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Best ever JA on F1 competition: Drive the Mercedes F1 simulator!
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Posted By: James Allen  |  17 Nov 2013   |  6:01 pm GMT  |  1,381 comments

Over the years on JA on F1 we have had some amazing competitions, aimed at bringing the fans closer to the sport, but now we have the best one ever.

Thanks to our partner UBS we have the opportunity for eight lucky readers to go to the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team headquarters in Brackley, England on Thursday November 28th to drive on the team’s simulator.

Top team’s F1 Simulators are very sophisticated, expensive and normally top secret, only the drivers and very special guests get to see them, let alone drive on them.

But we have been given a day for our group to get to grips with driving a real F1 simulator, the very one that Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg use to develop the Mercedes F1 car and to learn new circuits and new technologies, like the 2014 powertrain.

And if you are one of the lucky eight, you’ll also have the chance to have a detailed tour of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 factory, when you are not driving on the simulator. You can get an idea of what a simulator does from this video we shot a few years ago, although the Mercedes one is much more advanced, it gives a flavour of the experience. Simulator video

The competition is free to enter by leaving your name in the comments section below (make sure to sign in using a legitimate email address so we can contact you if you win!) and winners will be picked at random and notified on Thursday 21st November, giving them a week to organise travel.

Gaming experience is not required for entry, but please do mention any gaming experience you have when making your entry, if you think it’s interesting to share.

The itinerary for the day is below.

MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Simulator Day Programme

9:30 Arrival at the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Operations Centre – Refreshments available
9:45 Briefing on activities
10:00 Group 1 to participate in Simulator driving (3 to 4 guests)
Group 2 to tour the Operations Centre
12:30 Groups to join back together for lunch in the Simulator Lounge
13:30 Group 2 to participate in Simulator driving (3 to 4 guests) Group 1 to tour the Operations Centre
15:30 Groups to join back together for debrief in the Simulator Lounge; afternoon tea to be served
16:30 Departures

Terms and conditions

- Prize does not include travel to and from Brackley, Northamptonshire.

- Competition is free to enter

- Only people excluded from entering are employees of other F1 teams, suppliers or competitors.

General Obligations

(i) you take part in the Event on your own account and at your own risk and liability;
(ii) you are aware of the potential hazards associated with your participation in the Event;
(iii) you will not be under the influence of drugs, medication or alcohol before or during participation at the Event;
(iv) you are completely healthy at the time of the Event and not suffering from any illness that may impair your ability to take part or interfere with or endanger your participation;
(v) you will adhere to all health and safety briefings provided by the Organiser;

The Organiser reserves the right to exclude any party from the Event immediately should such party contravene any of the above terms and conditions.

• Participation in the competition is open anyone aged 18 and over, save for employees and contractors of rival F1 teams, suppliers or competitors, who are not eligible to participate.
• The promoter reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone it deems unsuitable or unable to take part.
• Winners may be required to submit valid identification and proof of age at any stage of the competition and/or before receiving their prize.
• The winners must confirm that they will be available to attend the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory on Thursday 28th November 2013.
* Travel to and from the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory is at the winner’s own expense.
• By entering the competition, participants agree that their personal data submitted as part of the registration process will be stored and processed by the promoter as data controller in accordance with applicable data protection laws for the purpose(s) of administering/operating the competition.
• Any failure to adhere to these terms and conditions will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.

The competition entry period is between 14-00pm on Sunday 17th November 2013 and 9am GMT on Thursday 21st November 2013 (the “Entry Period”).

Winners will be notified by email and the names of the winners will be posted on the website www.jamesallenonf1.com

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  1. Warren says:

    Warren DIckinson

    1. Andrew ash says:

      This would be a dream to do on my 30th!

    2. Ashley Barton says:

      Would love to do it!!

      1. Ashley Barton says:

        Whoops didn’t mean to put it on this reply!

    3. Garry Maccormack says:

      Hope it ‘s me that gets picked

    4. colin hammett says:

      love to win this, so been backing mercedes ever since 2010, championship for next year!!

    5. Steve Bird says:

      The chance of a lifetime! Would love to be able to out-brake LH! I am already refreshing my email inbox!!

    6. Ranbir Arora says:

      Ranbir Arora

      Would LOVE to win this! Amazing competition

    7. Luke gumble says:

      Would be a dream as I’ve come to realise ill never drive a real f1 car :-)

    8. Andy Harker says:

      To any F1 fan, this is the closest we will get to driving an F1 car for real. It would defiantly be a tick on the bucket list for me. What a prize!

    9. Chris Glenn says:

      This sounds amazing! I wish my passport was up to date. I would be entering around the clock!
      I already drive my Kompressor as if it were an F1 car, much to the chagrin of the drivers on the road around me I can tell you that much. My best friend and I actually built our own simulators for GT5 and I have run each of the F1 tracks on that game thousands of times. I am competitive with my times at almost each of tracks with the F1 gt car. I love Monte Carlo, something about that track brings out the very highest technical skill in me. I think I could follow the track with my eyes closed sometimes I have been around that circuit so many times! Congrats and immense envy to whom ever wins this contest!

    10. Mark Chapman says:

      What a dream prize, if only!

    11. Jack ELLIOTT says:

      Have plastation move with steering wheel love playing f1 2013 and would be cool to try the real thing…well nearly : ) love Mercedes mag petronas + Lewis Hamilton

    12. Farsad Jalalabadi says:

      Big Mercedes and Gran Turismo fan since Gran Turismo 3

    13. Jodi Hall says:

      This would be amazing

    14. stanley rogers says:

      would love to win,i had a go on the singtel simulator in Singapore airport 2008,it was the best 5 minutes of my life !!!!!!

    15. Israr Khan says:

      It will be a experience to remember..!!!

    16. Lee Pasifull says:

      Wow what a competition! Fingers crossed.

    17. Daniel Feast says:

      Played every f1 game since 2006 , even got a Playseat and wheel , would love a chance to test my skills on a real f1 sim that hamilton uses.

    18. Robert Hawker says:

      I would love to do this. I don’t have a lot of gaming experience but I used to race Karts in my youth and had a national A RAC licence. I’ve driven a single seater but not really sure how relevant or helpful this would be!! :)

    19. What a fab prize for the lucky winner…. would love the prize … Fingers crossed good luck to us all!!!!!

    20. Nicolas Thiebaut says:

      Hi nice competition

    21. Jonathan Mansfield says:

      I got caught speeding this week and winning this would really cheer me up.

      Play a lot of F1 2013 on my PS3 with Playseat and a Thrustmaster T500 RS with F1 wheel and pedals, would be great to compare to the real thing.

      Thanks for the chance, love Mercedes AMG F1.

    22. Brett crow says:

      Would be a dream to be picked for this.

    23. David Parry says:

      Merc enthusiast, driver, and devout follower of the F1 team – please let it be me!

    24. Brett Crow says:

      would be my dream to do this

    25. Joanne wilkinson says:

      I’ve loved F1 since the 80′s & got to go to my first Grand Prix in Barcelona this year for my 40th and was so blessed to be in a box directly above the mercedes garage- all I can say was I cried with the emotion of the phenomenal experience and would be so grateful to entered into this amazing competion Thankyou! fingers crossed!!!

    26. Rebecca Plimley says:

      What a prize! Good luck people

    27. Lee Jones says:

      Would love the chance to drive the simulator and tour the factory, im a massive F1 fan from Australia and we dont get to experince anything like this here down under.

    28. Ian Holmes says:

      Would love this prize!! Pick meeeeeeee!

    29. Taran Sura says:

      Taran Sura

    30. Ben Freeman says:

      Amazing! Ben Freeman

    31. Tom Hampson says:

      It certainly would be a dream to drive in seat of Lewis and Nico.
      The Mercedes team is a point of local pride for people like me that are involved with amateur level Motorsport. Having played many racing games I bet this would top them all.
      An awesome chance at an awesome experience.

    32. Ben Saunders says:

      Sign me Up!!!!!!!

    33. Mark Richardson says:

      I would absolutely love to do this! I’ve played F1 1998, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and other racing games such as Forza, Gran Turismo and PGR. I love racing! I also watch every single Grand Prix and of course I am a Lewis Hamilton fan :D

    34. Kelvin Bone says:

      What an awesome competition, fingers crossed

    35. Kelvin Bone says:

      What an awesome competition, fingers crossed!

    36. Simon green says:

      Never going to get a chance to drive the real thing ,so this would be the next best thing.

    37. Simon Eadsforth says:

      I would like to be in

    38. Hamza Hussain says:

      Hamza : enjoy playing a lot of f1 2011 on Xbox and a huge fan of the sport!

    39. ena jowah says:

      Sign me up!!! Am in!!!

      And a Mercedes Supporter :)

    40. Blane C says:

      Beat’s Forza :)

    41. Andreas Negussie says:

      Andreas Negussie

    42. Phil Waldron says:

      Yes please, count me in!

    43. Dan tribble says:

      Awesome prize for some lucky people!!!

    44. Frank Ryan. says:

      Would be briliant

    45. Shiraz Husain says:

      Supported Mercedes F1 team ever since the Legend Schumacher made his comeback in 2010!!

      My fondest F1 memory will forever be the 42 year old Schumcaher taking pole position in Monaco in 2012 #Legend

    46. Arthur Chan says:

      Been iRacing for 3 years now, but this would be utterly amazing.

    47. Peter McHugh says:

      please would like to enter

    48. Mud76 says:

      M Haffenden would like to attend. Once in lifetime this would be, and soooo much fun!! Good luck everyone!!

    49. Lee Thompson says:

      Lee Thompson

    50. Abdul Ramzan says:

      I would love to do this. I’v played a lot of F1 on the ps3 with a steering wheel and would let me see how much of a difference there is between them.

    51. Darren swift says:

      Darren swift

    52. Mike doran says:

      Would be a good day out! :)

    53. david mack says:

      Love to win this it would make my life lol

    54. JC Agoglia says:

      Juan Carlos (JC) Agoglia

      I’d love to check it out and find out why Shumi was getting sick!

  2. Natalie H says:

    Wow, amazing competition!

    I’m pretty handy on MarioKart if that helps ;)

    1. J.Danek says:

      Wow! What a prize on offer! Please enter me in your drawing:

      J. Michael Danek

      We don’t have to be good at just Mariokart, right? Playing Formula 97 on the original PlayStation, I once won a race at Spa by driving off track to the right at the chicane (turns 19, 20) and rejoining the circuit ahead of my opponent just before we cross the line! It was brilliant!

      1. J.Danek says:

        James and staff:

        What protocols and processes will be in place to choose the winners? Will this be conducted transparently? I understand that the drawing is stated as producing ‘random’ winners – so what mechanism will you use to pick these names?

        (Note: I’m not at ALL suggesting any deficiencies – I just wonder about the mechanism that will select the winners…)

        No suggestion that anything could be amiss here, rather, just hoping you’ll get out ahead of the curve and be fully transparent w/ how winners are chosen so there’s no doubt whatsoever how the names are picked as this is perhaps the greatest contest ever for F1 fans and those who win will be fêted as gods, whilst those who lose will be bitterly disappointed, especially if they suspect that robust systems might not have been in place to ensure truly ‘random’ results!

        I have no connection with this firm or any other, but RandomPicker (
        http://www.randompicker.com/), for example, “uses several approaches to choose winners. You can draw winners using different methods – real random numbers, pseudo-random algorithm or random numbers mixed with a buzzing noise.”

        Then, perhaps even more importantly, to confirm the integrity of the drawing and make clear that everything was on the up-and-up, “RandomPicker generates a final protocol for each drawing – an online overview that you can publish and declare the correctness of the draw. Participants can also check if they were included into the list.”

        I think they only charge something like $25USD for one drawing of winners from a max of 1,000,000 entrants.

        You can probably download share or freeware apps that do the whole random-number generating, but the whole point is to have an independent system and transparent process for the actually selection of winners to ensure total impartiality…

        Just a thought!

        It’s great that you’ve arranged this amazing contest, James!

      2. James Allen says:

        All out competitions are the same. We pick the winners at random, as it says in the post

        There’s nothing more to say. Couldn’t be clearer!

      3. Bjorn Sodergard says:

        Bjorn Sodergard

      4. David Jones-Bierton says:

        This really is a boss prize

  3. Wade Lavery says:

    Yes please..
    Wade Lavery.

  4. What an amazing competition!

    In a casual video gamer, certainly no ‘experience’ to talk of.


  5. Phil Waddell says:

    Phil Waddell

  6. David Townrow says:

    Finally the time to prove to all my family and friends I am as good as Lewis and Nico. I might even get signed on the day!

    Then I awoke in back in my arm chair as the Austin GP finishes and Vettel breaks another record……

    What an amazing opertunity – only dreams are made of these chances!

  7. Dominic Rodwell says:

    This sounds absolutely amazing, and something I would love to do. Great PR for both UBS and Mercedes!

  8. Bart Williams says:

    Bart Williams

  9. Tim says:

    Sounds like fun – yes please :-)

  10. Perry Brown says:

    Perry Brown

  11. Harrison Vrbanjac says:

    Harrison Vrbanjac

  12. robert gibson says:

    sounds amazing..

  13. Paul Denman says:

    Paul Denman

  14. Marc Wood says:

    Would love to take the Mercedes AMG sim for a spin.

  15. Vikram Balaram says:

    Thanks, I have gaming experience only on Wii and PC

  16. Paul Gawne says:

    Wow, That’s a real dream come true prize. Closest I’d ever get to the real thing. Fingers well and truly crossed!

  17. Tony Hooper says:

    Sounds fantastic, me please!

  18. Rob Horton says:

    Rob Horton

  19. Annie Robinson says:

    Awesome prize! Any F1 would love this opportunity. I promise Merc I wont break it if I get to have a go ;-)

  20. jrhbcn says:

    Excellent competition, count me in!! :)

  21. Andy Daniell says:

    What a great prize. Fingers crossed!

  22. Matthias Werner says:

    Great competition! Thanks!

  23. Joseph says:

    Joseph Whitaker

    What a fantastic competition! I race a lot on iRacing, and I’ve played pretty much every F1 game ever released, but this would just be mind blowingly great!

  24. Stuart Gough says:

    Looks like an incredible opportunity!

  25. Elaine says:

    I would like to enter! Have some gaming experience!

  26. Mathew Dunn says:

    Mathew Dunn
    What a fantastic prize!

  27. Craig Cove-Burrell says:

    AMG Mercedes simulator competition

  28. CraigD says:

    What a treat!

    Craig D

  29. Ian Bromwich says:


    We met at the Senna filming in London.

    Would love to do this.

  30. Johan Sterenberg says:

    Yes, please! Totally awesome prize.

    Johan Sterenberg

  31. Alan Litchfield says:

    A dream day out!

  32. Jed Sarnecki says:

    Thanks for the competitions on your website :)

  33. David Wenn says:

    Yes please James. What a fantastic opportunity!

  34. Kanon says:

    Kanon Lo

  35. David Fowler says:

    Sounds amazing!

  36. Waseem Afzal says:

    Competition entry

  37. Jason says:

    Yes please!

  38. Dan Taylor says:

    Fantastic opportunity! Daniel Taylor

  39. Daryl Wickham says:

    This is too good to say no to! I don’t see what difference it would make but I’ve played recent F1 games.

  40. George Alaimo says:

    George Alaimo

  41. Chris says:

    What a treat of a prize, count me in for a chance pretty please James!

    Here is hoping for a close race at the front, Yeah Right, I mean well done Vettel.

  42. Simon Manton says:

    More karting experience than gaming experience, pleeeeeeeeease let me have a go in the simulator :-)

  43. Ross Brown says:

    Ross Browm

  44. Jake Ferdinand says:

    Jake Ferdinand

  45. dzolve says:

    Count me in!


  46. I’ve got a lot of racing experience on various racing games and simulators. In fact, I race the slightly less serious version of the software used by most F1 teams on their sims, rFactor.

    I’m the owner and manager of a virtual racing team called TheSixthAxis Racing and I’ve taken part in various sim racing leagues ranging from Renault Clio tin-tops to open-wheelers (Formula Two) and Gen 6 NASCARs. The leagues I’ve raced in have also had the likes of Stoffel Vandoorne (TouringProSeries) and Josh Webster (GPVWC) grace their virtual Tarmac. It sure would be great to get a taste of Merc’s full-on sim!

  47. Ben Akhurst says:

    Ben Akhurst

  48. Aditya Jayaram says:

    Hi ,

    Aditya here from Bangalore, India.Big Big formula 1 fan,
    I just got the new F12013 Game, play it using my wheels… buttons for Throtle and Brake(pedals screwed)! this would be a great opportunity , please !!!

  49. Andrew Hibberd says:

    Andrew Hibberd

  50. Iain white says:

    Iain white been a hardcore gp gamer since Geoff crammond days on PC would love a go at this

  51. Simon Rowe says:

    Incredible opportunity, thank you so much am crossing my fingers.

  52. Jason Harvey says:

    Would love to win this competition, Mercedes is an awesome team and James Allen with UBS offers the most exclusive competitions I’ve ever seen across all F1 associated companies.

  53. Joe White says:

    Joe White

  54. Ken Speirs says:

    Ken Speirs – once in a lifetime opportunity ;-)

  55. Andrew Donnelly says:

    Wow what a comp.

  56. Chris says:

    No proper “gaming” experience just on the playstation every so often.

  57. Simon Brown says:

    Sign me up for entry to drive the Mercedes Simulator please.

  58. Gary Lapidus says:

    Great prize!

  59. AustinMcA says:

    Austin McAlonan

  60. Brian McCarthy says:

    G27 wheel and pedals playing f1 games on ps3

  61. Guil Nascimento says:

    Guil Nascimento! – this is wicked!!!

  62. Faissal Fdil says:

    Hope I’ll be part of the event =)

  63. Vamshi Bandi says:

    As a die-hard F1 fan and an aspiring sports journalist, I would love to be part of such an opportunity. And as a big fan of James Allen’s reportage, I would count myself lucky if I’m picked. Cheers!

  64. Tom Fisher says:

    Not played any racing games for years but was a massive fan before more boring things like work took over. This would be a great opportunity to get closer to a sport I’ve been following for over 25 years!

    Win or not, love the site James. It’s great to have F1 analysis that isn’t dumbed-down like some other sources.

  65. Joonas Rajaniemi says:

    Would be so cool to try it out!

  66. Michael kitchen says:

    Would love an opportunity to experience an amazing opportunity for any huge formula 1. I really hope I get this once in a lifetime chance!

  67. Byron breaker-Rolfe says:

    A lot of gaming experience on various F1 games, iracing, and lots more! Thanks!

  68. Justin Henson says:

    This is a fantastic prize!

  69. Johann Ting says:

    Always gutting that these amazing competitions are only available to people who don’t have to work on a weekday! :(

  70. Paul says:

    Distinctly average at Microprose Grand Prix 2 on the Atari ST… ;-)

  71. Ben says:

    Ben Fulford

  72. Rob Watts says:

    Been a fan of F1 since 97, never missed a race in that time. I’ve also bought just about every F1 game since! This would make my year James!

  73. Dominic Churchill says:

    Competition entry

  74. Philipp says:

    I would like to go to England… ;-)

  75. Bart De Pauw says:

    Let’s hope that I won’t get sick in the sim!:-)

    1. philippe hansoul says:

      DE Bart De Pauw:d?

  76. Darrell Steele says:

    Pick me lol!!

  77. Lee Sharp says:

    Pleeeease let me win the competition!

  78. Mike Hirschkorn says:

    Please pick me for this one. I used to be very good at F1 97 on the first generation Playstation (!) but the kids don’t let me anywhere near the Xbox these days.

  79. Peter West says:

    I’d love to have a go at this. And between a few years experience karting and a few hundred hours of Race ’07, GT5 and F1 2006, 2010 and 2012 I do have my fair share of left-foot-braking experience. :-)

  80. Bart Stroobants says:

    Bart Stroobants

    Extensive experience with all kinds of PC racing simulators so very interested to compare the home-solutions with the professional one.

  81. JamesW says:

    Me! Me! Me!

  82. Andrew Dobb says:

    That’s an amazing competition James, I’d love to be in with a chance of winning.

  83. Katie Rawlinson says:

    Wow!! Been waiting for a competition opportunity like this..how amazing this is the best!!

    Katie Rawlinson

  84. Esteban Viso says:

    Great prize! I am familiar with simulators like GTR2, rFactor and Codemasters F1 saga.

  85. Albert says:

    Some F1 experience :)

  86. Lez Martin says:

    Lez Martin

  87. Foaad says:

    I have some gaming experience of Need for Speed and Counterstrike.

  88. peter knight says:

    Engineering – Oxford Brookes University

  89. Richard Horne says:

    Excellent prize.

  90. Aaron Wilkinson says:

    :) I can only pray

  91. Derek Bryant says:

    This would be a dream come true to drive a real F1 simulator! I race sprint karts and have played many F1 and karting a games but this would be the ultimate experience! Very cool that you guys are doing this for 8 lucky fans

  92. liam g says:

    What a great competition. Thanks James.
    Liam Gillon

  93. Simon hodgson says:

    Love the website and couldn’t do without your twitter updates during a GP weekend. Keep up the great work!

  94. As an editor, this would be a great experience. As an F1 fan, it’d be a dream come to, to travel to the Mercedes factory. As for gaming, I’ve played many racing games, from Need for Speed (sorry…) to simulators like rFactor.

  95. Antti Pirttimäki says:

    I would like to enter the competition for a simulator experience. Thanks for organising this event!

  96. Martin Hepworth says:

    Big Lewis fan and enjoy some gaming but dont get much chance these days . Excited to have so many geat teams around Oxfordshire and seeing inside an F1 team would be magical

  97. Ashish Akkaraju says:

    I am a casual gamer who likes to play a wide variety of games, ranging from RPGs to racing games. I am a fan of the need for speed series.

  98. Nathan dudhill says:

    Bout a million hours of f1 2012 not interesting just wanted to share

  99. Clifford Campbell says:

    Amazing competition!

    Played various f1 and other racing games a lot.
    Does the Mercedes simulator show the best driving line and when to brake? I’m thinking of the double green and red lines lol…

  100. Viktor Bognar says:

    Viktor Bognar

  101. Stan says:

    That is such an awesome opportunity, however, when I had to drive a (rather primitive) simulator for my driver’s test that ended rather badly. I think I took out a bunch of pedestrians and then jumped out with a terrible headache ;-).

    Sure would love to see the facilities though.

  102. Rach says:

    James Bromley

    I currently have no gaming experience due to a ban from my wife!! I’ve wanted a PS3 and new F1 game for the last few years but we have two young children and I may have mentioned in the past how I used to race simultaneously on Geoff Crammonds GP game when I was young!!

  103. Sam says:

    Great Competition – Only experience is F1 2012 on PS3!

  104. Mark says:

    Sounds like a fantastic day. I never seem to win competitions, but I’m entering on the off chance my luck changes. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed until Thursday!

  105. tarun says:

    Tarun Luthra
    I have driven on the latest f1 game extensively and in the previous F1 games.

  106. james murphy says:

    james murphy

  107. Tom Gough says:

    Have played racing games and done track days in past. I’ve been an F1 fan since I could walk and am a big fan of Hamilton and what Mercedes are trying to do.


  108. Stephen richardson says:


  109. Martin Hepworth says:

    Excellent day to see inside a top team

  110. Rajesh says:

    Me Me Me Me!!

  111. I would love to have the opportunity to spend some time in an F1 simulator! What an amazing competition!

  112. Ian Costa says:

    Ian Costa

    This is such a great competition! Thanks!

  113. Pete Inskip says:


  114. Darren Poole says:

    What an amazing competition!! Would certainly beat playing F1 2013 on the PS3. I once had an opportunity for 3 laps in the McLaren race car simulator – would be interesting to compare!
    I’ve got everything crossed :)

  115. Daniel Munro says:

    Daniel Munro

  116. Joe Clarke says:

    Joe clarke

  117. Cormac Mac Artain says:

    God bless UBS

  118. Patrick Charlton

    Wow that is an insane prize! i’ve no idea how you swung that one James! Great Work!

    I’m a regular competitor in the Iracing Skip Barber Sim Racing Series.

  119. Michael Thompson says:

    Hi James

    As I’m the first to comment can i please please win I’ve even shared it on Facebook!!

  120. Jamie norman says:

    Please let me win :)


    1. Jamie Norman says:

      Hi just noticed mention gaming experience.

      A couple to share;

      1. I have a reasonable steering wheel setup for my PS3, didn’t realise how life like it was till i had a go in a real single seater. Sat in it, felt just like the PS3, anyway did a couple of laps behind the pace car, didn’t need the brakes, it peels off, i go barraleing down the straight, slamed the brakes on, nothing happened, i’d onld tried to brake with my left foot, not my right and hit the clutch, needed a change of underwear for that.

      2. At mk a few years back, there was some promo and they had an F1 simulator, it fed out telemtry as you drove and the wrap round screens, the only way i could drive it was if i took my shoes off. Anyway over a 1000 people had a go, i finished just 2.5 secs off the pro and finished 5th overall.

      They were watching the telemtry feed as i was doing it and he thought i was actually a pro, was swell chuffed.

      Hi just noticed mention gaming experience.

      A couple to share;

      1. I have a reasonable steering wheel setup for my PS3, didn’t realise how life like it was till i had a go in a real single seater. Sat in it, felt just like the PS3, anyway did a couple of laps behind the pace car, didn’t need the brakes, it peels off, i go barrelling down the straight, slammed the brakes on, nothing happened, i’d only tried to brake with my left foot, not my right and hit the clutch, needed a change of underwear for that.

      2. At mk a few years back, there was some promo and they had an F1 simulator, it fed out telemetry as you drove and the wrap round screens, the only way i could drive it was if i took my shoes off. Anyway over a 1000 people had a go, i finished just 2.5 secs off the pro and finished 5th overall.

      They were watching the telemetry feed as i was doing it and he thought i was actually a pro, was swell chuffed.

  121. Chris Jones says:

    Having played all the Geoff Crammond releases of the GP series through to Rfactor, Live4Speed, iracing and the current Codemasters releases, it would be awesome to get a run in a real life sim!

  122. Darren munford says:

    Darren munford

  123. Eddyr says:

    Ed Ratcliff
    I’ll be honest, not dusted the old xbox steering wheel for a while, but used to enjoy a good thrashing about on f1 2011! Sure the sim is no different to my xbox eh? ;)

  124. Monza71 says:

    What a great opportunity !

    As a lifelong enthusiast slightly older than Ross Brawn I’m never going to get the chance to drive a real F1 car but this would be perfect.

    And, yes, I was at that famous race in 1971 : a spectator for the race but I was fortunate enough to be in the scruffy inadequate pits with the MARCH team during practice.

  125. Ben Spearpoint says:

    Ben Spearpoint

  126. Daniel Hale says:

    Daniel Hale!

  127. Robert Ratcliff says:

    Greeks hoping!

  128. Stephen L says:

    A great competition James, what an opportunity for the lucky winners.

    Many thanks

  129. Ray Addison says:

    This really is the best competition ever! A great chance to see how fast you really are compared to the professionals. The next best thing to actually driving an F1 car.

  130. Alan Ashcroft says:

    Oh yes please…….

  131. Mike says:

    Michael S

  132. Cliff kendall says:

    Cliff kendall

  133. Mike says:

    Mike Geelan

  134. Phil Bates says:

    Basic gaming experience, but always admired the sophistication of gaming and simulators.

  135. Paul Relf says:

    I would love this prize!! Massive fan of F1 and have been for so many years. Just a chance to your Mercedes would be an honour!! :)

  136. FerrariFan527 says:

    Filip Djordjevic
    Ljubice Odadzic 16, Zrenjanin, Serbia

  137. Graham Prior says:

    Oooh, pick me, pick me, pick meeee!

    I’ve been driving racing games since Chequered Flag on the Spectrum and haven’t stopped since. Project CARS and Assetto Corsa are the closest play at home proper sims, but to have a go on a ‘real’ Mercedes simulator… dream come true.

  138. Brian says:

    Now that is a great prize. Certainly a step up from the touring F1 cars with video screens you get around the country from time to time – although these are still fun.

  139. Darren Montgomery says:

    Love to win this fantastic prize, boys and there toys and all that!!!

  140. Ricardo Spina says:

    Adrian newey once watched me when I was driving on a lamborghini supertrevio simulator at silverstone.

  141. Andrew Taylor says:

    Definitely interested in this! Thanks for the opportunity James.

  142. David says:

    What a great opportunity, would certainly better playing F1 2009 on the Wii…!

    Another great reason why this is the best F1 fan website.

    Thanks James!

  143. Adam Taylor says:

    Adam Taylor

  144. David Hastings says:

    David Hastings
    Would love to win a place on this amazing experience.

  145. David Green says:

    David Green

  146. Truls Bengtsson says:

    Pick me, pick me!

  147. Joco Gorenc says:

    Joco Gorenc

    10 years of sim-racing on PC experiance. Very active driver on race2play.com


  148. Jacob Chapman says:

    Competition entry

  149. Grant H says:

    Grant Harvey

    Pick me pleaseeee!!!

    Gotta say im quite handy with f1 on the ps3 if that helps

  150. neilmsport says:

    Neil Morton.
    What an incredible experience this would be!
    No gaming experience.

  151. ferggsa says:

    Would love to come, following F1 for 47 years now, and playing on my playstation from time to time

  152. Ian west says:

    Ian west

  153. Jon Wade says:

    Jon Wade

  154. Jan lundmark says:

    Yes please! I would love it! :)

  155. Richard N says:

    Wow this would be an amazing experience for 8 lucky winners.

  156. Pete Swann says:

    Pete Swann

  157. John Baker says:

    What a great competition James! John Baker. Experience:
    F1 world grand prix I & II(nintendo 64)
    F1 ’97, ’99, ’00, ’01 (playstation)
    F1 ’00, ’01, ’02, ’03, ’04, ’05 (playstation II)
    F1 ’06, ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13 (playstation III)

  158. Andrew M says:

    Andrew Munro
    Have dabbled in racing games on-and-off for quite a few years, although I admit I haven’t gotten an F1 game for quite a while; maybe this will reinspire my interest :)

  159. Steve Bould says:

    Great competition
    Experienced on Codemaster’s F1 series with Xbox

  160. Michel goffart says:

    Enter please,
    Played some forza 2 long time ago, and play iracing from time to time.

  161. Mark Donnell says:

    Mark Donnell

  162. Matthew Hadfield says:

    Matthew Hadfield

  163. Glenn Davies says:

    What an amazing prize! I’ve raced home computer simulators for years going all the way back to Revs on the BBC Micro, through the Geoff Crammond Grand Prix games, the Papyrus games like Indycar Racing and Grand Prix Legends and, currently iRacing and Codemasters’ F1 2013 game. I would so love to try a real F1 simulator and see if all that games-playing experience will at least keep me between the white lines!

  164. Rick van der Weerd says:

    Wooww, amazing stuff!

    Rick van der Weerd

  165. Juha Pokela says:

    Do I need a helmet?

  166. James Deans says:

    James Deans

  167. Jamie Cottage says:

    Jamie Cottage

  168. paul Miller says:

    Great prize James
    I think you said it was my turn to win!!!

  169. Paul young says:

    Yes please!!!!

    Paul Young.

  170. Justin Masterson says:

    Justin Masterson.

    massive fan of F1 (Hamilton especially!) and Motorsport gaming.

    Started back in the days of Project Gotham 2 on the original Xbox and being hooked on Forza Motorsport 2, 3 and 4 and F1 2010 and F1 2012

    Came 2nd in a competition of laptimes at the Forza 2 launch at HMV in Oxford Street.

    This would be an amazing opportunity to be part of and get the feedback from an F1 sim!

  171. dan sharp says:

    Dan Sharp

  172. Emanuele Lecchi
    May the luckiest win!

  173. hamish macdonald says:

    hamish macdonald

    I’ll have relearn the circuits so some late nights if I win.

  174. Edward Valentine says:

    Edward Valentine

  175. Charanjit Sandhu says:


  176. Inder Mittal says:

    Inder Mittal

  177. Sean Cleary says:

    Pick me :) Sean cleary

  178. Alex Hall says:

    Me please!

  179. Dream prize. What a fantastic competition! Fingers crossed… ;-)

  180. Murilo Lelis says:

    Great prize!

    Murilo Lelis

  181. AlexD says:

    Alex Dylikowski

  182. Patrik sandström says:

    Yes please!
    Patrik Sandström

  183. shane says:

    Shane Wood

    Yes please sir James Allen of f1-ness

  184. Matt Dwyer says:

    Matt Dwyer

  185. Wayne says:

    Congrats on offering this prize, JA, and thanks regardless! Wayne Harding.

  186. Moog says:

    Mark Connop

  187. Richie Vernon says:

    Great competition! I hope all those hours playing Virtua Racing finally pay off.

  188. Paul Johnson says:

    Truly amazing opportunity.

  189. James Canvin says:

    Wow, this s the one to win!

    James Canvin

  190. Mark Greenhow says:

    Me! Please.

  191. Inder Mittal says:

    What a fantastic competition. Thanks.

  192. Jonathan Burnett says:

    Jonthan Burnett

  193. Jonathan Burnett says:

    Jonathan Burnett

  194. Colin Paterson says:

    Colin Paterson

  195. Ben Parker says:

    Wicked prize! Good luck to all who are entering. :) only ‘simulator’ I tried was an iRacing one at Autosport International one year, so this would be quite a difference haha!

  196. Darren Smith says:

    Darren Smith – Yes Please! i have just finished my first season in easykart seniors.

  197. Tim Teo says:

    Here’s my entry all the way from sunny Singapore! Tim Teo

  198. DaveJones says:

    Great competition James! Best of luck to everyone.
    Dave Jones

  199. Dave Lewis says:


  200. Darren C says:

    Darren C

  201. Gemma Martin says:

    Amazing Experience!!

    Gemma Martin

  202. John Packham says:

    My hat in the ring.

  203. Ian Williams says:

    Oh boy, what a prize…!

    Ian Williams

  204. Ben Tusting says:

    Ben Tusting

    FormulaSimracing World Champion in Rfactor(F1 car)

    Have a racing licence, where i drive a Historic Formula Ford 2000 car(Reynard SF79) and also had a test with Radical.

  205. Christian Holm says:

    That would be amazing to try

  206. Nick Dawkins says:

    Casual gamer, beginning with Geoff Crammond’s Revs on a BBC Micro! Now Enjoying F1 2013 :)

  207. Daniel Reid says:

    Daniel Reid

  208. Mark Turner says:

    Sounds like an awesome chance. Yes please!

    Mark Turner – with little in the way of driving game experience!

  209. Alexander Hewitt says:

    Alexander Hewitt

  210. John Nicholas says:

    John Nicholas

  211. Stuart Barr says:

    Awesome prize! I have some F1 gaming experience and a few other racing games.

    Stuart Barr

  212. Mike Martin says:

    Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team competition.

    At your service, gaming veteran reporting for duty.

    I would love to use my game experience to make the Mercedes F1 2014 car better:)

    Thank you UBS for this yaw dropping and stunning chance.

    Woohoo, I hope I bumb into Lewis!!! GOOOO Lewis!

  213. jamie cresdee says:

    Hope i win, the prize sounds amazing

  214. Brendan Young says:

    Brendan Young

  215. Kalina says:

    Would love to take part :-D

  216. Vic Ibrahim says:

    Vic Ibrahim

  217. Matt Jones says:

    Matt Jones

  218. Sam Hurst says:

    Sam Hurst

  219. Dan Tyler says:

    Dan Tyler

  220. Matt Devenish says:

    Incredible opportunity once again!
    Matt Devenish

  221. Karl Jin says:

    Karl Jin

  222. Angus M says:

    Fantastic prize, worth a shot!

  223. David Ramsay says:

    I would love to try this.

    I have been racing in an online racing league for a few years, playing the various codemasters F1 games. They are a lot of fun but would love to be able to compare it to the real F1 sims.

    This is a video with 2 on board cameras from an online race


  224. Geert says:

    What a great prize – would be delighted and Christmas come early!

  225. Mat Evans says:

    Let’s av a go
    Mat Evans

  226. sw280 says:

    Nice to see Merc cooperate on this sort of thing, definitely the best prize ever offered.

  227. Mike Jones says:

    Mike Jones

  228. Craig Reay says:

    I couldn’t imagine how happy I would be to win a prize like this.

  229. Simon Biles says:

    What an amazing experience this would be!!

    Simon Biles

  230. R Lendore says:

    Rodney Lendore

  231. kevin Kinsella says:

    Kevin Kinsella
    Built own sim.. t500

  232. DAVID THORBURN says:


  233. Philip King says:

    Played various PC Sims over the years, from Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix series, through Grand Prix Legends to more recently Live for Speed, Race 07 and F1 2012. Richard Burns Rally as well. Anything I can turn all the driver aids off and feel like I’m approaching the feel of a real racing car, as it’s the closest I’m likely to get. I’m not actually any good, but I prefer to try something more realistic and crash than something that makes me look good!

  234. Neil Bailey says:

    Neil Bailey

  235. Niki Denton says:

    Niki Denton

  236. Kenny wynants says:

    Kenny wynants

  237. Laurence H says:

    Is there a height limit? I’m 6’3″!!

  238. Paul Braithwaite says:

    Can’t think of a more exciting prize to be honest – bring it on !!!

  239. Paul Braithwaite says:

    Paul Braithwaite

  240. Anthony Stott says:

    Anthony Stott.

    Gaming experience: Monopoly , Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble. :-)

  241. Michael says:

    Just if i was older :@

  242. Maciej Kryszynski says:

    Yes pleeeeease!

  243. Robert says:

    Robert Orton

    I have always enjoyed sim racing, starting with Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix and progressing through Indycar, rFactor and now iRacing. I used to be handy in a go-kart too and I was always amazed at how speed gained from honing technique in a sim would directly translate to speed in the kart on a track. I can barely imagine what that must mean for the complexity of the simulators enjoyed by the F1 boys.

    Great competition!

  244. David Hatton says:

    Count me in
    I have an interest in flight simulators and have been building my Bae hawk simulator for over 4 years now. Would love to see and chat to the F1 sim guys I.m also a licenced MSA karting clerk of the course so Motorsport is also a pasion of mine

    1. David Hatton says:

      James could I withdraw from the competition as I,m unable to get time of work next week so would not want to deny someone else the chance of a win.

  245. Jimbo says:

    Oh yes please, would make for an unforgetable experience! Driven lots of different racing games on the PC, but nothing I’m sure could top driving a full blown simulator!

  246. Martin Theodorou says:

    This sounds amazing! Martin Theodorou.

  247. James Purves says:

    James Purves

    Would love this!

  248. Paul Bosher says:

    Yes please, would be fantastic.

    Veteran F1 Gamer (only aged 33)

    F1 Grand Prix, F1 GP2, F1 GP3, Playstation, Playstation 2 PSP and PS3 EA Sports all F1 games ever produced.

    Currently have a top ranking for online F1 2012. Looking forward to F1 2013 for Christmas!!

  249. Gilles Gardner says:

    Gilles Gardner

  250. Mark Johnson says:

    Would be awesome to try and to compare. This between my personal experience of using PC and Playstation Games in my own simulator at home.

  251. Colin Warnock says:

    Colin Warnock. I have experience of playing F1 games. Although I know this will be a whole new experience.

  252. John Allen says:

    John Allen.

    Very limited gaming experience……. Geoff Crammonds GP3 (remember that?) and F1 97 years and years ago when the kids were younger is about all I can muster!!!!

  253. Adam Raffell says:

    Adam Raffell – love racing on F1 2013 and have always wanted to try a simulator.

  254. MikeStewart says:

    Mike Stewart

    Fingers crossed! :-)

  255. Nick Lansdell says:

    Nick Lansdell

    Finally a chance to prove how good I am :) great competition would love to do it!

  256. Jamie Ramsamy says:

    Would love to enter.
    rFactor 1&2, Geoff Crammond’s GP1,2,3,4, F1 Challenge series, GTR 1 & 2, Life for Speed, and mostof the officially licensed F1 games.

  257. Sam White says:

    Sam White

  258. Carlos Miranda says:

    Carlos Miranda

  259. Amit Bansal says:

    Amit Bansal

  260. Kimonas says:

    Kimonas Stournaras. Played a bit with F1 2012 and was very good at cmr2. It’ll be craaazy to go through this experience!!!!

  261. Knopjes says:

    Bert Knops

    1. Knopjes says:

      I have 15 years of simracing experience (including racing competitively in online championships) with most of the following racing simulations: Grand Prix Legends, Nascar Racing 2002 & 2003 Season, iRacing, rFactor 1 & 2, Live For Speed, Netkar Pro and Assetto Corsa.

      Having done this a lot over the years I would love to have a chance to compare the differences between professional F1 simulation gear and what the racing enthusiast at home uses.

  262. Andrew Ervin says:

    Andrew Ervin

  263. Lee Rigby says:

    Lee Rigby

  264. Pranesh Ganesh says:

    I have played a lot of racing sims. I do Go karting a lot and even managed to win some local races. Drove the Radical SST in yas marina and also the Ferrari F1 simulator in Ferrari world. Can’t imagine what a state of the art simulator would be like though!

  265. Guillermo says:

    Guillermo Lopez

  266. Nikolay Varbitzaliev says:

    WOW !!! I’m gonna win! :D :)

  267. RobertS says:

    Robert Small

    1. RobertS says:

      Raced on f1 2009. F1 2004 and Geoff crammonds gp3 on the pc.

  268. Simon Kelly says:

    Fingers crossed!

  269. Simon Kelly says:

    Simon Kelly

    (With name this time, wouldn’t like to lose on a technicality!)

  270. Rein says:

    yes please! Regards Rein

  271. Rich Cawthraw says:

    Rich Cawthraw

  272. Seán Craddock says:

    Seán Craddock

  273. Dan Kelly says:

    Quality prize!

    Good luck everyone!

    Dan Kelly

  274. Aussie Rod says:

    Rod Pindar – Wow, what a prize James!

    I’ve been playing racing games/sims for as long as they have been around, in particular Geoff Crammond’s F1 series, Grand Prix Legends and now iRacing. Sim-racing is a great hobby that certainly allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the sport. Driving the Mercedes sim would take that to a whole new level. I’m jealous of the winners already!

  275. Hi, I’d love to try the simulator.
    I have experience in F1 games and GT5.

    Antonio Miguel

  276. steve green says:

    Yes please

  277. Roland says:

    Roland Grant.

    Sounds unbelievable!

  278. Marlie says:

    At first glimpse i did not see any women fans on here.

    So, since I am one (woman and a big fan), I would really like to have a go (at the simulator !!!! )

    Please, pretty please?

  279. Tom Power says:

    Wow, chalk me up. I love driving the nurburgring on Gran Turismo. Can we try Spa please?

  280. Rob Prior says:

    Robert Prior – Great competition, how can anyone not enter!

  281. Rob says:

    Rob Marwood

  282. James Henderson says:

    James Henderson

  283. Nick Garvie says:


  284. James McNulty says:

    James McNulty

  285. Karis Rundle says:

    Karis Rundle -a bit nifty on the mariokart circuits but totally hopeless on the f1 games it seems, well unless there are no other cars around and then I’m great!

  286. Steve J says:

    Stephen Jones

  287. Kelvin Nyambane says:

    Kelvin Nyambane

  288. Dean Bailey says:

    Amazing competition!!!!

  289. Kevin Shiel says:

    Can i be lucky for once?

  290. Joel says:

    Hope I’m one of the lucky ones – Joel Dennison :)

  291. Paul Gill says:

    Paul Gill – would love a chance to try this out round a few legendary circuits (wonder which one they will choose….!)

  292. Jonathan says:

    Awesome – yes please!

    and a whole week to make travel arrangements that will please many – I’d walk it if I had to!

  293. Peter Santamaria-Woods: count me in! Would be a MEGA prize!

    I have experience on pretty much every racing game there is :-)

  294. James Pinkney says:

    James Pinkney – only chance to ever experience F1 for some one who couldn’t afford to kart as a child

  295. Andrew Wu says:

    I would love a chance to try the F1 simulator!

  296. Ian Maslen says:

    Awesome competition. I’ve been playing F1 sims on the pc over the years, starting with Geoff Crammonds GP2 in the 90′s. More recently it’s been Live For Speed.

  297. Brian Lam says:

    Brian Lam!

  298. Anthony Browne says:

    Yes please!!!

  299. Ishaak says:

    Ishaak Ugradar

  300. Duncan Conway says:

    Good luck to all.

    Duncan Conway.

  301. Scottie Simpson says:

    What an amazing competition. Hardcore racing gamer and multiple Australian karting champion, would be a dream come true. Go @aussiegrit and @danielricciardo!!!

  302. philippe hansoul says:

    Philippe Hansoul. Dear God let me win this amazing price!!!

  303. David Anes says:

    That’s really good news. Hope I will be the one =)

    Keep pushing JA.

    David Anes.

  304. Shane Cotter says:

    Shane Cotter

  305. Gary Hickman says:

    Wow what a prize. I’m a bit of a f1 nut and the idea
    Of driving a simulator is amazing it’s the closest you
    Can get to being a f1 driver. Just going to do extra time
    On the PS3 just in case I win

  306. Mark Rodway says:

    Mark Rodway

    So far a 8 in 313 chance, those aren’t bad odds….

  307. Des Murray says:

    Des Murray

  308. Ryan Goodwin says:

    Yes please

  309. Garry Mitchell says:

    Garry Mitchell

  310. Bryan B says:

    Bryan .B

  311. John cook says:

    Racing online with friends racing custom championships in the f1 games for 3 years. Also raced race 07 alot. Hundreds of hours on grand turismos. I am a nerdy game racer get me in there :P

  312. Richard Dreyer says:

    Best gaming achievement: Winning the Canadian Grand Prix in a Caterham in my rookie season. Pick me!

  313. James Pyatt says:

    Ready and more than willing to travel from OZ.

    James Pyatt

  314. Jack Lynch says:

    I have already found a buyer for my kidney to pay for the airfair from australia!

  315. Ali Haji Babaei says:

    Dream would be to drive Monaco in a sim. Closest thing to real life I’ll probably get I reckon. I’ve had plenty of time playing the F1 games, but it doesn’t hit the sweet spot for me :\

    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please

    - Ali Haji Babaei

  316. Juan Menendez says:

    Great competition. I’ve spent way too much time on PS3 F1 2010, 2011, and now 2013. Would love to try the simulator. Cheers.

  317. Marc ward says:

    Count me in!! Marc ward!

  318. Richard Schunemann says:

    This would be an absolute once in a life time experience!

    James please please pick me! Pick me!!! Richard Schunemann

    I do enjoy racing video games and I’m getting to grips with the new F1 2013 from codemasters!!!

  319. Jorge Henriques says:

    Jorge Henriques

  320. Simon fuller says:

    Simon fuller

  321. Stephen Singh says:

    Stephen Singh

    I used to race quite a bit on rFactor as far as PC driving simulators go, and race on Gran Turismo from time to time.

  322. Absolutely no gaming experience, only the real thing but never raced single seaters.
    Drove an ex-Post McLaren F1 at Aintree in 1987!
    Would be an honour and a privilege to be one of the winners to experience such an opportunity as this. Well done James for arranging!

  323. Paul says:

    Paul Evans, please

  324. Paul Davies says:

    Fingers crossed!

  325. Ian Telford says:

    F1 fan since early 60′s. Fantasy world experience is rFactor, real world experience my 911 Turbo at Mosport International, Canada a few times each year. Oh and this would be fabulous on the day after my 67th birthday!

  326. James Farish says:

    James Fsrish

  327. Joakim Hermansson says:

    Pick me! Pick me! *rising my hand and snapping my fingers*

  328. Tim Watson says:

    Would donate ANY body part for an opportunity…
    Tim Watson

  329. Sammy says:

    Sammy Ciarlo
    Rfactor & F1 from Codemasters.

  330. Andrew Hackett says:

    Andrew Hackett
    I’m a real fan of the Codemasters F1 and GRID racing series, especially online – there’s nothing quite like swapping paintwork (and bodyparts!) at high speed against other real folks

  331. Michael Cassie says:

    Michael Cassie

    Now where’s that 4 leaf clover……

  332. Sebastian Moreno says:

    This prize is Mega!!:)

  333. Andrew Meyrick says:

    Andrew Meyrick

  334. Joe Papp says:

    wow. this is a pretty cool contest!

    QUESTION: will we be allowed to take photos or video of ourselves in the simulator (as mementos, not for distribution)?

    [I just want to know if I should buy that new camera now, since I'm sure I'll win! ;) lol...]

  335. Robert Fern says:

    Robert Fern

  336. Dameon Deans says:

    Dameon Deans

    Id love to experience the Merc F1 simulator. Would be a dream come true.

  337. Ian Bianchi says:

    Ian bianchi

    Sounds like fun

  338. joseph failla says:

    Yes please! Im awesome in f1 2013 on ps3 :) Joseph Failla

  339. Robin Venables says:

    Robin Venables

  340. Mike Bottomley says:

    fingers crossed.

  341. Nick Bradshaw says:

    Nick Bradshaw

  342. Sean Sabourin says:

    Now this would be an experience to remember…

  343. Phil Setrem says:

    Significant gaming experience mainly with Codemasters F1 series and Gran Tourismo.

  344. jeffrey Xavier says:

    Woh. Amazing prize.

  345. Chris Kirby says:

    Chris Kirby
    Play/Played most versions of F1 game, Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo

  346. Gordon McDougall says:

    Gordon McDougall

    This would be epic beyond words! So far as gaming experience goes, I regularly play games like Forza and the Codemasters F1 series online. James, I’m counting on you to do the right thing!

  347. Mark Gibbons says:

    Mark Gibbons
    Lots of real (Saloon car) and virtual race experience (GT, Forza, GSC, rFactor etc)!

  348. Colin Coote says:

    Colin Coote

  349. Mark Wesseling says:

    Mark Wesseling

  350. Garry J. Berry says:

    My son, Johnathan, is the reining Vodafone British F1 Champion, he won this on a Ferrari simulator at the British GP a few years ago. His prize was a trip to the Italian GP as a guest of Ferrari, meeting & autographs session with Michael Schumacher & Rubens Barrichello, loads of Vodafone Ferrari merchandise & memorabilia, a Grandstand seat on the start/finish line & a place in the World Final in the GP Paddock competing against 16 winners & runners-up from 8 other countries (he came 8th, I think. A wonderful prize and experience.

    As Vodafone did not run the competition again he remains the undefeated Vodafone British F1 Champion to this day.

  351. Paul Kurze says:

    Yes please!

  352. Swapnil says:

    James, you don’t own a reindeer with a red nose by any chance do you?

  353. Giovanni Tufo says:

    Giovanni Tufo

  354. rumel ahmed says:

    Rumel Ahmed

  355. William Russell says:

    William Russell.

    A lot of iRacing :D

  356. Gareth Evans says:

    Great looking forward to seeing you there!

  357. Alasdair Eaves says:

    Alasdair Eaves

    Played various racing/driving games over the last 30 years from Chequered Flag and Turbo Esprit on 48k Spectrum to their modern equivalents on PS3 :-)

  358. Boris Despot says:

    I’d even travel all the way from Australia for the chance.

  359. Rich Prior says:

    Rich Prior

  360. Dan Tyas says:

    Dan Tyas

    I regularly play on the F1 driving games on the xbox with a steering wheel and pedals, would be a privilege to try and drive in a real official F1 simulator.

  361. paul martin says:

    yes please, i will have a bit of that.

  362. Dave Lewis says:

    Only an hour from the factory for me.

  363. Aaron Rattan says:

    Aaron Rattan
    I am pretty handy on the F1 games on the PS3!!!

  364. Will Rowan says:

    Will Rowan

    wow, what a fabulous prize!

    I’ve many years of not-very-serious gaming history, from Geoff Crammond’s GP2 on a pentium pc & the classic Sega rally arcade sim, through to GT3, 4 & 5, via McRae, of course.

    Thanks to everybody involved for making this possible. I bet the winners will have an unforgettable experience…

  365. Andrew Belson says:

    Andrew Belson

    God I want to drive one of these so bad. I play f1 2010, 2011 and 2012 on ps3 with a logitech driving force wheel and a custom (read: homemade) stand for the sofa so it feels closer to f1 style, can’t quite get my feet high enought though. I passed up on the chance to sit in a mclaren at silverstone 2 years ago as I wanted to go watch the practise session and the queue was gigantic for the rest of the day. I be so interested to see what it feels like in a real car. Please pick me!!!!!!!

  366. Phillip Hughes says:

    Phillip hughes

  367. Rayz says:

    I was planning to enter about ten times but I guess you guys would notice.
    So, I’ll simply hope my exotic surname will give me the edge.

    Raymond Raikkonen…….ahem… no thats not right,

    Raymond O Connell. Doesn’t have the same ring to it but I’d still love to go.

  368. Chris Oldacre says:

    What an amazing opportunity. I have significant gaming experience (well… I played Dizzy Egg a lot in the ’80s) ;-)

  369. Dave Morris says:

    Dave Morris

  370. Jon Wilde says:

    Jon Wilde

    I’d love to experience changing a car’s setup in a simulator. How would it be to see the impact of a new front wing!!

    (assuming I could actually manage a lap!)

  371. Owen Brooker says:

    What an opportunity – fingers crossed!

    Owen Brooker

  372. Khalid Abdulla says:

    This certainly is the best competition James, thanks for the chance!!

    Khalid Abdulla

  373. Jonathan Kelk says:

    Jonathan Kelk

  374. sc0tt39 says:

    Scott Wheeler.

    I’m a former kart racer (raced against Wheldon, Button, Davidson, amongst others), and I have had a session in the Pure Tech Racing (now Lets Race) simulator.

  375. Mark Sinclair says:

    Mark Sinclair

  376. Kevin Mckenzie says:

    Kevin Mckenzie

    Spend far too much time racing on F1 2012, rFactor and iRacing.

    1. Kevin Mckenzie says:

      Kevin Mckenzie

      Spend far too much time racing on F1 2012, rFactor and iRacing.

      Wrong email address on first entry.

  377. Allan Rolfe says:

    Me me me pick me :)

  378. Ebi Bozimo says:

    Awesome prize! Sign me up, please!

  379. Gintaras Kuginys says:

    Gintaras Kuginys

    rFactor PC driving simulator and loads of Go-Karting real racing :) that would be a dream come through…

  380. Marco Vismara says:

    15 years of PC simulation, from Grand Prix Legends to rFactor2, Live for Speed, NetKarPro, iRacing, will be trying Assetto Corsa next month.

    (Always too limited) Real life experience in Monza and other Italian club track with F3, Lotus Elise, and your Munchen competitor M car…

    Ultimate goal: finding the sweet spot in correlation between virtual and real

  381. Toby Richards says:

    What a fantastic opportunity!

  382. Stickymart says:

    Martin Stickley

    This would be a dream!

  383. Stephen O'Keeffe says:

    Thanks for bringing us such a great opportunity. One of the best prizes ever surely.

    Stephen O’Keeffe

  384. Edel Harrington says:

    Edel Harrington

  385. Andy Knight says:

    Andy Knight

  386. Tom Wheeler says:

    Tom Wheeler

    Usually in the top ~5% on driving game leaderboards. Not the 0.0000005% required to be an F1 star but enough to have fun!

  387. Giles Vidgeon says:

    Giles Vidgeon

    What an amazing opportunity for the lucky 8 people! Good Luck to all!

  388. What a absolutely smashing prize – sign me up please!


  389. Trevor Gant says:

    Great prize no gaming experience but raced in the 80s an 90s great fun.
    Thanks team James for arranging it

  390. Leah O'Dwyer says:

    Truth or Lies

    Started using Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix on something called an Amiga, must be more than 20 years ago (won the first WC against my brother !!) couple others since then, most recently F1 2011. Also GT4 and 5. Some racing kart experience as well (Rotax Max) mostly testing but handy enough :)

    Can actually make the 28th, so fingers crossed. Best of luck everyone, it really is a great prize for all dedicated fans.

  391. Johannes Fuchs says:

    I would love the chance to embarrass myself in the Simulator :-)

  392. A truly once in a lifetime opportunity. Chris

  393. Chris Pichowicz says:

    Chris Pichowicz

  394. Mark says:

    Mark Sherlock

  395. Peter Withers says:

    Peter Withers

  396. muneeb says:

    Yes Please, would absolutely love it….

  397. UncleZen says:

    Count me in.
    Brett Roberts

  398. David Woodthorpe-Evans says:

    Wow, what a prize.

  399. Peter Catton says:

    Wow great competition, Good at karting, not much gaming experience but would love to try.
    Thank you

  400. K Yeung says:

    K Yeung

    Would be fantastic prize!

  401. Jon says:

    Jon Walters

  402. Ambrogio Galbusera says:

    Ambrogio Galbusera

  403. Derek Ekins says:

    My gaming CV is as follows:
    Flight Simulators – Frequently played between 1988 and 2002
    Gran Turismo – Played frequently between 1997 and 2002.

    What happened in 2002 you ask? I entered my first phase of retirement (from gaming) and started work. I would be perfectly willing to come out of retirement should the need arise!

  404. Czarnikjak says:

    Amazing, amazing experience!
    What if I’m faster then Lewis? Will they offer me f1 seat?? :)

  405. Michael Van Treeck says:

    Michael Van Treeck

  406. Benjamin Mould says:

    Benjamin Mould

  407. Andy says:

    Andy Butcher

  408. Jason Norwood says:

    Lewis and Nico might have to start thinking about looking for some backers and becoming pay drivers when Merc see how much faster I am than them :-P

  409. Craig Wright says:

    Amazing prize, count me in!

    I was Lead Programmer on F1 2009 Wii & PSP. Would love to see and experience in person what’s possible with top-spec hardware and a huge budget.

    Craig Wright

  410. Matthew Battison says:

    Matthew Battison

  411. Jeremy James says:

    As a long time F1 enthusiast, I’d love to do this

  412. Stephen O'Keeffe says:

    Thanks for this great opportunity. Surely one of the best prizes ever!

    Stephen O’Keeffe

  413. Matthew Taylor says:

    Matthew Taylor

    I think this has to be the best F1 prize you could ever offer. My gaming experience is limited as I never have time to play games these days.

  414. Matt Hoyle says:

    Matt Hoyle

  415. Richie says:

    Richie Hetherington

  416. Paul Stocker says:

    Paul Stocker.

    Occasional Gran Turismo and F1 game player. Though i dont think that would help.

  417. Snowy says:

    Awesome prize – here’s hoping.

  418. Luis Rodrigues says:

    That would be a “little” improvement from my F1-2013 game with my Logitech G25 wheel :-)
    Mind that I’m just a nearly 38 year old kid, so this would be a much welcomed 38th birthday present ;-) Well done James.

  419. Abhay Saxena says:

    Abhay Saxena. Good luck to me !

  420. Neil Harper says:

    Incredible – yes please!! :-)

  421. Eoin Sinclair says:

    Unbelievable prize! Amazing that you’ve got a ful day in the simulatoe for James Allen on F1 readers but I’d love to have a go on a proper F1 sim!

    Lunch too…

    Fingers crossed.

    Eoin Sinclair

  422. Jeremy Lock says:

    What an amazing prize !! Would love to win it.

  423. Iain Salteri says:

    Iain Salteri

    I just came 2nd in an rfactor competition here in Australia, missing out on first place (and a seat in a real race car) by not very much! This would be a dream come true – visiting the UK and the Mercedes factory would be incredible!

  424. James England says:

    James England

  425. mike cullom says:

    Mike Cullom

  426. Ian de Vere says:

    wow, I’d love to win this!

  427. Daniel Spiller says:

    Daniel Spiller

    (every extremity now crossed)

  428. Andy Brown says:

    Please pick me ;-)

  429. Sarfraz Rajwadkar says:

    Last F1 game I played was Geoff Crammon GP4!

    1. Sarfraz Rajwadkar says:

      typo, meant Geoff Crammond GP4!

  430. Sawraj Basi says:

    Sawraj Basi

    Played Gran Turismo in automatic mode.

  431. Emile Gijselinckx says:

    Would love to test the Mercedes Simulator. Have experience with pc simultors like rFactor, GTR2 and netKarPro. This is an opportunity. Very cool !

  432. JJ Gray says:

    JJ Gray – Play a lot of Gran turismo 5 and have 6 on pre-order! Also played the F1 games a fair bit.

  433. wdf2 says:

    Tim Walters. An American living in Germany — this event could use a little international flavor!

    Haven’t spent a lot of time on computer driving games lately, but I was brilliant on arcade racing games many years ago. While in grad school, the local pub had a racing competition every Monday night, with the winner receiving $40 in house credit. On more than one occasion that was allowed me to eat for the week!

  434. Ramón Winkel says:

    Ramón Winkel

  435. Patrick McKegney says:

    Patrick McKegney.

    Play some PS3 racing games (the recent F1 games & Gran Tourismo) & been on a few track days, but nothing beyond that!

  436. Martin Bradley says:

    Martin Bradley

  437. Bernhard Meininger says:

    Been playing racing games since I was little. Currently I’m on Gran Turismo, and made it to the national finals of GT Academy in 2012.

    Trying the simulator would be a chance of a lifetime!

  438. Steve Williams says:

    I’m pretty handy at F1 2013 if that helps….

  439. Stu Meech says:

    Stu Meech

  440. Tony Morgan says:

    Tony Morgan,

    What a fantastic prize, my only experience is on arcade games but I would love the chance to progress from arm chair expert!

  441. Nick Young says:

    Nick Young – gaming experience… Hmmm, mariokart I used to be pretty good at.

    Enjoy plating the Codemasters F1 games but can’t say I’m brilliant at them! :)

  442. Mad Marz says:

    Martin Rosser
    What a great competition James.
    I love playing the F1 games but this would just be on another level

  443. CarlH says:

    Carl Higgins

  444. Chitranshu says:

    I love F1. It feels like a dream, not a competition that is about becoming true.

  445. Ben Allen says:

    Ben Allen, my first F1 game was back in the eighties on the Amstrad!

    I have played anything I can with cars since, console, PC, tablet and phone… I even made my own gaming chair for my wheel and peddle setup ;p Yes I am an IT and F1 nerd… :D

  446. Ajay Johal says:

    I just love cars.

  447. Kyle Stephens says:

    Kyle Stephens.

    This sounds amazing! Virtual world, I’m a Gran Turismo fanatic. In real life, I race karts competitively!

  448. Derek Henderson says:

    Sounds Good to me!

  449. Bren Fraher says:

    Bren Fraher

  450. Tom Carpenter says:

    Tom Carpenter

    Fantastic competition. I’d love to see how racing simulations have come on since my introduction to Geoff Crammond’s Revs in 1984!.

  451. Robert Szucs says:

    Robert Szucs

  452. Joe Poljski says:

    Joe Poljski

  453. Wouter says:

    I have plenty of experience with Gran Turismo 4 & 5 and the Red Bull X2010 if it helps. :)

  454. Michel van Eunen says:

    Name: Michel van Eunen
    Age: 33
    Sim experience:
    - GT 1 – 5 (PlayStation)
    - Geoff Grammonds GP1 – GP4 (PC)

    Hundreds and hunderds of hours in total!

  455. Phil Davies says:

    Phil Davies

    I used to have a Mercedes and so I’m keen to see how a new one compares :p

  456. Alex Lukic says:

    Alex Lukic

    Fantastic competition and what an opportunity! As a life-long F1 fan this would be the most incredible experience, especially as I have been a massive Lewis Hamilton fan since he burst onto the scene in spectacular fashion in 2007 so seeing his team’s factory and the simulator he trains on would be out of this world.

    No ‘gaming’ experience other than on a Playstation but I have driven a single seater at Silverstone if that helps?!

  457. Joseph Cowan says:

    Joseph Cowan

  458. Alyn Davies says:

    Can’t imagine anything that would be better than this other than real drive.

  459. Carl Sheen says:

    Carl Sheen

    Much wasted time video game experience for many many years from the Geoff Crammond Grand Prix Games to Mario Kart and everything inbetween. Currently looking forward to Forza 5 and Project Cars.

  460. Luciano Lobo says:

    Hi James

    Great site and great promotion!!!

    Would sell my PS3 and XBox to afford the trip.

    All the best


  461. Andrew says:

    Yes Please – pick me!

  462. Huw Burford-Taylor says:

    What a great birthday present this would be! Here’s hoping.

  463. Tony Bale says:

    What an opportunity….

  464. Dai Dactic says:

    Nothing compares to Suzuka or the Nordschleife on Forza Motorsport . . .

    Shamefully, they’ve dropped those circuits for the latest edition . . .

    Hopefully MercSIM can fill the void.

  465. Adam Wright says:

    Adam Wright

  466. James v B says:

    Done some karting, GT5 and F1 2013 on PS3, but what really presses my buttons is fuel saving and tyre management… ;-) Yes please, sounds like a fantastic day out!

  467. daniel mcbride says:

    Daniel McBride

    I don’t play games on computers, but I used to go to buckmore park and It was great, the simulator would be awsome

  468. Paul says:

    Paul Lewis

    Proud to have crashed pretty much every simulated race car on the gaming market….But also have been frequently heard to say to myself (quoting Webber on Top Gear) “I drove like a God”

  469. Billy Maddison says:

    Billy Maddison

  470. Phupinder Roopra says:

    Phupinder Roopra

    Played Gran Turismo since GT1 along with many f1 games.

    Regular user of fore feedback wheels such as the Logitech G27

  471. Campbell Waddell says:

    Campbell Waddell

    Amazing competition. I was multiple World Champion at Microprosse Grand Prix on the Amiga but doubt that is the sort of experience you are after! I do enjoy the new F1 games on the PC as well though.

  472. Gethin Thomas says:


  473. Rich Gibbons says:

    Rich Gibbons

  474. Nathan Satchell says:

    Yes please!

  475. Phil Shotton says:

    Phil Shotton, this sounds amazing!! :)

  476. Stuart Bennett says:

    Fantastic competition.

    Have played many racing games over the years from OutRun to F1 2012 on the PS3. In F1 2012 Mr Brawn actually signed me to be the teams no.1 driver after winning the championship in a drinks companies car.

    Apart from video game racing I do also quite often race at Daytona in M/K.

  477. Ralph Ledward says:

    Wowzer, yes please

    Ralph Ledward

  478. Gordon Buxton says:

    Had a go on a Williams F1 simulator a few years ago – not a ‘proper’ one though, just for the punters.

  479. Colin says:

    Another wonderful opportunity for some lucky people. Thanks James.

  480. Tiago T says:

    It would be amazing to this!

    Past experience as a f1 driver wannabe goes as back as gp2 for pc.

  481. Gareth Powell says:

    Name: Gareth Powell

    Huge fan of all the PS3 games. Got the entire collection I think!

  482. OscarF1 says:

    Oscar de Pedro

    I would love this as a late B-day present :)

    I’ve played several computer and console games including Forza Motorsports 3 and 4

  483. David says:

    fingers crossed..!

  484. Paul Perkin says:

    Quite possibly the best F1 competition I’ve heard of. Shame they won’t let punters loose on their multi-million £££ cars….

    1. James Allen says:

      That’ll be next…..

      Only kidding!

  485. Martin Friel says:

    Martin Friel

  486. Tim Fairclough says:

    Tim Fairclough

  487. Adam says:

    Adam Walker

  488. Luke Steggles says:

    Luke Steggles
    Yes please!! What a fantastic opportunity.

  489. Tim Vanhee says:

    Tim Vanhee.
    Pick me! Pick me!

  490. Sam Volkering says:

    Best competition ever!

  491. Giles Witchell says:

    Giles Witchell

  492. Paul Jackson says:

    Paul Jackson

    Yes please!

  493. Mark Crummett says:

    Count me in!! F1 2012 and F2012 gaming fun and i’m a giant nerd!

  494. Gareth Nicholas says:

    Gareth Nicholas

  495. Timothy Ip says:

    Tim Ip

  496. Ryan Jean says:

    Ryan Jean

  497. Richard Marlow says:

    Richard Marlow

  498. neil trehearn says:

    Ah yiss!

  499. Amir Gamil says:

    Great competition! Would love to do this!

    I’ve been playing F1 sims since the days of F1GP in the early 90s right through GP4, Grand Prix Legends and iRacing. This would be the ultimate sim and F1 experience :)

  500. Richard Pennington says:

    Richard Pennington

  501. Marek Haase says:

    I’d love to check it out and compare to all these “simulation” games.
    Gaming experience… Project CARS (a lot), GSC 2013, F1 2010/11/12, GT5, FORZA 2,some rFactor 1/2, Assetto Corsa, and anything that aspire to be a simulation :)
    Have just spent couple hundred quid to upgrade my rig.

  502. Ben Wood says:

    Ben Wood

  503. Oliver Sharpe says:

    Yes Please.

    Gaming experience: yes
    Any good? no – most ever crashes in one lap would be my target :)

  504. Sunoj Mathew says:

    Sunoj Mathew

  505. Ian Haycox says:

    Ian Haycox

  506. Nedder says:

    Ned Hayfield… And I’m the daddy of racing games, as all who have been beaten by me will know. LOL!!

  507. Adam Miles says:

    Adam Miles

    I’ve been racing in F1 games for over 20 years and have always wanted to see how I’d fare in a real simulator. Would be a dream come true.


  508. Eduardo Owen says:

    Eduardo Owen

  509. Peter says:

    Wow, I would love to do that! Thanks for a chance.

  510. Tom W says:

    This would be an absolute dream! not much experience beyond PS3 and a couple of dodgy simulators at a trade show.

    Tom Watson

  511. Dylan Davies says:

    Dear JA, Please fix it for me to win a go on the Merc simulator.


    Dylan Davies (aged 40).

  512. Tim Buzzard says:

    Before each race weekend I use F1 2012 to get a feel for the up-comming race so to be able to do that on a real life F1 simulator would be just the best!!

  513. Cookie says:

    Paul Cook

  514. Yasin Macci says:

    Yasin Macci

    Loved playing the old Grand Prix & Gran Turismo games.

  515. Michael C says:

    yes please!! i have already won the Monaco GP as a last minute sub for Schumi – or at least that’s what my moonpig birthday card said last year!

  516. John Snow says:

    sounds amazing! count me in (John Snow)

    I used to love MicroProse Grand Prix :)

  517. Gary Argent says:

    Gary Argent

  518. Trevor Hopwood says:

    Lots of iRacing, including development work at the office on certain cars. Any F1 game ever created. Actual real racecar driver.

  519. Vengatanathan Krishnamoorthi

    me me me!!

  520. Felix Winstone says:

    Amazing competition…

    Had a go on the Ferrari F1 simulator, so would be cool to compare!

  521. Peter Cotton says:

    Peter Cotton

    I’m a big fan of driving games, mainly console based like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport… I did have a steering wheel/pedals for the former, but to be honest I’m faster with a normal controller!

  522. Matt Green says:

    Matt Green

  523. Hamish Williams says:

    Hamish Williams

  524. Robin Middleton says:

    Robin Middleton

  525. Peter Platell says:

    Peter Platell

    Comp sounds amazing!

  526. Pete Watson says:

    Pete Watson, or just call my Ayrton Senna if I win!

  527. Malcolm Walker-Arnott says:

    I would love to do this!

    Played quite a few racing games in my time.

    All the Gran Turismo’s
    All the Forza’s
    And F1 2010, 2011 2012 and currently loving F1 2013!

  528. Paul Barrass says:

    GT Legends. All of Geoff Crammonds titles, rFactor, GTR2, god knows how many other racing simulators, and, oh yes, Black Shark 2, which isn’t a Racing Simulator, but does require you to memorise a quigillion controls….

    Oh yes, I also own a Touring Car. A ’96 Audi 2.8 v6.

    Support Amateur Racing. Go to your local track and watch AM racing!!!


    Paul B

  529. Richard Groves says:

    Richard Groves

  530. simon burnell says:

    Got a C200 if that helps!

  531. Ben Bailey says:

    What a great opportunity! Ross Brawn will finally discover my talents!

  532. Dragan Moraca says:

    Yes Please dream come true

  533. Anthony O'Callaghan says:

    Yes Please

  534. mike says:

    i would love to have a go, not just cos it would be huge fun, but also to make others cry with jealousy…

  535. Simon L says:

    Simon Lynwood

    Huge F1 fan and total gamer nerd to boot! As far as interesting racing game stories go my biggest achievement is getting the platinum trophy on Gran Turismo 5, even though it cost me a lot of time, skin on my left thumbtip and much of my sanity. I also have plenty of experience driving online opponents into oncoming traffic on Burnout and throwing bananas at other drivers on Mario Kart!

    Not that any of that counts for much, but I really hope I get lucky this time ;-)

  536. Giancarlo Pigati says:

    Giancarlo Pigati – Signing up for this one! I race on an F1 2013 (PC) League every week and have been doing that with the previous F1 games for a couple of years.

    I would absolutely love getting this opportunity!

  537. Richard Mills says:

    Richard Mills

  538. Daniel Jones says:

    Me please!

  539. Nikola Runev says:

    Nikola Runev

  540. Mike Ward says:

    Mike Ward

  541. Peter Quigley says:

    I’m in!

    Peter Quigley

  542. Alex Birkett says:

    Great idea!

    Alex Birkett

  543. Stephen Jones says:

    Stephen Jones

  544. Roger Humfress says:

    What an amazing prize!

  545. Nick Watterson says:

    Nick Watterson

  546. Lauri Pöntynen says:

    Lauri Pöntynen

  547. Ryan Daugherty says:

    I’ll be on the first flight out! Might even be willing to leave my Red Bull hat behind ;)

  548. Ian Crehan says:

    Ian Crehan

    Would interesting to see how my Xbox Steering wheel and diy gaming seat measures up against the professionals.

  549. Mansell Mania says:

    Yes please, I would like to enter.

    I used to be quite handy on the original Geoff Crammond F1 game. I used to like going through the pits at 180mph before pit spped lane limits were put into games.

  550. martin burrow says:

    yes please
    always get a free go on sega rally cart beat it and yes im a total f1 nut do I need gloves :)

  551. Simon Mellard says:

    Woild love to!

    1. Simon Mellard says:

      Meant WOULD to!

  552. Rahul says:

    I am in!

  553. Ousmane noel Senghor says:

    Wow!! this would be really amazing!! A dream come true!

  554. simon harris says:

    competition entry please.

  555. paul corbridge says:

    paul corbridge

  556. Laura Thompson says:

    Wow, amazing competition!

  557. Nemanja Cvijin says:

    Wow! I’m ready

    Nemanja Cvijin

  558. Igor Arkhangelsky says:


  559. Kevin Green says:

    Kevin Green, oh how badly do i want this I’m about as passionate about F1 and everything that goes with it as you are James!

  560. Jacopo Grimoldi says:

    I want to try this simulator !!!

  561. Lee Armitage says:

    Lee Armitage

    I have a Fanatec wheel, CSP pedals attached to a full driving frame with 40″ monitor.
    I race iRacing, LFS, rFactor and occasionally F1 2013 for some less serious fun.
    I spend nearly all of my spare time on this and can’t think of anything better than winning this comp. (except driving the real thing of course).

  562. Toby says:


  563. Mark Moreton says:

    Mark Moreton

  564. Giles says:

    Giles Davis

  565. My tuppence says:

    Fay Chan

    Count me in!

    I still fire up my old 486 PC for Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 2, NASCAR & Indycar sims.

  566. Werner Vansweevelt says:

    As a racing-sim enthousiast I would love a go in the “real” simulator :-)

  567. Rich Morton says:

    Rich Morton

  568. Joe Papp says:

    please enter:

    | Joe Papp |

    (if entry not already registered)

  569. Jorge Acosta says:

    Jorge Acosta

  570. Bader Yar says:

    Pick me please, I’m from Bahrain with sim experience!

  571. David Upstone says:

    David Upstone

  572. James Minchew says:

    I’m in too. I’ve played racing games since the early 80′s. I’ve moved from the Sinclair Spectrum and Turbo Esprit up to Forza on the Xbox 360. I have a feeling that the F1 simulators are a big step forward from that and I’d love to experience that imersion.

    1. James Minchew says:

      immersion, even (DYAC!)

  573. ilias ntoumas says:

    ilias ntoumas

  574. Andrew Frood says:

    An amazing opportunity, yes please!

    A chance to show my talents don’t just lie with driving tractors!

  575. Stuart Millar says:

    Stuart Millar

    Love racing simulators!

    GT Academy National Finalist

    Play: rFactor, RACE, Netkar Pro, iRacing, Gran Turismo and many more!

  576. Steven says:

    Steven hoath

  577. Ashboy says:

    Count me in,

    James do you have your own office at Merc? All your comps are at Merc? I think you have enough takers to take over the sim for the year!

    1. James Allen says:

      No, it just happens that via our partner UBS, we have two opportunities this year with Mercedes

      We did a Shell competition with Ferrari for eight fans to go to the Belgian GP behind the scenes the other year

  578. David McIntosh says:

    David McIntosh

    After getting platinum trophies on the last 3 Codemasters F1 games, a shot in an F1 simulator would be awesome! A chance to see how close the game is to a simulator.

  579. Tom Wilson says:

    Would love to give this a go and see the factory.

    Rough Timeline of my gaming past (Driving Games main interest)

    Toca 2
    F1 1998
    Colin Mcrae 1 & 2
    F1 2000
    F1 2003
    F1 2006
    Gran Turisomo 2,3
    Forza 3 & 4
    Gran Turisomo 4 100% completed Gold on All Licences. (2008) – This was quite hard!

    No time to play anymore unfortunately (have to work…..)

  580. Justin Fitzgerald says:

    I once beat James Rossiter on a Playstation at a corporate event when he was part of the Honda Driver Programme! Quite a few hours on F1 games, count me in.

  581. lecho says:

    Łukasz Leśniewski.

    NFS & Forza series professional gamer.

  582. Danlev says:

    Sign me up please! GP4 was the best simulator for PC, sadly my computer can no longer handle the graphics of the newer games

  583. Andy Smith says:

    Wow another amazing prize from JA. A dream for any f1 fan. Fingers crossed.

  584. Simon Russell says:

    I am an F1 gaming legend…. as long as i don’t go online and pit my skills against anyone else!

  585. Jacobo Lopez says:

    Jacobo Lopez

  586. Mr Kamari Mckenzie says:

    I would love to

  587. Deepan says:


  588. Chris McAlister says:

    Would be a fun trip!
    My behind-the-wheel experience is from F1 2009 (Wii)

  589. Ral says:

    That would be awesome!

    Thanks for organizing this :)

  590. Dave Lewis says:

    Fingers crossed

  591. David Milne says:

    Yes please!

  592. Peter Sixsmith says:

    Yes please, count me in.

  593. Adam Simpson says:

    Plenty of gaming experience, from an Amstrad to iRacing with hundreds of stops along the way (some of them unplanned and crash-related, I will allow), but quite how any of it could compare to this…

    Adam Simpson

  594. TheFlyingFlyer says:

    Does single seater at Silverstone count, and f1on the wii.

  595. Howard O says:

    Name: Howard O
    Experience: eeeek, I’d better turn off the driver assists on the Xbox!

    Thrilled to enter this competition, such an incredible opportunity.

    Thank you James & UBS.

  596. Glynn Harrold says:

    Glynn Harrold

    500 entries and counting. This is a popular competition.

    I was a dab hand on the BBC microcomputer game ‘Revs’ if it helps. . ;)

  597. Aizaz Iqbal says:

    Started off with Pole Position on Commodore 64 I think.
    Now GT 1 to GT5. Maybe I should start practicing Suzuka and Spa.

    Favourite arcade machine was Winning Run. First time I discovered sequential gears and oversteer, aged about 14.

    Prize would be AMG not OMG.

    Aizaz Iqbal

  598. Paul Gold says:

    What a prize. Yes please.

  599. Ashley Berry says:

    Ashley Berry

  600. john joubert says:

    I m in

  601. Alasdair Brackenridge says:

    Long time reader/lurker but massive fan of the site. The chance to take part would be great! Alasdair Brackenridge

  602. Niceaspies says:

    Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Please let it be me!!!!

  603. Michael Neall says:

    Michael Neall

  604. Dennis Tan says:

    Will love to join. Am from Singapore

  605. Mark Goulding says:

    Mark Goulding. Will be good to see the difference between pro and recreational sims.

  606. Rick Cook says:

    Count me in… It’s taken me 36 years to beat my Dad in a kart – winning this would turn him green! Oh and I’m a dab-hand at Hill Climb Racing on my phone!

  607. Eric Muniz says:

    Fingers crossed!

  608. Santino Sirignano says:

    Santino Sirignano

    Im a regular kart racer as ive been doing it week in week out for 4 years as a hobby. I also contest 2 karting championships on the worlds longest karting circuit at Teesside. So i race 5 or 6 times a month. Fully committed even though i know i’ll never make it into motorsport professionally. These are casual arrive and drive rather than professional i must stress. As for gaming experience when im not racing for real, i use a logitech wheel and pedals and do grand prix 4 F1 1997 season. It is very realistic, challenging and the cars move around creating a real thrill. My knowledge of F1 tracks past and present is very strong.
    Id love to win this competition as it would be the best day of my life by far. An experience id cherish as a die hard F1 and single seater fan until the end of time.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  609. Alex says:


  610. Neil Jenney says:

    Neil Jenney

  611. Alex Irwin says:

    Alex Irwin

  612. Gabor Toth says:

    Gabor Toth

  613. Jaybrig says:

    Yes please! Would absolutely love to have a go in an f1 simulator! Great competition!

    I am an avid fan of racing car games and have played most instalments of the official f1 game over the years. I also know all the tracks on the current f1 calendar off by heart (not a fact I usually tell anyone)!

    1. Jaybrig says:

      Name: jay Khimji

  614. james birkin says:

    WOW… A spin in a Merc. I wonder if the techies at Mercedes can put ice on the track so we can all brush up on how to handle a car in weather like this morning. It would be great experience….

  615. YashFlash says:

    Right up my street, would love to.

    Yash Randhawa

  616. Samuel Wakerley says:

    I’m currently a Mechanical Engineering student at university, but back in sixth form I ran a Top Gear test track simulator competition for the lower school as part of a charity week. Forza Motorsport 4 rendered the Kia ‘C-apostrophe-D’ very well indeed, complete with racing wheel, pedals and projector, and the lap times board filled up very quickly – even the teachers had a go! The competition raised over £100 in total. I’d certainly love see if the W04 is any quicker than the Kia!

  617. Graham elliott says:

    What an amazing opportunity. I hope the lucky 8 have a ball, i’ll be tres jealous – i’m lucky enough to have karted / driven tin tops on track quite a bit, but i’ve never tried single seat – straight in to the pinnacle of motorsport would be every boy’s wet dream!

  618. tobinen says:

    Toby M

    I have played McRae Rally

  619. Cory Wheeler says:

    I’m in but, in the words of Kylie I should be so Lucky

  620. Carlos Dias says:

    Let’s try!

  621. Aran says:

    Aran Johal

  622. Joe Tomlin says:

    This would be Christmas come early, although I’d feel inadequate using my PS3 with wheel at home from then on.. Although I reckon I could give Lewis a run for his money ;)

    Joe Tomlin

  623. IanP says:

    Would be a fantastic prize to win

  624. Joshua Hetherton says:

    Joshua Hetherton

  625. Ashley says:

    Ashley Clifford.

    Played various PC Sims over the years, but haven’t used any lately.

  626. Jonathan Corwin says:

    Jonathan Corwin

  627. Aaron says:

    Aaron Cormick

  628. James Culverhouse says:

    James Culverhouse

  629. Philip Smith says:

    Amazing! I got a Fanatec steering wheel and seat at the start of the year, really enjoying Gran Turismo and the F1 games. Looked into iRacing, but the whole real people thing is daunting.

    1. Kenneth Bracey says:

      You should get on it. iRacing can seem daunting but once you have navigated the rookies and spent some time talking to others, then it becomes less so. There are plenty of UK leagues to join on ovals and road courses.

  630. Ande Miller says:

    Amazing! What a prize!

  631. Chris Chalmers says:

    Chris Chalmers

  632. Nabeel says:

    Its my Birthday on the 29th, so it would sweeet if I win.

    Nabeel Akhtar

  633. My racing gaming experience is the same as my general gaming experience. Love playing, in practice just really bad at it!. Can get round if slow and steady.

  634. Karol Nurowski says:

    I’m ready since Test Drive in 1987 came out :)

  635. Andrew says:

    Andrew Popplestone

  636. Kieron Johnson says:

    Would Ross clip my ear if I just did doughnuts?

  637. Vince Warrington says:

    Vince Warrington

  638. Jon says:

    Jon Dykes

    Fingers crossed, it will make a change to Forza on Xbox

  639. Geoff Honour says:

    Fingers crossed

  640. Simon Kendall says:

    This could be the best xmas present ever!

  641. Patrik says:

    Fantastic competition!

  642. Andy Collins says:

    Bring it on!!

  643. Ben Gill says:

    Ben Gill

  644. Chris Francis says:

    Yes please!

  645. Would love to see how I stack up against Lewis and Nico :)

  646. Darren Daz says:

    Would LOVE to have a go in here, So used to all the racing sim’s would be amazing to have a go on an Actual Sim !!

  647. Michael Cooper says:

    Willing to skip thanksgiving with my family!

    Michael Cooper

  648. Jaron Daugherty says:

    Count me in! I will show that simulator what a fast lap is!

  649. Martin Thorne says:

    Great competition… not sure my ample frame would fit, but here goes anyway!

  650. Mike Percy says:

    What a superb opportunity !!

  651. Dave Lewis says:

    Here’s hoping

  652. James Macpherson says:

    James Macpherson

  653. Tom Collins says:

    Would be an incredible experience! A nice improvement too over my £40 rFactor setup at home, no doubt…

    Tom Collins

  654. Mark Weston says:

    This would top off a week after completing my 12 years of serving in the forces that week.

  655. Kenneth Bracey says:

    Experience of pretty much all sim racers from Forza, GT5 through to rFactor and iRacing.

    Would be a dream come true to see how much more feedback you get in their multi million pound sim compared to my setup at home.

  656. Stephen says:

    Stephen Donnelly

  657. James Thorburn says:

    James Thorburn

    Grew up playing the Geoff Crammond Grand Prix games and would love the opportunity to have a go in a real F1 simulator.

  658. Chris Clement says:

    Chris Clement

  659. Jon Price says:

    Love to have a go, a complete F1 fan to th core!

  660. Jimmy Pewtress says:

    Just let me focus!

  661. tom burtonwood says:

    Tom Burtonwood
    Huge fan of Mercedes would be a dream to see the factory and simulator.

  662. Dave Paley says:

    Hopefully give Hamilton a run for his money! #LHF1

  663. Tom Walker says:

    Tom Walker, Very interested :)

  664. Shaun Tarlton says:

    What an awesome oppertunity and experience!

  665. Neil Slaughter says:

    Would love to have a go on this!

    Neil Slaughter

  666. Seddon Tutt-Gibson says:

    Seddon Tutt-Gibson

  667. Kristan Stoddart says:

    Kristan Stoddart

  668. Calvin Morgan. This would be epic !

  669. Matt Alner says:

    what a great day to end the season

  670. Tom Goswell says:

    Tom Goswell – amazing prize!!!

  671. Mark Patten says:

    Awesome prize.And if a perform well maybe a seat for 2014? :-)

  672. Jay Murray says:

    This would be one of my ultimate dreams :D

  673. Simon Robinson says:

    Simon Robinson

  674. Paul Kerry says:

    Great prizes, good luck everyone.

  675. Mario Marchetti says:

    Mario Marchetti

  676. Marc Stokes says:

    Marc Stokes

  677. Richard Henwood says:

    Great idea.

  678. Adam Buffery says:

    Adam Buffery

  679. Kate Burgess says:

    Life long dream! I have loved Mercedes since I was tiny!

  680. Zohaib Qazi says:

    name ^

    Played Call Of Duty professionally, to a national standard.

  681. Tim Crockett says:

    Words would not describe the feeling of driving the simulator!

  682. John crew says:

    My son and his friend would love this as they love racing

  683. Walhain Lucy says:

    My biggest dream!

    I can play Formula 1 2011 game! And I’m Mercedes Amg’s biggest fans! (Maybe it is not important but I cried when I saw Lewis Hamilton for the very first time at Spa) :D

  684. Will Tyson says:

    A few top ten world records on the F1 games from Codemasters but nothing more! May as well give this a go.

  685. Timo Müller says:

    Timo Müller is a karting- and codemasters’ F1 2013 virtuoso!

  686. Mario Mifsud says:


    Everyone’s Dream

    1. Thibaut Van Severen says:

      Thibaut Van Severen karter :)

  687. Jack Davies says:

    The only sim/game experience I’ve had is rookie level iRacing, but I’d still love a go.

  688. donna bevan says:

    would love to win this for a mega surprise for my better half he has done driving experiences at silverstone a couple of times and this would be a dream come true for him

  689. Lee Mooney says:

    Lots of gaming experience from the original Geoff Crammonds GP through to current console titles.

  690. Liam Wade says:

    Wow Winning this would possibly be the greatest experience of my life.

  691. Ralph Shackell says:

    Ralph Shackell

    Regardless of how good it is, at least one winner is going to get out and proclaim it “not as good as iRacing!”

  692. Freddy shanks says:

    Freddy shanks

    Count me in !

  693. Brandon Lai says:

    Brandon Lai

  694. Myles Semmens says:

    Would be the best experience a once in a life time prize ….

  695. Ben says:

    Ben Backhouse

  696. Jorn van den acker says:

    Jorn Van den Acker

  697. Gautham V says:

    As an aerospace engineering student, I would love to check the simulator out!

  698. Matthew Randall says:

    Wow what a prize ive won the f1 championship 3 times now for Mercedesin f1 2012 and have played them all on play station to xbox

  699. Damian says:

    I need this as it would be awesome It would just put the icing on the cake of owning my merc and then a shot in a F1 merc simulator,

  700. Magnus Larsson says:

    Would be awesome..

  701. I’ve followed Mercedes AMG PETRONAS, for a long time, big fan, been interested in the team for quite a long while, massive dream Job to work along side the Mercedes AMG F1 PETRONAS; I’ve played a lot of racing simulators I’m very competitive when it comes to simulation.

  702. Dean Carslake says:

    What an amazing opportunity!

  703. Dave Cartwright says:

    Pick me for this amazing prize!!!

  704. Rob Cave says:

    Wow what an experience, count me in….

  705. Jon Hill says:


  706. Matthew Bramall says:

    I am entering this for my 19 year old son christmas present.
    He is an f1 rebel, loves everything f1 and has recently been down to brooklands museum, and completed a simulator lap in the f1 car there, beating the lap record set that day.
    He has met several f1 drivers at recent car shows, but his idol would have to be the late great ayrton senna.
    A gaming nut on his xbox 360 and winning this competition, would be the best gift to end 2013 x

  707. Ryan Jenkins says:

    Would be a dream come true! Fingers crossed!!!

  708. Daniel says:

    Fantastic prize. Have got all the F1 games since Grand Prix 1999 came out for the playstation one. Mercedes simulator would be the ultimate gaming experience

  709. John Main says:

    Awesome Competition. Would be a dream come true !! Good Luck to everyone =)

  710. Julia Lumley says:

    I’d love to win this for my husband as a massive thank you for helping me through breast cancer. He’s always telling me he’d beat all the f1 drivers hands down & now he could prove it x

  711. Christoph Erdmann says:

    This would be a dream come true^^…

    only got experience in rfactor and Race07, but would love to extend it to a real Simulator :D

  712. ashley bradshaw says:

    Ashley bradshaw

    Gaming experience, ps3 with force feedback wheel on gran turismo 5 and all f1 games.

  713. stephen says:

    That would be my son’s dream as he is a big fannnnnnnnnnnnn.

  714. Thorsten Lajewski says:

    Driving a real F1 simulator would be great!
    please, please, please

  715. Adil Bhatti says:

    Lewis Hamilton eat your heart out ;-)

  716. Mikey Twigge says:

    Mikey Twigge

  717. Robert Hohan says:

    This sounds like great fun.

    I do kart racing in the British University Karting Championship and I also play the F12012 game (obviously with sim kit).

  718. Chaz Keller says:

    Well I have driven a 1996 Italian Forti-Corse FG03 on an experience day for 10 laps, so I guess this would be the next step in living the F1 dream. Thank you Mercedes :)


  719. This is a truly awesome prize.
    I have driven all kinds of vehicles over the last 25yrs, Formula Renault, Ford Focus Rally car, 250cc go karts amongst some, I have always dreamed of driving an F1 car…..

    To be in the same factory that has created cars for legends such as Schumi and Lewis and to then see how incredible an F1 car is, would be a lifetime acheivement!!

    Please sign me up!

  720. Guy Williams says:

    An amazing opportunity – to teach the merc boys how it’s done lol

  721. Harry lawrence says:


  722. Gary says:

    Played on all my son’s formula one games and have raced on a few others like gran turismo and Colin McRae. Would love to have a go, might get me a drive over Lewis or Nico for next year.

  723. Ashley Preston says:

    What a dream this would be :-)

  724. David Beckett says:

    Yes please!

    David Beckett

  725. Peter Whitehead says:

    What a fantastic competition!!
    This would be a brilliant gift for my husband and main carer for myself and our 2 daughters to win. He very rarely gets any time to himself. So this would be brilliant for him.
    He would love the chance to come to Brackley and on the simulator.
    He has some racing gaming experience and computer steering wheel knowledge for several different computer gaming.

  726. Kristijan Stojanovic says:

    That would be great to be there. Playing a lot of F1 2012 and F1 2013.

  727. Eddie O'Grady says:

    Better get my name down before Sergio Perez, haha.

  728. Momchil Stanukov says:

    It’s going to be awesome :)

  729. Dale steggles says:

    Dale Steggles

  730. Ricky says:

    This would just be amazing! Do we have a fastest lap challenge to go with this? :-)

  731. Paul H Smith says:

    Paul Howard-smith

  732. Lindsay Scott says:

    Sim comp please enter me my no is 07970975335

  733. Christopher Gorenflo says:

    Christopher Gorenflo

  734. Scott Alexander says:

    Scott Alexander

  735. Zac Mahoney says:

    This would be amazing!!!
    Count me in!

  736. Tony Shaddock says:

    Avid gamer, play just about everything.

  737. Jamie Blagden says:

    Wow. What an amazing competition!

  738. Patrick Spröhnle says:

    699th not a bad Chance :)
    Would be awesone to test my F1 videogame skills in a real simulator and for my favorite Team . Could see how slow my Mercedes is in comparison to Lewis and Nicos .

  739. graham finlayson says:

    As i have been following F1 for over 30 yrs and follow Mercedes team this would be the most amazing experience for me and was actually going to look into see how to go about any type of visiting down there so would be great to do so thru this comp

  740. Peter Gallagher says:

    This would be absolutely amazing!!

  741. Peter Gallagher says:

    Peter Gallagher

    This would be absolutely amazing!!

  742. Chris McEvoy says:

    Would love the opportunity! Does it have sat-nav?

  743. Anthonyd says:

    Anthony Denholm

  744. James gannon says:

    I would love to try the simulator. I also worked with Lewis Hamilton when he worked at Mercedes-benz of hertford.

  745. Incredible prize! Thanks for running the competition.

  746. Matt Burrows says:

    Matt Burrows

  747. Would love this been a f1 fan for a long time and a f1 game player! Sure i could give this a good go! Thanks for the chance as well ubs/ja/merc

  748. James Cox says:

    Yes please :-) I love F1 and I also live 5min walk from the factory :-) would love to see inside.

  749. yasser says:

    This is goin to be reall funn

  750. Fabian Ebenhoch says:

    Wow, amazing :D

    i’m dreaming of driving in a real F1 simulator ever since i can remember :D
    played nearly all F1 games for PC that were available

  751. Jake Lambourne says:

    Jake Lambourne

    Obsessively play F1 2010 through to 2013!

  752. Daniel Radford says:

    Daniel Radford

  753. Liam Lewis-oakshott says:

    I Would love this, this be amazing massive Lewis fan aswell :)

  754. Nilesh M says:

    Wonderful opportunity, I wish I could be a part of your f1 team. I love to race and would be very much pleased to be the one of chosen ones. :)

  755. Steve Bird says:

    The chance of a lifetime! Would love to be able to out-brake LH! I am already refreshing my email inbox!!

  756. Carol Thomas says:

    OAP husband would love this!

  757. andy says:

    Here’s hoping!

  758. Paul Czernozukow says:

    Wow what anamazin experience this would be.
    Thanks for a chance at a once in a lifetime experience .

    Regards paul

  759. Ben Middlicott says:

    this would be a dream come true James! I like most have always wanted to become a racing driver but never had the chance or opportunity to do so! please pick me would be very grateful :-)

  760. Jim Calverley says:

    Would absolutely love to! With three years of PS2 Gran Turismo obsession behind me, and my love for F1, a crack at a REAL F1 sim would be a lifetime event! Cheers!

  761. Danielle Cundy says:

    Amazing prize!

    Fingers crossed!

    Danielle Cundy :)

  762. Andy Karczewski says:

    Would love to win this!! Have experience on the F1 game for Xbox.

  763. Mark Nother says:

    Mark Nother

  764. Great opportunity, would love to enter.

    I run and manage an online race league for like minded sim enthusiasts, would love to see how things compare between F1 and the home game chair :)

  765. David Biggadyke says:

    David Paul Biggadyke

    What an amazing competition! Played all the codemasters F1 games and the older ones! Would love to have a go on the simulator to see the difference!

  766. Danny Brown says:

    Get me in that sim!:-)

  767. Craig Butterworth says:

    Craig Butterworth

  768. Charles Ditman says:

    You are very kind to run thins competition. It would be great to win this prize! Please let it be me.

  769. Michael Ng says:

    Michael Ng

  770. Donna Heatlie says:

    Donna Heatlie

  771. James Ellis says:

    James Ellis

    Would love to win this. Do we get to meet the drivers too?

  772. Neil Gardner says:

    This would be the best experience possible!! Much better than my made at home race seat I use to play F1 and Gran Turismo :)

  773. Andy says:

    Andy Aitken

  774. Chris Allen says:

    I would LOVE to do this !! it has my name all over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  775. Craig Butterworth says:

    Only a few days play with the latest F1 games but with a g27 wheel amd pedals

  776. Chris Allen says:

    i would so anything for this !! it has my name all over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  777. James Mitchell says:

    Wow, what an experience this would be. Gaming experience? Hmmmm does Call of Duty count? Probably not but a brief stint of F1 2011 might :/

  778. james cox says:

    I play f1 2013 and I am really good, would love to try the simulator to see how different it really is, I also worked for Mercedes Benz hertford

  779. Jesper Aarenstrup says:

    Yes, please. What an amazing competition. It would be an honour to walk for a little while in the footsteps of Lewis and Nico. Regards, a big fan from Denmark.

  780. Mike Grant says:


  781. Would be a dream come true as I am a massive f1 fan have been for 25years. I’m a huge Hamilton and mercedesAMGF1 team would be something I’d never forget and the closet I’d get to drive the real thing. Would be great to see how good I’d be at it. A proper dream come true

  782. clive gibson says:

    would be an amazing present for my son

  783. Cedric Bessit says:


  784. Richard Pardon

    F1 Fan and Automotive Photographer. Fingers crossed! :-)

  785. Kareem Zaghloul

    Experience playing F1 2012 and 2013 and the Forza motorsports titles. Fastest worldwide record around Racenet’s Nurburgring event in the Merecedes W04.

  786. Daniel Clegg says:

    Daniel Clegg

  787. Ranbir Arora says:

    Ranbir Arora

    Would LOVE to win this! A whole round amazing experience and an amazing competition at that!

  788. Tim Brailli says:

    Tim Brailli. Thanks

  789. Tim Allen says:

    So hope it’s me!!

  790. Duncan Gerard says:

    Duncan Gerard

  791. Sarah Loughman says:

    I would love to win this to kick some male butts!

  792. Dave Weidner says:

    This sounds awesome!! I think every F1 fan likes to think they could drive a decent lap – how many actually get to find out for sure that they can’t even get close to 107%?! Hahaha

  793. lee frarey says:

    fingers crossed

  794. James Ansell says:

    Yes please

  795. William Mai says:

    William Mai

  796. Dominic keen says:

    Dominic keen

  797. Karl Scahill says:

    i would love to do this. Been playing racing games since i was 3 years old. Gran Turismo 1 and almost every F1 game made. Now its rFactor 2 with the F1 mod and Gran Turismo 5.

  798. Spencer crick says:

    Bring it on!

  799. Lorenzo Gianninoni says:

    I’ m a f1 fan since 1982…when I was 10 years old. Now I’m 41 and still being huge F1 fan. My favorite pilot is Lewis Hamilton…yes…I’m italian and a love Mercedes,not Ferrari! My father used to drive Mercedes cars all his life…I am a Mercedes car owner. But…above all things I am a HUGE. racing car simulator fan…I use to play to f1 2013 playsration 3…and I am pretty good at it… I use to make very good times and now that there is a world wide ranking, I use to be a top driver. It would be a dream vome true. So I implore you!!! I need to prove myself with a real f1 simulator!!! Thank you

  800. Deividas Sakauskas says:

    Deividas Sakauskas

  801. Ian Cockerill says:

    What a fantastic competition, it’d be rude not to enter! Fingers crossed!

  802. Jason Bird says:

    They had a very simple version at the Motor Show a few years back where you got to sit in a 2008 Toyota so would definitely love a go in an actual proper F1 simulator. What happens if I end up being quicker than the race drivers? A seat in GP2?

  803. daniel lawton says:

    love f1 the whole sport for example aerodynamics,
    mainly the design side like cfd ect.
    I have so many ideas it unbelievable.
    i got my misses f1 2011 & 2012 i had a go i was hooked lol and also play forza 4.
    Once i passed my test(over 10 years ago)iv driven various cars,buses,vans i love driving nothing can beat it and iv all ways wanted to try a f1 simulator.
    also iv got that day off any way :)

    1. daniel lawton says:

      also my misses would love to go aswell if i win :)

  804. Andréas Kühne says:

    Would love to win this! Great 40th present!

  805. Prathik Khanna says:

    Amazing prize on offer!

  806. Craig Fletcher says:

    Craig Fletcher

  807. Kareem Zaghloul

    Experience playing F1 2012 and 2013 and the Forza motorsports titles.
    Fastest worldwide record around Racenet’s Nurburgring event in the Merecedes W04.
    Second fastest time in the Redbull F1 Bahrain competition in Egypt.
    Crazy about Mercedes and F1. Would die to get a chance to visit HQ and give the sim a go.

  808. Joe Klenk says:

    As a devoted Lewis Hamilton fan, it would be fantastic to get an insight into the preparation both Lewis/Nico and Sam go through. It’s a once in lifetime opportunity, which I’d love to have. All the best to Mercedes for next season. :) x

  809. Rob Horan says:

    Rob Horan

    Awesome competition!

  810. Mike Lucas says:

    Yes please. Lovely, ta.

  811. Neill Friedman says:

    No real gaming experience but big big F1 and Merc fan.

  812. Chris Bell says:

    Chris Bell..

  813. James West says:

    James West, i have expierience playing f1 2012, grid 1+ 2, dirt 1 + 2, and NFS with a thrusmaster f430 wheel. i actually have ok mid pack times for COTA and for yas marina

  814. terry mccleary says:

    This would be excellent……

  815. Maureen Heath says:

    Yes please :) i would love to get this opportunity

  816. Mike says:

    Wow, as a massive F1 and Mercedes fan this would be a dream come true.

  817. Chris Heath says:

    As a lifelong f1 fan I would love to drive the simulator and have a look at how it all works. Cheers :)

  818. Matt Tomlinson says:

    Matt Tomlinson

  819. Neil says:

    Have a go in the simulator that Lewis and nico use?! Crack on! The closest I’d get to f1 driving, mega.

  820. Richard Cole says:

    Bring it on!!!

  821. Michael overton says:

    I’d love to have a go at this and see exactly how much the drivers have to deal with!!!! Hamilton WDC 2014!!!!!

  822. Alan Lindstrom says:

    Please consider me.

  823. David Munslow says:

    Wow, quite a prize! Hmm, gaming experience… I had an Atari when I was about 8, does that count!?

  824. Alan Lindstrom says:

    Please make it happen for me.

  825. tim shields says:


  826. Simon wren says:

    Yes please!!!!

  827. Danny Crockford says:

    This would be EPIC!! Could show Lewis how to do it ;p

  828. Gary Powell says:

    Awesome prize!!! We’ll done James on being able to offer it

  829. Antony Martin says:

    It would be an all time dream come true

  830. Craig Turner says:

    Loved F1 since a young boy, served in the Army for 22 years, and ended up bringing in simulation for the army during the afghanistan times, now work for a company that produce world class simulation for the UK MOD and 19 other countries, so would be great to see how these seem to compare to the real thing in F1, my favourite sport since a child, and working in this area now.



  831. Claire Fulcher-Powell says:

    Love this!!!! :)

  832. Stuart Anderson says:


  833. Neil says:

    This would be an unreal experience. Keeping fingers crossed

  834. Gareth McCaig says:

    Would be a dream to have a go on one of these, fingers crossed!!

  835. Matt Burt says:

    Matt Burt.

    What an opportunity!
    Gaming experience? From Geoff Crammond F1 games to the latest Codemaster and most in between. Would be great to try the real thing. And what circuits? Spa and Suzuka would be INCREDIBLE!

  836. Jason Mansell says:

    Would love this chance of a lifetime – have been playing gran turismo since it first came out on the playstation! *crosses fingers*

  837. Ben Johnson says:

    Ben Johnson

    I do love a bit of F1 on my Xbox 360. This is probably a little more sophisticated than that though :-p

  838. chris gould says:

    Please pick me… :)

  839. Fernando Courreges says:

    Absolutely amazing opportunity! I have a few years of go karts and gran turismo, absolutely fantastic competition!

  840. Darren Goodchild says:

    An amazing opportunity that money couldnt buy. count me in!!

  841. Srecko says:

    Could put every possible word or phrase in the book to describe this contest. Yet, hope the lucky eight share their experience with the less fortunate…

    Probably all PC games that ever came out

  842. Wayne butcher says:

    Once in a life time experience be ace to do this :)

  843. Mark says:

    Would be amazing, already done the lets race and drove a marrussia so this would top it off!

  844. Paul hayward says:

    Would be a brilliant day to have the chance to experience what an f1 driver has to do to get ready for a race :-)

  845. Mathieu Gauthier-Thornton
    I’ve always been into racing and found sims have been a cheaper way of me having fun as i’ve not been old enough or had the funds to actually go racing.
    I won the GT5 Time trial once at the Goodwood FOS but wasn’t old enough (only 16 at the time) to claim the prize of a whole day driving a Nissan GT-R at Silverstone. This would be amazing!

  846. Ian Franks says:

    Oooh, oooh, Pick Me, Pick Me!! Please! :-)

  847. Zeph Sib says:

    Bring it on…

  848. Rhod Evans says:

    Would be so cool. Lived in Brackley my whole life. And envied those who worked inside since the days they were BAR.

  849. Patrick Vent says:

    Yes, please!

  850. Matt Phillips says:

    Would be an honour to drive the sim!

  851. Sam Wordsworth says:

    Would be an amazing experience!

  852. Julian Levy says:

    Julian Levy

    Entering this in the hope of getting a place so I can hand it over to my brother (Nick) as a surprise for his 40th!!

    General PLaystation F1 experience

  853. formula says:

    I have raced a lot online on the official Formula One games. I have also had a go on a McLaren F1 simulator (not the ones the drivers use, but a step down from that). Getting the chance to drive the simulator the drivers use would be a truly awesome and a once in a lifetime experience. As a Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes F1 fan, nothing could be better.

  854. Darren says:

    Would be good to see just how much faster than Lewis I thought I was !

  855. Tarmo Plaas says:

    Amazing opportunity !!! Born 1986/09

    I have gaming experience since 1994 with PC : Formula One Grand Prix(PC)1992 (I started 1994-95), Grand Prix 2 (’96) , Grand Prix 3 (PC) , F1 Challenge ’99-’02 , F1 2011,2012 (PC)
    PS1 to PS3 : First PS1 game was F1’97 , Gran Turismo 1 (I have completed GT1 to GT5) ,F1 Challenge ’99-’02 PS2 version , F1 Championship Edition(2007) , F1 2010 -2011 PS3 .

  856. Marcelo says:

    Marcelo Kanno

  857. Lewis Raybould says:

    Fastest around Brands Hatch on the PS3 on F1 2013 ;)

    Huge F1 fan and would cheerish the opportunity to drive the Mercedes F1 sim after only getting to see it whilst on work experience at Mercedes F1 back in April and July of last year!

  858. phong tu says:

    Would be an amazing day, would consider myself a casual gamer with experience of f1 and GT games

  859. Mark Chapman says:

    What a prize, if only.

  860. John Hawkins says:

    Yes please!

  861. Jody Smith says:

    Fingers crossed!

    Jody Smith

  862. Richard Simson says:

    Amazing prize!

  863. What a once in a lifetime opportunity that would be!! I would love to embrace such an experience being an avid Mercedes F1 AMG fan!! Good luck to all who enter!

  864. mike krauth says:

    I drive real cars on real roads, that should be enough.

  865. Michael Wells says:

    Nice! Sign me up. Michael Wells.

  866. Martijn Versleeuwen says:

    Yes, please

  867. Tim Dickens says:

    Hamilton mad – the guy is a god behind the wheel!

  868. Stephen Hartley says:

    Played all 5 Gran Turismo to completion on ps1, 2 & 3.
    Would love to have a go in a real simulator.

  869. Matt Sowinski says:

    Would love to win this, maybe i could beat their time ;)

    Cheers Matt

  870. Owen Cleverley says:

    Owen Cleverley

    Missed out on GT academy on GT5 but hopefully this puts me up there!

  871. Ollie Ashton says:

    Would LOVE to do this.
    The only video games I’m not terrible at are racing games, and I’m used to racing open wheeled in rFactor etc, and this would be brilliant because I haven’t bought F1 2013 yet!

  872. Janne Kaisla says:

    Would be a dream come true to a fanatic formula 1 fan from finland! Playing atm in top F1 league on ps3.

  873. Nigel Taylor says:

    Yes please

  874. Jon says:

    Sounds amazing. Am sure my years playing Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix games on the PC would stand me in good stead.

  875. Nigel Taylor says:

    Nigel Taylor

  876. Bas Eskes says:

    This is a perfect early Christmas gift for Formula One fans.

  877. Mark says:

    Mark Derbyshire

  878. Ian madge says:

    What an opportunity every big kids dream

  879. James says:

    James Ford-Bannister

  880. lesley ann garratt says:

    Avid Mercedes fan, truly amazing opportunity

  881. Ben Widdop says:

    Would love to have a go at this. Will be the closest to ever get to driving the real thing I guess!

  882. RIchard Mundell says:

    Yes please!

  883. Nathan Parker says:

    What a experience it would be to drive a real f1 simulator around Silverstone and beat Lewis hamiltons fastest lap :)

  884. Shaun critchley says:

    Plzzzz pick me!!!!

  885. Dave Bowman says:

    Not allowed to drive on the road anymore , but a crack at that , wow bring it on ;-)

  886. Arunas Janusis says:

    I want to have a go as well, please! (Keeping my fingers crossed)

  887. Tom Martin says:

    This would be a great experience and I’m a true Hamilton fan.

  888. Grant Davenport says:

    Grant Davenport

  889. Michael brown says:

    Would love to do this be amazing to put yourself against the times that Lewis and nico have set, fingers crossed

  890. Awesome! Would love to drive in the simulator! Wow, thanks Mercedes!!!

  891. Carl Bryan says:

    Carl Bryan

  892. Adam Wiseberg says:

    What a brilliant competition.
    Hope I win it!
    Thanks James

  893. Chris Stores says:

    Chris Stores

  894. Glen Mcilreavy says:

    What happens when i beat the lap record?? you going to sign me?

  895. John Mountney says:

    A late birthday but early Christmas present !

  896. Philip Cheek says:

    Fingers crossed

  897. Dean Bodle says:

    After playing racing games for years, having a go at this will be a awesome challenge.

  898. Robert Chang says:

    First experience with racing games was Formula 1 for Nintendo 64. Since then I only buy racing games.
    The Dormula 1 series of Codemasters was the best thing they could have done! I own the five games of that saga.

  899. Craig Bishop says:

    The 2nd best thing to actually driving the real thing…I would definitely enjoy

  900. marilyn hartfield says:

    Would love to do this as I have not long had my birthday and I love driving and I love watching F1 I would love to have a go x

  901. Tom slimm says:

    Tom slimm

  902. Justin James says:

    How amazing it would be to see the guys in the factory working hard on the new car and then to spend time in the simulator where Lewis has sat to learn the ins and outs of his new car this year.
    As at as gaming experience goes I buy my f1 games each year and play forza, pgr, gran turismo (though it’s not so exciting these days). And tend to try most new driving games.

  903. Nick Garner says:

    Nick Garner

  904. Steve harris says:

    I have driven just about every other game based sim since Ayrton Senna’s Monaco Grand Prix on the sega mega drive, my kids don’t know their born with today’s graphics, would love to see the real deal, passed the HQ earlier this year so I won’t get lost coming….

  905. Nathan Older says:

    As a Mercedes Fan this would be a dream come true. As for gaming experience, I have played most F1 games from the first F1 game on the PS1 at about 11 years old all the way through to F1 2013. I entered a few F1 online tournament’s on the ps3 doing very well (TKR_NathOlder). GT5 was good but all these games have the same problem, too “arcadey”.
    rfactor on pc is my favourite, As the car handling seems more accurate for a sim. But what could be better than a state of the art Sim at Brackley! Wow. Amazing prize. Good luck to you all.

    Nathan Older.

    1. Nathan Older says:

      Forgot to add, My homemade simulator with a bucket seat and the Logitech G27 may seem good at home but wont be anywhere near as good as this fun day!!

  906. Ian Thompson says:

    Lewis is my idol. Please, please, please

  907. hannah Thompson says:

    What a competition please pick me

  908. Sean reeve says:

    I come on site twice a day to you , be nice to come as a guest and not a courier lol. Go Ham. Keep up the good work boys and girls at Brackley

  909. Ramon van de Vorst says:

    I would love to visit the simulator of my favorite F1 team, and although it means I have to travel far, coming from The Netherlands, this will be more then 100% worth it.

  910. harry harrison says:

    £10 says I can beat Lewis!

  911. john Thompson says:

    Pick me – always playing f1 on my ps3 & always go lewis.

  912. Rob Mckie says:

    This would be an amazing prize, drive past the brixworth site at least once a week always on the look out for Nico, Lewis or Ross driving to the factory

  913. Saif Mehmood says:

    Saif Mehmood

    I’d love to try my hand at a proper simulator, I’ve been online racing since 2009 with rFactor and the CM F1 series, I’ve won two championships on F1 2010 and F1 2011 against some tough tough opponents and now I’m racing in one of the most competitive leagues out there on F1 2013.

    I race with a Logitech G27 on my PS3, I think over the last few years I must have got like 50+ pole positions in the different leagues I’ve raced in and about 25 wins. A chance at trying a simulator would tell me whether my driving skills in the game would relate to real life.

  914. Fabrizio Canneti says:

    Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz.

  915. Conrad Edwards says:

    I would love to experience the Simulator!

  916. Robin Tutt says:

    Hi, I have played F1 2010 xbox360, Forza on xbox360 and Colin Mcrae varied games on both Xbox and Xbox360, thanks

  917. Mike Turnbull says:

    Good luck to me!
    Brilliant competition.

  918. Phil Bullock says:

    Yes please – Phil Bullock

  919. Mark Newstead says:

    Would love to have a go on an actual sim.
    Thanks James for organising this wonderful competition, and for all the work you put into this website.

  920. Dave Pennington says:

    Out of my seat Britney and taste my dust!

  921. Keith Butler says:

    Would love the opportunity of nesting the guys at the factory and seeing what goes on behind the glitter of race weekends

  922. James Souter says:

    Let me show u what I can do maybe I will partner Lewis next year lol

  923. Paul Dagen says:

    Sounds fantastic. Would have to keep the wookie in me under control as I would want to break the lap record.

  924. Paul cox says:

    Paul cox

  925. paul beecham says:

    what an awesome prize. would love to be one of the lucky ones!! I play f1 2013 all of the time and have been dring for AMG Petronas Mercedes with Nico as my teamate

  926. David Longe says:

    Need to show those boy’s who has the Driving Skills on the simulator. Lewis, Nico eat my dust……

  927. Martin Hire says:

    This would be awesome, especially on the Brazilian circuit.

  928. Jernej Esih says:

    I,ll give it a try….

  929. Paul stanton says:

    Would be a dream come true experience of a life time

  930. russ cosgrove says:

    Pick me as i only live down the road from brackley :)

  931. katie Randall says:

    Awesome prize. Katie Randall

  932. Aaron Reene says:

    Would be a dream come true

  933. Ryan gomm says:

    Would love to get a taste of f1!

  934. Steve Freegard says:

    I’m a huge Lewis fan and I love karting and doing time trials on the Codemasters F1 2013 game. This would be like a dream come true for me!!

  935. Christian Eisenbeis says:

    Wow, great idea and very unique opportunity!

    Good luck to everyone!

  936. Israr Khan says:

    It will be a experience to remember. .!!!

  937. Nigel Crump says:

    I would love, love , love this. I play Codemasters F1 games and have done an F1(ish) simulator at The Race Centre. Now let me in!

  938. Joshua Vickersjosh says:

    Josh Vickers

    - as most people have said this would be a once in a life time experiance and the opportunity to drive a real simulator and experiance the technology behind one would be amazing

  939. Jon Flewers says:

    No game experience, just life experience.

  940. martin whale says:

    I have to be lucky at least once.

  941. Dan Cappaert says:

    Daniel Cappaert

    This would be AMazinG !

  942. Phillip Allen says:

    Phillip Allen. Would love to finally try the real team F1 simulators. I’ve been a huge fan of all car sims, but F1 has always been the top. I’ve played pretty much every F1 sim since 1993 and most car sims (Toca, simbin etc).

  943. Dave Irwin says:

    Would love to do this… Merc would have a driver they may want to sign! ;-)

  944. David Grant says:

    Yes please! What a fantastic competion and opportunity.

  945. Mats Furskog says:

    Mats Furskog

  946. Raoul Zon says:

    Raoul Zon

  947. Andrew Knight says:

    Had a few single seater track days at Oulton Park and go to Silverstone every year.wuld. love to get a bit closer to knowing what a real f1 car is like.

  948. Jamie Alcock says:

    Please choose me! Plenty of experience with racing sims, Gran Turismo 1>5 etc

  949. Neil Marsden says:

    Neil Marsden
    age 30
    Aircraft Engineer

    Would love the opportunity to experience the Mercedes F1 simulator.
    Gaming experience is the usual X Box PS3 etc and have spent time on my companies Airbus A320 simulator which is unbelievably realistic. Would love to learn about the link between simulation and reality as my job and studies as an aircraft engineer has taught me much in aerodynamics and it’s effects.
    I have 65 hrs private pilots licence flying and own my own race kart which is a Rotax Max senior125.

    Good luck all
    Neil M

  950. Jon Topp says:

    Closest opportunity to driving a real F1 car I’m likely to ever have – fingers crossed!

  951. WAYNE LEE says:

    Love to go and try the hospitality there

  952. Michał Cieśla says:

    Michał Cieśla
    Played the official Formula 1 games (from Codemasters) on PC since the 2010 version.

  953. Richard brown says:

    Xbox one and forza arrives Friday, would swop both for the chance to be in the simulator though.

  954. Jelte Medema says:

    Brilliant! No specific gaming experience though. Does a driver license count? :-)

  955. Garry says:

    Sounds like the perfect competition for any f1 fan to enter

  956. Cameron Stewart says:

    OMG!!! What an opportunity!! It’s the closest I will ever come to driving an f1 car. F1 2013 is the closest so far!

  957. Cameron Stewart says:

    What an amazing opportunity!! It’s the closest I will ever come to driving an f1 car. F1 2013 is the closest so far!

  958. Marc says:

    Woah what a treat this would be. Racings in my blood, as McQueen said “racing is life, everything else is just waiting”

  959. Dan Hopkins says:

    Yes please any f1 fans dream closest i will ever get to driving an f1 would love to tour factory aswell and see how it all works

  960. Gillian Scanlon says:

    No real gaming experience but absolutely love go-karting. Best of luck, everyone.

  961. Matthew Potter says:

    Matthew Potter

    I’m a massive Forza addict, and also love the Codemasters F1 games. One of my favourite games of all time was Geoff Crammond’s GP2..

  962. Ross Pisarkiewicz says:

    Ross Pisarkiewicz

  963. walter Smith says:

    I would fly from the US for this.

    Entry level motorsport (autocross, trackdays, & some karting…I also listen to JA on F1 podcast :-) )

  964. Colin says:

    I’d love this chance! Just the ‘usual’ gaming experience with a wheel, pedals and the F1 2011 and 2012 PC games.

  965. Love F1
    Love the F1 game
    Perfect match

  966. Richard Phillips says:

    Richard Phillips

  967. Eric Uchbar says:

    Eric Uchbar

    Ready to come out and enjoy the experience if picked. Great idea and to whoever wins enjoy this opportunity. This will be stuck in my head until this contest is over. At least I’ll be there in my dreams if I don’t get picked!

  968. Niall Mooney says:

    I like to go fast!

  969. Steve Fisher says:

    Steve Fisher

  970. Balazs Szamay says:

    I’ve been there for one time, but the barrier was closed. I hope, it’s going to be opened for me… :)

  971. Shanie Lee says:

    Shanie Lee

  972. james downard says:

    James downard, fantastic competition, have every f1 game and alot of Lewis memorabilia. Hope i get a chance

  973. Simon Phillips says:

    eh come on lads i,m too old for the real thing so please give me a go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  974. Ioan Ciumurel says:

    It would be a dream come true. Thank’s for the chance.

  975. Joe Masterson says:

    I’ve enjoyed James Allen’s books in the past and what a great prize!
    Would love to check out the factory of the 2014 winning car ;)

  976. David king says:

    Would jump at this opertunaty, the sim is the closest i will ever get, can hold me own on any racing game (gran turismo and f1 being my strong suits) and would love the oppertuanty to doing a flying lap around spa! I live around the corner so thats an added bonus!!!

  977. Nigel Pearce says:

    Nigel Pearce

    It would be a great late birthday present to go with the Monaco experience earlier in the year!!!

    Although I never win anything :(

  978. Bryan Chapman says:

    love it, great comp

  979. Saravanan Kanagaraju says:


  980. Ilkka Möttönen says:

    If you want to win, take a Finn :)

  981. This is once in a lifetime opportunity for any F1 fan. I never miss a race and I follow the best driver in F1 (Lewis Hamilton). This would be a dream come true.


  982. Patrick Phillips says:

    Patrick Phillips

  983. Asterios Stergioudis says:

    Pick me! Pick me!! :D

  984. Iain Harper says:

    What an opportunity…..it could be you…but I hope it’s me!

  985. Andy Flaherty says:

    What a prize this would be, huge driving sim fan myself, once at the Gadget show they had simulator and with my wrist in a cast was able to set a top 5 time to win a competition and a further chance to drive at Donington.

    Spent hours queuing for these driving sim’s at various GP’s and motor sports events.

  986. Michael Gani says:

    What a prize!

    Good luck to all

    Michael Gani

  987. Andy Lee says:

    This would be awesome

  988. David Chescoe says:

    David Chescoe

  989. Lili Varga says:

    Hi Mercedes guys!
    I’m a huge F1 and even a huge Mercedes fan too! I’m an 18-year-old girl and my second biggest dream’d come true if I can drove an F1 car- or an official simulator. My biggest dream is to be a vet. I can’t explain how I’d feel if I won this opportunity. Thank you so much, Lili.

  990. Janardhan mudduluru says:

    Have go karting experience, and Xbox f1 and Nfs experience.

  991. Pat Delbridge says:

    What a fantastic competition – good luck to everybody!

  992. Danny Manners says:

    Would be fantastic if this came my way.

  993. Lorcan McCormack says:

    Lorcan McCormack

    Fingers crossed!

  994. Paul Haley says:

    I’m not sure picking an older man would be a good idea but I’ve probably waited longer than most for such a fantastic opportunity. Please count me in :-)

  995. Scott Williams says:

    Scott Williams

  996. Mathew Carrington says:

    Would love to give this a go, a real dream come true!

  997. I would love to have a go.

  998. Steve cole says:

    What a prize, f12013 on the Xbox will never be the same again if I won this prize , oh and can I have Lewis and Nio as mechanics for the dy Please !!.

  999. Chi Sharpe says:

    Good luck everyone. Hope I win though ;)

  1000. It’s a chance in a lifetime.

  1001. Dan Bridgman says:

    Great work James for securing this epic prize. I would love to have a play :)

  1002. Martin Willox says:

    Keep er lit !!

  1003. Martin Willox says:

    Martin Willox

  1004. Chris Machell says:

    Stuff like this never happens to me…suppose you’ve got to be in it to win it though :)

  1005. Risti says:

    Count me in, F1 champ on playstation 2 2005.

  1006. Kristof Wittevrongel says:

    One word… “Woohoow”

    This Will be so great, compared to my force feedback driving wheel on ps3 :-)

    Greetings from Belgium

  1007. Mark Waldron says:

    Mark Waldron
    Great prize!!

  1008. Mark Waldron says:

    Mark Waldron

  1009. Jake Millar says:

    Come on, make my 21st!! It would be a great experience!

  1010. Alan Ford says:

    Fingers crossed :)

  1011. Rhys sivyer says:

    Rhys sivyer

  1012. Oliver Ivory-Bray says:

    Wow, what a prize!

    Fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed (made typing this tricky!)

  1013. Peter Thompson says:

    So what happens if I beat Lewis’ time? ;oD

  1014. Andie shipway says:

    Wow yes please count me in

  1015. Paul Haslam says:

    I dont EVER enter competitions but this is just too good to be true.

  1016. Joseph Shin says:

    I would actually travel to Antarctica on my own dime to do this, let alone Brackley.

  1017. James Lee says:

    What a brilliant prize. I’d love to go. Proper once in a lifetime stuff.
    From James Lee

  1018. Vicente Sanchis says:

    Racing is a state of mind… Mercedes is the only car I would race with!!!

  1019. Alex Brazier says:

    Lots of gaming experience, everything from Mario Kart, Need For Speed to Forza, rFactor2

    Also took part in a single seater track day at Brands Hatch, would be interesting to see how this compares!

  1020. Andrew Nicholas says:

    Andrew Nicholas

  1021. Jeff Harvey says:

    Good luck to me!