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Winners of best ever JA on F1 competition – Mercedes F1 simulator drive – announced
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Posted By: James Allen  |  21 Nov 2013   |  9:23 pm GMT  |  38 comments

This week we have been running our best ever competition on JA on F1, the chance for eight lucky readers to drive on the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team simulator, the one used by Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

This opportunity has been brought to us thanks to our partner UBS.

We had an amazing response with over 1,380 entries in four days. The eight winners, picked at random are:

Matthew Allaway
Joco Gorenc
Alex Porazinski
Nathan Tague
Lucy Walhain
Stephen Singh
Daniel Burns
Patrick Charlton

They will attend the event at Mercedes’ Brackley base on November 28th and we will report on their experience here on JA on F1.

Thanks to everyone for entering the competition.

We will have more competitions soon.

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  1. Jeremy Lock says:

    Fantastic prize, if anybody can’t make it, I will do a fab report on it !!!

  2. Matt H says:

    Wow is all I can say. Guess Christmas has come early for these 8.

    What a prize ! I missed the entry but I’m sure these guys and girls will make the most of a super experience.

    Well done : D

  3. John Baker says:

    Congratulations everyone-I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time! I received a private tour of the Lotus F1 Team factory last year, it was incredible! I’m sure you’ll all have a brilliant time and learn heaps :{)

  4. Aussie Rod says:

    First reaction: a bit disappointed and very jealous!

    Enjoy guys. I look forward to your write ups.

  5. J.Danek says:

    Amazing! Congrats to all the winners! Please blog about your experiences so we can live vicariously through you!!!

  6. Andrew M says:

    Congratulations guys! Make sure you drive to a delta as slow as possible, otherwise you won’t be at the pinnacle of Motorsport.

  7. Ed3lva says:

    Wow. Congratulations to all the winners and enjoy this one in a lifetime experience.

  8. Jorge Henriques says:

    Congratulations to the 8 winners! :D

  9. Ben says:

    Congrats to those who won. I’m very jealous!

  10. Daniel Burns says:

    Very excited for this. Incredible opportunity. Thanks James.

  11. Sarvar says:

    “Lucky you are” -/James Allen/.))

    Are the guys British fans only?

    1. Lucy Walhain says:

      No I come from belgium ! :D can’t believe it ! OMG

      1. Baghetti says:

        Many congratz Lucy! Let me know if you need any travel tips, I’m also from Belgium and was lucky enough to go to Brackley with JA last year (no sim but factory visit which was great as well)! So just let me know if you need any tips/help!:-)

      2. Lucy Walhain says:

        Yes I’d like have travel tips. If you have an hotel or things like that. How did you go there ?

        Where are you come from ? :)

      3. J.Danek says:


      4. Walhain Lucy says:

        Thank you very much! :D

  12. Amir says:

    Well done guys. Do a lap for us that didn’t make it this time :)

    1. Ian Telford says:

      Hear, hear!! I would have been happy to travel from Canada, and am immensely jealous.

  13. James Pyatt says:

    Congratulations all.
    James don’t forget there are some die hard F1 fans over here in oz who will do whatever it takes to get over for one of those money can’t buy experiences!

  14. Chitranshu says:

    Heartiest Felicitation to All Winners.

  15. AlexD says:

    Congrats to the winners!!!

    James, a question to you. Are you only considering people based in UK in your competitions? Reason I am asking is you announce it so close to the actual date that it is super stretch for people outside the UK to get a ticket and be there.

    1. James Allen says:

      No we have many overseas entrants and an overseas winner here

      It’s a stretch from Australis, maybe, but we had Canadians on the Ultimate F1 Road Trip to Spa last year

  16. Random 79 says:

    Congratulations to the winners :)

    Now, if this is the best ever competition on JA there’s only one way I can see that you have a better one.

    I’m sure you can have a guess at what that is… ;)

  17. Alexander Supertramp says:

    Enjoy it guys, this is huge ;)! Thanks for the opportunity James. Planning on ordering the book,it looks amazing and we know you put a lot of work into it.

  18. Steffen says:

    Congrats, and if we could all fly over to the UK in a jiff, there would be allot more then 1,380 entries ;)

  19. Colin Coote says:

    Well done to the winners, commisererations to the losser’s .

  20. Colin Coote says:

    If you’re looking for a reserve. …..

  21. James Allen says:

    No. The prizes are organised by UBS, via their relationship with Mercedes

  22. Alex Porazinski says:

    I’m still bouncing off the ceiling here :D I feel like a kid before Christmas!

    Any idea what track we will be driving? It would help all of us get more out of the experience (of a lifetime!).



    1. James Allen says:

      Not yet.

      Not sure whether it mightn’t be more interesting if you all come in blind

      1. Alex Porazinski says:

        Hi James,

        It’s probably the only opportunity I’ll ever get to drive an F1 grade simulator. I think I’d enjoy it more if I could spend more time concentrating on the car and the wheel (and all the buttons and paddles!) than on trying to remember which way the track goes.

        Even studying a track guide and watching a few videos in the run up would be a help to me, and I’m sure the other winners feel the same.

        Thanks again!


    2. Daniel Burns says:

      Thursday can not come soon enough. This is incredible.

      Looking forward to meeting all the other competition winners too!

  23. Cedgy says:

    James given the amount of competitions that have been organized with Mercedes I’m surprised there’s no Mercedes we page on this site, alongside McLaren, Ferrari, redbull and Caterham.

    What is the criteria for an f1 team to have their own we page on your site and are you considering adding Mercedes to it anytime?


  24. Tristan Bayless says:

    Go Joco!!! Git’R’Done!!

  25. Kevin Green says:

    What what what!! where’s my seat jimbo??? :*(

  26. Dennis Tan says:

    Congratulations to the 8! Do share your experiences!! take care and have great great fun

  27. Racyboy says:

    Congrats you lucky things.
    I once read that the Simulator made Michael Schumacher sick,but I remember Martin Brundle saying he wore a cap in the Sim as the stationary ceiling messes with your balance.
    So bring a cap people,although they probably have a couple.


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