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Rush Movie
Posted By: James Allen  |  17 Jan 2014   |  5:41 pm GMT  |  377 comments

Next week sees the home entertainment release of “Rush”, the movie about the rivalry of James Hunt and Niki Lauda, directed by Oscar winner Ron Howard.

The DVD, Blu-ray and Limited Edition Steelbook will be out on 27th January and we’ve got five copies of the Blu-ray to give away in our latest JA on F1 competition.

Rush was a hit last year in the cinemas, with Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth attracting favourable reviews for their portrayals of Lauda and Hunt during the intense 1976 F1 season, where Lauda almost lost his life in a fiery accident. Bruhl was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance.

Here’s a link to the JA on F1 review of the movie: Rush Movie Review

Here’s a taster:

All you have to do to have a chance of winning a prize is to leave your name and one adjective for each of the main characters, James Hunt and Niki Lauda, which you think best describes them, in the comments section below.

Five Winners will be picked at random on Friday 24th January.

The first two picked out will also receive a copy of the PS3 Edition of the Codemasters F1 2013 game, Classic Edition, featuring F1 cars from the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s.

Good Luck!

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  1. Jason E says:

    Lauda: Driven
    Hunt: Live-For-Today

    1. Mike Taberner says:

      Lauda: Focused

      Hunt: Ballsey

      Don’t like calling anyone Driven…brings up memories of a truly awful racing movie!

  2. John Dennison says:

    Hunt the hedonist, Lauda the driven.

  3. Sebee says:

    Random, no way! You have to buy your own copy.

    James – cool
    Niky – calculated

    1. Sebee says:

      I’ve just been DQed for misspelling Niki.

      1. Clarks4WheelDrift says:

        ;) Niky just sounds a bit girlier than Niki, at least you didn’t type Nike!

  4. BrianGrossman says:

    Hunt – Driven
    Lauda – Calculating

  5. Michela Lanza says:

    James charismatic
    Niki unstoppable

  6. Süheyl Karakas says:

    Nice comptetion!! Would love to win this one!

    Niki Lauda –> Fighter
    James Hunt –> Raw talent

  7. Matt Lambon Ralph says:

    Lauda – driven
    Hunt – hasty

  8. Dan says:

    Hunt: bold
    Lauda: brave

  9. Mark Steele says:

    Hunt Natural

    Lauda Precise

  10. Mic says:

    Hi James, thanks for these competitions!

    My two adjectives are:

    1) Hunt: overwhelming
    2) Lauda: gladiatorial

  11. Tom Shears says:

    Lauda – Focused
    Hunt – Daring

  12. Steve says:

    Hunt – shagger
    Lauda – ambitious

  13. Neil says:

    Hunt: The Rogue
    Lauda: The Rat

  14. rvd says:

    Lauda: Cold

    Hunt: Cool

  15. Viv says:

    Hunt: Rebel
    Lauda: Calculated

  16. Florian Falkner says:

    Lauda – > fernandish
    Hunt -> kimish


  17. Tony Mann says:

    James Hunt: Determined
    Niki Lauda: Fearless

  18. Robert in San Diego says:

    Hunt: audacious

    Lauda: consummate professional

  19. Paul Denman says:

    Lauda – Extraordinary

    Hunt – Determined

  20. Jon G says:

    Lauda – clinial

    Hunt – flamboyant

  21. timp says:

    Lauda – relentless
    Hint – impetuous

  22. Rob says:

    Hunt: playboy
    Lauda: analytical

  23. Thynaks says:

    James Hunt: gifted
    Niki Lauda: fighter

  24. Mark Williams says:

    James Hunt: Play
    Niki Lauda: Work

    1. Sebee says:


      All work and no play makes Niki a dull boy?

  25. Paul says:

    Hunt – Hothead
    Lauda – Meticulous

  26. Bhuvanesh says:


  27. Klaas Backers says:

    Lauda: Methodical
    Hunt: Wildcard

  28. Angela Bradburn says:

    Hunt =extreme


  29. Pops says:

    Hunt: electric
    Lauda: perfectionist

    Though I have to say I like Dan’s bold & brave.

  30. Lohani says:

    Lauda = methodical.
    Hunt = spontaneous.

  31. Warren says:

    James Hunt: Machismo
    Niki Lauda: Meticulous

  32. Rashid Hassan says:

    Ladua: methodical
    Hunt: determined

  33. Stuart Harrison says:

    Lauda : Controlled
    Hunt : Caddish

  34. Tom says:

    Hunt: Charismatic
    Lauda: Unrelenting

  35. OlPeculier says:

    Oscar: Absent.

  36. David White says:

    Hunt – Suave, Lauda – Sophisticated

  37. Adam says:

    Hunt: bold
    Lauda: calculated

  38. Frank Wood says:

    Lauda: Planner
    Hunt: Chancer

  39. Dmitry says:

    Hunt – unruly
    Lauda – disciplined

  40. aaron Chadfield says:

    Hunt- smoother than butter
    Lauda- as calculated as Kasparov

  41. Bernard Nijenhuis says:

    Niki Lauda: Worker
    James Hunt: Enjoyer

  42. Daniel Spiller says:

    Hunt – Lad
    Lauda – Mad

  43. Dalziel says:

    Hunt: dashing
    Lauda: driven

  44. Paul gawne says:

    Lauda = brains
    Hunt = brawn

  45. dirty harry says:

    Hunt: soul driver
    Lauda: perfectionist

  46. Martin says:

    Lauda – Focused
    Hunt – Free

  47. Victor R. says:

    Lauda – Badass
    Hunt – Badder-ass?

  48. Jeff Malsich says:

    Ron Howard captured an unforgetable season.

  49. Matthew says:

    Hunt: Impulsive
    Lauda: Considered

  50. Jodi Knight says:

    Hunt: enigmatic
    Lauda: determined

  51. Tom Westwood says:

    Lauda – Deliberate
    Hunt – Irrepressible

  52. Paul says:

    Hunt – Maverick
    Lauda – Determined

  53. Bruce says:

    Lauda – Determined
    Hunt – Resolute

  54. Ihsan says:

    Hunt : bold
    Lauda : invincible

  55. Grant H says:

    Lauda: calculating
    Hunt: dare devil

  56. RobInLeeds says:

    Lauda: Indefatigable
    Hunt: Ebullient

  57. KavB says:

    James Hunt – easygoing
    Niki Lauda – focused

    1. gpfan says:

      Hunt easy going? He was fortunate
      a slew of Canuck marshalls did not
      beat the snot out of him.

      I don’t imagine you followed F1 in
      the 70′s.

  58. radohc says:

    excuse very bad example of black humor. I already feel ashamed.

    flamboyant & flameado

  59. Paul Watson says:

    Hunt: Suave
    Lauda: Focused

  60. mark says:

    Lauda, German
    Hunt, Columbian

  61. Hunt: lucky

    Lauda: obsessed.

  62. TRS says:

    Hunt – Hedonistic
    Lauda – Ascetic

  63. St George says:

    Hunt : playboy (in a complementary way)
    Laura : astonishing (for his recovery)

    1. St George says:

      Damn that iPad predictive text – it’s Lauda don’t you know!

  64. Dante says:

    Lauda: Intense
    Hunt: Fluid

  65. Augie says:

    hunt – natural
    lauda – clinical

  66. Nick B says:

    Hunt: Playboy
    Lauda: Workaholic

    1. James Allen says:


      Doesn’t matter, entry still counts!

  67. Baart1980 says:

    Lauda- immortal

  68. Justin Whitby says:

    Hunt: incorrigible

    Lauda: resolute

  69. Andrew Halliday says:

    Hunt: Reckless
    Lauda: Courageous

  70. benny says:

    Hunt: wild

    lauda: Controlled

    Ben Lamin

  71. benny says:

    Hunt: Fast

    lauda: Fast

    Samantha Lamin

  72. Perry Brown says:

    Hunt – Unreserved
    Lauda – Unrelenting

  73. Jeremy Kane says:

    Hunt: charismatic
    Lauda: persevering

  74. George Alaimo says:

    Lauda: Tenacious
    Hunt: Infallible

  75. Dan B says:


  76. Langer says:

    Hunt: Senna
    Lauda : Prost

  77. AlexTrickle says:

    Hunt: Extrovert
    Lauda: Introvert

  78. Andy Minett says:

    Hunt: Electric
    Lauda: Relentless

  79. Marchesi Bruno says:

    Lauda: inossidabile
    Hunt: the 70′s

  80. nottherealmr.ojjeh says:

    Hunt: gifted
    Lauda: wise

  81. JM says:

    Lauda – brave
    Hunt – talented

  82. Nuno says:

    Lauda: Determined
    Hunt: Reckless

  83. il duce says:

    Lauda – Unflappable.
    Hunt – Audacious.

  84. Johny says:

    Hunt: freewheeling
    Lauda: relentless

  85. Rich says:

    Niki : Machine
    James: Alluring

  86. Marc Wood says:

    Lauda – no1
    Hunt – no2

  87. ADB says:

    Lauda – hunter
    Hunt – loud

  88. MelB says:

    Hunt – unconventional
    Lauda – uncompromising

  89. Gizmo says:

    Hunt: Careless
    Lauda: Calculated

  90. Gino Palermo says:

    Lauda – Executioner

    Hunt – Conqueror

  91. Paul Cockram says:

    Hunt flamboyant
    Lauda focused

  92. mark says:

    Hunt: the man
    Lauda: the machine

  93. Ian Williams says:

    Hunt: charismatic

    Lauda: single-minded

  94. Jarvis says:

    Niki Lauda –> Resolute
    James Hunt –> Self-Confident

  95. Alan Perestrello says:

    Hunt -Hunter
    Lauda – Loud Mouth

  96. Jason Farmer says:

    Lauda – professional
    Hunt – Plyaboy

  97. Samuel Reid says:

    Hunt: Hard-Living
    Lauda: Disciplined

  98. Brian says:

    Niki Lauda – Committed
    James Hunt – Inspired

  99. Lee Trathan says:

    James Hunt:Egotistical

    Niki Lauda:Calculated

  100. Birol says:

    Lauda: calculated
    Hunt: flamboyant

  101. Alexander says:

    Hunt: Crazy
    Lauda: Prudent

  102. EddieCJ says:

    Lauda – business
    Hunt – pleasure

  103. Greg Forman says:

    Hunt – Raw
    Lauda – Smart

  104. Pierre says:

    Hunt: chivalrous
    Lauda: focused

  105. Anthony says:

    Hunt – Playboy
    Lauda – Rat

  106. Lee says:

    Hunt: Epic
    Lauda: Remarkable

  107. Miha Bevc says:

    Hunt: Rock Star
    Lauda: F1 Star

  108. PM says:

    Lauda: ConsideRATe
    Hunt: magnetic

  109. Anil Parmar says:

    Lauda: Calculating
    Hunt: Unruly.


  110. Prateek says:

    Hunt – Bold
    Lauda – Calculated


  111. Christian Backlund says:

    Niki Lauda – Indefatigable
    James Hunt – Irrepressible

  112. Rick Plummer says:

    Lauda – Intense

    Hunt – Flamboyant

  113. Clive Barker says:

    Hunt – Player
    Lauda – Perfectionist

  114. Paul D says:

    Lauda: Courageous
    Hunt: Adventurous !

  115. Robert says:

    Lauda – Indefatigable
    Hunt – Irresistible

  116. Roshan says:

    Lauda- resilient
    Hunt – daring

  117. Brendan says:

    Hunt – ADHD
    Lauda – control

  118. Marty says:

    Lauda – tenacious
    Hunt – opportunist

  119. Dan Wilson says:

    Hunt – old school
    Lauda – superhuman

  120. Hunt- Ladies man.

  121. Alberto Martínez says:

    Lauda – Methodological
    Hunt – Genuine

  122. Jock Ulah says:

    Lauda : FireBall
    Hunt : BallsOnFire

  123. Stephan says:

    Lauda : driving machine
    Hunt : f…ing machine

    1. Random 79 says:


  124. Jason Norwood says:

    Lauda- inspirational
    Hunt- daring

  125. Leigh Barratt says:

    Lauda – Indefatigable
    Hunt – Deborturous

    I cannot believe this film did not get nominated for an Oscar. Appalling lack of taste from the Academy.

    1. Clarks4WheelDrift says:

      Agree on the Oscar. Ron Howard would have needed to add an invented scene, post credits say, where a chubbier Hunt and Lauda raced each other in tin-top stock-Nascar cars in fake 1987. Plenty of god bless Americas, yeee-haw hollerin’ and a good final buddy scene drinkin Bud on the ranch after the race may have bagged a nomination.

  126. Don says:

    Hunt & Lauda : Racers

  127. bill says:

    Hunt = Aristocrat
    Lauda = Mongrel

    1. gpfan says:


      Do you know anything about
      these two?

      Lauda was from a well-to-do
      and well known Austrian family,
      Hunt the child of functionaries
      who barely covered his school fees.

      The truth is the opposite.

  128. Robert Small says:

    Hunt: Living life
    Lauda: Serious

  129. Racyboy says:



    1. Racyboy says:

      Dammit, I should have read more closely,these adjectives have already been used.

      Okay then, one adjective for both.


      Lauda..all the time, and from what we’re lead to believe, Hunt a fair bit of the time.
      : )

  130. Steve M says:

    Hunt : party
    Lauda : work

  131. Marek Haase says:

    Hunt – Personality
    Lauda – Engineer

  132. Lauda – clever
    Hunt – charismatic

  133. Clarks4WheelDrift says:

    (apologies in advance)

    Lauda – Quiet
    Hunt – Foxy

  134. Richard Fernandes says:

    Hunt – Flare
    Lauda – Detail

  135. Paris says:

    Hunt – impulsive
    Lauda – clinical

  136. Jonathan Kelk says:

    Lauda: Methodical
    Hunt: Natural

  137. Matty P says:

    Pure class.

  138. Tim says:

    Hunt – lucky
    Lauda – unlucky

  139. Elizabeth De Rosa says:

    Hunt – Handsome
    Lauda – Courageous

  140. John Tsoutis says:

    Lauda – Fueled
    Hunt – Charged

  141. John T says:

    Lauda: sagacious
    Hunt: prodigious

  142. Random 79 says:

    Hunt: Chaos
    Lauda: Order

    Cheers :)

  143. Johnny Canuck says:

    Hunt: mercurial [and sadly missed today]
    Lauda: indomitable

  144. Robert Small says:

    Sorry I thought of better.

    Hunt: YOLO
    Lauda: Meticulous

  145. Fiedka says:

    Hunt – Wild
    Lauda – Methodical

  146. Simon Brown says:

    Hunt: talented
    Lauda: ferocious

  147. Josh says:

    Niki: Ruthless
    James: Driven

  148. JJ Navarro says:

    Hunt: Unconventional
    Lauda: Precise

  149. bbobeckyj says:

    Fun Hunt
    Lauda Unadjectiveable

  150. Ruthvin says:

    Lauda- intense
    Hunt- charismatic

  151. Edgar Del Valle says:

    Hunt – Vivacious
    Lauda – Victorious

  152. Expatpom says:

    Hunt – Thorish

    Lauda – Austrian

  153. Andrew M says:

    Lauda: Brave
    Hunt: Rogue

  154. Ant says:

    Hunt: Maverick
    Lauda: Professor

  155. Adam Taylor says:

    Hunt: no guys, no glory
    Lauda: calculated

    1. Adam Taylor says:

      No guts*

      1. StephenAcworth says:

        Oops… That’s a bit Freudian!

  156. Jon Wilde says:

    James Hunt & Niki Lauda, Relentless and Resilient, interchangeable adjectives for two legends of the sport.

  157. Daniel Gomes says:

    Hunt: Hunter
    Lauda: Sniper

  158. ilpaul says:

    James: Reckless
    Niki: Relentless

  159. Derek Lorimer says:

    Hunt Emotional
    Lauda Calculating

  160. luqa says:

    Lauda: obsessed
    Hunt: ostentatious

  161. Oswaldo Martinez says:

    Hunt — outstanding Brit.
    Lauda — a genius Austrian.

  162. photozen says:

    Hunt: Dashing
    Lauda: Teutonic

  163. Douglas Revill says:

    James Hunt: Cocksure
    Niki Lauder: Relentless

  164. Jordon191 says:

    Gods both, hence:

    Hunt: Bacchus
    Lauda: Vulcan

  165. Elie says:

    Hunt- Unconventional
    Lauda- Clinical

  166. Flying_Scotsman says:

    Lauda – Irrepressible
    Hunt – irresponsible

  167. Bavman says:

    Hunt – English
    Lauda – German

  168. Chris Chong says:

    Hunt: Fiery
    Lauda: Fiery

  169. Bruce Tran says:

    Nikki Lauda: hard-headed
    James Hunt: dissipated

  170. Gordon Haid says:

    Niki Lauda: Willful
    James Hunt: Wanton

  171. Bleifuss says:

    Hunt – Passionate
    Lauda – Calculated

  172. Chris Pocklington says:


  173. Steven M says:


  174. Adam says:

    Adam Parsons
    Hunt: Animated
    Lauda: Contemplative

  175. Benalf says:

    Lauda: mataphysical
    Hunt: mould breaker

  176. DK says:

    Hunt : impulsive
    Lauda : tactical

  177. Pritish says:

    Hunt: carefree
    Lauda: calculated

  178. Mark Robinson says:

    Hunt: Louder
    Lauda: Rhymes with Hunt

    1. Glennb says:


  179. rohit says:

    james hunt – las vegas trip

    niki lauda – buckingham palace

  180. rohit says:

    james hunt – extravagance

    niki lauda – etiquette

  181. Nick says:

    Lauda – Cool
    Hunt – Cucumber

  182. Andrew belson says:


  183. Lauda – Focused
    Hunt – Charismatic

  184. Adrian Setterfield says:

    Niki Lauda – Driven
    James Hunt – Articulate

  185. Ploddy says:

    Hunt – The Hunter
    Lauda – The Hunted

  186. Stephen Woods says:

    Hunt – raw
    Lauda – driven

  187. Amit says:

    Lauda -Firery esolve
    Hunt – Naughty but Nice

  188. Amit says:

    Lauda – Firery Resolve
    Hunt – Naughty but Nice

  189. Richard Groves says:

    Hunt – playful
    Lauda – focused

  190. Richard P says:

    Hunt – Unique
    Laura – Resolute

  191. Richard P says:

    Lauda – Resolute

  192. Simon Ryan says:

    Hunt: Gentleman
    Lauda: Genius

  193. Monish says:

    Hunt – British
    Lauda – Austrian

  194. krakinho says:

    Lauda: proračunat
    Hunt: prirodan

    Could’ve done it in English, but Croatian is my language, so what the hell. :-)

  195. Paul D says:

    Lauda: Courageous
    Hunt: Adventurous !

  196. james says:

    Hunt – Blonde
    Lauda – Bald

  197. Jack says:

    Jack Ansell

    Lauda – driven and determined

    Hunt – naturally talented

  198. Mark F says:

    Hunt – Wildman
    Lauda – Determined

  199. Ross Smith says:

    Lauda – shrewd
    Hunt – opportunistic

  200. Charles Littlewood says:

    Hunt – Hunter
    Lauda – Lauded

  201. Dirksen says:

    Lauda – Grandmaster
    Hunt – Rock’n’roller

  202. Neil says:

    Hunt – Fun
    Lauda – Calculating

  203. Greg says:

    Hunt – Unique
    Lauda – Gritty

  204. rob says:

    Lauda = Jeeves

    Hunt = Wooster

  205. Vis says:

    Hunt: heavy
    Lauda: light

  206. Jamie Cottage says:

    Lauda: Mr Rat

    Hunt: Mr Cat


  207. andy james says:

    hunt. carefree
    lauda political

  208. Laura Norwood says:

    Lauda: Unyielding
    Hunt: Stallion

  209. Martin says:

    Hunt – Bustler
    Lauda – FASTidious

  210. Dave Aston says:

    Hunt – dead.

    Lauda – alive.

  211. NickH says:

    Hunt- Rockstar
    Lauda- Fighter

  212. Peter says:

    Hunt:- Chancer
    Lauda:- Calculator

  213. Simon says:

    Hunt- Charismatic

    Lauda – Perfectionist

  214. Steve Rogers says:

    Lauda shrewd
    Hunt sexy

  215. Paul du Maitre says:

    Lauda : determined
    Hunt : gifted

  216. Randy_Torres says:

    Hunt: Hot Dolce Vita
    Lauda: fire proof

  217. Daniel Lee says:

    Hunt – Cool
    Lauda – Calculating

  218. Carl says:

    Hunt – Playboy
    Lauda – Robotic

  219. Bernie W says:

    Lauda: Brave
    Hunt: Crazy

  220. Hamish B says:

    Hunt – Averse
    Lauda – Steely

  221. vicnsi says:

    Niki – Intransigent!
    James – Hedonistic!

  222. jim says:



  223. StephenAcworth says:

    Hunt = louche

    Lauda = wily

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful movie!

  224. Michael says:


  225. Steve Zodiac says:

    Hunt:- Pickled
    Lauda:- Toasted

    1. Liam M says:

      LOL. Cheeky.

  226. Chris Spath says:

    Hunt: playboy
    Lauda: analytical

  227. Eric says:

    Hunt: Natural

    Laura: Technician

  228. Jeff J says:

    Hunt – Precocious
    Lauda – Precise

  229. Grzegorz says:

    Hunt – wayward
    Lauda – Terminator

  230. deci1668 says:

    Lauda – robot
    Hunt – man

  231. Darren says:

    Hunt – Unstoppable force
    Lauda – Immovable object

  232. Jonny S says:

    Lauda – Calculated
    Hunt – Socialite

  233. Adam says:

    Hunt – Spectacular
    Lauda – Determined

  234. Jeff says:

    Hunt: Savoir faire
    Lauda: meticulous

  235. Rupert Richardson says:

    Hunt – adventurous
    Lauda – meticulous

  236. Glennb says:

    Hunt – Good
    Lauda – Better

  237. aveli says:

    watched the film. nothing special. the bbc version is a lot more informative.

  238. Sam White says:

    Hunt – natural
    Lauda – resolved

    Sam White

  239. gpfan says:

    Hunt- deid
    Lauda- no deid

  240. Trevor Simpson says:

    Hunt – lived
    Lauda – perfected

  241. Adnan says:

    Hunt: emotional
    Lauda: Meticulous

  242. Eric says:

    Lauda – Relentless
    Hunt – Reckless

  243. Richie Hetherington says:

    Hunt: English
    Lauda: Stubborn

  244. Andrew says:

    Hunt – audacious
    Lauda – determined

  245. Heath says:

    Niki – worthy
    Hunt – determined

  246. Archie says:

    Hunt: Playboy
    Lauda: Perfectionist

  247. Nick K says:

    Hunt: Dauntless
    Lauda: Relentless

  248. Ian N says:

    Hunt: Superfast
    Lauda: Legendary

  249. Adam Roe says:

    Hunt – Heart
    Lauda – Head

  250. John in San Diego says:

    Hunt: Party animal
    Lauda: Workaholic

  251. Michał Wierzbicki says:

    Lauda – methodical
    Hunt – extreme

  252. jay harte says:


  253. Kevin says:

    Hunt – Natural
    Niki – Calculating

  254. Box Box Box says:

    Hunt -Style
    Lauda – Substance

  255. Shaynus says:

    Hunt – Fire
    Lauda – Ice

    Ok, technically it should be fiery and icy, but I think it reads better this way ;-)

  256. Peldo says:

    Lauda – obstinate
    Hunt – gifted

  257. Leslie D'Amico says:

    Hunt: hedonist

    Lauda: sincerity

  258. paxdog says:

    Hunt – Passion

    Lauda – Smarts

  259. Vic says:


  260. Husker says:

    Niki – Perfectionist
    Hunt – Fun

  261. Rodrrico says:

    Hunt – Charismatic
    Lauda – Enigmatic

  262. Duncan Conway says:

    Hunt – Playboy
    Lauda – Politician

    1. Liam M says:

      +1. (and damn – you beat me to it.)

  263. Rahul Nair says:

    Lauda: Determination
    Hunt: Talent

  264. Cody Weston says:

    Niki- Focused
    James- Wild

  265. Mohammed Al-Momen says:

    Niki: Engineer
    Hunt: Playboy

    I’ve seen the movie twice in the Cinema, just love it. if I don’t win I’m going to buy it either way.

  266. MrF1 says:

    James Hunt: Raw

    Niki Lauda: sophisticated

  267. Ali says:

    James – Racer
    Niki – Driver

  268. Andrew Button says:

    Nikki – Determind
    James – Flambouyant

  269. Mick H says:

    Hunt – Smooth
    Lauda – Pointed

  270. GBear says:

    Hunt – Cavalier
    Lauda- Committed

  271. HM says:

    Hunt: nail two birds with one bone
    Lauda: eat sleep race repeat

  272. Truth or Lies says:

    Hunt – Heart
    Lauda – Head

  273. BrawnGP says:

    James Hunt – Underachiever
    Niki Lauda – Determined

  274. Richard Foster says:

    Lauda – ruthless
    Hunt – charismatic

  275. Jonathan Koh says:

    James Hunt – Womaniser
    Niki Lauda – Conscientious

  276. John B says:

    Hunt – flamboyant
    Niki – methodical

  277. sjd1992 says:

    Hunt – Player
    Lauda – Calculator

  278. charles says:

    Hunt: Playboy
    Lauda: Workman

  279. JB says:

    Hunt – Yin
    Lauda- Yang

  280. Paul Read says:

    Hunt: playful
    Lauda: masterful

  281. Steve says:

    Hunt: Man
    Lauda: Machine

  282. Nico says:

    Hunt – Flamboyant
    Lauda – Determined

  283. Simon says:

    James, entitled
    Lauda, relentless

  284. Harshad says:


  285. Pramod says:

    Hunt :crowdpuller
    Lauda : stoic monk

  286. simon harris says:

    Lauda: robotic

    Hunt: chaotic

  287. CC says:

    Hunt: Flamboyant
    Lauda: Meticulous

  288. rags says:

    Hunt – Player
    Nikki – Striker

  289. Anop Valimbe says:

    James – Fast
    Niki – Determined

  290. Jonny Speedriff says:

    Hunt: Fast. Lauda: Faster

    1. Jonny Speedriff says:

      Although, without the context of eachother
      Hunt:Missed. Laura: Appreciated

      1. Jonny Speedriff says:

        Argh, bloody predictive tablet! *Lauda

  291. Aura says:

    Hunt: restless
    Lauda: relentless

    in finnish
    H: Leppymätön
    L: Heltymätön

    Think about it!

  292. Jargal says:

    Hunt – Raw talent
    Niki – Perfectionistic

  293. Tim says:

    Hunt – Happy go lucky
    Nikki – Unlucky

  294. Kevin says:

    Hunt – Flamboyant
    Lauda – Meticulous

  295. Kate says:

    James Hunt: Reckless
    Niki Lauda: Calculating

  296. Panayiotis says:

    Hunt: Spontaneous
    Nikki: Calculated

  297. Graeme says:


    Hunt: Gifted
    Lauda: Irrepressible

  298. Chris Brown says:

    Hunt – fearless
    Niki – calculated

  299. John Baker says:

    Without wanting to sound flippant…

    Hunt: YOLO


  300. Martin Thorne says:

    Lauda ….. Clinical
    Hunt …… Flamboyant

  301. Micky D says:

    Lauda – Detailed
    Hunt – Maverick

  302. Lee says:

    James Hunt – Kurt Kuban
    Niki Lauda – Eric Clapton

  303. Pedro Chung says:

    Lauda – Brainy
    Hunt – Fiery

  304. Hunt: flamboyant
    Lauda: professional

  305. Nick Jackson says:

    Lauda – Calculated
    Hunt – Conflicted

  306. Greg says:

    Lauda: Focused
    Hunt: Flamboyant

  307. peter says:

    Hunt – agressive
    Lauda – methodical

  308. Max Brode says:

    calculating Lauda,
    gambling Hunt

  309. Bully says:

    Hunt – Champagne
    Lauda – Coffee

  310. Stickymart says:

    Hunt – Flair
    Lauda – Finesse

  311. Anand Murthy says:

    Hunt: Joie de Vivre
    Lauda: Jackal

  312. Lauda – Germanic
    Hunt – British


  313. Paul Stocker says:

    Hunt Gifted

    Lauda Meticulous

  314. Michael Prestia says:

    Lauda = Intelligent

    Hunt = Determined

  315. D.Clark says:

    Hunt- Driver

    Lauda- Precise

  316. Gareth says:

    Hunt : radical
    Lauda : undeterred

  317. Click clack says:

    James: Huntasmic
    Niki: Laudacious

  318. Dino says:

    Hunt – jim Morrison sex drugs & rock

    Lauda – Schumacher commitment and hard work

  319. Adam says:

    Lauda – Hard a$$
    Hunt – Pretty sure Lauda would of called him a…

  320. Hans says:

    Lauda – multitalented
    Hunt – promiscuous

  321. Marc S. says:

    Hunt – Playboy
    Lauda – Detailed

  322. Nick says:

    Hunt: Natural
    Lauda: Precise

  323. Louis says:

    Hunt – Wild
    Lauda – Mild

  324. Mark In Australia says:

    Lauda : Unrelenting
    Hunt: Flamboyant

  325. Sorry Niki says:

    Hunt: Raw
    Lauda: Cooked

  326. Santosh says:

    James Hunt: “Mission Impossible” (a la Ethan Hunt)
    Niki Lauda: “L(a)ouder”

  327. Davey says:

    Hunt – Legend
    Lauda – Legend

  328. Andrew Sadler says:

    Hunt – Natural
    Lauda – Focused

  329. Gus says:

    James – Loose
    Niki – clinical

  330. Phil says:

    Phil John

    Hunt – Quick
    Lauda – Precise

  331. Spoo says:

    Niki Lauda – Ruthless
    James Hunt – Conflicted

  332. Avgerinos Dimakopoulos says:

    James Hunt is like Steve McQueen…

    Niki Lauda is like Paul Newman…

  333. Adam Raffell says:

    Hunt – Opportunistic
    Lauda – Systematic

  334. Jorge H says:

    Lauda: Focused

    Hunt: Ballsey

  335. Snowy says:

    Hunt: Cool
    Lauda: Calculating

  336. Jorge H says:

    Hunt – Gifted
    Lauda – Meticulous

  337. Paul says:

    Hunt – enigmatic
    Lauda – courageous

  338. DanT says:

    Hunt Reactive
    Lauda Proactive

  339. Gary says:

    Hunt -player
    Lauda- manager

  340. Akos Vajda says:

    Lauda: miraculous
    Hunt: impetuous

  341. Niall Quinn says:

    Hunt: Brave
    Lauda: Determined

  342. Ciara Finan says:

    Hunt: fun loving
    Lauda: focused

  343. Amir Gamil says:

    Lauda: Methodical
    Hunt: Determined

  344. Tony says:


  345. Lau says:

    Niki Lauda – intelligent
    James Hunt – brave

  346. Andrew Hewitt says:

    Hunt – Horny
    Lauda – Heroic

  347. Ed says:

    Hunt = Charismatic
    Lauda = Competitive

  348. pablo santini says:



  349. Nick_F1 says:

    Hunt – take first, think next
    Lauda – a calculated winner

  350. Multi 21 says:

    Hunt: Charismatic

  351. Gary says:

    Hunt: Charming
    Lauda: Fearless

  352. Lee says:

    Hunt: Cavalier
    Lauda: Gallant

    Adjectives and they are also cars!!

    Cavalier = Vauxhall
    Gallant = Mitsubishi

  353. James Cam says:

    Hunt: Legend

  354. Tom Chiverton says:

    Too late ?

  355. Michael Prestia says:

    Who won? @jamesallen

  356. Christian Backlund says:

    Did anyone win this? Not seen any mention of winners having been picked, here or on Twitter.

    Still holding out hope of a chance to win..! :)


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