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Red Bull to auction Vettel and Webber’s 2013 helmets for wings for life charity
Posted By:   |  05 Dec 2013   |  6:31 pm GMT  |  22 comments

Red Bull’s charity partner, Wings For Life, is holding an auction for some very special items worn by Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, which is to take place at a Bonham Auction in Oxford, next Monday December 9th.

The charity, which conducts research projects and clinical trials in to the cure for spinal cord injury, have selected one helmet from Vettel and two from Webber, now retired from F1.

2013 saw Vettel take his first German Grand Prix victory at the Nurburgring, wearing a suitably topical helmet. The glittering helmet coloured in Germany’s national colours will sit alongside two helmets worn by Webber at this year’s Italian and Belgian Grands Prix.

“This is one of my favourite helmet designs from this season and it goes without saying that this was one of the most special races for me – my first ever home win,” said Vettel of the auction.

“Just as the race meant a lot to me, Wings for Life does too and it’s my pleasure to donate this signed and worn helmet for auction. I hope it raises a lot of money for their vital spinal research projects.”

For more detailed information about the Wings for Life event visit www.wingsforlife.com and click on ‘Latest’. For an overview of how to bid through Bonhams visit ‘How to Buy’ at www.bonhams.com.

This week’s Autosport Awards saw Vettel grab some unusual limelight, as he mimicked Jean Todt and Helmut Marko and joked about his donut celebration fines from the FIA.

And Red Bull have released a YouTube video showing the German having fun scaring people in a car from title-partner Infiniti, which can be seen on the link below.

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  1. Random 79 says:

    Are Red Bull still working on Vettel’s PR?

    If so, I think it might be working :)

    1. Random 79 says:

      And has he been taking lessons from Patrese?


      Love the smile on his face :)

      1. Spyros says:

        Thank you for the link that’s funny!

    2. Spyros says:

      Better late than never, I suppose…

      But is it really working?

      1. Random 79 says:

        I wrote a reply to Sebee a little while back when he asked why so many people had a problem with Vettel. Aside from winning ll the time (which is what he’s supposed to be doing) the other thing I mentioned is that all we usually get to see is him sitting in his car pointing his finger, maybe a few words in the cooldown room and interviews.

        Something like this shows him more as a person – not just a driver – and even though I’m sure it was edited to present him in the best light it still seems that what I’ve read before is true: he is actually an alright guy :)

      2. Random 79 says:

        And yes, better late than never ;)

  2. surely the vettel helmet does not have all that much value. Webber’s helmet is v.recognisable – not the case with Vettel at all!

    1. James Allen says:

      Pretty historic though – his first home win!

      1. Spyros says:

        Sure… but if you bought it, then 2-3 years down the line you’d need to explain to people what it is, who it belonged to, etc… not the case with the helmet of… well, just about anybody else.

        Maybe I’m missing something, and Vettel has thought of this and he’s marking his helmets to ensure they can be recognized AND authenticated, in the future… otherwise, the helmet that Alonso used, say in FP2 in Bahrain this year, will probably be worth more than any of Vettel’s helmets… and I assure you, I’m not an Alonso fan, I’m still not over his time in McLaren.

      2. Random 79 says:

        That’s why they invented magic markers.

        After you fork out wads for Vettel’s helmet just write on it somewhere (maybe the visor) who it belonged to and what it’s for and then everyone will know :)

      3. James says:

        With the kindest will in the world, anyone who knows enough about F1 to recognise a drivers helmet is going to know its Vettel’s.

  3. Tomcat173 says:

    Seb’s copped alot of flack for being ruthless on track this season. While its just one video, it does show that away from the track he’s probably a good guy, and fairly humble for a 4 time World Champion. Donating some helmets to charity is also a positive thing for him to do.

    This sort of stuff surely has a much bigger impact on people’s perception on Seb, than any other manipulation Red Bull have attemped during the season.

    1. Random 79 says:

      Red Bull attempts manipulation?

      Don’t be silly…

  4. Spyros says:

    It’s such a pity we didn’t have podium interviews in Schumacher’s domination years. Schu would have almost certainly been booed, too, so maybe marketing people and journalists would have tried to make him likeable, as well.

  5. Richard says:

    “The charity, which conducts research projects and clinical trials in to the cure for spinal cord injury, have selected one helmet from Vettel and two from Webber, now retired from F1.”

    Did not even know Webber had two helmet designs. Do you have any images of his helmets, James?

    1. Glennb says:

      It might be his Monaco GP helmet. From memory, Bernie asked the drivers to design something different for the occasion. I recall Kimi had ‘James Hunt’ on his.

      1. Glennb says:

        Just had a look at the helmets and they are both the same (to me). 1 from Monza, 1 from Spa 2013.

      2. J.Danek says:

        Mark also donated a signed race suit that’s being auctioned:


        It’s funny though…to the guy above who’s slagging Vettel (and I admit to not being a fan of his, though I don’t hate him – but I think most of his helmet designs lack any lasting appeal), Seb’s helmet is expected to fetch $16.000USD (http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/21274/lot/252/) whilst Mark’s… only $5.000!

  6. Ollie says:

    As a follower of Vettel since the BMW days i must say they aint doing anything different. Hes allways been like this and there has allways been bits like the one above beIng released. Its just thats now people are watching. He hasnt changed, he has allways been like this.

    1. Ollie says:

      This was ment as a reply to Random79

    2. Random 79 says:

      So I’ve read. I’m not in the habit of mooning over Red Bull promotional stuff, so I think it’s good that James put this on his site so we could check it out.

      Cheers for that JA :)

  7. J.Danek says:

    It’s kinda disappointing (or at least odd/uncomfortable) that in the same auction for Vettel’s helmet, which is expected to pull in $16.000USD, at least some of which goes to charity (Lot 252
    A SIGNED SEBASTIAN VETTEL HELMET BY ARAI, USED DURING THE RACE WEEKEND AT THE GERMAN GRAND PRIX, NURBURGRING, 2013 | http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/21274/lot/252/), Bonhams is also offering:

    Lot 31
    A COLLECTION OF FIVE GERMAN MOTORING BADGES, PRE-WAR (http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/21274/lot/31/) – replete w/ obligatory 3rd Reich propaganda imagery/symbols… :/

    But then I saw two other things in this auction that restored my faith in humanity:


    (so you can presumably get sloshed during that picnic you drove to!)



    OK, that’s pretty freakin cool! What a great bit of F1 history! Thanks James for making us aware!


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