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Hamilton Cruises To Malaysian Grand Prix Victory, Heading a Mercedes One-two
Posted By:   |  30 Mar 2014   |  11:23 am GMT  |  628 comments

Lewis Hamilton made up for the ground lost last time out in Australia, dominating the Malaysian Grand Prix from lights to flag, heading a Mercedes one-two with Nico Rosberg in second and Sebastian Vettel in third.

It was the first Mercedes 1-2 of the modern F1 era.

It is his first win in Malaysia and the 23rd win of Hamilton’s career, joining Nelson Piquet with the eleventh most victories in Formula One.

And after claiming pole position only for his Mercedes car to suffer engine issues and a subsequent retirement in Melbourne, there were no such troubles today with the Briton establishing a ten second lead in the opening stint of the race and from there controlling his pace. He gave a brief reminder of Mercedes’ single-lap superiority to post the fastest lap of the race on the penultimate lap using the hard tyre.

“I’m incredibly happy today,” said Hamilton. “This is my first win in Malaysia after eight attempts and to do it. The race was tougher than it perhaps looked today and the conditions here always make it a great challenge. But I was able to look after the car, the tyres and the fuel and still keep a bit of pace in hand which made my job that little bit easier.

“This is an important result for us. One-two finishes don’t happen very often and this is a real achievement for the team.

With tyre degradation on the high side and therefore three-stops turning out to be the order of the day, the leading three cars left the switch to the hard compound until the final laps, partly due to the speed difference between the two compounds and also due to the threat of rain that pesters the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Rosberg had a closer race than his team-mate. Having used the power of his Mercedes power-unit to take second place from Vettel in to the first corner on lap one, Rosberg had a snap of oversteer at turn three and was under pressure from the Red Bull pair, now headed by Daniel Ricciardo who had overtaken Vettel around the outside of turn two.

Blocking up the hill to turn four Rosberg was able to hold second place and open up a gap to the following cars prior to the first set of pit stops.

As Vettel pitted a lap earlier and with use of the fresher medium tyres he was able to close on Rosberg but not pressure his countryman. However, during the second phase of stops Vettel posted the fastest lap of the race to put himself within the DRS-zone of the car ahead. A lap of close following for Vettel was the only chance he had as Rosberg quickly stretched out the gap between the two, putting eight seconds between them in the next fifteen laps and giving Mercedes their first one-two since the 1955 Italian Grand Prix.

The sister Red Bull of Ricciardo was having another strong performance at the wheel of the RB 10, initially taking third from Vettel only for DRS to allow the German back through. He sat comfortably in fourth place until his final pit-stop, in which he left the pit-box without his front-left wheel fully attached and was forced to stop in the pit-lane.

After being rolled back and having all necessary nuts tightened the Australian made his way back out on track, only for his front-wing to dismantle over a kerb and necessitate a further pit-stop. A ten-second stop/go penalty would follow following the safe release with a loose wheel and the team eventually retired the race in the closing laps. He was also penalised 10 grid places for the next race in Bahrain.

That gave Nico Hulkenberg fourth place, in the short-term at least. The Force India driver was running on old, hard Pirelli tyres and had a closing Ferrari of Fernando Alonso in his wing mirrors. With a high speed differential between the two, as Alonso had recently switched to the medium tyre, there was little struggle from Hulkenberg when Alonso challenged with three laps remaining.

Hulkenberg had, however, opened up a fourty-five second gap to the cars behind, completing another stellar drive for Force India. His distant pursuers were headed by Jenson Button, the McLaren driver holding off a late charge for a Williams duo that between them could have lost their team points.

Felipe Massa was told to let Valtteri Bottas past as the Finn had stronger pace and could challenge Button. But Massa has been subject to such demands before and opted to hold ground this time, keeping Bottas at bay with the two coming close numerous times in the final two laps. Williams were unhappy with the driver, as he had been told his engine was running hot, hence the need to ease off and let Bottas past. In ignoring that, the suggestion is that he may have damaged it. With only 5 engines for the season, that could prove a problem.

The second McLaren of Kevin Magnussen took ninth place after a collision with Kimi Riakkonen required a front-wing change and a five second stop/go penalty. The Dane headed Danii Kvyat, who maintains his 100% record of points finishes in Formula One for Toro Rosso.

Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang, Race, 56 Laps

1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m40m25.974s
2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes +17.313s
3. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull +24.534s
4. Fernando Alonso Ferrari +35.992s
5. Nico Hulkenberg Force India +47.199s
6. Jenson Button McLaren +1m23.691s
7. Felipe Massa Williams +1m25.076s
8. Valtteri Bottas Williams +1m25.537s
9. Kevin Magnussen McLaren +1 lap
10. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso +1 lap
11. Romain Grosjean Lotus +1 lap
12. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari +1 lap
13. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham +1 lap
14. Marcus Ericsson Caterham +2 laps
15. Max Chilton Marussia +2 laps

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  1. Lee says:

    Dull dull dull dull dull…………….

    1. BritishRacingGreen says:

      Thank good for the WEC and sports cars.

    2. Sri says:

      Yes, it was to some extent. The commentators in Sky were trying their best to sell it. One of them said, “We don’t want rain now what with pit-stops have set this to be an intriguing race”. I was thinking, “No it wasn’t”.

    3. Abdul Ahad Jajja says:

      Yeah some races too long to watch. Malaysia one of them

    4. WSH says:

      +1 Massively boring race. Where was al the forecasted overtaking? “The long straights and wide turns offer plenty of overtake possibilities”. Have not seen much in that department. Did I miss much? So F1 spin doctor: What will it be for the next one? More promises or do we get to see some real racing?

      And then the table with fuel consumption, percentages that popped up from time to time. What use is that when you don’t know the fuel load the cars start with. Of course that is kept massively secret by the teams.
      No info on top speed by the way. Probably not relevant anymore.

      Quite embarrassing by the way to hear Hamilton ask his engineer “What more can I do to save the engine?”.

      Mr. Horner should consider to set up a Formula Horner as he likes to set the rules himself. Complaining about Riccardio’s penalty while acknowledging the clarity of the rules is just silly. Did you not notice Mr Horner that the guy with the wheel gun raised his hand frantically but your “perfect pit team” still let the car go? Thanks to your driver you could recover.

      Quite dangerous by the way to push a car back through the pitlane while the race is on. What if another car came in? Perhaps a new rule Mr Horner: “When a car leaves the pitstop area it cannot be pushed back manually”. Stop complaining Mr Horner and accept the rules or build a new race category with your Red Bully master.

    5. graham says:

      Yep! Been following F1 since the early 80′s and this is the first time I’ve wanted to go do something else. Driver skill? They spent the entire race “managing” the car….the fuel(what a joke), tyres, cooling, energy store……..and my ride-on mower still sounds better, too.
      If passionate F1 fans like me are losing interest, Bernie’s millions he receives from TV are going to dwindle away, and he won’t like that! Bernie, if you read this, take note!
      End of rant :( :( :(

      1. alx says:

        totally agree, only saw the start, five minutes in the middle and the end three laps. I felt like i missed nothing. This is more time than F1 deserves i give it, these days…

      2. Trent says:

        No offence to you personally, but it seems every other week on here someone has ‘finally had enough’ of F1 and vows to stop watching. And that’s been since this blog started.

        I’ve been watching for about as long as you, have had my moments of more interest and less interest, but watch all the races regardless. Let’s not forget, it’s still F1 and it’s still awesome in my mind! I don’t mind F 1 2014 to be honest.

      3. TimW says:

        some people just love a good moan Trent, that has never changed in all the years I have been watching the sport. I thought the first 10 laps were very exciting then it settled and got a bit boring, but there have been races like that in every era.

    6. pargo says:

      The annoying thing is I could’ve spent those 2 hours completing my tax return instead.

      I really hope the other teams make up the big difference to Merc otherwise its going to be a walk in the park for rest of season.

    7. Jim says:

      It was an utter borefest! I actually said out loud to myself how dull it was.

      No racing, no noise, this just doesn’t seem like F1 any more…..

      1. TimW says:

        go and watch something else then

      2. AlexD says:

        Why do you always send people somewhere? Do not like people expressing opinions? Go find another blog….

      3. KRB says:

        You mean you don’t talk aloud to yourself all the time?

    8. Ahmed Sydney says:

      @ Lee 100% Agree.
      So much for new F1, better closer racing, less aero, less grip, better overtaking etc…
      I can handle the above, what i can’t stand is the onboard shots sound so dull, its hard to distinguish when a car is pushing flat out or just cruising…

      Mercedes dominance Vs Red Bull dominance. Even in the past 4 years of Red Bulls championship success, they never had such a dominant car, Mercedes is qualifying (in dry) with 1+ sec advantage, and race pace is 1+ sec advantage. Red Bull on average qualified 2-3 tenths ahead of rivals, and Vettel at times qualified on pole with a last ditch effort with 1 or 2 tenths in hand. Yes he often ran away at the front and pulled away in clean air, however when they qualified further down, it proved that Red Bull did not have such a pace advantage over competitors. Hypothetical, would anyone doubt a Mercedes 1-2, even if they qualifed further down the grid?

      Well done to Mercedes, but this will be a very one sided championship. They have such a big margin, and can literally play with the field, increase the gap at will, turn down engine settings and still stroll to the finish line in a 1 2 formation, something that Red Bull could only manage a handful of times in 4 and a half years. Mercedes should have had two 1st & 2nd finishes, and will be the same again at Bahrain. The power advantage was clear off the start line, with Hamilton & Rosberg slingshotting ahead once they got traction. very ominous, the 2014 title is done and dusted and only Mercedes can lose it from here…
      Even if Red Bull/Ferrari catch up and close the gap, it will be another thing to actually convincingly beat them consistently. Mercedes will enjoy such a massive start to the season akin to Brawn 2009, and will still win the 2014 championship even with Podium placings and consistent points finishes.

    9. Nigel (USA) says:

      Disagree. This isn’t “Wacky Races” and I wonder if the quality (or lack of it) of your broadcaster is contributing to the ‘dull’ comments?

      I watched it on NBC-Sports and David Hobbes/Steve Matchett always make it entertaining.

    10. Jim:) says:

      The start to new regs is always usually not that competive, what ever the series, I remember when moto gp went to 990s from the old 500s in 2002, same thing honda just walked it. End of this year start of next will be better

    11. Delgado says:

      Yes, watchig paint dry is more entertaining. The powers that be had better realise that all this clever tech has actually retarded the basic reason/rationallity of the sport…TO RACE!
      No wonder Toyota are getting back into WRC. The more manufacturers that follow suit, the better.
      All hail Robert Kubica!!

      1. TimW says:

        you should follow Toyota’s lead and watch WRC instead.

      2. AlexD says:

        Not so certain people were asking you for advise…

      3. Delgado says:

        Yes, we continue to lament the passing of Formula 1 (Racing) and the advent of Formula Conservation (a technical gambit). WRC, WEC…with pleasure!

  2. Ash says:

    17sec gap and used less fuel throughout. Yep, Hamilton is surely far too dim for these regs and Rosberg will hammer him in every way.

    1. Oddz says:

      @ Ash

    2. Mike from Colombia says:

      Yep. Many in the media will be smarting of this, The ones that were trying to make out that Hamilton will have no idea how to drive these cars and that Rosberg is truly the fastest of the two.

      Lauda said perfect drive by Lewis, perfect drive by Nico…what did he mean by that?

    3. Kudos to Ross Brawn for providing Mercedes with their apparent abilities this year.

      1. M_E says:

        I remember him saying there was a three year plan to win the wc from when they took over the brawn team, this is probably what they had in mind three years ago (for mercedes to win the wc this year and put all their development into this years car with the radical tech reg changes. williams probably did the same and red bull and ferrari the opposite (ferrari alot more opposite actually they went for consistency over peaks and troughs including a dwc and went instead for 2nd/3rd row consistency with solid finishes and lots of air time, clever when you think about it really, cars way out in front shooting fish in barrels dont exactly draw air time onto themselves

    4. james encore says:

      He made his tyres last longer too, and ran the engine in a conservation mode / saved fuel.

      And put in a lap 0.9 secs faster than Rosberg’s just to let everyone know he go a second a lap faster if need be, but once he had done Rosberg the courtesy of letting him run in clean air … won without really exerting himself.

      Rosberg, I suspect, will be telling himself he had a good day in Oz, and Hamilton had a lousy one, and today Hamilton had a great day and his own was so-so but still netted 18 points. Whichever of them has most good Sundays will be champion.

      Everyone else must look at the advantage Mercedes have and think “So… 2015 then”

    5. Birgitt MB says:

      +1000 hahaha…

    6. Joseph says:

      That’s what THEY all said and he’d be hard on the tyres. The irony. Rosberg today was spanked

    7. Jason says:

      Hamilton at ease with the car is simply faster than Rosberg. A happy Lewis will easily be the top dog in that team. It is just a miserable moody Lewis that will let Rosberg in. What happens this season outside reliability issues will be dictated by whatever mood Lewis happens to be in.

      If I were Rosberg, I’d do whatever I could to upset Lewis. Insult the dog, I meant the four-legged one, say my dad is better than yours, eat his sandwich, tell Lewis a few lies about gears in the corner or just take it to Twitter. A cry baby Lewis is a crash-kid moody Lewis. A happy Lewis is the fastest man in F1. Not good for his team mate.

      1. Jake says:

        Sure your name is not Jenson?

      2. Jason says:

        Nope because if my parents had named me Jensen, I’d sue them! Never liked that name lol :)

    8. j says:

      Haha. More proof that you can’t believe any of the driver stereotypes coming from the press.

      Although lets face it. All the drivers are just turning the dials on command from the pit wall.

  3. David in Sydney says:

    Great drive by Hamilton, Rosberg and Vettel!

    Spunky drive by Massa!

    Boring race. I was praying for rain.

  4. W Johnson says:


    I am increasingly getting dispirited with F1. After flimsy tyres, DRS gimmicks, double points and moped sounding engines we now have penalties for driving incidents…F1 is being ruined by the technocrats. Magnussen’s penalty was absurd.

    1. MISTER says:

      But he did go for a gap that was always going to close and ruined Kimi’s race.

      He’s got to get a penalty..and 5 sec is a decent one compared to the drive-thru of last year.

    2. Kevin says:

      Same goes for the Bianchi penalty, are they all getting high while making these decisions?!

    3. Rick says:

      The penalties are absurd. As if Ricciardo didn’t suffer enough today, a 10 spot penalty for Bahrain ?
      For an unsafe release for which he already paid the price… Why not dock the team 10 ponits off their Constructors’ total ? It was the teams fault, not the driver.
      And the cars still sound like my lawnmower.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        I think they sound like a motorised version of my neighbour’s Staffy – you know, that deep bassy growl grrrrrr sound.

      2. rob says:

        The event lacked colour to my mind. All that black and silver,and bugger all passing. I would watch anyway, but the casual observer would be hugely underwhelmed…….Daniel!!! By any chance, did Mark Webber give you his lucky rabbits foot?’ If so, get rid of it pronto! Better still, give it to Seb, or possibly Nico or Lewis.

      3. KRB says:

        There was a good suggestion on another site … apply a grid penalty to BOTH of the team’s cars. Say a 5-place penalty to both.

        There is always a suggestion that perhaps the mechanics on one side of the garage (say Vettel’s) can screw over the other side (Ricciardo’s) during the pit stops. It’s doubtful that this is truly the case most times, but a penalty to both cars would surely remove any suggestion of it.

        It would also slow down the pit stops as well, as accuracy would trump speed.

    4. M Gray says:

      I have to agree with you. Rapidly loosing interest in the sport. It used to be about the fastest car and driver around a track. Instead it has become about fuel and tyre usage, DRS, KERS, regulations, and penalties. The sensor issue is just the latest example of how artificial the racing has become. In a sport that that will never be ‘green’ due to travel, tyres, production costs, etc, does a graphic during the race of fuel used really matter in the scheme of things?

      1. Rossco says:

        No one is forcing you to watch it, you’re more than welcome to watch other forms of motor racing. Stop complaining, it is the way it is. You either like it or you don’t. You clearly don’t so you should take your toxic attitude away.

      2. M Gray says:

        Rossco, I am merely stating my thoughts on the technical changes in F1, the ramifications that they have on the on the racing result, and the influence that the new changes are now having on my enjoyment of the sport. If I didn’t care about the sport then why would I bother commenting? The fact is I have watched or attended the majority of races since Mark Webber made his debut back in 2002, and like many others I am voicing my concerns about the future of the sport. Rossco, rather than getting personal, may I suggest that any future comments you wish to share should be about F1, and not personal attacks.

      3. alx says:

        I disagree with your attitude Rossco. M Gray like myself is voicing the opinions of a lot (a lot) of people who have been watching for decades and are now ready to leave. F1 should listen to its core fans. And when core fans who have put up with B***S**T for years telly you they are going, you should really listen.
        Why not just leave, as you say? Because we are the ones who actually love this sport and have done so for decades. By leaving we will also leave it to “fans” who’ll take any old crap and to the people who run and are systematically destroying the sport.
        Will we have an impact by voicing our displeasure? Probably not. But it is always polite to tell someone WHY you are leaving them, before you do so…

      4. Rossco says:

        Sorry if you took it personally, wasn’t intended that way by any means. What happened when the cars went from the turbo days when the cars sounded quite low to the screaming V10 and V8 days. It’s all personal preference really. My point is all this negativity in the sport that is being bandied around by fans doesnt help anything. It is still the pinnacle of motor racing and always will be. I would much prefer the days of 2014 than seeing Ferrari dominate every single race!

        I just hope you don’t lose your love for F1 as that would be a real shame.

      5. TimW says:

        Alx and M Gray, if you don’t like people criticising your posts then don’t post. F1 has always had an element of tyre and fuel management, this year is no different. You say it used to be about the fastest car and driver around the track, it still is, yesterday that was Lewis next week it could be someone else. I really don’t see why your complaining, F1 2014 looks very similar to me to the way it has always been, I have been watching the sport since the 80s and there has always been dull races and exciting races, if you really can’t find anything in the sport that you like then maybe you should look for another. I’m staying because for me f1 is atill what it has always been, the best drivers in the best cars.

      6. AlexD says:

        You do not allow other people to have different opinion? In my view the new version of F1 is absurd. I hinestly hope that FOM will see the financial impact and will do something about it. Saving tyres, saving fuel, nursing the car? So we now have nurses compiting?

      7. M Gray says:

        Rossco, thanks for the apology – all good…You are right in that the sport has always had and always will change. I just question the amount of change and the influence that the latest changes are having on the racing. It seems the cars are now so complicated and rule bound, that the result is becoming less dependent on the driver and more so on the technology and FIA stewards. I agree with you that we don’t want one team dominating every single race, but I fear the expense of implementing rule changes year after year, will only help the big budget teams remain at the front of the pack.

        Alx and AlexD, thanks for your support…you obviously understand my frustrations…

        TimW, I have no problem with people taking issue with my posts. I just think posts should be kept to the subject of F1 and not be directed personally at others.

      8. TimW says:

        You have your opinions Alex but it is absurd to write off the new F1 after 2 races! There was no fuel saving in Malaysia they all had fuel to spare and the tyre saving is not even close to the last few years. There was also plenty of action in the first 10 laps, it did get a bit boring after that but I can’t remember a really exciting dry Malaysian GP.

      9. TimW says:

        M Gray, I think my post was entirely about F1 and having read it again I can’t find anything personal in it. I get tired of hearing people moan about the sport I love and feel duty bound when people attack it. Like I already said writing off the sport after 2 races is ridiculous but if you really don’t like it anymore then I’m sure you would be happier watching something else. If I went into my local coffee shop for a latte everyday, and then they changed the recipe and I didn’t like it, then I would simply go to another shop.

      10. Dren says:

        It was about the fastest driver car combination. The regulations have always limited the max performance possible. It is up to the driver and engineer to get the max out of the package over a weekend. There was a bit of passing, just not at the front.

    5. Elie says:

      When its a 50:50 call between 2 drivers fighting for position – thats a racing incident. When a driver gets hit from behind and the other driver accepts responsibility – clearly someone’s at fault. Teams earn millions on points they earn & magnussen almost certainly cost Kimi 5th place or better- its clear as day – for most anyway..

      1. W Johnson says:

        Penalties are for reckless driving….where Raikkonnen would have finished is irrelevant!

      2. Elie says:

        What do you call running into someone- genius

      3. W Johnson says:

        So in your rule book “not being a genius” qualifies as a sound justification for a penalty?

    6. Craig D says:

      Magnussen’s penalty was deserved even though he didn’t intend harm; he admitted so himself.

      The 5s penalty is a good thing. Punishes you without totally ruining your race and is far better than post race penalties.

      1. W Johnson says:

        Magnussens’s race was ruined though was n’t it when you added the 20 seconds or so to come and out of the pits plus the actual 5 second stop start penalty handed out….makes it a 25 second penalty!

      2. Craig D says:

        No because he did that 5 second penalty during his scheduled pit stop. That’s the whole point of it!

    7. Fernando "150%" Alonso says:

      Rai vs Mag, racing incident! Keep penalising them like that and we will no longer have wheel to wheel battles!

    8. Bring back V12's !!! says:

      Agreed, I am at loss of words on Ric’s penalty? Yes Red Bull should cop a penalty of some sort but poor Daniel is turning into Webber 2.0 at the moment, his luck is just dismal.

      I think I’ll be following the rest of the season half heartidly over the internet from now on, we all live busy lives and the FIA/F1 management have the guile to put up performances like this and expect fans to happily accept it? I don’t remember the last time the fans were this disenfranchised with the sport.

      1. TimW says:

        the penalties for releasing a car without the wheels properly attached are entirely justified on safety grounds, remember Rosberg’s wheel bouncing down the pit lane and hitting a camera man? Nobody wants to see that, the idea of penalising teams is intended to force the teams to prioritise safety rather than speed in the stops.

      2. KRB says:

        That was Webber’s wheel, in Germany last year. That was when he came into the pits leading the race, and likely to emerge out in front with a decent pit stop.

  5. Peter Maslen says:

    It has been suggested that Red Bul gave Daniel Mark Webber’s car or maybe Red Bull just does not like Australians when Vettel is still running.

    1. Veteran says:

      Vettel was already ahead when all the bad luck happenend.
      + Ric shouldn’t have stopped that far in the pitlane. He said he knew it when he left. Then why drive so far?

      1. WSH says:

        Bloody dangerous to push a car back through the pits during the race. Mr Whiting should issue a directive that you can’t touch the car anymore the moment is has pulled out of the pitstop area and passed other garages. At least gives Mr Horner something else to complain about.

      2. Niko says:

        And what they were supposed to do? Park it in front of another teams pit? Or get the marshalls to push it down the end and yellow-flag the pit lane? He couldn’t keep driving cause the wheel would have come of. What worries me, is that how could such a thing happen again after last years incident?

      3. AndyK says:

        What just leave it stranded in the middle of the pit lane instead?

      4. Luke says:

        Dangerous? Are you kidding? Have you seen how slow modern F1 cars have to drive through the pit lane due to safety? A crippled old lady with white cane and a poodle could safely cross the pit lane and not have anything to worry about these days. Like everything else in F1 the “danger” is fake and manufactured. The drivers are in danger of falling asleep going down the pit lane.

      5. LT says:

        True, but what’s the alternative?? Just leave the car where it is so it can block another teams pit entrance/exit?

      6. WSH says:

        Quite like the replies. Thanks. Perhaps they can invent a pit lane safety bike to be deployed when this happens again. And also give points for faultless pitstops. You are right Luke, anything than can spice this “show” up is welcome.

    2. Allan says:

      That is absurd… how do you explain Australia where all the bad luck rolled Vettel’s way?

      Sometimes people will see only what they want to see.

      1. quattro says:

        If you are able to remember a few more races, than the last one, you will easily see his point.

      2. UAN says:

        try as hard as I can, I can only remember one other race that RIC was VET’s teammate. In their first race together, VET retired after a couple of laps or so, while RIC fought for a podium finish.

        Depending how the appeal goes, you could say both drivers got bit in AUS.

        However, the bigger point is, Webber and Vettel had roughly the same amount of reliability problems over the 5 years they were teammates. In fact, Vettel suffered more as he lost up to 6-7 race victories with his issues, while Mark’s issues were never as severe (e.g., KOR 2012, Mark’s KERS issues caused him a 2nd place, but he still got third. And USGP 2012, he lost a probable P3). And in those races, the last thing RBR wanted was for Mark to not finish, or finish behind ALO.

        Yes, teams just love to get DNFs for their “2nd” driver. Not.

      3. quattro says:

        Hehe, yea you are right…I was thinking that really RIC got WEBs car, hence that problems continue because of the car as such :)

        Anyway, you are saying
        “However, the bigger point is, Webber and Vettel had roughly the same amount of reliability problems over the 5 years they were teammates”
        - I find that kind of hard to believe. Maybe (and that is a maybe, trusting your stats) the absolute number of the DNFs is the same/similar. That does however not translate directly to that the redbull team has not treated VETs car much better than WEBs, or even that rebbull has not deliberately introduced hickups in WEBs car only to make it a small bit more slow at the starts or produce less KERS output…

        The NATURE of the problems and the TIMING of when they occur is KEY, not the number of them only. Cheers. That info is harder to find than just count the number of DNFs for prev seasons.

    3. Methusalem says:

      Yea, it’s called Downunder-Karma!

    4. iamvik says:

      So basically, DR is driving 2013 car? Do you not apply even one bit of logic when listening to rumors? How can he drive MW’s car when the cars are completely changed this year?

    5. Torchwood Five says:

      When the fallout from Melbourne has blown over, and just as a fact-finding exercise, I would suggest that Daniel try not overtaking Seb; arguing with the team when they say to maintain two seconds behind Vettel; and not look at all challenging, and see if you complete the race without team-induced trouble, or penalties.

      Literally the only reason I am thinking of this, is that recently, on being asked about the “Fernando is faster than you” incident, Massa, when asked if he thought about disobeying, he said, “I’m a professional. And if I didn’t obey, the team would mess you up in some way, and you wouldn’t know.”

      I was pleased to hear Daniel argue his case when the team radio told him to maintain two seconds behind Seb, but with everything that befell Webber, it is hard to give RBR the benefit of the doubt.

    6. graham says:

      As a born and bred Aussie and major Ricciardo supporter, I was almost in tears with what happened to him. But to suggest that it was some kind of conspiracy on the part of Red Bull is absurd……at least it is this early in the season. If it happens 10 races in, after Dan has kicked Seb’s butt a few times……..then I’ll believe it! :)

  6. Truth or Lies says:

    Great drive by Vettel and a super start from Ricciardo. Rosberg had no answer to Hamilton, be interesting to see if this is the start of a pattern. Very strong drive by Lewis.

    Williams qualifying really hurt them today, should have been much higher placed in the race. Massa disappointed with his failure to pass Button especially when they were side by side and should have got the job done. I guess that led to the team orders issue. Nonethelss he out qualified Bottas for the second race running and was right to ignore the team order. Disappointed that Bottas chooses to call the pits for assistance rather than just getting the job done himself, time to man up and stop moaning.

    Grojean drove exceptionally well to finish and keep Kimi at bay. Tough in fairness Raikkonen had a lot of bad luck. While Hulkenburg showed once again why he should be in a Ferrari. Nonetheless still a great effort by Force India.

    1. Paul says:

      Good comment, just missing the bit about boring. Too bad it didn’t rain. The sport seems to be having a Pastor Maldonado season.

      1. M_E says:

        it gave us a great idea of the cars relative performance though


        rb +0.4
        fer +0.5
        FI +0.6 (and 1 less set of tyres!)
        Mcl +1.3

        clear pecking order for all to see, pretty much unchanged from last test b4 first race

      2. M_E says:

        feck, should be a large space under FI for the nearly 1 sec gap to mcl :o

    2. Jari says:

      I would be surprised if Bottas called pits for any assistance, and he is not a moaning type of guy. Do you have better information? He hadn’t really challenged Massa when the order came.

      I guess the order came from pits as they saw already earlier in the race that Bottas will use every inch try to go past his team mate and they wanted to avoid unnecessary risks. And at that point of the race Bottas was clearly faster than Massa.

      At the end, I think all went fine, Bottas couldn’t overtake and that’s it, with similar cars it is not that easy.

      For team it didn’t probably went so fine, with engines heating up, possible construction points to be lost or gained.

      And this means that in future Massa should not expect teamwork the other way around either, so I’m not sure if he played it cleverly.

      Maybe team should have phrased it differently, Valtteri is faster than you probably caused unnecessary tensions in Massa’s mind.

      1. Lucas says:

        My thoughts exactly, and I have to say that’s typical of Massa. He should remember that when he was the driver in a position to get help from his team mate, Kimi graciously let him pass (even though he had a massive advantage) and never moaned a single word about it. But whenever Massa is requested to help a team mate, either he holds a grudge after doing it or, worse still, he refuses to do it and look even worse (remember last year when he refused to let Alonso pass only to see the spaniard overtake him anyway?). If this goes on, his honeymoon with Williams may end rather sooner than later.

      2. UAN says:

        Massa only ignored the Ferrari order after they had already announced Kimi as his replacement.

        But you bring up an excellent point – Alonso passed MAS anyways. And earlier in the race (Lap 3), VET passed RIC. So if BOT was really faster than MAS, why not just pass him?

        I’m reminded of BOT’s quip earlier in the race that MAS should get on with passing MAG (when the team told him MAS was working on passing MAG).

        Well, BOT, you should have just got on with passing MAS.

    3. Torchwood Five says:

      Bottas did not call pit for assistance.

      Early in the race, Massa, at least on the radio calls I heard, called the pits to complain, “Did you see that? He just attacked me!” referring to Bottas

      Team calls Bottas, asking him to wait till Massa has passed the driver ahead of him, before trying to pass.

      Bottas retorts, “Well, tell him to get on with it then, I have better pace.”

      The Williams’ cars were in the same formation as the race closed, but I don’t know if they both passed cars that were ahead of them, or what.

  7. Phil says:

    If Bottas was so much faster why couldn’t he overtake Massa? Seeing as he couldn’t pass Massa it’s very unlikely he’d have challenged Button any more than Massa could.

    I hate team orders. I want to see drivers race. Especially team mates because you know they have the same car.

    1. James Allen says:

      Massa’s car was running hot which is why they wanted him to let VB by as his wasn’t

      May have damaged it by pushing to the end. Team not happy

      1. Truth or Lies says:

        Thanks for that insight James.

        However the messages sent to Massa, and I understand the tv feed only broadcasts a few, didn’t portray it in that way. Instead it was a carbon copy of Germany 2010. So I guess the team should have explained it was a technical issue to both drivers.

        Either way its extremely unlikely that Bottas would have gotten past Button, cleanly at least. I still think Felipe should have pushed Button a bit more, though on the other hand even the slightest touch can incur a penalty or a puncture.

        In any case Williams did a great job of damaging team moral and portraying themselves as rank amateurs.

      2. James Allen says:

        I know, very unfortunate wording

      3. UAN says:

        I did like Ted Kravitz’s interview with Claire Williams, he started with “How could you do that to Felipe?” referring to the “Valterri is faster than you”.

        He really pressured her to with several follow up questions. A big h/t to Ted for that, real journo instincts there!

      4. KRB says:

        Is that why the Williams were the lowest in terms of fuel consumption, b/c of overheating issues?

        Did they explain the temp concerns to Massa? ‘Cos we didn’t hear that on team radio.

      5. Bobster says:

        I don’t know where temperature comes into it. Bottas was faster at that stage and had fresher tyres.

        I don’t know why folks are surprised at this. Remember that in 2010 after Massa was told “Fernando is faster than you” and Ferrari were asked to explain, Frank Williams wrote a letter to the FIA that supported Ferrari’s actions. Not because he was particularly friendly with Ferrari, but because, and as he said, he thought that team orders should be allowed.

      6. TGS says:

        Ok that makes more sense but it begs the question, why did Massa’s engineer use the phrase “Felipe, Valterri is faster than you?”. I couldn’t believe my ears! Did they inform Massa that his engine was overheating? I guess they did otherwise they would have no right to be upset. Put this one down to selective team radio broadcasting then.

      7. Satish says:

        You couldn’t believe your ears? Massa must have blown him top or thought he was still receiving Ferrari team radio :-D

        Seriously though, this out of context broadcast certainly made it appear that way.

      8. RobertS says:

        Yeah. Very poor wording from the engineer considering what has happened in the past.

      9. WSH says:

        +1 Indeed, quite silly to stir up a very unpleasant memory for Massa. Bottas should just have overtaken him if he was that faster. If he could not take on Massa, he was never in the position to challenge Button.
        The post race explanations of Williams did not do any good neither. Strange arrangements, unclear, and messy executed.

      10. Cabby says:

        Yes, the exact same words of such an infamous incident, what the hell were they thinking… .

      11. Rubinho's Keyfob says:

        Yes, a very poor choice of phrase – no driver wants to hear someone suggest that their team mate is faster than them anyway, and to state that with the same words that brought back a certain incident to everyone who heard it (including the driver in question) was not clever.

        The thing is, BOT possibly _was_ faster than MAS at that point in the race due to car setup discrepancies, tyre differences, fuel usage, heat levels etc etc (and that is what the engineer meant – _in this instance_ BOT is faster). But how do you get that across succinctly over the radio with such a few laps left to run?

        I think the solution for the team (now that team orders are allowed again and we don’t need the pre-rehearsed euphemisms) is clear – when a team mate is “in a better position” (which is what “is faster” means without such antagonistic language) then they should be allowed through on the understanding that they will let the one with the original track position (who could have held them back, as MAS did today) regain the position if it turns out that the team’s points situation had not improved by the last corner. They just need to agree this prior to the race – go through all the scenarios and agree what happens.

        I know they’re still fighting for their own personal driver’s championship position, but they all state they are working for the team so a little bit of discussion first in a calm environment can’t hurt (and it means, with team orders allowed, the radio message could have been more like “Philipe, as discussed earlier, Valteri is currently in a better position than you, so please act as agreed.”, so knowing he _should_ get the place back he would have complied).

        Oh, on the other hand, “Multi-21″ … I guess it depends how trustworthy your team mate is …

    2. Anil Parmar says:

      They had overheating issues on Massa’s car I think, which might have caused some further issues.

    3. Clarks4WheelDrift says:

      Agree, especially at race two, when their pace wasn’t much different, their strategies were the same. Let them race, stop interfering whether it be let him past or both hold station!

      If Bottas was that much faster he would be beating Massa in qually the way Alonso is beating Kimi!

      Unless they are cunningly attempting the “Incredble Hulk” strategy on Massa. Don’t make him angry, you won’t like it when he’s angry… ;)

      1. Lucas says:

        Quali pace and racecraft does not always go together, and this is particularly true about Massa. He is, and always has been, much better in qualifying than during a race. It’s no surprise his only wins were in a time he had a sufficiently good car that allowed him to start from the front row and cruise to the finish line with no problems. He doesn’t have a car like that since 2009, and that’s why his races are not very exciting since then (and also why he never really raised anyone’s eyebrows while at Sauber), although he still surprises with a decent quali performance sometimes.

      2. Torchwood Five says:

        It was a wet quali’. The 2014 Williams’ cars performance drops off when it is wet.

        And didn’t Bottas lose three grid places over the Ricciardo “blocking” incident?

  8. Fastfastfast says:

    Congratulations Lewis!

    Who would’ve thunk it… Took care of tires, saved fuel and still had the fastest lap. Adaptability.

    Awesome job by Vettel, Hulk and Alonso! Gutted for Daniel and I cringed for Massa.

    Race was boring, though, but what can you do? Even DRS couldn’t have helped this procession.

    1. Oddz says:

      For years we have been told Jenson was the smoothest driver on fuel and tyre management and Lewis was the most aggressive driver out there.
      The newest theory just recently is that Nico’s maths intelligence makes him the favourite to win the title – after one race! Well the stats actually showed Lewis IS the smoothest and most efficient driver when it comes to fuel and tyre management, while Vettel, Jenson and Nico were among the worst of the top 10 drivers when it came to efficient driving.

      When will the stereotype die?

      1. Fastfastfast says:

        Never. We were all born with certain fears, paranoias and prejudices. It is part and parcel of how our species became top dog in the evolutionary ladder. Divide and conquer and all that jazz. What you don’t understand, you fear. And what you fear, you eradicate.

        When races (humans and not, formula one) where first classified in the early 1900s, it wasn’t through science but through prejudices. Research was carried out too prove stereotypes instead of disproving them, which is what real scientists do. Guess who was at lower rung of that ladder?

        They say the same thing about black quarterbacks in American football, they are always referred to as “athletic” “gifted” or “talented”. Never “intellegent”, “smart” or a “true leader on the field” like their white counterparts.

        When a black basketball player questions his coach’s authority, he is deemed “uncoachable”. When a white player does it, he shows “strength of character”.

        People even talk about Lewis’ choice of hats for pete’s sake, like it defines him as a racer. Have you seen Alonso and Kimi’s hats lately? Same style as Hamilton’s, obviously in homage to Lewis’ style, but you would never see it mentioned in any forums.

        When Kimi yells at his engineer, it’s funny. When Lewis does it, he’s “gangsta”.

        Fernando was married to a popstar once but is revered as grounded and dedicated. Lewis is ridiculed and thought of as chasing fame because his girlfriend was once a member of a famous and succesful US pop group.

        Lewis can change his driving style, his demeanor or his hat, but the one thing he can’t change is his skin color. And for some that is enough to label him as a talented, naturally gifted, instinctive, yet not-so-bright, hard-on-tires and can’t-adapt driver.

        When will the stereotypes end, you ask? Never.

      2. Oddz says:

        ohh Damn….

        I mean i did ask, but Damn….
        So true, i have nothing to add to it.

        Depressed now though

    2. aveli says:

      you professor rosberg?

  9. JohnH says:

    Great race by Hamilton and Rosberg, looks like Mercedes has may have cracked it. How close was Alonso and Ferrari and Good on Massa.
    Not being cynical or anything but has Ricciardo inherited Webbers ‘luck’ at Red Bull?

  10. TJ says:

    Ricciardo can’t win a trick at the moment.

    Disqualified in Australia after a great performance all weekend. Shows some great skills to overtake Alonso and vettel in the first sequence of corners in this race. Has another fuel sensor issue and has to listen to beeps in his ear for when to lift off the gas so fuel flow doesn’t go over, allowing Alonso to cut the gap. Eventually sitting reasonably comfortably in 4th still and then the team release him before tyre is on properly in final pit stop completely screwing his race. And to add insult to injury his front wing fails, cuts his tyre and then gets a 10 second stop and go for the earlier unsafe release.

    Could be sitting 2nd in the championship on 30 points, instead he has a big fat 0.

    1. Stephen says:

      And he could have won the first two races as well, and the lottery, and… and…

    2. Clarks4WheelDrift says:

      The problem for Ricciardo isn’t his bad luck, the loose wheel, the broken wing, or the disq points loss…

      No, it’s the worrying signs at such an early stage in the title that he will be forced into being number two, no matter how fast he can run. Seems crazy that Seb is catching close to Rosberg with Dan closing on Seb and RedBull come over the radio asking Dan to drop back! Quite right he says no, to that when any off line defending means he can have a go overtaking as well.

      Was Dan not also put on to the slower tyre when conveniently Seb’s strategy was to go with the faster tyre again. Nice way to get a gap between Seba and Dan but seemed the wrong strategy, especially when there was potential for rain. They were racing each other and with the Mercs here, not a fast Alonso in the slow Ferrari.

      Keep up the pace Dan, nice pass on Seb at the start when he boxed himself behind Rosberg who ran wide. (Inexperience after running races out front for so many years ;) ) Pity there wasn’t a camera on Marko and Horner when Dan made that move!

      Finally, are the working environments harsher or hotter for the fuel flow sensors in the Red Bull, or has Dan just taken over from Webber as Mr Unlucky?

      1. jdnz says:

        What do you mean Mr. Unlucky?

        Compared to a Mr. Unlucky whose whole race was aborted in Melbourne?

      2. Hansb says:

        100% agree with your comment.

      3. Spinodontosaurus says:

        Vettel was told to keep a 2 second gap to Rosberg, Ricciardo a 2 second gap to Vettel, and Alonso was maintaining a similar gap to Ricciardo just behind.
        Running directly behind another car, in the hot and dirty air, is just asking for trouble, and given Red Bull’s pre-season reliability woe’s it is completely understandable that the drivers would be asked to drop back if they couldn’t pass.

      4. aveli says:

        massa’s engine was running hot while bottas’ engine wasn’t but bottas was right up behind him for the last stint and there were not issues. so ricciardo’s call was political.

      5. WSH says:

        +1 What was now the special code to keep Riccardio of Vettel’s back? Triple 21, K44, F0. And when the fuel consumption table came on it was clear: Riccardio’s consumption was higher than Vettel’s. Mmm, was that because of the setting?

        I noticed during practice that a frontwing was taken from Riccardio’s car and walked over to the other garage. Could not see where it was taken, but it did the trick: Is Vettel in need of a piece of Riccardio’s car; did they swap wings?

        I really hope that Riccardio can beat Vettel a few times this year. At least he is a much better starter than Webber ever was.

      6. Sid says:

        What a ridiculous comment! And an equally silly conspiracy theory that only lit up a smile on my face, imagining who’d be so ignorant to presume that. Yeah Ricciardo after consuming more fuel couldn’t stay in touch with his 4 times world champion teammate. Deal with it!

      7. NickH says:


        I love these Red Bull anti Ricciardo conspiracies they always make me laugh, they seem to get more and more elaborate

      8. WSH says:

        @Sid: I thought my comment quite fitting with the state of racing as it is and Horner’s attitude in general. As the racing does not grab my attention long enough anymore, I look for other spicy elements. Well, Red Bull is never short of providing some. Will keep posting “ridiculous” comments.

      9. Grant says:

        Strange to tell a driver who has pace to pass in the DRS zone to drop back. RBR should have waited just a bit longer there.

        Good thing is, it looks like quali and the race is gonna be interesting between these two.

      10. Mikeboy0001 says:

        Yeah, like Vettel’s car was bulletproof in the whole Melbourne weekend, whereas Ricciardo’s car had all sorts of trouble!!!
        When will you people stop the hate?
        Don’t you know that hate messes up with your IQ?Unbelievable!!!

      11. AJ says:

        “Was Dan not also put on to the slower tyre when conveniently Seb’s strategy was to go with the faster tyre again. Nice way to get a gap between Seba and Dan but seemed the wrong strategy, especially when there was potential for rain. They were racing each other and with the Mercs here, not a fast Alonso in the slow Ferrari.”

        I thought this during the race. Dan’s best strategy was to take the mediums at this change, but instead he was put on the hards. Nice way to avoid the chance of the undercut on SV.

    3. Yago says:

      When Alonso was closing on Ricciardo with hard tyres, he was not saving fuel. The team told him to push wiyhout reservations, it can be heared in the radio transmission. Riccierdo was having troubles with hard tyres in the firat sector, and right from free practice it could be seen Alonso was comfortable with hards.

    4. Kingszito says:

      @TJ On top of that he has a 10 place grid penalty in the coming race in Bahrain. Sorry for the poor boy. I hope this doesn’t hurt his confidence.

  11. PB says:

    There is little doubt in my mine that the Red Bull is far superior to any other car in terms of aero, which only speaks of how good that Mercedes power unit must be!

    Full marks to Hamilton for not putting a foot wrong all weekend. When they were showing the Constructors championship standings on TV, it took me a while to locate Red Bull as they were way down in the middle of the list!

    On another note, kudos to Massa for not following team orders. Would could should (as Vettel says) but Bottas wouldn’t have been able to get past Button. Very poor of Williams to have asked Massa to move over at this stage in the championship. Clare Williams interview at the end didn’t help – she appeared ready to punch Ted Kravitz and would’ve probably done so had he asked one more question!

    Finally, poor Riccardo – seems to have inherited Webber’s luck along with his seat!

    1. Truth or Lies says:

      It should be said Claire Williams hasn’t a clue. The idea that she is somehow part of the teams resurgence is laughable. She’s there because of her name and the value that still has in Formula One. If she was really in a serious position she’d be on the pit wall, not in the back of the garage.

      Of course Massa was right to ignore such an idiotic order during the second of 19 races. Bottas on the other hand needs to grow a pair and stop ‘phoning a friend’

      1. James Allen says:

        I think that’s a little uncharitable.

        You haven’t been in the paddock, the Williams team area, the factory and seen her in action, I suspect?

        She’s backed up by a few very smart senior management people, like Mike O Driscoll who is doing a great job as COO, Chris Murray backs her up on marketing/sponsorship side.

        But she’s definitely playing her part in it. An F1 team isn’t a one man (woman) show any more – look at Mercedes and McLaren with split CEO and Team Principal roles

    2. AndyK says:

      I agree. The red bull looks lightning quick if only the power weren’t such an issue. I’d love to actually see the true power & torque curves of the three engines.

  12. Tornillo Amarillo says:

    What a boring HAPPINESS!

  13. C63 says:

    Am I right in thinking Hamilton led every lap of the race? Assuming I am, then as Hamilton got pole, fastest lap, and the win as well – what is that called?
    I remember both the Vetell fans were very excited about it last season. :-)

    1. Nator says:

      Hulk led a lap or 2.

      1. M_E says:

        ah come on thats not leading thats just being in the natural position he would find himself in when he was on a different strategy which meant one less stop, basically he borrowed that position while the real leaders were juggling themselves with pit stops.

        saying that, Im not taking away from hulkenberg, he drove a very impressive race and leading for a lap was still impressive to be in that position (heh) for to be able to take advantage of the other cars pitting around him briefly

    2. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Hulkenberg had the lead for a very short period prior to his first pit stop..

    3. Alexander Supertramp says:

      But I can’t remember whether Lewis overtook Hulkenberg in his outlap, which would mean he has in fact led the field in every lap.

    4. KRB says:

      Grand Chelem, and yes he did. Hulkenburg passed him after Lewis’ first stop, but Lewis passed him again on the same lap, and crossed the start-finish line first. That’s how it’s measured, much as Vettel was considered to have led each lap at Korea ’12, even though he started P2.

    5. Jake says:

      No, I think the Hulk led for half a lap as he had not pitted..

    6. Veteran says:

      Didn’t Hulkenberg pass him in the pitstops?

    7. Migthemuscle says:

      Grand Chalem is what it is called.

    8. Kingszito says:

      Hamilton led every lap of the race. He overtook Hulk mid lap and crossed the start-finish line before Hulk.

    9. Andrew M says:

      It’s called a Grand Chelem, and although technically Lewis achieved it I personally don’t think it should count, as he was clearly behind Hulkenberg for some of the race; similarly some of Vettel’s in recent seasons have technically counted when I don’t think they should have done for similar reasons.

    10. Gaz Boy says:

      Grand Chelum? Ugh, we have already one French language based phrase in “grand prix”, let’s not have another one!
      Let’s call it a grand slam. Let’s stick with the English language version. And while we’re at it, the FIA can be renamed the IAF (International Automobile Federation) and move to Britain, adopt the parliamentary democracy system, and have elections every 2 years.
      I’m half joking of course……….but actually I believe part of the problem with F1′s governing body is that it uses a presidential system where power is effectively vested in just one individual. Parliamentary democracy would encourage a more consensus based ruling body. If you look at the world’s least corrupt countries, they all have parliamentary democracy as their democratic foundation, where as the presidential system used by the likes of even modern developed countries such as France, United States, Italy, South Africa and Brazil is full of despotic narcissistic ego-maniacs pushing their own agenda to the detriment of their country and country’s foreign policy.
      If you think I’m wrong, just think of all the complaints on this forum about the governance of Formula 1. The only way to change F1 positively is to change the actual governmental structure of Formula 1 itself.
      Apologise for the rant, but I still think F1′s structural governance could do with a radical overhaul.

      1. C63 says:

        Blimey! Thank you for your comprehensive reply :-)

      2. C63 says:

        and thanks to all my other respondents.
        Much appreciated :-)

      3. M_E says:

        in general turkeys dont vote for christmas ;)

        so it probably wont ever dhange

      4. M_E says:

        change even!

  14. Michael says:

    …and it’s going to be very dry in Bahrain. So, RB can expect the same butt whipping!

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Good news is Williams will be in the mix. Finally! Bottas could manage a podium, really looking forward to that!!!

      1. Mansell Mania says:

        Assuming he qualifies and stays in front of Massa that is. Ridiculous he didn’t let him past, when he’d spent lap after lap not even looking like overtaking Button.

  15. quattro says:

    “OK Felipe, Valteri is faster than you!”

    That made me laugh, poor Felipe. Imagine all those who have been whining for years about Ferrari “treating” ALO better than MAS or “forcing” MAS to let ALO by. LOL. I wonder if they will finally have gotten it now, or if they will go to Felipe’s rescue again? Maybe backing MAS up is not interesting anymore, when Ferrari/Alonso are not involved?

    1. GP says:

      Come on! It doesn’t change the fact that MAS is the greatest driver who’s ever lived and ALO is a bum.

      Ferrari and Williams just don’t know enough about F1 racing otherwise MAS would win the WDC every year.

    2. Alexander Supertramp says:

      I was disappointed in his overtaking ability. Definitely not agressive enough. The moment you lose that absolute will to compete , overtake and take absolutely no prisoners, you no longer belong in F1. I don’t know whether it was his stint alongside Fernando or his accident, but he’s no longer a racer, Felipe is a driver.

      1. Mansell Mania says:

        I wonder if Williams would have reviewed their decision to hire Massa had they even had an incling of an idea how competitive they would be this season. He’s never been that quick really – and from the second race he doesn’t care about helping out his team-mate / team

      2. Alexander Supertramp says:

        You are basically asking whether Williams think they have the best driver pairing they can get to drive their current package? The answer must be no. There is 1 very intresting driver, the Hulk.

      3. Steven M says:

        Felipe was never a racer, he’s never been known for his passing abilities

    3. Sri says:

      One major difference:
      That was done when the rules said it was not legal.

      1. quattro says:

        Teams have NEVER stopped using TOs, no matter if before, during or after that stupid, unpoliceable, unrealistic, stupid and anti-racing-rule. Ask Mclaren 2008 when HAM won the title, if they used it to let him by Kovalainen or not, despite “the rule” – PS. Negate their response to get the truth.
        The reason people still choose to used it to attack Ferrari, is not because they dislike TOs so much, rather because they dislike Ferrari and will jump on any opportunity to discredit that team… And I have never been a fan of Ferrari, certainly I am not now – but that is really how I feel it is.

      2. C63 says:

        TOs, no matter if before, during or after that stupid, unpoliceable, unrealistic, stupid and anti-racing-rule..

        Wouldn’t banning team orders actually be pro-racing? Although I agree with you, it was ridiculous and completely impossible to police.

      3. quattro says:

        Re C63
        I see what you mean, but I think it will not be pro-racing over time – for the simple reason that it cannot be policed. If 10 teams follow it 100% of the time and only one team only follows it 95% of the time, it will break down and become “anti-racing/unsporting”. As racing IS a team sport, the probability that this (TO) scenario will happen is very big…

        I do also feel that, in certain situations TOs are a necessary & completely fair option.

    4. Yago says:

      Exactly, I don’t see people complaning about it now…

    5. KARTRACE says:


  16. Gaz Boy says:

    Well done to Lewis, Nico Ros and the Merc crew, but on a dry track to be expected really. You put all that effort in before pre-season, so you can just rewards. Well done Brackley lads and lasses.
    Driver of the day? Hulky. Drove the Force India superbly, although it is a smart little car at this point, but netherless a very polished performance.
    Ferrari were underwhelming, as usual. Not massively bad, but the ability to dominate the whole weekend from practice to chequered flag just isn’t there at the moment.
    Macca mildly disappointing, but Jenson was there to with a silky performance.
    Red Bull – curate egg. Pretty strong performance from the Sebastian side of the team. Daniel – keep smiling, even though your team are wrecking your potential thus far, first with illegal fuel flow, and now with a botched pit stop. What is with it Bull and silly mistakes with an Australasian driver?
    Also, potentially, set digging trenches for Vatty and Felipe Claire, you may need them! A fully dry weekend at Bahrain, I expect Frank’s boys to be right up there – but is their relationship damaged already, or just a small tiff?

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      I’d just add that asking Felipe to move over is a can of worms that could get very, very messy……….having seen Vatty talking to the BBC afterwards, he didn’t look best pleased. Yes, just after the race, emotions running high and all that, but still………..having said, team-mates having “banter” at Williams F1 is nothing new, but ignoring a strict team instruction is something else.

    2. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Not my style to jump on the bandwagon, but Hulkenberg was amazing yes. Clinical, top stuff.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        Mind you, credit to Force India. OK, qualifying was skewed by the rain, but they beat Macca and Williams on pure pace. Well done to Eddie’s former team. Keep up the good work!

      2. Alexander Supertramp says:

        Not sure Perez would have achieved the same though!

  17. Lexus says:

    I would just like some feedback from all those who keep going on with the old trend that Lewis cannot look after his tyres and the new trend that Professor Nico is better at racing than Lewis. Anyone who just start viewing F1 would quickly pick up the above and without other evidence start to buy in to it.
    Though Mercedes is dominant I ecpected the racing to be between both team mates. Can James tell us why that was not the case.

    1. Oddz says:


      I am with you on this topic mate.
      A lot of people have been promoting this view that he is somehow less intelligent in race mode and hard on his tyres than most.

      it is true that if you were new to F1 you would go away with this impression, i blame the media for this aswell.

      Doubt James will answer though, i don’t personally blame him, but a lot of his colleagues are to blame for this stereotype.

      1. James Allen says:

        He did a very good job and showed he can ‘manage’ a car and tyres as well as anyone

        Especially good on fuel management today it seems

      2. ReviLO says:

        Good drive by Hamilton today, but one swallow does not make a summer. However the line of Hamilton not being able to mangage tyres and fuel, and being under threat from his more cerebral teammate in this “new” formula one does seem to have taken a hit today. Let’s see what happens during the rest of the season.

      3. SaScha says:

        Hamilton proved this several times against every teamate he had so far , remember Barcelona 2012, as he had to start dead last ond overtook “tyre whisperer” Button in the race with a 1-stopper and finished ahead of him. Or Canada 2010 when even the bridgestones where fragile? How often has lewis to prove oit& how often can his alledgedly smarter temmates be allowed to fail until this nonsense comes to an end?

      4. grat says:

        @RevilO: Actually, that line has been demolished repeatedly over the last two years, for anyone who’s been paying attention.

      5. Kingszito says:

        Lewis has always adapted to any driving style required. Yet I cannot understand why some people think he is not an intelligent racer. He is a world Champion for Christ sake. Alonso is one of the best driver if not the best on the grid, yet Hamilton was able to give him a run for his money in his rookie season and won the championship on his second attempt. Does that count for nothing? Each time Lewis is paired with a new team mate his team mate is tagged “intelligent”. I am glad that the fuel usage of every driver is shown on the screen if not we would still be discussing about Lewis and fuel management.

      6. Rockman says:

        Lewis has always been a great racer no matter the situation. He can adapt to any style of driving needed. He is possibly also the fastest out of any driver on any given day.

        His only weak point in my opinion, is that his performances is related to his relationship with Nicole. At the moment, they are back together and happy which means he’s in a great place mentally. However once they separate for the 44th time, his performance suffers drastically.

    2. WSH says:

      Fully agree. Rosberg was never even close to Hamilton and, indeed, his fuel consumption was much better. Rosberg complained about the rear tyres where Hamilton apparently had no problems.

      Hamilton is a racer, his whining from the past did him no good, but that is over now. At least according to himself. Unfortunately the cars and engines have to be nursed back home, the fuel to be saved as prices might go up between today and Bahrain – so save as much as you can -, otherwise Hamilton would have hammered out a much larger margin. We don’t see the full potential of the Merc.

    3. Malcolm says:

      Lexus and Oddz….the both of you are SPOT ON.

    4. KARTRACE says:

      Well it is relatively easy to manage everything, tires, fuel, when your car is 1.5 sec superior to all other. Also the lap times are gone significantly down and V6 are lot easier on tires then V8′s not to mention V10′s Even thought team had to warn him that there is no need to push so much. We will see if he is really this good as some here believe he is, once he is under the real pressure. That is when he usually starts braking up. Ram into cars from behind (which are stationary), pushes wrong buttons on the steering, riding on the worn out tires, crashes into his opponents. Though I must admit he has matured a lot.

      1. Lexus says:

        I was shocked by your comment. Some of those mistakes you mentioned that Lewis made were in his rookie years and have no bearing on hin today. Some of those mistakes were because his team was not managing him properly and others because he was being targeted such as the infamous “destroy Hamilton’s race” saga. Anyway as you fairly added he has matured.

        The comparison I was making was more in relation to his team mate in equal machinery rather than the v8 and v10 era.

      2. Truth says:

        You know nothing about F1 kartrace, the huge torque increase and downforce reduction makes tyre wear harder to manage and the cars are not much slower round a lap than the previous v8 cars. The drivers throttle control has more to do with tyre wear than the past 4 years.
        Your agenda is obvious, tut tut.

      3. KARTRACE says:

        Thank you 4 telling me that. I am closely following F1 from the era that most probably you were not even on your parents agenda in 1965. So do not lecture me on something that I could have already forgotten and you never even had a chance to learn yet.

      4. Spinodontosaurus says:

        Where do you get that the V6 is easier on the tyres than the V10/V8? The biggest causes of tyre wear are overheating, wheelspin/sliding and high lateral loadings.
        There is a lack of the latter this year, and as a result a lack of the former, but that is thanks to reduced aerodynamic levels, not the engine. The greater power and torque levels in the V6 means it alone would wear the tyres more than the V8, whether this is enough to offset the lower lateral loadings I don’t know.

      5. KARTRACE says:

        If you are referring to turbo era of ’80 yes you are right they would shred those Pirellis in no time. On the other hand today you could map your throttle by wire to different responsiveness so that could be far less of an issue. Also cars today accelerate aided by the battery pack that is also monitoring wheel spin thus reducing torque when required. Brute force of turbo engines is control via fuel flow sensors. So those modern V6 turbos are far from a brute power of the ’80. They even sound as electric shavers, couldn’t you hear that by now

      6. M_E says:

        1.5seconds pmsl! more like 0.4 going by aggregate times from the race. they were however 1.3 sec ahead of mcl during the race though. perhaps you think there are only 2 teams in F1 mclaren and mercedes, :s

  18. RacingFanF1 says:

    What a boring race. One of the most boring start to an F1 season I have ever witnessed.
    So much hype was made for this new rules and how it will be exciting, total letdown.

    Anyway, good race by the Mercs and Redbull, Ferrari/Mclaren looks like it will have another average season. I can see the title being quite boring this year, I think the Mercedes have a lot more in hand that they are showing and Redbull will soon find them self too far behind to mount any title challenge.

    I really don’t know what Williams were thinking with that team call… Having team orders at the second race of the season for a lowly 6th place, just shows how bad Claira Williams is at managing a team. Nice way to get the team to work in harmony for the rest of the 17 races remaining. How the mighty have fallen, using team orders for 6th place….

    Massa is right to be pissed, he has out qualified bottas twice in the rain now. Not to mention massa is not exactly a rain master is he. Beat him this race and would have also beat him in the first race, due to bottas mistakes most likely. Shocking decision by Williams and then Claira denial that team orders were issued on Sky, simply embarrassing….

    Score for the race was 3/10. Poor race, poor season so far. F1 has taken a massive step back in my opinion with this new rules

    1. Anil Parmar says:

      The new rules always cause a field spread, as some get it better than others. in 2009, Brawn dominated early on and in 2005 we had Alonso walking it. Go back to 1998 and Macca were seemingly invincible. The cars will get closer as the seasons go but for now, Merc have done an incredible job and are being rewarded for it.

      Disagree about the Williams issue; Massa had cooling problems and may well have damaged his car by pushing. Here’s hoping Williams have a good qualifying in Bahrain as they clearly have pace.

    2. Alexander Supertramp says:

      I don’t agree. Massa finished in front, but Bottas had the better pace. If anything, it’s a shame Hulkenberg is not driving for Williams- I reckon Claire must be thinking the same.

      1. hulk says:

        forceindia outracing williams for past 3 years . forceindia is a solid team compared to williams. they saved hulkenbergs career after he lost seat with williams. hulk is in safe nest no neeed to witch to williams and put his career again in danger i guess.

      2. Alexander Supertramp says:

        I agree, but it will be difficult to outrace them this year, they are really fast. And at this point Hulkenberg’s career doesn’t need much saving anymore I think, he should me higly credited. Anyway, I wish FI and ‘the Hulk’ the very best.

      3. Kay says:

        True, Bottas had more pace. Having team orders at this point for such a position is still absurd.

        If he genuinely had so much more pace that he could challenge Button, then Bottas should’ve tried overtaking Massa on merit rather than to rely on team orders, and the team should have recognised that, and let their drivers free to race. As Massa said, if Bottas don’t succeed then it’s the same points finish for the race anyway.

    3. Kingszito says:

      It was entertaining when Red Bull was winning everything.. right?

    4. Matthew says:


    5. Craig D says:

      Did you not see the start of the 2010 season in Bahrain?!

      While I agree the first two races haven’t been classics, we’ve had far duller races in recent times (and that’s ignoring many of the mid 2000s races). I like the new cars and there’s certainly been some intriguing battles throughout the field.

      I like the new fuel consumption graphic (even if we question it’s veracity)!

    6. Torchwood Five says:

      The repeat of the infamous words is unfortunate.

      However, I may be alone in seeing a difference between an implicit command to fall back (Ferarri), and the added instruction “Not to impede.” (Williams).

      However, as I posted above, this situation was brewing from much earlier in the race.

  19. Alexander Supertramp says:

    So much for experts claiming Rosberg has the upper hand when it comes down to race management (fuel, tyres). Hamilton was a class above him today.

    I had a big laugh with the Williams radio message to Massa. But him ignoring the team order is not a good thing, it cost Bottas a chance at attacking Button. Massa should have given the spot and if Bottas had not been able to overtake Button then Massa could have gotten past him again. Anyhow, he may have hold onto his position, but he’s still the loser.

    Hulkenberg, wow! This guy is the real deal, amazing race with amazing pace. I feel he has that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that other top drivers have and he strikes me as extremely clinical in his driving. Imagine him in that Williams!

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Annnnnd, Sherlock doing the podium interviews, how awesome was that!

      1. BlueRacer says:

        Bottas couldn’t even get the place from Massa, he had no real chance to pass Button anyway.

      2. Alexander Supertramp says:

        That’s the point, we will never know!

      3. KRB says:

        He did the interviews well, too. Great actor.

      4. Gaz Boy says:

        For more great acting see Vatty interview with the BBC – the look of a furious bloke trying to appear fine with the situation when in fact he wants to give his team-mate a shiner!

      5. mr nice says:

        Well Sherlock seemed to have forgotten Nico Rosberg’s name and called him good sir instead… hehehe

      6. WSH says:

        +1 I missed that unfortunately as the Fox Sport guys from Argentina cut away the broadcast as soon as the 2 hour mark comes up. Important football programs are waiting. Grr.

      7. Torchwood Five says:

        Agreed, that was awesome. You see actors on the track or in the garages at several races, but this is the first time to my knowledge that one was allowed to do the podium interview.

        Lewis looked a bit star-struck, which is nice to see.

      8. Alexander Supertramp says:

        well, it’s frickin’ Sherlock!

    2. NickH says:

      How is he still the loser? He finished ahead. Comical radio transmission, what are Williams doing. Doubtful Bottas would have got past anyway as he couldn’t even overtake Massa

      1. Alexander Supertramp says:

        He was asked to let his faster team mate pass. To me that qualifies as losing..

      2. NickH says:

        He didn’t lose though did he, because he told Williams to stuff their absurd instruction. Funny how they’ve said afterwards that they would have reversed the positions again if Bottas couldn’t overtake button, that wouldn’t have happened. Can’t quite see your logic that he’s a loser by finishing ahead, you seem to have quite a few strange views, including an amusing one further up that ‘Massa is a driver not a racer’. You clearly just personally dislike Massa

      3. aveli says:

        bottas brought home the bacon. much better than going wheel to wheel with crazy massa. assess him at the end of the season.

      4. Alexander Supertramp says:

        I don’t dislike Massa at all. I’m completely neutral about Massa and that’s because he’s anything but exciting to watch. I would love for him to take that Williams performance and storm to the front because that would be exciting. Bahrain will be a great chance for Williams/Massa to show us that he’s still a racer but I doubt he will outrace Bottas. I’ll ask you this, how does Massa still qualify as a real racer to you? He still has some saturday pace, but on sunday?Lackluster performances all over the place!

        Trust me, I’ll happily eat my words if Felipe proves me wrong, but I just call them as I see them and right now I don’t rate Felipe..

    3. Spectreman says:

      @Alex ST
      This is how I see it: Massa valiantly tried to overtake Button, disappointingly didn’t, but can we really blame him? McLaren seems to have a bit of an edge on Williams, especially on straights. Massa lost time in the process, which allowed Bottas to come close. And then of course Bottas was faster, he was using DRS, Massa couldn’t. Had Massa let him thru and IF (yes, it’s a big if) Bottas managed to get close enough to try a move on Button, he would probably only get the same problem Massa (allegedly) did: an overheated engine. No, Massa was no loser, au contraire mon frère, idiot of the day goes to Claire Williams.

      1. Alexander Supertramp says:

        Let’s wait until after Bahrain. Dry weather on saturday and sunday, finally top conditions for Williams to shine.

    4. hulk says:

      hulk in williams car?. how many times williams outraced forceindia?. australia doesnt suits to forceindia strengths where high downforce matters, malaysia is a proper track to determine pace of the car. hulk finished 35 sec ahead of mclaren and williams. as a hulk fan im very happy where hes now . forceindia will finish this season too ahead of williams by a country mile, watch out for forceindia in second half of season. i dont want to see hulk career in danger again with williams they almost ended his career, stupid williams and thanks to forceindia.

  20. Mocho_Pikuain says:

    Seb and Alo seemed to be able to fight faster cars than theirs, but in the end machinery made the difference. I would have liked to see what would have been the Hulk-Kimi battle if not for that puncture the finn suffered. On the dry looks like there is half a second per lap between teams, but the Mercs were cruising and the Force india was helped by a nice strategy.

  21. Sanky says:

    Great win for Hamilton and Mercedes…he totally had the measure of his teammate today…very impressive performances from Hulkenberg and also Riccardo until the pitstop incident

    Massa incident was too funny – “Bottas is faster than u” He looks set to remain a No2 driver even for the remaining part of his career.

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      It’s not Williams’ fault that he was driving as a No.2. It’s always potentially awkward when the slower team mate is in front.

      Massa himself is not easy to pass, he’s pretty good in defending position. Bottas couldn’t overtake him, but he had better pace in clean air.

  22. Alex Trickle says:

    Until the disaster for Ricciardo at the end it looked very much like last year’s result just Mercedes and RBR switched.

    Very boring race up at the front but all the top 3 drove very controlled mature races shame thats not exciting for us viewers.

    Hulkenberg made a good stab at a 2 stop but 5th is still a great result for him and FI.

    Be interesting to see how Bottas and Williams react to Massa’s defiance as Bottas probably could’ve got past Button netting the team more points overall.

    Disappointing performance by the McLarens.

    Great to see Grosjean make the race distance – one more retirement and he’d have taken a point home. Hopefully this marks Lotus having gotten on top of most of their reliability issues and can work on performance and get into the mix. I personally rate Grosjean highly and it would be a shame to see him languish at the bottom.

    1. Mercedessss says:

      How could we assume that Bottas would get past Button if he couldn’t even overcome Massa? As far as I know, Button knows how to defend his position at least as well as Felipe…

      1. Torchwood Five says:

        The Williams’ strategists counted on Bottas’ tyres being much fresher than Jenson’s so thought if he was released to catch up to the MacLaren, they wanted to see if he could pass.

        There was no comparison made between Bottas’ and Massa’s tyres, since they were supposedly on the same side.

  23. Samir says:

    Even with a comfortable cushion, he was inquiring what he could do to save the engine…who Lewis?! Not bad for a “non-thinking” driver doing his first race distance in this car, eh? As for Nico…not bad for a heavy driver, if you know who I’m talking about…he lets his driving do the talking too…and the thinkers will have to think some more…but most of all beware, the Bulls are coming …an intriguing season in prospect…
    Looking forward to the usual post-race technical analysis, James

    1. Oddz says:



    2. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Agree with everything you say. With regards to the Hulk: he might just land a Ferrari seat if Fernando leaves- which is looking more and more likely with each passing race. Remember the last time a German landed a seat with a struggling Italian team?

      1. Andrew M says:

        Yeah, he won at Monza in 2008!

  24. Ian says:

    Hi James

    Was Ricciardo at fault with the wheel nut issue or was it his pit crew?


    1. James Allen says:

      Sensor fault in the system apparently – pesky sensors!

      1. KRB says:

        Double penalty now with the 10-place grid drop for Bahrain. RBR have really screwed up Ricciardo.

      2. stoic says:

        Yep, and it’s weird coz they were penalized for unsafe release due to one of the pit crew not wearing head protection. Violation of Article 23.11 of sporting regs.

        Can be clearly seen here:

      3. C63 says:

        I thought the 10 place grid drop was pretty tough. I realise why they are doing it , but even so. Apparently there was also talk of a further punishment for the team, as not all the mechanics who recovered DR’s car were wearing crash helmets (which is mandatory)! That would have been overly harsh, although as it was Red Bull it would have been funny :-)

      4. Alexander Supertramp says:

        I understand and respect the philosophy behind the unsafe release penalties, but I can’t say the same about the implementation of that philosophy into the current rules. There is too much stress on the penalisation of the driver, who cannot be blamed for a loose wheel nut. Give the team a drive through but add it virtually. E.g., Ricciardo ends up 4th and takes 12 points. Add the virtual drive through and Ricciardo for instance is 6th , so Red Bull receive 8 points. And if the FIA feel this is not harsh enough they can still add a standard, virtual 5 (or 3) grid penalty for the next race which for exemple would give Red Bull 4 points (or 8) for a third place but the driver would take 15. And off course, add a huge fine! But please, stop penalising the drivers for team errors.

      5. Alexander Supertramp says:

        Well that smiley does NOT belong there, should have been an 8

      6. j says:

        Karma to RBR for criticizing another companies sensors, their own sensors fail… and their own wing fails.

      7. C63 says:

        Good point.

      8. UAN says:

        I believe it was the FIA Gill sensor that failed. Red Bull then went off their fuel rail (same as in AUS). If that had failed, the car would probably stop…

    2. Gaz Boy says:

      If there is a problem with pit stops with the Bulls, its usually an Australian driver who cops the worse of it.
      Or is that just cynicism?

  25. Joao says:

    Hi James,

    I wonder whether the fuel saving of the Williams cars made the cars slower since they were heavier than the competition?

    I know that they did not have the easiest of the first races so they could learn more from it to adjust the cars for the second race as well as they could have.

    Still, it looks as though Williams left some performance on the table.

    I know that Felipe Massa does not always fair well outside of the European tracks. All of those changing conditions may confuse him a little too much. And maybe it confused the team as a whole as well.

    Williams need to use their fuel as well as the other teams. It was a nice comparison graphics. Sometimes we may wonder why drivers are so slow, and being able to tell that the problem may indeed be shared by the car helps to make the picture clearer.

    1. BlueRacer says:

      Good question! It seemed as if Williams had a lot of fuel left in the end.
      Or maybe the fuel graphics assumes that everybody has 100kg of fuel, while Williams was carrying less. It would still make us wonder why they didn’t carry and use more fuel anyway.

    2. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Good observation, they seemed to struggle on the straights (even with DRS).

  26. Richard says:

    Boring race. But at least it wasn’t a 1-2 for Red Bull!

    Good drive by Hulk, was also pretty odd seeing a Ferrari car actually able to match a Red Bull. Are those pesky Italians finally learning the trick…?

  27. Jonathan says:

    And this is the pinnacle of motorsport!
    cars look awful, sound awful and the racing is awful
    Well done to the FIA, you’ve done a great job!!

    1. C63 says:

      cars look awful, sound awful and the racing is awful….
      It’s a funny thing isn’t it – opinion?
      I disagree with everything you have posted :-)

    2. Anil Parmar says:

      Yeah, they really need to sort the microphones out. Why are they so far away from the track? The cars sound great at full speed but you can’t hear them :(

    3. George G says:


  28. Fireman says:

    This was easily the most boring race in a long time. Doesn’t look too promising for modern F1 era.

    1. Anil Parmar says:

      Huge rule changes always cause a field spread, just as they did in 98, 2005 and 2009. Mercedes are being rewarded for their incredible work but just as we saw in the latter half of 2009 and again in 2010, the cars will get much closer.

    2. Michael says:

      I guess all those races last year with Vettel dominating wasn’t boring enough for u? They were awful.

  29. quattro says:

    The most exciting thing I see during the “race” was basically the fuel usage table. Racing has turned into a race for who coasts, sorry i mean drives, the longest distance with the least amount of fuel and minimum amount of action.

    And what is the deal with the Merc dominance? Probably Horner was right when talking about true Merc advantage. I am almost sure both Mercs could have lapped VET today… They were just holding back for two reasons. (1) to not bring disgrace over the new F1 formula/loosing spectators/fans (2) to save engines, even though not really needed when you are so dominant…
    - Pit to ROS: Gap to VET is 3.5s. We would like it to increase to 5s, please.
    He could as well have added – What do you want at the pit stop, softs with tea or hards with coffee? Or only a drink?

    ZZZZzzzzzz. Goodbye racing.

    1. quattro says:

      Also, unless ROS had a problem that they have not mentioned yet, it looks as Merc decides prior to the race who of the two drivers will take the win. No way ROS was racing HAM today…

      1. trev says:

        priceless :-)

      2. Oddz says:

        You suggesting Merc told Ros to slow Vettel down and let Lewis win?


      3. quattro says:

        As I see it – VET could not, not even in fantasy land, have catched and even less so passed either ROS or HAM today. Both Merc drivers were literally playing games with the rest.

      4. Alexander Supertramp says:

        Yeah, so much for Rosberg aknowledging that Hamilton was just quicker today. Don’t you think Rosberg would notice if his car was lacking performance?

      5. quattro says:

        “Yeah, so much for Rosberg acknowledging that Hamilton was just quicker today.”
        Media talk, part of the game…

        “Don’t you think Rosberg would notice if his car was lacking performance?”
        I did nowhere say that ROS was unaware of the arrangement – that is the point. ROS could have catched HAM today and challenged him – I cannot imagine the time difference with same car and more or less equally matched drivers can be thaaat big!

        Basically management have sit down with both drivers and all agreed – whoever leads the first lap gets the win, period. Such is the dominance of them atm.

      6. KRB says:

        So Rosberg let him have this one? Don’t be silly. You don’t think it’s possible that Rosberg might’ve just got it wrong on setup this particular weekend?

        I doubt very much that Rosberg would want to leave any hint – with the team or Lewis – that he is ok with playing second fiddle, at any point.

        There is a conspiracy any and everywhere if you have it in your mind to find one.

      7. quattro says:


        I suspect you were replying to me (?).

        “You don’t think it’s possible that Rosberg might’ve just got it wrong on setup this particular weekend?”
        Of course it is…everything is possible, the only question is about the probability.
        I do find it very strange that ROS seemed so relaxed and happy with the final result (2nd). I would expect some blaming/complaining about balance/setup/etc if he was not happy with it, in order to explain to everyone why HAM was able to beat him. No such things…hence very fishy!

        “I doubt very much that Rosberg would want to leave any hint – with the team or Lewis – that he is ok with playing second fiddle, at any point.”
        I never said he had agreed to such thing as playing 2nd fiddle! Any such agreement (to let the other win) would of course have been valid for all parts under certain circumstances. It commits not only ROS, but also HAM.

        “There is a conspiracy any and everywhere if you have it in your mind to find one.”
        Very true. It is equally true that, when analyzing events without having complete facts, it is very easy for anyone (e g you) to reject unwanted conclusions as being…conspiratorial – without providing any kind of facts to support their view…

        PS. You were here arguing for why it would be VALID for Merc to impose TOs at this stage – Basically they only took it a step further…

      8. Bombur says:

        After the race Toto Wolff mentioned in an interview that Rosberg had problems with oversteering. At first they thought it was because he burned his tires at the start. But the problem persisted after the first pit stop.
        He didn’t know what the probelm was but he mentioned twice that they have to look into that.

      9. KRB says:

        @quattro, do you know what Occam’s Razor is? The simplest explanation is usually the most accurate one. Those that put out controversial theories have the burden of producing evidence, instead of stupidly claiming that others have an obligation to provide evidence to disprove wrong-headed theories! You can’t prove a negative, after all.

        Why couldn’t Rosberg just say “ok, you beat me here, but wait ’til next race”. It happens. Maybe he set up expecting rain to hit, who knows. So then he can accept that having lost a battle, to concentrate on the war, and make sure of 2nd. Griping afterwards about wrong setup choices, etc. is just unseemly, so why do it? I guess he could get like Alonso in ’07 and lose his head and blow his top, and then what? What would that gain him?

        Do you remember when Sir Alex Ferguson needled Rafa Benitez in the press, in 2009? Finally Rafa cracked, went on a rant, and Sir Alex knew right at that point that he had him.

        Are you saying that Rosberg would be best served griping and complaining at this stage?

        Team orders are valid. They weren’t necessary at all on Sunday, Hamilton could always match Rosberg’s times.

      10. Michael says:

        That’s ridiculous

      11. Torchwood Five says:

        Rosberg had a ‘moment’ at the start, just after powering in front of Vettel to take 2nd, his car struggling for grip for a couple seconds, and Lewis just boosted off into the distance.

        Laps later, Lewis later got a radio message saying “Nico is struggling with the rear tyres, make sure to look after yours.”

        Rosberg had no overt issue, but that was why he was ‘best of the rest’, today.

      12. Andrew M says:

        If that was the case do you really think Rosberg would be trailing round 17 seconds behind Hamilton, which let’s face it didn’t really make him look great?

    2. Kingszito says:

      This is how all F1 fans felt for the past four years unless you are Vettel fan. For you guys (Vettel fans) then it was awesome and for his genuine masterclass that he was winning everything. I hope this Mercedes dominance last for a very very long time for you (Vettel fans) to feel exactly what we felt.

    3. j says:

      Bye then. So sad to see you go (not really).

      1. quattro says:

        The least you can do is to READ properly m8. It is racing who has de facto left the place. I am going nowhere atm as you obviously are reading right now – probably it will happen at some point if matters do not change and wont be missing this either.

        PS. I really care very much about you being sad (or not).

  30. quattro says:

    ROS trying to find an opening withing marketing? His Petronas advertisement at the podium was 100% ridiculous…on the clownish side of the scale.

    1. Truth or Lies says:

      Agreed, very NASCAR like :)

      On the other hand Benedict Cumberbach was excellent as a post race interviewer. Please can we have Sherlock a few more times this year. Silverstone for sure ??

    2. TJ says:

      completely agree.

    3. Alexander Supertramp says:

      It’s not his fault that drivers HAVE to do this. I thought Lewis was just as awkward, but it’s part of the job.

      1. quattro says:

        Drivers have sponsor commitments and need to thank them in interviews now and then, but they do not HAVE to do THAT.

      2. Alexander Supertramp says:

        Well, we understand each other

      3. James Clayton says:

        He didn’t *have* to do that. The guy doing the interviews had actually left Nico and was moving onto Vettel when Nico dragged him back to do his little bit of marketing.

        Podium interviews have always been cheesy, but the cheese has never quite been *that* potent before!

    4. Gaz Boy says:

      Very true, but as a professional racing driver always remember who pays your salary. Also, the fuel companies are just as competitive as the chassis and engines brigade – perhaps even more so, the quest to find the ultimate combustion from fuel has to be a very competitive arena.

    5. Fireman says:

      C’mon, Nico is a classy guy. Lewis was probably thinking “Oh, shit. Forgot that.”

  31. Joan says:

    Bad luck for Vettel. When he managed to get himself within DRS range of Rosberg, yellow flags for a Sauber denied him the opportunity to make a move on him. Not sure he could have held 2nd place if he had managed to get through, but it would have been interesting fighting.

    1. Kingszito says:

      Before the incident, Vettel used DRS on ROS once but couldn’t pass.

    2. Fireman says:

      At least we would’ve seen Nico turn his engine up to 75 percent or something.

    3. wolf says:

      I could be wrong, but for a couple of the laps when Ricciardo was less than a second behind Vettel he didn’t appear to use DRS. Is anyone in a position to confirm or refute this?

      1. Joan says:

        All I can say is that I say him use DRS on more than one occasion when trailing VET. He might have not used it for some reason on some lap, but I can tell you that it took so long for VET to leave RIC behind was because what VET managed to gain in the middle sector RIC made up for in the straights with DRS.

  32. KRB says:

    Very controlled race from Lewis, never threatened. Beat Rosberg pretty comprehensively, especially in the fuel-saving (if the stats shown on the FOM feed are accurate). That was a pretty easy win for Lewis, and I can’t remember the last one that was as easy. I think it has to be China 2008! Geez that’s a long time.

    This was also Lewis’ first Grand Chelem (pole, win, fastest lap, lead every lap), even though Hulkenburg did pass him on track after the first pit stop. But because Lewis was able to retake the lead within the same lap, Hulkenberg “officially” never led a lap.

    Other random thoughts on MAL GP 2014:

    - In the pre-podium room, noted Vettel speaking German with Rosberg

    - Dunno about Lewis’ hair … quite the frizz going on in the Malaysia heat. If you’re gonna play with it during the anthems, just shave it off!

    - Who’s the Mercedes mechanic/pitwall guy who drew the short straw and had to wear the teal overalls?

    - Merc’s chief race engineer Andrew Shovlin picked up the constructors trophy this time. Last time out it was Andy Cowell (head of Merc AMG HPP). Wolff and Lowe must be quite confident of further wins, as it’s usually the TP who goes up for the first one

    - Interesting to see that the Petronas Pres & CEO, and all the Malaysian officials, had at least 7-word names. Gonna have to look them up, along with the titles used.

    - JA (not sure if you caught this on the FOM feed), but who was the McLaren guy who came to congratulate Paddy Lowe in the pitlane after the race?

    - Saw Niki Lauda talkin’ to someone on his phone after the race. Didn’t look like a Blackberry though! Looked like a wider phablet too, though couldn’t make it out.

    - First 1-2 for Merc since 1955. Whatever you might think of them, it’s good that such a marquee name in GP racing is having some success in F1 that they for various reasons have missed out on over the years. Obviously they had a lot of their success before the F1 World Championship came into being, and then of course their withdrawal after the 1955 Le Mans disaster.

    - Good podium for Vettel, and another points-finish for Kvyat! Terrible luck for Perez, Raikkonen, and Ricciardo. Last year I advanced the idea of creating a new stat, to highlight when a car had finished, but had their race compromised by an incident (RCI = race compromising incident). Obviously Ricciardo didn’t finish, although he likely would’ve in the absence of the RCI’s he suffered. Raikkonen definitely had an RCI … I think the FIA have to revisit the front wing endplates, to enforce some rounded edges on them. It takes away from the show when a top driver in a top team is punted to the back of the grid early in the race through no fault of their own. But back to Ricciardo … I think we need another stat: PWC = pit-work calamity! Ricciardo was not under immediate threat from behind, so make 100% sure of fitting the tires properly! That PWC just cost him 12 points. The team to date have cost him 30 points! It’s reminiscent of HAM @ McLaren in 2012.

    Lastly, this race makes up for the utter implosion of my beloved Maple Leafs, or goes some ways to soothing that hurt a little. Hopefully Liverpool can get the 3 pts against Spurs to make it an all-around good Sunday. COME ON YOU REDS!

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      How about a grand prix around the streets of Merseyside? There was a grand prix at Aintree back in the late 50s, so Liverpool does have heritage in F1.
      Mind you, the magic Mancunian Ross wouldn’t be so happy………..mind you, I bet he is smiling at the moment with the team he put together before he left.
      If anyone from Liverpool City Council is reading this, get in touch with FOM/Mr E and make it happen!

      1. James Allen says:

        Have you seen the state of the roads?

      2. Gaz Boy says:

        I have James, I admit they need a bit of a refurbishment……..but, let’s face it F1 tracks are too smooth nowadays anyway! It would give the engineers and mechanics something to think about it terms of suspension compliance!
        The sight and smell of grand prix cars blasting around the Albert Dock area is mouth-watering. We’ve got an Albert Park grand prix, so how about an Albert Dock grand prix?

    2. CYeo says:

      Niki Lauda was using an Apple iphone.

      You can tell from the bottom earpiece location and speaker layout.

      Hamilton didn’t lead every lap, Hulkenberg led for one, I think.

      1. Kingszito says:

        Hamilton led every lap. @KRB was right. Hulk passed Lewis on his out lap, but Lewis overtook him on the same lap and crossed the start-finish line before him.

    3. F1addicted says:

      I thought Lauda was using an iphone 4.

    4. Ken Switzer says:

      Brilliant drive!
      But alas no room for curlers inside that helmet? Lewis seemed keen to keep his hair under wraps. He whipped on that cap in the refresh room even before he’d dried down with the towel….

    5. C63 says:

      I think Vetell was speaking in German to Nico as he didn’t want Lewis to understand him . Apparently he was saying ‘ this guy [Lewis] is just too quick for us, we have no chance against him’ . To which Nico replied, ‘it’s alright for you, at least you can blame the car’. 8-)

      1. Tad says:

        Very amusing. You make me smile.

      2. Steven M says:

        HAHAHAHA!! Good one! And yes, Im a Lewis fan =)

    6. C63 says:

      Don’t know anything about the Maple Leafs (although perhaps I should as I am half Canadian), but at least the ‘Reds’ did as you requested – top of the table I believe, although I only know slightly more about football than I do about the Maple Leafs!

      1. KRB says:

        Yes, very good game by LFC. They put Spurs to the sword again. Yes, top of the table, though Man City have 2 games in hand that if won would see them top. Of course, Liverpool have Man City and Chelsea to come at Anfield, so if they win their remaining games, they will be champions.

        Suarez is simply amazing, always a threat. He’ll certainly beat the EPL’s 38-match-season scoring record (he has 29 right now, behind Shearer/Ronaldo with 31).

        It’s a good thing you don’t know anything about the Maple Leafs. All I’ve ever known from them in PAIN. :-)

      2. KRB says:

        Of course that should read is PAIN. Agh.

    7. Andrew M says:

      Fun fact: The German national anthem has been heard on the podium for the last 16 races in a row, a sequence that doesn’t look like ending any time soon.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        You never know, the Mercs could break down, Sebastian could make a mistake, and perhaps Daniel’s fortune will turn and we’ll hear “Advance Australia Fair”.

      2. KRB says:

        Interesting stat, goferet would be proud. As far as anthems go, the German national anthem is one of the best. Great melody.

  33. Sam says:

    Largely uneventful race.

    F1 is kicking itself in the nuts enough with the general public without midfield teams starting to play the team orders game.

    I’m proud of Massa for holding position when Williams told him to let Bottas through.

    Surely the team could have chosen a different phrase! – I really hope Felipe got back on the radio and said “If he is, then he should have no problem getting past!”

    It’s a really dangerous thing to be saying to any driver so early into the season – Had there been the chance for a podium as a reward then perhaps, but for a max gain to 6th place I think the call was pretty unwarranted. It does nothing but stir bad blood between the drivers.

    Either way I think it unlikely Bottas would have dealt with Button in the 2 laps that remained – I was surprised Williams were prepared to risk the points they salvaged from their incredibly poor qualifying efforts by letting the boys fight it out so late in the game.

    1. Jim says:

      It’s a team sport. Team members are supposed to compete as a team, including following legal team orders. I would expect that this is discussed with the drivers beforehand, and that they agree to do what they’re told. If they then disobey team orders I think it reflects badly on them. We’ll never know now, but Massa may have cost his team valuable constructors points.

      Having said all that, it was a poor choice of phrasing from the pit wall. And I have sympathy with Massa coming from years as Ferrari’s number two driver.

  34. dazzle says:

    If Nico Rosberg’s car had no issues and Hamilton just beat him like that, then he will be having nightmares this week cause everyone was talking him up as being more than capable of beating Hamilton.

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Based on today Rosberg needs to find performance. But as James said, he can afford to bring the car home behind Lewis and still lead the championship. Look at the standing, finishing the race is very very important (obviously!). But if Paddy Lowe’s post race interview is anything to go by, Mercedes are definitely not taking reliability for granted. It’s really a ‘sword of Damocles’ type of thing.

    2. Fireman says:

      Nico had trouble with rear tires which allowed Lewis to open a gap. Then Lewis just coasted to victory. I hope Nico can outpace Lewis on other tracks. Otherwise where going to have pretty boring season.

    3. Fastfastfast says:

      Fan of f1 but I’m not very technical but could Rosberg have set up for a bit of rain, hence, the slower lap times compared to Lewis.

      Is this possible, James?

      1. James Allen says:

        No, I think he was sliding around quite a bit which is not indicative of higher downforce for the wet

    4. Birgitt MB says:


  35. Malcolm Smethurst says:

    Good for Massa. Cards on the table from the get go. Sure, Bottas may have got JB, but it was stupid of the engineer to use that phrase. Must have known the significance of it and that it was guaranteed to wind up Felipe.

    In other news, Ericsson was nicely feisty.

    1. Kevin says:

      Agreed, as James has stated in a previous comment there was more to it than how it appeared on the world feed. Very bad choice of words, no wonder he ignored the order.

  36. KRB says:

    Did Massa staying ahead of Bottas in the last laps stop Williams from perhaps getting one car ahead of Button? I think if Massa had let through Bottas to attack Button as soon as Williams put out the order – I think there were still 6 laps to go – they very well might have.

    There’s a situation where I would a team could say to its drivers “ok driver A, following driver B is quicker on better tires … you’ve tried to pass driver C, and can’t … let B through to attack C, and if he can’t get by, we will switch back the positions before the flag”.

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      I think it was 3/4 laps. But yeah, Jenson was right in front (1.3 seconds). To be fair to Massa, odds are Bottas would have encountered the same issues (lack of straight line speed?). But one thing is for sure, Bottas would have been way more aggressive in his attempt(s).

  37. audifan says:

    will mercedes issue a press release of thanks to ross brawn for having spearheaded the development of this car ?
    personally I am already sick of some german fellow trying to get in from of the camera and act as though it was all his doing

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Paddy Lowe takes the time to thank Ross every chance he gets. He strikes me as a really nice, sincere and obviously intelligent man.

      1. James Allen says:

        He is.

        He’s very competitive though!

    2. Spinodontosaurus says:

      Paddy Lowe actually mentioned Ross Brawn as being a part of building what they had in an interview with the BBC after the race, Toto Wolff had said the same the same during FP2.

    3. Baba says:

      And who is this German guy?

  38. Truth says:

    Very interesting race, performance in the dry of Redbull and Mercedes not so far apart if you judge it on Vettel, Rosberg and Ricciardo, Hamilton’s pace was superior but he has often shown superior pace. The new breed of cars seem to let the drivers skill count a bit more compared to the last 4 or 5 years of on rails engineering mastered by Newey in particular although Redbull will always take some beating in car performance and development.
    P.s Hamilton should remember that Rosberg was quicker in parts of practice……touch paper lit.lol

  39. James AWOL says:

    Well done Lewis, superb dominant performance.

  40. Grant says:

    With reduced tyre degrad, Nico is really gonna have a hard time against Lewis.

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      I don’t think Nico is better at tyre management though..

  41. Sudipt Chatterjee says:

    Congrats to mercedes, pretty dominant throughout the race! Red bull package not bad in the dry as well. Getting concerned about the pace of the Ferrari.

  42. Random 79 says:

    Well done to the top three, and credit to Massa for sticking to his guns.

    And Daniel: Fantastic start to take the fight to Vettel, but as for the unfortunate pit stop / wheel falling off / wing falling off / drive through penalty what can you really say?

    If nothing else hopefully you’ve already used up all your bad luck quota for the year so with any luck there will be some good times ahead, so keep smiling :)

    1. Jake says:

      10 place grid penalty, so no luck at the next race.

      1. Random 79 says:

        Yep, for the unsafe release, but how exactly is that Ricciardo’s fault?

        I know the grid drop in addition to the drive through is the FIA’s bright idea to stop unsafe releases – and obviously it’s working to great effect – but seriously, I’d like to see just one race without having a driver take a grid drop penalty for something that isn’t their fault (and no the first race doesn’t count).

        Here’s an idea: If the drivers are given points on their license why not give the teams demerit points as well?

        No idea how it would pan out, but it would have to be better than this rubbish.

    2. Gaz Boy says:

      Daniel, a straight talking bloke hailing from Australasia who seems to have the majority of misfortune whether botched pit stops, technical issues or disqualifications while driving for a team based in Milton Keynes, Bucks.
      Hmm………..sounds familiar Random?
      If I was an American, I’d be sounding off conspiracy theories ten to the dozen about Daniel. However, I’m not a Yank and I’ll just say that Daniel is having a difficult debut at Red Bull. I’ll leave it there. Well, try to anyway………..and yes, Dan does have a 10 place grid drop for Bahrain just to make the race next weekend even more, ahem (cough) interesting.
      I dunno, if Australasian drivers didn’t have bad luck at Red Bull, they wouldn’t have any luck at all………………….

      1. Random 79 says:

        Yep, but as I said above hopefully he’s used up all his bad luck already and clear skies ahead.

      2. mr nice says:


  43. Oddz says:

    I am happy man right now.
    Hopefully these stereotypes about Lewis not being a smart driver or hurting his tyres more than other drivers will be put to bed, somehow i doubt it though :(
    That Mercedes has a lot of speed, 17 secs faster than Nico and Vettel a further 24 behind, JEEEZ!!

    Driver of the day, Nico Hulkenberg followed by Lewis

    Finally Massa has had enough. Good for him.
    Past time to show Cojones. Well done Massa :)

    all in all, i enjoyed the race and to top it off my driver one and my team got a 1-2, good start to the day if i say so myself

    1. quattro says:

      “Hopefully these stereotypes about Lewis not being a smart driver or hurting his tyres more than other drivers will be put to bed, somehow i doubt it though”

      I am sure they will disappear if the guy is able to at last deliver a respectable position at the end of a season table, instead of more or less getting nowhere (further than blaming), with the fast packages he keeps getting year after year.

      1. NickH says:

        Yeah that break down whenever he was comfortably leading in them

  44. Jock Ulah says:

    “Felipe, Bottas is faster than you”.

    (“So goddamn what – I’m racing”)

    And so you should be!

    1. Fireman says:

      Massa: “I heard fatter, which is true, and kept racing.”

  45. Melb F1 fan says:

    That was a bit of snooze fest.

  46. MISTER says:

    Very poor choice of words from Williams in respect of Massa/Bottas battle.

    Was surprised to see Kimi struggeling to overtake the Lotus, while Alonso was almost keeping pace with Rosberg and Vettel.

    For me this race seemed a bit better than Australia, but not by much. Still fairly dull race.

    Now it seems Daniel will be hit by a 10-place grid penalty for next race. Seems harsh, but those are the rules.

    Maybe RBR should make sure their cars are not released without all wheels secure, before complaining about a sensor failing or giving innacurate/fluctuating readings.

    Watching the BBC forum, David Coulthard explained that the red light on the RedBull pitstop has gone off (therefore releasing the driver) because of a possible sensor failure which is supposed to go off after a certain amount of torque is put by the wheel nut. In Daniel’s case, the wheel was not secure, but that sensor still gave the signal that the wheel was secure. Sensor failure RedBull?

    1. Malcolm Smethurst says:

      I suppose if it was cross threaded it would torque up and trip the sensor. If so it’s a stupid system.

    2. Sujith says:

      Damaged floor for Kimi after the puncture… we all know.. he’s not quick if the car is not to his liking!!

    3. Elie says:

      Kimi had damage to his floor. Also had twice as many laps twice the laps in his tyres to Grosjean. At the start Kimi was almost round the outside of Fernando before Magnussen incident-he had genuine pace before that- in fact all weekend – such a shame

    4. Alexander says:

      Not difficult to understand some damgage to the floor after that one lap without the rear tyre. Well if keeping in touch is to be between 15 and 20 sec gap, yes Alonso was very close to the Mercs and Bulls

    5. Fireman says:

      “Was surprised to see Kimi struggeling to overtake the Lotus, while Alonso was almost keeping pace with Rosberg and Vettel.”

      Kimi’s floor was damaged and tires were in poor shape in the end. Nevertheless, he overtook Grosjean, but Grosjean took the position back by hitting Kimi in turn one.

      The good old harpooner is back.

    6. aveli says:

      does massa not work with the same engineer he worked with at ferrari?
      i don’t think they had a meeting to decide which words to use. smedly must have written the script for them.

  47. Oddz says:


    They are catching up development wise at an alarming rate. they hardly had any testing and already they are the second best team!? Newey should have more restrictions on him lol :P

    I reckon if Redbull get their way with this fuel flow issue, they will dominate again.

    As for Riccardo…., no conspiracies but how comes errors like that never happen to Vettel, he may get the odd DNF here and there but no these amateur errors!
    Redbull should just stop putting Aussies in that car, it is cursed!

    1. Michael says:

      Well, Redbull are not going to get there way and the fuel sensors aren’t going anywhere. People need to remember Redbull is not bigger than F1.

    2. Andy Jones says:

      If Red Bull get their way with the fuel flow sensor appeal all the other teams do as well and their relative position probably remains the same.

      If they win their appeal all they do is throw the technical regs under a bus and undermine the whole sport. Slow handclap at the ready…

  48. And they say Rosberg does the job when it matters. Yes he is quick but not as quick as Lewis.

    1. Yago says:

      Amazing the number of people saying “good job from Rosberg”. What the …..! He got destroyed by Lewis! People only see the car-driver performance, and are unable to get rid of the car factor. It’s beyond me. Or maybe there are quite a few germans around here…

  49. Clarks4WheelDrift says:

    Glad Massa didn’t fold.

    Same strategy as Bottas, tyres only two laps older, Jenson not looking too bad infront. Whoever made that call to tell Massa to move over should be told just how big a mistake it was. Why wreck the team dynamics in only race two of the season.

    Williams strategists need to waken up and that goes for the mistakes in qually as well. If they are unsure what to do, let the drivers decide and race each other. Seems like Clare realised this in her post race interview though.

  50. TGS says:

    We’re Williams trying to mess with Massa’s head deliberately? Terrible call from the pit lane as Bottas still had 1.5 seconds to Button with three laps left. They even phrased it the same way. Why didn’t they just get Rob Smedley on the phone from the factory to deliver the message. Bad luck to Ricciardo too.

  51. giorgio says:

    Ricardo exceeds all expectations, it’s so pity he got such an unlucky line.

  52. Harshad says:

    Felipe:”Valtteri is faster than you”
    That was stunner. Sure Felipe didn’t expect that!
    How ironic that his poor show with Ferrari very much started with “Fernando is faster than you”.

    Sad,Williams chose these words. They could explained him the situation better and importantly use better words to give team orders.

    1. quattro says:

      “How ironic that his poor show with Ferrari very much started with “Fernando is faster than you”.”

      Heh, wow. So, your perception of all this is still that Massas “poor show with Ferrari” STARTED with “Fernando is faster than you”??!!!

      Ever considered the possibility that the “XYZ is faster than you”, STARTED because his “show REALLY is POOR”?

      Maybe it is a grid-wide conspiracy against MAS. Each team he drives for, has agreed to bring him down the first they do, by telling him publicly the he is too slow and need to let his team mate by, even though he is very very fast on track?! Yea, makes sense especially for a floated company!

      1. Harshad says:

        I was referring to his overall time with Ferrari with Alonso as his teammate.
        Massa rarely challenged Alonso after that incident.

      2. Zachary's Disease says:

        Massa was 100 points off the lead by the German gp…..he never challenged alonso or any teammate for that matter consistently…..except Kimi…..That’s the problem with Massa, not Alonso’s or ferraris.

    2. mr nice says:

      Yes, they werent devious enough to come up with a muli-21 code.

  53. NickH says:

    Fantastic Lewis. I think Rosberg will be doing some head scratching..

    Not sure what Magnussen was doing when he hit Kimi, had a touch of the 2012 Grosjean about it.

    Ricciardo very unlucky again.

  54. f-duct says:

    Hamilton showing he has pace advantage over Rosberg. Hulkenberg driver of the day. Ferrari will think twice if they draw the option on Kimi for 2015. Ricciardo with some Webberesque bad luck but the front wing damage was self inflicted. Massa was not magnanimous for once. Overall not one of the most exciting races but at least it wasnt in the middle of the night like Australia. Lets hope Red Bull and Ferrari can close the gap to Mercedes soon, i´d rather see a close fight that involves Vettel and Alonso as well and still think they would come out on top of the Mercedes guys. If Mercedes keeps their 1 second advantage throughout the year F1 as a spectacle will suffer and next year more countries might opt to not bother with F1 racing anymore. This year already Poland has no TV coverage at all and China has shifted F1 from a big channel to several smaller local channels. Hamilton and Rosberg are no Senna and Prost afterall !

  55. Anne says:

    Great job by Lewis. But I´m not sure he had much fun.He was in control mood much of the race, just looking after the tyres, the fuel and nothing more. The Mercedes car is from another planet.
    Happy to see Seb trying his best and fighting.
    Hulkenber and Alonso, just being Hulkenberg and Alonso.Always going the entra mile and capitalizing as much as they can. Also the 2 Williams.Felipe, Valtteri faster than you.LOL!!! McLaren is a head scratcher

  56. Harshad says:

    Oh Well, so after all the rule changes what we have now is a Mercedes domination.

    2012 was better year for F1 with 8 different winners, 7 of them in the first 7 races. Can we switch back to 2012 regulations please? with some changes to avoid Red Bull domination.

    1. James Clayton says:

      2012 was just awful. The two races so far to me indicate this is the best season since 2010. That’s not to say it’s anywhere NEAR a classic season; the jury is out on whether it’s even going to be a GOOD season, but it’s certainly can’t as bad as the last three… oh wait… there’s a double points finish… yes it probably CAN be as bad as the last three!

      1. Harshad says:

        “2012 was just awful.”Seriously?
        From an F1 fan’s perspective I love to see close playing field.
        In 2012 that was the story, in 2014 right from the start it seems like Mercedes domination all the way.

      2. Harshad says:

        err…I meant to say level playing field.

      3. James Clayton says:

        In 2010 we had a close field. In 2012 we had a farce.

  57. Rich C says:

    Massa refused to back off? Who could ever have guessed?

    1. JB says:

      Good on him.
      Massa should have done these throughout his career. Instead, he chose to be Alonso’s Biatch. LOL…

      1. Yago says:

        He did it severel times being Alonso teammate. Believe me.

      2. KARTRACE says:

        How strange, he changed the team but he stayed non competitive enough. Lets blame Alonso once again.

      3. Rockman says:

        If he did, it would almost be guaranteed his career at Ferrari would have been cut short by 2-3 years.

        The only clear fact is that Felipe is no longer a racer since his incident. Yes he can drive around the track at similar laptimes to others, but he doesn’t have that killer instinct to go for that small gap anymore. He seems content with following the leader (no pun intended) and holding station…

        He’s a nice guy but unfortunately he no longer belongs in F1 when other much hungrier drivers are out there waiting for a chance.

      4. JB says:

        He obviously realised the error of his ways.

  58. Mitch says:

    Mercedes clearly controlling pace, fuel & reliability – well done to them but Red Bull is coming.

    Ricciardo has inherited Webbers bad luck it seems. Disqualified, bungled pit stop and front wing failure all in two races! The punishment for that unsafe release is unfair on Daniel. His race was ruined by that pit stop, then he gets a 10 sec drive thru penalty and then to make matters worse they hit him with a 10 place grid penalty for the next race!!! So Dan gets this race and the next one destroyed through no fault of his own. Punish the team (minus 10 constructors points for example) for pit stop infringements – don’t punish the driver! And definitely don’t punish the driver again for the next race!!

    1. TJ says:

      Have to agree, the new rule is BS. Penalised twice for the same infringement hardly seems fair.

    2. JB says:

      Mercedes was on ECO mode throughout the race! Mercedes can be so much faster, I think they can be at least 2-5 seconds faster if needed.

      This is like year 2009 when BrawnGP was 2 seconds ahead of everyone else. Made even average Joe driver Jenson Button win the WDC.

      1. Gaz Boy says:

        Remember squire, Brawn had two drivers on the payroll in 2009, the other chap called Rubens. If Jenson really is average Joe, then how come his more experienced team-mate could only manage 3rd in WDC with just 2 wins/1 pole compared to Jenson 6 wins/4 poles?
        I don’t understand all this Button bashing. Jenson’s driving technique is not the most daring or dramatic, but, like Professor Prost and Demon Damon it does have that lovely poise, delicacy and finesse to it that is translated into a good spoonful of points every race. Yes, he can get lost on set-up, but when he finds the sweet-spot, Jenson’s peaks are higher than other drivers. He is also a superb over-taking specialist too, and is able to cope with pressure that other drivers crumble under.
        Jenson, lest we forget, is still the only driver – the only driver – to outscore Lewis over a full season thus far, and look at how well Lewis is going at the minute. Jenson gets my respect anyway.

      2. JB says:

        Jenson is nothing but a one hit wonder…
        There are many WDC that is one hit only.

        Comparing Button to Barachello goes to show that u believe he belongs to the non-WDC category.

      3. Gaz Boy says:

        Disagree squire – we’ll have to agree to disagree. Jenson fully deserved the 2009 WDC. He’s a great credit to F1, Great Britain and the British sporting community.
        Being a world champion in F1 is a very, very elite club indeed. The likes of Moss, Ickx, Regga, Reutemann, Peterson, Villeneuve Snr, Pironi, Wattie, DC, Ralfie, Monty and Felipe all tried and ultimately failed to open the door to that elite club. The key word is “failed”. Jenson succeeded – and that’s what matters in F1 history.

      4. Bob says:

        “Jenson is nothing but a one hit wonder…
        There are many WDC that is one hit only.”

        Like Hamilton you mean?

        Well considering you think Button is just an average Joe driver and Hamilton is the best driver ever, who do you think has been more disappointing?

        When you also consider that Hamilton has been in a front running, race winning car EVERY SINGLE year of his 8 year career and
        Button has only ever been in a possible championship winning car 4 years out of his career, what does that tell you?

        It tells you that, when given the machinery, the average Joe driver is statistically better than Hamilton.

      5. Bob says:

        “This is like year 2009 when BrawnGP was 2 seconds ahead of everyone else”

        Comments like this infuriate me!!!

        The Brawn was NEVER 2 seconds faster than anyone else – NEVER. It was not even 1 second faster than anyone else – EVER.

        Why don’t you do a little research instead of just regurgitating the usual Button bashing diatribe?

        The Brawn only had 5 pole positions in 2009 and only 4 fastest laps.

        The biggest margin the Brawn EVER had over a competitor was 6/10ths of a second at the very first race of the season. Other than this the margin was usually 2/10ths of a second, sometimes much less.

        The Merc this year is already FAR more dominant than the Brawn EVER was.

      6. JB says:

        I remember these from Jenson’s own words. During winter test, they were 2 seconds ahead.

        Due to the fact that BrawnGP had no income for most of the season. It would be impossible for them to develop the car like other teams. in fact, it is well known that Jenson button had to reduce salary and most of team members had to run on thin air.

        So of course, the gap is ever shrinking but they still won both world championship. This goes to show the huge gap they had at the start of season.

        Merc 2014 of course is in better situation to stay ahead. They have a super powerful engine, unlimited budget and two top notch expensive drivers.

      7. NickH says:

        ‘The brawn only had 5 pole positions in 2009 and 4 fastest laps’

        Yes but they would have got a lot more had they had someone like Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen or Vettel driving

      8. TimW says:

        it must really get your goat when people attack your favourite driver with unfounded insults…

      9. Doug says:

        2-5 seconds..do you mean per lap?
        I agree they were running safe, but I think .5 to 1 second faster than Reb Bull per lap is closer to reality!

        I’d say McLaren had about the 6th fastest car on Sunday,
        slower than Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, Williams and Force India…I guess their ‘average Joe’ driver just got lucky again hey? :-/

  59. AMC says:

    Great result for Mercedes and Lewis, but I feel for Massa. To be told ‘Fernando is faster than you” is one thing,but ‘Bottas is faster than you’ is a different picture altogether!

  60. Tealeaf says:

    Result to be expected Merc’s car superiority on show, but as I was saying if it had been Vettel instead of Ricciardo at Melbourne challenging Rosberg he wpuld have made it more of a fight and it proved here.

    1. Michael says:

      Tealeaf does it really matter? He still would’ve lost and u seem to forget Rosberg was coasting.

    2. Gaz Boy says:

      I’m surprised at how well Red Bull are performing in terms of lap time. Considering their power unit deficit, and their difficulties pre-season, for Sebastian to keep Nico Ros honest all afternoon was a great effort.
      Having said that, I’ve no doubt that aerodynamically, that Red Bull chassis has excellent downforce, and although this new Formula is supposed to put more emphasis on the motors powering the car, having lots of clean, efficient downforce to rotate your car through high speed sweepers and low speed hairpins is always going to increase a car’s performance.
      If Renault can get some head of steam on their engine, then the season is not a lost cause for Bull. Actually, I’ll go further and say that perhaps the Adrian machine has probably the most downforce of any chassis on the grid – it just needs a bit more ooomph on the straights.

  61. Kingszito says:

    Well done Lewis, Rosberg and entire Mercedes team.

    From what I could see on fuel management, Lewis was better than Rosberg also with a Superior speed. I know it’s too early, but the notion that Rosberg can manage fuel than Lewis is not real. At least now FIA is putting that on screen for us all to see.

    I was thinking that Williams would use their fuel advantage at the later stage of the race to attack, but that didn’t happen.

    1. Oddz says:



  62. NJB says:

    In past seasons at least the engine noise would have kept me awake..

    1. Tealeaf says:

      I agree.

      1. C63 says:

        Hey Tealeaf, did you see your boy Vetell has gone and done it again? Dropped himself and Red Bull in the mire.
        He did it last season with the tyre test by signing the letter to the FIA demanding something was done about the tyres – turned out to be one of the mitigating factors the judges took into consideration when reaching their verdict. Now the FIA are considering a charge of bringing the sport into disrepute following Vetells ill advised and somewhat crass remarks about the engine sound being sh#t and batteries belonging in mobile phones. They say Mr Todt is none too happy. Quite handy as a lever I would think for the FIA to show Red Bull just exactly who is in charge!

    2. C63 says:

      I thought the engine noise was fine. I suspect they have done something about the microphones placement/type as it felt like a distinct improvement on the coverage from Australia.

  63. Kramgp says:

    Williams again provided the entertainment today. The radio call was a classic and will forever haunt Massa.

    1. Michael says:

      He probably thought he got away from that kind of treatment when he left Ferrari.

  64. aveli says:

    congratulations are in order for hamilton and f1. f1 has made a fantastic improvement by displaying fuel management figures on screen to put to bed all those lies about hamilton not being able to manage his fuel and tyres. nature will always win through.
    is it because they can sense that he’s the best f1 driver to have stepped foot in the sport and find it too painful to accept? what makes it so painful? i wonder.
    for me this is what makes hamilton the best ever. today’s wins shows nothing, this does.

    1. Oddz says:

      @ aveli


    2. Pat M says:

      Really…..best ever because he passed someone?

  65. JRay says:

    I think the racing has become even more boring than I could ever have imagined. I have been watching F1 for many many years and I cant remember a time when I’ve heard a commentator say and forgive me I’m paraphrasing BBC “that Daniel Riciardo’s fuel limit has been calibrated and agreed upon with the FIA” after it was discovered that the fuel sensor on his car was broken…Im just astounded that these incredibly talented drivers are being forced to run at a pace that is below the limits of the cars…Its not f1 anymore. People may say that there are always limits, be it tyres, brakes, engines etc and that “nursing” a car home has always been around, but other that the opening few laps Daniel Riciardo’s overtake of Vettel and a few other moments, the race was as boring as ever Ive seen F1 to be. I’d rather a season where even if one man dominates he is at least is pushing himself and machinery to the limit…Im glad Hamilton won but I cant stand the fuel limit/per hour rule, its a joke.

    1. Chas says:

      +1 on all points… man, this is going to be an effort to keep up the interest this season. But, guess we have to soldier on and make the best of what we’ve been handed by he sport.

    2. aveli says:

      if you have watched f1 for all those years and you’re still not happy don’t you think it’s a good idea to watch something else which might just bring you the happiness you crave?
      hamilton was penalised unnecessarily in 2008 because he was just that much better than the opposition. have you ever seen a rookie or any driver for that matter overtake on he edge up front as hamilton did in his rookie season?
      now hamilton can win without fear of being penalised. i wonder how long it will be before people start using that word ‘boring’ if they haven’t already started. at least all the events of 2007&2008 will put them of the idea of ‘it’s the car’.

  66. Alberto Martínez says:

    Hi James,

    I was really surprised to see that in new FOM graphic about fuel use, Williams finished their race with only a 90% consumption.

    Could this be right? IMO, it doesn´t make any sense. No team wants to finish their race with spare fuel cause it makes the car more heavy than needed and in addition you´re not taking advantage of the performance advantage given by a more aggresive fuel map. Can you shed some light on this please?

      1. Joan says:

        I think it would be more accurate to say the figures we saw onscreen are actual kg of fuel used on the race rather than a percentage. That would mean Williams started the race with less fuel than others. It would be stupid not to use 10% of your fuel.

      2. Neil Jenney says:

        I assumed Williams started with less than their full allocation of fuel with the aim a gaining a performance advantage from the reduced weight. This would make even most sense in the context of them expecting rain during the race.

      3. BlueRacer says:

        Horner would tell you that FOM fuel graphic is based on Gill fuel flow sensors…. (and maybe it’s true!!)

      4. Olivier says:


        Haha! Made me guffaw :D

      5. vic says:

        Could be that Williams would have started with only 90 kg instead of 100? This way if you know you consumed less than the rest you start weighing 10 kg less.
        Even in that case to go full gas with 10kg extra will be faster, isnt?

      6. Hansb says:

        Could it be their engines were running hot and therefor not using al available power (and fuel) ?

      7. AndyK says:

        More likely running lean causing high running temps

      8. Richard says:

        Williams running in the wrong PU mode!? – Maybe someone has got the wiring crossed.

      9. Loitokitok says:

        Enjoyed that info during the race – a nice add.

        James – is that info available from FOM for you to analyze? Could imagine that providing some additional insight to the review that you and Mark usually publish. For example, did Nico use up a greater amount of fuel at the start of the race fending off the Red Bulls and then match Lewis’ consumption rate for the remainder of the race, or did the two rates just diverge gradually throughout.

        As always – a great read. Enjoy your insight and the site. Top stuff.

    1. Nator says:

      Obviously it was bs, they still showed Ricciardo’s usage when his sensor had failed. FIA has a lot to answer for IMO.

      1. C63 says:

        Firstly, how do you know the sensor had failed?. We only have CH word for it – would you trust that ghastly little man? It is clearly very high on his current agenda to bad mouth the fuel sensors. Odd though no other team complains about the sensors failing all the time.
        Secondly, assuming CH was correct and the sensor had failed, he mentioned the FIA had agreed they could use the back up sensor/method – this still provides the fuel flow readings to the FIA so they can monitor usage. Readings still provided to the FIA data logger , hence still available to the viewers.
        Not BS after all ;-)

    2. Jamie says:

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. I can only think that the measurement (i.e. the fuel sensor) was not calibrated/measuring correctly although both Massa & Bottas has comparable fuel usage according to the graphic and it would be unlikely for both sensors to be out by the same factor. Although seems equally unlikely that a team of Williams calibre would misjudge the fuel consumption by such a huge degree!? Either way it was very strange and something to look out for in Bahrain.

    3. Jake says:

      90% of the allowed limit, not 90% of the fuel they put in the car. A tactic used by Red Bull very effectively over the last few years. Running with less fuel has big advantages.

    4. MISTER says:

      James said above that Massa’s car was overheating. Maybe that’s why Massa could not push and use the fuel, because he was managing an overheating problem. Or maybe there’s another reason.

    5. Darren says:

      I know I thought that too, maybe the sensor is counting kilos not percentages so maybe 90% is 90 kg? Or maybe the teams are still learning about their consumption under real race conditions and are filling them just to be sure?

      1. darren w says:

        “Or maybe the teams are still learning about their consumption under real race conditions…”

        That might be the most plausible explanation at this point.

    6. aveli says:

      did massa not hold up bottas for 10% of the race?

  67. Michael Spitale says:

    Gutted for Kimi who almost made his way around Alonso on lap one only to be essentially done by lap two. Having to do the entire race on what was really a 2 stopper(pitting lap 2 for fresh rubber) compared to everyone else doing a 3 stopper left him on bad rubber at the end.

    Also gutted for Ricciardo who can’t catch a break and now will get a 10 grid penalty next week.

    Mercedes boys look great… Can’t see anyone beating them this year in regular conditions.

  68. Rohind says:

    Like all the Vettel bashers who used to say for last 4 years,can I say this about Mercedes win ‘ It’s all down to the car & genius Paddy Lowe’.

    1. trev says:

      I think it hurts the Vettel fans as first Rosberg then Hamilton drive off into the distance with the best car, just like Seb did in the past few seasons.
      No doubt Vettel is a great driver, but how great?

    2. aveli says:

      this stops you from even thinking it.


    3. mr nice says:

      Paddy Lowe did not design the Mercedes car, he designed the McLaren car…. but of course he gets all the credit. Toto Wolf comes in with one objective… cull cull cull…. everyone is riding on Brawns leadership, i feel bad that they ousted him and now they are enjoying the fruits of his labour.

      1. James Allen says:

        He didn’t design either

        He’s not a designer!

  69. Quade says:

    Wow! What a drive from Lewis today! Great win!

    Time to put the nonsensical “2014 thinking driver” BS to sleep. Why is Lewis always put down relative to any teammate?
    When it comes to Lewis, there is a new fad every other day.

    Today, he was better with the tyres, better with fuel consumption, much much better with speed… Just in a class of his own. By lap 11, he was already 6 sec up on the sister car.

    1. Oddz says:

      @ Quade


      tell me about mate, I’ve heard them all now

      apparently Nico drives more intelligently, button was smoother and intelligent etc…
      It’s all bullshiit of course but the media keeps playing this card and people are starting to buy it.
      this is how stereotypes are born

    2. jake says:

      Nico beat him with the cringeworthy podium speach tho’ so Lewis did not win everything today.

      1. Alexander Supertramp says:

        Awkward stuff

      2. Quade says:

        But Nico always does that.

    3. Richard says:

      Yes great drive from Lewis, but it’s important to remember that set up is a big factor in how the car performs and as Rosberg’s tyres were degrading faster I suspect his was not quite right. Towards the end of the race Rosberg was able to pull a gap on Vettel which he could not do earlier because I suspect due to tyre temperature. Bahrain is going to be interesting, and I hope they can do it again. Mercedes will have to keep up the development pace if they are to beat Red Bull in the long run because don’t be under any illusions the Red Bull chassis is very good probably better than the Merc.

    4. Vinola says:

      Diversity issue. Just look around f1 journalists and tell me how diverse that group is. BTW, I don’t expect this to be published.

      1. James Allen says:

        Far more than you’d think

  70. Quade says:

    After today, Massa must now be sick of the phrase “…is faster than you!”
    Can’t blame the guy.

    1. Truth or Lies says:

      Especially as he out qualified Bottas in both races so far and what about all that Brazillian backing?

      Face palm moment for Williams.

  71. Vinola says:

    Not bad for a driver who was supposed to be outperformed by Imperial College candidate now turned driver teammate in this very complex machines. Oh, I forgot, Rosberg was faster in Q1 and on intermediates. lol. Well done Lewis.

    1. Oddz says:

      @ Vinola


      LOL :)

    2. aveli says:

      you forgot his title, professor

  72. goferet says:

    Congrats to Mercedes on their first 1-2 since 1955, it was a fine performance from the team both on track and on the pitwall.

    For sure the team showed what they’re capable of with the fastest lap from Lewis towards the end and the low fuel usage by all Mercedes cars especially the Williams.

    Speaking of which, I liked the new fuel gauge on the telly for it has brought another element of fun as it shows who is working their fuel better and who is not but I have to say, it appears 100kg of fuel is more than enough to see everybody to the end.

    Once again surprising performance from the Red Bull team for not only didn’t they have reliability problems but were also able to give Mercedes something to think about.

    Riccardo is turning into the real deal for his overtake on Vettel was sublime and was also able to stick to his teammates’ coat tails for most of the race.

    It’s unfortunate that Riccardo seems to have inherited Webber’s misfortune otherwise, good job from the lad.

    Good recovery drive from Alonso however seeing as Alonso hasn’t made up places at the start in two races, maybe the new Ferrari isn’t too good off the line.

    Another giant killing performance from Hulkenberg and also special mention to Kobayashi and the rookies that scored points once more i.e. Kvyat and MiniMag.

    Last but not least it was nice seeing that Lotus have made progress as they at least got one car home.

    1. kenneth chapman says:

      what a lot of people seem to have forgotten also was ricciardos great moves on alonso after he was passed coming out from his pitstop!!

      ricciardo was on it and he drove all over alonso and just took off. superb driving. ricciardos performances to date should simnce his critics….hopefully.

    2. Ahmed Sydney says:

      Did you say Vettel inherited Webbers car in the Australian GP???
      Selective memory

  73. Val says:

    Really happy for Hamilton and the Team…but this is boring, it has been boring for the LAST 4 YEARS ( we all new who would win ), and still boring after all this changes, not good, I really pray for more fighting, no more Scalextric racing please, is becoming hopeless

    Sorry for my negativity…

    1. TGS says:

      2010 and 2012 we’re boring?

      1. TGS says:

        “were” I mean. Autocorrect…

      2. Michael says:

        Yes, they were. How quickly people forget.

      3. darren w says:

        Exactly! Those were two of the most exciting F1 seasons on record.

      4. James Clayton says:

        2012 was. 2010 was a classic, I agree.

    2. Prashant P says:

      I agree. The % of one sided races is very high. Some of these races don’t even have interesting battles going on back in the pack.

      Not sure what they can do about it, but I watched the race with the live timing app yesterday and within 10 laps the field was spread out too much. Without a safety car or rain, the gaps after that point are only going to widen.

  74. AlexD says:

    So it looks like it is really dominated by merc at the moment and the only team that has a chanceto fight is the red bull when they will get their engine performing. Ferrari is not looking too strong and will likely finish the year on the 3rd position.

    Other topic. The official f1 app completely killed 50% of my battery in 40 min. It used to be different last couple of years when it was not designed by FIA

    1. David H says:

      You must be having energy recovery problems!
      Phone by Renault?

      1. AlexD says:

        iPhone 5s, but an App by FIA.

  75. Michael says:

    That was one boring race!

    1. Anil Parmar says:

      It reminded me of the early 1998 races or the 2009 season, where one team gets it right and there’s a field spread. Everyone will catch up though…I hope!

    2. AlexD says:

      People were saying….do not judge by Australia, wait for the next round as it will a lot more overtaking opportunities.

      In any case, I think complaining is wrong and not effective. I think these new rules will be validated by the revenue (tickets sales, TV audience, merchandise).

      If people will be coming to races, watching races on TV and spending a lot of money on merchandise, then it will be deemed successful. If not, it will indicate that FOM and FIA screwed up. Numbers will tell you everything at the end of this year.

      Personally….it is a pain to see what they have done to the sport I loved so much! But then again, there is nothing I can do…it is not my circle of influence.

    3. Kingszito says:

      @Michael, you forgot to add “IMO”, because as for me it was very exciting. It can never be worst than the past four years.

      1. Timmay says:

        Worst Malaysian Grand Prix ever. Booooring

  76. Grant H says:

    Poor ricciardos woes contine with penalty at bahrain shame has not put a foot wrong himself

    Well done to Lewis and merc pretty much dominated and didnt even have to push

    Bit surprised why rosbergs pace was so far off, any reason for this?

    Once red bull get the engine performance together they will be team to beat

    1. Truth says:

      Reason is Hamilton was in the other Merc. Not a surprise really.

    2. Richard says:

      Rosberg tyres were degrading fast and therefore had elevated temperatures which in turn affects performance. – A set up issue that’s all!

    3. C63 says:

      Engine development has been frozen. Renault request for extension to the deadline was refused by the FIA. How will red Bull or Renault get the engine performance together given the circumstances they find themselves in? You don’t think they might cheat do you?

      1. Grant H says:

        Hardware changes are not permitted but mapping and how they use the turbo ERS and ICE together can be experimented with, obviously my post assumes merc dont have something in the physical engine design itself that others had not considered, who knows may also be the case that the renault engine cant yet run as fast as the merc engine due to reliability concerns

  77. chrisralph says:

    Please no one say anything about Ricciardo inheriting Webber’s luck. Although I my have just done that.

  78. Marlie says:

    Get in there Lewis!
    Perfect weekend.

    So happy for you, after the bad luck in Australia.

    I am glad you included Nico in the celebrations ! Wonderful.

  79. Omphi says:

    I heard Red Bull had to use a backup fuel flow sensor. Is it true? Aren’t the units the same for everyone? If so, why would theirs, of all the teams, break down? – Amid the current dispute over their readings and equipment from the Australian GP? Could it be that they are being regulated differently from all the other teams?

    1. aezy_doc says:

      Could it be that the entire fia are aliens descended from planet zarg with an ulterior motive to destroy red bull because to them tks fizzy drink is likekryptonite? Next you’ll be saying that Bernie Ecclestone it’s actually Elvis Presley. Please please please stop with the conspiracy nonsense. Please.

  80. David says:

    With this early season success for Mercedes I find myself wondering: how much is attributable, still, to Ross Brawn? and how much satisfaction will he be deriving from two victories out of two races? … and, possibly, how much might he be missing being an integral part of it.

    1. C63 says:

      I suspect the answers to your questions are; a lot, a lot and a lot , respectively ;-)

  81. Elie says:

    Great drive Lewis really happy he got that. I was shattered for Kimi because he was looking to pass Fernando in the the first 3 turns when Seb chimed in the inside of Fernando forcing Kimi wide then blocked- when he got hit by Magnussen.

    Im really surprised by Red Bull I was always expecting this performance- but in a few months-not now!!. The poise that RB10 has is really incredible through that middle sector it was so planted – it was like all previous years. It just goes to show its not all about horsepower because they kept Rosberg honest..When renault improve the tuning of their powertrain things will get interesting at the front!. I dont know what Ferrari are going to do- they are neither Mercedes or Red Bull and until they find something substantial- their driver both Fernando and Kimi will continue to struggle.

    1. Kris says:

      I’m not yet sure that Rosberg was being kept honest. Will be interesting to see what happens if the battles get a little closer – do Merc have pace in their pocket still? Had Rosberg been able to match Hamilton’s pace, this race would have looked very different. It’s probably good that he wasn’t. Not so healthy to see the first two cars 20+ seconds ahead of cars 3 and 4.

      Kudos to Hulk. How many times does he need to get passed over before one of the big teams takes a punt. He’s got to be in the mix for top five drivers in the sport right now. I’d say just behind Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso and probably Kimi, and just ahead of Button.
      James, where would you rank him?

      1. James Allen says:

        Button is towards the end of his career, Hulk is much younger.

        I’d say Hulk is just behind Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso, yes. He’s a real quality driver, versatile and consistent. I’d hire him alongside any of the big three any day

      2. Samir says:

        Ferrari should have hired Hulk instead of Kimi, simply because Hulk’s probably hungrier at this stage of his career and represents better long-term potential for life after Alonso…then again, maybe they have an option. Yet, Hulk’s presence could bring about a whole set of complications for Alonso notwithstanding the fact that Alonso has publicly rated his abilities.

      3. Samir says:

        correction to above…I meant to say “maybe Ferrari has an option on Vettel”

    2. Yago says:

      Hahahaha wellcome to Ferrari Elie!

  82. Paul D says:

    Pretty dull race.

    My favourite driver won, but it would be double standards for me to say that was great after moaning about Vettel doing the same thing most of last year!

    I still feel F1 is set for a great season.

  83. Paul D says:

    I think Ferrari made a mistake putting Kimi in the car rather than Hulkenberg.

    1. Gaz Boy says:

      Perhaps they can rectify that situation next season!
      I agree Hulky does deserve a multi-year contract with a championship pedigree team; although calling Ferrari championship pedigree at the moment is a bit mis-informed. They certainly have the resources and finance, but their technical department likes the vision, direction and implementation of their British rivals.
      Perhaps Nico and Force India could be giant killers this season? Stranger things have happened.

    2. David in Sydney says:


    3. NickH says:

      Yeah they made a big mistake putting the guy with 77 podiums and 20 wins and a world championship in their car instead of a guy whose best ever result is fourth place. What a huge error

      1. Paul D says:

        Things move on.

        In 1991 Benetton decided to build the future team around a promising guy from sportscars rather than a 3 times World Champion. That didn’t turn out too bad.

        You can’t just look at historical results as to what’s best for the future.

      2. Gaz Boy says:

        David Coulthard: “Past success is no guarantee of future achievement.”
        Well said DC.

      3. NickH says:

        Fair point. Still don’t think it’s a ‘mistake’ to take Raikkonen back, a mistake would be putting someone like Kovalainen or Fisichella in their car, not Raikkonen. I’m sure Hulk would do a very good job anywhere and I’m sure his time will come. Would love to see him in a Mclaren when Button retires.

  84. Paul D says:

    Lead Mclaren finished nearly 40 seconds off a Force India after a clean race.

    Disapointing – lots more work to do at Woking.

    1. AlexD says:

      Imagine where would they finish if not for the 0,5 sec per lat that Ron committed to!

      1. Paul D says:

        Haha! :-)

        To be fair I don’t the track suited Mclaren. Long fast flowing corners etc

        I wouldn’t be surprised if they are a bit more competitive in Bahrain.

  85. Hansb says:

    Great drive from Hamilton, have to give him the credits.
    Sadly this race showed again that fights on track are very difficult this year and thanks to fuel & tyre saving mode the teams and drivers decide to stay back and overtake while using different pitstop strategy. With that the dull lazy sound (while driving in car with Vettel he wasnt even revving till the first lights appeared of his rev-meter) and I cant help finding it hard to stay awake.

    1. Anil Parmar says:

      The main problem is just field spread, which is caused by the shake up in regulations (we saw the same in the past whenever there were new rules, like 2009 or 1998). People will catch up though and the pack will get closer.

      1. Hansb says:

        I really hope and think you are right, the field might become more compact especially as the circus comes to Europe.
        What I’m not sure of is the difficulty of overtaking. Malaysia should be easy overtaking yet is wasn’t last sunday with the new cars.
        Vettel could manage within a second of Rosberg who struggled with the handling, Bottas could so with Massa but there was no overtaking. From the top 10 I only remember Alonso just made it past Hulkenberg who was running very old tyres. But maybe I missed one because I was fighting against sleep….

  86. Kris says:

    Very impressive race from Hamilton. James, are you hearing anything about why Rosberg was so far behind his teammate? It seemed strange for him to be so far back from Lewis and seemingly always within touching distance of Vettel, especially given that we are led to believe that he is kinder to his tyres than Hamilton.

    Do you believe Nico suffered from some kind of problems today, or do you think it may well have been a team mandate that whoever went through the first turns second then had the task of holding up the rest of the pack? Or, is there a chance that Hamilton had been sandbagging a little during practice. Would be very interested to know your opinion.

    1. James Allen says:

      Yes Rosberg had some problems with the tyres going off, team seemed quite concerned about it.

      It was much hotter on race day than it had been all weekend and his car seemed to suffer more than Hamilton’s

  87. franed says:

    Well I enjoyed the race.

    But the timing graphics need sorting out. They have been dumbed down. On the BBC no gaps but composite trail times behind the leader, we now have to do maths all the time to see the gaps.
    Also on the Formula1.com official timing the sector times are missing, just dots now! Is this because of races in the USA? All they seem to get over there is a meaningless speed at one point cant they handle lap times, gaps? Why treat fans as morons?
    Just another part of the general dumbing down of everything in life, the falling of standards everywhere.

    Can the BBC please move the subtitles a bit to the right, and down a few pixels, just so they don’t carefully cover half the top 3 leading and the lap info. Obviously done by someone who either has not a clue, or just doesn’t care. Poor show BBC!

    1. James Allen says:

      FOM supplies all the graphics for all the TV networks. It’s a standard feed

  88. cometeF1 says:

    So the rain did not come. I prefer that just to understand where each team stands against each other.
    Mercedes seem well ahead of the pack in Hamilton’s hands.He drove a well managed race without any challenge from his competitors.
    Rosberg had a far more stressful contest with Vettel on his heels most of the way. Not sure if he underperformed or if Vettel is just that good, although Riccardo would have been there if not for his trouble and Alonso did not finish all that far behind.
    I was expecting more of a comeback through the field from Raikkonen I must say. Alonso managing to stay close to Vettel shows the Ferrari is not too far off. If Red Bull and Ferrari can improve there respective cars faster than mMercedes, we will soon have brilliant races.
    Massa not listening to team order will surely bring a flood of criticisms if one remembers last year’s reaction to the same from Vettel. My little finger tells me it will not in the case and I surely would not be the one to do so. It must have felt like a stab in the heart for Massa and I understand his stand.
    Lotus will take some pleasure in having one of their car finishing the race, to see it fight with a Ferrari for a while will add a bit to that feeling. Fairly enjoyable race overall. Marc

  89. Paige says:

    Brillaint race from Hamilton today, and a brilliant weekend. He clearly had the better of Rosberg in qualifying yesterday and the race today. Along with being an impressive victory, this was a statement win from Hamilton- the statement being that he can be as efficient as he is quick in pulling to a 17 second victory over his teammate.

    Mercedes have built one hell of a race car. This could well be the next MP4/4.

  90. Stewart says:

    Hi James,
    I was thinking about Kimi’s race today and he didn’t really make as much progress after the incident as I expected. I know there are reports that his floor was damaged in the collision and, given the length of time it took him to pass the Caterham, he might have had some engine issues, but I was wondering if the new regs mean that the sort of barn-storming drive from the back we’ve seen in the past from drivers in the top teams is no longer possible. They were obviously already constrained by tire availability, but are the cars now so tight on fuel that they can no longer try several flat out stints to catch up after an early accident?

    1. Fireman says:

      It certainly seems so. Overtaking was hard too today.

    2. Sujith says:

      My question exactly? Are we gonna lose those incredible come backs we saw from Kimi and Alonso over the years?

      1. NickH says:

        I fear we sadly won’t see those types of comebacks anymore like Suzuka 2005, the tyres don’t allow for flat out charges through the field anymore because they just wear out following other cars.

    3. Yago says:

      “After the accident, the car’s handling was not the same, as the tyre had caused damage to the floor, which led to a loss of downforce. On my first set of tyres, I had some difficulties and it was only after the final stop, when I fitted the Mediums that it went better, but by then it was too late”

  91. Greg says:

    Watched the race while on holiday here in Germany. Funny thing happened the low drone of new engines and lack of substantive racing lulled me to sleep after about 5 laps – at the time it HAM/ROS/VET/RIC/ALO. Then I awoke during the ceremony. I wish I regretted missing the race but it sounds as if I was the lucky one. What a shame for F1 it looks like we have the 2nd half of last season all over again. Thank goodness I did not pay for F1 coverage and had not done so in advance.

    1. darren w says:

      Funny how trying to watch the live coverage of a race on the other side of the world when you normally would be sleeping might cause you to lull off. Perfectly describes many F1 races I have tried to watch over the years…no matter what engines they were running.

  92. TJ says:


    Can you tell us the logic behind the new rule which penalises a driver with a 10 place grid penalty at the subsequent race for an unsafe release? Have they not already been penalised enough by having to serve a 10 sec stop and go penalty? Hardly seems fair to penalise them twice for the same offence. Means 2 races are compromised over an incident that affected no-one except Ricciardo.

    There were no penalties for KOB ruining MAS race in Aus. No penalty for KVY hitting ALO and possibly could have ruined ALO quali, and only a 5 sec penalty for MAG ruining RAI race. Meanwhile Ricciardo had no impact on anyone and gets 2 penalties. Seems like total BS.

    Ricciardo had his race destroyed here because of the incident and will now have his chances of scoring big points almost certainly destroyed by incurring a further penalty in Bahrain. F1 is definitely finding a number of ways of alienating fans.

    1. vic says:

      I couldnt agree more +1000

    2. Fan says:

      Hear hear. This is kicking him when he was already down. Understand the safety concerns, but common sense must be used as the offense doesn’t match the penalty.

    3. Fernando "150%" Alonso says:

      I was thinking that maybe the Red Bull appeal has something to do with the penatlties they recieved today

    4. aveli says:

      have you not seen or heard of people dying from being hit by f1 tyre during a race weekend? I like ricciardo but red bull should know better.

      1. TJ says:

        I understand that this happens, not aware of any deaths but injury yes (camera man last year in Germany). They have already put measures in place to make pits safer (everyone has to wear helmets including FIA people, redducing the amoutn of people that can be in pit area, slower pit lane speeds ect). But why have 2 penalties. You can dead set crash a guy in the race and take out any chance of them scoring points and only incur 1 penalty but if you have an unsafe release from the pits that affects no one except yourself and you get 2 penalties that screws up 2 races in a row.

    5. John T says:

      Brundle and Croft both made the comment that they felt Magnussen’s penalty was good because he got a penalty but it wasn’t sufficient to ruin his race. The fact that he ruined another drivers race didn’t even seem to occur to them. In contrast while Daniels release was dangerous the penalty imposed seemed to be out of all proportion.

      1. TJ says:

        Agree completely.

    6. OffCourse says:

      Red Bull lost a wheel in China in 2013 and only got a fine, and again in Germany 2013 and hit a camera man. Now an unsafe release with a wheel not fitted correctly in Malaysia 2014. I think it’s high time this type of penalty is handed out.

      1. TJ says:

        But surely being penalised twice is hardly fair. The 10 sec stop and go ensures that the team is penalised during the race in which the offence occurred and they should then be fined some obligitory figure afterwards. But to then slap them with a penalty for the next race just screws over the driver a second time and it had nothing to do with them.

      2. OffCourse says:

        I see it as losing a wheel 3 time in 19 races 15% of the time and always on the second car. This is way over the top and suggests a protocol issue that they have just failed to address.

        Especially consider that this can kill someone and nearly did.

        If it takes them this long to learn then yes I think a double penalty is about right. Sorry for Dan, but I always view this as a team thing and the driver is part of the team.

    7. Doug says:

      I feel bad for Daniel, he’s a great racer.
      But he’s getting tarred with Red Bulls attitude towards the stewards…as they say…if you play with the Bull..you’re going to get the horns..this time however, the stewards are the Bull!

  93. Valentino from montreal says:

    Haven’t watched none of the first 2 gps ( read the news on the net afterwards ) , all I know is Red Bull are gonna catch up .. Vettel is going to hopefully pull a Schumacher 1997-1998 and catch up in the drivers championship ..In the meantime , the Rockstar and GQ will battle it out taking points off one another , good for Vettel …

    Raikkonen is already showing what he can do with the Ferrari , Magnussen’s bump prevented Raikkonen a stronger finish , so Alonso for now saved face , again .

    1. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:

      As you did not see the GPs I’m gonna tell you:
      Kimi was beaten by Alonso in Q3 by *A SECOND*.

      Yes. a full second. (and ALO had a f*** FRT suspension due to a crash).

      No saved faces here, huh???

      You Kimi fans are running out of excuses.


    2. aveli says:

      more prophecy?

    3. Truth says:

      Please have your gas system and boiler checked as it may be causing you a problem.

    4. KRB says:

      How’d Schumi fare in those years? 1997 especially didn’t end well.

      GQ, haha. Nico’s committed the cardinal sin for an F1 driver, in that he’s the only one who’s prettier than his wife/lady friend.

      1. f1 supremo2 says:

        ‘GQ, haha. Nico’s committed the cardinal sin for an F1 driver, in that he’s the only one who’s prettier than his wife/lady friend.’

        Excellent observation. The last driver to whom this could be applied was Cevert, more than 40 years ago.

    5. Rockman says:

      Nice excuses! Keep it coming please

    6. H.Guderian (ALO fan) says:

      James, with all due respect.
      Why my post was not published? (my response to Valentino)
      What the problem with it?

    7. Krischar says:

      @ Valentino from montreal

      yes yes raikkonen alrready showed what he can do with Ferrari, what a superb set of performaces from kimi which is unmatchable by any pilot in the grid

      Australia – Car-set up and understeer/ Steering whell issues have saved Alonso otherwise kimi would have won the race by 30 secs

      Malaysia – kevin magnussen saves Alonso from kimi? Really? joke of the Millennium

      2 races over different excuses have been given already, What else next?

      How much more you excuses you have lined up in favour kimi and against Alonso?

      Get real, Kimi is too vaunted pilot in the grid and kimi will be snapped by alonso all through the season

  94. Harvey Bushell says:

    Serious question.. Is there any other motorsport in the world that limits racing by so many seemingly arbitrary rules? It drives me crazy watching F1 now. At least allow the drivers to race as full out as they can for the whole race by not limiting their fuel!

    1. Yago says:

      I don`t see this thing of fuel saving. The drivers are pushing flat out for almost the entire race. There were even teams that did not use all the 100 kg of fuel. Tyres are still the limiting factor in this new F1, as they were the past years.

  95. F1addicted says:

    I didn’t think it was dull, I thought it was a set up for the season.

    Ricciardo can take Vettel – but will they ever let him?

    Who will be quick (behind Mercedes) in good weather?

    Will Lewis smooth success continue or will anything allow Nico back into the frame?

  96. Matthew says:

    This was the most boring F1 race since Bahrain 2010.

    I have watched this sport for 30 years but I am struggling to find a single positive from today.

    No action at all.

    Alonso chasing down and passing Hulk, whilst on tyres 2s per lap faster was the only remotely interesting event.

    Mind numbingly boring!

    At least if races were a yawn fest before, the cars still sounded like they were going fast.

    Now we have fuel level stats as well. I wonder whether viewing the race via an excel spreadsheet instead of the tv feed might actually be more interesting.

    Someone save this wretched formula please!

  97. Chris says:

    Happy Lewis got his first race distance done in style and fair play to hulk and massa but what a dull race, shame.

  98. zombie says:

    I think Kimi once again proves why there exists a difference between good drivers and great drivers. Give him a good car which suits the Kimster and he’ll be up in the sharp end. A car which does not suit him, he can be found somewhere in the tail end of the grid. The story of the last 4 seasons has been Alonso dragging a dog of a Ferrari to the top, kind of reminiscent of Schumi throughout the 90s.

    Ferrari could have easily saved $20 million/year by hiring the Hulk instead of Kimi. Unless Kimi starts improving dramatically very soon, Alonso will have him for lunch this season.

    1. Krischar says:

      Excellent post Zombie

      very subjective and you stated the facts here

      Alonso is a living legend and he can wring a lap time out of any ropey machinery. Alonso is so versatile and he can make the odd thing work and gets fantastic results for the team time and time again. This has been a feature in the Ferrari team since 2010 to this point

      Obviously Ferrari have let Alonso down for the last 4 season’s with sub-standard cars and loads of excuses. My only worry is Alonso have wasted his prime years at Ferrari for nothing and time is now running out for legend to bag the elusive third WDC

  99. Ken Switzer says:

    Hi James,
    if I saw correctly, one of the RB mechanics was minus a helmet, but the FOM cameraman filming in the pitlane was also not wearing a helmet. I wonder if that had something to do with the team being let off ??

  100. chris says:

    raikk’s chances already finished.
    strange that he did so good in a lotus with little budget.
    bad luck ok, but this driver seeems way too different than the one seen in lotus 2012-2013(he couldn’t pass grosjean who drove a dog of a car)
    the ones who waited for a battle raikk-alonso will be highly disappointed, since ferrari will focus only on alonso.

    great hulk, but sounds like he’s playing n° 1 driver and perez n° 2 since force india doesn’t have a big budget and perez is better than gutierrez.

    massa showed some self esteem and for the first time in four years gained my respect.

    overall boring race. too boring. changed the names of the winners, but same old boredom.
    the one with the better car wins, the other ones follow. is this called racing?

    moreover, it sounds like the story had already been written, since ecclestone claimed in 2013 that mercedes would have dominated in 2014.
    2009 brawn gp, what? yes brawn gp
    2010-2013 rbr, what? yes rbr
    2014 mercedes, what? yes mercedes.

    fake f1.

    1. Sanky says:

      chris, when kimi came up to grosjean his tyres were quite old having pitted on Lap 35, plus his car had floor damage when he made it back to pits on the punctured tyre

      I think Kimi showed improvement and looked comfortable in the F14T this time…he should be up to speed in the coming races

    2. Alex says:

      oh come on….its only been 2 races and already you are saying that Kimi is not the same driver anymore. I mean seriously….Yes in Melbourne Kimi struggled with the car,but still managed to get decent result. In Malaysia he was clearly more comfortable with the car and I honestly feel he would have been there between 4th-6th places had MAG not ruined his race.

      Also the reason why Kimi had hard time with overtaking was because the floor of his car was damaged when he had to drive with 3 wheels for 1 whole lap and also with Grosjean Kimi had +6 laps older mediums compared to Grosjeans hard tires

      With only 2 races behind, Ferrari is not going to start favor Alonso, in fact Ferrari is already bringing new parts for Kimi’s car for next race in Bahrain….Kimi is no more than 16 points behind Alonso, all it needs is one unlucky race for him and Podium for Kimi and that 16 points advantage is gone. But sure, Kimi cant fall too far behind. Still, I would worry more about Ferrari’s lack of pace, Its not gonna matter much to either Ferrari driver which one of them gets more points, if neither of them cant fight for wins and for the championship

      1. chris says:

        I beg to differ.
        in 2013 raikkonen told some journalist that he is at ferrari to score points and that he will let alonso pass if he needs it. what more do you need?did raikkonen let grosjean pass last year?no.
        raikkonen clearly slowed down yesterday at the beginning of the race, he was going to pass alonso, but actually he stopped immediately when he saw alonso in front of him and magnussen hit him as a result.
        do you really think he will be given the same treatment?
        do you really think that a team who has always had n1 and n2 driver will change suddenly this year?why?
        do you really think that a team who wants two n1 driver and who has a very big budget(see mercedes, what they did with lewis) waits the first races to give their driver a suitable car?
        do you really think that a team who cares for both drivers has one driver with x laps in practice(tests) and the other one with 2x laps?
        it was clear since tests that raikkonen wasn’t able to cope with that car.
        maybe I’m just realist, but facts tell me that raikkonen did a big mistake and signed to be n 2.
        raikkonen’s perfect team would have been mclaren(or at least mercedes).
        in 2009 mclaren would have crawl to have him, but he refused.
        not that mclaren was wdc material last years, but at least he would have been free to drive and to save his face.
        let’s see what happens. maybe I’ll be proven wrong.

    3. Krischar says:

      @ Chris

      ‘ones who waited for a battle raikk-alonso will be highly disappointed, since ferrari will focus only on alonso” ?

      There is no battle here to see or contest. Alonso is a living legend and a fantastic pilot, kimi on other hand is very different driver. To say fans want to see the battle between kimi and alonso is a clear joke

      Kimi has joined ferrari for variety of reasons and he does not mind or even care if Alonso beats him, Alonso will beat kimi at ease and prove to the world he is not overawed to have a competitive or fast pilot alongside him

      Ferrari will focus on Alonso? yes they have to, however given the last 4 seasons where Ferrari have failed to beat RBR there is no focus and direction within ferrari team itself in first place

      Hence stop the Drivels like Ferrari supports alonso or they are too political. Ferrari did no favours to alonso, in fact the gambit blot which Ferrari committed in Abu dhabi 2010 costed Alonso the WDC. Ferrari were clueless and unable to respond the challenges posed by RBR in terms of pace. Mercedes will run away this season as well and Ferrari will only come up with more excuses

      Ferrari have only spolied the legacy and Carrier of our Colossus Fernando Alonso.

  101. Alexander Supertramp says:

    Yes Mercedes is the dominant car right now, but it’s early days and development kings Red Bull are right up Merc’s rear view mirror. Trust me ladies and gents, we have ourselves a ménage à trois for the championship. Let’s hope the biggest part of the season will show us an (more or less) equal fight between Mercedes and Red Bull. I don’t think Ferrari/Mclaren or Williams have what it takes to fight for the championships..

    Best engine against best aero, keeping the engine freeze rules in mind , Mercedes look to be favorites.

    1. aveli says:

      that’s a myth.

  102. Trespasser says:

    The penalty for Magnussen is a bit odd, he was on the kerb, you can clearly see that he tries not to make contact. Kimi went straight into his front wing. I would say it’s a racing incident, no more.

    1. Fernando "150%" Alonso says:


    2. Fireman says:

      But he did make contact. That’s causing a collision and he even took the blame after the race. What more do you need?

    3. NickH says:

      ‘Kimi went straight into his front wing’

      With his rear tyre? So he reversed into him? Magnussen could easily have avoided it by slowing down as it was Kimi’s line

      1. Trespasser says:

        Reverse? Really? That’s you argument? :)

        I just watched the replay again, about 5-6 times. Kimi made a mistake in the braking zone, he went wide and then decided to come back on the racing line leaving no space. A car next to him would have had a better position at the exit (see Ricciardo vs Vettel right after the start, in the same sequence of corners). Yes, Magnussen was a bit optimistic but the space was there, it was not a dive bomb a la Perez in Monaco.

        After watching the replay I still maintain that it was a racing incident.

      2. NickH says:

        Kimi is entitled to come back onto the racing line, there is no rule saying if you make a mistake you can’t come back onto the racing line. If Magnussen was fully alongside then he would have to leave him room but he wasn’t so he doesn’t have to.

        Having watched it again I agree it’s just a racing incident, only Magnussen’s 2nd race as well so just a mistake and the penalty was harsh. Not Kimi’s fault though

      3. Trespasser says:

        You are right, Kimi is entitled to the racing line. I am not blaming Kimi, far from it.

        Personally, in 5 years of simracing on GTR2 and iRacing when I went wide like Kimi I never got back on the racing line because I lost sight of the car behind. :)

    4. Krischar says:

      yes harsh penalty for kevin magnussen, hard for him to stomach though. At best it was a racing incident which never warranted a penalty at either side. Stewards need to be more consistent

  103. Purple Helmet says:

    Dull race.

    Sad that Rosberg couldn’t keep up with Lewis, if Merc are going to dominate we can at least hope it’s a two way battle between them.

    Merc really seem to be in good shape; fast, good fuel usage and they really seem to be on top of tyre wear too – their big problem from last few years. They were pitting later than other teams, which is a big turnaround.

    RB look a lot stronger than most of us expected from testing, but I suspect Merc are still not showing their full pace – they were getting Lewis and Nico to save their engines mid race, so it looks like if they needed to, they could probably find another 0.5 to 1s quite easily.

  104. Sujith says:

    Disapointed Ferrari fan here! When you see a driver like Fernando Alonso fighting like crazy and only finishing where he started.. yet again, you know.. Something is wrong with the team!!

    I am tired of the excuses!! The guys who had the least mileage in testing (RBR) owned them today!! What a sad state of affairs!! Ferrari has to take a good look at itself and change now. Maybe.. Italians are no longer good for this sport now.. What now? 2015?? Wait for Allison to make a Chassis that works as good as the Lotus E21 Chassis? Seriously.. what a disgrace!!

    1. f1 supremo2 says:

      True, that said Vettel is arguably a faster driver than Alonso. That’s a problem too.

      1. Krischar says:

        @ f1 supremo2

        Vettel is faster than Alonso? is it in PS3 or PS4?

        Only a fortnight Ago vettel was out-qualified and out-raced by young daniel, that moment vettel reflected his petulance through the team-radio

        Vettel is a average pilot who was flattered by the best car for the last few seasons. He is know where near to Alonso in terms of class and talent.

        One race Daniel beats vettel, and the next race he gets botched pit-stop and further 10 place grid penalty for the bahrain race which was gifted by the RBR team to daniel

      2. justafan says:

        Vettel 4 crowns – Alonso 2. I know who’d I employ …

  105. SteveS says:

    Well, that was one of the most boring races I can remember. At least last season there was always some interesting action going on behind Vettel. Except for DR having problems the top 6 here would have remained the same from around lap 5 right to the end.

    It’s embarrassing to see the way everyone who claimed that drivers have an absolute duty to obey their employer’s orders following “Multi21″ has now reverted back to the default position of F1 fans when a driver ignores his team … “Good for him, we hate team orders”. It looked like hypocrisy back in March of last year and what’s happened since only confirms that.

    For all the speculation about how the new regs would usher in new era in which the last would be first and the first would be last, Caterham and Marussia remain on the bottom and the usual suspects on top. I’m hoping we see some wet races this season (there were none last year) just to get some variety. Too bad Bahrain is the next race.

    1. super seven says:


      Both drivers agree with the team before the race to hold positions under agreed circumstances. Those circumstances occur. One driver mugs the other and steals victory.

      Faster than you episode 2.
      No agreement before the race. Team applies a team order for 6th place in race 2 of the season.

      Not really the same, is it?

      Good on Felipe for rejecting the order, particularly given the phase used. They might as well have kicked him in the plums. Amazing own goal by Williams.

  106. Yago says:

    Interesting words from Kimi:

    “Hard to say how things might have gone without that problem, because our rivals were very quick, but maybe I could have finished close to Fernando”

    He doesn’t seem to consider beating Fernando. One can see that he aknowledges without problem than he is behind his teammate in performance. At least at the moment. That’s what I like from Kimi, and not these setup justifications. The basis to get better is to aknowledge where you stand out compared to the opposition. This is the difference between Kimi and Massa, Kimi seems to be more humble in the way he works. He will get better, for sure.

    1. Kiran says:

      Or may be he is not that insecure, that he has to find fault with car, people, rubber – the one used in tire, team principal etc.. Just saying?

      When you start behind, and you have an incident before you overtake somebody – who was ahead of you [at that time]; anybody with a bit of grey [matter] would speculate you would have been close to the one in front, not ahead, if that incident had not happened. So that’s not the way you interpreted.. a random source told me Kimi is yet to be informed that he is racing against the complete driver.

      1. Alex says:

        Random source told me that you are yet to be informed that there is no “complete driver”….

        Anyways Kimi indeed was only saying that he could have had ok race, being close to Alonso, either closer in front of him or close behind him, around 4-6th places.

        Hopefully in Bahrain we would finally see trouble free weekend for Kimi, in both quali and race, so then we might finally see his pace compared to Alonso. Also Kimi is getting some new parts for Bahrain that should help to make the front of the car behave more into his liking, lets see if they help

    2. Kimi4WDC says:

      You read too much into it. Kimi is just keeping low profile as he usually does.

    3. Jean-Christophe says:

      Even if in his mind he thought so, you didn’t expect him to say that he would have beaten Alonso, did you?

    4. James Clayton says:

      Technically ‘close to’ could refer to in front or behind, could it not?

  107. DD says:

    great blog
    Concerning the fuel use graphics:
    Does they show the percentages of used fuel in comparison to exactly 100 kg or real fuel which is in the car?
    So some used only 90 kg so they had only about 90 kg +inlap in the car?

  108. Scott says:

    In the spirit of “sustainability” and all that eco crap that defines modern F1, let’s just have one more race, between Hamilton and Rosberg, and whoever wins that is the champion. Because the rest of the season is apparently pointless. Congratulations to Mercedes; they have done better than everyone else. They have won, so let’s just put this season out of its misery now. Think how much fuel that would save, which apparently is the most important thing nowadays.

    1. Timmay says:

      Haha, how true.

      To my mind it is the biggest car advantage since Ferrari’s in 2004. And the racing is boring due to DRS and economy ruling over speed

    2. chris says:

      Perhaps to make it truly green all the transport planes and billions of trucks should have a fuel limit and if they don’t get to the race, too bad.
      This was one extremely boring race today and I really cannot see this new Formula 1 attracting future fans.
      As for the noise, I’m not too bothered about the loudness, in fact It’s so unpleasant I turned my sound down.

      1. TimW says:

        everyone had fuel spare in Malaysia, no fuel saving that I could see.

  109. Ayden26 says:

    Excellent win from Lewis in regards to managing the gap to Nico R and generally controlling fuel and tyres excellently.
    Unfortunate for Ricciardo especially given what has happened recently and with the points advantage Vettel now has this may only solidify his position as no. 2, in fairness he was slower today so maybe that’s just the status quo.
    Driver of the day has to be Hulkenberg, you could put him in the Lotus and I’m sure he’d still stick it in the points, consistency personified.
    Hopefully Perez recovers from early setbacks as his pace has been been disappointing in AUS and quali in MAL, unfortunate really with
    Nico as his team mate anyone would struggle, so he’ll have to get his act together soon, bit of luck wouldn’t go amiss too.
    Complaints regarding the fuel management are odd bearing in mind its been going on for years, its only the fuel graphics that has brought it to people’s attention, which I think
    is a great addition.

  110. robert christian says:

    F1 cars are slow. thats whats wrong with the new formula nearly 7 minutes slower than 10 years ago

  111. Christi@n says:

    maybe there are some big changes in f1 from 2013 to 2014 but one stays: boring races at the front, with one team dominating the field, only the colour has changed.
    the only moments which brought some excitement on the table where the Button/Massa fight and the circumstance that Hulk was running a different strategy…

  112. Methusalem says:

    “It was the first Mercedes 1-2 of the modern F1 era”

    And, the Mercedes era has begun. Today’s race reminds us of BrawnGP of 2009. Does Ross Brawn follow the races? I wonder what his contribution to the current Mercedes car is.

    1. Grant says:

      What would really perfect this “Merc era” would be hiring Newey next season.

      Lewis – Merc Engine – Newey: I rest my case…..

  113. Tommy Karamin says:

    After just two races I have seen all I wanted to see as far as fuel limitations is concerned!! Flow sensor is just PATHETIC!!! Better give them 100kg of fuel at the start, and just let the teams manage it!! If they want to make fool of themselves by not finishing the races then just let them!! But i don’t think that teams are that stupid…They will manage their fuel flow a lot better!! F1 IS BECOMING REALLY BAD…..

  114. Steve Rogers says:

    The only truly boring thing about the race is all the early posters on this thread moaning about it being boring. If they had any empathy with the actual work done by the drivers and teams they wouldn’t be able to say that. But if they don’t have that empathy, they should put their remotes where their mouths are, stop watching F1 and stop wasting real fans’ time reading their shallow whining.

    1. AlexD says:

      This is true, I am not watching F1 because of empathy.

  115. Timmay says:

    1.5 second per lap car advantage, easy cruise to win hold positions all race for 1-2 infront of Petronas.


    Within a month I’m changing Sky Sport to Sky Movies cos F1 is dead as a sport. It is a pathetic conservation/ endurance race – don’t use too much fuel, tyres, battery, engine, or gearbox to get to the flag….. And push a button to overtake.

    This is the end.

  116. Paul Gill says:

    James – could you ask one of the TV guys who does the graphics if they can include a race percentage completion next to the laps as I liked the new fuel consumption percentage graphics but was getting fed up trying to work out who was plus or minus against the distance on my phone (if they could even put if a driver is say plus one laps worth or minus 2 laps next to their name would be even better!)

    1. James Allen says:

      The graphics which does that is ready and was due to be used but in the end they didn’t

      Maybe in BAH

  117. Timmay says:

    Mercedes let Lewis win this one so that it is 1:1 in the battle of the superteam and nothing risked infront of the Malaysian sponsors either. At least Red Bull let their drivers race and the best driver came out on top. Now it is your turn, his turn, your turn, his turn…. As artificial as the cars and the racing. Looks to me like the biggest car advantage in pocket for a decade.

    1. NickH says:

      Very funny post, most amusing. Why didn’t Rosberg cruise a little closer behind Lewis then rather than 17 seconds, and why did he say after he needs to look at where he could be faster because Lewis was too fast. And why was he 7 tenths behind in qualifying?

      1. Timmay says:

        It has been proven as 4 facts. Anyway it is also science, AND is also my onion.

      2. Uncle Bumber says:

        “It has been proven as 4 facts. Anyway it is also science, AND is also my onion.”

        That right you are a onion lol

  118. Ward Hargreaves says:

    I’ve been a lover of F1 for many years. Gone to the races, bought the merchandise, subscribed to the magazines and recorded all the races on TV. I am now re-thinking this devotion based strictly on the new formula which makes me want to sit around a campfire with Boy Scouts and sing Kumbaya! These cars are not what an F1 car should be! If I wanted to watch and listen to electric motors I would have bought a toy train. I expect to see and hear the finest, fire-breathing, ear assaulting card…not turbo charged Prius’ with a Singer sewing machine in the boot!

  119. SteveS says:

    I’ve seen reports that Riccardio had another fuel flow sensor failure during the course of the race. More evidence for RB to take to their appeal.

    1. James Allen says:

      Yes it failed this time

  120. aveli says:

    i think rosberg drove a good race to finish second and it looks like he did it on merit and can repeat it all season long. looking back in time, hamilton rarely won with his teammate finishing second. only if hamilton wasn’t at mercedes ,the path would’ve been opened for rosberg claim multiple championships with mercedes.

  121. aveli says:

    is hamilton the most complete f1 driver? best fuel tyre and pace management.
    murray walker needs to come back to the commentary box and describe hamilton as the most complete f1 driver ever.

    1. Nick4 says:

      HAM has a distinct advantage with the new MERC engine and he wasn’t chasing anyone. When he was with MCL and even last year he was known to use his tyres faster than most and then complain. Most complete driver NAH. Fastest perhaps yes.

      1. aveli says:

        he was never known to use his tyres faster than anyone. paul from michelin said it was all lies.
        the fia has gone out of their way to show us fuel usage data which proofs that he Magee his race better than the everyone by driving the fastest and using less fuel than the top ten drivers and you still come up with such rubbish.
        hamilton is the best ever to have stepped foot in the sport, the most complete.

  122. darren w says:

    Question about the video feed and sound we are hearing on TV and its comparison to some of the pre-season testing footage lurking around the internet.

    In the Bahrain testing video below (looks like Sky Sports footage), we get a real clear taste of the new car’s sounds and how different each manufacturer’s new power unit is. I am hearing none of this quality or variation in official FOM coverage from the first two races.

    Is the difference down to the source of the video (FOM vs anybody else)? Would that Sky footage from testing have been their own? FOM doesn’t cover testing do they?


  123. Mike Allfrey says:

    I feel compelled to say this, but the Malaysian Grand Prix had nothing ‘Grand’ about it. Petty penalties, DRS, fuel saving, tyre conservation and so on.

    I have had a profound interest in Formula One since 1954. This Grand Prix was racing at an extremely uninteresting level. FIX IT FIA! Now!

    Should Ross Brawn read this, please accept my congratulations for doing all of the ground work. Thanks, Mate!

  124. Viki says:

    Somehow i feel not all is well with Ferrari drivers. I felt Alonso was bit aggressive againt Kimi at start today. Happened to see some videos on Australian GP where Kimi is not happy with his mechanics. I feel Kimi vs Alonso is heating up. Once Kimi starts having clean races, political speeches will start at Ferrari camp.

    1. AlexD says:

      car is the problem, not drivers

    2. Krischar says:

      @ Viki

      In australia kimi is not happy with his car set-up and his mechanics, otherwise he would have finished 30 secs ahead of Alonso? Hilarious at best and what a charade

      In malaysia Kimi is not happy with kevin magnussen otherwise he would have finished further 30 secs ahead of Alonso? Really ? Joke of the millenieum

      How much more excuses have been lined up in favour of kimi? How much More?

      Alonso have no need to be soft towards kimi, he needs to crush kimi like he did with massa and he will do that at ease. It’s already 2-0

      Get real, Alonso will put kimi to the sword and Ferrari will oust kimi once again.

  125. Jarv27 says:

    Average race at best.
    1hr 40mins is too long for a race in my opinion, there should be a 90minute time-limit.
    Cars are now 7 minutes slower over race distance than 10 years ago. Its hardly progress is it!!
    F1 cars should be getting faster every year not slower.

    Not a big fan of the sound especially after a pitstop when they used to scream out of the pits, now they sound like go/karts screeching, cars sound even worse on-board keep thinking theyre are short shifting:(
    This is going to be a long painfull year think ill come back in a couple of years when the field has closed up.

  126. aveli says:

    the best f1 driver to have stepped foot in the sport hints why he is the best ever.


    1. Brax says:

      Correct… Senna was the best ever.

      1. aveli says:

        you’re correct too, senna was the best ever but hamilton is the best ever. senna drove much slower cars and didn’t once do this.

  127. F1 Senna says:

    Well done Lewis in silencing the critics, who is adaptable in his racing craft.

    I strongly feel re-fueling would have made the racing interesting, who knows Lewis could have lapped the entire field. The fuel flow is now restricting the racing. For 3 years tyres had caused a lot of problems.

  128. kenneth chapman says:

    as a throwaway comment after listening to the ‘pit wall to car’ details i am fastly coming to the conclusion that F1 is nothing more than ‘drive by wire’.

    the drivers are becoming more like puppets than ever before and the R & R are slowly strangling any real sporting endeavours.

    a perfect example is the ‘double’ penalty dished out to ricciardo for a mistake that had nothing to with him, the same as in melbourne. i am fastly becoming disgusted with where all this is headed. he has driven superbly and not put a foot wrong and he should be sitting on 30points! what has he got for his troubles… a big fat zero. is this really where we want to see F1 headed?

    1. Doug says:

      I feel for him as well, but don’t blame F1, blame his team.

      1. kenneth chapman says:

        @ doug… correct me if i am wrong but ricciardos 10 place grid penalty is imposed by the the FIA. he already served a 10sec penalty in the pits so why double up? simply overkill.

        as for the melbourne issue, as i have stated many times, if red bull lose their appeal in the ICA hearing then by all means penalise the team but not ricciardo. he has been absolved of any blame, so give him his points back.another fault with the F1/FIA in over regulation.

      2. Doug says:

        Hi Kenneth,

        I think there is an understandable backlash from Charlie & the boys regarding Red Bulls attitude towards the whole fuel sensor issue.

        It’s been fairly well reported that the FIA knew that the sensors were a bit iffy & asked the teams if they would abide by their work-arounds if the sensors miss-read. All of the teams with the exception of Red Bull played ball (with resulting performance loss). Red Bull decided to use the situation to gain a competative advantage…this much is a fact.
        The court may find that Red Bull were not breaking the rules, only the spirit of them & let them off.

        Now, back to the issue in question, DR’s penalty. Yes, I agree, it’s overkill.
        However, it is within the power of the FIA (stewards) to issue these penalties. Would they have been more lenient without Red Bulls ongoing protest…almost certainly.

        I think this situation is Charlie & the boys saying, “OK, take us on if you wish..but we are the rule makers & you WILL lose!”.

        I have to say that I feel Red Bull have had this coming for some time now…what a shame that it is also affecting DR, a great driver who seems to be pushing Vettel hard.

      3. kenneth chapman says:

        hi doug, just a couple of points there. you claim that the others took a ‘performance loss’ by accepting the FIA’s numbers? you simply cannot say that as there is no published evidence to support that theory.

        now given that that is not an established fact then you also cannot claim that red bull gained a competetive advantage. RB claim that at no time did they exceed the mandated max flow rate. according to some reports the fuel rail was sealed and tested at viry under FIA scrutiny and it was absolutely correct.

        there is no ‘spirit of the rules’. rules are rules nothing more and nothing less.

        you appear to believe that the penalty given to ricci was possibly excessive due to the red bull ICA issue. if this is in fact the case then once again why penalise ricci? the FIA should be totally impartial as they are now messing with the possible results of both championships.

        not a very nice thought at all.

  129. jay harte says:

    how long before red bull are level with merc in terms of pace ? im thinking by the time we get to barcelona in 6 weeks time ,what do you think ?

    1. James Allen says:

      1sec + is a lot to make up as Merc are developing too
      But if Renault get it together maybe by May yes

  130. Dufus says:

    RBR destroying RIC’s ride is a familiar sight.
    A 10 Place grid penalty as well ?
    What a joke.
    Fine the team and donate that to a charity.
    Yes RBR have a lot of money so make the fine very big. Don’t penalize the guy behind the wheel.

  131. Tim B says:

    Hmm. I seem to have watched a different race to many. Really enjoying this season so far. You can see the cars moving around as the drivers push the grip limits, you can hear the throttle control as drivers manage the grip under acceleration, drivers can push hard offline (at least at Malaysia) to create overtaking opportunities… “normally” a race would be boring when someone was as comfortably in front as Hamilton, but there was still a lot to be watching. That may change if RB or someone else can’t get one terms with the Mercs within a few races, but the formula itself is looking pretty good so far.

    As far as looks and noise goes, who cares? It’s a race, not a concours… I bet anyone who works in the paddock isn’t complaining about the sound levels.

    1. AlexD says:

      who cares? majority of fans care!

      1. Tim B says:

        It’s interesting how people who have something to complain about always believe they’re in the majority. We saw it with DRS, with KERS, with the refueling ban, etc… “the majority of fans hate X”, or my personal favourite, “real fans hate X”.

        Majority? Maybe, but it’s well established that unhappy human beings are much more motivated to complain than happy ones are to praise, so it can be hard to tell.

        I’m sorry that you’re not enjoying the racing.

  132. Phil says:

    I would really like to see a rough calculation of what Red Bull’s pace would be if they had the top speed and efficiency of the Mercedes engine.

  133. Nick4 says:

    Deserved win for HAM, but I so wish he would refrain from heaping praise on himself – let the journos and public make the appropriate conclusions. Drawing attention to how tough the conditions were when he set his pole and how tough it was leading the race are so inappropriate. He did a good job (that is what he is paid to do) in qualy, but everyone else had the same conditions and clearly ALO performed some magic as well with an ill handling car, as did VET. In the race HAM had the lowest fuel consumption so clearly he didn’t have to extend himself whereas ROS was pushing and had a sig higher fuel cons. The MERCS have a distinct advantage with great power and lower fuel consumption.

    Great drive by HUL and hopefully he can graduate to a better team.

    Can’t wait for RB and Ferrari to close the gap as this was not a very exciting race. Having expected closer racing and more overtaking, it was very disappointing. Nothing much has changed from last year when the best chances to overtake are at the start, undercutting with pitstops, & better strategy with tyres like ALO used to get by HUL. The extra power from the stored energy & DRS don’t seem to have made a big difference.

    Finally one wonders if there was some rough justice for RB. Their arrogance over the fuel sensor issue and threats by the RB Boss to pull out have been made to look rather silly when poor RIC was again a victim of a team error and no points after a spirited drive. Still mystified as to why RB seem to have a problem that doesn’t seem to afflict other teams. Maybe they just keep their traps shut.

  134. Torchwood Five says:

    After so many years at the ass end of the field, Williams wanted to reach for the stars, and probably were not confident of getting the chance again.

    Felipe Massa, coming from the more successful Ferarri, and messed up by them, didn’t get that.

  135. PaulD says:

    James, I watched the race from Grandstand F which provides a great view of both the straights at Sepang. I noticed that the rear red lights on the cars often, but not always, flash under braking/ change down on the approach to Turn 1. It doesn’t happen on all cars and appears to be intermittent on others. Do you know the reason for this?

  136. Peter says:

    I hate to say it but ive completely lost interest in f1. Ive been a fan non stop since 1993. I turned off after the first 10 laps.

    If they want electric racing so be it. Im not paying money to go to a race and watch vacuum cleaners driving around the track. Yes they are fast but I am not interested.

    im going to start following indycar racing I think. I don’t know who they are trying to please – new fans or existing fans.

    They have completely ruined it.

    The best way of protest is quite simply not to watch. Hopefully the figures will go down and they will get the message.

    1. AlexD says:

      agree with you. Complaining is bad, but action as much better.

  137. Jaded_former_fan says:

    The FIA has effectively killed F1. I paid a substantial amount of money out of my own pocket to sit in the Paddock Club in Melbourne, having gotten increasingly excited hearing the Minardi 2-seater V10 screaming around the track from my hotel room 3km away!

    Imagine my sheer and utter disbelief and disappointment when the “new” improved F1 cars spluttered their way onto the circuit sounding like castrated Toyota Corollas and producing less than half the volume of the V8 Supercars and Porsche Carrera Cup GT3′s?

    To add insult to injury we had a timed lap “shootout” between a Merc road car, a V8 Supercar and the glorious sounding Red Bull RB7 which was the only time the crowds lifted their heads from their food and wine.

    So .. we have a bore-fest with ugly cars that sound like blowflies and furthermore; utter stupidity added with fuel measurement devices that are irrelevant to the driver’s efforts and try to attribute some sort of “green” image to F1 – a circus that spends billions and burns more fossil fuel attending each race meeting than all other motorsports combined.

    Now the Melbourne race organisers are suing Bernie for breach of contract and are looking to replace the $60m F1 race with a $5m Indycar race where you can actually hear the cars.

    And RB are threatening to pull out too. The sh!t has already started to hit the (turbo, pun intended) fan.

    F1 has lost me as a fan I’m afraid – and I have been attending races since 1987. If a die-hard enthusiast like me can turn off the TV broadcasts, what does this mean for the sport as whole?

    I was planning to attend Silverstone this year. Not now.

    Sorry FIA, you’ve seriously f__cked up and this is the beginning of the end. Who loses? The fans of course.

    1. AlexD says:

      Domination of Vettel was a bad thing for me last year and I did not watch the last 2 races. But I knew the reason I was had a high hope that this season will be different. I am still shocked how bad F1 came to be. Just can’t believe and I am seeing and hearing and reading!
      But again, I do not think complaining will change anything….I do not like this F1, completely not the same sport I used to love. I am not even remotely thinking about attending a race anymore and did not last half of the race on TV yesterday because of the sound. I did not hear cars….
      The only way for FIA and FOM to see the problem is when they will be financially penalized. If fans will keep attending and watching on TV as per usual….they will deem the change successful.
      Only financials can speak loud enough for all these greedy people to feel the pain and start listening. It is all about money. Not falling for this anymore….

  138. Hamish says:

    just two positives out of the race that I can see: (1) Ricciardo’s start showed that he could mix it up against top competition, and fight wheel to wheel successfully, without losing his head, (2) At least we have something to look forward to watching in Bahrain, with Ricciardo starting x + 10 on the grid. Everything else is banal.

  139. Mike84 says:

    Massa knuckled under at Ferrari because it was Ferrari. Williams can’t play him the same way.

  140. Sujith says:

    Look at how beautiful is that Mercedes w05 at the title picture there. I like lookin at it from that angle! Especially this chassis, with the body work opened at the rear for cooling.. Look at the curves!!!

    Which brings me to one of the silliest stats I would dare to post here.

    Lewis Hamilton, whenever he’s mounted a serious Championship fight had an incredibly beautiful car. The McLaren MP4-22, MP4-23 and now the Mercedes W05!! :P

  141. Tad says:

    Your comment is daft. Assume nico & lewis wins every race alternatively and vettel finish 3rd. How do they take point off each other to help vettel. To win it he (vettel) needs to beat them.

  142. Yoda_401 says:

    F1 needs reformatted.

    If a team are dominating it can be very boring to watch them streak away into an uncatchable lead for a 2hour race.

    I think most would agree that in general, the most exciting parts of an F1 weekend are qualifying and the start of the grand prix where all the cars are jockeying for position.

    Therefore I feel it would better to keep qualifying as it is, but split the race into two parts.

    Part One (Qualifying Race) – 20 laps:
    Drivers start the race from their qualified positions. This race is worth 1/4 of the points of a normal GP. Whatever position you finish this race, is the position you start the next. If you fail to finish, then you do not compete in part two.

    Part Two (Endurance Race) – 45 laps:
    Drivers start this race from their finishing position from the Qualifying Race. This race is worth the remaining 3/4 points of the race weekend.

    This format would encourage more ‘racing’ and require more from the drivers. It would just make for a mroe intereting spectacle in my opinion.

  143. Bru72 says:

    Aldo Costa has given Mercedes one hell of a car this year.

  144. Ebi Bozimo says:

    1. A morale-destroying pace (vs. his team mate in identical cars)
    2. Better use of tyres (permitting later stops)
    3. Reduced fuel usage (contrary to the ‘car destroyer’ myth)
    4. Fastest lap on HARDer tyres (on an earlier lap than his teammate, meaning car was heavier)
    5. Leading EVERY lap
    6. Starting on POLE

    What was that again about ‘this formula favoring to the “more intelligent” driver’?

    Can we FINALLY accept that Lewis Hamilton IS the more intelligent driver? Or like Usain Bolt asked, ‘what will it take’?

    1. quattro says:

      “What was that again about ‘this formula favoring to the “more intelligent” driver’?”

      Give it a few more races mate – your question naturally requires at least a complete season to get answered correctly. Any driver could have a really nice race or two here and there. The intelligent driver, is overachieving (relative to others with same material) in the long run.

      It won’t take more than that. :)

      1. Ebi Bozimo says:

        quattro, if, as you say the “question naturally requires at least a complete season to get answered correctly” then why, WITHOUT the benefit of said ‘complete season’ have certain people arrived at the CONCLUSION that Hamilton (the presumptive ‘less intelligent driver’) will have ‘difficulty’ in this new formula?

      2. quattro says:

        I quoted/commented to the wrong sentence from your post. Sould be
        “Can we FINALLY accept that Lewis Hamilton IS the more intelligent driver? ”
        To get an answer to such a question in relation to team mate and new rules, you will need more than one race. I am sure you agree as that is no rocket science.

        Then reg your question, I believe HAM has not always made full use of the capacity of the packages he has had, hence I do not consider him that highly. He should have been higher up on the final standings than what he have managed, for half a decade or so imo – mostly because his own shortcomings. If he focused more on the sport and the driving, than e g the style of his hat, the story could have been different…

  145. JohnBt says:

    After two races and Merc lead by a mile, I’m thinking what’s going to happen for the rest of the season. Any runaway team is not good for F1. Overall race was boring IMHO.

    Being at the circuit, gosh it was really quietly strange as the engines really sounded weird and didn’t have an exclusive feel to it, that’s not F1! Am very disappointed honestly.

  146. Crom says:

    James, just listened to your chequered flag wrap up – it doesn’t sound like you three were watching the same race as the rest of us. This was truly a boring spectacle. If it weren’t for Raikkonen’s recovery drive, Grosjean, drivers leaving the pits and Ericson there would have been nothing else to do but watch the weather radar. And now the prospect of another sterile track and processional race in Bahrain, followed by China.

    In the absence of common sense to improve the entertainment they should a)flood tracks randomly at 40% distance b) randomly pick two drivers from the top ten to go the back on lap 2 c) award double points to drivers that win their home grand prix d)award a point for each overtake in that advances one place e) five bonus points if you ignore team orders f) ten bonus points if you overtake a team mate who ignores team orders.

    Yours in frustration Jamie Boy

    1. James Allen says:

      Why don’t you listen to our commentary on the F1 app and turn the sound down on your TV. I guarantee we would bring out the excitement and talking points for you!

  147. Crom says:

    A second thought – does anyone else think that Red Bull’s flow sensor failure is very suspicious and self serving for their hearing. Hmmm

    1. TJ says:

      I think it would be pretty hard for them to somehow make a sensor fail on cue.

      Also, I believe they had a sensor fail on the Saturday in Australia on Ric’s cars which is why they went back to the sensor they had run on the Friday which they claimed was faulty and had the offset applied for the race.

  148. sunny stivala says:

    A sensor fail doesn’t automatically mean there is anything wrong with the sensor itself, and it should be remembered that when and if that happens the rules provide a back-up system for a team to race with.

  149. star crazy says:

    James did Hamilton lap both Mclarens in the last race????


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