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Montezemolo says Raikkonen could beat Alonso to the championship
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Posted By: James Allen  |  17 Sep 2013   |  7:42 am GMT  |  411 comments

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has spoken about the rehiring of Kimi Raikkonen, comparing him to Niki Lauda, who returned to F1 after a short break more motivated than he had been before and suggesting that he can emulate the Austrian and beat his team mate to the world championship,

“Raikkonen’s case is almost identical to Lauda,” Montezemolo says in Gazzetta dello Sport today. “Also Niki at a certain point said ‘enough’ because he couldn’t do it any more. I’m speaking of the twin brother of Kimi, because the driver who we had racing for us wasn’t the one we hired.

“The break has done him good, he has returned to greatness, he’s won races, he’s finished lots of races. I wanted a driver who would make me look back on Massa with regret and I’ve got one. From Raikkonen I am demanding victories, consistency, podiums. Alonso will be the main beneficiary. Returning to Lauda, when he came back remember he beat Prost (his McLaren team mate) to the world championship..”

Montezemolo’s words are designed to stir up both drivers. In the interviews he recalls his jokes of 2009, Raikkonen’s last season with Ferrari, where Montezemolo kept saying that Raikkonen’s twin brother was in the car, not the champion, while he stirs the pot with Alonso, suggesting that Raikkonen will put pressure on the Spaniard and that will benefit him. Like Enzo Ferrari before him, who liked to consider himself “an agitator of men” Montezemolo is filling the role in the modern era.

Asked at what stage he spoke to Raikkonen, Montezemolo said ten days before the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.He has yet to meet the Finn, but spoke to him by phone.

Alonso was always kept abreast of the signing of Raikkonen, he says, “Also because the alternative of signing a young driver (Hulkenberg) in a championship as complex as 2014 did not give us certainty. Today Raikkonen is the strongest of everyone, along with Alons, Vettel and Hamilton.”

Montezemolo says that there has been no reconsideration of the position of team principal Stefano Domenicali, despite a difficult season for the team, suggesting that the Raikkonen decision was driven by Domenicali so he must see it through and take responsibility for it, “We would miss him. He was the main factor in rehiring Kimi,” said Montezemolo. “He’s done great work for the future. And let’s not forget that twice in the last three years we’ve lost the title at the last race, through no fault of his.”

Meanwhile Felipe Massa, who has been team mate to both drivers has told Brazilian Globo TV that the two superstars will “collide” at Ferrari and predicts trouble,

“I know both Fernando and Kimi on and of the track and I rate them as excellent drivers, but I’m afraid they will collide when sharing the team,” said Massa “I told the bosses to breathe as much as possible while they still can because it will be hard for them to breathe next season.”

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  1. Sanjog says:

    Monte is trying to stir the hen house even before the roosters have started the battle..:P.
    Nando is not going to like this one bit..

    1. edwood says:

      My concern is for Lewis. All this talk of the top drivers and barely a mention of the British one.

      Come on Lewis! To be compared just to the likes of Rosberg, Button and Massa does your career no credit.

      1. Ben says:

        Erm, read again:

        “Today Raikkonen is the strongest of everyone, along with Alonso, Vettel and Hamilton”

      2. Yona says:

        Political talks! and this guy never wanna give lewis credit since the ron dennis time when lew said his intentions are to drive for mclaren for the rest of his life ans was happy there … luca took it as an insult since then he always tryna minimize lew but performance don’t lie.

      3. Tealeaf says:

        Well looking at form and performances Hamilton is on the same level as Button and slightly above Rosberg, Alonso and Raikkonen are not invincible either they are often slower than a fast team mate over 1 lap and can be beaten over a race/season if they’re not at their peak so these top drivers are not that far apart its just the consistency issue, also the likes of Ricciardo and Hulkenberg will replace Alonso and Raikkonen as the top drivers in the coming years, there’s no question about Hamilton’s ultimate speed but when his head drops his driving can look ugly. So can anyone surpass Vettel next year? Yes they can but will it be Ferrari? No, if the cars are similar overall expect a Vettel Hamilton championship battle just like I predicted Vettel/Alonso fights over the last few years at the beginning of 2010.

      4. Paige says:

        On the same level as Button? You are joking, right?

        The speed advantage that Lewis had over Button was incredibly noticable. He is massively quicker than Button. OK, so Button may have been more consistent, but he also faced a fraction of the bad luck that Lewis faced- which greatly distorts the quality and quickness of their relative performances.

        As for the post at hand, no one needs to talk about Lewis in this context. He’s easily established his place in the elite class of drivers to anyone who is an objective observer.

      5. Sanjog says:

        Don’t worry about Lewis mate. He’s already a world champion and everyone knows he’s probably one of the 3 fastest drivers going around today. Nobody’s comparing him with Massa or Button, although Rosberg’s kept him honest this year :)

      6. Equin0x says:

        Well Button beat Hamilton in 2011 and overall over 3 years scored more points, there’s no denying Button is not out and out the fastest driver over 1 lap on the grid but to say he’s alot worse than Hamilton and on par with Massa is laughable and misleading. Button in my opinion is better than Rosberg overall and on Raikkonen’s level and Hamilton is on par with Alonso but Vettel is the best overall driver in F1.

      7. firezombie says:

        He was a bit lucky to win the championship. Massa should have taken it that year. Hamilton a top driver and champion nonetheless, but he’ll never win another one though.

      8. For sure says:

        @Equin0x if that’s the case, why didn’t hire Button instead of Kimi, if he is on par with him yet so much cheaper?
        2008 Massa beats today’s Button easily.

      9. Miha Bevc says:

        Last year was all about Lewis…

      10. Cliff says:

        Perhaps the other teams don’t rate him as a Top Driver (which I doubt), but all drivers are compared against their team mates. Rosberg, Button and Alonso have taken the fight to Lewis, and in the main he has dealt with it. Perhaps it’s nothing to do with his talent and more to do with his attitude and mood swings? Red Bull and Ferrari would have taken Lewis Hamilton if they truly believed that it would not cause problems within the wider team.

      11. Equin0x says:

        The 3 drivers you mentioned, none of them was beaten by Hamilton clearly or cleanly, the only driver he really had the upperhand on so far is the woeful Kovalainen, hence why you have fears team bosses don’t rate him, RBR rejected him full stop and Ferrari stated they don’t want Hamilton and they only want Vettel.

      12. Omar says:

        Equinox ‘The 3 drivers you mentioned, none of them was beaten by Hamilton clearly or cleanly, the only driver he really had the upperhand on so far is the woeful Kovalainen, hence why you have fears team bosses don’t rate him, RBR rejected him full stop and Ferrari stated they don’t want Hamilton and they only want Vettel’

        Are you serious? I doubt you’ve been watching F1 objectively with views like that. Lewis has matched Alonso in his Rookie year, then has beaten Heiki fair and square for 2 years, and Button was also beaten in 2010 and 2012, only in 2011 Lewis had a bad year and was beaten by Button. As for this season, he has outpaced Rosberg more often then not in Quali and Races and has scored more points, granted Rosberg has won 2 races to Lewis 1 race, but Rosberg inherited the Silverstone Victory (from Lewis and then Vettel), and I doubt that Lewis won’t win another race this year.

        As for Redbull rejecting Lewis, Well I think the answer is obvious, as Lewis would outpace Vettel more often then not and show the whole world that it was the car and not Vettel hence making a mockery out of Vettels 3 titles..So RBR rejected Lewis last year and rejected Kimi this year…I wonder why?? And Lewis has never gone to Ferrari because Alonso would reject it becuase Lewis matched him in his Rookie year and would be favourite to beat him nowadays. I’m a Kimi fan who appreciates the other drivers abilities objectively.

      13. Bartholomew says:


        Way to lie that you’re a fan that “appreciates the other drivers abilities objectively.”. If that was the case you wouldn’t be spouting that LH would “make a mockery” out of a younger triple champion.

      14. j says:

        First of all edwood, your comment has nothing to do with the post you are replying to. Secondly this has nothing to do with Hamilton so not sure why you bring him up.

    2. Doug says:

      Yes, if Alonso’s botty wasn’t stinging before, it sure it now!!

      1. Wayne says:

        Fernando and Luca are made for each other; both at the top of their game, both political animals – they deserve one another!

      2. All revved-up says:

        Spot on! The contrast will be fantastically entertaining in 2014.

        Alonso and LdM exchanging sophisticated veiled messages that can be read 3 different ways through the media; while Kimi will just be Kimi.

        Alonso hasn’t even left Ferrari, be it on his own terms or at Ferrari’s doing – but the amount of media comments, political messages and radio messages already far exceeds anything Kimi put out even when his contract was terminated early and paid not to drive!

        It truly is the Firery man, the Powerful man and the Ice man. The makings of a Marvel superhero story!

        Seems like Ferrari will be the main show in 2014; and F1 the side show!

      3. Monty must think he’s Ferrari himself. Which may not be the best example, either. On this side of the pond there is a saying to fit: S-O-S and that isn’t shorthand for the international distress signal.

        To coin another one using a baseball metaphor: If they build it, they will win. Especially with the talent they have available.

        Or, maybe the opposite – Ferrari is already a sideshow and thier “leader” has lost sight of what really counts.

        Blaming drivers to “motivate” them is the story line (based on Ferrari himself) which killed John-Paul in the movie ‘Grand Prix’ from the late ’60′s – their champion driving a red car. . . Some things never change, unfortunately.

        Big picture success requires leadership by example through teamwork and support, not intimidation.

        Build it and they will win.

      4. J.richardson says:

        All revved-up just the way Ferrari would want it

      5. firezombie says:

        This will be fun to watch for all, two drivers at Ferrari clawing at each other. Finally some excitement in F1!! Looking forward to 2014

      6. Quade says:

        Alonso will not be with Ferrari in 2014.
        A wicked trick is being played on the poor soul, his F1 carcass will feed the press fat before this season is over.

    3. Chromatic says:

      I get the impression Ferrari have been covering over a great deal of inner turmoil and bad blood. It will need Alonso to rise to greater heights to meet the challenge of Raikkonen. He might do it …. but he is already at pretty much 97% of maximum he can muster.
      Kimi will find more I believe, than Fernando

      1. Tealeaf says:

        The problem is Vettel can find more than both of them, so can Hamilton if he can hook up a whole season.

      2. H.Guderian says:

        You mean NEWEY can find more, right???

      3. Tealeaf says:

        No I don’t actually, Newey is good but Vettel is making his cars look better than they are, Webber can qualify Jaguars on the front row and have weak Williams challenging at the front e.g. Monaco 2006, but he looks ordinary and constantly beaten by Alonso and Mercedes drivers like at Spa, another fact is Raikkonen couldn’t win the title whilst driving 5 Newey cars yet as soon as he left Mclaren he won the title. Vettel will win the title when he picks up the pieces from Alonso and Raikkonen at Ferrari.

      4. clyde says:

        I think 110% is more like it …. that car was a dog last year and definitely not the fastest this year :-)

      5. Boof Head says:

        The general consensus is that Alonso is carrying the Ferrari, achieving race results that belie the capabilities of the car. This is one of Alonso’s traits.

        As much as I want to see Raikkonen wipe the floor with him, I doubt that Raikkonen can get the same results out of an under performing car.

        Having said that, the rule changes for next year may turn everything upside down… we’ll have to wait and see.

    4. dean cassady says:

      Crow pie never tasted so good, as it is served in Italy.

      Comparisons to Niki!!!

      As many of you fellow contributors, who have been paying attention, know, I am a huge Kimi fan; I believe that he is the fastest racer in the world, but I would never go so far as this comparison; it is extraordinary!

      This is how Luca comes clean on the signing of Kimi.

      I expect equal treatment for the Iceman, to say the least.

      I am not convinced that Alonso will be driving for Ferrari; he faces one of the most challenging decisions of his sporting life right now.

      1. krischar says:

        “I am not convinced that Alonso will be driving for Ferrari; he faces one of the most challenging decisions of his sporting life right now”

        Who ? Are you referring to Kimi or LDM ?

        Yes Alonso will drive for Ferrari in 2014 to see whether they are good enough after the regulations shuffle. If Ferrari Sing the the same old song “Wind Tunnel Calibaration issue”. Then Alonso will say goodbye Ferrari. he is relentless competitor and the greatest driver in the history of F1

        If you Refer to kimi. then i am afraid your dreams will not come true. Alonso will easily wipe the floor with Kimi. Kimi knows this and confessed alonso as great driver.

      2. dean cassady says:

        krischar, you are dogmatically one-sided in your opinion. in a straight clean fight, I would pick Kimi to win 75% of the time over Alonso.
        The only issue is how unfair it will be made for Kimi, by Alonso.
        I include Alonso in the top tier of drivers, along with Kimi, Vettel, and Hamilton; his determination and perseverence are legend in making, however, in straight racing, he is a dim second to Kimi.

      3. Rob says:

        Greatest driver in the history of F1!
        I think you might be a little in love with Alonso.
        Dont compare Alonso with 2 WDC to the likes of Lauda, Schumi, Fangio, Senna, Piquet, and Prost. Just to say a few names. He is a very good driver but hasn’t been able to accomplish what the greatest drivers of all time have.

      4. Timmay says:

        Greatest driver in the history of F1?

        He wouldn’t even make my top 10.

      5. Goob says:

        Good joke – F1 history laughs at Alonso’s WDC…

        Like the double diffuser won a WDC for Button, a mass damper won a WDC for Alonso.

        Both are overrated and deliver crappy results.

        I prefer Kimi over both of those overrated drivers.

        Hamilton and Kimi rely more on their skills then politics… Vettel is just along for the ride with Newey… No Newey and Vettel will have zero WDCs…

      6. Bartholomew says:

        @Goob – With no F2007 or MP4-23, Kimi and Lewis have no titles either.

      7. H.Guderian says:

        It’s de same LdM that fired Kimi in the past or is LdM “twin brother”???

      8. dean cassady says:

        yeah, good one.
        I like the shoe on the other foot.
        Maybe it was Luca’s twin brother that made the call to fire Kimi; I’m glad we have the ‘real’ Luca back; I hope his decision is rewarded with a WDC at Ferrari, (finally)!

      9. Pete says:

        Hahaha nice one!

    5. Dom Jones says:

      Anyone get the impression that Alonso’s recent comments wound up Monte a bit more than he initially let on?

      1. S Butts says:

        The “better car for my birthday” comments would not have gone down well.

  2. K says:

    i think it is quite clear to see for all that Luca wants Alonso gone but his contract denies this from happening (which Alonso reiterated 2 weeks ago in an interview, how he expects his contract to be respected).

    And in 2 years, Vettel arrives at Ferrari.

    1. Dave C says:

      Yes its true, Alonso has alienated Luca for the boss to make his recent statements and actions, Vettel will go to Ferrari in 2014 or 2015 depending on situations, it’ll be the making of Seb and if he can win multiple titles with Ferrari he’ll go down as 1 of the top 3 drivers of all time, Alonso could have stopped that but wasn’t able to.

    2. H.Guderian says:


      Do you REALLY think he (VET) will leave RBR to join that MESS called Ferrari???

      VET can be anything but stupid.

      1. ChrisA says:


        I think VET should get all of his WDCs before he heads over to Ferrari for a victory tour.

      2. Tealeaf says:

        He will, you can bet on it and he will dissapoint many english speaking fans/media by winning the title with them.

      3. K says:

        Schumacher joined Ferrari when they were in a mess too and he won 5 titles with them.

        And in 2 years, who knows, maybe Ferrari is the best car.

      4. Schumonen says:

        But Vettel is no Schumi. He may be now 4 times WDC but he is far from being the force Schumi was in 1996. Schumi brought a lot of Benetton people to Ferrari, he knew what needed to be done. Vettel without Newey and Horner would be the Hetfield of today.

      5. For sure says:

        hahahahaha so funny

      6. Sujith says:

        Naah.. Vettel will bag a few more titles in RBR and then go and play for home team at Mercedes and win one title there :P

        Being a hardcore Kimi fan myself.. I don’t see Vettel not winning in the recent future.

  3. Spyros says:

    Wishful thinking, at best.

    1. Phil Glass says:

      I disagree.

      Mr Montezemolo is a great man. He has put not only ALO and RAI on notice, but all the leading drivers and teams must now rise to this challenge.
      No more comfort zones. No more excuses.

      This can’t be bad for F1

      1. Spyros says:

        We’ll see next March.

      2. Oz Gezza says:

        Spot on,If you understand Italian logic
        Domenicali is walking on the thin ice as
        well,better believe it.Luca d M told the
        fib in respect Domenicali signing up Kimi
        fact is Domenicali wanted Hulkenberg he was
        over rulled by Luca d M, after the input
        by Allison.

      3. dean cassady says:

        thanx for the insight.
        can you give any credible references supporting your claim.
        btw: it fits the statements made in the public, with Domenicalli openly preferring Massa continuing in the role; clearly the Massa ‘letting’ decision came from above Stephano.
        But where is your informationon the Hulk as Stephano’s first pick replacement?

      4. Tim says:

        That’s an interesting hypothesis and may even be right. But, as dean says in his post, how do you know this to be a fact?

      5. Oz Gezza says:

        Having been in motor trade in Oz,land for
        more then thirty five years till 2000, I
        have quite a bit to do with Maranelo Distributors in Sydney, I have a source with
        in, who is still to this very day my very
        dear friend and lets say I red the mail.
        Please note,Aldo Costa was born and bred
        Ferrari, Luca d M set him aside in favour of
        Pat Fry, to Luca d M Ferrari brand is a
        wining Ferrari not a loosing one,and nothing
        will stand in between.
        Domenicali is not in Aldo Costa mould,simply
        put a management graduate though a Ferrari
        man never the less.
        Watch James Allison rocket up in Ferrari
        structure in not distant future.

      6. H.Guderian says:

        Sorry, Phil, but LdM did not signed Kimi with the idea to have a pair of top drivers. He just signed Kimi because for some reason he thought Alonso would leave.

      7. Javier Marcelo says:

        You are right h.Guderain. It sounds silly to me that everybody have forgotten that according to Alonso’s contrat he steel can leave the team in september. I do not think he will but lets imagine this scenario: Ferrari did not rehire kimi, lotus gets a much clouser agreement whit Renault and get the best beturbo charge engine… And offer Alonso a come back to the team who made him a doble WDC… And don’t forget Santander is Alonso’s birth town.

        To risky for a top team like Ferrari.

        Instead, now they are the center of the media and… What nex?

        domenicalli is a vaste of time for Alonso

        Instead, Ferrari have move all pieces to convince ALO not

  4. Zack says:

    I’m a little perplexed by his comments about Stefano Domenicali. As team principal isn’t he directly responsible for the strategy choices that cost Alonso the 2010 title in Abu Dhabi?

    1. dimitris says:

      In hindsight it may have been a bad strategy call, but Domenicalli simply tried to cover Webber who was the favourite to win the WDC, not Vettel. The fact that Alonso made no concerted effort to pass Petrov I believe absolves Domenicalli of all responsibility. Do you think that Schumi, Lewis or Kimi would not have found a way to pass Petrov?

      1. bearforce1 says:

        That is a really good point. I hadn’t thought of it and hadn’t heard anyone else put it that way.

        Yes. Why didn’t Alonso get past Petrov. I mean it was for the WDC. At the very least Alonso should have kamikaze’d it and hope for the best. It is a no brainer. Do nothing guaranteed lose the WDC or take the chance to win the WDC.

        It is really weird now that I think about it. Either Alonso didn’t hae the skill to pass Petrov or he didn’t have the mental capacity to reason out that he had to try to pass at all costs. Strange from such an experience driver.

      2. Spyros says:

        He made no effort to pass Petrov? That’s not how I remember that race…

        The rear-heavy Renault/Lotus had a lot of traction coming out of corners. Alonso didn’t stand a chance.

      3. Manish Pandey says:

        I was at the race, watching Alonso pound down the main straight after Petrov – even going off – in a very determined way to get past. We all thought Alonso would win the championship, going into the race, but the fact is – he still had to cover two drivers (Vettel and Webber) that night, and not one. Ferrari reacted to Webber – and Vettel took it. It was very, very hard to watch if you were a Ferrari or Alonso fan.

      4. Le mister says:

        Yes…. it was very hard to watch. Schumacher spun like an amateur. Then Webber hit the wall and pitted way too early. That confused the strategies. I was gutted. Last year’s final race was also pretty hard to watch.
        However; this year Vettel has been amazing. And Alonso disappointing.

      5. Boof Head says:

        … or a webber fan

      6. Jota180 says:

        Wasn’t the strategy, at least in part, dictated by Nando whacking the Armco?

      7. KARTRACE says:

        Only in a dog fight, only in a dog fight my friend. But may not recall that Alonso’s Ferrari was fitted with guns. If someone was able to pass that Renault for sure it was Fernando not only because he does excellent passes but also because the championship was at stake. That Ferrari didn’t have legs to pass Petrov.

      8. F1Racer says:

        Schumi would have atleast bazooka petrov off the track for sure!!

      9. aditya-now says:

        Schumi bazookaed himself out of the race much earlier on…. LOL

      10. dean cassady says:

        Impossible to tell, unless you are a top tier driver in the same situation.
        It does NOT sound reasonable that Alonso didn’t pass Petrov, by choice.
        Perhaps it was Petrov’s crowning moment in F1?!?

    2. Stephen Taylor says:

      That was perceived to be the fault of Chris Dyer?

      1. Veena says:

        But Chris Dyer cant overtake Petrov right? Alonso was hired to do that and he failed. He was racing as if he was collecting points. We saw what vettel did in Brazil from last to come to the front to win the championship. That killer instinct was missing.

      2. Offcourse says:

        Don’t forget that the two Toro Rosso and Schumacher made no attempt to race Vettel in Brazil (or at all in 2012 really). RB & Vettel had a very big team last year.

      3. Tealeaf says:

        Yeah a very big team with Webber trying to drive Vettel off the track, and also Massa does everything he can to let Alonso through, that evened itself out…

      4. clyde says:

        Veena ….pl study the abu dhabi race track and the competitiveness of the Ferrari in 2010 before posting bizzare comments :-)

    3. anon says:

      Alonso lost in 2010 because he couldn’t pass a slow pay driver in a slow Renault.

      1. SteveS says:

        Actually a fast pay driver in a fast Renault. And even if Alonso HAD passed Petrov … he still would not have won the WDC, as he also needed to pass Kubica and Rosberg.

      2. Timmay says:

        Even worse!

      3. Timmay says:

        Haha nice. I’m liking this segment.

    4. Sanjog says:

      Agree with Zack. Doesn’t matter who made the call on strategy (team/driver/race engineer), it’s the team principal who has to front up. My guess is Monte didn’t want to openly hold Stefano responsible for that. He’s already pinned responsibility of Kimi’s re-acquisition on him, so expect Stefano to exit if Ferrari fail to win either the WDC/WCC next year.:)

      1. ilpaul says:

        Totally agree, this is what is implied also when reading the Italian quote

    5. Kingszito says:

      I guess he meant that the decision/strategy for losing on the last race was his, not Stefano Domenicali’s. Do you ever think that any Principle can make such decision/strategy for Ferrari F1 team while Montezemolo is president of Ferrari?

    6. Lee says:

      Ferrari had to cover Webber’s stop IIRC, and remember it was Webber who was ahead of Vettel in points.

    7. dean cassady says:


      I am also perplexed abpout the seemingly supportive comments about Stefano Domenicali, by Montezemolo!

      Domenicali has clearly failed to deliver!

      Now Kimi is coming over with a boatload of technical and support experts, all that is missing is the top decision-maker of the team.

      Domenicali has failed!

      Of course Alonso could have won with a competitive car/team infrastructure, notwithstanding the Newey factor that everyone likes to explain it away.

      There are so many places that the team has failed in the past six years, not the least of which is the failure to get the corelations between the windtunnel/computational fluid dynamics models for their supercomputer design work, and just blatent underperformance on crucial pitwall calls!?!

      The Newey excuse is stale; everyone, especially the powers that be at Ferrari, need to get over the denial and clean house.

      The buck stops with the team principle, and the current Ferrari team principle has failed, and that fact seems to continue to be overlooked by Montezemolo; so it is HIS FAILING in not putting a more successful key man in place.

      1. H.Guderian says:



      2. mjpt says:

        LDMs problem is hubris. Typical, he is trying to put himself in the stratosphere of Enzo Ferrari himself as an agitator of men? Please. He has a long way to go. Poor manager, even worse leader. He msy come from the same country as Machiavelli and Medici and Ferrari, and think of himself as at their level re manipulation. My advice to LDM : stop thinking.

  5. carlys says:

    Classically Italian …
    Unfortunately we’ll never see a real contest as it will be Alonso’s twin that will get beaten by the real Kimi

    1. Spyros says:

      Kimi couldn’t beat Massa, remember?

      1. Sanjog says:

        Kimi beat Massa in 2007, remember ?

      2. Spinodontosaurus says:

        So what about 2008 and 2009? Or the total 2.5 seasons they spent together?
        That you can only bring up a single season to refute the “Massa beat Kimi” line says everything; Massa did in fact beat Kimi.

      3. Scuderia McLaren says:


      4. yugin says:

        For the last time, the Massa who faced Kimi was a very different driver from the Massa who faces Alonso today.

      5. Veena says:

        Without beating Massa how he won the 2007 championship?

      6. Opa says:

        Remember the last race of that championship.

      7. Jannto says:

        No, that was his brother.

      8. Sri says:

        that was the twin of Kimi.

      9. Sami says:

        As far as I remember, that happenned when the Ferrari’s evolution delivered an undesteering behaviour. Something that did not suit Kimi at all. That was in the second half of 2008, I think (I some of our readers could shed some light on this…)
        Now, with James Allison and Dirk de Beer and probably Jarrod Murphy on board, what kind of car will the “red Lotus with a prancing horse and a Ferrari engine” (pardon me I meant the next Ferrari ;) ) have?
        I would put my money on an oversteering one.
        Yeah, tough times ahead for Alonso…

      10. Sami says:

        (hmmm, sorry for the mistakes)

        As far as I remember, that happenned when the Ferrari’s evolution delivered an undesteering behaviour. Something that did not suit Kimi at all. That was in the second half of 2008, I think (if some of our readers could shed some light on this…)
        Now, with James Allison, Dirk de Beer and probably Jarrod Murphy on board, what kind of car will the “red Lotus with a prancing horse and a Ferrari engine” (pardon me I meant the next Ferrari ;) ) be?
        I would put my money on an oversteering one.
        Yeah, tough times ahead for Alonso…

      11. Spinodontosaurus says:

        Alonso can and will cope with an oversteery car no problem.

        Though I’m not sure where this “Raikkonen can’t handle understeer” thing comes from, given that Montoya never shut up about how understeery the 2005 McLaren was.

      12. Kirk says:

        He beat him in 2007 remember, and is beating him now in 2013 in a Lotus

      13. NickH says:

        Haha stop joking

      14. Kingszito says:

        Massa that returned after the accident in Hungary was not the same Massa driving then.

      15. TimW says:

        I hear a lot of people say that, frankly I didn’t rate the guy before the crash either. Good but not great.

      16. Tifosi says:

        Spyros – Have you not been following Mr. MontDiMello? He gave us the inside scoop that Kimi’s twin was driving… “not the driver they hired to race”… interesting that they let someone else driver their million pound cars…but thats a moot point… this was the situation, and you cannot blame Kimi for this….

        In defense of viewers like us, they all do look alike when the visor comes down !

      17. Sri says:

        “In defense of viewers like us, they all do look alike when the visor comes down !” – LOL.

      18. Carlos says:

        Massa was supposed to pull Alonso in quali this year in Monza. Unfortunately Alonso was not able to keep up with Massa’s speed.

  6. PB says:

    I bet 10 quid on Alonso not seeing out his contract with Ferrari. Anyone ready to take me on?

    1. Random 79 says:

      No, and I’d suggest that Ferrari would need a little more than 10 quid to break his contract…kind of like when they broke Raikkonen’s contract ;)

      1. Yak says:

        I suspect it’d cost them a lot more than just paying out Alonso’s contract if Santander’s money is tied to Alonso driving for the team.

  7. bearforce1 says:

    Give a good car it isn’t unlikely.

    Kimmi to Ferrari is just going to be the gift that keeps on giving.

  8. Ashboy says:

    So to justify paying of a driver and re hiring the same driver, Montezemolo has made up an alloborate story about twin brothers and Lauda! Which means Kimi must thank Montezemolo for making him the driver he is to day.

    1. Stephen Taylor says:

      No he must thank Peter Sauber , Mika Hakkinen and Ron Dennis for helping him become a great driver.

      1. Ashboy says:

        Yes i agree, But Montezemolo is saying that they made him a good driver. Where as Montezemolo made him a great driver by sacking him.

    2. Ding wamage says:

      Yes, a wise man learns more from his enemies than a fool from his friend. :)

      1. Veena says:

        Wondering, where does this places Montezemolo? A fool who has made a wise decision or a wise man who did is correcting his past mistake?

      2. Ding wamage says:

        I was thinking Montezemolo would be Kimi’s enemy, whom Kimi should now thank for having turned into his own good twin (yes, I realise this is almost too complicated to follow, but so is Monty’s thinking).

        The line is an approximate quote from Rush. If memory serves, it was Niki’s line.

        Silly mind games are already in full swing, it’s such a shame they will probably be wasted on Kimi, and I think Alonso is probably getting fed up with them also.

  9. Rob Newman says:

    I don’t think we can compare past with present. We also can’t compare individuals. Past success is not an indication for future success. If the car suits Kimi’s driving style, if the team provides the tools and people he needs, then he will deliver.

    I am glad finally Monte has admitted that the reason they have lost the title for the past three years at the last race is not through Domenicali’s fault. It is the driver who lacked the skill to qualify consistently and failed to deliver when it counted most.

    1. dimitris says:

      I have made the point in other posts that Alonso seemed to choke in both the 2010 and 2012 final races. He did not have the confidence or the killer instinct to take risks. He waited for others to have a mechanical failure. I do believe that Ferrari have lost confidence in Alonso. His constant whining and blaming all the others but himself did not certainly go down well with the team. He raised expectations by claiminmg that he can win even with a car three tenths slower, yet he now demands the fastest or at least an equally fast car to win. With an equally fast car to Red Bull, any of the other top drivers can win. He is a spent force in Ferrari, and is infortunate because he is indeed a very good driver.

      1. Spyros says:

        At least he can usually beat Massa… which is more than Kimi ever managed at Ferrari. So if Alonso can wipe the floor with Kimi next year, we will have our answer.

        Monte expects to see a totally new Kimi next year. Whatever. There is an interesting quote from Einstein, regarding those who do the same things and expect different results.

      2. dimitris says:

        On head to head competition, in different but comparably fast cars, actually Kimi beat Fernado. He was by far the better driver in 2005 and did not win the championship because of a very delicate Maclaren, and he beat him to the 2007 championship with a slightly slower car.

        As I have said before, the 2008 story between Kimi and Ferrari has not been told. I suspect that Montezemolo re-hired Kimi to make amends for what Ferrari did to him in 2008, like fitting him with intermediate tyres in the dry, failing to put the tyres on before the three minute warning, changing the front end of his car without even telling him, demoting him to second driver status after Malaysia even though he was leading the championship, and not even taking into consideration his feedback. The irony of the situation is that Kimi’s recommendations regarding the development of the car were right, remember Ferrari could not pump enough energy into its tyres and Kimi could not qualify high up the order in a year where passing was practically impossible on most tracks, something the team acknowledged by softening the rear supsension in the latter stages of the campaign, fearing they would lose both championships if they continued on the same path as Massa was also finding it harder to warm up his tyres in qualifying.

        Do not also forget that Massa held his own against Schumacher and was faster by the end of the 2006 season.

      3. goferet says:

        @ Spyros

        Apparently Einstein didn’t say that


      4. Kirk says:

        You seem to be wrong in a few things, first, Kimi defeated Massa, he won the WDC in 2007 doing it. Second, the Einstein sentence doesn’t apply here as Ferrari is doing everything different and they are right to expect different results, they are renewing their engineer department, they hired a top driver instead of having a vertical 1-2 position, and finally Kimi is driving better than ever, following your logic we could say: at least Kimi has won a championship with Ferrari… As Ron Newman said in this post just above, is too difficult to compare past with present and make accurate predictions of future.

      5. Kay-Gee says:

        @ goferet

        Just because someone cannot find a record of him saying that doesn’t mean its not there or he did not coin it. one way to prove that he didn’t coin that phrase, is to show that it was coined before he could have, i.e. it was coined before he was born.

      6. vuelvekowalsky says:

        and now two very good and experienced drivers are on a collision course. Both have beaten all the teamates they came up against ( bar massa in 2009). Who would come out of the season on top?

      7. clyde says:

        Choke …don’t make me laugh

    2. David says:

      Errr!!! 2010 – last race! I don’t think you can blame Alonso

      1. Rockie says:

        Who do you blame? had he qualified higher he wont have been covering Webber he would have been racing upfront!

      2. Scuderia McLaren says:


      3. Colombia Concalvez says:

        Ofcourse you can. Kubica made several overtakes and so did Hamilto, so how come Alonso could not do just 1 overtake ?

      4. Yago says:

        You need to watch the race again man. Hamilton could not pass Kubica with new tires, while Kubica was on old ones! Those renaults where impossible to pass that day, at least for the two best overtakers in F1! xD

      5. vuelvekowalsky says:

        and remember that he lost the title because of the below par races he made at the beggining of the season. jump start at malaysia, accident at australia and recovering from the last position, drive through at silverstone, mess with the safety car at valencia. I may be mistaken, but i made those on top of my head. It was a miracle he kept it alive until the last race, but any of those mistakes during the season cost him the crown.

      6. Rockie says:

        It wasnt a miracle he kept it alive the only reason he was in the Championship at the last race was Vettel blowing up at Korea.

      7. Basil Binx says:

        I think he crashed at Spa too.

      8. Rob Newman says:

        Alonso failed to qualify properly and then lost a place at the start under pressure. Ferrari didn’t react immediately to Webber’s pit stop. They did it on lap sixteen.

        Vettel and Hamilton didn’t want to change tyres but Alonso felt the need. Normally the driver and the team agrees before pitting. Alonso agreed to pit; the team didn’t force him or do it against his wish. Then he couldn’t overtake a rookie – Petrov which was the reason he didn’t win in 2010.

        Ferrari – the family team took the responsibility at that time but people knew they were simply protecting their family member.

      9. ShaBooPi says:

        Rob Newman at it again. You waste more and more time continuously slating Alonso quoting one sided facts to back up your ridiculously slanted theories. If you quoted last year’s deciding races Vettel certainly didn’t deserve anything after hitting a signboard and Senna. There are a few keyboard monkeys that will happily jump on your bandwagon but most unbiased fans obviously disagree with you. I like how you state the media is responsible for making Alonso seem the most complete driver in F1, as though they are incapable of logical conclusions.

        The majority of F1 journalists display far more knowledge of sport and F1 than you’d do, and I reckon their opinion is far more valid and unbiased as yours. By the way in multiple years Alonso was voted the driver of the year by team bosses and fellow drivers. Are they also being duped by the press? Are you the chosen one, the only one who can see the Matrix Rob?

      10. Basil says:


        Love reading your posts, Rob.

      11. vuelvekowalsky says:

        without a doubt alonso is a great driver, but is not as good as some people want us to believe, for i don’t understand what reasons. May be because he saved us all from schumacher’s world domination, during his first stint at renault.
        All i can say is that i think the ferrari was capable of winning the italian gp this year. With a better performance on qualy, and a better strategy by the ferrari team. michael schumacher or ayrton senna was needed in the car that day.

    3. fafan4 says:

      Alonso qualified exactly where he needed to in Abu Dhabi 2010.

      And how in the world were the Ferraris supposed to compete with the McLarens in Brazil 2012? Beating Button was an impossible task. The only hope really was for Vettel to fail, which he very nearly did.

      1. Rockie says:

        Alonso didnt qualify where he needed to be, he went into that race with the intention of finishing 5th. He had been talking about just needing 5th all weekend.
        Massa was on a roll before he had to let Alonso through so what race were you watching?

      2. vuelvekowalsky says:

        alonso lost the world championship not in brasil, but in those races like spa, or suzuka when he started in the 3rd row. that put him at a great risk. In brasil i think he did a good enough race.
        He could have become champion several times if he was in a red bull. But let’s not forget that he had a contact offer in 2009, and he went for the ferrari myth. He has nobody else to blame for this than himself.

    4. Kay-gee says:

      Really Rob? No you are wrong. Alonso is a great driver, his partnership with Ferrari has let him down. Had he not driven as impeccable as he did on the initial phase of 2012 season when Ferrari was a mess, Ferrari would never had a chance to challenge the championship at Brazil.

      Massa is fairly ordinary driver like Button, you give them a good car and they will perform as expected whereas Alonso and Raikkonen are able to extract more. They are good at turning lemons into lemonades. Lewis and Vettel are blessed with a raw speed. Vettel still has to be tested though, It could be that Webber was way past his peak.

      Ferrari has been a very acidic lemon since their partnership and Alonso has been doing what he does best. The fact is, Red-bull mopped and is still mopping the floor with both Ferrari and Mclaren. The floor which these victims have owned for may years.

    5. H.Guderian says:

      ALO has beaten EVERYONE on the grid (except VET with his 0.7 faster RBR) with a miserable car for FOUR YEARS and he is “failing to deliver”. Oh my!!!

      1. Rockie says:

        When you dont win you are a loser almost doesnt count.
        The fact he couldn’t beat Hamilton for me is a black mark on his legacy and would be missing out of the top 10 of all time.
        People talk about 2012 but problem is Vettel raises the bar every season!
        Alonso has more points compared to 2012 but he still looks bad for him because of Vettel.
        Imagine if Vettel was not in F1 we would have been watching mediocrity at its best.
        Hamilton getting all the poles and Alonso winning all the races.

  10. Mark V says:

    It’s like Ferrari hired the writers from the sci-fi series Lost.

    Writer’s meeting: “Polar bears on a mysterious tropical island not cray enough for ya? How about we hire Raikkonen back!? Then we’ll get Monty to talk glowingly about him and say he might even beat the guy we originally fired him in favor of.”

    1. Random 79 says:

      Don’t forget the evil black smokey stuff that will coming out of Alonso’s ears ;)

  11. Paul L says:

    In my view, Prost outperformed Lauda despite scoring a half point less. But Montezemolo’s remark is clearly for effect.

    1. Truth or Lies says:

      Lauda won and the margin doesn’t matter, just ask Felipe or Lewis. In the end he came from eleventh (?) almost certain, it was outside the top ten for sure and finished second and before you tell me Mansells retirement helped, it did, but he still put himself in a position to win the WDC.

      So considering it was a great car with equal drivers over an entire season, in my opinion Lauda was the best driver in 1984!

      The year after Niki, in perhaps the style Kimi 2009 lost interest, winning just once, while Prost did a great job to take his first title.

      1. Dino says:

        Even if I rank Lauda among the greatest, he probably couldn’t have won in 1984 if the McLaren wouldn’t have been by far the fastest car. He usually qualified far back Prost just to blitz through the field with thin opposition.

        Respect to the Kimi-LdeM-Alonso-Domenicalli soap opera, I think LdeM is covering himself just either he sacks Alonso or Alonso quits.

        Only at the end of 2014 we will know who of the two comes first, but at this moment we do not have a clue which one could it be.

        Many ones think that Massa is not the same as before and maybe Alonso is having it easy beating him. But imagine that this year Lotus is a really great car and Grosjean performances are bellow par; imagine if Massa would be exactly the same as before his accident… Many ifs to have an idea of how 2014 will be.

        What is for sure is that it will be an interesting intra-team battle to watch and hopefully if the car is for once the best, could be a 1984 season revisited.

  12. Timo says:

    Surely, this can’t be the best way to motivate the incumbent number 1 driver in Ferrari. First, public “tweaking of ear”; second, putting another “rooster in the henhouse”; and now, comparing Kimi to Lauda and suggetsing that he can win the championship for Ferrari.

    James, given ALO’s temperament, do you think this is meant to push him out of the team — perhaps to McLaren? This would complete the Lauda-Prost analogy…

    1. James Allen says:

      It certainly shows him who runs Ferrari!

      1. Hero_was_senna says:

        Is the media partly to blame for this James?
        Everyone panders to Alonso’s ego, telling the world that if he can’t win championships it’s not his fault it’s Ferraris.
        Arrogance then steps in and he effectively believes he’s the team leader and boss, allowed to tweet and say what he likes, and LdM needs him more than he needs them.

      2. James Allen says:

        The media has nothing to do with it. This is about running a successful racing team in the face of an outstanding competitor ie Red Bull/Vettel

      3. Rockie says:

        The biggest mistake Alonso made was getting carried away and believing Vettel was winning because of the car hence his statement he could win the championship with a car 3/10th a lap slower.
        Now he has a car 3/10th slower and he see’s what it really means to be that much slower if your opposition does not have reliability issues.
        Now that bubble has burst, for me I maintain Vettel in that Ferrari he would qualify higher thus would use the race pace of Ferrari better.

      4. Rob Newman says:

        It is the media which portrays Alonso as the most complete driver, best driver, Pound to Pound worth driver, he never gives up, he is resilient, blah blah blah … And then Ferrari has a good PR machine which has been portraying him (until now) as the best driver there ever was.

        But this guy is struggling to beat his own team mate in qualifying. Then his team mate has to move over, break his gearbox, and then ultimately had to sacrifice his career. Massa is not the only guy to suffer; Fisichela, Truli, Hamilton all had problems because of him.

        This guy lacks leadership skills which is why the team is in such a state. I was watching the Spa race and after an overtake by Alonso, the camera panned to the Ferrari garage. Only a handful of people were applauding and most of them didn’t even bother.

        Therefore, they need someone like Kimi who has talent and is massively popular with fans. Kimi will push Alonso as long as they give him what he needs.

      5. jeroen says:

        What evidence do you have James to state that Alonso believes or believed he was running Ferrari?

        Is it not simply based on a lot of hacks blowing out of all proportions some emotional knee jerks of a champion who is desperate to get the crown back whilst at the heights of his powers, let down by wrong decisions and inferior material?

        As to Montezemelo, he is simply getting the Ferrari name talked about, keeping the brand strong despite lack of results on the track.

      6. James Allen says:

        Where did I say Alonso was running Ferrari?

        I said it shows who is running Ferrari – very different

      7. Rockie says:

        Better to understand before jumping into conclusions!

      8. jeroen says:

        Sorry James but your reply to me does not stack up (and a bit weird one can’t reply to your reply comments). You said” It shows HIM who is running Ferrari”, so that simply does very much mean Alonso.

      9. vuelvekowalsky says:

        why there isn’t an option to replay to james comments?

      10. Rob Newman says:

        Luca wanted to show Alonso that Luca is the boss. Alonso is not running the team. He is ruining the team.

      11. H.Guderian says:

        Not sure. I think nobody runs Ferrari lately.

    2. AlexD says:

      I am 1000% sure it will make Alonso stronger as it will give him the extra motivation he never had with Massa. I think many people will see very soon that this is a very brave but ingenious move by LDM. F1 deserves it and fans deserve it. Bravo Luca!

      1. Rockie says:

        Keep dreaming, as they say dreams come true!

      2. Dave C says:

        Well historically Alonso doesn’t deal well with a team mate beating him so if Raikkonen starts doing just that it’ll get ugly quick.

      3. Kay-Gee says:

        True, he likes to be the Beyonce of the team. I’m expecting the friction he had with Mclaren when Lewis was out performing him.

      4. Andre says:

        Deserve what exactly?

    3. Colombia Concalvez says:

      ”perhaps to McLaren? ” Are you serious ?, seriously, are you serious ?. Alonso betrayed McLaren and cost them $100 Million. They will NEVER take Alonso back!.

      1. Harshad says:

        Eddie Jordan is saying that Alonso, will likely move to Mclaren-Honda in 2015.

    4. anon says:

      Alonso’s spent the last two years complaining very publicly about Ferrari when it’s been unjustifiable. He had a car good enough last year thanks to its incredible reliability and strong pace. This year he had the fastest package on balance up until the British Grand Prix yet Vettel still pulled clear of him in championship.

      Part of being a F1 driver is dealing with different pressures. No-one has dealt with pressure over the last few seasons better than Vettel. Nothing phases him.

    5. Joao says:

      I’d already thought about that. I think we’ll see Alonso at McLaren again…
      It’s funny to see Ferrari rehiring Kimi after paying him not to race in 2010 and maybe we’ll see Alonso returning to the team he betrayed in 2007…

    6. Sami says:

      Do you really think Alonso could go back to McLaren?
      I cannot see Ron Dennis standing by as Fernando returns to Woking!
      May be if he sells his stake…

  13. goferet says:


    So it has been confirmed that Kimi wasn’t hired to help Alonso’s ambitions but rather to throw a spanner in the works.

    Whoa, this decision will either see the fall or crowning glory of Domencali for judging from Luca’s words he’s washing his hands of the consequences (with the exception of success).

    Now, I have no doubt that Kimi will be a thorn in Alonso’s side but in order for a team with two talented drivers to thrive, the team has to have a vastly superior car otherwise we’re just going to see points shared.

    As for the comparison with Lauda, well Niki got lucky for thanks to the half points distributed at Monaco 1984 when the race was red flagged, Lauda was able to beat his very young teammate Prost by a mere half a point.

    Anyway, for Luca’s sake, hope he doesn’t look back on the Kimi decision with regret for all we know, the nice environment at Lotus is what enabled him to bloom these past couple of seasons and also hope he doesn’t regret letting Massa go because Massa’s form in a way is what has helped Alonso to bloom i.e. no added pressure.


    Statistically speaking, the number 2 drivers in a team haven’t yet tasted success.

    Lewis plus the the Ferrari drivers Irivine and Massa have come the closest, in recent times.

    1. Matt says:

      I agree with the Domenicalli comment 100%.

    2. Chris Ralph says:

      Ah, Mr Feret, always enjoy your wisdom and opinion. That nice Mr Allen should pay you a modest retainer for contributions to his blog and the gratuitous stats so well ferreted. Keep up the good work.

      1. goferet says:

        @ Chris Ralph

        Aww… So kind of you sir

        A million thanks

      2. Basil says:

        I concur with Chris’ comment.

    3. SteveS says:

      “it has been confirmed that Kimi wasn’t hired to help Alonso’s ambitions but rather to throw a spanner in the works.”

      No, that hasn’t been confirmed, it’s just your interpretation. Ferrari management have no incentive to “throw a spanner in the works”. They do have an incentive to get Alonso to raise his game though, and that’s clearly the intent here. Whether it will actually work as planned is anyones guess of course.

    4. Mark V says:

      I think this “points shared” or “taking points away from each other” stuff that is often said of equal or near equal teammates is nonsense, mathematically speaking. Having a teammate that can score well means they are also taking points away from one’s competitors.

    5. ilpaul says:

      Monaco 1984: a real classic, Senna and Bellof charging from the back, amazing overtaking on Lauda and Arnoux. Thanks for reminding it!

    6. Omar says:

      goferet,’Statistically speaking, the number 2 drivers in a team haven’t yet tasted success.

      Lewis plus the the Ferrari drivers Irvine and Massa have come the closest, in recent times.’

      Did you just call Lewis a number 2 driver? Absolutely Unbelievable!!

  14. Mandice says:

    No wonder Niki Lauda has nothing but praises for Kimi.

    I bet he sees himself in Kimi.

    1. 180110 says:

      Yeah, one of them got their ‘N’s and ‘M’s mixed up else their names would be anagrams as well..

    2. Hero_was_senna says:

      Ironic, cause Kiki sees Hunt in himself!

      1. Le mister says:


      2. Olivier says:

        Hunt x Lauda = Kimi

  15. Matt W says:

    I don’t think Montezemolo should be comparing Kimi to Lauda. Lauda was pretty much sacked for his decision to withdraw from the Japanese GP in 76 because of the injuries to his tear ducts making it impossible for him to see in the rain (the experience of his previous crash probably weighed on his mind too).

    It brings up memories of Ferrari’s rather callous past, the brand would be absolutely crucified if they pulled that stunt today.

    1. Hero_was_senna says:

      It would probably help you to actually read up on the life of Lauda, he was not sacked for 1976. Ferrari hired Reutemann for the remainder of 1976 because the team doubted Lauda would return. The fact he did in 6 weeks astounded everyone.
      In 1977, Lauda won the WDC for Ferrari and left before the end of the season but always on his terms.
      Ferrari and Lauda, they talked about his return for 1982 and was all agreed but eventually he was signed to Mclaren with Marlboro money.

      He also didn’t withdraw because of tear ducts etc. he withdrew because of fear driving in those conditions at Fuji.

      Please don’t think that Rush is a historically accurate film to base your argument on..

      1. Matt W says:

        Er I haven’t seen Rush?

        Lauda himself stated his tear ducts were not working properly but as I say above I acknowledge the accident also played a large part in this.

        Whilst not technically sacked it is now generally agrees amongst historians that their relationship badly soured after he withdrew from the race. After that, there was no going back and it was a key factor in their parting.

      2. Dave C says:

        If Lauda was sacked in 76 then how did he win the title in 77 with Ferrari? my knowlwdge about F1 in the 70′s is limited but I don’t think you’re accurate.

    2. All revved-up says:

      Lauda sacked in 1976? And then rehired to drive in 1977?

      Or did you mean he was sacked after winning the championship in a Ferrari in 1977, for something Lauda did in 1976?

      Not sure what you mean – but both scenarios don’t seem plausible.

      I could barely read the newspapers back then. Where did you read this?

  16. Chris Chong says:

    Let’s not forget that, like Lauda, Kimi also has the distinction of being engulfed in flames while driving a Ferrari F1 car, although in Kimi’s case it was in the pit lane and the fire didn’t last long :D

  17. 180110 says:

    Raikkonen will go ‘Meh’ to the interview. Alonso will walk around in his room so frustrated and motivated to show everyone how great he is that he will win the Singapore GP.
    Raikkonen will go ‘Meh’ to Alonso’s victory.

    1. Basil says:

      LOL probably very close to the truth!

    2. Steven M says:

      Kimmi will go “I missed the victory, I was having a s$*t!”

  18. Paul Watson says:

    Nothing wrong here, in fact it’s rather clever. It is slightly disrespectful of Massa, however in the world of politics its the timing of the message that matters most.

    1. All revved-up says:

      Very interesting observation regarding timing and comments.

      Looks like if Kimi even just matches Alonso – the war of words will be between Alonso and LdM. Kimi will just be Kimi.

      1. Yak says:

        Yeah, if Kimi just matches Alonso, it’ll kinda make all his samurai ramblings and talk of driving at 650% in a subpar car sound a bit silly.

        You gave it a million percent but the car’s just rubbish? Really? Coz Kimi just did the same 60-odd laps in the same car, couldn’t have cared less the whole way around, told us to shut up 5 laps in so we were just sitting around doing nothing for most of the race, and he still finished higher than you.

  19. Anne says:

    I don´t think it is fair to make Alonso and Massa the scapegoats for Ferrari´s meltdown these last 4 years. Reading what Luca says it seems that way. First he told Massa to look for a seat elsewhere. And now he hires Raikkonen to force Alonso to quit.

    1. Rockie says:

      “I don’t think it is fair to make Alonso and Massa the scapegoats for Ferrari’s meltdown in these last 4 years”
      What meltdown? Alonso has finished 2nd how many times ? so i dont get the bad Ferrari part! Also Alonso has said he doesnt need the best car to win so why blame Ferrari?

      1. Anne says:

        Not just RB but also McLaren was a faster car than Ferrari. But McLaren had operational and reliability problems.

        The bad Ferrari part? The wind tunel, race and qualify strategies. And some engneers since they are hiring people from Lotus now.

      2. Rockie says:

        So you conveniently forget Alonso left Italy with a 41 pt lead. Also Pat Fry insisting he was getting the best out of the car in qualifying.

    2. anon says:

      I think it’s fair to make Alonso. He’s the highest paid driver in the sport, Ferrari dumped Kimi because they thought Alonso was the missing piece. His ability to work with engineers in developing the car was highly touted. He’s been given cars good enough to win championships in 2010, 2012 and 2013 but has failed.

      1. Richard says:

        In all those three years, his Ferrari, was no match to the Red Bull. Only time they came close was the start of this year, but the combination of RBR to moan on Pirellis and a lack of development at Ferrari meant RBR is far ahead of them, once again.

      2. anon says:

        The car was good enough in terms of outright speed in 2010. Fact of the matter is Alonso blew it in Abu Dhabi. The young kid in his third full season of F1 held his nerve and had better race craft than veterans Alonso and Webber.

        2011 he didn’t have a car good enough.

        2012 it didn’t have speed of the McLaren (which was the fastest car), but it did have the best reliability on the grid and had strong pace from Barcelona onwards. Alonso couldn’t outqualify Massa in the last two races and only finished one second ahead of Massa in the final race. Change those things and he would have been champion. Vettel on the other hand went to the back of the field and got back to 6th in difficult conditions and with a damaged car. Vettel was the better driver when all the pressure was on.

        Vettel in the 2010 and 2012 Ferrari wins both championships.

        As for this year, the Ferrari was on balance the fastest car up until the British Grand Prix yet Vettel still pulled away from him. Vettel’s only had a car advantage at Bahrain, Montreal and the last two races, yet he has an almost insurmountable lead in the championship.

        Alonso’s a good driver, one of the best in the world, but he’s not as good as Vettel (or Hamilton).

      3. yugin says:

        ‘When the pressure was on’ in the final race, Alonso drove superbly in the opening laps to get past both Red Bulls and his teammate (not being let through, mind you). Vettel in contrast got off to a poor start, dropped back into the pack, then crashed into Senna.

      4. Bartholomew says:

        @yugin – No, Senna crashed into Vettel from behind. Vettel then fought his way through the field to clinch the title.

      5. SteveS says:

        “He’s been given cars good enough to win championships in 2010, 2012 and 2013 but has failed.”

        Don’t forget 2007. Of all Alonso’s “nearly’ years, that’s the one he should have won.

      6. anon says:

        That’s true. Got beat by his rookie teammate. Ran to Renault because he knew he wouldn’t be able to beat Hamilton in 08. If he stayed he would have had a car capable of winning the championship in 08 too. 08 and 09 were self inflicted, so only 2011 is the only year since 04 where he hasn’t had a car able to challenge for the championship.

        But then again, his teammate Trulli beat him in 04…

    3. SteveS says:

      I would not say he’s trying to force Alonso to quit. He does seem to think that Alonso could (and will) give more to the team if spurred on by a stronger teammate.

  20. AlexD says:

    I actually think that this will work in Ferrari unlike in McLaren with Hamilton and Alonso. LDM is clearly showing who is the boss and he doesn’t want to destroy the team, he wants to have an unbeatable team with 2 great champions pushing each other. Finally we have a chance to witness it in F1. It could have been done at Red Bull if not for Vettel and Helmut leading the team instead of Horner.

    LDM is the man!

    He will make Alonso the strongest.

    1. Dave C says:

      Dream on, unless the Renault power unit is a dud next year Vettel will continue to dominate and then take his domination to Ferrari, Luca will break the bank to sign him you watch, Raikkonen and Alonso can’t improve further at their age the only way is down.

  21. James Clayton says:

    “Alonso will be the main beneficiary. Returning to Lauda, when he came back remember he beat Prost (his McLaren team mate) to the world championship”…?

    Is there some kind of sarcasm I don’t understand there… how is the potential of having your team mate beat you to the world championship beneficial?

    1. Random 79 says:

      I think the theory is that it will make Alonso try harder.

      1. Yak says:

        Alonso’s already supposedly driving at 120%. Not sure how much harder he can try from there.

      2. Random 79 says:

        Agreed he’s driving at at least 100% – as are most F1 drivers – so I think LDM’s comments are a tad insulting and I further think that Alonso himself may find them insulting.

        Looking back at the comments, what I don’t get is this:

        ‘From Raikkonen I am demanding victories, consistency, podiums. Alonso will be the main beneficiary. Returning to Lauda, when he came back remember he beat Prost (his McLaren team mate) to the world championship’

        So he expects Kimi to come back and win and expect Alonso to benefit from that (which he might if it does motivate him to go faster) but it also sounds like he wants Kimi to win the WDC out from under Alonso, which after 4 (provisional) straight losses to Vettel I think losing to Kimi as well in his own team might actually crush Alonso’s spirit once and for all.

        Time will tell, but it’s going to interesting.

    2. Ben says:

      Motivation to raise your game. As Alonso is widely regarded as the best driver having someone push him should make him more motivated. To be the best you have to beat the best. It will be very interesting to see how this pans out. I personally can’t predict who will come out on top at the moment

      1. Rockie says:

        “To be the best you have to beat the best.”
        Well Vettel is not in the other Ferrari!

      2. Chris says:

        Ben, doesn’t that make the Vettel the best?!

      3. Ben says:

        Huh, I don’t follow your logic? Unless you mean that Vettel beat Alonso the last few years but you have to factor in unequal machinery. Which is the reason you get the endless debaits on here and other forums on who is better. It is not until they are in the same machinery that you can really make a realistic claim either way. Which is why it really is a shame that Red Bull did not pick a more known quantity for the 2nd Red Bull seat next year. Although I do understand their choice, I would have preferred it if they had gone for HAM, RAI or ALO

    3. Wade Parmino says:

      I thought it was interesting and a bit of a terrible example by LdM when he made that comment.

      Lauda for a start was a very experienced double champion and he only won the 84 WDC over a less experienced Prost by half a point. This was not based on superior driving performances, but simply by being so fortunate as to have the Monaco GP stopped early and half points being awarded. Lauda had crashed out of this race with Prost leading and Senna rapidly catching him. Had the race been full length and Senna happened to take the win, Prost would have received a full 6 points for 2nd place rather than his 4.5 points he got for the win. Prost would have been champion, not Lauda.

      Obviously rules are rules and thats the way it happened to unfold, but the point is that it was not Lauda’s better driving that got him the championship.

      LdM is being a real $hit stirrer and seems to want to undermine Alonso. I think Stefano Domenicalli is a good guy and should replace LdM.

      1. Timmay says:

        I’m pretty sure the 1984 WC had more than 2 races in it.

      2. Wade Parmino says:

        That’s irrelevant. The assumption is that everything remained the same. The only aspect altered would be the race distance of that one race at Monaco.

      3. KRB says:

        Prost was calling for the race to be halted while in the lead. So he can blame himself.

      4. Wade Parmino says:

        Fair point, but his actual driving was still better than Lauda.

  22. Jock Ulah says:

    Dear Luca,

    Please make sure the 2014 cars are competitive . . .

    Otherwise both drivers will most likely rid themselves of Ferrari at the end of that season.

    1. Spyros says:


      Funny how this whole chest-drumming exercise has made people forget this minor little point, eh?

    2. franed says:

      It is worth remembering that the 2014 cars will be nothing like this year’s, the power will be up and the downforce will be down, especially the rear, as there should be no diffuser blowing. There is no reason to expect a similar situation to this year. Half a season of problems can easily loose a championship and I expect several teams to have that!

  23. Christer Hammarström says:

    One thing is for certain, Kimi is a better driver today, he is even “another” person. And there is nothing mysterius about that, even he is getting older.So in a way I will give Luca M right abouth that. Ooops forget the “di”.

  24. hodo says:

    Wow starting a war between drivers before Kimi has re donned the red overalls. I thought it would be a relatively stable partnership like Button and Hamilton were because kimi won’t rise to provocation but it seems Luca is determined to get them to go at it tooth and nail

  25. TimW says:

    The last line is interesting, “And let’s not forget that in the last three years we’ve lost the title at the last race, through no fault of his.” I wonder who Luca does blame?

    1. Dave C says:

      He blames Alonso, I too believe Alonso has some fault in those races, Brazil last year he had a good chance when Vettel was tangled by Bruno Senna and squeezed by webber on the first lap, Alonso was shadowing the Mclarens but then mysteriously when wide at turn 1 and was passed by Hulkenberg and faded after that, if he just followed the Mclarens as we saw they slowed as the race went on he could have taken vicrory and the title but unlike Vettel in Abu Dhabi 2010 he wasn’t able to rise above and beat the Mclarens to victory and pile pressure on Vettel, Luca was fed up already but realised Alonso’s consistency but after these recent outbursts LDM just wants to teach Alonso a lesson.

      1. Richard says:

        Mclarens were in a class of their own last year Brazil…And unlike Vettel in Abu Dhabi 2010, he did not have a superior car.

      2. Harshad says:

        And how do you explain Alonso qualifying P7 and Massa qualifying P4 in Brazil 2012?
        Massa was only two tenths down on Vettel where as Alonso 7 tenths!!!

        Alonso would have had a better chance of winning race if he could have qualified better, but he didn’t.

      3. Dave C says:

        Class of their own? Funny that Hulkenberg in the Force India had the measure of them in the 2nd half of the race, also at Abu Dhabi in 2010 Mclaren was every bit as quick as the Redbull Vettel was thw difference, just look at Webber’s performance that race.

      4. TimW says:

        I guess it’s always been the Ferrari way to blame the driver. It’s clear the relationship between Alonso and LDM has soured, there must be an Alonso move coming, with Kimi as a stop gap till Vettel becomes available.

  26. Chromatic says:

    I hope Kimi finds Ferrari to be the team he now signs up for, and not it’s twin.

    1. Spyros says:

      We’ve certainly been watching its twin for a while, haven’t we?

  27. fox says:

    Of course everything could happen.
    So Montezemolo could list all options:
    1. Kimi can beat Fernando.
    2. Fernando can beat Kimi.
    3. Sebastian can beat both red roosters in red han
    4. All three can break their legs and all three will be beaten by angry Felip baby.

    For sure Fernando got tired during those resultless years. While Kimi will get a fresh air because of switch. But all those talks are bull%%%%.

    1. Random 79 says:


      *presses option 4*


  28. Seized UP says:

    2014 – hurry up already – I *literally* can’t wait. It’s got all the ingredients to be a real humdinger.

    1. Random 79 says:

      Funny, that’s what everyone was saying about 2013.


      1. yugin says:

        Well, Raikkonen to Ferrari is a bigger move than Hamilton to Mercedes by nature of the driver rivalry. Next year also has the new regulations.

      2. Random 79 says:

        Yep, but then again with the new engines we may see a more strung out field with again only one or two dominant teams.

        Hopefully it should be good, so I’m going to go into 2014 with reserved optimism :)

  29. forzaminardi says:

    So now Kimi is like Hunt and Lauda both at the same time…?!?! If anyone is like Lauda, it’s Alonso. Remember Lauda in 1977, runs away with the championship and then walks away from the team. How about Alonso to win the 2014 championship, leave to join a resurgent McLaren-Honda and leave Ferrari rushing about to fill in a gap next to a mediocre Kimi? I should say here I like Kimi a lot, but I’ll be VERY surprised if he’s actually able to consistently beat Alonso in 2014 – funny business from the management notwithstanding.

    Anyway, Luca clearly sees himself as Enzo’s inheritor and true to that role is using his pronouncements in the media to basically stuff up the team’s chances.

    1. Spyros says:

      Most intelligent post I’ve read all day. And I don’t even like Alonso. Not sure about next year’s Ferrari being the car to beat, though, but with the new power units, who knows…

    2. Binoy says:

      Lol.. You just wait. Undoubtedly,KiMi is the greatest natural talent there is in F1. He adapts to everythig very quickly. Give him a car that suits his driving style,he is gonna own alonso and everyone for that matter!!

      1. krischar says:

        “Give him a car that suits his driving style” ? Any driver can win WDC when the car is to their liking.

        Greatness matters or counts when how do drivers perform with abysmal machinery time after time with real respite like in Alonso / Ferrari scenario since 2010 to this point

        He was given Quickest car in the grid by miles in 2008. yet Kimi was owned by massa

        he is gonna own alonso and everyone for that matter ? Where ? In your Dreams

        Get real, we know who is kimi and why he was sacked

        Alonso knows how to beat every driver in the grid. He has got everybit of skill and talent which is really mighty. Alonso will wipe the floor with kimi like he did with massa

        Forza ALONSO

      2. Harshad says:

        FYI; I guess these guys who have worked with Kimi know better!

        Stefano Domenicali: “It has to be said also that Kimi is unbelievable. He’s so focused in his work. Nothing else other than his work.”

        Jean Todt: “Kimi fits better than Alonso in the philosophy of Ferrari, is the product of his personality,
        his way of being, is modest and nothing arrogant.”

        Ross Brawn: “I was particularly pleased for Kimi because he struggled a little at the beginning to adapt to the new team,
        car and particularly the Bridgestone tyre characteristics. What impressed me was that he worked with his engineers, understood the issues, got on top of the situation and, importantly and in the style of Michael, he did it in a quiet way within the
        privacy of the team. His performance in the second half of the season was exceptional.” (Speaking after the end of the 2007 season)

        Andrea Stella: “Kimi was able to do so many things behind the wheel that our engineers’ advice wouldn’t have been of help there. In that sense Kimi is better than Michael Schumacher. When I was working as Michael’s data engineer we always had to tell him accurately how he could drive faster in different corners according to the computer. With Kimi you don’t need these kind of advice. He finds the solutions himself.”

        Felipe Massa: “Kimi is a great, great pilot, a pilot who does not speak much but that top of the car of
        running, knows everything.”

        Andrea Stella: “I won’t miss Kimi only because of humane reasons but also because I know how fast and achievement-oriented driver he is. Brawn has dominated this season with the best car but since summer Lewis Hamilton and Kimi have collected most points. It’s not because of the cars but it’s based on the fact that Lewis and Kimi have been the best drivers of the series.”

      3. Jorge Lardone says:

        Yes, Alonso also knows how to mmake his team mate go against a wall to win a race. Remember Singapore 2008?

      4. Binoy says:

        Really?? Give me the name of one driver who won a championship in a car that was opposite of their driving style. Give alonso a car that has oversteer,you will see what im talking about.

        Get real…no driver is going to beat his teammate if he gets a car that is exact opposite of his driving style. In 2008,Kimi started strong . He was leading the championship before the development went massa’s way. Even Micheal himself told this in an interview,and thats why KiMi’s performance dropped. And not to forget the politics behind it. Ferrari had to make KiMi look bad so as to replace him with the Santander/alonso who came with a truck load of cash. I hope they understood by now that Money doesnt bring championships.

        We all know KiMi was thrown away because of the santander cash. Now they have taken KiMi back,because they Know Alonso is all talk and he aint gonna get the job done!! Next year,Kimi is again gonna do what alonso couldnt do in his 4 years with Ferrari.

        Finally,KiMi is still Ferrari’s last worldchampion. That itself says a lott….

      5. Sujith says:

        Ohh fastest car in 2008 and Massa beats him!!

        Ohh yes… he had the fastest car. A driver like Kimi does not freakking change from having a perfect Weekend in Spain 2008 Increasing his Championship lead to where he ended up at the end of the year. Clearly something changed on his car. To make way for Santanter backed Alonso!! Micheal Schumacher I assume changed his front end and called it “UPDATES!” and to a BBC interview blindingly said.. I have no idea what happened to Kimi and why he could not adapt to the updates.

        Luca Hiring Kimi to replace this same MASSA is proof that they know what really happened to Kimi’s performance that year. Read between the lines. Especially with Luca’s lines!!

      6. Glennb says:

        Just curious. If Kimi is so quick to adapt, why does he need a car that suits his style? Don’t top drivers get paid for their ability to ‘drive’ around these problems? Like the great Lewis for example. My understanding is he can drive around any and all problems with a car. I know its true, I read it here.
        Not a Kimi hater by any means, just curious about the comment is all.

      7. Harshad says:

        Adaptation is one thing, but changing your natural style of driving another!
        Kimi does prefer a little oversteer to the car.

        In 2008, those bridgestones had a tendency to oversteer as the race progressed.(BG guys themselves said that). Ferrari (for some reason after Spain 2008) dialed their cars to understeer with brand new tyres; which is why Kimi struggled in Qualifying and initial part of the race. As the car tend to oversteer in the race,he was on pace setting 10 fastest laps in the year but was too far down the grid to have any chance of Victory in quiet a few races. So clearly Kimi struggles with an Under steering car.

        With regards to Adaptation, at first a driver should have a car to his liking so that he can push when it matters.
        Just watch Hungary 2012/2013. In both the races at midway stage Kimi was placed similarly (P5/P6),
        In Hungary 2012, he was close to battle in front and then just displayed savaging speed, dialing laps 1.5 secs quicker than anybody else on 10-15 lap old tyres.
        In Hungary 2013, he wasn’t close to battle in front but smartly drove according to delta times and salvaged P2, defending against faster Vettel in later stages.

        This to me is adaptability, in similar cars (2012/2013), same venue, he salvaged P2 by driving races differently from similar situations he found himself at midway stage.He just drove according to car’s advantage and secured Podium.

      8. Spinodontosaurus says:

        >”He adapts to everythig very quickly. Give him a car that suits his driving style,he is gonna own alonso and everyone for that matter!!”
        If he is so adaptable, why do you suggest he needs a car that suits him? Is a bit contradictory, isn’t it?

      9. Binoy says:

        [mod] I’ll just quote a fellow commenter(Harshad) here.

        “Adaptation is one thing, but changing your natural style of driving another!
        Kimi does prefer a little oversteer to the car.

        In 2008, those bridgestones had a tendency to oversteer as the race progressed.(BG guys themselves said that). Ferrari (for some reason after Spain 2008) dialed their cars to understeer with brand new tyres; which is why Kimi struggled in Qualifying and initial part of the race. As the car tend to oversteer in the race,he was on pace setting 10 fastest laps in the year but was too far down the grid to have any chance of Victory in quiet a few races. So clearly Kimi struggles with an Under steering car.

        With regards to Adaptation, at first a driver should have a car to his liking so that he can push when it matters.
        Just watch Hungary 2012/2013. In both the races at midway stage Kimi was placed similarly (P5/P6),
        In Hungary 2012, he was close to battle in front and then just displayed savaging speed, dialing laps 1.5 secs quicker than anybody else on 10-15 lap old tyres.
        In Hungary 2013, he wasn’t close to battle in front but smartly drove according to delta times and salvaged P2, defending against faster Vettel in later stages.

        This to me is adaptability, in similar cars (2012/2013), same venue, he salvaged P2 by driving races differently from similar situations he found himself at midway stage.He just drove according to car’s advantage and secured Podium.”

  30. Random 79 says:

    ‘The Raikkonen decision was driven by Domenicali so he must see it through and take responsibility for it’

    Scapegoat all lined up and ready to fire :)

  31. John Turner says:

    I’m sure it’s been mentioned, but with Kimi’s Hero being James Hunt, I wonder what he thought of the Lauda Comparisons!

    Mind you, I think any comparison to another World Champion would be Flattering. You’d hope at least!

  32. Digby says:

    Montezemolo has a poor memory – in 2011 Alonso was beaten by Vettel by 135 points – ie well before the last race. Alonso was also well beaten by Button and just beaten by Webber as well leaving him as the the best Ferrari driver and only fourth in the 2011 championship. We accept that a lot about formula one is ‘smoke and mirrors’ but LDM’s implication that Alonso and Ferrari were fighting for the 2011 championship up until the last race is clearly not consistent with the facts. It is difficult to ignore the possibility that LDM, for all his past successes, might have become a bit of a dreamer.

    1. James Allen says:

      He said twice in three years ie 2010 and 2012, in both of which ALO was a contender to the final race…??

      1. Digby says:

        Sorry – misread LDM’s comment without the ‘twice in’. Best delete my post. Regds.

    2. Anil Parmar says:


      That said, 2011 was a better season for Alonso imo. How he got so many podiums is beyond me.

  33. Jay says:

    Raikkonen v Alonso next year will define Fernando more than it would Kimi. Next two years will enhance or diminish Fernando ‘s legacy in F1. If kimi gets the upper hand or not, he has the mental strength to deal with it (2007 & 2008) and people will not think less of him. On the other hand, if alonso gets beaten, A LOT will be said! He really has no choice but to beat kimi. Alonso is a great great driver (and maybe even the best) and he knows this and must believe in this, but this also puts tons of pressure on him and he must deliver….. And this alone has already put kimi in a massive psychological advantage!

    I’m a kimi fan, and I have a very good feeling about next year. I’m so excited that I couldn’t care less anymore of the remainder of this season. Bring on 2014!

    1. Sri says:

      Exactly. All so-called pundits rave about Alonso, so they will have a shock if Kimi gets better of Alonso.

      1. All revved-up says:

        I’m one of them. I like Kimi. But i will be surprised if Kimi consistently beats Alonso in equal cars in 2014.

        I hope to be wrong and to be pleasantly surprised in 2014!

  34. Richard says:

    As Red Bull have raised the bar teams need to have the two best drivers they can hire to stand any chance of winning the constructors championship. The days of focusing entirely on one lead driver are over. Now the drivers have to be allowed to race until a clear lead in points is established say halfway to two thirds of the way through a season, then they can focus more on the driver with the most points to deliver.

  35. jpinx says:

    All this talk of 2014 makes one feel like 2013 is SV’s to lose. Sounds very much like all eyes have swivelled to 2014 and the drivers will have to make the best they can of the rest of 2013. This might just let someone surprise us — I certainly hope so…….

    1. Timmay says:

      Vettel has been champion elect for 2013 eer since the tyre nonsense fell in their favour. He totally deserves it, kicking everyones butt this year. Has Webber won a single race yet?

  36. Albert Park says:

    I can’t wait for K to beat F next season..
    It will be mega!

  37. Yak says:

    “I wanted a driver who would make me look back on Massa with regret and I’ve got one.”

    Well that’s nice. “Thanks for nothing, Felipe. Hurry up and GTFO.”

    1. Glennb says:

      That’s how I read it too :) You put it so eloquently also :)

    2. Larry Thorne says:

      Yeah, this is a “good” example of Luca’s leader “skills” not to mention to start World War III between the drivers even before the next season has started. Kimi doesn’t care what has been said and will be said in the media and it won’t affect him but Alonso will continue his samurai tricks.

    3. maverick says:

      Luca actually said this: “I wanted a driver who wouldn’t (would not) make me look back on Massa with regret and I’ve got one.” …it’s just a typo in the article.

  38. JohnBt says:

    LDM is boss. Alonso is employee. Polemics at work.

    The infighting I feel is more between boss and employee.
    The new employee won’t give a toot, he’s improved and even talking more these days.

    As Webber said if the 2014 car is good the fight will be good for Ferrari, if not it will just fizzle out. How true.

    Good for us fans though, kinda steer us off the not so liked turbo ruling.

  39. Mitori says:

    Montezemolo made quite a fuzz about Alonso and driving for the team. Now Massa says he wont help Alonso anymore who still has a ( ok, very ) small chance. Why keeps Montezemolo all of a sudden quiet about that? Is Massa really allowed to drive for himself?

  40. Anop says:

    Why is it that since 2005, Fernando has come to the final races of the season with a chance to win drivers title 5 times out of a possible 8? And with 3 different teams, driving with/without refueling, with/without tyre changes.

    In addition, why is Fernando the only one to take the fight to Schumi, Lewis, Kimi and Sebastian in years since 2005?

    Anyway I read Luca’s statement on Ferrari website and he only talks about what Kimi can do – he can win the championship. We all know that and it is a fact so are all numbers in the above two questions. .

    1. Harshad says:

      Kimi has had championship winning cars in

      Alonso has had championship winning cars in

      Alonso, has won 2 and Kimi has won 1, though 2003/2005 was more down unreliability of car than Kimi’s fault of losing championship.

      I don’t think Alonso has had so many reliability problems as Kimi throughout his career.

      So fact is Alonso has had more shots at Championship than Kimi however, both of them really are very closely matched!!

      1. ShaBooPi says:

        Are you joking… you think he had a championship winning car in 2012? Be realistic. It was no match for the Red Bull last year.

      2. Harshad says:

        I guess you are the one Joking!

        After Monza’12 Alonso was 41 points ahead of Vettel, so much for an noncompetitive Ferrari!

        If you still think Alonso was creating miracles then you are just another one who bought into this Alonso hype…

      3. Kay-Gee says:

        @ Harshad

        You nailed it. Numbers alone can lead astray. Fernando has been lucky with reliable championship-winning capable cars.

      4. clyde says:

        @ harshad

        Is this guy Rockies twin brother :-O

  41. Matt says:

    How disrespectful of Montezemolo to Raikkonen:

    “I’m speaking of the twin brother of Kimi, because the driver who we had racing for us wasn’t the one we hired.”

    I think it’s his way of saving face from the fiasco that occured when he bought Kimi out of his contract. Either way it’s disrespectful to Kimi implying he was lazy or his inconsistent performance was down solely to him (nothing the team did … no …).

    1. Sri says:

      Ha! There is disrespect to Alonso, Massa and Domenicali also there. He is like that!

    2. maverick says:

      Kimi did have his twin brother driving in 2008, as his performances were below par compared to the 2007 season, everybody knows that. Deal with it! There’s no need to fantasize about any conspiracy theories to excuse Kimi’s lack of motivation and results after the 2007 season. Luca is right.

  42. Tim L says:

    Stats ..the real story

    1 Sebastian Vettel 256 2010
    2 Fernando Alonso 252

    1 Sebastian Vettel 392 2011
    2 Jenson Button 270
    3 Mark Webber 258
    4 Fernando Alonso 257

    1 Sebastian Vettel 281 2012
    2 Fernando Alonso 278

    1 Sebastian Vettel 222 2013
    2 Fernando Alonso 169

    1. Tim L says:

      Meaning three out of four times FA has been second….not bad for a Ferrari run, I know he does not like it but still he was there.

    2. shri says:

      Imagine if Massa had taken 5 points of Vettel, Alonso would have been champion twice.

      That is exactly why Massa has to be sacked.

      1. Tim says:

        I completely agree.

      2. SteveS says:

        The trouble is that any driver good enough to take points off Vettel is not going to then meekly move aside for Alonso. He’s going to expect to be allowed to take points off Alonso as well.

      3. Timmay says:

        5 points was all she asked for

      4. Dave C says:

        Imagine if Vettel didn’t have all his technical problems and rookie mistakes in 2010.

  43. Warren G says:

    I honestly don’t get why he would be making these types of comments. The only way this super team will work is for both drivers to be managed effectively, and stirring the pot from within is not going to help.

    Nor can I understand why he would want rid of Alonso. The Spaniard may be a fiery character but he’s driven the wheels off those cars with little to show for it other than absolutely destroying his team mate. Like him or not, you’d rather want him driving for you than against you.

    As others have said, this has the potential to be like the Button/Hamilton partnership but on a higher level. Be a real shame if it was just a political tool to leverage a driver out of the team because of a personality clash.

  44. Random 79 says:

    ‘I’m speaking of the twin brother of Kimi, because the driver who we had racing for us wasn’t the one we hired’

    Now all Kimi really has to do is rock up in his gorilla suit and LDM won’t have a clue who he’s hired ;)

  45. nick says:

    James wasn’t this supposed to be the last year of Marlboro sponsorship. Will they be extending the deal? Would they have had any say in signing Kimi?

    thanks for the great site!

  46. Dom Smith says:

    Sometimes I really don’t understand why LDM comes out with these comments, but I suppose he believes it will fire the two drivers up (not that Kimi will care).

    Next season is certainly going to be interesting, but personally I think Kimi will get the upper hand come Brazil, although I do expect them to be very, very close on points. I just hope they can get the car to challenge the dominance of Red Bull, and the ever improving Mercedes cars!

  47. Brace says:

    I don’t know if perhaps it is due to translation from Italian to English, but Luca’s press releases often strike me as complete, unsubstantiated drivel, with an intentional absence of any logic, facts or measure, or any foundations in reality.

    1. ShaBooPi says:

      No, it’s not just you. This is how Italy manages success. Everyone looks to Italian companies for leadership, accuracy and reliability.

    2. rene says:

      Well, he’s dabbling in politics, so that sounds about right…

  48. Leonardo L says:

    I think the pending fire and ice combination at Ferrari is going to be the perfect mixture for all of us rather bored F1 fans watching at home. Ten out of ten to Dom and Luca for making us want to look forward to something in what has become a really tedious and unvaried sport.

  49. Maz124s says:

    Yeah thats right Massa you predict there will be trouble

    Maybe if u actually performed for the past 4 seasons Ferrari would never have needed to hire Kimi

    Count yourself lucky u had a drive for so long because ur performances sure did not deserve it

  50. gibbon75 says:

    According to the Finnish MTV3 Tulosruutu (Sport Broadcast)Kimi wanted an apology from Luca before he would enter negotiations :)


    1. Rob Newman says:

      Anything from that blog needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. After watching Sky F1, I hardly trust media when it comes to certain individuals because they are bias.

      Kimi said he didn’t like one person at Ferrari but never named him or her. It could be Luca or it could be Schumi. Can’t be anyone else but we don’t know.

      Last year Kimi said he doesn’t have any problems with any team even if it was Ferrari. He is not someone who keeps a grudge or belittle a team. He is a professional.

      Luca wouldn’t have apologised unless Enzo has done something similar in the past.

      1. Pramod says:

        exactly Rob these Poor biased guys like Martin bundle says ..vettel is a big hype because he drives the best car..and yes newey the genius blah blah they deliberately overlooking the fact that kimi drove with newey for 5 years and they couldn’t win championship ..and that red bull had won not a single race till Sebastian vettel joined. And Ferrari get more money than red bull for finishing second ..why can’t they build a winning car. .fact is they already have a winning car but not the driver. .alonso is a good driver but a better politician ..he says in Singapore ..we knew we had no pace ..hmm then how come you over took and jumped from 7th to 3rd ..whose car was that ..red bull. .

  51. Rednas says:

    Of course Kimi could beat Alonso. Although a lot of “experts” in general seem to think Alonso will have the upper hand, I’m not so sure. Domenicali is a big fan of Kimi and so is Allison. Slade will probably move to Ferrari as well as Kimi’s engineer so as long as Ferrari can get the car’s setup to Kimi’s wishes it should be a great fight. Let’s skip 2013 already and move on to 2014!

  52. Witan says:

    Montezemelo’s divide-and-rule style of shoving sharp sticks into cracks in the insecure under performing edifice is hardly likely to produce the close effective teamwork that the new regulations will demand.

    He looks increasingly an old man running out of time with no real ideas except spend, spend, spend, preen, demean, cream.

    1. docjkm says:

      My biggest concern about this current development is not who will clean up the floor with who, but how Ferrari will be a factor [mod]

      I will declare myself a nominal Mac fan, but one who cannot see how anyone interested in F1 could not have an interest in the well being of the Scuderia.

      I fail to see either Alonso or Kimi on any rational list of top ten all-time, though I consider both well above average. All this carping over which is better misses the bigger picture (way bigger) which is whether the Ferrari will be worth sitting in next year. That is a huge concern, and having the biggest stable of chefs is no certain answer.

      Does it REALLY matter if fire or ice is better IF they are contesting 4th or worse in the points? Not to me.

      This is a timely bit of attention, James. [mod]

  53. Le mister says:

    In 2012 Alonso was great… unfortunately (for me at least) I think that was the best we will ever see him drive.

    1. krischar says:

      No the best is yet to come and I am more than cent percent sure our GENIUS fernando alonso will get better and better before he calls the shot in few years

  54. Michael Prestia says:

    Bold move by Ferrari but I like it. It is better to have 2 drivers capable of pushing each other than 1 driver carrying the team.

  55. Sarvar says:

    Massa was reported to saying he wouldn’t help Alonso and ‘d be working for himself in the remaining races.
    Alonso’s hopes of title is vanishing rapidly, I am afraid.

    1. holly says:

      Yeah because Massa’s help is so vital to get Alonso’s title battle on track.

    2. krischar says:

      So if massa helps Alonso Ferrari or alonso can WDC with 7 races remaining ?

      Do not kid yourself

      Massa has never helped alonso, there were only two scenario in the last 4 seasons where he helped Ferrari or Alonso (Germany 2010, Austin 2012)

      People here need to look at the big picture. Irrespective of massa help or Ferrari words they cannnot win WDC. RBR Have ruled the roost ever since 2009 to this date with beast machineries

      Luca got his one wrong again Stefano D and technical crew were not good enough and they should have been sacked instead of massa

      Funily couple of days ago massa revealed a honest assessment of his team-mates where he stated Alonso is the most complete and toughest driver to beat than Kimi or schumi

      1. KARTRACE says:

        I agree, LDM is covering up, or attempting to, cover up his own management shortcomings. He is a typical politician. Never responsible for anything.

      2. Yak says:

        Actually Korea last year Massa was faster than Alonso but was told to stay a few seconds behind. And we just saw Massa let Alonso through at Monza. There have certainly been more than two cases of Massa helping Alonso, even if they haven’t been as blatant as “Fernando is faster than you” and taking a 5 place penalty for no mechanical reason.

        People are talking about how Massa hasn’t been taking points from Alonso’s competitors. Well the last 3 (well, effectively 4 now) WDCs have been taken by Vettel. If the great samurai Alonso is struggling to take points of Vettel, I don’t see why it’s expected Massa would be able to. If he’d been that competitive, he’d likely have been a bigger problem to Alonso than Vettel.

      3. Hiten says:

        Cant believe ppl are ignoring Massa’s contributions last year..there are atleast 5 races where Massa has helped Alonso which includes 2 less podium positions for Massa..either ppl are ignorant, fanboys or just follow sport for namesake and take updates from here and there!!!

    3. Adrian Newey Jnr says:

      I also noted this point.

      James – is there any scenario whereby Massa could be released early due to this not putting the team first?

  56. Bones says:

    I see nothing wrong here. Each one will push the other driver, therefore the team will get the benefits. I do not understand why people get soparanoic. This is the real legacy that Schumacher left in F1: to think that only by having clear number 1 and 2 you can win championships.
    LM is older and knows better.

    1. Zombie says:

      There’s a difference between earning “No.1″ status inside a team, and demanding “No.1″ status. Schumacher earned it, and repayed the team with loyalty even when the chips were down. The trouble with Alonso is not really his performance, but his impatience and constant bickering when things don’t go his way.

      1. KARTRACE says:

        Constant bickering. When that happen first time ? After so many blunders that SF did ? that’s when no one could keep quite. MS didn’t earn, lets not lie ourselves. He was good no question, but his team mates were there for him, wether liked it or not.

      2. Zombie says:

        When did the bickering happen ? Lets see : How about the infamous “Renault if favoring Fisi over me” comments when Alonso was with Renault ? Or the swerve at the US GP in 2007 at Mclaren when Alonso found himself behind Hamilton ? Or the pit lane incident with Hamilton ? And later the spygate blackmailing of his team ? Then the complaints throughout 2013 against Ferrari ? If Ferrari has been slow in development, Alonso has made his share of mistakes too. Not being able to overtake Petrov in 2010. I wont bring up 2011 as Ferrari were nowhere close to RBR. But in 2012 they were, and Alonso didn’t do his part.
        lets see : In Monaco 2012 Alonso was struggling against Massa.

        In Bahrain 2012 he was again struggling against Massa. Again in Korea and Valencia..ofcourse people only remember Massa finishing behind Alonso and wipe away the stats how/why that happened.

        and yep, i’m pretty sure the stunning drivers that Herbert,Irvine and Barichello “helped” Michael get his 7 titles , without whom he would have none. Sure !

      3. KARTRACE says:

        @ Zombie, there is so much controversy surrounding MS career as well so I suppose in your books he is not worthy champion either. Statement ” not being able to overtake Petrov in 2010 ” are clear bias and somewhat just blame someone at all costs to prove the hypothesis. Sure he ain’t angel, he is just human but damn good driver no matter what you trying to imply here. And yes you forgot F1 cars are not fighter planes, thus unable shoot down the opposition…. Petrov on a given day and his Renault were simply faster, that’s it.

        On the subject of the spy gate I do not even want to go there as that was other case all together when team was found guilty of. What was his role in the whole saga it is only known from the media, and the media are mostly looking for “blood” as that pushes their ratings, thus earnings as well.

      4. Zombie says:

        Kartrace, your suppositions does not convince me one bit that Alonso is being made the “fall guy” by the media. His actions and comments during his previous employment at Renault and Mclaren are available for all to see.

        As for Michael winning 91 GPs, 69 poles and 7 world titles due to the “help from his teammates” , i dont even think it deserves a response !

      5. KARTRACE says:

        I am not even attempting to convince anyone of anything, nor you. I am merely saying that all of them to get there where they are I takes to be a little bit above an average driver.

        MS records speak for itself and the fact that he parked his car in Monaco stands on its own as well. You may ignore it but that wouldn’t change anything. FA also got his own records and I may say that he ranks amongst top 10 drivers of all time in F1.

  57. Craig Baker says:

    I can understand why Kimi left Ferrari.
    I can not understand why he would leave Lotus.
    Next year I think Kimi will understand the full meaning of regret.

    1. KARTRACE says:

      Quite right, but bigger cheque is the motive, I suspect

      1. Yak says:

        I think ANY cheque might be a motive. If Lotus are struggling for money, and key people are walking out the door… Even with Ferrari’s current pace, they’re at least somewhat competitive. Lotus next year? Who really knows? They might be on the ball, but it’s probably a riskier hand to play than moving to Ferrari.

        The team starting picking up performance when Allison took the technical lead and have basically been heading upwards since. Maybe that’s somewhat of a coincidence and he was just one little part of a whole bunch of things falling into place. But from what I understand, he didn’t leave to go to another team. He just left and signed on with Ferrari later. When the tech director who has seemingly been a big part of their more recent success goes, “I’m outta here. I don’t even have a job to go to, but I’m out,” that doesn’t really come across as the team being in a particularly good position.

      2. KARTRACE says:

        Ya, it sounds pretty scary

  58. Trixie says:

    I’m surprised Luca made it a point to say that Stefano was the main factor in rehiring Kimi. If the line up works out, Ferrari will bask in WCC glory. If not, the scapegoat’s name is already in print.
    But seriously, their PR Dept should turn the 2010 pay-off to Kimi into a positive – it made him a better driver 2 years later and now we welcome him back into Ferrari fold to finish off where he left off, on a high note!

    Where does this leave Fernando ? More determined than ever, I suspect.

    I take Luca’s comments with a pinch of salt. He is a stirer, but wouldn’t F1 be much more interesting if Kimi really had a twin. Double the excitement, double the speculation, double trouble!

  59. gerry_dev says:

    I wonder what Kimi thinks of all this.. it seemed to me during his first stint at ferrari that it was all the politics was what made him ‘become his slower twin’.

    He’s been signed 5 minutes and it’s all started again. He must be rolling his eyes…

  60. Vinoo says:

    James- in your opinion ..who is going to have the upper hand? Kimi ? or Alonso?. On race pace id say they are pretty much equal…but who is going to have the advantage in quali? Also- Alonso is probably one of the best starters on the grid…!

    1. Harshad says:

      Starts from the grid are down to car set up…the way it is set up by the engineers, and not down to driver except of course from keeping out of trouble and making it count.

      And this has been happening with Ferrari since 2009 at least.
      Remember Kimi at Spa 2009, where he jumped from p6 to p2 on lap one.

      Also, those fast starts are applicable to Massa also so its just not down to one driver and hence those starts will be available to Kimi also next season.

      1. ShaBooPi says:

        You should explain this theory to Mark Webber and see what he says.

      2. Harshad says:

        Read the comment again, I said driver has to make it count!

      3. Yak says:

        Yeah, it’s definitely not just Alonso. Personally I consider the Ferrari questionably quick off the line. If they start third row, that’s effectively second row, near guaranteed.

    2. Glennb says:

      Prior to Monza, Alonso was ranked 9th in recent start performance. Source: this website.
      Hardly among the best considering his level of experience.
      Interestingly, Massa ranked 3rd, Kimi 15th.

      1. Yak says:

        To be fair, Massa’s had a few woeful quali days. When you’re starting further down the field amongst cars you probably shouldn’t be around to begin with, it’s easier to get a “better” start than your team mate who’s closer to the front of the grid.

  61. Viki says:

    James, Is stefano D good enough to manage two top drivers?

  62. Avinash says:

    James, whats the status on the ferrari 2014 engine? No pics or videos or even a mention about it in the above interview?…..Anything they said about it in Monza or any inside news you have gathered?

  63. Colin Wilson says:

    That should motivate Alonso

  64. Valentino from montreal says:

    Could , can & will !

    Raikkonen won’t take any of Alonso’s crap next year ..

  65. Tornillo Amarillo says:

    If KIMI wins the 2014 Championship the hero will be KIMI… not Ferrari. It will be a great story.

    And if ALONSO wins, and not KIMI, same thing with ALONSO.

    I’m missing something in this Ferrari’s mind game.

    1. Bones says:

      If any driver wins the title Ferrari wins,they never cared who wins it as long is one of their own(except for 1999 of course).
      What you are missing is that Kimi won a WC for Ferrari, Alonso has not.
      For whatever reasons neither Alonso nor Massa could have done it. It was about time to make some changes.

      1. Tornillo Amarillo says:

        But you fired KIMI, you pay him a lot, and then you have to hire him again saying “sorry, can you forget what we said about you and drive for us again because we did not find any other possible champion for next year…?”
        It’s bizarre for a team, but I may be wrong.

      2. Sujith says:

        Unless.. they really know what happened to Kimi in 2008 and they’re really sorry about it now :P

  66. Daniel G, says:

    James, was this interview given in Italian?

    Is this sentence really what it meant to be?

    “I wanted a driver who would make me look back on Massa with regret and I’ve got one.”

    If so, that’s pretty harsh on Massa at this point in time, not to say a bit disrespectful. Some people claim he said “I wanted a driver who would make me nor regret (losing) Felipe Massa and I’ve got one”.

    Those are two very different takes on that sentence.

    What d’you say?

    1. KARTRACE says:

      His English is far better then Italian, hahaha!! as he has no idea what is he talking even when speaking his native. What he said is that he had wish to have a pre accident Massa, and now he got it in Kimi. All in all he ain’t honest. If they supported Massa more as the equal in the team he could’ve had it. But Ferrari team politics is a stone crushing machine, every driver knows that who raced for Scuderia. Next year they want to have a bull fight because they want produce a driver championship winning car so this is one of the ways out of trouble. Alonso should move on, they do not deserve him.

  67. Ian Wright says:

    I was thinking a few races ago that Felipe had turned into Raikkonen at the end of his Ferrari career, quick when he could be bothered, Now Raikkonen has replaced his replacement, strange but fun.

  68. Andre says:

    There is no question that both drivers are topclass.
    We can speculate all we want but there is just not that much difference between both so it will all depend on small things. And many times these small things are out of their hands.

    If Alonso ends up higher in the championship then Raikkonen it doesnt mean he is better then Raikkonen. Also the other way around.

    We will see next year.

    1. tarun says:

      a very valid point!

  69. All revved-up says:

    Is LdM saying that in 2014, Ferrari will focus on the WCC; and if the drivers take points off each other – that’s too bad?

    If so – how could Alonso accept this arrangement? No more breaking of gearbox seals, slowing down to let Alonso catch-up and overtake, moving over to let Alonso overtake, having preferential treatment over race strategy etc

    Historically, Ferrari could take the position that Massa was so far back that they could support one driver to the detriment of the other.

    But if you have two drivers in close contention and both have a mathematical chance, asking one driver to yield will be demoralizing in the extreme.

    This doesn’t seem to fit with Alonso’s plans for himself.

  70. The Spanish Inquisitor says:

    Felipe will beat fernando next races…. LDM will force Fernando to exit.

    1. Truth or Lies says:

      You sure about that :)

      Though Massa’s comments reported today are insightful and I am very interested to see how he goes for the rest of the season.

      I think he’s pretty mad with Ferrari and after stuff like the forced Austin gearbox penalty and the fact that the car caused at least one of the Monaco crashes, he should be. The rest of Alonso’s season could be interesting.

      1. yugin says:

        2006- Playing second fiddle to Schumacher

        2007- Relinquishing the lead in his home Grand Prix to help his teammate win the title

        Singapore 2008- One of the most farcical screw-ups in recent years with the fuel hose problem

        Brazil 2008- Having the title snatched from him at the last corner of the last race

        2009- Rubbish machinery, right up till his accident

        2010- ‘Fernando is faster than you’

        2011- Really bad year in general

        First part of 2012- Rubbish machinery again

        Korea 2012- ‘Stay 3 seconds behind Fernando’ (or whatever it was…)

        US 2012- Delibrate gearbox penalty

        Australia and China 2013- screwed by his team prioritising Alonso pitstop-wise (particularly in Australia when he was ahead on track)

        His frustrations are fully understandable and tbh it’s incredible they haven’t boiled over until now. I think he could care more about whether Luca wants to regret him or not. Let’s hope we see the true Felipe in the final seven races of the season.

      2. Truth or lies says:

        Very well said, lets see what happens. Felipe has a very good chance over 7 races to be his own man and make a strong claim to a top seat for next season.

        It’s now or never Felipe !!

  71. ScarletFever says:

    I cant wait for the day Eddie Jordan’s prophecy comes true and Alonso goes back to McLaren Honda ni 2015 following a fall out with Ferrari, a remaking of Senna’esque times, a much needed marriage for McLaren and Alonso.

    1. anon says:

      Fernando Flintstone has nowhere else to go other than maybe Lotus. Mercedes has Hamilton and we know from 2007 that he can’t beat Hamilton. He won’t go to Red Bull while Vettel is there since he knows Vettel is quicker than him (hence vetoing his move to Ferrari). McLaren he tried to blackmail, so I can’t imagine them wanting him. It’s win at Ferrari or retire at this point.

  72. Ant says:

    Im sure Ferrari know exactly what they are getting from Kimi and Fernando will know too- they will have done analysis on every race since his comeback relative to team mate and his peers.

    These things are never that much on a gamble

  73. EA says:

    As colourful as his words may sound… LDM is just stating the obvious: that Kimi CAN beat Alonso. Of course he can.

    I don’t think he will, but he can. Kimi is one of the top drivers. And no, it wasnt his twin driving in 2008… it was just him driving a red pony.

    As for Alonso… the deal is decided, Ferrari will try to grab Vettel in a couple yrs. Webber said it, and he never BSs. But for Vettel to win, they’d need a super team, cause Vettel just doesn’t have the goods his titles suggest.

    1. Bartholomew says:

      For Vettel to win races, he just needs a reasonably competitive car. He’s had “the goods” since he was a rookie at Toro Rosso. For the championship, it’d need to be the best, or close to the best (which has always been the case in F1).

      1. EA says:

        Really? because he won the championship in that Toro Rosso? cause if you’re talking about Monza, then Maldonado has those goods as well.

        Fact is, the RB has been the car with the most 1-2s, the dominant WCC team. That car has been able to win championships despite numerous reliability and other problems.

        Not that Vettel isnt a worthy driver. He’s just not worth those 4 titles in a row, no matter how anyone paints it.

      2. Bartholomew says:

        The huge difference is that Vettel consistently delivered results that were beyond what he should have achieved in that car. Maldonado barely scored outside of Spain, and ultimately underachieved across the season.

        Through pointing out that RBR had numerous reliability problems, yet Vettel still keeps winning, you’ve inadvertently proved that Vettel has been as worthy of the three (possibly four) titles in a row, as Red Bull Racing have been of their team titles.

  74. Rafael says:

    Talk about contradicting yourself! Luca should just come out and say it: Regardless of whether it motivates Fernando or not, Ferrari really see Kimi as the Anti-Alonso.

    I understand Alonso may not have the most “delightful” reputation amongst his peers, and probably has the greatest amount of haters out there, but you’ve got to give it up to the man: he’s a winner. He knows how to get the job done, and he gets it done good. So yes, Fernando’s own mistakes have also contributed to his lack of championships; but ultimately, the single biggest factor in all of this, is Ferrari’s inability to produce a car that is consistently fast(er) relative to the competition. Plus, if (as Luca wants to believe) the car wasn’t really that far off, then surely it would have propelled Felipe to a much higher position, regardless of his slump.

    I once remember reading an article, sometime in 2010, that even at that early point of their relationship, Fernando was already quite unsatisfied at Ferrari since he felt – compared to his experience in McLaren – the developments weren’t coming fast enough. I think, since the post-Todt era, Ferrari has again come under di Montezemolo’s (direct) control (through Stefano Domenicali), and the pre-Schumacher “siesta” culture has returned. In F1 Racing’s “Ferrari Special” (Sept.’08), Michael Schumacher said that one of the biggest changes he and Ross Brawn brought to Ferrari were discipline and methodology; i.e. If at Benetton 9 o’clock meant wheel change practice, someone reminded Michael to get ready 5 mins before. Whereas at Ferrari, in those days, it was just time for another cappuccino. I think with Fernando, Ferrari’s always had an assertive leader on the track. What they lacked was an assertive leader on the technical side of things (Brawn) and on the political (Todt).

    From his previous statements and past rants, my impression of di Montezemolo is he tends to reason in a high minded and mythological manner, i.e. Ferrari is a special team steeped in racing history. So since Ferrari is special, all problems ultimately lay elsewhere not Ferrari.

  75. Tom Haythornthwaite says:

    I think Luca di Montezemolo should turn his attention a bit more to his design team, personally.

  76. Kristo says:

    What ever happend to Kimi’s competitiveness (or lack of) in the second half of 2008 and the first half of 2009, Ferrari rehiring him now does underline the point that they know what was the real reason (and now tacitly admit it). After all, would they rehire a driver they know to be second rate or prone to motivational problems?

  77. Sarvar says:

    The main beneficiary from Kimi’s return in 2014 will be either Lewis or Seb (provided Renault power-train is not worse than Merc) as I can’t see Ferrari drivers win WDC (WCC is inevitable) due to their inter-team battles

    1. hp says:

      don’t underestimate rosberg,he will be right up there unless the car is developed around lewis’ driving style.

  78. Michael S says:

    I think fans and the media alike are ready in a lot more than what is there with Luca and Alonso’s comments over the summer. Luca never seems to slight Alonso at all in this, but we all love some good drama it would seem.

  79. ShaBooPi says:

    James I think LDM meant he wanted a driver that would not let him regret Massa leaving. Quite a big difference in that meaning.

  80. Harshad says:

    Just did a rough comparison between two great drivers;
    they really come out to be evenly matched!

    From years 2001 till 2013 (in progress), we have 10 seasons where they have raced against each other in different machinery. (2002/2010/2011 not counted).

    In terms of finishing in WDC’s in all these years;
    Kimi leads Alonso 5-4, although it will be 5-5 as Alonso should finish this year ahead of Kimi.

    Kimi has had 33 retirements to Alonso’s 31.

    Alonso has been superior in terms of total points scored,
    1024 to Kimi’s 896. (expected as Alonso is 2 times WDC).

    Alonso has lost to his team mate once (2007), although points were same but was classified lower, whereas Kimi has lost to his team mate twice (2001,2008).

    Kimi has had 4 chances at WDC (2003/2005/2007/2008) and Alonso has had 5 chances at WDC (2005/2006/2007/2010/2012).

    Overall; (Counting all years from 2001 till date)
    208 v 187 starts
    32 v 20 wins
    93 v 75 podiums
    22 v 16 poles
    2 v 1 WDC’s

    ***Kimi has 21 less races than Alonso, as two years he was out of the sport.

    They really evenly matched, its great for sport that they are going to be in same team next year and I guess is really the first F1 has had such an even pairing since a long long time.

    1. Spinodontosaurus says:

      Coulthard beat Raikkonen 41 vs. 24 in 2002. But interesting insight nonetheless.

  81. Kiran says:

    Vettal wins and dominates – Newey’s Car
    Definition of complete driver – he builds the car, gives feedback(s), qualifies good with minimum mistakes, great race craft.
    So when the guy who is called complete driver does not develop a car in four years.. bad engineers in Ferrari camp.
    Sound logic, there.

    This is getting even more interesting, I can see it coming – if Alonso starts losing.. its just that they built the car around Kimi.

    So, again, remind me why is he the best among four? oh! yes, he develops the car. :-)

  82. Paige says:

    What I think is really at the heart of all of this is KImi’s performances during the summer of 2009 through the end of his tenure. James and others reported that the quality of Kimi’s performances then were so strong that the Ferrari engineers could not explain them, given the lack of quality of the car. I doubt that the Ferrari engineers or Domenicali forgot this. Then bring in the guy who is probably Kimi’s biggest fan in the world right now (James Allison) as the new technical director, and it looks like what we have here is an overwhelming chorus from the Ferrari engineers and Domenicali that simply overwhelmed Luca and almost forced his hand. Some things that have been put out in the grapevine about Ferrari engineers thinking Alonso could get more performance out of the car in qualifying, and it really looks like the engineers have spoken.

    This is going to be a huge challenge for Alonso on a performance and personal level, probably the biggest he has faced in his career. He has a reputation for throwing his toys out of the pram when things don’t go his way and for demanding to be treated as the anointed number one of the team. He has gone from being in a position in which he wonders whether or not he’ll ever win another championship to perhaps even driving for his career in the top echelon teams of F1. How he reacts to this challenge- Kimi coming in with clearly lots of fanfare- will determine the course of the rest of his career. Either he will buck up, get down to work, raise his game, and do everything he can to win while not complaining; or he will self-destruct and become a toxic commodity. It’s go time for him.

    1. Brad says:

      Top stuff! Like all your other posts on the Kimi to Ferrari subject!

    2. MAO Xiaogang says:

      Good Points.

    3. Marpabel says:


      About Kimi and mechanician (overall technical staff)
      1 In McLaren mechanician and engineers simply adore him (Marc Priestly)
      2 The same was in Ferrari. They worship Kimi and now they only wait when he is back
      3. The same thing in Lotus. Like Davide Valsecchi put it: all mechanics and enginees love Kimi. PR and cooks little bit less.

      It tells us little bit about Kimis work style.

    4. rockman says:

      I absolutely agree with this.

      Coming from a Lewis/Fernando fan.

      I also like Kimi. Just his crazy fans turn me off a bit..

    5. dean cassady says:

      very well put, Paige, again.

    6. Sujith says:

      Well said :) He is economical with words, but what he says counts and should not be ignored.

  83. JensonsUndersteer says:

    Ferrari have played a blinder here. I can see Vettel becoming a bit unsettled in the not too distant future. Ferrari for Constructors 2014 then. ALO and RAI will push the hell out of the team now -something missing since 2006.
    I only hope Ferrari are up to it we shall see!

  84. rndagain says:


    yikes… where to begin?

    It is not Alonso vs. Räikkönen. It is Alonso/ Räikkönen vs. the other teams.

    Remember them? Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren, Lotus.

    The amount of Fernando/ Kimi — who’s better/ who lost because of whatever reason — is enough to make one’s head spin.

    2014 will not be a Ferrari driver vs driver — and who’s going to lose their job as a result — contest. Ferrari will be lucky to have the 2nd best engine on the grid.

    Remember that part? Race cars, engines? New regulations. It is just crazy to see all the historical revisionist exercises going on here. Makes my head hurt.

    2014 is a very new year. New engines, new energy recovery systems and new aerodynamics.

    What difference does 2006 or 2008 championship results matter now.

    Frankly… I’m liking the low key Mercedes approach more and more.

    Andrew C.

  85. Steven M says:

    I don’t think there will much infighting between Alonso and Kimi. Kimi simply doesn’t give a damn about politics and scheming, Kimi is about driving car ad getting on with his job. I think that if Kimi starts to beat Alonso on a regular basis it, Alonso will just implode like he did at McLaren

  86. Kazim says:

    Actually, Fernando lost out to his teammate 3 times in his career. In 2001, his teammate is classified before him at the end of the standings. In 2003, Truli had one more point before he was sacked from Renault. Not to mention that he had the only victory in his bag, Monaco. Now getting to Kimi Raikkonen, I think a lot of myths have to be settled by next season. Some journalists tend to write that he doesnt develop the car well. However, Lotus people have categorically said that Kimi is so good with parts that he doesnt needto test much whether they are working or not. He comes in once, tests, says what he thinks, they adapt and the car goes faster. When you have a driver like that, you dont need to spend time in the garages 24 hours testing. Test what for so long when you already have the answers? Also, Alonso has been building on his hype that he is doing wonders in the Ferrari, whereas we must admit that last year, ferrari was the second best package (mclaren kept on failing). Lotus was a distant 4th, Kimi hung on to 3rd only coz others had reliability issues, but even that is a great testament to his comeback.

  87. Kazim says:

    Moving onto adaptation, every driver wants a car to work like he wants to. Even Alonso, for all those who have given in on his hype. Post spain 2008 Ferrari made subtantial changes which werent approved by Kimi. I blame him too coz he should have whined and shouted about it, which he didnt. But Ferrari is to be blamed equally. Now i dont think kimi will let a scenario like that to happen. Maybe he trusted ferrari too much, which he wont this time. Another aspect is that people talk that Alonso is like schumi, who develops the car so well. If that is the case, why did he not bring any engineers like schumi did to ferrari? On the contrary we find a ‘poor car developer’ like kimi taking slade, alison and Debeer with him to lotus. This shows and proves kimi is technically as serious as anyone out there. Also, allison’s comments about him testing speaks volumes. So please shed the myth that Kimi is a poor tester. He isnt. Just that he doesnt hype about it in the media, which loves the to phrase Alonso as ‘the complete driver.’

    1. Kiran says:

      Very well put!
      World over best orators rule, people love those who communicate effectively… and many times confuse it to their ability to perform.

      Pretentiousness was popular till about recently. Seeing the followers for Kimi and the likes, i guess things are changing… people are seeing through.

      I have not seen anybody who sells himself better than Alonso. In any corporate environment [including F1] that is a huge plus.

    2. Sujith says:

      Yes well said. It is a myth. He surely does not stay back at the garage and work with the engineers, what he says is economical, but enough and lot of stuff he does on his own.

      A poor tester is not invited to test a GP3 car and his feedback will not be valued, especially when your dealing with a prototype.

    3. Clark@Monza67 says:

      There more to the situation with Kimi in 2008. Ferrari was VERY eager to get the Santander sponsorship that was tied to Alonso. Alonso had already agreed to join Ferrari in 2010 but there is some fairly convincing research that’s been done, that point to Ferrari doing as much as they could to get Kimi out of the way, so they could bring Alonso and Santander on board on year earlier in 2009.


  88. Elie says:

    There are only two real problems left at Ferrari :-

    1. Luca Di Montezemolo
    2. Fernando Alonso

    If anyone believes half the garbage that comes out of their mouths they must have the IQ of a jellyfish.

    The only questions that remain are:-
    a) how far will Ferrari go to rid themselves of their political No1 racer
    b) when will Ferrari rid themselves of their actual No1.Politician
    I have a feeling the answers to both are intertwined and even the Ferrari name cannot continue to sustain the political self manoeuvring lies that come from both. The whole saga of Raikkonens 2009 termination have been crystallised by this re-signing and still we get this gibberish from this clown.

    He never takes ownership for his mistakes, he hedges his bets using subordinates, he doesn’t have the courage to stand up to his star driver, yet he prefers to hire someone he fired to help “balance the power”, All this and he has the nerve to say he prefers an angry Alonso than a wuss.. Well mr Montezemolo there is a No1 Wuss at the very head of Ferrari one that needs to be a Leader of men Not an Agitator..I think Kimi told him to f/off more than once and I wouldn’t be surprised if the spineless Spaniard has also. What shall we see next ??another $50m paid out to terminate their next scapegoat because Monte doesn’t have the balls to deal in the truth.

    All I can hope for is that he keeps out of 2014 altogether and ets the race team deal with challenges ahead. But I suspect he will be the first one their when they succeed and the last one their to point the finger when they fail.

    1. Elie says:

      *There* not their..

      1. Sujith says:

        Well said!! :)

    2. dean cassady says:

      Elie, calm down.
      There is truth in what you write.
      But when it is all said and done, Montezemolo has shown, hedging his bets on potential future blame game aside, that he wants to go for racing quality, over PR domination.
      What has been written above here suggests an interesting point, for which I would like your opinion.
      1. Could it actually be that Montezemolo has hired Kimi as part of a campaign to get Alonso to quit, so Ferrari don’t have to pay him out?
      2. If they’ve hired Kimi, could it mean that the Ferrari management will now nullify the intra-team head games and tilting of the playing field that has become associated with Alonso’s team management practices?
      3. If they weren’t going to nullify the intra team dirty fighting, then they would be hanging Kimi out to dry, and nullifying the benefits that have apparently been vouched for him by Allison and others in the engineering staff; would they do that?

      1. Elie says:

        Hi Dean, I think the answer in the most part is the “hedging”
        1. That’s all part of Montes game. Push FA till he goes- if not they get max performance anyway. Win win
        2. Definitely they need to change the psychological mind games Fernando plays within/outside the team. Intentionally or otherwise it will happen with Kimi there. Can you imagine :-
        Team:- How was the car out there ?
        FA :- It was all over the place but I managed to fight it straight. I have it 110% to get on the 3rd row
        KR: “it’s not too bad”..We need to improve traction a little and I made a small mistake at the last corner cost me 1 tenth but we are in the front row. So it’s ok.
        That won’t carry for very long will it.
        3. I think both drivers will have equal say in the team. This will challenge their resources but thats just what they want/ need right now to keep improving. They got a guy whos done a fantastic job at maximising the efficiency of resources at Lotus and this will be the greatest attribute Allison will bring. Allison has worked with both KR and FA- but with Kimi it’s been more recent and if you look at Fridays you can see the success ( or rarely fail) of a part almost immediately in the times comparison to Grosjean. With FA there always seems to be some uncertainty with the parts more often than not. I think Lotus success with both Allison/KR must/ will be favoured when there is doubt on updates- but I don’t think this will be too grey an area for both anyway.. But I think the biggest work is being done right now by JA to ensure their processes and tunnel correlations are better before they get to testing.
        The way Kimi sets a car up for “feel” in the front end, coupled with his incredible sensitivity in a car serves him better than any guy Ive ever seen in this department.. It’s this that has given him almost instant success in every car he drives- it might not always be a winner buts its often instantly quick!

      2. Elie says:

        “Will Not be too grey an area anyway” sorry

      3. KARTRACE says:

        Have you ever heard of telemetry ? They need no asking driver in to understand se what is the car doing and what is the driver.

      4. Elie says:

        @Kartace; -telemetry does not tell how a car feels to a driver.. It’s does not pick up vibrations, it does not steer the car or feels the brakes the way a driver does..
        Use your telemetry to address someone who doesn’t know the difference but before you do that– learn it yourself

  89. jimbo says:

    James, I am puzzled why the F1 media does not even acknowledge the vital role of Shumi in how the 2008 season turned out for Kimi. He was the consultant in charge of car development, and the official third driver. In his usual and uncompromising organizational restructuring efforts 1) he made Massa the official debrief driver starting in Monaco, 2) development direction was determined, pretty much, based on only Massa’s feedback – the car became so understeery that, if he was still racing, even himself would have had hard time with it against Massa 3) He was in charge of the pit lane when all those silly pit-stop mistakes took place 4) Unilaterally changing Kimi’s suspension, mid-season, was his decision 5) not returning the suspension for 6 races was also his call (imagine doing that to himself or Alonso). Perhaps not intentional, but all his decisions were the most significant determining factors for Kimi’s results for the season, yet not a single F1 journo even mentions these facts. Puzzling really…

    1. James Allen says:

      I think his influence was overstated. Not sure he was as involved as people made out at the time

      1. Brad says:

        James, I definately think he was a factor, there’s too many “irregularities” concerning incidents that happened during the 2008 season, factors that jimbo above stated. Strangely enough, at the beginning of the 2007 season I read a F1 racing article by Peter Windsor stipulating the effect that Schumacher would have. Things like how Schumacher would assist his protege Massa and looking after the team’s interest the way he was used to, and to my amazement it turned out to be that way…

  90. Goob says:

    Kimi and Hamilton are the only drivers that rely on skill to win WDCs…

    Alonso had the mass damper advantage…

    Button had the double diffuser advantage…

    Vettel is nothing without Newey… infact, I would say Vettel would have no WDCs without Newey…

    1. Bartholomew says:

      Hmm, interestingly, Kimi didn’t win any championships even with Newey. It’s nonsensical to rule out a WDC simply because of who designed their car.

      Alonso won the title in 2006 despite the mass dampers being banned half way through.

  91. Kazim says:

    As far as I am concerned, Monty has hired Kimi coz he wants to show who is in power at Ferrari. Since 2010, we have seen Alonso continuously putting the picture that the car is not good enough but I am doing wonders with it. For the past three years the Ferrari management were not saying anything openly to him coz they understand that somewhere he was correct. But they also know that the engineers are working hard to make ferrari win. When you are a team like Ferrari, and you dont win, it becomes difficult to digest the fact that youre losing. And when you lose like you did in 2010 and 2012, it hurts more. And when your lead driver keeps on blabbering in the media that he is doing wonders with crap car for 3 years, there comes a time when enough is enough. And this year monty showed that to him. Alonso has the right to criticize, but to go and and on about it after having lost two champiopnships isnt cool. At Ferrari you lose together and win together. Earlier they thought alonso and ferrari lose and win together, but this summer the water had hit above the belt. Make no mistake, a 3 time champion in Prost was sacked mid way back in the 90s. At that time, Ferrari car was much less competitive, and Prost had much more value than todays alonso. So if Ferrari could sack the best driver when they had shit car in 1990′s, they could have very well done that to alonso. But they didnt, instead they made his life more difficult by giving him a challenge which he must accept to redeem himself at Ferrari, and prove that what he has been claiming is true. Monty has thrown an open gauntlet to him. Are you upto it, Fernando? you said you dragged the team and the car to miracles, so are you upto the challenge of facing a driver as good as yours? We will know this next year. And we will also know how good the car really is, as it might well be that Fernando might not be extracting 200 percent out of it as he keeps claiming on his twitter account and in front of the media.

    1. KARTRACE says:

      Must be we are watching different F1 races ?

  92. Clark@Monza67 says:

    There’s a huge difference between the way Enzo used to stir up his drivers and the way Luca is handling it: Enzo didn’t do it publicly! Luca’s trying to be like the great man, but instead it just sounds like an insecure witch, who needs to put other people down to feel like he’s the big man.

    His swipe at Massa (“I wanted a driver who would make me look back on Massa with regret”) is nasty and for what? Filipe is leaving: only a total jerk would say something like that.

    And the comments about Kiki and his “twin” in 2008? He’s just making noise so he can read about himself in the press. Are people aware that Kimi demanded an apology from Luca for the way he was treated back then before he signed for 2014 and Luca gave it to him.

    Luca’s showing himself to be a poor leader. Personally, I think he’s starting to realize that the fingers are starting to point toward him and he’s grasping at anything he can to deflect attention from his own poor leadership of the F1 team. Luca has done a fantastic job with the Ferrari road car division but if I was in the Fiat board, I’d be looking for someone else to take over Luca’s role for F1.

  93. Clark@Monza67 says:

    I thought this article about the situation with Kimi and Ferrari in 2008 was very interesting. I was a bit resistant at first but the more I read, the more convincing I found it. I’d love to know what you think, James.



  94. Clark@Monza67 says:

    And another interesting story in the resigning of Kimi drama:




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