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Caterham confirms three year deal for Renault hybrid F1 engines
Caterham F1 team
Posted By: James Allen  |  22 Sep 2013   |  10:33 am GMT  |  17 comments

Caterham F1 team today confirmed that they will use the Renault engine for the next three seasons.

They join Red Bull and Toro Rosso on the Renault roster. Lotus F1 team is expected to use the Renault unit too, but that deal has not yet been agreed. Renault sources suggest that this should be done in the near future.

The 2014 engine will feature new small capacity V6 hybrid turbo technology, with a much greater energy regeneration component. The cars will be expected to cover the same race distances as this year at a similar speed, but using a third less fuel.

The partnership between Renault and Caterham began in 2011 and has since developed into other areas with a joint project with Renault’s Alpine brand to develop a range of affordable road cars.

Team owner Tony Fernandes has expressed disappointment that the team wasn’t able to build on having the same championship winning engine and gearbox as Red Bull Racing. The team has not been able to join the midfield teams and has remained in a battle for tenth place with Marussia. Neither team has yet scored a championship point.

Commenting on the deal, Renault Sport president Jean-Michel Jalinier said, “Over the past three years we have seen Caterham mature, with impressive new facilities and a solid technical structure.

“The new technical regulations provide a big challenge, but with change comes opportunity and next year is a prime chance for the team to secure the next targets in its ongoing plans. From the very start our partnership has been comprehensive and it is therefore natural that we would want to see it pay dividends.

“We are very happy with the quality and depth of the teams we will supply and look forward to seeing the first generation of Energy F1-powered cars hit the track next year.”

Caterham F1 team principal Cyril Abiteboul said, “Given the age and status of our team we have also been pleased to see Renault Sport F1 adapting their operational practices to suit our size and optimizing our integration with an enhanced technical collaboration.

“We work together in an open and honest manner to help Caterham F1 Team achieve its short-term goal of establishing itself as an integral part of F1 and to help Renault achieve the deserved recognition of its technical edge.”

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  1. TGS says:

    Does this mean they will be a lot faster?

    1. Gudien says:

      Looking at the sponsorship decals on their car tells me they are a serious team for the future. General Electric, Airbus. These are not small companies.

      Good luck to Caterham and Tony. May they get all the success they strive for.

      1. Nicko says:

        GE & Airbus…..Doesn’t Uncle Tony own an airline ? Doesn’t GE supply the engines to most Airbus planes? I would hypothesize that both GE and Airbus increase their prices (or reduce the level of bulk fleet discounts) to Air Asia in order for Uncle Tony to put their names on the cars to LOOK like they are well funded to the general population watching the GP’s.

        The truth is most bottom teams either fold or get sold to another wealthy egomaniac or a car company. There aren’t too many car manufacturers beating Bernie’s Door down at the moment either. I would rather see 26 cars on the grid with customer chassis available just like they did in prior to the 1980′s. Afterall, that’s how Frank Williams got his start in the F1 world.

      2. Victorinox says:

        Airbus and General Electric are sponsoring Tony Fernandez just because they are interested in his other business: Air Asia Airlines. Airbus wants to sell their planes, and GE wants to sell their engines. They couldn’t care less about the F-1 team.

      3. jakobusvdl says:

        I’m with Guiden on this, Air Asia might be a factor in getting Airbus and GE into Caterham F1, but there should be some strong technology links and benefits for all three parties, which should keep the sponsors on board and move Caterham up the grid.
        (Well that’s my hope at least, after the lotus name battle I’d love to see Caterham become successful).

  2. Random 79 says:

    ‘Next year is a prime chance for the team to secure the next targets in its ongoing plans’

    Since Caterham have been saying this for the last 3-4 years I have to assume that they’re going to end up being 10th…again.

    1. Simmo says:

      The question is though, 10th but right behind 9th, or 10th but right in front of 11th?

      Time will tell.

    2. Grant H says:

      Actually if you imagine that the Renault 2014 engine is significantly better than say the Ferrari, we could see them leap frog a Ferrari engined midfield team or 2,

      Rumour has it that Ferrari are struggling with engine development, i read they have not achieved same power as renault and merc and also have life problems

      (Disclaimer in reality caterham will be 10th / 11th again)

      1. Grant H says:

        Ps James do you have anything to suggest if the rumour about Ferrari struggling with 2014 engines is fact or fiction

      2. vvipkho says:

        next year every team is start new V6 engine with fresh start.. every team have change to fight podium and championship point ..

  3. Tornillo Amarillo says:

    They are stuck there in the back, what’s the goal of these teams.

  4. Hans says:

    That’s great news for a small team.

    Hopefully this deal helps them to stay in F1…
    It’s sad to see that even relatively big teams like Lotus have problems staying in F1.

    Also interesting to see which branding the engines will have (Renault, Nissan, Infinity, Datsun…).

    1. Random 79 says:

      I’d love to see an Datsun F1 car :)

    2. Henry Simpson says:

      Renault has stated they will not rebrand their engines. They will all be Renault.

  5. Gabrielle says:

    Guess that guarantee Pic for another season as he has strongs links with Renault.

  6. Gilles V says:

    Let`s see if they are going to put it in front or in the back…

    1. Random 79 says:

      Put it in the front?

      That would make one hell of a hood ornament, plus then you could fit an esky in the back.

      That’s a win-win situation ;)


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