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Unique opportunity to go behind scenes at Mercedes F1 factory
Posted By: James Allen  |  07 Oct 2013   |  11:22 am GMT  |  1,127 comments

One of the big stories of 2013 has been the rise of Mercedes as a force in F1 with wins and pole positions for Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. And they are one of the favourites for 2014, when F1 moves to a new technology formula.

And now JA on F1 together with our partner UBS is delighted to offer readers the chance to go behind the scenes at the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team headquarters in Brackley, near Silverstone, to see how the team builds the cars and to ask questions.

We are offering 10 people the chance to tour the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory. And you’ll be accompanied by our own James Allen to give insights into any areas of interest you may have in current F1, including race strategy.

This site is all about bringing the fans closer to the sport and providing insight and this amazing opportunity will certainly do that!

We did a tour of the Brackley facility last year, just after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the winners were amazed by the access they got: “It was amazing!” said Alex Manning. “I wasn’t expecting to actually be standing next to the cars from Abu Dhabi and speak to so many staff – the highlight was definitely the 49 mins with Jock Clear, absolutely fascinating insight into the world of F1. Brilliant experience.”

Refreshments will be served at the start of the event and there will be lunch afterwards.

The Tour takes place on Friday October 18th 2013, with arrival at 10-30am for an 11am start.

Entry is simple: Leave your name below and we will select ten winners at random on Monday 14th October at noon UK time. A post notifying the winners will be put up soon after.

Terms and conditions

- Prize does not include travel to and from Brackley, Northamptonshire.

- Competition is free to enter

- Only people excluded from entering are employees of other F1 teams, suppliers or competitors.

General Obligations

(i) you take part in the Event on your own account and at your own risk and liability;
(ii) you are aware of the potential hazards associated with your participation in the Event;
(iii) you will not be under the influence of drugs, medication or alcohol before or during participation at the Event;
(iv) you are completely healthy at the time of the Event and not suffering from any illness that may impair your ability to take part or interfere with or endanger your participation;
(v) you will adhere to all health and safety briefings provided by the Organiser;

The Organiser reserves the right to exclude any party from the Event immediately should such party contravene any of the above terms and conditions.

• Participation in the competition is open anyone aged 18 and over, save for employees and contractors of rival F1 teams, suppliers or competitors, who are not eligible to participate.
• The promoter reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone it deems unsuitable or unable to take part.
• Winners may be required to submit valid identification and proof of age at any stage of the competition and/or before receiving their prize.
• The winners must confirm that they will be available to attend the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory on Friday 18th October 2013.
* Travel to and from the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory is at the winner’s own expense.
• By entering the competition, participants agree that their personal data submitted as part of the registration process will be stored and processed by the promoter as data controller in accordance with applicable data protection laws for the purpose(s) of administering/operating the competition.
• Any failure to adhere to these terms and conditions will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.

The competition entry period is between 09-00AM GMT on 7th October 2013 and 12-00 PM GMT on 14th October 2013 (the “Entry Period”).

Winners will be notified by email and the names of the winners will be posted on the website

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  1. Cakes says:

    I could contest for this opportunity but I think I am of a higher caliber than that. So I will just moan about it later

    1. Scuderia McLaren says:

      I’d like to nominate Hero Was Senna.

      Because when he does these things he really writes them up well for others and he is a massive fan of F1. He’s quite a good wordsmith.

      When I met him, his passion was palpable.

      Please pick Hero Was Senna… Carlo something or rather. ;)

      1. Auq says:

        I second this :)

      2. hero_was_senna says:

        Thank you kind sir :)

      3. Andy Haycock says:

        Andy Haycock

      4. Aaron stoakes says:

        Pick me!

      5. petes says:


      6. Auq says:

        That’s it :)

      7. hero_was_senna says:

        Yep that’s me, a name that meant I had to be good at school as the teachers all knew the “funny” name! Lol

      8. hero_was_senna says:

        Thank you scud, I am grateful for your kind words and your support.
        The name is Carlo Carluccio and I throw my hat into the ring as well.
        I hope fate smiles on me as apart from the actual prize I’d like to meet James personally as he was in Bahrain when the Nitro + event was run

      9. Chukwuma Onyeabo says:

        Chukwuma Onyeabo

      10. Debra Hudson says:

        What an amazing opportunity! Thank you for organising. Good Luck to all and Congratulations to the lucky, lucky 10.

    2. Matthew Rogers says:

      Fingers crossed!

      Matthew Rogers

    3. Philip Peed says:

      Yes please,, Philip Peed. Thanks.

    4. Simon Rowe says:


      1. Ashley atkins says:

        I hope that the fact that I can’t figure out how to comment works in my favour :/ I would love this opportunity!! :) thank you! Ashley atkins.

    5. My son is a huge Lewis fan and wld love tour!

    6. Rob Friend says:

      Rob Friend

    7. martin wheeler says:

      pick me please

    8. trevor mullen says:

      Pick me! Please.

    9. Katie Rawlinson says:

      I would love to win this unique opportunity to visit the Mercedes F1 factory. I am a huge fan of Lewis Hamilton and support Mercedes AMG Petronas team!

      Katie Rawlinson

    10. paul farrelly says:

      yes please but wont put the vacation request in just yet ! PAUL FARRELLY

    11. John prestwood says:

      Would love the chance to visit

    12. matthew waringi says:

      Amazin. Wat a great comp. Plz plz pick me

    13. Mark chapman says:

      Pick me… mark Chapman!!

    14. Ian Harrison says:

      an amazing competition, good luck to all who enter :-)

    15. Tom Ellis says:

      Tom Ellis :)

    16. Claire Warne says:

      Please enter me for this great opportunity!

    17. Robin. Goodlet says:

      Robin Goodlet

    18. Ajay Chandarana says:

      Ajay Chandarana

    19. Joshua Sandy says:

      love mercedes and both drivers. Would to see what goes on behined the scenes.

    20. Karyn Dunning says:

      My entry.. Fingers crossed

    21. Chris says:

      Would be a dream come true

  2. Rob Northcott says:

    Have been a F1 follower since the 1960′s, Team Lotus and Jim Clark, (The Greatest)

    Would love to see behind the scenes at a modern F1 Team

    1. KARTRACE says:

      I just finished reading ” Jim Clark at the wheel”. What a humble yesteryear hero who got on well with almost anyone. My childhood greatest hero. I miss him ever since that fatal crash in Germany.

  3. Tom I'Anson says:

    Please can you enter me for the chance to attend the Tour of the Mercedes F1 team factory.
    Many thanks

  4. Daniel Reid says:

    Daniel Reid

  5. Jonathan Oakden says:

    I would love this so much!

  6. Jim Wagstaff says:

    I’d like to enter you Mercedes factory tour competion.

  7. Nick Halliday says:

    Me! Me! Pick Me! :-)

  8. James McNulty says:

    James McNulty

    1. mhilgtx says:

      “McNulty is good Police.”

      The Wire

      This sounds like…scratch that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity I only wish I didn’t live in the States.

      McNulty is one of the great TV cops of all time.

  9. Chris Brown says:

    Chris Brown

    1. Frique says:

      No to you for hitting a girl:-)

      1. Chris Brown says:

        hahaha…fortunately i am not that one…if i had his money tho i’d be at every F1 meeting!!! lol :)

  10. STephen Richardson says:


  11. Nathan Taverner says:

    Fingers crossed!!

  12. Tom Moreno says:

    Tom Moreno

  13. Kiril Varbanov, obviously :) The favorite word of F1 drivers.

  14. Jon says:

    Jon Walters

  15. Mehboob Lakhany says:

    Mercedes competition entry

  16. Zoran Stefanovic says:

    That is rare opportunity to see it as a big fan of F1 historically M-B Team

  17. Stephen Callow says:

    I’m in. Sounds incredible.

  18. Saleh Ahmed says:

    Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Factory Tour entry

  19. Sebee says:

    Is the silly season keeping on or is it jusy silliness?

    Ross to Honda and McLaren? If this happens it will be a huge punch back from McLaren!

    1. Javier Marcelo says:

      McLaren-Honda-Ross Brown-Fernando Alonso-Hulkenberg

      its in the oven!!!

      1. H.Guderian says:


      2. Javier Marcelo says:

        Plus the big money of:

        Honda+Santander+a mobile phone company is in process (Movistar?, Alo -brand from Méjico, of Carlos Slim-?).

        It would be going back directly to the first league and Alonso a bit feed up of Domenicali´s conservative aproach vs agresive promises!!!!

  20. Andrew Townshend says:

    This would be an awesome experience and as a massive F1 fan I would love the opportunity

  21. james says:

    James Moodie

  22. Chris Chalmers says:

    wish me luck!

  23. Jim Moore says:

    Please include me in the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory visit competition.


  24. Lauren Hamilton says:

    Fingers crossed for this Hamilton!

  25. John fryer says:

    I would love to take part, I live in Brisbane Oz now after leaving London last year, but would fly back to UK to see the factory, would love to take part as many others would, great competition good luck to all who enter.

    With regards

    John fryer

  26. Jon Wilde says:

    Jon Wilde – Pick me! I can’t wait to find out how much weight the team saved by removing the word Blackberry from the sides of the cars!

  27. Ed Ratcliff says:

    Ed Ratcliff
    Perfect as I have that day off already were I to win! Gets me out of DIY hell. Good luck all…

  28. Dom Imrie says:

    Fingers crossed!

  29. James Wilson says:

    Please pick me!

  30. Matthew Cook says:

    I’d like to win :D

  31. jeremy chandler says:

    What an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with the Mercedes F1 team … A unique chance to witness the staggering amount of endeavour required to race and develop an F1 race team

  32. Mark donnelly says:

    Mark donnelly

  33. Roy McBride says:

    Mercedes Factory Tour Competition – Roy McBride

  34. Derek Wright says:

    Would love to go, my absolute dream

  35. If I would win this, it would be fantastic.

  36. Paul Hesketh says:

    Huge F1 fan from Greater Manchester.

  37. Mike Walbank says:

    Mob 07934879195

  38. Andrew Dobb says:

    This sounds like another great event through JAonF1, count me in

  39. David says:

    Me please! :)

  40. Iain McCall says:

    Is this the correct place for the competition?

  41. Leo Ward says:

    A chance to tour an F1 team factory would be amazing, please include me in the draw! @monkeyboyleo #F1 @MercedesAMGF1

  42. Alexander Supertramp says:

    Me me me me me me!

  43. Aleksandar says:

    Never was the one to win any….luck is?


  44. james o'brien says:

    james o’brien
    from Reading

  45. Mark Jackson says:

    I would love this!

    Mark Jackson

  46. Simon Wren says:

    James – This is my entry for the competition – Thanks.

  47. Allan Boast says:

    please entr me in the Mercedes factory visit competition , thanks

  48. Martin Thorne says:

    Martin Thorne,

    Mercedes Competition

  49. David Hastings says:

    David Hastings

  50. Trevor kislingbury says:

    Competition entry

  51. Peter Johnson says:

    Can I bring my spanners?

  52. Phil Moon says:

    Been a fan since watching James Hunt win in 76

  53. Colin says:

    Whoever wins, it will be a memorable day judging from the comments after the previous visit.

  54. Greig Stewart says:

    Looking forward to seeing the team

  55. Matt Devenish says:

    Great opportunity, cheers for arranging James :)

  56. Andy James says:

    im in.
    andy james

  57. Adrian Manktelow says:

    Please put my name in the hat!

  58. UncleZen says:

    Here’s my entry request!

  59. Roy Page says:

    Mechanical Engineer who is a life long fan of F1

  60. Jake Henry says:

    I would love the unique opportunity to learn and experience this environment. Hoping that I win the chance!

  61. Bader Yar says:

    Bader Yar

  62. John Bennett says:

    Please include me in the draw for the Mercedes prize.

  63. Daniel Mir Zambrana says:

    It would be a great opportunity to enter in F1 world and to learn from what work they do at factory, and mainly how they do.

    For me its pretty special, because I’m studying mechanical engineering.

    Thank you very much!

  64. Will Lovell says:

    great opportunity!!!

  65. Jason Linham says:

    This is a great opportunity for any F1 fan.

  66. Nick Jacskon says:

    Nick Jackson

  67. Richard Groves says:

    Richard Groves

    Fingers crossed….

  68. David Ramsay says:

    Yes Please!!!

  69. Waseem Afzal says:

    Entry into Merc competition

  70. Rudy says:

    Rudolf Huys

  71. Oliver Sharpe says:

    Yes please!

  72. Sean O'Toole says:

    Thanks, Sean

  73. Robin Middleton says:

    Fingers crossed

  74. Graeme Brown says:

    Ooh, maybe I’ll be lucky this time ….

  75. Tom Wilson says:

    Tom Wilson

  76. Paul Davies says:

    Sounds excellent!

  77. Colin Chau says:

    Competition entry

  78. Megan Lucas says:

    Megan Lucas

  79. mike cullom says:

    mike cullom

  80. Richard Clark says:

    Visit to the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory competition.

  81. Robin Venables says:

    Robin Venables

  82. Adrian King says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck to all!

  83. Barn says:

    Barnaby Smith

    Hope the winner has a fantastic day. :)

  84. Robert N says:

    Robert Nürnberg

  85. Ben says:

    Ben Fulford

  86. Mike Lucas says:

    Mike Lucas… you never know!

  87. Andrew Parsonage says:

    Yes please!

  88. Anna Settle says:

    Yes please! :-D

  89. Addil Arif says:

    Yes please

  90. simon Rolfe says:

    Simon Rolfe

  91. Mike Richardson says:

    Mike Richardson

  92. Justin Davis says:

    Good Luck all, there are still 9 spaces after, hopefully, my name comes out of the hat!

  93. Anthony Helman says:

    Yes Yes Yes Please !

  94. Andrew Hibberd says:

    Andrew Hibberd

  95. Daniel Whittington says:

    Sign me up James!!

    Many thanks

    Daniel Whittington

  96. Andy Taylor says:

    Pick me!

  97. Michael Kitchen says:

    Yes Please!!

  98. Paul Asquith says:

    Paul Asquith.

  99. Mark Harris says:

    Mark Harris

  100. Graham says:

    Graham Barker

  101. Tom Shelley says:

    Tom Shelley

  102. Joel Lewis says:

    Joel Lewis would like to enter the competition!

  103. Tony Roberts says:

    My childhood home, remember them building this as the BAR factory when I was a kid, would love to see the inside!

  104. Marc says:

    Marc brown

  105. Andy Hart says:

    I’ve never won a competition, this would be amazing!

  106. It would be a perfect autumn day

  107. Rich Gibbons says:

    Hopefully Ross will still be there…

  108. Adam Harvey says:

    Adam Harvey

  109. Neil Mallon says:

    well why not, give it a try!

  110. Daniel Hudson says:

    Daniel Hudson,
    Wow, what an amazing opportunity

  111. Richard Matthews says:

    Richard Matthews

  112. Matthew Booth says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Brackley team. I’d love to see what they get up to behind the scenes!

  113. phong tu says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  114. Daniel Hale says:

    Daniel Hale! :-0

  115. Anne Ticehurst says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  116. Simon Young says:

    Simon Young

  117. Alastair Emmerson says:

    I would like to go please.

  118. niceaspies says:

    Would love to go!

  119. Jon says:

    Jon Mallen-Beadle

  120. Wayne Brannan says:

    Pick me – PLEASE!! :)

  121. Lankyanky says:

    Count me in for this please!

  122. JonT says:

    Jon Tandy

  123. Dave Archbold says:

    Wow, wow, wow! Yes please.

  124. Richard Cawthraw says:

    Rich Cawthraw

  125. TRS says:

    This sounds like a very good way of spending the day.

  126. Cliff Webb says:

    Awesome, and who knows, second time lucky?

  127. MARCHESI Bruno says:


  128. Dom says:

    Dominic Brown

  129. Andy Richardson says:

    Andy Richardson

  130. Nick Brigden says:

    Add a Nick Brigden to the list please! Thanks :)

  131. Wayne vining says:

    Yes please fingers crossed
    Wayne vining

  132. Owen Brooker says:

    I entered last year – hope my luck improves this time round.

  133. Richard Marlow says:

    Richard Marlow

  134. Steve Hird says:

    Steve Hird

  135. Wahab Alghanim says:

    What a great opportunity!

  136. Martin Palmer says:

    Yes please :)

  137. Scott Wheeler says:

    Yes please!

  138. Alexander Katsouris says:

    My name is alexander Katsouris

  139. Rein says:

    … tried it last year – without success, so here I am again. Ready to go, go, go!!

  140. muna-m says:

    Muna Mwando

  141. Dan Wilson says:

    What a wonderful chance to see the hard work that goes on behind the scences but all too often goes unoticed

    1. Dan Wilson says:

      Make a fantastic birthday present for myself as well

  142. Paul Herbert says:

    Paul Herbert

  143. Scott D says:

    I wouldn’t say no…

  144. Giedrius Drulia says:

    Me too!

  145. Anne says:

    I´d like to go only to ask Ross Brawn about the rumor that he is going to Honda. I guess James can ask the question for me.


  146. Leonardo Pasta says:

    Leonardo Pasta

  147. andrew says:

    Mercede’s largest market needs to be represented. Thx

  148. Steve P says:

    Would be very interesting.

  149. simon todd says:

    Simon Todd

  150. Warren says:

    Warren Dickinson… Maybe dreams do come true!

  151. Paul Rackham says:

    Yes please!!

  152. Marc Risby says:

    Thank you!

  153. Richard Coope says:

    Me please.

  154. Neil Mickleburgh says:

    Would love to see what goes on behind the scenes after watching for so many years, add me to the draw :)

  155. Pritish says:

    I wants this ;-)

  156. deci1668 says:

    Decebal Mihai

  157. DonSimon says:

    Simon Smith standing by!

  158. AMSG says:

    Would love a tour of the factory that will built Nico’s title winning car next year. PAUL

  159. Seamus Phillips says:

    This would be great,,as it my birthday on the 18th

  160. Wayne Sheppard says:

    To have the opportunity to see the real workings of a F1 factory would be amazing.

  161. Korrie Stanley says:

    Korrie Stanley


  162. Marc Coltelli says:

    Marc Coltelli

  163. Guillermo Grindlay says:

    Yes please!

  164. mark roberts says:

    Fantastic prize.

    1. Tony Hooper says:

      Yes please!

  165. Chris Hobbs says:

    Chris Hobbs. Great way to mark my 50th year.

  166. Rajesh Kallur says:

    All the way from Germany! Would love to be selected!

  167. Kamran Abbasi says:

    Would love to go…

  168. Alizah Abbasi says:

    Golden chance….

  169. Marc Beyeler says:

    Marc Beyeler – would love this!

  170. Ahmad Khan says:

    Ahmad Khan

  171. Simon Rose says:

    Simon Rose …. yes please!!!

  172. Kamran Abbasi says:

    Would love to see F1 world in detail…

  173. Paul Miller says:

    Fantastic prize James.

    I’m sure I’ll be free to join you…!!

  174. Gareth Powell says:

    Gareth Powell

  175. pushthebutton says:

    Simon Abell

  176. Johannes Fuchs says:

    Johannes Fuchs

  177. Joe Clarke says:

    Joe Clarke.

  178. David Williams says:

    A great website has just got better. Fanstastic prize.

  179. sam morgam says:

    That sounds awesome! Me wants it!

    Sam Morgan

  180. Consider me interested.

  181. Nipun Kulshreshtha says:

    This is a great opportunity, kudos to JAF1 for organizing something like this. Would love to be able to visit Merc F1!

    :Fingers crossed:

  182. Adam Walker says:

    Yes please!

    Adam Walker

  183. Simon L says:

    Massive thumbs up to both James and Mercedes for securing this amazing opportunity.

    – Simon Lynwood

    *fingers crossed!!!*

  184. Mark baker says:

    Would be amazing!

  185. Khalid Abdulla says:

    Fingers Crossed :D

  186. muneeb says:

    Muneeb Rahman

  187. Bryan says:

    Bryan B.

  188. Anthony Mazzeo says:

    Please enter me

  189. Hi James,

    I met you at the MTC last year. Would be great to do again at Mercedes. Fingers tightly crossed…


  190. andrew archer says:

    Andrew Archer

  191. Mike Littlemore says:

    I’d like to enter you Mercedes factory tour competion.

  192. Mark Edwards says:

    Pick me please!

  193. Des Murray says:

    Des Murray

  194. David Fowler says:

    Christmas come early, yes please! David Fowler.

  195. Jon says:

    Jon Reynolds

  196. Monza01 says:

    Another great opportunity for the real enthusiasts who spend so much time on your site, James. Thank You

    I’ve been following F1 for more than 45 years and would love to visit Brackley.

    Chris S

  197. Jonathan Hart says:

    This would make my year!

  198. Juliet Hodgkinson says:

    Yes please

  199. What a fantastic prize! Fingers crossed… ;)

  200. Simon says:

    Fingers crossed :-)

  201. Neil Harper says:

    I’m up for that!! 2nd time lucky maybe…. :-)

  202. Sean McDonagh says:

    Sean McDonagh

  203. stuart says:

    Yes please.

  204. Mark Sinclair says:

    Mark Sinclair

  205. Kevin Shiel says:

    Love to do the tour and thanks to JA and UBS

  206. Julie Krueger says:

    Julie Krueger

  207. David Nicholas says:


  208. Vidge123 says:

    Giles Vidgeon – Amazing prize Count me in!

  209. Matt says:

    7 days before thesis is due? Will I fly to Brackley at my own expense from Western Australia?

    Yes, yes I believe I would. Would give my left nut to learn about how Mercedes F1 has been improving its thermal management of tyres and just where it’s blistering qually pace comes from!

  210. Chris Pichowicz says:

    Chris Pichowicz

  211. Nick Holland says:

    Pick me, pick me !

  212. Shey Ylonen says:

    Shey Ylonen

  213. Dougie MacDonald says:

    Yes please, what better way for me to spend the day on my wife’s birthday!

  214. Joe Poljski says:

    Joe Poljski

  215. Dennis Hamilton says:

    Dennis Hamilton

  216. Bethan Thomas says:

    Thanks for the great opportunity!

  217. Malcolm Oxnard says:

    MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory visit competition.

  218. Luke Wilton says:

    Would live this!!!

  219. Ian Williams says:

    Yes please, good luck to everyone (but better luck to me!!)

  220. Fernando Alonso says:

    Fernando Alonso

  221. Hiren Patel says:

    Hiren Patel

  222. Sounds truly amazing, it would make my life let alone my year!

  223. jared says:

    great prize

  224. Anil says:

    Anil Parmar

  225. CarlH says:

    Carl Higgins

    ‘Only people excluded from entering are employees of other F1 teams, suppliers or competitors’ – made me laugh. Look out for Coughlan and Stepney!

  226. Joe Muddiman says:

    Joe Muddiman

  227. Maciej Rychter says:

    Maciej Rychter

  228. Sam Taylor says:

    Sam Taylor

  229. Jason Norwood says:

    Jason Norwood

  230. Martin Fry says:

    Martin Fry

    Fingers crossed.

  231. Stephen L says:

    Fingers crossed…….

  232. Foolio says:

    Me please!

    1. Foolio says:

      Doh! That excited, forgot to leave my name….Mat Evans.

  233. Christian Horner says:

    Christian Horner.
    Pick me please.
    Can I bring a camera and my friend Adrian?

    1. I know says:

      Yes, of course. Now, if you (and especially your friend) could please leave your notepads at reception? We’ll look after them while you enjoy our hospitality. Thank you.

  234. Jonathan says:

    yes please!

  235. Eduardo Owen says:

    Eduardo Owen-Miami-FL -USA

    Followed F1 my whole life!!!


  236. Gary Neville says:

    I would love to win this – have been an F1 fan since the early seventies!

  237. Tim Brailli says:

    Tim Brailli – Thanks

  238. Martin Beecroft says:

    Hey James, please enter me for the chances to go around the Mercedes garage. I’ll fly all the way from Australia for the tour :)


  239. Aadil Khota says:

    Aadil Khota

  240. Melanie James says:

    I would love to have this opportunity of a behind the scenes tour.

  241. Alex Guest says:

    Alex Guest

  242. Sebee says:

    By the way James, Hope you’re feeling better!

  243. Paul Jackson says:

    Paul Jackson

  244. Khurram Ghani says:

    Me too! Thanks.

  245. Nick Horsey says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  246. Dan says:

    Dan Tyler

  247. Mic says:

    I’m here! Thank you, James!!

  248. Paul Davies says:

    Fingers crossed

  249. Stephen Godwin says:

    Nice prize!

  250. Deborah Chalcroft says:

    This would be an absolute dream come trey for me. I’ve been following F1 for 29 years since going to my first GP with my dad when I was 3 and I’m the biggest Lewis Hamilton fan there is!

  251. Mark Edwards says:

    Mark Edwards

  252. Mark Pratt says:

    Would be amazing – yes please!

  253. Bruno Morais Ferreira says:

    Bruno Morais Ferreira

  254. Ben Ford says:

    Ben Ford

  255. Laughing Viking says:

    Martin alderton

  256. Roy Knaggs says:

    Now that’s an interesting prize! :-)

  257. Stuart Harrison says:

    Worth a shot : Stuart Harrison!

    Congrats to the winners – awesome opportunity!

  258. Vic says:

    Vic Shahid

  259. Phil Brown says:

    Phil Brown

  260. Shaun Fisher says:

    Shaun Fisher

    Let me in!!!

  261. Huw Burford-Taylor says:

    Count me in!

  262. Adrien Terrenoire says:


  263. Inderpal Virdee says:

    Inderpal Virdee

  264. Tim Norris says:

    Tim Norris

  265. Connor McLaughlin says:

    fingers and toes crossed.

  266. James Dilley says:

    I’d like to enter the competition please
    James Dilley

  267. Johnnyboy says:


  268. caspar graham says:

    Caspar Graham

  269. Daniel Adams says:

    Daniel adams

  270. Nick Lynn says:

    put my name in the hat then please.

  271. Pallav Datta says:

    Great prize!

  272. Mark Connop says:

    Fingers crossed!

  273. Ruari Gillies says:

    Here’s hoping

  274. Jon Considine says:

    Jon Considine

  275. Mat Cox says:

    I would like to enter the Prize Draw please !

  276. Carl Fennell says:


  277. Daniel Francis says:

    Could I be in the hat, please?

    Daniel Francis

  278. Stephen Purser says:

    Stephen Purser

  279. Mike Ward says:

    Mike Ward

  280. Jack Beauchamp-Stansfield says:

    Good luck all!

  281. Brett Foster says:

    I’d like to enter please :-)

    Brett Foster

  282. Josh Newton says:

    Please add my name into the entry spreadsheet.

    Many thanks,


  283. Amit Bansal says:

    Amit Bansal

  284. CHRIS SMITH says:

    I will win because my name is the most generic!

  285. Richard Sutton says:

    Thanks for entering me into the draw.

  286. Graeme Kendall says:

    Yes please!

  287. Toby Hussey says:

    Toby Hussey

  288. Neil Donnell says:

    Would love the chance for a tour so please include me in the draw.

    Neil Donnell

  289. This would be awesome =)

  290. Arron Timson says:

    Me,I’m very local.

  291. Would love the opportunity to see the factory!

  292. Karl Reid says:

    Karl Reid

  293. Howard P says:

    Me please! I’m doing a degree in engineering and have been following F1 since I was a kid! This would be a dream come true.

  294. Ally Wybrew says:

    Ally Wybrew – fingers crossed!

  295. Michael Ray says:

    Michael Ray

  296. Sam Baldock says:

    Sam Baldock

  297. Matthew Taylor says:

    Matthew Taylor

  298. Andrew west says:

    It would be fantastic.

  299. E.Grado says:

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  300. Peter Richardson says:

    Yes please! Peter Richardson

  301. Mitch says:

    Would love a chance to see how things work!

  302. neil trehearn says:

    Pick me and I will give you cookies!

    /cookies subject to availability :)

  303. Mee says:

    Bart Stroobants

  304. Giorgio Tabarani says:

    Giorgio Tabarani

  305. Jonathan Ghesquiere says:

    Taking part of this event would be fantastic !

    1. Been F1 fan since early 70s, at Silverstone in 1973 !
      Love to see modern F1 team

  306. Alexander Jansson says:

    YES please!

  307. Raihanah Begum says:

    Raihanah Begum

  308. Peter says:

    Yes Please!!

  309. Frank says:

    Frank Kilgour – I’m in….

  310. Chris Coates says:

    Chris Coates

  311. Varun Arni says:

    Varun Arni

  312. Andy Popplewell says:

    Yes please

  313. MIE says:

    Dave Mortimore

  314. Stephen Heron says:

    Stephen Heron – My birthday is the 14th so it wound be a fantastic birthday present. ;-)

  315. Fedja Jasarevic says:

    Great insight in how many regular readers this page posseses! Greetings from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  316. James thank you for organising the opportunity again this year

  317. mattia percudani says:


  318. Colin Westhead says:

    Colin Westhead

  319. galazz442 says:

    Oh please at least this time…!!!

  320. John Nicholas says:

    I would love the opportunity to go!

  321. Dan Taylor says:

    Dan Taylor

  322. Wes says:

    Wes Burton

  323. simon harris says:

    competition entry.

  324. Roger W says:

    Roger Warman – available and very keen !!

  325. Ioan Ciumurel says:

    I would be honored to attend a visit to Brakley. Have an interesting day.

  326. Root Ginger says:

    Enter me please.

  327. Dan Lowe says:

    Dan Lowe

  328. Angus Macpherson says:


  329. j vann says:

    Jon Vann

  330. Come on sausage, enter me.

    Stuart Anderson.

  331. Keith Batson says:

    Keith Batson

  332. Alfred Castaneda says:

    Would be great to join this as a US F1 fan!

  333. Bunmi Ade says:

    Bunmi Ade

  334. Parit Patel says:

    Parit Patel!

  335. Daniel Horvath says:

    It would be pretty great… :)

    Daniel Horvath

  336. Toby L says:

    Please consider me for the tour.


  337. Lee Payne says:

    Pick me, pick me, pick me

    Lee Payne

  338. Alfredo rodriguez says:

    I live in Puerto Rico
    But the expirience is priceless

  339. Michael Turnbull says:

    Chance of a lifetime. I would love to go.

  340. Deepan Aiyasamy says:


  341. David Morton says:

    Put me down for the drawing to visit the Mercedes factory.
    Thanks a lot.

  342. Sammy says:

    Sammy Ciarlo and I wish myself good luck!

  343. Tony says:

    See you there?

  344. Felix Winstone says:

    Felix Winstone

  345. Rod Lake-Daltrey says:

    Thank you James….A visit to AMG Mercedes would be a dream come true….Fingers crossed!

  346. Pedro says:

    Me too!

  347. James white says:

    me please thx

  348. Mark says:

    Mark Hillman

  349. Denis says:

    Me please

  350. Patrick Burkett says:

    Pick Me!

  351. MrBlue says:

    Chances will probably end up being slim with hundreds of people signing up, but I’d love to make a visit. Sign me up for the contest!

    - Eric

  352. Lisa Melvin says:

    Lisa Melvin

  353. Matt Smith says:

    Matt Smith competition entry.

  354. Dave Lewis says:

    Name left

  355. D Griffiths says:

    Pretty please

  356. Robin Rainsley says:

    James, Please choose to include me – it would be most special…

    kind regards, Robin

  357. Andrew Relf says:

    Good luck to everyone!

  358. Bryan Chapman says:


  359. Phillip says:

    Worth a try – though the odds don’t look good!

    Phillip Job

  360. Glynn Harrold says:

    Another fantastic opportunity. Fingers crossed..

    Glynn Harrold

  361. Owen Cleverley says:

    Owen Cleverley

  362. Jamie Cottage says:

    Jamie Cottage.

    Would be a dream come true to attend!

  363. Kev watts says:

    Kev Watts

  364. Prem says:

    Prem Kumar Jothimani

  365. Amar Mir says:

    Great opportunity.
    Amar Mir

  366. Sam Hurst says:

    Sam Hurst

  367. Dave says:

    Would be an amazing opportunity

  368. I would love to go! Thanks for the opportunity.

  369. GRLap says:

    Gary Lapidus

  370. Chris Livingston says:

    Yes please!

  371. Dingeman de Groot says:

    Dingeman de Groot

  372. Archie Campbell says:

    Sounds like a great day!

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Archie Campbell

  373. Simon reed says:


  374. Thread the Needle says:

    This would be a unreal, Neil Grattan

  375. Mark Wesseling says:

    Please pick me.

    Would love to see the composite shop and manufacturing principals. Won’t runaway for other tech, logistics, strategy, etc.

  376. James Lyall says:

    James Lyall

    I’ve had a tough day, winning this would make it feel a lot better!!

  377. Gregor Birszwilks says:

    that would be a dream come true for me, should I get a chance to visit the Mercedes AMG factory!

  378. Paul Piggott says:

    Paul Piggott

  379. Chris James says:

    This would be a dream come true and a amazing experience.

  380. Wade Lavery says:

    Me please, dream come true…….

  381. Matthew Poat says:

    My employer Variohm does supply sensors to Mercedes, hope that doesn’t mean I can’t be one of the lucky 10.

  382. Andy Wheatley says:

    Spent seconds trying to think of something comical that would stand out and get me picked….

    Ham struggling ….


    Pick me, pick me, pick me …… If I shout Lauda will it help ?

    Andy Wheatley

  383. Rob Miszka says:

    Go Lewis!

  384. Anop says:

    Anop Yogesh Valimbe

  385. Paul price says:

    Please and thankyou

  386. Ian Savage says:

    Ian Savage

  387. Martin Tebb says:

    Hope I win!

  388. Martin Edmunds says:

    Would love to see the Merc factory – pass by it whenever I go to my folks’ place.

  389. Paul Bendrey says:

    Paul Bendrey

  390. Chris Newbold says:


  391. Charlie Humphreys says:

    Charlie Humphreys

  392. Paul Gawne says:

    Paul Gawne – This really would be a dream opportunity.

  393. Paul Williams says:


  394. Paige says:

    Es würde mich sehr gerne freuen, den Hauptsitz der Mercedes AMG Petronas zu besuchen.

    Come on! German team for the German skills of the guy who lives in Germany!

  395. Stephen Charlesworth says:

    Stephen Charlesworth

  396. Andrew Ferry says:

    please consider me for this fabulous day out. Many thanks


  397. james murphy says:

    james murphy

  398. Andrew Ervin says:

    Andrew Ervin

  399. Irsa Ervin says:

    Irsa Ervin

  400. Richard D says:

    This team in all their guises over the years (Mercedes, Brawn, Honda, BAR) have always given tours like this to marshals. I was lucky enough to attend last year and would highly recommend it.

  401. Roger Humfress says:

    Roger Humfress

  402. Simon Parkin says:

    I would love to take part in this event.

  403. Adam Taylor says:

    Adam Taylor

    1. Adam Taylor says:

      I meant to say it also happens to be my birthday on the 18th… genuinally

  404. William Davinson says:

    Will be very interested in visiting the factory that is producing a car that will hopefully take away all that red bull have at the moment.
    Would love to put some input so as to help out in the design or spec to get well ahead if the others.
    I am doing this for two reasons one to make sure Lewis achieves what he deserves along with Meredes being acknowledged as the best team ahead of the rest in every aspect.
    My time and input is for the love and not financially (FOC)

  405. Thorsten Lajewski says:

    i really would like to visit Mercedes F1

  406. William Davinson says:

    Will be very interested in visiting the factory that is producing a car that will hopefully take away all that red bull have at the moment.
    Would love to put some input so as to help out in the design or spec to get well ahead of the others.
    I am doing this for two reasons one to make sure Lewis achieves what he deserves along with Meredes being acknowledged as the best team ahead of the rest in every aspect.
    My time and input is for the love and not financially (FOC)

  407. Julian Hayes says:

    Julian Hayes

  408. Jacobo Lopez says:

    Jacobo Lopez

  409. Christopher Mould says:

    Wow, YES PLEASE!

    Had a wonderful tour of Team Lotus, back in 1994, hosted by Alex Zanardi. Would be wonderful to see a modern F1 Team.

    Thank you in advance!!

  410. Yasin Patel says:

    I would love the chance to tour the Mercedes Factory.

  411. Aleksandar Momcilovic says:

    James dont take me ill be like a little boy in a candy store, ill lose the grip with reality…

  412. Nick says:

    Nick styles
    ( I will boo if I do not get selected!)

  413. Simon Gibson says:

    Simon Gibson

  414. Keith Dunkley says:

    Mercedes AMG F1 Factory Visit Competition

  415. Andrew Edwards says:

    Used to drive past it regularly en route to watch testing at Silverstone when I used to drive up that way on a regular basis, it was BAR then & still being constructed.

    Be great to see inside such a high tech & secretive environment

  416. James Banaszak says:

    James Banaszak

  417. Peter West says:

    I’d definitely want to go take alook! :)

  418. Antonio Palmiotto says:

    Antonio Palmiotto. Consider me as well!!!

  419. Love to be in the mix please

  420. Kieran Mathers says:

    I won’t beg, I won’t plead ….

    … alright, I might. PLEEEEEASE!! :)

  421. David Kent says:

    Competition Entry

  422. Pete Swann says:

    Pete Swann

  423. MS says:

    Martin Söderberg

  424. Gary Honey says:

    I’m due to have a Flu jab on 18th, but would happily spend the winter in bed with the lurgy if it meant a trip to the Mercedes factory….thank you

  425. Peter Bonser says:

    For sure…I would like to go.


  426. Clifton Green says:

    What an amazing opportunity for any F1 fan. Would love to be part of it, Clifton Green

  427. Ramnik says:

    Awesome trip / experience; please do enter me.

    Ramnik Singh.

  428. Allan Rolfe says:


  429. Spyros says:

    Always keen to revisit the UK… and what better reason than this!

  430. martin self says:

    whoever wins it’ll make a lot of other people jealous

  431. Jordan newman says:

    What a great opportunity im in fingers crossed

  432. Mark Bennett says:

    Mark Bennett

  433. David Salter says:

    David Salter

  434. Mark Harris says:

    Hopefully bump into Lewis or Nico!

  435. Paul Eggar says:

    Paul Eggar

  436. Sebastian Neugebauer says:

    Sebastian Neugebauer

  437. Sebastian Neugebauer says:


  438. Alexandre Cazals says:

    Alexandre Cazals :)

  439. Grant H says:

    Please pick me

    Grant Harvey

  440. Cliff says:

    Yes Please James

  441. Helen Dixon says:

    Helen Dixon

    Fingers crossed :-)

  442. Darren munford says:

    Darren munford

  443. John Hughes says:

    John Hughes – will be happy to travel from Ireland for this. !

  444. Christian dekeyser says:

    I bought your books ;-))
    Cheers, christian

  445. Roland Waldron says:

    Sacrosanct to say, Yes please.

  446. Adam Wheeler says:

    Adam Wheeler

  447. Michael Poller says:

    Michael Poller.

  448. Edward says:

    Better than winning the Lotto I reckon! Let it be me!

  449. Richard says:

    Pick me please – Richard Adams

  450. Matt Hoyle says:

    Matt Hoyle Matt Hoyle Matt Hoyle

  451. Tony Hedley says:

    It’s like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

  452. Allen Rowell says:

    Amazing Motivating Gratitude.

  453. Graham Kenny says:

    Just done Marina Bay as a 60th birthday treat. This would be icing on the cake. Greedy eh!

  454. David Muggridge says:

    Going to Silverstone for first time ever next July. Me a fan for 30 years and never done it before. How crazy is that!? A visit to a garage would be pretty cool too……

  455. Garry J Berry says:

    Yes please.

    1. Garry J. Berry says:

      Entered last night, packed the car first-thing this morning – just in case I am that lucky, you understand …….

      p.s. I hate unpacking!

  456. Matt says:

    Matt Cottingham

  457. christian hepworth says:

    Christian Hepworth

  458. Andrew Belson says:

    Andrew Belson

  459. buzz light year says:

    this sounds a million times better than my air fix model ill pedal down from leeds if I got to
    martin burrow :-)

  460. Ken Speirs says:

    It would be the chance of a lifetime.

    Ken Speirs

  461. Mick Nicholson says:

    Mick Nicholson
    Fingers crossed!

  462. Paul Young says:

    I would love to come. I only live ten minutes away. I would love some help with my set up on F1 2013!


  463. Philip Harding says:

    Please, please :-)

  464. Sam MacLeod says:

    Sam MacLeod

  465. Andy Dane says:

    Andy Dane, please!?

  466. Bjorn Hughes says:

    Bjorn Hughes

  467. Gemma Phillips says:

    Gemma Phillips :0) F1′s biggest fan!!

  468. Matt Jackson says:

    Matt Jackson

  469. I know I’m a sinner but make me a winner, ;)
    Stephen Huthwaite

  470. Michael Jenkins says:

    Michael Jenkins

  471. Roger Carr says:

    Let me in!

  472. Matt Cowlen says:

    Matt Cowlen

  473. Leah O'Dwyer says:

    Best of luck to all !!

  474. Dave G says:

    fingers crossed
    David Green

  475. Bernie says:

    If you don’t pick me, i’ll shut the whole circus down ; )!

    James, where do F1 teams source their raw materials? Carbon fibre for instance, where
    and by whom is the carbon brought into a usable
    form. It would be great to see beyond the teams’ factories and into those of suppliers.

  476. Greg Wales says:

    Plleeeeaaaaaassssseeeee! :-)

  477. Conor Hattwell. I’m definitely not the most knowledgeable about the technical side, but once in a lifetime is once in a lifetime right?

  478. Anthony Stott says:

    Anthony Stott

  479. Ian Cotte says:

    Pick me… pick me!!!!

  480. Malcolm Matthews says:

    Malcolm Matthews

  481. Jon Clark says:

    Jon Clark

  482. Remco Bron says:

    A life long dream I would be happy to drive from the Netherlands for! Throw my name in the hat dear sir!

  483. Shane Sullivan says:

    Shane Sullivan :)

  484. Richard Abbott says:

    I would come from Australia to attend this great opportunity thanks James!

  485. Andy Smith says:

    Wow a dream for any f1 fan, would love to go.

  486. Paul Cleary says:

    Please can I come

  487. Andy Owen says:

    Andy Owen

  488. Andrew says:

    Please, I would love to come

  489. Robert Ward says:

    Rob Ward

  490. Chris Hallam says:

    Chris Hallam – entering foer the Mercedes F1 factory visit in Brackley please.

  491. Ryan Fenton says:

    Ryan Fenton

  492. Paul Soundy says:

    Paul Soundy

  493. Stu says:

    Stu Meech

  494. Richard says:

    Richard Wilson

  495. Simon Kelly says:

    Simon Kelly

  496. Rich Morton says:

    It would be fantastic to have tour of the Mercedes F1 team factory.

    Rich Morton

  497. Mike Clarke says:

    Mike Clarke (crossing everything!!) :-)

  498. Tom Trevelyan says:

    I would love to go. What an opportunity.

  499. Paul Noble says:

    Paul Noble

  500. St George says:

    Yes, please.

    St George

  501. Kelvin Nyambane says:

    Please choose me. I’m a true fan

  502. Kelvin Nyambane says:

    Kelvin Nyambane

  503. Andrew M says:

    Andrew Munro. Thanks!

  504. Dominic Bell says:

    This would be a fantastic experience that I’d love to get. Whoever gets the chance to go are is one luky so and so

  505. Rob Brigham says:

    Rob Brigham

  506. Martin Dury says:

    Martin Dury

  507. David Bate says:

    yes please !

  508. Tom Power says:

    Tom Power aka Tally Ho Racer. Toodle pip

  509. Sam Saleh says:

    Sam Saleh

  510. Kevin Loo says:

    Throwing in my entry. Good luck to everyone!

  511. ChrisMc says:

    I’ll fly over the pond. It would be like dream…

  512. Brian says:

    Fingers crossed! Really want to go to this!

  513. Ben Parker says:

    Ben Parker

  514. Henrik Hansson says:

    Chance of lifetime.

  515. Amol says:

    With a bit of lady luck, I guess I will be picked! :D
    The name is: Amol Kulkarni

  516. Brook Farrelly says:

    Brook Farrelly

    Thanks !

  517. Steve Nye says:

    I would love the opportunity

  518. John Fox says:

    I’m thinking of purchasing a 1600cc car in 2014 for my daily commute to work so count me in!

  519. Jake Merry says:

    Jake Merry.

  520. Mat Clothier says:

    Mat Clothier

  521. Brian Marshall says:

    Brian Marshall

  522. Mac says:

    Lucky 500?????

  523. Paul Mathias says:

    Cool competition, would love to meet Ross Brawn.

  524. Jem Marrs-Gant says:


  525. herman says:

    Herman Smidt

  526. Joost says:

    Only if…

  527. Michael Allardyce says:

    This would be awesome! Pretty please?

  528. Jeff Cryder says:

    Jeff Cryder

  529. Been F1 fan all my 61 years! Would love to visit

  530. Neil Mycock says:

    A dream opportunity to look behind the scene. Fingers crossed

  531. Harsha says:

    I know its hugely off topic and as much as I’d love to do this myself, many of us poor souls Stateside can’t make the transatlantic trip. Any chances of a contest for paddock passes to Austin? Pleeeeeease!! Pretty Pleaaaase!!

  532. Harrison Vrbanjac says:

    Harrison Vrbanjac

  533. Andy Marsh says:

    Andy Marsh

  534. Edward Valentine says:

    Edward Valentine

  535. Michael kitchen says:

    What an opportunity for any Mercedes GP and LH fan to do! Once in a lifetime, hope I can get picked!

  536. Blake says:

    I’m in. I think this would be a good opportunity for me to visit the factory before I start my new role as replacement for Ross Braun next year.

  537. Tommy Peanuts says:

    Would love to go there properly. Drove up after Silverstone Qualy to see from the outside, need to go one better now.

  538. Thomas Wood says:

    Thomas wood

  539. Andrew says:

    Andrew Popplestone

  540. Leon Kohrs says:

    Leon Kohrs

  541. Frank Oosterhuis says:

    Yes please :)

  542. tobinen says:

    An excellent prize so fingers crossed!

  543. Trevor Gant says:

    I would come from the Isle of Wight for this great opportunity that would be the best thanks James

  544. Ben Russell says:

    A dream come true for me and my Dad if we were to win :)

    Ben Russell

  545. D Lewis says:

    add me p[lease

  546. Marc L says:

    Count on me, I’ve cleared my calendar for the day.


  547. Cookie says:

    Paul Cook

  548. Kristian Andersen says:

    Kristian Andersen

  549. Steve Boden says:


  550. Rob Hooper says:

    I toured the McLaren factory in Woking when I was 16, held Gerhard Bergers steering wheel before he raced with Senna in Hungary- amazing experience! Now I’m older and wiser it would be a fabulous opportunity to see Mercedes- please count me in!
    Rob Hooper

  551. Numan Khan says:

    Numan Khan

  552. Andrewinwork says:

    Count me in – thanks very much James

  553. Jeremy James says:

    Please enter me in the draw. I’m keen to go.

  554. Liam McRae says:

    Liam McRae

  555. Kevin Lee says:

    Would absolutely love to have the chance to take part in a tour of the factory..!! For those who havn’t already been, Mercedes Benz World Brooklands offer a guided tour of the museum of weekends. Guests were offered to sit inside the SL300 Gullwing.!!

  556. harris says:

    Jessica Harris

  557. robin pernet says:

    Robin Pernet

  558. Pete Inskip says:

    Pete Inskip


  559. Marcin oglaza says:

    Marcin Oglaza

  560. Chris Rockett says:

    Chris Rockett, I’d love the opportunity to get a sneak peak into a modern F1 team’s inner workings…

  561. Johan says:

    Johan Bjarnskog – Fingers crossed!

  562. Fingers crossed!!

    Keith Borroughs.

  563. Ronan Keogh says:

    Ronan Keogh

  564. Jonathan King says:

    Jonathan King (not the infamous one!)

  565. Steve says:

    Steve Greenwood, I should be so lucky :-)

  566. Ed Hallett says:

    Ed Hallett

  567. Rupert Richardson says:

    yes please!

  568. Jonathan Cooper says:

    Yes please! – Jonathan Cooper

  569. Darren Goodman says:

    Darren Goodman

  570. Ed Wawrzonek says:

    Hi James Yes please count me in. I have always admired the work of Ross Brawn so for me a trip to a F1 HQ would be amazing.

  571. Ralph Ledward says:

    Ralph Ledward

  572. Chris Smith says:

    Cheers James – keep up the great work!

  573. James Deans says:

    James Deans

  574. David Restell says:

    David Restell

  575. Nic Barrow says:

    I was at the front gates of the factory the other week asking directions for a singles evening – so would be good to go inside this time!

  576. Pjaycee says:

    Phil Chamberlain
    Please include me in the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory visit competition.

  577. Richard Hazenberg says:

    Richard Hazenberg.

  578. Phil Shotton says:

    I would definitely like to get a tour around the Mercedes F1 Factory! :)

  579. John Gough says:

    Yes, please!

  580. Mark Adams says:

    Mark Adams

  581. Iain Taylor says:

    Iain Taylor

  582. Umesh Mistry says:

    Umesh Mistry

  583. Peter Catton says:

    Peter Catton, great opportunity

  584. Ian Halliday says:


  585. A Taylor says:

    A Taylor

  586. Andy Collins says:

    Merc me up!

  587. Ian Cann says:

    Here’s hoping!
    Thank you

  588. Peter Cotton says:

    Peter Cotton

  589. John Cumming says:

    Compition name – john cumming

  590. Richard Hill says:

    Richard Hill

  591. Andrew Winter says:

    Andrew Winter

  592. William McLaren says:

    William McLaren

    (my middle name is Redbull)

  593. Clare Winter says:

    Clare Winter

  594. Ian Pringle says:

    Ian Pringle

  595. Thomas Healy says:

    Count me in…..hopefully!

    Thomas Healy

  596. Andrew Griffiths says:

    One of those life time opportunities.

  597. Dan Sharman says:

    Dan Sharman

  598. Aaron Rattan says:

    Aaron Rattan

  599. Tayyib Abu says:

    Tayyib Abu. Please let it be me!

  600. Alistair Dick says:

    Alistair Dick

  601. Lee Grant says:

    I promise I would behave…

  602. JD says:

    Joel Dingle

  603. Mark Ollerenshaw says:

    Mark Ollerenshaw

  604. Gareth Collins says:

    Hope to see you there!!

  605. adrianna says:

    I maybe the chance to cross paths with the arrogant of Hamilton ? I pass

  606. Gareth peters says:

    I’d love the chance to go to brackley !!

  607. Eddie Spence says:

    Eddie Spence

  608. Simon Jones says:

    Would be great to see the Mercedes F1 facility!

  609. Tony Morgan says:

    Yes Please!

  610. Knutty Boy says:

    Dave Denton

  611. Leah Partridge says:

    This would be amazing!

  612. Andrew ferris says:

    Andrew Ferris

  613. Anthony O'Callaghan says:

    Yes please

  614. David N says:

    David Ninnes

  615. johnboy says:

    Love to see the factory etc

  616. Dado Jakupović says:

    Dado Jakupović

  617. Sam White says:

    Sam white

  618. Matt says:

    Me (Matt) please!

  619. Paul Gold says:

    Paul Gold

  620. Ed Moses says:

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Ed Moses

  621. Christopher Rogers says:

    Oh so awesome. Yes please :)

    Do you think I should leave my Red Bull cap and Mclaren shirt at home?

  622. David Lowings says:

    Love your blog James – best writer in F1 (what me a creep???!).

    Pretty, pretty please…..

    David Lowings

  623. Nika Wattinen says:

    Nick Watterson

  624. Nabeel says:

    Nabeel Akhtar

  625. Amrik Dhillon says:

    Amrik Dhillon

    I’d love to have this opportunity to tour the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory.

  626. Terry Drew says:

    I thank you.

  627. Bruce Klam says:

    Bruce Klam

    It would truly be an honour

  628. Ashboy says:

    Ashley Boyles

  629. Rene Speksnijder says:

    This is one insane cool prize! Keeping every flexible bodypart crossed!

  630. Phil Waddell says:

    Phil Waddell, please!

  631. Jodi Hall says:

    Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Jodi Hall


  632. Dominic Rodwell says:

    I would like to enter this competition

  633. ian harris says:

    ian harris

  634. Paul Denman says:

    Paul Denman

  635. Deejay Singh says:

    I would love this opportunity so much! It would give me the extra insight I have dreamed to get! Please!

  636. F1_Girl says:

    Ooh yes please
    Nickie deepak

  637. OASIS says:

    Yes please!

  638. James England says:

    James England

  639. James Hedges says:

    I would love to go!

    James Hedges

  640. Stewart freestone says:

    Stewart freestone

  641. Christina Denton says:

    I’d love to win, would be a great birthday present!

  642. Ian Rycraft says:

    Fingers crossed!

  643. Mathew Carrington says:

    Mathew Carrington

  644. Jamie Alcock says:

    Pick me!

  645. Paul Stocker says:

    If only……fingers crossed.

  646. Laura says:

    Laura Prior.

    Please. T_T

    I have never been able to afford to go to a single race in my 20+ years of loving F1, which regularly breaks my heart when I think on it too much. So this would be a freaking dream. *puts away tiny violin*

  647. Gregory Baser says:

    Gregory Baser

  648. Michael Green says:

    Why not eh?

    Michael Green

  649. Adam Berrisford says:

    Adam Berrisford

  650. Neil Parkes says:

    Hope in lucky

  651. Simon Kendall says:

    Pick me!!!

  652. Richard Jones says:

    I’m Brian and so is my wife.

  653. John Fish says:

    Would be the perfect pick me up after an awful year. Fingers Crossed :-)

  654. Chris says:

    Come ooooooooon ;-)

  655. Robert Gunning says:

    Robert Gunning

  656. Lee Andrews says:

    Me please :)

  657. Jason Harvey says:

    Jason Harvey – love Mercedes F1 would be a dream to visit their factory

  658. Avneesh Naran says:

    Avneesh Naran

  659. Ian Holloway says:

    Ian Holloway :)

  660. Paul Dixon says:

    Paul Dixon

  661. Bev Unwin says:

    What an great opportunity this would be! Would love to be part of it.

  662. Trevor Simpson says:

    I have followed Formula 1 since the late 1960s but never had an opportunity to tour a team factory, let alone this team’s operation. Here’s hoping . . . .

  663. Peter Crooks says:

    Please can you put my name down for this tour.
    I have been watching F1 since the mid sixties. I have lucky enough to have travelled across the world to see F1 over the years and would be delighted to see the Mercedes factory.

    Best Regards Peter Crooks

  664. Dean Milton says:

    Fingers crossed would be a great day!!

  665. Ian Bianchi says:

    Ian bianchi. .. me me me me me ;-)

  666. Kieran says:

    Kieran boor

  667. Mil M says:

    Yes would love this – count me in.

  668. Catherine Fish says:

    Cathy Fish. Great opportunity

  669. Lee Faulkner says:

    Lee Faulkner
    Great prize guys. That would be a great birthday present. My birthdays on Tuesday the 15th

  670. Dick says:

    Dick Dixon

  671. John Towell says:

    Sign me up for a fantastic opportunity please James

  672. Bobby Morrison says:

    Sounds absolutely a great prize, love to get a chance to meet the MB team and James
    Fingers crossed

  673. Adam Kotrbáček says:

    Adam Kotrbáček

    Would love to visit Brackley!

  674. Lee peters says:

    If only!!!

  675. Chris Blanksby says:

    Count me in to the Brackley list

  676. Andrew Morton says:

    Fingers crossed, Andrew Morton

  677. Steve Horsfield says:

    Please pick me!

  678. Peter Settle says:

    Peter Settle

  679. Will Tyson says:

    Will Tyson, lucky day please!

  680. Ben Hall says:

    I’d love to experience this.

  681. Ravi Ghowry says:

    Ravi Ghowry

  682. Andrew Halliday says:

    Andrew Halliday. Fingers crossed!

  683. Mukwinda Phiri says:

    Mukwinda Phiri

  684. Mark Helling says:

    Mark Helling

  685. Alan Mackay says:

    This would be awesome!

    Alan Mackay

  686. RobertS says:

    Robert Small

  687. Ashley Singh says:

    Ashley Singh

  688. James Thorburn says:

    James Thorburn

  689. Vincenzo Triventi says:

    Good luck to everyone!

  690. Eddie Jordan's Shirt says:


  691. Lee Kirrage says:

    Yes please!!!! Lee Kirrage

  692. Rob Berryman says:

    Perfect way to spend a Friday

  693. Al Presland says:

    Yes please

  694. Julian Levy says:

    Julian Levy

    I’ll keep everything crossed. Thanks for offering us fans chances like this James !!

  695. Tom Chiverton says:

    Me. Me. Me me me me ! Pick me ! Me me me me !

  696. Jeff Logan says:

    Jeff Logan. Thanks

  697. Nikola Runev says:

    Yes please

  698. Mike Perrett says:

    F1 fan since 1977 Fingers crossed it’s me.

  699. Matt Bryan says:

    Matt Bryan

  700. Michael Diaz says:

    Michael Diaz

  701. Nigel Yates says:

    I wish!

  702. Anthony Hua says:

    Anthony Hua

  703. Jason Nortey says:

    Jason Nortey.


    1. Sarah Kerins says:

      go ahead – make my day

  704. Ed Morley says:

    Ed Morley

  705. Neil Atterbury says:

    Would love the opportunity to see the inner workings of a front running F1 team, what a great prize!

  706. Stelian Ionut Dobrin says:

    Missed the last visit, haven’t been selected but it would just be wonderful to be this time..
    Love F1 and all the science behind it

  707. stephen sutton says:

    Stephen Sutton

  708. Jonathan Davies says:

    Jonathan Davies

  709. Duncan Conway says:

    What a great opportunity.

    Duncan Conway.

  710. Richard Decamps says:

    Pretty please

  711. Dan Skinner says:

    Dan Skinner

  712. Carolyn Paterson says:

    Carolyn Paterson

  713. Steve Dolan says:

    Once in a lifetime opportunity, brilliant prize!!!

  714. Jon Mott says:

    AMG merc tour – yes please :)

  715. Ed says:

    Fingers crossed…

  716. iain macritchie says:

    Me please

  717. Matthew Burrow says:

    Love to Win.

  718. Alexandra O'Hanlon says:

    Alexandra O’Hanlon

  719. Pete Wymer says:

    Yes please, fingers crossed :)

  720. Stuart Weir says:

    Stuart Weir

  721. David Allison says:

    David Allison

  722. Ian Wright says:

    Ian Wright

    Fingers crossed

  723. martin wheeler says:

    yes please

  724. Andy Parsons says:

    I would love the opportunity to go!

    Andy Parsons

  725. Adam Jordan says:

    Hell yes, I’m in! (Pick me)

  726. Joe McCarney says:

    Joe McCarney

  727. Paul Hepworth says:

    Paul Hepworth

  728. paul martin says:

    Paul Martin

  729. Cal Conroy says:

    What a great opportunity. I’d like to be entered into the draw, thanks!
    Cal Conroy

  730. Joe White says:

    Joe White


  731. James Allen says:

    Pick me, pick me!!
    I’m a different James Allen, but my sons middle name is Enzo! I wasn’t allowed to use it as his first name! :(

  732. Luke says:

    Luke Chambers

  733. Daniel Button says:

    Daniel Button

  734. Ruki says:

    I’m in..

  735. Ross shepherd says:

    Ross Shepherd

    This would be so amazing!!

  736. Richard brown says:

    Yes please

  737. Matt Efford says:

    Matt Efford

    Yes please, I would like to be entered.

  738. Greig Cunningham says:

    What a fantastic opportunity, hope I can get the chance to win.

    Greig Cunningham

  739. John McLaughlin says:

    Lets hope so!

  740. Frankie says:

    Frankie Cove

  741. What an opportunity! Good luck to everyone, would love the chance to see the inner workings of the team!

  742. Matthew Plumb says:


    Matthew Plumb

  743. Steve Towner says:

    Steve Towner

  744. Salma Mohammed says:

    a Mercy kinda girl…. dream is the AMG SLS

  745. Daniel Williamson says:

    Would love to have a tour around the factory.

    Daniel Williamson

  746. Nina Wood says:

    Oh I wanna win so bad!!!!!

  747. Gavin Chung says:

    Fingers crossed!

  748. Kem Van Towers says:

    Kem Van Towers

  749. Santino Sirignano says:

    Santino Sirignano

    I am a huge fan of not just Mercedes but all the previous guises. Brawn GP,Honda,B.A.R Honda and Tyrrell. I loved your choices in drivers. Michael,Rubens,Takuma,Jenson were my preferred drivers. Nico & Lewis too. Brackley picks the best and most interesting drivers!

  750. Nathan Pulling says:

    Nathan Pulling.


  751. Adam Hume says:

    Adam Hume would love to go thank you lol

  752. JAGJIT RANOUTA says:

    Jagjit Ranouta

  753. Kerry M says:

    Got to give this a try…

    Kerry Mountain

    (yes, it’s my real name)

    (no, I’m not a girl)


  754. Gurprit Basran says:

    Gurprit Basran. I have the golden ticket let me in please!

  755. William Schenker says:

    Im in. Now to plan the flights and hotels…..

  756. Tina Evans says:

    thank you

  757. Lauren Farnell says:

    Lauren Farnell

  758. DC says:

    Dominic Cotton

  759. Sarah Taylor says:

    Oooh count me in!

    Sarah Taylor

  760. ciaran mcareavey says:

    Thanks in advance :), ciaran

  761. Amit Nathwani says:

    Amit Nathwani

  762. Anna annison says:

    This would be an absolute dream come true.
    Anna x

  763. colin hobday says:

    Massive f1 fan since early teens. Patriotic to teams fielding British drivers. Begged frank Williams for a chance to visit Williams when man sell was driving,. Senna became immortalised as my idol. Now a big lewis and Mercedes amg fan. Fingers crossed in this competition. My pals play gta5, I go straight for f12012 on the xbox. Live an breathe f1.

  764. Nadir Mughal says:

    Nadir Mughal.

    Massive f1 fan for 15 years. Big lewis Hamilton and Mercedes supporter!


  765. Ameen says:

    A Ameenudeen


  766. Joanne Gilby says:

    Joanne Gilby

  767. Topher Smith says:

    As a budding Formula 1 journalist this would be a perfect trip!

    Topher Smith

  768. Steve Fairbrass says:

    Thank you

  769. Trevor Heywood says:

    Count me in!

  770. Brian Garlock says:

    Oh my! A little help from my friends… should this American bloke book into Heathrow or Gatwick?

  771. Neil Morton says:


  772. Iestyn Williams says:

    Iestyn Williams

  773. Andrew Green says:

    What a great prize!

  774. Darren says:

    Great opportunity .. Thanks

  775. Anthony Dalke says:

    I’d love to throw my hat in the ring!

    Anthony Dalke

  776. Tony Yates says:

    Tony Yates, good luck everyone!

  777. Myles Semmens says:

    Myles Semmens

  778. Tom Williams says:

    Tom Williams

  779. Anthony Heard says:

    Would love to visit the Mercedes F1 factory. Anthony

  780. James Haddow says:

    James Haddow

  781. Dave Irving says:

    Dave Irving

  782. Kelvin sandell says:

    Kelvin sandell

  783. Jim Murdoch says:

    If only!

  784. Thomas slimm says:

    Thomas slimm

  785. Chris Egle says:

    Would be a cracking day

  786. Philip Pegler says:

    A wonderful opportunity for any genuine fan of Motorsport. Thank you for the opportunity.

  787. Ray Pearson says:

    Ray Pearson.

  788. Didzis says:

    Didzis Kulikovskis

  789. Maria Kyrillou says:

    OMG this would be fab, but boy it’s a long, long queue. Would love the chance to ‘nose’ around factory lol.
    PS ‘dying’ to meet the guys at Brackley. What an opportunity!

  790. Claire Murphy says:

    What a great prize

  791. Lee Graham says:

    Pick me, pick me

  792. Nick Stanton says:


  793. Jason Kerner says:

    Jason Kerner


  794. Paul Stevens says:

    This would be epic….

  795. Angela Griggs says:

    Angela Griggs

    great opportunity thanks

  796. Jane scott says:

    Jane Scott

  797. Peter whear says:

    Peter whear

  798. Damon Brown says:

    Damon Brown


  799. Eddie Quince says:

    Yes please

  800. Adrian Bellamy says:

    Wish me luck…….
    Dreams surely come true


  801. katie Randall says:

    This would be an absolute dream come true. Katie Randall

  802. Danilo Ferreira says:

    Pick me please…I know its too early but what a
    Christmas gift that would be :)

    Danilo Ferreira

  803. Imran says:

    Please enter my name for the competition.
    Thank you

  804. Mike Cotes says:

    Mike Cotes



  805. Michelle Brindley says:

    Would be a great opportunity

  806. Sarah Chalmers says:

    Sarah Chalmers

  807. Craig Stevens says:

    Craig Stevens

  808. Craig Chapman says:

    I’ll give it a go.

  809. mcmercslr says:

    Oliver Queisser

  810. Rhianne Lamb says:

    Rhianne Lamb

  811. Kelly Semmens says:

    Kelly Semmens

  812. Paul Richardson says:

    This would be soooooo good! Complete petrol head and F! nut

  813. Grahame Davis says:


  814. Val Illingworth says:

    Val Illingworth

    Love to meet the team that provide Lewis & Nico with their superb cars!!

  815. John Higgins says:

    John Higgins

  816. Nathan Older says:

    Nathan Older.

    Lewis #1. Silver Arrows to dominate 2014.

  817. Antony Gibson says:

    Hope my luck is in!

  818. Darran Lord says:

    Darran Lord

    Lots of names on here already!!

  819. Jo Donaldson says:

    Yes please would love to visit x

  820. Geoff Needham says:

    Would love this opportunity . Being trying to get into F1
    For years as an engineer. Would be a dream come true.

  821. Schumilewis says:

    Stephen Sutcliffe

  822. Eleanor Garrett says:

    Eleanor Garrett


  823. Matt Robinson says:

    Matt Robinson

  824. Tahir Ismail says:

    This would be such an awesome opportunity!
    Tahir Ismail

  825. Claire Staplehurst says:

    Claire Staplehurst please

  826. paul farrelly says:

    Fingers crossed but wont put the vacation request in just yet Paul Farrelly

  827. Amiel Celocia says:

    Dream come true…

  828. Vicent Plaza says:

    I would like to participate in this competition. My name is Vicent Plaza.

  829. Brad Bennett says:

    Brad Bennett

  830. Dave Perryman says:


  831. Toni Carroll says:

    Toni carroll

  832. H Matthew says:

    Big f1 fan would be an amazing op :)

  833. Donna Lawn says:

    Donna Lawn

  834. Michael Collington says:

    Michael Collington

  835. Linda Stein says:

    I am a complete petrol head and would LOVE to see Brackley please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Not begging honestly!!!

  836. Matt baker says:

    Matt baker

  837. Mark Cornborough says:

    Mark Cornborough

  838. Nicola Smith says:

    pls, pls, pls.
    There would be no better way to spend a Friday!

  839. Matt Mcgowan says:

    Please pick me. I would love a tour!
    Matthew Mcgowan

  840. John Ireland says:

    A racers dream

  841. Dave Griffiths says:

    Dave Griffiths

  842. Phil Irwin says:

    Phil Irwin


  843. Matthew Richardson says:

    Look forward to receiving a special email or call. If it’s any consolation and if it assists my chance for a ticket my Old Dad drives a Merc!, albeit somewhat slower than Lewis or Nico!!!



  844. Scott Cottingham says:

    Scott cottingham …….thanks

  845. Phil cooper says:

    Phil Cooper

  846. Tony Bull says:

    Tony Bull

  847. Jeff Warren says:

    Sounds like a grate competition prize!

  848. David Wall says:

    I would love to visit Brackley , please enter me in the draw.

  849. Marc says:

    Marc Bennion

  850. Jonathan Dearden says:

    Jonathan Dearden :)

  851. Chris Porada says:

    Hope I get the chance
    Chris Porada

  852. Jonathan Dearden says:

    Jonathan Dearden

  853. Isabel Green says:

    Isabel Green

  854. Marcus Hughes says:

    I would love a tour of Mercedes amg I am a huge Lewis fan too

    Marcus Hughes

  855. james baker says:

    James baker

  856. Jo Berg says:

    Jo Berg

  857. Leigh wakeford says:

    Yes please!

    Leigh Wakeford

  858. symren panesar says:


  859. Tibor Németh says:

    I Would love to have a tour around the factory.
    Tibor Németh

  860. Nicula Madalin says:

    Nicula Madalin

    Good luck to you all!

  861. Nicholas Robinson says:

    Nick Robinson would love to tour the Mercedes factory

  862. Carla Sharrocks says:

    Carla Sharrocks

  863. Micky D says:

    Pretty, pretty please!

    Michael Denton

  864. Richard Mellish says:

    Richard Mellish

  865. Lluís Porqueras says:

    Lluís Porqueras Codina

  866. Mark Singleton says:


  867. Michelle jackson says:

    Me, me please would love the opportunity

  868. jenny brooks says:

    i would really love to win the tour, i adore formla one, i have been watching it since i was 3 and im now 30 !!! n lewis n nico best drivers ever xxx

  869. Andy Knight says:

    Andy Knight

  870. Bryan Hawkins says:

    Good luck everyone……

  871. Guy Barker says:

    What an experience this would be!!

  872. paul harding says:

    Paul harding

  873. Andréas Kühne says:


  874. Derek Conway says:

    Would love to visit factory! It’s my birthday on 21st so would be an amazing early birthday present!!!!!!!!!!

  875. Garry Brown says:

    Garry Brown

  876. Alex Kuhne says:

    Count me in

  877. I would relish the opportunity to speak F1 with the boffins at Mercedes, Godspeed.

    F1 Entry
    Daniel Murray

  878. Raymond Hwang says:

    Raymond Hwang

  879. Ian Maris says:

    Great Opportunity experience of a life time to add to my James Hunt moment in 76

  880. John prestwood says:

    John Prestwood

  881. William Heston says:

    Dear God Yes!

    William Heston

  882. Matthew Nichols says:

    Fingers crossed! Sounds great.

    Matt Nichols

  883. James Macdonald says:

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained: I’ve been a fan of F1 for years, and would love a chance to have a look around the factory!

    James Macdonald

  884. Daniele Di Donato says:

    This is a change to realize a dream, why don’t try?

    Daniele Di Donato

  885. James Scholefield says:

    James Scholefield

  886. danny says:

    Danny O’Leary

  887. kerry webb says:

    Wow what an opportunity for a F1 fan. Count me in please :-)

  888. Stephanie Gerken says:

    Fingers crossed!

  889. Jamie fox says:

    Jamie Fox

  890. john thompson says:

    Would love this opportunity.

  891. hannah thompson says:

    Wow such an amazing prize. Pick me.

  892. Frank Cantwell says:

    Frank Cantwell

  893. Phil says:

    Phil John :)

  894. Lou Johnson says:

    Lou Johnson

  895. Nigel Taylor says:

    Nigel Taylor

  896. Kevin says:

    Kevin Falla

  897. Gabriel Ruhan says:

    Gabriel Ruhan

  898. Sheila Hogg says:

    Sheila Hogg, would be delighted

  899. Sheila Hogg says:

    Sheila Hogg, would be delighted

  900. Michael C says:

    Michael Carden

  901. Shiv says:

    Count me in!!

  902. David Brockwell says:

    D Brockwell
    Fingers crossed

  903. Lesley Rickett says:

    Hiya the 18th Oct is the day before 19th Oct which is hubby Richard’s and my 17th wedding anniversary. Fab synergy in numbers! What a lovely surprise and pleasure for us both it would be to see around the Brackley headquarters. Thanks in potential advance. Lesley x

  904. Alex Irving says:

    Love to visit this team hq.

  905. Cat Connor says:


  906. Andy says:

    Please pick me!!! F1 fan for 30 years! Would love this!!!

  907. david brown says:

    woop woop, defo want this, would be ace to see the factory where kewis`s car is put together :D

    david brown

  908. Steve Nichols says:

    In it to win it.

  909. Mark Edwards says:

    Mark Edwards – Yes Please!

  910. Gillian Scanlon says:

    This would be an awesome experience. Good luck everyone!!!

  911. Scott Heasman says:

    Scott Heasman

  912. Selene García Hernández says:

    wowww! it’s amazing hahaha!! come on!!

  913. John S says:

    John Shockley.

    My fingers are crossed.

  914. RWNKL says:

    Ramón Winkel

  915. Danguole says:

    Danguole Mauricaite

  916. sharon lunney says:

    Would adore the opportunity, thanks!

    Sharon lunney

  917. Don’t mind if I do. Will get the time off work some how.

  918. Paul M Tate says:

    great podcast

  919. Don’t mind if I do.

  920. Simon Vuko says:

    Choose me choose me!!!! PLEEEEEEAAASE!

  921. Kate Coady says:

    Would love to do this tour, my favourite driver of all time was Schumacher, now following Lewis!

  922. Michael Gani says:

    Michael Gani

  923. Adam Redman says:

    A fantastic opportunity.

    Fingers crossed!

  924. Paul Woodward says:

    Well it would be great to see a premier F1 team operating.

  925. Sam Cooper-Kay says:

    Would be awesome!
    Sam Cooper-Kay

  926. Jamie Hutchins says:

    Jamie Hutchins

  927. Andy Bottomley says:

    Would be a dream come true!

  928. Tom Akerman says:

    I’m feeling lucky!

  929. Steven Peach says:

    Steven Peach

  930. Ashley Warrington says:

    Ashley Warrington

    amazing opportunity!

  931. Sally Forster says:

    Would be Fabulous… a dream come true!!!

  932. Benjamin Vinel says:

    That would be really cool!

  933. Richard Mills says:

    Richard Mills

  934. Kevin O'Donnell says:

    Yes please!!!!

  935. Simon Bradley says:

    Simon Bradley

  936. Ben Hay says:

    Opportunity of a lifetime ! Here’s wishing …. Good luck everyone

  937. Verity says:

    would love this opportunity :) PICK ME PLEASE!!!! :)

  938. Sean Leach says:

    Would absolutely love this… Obviously. Finishing university this year and hoping to get onto a Journalism graduate scheme somewhere. Would be great to meet James and a fantastic opportunity!

  939. Rachel Watkinson says:

    Rachel Watkinson

  940. Lawrie Hurren says:

    Lawrie Hurren

  941. Henry Carruthers says:

    Henry Carruthers

  942. Kate Chapman says:

    Would love this!

  943. Mathew Dunn says:

    Mathew Dunn

  944. Martin Hepworth says:

    Happy hunting everyone

  945. Oliver Blatch says:

    Oliver Blatch…

    What a fantastic opportunity this would be, to see how a Formula One team goes about day to day business, Would be so honored!

  946. Philip Cooper says:

    Would love to go! An engineer’s dream:-)

  947. Chris Ferguson says:

    Chris Ferguson

  948. Stephen Malcolm says:

    Why not?

  949. George Tunnicliffe says:

    Yes please, what a fantastic opportunity. Thanks to JA for even the opportunity!

    Good luck all.

  950. Lyndon Franklin says:

    Lyndon Franklin

  951. David A says:

    Don’t pick me – instead one of the winners just ask this question that has been on my mind for the last 20 years of following F1.*

    How do the teams develop the cars? Ok, sounds like a simple enough question, but with stable rules (pre 2014) , advanced CFD etc, how do they arrive at *new* solutions to what must be the same problems?. I don’t mean the standout stuff like f-duct and double diffuser, but the incremental changes that get applied race after race. Do they all sit round on a Monday with a whiteboard and marker pen? How do these guys/girls suddenly have a better solution this week to make their car go faster than they did last week??

    * ok , changed my mind – pick me and I will ask the question and post the result here for the non winners, can’t say fairer than that :)

  952. Mark Mimms says:

    Me please ;-) Pretty Please ;-)

  953. Linds says:

    We came to the British Grand Prix for my 40th and on 23rd Oct my husband Alex will be 40! What a great surprise I can give him if I win the comp! Hope I’m picked! Thanks Guys x

  954. Trevor Part says:

    Trevor Parr

    Odds much better than the lottery!

  955. kris Baughan says:

    Count me in !

  956. Stuart baines says:

    I would love to go to Mercedes factory

  957. Andrew Long says:

    Andrew Long

  958. Simon French says:

    Simon French

  959. Matthew Gallagher says:

    It would be incredible to go, an absolute dream come true.

    Matthew Gallagher

  960. Kemi Olaofe says:

    Yes please!

  961. Paul Barnby says:

    > this is my slot…

  962. Anneliese Lithgow says:

    Anneliese Lithgow.

    It would be great to be one of the Ten. 900 and counting

  963. Jon Fitzgibbons says:

    Worth a try….

  964. Michael netterberg says:

    What an amazing oppurtunity to tour an F1 facility! Thanks guys for making it possible to the lucky few!!

  965. Chris Chapman says:

    Chris Chapman

  966. Chris Elvey says:

    Would love the chance to go. As would everybody else.

  967. Calum McEwan says:

    Calum Mcewan

  968. Geoff Slack says:

    What an opportunity!

  969. Ian Michie says:

    Here’s hoping!! It’s a great prize as F1 is the pinnacle of the UK automotive industry. – Ian Michie.

  970. Tim says:

    Please pick me!

  971. Ronnie Cowie says:

    Ronnie Cowie

  972. Emelie Björnefors says:

    How amazing would this be?! :))

  973. Mark Hargreaves says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for running a great competition. Hope I get to go.



    1. Martin Phipps says:

      An amazing opportunity – yes, pelase!

  974. Andrew Tempest says:

    At the current number of comments I’ve got a 1 in 100 chance – not bad odds (at the moment).


  975. Jonathan Elmer says:

    I’ve never even won a tenner on the lotto but you’ve got to be in it to win it! Thanks for the chance James. Jonathan Elmer.

  976. Marcel says:

    It would be an honour and a pleasure to visit the hunting grounds of the great Ross Brawn – respect.
    Marcel S from Bristol

  977. Nick Young says:

    Yes please, would love that!

  978. Michael Hannan says:

    Lets hope I don’t have Mark Webbers luck

    Michael Hannan

  979. Nick Cade says:

    Nick Cade

  980. Jimmy Cherian says:

    I really want to be a part of it . Would be a dream come true for me . :)

  981. Geoffrey Packer says:

    Geoffrey Packer

  982. Manos Dagdilelis says:

    Manos Dagdilelis

  983. Jason Norman says:

    Awesome bring on the Silver Arrows for the rest of 2013 and lets have it in 2014.

    Go get em Lewis & Nico

  984. Fraser McIlwraith says:

    Fraser McIlwraith

  985. Boris Poullain says:

    Boris Poullain

  986. Joseph Earnshaw says:

    My F1 hero was Graham Hill, he was the driver who first attracted me to motorsport. “Mr Monaco”

  987. Richard M says:

    Richard Morton

  988. Jonathan Brown says:

    Jonathan Brown

  989. Philip Ayrton says:

    Yes please! Philip Ayrton

  990. Brendan Young says:

    Brendan Young

  991. Edward Smith says:

    Ed Smith

  992. Gurpreet Kaur says:

    Gurpreet Kaur

  993. Ehsan E. says:

    Ehsan Eslamian

  994. Jean-Luc Mauricette says:

    Yes please!

    Jean-Luc Mauricette

  995. Dave Lewis says:

    Would be great to get a ticket as I only live an hour away

  996. Steven Kewley says:

    Steven Kewley

  997. Alberto Martínez says:

    Alberto Martínez

    I need some luck on my side but what an amazing opportunity.

  998. Romain Jacquier says:

    Romain Jacquier

  999. John McCormick says:

    Me, please. :)

  1000. Ben Moorhouse says:

    Ben Moorhouse

  1001. Brian Keates says:

    Brian Keates

  1002. Graham Court says:

    Me please James.

    Graham Court

  1003. Glenn Stevens says:

    Glenn Stevens

  1004. Anna Jackson says:

    My overalls are already on – hopefully it’s me !!

  1005. Laura L says:

    Laura Leslie

  1006. Janine Thomala says:

    Pick me, please!

  1007. Vincent McKenna says:

    Vincent McKenna

  1008. Jake Madge says:

    Jake Madge

  1009. Richard Hubbert says:

    Richard Hubbert

  1010. Dan Marshall says:

    Wow! Cool prize

    Dan Marshall,

    Broom broom

  1011. joanna white says:

    Would love this opportunity!!!

    Pick me!!!

  1012. Javed Mirza says:

    Would be a wonderful to get a insight into the day to day running in the back office of a F1 team. Hopefully winners will be able to see aero, design and IT elements.

  1013. Javed Mirza says:

    Would be a wonderful to get a insight into the day to day running in the back office of a F1 team. Hopefully winners will be able to see aero, design and IT elements.

  1014. Neil says:

    Neil Hutchinson

  1015. My husband and I would LOVE to go!

  1016. Gemma Russell says:

    Gemma Russell

    I’ll keep my fingers & toes crossed!!

  1017. Great opportunity to see where all the magic starts:-)

  1018. Sounds like a great day

  1019. Lisa Davis says:

    Lisa Davis

    Would love this on my things ive done on my forty@40 list

  1020. Ian Clayton says:

    Like everyone above I would love the opportunity to see a formula 1 team from the inside. Good luck everyone.

  1021. Manjinder Singh Hayer says:

    Manjinder Singh Hayer

  1022. Robert Dodd says:

    Robert Dodd

  1023. Andrey Fedotov says:

    Andrey Fedotov

  1024. lorraine francis says:

    Lorraine francis

  1025. Tom Easton says:

    Would love this.

  1026. Ben Powney says:

    Ben Powney :)

  1027. Gavin Thompson says:

    Gavin Thompson

  1028. Kyle wright :) says:

    Would make my bad year

  1029. Hari HN says:

    Hari Haran Narendran

  1030. Christopher McHenry says:

    Would love this! Fingers crossed!

  1031. Alison McHenry says:

    Would be a dream come true!!!

  1032. Peter Green says:

    Oh, yes please

  1033. Laura Wright says:

    Laura Wright – fingers crossed!

  1034. Gregg Mearing says:

    Please enter me!


    Gregg Mearing

  1035. Rob Friend says:

    Yes Please

  1036. Jeremy Raftery says:

    Id love to see the factory and meet some of the stafg

  1037. David Barraclough says:

    What a fantastic opportunity James, can’t help myself but I’m already thinking of interesting/unique questions to ask the engineers…

    David Barraclough

  1038. Pedram Najafi says:

    Pedram Najafi

  1039. Scott Lange says:

    Scott Lange
    Entry for Mercedes F1 factory tour!
    Would be amazing!

  1040. Colin Combes says:

    Colin Combes

  1041. Paul Layzell says:

    F1onderful oportunity

  1042. Leigh Salmon says:

    Fantastic opportunity, fingers crossed!

    Leigh Salmon

  1043. Farid Esa Malaysia says:

    Thanks a lot for giving this unique opportunity.

    Farid Esa

  1044. Chris mckenzie says:

    Fingers crossed!

    Chris McKenzie

  1045. Katie Rawlinson says:

    Would love to win this unique opportunity to visit the Mercedes AMG factory!

    I am a big Lewis Hamilton fan and to take a look around his office would be amazing. Dream come true!

    Katie Rawlinson

  1046. Jack Layzell says:

    Jack Layzell

  1047. James Canvin says:

    What a fascinating experience this would be.

  1048. a big big big F1 fan for the last 30 years running… visiting team mercedez would be indeed a chance of timetime that money cant buy, yes please Sir !

  1049. Ron Helder says:

    It would be a wonderful experience to visit Mercedes AMG.
    The winners will be the envy of millions of F1 fans.


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