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Posted By: Matt Meadows  |  19 Sep 2013   |  1:47 pm GMT  |  0 comments

The McLaren Group’s technological arm, McLaren Applied Technologies, has announced that its Asia Pacific operations are to be based in Singapore.

The move has been made ahead of this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix, with the scope of expanding the McLaren brand across a fast growing nation.

McLaren Applied Technologies covers a range of markets, from pharmaceuticals to the automotive industry, with today’s announcement aimed at increasing the companies level of expertise and innovation.

“McLaren Applied Technologies and Singapore have a lot in common,” said Dr Geoff McGrath, Managing Director of McLaren Applied Technologies. “MAT is a young, dynamic, fast growing, high-technology company and we see many of the same attributes in Singapore.  That is why we have chosen to locate our new Asia Pacific HQ here.” 

“There are also strong prospects for future growth in the country and the wider Asia Pacific region as we begin to develop new relationships with some of the exciting, cutting edge companies operating everywhere from Japan to Australia.  Today’s announcement will open up further opportunities for growth and marks an important milestone in the development of MAT as a global technology company,’ added McGrath.  
Singapore has become a popular location for highly-technology based companies due to its strong education system and a business orientated environment. With this in mind, Singapore national and MAT employee, Kok-Leong Lim, has been promoted to the role of Regional Director.

“MAT is growing internationally, as our unique approach to technological and design challenges is increasingly being recognised and sought after,” said Lim.  “The Asia Pacific region is already extremely important to us and will become increasingly important as we grow. It is a highly dynamic part of the world and as a Singaporean it’s particularly pleasing to be able to locate our first regional HQ in the country.  I believe MAT has a bright future in the region and around the world.”

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