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Posted By: James Allen  |  10 Sep 2013   |  8:59 pm GMT  |  401 comments

Felipe Massa confirmed on Tuesday night that Ferrari has made its decision on 2014 and that he is no longer part of their plans.

Massa has been a Ferrari driver for eight seasons and made the third most appearances for the Scuderia after Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello.

“From 2014 I will no longer be driving for Ferrari,” Massa posted on Instagram and Twitter. “I would like to thank the team for all the victories and incredible moments experienced together.”

Another message added that he still feels he has more to offer as an F1 driver, “For next year, I want to find a team that can give me a competitive car to win many more races and challenge for the Championship..”

The announcement from the driver allows him to break the news with dignity; Ferrari has always felt that Massa is “one of the family” and has extended great generosity to him. After his accident in Hungary 2009 it kept a seat open for him for 2010. But the harsh reality is that since then he has not won in 70 races as Alonso’s team mate.

Massa has scored eight podium finishes to Alonso’s 11 wins and made 42 podium appearances – a much lower strike rate to the one he had with Raikkonen as a team mate.

Ferrari has looked likely to make changes after president Luca di Montezemolo’s outburst against Fernando Alonso in late July and his exhortations to the team to put a knife between their teeth to fight for Ferrari’s return to competitiveness.

Against all expectations the indications are that they look set to re-hire Kimi Raikkonen, whom they paid almost €20 million in 2010 not to drive for them.

But Montezemolo clearly wants to show Alonso who is boss and to raise the game of the whole team.

It is a risk; Alonso does not historically take well to highly competitive team mates. Raikkonen is not a politically devisive figure within a team, he is a very straightforward operator. But he will score lots of points and as a world champion he will carry significant weight. It is likely to be a fractious time for the team, but team principal Stefano Domenicali believes he can manage the two great drivers in one garage.

However it also indicates the level of concern Ferrari has about its ongoing relationship with Alonso; if they felt that there was a chance of Alonso leaving the team, the only place to turn was Raikkonen, who finds himself available at this time.

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  1. jmv says:

    Hopefully Felipe gets a drive at a team that can give him podiums if not regular points finishes. Fresh start will be interesting to see him re-ignite his fire.

    Meanwhile Alonso is receiving the “Montezemolo treatment” now. It’s a pretty big deal within Ferrari (and in the Italian context) to go publicly head to head with the boss…. che figura!

    1. Pete says:

      Obviously you have not seen the video where kimi is summoned by the great montezomolo but kimi ignores him and makes him wait (while hes doing an inter view)…

      if Montezomolo wanted a driver to “respect” him kimi would be the worst choice!

      Don’t see you logic there, sorry…

      1. Henry says:

        And I believe that Kimi swears at him as well…

    2. Gudien says:

      Alonso getting ‘the Montezemolo treatment’ is accurate. Poor Fernando has exhibited dis-loyalty which, at Ferrari, is a sin.

      Not all that long ago another driver displayed a lack of commitment to the team. His name was Kimi Raikonnen.

      Interesting times ahead in Maranello.

      1. ManOnWheels says:

        Two drivers with potential lack of commitment? “Great” choice!
        Why not get a driver like Sutil, who has proven steady, fast and loyal? Or Hulkenberg, who is not that bad after all.

      2. Jeff says:

        Yeah, put Sutil in the team. A man who is more interested in pursuing his vendetta against Lewis than racing for his own team :-)

      3. W Johnson says:

        …..but Alonso has n’t threatened to black mail Luca di Montezemolo has he?

      4. Rob Newman says:

        Not yet!

      5. Quade says:

        Soon, he will. Soon.
        Its Halloween at Ferrari.

    3. shortsighted says:

      While I am sorry for Massa, I am excited about Kimi rejoining the team. I admire Ferrari for the courage in taking the decision in switching drivers and pairing Kimi with Alonso. I can’t wait for 2014 to start.

      I wish both drivers involved the best of luck.

    4. Scuderia McLaren says:


      My comment on Joe Sawards Blog:
      “Here here” Joe!

      Felipe is the model I’d show my kids when discussing sportsmanship and being magnanimous. Brazil 2008 showed a man. Others would have just crumbled or jumped up and down in anger, tried political manoeuvres ( Alonso), locked themselves away in a room (Senna).

      I hope Massa gives his last 7 Ferrari GP’s a f$&king real red hot go and shoves that no2. BS up Alfonzo’s area where the sun don’t shine. I want to see the original fire in his eyes again and a good seat for next season. Maybe Lotus?!

      This is it boy, for 7 GP’s you have the right to act like a ruthless champion and show us again what might have been.

      1. Chris M says:

        Massa and Hulkenberg would be a strong line up for Lotus, even if there would be a lack of continuity. Hopefully they’d be able to push each other.

      2. rafa says:

        get a grip mate! If you think that Massa hasn’t shone because of intrapolitics you seriously have not a clue of F1 and I fail to understand your insistance in making comments that only make a mockery of yourself. Massa has underperformed consistently for the last 4 seasons, get over it!

      3. Jesse S says:

        Take a 4 lb spring at 90 mph to your head and let us know what kind of effect it has. I don’t think he will ever be 100% again, but he is a racer and more of a man than most on the grid.

      4. Alberto Dietz says:

        Game, set, match Scuderia McLaren.

      5. Scuderia McLaren says:


    5. AlexD says:

      It shows that ferrari has more courgae than red bull…have to say, I am surprised…lets see how they will manage the best driver pairing in f1

      1. RogerD says:

        There’s an extremely fine line between courage & stupidity.

        I’ve always been one for a champion team rather than a team of champions – time will tell who got it right.

      2. Grant says:

        Hope you’ll saying that when RBR is outside the top five and hopes it had a better pair of drivers (next season).

      3. Optimaximal says:

        Some might say it’s pretty courageous for Red Bull to take an less-proven junior driver rather than an ex-world champ who would probably score loads of points and wins.

    6. Marpabel says:

      At the moment we don’t know who is Ferraris second driver. Probably Kimi driving in Ferrari, but who is the other? Alonso? Mmmm… We can’t forget that Bernie Ecclestone deaming that Alonso goes with his millions to Lotus.

    7. James Hunt says:

      The “Montezemolo treatment” was first given to RAI and he ended up paying to make way for ALO. And now ALO is getting the “Montezemolo treatment”. Swings and round-abouts hey.

      I fear that behind closed doors, the Ferrari team are in trouble with egos, political games, respect, and leadership.

      If RAI gets the Ferrari drive I really hope that this does not turn bad for him cos he’s not like that at all. But then again, it may be time for him to shine as everyone around him including ALO is caught up in the turmoil whereas his nature as a no-nonsense pure racer can allow him to simply turn up and perform.

      1. Steve W says:

        “I fear that behind closed doors, the Ferrari team are in trouble with egos, political games, respect, and leadership.”

        Ferrari have always been that way. Except for the Michael Schumacher era, Ferrari have almost always achieved well below their capabilities.

      2. Nathhulal says:

        @JMV – I liked the phrase “Montezemolo treatment”. I’m going to shamelessly use it from now on :).

        @James Hunt – BTW Kimi was not the first recipient of the “Montezemolo treatment”, the trio of Schumacher-Brawn-Todt, who had become “Bigger than the team” were the first recipients of that. The way they were gently shown the door from 2006 onwards was merely culmination of storm that was brewing with Ferrari for years of Ferrari domination. The trio was more smarter than Amateur Fernando in their dealings. On track successes meant Tifosi were lapping from hands of the trio and the trio had before too strong force in the team undermining Montezemolo and his loyals.

      3. James Hunt says:

        Totally agree. As long as Luca Di is there, this will be in Ferrari’s DNA.

        PS I can’t take credit for the term “Montezemolo treatment”, I was quoting the original commentor that I replied to :)

    8. Jeff says:

      Could be the beginning of another “Senna Versus Prost” or “Alonso versus Hamilton” saga?

      Luca had better keep his eye out for flying dummies from ‘nando’s pram if the Iceman starts beating him :-D

  2. davis says:

    I’m just worried about Andrew Benson. I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid.

    1. Sri says:

      LOL. He is already in delusion thinking that Ferrari is hiring Raikkonen to support Alonso more consistently than Massa did. How can such a person be a chief editor that too for a site like BBC?! It shows what kind of staff BBC has.

      1. davis says:

        Yeah I saw that, something like “Ferrari believe that Raikkonen will provide better support to Alonso”. Typical Benson.

        I can’t find that article on the BBC website this morning, it seems to have been replaced with the new “Ferrari confirm…” article which doesn’t contain anything about Kimi “supporting” Fernando. Maybe Benson was getting too much stick for it.

    2. Michael S says:

      Funniest post I have read in a long time. You had me rolling!

    3. Rudy says:

      Apart form his writting? Hope not…

    4. Colton says:

      This made me laugh. I am new to f1, but that guy loves Lewis Hamilton.

    5. Marpabel says:

      You make my day! I laugh from the heart.

    6. Michael Grievson says:

      Who’s that?

      1. Veena says:

        This is the guy who talks about race craft and wont mention Kimi and he is in BBC. May be he mis-understood what BBC means.

        “What is less clear for now – and Red Bull admit this themselves – is whether he has the race-craft and mental fortitude to survive at the highest level, where the likes of Alonso, Vettel and Lewis Hamilton may usually be scrupulously fair, but are also brutally unforgiving.”

    7. Optimaximal says:

      Well, he’s already posted on Auntie’s sporting page that it’s happening.

    8. Rob Newman says:


      Thanks for making my day :)

    9. maria says:

      I can do lots for him. My brother is a well known psychiatrist. We are willing to offer consultation for free!

    10. Paul says:

      I remember his storey from 11 months ago announcing Vettel would be a Ferrari driver in 2014.

    11. Richard says:

      Can we have a Comment Of The Day (COTD) please ;)

      PS this one wins it, that guy is useless!

  3. Alex says:

    Though Im really excited for seeing Kimi and Alonso fight eachother in the same team, I really do feel sorry for Massa….I really wished he had won championship in 2008, really felt sorry for him back then…and after his accident he just hasnt been the same driver anymore, and in all honesty had to go from Ferrari, but it’s still truly a shame how the aciddent affected him (even if he himself doesnt admit it) =(

    I hope he still gets seat in another team. All the best wishes for your future Massa!

    1. Kirk says:

      In an interview just a couple of weeks he was asked what were hardest for him, the las minute 2008 championship lost or the accident, he answered that was harder the 2008 lost because he didn’t suffered the accident, when he woke up he was fine. I think it was the combination of those two events but at least in that interview he recongnized that they affected him somehow.

    2. Hudson says:

      I agree with you Alex. I actually bought a Felipe Massa T-shirt and proudly won it at Silverstone in 2007. He has never been the same since the accident, but before that he was actually one of the top drivers of that time. But his current form has been disappointing, he is the only one of the top teams to be thoroughly overshadowed by his team-mate. When you drive for a top team you have to make it count. A middle of the grid team would benefit from his services I am sure (Sauber, Force India, Williams). He still has a lot to offer me thinks.

    3. F1 Badger says:

      I agree Alex. I remember reading an interview with Martin Brundle where he said that after he was flipped in his car and had a massive head injury, that he never fully recovered (stated it still affects his speech). I think that’s where FM is at. Again MB said he would never had admitted that publicly as a driver. Very sad for such a gentleman if the sport to have had that happen. I’m glad LH won the title but I honestly felt it was just a matter of time before FM joined him. Sad!

      1. aveli says:

        i think massa’s had enough now. 13 years of putting his life at risk, nearly winning the championship and being paid millions to do it. how much more money does he need? winning races or a championship will not upgrade his status i think his time’s up.

  4. Bayan says:

    Very sad to hear this as I like Felipe. But it is understandable from Ferrari’s point of view. Maybe Lotus will consider him as I think he may do better without an Alonso as a team mate.

  5. Proesterchen says:

    “Massa has been a Ferrari driver for eight seasons and made the third most appearances for the Scuderia after Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello.”

    Felipe has, with 130+ races after Monza, long passed Rubens Barrichello’s 104 races for the Scuderia.

    1. Panayiotis says:

      I would agree on that

  6. dj says:

    James, so this confirms Kimi at Ferrari?

    1. Simmo says:

      Not necessarily. Hulkenberg is still an option for them. But it does dramatically increase Kimi’s chances though.

  7. Jimmi says:

    What chance Massa at Lotus? Although if they have any sense, they’ll be chasing The Hulk surely?

    1. Stephen Taylor says:

      The Hulk is apparently top of a ‘Plan B’ list for Lotus?

    2. JCA says:

      The speculation ie that Ferrari may give Sauber free engines to give Massa a drive.

  8. Isotope9 says:

    I’ve always like Massa, even though he could be at times, wildly inconsistent.

    Unfortunately for him, the constructor’s championship means more to the team than the individual driver’s championship and Alonso has been pretty much flying solo in both the last few years.

    Good luck to Felipe and here’s hoping that he gets a ride for next season.

  9. Krischar says:


    why this is repetitive ?

    “Alonso does not historically take well to highly competitive team mates”

    We have only seen 2007 as a scenario like that, yet 2007 was too much too read and tough to arrive at conclusions

    Why do you think Alonso cannot handle a team mate ? I feel Alonso is quick enough to race with any driver in the grid. Even Lewis confessed the fact he likes racing with alonso despite all the spat they had in 2007

    Do kimi and Alonso have issues ? i do not see any here

    Your thoughts please….

    1. Antti says:

      During Alonso’s Renault years, he didn’t take it well when Trulli was faster than him in the first half of 2004, and that ultimately lead to Briatore kicking Trulli out of Renault before the season ended.

    2. davis says:

      My take on that… As a driver, Alonso is more than good enough to handle +any+ teammate. The problem is a psychological one; he cannot handle a situation where the team does not favor him. The question is, how badly damaged is the relationship between Fernando and the team after this summer? If the damage is serious, will that translate into more support for Kimi within the team next year?

    3. Joe B says:

      You should ask Jarno Trulli, not James…

      1. Thompson says:

        I’ve been unable to contribute to the forum for a while but still read. Honestly how now one as mentioned Trulli these past few threads ref Alonso amazed me.

    4. Sri says:

      Alonso had problems with Fisichella in Renault in 2006 as he felt Fisichella was not helping him enough (just google for “Alonso Fisichella”). He has a fragile mentality and it breaks up when his team-mate becomes competitive. We will surely have more fun from Alonso in 2014 if Kimi joins Ferrari.

    5. Timmay says:

      Evidenced by his insistence on number 1 treatment in virtually every season he has raced. He is a great driver. He seems incredibly insecure.

      1. maria says:

        Why the insecurity? It’s because he knows he is simply not that good as the hype makes it out to be. You can always shine against a subdued teammate and then lay it it on thick that your car is ‘slow’.

        We will see just how slow the car really was, chances are Alonso is upto it when it comes to getting the max out of the car. He claims he does but we never saw a real fight from a strong teammate who was not tied down as a clear guinea pig number two. Don’t be surprised if Kimi starts Macca 2007 all over again and Alonso goes awol.

    6. Steven M says:

      He didn’t have a strong teammate at Renault either

      1. maria says:

        Err Trulli.

        He was removed just because favored son got his stuff in a twist.

    7. anon says:

      He got beat by Trulli in 2004 (before Briatore fired him for making his client look bad) and couldn’t beat his rookie teammate in 2007.

      1. **Paul** says:

        It’s unfair to compare Fernando vs Lewis in 2007. The team hung Alonso out to dry half way through the season, so if anything that was an Alonso win really given his lack of support, but then Lewis was only a Rookie so….

        2004 was different though, Trulli beat FA fair and square.

        I don’t think Alonso would go well against a strong team mate though, just as Lewis didn’t at McLaren with Button, and although Vettel has driven well in recent years his off track relationship with Webber is poor. The common theme their is a team mate who is actually half decent. History (bar VET) suggests having one of those makes it harder to win titles than having a rear gunner.

      2. Thompson says:

        Lol…. Did you miss last season between Hamilton and Button it was a trouncing the points don’t reflect their performances.

      3. Nathhulal says:

        Perfect assessment of 2004 and 2007. I’ve always sympathized with Jarno Trulli, and now Massa joins that list.

      4. maria says:

        Yes people have short memories. Points on level means nothing. If Hamilton didn’t have those issues he would be not only more on points, he would be champion.

        Alonso is just way too hyped. Wonder how all this even started. But fans with good perspective will know he was thoroughly out classed in 2007.

    8. MAO Xiaogang says:

      James always stick to his idea on this topic.

    9. Sasidharan says:

      2007 was one year….(his fight against the blue eyed Mclaren wonder) and he lives with that tag for the whole career.

      1. Sanjog says:

        El Nando is used to top dog billing in any team he drives for. Am quite sure he’s not scared of going head to head with any driver in equal machinery, but just cant digest the team devoting any attention to his team mate or developing a car that isn’t just suited to his needs / bias. A classic narcissist who can’t share the limelight.

      2. Spyros says:

        Interesting argument… so it’s really OK because he only tried blackmailing his boss ONCE, threatening to air the team’s laundry in public unless they give him No1 status…

        That’s all right then!

    10. Aaron says:

      There is no history between Kimi & Alonso, no. But Massa has rarely been in front in a race and has even given up places to Alonso when required by the team. How will Alonso react if Kimi is ahead in a race, tyres are starting to go off and Ferrari decide to bring in the lead car first? That’s not a situation Alonso has had to face in the past few years.

  10. Rob Newman says:

    Massa should have left the team long ago before they showed him the door. By playing second fiddle to Alonso, he stepped on the self-destruction button and has devalued himself massively. Ferrari simply used him as a test driver for Alonso. I don’t think Enzo would have done that.

    It will be good if he can be in F1 next year but will I miss him if he is not there? I am not so sure.

    Ferrari got rid of Schumacher and Kimi without any mercy. Getting rid of Alonso will be tricky because of Santander money. But his time will come … soon. And that day Ferrari will return to their glory days.

    Ciao Filipe baby!

    1. Sebee says:

      In retrospect that win they took from him was cruel. Karma and F1 Gods have been treating Ferrari the way they treat Massa, who has been a stand up team player.

      I almost feel like it’s harsh to point to 70 starts without wins. He’s notreally allowed to win.

    2. David says:

      To Enzo Ferrari drivers were a means to an end; the glory of Enzo Ferrari and the Scuderia.
      He would have done this and after a lot less time than eight years.

    3. maria says:

      Santander money is puny compared to what Phillip Morris and shell gives. They and Alonso are replaceable.

      1. Nathhulal says:

        @Maria – no more Vrooooooom from comings season, So I’m not sure the Phillip Morris Well is still pumping money to Maranello.

  11. Valentino from montreal says:

    Ferrari should of had fired Alonso NOT MASSA …

    Raikkonen will be the 2014 F1 world champion next year with Ferrari … Rory Byrne’s Ferrari fighter of next year will go to waste if it’s only Alonso who’s driving it but now with Raikkonen on board , Ferrari in my eyes are the favourites ….. Vettel VS Kimi in 2014 …

    1. JTW says:

      And their results over the last four years say the complete opposite.

    2. hero_was_senna says:

      Get real Val, whatever your thoughts on Alonso etc, Massa wasn’t fit to be in the red car when Michael was there, never mind 8 seasons later.
      Everyone speaks of his bad luck in 08 regards engine failure at Hungary or the fuel rig in Singapore, but they all conveniently forget his spinning out in Malaysia, or his 5 spins during the British GP that year.
      On his day, he was brilliant, but on their days so were DC, Rubens and Webber.
      They’re all good number 2′s, but if they were as good as the greats they would be on their tail at the finish.

      My favourite Schumacher victory was Belgium 2002. He took off and left Rubens behind at a second a lap, who was leaving the rest behind at the same rate.
      This was the one race where Schumacher truly showed his difference instead of the playing around Ferrari usually ran.
      A brilliant drive for the sake of it, and proving once and for all why Rubens was no. 2.

      Massa was there because of nepotism, Todt’s son manages him. Why the hell he remained there after Todt left, god only knows..

      1. Valentino from montreal says:

        Massa had the measure of Villeneuve when they were teammates and was faster than Raikkonen on ” his ” days …. Massa was treated great when he was with Michael ..Massa was’nt Raikkonen’s lap dog either …

        But when Mr.Alonso came along , that’s when everything changed at Ferrari … I don’t blame Massa’s dip in form …

        He has’nt suddenly forgotten how to drive fast …I put all the blame on Alonso …

        The buttom line in all of this is this : Ferrari have woken up after 3.5 years … No longer can they rely on Alonso for 1) Leadership and 2) Results ….Them hiring Raikkonen is a statement to Alonso and it goes like this : ” your not good enough to be our team’s number 1 , we need somebody faster and better than you, that’s why we had to sign Raikkonen , because frankly , you cannot get the job done”


      2. Nathhulal says:

        but they all conveniently forget his spinning out in Malaysia, or his 5 spins during the British GP that year.
        >> And all conveniently forget that Kimi had 5 spins in the same race in Silverstone in the same sector ( correction Massa had 6 spins btw).
        Ferrari was banking on dry Sunday and both cars were setup for that and that day the rain never gave up. Worst part of that year was handling of Ferrari on Bridgestones was always poor in wet weather and low track temperatures. On the other hand McLaren was better tuned with the Bridgestones through out the season.
        Before the last three races Luca had got the entire team to meet to resolve the tyre and handling issues.

        And talking of conveniently forgetting
        People forget 2008 Brazilian GP which Massa won under tricky weather conditions and Lewis only won because Timo Glock couldn’t handle the tricky track conditions
        next year in China Massa stormed through the field in worst condition ( while Kimi Spun), Massa was running as high as fourth but had to retire due to electrical failures.

        While I understand your passion for F1 and likes and dislikes about particular driver or a team, researching facts would prove more productive to the discussion. Best Wishes.

    3. Sebee says:

      I can’t say I disagree. But that Santander wallet is mighty fat.

      If it is Kimi, coming back with a Ferrari WDC, I will laugh and laugh and laugh.

    4. Basil says:

      For once I agree wholeheartedly.

    5. Alberto Dietz says:

      Right on the nail.

    6. Sasidharan says:

      FA may not get the DC crown, but Ferrari can get the Constructors Crown with the KR+FA combo

    7. Azza says:

      You’re dreaming mate..

    8. maria says:

      Thats all nice but we need to see if Ferrari are even worth the risk for Kimi. Alonso is not an issue he will crumble from a 2007 repeat. He hasn’t learned anything if we see what has happened of late.

  12. Paige says:

    I’ll wait until Kimi is officially confirmed to gloat over the fact that I predicted on this very forum that this would happen before the rumors really gained steam. But gloat, I will.


    Two things:

    1) What role do you think James Allison coming to Ferrari played in Kimi returning? I always thought that this was the smoke indicating a fire in this direction. Not just because Kimi obviously knows how good this guy’s cars are. But it’s quite obvious how highly Allison rates Kimi as a driver- what with his all but calling him a driving god after Australia, with his “only breaking traction twice while having mind-blowing pace” comment on Kimi’s performance this year. Do you think Allison maybe opened his mouth about Kimi when he got to Maranello?

    2) Don’t you think it’s interesting that, despite having multiple opportunities to return to McLaren since 2009, the superteam he ultimately opted to go back to was the one that dumped him so unceremoniously? I think this really speaks volumes about the impression that McLaren leaves with those who leave.

    1. Horno says:

      I already predicted it, when Kimi said he could make a decision that most people would find stupid….

    2. hero_was_senna says:

      You may gloat but I was saying in July that Kimi had been signed by Ferrari, hence Alonso trying to get into RBR.
      Again on the 14th August I read confirmation of his signature for Ferrari. It was strange on the 25th anniversary of Enzo’s death..

      Regarding Mclaren, when Kimi was at Ferrari he spoke of the freedom he had as opposed to the Mclaren regime, hence why DC developed a beard when he went to RBR and why Lewis left them last year

    3. Sri says:

      Very likely Ferrari is allowing Kimi to do rallying and with minimal PR obligations. McLaren would not do that in my opinion. So Kimi’s choice will be very easy to make.

      1. John Gibson says:

        After what happened to Kubica I very much doubt Ferrari (or any other F1 team for that matter) will allow its drivers to go within 50 yards of a rally car until retirement.

    4. AuraF1 says:

      Kimis manager said they started tentative talks with McLaren last year. Kimi wasn’t that disinclined to a McLaren seat when they were regularly winning races. Like any driver in the latter years of their career Kimi just wants to get well paid to support his years doing whatever the hell he wants and a few more chances to add championships to his belt.

      Kimi is pragmatic I think, not passionate. He would be looking at Mclaren if they’d built a successor to the 2012 car. He didn’t like it at Ferrari. McLarens engineers have always had a soft spot for Kimi (since they have so many dedicated simulator drivers I suspect his reluctance to do that doesn’t irk them quite as much).

      Kimi would only return to Ferrari as he thinks its his last best chance to get another WDC to his name. Plus he gets paid on time. Also Ferrari already have his favorite ice cream in their freezer so no panic needed there…

      1. Paige says:

        But Kimi also talked to McLaren in 2009 after he was let go by Ferrari. And he ended up breaking up negotiations. Hence, McLaren signed Jenson.

    5. Jordan says:

      Kimi is a man of few words. But he has revealed he will be driving in red on an at a Finnish uparty.


    6. Martin says:

      On point one, there are plenty of people at Ferrari who have a good idea of what Kimi’s abilities are. James Allison going to Ferrari might impress Kimi, but Allison is unlikely to be the decisive factor as he reports to Pat Fry, who was at McLaren with Raikkonen.

      Allison’s experience with the FRIC suspension that Mercedes and Lotus are regarded as being really good at is probably part of his attraction to Ferrari.

    7. Random 79 says:

      “I’ll wait until Kimi is officially confirmed to gloat over the fact that I predicted on this very forum that this would happen before the rumors really gained steam”

      Acknowledged and well done, but less gloating would be nice :)

    8. Michael Grievson says:

      I think part of Mclarens problem with Kimi is the amount of media work you have to do. Not that I imagine Ferrari being much better

    9. onekerato says:

      Regarding point 2… McLaren has painted itself into a corner with stepchild status from Mercedes in 2014 & Honda love delayed till 2015. Last year, it seemed possible that McLaren’s aero guys could beat the works Mercedes team in 2014, but the lackluster recovery through the year in 2013 suggests that McLaren will struggle in 2014. Only 3 works teams on the grid: RBR-Renault, Ferrari and Mercedes, and Kimi chose wisely … still to be confirmed though :)

      1. P.Relli says:

        Well…from what I have read, Kimi will be on a 1-year Ferrari deal, so there is still a chance he could end up with McLaren when Honda comes on board. :)

    10. Ikki says:

      May be he knew he would have to do far funny things than this at McLaren..

      Cant even imagine how kimi will look doing this :)

    11. Nathhulal says:


  13. Irish con says:

    So Ferrari will have 2 of the best 5 drivers in f1 currently driving for them next year. Either kimi or nico will do fine but everyone expects kimi so that’s fine by me. They just need a competitive car next year and those guys will do the rest. It’s not as if Ferrari can’t make a great engine either………

    1. hero_was_senna says:

      If the engine is equal to the others, with Rory Byrne having been there working for a 100 days so far, I could see this being a rerun of 1988..

    2. dean cassady says:

      who is the fifth driver you include in the top eschelon?

    3. Harshad says:

      Nico may be quick in qualifying trim but alongsie Alosno, will be demoted to #2 status rather quickly….

      With Kimi this won’t happen…If they sign Kimi rest assured it is to Keep Alonso in check and disallow him from running the team his way.

      I think there’s power struggle going on between Luca & Alonso, and if Alonso continues on this path (of throwing tantrums etc) his days are numbered.

  14. Michael S says:

    I am pumped… I have no idea what to expect, but I must say if you are going to switch teams as in Kimi’s case this is a perfect year. Next year the cars will be completely different so both drivers on each team will have to get on top of things vs a stable year in the rules such as the last few.
    I have heard a few say they think Kimi’s clean style of racing will suit turbo much better than drivers like Alonso who throw the car around a lot.

    Either way I cannot wait for next year.

    1. Anop says:

      BBC’s Gary Anderson once said that Fernando is so good at driving not so perfect cars to the limit is because if the car under steers or over steers he can compensate by changing his driving style. The best part about that quality is that he can make that change in 2-3 laps. Which Gary says is mind boggling.

      I think Fernando will do just fine driving the v6 turbo’s.

    2. AuraF1 says:

      Hmm Alonso’s real gift is adaptation. He’s not the fastest driver overall but as several engineers have said Alonso doesn’t HAVE a signature style – he adapts every 10 laps and totally alters his driving to suit the car and track.

      Kimi has lost some of his youthful speed but he’s definitely a smarter racer these days. It’s just a shame that neither Kimi or Fermando are really one lap quali specialists anymore (they have surrendered those to the Hamilton/Vettel duo). Still Ferrari will have two of the smartest racers who don’t tend to ever give up. Anything they lack on Saturdays they tend to compensate for with more impressive Sundays.

  15. David Smith says:

    James – Who would be Raikkonen’s race engineer at Ferrari? I can’t for one see Rob Smedley working with him.

    1. Simmo says:

      Very good point! I think we may see Smedley moving to wherever Massa goes (if he stays in F1), and they’ll find somebody new.

    2. Anop says:

      Fernando’s race engineer, Andrea Stella was Kimi’s race engineer in his earlier stint with Ferrari.

      It would be funny if Andrea shows an interest to work with Kimi again.

    3. Allan says:

      Ha!! That is exactly what I was wondering! I can’t imagine Rob’s “coaching” being much appreciated by Kimi!

    4. Quercus says:

      Rob Smedley was MSC’s engineer for a long time. RAI will have a lot of respect for him. And I’m sure Smedley is clever enough to adapt his communication style to fit in with the character of his driver.

      1. Breezy says:

        Don’t think so, wasn’t it Luca Baldisserri and then Chris Dyer?

      2. Anne says:

        As far as I know Andrea Stella was Schumacher´s engineer

      3. Paddock F1 says:

        I thought it was Chris Dyer myself

      4. Phil R says:

        Didn’t Giorgio Ascanelli fit in there somewhere, or was that late 90′s?

      5. Scuderia McLaren says:

        You mean Chris Dyer

      6. hero_was_senna says:

        During 2002 and 2003 he went on to be a track engineer for Jordan, before moving to the Wikipedia to the rescue:

        Ferrari test team at the end of the 2003 season. Smedley initially chose to work on the Ferrari test team because of the possibility to make more technical input, something which is more limited in the race team.

        In the middle of the 2006 season, he replaced Gabriele Delli Colli as Felipe Massa’s race engineer. Almost immediately Massa’s form improved; his previously common errors became less frequent

        You’ll find that Chris Dyer engineered Schumacher and then Raikkonen.

      7. Veena says:

        MS race engineer was with Kimi and his name is Chris Dyer who was promoted as chief track engineer in 2009 and “Andrea Stella” replaced him. Pat Fry replaced him in ferrari because of the 2010 Abu Dhabi episode.

    5. Michael S says:

      I bet they bring in Mark Slade who was with him at Macca and now at Lotus.

    6. unF1nnished business says:

      My guess is he brings Mark Slade with him.

      1. James Allen says:

        I’d be surprised if Rob Smedley stuck around, so yes there is a chance of that, if Slade fancies living in Italy

      2. Sanjog says:

        Wont’t is be a treat to listen to some Smedley- Raikkonnen conversations during tense races.. :)..

      3. Daniel G, says:

        Why would you be surprised, James? Do you think Smedley is part of the Massa failure?

    7. Michael Grievson says:

      Kimi baby. Relax. I’ve put some vodka in your water bottle

    8. James Hunt says:

      Yeah this is what I’ve been thinking and wondering about as well…

      In 2008 (I think) there was an interview with the Ch10 network in Aust where Rob Smedley and Chris Dyer were being interviewed and when asked about the raw speed of the current drivers, Chris answered saying that Kimi is one of if not the fastest driver he’s ever seen, and Rob answered in a really cagey and unconvincing manner that he thought Felipe was very capable and definitely up there with the best..

    9. Rob Newman says:

      Come on Kimi baby :)

  16. Seán Craddock says:

    I’m happy for Felipe, think he could still do a lot with equal status. He could do a lot for a smaller team. Would like to see him replace Kimi at Lotus and hopefully they’ll still have a car to challenge for wins with the new regs.

    As for kimi to Ferrari I’m really excited. I think it’s a bad idea for the team and Alonso, but I would hope there will be a Ham-Alo 2007 like rivalry

  17. Dougel says:

    You said in the chequered flag Raikkonen won’t want to put the hours in on simulator next year developing the car, which will be required due to the regulation changes. Unless Alonso soundly beats Raikkonen, I can only see an Alonso/Raikkonen being a disaster. From his twitter feed Alonso seems to be a proper grafter, and Alonso will not be happy if Raikkonen just turns up and races and gets the glory as a result of Alonso’s hard work.

    1. Kimi4WDC says:

      You giving simulator way to much credit there.

    2. Chris Normal says:

      They know that Kimi won’t do the simulator work but they have plenty of test drivers to get the development done. I can’t quite see Alonso pouting over Kimi not doing simulator time.

      1. Mrolliee says:

        From what I’ve heard kimi doesn’t like simulators as it makes him get motion sickness.

    3. Timmay says:

      May the fastest man win. Ferrari have a handful of competent test drivers to do simulator work. Why should Kimi do it if he honestly thinks it detracts from the real thing?

  18. F458 says:

    I think this change will be good for Massa so long as he gets another seat but I can’t see where that will be. Maybe at Sauber if Gutierrez’s sponsorship has dried up or maybe Williams. However a Massa-Hulkenberg partnership at Lotus would be a good pairing.

    1. MikeyB says:

      Felipe will attract considerable ($10M+) Brazilian sponsorship wherever he elects to go. Sauber or Williams should welcome him with open arms.

  19. Aadil says:

    u honestly truely feel sorry for Massa!

    He is a great person and a great sportsman

    But sooner or later something had to give.

    Changes need to be made if they want 2 win titles again.

    Getting rid of Massa alone is not going help.

    Many many many more changes are needed for Ferrari getting back to anything like the form they had in the Schumacher/Brawn/Byrne/Todt error.

    The current group of ppl @ Ferrari are not even a shadow of the ppl they replaced.

    It would be in Ferrari’s best interest to get more 1 former employee back “Ross Brawn”

    1. hero_was_senna says:

      May interest you to know, Allison worked for Ferrari between 2000-2004 and Renault during 2005-2006. I think that is significant.
      Rory Byrne has been working hard this year for 100+ days on the 2014 car.
      With Alonso and Raikkonen, they have 2 of the top 4 drivers there.

      What’s not to love?

      1. Aadil says:

        I know Alison was @ Ferrari before!
        Hense I said “1 more”

        Byrne is only a consultant and consultants do exactly that they “Consult” His not chief designer or technical director so his input is limited.

        They dont just need new ppl from a technical point of view

        Demonicalli has had 5 and half yrs @ Ferrari he took over a team @ the start of 2008 that were drivers and Contructors champions and reduced them to the shambles they are today.

        he needs to be replaced as badly as Massa needed to.

        And who better to replace him then Ross Brawn.

        If only Ferrari can put their pride aside.

    2. Breezy says:

      I don’t feel sorry for him, as there is no need to, he has had a great career at Ferrari and should be proud of what he achieved. His achievements should be acknowledged not felt sorry for.

  20. JB says:

    Finally, some sensible good news. Ferrari should made this decision a long time ago.

    An advise for Massa. Don’t do what Barachello did. Desperate for a drive, but simply can’t keep up with the new generations.

    Good luck with your future!

    1. Pat Byrne says:

      Barrichello gave Button a run for his money in the second-half of 2009 for the WDC and out-paced NH when they were team-mates (admittedly Hulk was a rookie in the no testing era).

      Barrichello’s post-Ferrari career proved he was better than he looked as Schumi’s no 2.

    2. Hudson says:

      I don’t think so. Barrichelo was almost 40 and wanted to continue ad infinitum. He had nothing more to offer. Felipe surely still has something to offer to F1. He will surely fit well at a middle of the grid team. We need experience in F1. Some of the current new drivers are very mediocre.

      1. ManOnWheels says:

        Mind you, Barrichello in his last seasons, still beat the proclaimed prodigies Maldonado and Hulkenberg and hadn’t it been for a pile of bad luck, he was keeping up quite well with Button.
        Barrichello had a lot to offer, despite his age!

    3. Tim says:

      Don’t do what Barachello did. Desperate for a drive, but simply can’t keep up with the new generations….

      In fairness, Barachello could not keep up with his own generation on a regular basis ;-)

      1. Louis says:

        Barachello out score both Hulk & Maldonado when he was in William. Barachello did incredible well after he left Ferrari, he nearly challenge Button for WDC on 2009.

      2. Daniel G, says:

        Yes, because in F1 it is very easy to be two time vice-WDC, SIX TIMES part of a WCC (record alongside Schumacher), multiple race winner, multiple pole-sitter, and also, at “40″, he delivered two wins, one pole and a 3rd place in the standings in 2009 against Vettel, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Button and Alonso driving in the same field. That is surely not keeping up with his or anybody else’s generation…

        What a load of rubbish.

      3. Tim says:

        I think just maybe, perhaps, it’s possible you might be a teensy bit biased in your assessment of Rubinho.
        I could make all sorts of counter claims about dominant cars and most F1 starts before a win etc. But I won’t.
        My comment was just meant as a bit of a throwaway line and I apologise if it offended you.

    4. JB says:

      Looks like this discussion worked itself out. (Smile).

  21. Phil Glass says:

    Few drivers were as devoted to the team as Felipe. I feel a slight pang of sorrow to see him go, but I think he has known about this for some time. He and Smedley will long be remembered as a remarkable double act.
    I hope he finds a decent drive.

  22. Truth or Lies says:

    Best of luck Felipe, you are one of F1′s very few gentlemen and thanks for many great Ferrari memories.

    I really hope you find a drive worthy of your talent and integrity.

    1. Sasidharan says:

      Only Truth, No lies ;)

  23. Steve Boden says:

    It’s a shame for Massa but ultimately the right decision for Ferrari, Although i do blame them for this situation.

    Massa hasn’t been the same since the accident in 2009 and when he finally started to regain his confidence and true pace in Germany 2010, Ferrari destroyed him by moving him out of the way of Alonso.

    I’ll be very surprised if he gets a drive in 2014, Surely Hulkenberg or Di Resta will go to Lotus, There doesn’t look to be an opening at Sauber for next year and i couldn’t see Force India taking him.

    I hope he has a good end to the season, Would love to see him get one last podium.

    1. hero_was_senna says:

      How pathetic. Go back to Germany 2010.
      Look at the difference in points between the Ferrari teams drivers and tell me that it wasn’t a decision to chase the championship?
      Ultimately in nearly 4 years together, Massa has 8 podiums as against Alonso’s 42 and 11 wins!
      If one team decision had that psychological effect on his driving, he wouldn’t be in F1!

    1. unF1nnished business says:

      Haha…I guess Stefano is a bit ansy!

    2. Justin Bieber says:

      Stefano wrote in the commments: “I only took a picture of the helmet I had at home”

    3. Rob Newman says:

      I am sure that is a fake Domenicali … just like the fake Justin Bieber.

  24. Brendan says:

    Well, if we’re going to be forced to watch Vettel drive off with the WDC year after year, at least Ferrari are willing to provide us with some intrigue.

  25. Steve JR says:

    Of course, he had to go. If Raikonnen bags the seat then we will see some awesome racing next year from the new team mates. This is sad news and great news for racing fans!

  26. Carlos marques says:

    Sad in a way, but a predictable and much needed change at Ferrari.

    Contrast the dignity in the way Ferrari and Massa handled his departure with Red Bull and the way they treated and commented on their ex-drivers in the media.

    Goes to show you that sometimes when they say “family” they really mean it. A very rare thing in F1 indeed…

    1. Allan says:

      Unfortunately they did not handle the departure of Kimi quite as well… Or Schumi for that matter.

  27. Ungulado says:

    “Alonso does not historically take well to highly competitive team mates.”

    “Fact is solidified opinion” as the Murphy’s Law say.

    That “fact” is based on a single unit of data: the 2007 championship and even to take that into consideration one must dimsiss both Lewis and Alonso’s observations that the rift was not between them but between Alonso and Dennis.

    The other drivers he had were competent, just not at his level. Trulli is the other one mentioned as being kicked out of Renault because Alonso didn’t like him being competitive. Of curse there’s the close friendship between them to disprove the accusation. Trulli, Fisichella, Villeneuve, Massa, Grosjean…they were not exactly dummies before or after partnering Alonso. Only Nelsinho seemed worthless (and Marques and Yoong).

    On the other hand, how many competitive team mates did the other ones have? And how did they took it?

    Webber for Vettel is as competitive as Trulli was with Alonso, and the few moments Webber got the upper hand Seb didn’t exactly looked delighted. Ditto for Lewis, with only Button giving him a run for his money, making him quite nervous, not to mention that he was not exactly the walking image of “joie de vivre” when partnered with Alonso.

    Kimi? When beaten by Massa he became the Sulkman, more like the Iceman.

    So I think the comment is pretty unfair.

    1. Satish says:


      Unfortunately, the sad truth is that the first impression is the only impression. Hence why we keep hearing the same “opinions” again and again.

      Name a single top driver on the F1 grid today that doesn’t like to prove he’s better than his teammate. There’s none.

      For that matter, next year might even see the ever smiling Ricciardo doing less smiling when he tries on Webber’s shoes.

    2. Sid says:

      I agree with you one hundred percent 100%. best comment

    3. RodgerT says:

      Neither Kimi nor Seb left the team or had the other driver run off after being run close or beaten.

    4. VSI says:


      Beautifully put.

    5. gond says:

      I am copying your post to paste it whenever this “fact” comes again from any other poster in any other conversation. I could not have said it better. Thanks for the summary!

    6. krischar says:

      @ Ungulado



      Really excellent post which holds truth and no notions or stories about alonso

      I never buy into james theory “Alonso does not historically take well to highly competitive team mates”

      Alonso has been fantastic performer ever since he joined the grid in 2001

      How many WDC did trulli or Fisichella won at renault ? None

      Alonso never minds or interested in team mate battle his only aim or target is WDC. With mclaren in 2007 it was differnet story where alonso has been promised by dennis and later the promise was never materialized. China 2007 reflected this. Afterall Trulli and Fisichella have confessed the fact Alonso is a fantastic driver.

      Massa totally wiped the floor with Kimi, yet here too many kimi fans are convinced he can be faster than alonso which is hialrious at best

      Most recently lewis confessed this fact as well, he likes racing with alonso and he is aware of alonso’s speed and skill

      Vettel gets lauded when he beats webber and wins the WDC year after year. His real competiton was only webber for the past five years for WDC title.

      No team did best job than RBR for the last 4 seasons. Yet webber easily got the better of vettel many times when he did vettel sulked to the core. Where were people back then ? MUTLI 21

      Alonso is the best driver i have ever watched in F1 in the last 15 years or so

      1. Bartholomew says:

        ” Yet webber easily got the better of vettel many times when he did vettel sulked to the core.”

        What “many times”? Webber never beat Vettel over a season, and hasn’t come close since 2010… when Vettel lost at least three wins with mechanical failures.

    7. rafa says:

      You know, that’s got to be one of the best reasoned comments I’ve read so far on the subject. I support Alonso, although he often doesn’t win my heart when he opens his mouth… but i just don’t understand when people put him down constantly for stuff other drivers do as well: Vettel and Webber have been at it and have had very tense moments, and definitely Vettel didn’t look happy at all. Same for all the other cases you’ve mentioned, yet English media/fans make it a point to always mention that when assesing Alonso’s character. Furthermore, why do people have a need to focus on characters? What do I care what Alonso’s character is like? He’s one hell of a driver, why should I concern with him considering God’s little gift to the world?

  28. franed says:

    Not just Massa but Rob Smedley too! Maybe Sauber if they have the money.
    Who knows, next year all balls are in the air, there will be a number of new problems in addition to the normal ones, so Sauber could be fastest.

  29. Chris J says:

    I’m glad Felipe has had the chance to make the announcement before all the hype of Kimi’s return. Ferrari have stood by him and some would argue he was lucky to still be with the team after last years performances.

    He’s lucky to be with us after the accident in Hungary and personally I think he should walk away and enjoy his final races with the team, just like Webber.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he did a swop and went to Lotus as some form of exchange…

  30. AJ says:

    I really hope he gets a drive elsewhere for next year.
    Any insight on how likely that is and which team would be most likely?

  31. Larry Thorne says:

    Becoming a team boss of the soon-to-be ex-Euskatel team is full time job. Grand tours take three weeks and no way can Fernando compete in F1 100% while leading a pro-cycling team. I say he will take a sabbatical and be back in 2015 with McLaren-Honda.

    1. Benalf says:

      He’s not the team boss, he’s the team backer with a 2-yr commitment to provide economic support and then to move forward the same way any other cycling team. He’s not gonna be the team sport’s director. I see his move quite bold and I applaude his gesture in putting a large amount of money on the oldest team of the pro-tour. Why is it that anything that Fred does is commented in a negative way?

    2. onekerato says:

      I thought Alonso owns the cycling team, doesn’t mean he will be team boss… should take less effort than it does Mateschitz to run Red Bull Racing I would think.

  32. goferet says:

    OMG!!! So it’s true after all.

    For certain life has lots of surprises, and this one is up there with the best of them.

    Can’t help feeling sad for Massa because he comes across as a team player and one that gives his all but due to circumstances, he has been unable to deliver results that are expected of an Ferrari driver.

    So yes wishing Massa nothing but the best and hopefully, he can find another seat somewhere on the grid which is likely to be with a midfield team.

    Now Alonso’s moves the past few weeks begin to make sense for ”the iceman cometh.”

    Yes Luca has decided to listen to the voice of the tifosi by bringing in someone that can score big points for the team but where this will leave Alonso, only God knows.

    Having said that, it seems Alonso is pretty confident of seeing off Kimi so much so, he’s already thinking of renewing the contract past 2016.

    Anyway happy days for the fans because Ferrari is where the fun is at from 2014 onwards.


    Maybe Kimi’s comeback has something to do with the fact that Luca doesn’t have full confidence that Alonso can scoop up the WDC (because of the stiff competition) and so decided to focus on the WCC.

    1. Benalf says:

      That’s nuts, completely away from reality. What F1 do you follow, mate? Fred is one of the best drivers in F1 in the last 10 years, period. Give him a top car and he’s gonna fight for the DWC ’til the last race. I wonder if he were Brit or German, even French to read wonderful histories about his racecraft and what not. In the land of the world champions, there’s no such thing as a good 2nd place, and year after year you’ve seen the clashing of drivers, on different teams -a few times on the same team- because that’s what champions do; take no prisoners.
      I haven’t seen any direct indication of huge problems between Fred and his team mates, so all the fable about him and Trulli, Hamilton is plain BS. The Macca affair in 2007 IMO was a clash between Ron Dennis and his idea to market a rookie brit sensation above the newly-hired two-time WC and it went very bad for Macca. If Fred was the villain, then there’s not adjective for the bahavior of both Dennis and Hamilton Sr. I think the idea of Kimi-Fred in Ferrari will provide good entertainment next season -if it happens- but I am more worried about the Scuderia capability of designing a winning car. Even if they put together a fantastic turbo engine, Newey will keep an upper hand in terms of aero. I am sorry for Massa, Kimi, Fred for taking the wrong decision to move to Ferrari when the team has moved into its new dark ages. I would love to see a resurgence of the team and give Fred and Kimi a realistic chance to winning but I don’t feel they have the right combination of people who build the cars and runs the races. If I were Fred, I would go to Lotus and wait if Renault brings the magic of their powerful turbos back to the track.

    2. Tim says:

      For certain life has lots of surprises, and this one is up there with the best of them…..

      Really? You really rate this as one of the greatest surprises of recent times?

      1. goferet says:

        @ Tim

        Sure thing bro.

        Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine Ferrari would partner two world class drivers especially so if one of those drivers is Alonso.

      2. Tim says:

        Ferrari today confirmed the hotly anticipated news that Kimi Raikkonen has been re-hired for a two year contract starting in 2014…

        I was just remarking that I don’t really understand why you find it such a surprise – it has been in the offing for quite a while and can hardly have been a shock ;-)

  33. mj says:

    that is a shame but understandable, Felipe really has struggled to find his feet for the last few years. He’s such a nice bloke, I hope he can get a good drive for next year, he deserves it, he’s a grafter, a nice guy, and fast. A fresh seat away from Alonso may just be what he needs to re light the fire. He needs a seat as no1, not n02, to get some confidence back. I wonder if the unswerving support of Rob Smedley will go with him?? The best of luck Felipe, heres hoping you have a good seat next year. Failing that, go and show them how its done in Indy car. Well Fernando, now you are in the sctuck aren’t you! Kimmi will not perform as a no2, and certainly won’t lie down. Kick Fernandos a55 Kimi!!

  34. Tealeaf says:

    To be honest if Di Montezemolo had some balls he would have got rid of Massa and Alonso, they’re just not going anywhere, he should have made Vettel and Hamilton an offer they couldn’t refuse but insteaf both the fastest drivers in F1 are tied down and now they’re forced a aging Raikkonen with questionable motivation and an ever distant relationship with Alonso, I will stick firm with my opinion that with Vettel at Ferrari they would win the title especially with their resources and also the strength of their technical team which includes Byrne, Allison and Fry, loads more people I won’t get into here. Now how would Raikkonen do with Alonso as a team mate? I think he’ll do better than the post crash Massa, but will much change at Ferrari? No, unless they have a massive advantage on the engine front than Renault.
    What will happen to Massa? Probably best if he finds a seat in 1 of the top seats seats at Le Mans next year, I’m sure Toyota has the means to hire him, doubt there’s a decent seat left in F1, Williams?

    1. Kimi4WDC says:

      Well, he still has time to do it.

    2. Benalf says:

      Byrne, Allison and Fry…big names, different styles and approaches. It doesn’t look like they’re gonna agree about what to do. Time will tell if the 2014 car is worth those big names. Pat Fry is still blaming the wind tunnel, even though he came in, first to lay down the right infraestructure for the development of the car, then to make them real. Still 2013 and again, wid tunnel and testing doesn’t match. You don’t need a troop of geniuses, just one who knows what to do.

      1. Sanjog says:

        I wouldn’t bet against Byrne. He’s produced some beauties in the past, hasn’t he ? Allison is the creative element in the mix. We may just see a super red car next year.

    3. Chris Normal says:

      Alonso’s doing fine in the Ferrari. Vettel and Hamilton both have huge long term contracts in place already. The idea that they would spend the amount of money required to get either of them out of their contract, and then pay them a big enough contract to want to do that, is highly unlikely. I’m not an Alonso fan but he’s of much higher talent and doing a much better job than you give him credit for.

    4. 69bhp says:

      maybe Massa can join Webber at Porsche to form a sportscar superteam. They can call themselves the “number 2s”.

      1. Tealeaf says:

        Could do, if thats the case add Barrichello to that car as well, still think Toyota will get the victory next year.

      2. aveli says:

        i think they should both stay away from racing and enjoy their money. crashing in other cars is not as safe as crashing in an f1 car. coulthard’s having a good life without taking those risks.

      3. Kbdavies says:


  35. Matt W says:

    Very interesting. Seems like a dictat to Alonso as much as it is about bringing in talent. Amazing just how much the time off from F1 improved Kimi all round.

    I wonder who will get the most moral support inside the team. On the one hand Alonso puts the work in but has been critical, on the other you have Kimi who can be distant but has won both titles (drivers and constructors) with those guys.

  36. Adiel says:

    Finally Ferrari came to their sensers to let poor Massa go. It was about timd for change in that team.

    1. Jim Brown says:

      No idea why Ferrari kept him for so long. Must have been cheap as chips!

  37. goferet says:

    So it appears Scuderia has decided to go for a 33 year old former employee and thus having two top drivers in their 30s.

    This situation reminds me of those immortal words so eloquently uttered by the famous philosopher Fernando

    ”All you people at Ferrari are geniuses, mamma mia”

    Fun fact

    Both Mansell and Prost were in their 30s when they partnered in 1990 and no, Ferrari didn’t win the WCC.

    1. hero_was_senna says:

      Because they were up against a THIRTY year old genius called Ayrton

    2. AuraF1 says:

      Fun fact both Schumacher and Barrichello were in their 30s when Ferrari seemed to get quite a few championships under their belt…in fact a few years older than Alonso and Kimi for Schumacher wasn’t it?

    3. Dave C says:

      Your boy Hamilton will be in his 30′s in just over a year’s time, stop moaning. Raikkonen will get beaten by Alonso unless Kimi can get the measure of Alonso early, you talk about Prost and Mansell, they both won the title at the end of their careers so its nothing to do with their driving, Ferrari wasn’t reliable enough back then.

    4. bones says:

      Both Mansell and Prost were in their 30s when they partnered in 1990 and no, Ferrari didn’t win the WCC.

      Well,do you remember WHO won it that year?
      Is not a shame not to win when you are against the greatest of all time.
      Anyway Prost was close and they had the best car at the end of that year,if not for Balestre feeding Senna’s anger on a Saturday before Japan’s GP who knows what would have happened.

  38. ferggsa says:

    With RedBull, Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren all set up for 2014, that leaves only Lotus to name driver(s)so it seems Felipe might end up in the US or racing against Webber
    Maybe Sauber or Williams could use him for development but am not sure they can afford him
    I will miss him because he is a very nice chap

  39. Andreas L says:

    If the story is true, will we see next year’s Ferrari with the numbers 27# and 28# ??

  40. Scott says:

    I have no doubt as to who will win the team mate battle. Fernando will wipe the floor with Kimi, who lest us forget, was beaten in 2008 and 2009 by Massa. As for “Alonso does not historically take well to highly competitive team mates”, I would question this. Alonso didn’t take too well to being treated as number 2 whilst reigning world champion with his team boss publicly stating “We are fighting Alonso”!! I don’t really think any driver would. Indeed, you only need to look back to 2004, where Jarno Trulli scored the only win, and was ahead on points, and Jarno remained one of Fernando’s best friends.

    1. Basil says:

      The Iceman cometh and I can taste your fear mate.

    2. Poyta says:

      Pretty sure Alonso and Hamilton are good friends too – if fact their love for each other borders on the sickening lately.

      1. Glennb says:

        I think their ‘love’ stems from the old saying, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” ;)

      2. onekerato says:

        It’s huge respect, not love :) I think Alonso & Hamilton regard each other as equals with Hamilton having an edge in qualifying and Alonso better on race pace. Both used to look down on Vettel by attributing his success entirely to the car, but Alonso seems to have realized now that Vettel is an equal, though Hamilton probably doesn’t share that view yet.

    3. John S says:

      Massa competed with Lewis Hamilton for the world championship in 2008. And after his accident he has won nothing and been on the podium only a few times.

      He is not the same driver he once was, he is too inconsistent now.

      So assuming Alonso will “wipe the floor” with Kimi because of their records with Massa, doesn’t really apply as well you would like to think.

      1. **Paul** says:

        Alonso is hard to quantify. His team mates in F1 thus far are:

        Tarso Marques
        Alex Yoong
        Jarno Trulli
        Jaques Villenueve (stand in driver)
        Giancarlo Fisichella
        Nelson Piquet Jr (Rookie)
        Romain Grosjean (Rookie)
        Lewis Hamilton (Rookie)
        Felippe Massa (post accident era only)

        To see Alonso go head to head with someone who is well proven/experienced, and potentially with like for like equipment will be very interesting. It’s one thing beating Rookies, it’s another beating a driver who isn’t going to be phased by it all. For the first time in his career in F1 Alonso is really going to have to show what he’s made of. He’ll have no experience advantage and no mental advantage if Kimi rocks up in the other seat.

        Game on !

    4. Breezy says:

      Keep dreaming mate, Alonso to throw his toys out of cot by The British GP after been shown how its done by the iceman

    5. paul murray says:

      kimi won WDC 07 was leading at the start of 08
      then they changed the spec of the cars to favour
      Massa.This was because a big Spanish bank wanted
      to do well in Brazil

      1. Scott says:

        LOL. Ferrari favoured Massa to help a bank that didn’t sponsor them for 2 years, and indeed was a sponsor for McLaren? Scraping the barrel!! LOL

      2. paul murray says:

        No advantage for Alonso next year completely
        different cars.Facts on Kimi and Ferrari last
        time can be found here F1 BIAS.COM

      3. Scott says:

        “No advantage for Alonso next year completely
        different cars.Facts on Kimi and Ferrari last
        time can be found here F1 BIAS.COM”

        LOL!!!! f1bias.com??? Really, the clue is in the name. LOL!!! You are looking for FACTS in a Kimi Fan site? LOL

    6. paul murray says:

      kimi won WDC 07 was leading at the start of 08
      then they changed the spec of the cars to favour
      Massa. After the accident in 09 Kimi starts to
      improve. Then gets a big payout for 2010.Ferrai
      know what they are getting for 2014.Good luck

  41. desperate times bring desparate measures.

  42. hahaa and desperate spelling!!

    1. Random 79 says:

      I think it’s pretty clear that James prioritises getting the news out fast rather than spending hours going over it with a fine-tooth spell-checker, and good on him for that :)

      1. @random79…my comment was addressed at my own spelling, not james. read again or get some specs.

      2. Random 79 says:

        Apologies, my mistake, but next time could you make it a reply to your original comment?

      3. Rob Newman says:

        Kenneth was referring to his own ”desparate’ spelling.

      4. Scuderia McLaren says:

        He’s referring to his own spelling in above post

  43. Grant H says:

    What now for massa, i cant see mclaren letting jenson go for massa, other than that maybe lotus, but i hear they are likely to take hulkenberg, not sure if lotus intend to keep grosjean, my guess is massa will be looking at a midfield team at best

    Kimi / alonso at ferrari sounds interesting…..like to see how team orders goes down with that one, cant imagine slip streaming at monza next year

    Last time alonso had a team mate to challenge was lewis and we all know how that ended!

    1. Tealeaf says:

      Yeah thats when Ron publicly stating the whole team was “basically racing Fernando”
      At the time of silverstone onwards until that dodgy qualifying at Fuji Alonso had the upperhand in speed and consistency just a shame Mclaren screwed him, how would you feel?

  44. PM says:

    Wonder whether Rob Smedly will continue at Ferrari now that his best mate is leaving the team. Can’t imagine his style of race engineering going down too well with Kimi.

    1. Jock Ulah says:

      ‘Kimi, you are faster than Fernando, please overtake. Do you understand?’

      1. Sanjog says:

        ‘I know what I am doing. Just leave me alone.’
        ‘Kimi Baby, keep it cool.. We are getting you the triple vodka icecream. :)

    2. David Smith says:

      Kimi baby stay cool, we’re bringing you an ice cream cone. Did you want a flake on it!!

    3. hero_was_senna says:

      I’m not so sure, Kimi likes English guys, his manager and trainer are both from uk. I’d imagine him and smedley would enjoy a few beers together.
      Can’t wait for their radio conversations, be like the goonies reborn!

  45. JM says:

    And end of an era and a new beginning for everybody involved…

    On a side note, I hope Mr. Domenicali is not pulling our collective legs with this:


    1. Sarvar says:

      Forza Kimi!!!!
      I ve never and ever thought Kimi would be back in red overalls!? Wow) Come on man, Iceman against samurai

  46. Maybe Alonso will go to Lotus with his pay off money from Ferrari, and maybe, just maybe Massa as well !!!
    Kimi and Alonso in same team ?? just wouldn’t work

  47. Dave C says:

    So is the Raikkonen deal done? This is actually good news the Ferrari pairing was getting stale time for a change, Alonso has been too comfortable he needs to wake up, just look at the struggles Vettel has to go through with Webber and Hamilton had to do to see off Rosberg, they’re real racers if Fernando can’t hack it then its time to retire, but he could prove everyone how good he is by blowing Kimi away in a fair fight we shall see.

    1. Anne says:

      BBC says yes. One year contract with an option for 2015. So if things go bad Kimi could retire or go to another team. The same with Alonso. Next year they will try to get along. We have to wait and see.

  48. Stephen Taylor says:

    As a Raikkonen fan I am sceptical about whether this would be a good move for Kimi to go to Ferrari. I’d rather he stay at Lotus.

  49. Andrew M says:

    Alonso vs Raikkonen. Is it really true?

  50. Dave Brockman says:

    I can see Alonso storming off once Kimi starts challenging him – which he surely will. He threw his toys out of the pram at Renault and McLaren, and Ferrari ensured that Massa didn’t pose too much of a threat.

    1. krischar says:

      Keep on Dreaming

  51. Paul Gawne says:

    If Raikkonen is confirmed and Alonso wants to leave, the only viable option is surely Lotus? Unless Mclaren choose not to renew Button’s contract.

    Also could you see Massa go to Sauber to have some experience in the camp alongside Sirotkin? Its the only place I can think of him going or being wanted as he doesn’t bring ££ does he?

    1. James Allen says:

      Sauber looks the only option, I think he will struggle

      Only thing is next year will be very technical so an experienced driver will be essential if they have a rookie in the other car

      1. Hudson says:

        That would be an interesting three-way swap of drivers: from Lotus to Ferrari, from Ferrari to Sauber, and from Sauber to Lotus.

      2. Timo says:

        I’m not sure Sauber is an option. Surely, Ferrari will want to promote Bianchi from Marussia to Sauber as part of their engine deal. And Sauber likely will keep GUT or slot the Russian kid into the other seat (in either case for obvious financial reasons).

        The only potentially competitive seat is likely at Williams — he can take a chance on them producing something special with a Merc engine in the back. Question is: are MAL and BOT locked in for next year? If yes, then I guess Massa’s time in F1 is done.

      3. DC says:

        GUT will not be racing in Sauber next year.

      4. ManOnWheels says:

        My best guess is that Sauber is all set for Bianchi and Sirotkin, with Telmex going to McLaren Guiterrez is most probably out of Formula 1.
        I see Hülkenberg in a Lotus (just because he is rated high, though I would rate Sutil higher, but who am I to know? Sutil will not drive for Lotus, as he had his struggle with Eric Lux).
        I wouldn’t imagine Boullier throwing out Grosjean, who he manages.
        McLaren is set, Perez brings the big Telmex money, Button is a safe bet.
        So Massa is most likely out of the game with Caterham being the best option – they don’t seem to depend so much on sponsorship money at the moment and they could need some experience next to Van der Garde.

      5. Breezy says:

        Not sure what the Force India drivers situation is, but that could be a potential option, though whether Massa is an upgrade on what they have is debatable.

    2. MikeyB says:

      Massa brings substantial Brazilian $ with him, wherever he chooses to go – he mentioned his personal sponsors in his announcement that he is leaving Ferrari. Sauber (or Williams) would welcome him with open arms.

    3. Sid says:

      Why do you think Alonso will leave when Raikkonen returns? May I remind you that the same Kimi at his best, was bested by Massa in quali of 07-09, outscored in 08-09(until his accident).

      And that same Massa has been blown to smithereens by Alonso, quali/race/podiums/race wins, you name it, he beat it at that.

      1. Tealeaf says:

        It seems logical but in reality things rarely workout like that, you could also say on pure lap speed Grosjean is faster than Raikkonen (Lotus technicians claim this) and in the few races together at Renault Alonso ‘wiped the floor with Grosjean’ so it looks even clearer…

        Oh but wait, Trulli was faster than Alonso in alot of 2003 and 2004 especially quali and Trulli was beaten comprehensively by Kovalainen, so is Heikki much faster than Alonso then?
        Or Webber destroyed Rosberg it wasn’t even close and Rosberg had the measure of Hamilton at early season, even now he’s not far off, so by that logic Webber would at least edge out Hamilton and the fact Vettel has smashed Webber over 4 years he would make Hamilton look stupid in the same car right?

  52. Anne says:

    It was a good thing that it was Felipe saying he won´t be with Ferrari next year and not the other way around. It would be interesting to see if Raikkonen is given a long term contract or just one year or two.

    1. Sarvar says:

      I believe he has done it with Ferrari approval for his being loyal to the team.

  53. Sarvar says:

    Good luck Felipe! You were the family man with honor and dignity. Hopefully you ll land a competitive seat.

    1. Sarvar says:

      Mr. Montezemolo, thank you very much for bringing Kimi back! I adore F1))

  54. Jim Brown says:

    Thank god. Massa was literally a waste at Ferrari. They let him drive for far too long. I don’t usually comment but just felt I had to this time. Time for a world class driver at Ferrari (or at least a better driver than Massa, which won’t be hard).

    1. MikeyB says:

      If 11 F1 wins from 184 starts, 15 pole positions, 36 career podiums and 783 WDC points don’t prove a man is a ‘world-class driver’, what does?

      1. Tealeaf says:

        World class? Is Massa better than Vettel?

      2. Jim Brown says:

        Thank you Tealeaf. No idea why MikeyB is classing Massa as world class!

        15 pole positions from 184 starts… sorry but that isn’t world class.

        Don’t even let me get started with the Massa Vs Alonso stats..

  55. AlexD says:

    Domenicali and technical guys are the problem, not massa, iwoul reaplace stefano with ross brawn

    1. dean cassady says:

      maybe the new Brawn is Boullier?

      1. Dan says:

        going to be some tidy team lineups next year once they have their finances in order. Williams have a neat package and a good tech guy. Massa would do well to get a drive there. Same goes for lotus.

  56. Andrew Carter says:

    Past time to be honest, for the last 4 years he’s been one of the least competitive drivers out there. Granted, we really shouldn’t have been expecting him to win in 2010 but by the end of 2011 it was clear he was past his best.

    Personally I want to see Hulk take the second seat but if it’s true that he’s favourite to take over Kimi’s seat at Lotus if he moves, then may well be all good anyway.

    1. dren says:

      Sadly, I expect Lotus to fall further back next year and possibly Mclaren, too.

    2. Poyta says:

      Honestly I don’t know what people rate the Hulk so highly – apart from the odd flash of brilliance here and there he’s been extremely inconsistent like Massa and if we were to partner Alonso at Ferrari he would be just like another Massa, a number 2 support driver, just like Daniel will be a number 2 support driver for Vettel at RB. I’m hoping for a bit of spice and action next year with Kimi at Ferrari partnering Alonso – would be great to watch and see how that unfolds – if they can be made to work together than Ferrari would be such a POWERHOUSE!! Constructors in the bag!!

      1. ManOnWheels says:

        I second that. I think Sutil would be a better choice than Hülkenberg. But to be fair: Hulks cars have not been the greatest and it’s hard to shine in the mid field, where the best tactics are all so easily disturbed by other teams stopping in an unpleasant moment, where you can’t help to get stuck in the pack with a car that is about as fast as the competition.

      2. Andrew Carter says:

        Not sure what you’ve been watching but it wasn’t Hulkenberg. He’s been driving for midfield teams which, by the nature of the competition, means his results are going to be up and down a bit depending on how well suited the car is to any given track and that teams are closer there than those at the front.

  57. Joao says:

    Massa drove for Ferrari at the height of these competitive days when even 4 teams were fighting for wins. Stable rules brought the teams together. Three different engines were able to win races.

    That was quite a feat on top of recovering from a gruesome accident.

    I think Massa has recovered from that and more. It’s just that Ferrari, RBR and Mercedes want to monopolize the top spots. Leaving little room for McLaren and Lotus/Renault if possible.

    I do think that Massa was saving a spot for Vettel at Ferrari. More as a way of Ferrari dealing with a real issue at RBR in a very direct way.

    Massa I think has lacked the ability to overtake as well as Hamilton and Alonso. Even so, perhaps Massa is a notch above many other drivers. It helps to start the race at the forefront so you don’t have to overtake as many times. And perhaps Massa failed to impress at the startup grid.

    I’m not exactly a Ferrari fan though. Ferrari not winning is quite OK for me. I’m also not exactly a fan of Alonso either. I don’t care about a scripted reality TV with a happy ending. So bring more RBR and Vettel wins for all I care.


  58. Lee says:

    He’ll struggle to get a seat with so many good young drivers around.

  59. Geno says:

    Looking forward to some epic Smedley – Raikkonnen radio chats O_O !

    And great news for Hulkenberg!

  60. Monika Sanchez says:

    I don’t see Smeadly as Kimi’s engineer. For sure he would bring Slate with him.

    Smeadly: “Good job Kimi baby”
    Kimi: “I’m not your baby”

  61. Erik says:

    The Iceman cometh!

  62. Thread the Needle says:

    We will see how good Alonso really is?

  63. Stephen says:

    Hmmm, my favourite driver by a mile going to the team I hate with a passion. Next year is going to be full of conflicting emotions!

  64. Ahmad says:

    Excellent decision by Ferrari, at last, someone has the guts to pair two of the best drivers in F1. The new regulations are certainly not the best time to try young drivers, and I hope RBR come to regret their second driver choice.
    I think Ferrari (LDM) were enraged by Alonso’s manager trying to land his driver the RBR seat, as this would have made Ferrari look an absolute joke next year!
    With Raikkonen, they are taking an insurance policy against Alonso and for more WCC points. Can’t wait for 2014!!!

  65. Tornillo Amarillo says:

    Many will remember MASSA as a shame as a second fiddle. He also crash HAMILTON and others more than necessary closing the door too much several times, and he lost the 2008 Championship in his only close opportunity.

  66. Tornillo Amarillo says:

    Where does this put HULKENBERG? Maybe in the air?

    If he doesn’t get a Lotus drive (now that KIMI let a vacant seat) he should consider to change management…

  67. Adriano says:

    The right call for Ferrari but Felipe’s still got much to offer. I dearly hope we see him in 2014 and beyond.

    Let’s see Ferrari’s next move…

  68. Oz Gezza says:

    Massa departing Maranello? how sweet it’s to
    hear it,realy in fair dinkum department his
    use by date has expired at Ferrari long ago,
    Please note,Ferrari has done above norm for
    Massa and his family since 2008 so please no
    cheap shots towards Luca d Montezemolo.
    As who would partner Alonso in Ferrari team
    next year? my two bob say Hulkenberg,he is
    young and have spine,in regard to Kimi he’s
    at the end of his bash in F1 and on top of
    that he wants to raly in of season which is
    noton the Luca d M script.

  69. Panagiotis says:

    Farewell drinks, you drove for ferrari, you have made it…!!

  70. Seized Up says:

    Felipe Massa has been Ferrari through and through. He’s took the rough with the smooth, had profound ill luck and trucked on nonetheless. Perhaps performances have been inconsistent recently but his heart and head have always been in the right place and that has contributed hugely to Ferrari’s bigger picture.

    I think Ferrari will miss him…

  71. fox says:

    He is not serious. Once he declares exit if Ferrari doesn’t sign him. Now when it happens he is staying. I think he will go to Sauber where he started. But he is not serious about that all.

  72. jimmmy says:

    What do we think of this then:
    RBR: Vettel & Ricciardo
    Ferrari: Raikonnen & Alonso
    McLaren: Button & Perez
    Mercedes: Hamilton & Rosberg
    Lotus: Massa & Hulkenberg
    Sauber: Grosjean & Sirotkin

  73. Graham Bowman says:

    I pretty much doubt that Massa will race a F1 car next season, who wants a driver that is willing to take second place. No dis-respect to massa, he has been a thrill to watch and coming back from the accident to race toe to toe with Lewis shows great spirit. Well done. A new life in formula E or indy is waiting for this star. I wish him well and I think he will look back at this depature and relise it was for his own good.
    (Or maybe Rosberg leaves for ferari and massa joins mercedes………………)

  74. Seized Up says:

    Side Note: What does this mean for Smedely? Can’t imagine Raikkonen would tolerate his degree of race engineer input…

    1. Ding wamage says:

      ‘Calm down Kimi baby – I’m proud of you, son!??

      I like Smedley, but I think Kimi will take Mark Slade with him :)

  75. Sami says:

    Massa deserves respect, he may not be the most talented driver of the field, but he has shown enormous courage when he returned after his accident.
    Not many drivers would be able to race again with a platinum plate on their skull, Felipe did.
    I think the “Pirelli Lottery” has harmed him badly. If I were him I would look towards Indycars, he will not suffer with the tires and I gather that the racing will suit him well.
    All the best, Felipe.

  76. dren says:

    BBC all but confirmed Raikkonen signed Monday with Ferrari for next year with an option for the following.

  77. John in San Diego says:

    Well, Felipe certainly had a good run at Ferrari. He’s a very likeable individual too. In his time there, as reported, he’s won 11 GPs for them, including three in Turkish, giving up two (or possibly 3) more that I can think of (Brazil in 2007 for Kimi’s WDC, Hungary in 2008 due to an engine failure, and possibly the 2010 German GP due to team orders). Although I was pleased to see Lewis win the 2008 WDC, I was sad that Massa lost it in the way he did. He never seemed the same as a race driver since his 2009 accident. But Ferrari to their credit stood by him, and showed class by letting Massa announce his own departure from the team. One of the good guys. Best of luck to him.

  78. Vik says:

    This is a statement if intent for the Scuderia and the brand Ferrari. Drivers must serve their purpose, which is to win. If this decision irks Fernando, so be it. What matters more for Ferrari is victory. They are the most recognisable brand in the world and they have been comprehensively beaten over successive years by a manufacturer with no history. Hopefully this will change with the installation of Raikkonnen in the second seat. But, I guess the subtext here is driver vs. machinery. Will two of the best drivers in the world be able to beat Red Bull, Adrian Newey, Sebasten Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo? Because, barring a freak case of brain fade, we all know who will have the better car next year. It does look though, with Fry and Allison, a newly calibrated wind tunnel, an advanced simulator program led by Pedro De La Rosa and the driver pairing of Alonso and Raikkonnen, that Ferrari are poised for an aggressive fightback in 2014.

  79. Monza01 says:

    The BBC are claiming that Kimi has definitely signed with Ferrari but only on a one year deal which is somewhat surprising.

    James : is this correct, and if it is, whose preference was it and why ?

    I can’t think of any reason why Kimi would want such a short contract so are Ferrari doing this because it was the only way to sigh Kimi and keep Alonso on board ?

    1. James Allen says:

      I think he has a couple more years in him, so 1 & 1 is possible, but it’s not a very certain move and who follows him?

      1. Sanjog says:

        I think it was Kimi wanting to give it a whirl for a year, see how it goes and then take a call. He’s been burned before by this Ferrari setup, so can’t imagine he would be too keen to get screwed again.

      2. AlexD says:

        I think this is what Ferrari might think – for now it is the super team: Alonso and Kimi.

        They will see how 2014 will pan out. It might go several different directions after that:

        1. Kimi retiring and Alonso to partner with Bianchi

        2. Kimi and Alonso retire and Vettel to partner with Bianchi

        3. Alonso change the team and Kimi to partner with Bianchi

      3. Raymond Yu says:

        If it was true, I’d wager that it was to keep their options open for Vettel.

      4. VSI says:

        If true, it’d appear Ferrari are reserving the option of getting Vettel in 2015 or 2016. By then, either Ferrari will have had some success with the ALO/RAI combo or give either the boot to facilitate the arrival of the young apprentice.

    2. Anne says:

      Since Kimi returned he has been under 1 year contract with an option. He never had a long term contract with Lotus. So it seems Kimi is confortable with things going that way.

    3. jeroen says:

      must have been Montezemelo’s request as he would not wish to pay Kimi that much for gardening leave twice!

  80. Ronnie says:

    This should not come as a surprise to most. Just as I was getting ready to feel sorry for him, the picture of a young Massa winning in red in Brazil came to mind. The man had lived!

  81. AndyRat says:

    So next year, 20 years on from Senna’s death, we may well have no Brazilian on the grid for the first time in at least 40 years, as I recall. He sure was a hard act to follow!!!
    I fear for the long term prospects of the Brazilian GP…

    1. Breezy says:

      Can’t say I share your concern about the Brazilian GP, since Senna the Brazilians haven’t exactly set the F1 world on fire and yet Brazilian GP has always been packed to rafters, so I think that GP will be around for while, at least I hope it is.

  82. Rudy says:

    I am a Kimi fan, all the way. I will be amazed to see Alonso´s face if Kimi beats him often. But also, what would happen in the Raikkonen side if the Ferrari is not bullet-proof, as a completely new era of V6 engines, turbo and energy recovery systems present some theething issues! A great 2014 awaits for us fans…

  83. greg says:

    Massa has not been as good the last few years since the accident and hats off to Ferrari for keeping him for so long and having hope.

  84. Marty says:

    Its somewhat hard to believe that Massa is out at Ferrari even though it has been evident for a couple of seasons that a change was necessary. Raikkonen back at Maranello, who doesn’t like that move?. Should spice up the racing at the front next year if the car is able and give some ‘help’ to Alonso as Ferrari chase the WCC.

  85. Will Wu says:

    Could Ferrari surprise us and announce Nico Hulkenburg instead?

  86. veeru says:

    I think kimi will give a tough fight to Alonso, but ultimately, Alonso will out-score kimi over a span of a season

    1. Louis says:

      you won’t know the future, your statement remind me when Button join Mclaren which everyone thought he can’t fight with Hamilton, but now Hamilton is the one who leave.

      1. veeru says:

        the reason he left is not because of button. you know that? don’t you

    2. Tealeaf says:

      What like Alonso outscored Hamilton over a season?

      1. veeru says:

        when the entire team right from the owner to the mechanic is against you and you lose the championship by one single point, I think it is an incredible achievement

        but, hey, wait a minute. Hamilton did not out-score Alonso in 2007. they were dead equal at 109.

  87. j says:

    A sad day. How must it feel to pull over for your teammate as ordered again and again only to be sacked for not scoring as many points. Fired if you do (follow team orders), fired if you don’t.

  88. Dan says:

    Go see Eric at Lotus Philipe. I still think you can do well given the opportunity.

    1. James Allen says:

      He’d have to get past Hulkenberg, who is 1st choice replacement for Kimi

      1. Sanjog says:

        James, why isn’t Davide Valsecchi an option for the Lotus seat ? Heard he’s rated pretty highly in the team. Is lack of sponsorship the issue here ?

      2. James Allen says:

        Lack of experience won’t help – its the Catch 22

      3. Jodum5 says:

        Lotus doesn’t need a rookie right now. They need drivers able to collect maximum points and possibly win if the equipment is there. If he stays at Lotus I think 2014 will be a make or break year for Grosjean. He needs to step up with his consistency and stop making silly mistakes.

      4. Phil R says:

        Would Massa’s nationally help him in Lopez’s/Genii’s business deals, thus adding some value or not really?

      5. Tealeaf says:

        Ok what about replacing Grosjean as well and have Hulk and Massa, not a bad team.

  89. Cali says:

    Never came back after the accident. Not really.
    Or well, maybe he did at some point but he’d become de-facto 2nd driver by then and with that #2 psychology not many, if any, could go on being competitive. I hope this gives him that kick he needed to find his old self, come back and be as competitive with Alonso for the rest of the season as he was with KR back then. The season is over anyway, same old winners, a fresh oldtimes-like Massa will make the remainder of this dull season a tiny bit more interesting.

  90. Hiten says:

    I wonder who is going to be Alonso’s next towing teammate in qualifying and ready to give up podium positions in race. If Kimi joins then it will be end of his dream to win WCC with Ferrari!!

  91. Random 79 says:

    All the best to Felipe for his future, whatever it may be :)

  92. Sensei.GT says:

    Can’t wait for next year! Cool as Ice Kimi dominating Alonso! I wonder if Fernando will break any motor home doors like he did at McLaren? Whatever, as long as he doesn’t break the ice cream freezer! GO KIMI!!!

    1. gond says:

      Make yourself a favour and don’t sell the bear skin before you hunt it…

  93. dean cassady says:

    let’s see who Ferrari announce for their 2014 drive…

  94. SEENAQLD says:

    FERRARI – its just broke in aus kimis sighned one year deal

  95. David says:

    The Ice Man and Alonso together at last!! What a line up Ferrari now has, I can only hope they they can work together (have doubt about this). If all goes well then we can expect lots of titles or a disaster to srring. All the best for Massa and what a shame that he has to go out like this. Go Ferrari!!!!

  96. Kris says:

    LIkeable guy and all but he’s the weakest number two driver there’s been at a top team since Heiki was at McLaren.

    What we shouldn’t, though, overlook is the fact that Massa is probably doing no worse a job than Webber. Again, the fact he’s likeable disguises the fact that Webber has made pretty poor use of a truly dominant machine. Vettel has almost as many wins as Webber has podiums. The guy should be putting that car in second or third place every single race.

    Having nice guys in F1 is nice, but let’s not let it corrupt our ability to disguise underperformance.

    For the sake of the sport, we need a stronger driver lineup at Ferrari. Massa influenced proceedings at Monza, but when was the last time before that? In order for this sport not to get boring real quick, we need two red cars being able to take points away from vettel, and we need the Mercs to continue their progress. Put Nico or Kimi in the Ferrari alongside Alonso and you have a vastly improved driver lineup.

    1. Kris says:

      “…but let’s not let it corrupt our ability to disguise underperformance.”

      recognise, not disguise, is what I meant to write.

      1. Random 79 says:

        Personally I thrive on my ability to disguise underperformance ;)

    2. Tealeaf says:

      Or maybe Vettel is that damn good, not many out there faster than Webber, Rosberg certainly wasn’t, nor Heidfeld or Coulthard.

  97. Sanjog says:

    Tough luck for Felipe. Top bloke, loyal team man, part of the Ferrari family forever.Hope he secures a decent drive for next year and shows what he can produce when he isn’t forced to play second fiddle to self-styled ‘samurais’. If Kimi does move to Ferrari and is anywhere near his best,boy, are we in for some real entertainment. Hope El Nando and Iceman are able to work together and secure Ferrari their rightful place in F1. May the best man win.

  98. Nick_F1 says:

    Let’s see how many podiums Alonso have next 4 years when Kimi is on board.

    Alonso had 42 podiums only because Massa didn’t have it much.

    I presume Alonso will have 21 podiums now…

    1. Tealeaf says:

      Well that assumption doesn’t work, there’s 3 spots on the podium hard to predict what could happen.

    2. Joel says:

      Well, wait for some unpleasant surprises next year. I don’t like Alonso, but he is a top dog. Kimi will score some nice chunks of points. However, over the season, he will still be behind Alonso.
      I’ll eat my words though as early as mid-season if Kimi starts beating Alonso in qualifying regularly.

  99. Elie says:

    This is honestly very good news for everyone involved. Sure nobody wants to loose a Ferrari seat but seriously he’s had it for 2 years longer than he should have. It would be terrific for Felipe to get a Lotus seat- even if this is unlikely as Hulkenberg is likely to nab it. Finally Felipe can come out of the shadows of Fernando !- that must be the most invigorating thing for a racer- is it too late ??-I don’t think so. Given a lead role and a relaxed working environment he can work wonders. With the new regs even a Sauber seat may provide a perfect opportunity to shine.

    Im still sceptical about Alonso staying there- because he will create trouble- one way or another. I really wish he would just go !- Ferrari have a great former driver and a brilliant opportunity with Hulkenberg. On track Kimi and Fernando will be an awesome combination but Fernando won’t play fair he will do anything to undermine the team for his own benefit- he is not and never will be a team player. I’m sure Kimi will find his feet quickly and he will get the results instantly if the car is anywhere near how he wants it.

    Any team analysing the data from Australia this year will be blown away by Kimis awesome talent. New car, new tyres, changeable conditions and he simply decimated the field with masterful precision these are the talents that Allison would have sold to Ferrari for the 2014 project..Ferrari must use this fully. !. As for simulators maybe teams should be simulating more the best bits of different drivers performances and feed it back into the simulators &car program’s rather than the other way round- god given talents don’t come around everyday and his greatest contribution is on track testing/ racing… Please do not loose it this time round to politics and self aggrandising racers who do nothing but destroy team/ other drivers opportunities.

    1. krischar says:

      We know Elie you are kimi fan

      Yet do not KID yourself with comments like “Fernando won’t play fair he will do anything to undermine the team for his own benefit- he is not and never will be a team player”

      Who cares about the team player non-sense ? Alonso is simply the best and he will easily trounce kimi from the word go. People who are objective and willing to state the fact alone will easily know the gulf in class between Alonso and kimi

      Massa wiped the floor with kimi, Alonso trounced massa on track easily. Even Grosjean looks quicker than kimi. Get real

      1. Elie says:

        Because Grosjean has been lucky to score 1/3 the points ? Is that right..
        Or is it because Felipe has been beaten by a Lotus for 2 years or hang on
        because quite often Kimi is challenging Fernando in a Lotus no less is that it ?
        Or perhaps it’s because Ferrari just signed him after a massive payout in 2009??- you think they do this for 2nd rate drivers ?
        **The questions marks are there to challenge your own mind. You might be at it for while so no need to ever answer me again- thanks.

  100. Racyboy says:

    I thought Montezemelo didn’t want two roosters in the henhouse.
    As a Ferrari fan, I can’t wait to see these two together. It’s shaping up to be one hell of a cock-fight.
    Good luck to Felipe.
    Hopefully he can land a decent drive, although I read last week he said if he leaves Ferrari, he would leave F1.

  101. Sanky says:

    Just awesome!!! The Iceman back at Ferrari!!
    But I would have really liked Mclaren to get Kimi for 2014 :(
    so much for Whitmarsh nd Button’s loose statements like usual “Kimi wont succeed in changing teams, we will then try o get him for next year” OR Button said “there wont be any driver changes” …just dont see hw Mclaren will able to stand up to super teams like Mercedes, Ferrari nd Redbull in 2014 with two average drivers

    1. Sanjog says:

      The problem with Mclaren is their rigid mindset and increasingly shambolic race ops. The past couple of years have seen an alarming number of pit stop errors, wrong strategy calls and not to mention the decision to stick with a radical redesign for the 2013 car when it was clear to all and sundry that it was the wrong approach.

      Having said all that, I am a fan of their equal driver status. Cant see them challenging in 2014, but 2015 with the Honda partnership may just spring a surprise.

    2. Louis says:

      dont worry they have Checo!

  102. LJ says:

    Sad for Massa, but a must for Ferrari.

    Raikonnen: well, it’s not confirmed yet, but if this is – as said in the story – about Montezelmo showing who is the boss, then it is very bad management.
    Probably as bad, as when Ron Dennis didn’t handle two great drivers in 2007.

    I find it hard to believe that the topboss of Ferrari, an obviously very professional guy, should hire a top-5 F1 driver as Raikonnen simply to show Alonso who is the boss. Even worse, Raikonnens reputation for not taking part in the development of the car is not what Ferrari need to stop RBR.

    I can believe in a scenario, where Montezelmo and Ferrari is so confident of Alonso’s impact on development and Allisons on aerodynamics, that they want a safe hand to score points, and Raikonnen for sure is excatly that.

    1. Harshad says:

      So RAI doesn’t like to simulator work means he is not interested in development of car?
      Is development of car that simple?

      If RAI doesn’t give any inputs to his engineers etc etc how come Lotus (2012-2013) is still competing with the Likes of Ferrari/Mercedes/RBR with a smaller budget? With GRO’s input?

      I’ve myself read enough interviews (please google) where technical directors/Engineers that RAI has worked with have commented about RAI ability to give excellent feedback to improve a car.

    2. Marpabel says:

      Where you get such of kind information, that Kimi don’t develop car? Sorry! But it is totally untrue. You have to read, what engineers tells.

    3. Sasidharan says:

      Raikonnen confirmed 2 year deal at Ferrari!

  103. Calvin says:

    I hope Felipe finds a new team. I think a change will provide him with fresh challenges and may give him a chance to be more than a “2nd” driver.

  104. mjpt says:

    About time. Domenicali should go too. Alonso is just too good. Everyone forgets that he should have won couple years ago but for another ferrari stuff up strategy wise. Blatant political play by LDM. Stupid. Only time they had success:byrne,todt,brawn,schu,massa,irvine-not an italian in sight on day to day ops and management function.Best way to look at this :swap alonso to a red bull and vettel to ferrai…i think alonso extends lead and vettel goes backwards…imo and that says everything about teamwork LDM to blame here…he sets tone

    1. Harshad says:

      Why do you think its political play by LDM?
      Can’t you see, Ferrari haven’t been anywhere near RBR in WCC for the past 4 yrs.Also, they haven’t won anything in the last 4 yrs.

      Now, RBR are going with RIC+VET next year. RIC is little bit of unknown quantity.

      Ferrari (if they have signed KIMI) have just seized an opportunity, to pair drivers with best race craft on the grid, giving themselves best chance of winning WCC next year.

      It’s a bit of Gamble, whether it will work or not time will tell, but I can’t see anything wrong with giving themselves a better chance atleast…

      1. mjpt says:

        LDM showing alonso who is boss by signing Raikkonen. I agree with you in that its a gamble-but for different reason- He better watch out because the risk he runs is that he now has two world champions asking SERIOUS questions of ferrari in regards car development and management performance. The issue has not been the drivers-LDM fixing the wrong stuff- its the structure around the drivers, with him at the top. wrong principal,engineers etc-allison a step in right direction, hence the raikkonen rumors…but he needs to do more than that.

    2. Bartholomew says:

      “Best way to look at this :swap alonso to a red bull and vettel to ferrai…i think alonso extends lead and vettel goes backwards…”

      This year, Vettel hasn’t really left any points on the table (maybe 3 in Hungary). Alonso lost a possible win in Malaysia (crashed out), and provided a lukewarm performance in Monaco. If anything, looking at the facts, it’d be the opposite of what you just said, for 2013.

      1. mjpt says:

        your analysis is 2013, mine is over 4 years since alonso went to ferrari. Moreover its not that he wins as many races as vettel I will take that as a given- its that vettel gets nowhere near the performance that alonso gets from a poor car, and even worse team structure. Red bull is about perfect- but moreso because their rivals are so damn incompetent. Hopefully Mercedes give them a run or a reconfigured ferrari

  105. Peter says:

    Well done to Montemezolo and Domenicali to have the balls to create a Super-Team. Its great for F1. I think Kimi will be rock solid even if Alonso will beat him (its not going to be the case every time) but if Kimi will beat Alonso frequently Alonso will lose self-control and Kimi wins.

    1. Harshad says:

      Agreed, Kimi will be his own man even if he gets beaten by Alonso.
      Alonso, on the other hand if he gets beaten,I can’t see him handling that correctly…….and the media will have a whole lot of fireworks as they are all anticipating.

    2. Dan says:

      I think the team will implode. Could be the biggest backfire ever. Senna v Prost rings a bell. Good for the media I guess. Will take the light off RB.

  106. GRLap says:

    I think the best way for Felipe to obtain a seat for 2014 is to get himself adopted by the father of “Sergey Sirotkin”.

    Sad the extent to which pay drivers are necessitated in this environment. “Sergey Sirotkin”, who has accomplished nothing of note and with the extensive experience that only an 18 year old can posess taking one of only eighteen legitimate F1 seats.

    Good luck to Felipe, a true gentleman and good racer.

  107. For sure says:

    Luca basically wanted a fresh start so he got rid of the dream team, Ross Brawn, MS, JT. I am not sure if it was the best decision. I am not sure if they would stay deliver if they are around, I meant Ross Brawn and JT of course.
    But it seems that things went down hill from there.

  108. Siobhan says:

    Always admired Massa as a driver and yes, since 2008 has lost a lot of his passion and speed.
    Now I am thinking if Kimi gets the place at Ferrari that everyone will be saying that Vettel didn’t want him as a partner.. we don’t know that Ferrari didn’t offer Kimi a much better deal, hence the reason he turned Redbull down.

    Can’t wait to see this clash next year.. sould be lots of fun

  109. Tom says:

    Predictions (now we know Kimi is going to Ferrari):

    1) Massa won’t move over any more this year!!. He will finish higher than Alonso twice (but he won’t beat Vettel).

    2) Massa will race for Williams next year. Money talks.

    3) Alonso and Kimi will get along better than most people seem to respect. Vettel will win the 2014 drivers championship as usual, but Ferrari will easily win the constructors championship.

    You read it here.

  110. Robert N says:

    Hi James,

    I am looking forward to your in-depth comparisons of the team mate pairings Vettel-Webber and Alonso-Massa after the season. I remember your pieces on Rosberg-Schumacher and Button-Hamilton that I read with great interest.


    1. James Allen says:

      Remind me at the end of the year..

  111. NoMU says:

    Ferrari super team wont mean much if next year’s car continues the patchy tradition.
    Given the big changes next year, its likely
    that one of the “smaller” teams will crack the
    code ahead of the bigger boys – in a similar fashion to the Sauber of 2012 though perhaps more dramatically. Felipe’s best option lies in figuring out which between Williams and Sauber has the development edge. Both have put out absolute dogs this year and so will have switched to 2014 work pretty early. On balance and from an outside perspective, if I were Felipe i’d be leaning towards Williams. All that money trouble at Sauber must have impacted the development budget in some way. Bottas is a quick lad but he can’t be bringing in much $, while Felipe opens a way to Brasilian dosh and exposure…big market over there in Brasil. Personally I hope Felipe gets a Brawn type gift next year – would be wonderful to see him lord it over Seb, Alonso & Lewis.

  112. ManOnWheels says:

    Now here would be something for the complete irony: Imagine Massa went to Lotus, Räikkönnen went to Ferrari, Hülkenberg went to Ferrari and Alonso ended up going to Lotus and Massa would wake up every morning feeling like: “Today is Groundhog Day!”

  113. Alexander Supertramp says:

    Theoretically Kimi/Alonso should be the most consistent pairing on the grid, really giving Ferrari a shot at the WCC. But boy, if this goes wrong I fear it will go wrong badly :D.

    It Will be awesome to see both fighting it out. People always say who the big 4 are, but there is never a clear hierarchy and perhaps there will never be one, but this kind of situations could shed some light. Bring us Hamilton vs. Vettel at Mercedes in 2015!

  114. i will only believe it when it becomes official.

  115. Super says:

    I wish Felipe all the best for the future, if anyone deserves a good drive next year its Felipe.

  116. thelight says:

    1 + 1 contract is easier for Ferrari to get Vettel onboard, should Raikkonen/Alonso retire/move teams.

  117. Don says:

    Praise the lord! lol

  118. Tealeaf says:

    Actually all this hype will be just that, HYPE. What we will see is either a Vettel win or a Hamilton win.

  119. Giorgio says:

    Team message:
    Kimi, Alonso is faster than you. After second of pause: TV operator was quite smart to ‘beep’ live broadcasting.. :)

  120. Olli K says:

    Domenicali has put a photo on instagram, #helmet2014 . There is a text “Iceman” on the helmet.

  121. Kay says:

    James, just curious: Is Kimi the first driver to get kicked out from a team then rehired by the same team and employer??! :D

    Like I’ve always said, Ferrari should’ve kept Kimi rather than Massa in 2010.

  122. Jota180 says:

    As others have said, Massa is a great sportsman and racer and hopefully something will come along that keeps him interested.

    You had to feel for him at the end of the Brazil race in 2008, losing out to Hamilton in the last seconds by one point.
    I wonder how it would have turned out if his current team mate’s old firm hadn’t cheated to steal a result in Singapore that year?
    As you’ll all remember, Massa rushed into the pits as the safety car came out following the baby Piquet cheat crash whilst leading by a country mile.
    In the chaos of un-scheduled stops, he left with the fuel hose still connected.
    Hamilton went onto finish 3rd with Massa out of the points.
    It’s fair to say Massa would probably have won that race.
    It’s just a good job that Alonso was the only one in the whole Renault team that knew nothing about the cheat, because that could have been really embarrassing ;-)

  123. Haydn Lowe says:

    I’ve long believed that a sucessful F1 team needs a contracted number 1 and a number 2 driver in order to be sucessful, as Ferrari proved between 1996 and 2006 and Red Bull have proved in the last few years. However, if you are trying to usurp a team constructed upon this basis – as Ferrari are with Red Bull – I think that the two strongest drivers possible is the ideal solution. Yes, Alonso and Raikkonen will interfere with each other’s WDC efforts by taking places off each other, but there is now double the chance of one of them being able to interfere with Vettels race too, something which Massa has been unable to do throughout the ‘Alonso era’ at Ferrari. It also sends out a strong message of intent for next season and will have opposition strategists scratching their heads already I’m sure.
    Regarding Alonso’s attitude towards team mates, I think we need to see this team in action before we judge. Six years is a long time in the life of a man in his early 30′s, and by that same token, he is likely to be a very different person to the one who reacted so badly to the situation at McLaren; not just the arrival of Hamilton, but spygate and the breakdown of his relationship with Ron Dennis too. Alonso and Kimi are both warriors, but they fight on track with the greatest of respect for their opponents and I have no reason to believe that they won’t accord their team mates the same respect. Plus, for either man to beat the other in the same car would make it the most ‘valuable’ championship win for quite a few years, something which neither man will have failed to notice.

  124. David Hope says:

    I hope Massa gets a drive elsewhere. I think he can still be fast, as we see everytime his contract is almost up!

    He just gave up a bit alongside Alonso it seems. Is clearly Alonso’s team, not like in 2007/2008 where he could enjoy a lot of support (given how quiet and unpolitical Kimi is)

  125. Matt G says:

    I’d love to see ferrari do something special for Massa at the last race. It being his home country, something like the Brazil suits they wore some years ago would be nice, or a special livery.

  126. Wade Parmino says:

    With Webber going, Massa will be the last of the non champion veterans if he can find another drive. F1 seems to be way greener with inexperience than it has ever been before, even if there are 5 champions still racing. Massa has served Ferrari with honor and dignity. He would be an asset to any team, as the lead or second driver.

    Luca should now be thinking, “What would Enzo do?”. Enzo would never take back someone of the likes of Raikonnen whose behavior and attitude is a disgrace to the prancing horse. This, as well as having had to pay him out $20 million for nothing would cause Enzo to turn in his grave. I really hope Nico Hulkenberg gets given the drive since it is not going to be Massa.

    If Raikonnen wants a Hesketh type of team to race for, he should form his own team. I have never understood why many people think of drivers like Kimi Raikkonen, James Hunt, Nelson Piquet and Mike Hawthorne as heroes. Why are obnoxious, abrasive and self indulgent personality traits seen as a badge of honor. Drivers like Jackie Stewart, Jack Brabham, Graham Hill, Alain Prost, Mario Andretti, Rubens Barrichello are the measure of a great Grand Prix man.

  127. Hendrik Martz says:

    Great Move by Ferrari.
    Alonso simply can’t get it done.
    He has a major personality problem and is not able to communicate with either Engineers or Team/Mate. I think the word teammate doesn’t even exist in his vocabulary.

    I freshly recall 2007 at Mclaren: Alonso showed everyone what he is made of. Even to a dregree where Ron Dennis, who couls handle Senna and Prost in one Team sent him packing at the end of the season.

    He can’t bring a team along like Schu or Vettel and form a world class team.

    Now hes got a pain in the neck. And it’ll be severe.

  128. alexdhq says:

    Reb Bull must be nervous at the prospect of Alonso/Kimi pairing at Ferrari. This year’s is likely to be their last consecutive WCC. I bet they wish Webber stuck around for another season or two.

    All eyes on Ricciardo as he will be expected to score enough points to keep RB in the WCC fight. How will he handle this immense pressure?

    What a fascinating season 2014 promises to be if the new cars remain relatively close in performance…

  129. Rich B says:

    great news massa is going, kimi is the best choice right now but if they wanted a champion for the future hulk might’ve been the better choice. I hope he goes to lotus, his talent has been wasted this year

  130. Cedgy says:

    Wow! So how is this going to work out? Clearly, Raikkonen wouldnt sign for Ferrari to play nr 2 driver for Alonso. Are they going to be given equal status as drivers?
    If they do then that shows how bad the situation is between Alonso and the team. Until now he had exclusive status as the nr 1 driver but with Raikkonen coming in the message seems clear, they don’t trust him anymore.

  131. Jodum5 says:

    Honestly, I’d be disappointed got another drive in F1. His last few years were marred with under performance and constant public pressure from his team to raise his game. It’d be really unfortunate if a team picked him up instead of someone new or promising but discarded driver (Alguarsari/Kobayashi for instance). He’s fought for a championship, won many races, made some good coin. He should either fully retire or turn to some other racing series.

  132. Zombie says:

    Massa must be gutted, but i’m sure when the lights go out tonight, he’ll feel as if a godzilla sized monkey is off his back. It must be hard enough being a part of Ferrari, but having to measure up against a highly political and divisive figure like Alonso must be like getting kicked in the head everyday !

  133. Hello says:

    What will happen to Rob Smedley?

  134. Darren says:

    Sad to hear this, very fond of Felipe. Disappointing that he hasn’t had form of late, who knows if it was the crash or Alonso mind-gaming him into submission but lets not forget that in his prime he was quite capable of beating Schumacher and Raikkonen in equal machinery.

    Kind of wish he won the 08 championship now, that scene of him on the podium surely has to be one of the most glorious images of sportsmanship and dignity in defeat (being Scottish I love a plucky loser of course)

    It is the correct decision for Ferrari and would have been a couple of years ago, to challenge for either championship history shows you need to have both drivers at the front, yes they may take points off each other but they will take more points off the rivals.

    So where now for Felipe? Anywhere other than Lotus is surely a complete waste of time? You never know it might rejuvinate him back to his former self. I hope Lotus secure a strong driver pairing as I quite like the 4 – 5 team race at the front, it would be a shame for them to fall back due to the drivers although I believe they already have financial troubles?

  135. Richard says:

    I think Ferrari have come finally to the conclusion that they need the two best drivers they can lay their hands on if they are to stand any chance of winning the constructors title again. Like other teams such as McLaren, Mercedes, and even Red Bull, they have to give their drivers equal opportunity, and let the scoring determine who is the lead driver (in terms of who is likely to have the best chance) once they are over half way through the season. If other leading teams do this, then they really have no choice.

  136. Paige says:

    Hey guys,

    Here’s a crazy idea I just thought of:

    Felipe at McLaren?

    They have all the resources in the world to build a fast car. They’ve got a new engine partner coming in 2015, and it would be beneficial to have another quick and experienced guy in the car to help sort it out. He looks like a quicker qualifier than Button and would certainly be a more reliable performer than Perez. The team could also benefit from having another experienced driver in the car to give them technical feedback, which they almost certainly aren’t getting from Perez.

  137. Eric Weinraub says:

    Once again we should be revisting the ushering out of Michael. Luca created this mess and things have not been the same since Luca forgot who brought the Scuderia back to glory. It was Schumacher, plain and simple. His team (Brawn/Byrne/Martinelli/etc) scored WCs. Notice that they have won 1 WC since his departure 7 years ago!!!!! And that one crown was a car designed by the dream team for Schuey!

  138. Eric Weinraub says:

    Fernando, we need you to move over Kimi is coming past

  139. janis1207 says:

    Ferrari crushed Massa, just like many other drivers.
    Massa needs to feel loved and supported. Then success will breed more success as we saw in that one crucial year 2008. He is not a schemer himself and could never succeed against a scheming teammate like Alonso whose ego was hanging over him like a cloud.
    Ferrari just didn’t care, they concentrated on Alonso while loyal Massa did anything they asked.

    However, it is possible Ferrari will finish crushing Alonso, too. Some sort of poetic justice…

  140. janis1207 says:

    of course I meant year 2008 for Massa. Please fix this mistake for me.

  141. Gareth says:

    Alonso, Mclaren and Honda 2015


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