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Pre-Christmas competition – Win Lego Ferrari cars and drive them!
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Shell Lego competition
Posted By: James Allen  |  13 Dec 2013   |  8:41 am GMT  |  176 comments

Christmas is fast approaching and if you want something rather unusual to play with, we have 5 special edition Lego boxes which each contain six Lego Ferrari cars, courtesy of our friends at Shell.

And once you’ve made them you can take part in a series of driving challenges with them to test your skills and creativity. The cars have a motor function when you drag them backwards and let them go. Make a whacky course or a jump for them to drive down, video it on your smartphone and you could win a prize.

The driving challenges can be viewed at www.shell.co.uk/LEGOchallenge. A range of fantastic prizes is on offer to anyone who gives them a go and uploads a video or picture using #LEGOchallenge.

To enter the JA on F1 competition to win one of the five Lego boxes, simply tell us what was your favourite, or most memorable, Ferrari moment of 2013 in the comments section below. Only one entry per person, all entries to be in by Friday December 20th at 12pm UK time. Winners will be informed directly.

And if you don’t manage to win one of our five Lego boxes this time, don’t worry because Shell and Lego are running a promotion until 8th January 2014.

Shell customers can collect a range of six limited-edition mini LEGO model Ferrari cars when they purchase £30 or more of Shell’s performance fuel Shell V-Power Nitro+, each car is just £1.49.

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The science of Driving Excitement in a Ferrari California T
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  1. mike says:

    The announcement of kimi for 2014, it suddenly created so much intrigue towards 2014, the teams mind set and also showed that maybe their support of Alonso wasn’t as singular as we all thought!

  2. Fernando Alonso giving his mate Mark Webber a ride back to parc ferme in Singapore was the memorable moment of the season for me.

    Sensational pictures under the bright lights at night, and lots of amusing tweets following Mark Webber’s penalty, especially that Taxi Driver photo montage – hilarious!

  3. Goutham says:

    Most memorable moment of 2013 was Fernando’s victory at Barcelona, combined with Felipe’s podium! And who better to finish in second place than Ferrari’s 2014 driver, Kimi the Iceman Raikkonen. \m/

  4. Jon says:

    After months of rumours and speculation, Kimi Raikkonen’s return to Ferrari was confirmed!

  5. Jawad Yaqub says:

    Definitely Fernando Alonso’s win in Barcelona, which also saw Felipe finish on the podium. That was Ferrari’s only double podium of 2013 and also an emotional sight to see Alonso win at home behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

  6. Perry Brown says:

    Alonso’s start in Spain. Electric from the ace, made 2 world champions look like rookies at the same time, and got himself into the position to win his home race.

  7. Baghetti says:

    My most memorable 2013 Ferrari moment was getting within arm reach of that gorgeous F138 during the Thursday pit walk of the Hungarian grand prix!

  8. Ben F says:

    The Ferrari team celebrating Felippe Massa’s contribution to the team at the Brazilian GP.

  9. Gaetano Borg says:

    The applauding of Ferrari mechanics and staff to Felipe Massa while exiting the garage to get into the grid for the last Brasilian GP. A well deserve thank you to this incredible guy.

  10. Panayiotis says:

    Favourite Ferrari moment in 2013…. Not many to choose from.

    Alonso’s home win in Barcelona I would say…

  11. Brett Williams says:

    Rob Smedley’s ribald language on live TV about being sick of not winning would be my pick!

  12. Rahul Jadhav says:

    Samurai Fernando’s double overtake at Turn 3 on the first lap of the Spanish Grand Prix!

  13. Peaf says:

    Alonsos 2nd place in Belgium

  14. Tim Van Poucke says:

    For me, Alonso exiting the pits at the Abu Dhabi GP and keeping his foot down over the curbs. Risky, exciting, and a good example of Ferrari’s ever present push for the best result.

  15. Daniel morabito says:

    My favorite moment was also my saddest moment of the season. Seeing my hero mark webber take his helmet off for his final race in formula 1. One of the best final races I have ever seen!

    1. Daniel morabito says:

      Whoops, ferrari moment haha. Defiantly Alonso’s amazing pass on webber at the start of the italian Grand Prix at the second chicane

  16. Jon says:

    Favourite moment has to be Alonso on the podium in Italy!

  17. Olli says:

    Alonso overtaking people like a motherhugger at Circuit de Catalunya into T3.

  18. DonSimon says:

    It’s got to be the send off for Felipe, I had a bit of a lump in my throat.

  19. Estophile says:

    For me, the most memorable Ferrari moment of 2013 was Fernando Alonso’s slowing-down lap after the Spanish GP and the reception he was given by his home fans.

  20. Matthew Taylor says:

    It has to be Alonso’s selfie at Monza.

  21. The claim that Fernando had said he would have moved over for Felippe in Brazil. Perhaps we would have heard the message from his engineer saying “Felipe is faster than you!”

  22. Eddyr says:

    When they threw the curveball of announcing Kimi Raikkonen back for 2014. Fell off my chair laughing about that one. The guy they sacked for the prodigal Alonso with a huge payoff and a nonchalant “whatever” they bring back. Still makes me laugh…

  23. Ashboy says:

    Signing Kimi!

  24. Ben Miller says:

    For me the Spanish GP … first lap wizardry by Alonso overtaking Kimi and Lewis round the outside, and handling the Pirelli tyres with aplomb on his way to a fantastic home win.

  25. Spoo says:

    The prodigal son returns.
    Kimi Vs. Alonso in 2014. They gave us what Redbull dare not.

  26. Grant H says:

    Massa’s start at silverstone, gained 5 places possibly best start of season

  27. jrhbcn says:

    Excellent competition again James.

    For me, the best Ferrari moment was watching Alonso win his home grand prix in Barcelona!

  28. matteo says:

    Gp Spain: Alonso wins in front of his supporters. Great proud moment

  29. Carl Sheen says:

    Best Ferrari moment was the brain fade in letting Alonso stay out in Malaysia with a destroyed front wing.

  30. JamesW says:

    Alonso’s selfie on the podium at Monza.

  31. Andrew M says:

    My favourite moment was the wheel-to-wheel fight between Fernando and Lewis in Canada. There’s always a little bit of extra tension when these two meet on track (it hasn’t happened nearly enough the last few years), and this was both drivers at their aggressive best, yet neither overstepping the mark. And of course, Fernando and Ferrari prevailed :)

  32. Darren Fellows says:

    For me its the whole Monaco Grand Prix, full of excitement and Drama the whole way through

  33. My head is exploding says:

    The last few weeks every day in the F1 world has been an April Fools’ Day.

  34. Jamie Norman says:

    Fave bit, 11th Sept. Ferrari announcing Kimi will join the team, just cause i we’ll get to see Alonso kick Kimi’s butt :)

  35. Steve says:

    Most memorable moment with Ferrari had to be the off-track political warfare at Monza!!
    The billionaire club of Piero Ferrari and Luca Di Montezemolo sharing the back of the Ferrari garage at home in Monza with Alonso’s manager Flavio Briatore. Pure drama played out in the midst of full scale internal warfare between driver and team and botched qualifying drafting attempts. You couldn’t write the script better…

  36. Tristian Trigg says:

    I’m not sure if this is in the spirit of a Ferrari-centric competition, but if I’m to be sincere and not in the least sycophantic, the most memorable moment for me was Alonso’s remarking that what he most wanted for his birthday was “someone else’s car” and the ensuing furore and rebuke by Montezemelo.

    Perhaps the fact that this is a stand-out moment for me says something about Ferrari’s 2013? In any event, only history will tell if this was the day cracks formed-that-could-never-be-papered-over in the relationship between Alonso and Ferrari.

  37. Adam Taylor says:

    My most memorable Ferrari moment this year was Felipe Massa fighting for his drive for 2014 after Kimis announcement and in order to do that he ignored team orders in Japan to fight for his future rather than the team. This seemed to lift a huge weight off of Felipe’s shoulders and he was the driver that we saw back in 2008, fantastic driving without the pressure from the team to drive for Fernando as well.

  38. Jock Ulah says:

    Massa’s Suzuka radio-denial performance –

    “Multi-function strategy A. Now please”.

    (Are you joking, Rob? I’m here to race).

  39. Ian west says:

    The honour guard for Felipe leaving the pits at São Paulo,

  40. Alexandru says:

    My favorite Scuderia moment in 2013 was after Singapore GP when Fernando gave Mark a lift back to the pits shortly after the race.
    This moment was very emotional and it was about true friendship between two great pilots.

  41. Ralph Ledward says:

    Alonso finishing second in the championship despite Ferrari providing him with a car that was again below par.

  42. Mike Jones says:

    Alonso’s second place in the WDC despite his Ferrari.

  43. Alistair Harwood says:

    Has to be Luca DiMontezemolo sending all the Ferrari employees a knife to put between their teeth. Talk about living in a metaphor!

  44. Miha Bevc says:

    The moment they confirmed they signed Kimi Raikkonen again!

  45. Clarks4WheelDrift says:

    Fav Ferrari 2013 moment is the goodbye lineup the Ferrari crew gave Felipe as he exited the pit garage in Brazil for the final time. Nice touch.

  46. arun patel says:

    When ferrari released the la ferrari at the Geneva Auto Show.

  47. Stickymart says:

    Fave moment was Alonso’s win in Spain this year, After qualifying 5th, to fight through the pack and win (with such a huge Ferarri following in the crowd) was probably the best thing to happen short of a victory at Monza. You could see that it meant so much to Fernando AND the team.

  48. Rich Gibbons says:

    My favourite Ferrari moment of 2013 had to be the signing of Kimi Raikkonen in September, some good news in what was a very challenging season for the team. I actually thought it was fairly unlikely to happen given past history, but was more than pleasantly surprised.

    Really, really looking forward to seeing Kimi and Fernando go head-to-head next year, I’m sure they’ll make the best of the new regulations.

  49. JSM says:

    When Alonso had his ear tweaked

  50. Robert says:

    The Massa donuts in Brazil. A good man, a great racer, unlucky to not be a WDC, and driving well again in front of his home crowd.

  51. Baart1980 says:

    For me , most memorable Ferrari moment was tension between Luca di Montezemolo and Fernando Alonso. It was like an action movie !

  52. Richie says:

    Kimi’s vindication: My favourite Ferrari moment was when they announced that Kimi was returning!

  53. Tom says:

    Is this competition open to those of us outside the UK? I already have a couple of these Ferrari cars from Shell’s promotion in Australia a few months back but I didn’t get them all and would love to get them :)

  54. Dan V says:

    The most memorable moment for Ferrari in 2013 has to be their signing of RAI to drive for them in 2014. It will be interesting with two roosters in the hen house.

  55. D Vega says:

    Fernando’s fantastic start to the Spanish GP set the tone for Ferrari’s finest Sunday of the year.

  56. My Best Ferrari Moment from 2013 was when

    Fernando was asked what he wanted for his birthday and replied “someone else’s car”

    that is comedy gold!

  57. roberto marquez says:

    James is the contest open to non UK residents ?

    1. roberto marquez says:

      I tried to post my favorite Ferrari moment but the system did not take it so here it is.

      My favorite Ferrari moment was Massa in Canada going from 16 to 8 after his crash in Monaco, for which he was being blamed.It takes a lot of courage to do this especially for a driver who had an almost fatal accident. Actions like this show his Ferrari breed.

  58. Nick Young says:

    For me, best moment was at the end of the season in Brazil where there was so much mutual love and respect between Felipe Massa and the team. It showed a human side to the sport that is often quite hidden to the general public.

  59. Rham says:

    Seeing Massa surrounded by his teammates in Brazil autographing stuff for fans.

  60. Craigy J says:

    Favourite moment has to be when they finally offloaded the underperforming Massa!

  61. Bru72 says:

    Massa’s podium in Spain

  62. Brian Diamond says:

    Without any doubt, my most memorable Ferrari moment of 2013 was seeing both Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa and Stefano Domenicali on the podium at the Spanish Grand Prix.
    Considering that they qualified in 5th and 6th respectively, Felipe Massa drove a good race to make up three places against stiff competition and Fernando Alonso drove an incredible race. By means of brilliant overtaking and excellent tyre strategy, Ferrari showed their package of cars, drivers, race engineers, pit-stop crew, and other Ferrari personnel, under the leadership of Stefano Domenicali, is most impressive and was exceptional on the day.
    Their places on the podium, and their trophies, were very well deserved.

    1. Brian Diamond says:

      Note: The word ‘both’ was erroneous.

  63. Franco says:

    When Montezemolo called Alonso to wish him a happy birthday, he also tweaked his ear, reminding him that, “all the great champions who have driven for Ferrari have always been asked to put the interests of the team above their own. This is the moment to stay calm, avoid polemics and show humility and determination in making one’s own contribution, standing alongside the team and its people both at the track and outside it.”

    Thankfully Alonso was a more diplomatic with his words unlike what Prost said in 1991 that got him sacked :)

  64. Jason Blankenship says:

    My most memorable moment was Massa’s final drive for them, at Brazil. I typically don’t root for Team Ferrari, but I did enjoy watching him race his heart out in his final drive for the Scuderia.

  65. Jason says:

    My most memorable Ferrari moment was Felipe getting the penalty for crossing the white line at Interlagos. It was his last race in red and he was doing well. I was really hoping to hear him speak on the podium and talk about his time at Ferrai and give a good so-long to all the Ferrari fans. It could even had led to the greatest moment, “Fernando, Felipe is faster than you.” When he was penalized I think I was as upset as he was. My most memorable moment was not a happy one, but it is my most memorable.

  66. Seán Craddock says:

    Even though Alonso wasn’t standing on the top step, the Monza podium is always incredible to watch with Ferrari on the podium!

  67. Bundian says:

    Favourite moment has to be Alonso’s pass on Webber in Monza.

  68. paxdog says:

    The story for me this year was of course Kimi being hired as the other driver at Ferrari which meant Felipe Massa was left out in the cold. One of the great stories during Massa’s Ferrari tenure was his close relationship with Rob Smedley. The two of them had great race banter. I think Smedley summed it up best by describing their relationship. Smedley referred to things that annoyed him about Massa but said, like having a wife, you just get used to them. Thank you for “Felipe baby”, 2014 will not be the same (but me thinks Kimi may add to his special relationship with his engineers on the radio).

  69. Jon Wilde says:

    My Ferrari moment of the year:

    Alonso on the podium in Monza. The closest an F1 driver will ever get to being a rockstar, topped off with a pretty awesome Selfie.

  70. Daniel MA says:

    It has to be Alonso winning in front of his home crowd at the Spanish GP

  71. Ali Haji Babaei says:

    My most moment would have to be in Malaysia where Fernando and the team took the risk to do an extra lap with a half broken front wing. In hindsight it was a stupid idea but it shows that Ferrari took the risk because they wanted to win, not just race for 2nd 3rd or 4th. He had the pace to win that race.

  72. Eduardo Owen says:

    the most memorable momment of the 2013 year was definitely Fernando’s triumph in Spain!



  73. Gordon Haid says:

    My favourite Ferrari moment has got to be Alonso winning the Spanish Grand Prix and doing a lap with the Spanish flag in hand. The crowd went insane!

  74. Roberto Gerardi says:

    The Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. The way the entire team just completed obliterated everyone by not conforming to the “normal” way of doing things because of the tires. That was one of the greatest races I’ve seen.

  75. Daniel Parker says:

    Alonso snatching the lead from Nico Rosberg with an out braking manoeuvre into turn one on lap 13 of the Spanish GP and going on to win for Ferrari on home soil for the first time.

    1. Daniel Parker says:

      ……. a quick amendment to my last post, what I meant was first Spanish GP and not on home soil as he had already won at Valencia the previous year as the European GP.

  76. Sarvar says:

    2013 Spanish GP – first and last time in the season when both drivers were on the podium.

  77. Ruthvin Jeevan Suvarna says:

    My favorite FERRARI moment is without a doubt the moment KIMI Raikkonen was announced as the other Ferrari driver for 2014. it was possibly the best news for all Ferrari fans…Homecoming of a true champion….

  78. Paul Cockram says:

    My favourite Ferrari moment of 2013 has to be Fernando Alonso victory in Barcelona.

  79. Stewart says:

    Ferrari re-signing Kimi!

  80. Skarryn Coombes says:

    With out a doubt Fernando Alonso’s and Ferrari’s win and Massa’s 3rd in Spain. My 20 month old son loves Ferrari and he was so excited – he was jumping around saying ‘Fer, Fer, Fer’ (his word for Ferrari) when Alonso won.

  81. CRP says:

    Alonso giving Webber a ride in Singapore.

  82. Steven Bremer says:

    My favorite Scuderia moment of the year was when Kimi signed with them for 2014.

  83. Farouq says:

    Ferrari announcing Kimi for 2014

  84. Artem Sychev says:

    I tried to remember without looking through race reports and the only thing that immediately came to mind was Fernando losing his front wing in Malaysia. Certainly not favorite, but definitely memorable.

  85. Kevin says:

    Seeing Alonso and Webber hanging out during the last podium talk in Interlagos.

  86. Nick Bradbury says:

    Alonso. Barcelona.

  87. Kim says:

    When Alonso won in Spain

  88. Mark Taylor says:

    Alonso winning the Chinese Grand Prix and waving the Ferrari flag on top of his car in parc ferme.
    Very cool.

  89. Your Name Here says:

    Im a Ferrari fan since I remember, the best moment of the year? easy.. Spanish GP, its the moment when the tiffosi (me included) believed on the championship, it was different from last year because we had the best driver, and finally he had a great car, everything was possible.. at the end we didn’t, but man, we had high hopes and dreams at that point..

  90. Kaj Norrman says:

    Kimi’s return to Legendary Red!

  91. Falonso says:

    Signing Kimi back

  92. Michael says:

    Alonsos brilliant win in spain, followed by his grabbing of the flag, which captured the spirit of f1.

  93. Paul Gawne says:

    For all of the highs of 2013, the Spanish GP result was by far the best result of the year, not only for the win from Fernando but more importantly, the podium finish for Felipe. A return to form and proof that he can still put in a good performance.

  94. Mike P says:

    My most memorable (but not favorite) Ferrari moment came at the end of the season in Brazil, when Felipe got the drive-thru penalty. It would have been nice to see him get a podium at home for his final Ferrari race and to give the fans a reason to cheer.

  95. FJD says:

    Fernando Alonso winning in Spain, surely the high point of another poor year!

  96. haroon malik says:

    ALONSO’s double overtake into the very first corner on both ex world champions kimi + hamilton at Catalunya, Spain

  97. mark tidman says:

    Well after what was not really a classic season for us tifosi My favourite Ferrari moment in 2013 has to be the official announcement Kimi would be returning to partner Fernando and no matter how you look at it that is something really interesting and exciting to see how it unfolds roll on 2014

  98. ChrisA says:

    Kimi getting rehired by Ferrari. By far the most interesting moment for the team this year.

  99. Fareed says:

    Has to be Alonso ski jumping over the kerbs at 160 mph in his F138 at Abu Dhabi as he exited the pit lane!

  100. Phill says:

    As a Ferrari fan it had to be the whole Ferrari race crew, mechanics and engineers clapping Massa out for his last race for Ferrari. He’s done a great service to Ferrari!

  101. Eric Karl Roeske says:

    Seeing Felipe’s last race for the Scuderia at his home track in Brazil was the most memorable Ferrari moment for me.

    I’m happy Felipe’s career is not over as yet and will be continued at Williams.

  102. Wayne says:

    Congratulations on another great competition.

    Has to be Barcelona for me. Both Ferraris on the podium, ALO coming from 5th to win and passing RAI and HAM on the outside of turn 3 in the process while passing through the pits 4 times! MAS came through from 9th to make sure that there was plenty of scarlet on the podium in ALO’s home race! Ferrari surely helped ensure that slipping TV ratings for Barcelona will climb back next year|!

  103. Matthew Ponto says:

    My favorite Ferrari moment in 2013 was when Alonso won in Spain and carried the flag

  104. Don says:

    My favourite moment of 2013 was when Ferrari announced Räikkönen is returning to the team. Alonso & Räikkönen – two of F1′s finest drivers driving the scarlet Ferrari’s… roll on 2014! :D

  105. Martin says:

    Easy: Driving a Ferrari 458 Spider at Millbrook test centre !
    160mph, hands off, on the banked circuit, launch control runs up to 175mph on 1 mile straight,
    lots of fun on the scary alpine circuit :-)
    I want one, and this is probably my only chance..

  106. tim says:

    Best Ferrari moment was Alonso winnng the Spanish gp

  107. npw123 says:

    Re-signing Kimi!

  108. Tim Barwick says:

    I thought the announcement of the Phillipe Massa exit showed a lot if dignity, after they stuck by him for so long, and set Ferrari apart, proving they are a real family.

  109. Carlos Marques says:

    The best Ferrari moment for 2013 was watching Ferrari and Felipe Massa part ways in a friendly, respectable, and positive manner. They were truly family until the very end, and you just don’t see that mutual respect and dedication in many teams (and corporations) nowadays. Kudos to Ferrari and Felipe.

    Cheers and a happy 2014

  110. Ashish Sharma says:

    Ferrari Moment of the Year : Chinese Grand Prix Lap 4. Both Ferraris Alonso and Massa overtake the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton yo take the race lead.
    Honorable Mention to the news of the signing of Kimi Raikonnen

  111. assad khan says:

    My memorable moment , when Alonso lost patience with his championship standings and the Ferrari team. Only to be hand slapped by the team boss for verbally disrespecting Ferrari.

  112. Diana says:

    Their decision to bring Kimi back :)

  113. Mariann Harangi says:

    Th most memorable moment of 2013 was Kimi getting rehired by Ferrari.

  114. Kalina says:

    My Ferrari moment of 2013:
    The announcement that Kimi will once again be driving the red car.

  115. andrew says:

    Kimi to Ferrari again.

  116. matty says:

    Sadly the most memorable moment for me was Alonso wishing for different car rather than the ferrari .

  117. Hamish Williams says:

    Alonso giving Webber a hug on the Brazil grid, or (if it must be pure Ferrari) Alonso exiting the pits at Abu Dhabi and going flat out over the kerb to take the position.

  118. Craig Reay says:

    The end of an era in the Ferrari and Massa story, where at Brazil once again he felt heart ache as his last chance to bow out with a podium slipped so cruelly away. I really wanted him to get his podium.

  119. RobertS says:

    I would say Alonso winning the Spanish GP with Massa finishing 3rd. Both on the podium, was good to see.

  120. Clemo says:

    My favourite Ferrari moment this year was the double podium of fernando and Felipe in Barcelona, closely followed by the passion of the Ferrari fans at the podium ceremony in monza.

  121. bob says:

    Having the ice cream man and Fernando together is the most fun we’ll see in Ferrari since they put together Mansell and Prost.

  122. brigitte Pavlovic says:

    My favourite Ferrari moment this season was his win at Barcelona.

  123. titus Pavlovic says:

    the best moment was when i saw Fernando Alonso live at Nurburgring

  124. Shawn F. says:

    definitely the spanish grand prix, ferrari went in the race with confidence and very good understanding of the pace, and brought home a fantastic result. we also cannot forget this amazing lap 1 overtake by alonso to take p3. an absolutely controlled race .

  125. Lilieks says:

    Kimi return to Ferrari. It’s completely unexpected and sounds stupid, as Kimi said. But now I can wait for 2014!

  126. Wes says:

    Moment of year was alonso wanting away to red bull. Highlighted to me that no matter how much your paid, driving for the team of most (every) little boys dreams, winning is what matters

  127. Rob says:

    My fav Ferrari moment this year was when we were at the side of the race track at Monza during the drivers parade and my friend was shouting Fernando, Fernando but all he was interested in was talking to Lewis Hamiton. It was quite hilarious, we keep laughing at that.

  128. Marcin says:

    Spaninsh GP podium – full of current, past and future Ferrari drivers and champions. Best race of the season for the Scuderia, and with extra significance given:
    1. Fernando’s win at home
    2. Felipe’s last podium for Ferrari
    3. Kimi was there too

  129. Andy Wheatley says:

    Kimi’s announcement to go to Ferrari and the excitement this brings for 2014 !

  130. oddball says:

    Best moment for my team was the third round. Having waited through the dark months of winter i was gutted as lotus and then red bull took the top step. Then came china, mr alonso placing his red steed along the tarmac ribbon ahead of all others. At last i could shout,i could laugh and smile again. I felt the weight lift from the shoulders of all true Ferrari fans. We had done it, broken the sheild of defeat now nothing could stop us…..

  131. MelB says:

    The announcement of Kimi’s return to Ferrari without doubt.

  132. FunkMo says:

    For me it has to be the honour guard for Massa in Brazil

  133. Alain says:

    The announcement that Raikkonen will partner Alonso in 2014.

  134. Mark Jacobsen says:

    Fernando’s home win at Barcelona, a home win is always special no matter who you support!

  135. Andrew says:

    The Ferrari family saying goodbye to Felipe with respect & dignity that family show to each other.

  136. Samuel Reid says:

    Buying my first F1 cap at the first Grand Prix ever- a Ferrari cap at the 2013 British Grand Prix in Silverstone!

  137. Jack Byrne says:

    With very few memorable moments on the track in 2013, it should be no surprise that their most memorable moment came off it… well sort of.

    In July Ferrari went to an awful lot of effort to have their F1 cars flown to Moscow and placed in the hands of new signing Kamui Kobayashi, desperate to show he’s still got what it takes to be in Formula 1. If spectacular driving was what Kamui had in his 60-race F1 career then he’s certainly still got it, slamming into the barriers less than a minute into his “demonstration”.

    Fortunately for Kamui it was a 2009 F60 so the mechanics wouldn’t have minded too much.

    Let’s hope 2014 brings more memorable and less expensive moments than 2013 for the prancing horse.

  138. Olivia B says:

    The highlight for me was the team honouring Massa in his final race at Brazil.

  139. Michael D says:

    Fernando’s win in Barcelona was definitely the moment of the year for the team. Unfortunately it was all down hill from there.

  140. J. Withman says:

    The best moment which featured a Ferrari was the lift Fernando Alonso gave to Mark Webber. Even if a team doesn’t win every race, one can still show great sportsmanship.

  141. Robin Bury says:

    Montezelemo Vs Alonso, the public spat reminded us and the world who is number one. The prancing horse forever!

  142. Stefano Domenicali telling Felipe Massa that the team loves him and that he is a World Champion to them as he crossed the finish line in Brazil (and Felipe saying that if they talk like that, he will cry at the wheel).

  143. Peter Withers says:

    Massa performing a burn out in front of the Grand Stand in Brazil. A salute to possibly the most loyal F1 fans bar the English!!

  144. Marco Damin says:

    Having two Ferrari’s on the podium in Spain, which included a spectacular first lap from Alonso.

  145. Jon says:

    Definitely, the Alonso taxi.

  146. Michael Kitchen says:

    My favourite moment was the announcement that Kimi was returning to Ferrari. Former Champion vs Former Champion. Roll on 2014!!

  147. Alfred says:

    Alonso giving Webber a lift at the end of the Singapore GP!

  148. Harish vadde says:

    Ferrari duo finishing 1 and 3 respectively at the Spanish GP with Alonso going on to win the race, a much needed boost for Scuderia Ferrari at that stage of the championship.

  149. Chris says:

    That dodgy taxi ride in Singapore.

  150. James Allen says:

    Alonso giving Webber the taxi ride in Singapore! It showed that sportsmanship wasn’t dead, and over the season it was great to see the camaraderie between Webber and Alonso, and what a great respect and friendship they had for one another!

  151. Liz Emery says:

    The amazing way in which the team came together to celebrate the career of Felipe Massa!

  152. Simon says:

    The most memorable Ferrari moment? It’s got to be Kamui Kobayashi crashing on an empty circuit (in the rain) in Moscow.

    Perhaps not Ferrari’s _greatest_ moment of 2014, but certainly the one that sticks in the mind the most.

  153. Elaine Roberts says:

    Seeing my sons eye pop out of his head while we were Walking around the BRDC car park in Silverstone looking at all the Ferraris . Dreaming of buying a red Ferrari one day

  154. Darrell Steele says:

    Alonso giving his mate Mark Webber a lift back to the pits after his retirement.

  155. Ferid Pescht says:

    Difficult to pick only one, I had to pick three.

    First, Alonso’s Barcelona win, it made me so icredibly proud of him and the team.

    Second, the Belgian GP. I’ve been there, sat at Eau Rouge and was so disappointed with qualifying results (9th and 10th). But then Alonso came back furiously, already being 5th before he passed us at Eau Rouge and finally finishing second in the race, making up 7 places in the first half of the race.

    And third, the announcement of Kimi after Monza. Finally my dream team would come together at my favourite team.

  156. Adam W says:

    I would go with Alonso giving Webber a lift

  157. Nick Jacskon says:

    Fernando’s ‘ear tweaking’ !

  158. David B says:

    Firstly Alonso’s comment about wanting someone else’s car for his birthday, followed by Abu Dhabi press conference claiming the relationship with the team was “perfect.” Really demonstrated the complex relationship that played out between driver and team over the year.

  159. freddy vaneenoo says:

    Taxi Ride from Mark Webber with Fernando

  160. Tyler says:

    Most all these are more Alonso moments than Ferrari.

    The best FERARRI moment was in Brazil, the all weekend send off to Felipe. Good stuff.

  161. Simon French says:

    Ferrari leading the return of drama, emotion and intrigue to F1 in early August: Raikkonen denials, accusations of illegal testing, ear tweakings and even knives between teeth.

    Red Bull typed out the technical manual for victory on the asphalt but off the track Ferrari hand scrawled their continuing story of people, politics and passion. Ron Dennis talks of his engineers bleeding McLaren… Ferrari engineers bleed fire.

  162. Dennis Petterson says:

    For me ,
    It was the respect shown to Felipe in Brasil.

  163. Adrian Newman says:

    Barcelona. Alonso’s start, home victory, and a podium for Massa. Even better, as a Ferrari fan I was there :)

  164. Mr.Byrne says:

    My favourite Ferrari moment was definateley my 18 month old son pointing to the TV screen that showed Alonso’s Ferrari, smiling and saying “papa auto (daddy car)”. You can’t start early enough raising good tifosi :-).

  165. Anil Parmar says:

    My favourite Ferrari moment of the year occurred on lap 4 of this years Chinese GP. Trailing Lewis Hamilton from the start, Fernando made his move for the lead at the end of the 3rd lap, attacking Lewis into the hairpin. Lewis successfully defended, but as the Mercedes approached the start finish line, Alonso jumped out from the slipstream and took the lead. To make it even better for Ferrari, Felipe Massa also (out of nowhere!) took 2nd place from Lewis shortly before turn 1…

    It may have only lasted for a lap, but Ferrari led 1-2, one of the few times they have done so since the rule change of 2009. As a Ferrari fan, I couldn’t help but smile.

    I was so excited that I remember shouting ‘Forza Ferrari’ at the TV when it happened! It was certainly one of the best moments of 2013 for me.

  166. Ashley Martin says:

    Alonso podium selfie at Monza.

  167. Jonathan Kelk says:

    Already mentioned by many I know, but for me it was Alonso winning in Spain and proudly carrying the Spanish flag on the slow-down lap. Something very special about a driver winning his home grand-prix.

  168. Paul Davies says:

    My favourite Ferrari moment this year was Alonso’s win in China. The way that Alonso dominated that day was truly impressive, with virtually everyone else struggling with short-lived tyres, and after his second win in Spain I hoped he could take the fight to Vettel in the championship. Sadly, it wasn’t to be.

  169. Zohair says:

    My favourite race was the Spanish Grand Prix where against all odds he fought his way to victory from fifth on the grid with a not so brilliant car. He fully deserved that victory.

  170. oddball says:

    Ok…so who got the lego??? O:-) O:-)

  171. Hashim says:

    i like car so much they are so beautiful.I like lego car if any one of you have them give me Ferrari lego car


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