be mostly only red, highlighted with a bit of white.

        I mean look at this:


        Nice and simple and in a word beautiful :)

        And then compare it to this:


        Which is kind of…yeah :(

        Also as a point of interest I also stumbled upon this:


        A glimpse of the future maybe, and if so what do we think?

      2. Alex says:

        You are right, that 2003 Ferrari looked really nice, why is now darker? It looked vibrant before, now with that dark red and the black combination feels boring and without life, I don’t like it.

      3. Flying Lap says:

        Not bad the closed one!

      4. Alec Tronnick says:

        Looks very cool!
        Not too keen on the canopy but Love the low profile tyres.

      5. RobertS says:

        Agreed. I wish Ferrari would use less black in it design. The picture of the 2003 colour scheme was great. Also when I think F1 cars looked their best. I miss the colour schemes of the late 90s. Ie

        Ferrari – scarlet red
        Jordan – all yellow
        Arrows – all orange

        They all stood out.

      6. Random 79 says:

        @Alec Tronnick

        The canopy is of course the thing that most stands out and it is strange at first, but when and if they introduce it I think we’ll all get used to it pretty quickly.

        After all, if after only a month the initially ugly Williams can be seen by many as the best looking car of 2014 it proves we can get used to pretty much anything :)

        p.s. Not sure if you’re aware, but they’ve been looking into the idea of a canopy for some time now – check this out:


      7. littleredkelpie says:

        agreed, the cars looked much better 10 yrs ago. The canopy car looks great except for the canopy…. if (when) this eventuates, I can’t see how it will be any better than watching slot cars.

  21. Mashiat says:

    Agree 100% with the selections

  22. JohnC says:

    1.Force India
    4.Red Bull
    5.Mclaren ( lack of sponsorship )

  23. David Rd says:

    Here’s my top 5:

    1. Williams. The only white car on the grid, surely will stand out and is a classic already.

    2. Force India. The combination of black and orange looks quite impressive specially looking at it from the front.

    3. Sauber. My favourite last year, now third for not changing a single thing, but still looks good.

    4. Marussia. Nice red on black colour scheme, much better than Ferrari’s pack of cigarettes black on red I think.

    5. Mercedes. A good way to mix the sponsors colours (green and black) with silver.

  24. Grant H says:

    I will be alternative and post my top 5 ugliest – james u didnt specify if best or worst 5! ;-)

    1. Caterham
    2. Sauber
    3. Maurussia
    4. Torro rosso
    5. Mclaren

  25. Jon Eidukas says:

    1. Williams (reality is not as good as the mockups, but no question this is #1)
    2. Force India (my head says the black shouldn’t make it better, but my heart says this looks sharp–the Jordan legacy of funky liveries that just work lives on!
    3. Marussia (again, not a black fan, but the colors and the overall design work for me)
    4. McLaren (more a vote for the car–can we even call a plain silver car a livery in this day and age?)
    5. Lotus (black and gold takes me back to my F1 youth and a sharp looking nose design brings me into this new era)

  26. Kingszito says:

    1. Williams
    2. Force India
    3. Mercedes
    4. McLaren
    5. Ferrari

  27. Adam Taylor says:

    1, Williams
    2, Force India
    3, Sauber
    4, Red Bull
    5, Ferrari

  28. BenC says:

    1. Williams – best for years
    2. McLaren – always classy in silver
    3. Caterham – BRG
    4. Force India – the black/orange combo works
    5. Ferrari – red

    Most improved: Williams

    I loved the Orange Arrows livery back in the day.

  29. Chris Burland says:

    1) Williams – Would have liked slightly thicker stripes & that white is going to look quite dirty by the end of the race, but reminds me a bit of the Brawn and that always looked great.
    2) Marussia – good development of the scheme used over the last few years, allied to a car with some nice lines.
    3)Mclaren – again, like the Brawn from 09 looks really clean and uncluttered. I suspect from Ron Dennis’s comments to Peter Windsor that it’ll be a Chinese title sponser, announced at the Chinese GP
    4)Lotus – nicely integrating new sponser PDVSA into existing scheme. Would like to see something in place of the GENII on the sidepod. Also think there could have made clever use of the tusks, but the black hides details to rivals.
    5) Force India. Nice to see a team developing their identity rather than regurgitating the same paint job from last year (that’s why Red Bull/Toro Rosso don’t make my list)

    I’d normally have included Ferrari in the list, but too much of the car isn’t red (black, white + the various shades of yellow/orange on logos (shell, UPS, Ferrari + pirelli) make it look messy.

  30. AlexD says:

    I think I like Force India the most, then it is wiliams and then Ferrari with McLaren. But this is just a livery because the cars are not at all appealing, sadly. We can’t vote for the best looking car….so we choose to pick the livery

  31. vic nsi says:

    My top-five (not at all performance-related in any way – Strictly based on looks alone)

    1 Red Bull – pleasantly colorful, rainbow-esque
    2 Force India – ugly nose design, sweet livery
    3 Sauber – Best looking Sauber livery ever
    4 Williams – great endearing iconic appeal
    5 Ferrari – love the white/black side-stripes

    I must admit Maclaren & Mercedes look good too.

  32. Andy Taylor says:

    Top 5 Livery’s
    1) Williams
    2) Red Bull
    3) Ferrari
    4) Mercedes
    5) Force India

    Williams by a country mile

  33. Olivier says:

    1. Red Bull
    2. Mercedes
    3. McLaren
    4. Williams*
    5. Lotus

    (*) Why not having the front and back spoiler in dark blue instead of black? It is a reference to both the test livery color of Williams and the dark blue of Martini.

    One final thought. If I were Williams I would have gone for silver grey instead of white. Mercedes and McLaren can get away with empty space just because their car isn’t white.

  34. TAD says:

    1) Williams
    2) Mercedes
    3) FI
    4) redbull
    5) maclaren

  35. michael grig says:

    1. Mercedes
    2. Williams
    3. Ferrari
    4. Mclaren
    5. Force India

  36. jjpm says:

    2.Force India

  37. Vivek says:

    Williams sure is good. The black on the Ferrari stands out and has not gone down well with me, used to seeing pure Red cars all through so many years.

    I am surprised to see Mercedes miss out. There is really not much difference with the Mclaren here. Wonder why Mercedes did not make the cut.

  38. qslikely says:

    1. McLaren (pre title sponsor)
    2. Mercedes
    3. Force India
    4. Williams – but could be #1 if better implemented. Stripes into front wing work, stripes at rear really really don’t. More red and blues, less acres of white.
    5. Ferrari – poor design, what on earth is that extra black about at the back? Will never look good as long as the white triangle in the logo faces the wrong way on one side of the car.

  39. Amit V says:

    1. Force India
    2. Mercedes
    3. Ferrari
    4. Lotus
    5. Mclaren

  40. DebsW says:

    Lots of great liveries this year. My top 5 are:
    1. McLaren (just looks amazing out on track)
    2. Williams (great new livery, maybe just a bit too much white on the sidepods prevents it being number 1 on my list)
    3. Red Bull (agree with James, the addition of the purple took it to an entire new level)
    4. Mercedes (I like the combination of the grey and PETRONAS green, an elegant looking livery)
    5. Force India (very vibrant and eye catching, its not a car you will miss as it flies past!)

  41. Iwan says:

    1. Williams
    2. Force India
    3. Caterham
    4. Ferrari
    5. McLaren

  42. Lee says:

    Williams and Lotus

  43. John in SD says:

    1. Williams.
    2. McLaren.
    3. Mercedes.
    4. Marussia.
    5. Ferrari.

  44. Rob Newman says:

    1. Red Bull
    2. Williams (too white though)
    3. McLaren
    4. Force India
    5. Ferrari

  45. Christi@n says:

    1 McLaren (by miles)
    2 Williams
    3 Mercedes
    4 Ferrari
    5 Lotus

  46. Tyemz says:

    Red Bull

    1. Tyemz says:

      Having had a second look at the RBR livery, I think I ‘d be tempted to rate it above the others. Shame that at the moment that livery’s no better than a piece of artwork sitting in a gallery.

  47. Arnie S says:

    1 Williams
    2 Ferrari (Classic)
    3 Macca
    4 Mercedes
    5 Lotus (retro 70)

  48. Richard says:

    I think the McLaren livery/paint job has always looked the quality livery particularly when one gets up close, however no doubt the new Williams livery is the most eye catching, the most race inpired. Depends what you are looking for. I once had a red car which was great for while when it was new, but surprising how quickly one tires of it. Still the sport being what it is we are hardly spoilt for choice.

  49. Matt W says:

    Agree with what you say James about the Ferrari always looking iconic. However, I have only just noticed the black area on back and side panels. Do I not like that!

    Was it the F93A that had the horrible white Fiat section on it? This black scheme looks almost as bad in my opinion!

  50. Timmay says:

    Red Bull

  51. Rudy says:

    For strict graphic design it has to be between Williams and Lotus.
    For colour itself has to be Caterham then McLaren and the vibrant red Ferrari.
    Historically the Lotuses with red, white and gold; the lotus with the John Player Special livery. Perhaps the Benetton from 85-86 come close.
    A lot can be done on the graphic design on those cars out there! I mean, flashy and creative integration, not just cool mirror-like finish like the McL, it is fine but lacks creativity.
    I know, I know… sponsor wise they are limited.
    Ain’t no perfect world!

  52. littleredkelpie says:

    1. McLaren – looks like the Mercedes should look.
    2. Sauber – unlike most of the others, it doesn’t look like a pizza on wheels.
    3. Lotus – strong, simple theme like the 2 above.
    4. Toro Rosso – out RedBull’d the Red Bulls
    5. Really missed a big opportunity here – I can only assume Martini needed to open the wallet a lot wider.

    Actually, I amazed at how poorly most of the teams have done.

      1. littleredkelpie says:


  53. pushthebutton says:

    1. Williams
    2. Force India
    3. Caterham (F1 needs green cars)
    4. Ferrari
    5. Lotus

  54. aveli says:

    force india

  55. F1 Bobby says:

    Williams, McLaren, Merc, Force India all look good. Ferrari is nothing special this year and RBR are due a change in my opinion.

  56. Gergely says:

    1. Williams – Simply the best.
    2. Force India – Like an eyecandy.
    3. Marussia – Nice design of lines.
    4. Lotus – The gold&black is catchy.
    5. Sauber – Looks dynamic.

    McLaren, Caterham, Mercedes, Ferrari just painted in a single colour, no design at all.

    RBR, STR minimal or less changes, simply boring.

    1. Gergely says:

      Okay Ferrari left something papersheets on the car, but it makes just worse, sorry.

  57. deancassady says:

    I like the look of the one that wins the first race the best, so far.

    1. deancassady says:

      Red Bull
      Marussia (car looks great)

  58. Bryn says:

    1. Williams
    2. Force India
    3. Lotus
    4. Red Bull
    5. Mclaren

  59. David says:

    Williams (+bonus points for the driver numbers on the side pods)
    Red Bull
    Force India

    Ferrari wins an award for having the most disappointing livery of the year. What’s with all of the black? And, how about returning to the real Rosso Corsa?

    The award for ugliest livery of the year is a tie between Caterham (that shade of green looks cheap) and Marussia (tacky, just tacky).

    1. Random 79 says:

      It’s only the shade of green that gets you with the Caterham? :)

      The driver numbers on the Williams are great and I wish more teams would follow their example, especially now that drivers have their own number.

      1. David says:

        Well, the topic of the post is the liveries.

        re driver numbers:
        I wish that the FIA would make it mandatory for each car to have a big, old circle with a number in it that would be as legible as the numbers of the 1960′s.

      2. Random 79 says:

        True enough, and that’s not a bad suggestion – at least make the numbers big, but maybe let them choose their own styles :)

  60. Leigh Barratt says:

    1. Caterham
    2. Lotus
    3. Williams
    4. Red Bull
    5. McLaren

  61. jeremysmith says:

    Williams Martini…

  62. Seán Craddock says:

    1) Williams
    2) Mercedes
    3) Torro Rosso
    4) Ferrari
    5) Caterham

  63. Baghetti says:

    1. Williams
    2. Ferrari
    3. Lotus
    4. Force India
    5. Marussia

  64. Ricky says:

    1. Force India- clever nose camouflage
    2. Mclaren-very sharp
    3. Williams-bright and clean with iconic stripes
    4. Sauber-uncluttered
    5. Caterham-if only the nose had been flat black

  65. nickb says:

    Force India

  66. Stephen Taylor says:

    As a Kimifan fanTo me the Ferrari WILL be the best looking. if it’s a winning machine but only in Kimi’s hands of course. I would like to see anyone but Alonso take the title even if it’s Vettel. I detest Ferrari for the most part as they’re far too political and do not take well to losing. I wish the road car side of the business would go bankrupt as it is distracting them from winning championships. James Allen for for next Ferrari President.

    1. Stephen Taylor says:

      oops to me

  67. Stephen Taylor says:

    Besr liveries ever is 1997 Mastercard Lola T97/30 and HRT F110.

  68. iiro says:

    Force India

  69. Geoff says:

    Agree William Martini – iconic
    McLaren – purity ( for the moment) should have been Orange
    Force India – strong graphic
    Sauber -sophisticated

    Ferrari should be Just all red -forget the black/white

  70. Chris says:

    Red bull looks the same as always to me!!!

  71. kenneth chapman says:

    from a purely artistic viewpoint the williams/martini livery is unbalanced. the choice of colours is a given in the main but from a side on view it is lacking colourful continuity. from a rear and front quarter view it looks OK.

    the only other livery that is ‘stunning’ is the red bull. it is also the only car with a reasonable nose outline. no amount of paint can hide the hideous treatment we see on all the others.

  72. Flying Lap says:

    1. Williams
    2. Gaz Boy
    3. 2WW

  73. ferggsa says:

    - Williams best but could be better *
    - Sauber is simple but elegant, only one to involve the “nose” in the paint job
    - Mclaren looks good but lacks a theme (or sponsor)
    - Force India is striking but looks a bit pasted up from parts, better in black than white
    - Lotus is ok but I don’t care much for the two prongs

    On the “nose” theme:
    - Lotus has two of them (ugly)
    - Ferrari and Mercedes don’t have one, seems they already ran into the car ahead
    - RedBull and Marussia designed a regular front with an attached rule compliant bracket, painted black to disguise it which imho is the best looking solution
    - The rest have a “nose” designed to FIA specs as part of the car, some hide it with paint, some don’t, some should

    * Regarding the Martini livery, they should run the stripes across the regular nose, as in the old days, and paint the new “nose” dark blue, just an opinion

  74. Sujith says:

    1. Ferrari (The only team that sticks to its identity and has been since 1950)

    2. Force India. (Take the Indian flag Colors completely out, then you’ll be on first place)

    3. Torro Rosso. (Taking the RedBull colors and going wild with it, better than the sister teams livery in all means)

    4. Williams Martini (I am still not liking the empty side pods. I know I have said this before, but they could have centered the Martini Logo at the side pods and channeled the stripes around it.

    5. Mercedes (The Petronas color is just wrong! But yes, the livery has improved with the Black tint on the Engine cover where Mercedes Pointed star logo is.)

  75. Lee Armitage says:

    My top 5 :

    Force India

  76. Luke says:

    I’ll wait till I see them in the flesh at turn 10 in Melbourne on Sunday. It will be the view from the cheap seats! First F1 race attendance ever, very excited.

  77. Nico says:

    James, this is the first time I have disagreed with one of your opinion posts since you started this blog!

    Which is fine of course, as opinions are like assholes. Here’s mine:

    Red Bull <- so busy, yet so nice
    Caterham <- ugly car is irrelevant
    Mercedes <- I hate aqua but somehow love it
    Marussia <- Best looking red car by far
    Force India <- Bonus points for multi colours

    The Martini livery was a let down. McLaren should ditch the grey/silver/chrome now that west are gone, the Merc works deal is over and they move towards a new era.

    Rosso Corsa is of course the best racing colour, but you asked about liveries. I don't like that half the bloody car is painted black or that the engine cover is a subliminal Phillip Morris advertisement, once again showcasing how little Ferrari cares about playing by the rules, contributing to the sport or the world, and setting a positive example.

    They already have more FOM earning, sponsorships and merchandising deals than any other team. They need to advertise smoking still?

  78. Jay Bopara says:

    1) Mercedes
    2) Lotus
    3) Caterham
    4) Ferrari
    5) McLaren
    6) Force India
    7) Williams
    8) Red Bull
    9) Torro Rosso

  79. darren w says:

    1. McLaren – Just love the bold MP4-29 identifiers all over this car. It looks like an experimental military prototype…which is perfect for a season with such big technical changes. And this team just really knows how to do silver.

    2. Red Bull – This has become a classic F1 livery and it looks particularly good on what is a very attractive 2014 car.

    3. Ferrari – I kept trying to bump this further down the list, but I just couldn’t ignore how good this livery looked.

    4. Marussia – I was going to slip the Lotus in at this spot because I like the black and gold but this Marussian livery really deserves some applause. Not only is it clean, but it tricks the eye into thinking the car’s shape is different than it actually is. Really good stuff.

    5. Williams – Though I really loved the blue used in testing, a white car on the grid will show nicely. I am actually disappointed in the final look of the livery though. Aside from the nostalgic hit it delivers I don’t find it particularly exciting.

  80. Cedgy says:

    1. Williams

    2. Williams

    3. Williams

    4. Williams

    5. Annnnnd Williams again!

    1. F1 Badger says:

      Well said sir!

  81. Chris G says:

    If this waited until Williams had a sponser … should the mclaren be in there ? Thats a temp livery that could\will change when\if they get a sponser, surely with honda coming on board, they want to get away from their ‘silver’ arrows days

  82. Peter says:


  83. Stefano says:

    Here it goes:


  84. KARTRACE says:

    1. Ferrari
    2. Mc.Laren
    3. Mercedes
    4. Williams
    5. STR

  85. JohnBt says:

    Williams – Nostagic, white is nice.

  86. Simmo says:

    I really dislike McLaren. It is dull and dingy, and I don’t think it is at all imaginative. They could have gone for anything this year. I don’t think the Ferrari should have been so high up either. It is now almost a Marussia livery with that much black on it.

    Last year I didn’t like the new (old) Sauber livery, but it really grew on me, as with the new Force India livery over the past few months. I prefer the old Lotus arrangement either, but the new one is not too bad.

    My top five are:
    1. Williams – maybe needs a bit of colour on the sidepods though
    2. Force India
    3. Sauber
    4. Caterham
    5. Red Bull

    and just to go a little bit further:
    6. Lotus
    7. Ferrari
    8. Mercedes
    9. Marussia
    10. Toro Rosso
    11. McLaren

  87. Red says:

    1. Williams
    2. Mercedes
    3. Ferrari
    4. Red Bull
    5 .McLaren

  88. CC says:

    1. Williams-Mercedes
    2. Mercedes GP
    3. Lotus-Renault
    4. Ferrari
    5. McLaren

  89. 1. Williams Martini Racing – even the name has a nice ring to it. As iconic as it could get.
    2. Mercedes AMG Petronas. The shades of silver work well, especially on the darker ‘bonnet’
    3. McLaren. I agree that the chrome works so well. Should be spectacular as always.
    4. Red Bull
    5. Ferrari

  90. F1 Badger says:

    1 Williams – I was actually excited seeing this car, the hairs on the back of my next stood to attention as if they were trooping the colour!

    2 Ferrari – for many of the same reasons as 1. Pure Motorsport heritage. I’m a natural Ferrari rival but boy do I love the old adversary!

    3 Force India – I love the patriotism of their design which represents the pride of a fine nation forging its way in F1

    4 – McClaren – my beloved team! The car looks sleek and again harks back to the glory days. I just hope for a title sponsor that adds and not detracts!

    5 – Lotus….a theme I know but again a great livery that shows the heritage of our fine sport!

  91. azli says:

    My top 5 goes to
    1. Sauber
    2. Williams
    3. Force India
    4. Lotus
    5. Caterham

    I’m a McLaren fan and I do hope they’ll run their orange livery someday. The silver’s too outdated now.

    1. KARTRACE says:

      Actually you are right. Orange would be very historic and nice with some black and silver….

  92. Marc says:


  93. Paige says:

    Mercedes should be at least in the top-5 by virtue of the fact that they don’t have a the Pinocchio nose. That, and the silver is just unbelievably stunning.

    I would put it at #2 behind the Williams, which has a perfect classical feel about it. If Merc would get rid of the stupid black on the engine cover and have a real Silver Arrow reminiscent of the days of Fangio and Moss, it would be the clear #1.

  94. Rupert B says:

    1. Williams
    2. Red Bull
    3. Ferrari
    4. Mercedes
    5. McLaren

  95. Paul says:

    I honestly thought the Williams looked better in blue. This Martini paint job without the logo looks more like the Stuart cars of a few years ago.

    My top 5:

    1. Force India
    2. Red Bull
    3. Mercedes
    4. Caterham
    5. Williams

    The Ferrari looks awful, don’t like the black bit at all. I can only assume they’ve done that to hide some clever aero detail because it does not seem to be related to sponsors, or Ferrari tradition.

    Livery aside, the ugliest noses are surely the Ferrari, the lop-sided lotus and the Torro Rosso sex toy.

    Caterham has got some grief, but I really like it.

  96. John Fish says:

    I think the Williams is the by far the best looking car this year with McLaren in second. Having Martini back in F1 brings back the heady days of the 1970′s well I guess if we going retro here and McLaren are looking for a title Sponsor how about bringing back Durex back into F1 !!! Just imagine Ron Dennis’s face at the launch. I would pay to see that.

  97. Warren G says:

    Only 1 for me : Williams.

    Force India looked great in the teaser pic before testing but it’s a bit of a let down. Everyone else is more of the same from previous years & frankly quite boring.

    Ferrari have actually taken a step backwards in their efforts to incorporate Marlboro, McLaren are honestly dull, Merc is almost the same as before and so are the rest.

    No wonder the comments are about WW1 and American history. The liveries are so uninspiring.

  98. Virat says:

    #1Force India ( i like bright colours :D)
    #2 Mclaren ( simplicity = sophistication )
    rest i dont care..

  99. Chuck 32 says:

    Recently there was a graph of GP tracks with the fuel required to complete the race in 2013. Does anyone have that link? It would be nice to have the info going forward.
    Are there going to be updated TV graphics to show fuel flow, battery charge status and fuel remaining or +/- verses distance? It will be hard to tell who is actually leading (Volvo Ocean Race comes to mind)without analysis.

  100. Virat says:

    surprisingly Force India Tops My list ;)

  101. Peter says:

    Too much black on the Ferrari for my liking. Far too intrusive and for that reason looks totally unremarkable.

  102. Marcelo Leal says:

    Force India.
    I would like to see Mercedes doing some innovation on the “silver arrow”… I think a touch of black would do it. They added some black into it, but the car is still “boring”. Lewis Hamilton is what adds some colors to the scene…

  103. muneeb says:

    5)Force India

  104. Simon L says:

    1. Williams – the best looking by quite some way!

    2. Ferrari – not a fan of all the black at the back, but otherwise still a very evocative livery

    3. Marussia – I’m surprised more people haven’t mentioned it. It’s sleek and simple, and that bright red paint really dazzles from the stands

    4. Lotus – still looks lovely, but it would’ve been nice to see the livery shaken up a bit more this year

    5. McLaren – looks smart, but it doesn’t quite capture the imagination in the same way as the other four

    Regarding the Red Bull and especially the Force India, I just think there are too many colours on them now. They look a bit messy…

  105. Duncan Conway says:

    As a Ferrari fan I’m sad to see less and less red year by year. The amount of black/carbon at the rear this year is a bit to large, I would have liked it to be half the size it is really.

  106. Mark McDonald says:

    Martini Williams

  107. Dan Thompson says:

    1) Williams
    2) Lotus
    3) Marussia (could just be the lack of sponsors but since last year they’ve just looked great)
    4) Force India
    5) Ferrari

  108. Jeremy J says:

    I would say:

    1 Lotus
    2 McLaren
    3 Ferrari
    4 Red Bull
    5 Williams

  109. Lindsay says:

    I’m going to have trouble telling Ferrari and Marussia apart now.

    1. Random 79 says:

      No problem, that’s easy to sort out: The one getting lapped will be the Marussia :)

  110. Rahul Shrinivas says:

    For me it would be…
    1.Williams -sweet
    2. Force India – very strong presence this year
    3. MclLaren – would look awsome on sunny days with the sky’s reflection causing a blue hue
    4. Ferrari – it’s Red …period.
    5. RedBull – looks very flowy.

  111. Darren says:

    I like the Williams. like the Brawn in 2009 it’s simple, uncluttered and elegant. I have always like Red Bulls livery and don’t see any reason to change it, Mclaren were Orange and White and said Marlboro for 20 odd years and no one complained.

    Don’t really like Mercedes livery, don’t like the silver colour, prefer McLaren’s chrome.

    I am disappointed not to see the new drivers numbers not take more prominence. Most of the cars have plenty of space for a more sizeable number and I thought associating the number and driver was the whole point in assigning each driver a personal number?

  112. Sujith says:

    In Caterham’s Facebook page, the new cover photo for Melbourne depicts it having a black nose tip in an attempt to make it look less vulgar perhaps.

    But I really don’t understand the outcry. Compared to the Torro Rosso, that nose is way way way better looking.

  113. Andrew J says:

    1) Ferrari
    For precisely the reasons James suggests. It may never be a surprise but for me that red car is so iconically representative of the sport that it gets the top spot.

    2) Williams
    I suspect it’s an age thing but I too find the reapparance of the Martini branding somehow reassuring that all is right in the world of F1. I liked the car in it’s CGI blue, but it’s going to be great to see it racing round, and very probably near the front too.

    3) McLaren
    Yes, it’s going to change when they get a title sponsor, but in the meantime the McLaren looks quite stunning. The way it catches the light makes it look a little breathtaking, and I hope that we see it near the front of the grid again where it belongs.

    4) Marussia
    It looks a neat car. They’ve done a great job with the nose and it looks far more like a genuine competitor than a car looking to make up the numbers. Let’s hope the Ferrari power puts it more towards the mid-field too.

    5) Red Bull
    I hesitated about including the Red Bull, because – splash of purple aside – it’s looked pretty much the same for years. That said, given their success recently it’s beginning to be as much of an expected visual presence as that of Ferrari, though I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that I don’t see it at the front quite as often as the last few years…

  114. Tristian Trigg says:

    I’m not trying to be contrary for its own sake, but I was genuinely enchanted with William’s dark blue, uncluttered livery. I thought aethetically in was wonderful, and recalled Cooper T43 Climax of 1958. Had they, when taking Martini on board, simply found a way to integrate the Martini stripe, I’d have been a fan still.

    I’m glad Force India have toned down their hitherto nausea-inducing lively.

    Best of the lot? Lotus – simple, uncluttered, iconic.

  115. Ceejay says:

    Ferrari are Ferrari so I wouldn’t include them in something like this. And the black bits are so that its hard to spot and photograph the design details so we’ll indulge them.

    Wish the Martini was more prominent on the Williams. Makes me just think of Stewart GP and that tartan ribbon. Be bold!

    I’m liking the unusual combination at Force India. And Marussia did a fine job this year.

    Why does McLaren look more like a silver arrows than the Mercedes silver arrow? And does anyone believe Ron is just about to sign a title sponsor?

    Red Bull needs someone to come in and be creative with their corporate colours.

    Sauber is just terrible. Unless they were going for the poor no sponsors look, in which case kudos!

  116. Vivek says:

    I have not seen many Ferrari fans liking the BLACK on the new Ferrari. Wonder whether Ferrari will hear the fans and change the scheme. After all they did listen to the fans choices, for picking up the name of the car :)

  117. Paul du Maitre says:

    1 Williams
    2 Force India
    3 Sauber
    4 Ferrari
    5 Red Bull

  118. Kris says:

    Is it just me or has Ferrari taken a step towards looking like Marussia with that injection of black?

    How come Mercedes doesn’t feature here? I haven’t always been a fan of the soft silver and mint green, but I think it’s taken on a new sharpness this year.

    I think Red Bull and Force India look pretty awful to be honest. Like a throwback to early 00s colour schemes. McLaren is nice, but, let’s face it, anybody can throw caution to the wind and design entirely according to their own preferences if they don’t have a title sponsor.

  119. McRocket says:

    I agree with JA’s picks…and in there order.

    Though I quite like the Caterham livery (as opposed to the shape of the car).

  120. nusratolla says:

    1. Ferrari, Mercedes, Redbull & Lotus

    2. Williams and Force India

    3. Mclaren, Sauber, Marrussia, Caterham & Toro Rosso.

    That’s my take.

  121. Namey says:

    McLaren has a new livery!!! :D



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