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Posted By: James Allen  |  26 Aug 2013   |  12:52 am GMT  |  369 comments

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel took a big step towards a fourth world title with a dominant victory in a Belgian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps which saw plenty of overtaking.

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso got his title challenge back on track with an impressive drive to second while Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton took his fifth podium of the season.

McLaren’s Jenson Button came close to a podium before taking sixth while Daniel Ricciardo climbed through the field to grab a point for Toro Rosso – but who was your Driver of the Day?

Sebastian Vettel

Passed Hamilton at the start and never looked back on his way to a fifth win of the season. Made a decent start from second and then crucially got in Hamilton’s slipstream up Eau Rouge which enabled him to pass the Mercedes down the Kemmel Straight to take the lead. From there he gradually built a lead without pushing his Red Bull to the limit to coast to victory. It was the 31st win of his career and helped him open up a commanding 46-point lead over his nearest rival Alonso in the drivers’ standings.

Fernando Alonso

Made a blistering start and pulled off some impressive overtakes to finish second. Made a good start to gain a couple of places before the first corner. Pulled off a brilliant move on Mark Webber into Eau Rouge to run fifth after the first lap. Good moves on Button and Nico Rosberg followed before he moved into second, passing Hamilton after the Mercedes driver made a mistake into La Source. Lacked the pace to catch leader Vettel but had a comfortable gap over Hamilton in third to finish second. Moves up to second in the drivers’ standings to keep his title hopes alive.

Lewis Hamilton

Lost the lead at the start, but drove well to salvage a podium and maintain hopes of winning the championship. Made a good getaway at the start to enter the first corner unchallenged in the lead but was caught by Vettel up Eau Rouge and was a sitting duck on the Kemmel Straight, dropping to second. Lost a place to Alonso after a mistake at La Source, but pushed the Mercedes to the limit thereafter to stay ahead of team-mate Rosberg and finish third. It was his fifth podium of the season and he moved up to third in the drivers’ standings.

Jenson Button

Ran as high as third and raced with the frontrunners before having to settle for sixth. Made a strong start from sixth to run fourth early on. Ran a long first stint, with the initial aim of doing a one-stop strategy, rising up into the lead. Dropped down to third after his first stop but looked to be in contention for a podium before the front left tyre lost performance and he was forced into a two-stopper. Dropped down the field after a late second stop but climbed back up to sixth. Conceded after the race that he stopped too early to make a one-stop work and that ultimately ruled out a shot at a first podium of the season.

Daniel Ricciardo

Scored a well-earned point on a weekend when he was the subject of speculation with regards the vacant Red Bull seat. Qualified a disappointing 19th despite the Toro Rosso having shown good pace throughout the practice sessions. Made a good start and gradually climbed his way through the field. Put a pass on McLaren’s Sergio Perez in the closing stages to move into 10th and take his fourth points-finish of the season.

So who was your Driver of the Day? Leave a comment at the bottom of this story.

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  1. Yoko says:

    Alonso, brilliant start and brilliant overtaking

    1. Carlo_Carrera says:

      Alonso had a fast car he just put himself in a hole with poor qualifying. Vettel was driver of the day. Blew by Hamilton on lap 1 and then disappeared. Vettel was untouchable.

      1. Richard says:

        Well his car certainly was!

      2. Carlo_Carrera says:

        Keep dreaming that it is all the car. Vettel is making all the other drivers in F1 look like chumps. Vettel is a class above everyone else right now. Alonso, Hamilton and all the rest are slowly realizing that they have to dig deep and come up with something extra special to have chance against Vettel. You should wake up and come to the same realization.

      3. Wayne says:

        All of the above tie it for me. They all made the best of the equipment they had. They all drove the car to its fullest potential and were all flawless on Sunday. Nothing more can be asked. They finished in order of their car’s capability on the day.

        By the way James, I do not believe that HAM made a mistake. He did not go in too deep, he surrendered the corner and thought he would repass under DRS. He knew for sure that ALO would have had him under DRS with the straight line speed of the Ferrari. Am I wrong in this? I am really suprised that comentators have not picked up on this? Is this because I am misreading the move?

      4. Richard says:

        Wayne, yes that’s a good way of putting it. The Red Bull car has been the best overall for quite a number of years now, and Sebastion Vettel as good as he is has been very fortunate to be in this team with Adrian Newey’s team designing. I concur with what you said about Hamilton, he simply pre-empted the situation, but unfortunately his car was not fast enough to get the place back.

      5. Richard says:

        No No No Carlo! The front drivers are all top flight, therefore it is the car that makes the difference. The Red Bull car has reigned supreme for a number of years now, and It’s down to Adrian Newey’s design team, and first class support from the race team without it Vettel would be nowhere. I suggest you learn a more about F1 to gain a better undrstanding of what is going on.

      6. AlexD says:

        Vettel had a fast car, just to use your logic. Actually by Red Bull’s own words…they had a dominant car. Nothing special in what Vettel did.

      7. Carlo_Carrera says:

        Yes, Vettel had the fastest car and he won the race with it. That makes him the driver of the day.

      8. U. Daniel says:

        With this logic, the driver in a good car can’t be dotd, where was Webber who rated very high in the dominant car? And Alonso can’t be dotd either, because his car was faster than all the cars he overtook, nothing special really with your logic. Let’s say Vettel is german and not british, and this makes it very difficult for him to get voted dotd or get any respect, if hewas any other nationality he would be rated higher, if the same guy was british he would be rated the best and the championship wouldn’t be classified as boring for many f1 fans. Most of the views by many on this forum are just fanatical nationalistic views and sporting views. I vote for Vettel, he completely dominated and won the race.

      9. Richard says:

        Carlo it makes the Red Bull car of the day!

      10. Ferdinand says:

        Vettel, Alonso or Hulkenberg – were best – Webber, Massa, Perez cannot drive the car given to them. Webber horrible. Not at all his circuit – too fast for him. Spa too fast for Webber! One could say.

      11. Gerard says:

        A statement about Mark that is totally incorrect, remember back to when Mark Webber passed Alonso at EaRouge which was one of the fastest and ballziest moves of all time.

      12. Tim says:

        On that logic he should be slow at Silverstone! He is not…

    2. Phil Glass says:

      but have to add: the best overtakes were Kimi’s.

      1. Sujith says:

        Yes Indeed :) That front end on the lotus at Rivage!! UNREAL!!

    3. Deegs says:

      Agreed Yoko,
      Alonso, as always, shows that a bad grid spot does not mean you’re out of it! DOTD without a doubt
      On the flip side, a good grid spot doesn’t always mean you’re in it! Yes Mark, I’m looking at you….

      1. Sylvester says:

        Bulls Eye

      2. W Johnson says:

        Why should DOTD go to a driver who puts himself down the grid making it easier to clock up some overtaking statistics on a circuit with DRS that makes it even easier?…..It was n’t Monaco!

        Also, Why should Alonso get credit for overtaking when his car was far superior to several cars higher up the grid??

        Alonso showed in P1 and P2 that he had a strong car in a dry set up capable of challenging Vettel for a win….it was definitely a possible win for Alonso at Spa had he not put himself so far down the grid at the start.

      3. W Johnson says:

        Bad grid spot was due to a mistake by Alonso….not the team. Alonso has made a number of mistakes this season and does not deserve to be the DOTD.

      4. S Comber says:

        Driver of the DAY, W, not of the event, or season. His mistakes on Saturday or previously in the year shouldn’t influence the DOTD award. As for Vettel, it’s easy to look good when you’ve got the fastest car.

      5. Carlo_Carrera says:

        Yes, 100% correct. Alonso screwed up in qualifying putting his fast car back in the pack. He made up ground in the race but he should have started second or third on the grid anyway. Finishing second is what he should have expected. The car was fast enough from the get go.

      6. Zanquis says:

        It is DotD, not the weekend. DotD on Saturday for me was van der Garde, basicly for having the balls to atleast try such a lap. Sure he has nothing to lose on the grid but you still need to drive in such conditions.

        On Sunday I would say it was Alonso. Vettel had a easy race and could control it. It is what he is good at. But Alonso had to do a lot more with a lesser car. DotD should not automaticly be the winner, cause it would just make the DotD voting useless by default, just look at the end result then.

        With regard to overtaking because of higher speed, a lot of people forget it is part of how you do your car setup. last year the Mercedes run so fast on the straights that some people had to use KERS, and DRS just to keep up, they could not overtake. But it cost them speed in the corners and extra tire wear because they needed more mechanical grip.
        Also some drivers like Alonso set up their gears to maximize the use of DRS en KERS for this. It makes it look easy but dont forget it means compromizing on other parts of the track. If you know you don’t need to do any overtaking you can setup the car in such a way that it does not need to compromize en as result be faster overal. I saw some cars hitting the rev limiter without KERS and DRS, which imho is a big mistake as it makes DRS impossible to use properly. But then again this is Spa it is unique in that it has both one of the slowest corners of formula 1 combined with one of the fastest and longest straights. U need a lot from the car.

    4. Doobs says:

      Apart from some very close racing between the FIs and Saubers, quite a dull race. Alo for DOTD for sure

    5. michel von Grabner/Myerowisz says:

      he needs a 3/4% increase in race-car performance – and a 1/2% increase in driver awareness..together, and of course with better crew performance – there should be no problem in keeping Vettel away from the #1 step on the podium..
      he has a better than 55% chance to bag the world championship, but only if the team is energized and united..

    6. michel von Grabner/Myerowisz says:

      you can bet your grannies old bloomers that it’s Fernando

  2. German Sanchez says:

    Fernando Alonso. Superb start, great moves overtaking on track. from 9th on the grid to 2nd final position.

    1. **Paul** says:

      My driver of the day was Lewis Hamilton and I’m certainly NOT a Lewis fan. I prefer Seb & JB !

      Right, lets start with Vettel:
      A pretty much perfect race from Seb, he hammered his team mate at a track Mark likes, and was quick wet or dry. Both the qually laps from the low downforced RBRs on a wet track showed massive skill, more so than the pole of Lewis IMO. Good DRS-less overtake by Seb, but lets be honest, when you’ve a straightline speed advatange overtaking is much much easier (see most of Alonso’s passes too!), normally Seb is on the other end of things trying to pass with a car that isn’t faster on straights. A change in RBR policy?

      It was obvious from P1 and P2 that Ferrari and Fernando had the 2nds quickest car this weekend. The reason he started so low down in qually was because he underperformed. He was out of place on the grid, a dry session would surely have seen him on the front row with Vettel. Overtaking cars that are obviously slower in the race doesn’t make for some ‘wonderous’ performance. Sorry Nando, that Ferrari really was a very very good car this weekend, it was almost RBR good, and if you were making such a massive difference you’d have had the pace to win…

      Dreadful in practice, the Merc had no straightline speed (compared to the Ferrari and for once the RBR – normally the RBR is like that and people ask why SV can’t defend…!) and it wasn’t that quick in sector 2 where it’s extra downforce should have helped either. Rosberg was battering Lewis up until Q3 basically. I think Lewis’ pole was more to do with track conditions than anything else, so in the race I was expecting Lewis to end up behind some of the cars that were obvioulsy faster this weekend. Those were the RBR of Webber, the Merc of Rosberg (who as mentioned looked quicker all weekend until Sunday!) and the Lotus guys. Lewis got a podium on a weekend where he didn’t look on the pace be that driver or car realted issues.

      As I say, I’m not a Lewis fan, but this weekend he earned some respect from me. The race performance he put in at Spa this weekend was better than his Hungary win – because when you’ve got the fastest car (with some straightline speed to overtake) as he had at Hungaroring winning isn’t perhaps as tough people suggest.

      So there we have it, about the first time I’ve ever voted for Lewis to be DOTD.

  3. Jeb Hoge says:

    Alonso. Would’ve been Button if he’d gotten a podium.

  4. Carlo_Carrera says:

    It has to be Vettel. Hamilton did a great job in qualifying but fell way short in the race. Alonso did not do a good job in qualifying but made up for it by getting a great start and finishing where his car should have been.That leaves Vettel as driver of the day. Great job in tricky qualifying. Blows by Hamilton on lap 1 and then flat out wicked quick the rest of the race. No one could touch him. It was Vettel.

    1. Alucas says:

      it´s DOTD, not DOTW

      1. Carlo_Carrera says:

        Yes, he won the race. That makes Vettel the DOD.

      2. kfzmeister says:

        Ahhh, no.

      3. kfzmeister says:

        With logic like that, who would wanna argue with you? I’d be better off arguing with my 5 year old.

      4. Peter says:

        Hardly. He had the lead on the first lap, was in the fastest car and cruised round to victory, not really inspired.
        I’d give it to Alonso on the day for great overtaking and getting the most out of the weekend.

    2. H.Guderian says:

      Come on!!!!
      Even a chimp can win with his car.

  5. bearforce1 says:

    Seb4sti4n Vettel. The car might be great but Vettel is Brilliant.

    The overtake of Lewis by Seb was way cool.

    1. Richard says:

      Had the cars had equal straightline speed Hamilton would have won, but the Red Bull and Ferrair cars were faster. Mercedes lack straight line speed it currently seems.

      1. Carlo_Carrera says:

        What nonsense. If Vettel had a faster straight line speed in Hungary he would have passed Hamilton there for the win. It is what you do with the car you have that makes you TDOD. Vettel won with his car. He is TDOD. Just like Hamilton was in Hungary.

      2. Ezio Auditore says:

        “Mercedes lack straight line speed it currently seems”

        O_o !!

        Don’t just write stuff man. Think about it a little before posting it. Mercedes went with a high-downforce setup for this race. They are usually have the highest speed traps everywhere!

      3. chris says:

        Ross did say they went for an inbetween setup on the race as they thought it was going to be variable. It turns out it wasn’t so bad luck for them.

      4. Rockie says:

        Did you use that excuse for Vettel at Hungary no but the rhetoric was he couldnt overtake!

    2. KRB says:

      Guess I’d have to be a Vettel fan to see that overtake as way cool. The speed difference was pronounced, and the overtake was done before halfway on the straight, no outbraking, etc. Seemed pretty straight-forward to me.

      Vettel’s overtake of Button into the bus stop was better than the lap 1 overtake.

      Best overtake was Kimi’s on Perez into Rivage. THAT took some effort, in an unusual overtaking spot.

      1. Elie says:

        I will add to that KRB and say he had a massive front right brake issue. The guys incredible he nearly passed Felipe before it let go.
        I think the other special overtake was on Guteirez around the outside I can’t remember which corner.

    3. ManOnWheels says:

      Talking about overtakes: Sutil did two stunning moves approaching Eau Rouge, absolutely brilliant..

      1. Elie says:

        Yeah agree I think he got both Saubers there. The one on Hulkenberg was sweet !

      2. KRB says:

        Haha, yeah … he even had time to finger wag Gutierrez heading down the hill, as in “dude if you keep moving around on our run down to Eau Rouge then I’m gonna end up dead!!!”

    4. Hugy says:

      Agreed. That overtake was very good, specially because he didn’t use the KERS at the start and saved it up for a crucial moment such as that one with Hamilton, he used all the KERS to pass him. Good strategy by his part.

  6. Raymond U says:

    I don’t think the 1-stop was the right way to go anyways. Crunching all the laptimes together, it looks as though a 2-stop is quicker. Even if the 1-stop gives you track position the 2-stopper will get past you in the DRS zone

    1. Raymond U says:

      I’m loving that these DotD pieces are now dominated by champions, with only a couple of non-champions entering the mix at times. Shows you that F1 right now is a thinking man’s game, and that even if the end result doesn’t show it, we can visibly see which drivers are performing well

  7. Tim L says:

    FA…no other option

    1. W Johnson says:

      Alonso???? He made a mistake in qualy 3. This was his fault. He let his team down. How on earth foes he deserve to be DOFD. Where was Hamilton or Vettel’s mistakes??

      1. Val says:

        Sorry, is Driver of the DAY or driver of the weekend you’re talking about?

      2. W Johnson says:

        How is Alonso DOTD when he clocked up several easy overtaking statistics because he put himself well down the grid in what was possibly the strongest car in dry conditions?

      3. Cuba says:

        Driver of the day, not weekend.

      4. Basil says:

        Driver of the “day”.

      5. kfzmeister says:


      6. michel von Grabner/Myerowisz says:

        having raced in both FIA GT1 events as well as the Japanese GT events, I can not fault either as each event at each and every moment changes the status of driver car and conditions…a 2% increase in humidity on the track allows for failures to happen..

  8. Jacinto says:

    Alonso, no doubt

    1. Carlo_Carrera says:

      It was not Alonso, there is no doubt about that.

      1. VSI says:

        Pipe down dude.
        Your opinion has been made clear – a few times. Let others express theirs – they are entitled to it.

      2. H.Guderian says:

        Colombia Concalvez, is that you???

  9. JB says:

    Vettel did the crucial overtaking and qualifying the best position possible with a dry setup. That is commendable.
    Alonso also did the same thing, i.e. dry setup. but he had a tougher job qualifying further down the track. So it is quite impressive to see him on second place. DOTD = Alonso.

    On other note, I find Hamilton feelings for Vettel is a lot better now that he is in Mercedes. He used to state clearly that Vettel won with thanks to his fast car. Clearly feeling that Vettel did not deserve so much success. The interaction right after this race showed a different reaction. First was a buddy push then a naughty game of champagne on Coulthard.

    I prefer Hamilton’s character now. Moving to Mercedes has really done miracles to his personality.

    1. Richard says:

      They all succeed or fail due to car performance. Any driver input is really just icing on the cake!

    2. RobertS says:

      I agree, he has lightened up a lot. I think he’s enjoying being his own person rather than a mclaren image.

    3. Alexander Supertramp says:

      In all fairnes, he never said Seb didn’t deserve his success, he just said that Seb is very lucky to have had such a competitive car for 4/5 years now, which is very much true. I don’t think Seb and Lewis have ever been “ennemies”.

      1. Hal says:

        I agree. A lot of people, usually touchy Vettel fans, equate the statement about Red Bull having clearly the best car over the last 4 years as some sort of insult to Vettel.

  10. Rachael says:

    Great drive from Daniel. I’m thrilled that he has been included in this list.

    Obviously, his race was affected by his starting position, and his pace was hampered by being caught behind Maladanado in the first half of the race. But once he cleared Maldanado, he was flying.

    In his final stint, not only was he catching and passing the cars ahead of him, he was also taking time off Massa, Grosjean and both Mercedes.

    Third fastest lap of the race to Daniel. (Brings back memories of that great drive by Webber in Austria in the Jaguar)

  11. BlueRacer says:

    “Dropped down the field after a late second stop but climbed back up to sixth”

    This is not correct, when Button stopped for the second time, he simply dropped from 3rd to 6th and stayed there.
    He didn’t climb back up.

    1. John says:

      Actually he had to retake Massa and Grosjean to get back up to 6th.

  12. Harvey Bushell says:

    Alonso.. he raced his annoying little heart out.

  13. bk201 says:

    Alonso, by a country mile.

    Other than that, only Hamilton (and to a lesser extent, Rosberg) really impressed me. The Mercedes was only the third fastest car yesterday, so by rights Hamilton should have been contesting 5th-6th place.

    By continuing to deliver results about Mercedes’ true level, Hamilton is developing Alonso-type consistency. Great stuff in his debut season for Mercedes.

    1. Me says:

      “Other than that, only Hamilton (and to a lesser extent, Rosberg) really impressed me. The Mercedes was only the third fastest car yesterday, so by rights Hamilton should have been contesting 5th-6th place.”

      This isn’t really surprising from such a staunch Hamilton supporter, is it?

      1. Hal says:

        On the same note your post is not really a surprise for such a Hamilton hater now is it?

  14. TJ says:

    Ricciardo and Alonso. Alonso had a great start and showed some very good form to get up into 2nd. Ricciardo demonstrated that he has the ability to come back through the field even after the disappointment of a failed qualifying. Had pace to burn in the race and had he started higher would certainly been mixing it for a finish in the middle of the top 10. Comfortably finished ahead of his team mate even though Vergne claims that when they both finish races he ‘Blows’ Ricciardo away.

  15. IanC says:

    Alonso without question.

  16. Doug says:

    Seb, by a mile.

    1. kfzmeister says:

      Compared to Alonso? How so? Seb made an easy pass on Hamilton with a huge top speed advantage. Then, what did he do?
      Look at Alonso’s start in all that traffic and he made some stellar moves to “work” his way to the front. That’s driver of the day. Period.

      1. Me says:

        “Then, what did he do?”

        Proceeded to drive away… from everybody.

      2. kfzmeister says:

        Exactly. Hardly worthy of DoTR. Lol

      3. Doug Adams says:

        You have convinced me. I’m changing my DOTD to Ricciardo.

  17. Racyboy says:

    The main race lasted about 30 seconds so this is a tough one.
    I was going to say Seb,but one easy pass and 44laps of clear air can’t be DOTD material.

    I’ll split it between Alonso and Ricciardo for the places they gained and points salvaged.

  18. Steve Simes says:

    Alonso no doubt, ninth to second. He is still the best driver on the grid. It would be cool to see him at Red Bull head to head against SV.

    1. Me says:

      “Alonso no doubt, ninth to second. He is still the best driver on the grid.”

      Means he still has a bloody good car, which he didn’t use very well on Saturday or he wouldn’t have been ninth to start with.

      1. Richard says:

        Qualifying was all about timing in drying track conditions. Rosberg, Webber, Vettel, Hamilton. – Last man over the line wins. Alonso was merely unlucky or his team were not clear on what was happening. If the weather had worsened rather than improved Di Resta would have been on pole with Alonso a lot nearer the front maybe second or third.

  19. Quade says:

    Alonso and no one else.

  20. r.ebel says:

    Vettel and Alonso, head to head. Jenson Button next.
    Vettel – world-class drive, making it look easy though nobody could have done better even with a car as good as the RB (perhaps could have qualified on pole, but probably the car was set-up for dry conditions). Also look at Webber!
    Alonso – best starter in F1 (though the Ferrari must have the best start set-up) and doggedly races his (in race-trim very fast) Ferrari through the field to score points where he can. However, over this season Vettel does an even better job in maximising points at every race.
    Button – did squeeze out all there was from the McLaren; should have done his first tyre stop much earlier, lost 3s/lap for at least 3 laps (more than 10s, I reckon), and as he was two-stopping anyway that was a mistake costing him positions

    1. Richard says:

      If the cars had been equal Vettel would not have caught Hamilton. It was superior straightline speed that did it which is strange because Red Bull used to be not so good, but the car is supremely aero efficient such that Newey and his gang simply made it even more slippery than normal for this race.

      1. Kirk says:

        Yes, and when the same logic is used like in Hungary, then Vettel is bad because he can’t pass and Hamilton is a legend. I think both drivers are great, this time Vettel did it better using his car the best he could to get a 17sec gap to Alonso. I think also that Hamilton probably had a wet set up, that could affect the straightline speed.

      2. Richard says:

        All the teams brought low drag components to Spa, however given the changeable conditions on Saturday they went for higher downforce. It’s just that the Red Bull car produces less drag than Mercedes. People who think it is the driver that makes the difference are misguided as it is the designer of the car that makes most of the difference. It’s probably about 80% car 20% driver. Vettel had the speed in the car and used it, Hamilton merely just being a sitting duck could do nothing to prevent it. The Red Bull car for the last few years has been the most agile car on the track which is the reason why Vettel has 3 championships and will probably get a fourth.

      3. manz says:

        then vettel deserve some credit for sucking the very best performance out of the car at right place at right time…after the overtake the devil got unleashed..plus redbull and newey deserva an applause for bringing such a strong package at their one of weakest track

      4. Richard says:

        Vettel is a top draw driver, but the performance was in the car for him to use like a walk in the park.

      5. Tristan says:

        Richard, this is motor racing and almost always it’s the best car AND driver that wins.

        And in fairness to Vettel, he may have passed Ham on the straight but he was able to do this because he was so fast through Eau Rouge on the first lap. Noticeably faster than Ham who had a good enough gap, and he was just pin point accurate and super committed.

        As for DOTD, Ricciardo.

      6. Richard says:

        80% car 20% driver! Vettel had less drag hence higher top speed. It’s about the car not the driver!

      7. Me says:


        Then why rate Hamilton so highly?…

  21. Stephen Taylor says:

    Alonso for me. To me there is no contest on that front as far I’m concerned.

  22. Paul Sansoucy says:

    Fernando Alonso’s driving reminds me of the charges of Tazio Nuvolari who, while driving lesser machinery, was able to compete at the highest level. This year we are privileged to witness classic racing that will be heralded years hence.

    1. Phil Glass says:

      You’re due a birthday card from the queen soon!

    2. gumo says:

      the great Nuvolari! that’s a great compliment to Fernando and although I wasn’t born at the time of Tazio I know him to be one of the holly cows of motor racing. I’m sure Alonso is well worth the comparison.

      1. Paul Sansoucy says:

        Nuvolari was passion incarnate and one can see the same flashes in Alonso’s driving. I don’t deny SV’s overarching talent ; no one wins races the way he does without otherworldly driving skill. However, I relish drivers who drive with talent and passion, as FA did this weekend.

      2. Rockie says:

        LOL and what talent might that be everyone he passed was after eau-rouge into the drs zone bar Webber

  23. KRB says:

    Vettel DotD … did what was needed to win with the machinery at his disposal, and nip any title fight talk in the bud. It’s over.

    Alonso very good drive as well.

  24. KAlan says:

    Not taking anything away from Vettel, a brilliant drive but the driver of the day for me has to be Fernando Alonso. Blistering start, a very aggressive first lap, the pass on Webber into Eau Rouge. Gave it his all. Honorable mention for Kimi Raikkonen.

  25. matt donlevy says:

    Seb Vettel. Such a professional drive, perfect start & never looked like losing it. 4th World championship coming up…..

  26. Justin Case says:

    Yes has to be Alonso……….9th to 2nd and the majority of it done with the hard compound…..or red bull tyre as I call it. Imagine if the rules and regulations weren’t changed mid season because of red bull and Mercedes pressure? Lotus and Ferrari would continue getting wins and podiums (as pre-hungary) and we would be listening to Christian Horner whining about poor red bull being strategically hand cuffed due too overly soft compounds and I’m sure helmet marko would mention its not F1 if vettels not on the podium!!

    Oh and the banter between Lewis and his engineer………”look after the tyres Lewis”…..and dear Lewis not knowing that there’s a difference between driving slowly and eating tyres and looking after the tyres (like being gentler in the slow corners to save the rears and the same applies in certain high speed corners to save the fronts) oh well…..

    1. Ganesh says:

      ” Imagine if the rules and regulations weren’t changed mid season because of red bull and Mercedes pressure? Lotus and Ferrari would continue getting wins and podiums (as pre-hungary)” – Memory loss?? or you haven’t been following the season?

      Seb & Red bull were leading even pre-hungary. 4 wins in 9 races. And other than silverstone where Seb retired from lead, he has finished every race 4th or above.

    2. Richard says:

      The tyres were changed because of safety issues nothing to do with Red Bull or Mercedes. If the originals had been used at Spa some drivers would have gone for flying lessons I fancy.

    3. Me says:

      “Lotus and Ferrari would continue getting wins and podiums (as pre-hungary) and we would be listening to Christian Horner whining about poor red bull being strategically hand cuffed due too overly soft compounds and I’m sure helmet marko would mention its not F1 if vettels not on the podium!!”

      Instead we have to listen to forum users whining because they’re favourite driver isn’t winning.

    4. Kirk says:

      Probably Red Bull got into the others teams pits and damaged their tyres in Silverstone to force Pirelli and FIA to changed them. Dear God…

    5. Kbdavies says:

      @Justin Case –
      So i guess you know how to “look” after the tyres on an F1 car better than Lewis does…right?

  27. absolude says:

    Vettel great move at the start and composure after.

  28. Tornillo Amarillo says:

    ALONSO is the DOTD.

    Red Bull the COTD – Car of the Day, for me.

    1. Richard says:

      Got it in one!

  29. Mike says:

    Great. Finish from ninth to 2nd

  30. James W. says:

    Alonso. Amazing perfomance.

  31. Joseph F says:

    Has to be Vettel :) but bonus prizes to Ricciardo for getting a point after a difficult qualifying and Alonso for just doing what Alonso always does… :D

  32. Josh says:

    It has got to be Alonso for me!

  33. UAN says:

    I think DOTR is toss up between Button and Vettel. Vettel got the deal done on the Kemmel Straight and pulled a massive lead. He even caught Button, who took over the lead when Vettel made his first pit stop, and passed him at the Bus Stop Chicane, making sure he led every lap of the race.

    Button truly put his car where it didn’t belong and kept it there for a long long time. With better timing on is pit stops, he may have been on for podium.

    I’d give the edge to Vettel as he took the win.

    An honorable mention should go to Kimi Raikkonen who had some brilliant passes (including Perez on the outside at No Name). Shame about his brakes.

  34. Ben says:

    Alonso, but pre podium stand off says it all, he does everything that is humanly and technically possible but it is never enough…

  35. John S says:

    Sebastian Vettel. For that non DRS pass and controlling the race well afterward.

  36. Icegirl says:

    Alonso! Impressive start and some hair-raising overtaking moves.

  37. Richard says:

    All things considered it has to be Alonso for his remarkable drive to second place. Mercedes lost this race due to lack of straight line speed to Red Bull and Ferrari.

  38. Ihsan says:

    it has got to be Alonso. He drove brilliantly from the lights to the flag.

  39. JRay says:

    Alonso for sure.

  40. holly says:

    Alonso, from 9th to 2nd with some brillant moves. Nothing against Vettel, but Alonso had to fight harder with a car that was slower than the RB.

    1. Me says:

      …but not slower than from eighth to second… obviously…

      1. Sugar Water says:

        Really? Are u suggesting Webber’s car was something less than SB’s car? Surely they r given the same ‘mahinery’? No? Please enlighten me with your thoughts.

  41. Elie says:

    Fernando drove a great race to finish 2 from 9. He did everything possible to earn his spot. He could not have done any more to catch the RB9 – that was in another dimension ! Special mention to Jenson for a commendable 6th even with the extra stop.

  42. James says:

    Easily Ricciardo. No driver out there is under more pressure than him currently and he once again put it all together at the right time.

    1. Random 79 says:

      Looking forward to see what he can do in the RB10 next year. Wish they’d stop playing games and just confirm it already.

    2. bronnie says:

      Absolutely agree. It’s been impressive to see him lift his game in response to the pressure. Most people would crack. Others above talked about Alonso and Kimi making great passes. Daniel must have spent the whole afternoon passing people but we hardly ever see the backmarker’s passes and they could be equally good. I hope JA and MW are right and he has the Red Bull drive next year.

    3. Bill Boddy says:

      Vergne was ahead of Ricciardo at the final pit stops. However he started to have a slow puncture early on in his final stint otherwise he would have finished ahead of Ricciardo.

      Fortunately it is looking as though RBR will be choosing the wrong driver for next season, that might leave the WCC a bit more open.

      1. TJ says:

        Vergne was ahead at final stops because of different strategy. Did the final stint on hards where as Ricciardo was on Mediums. Ricciardo having started on the Hards. Ricciardo passed MAL, JEV, HUL and PER on his final stint to get into the points. It’s amazing how JEV managed to hold position to everyone else even with a ‘slow puncture’. Torro Rosso said nothing about it either.

      2. Bill Boddy says:

        Look at http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2013/8/14914.html where Vergne says:

        “I think we could have done a bit better than this 12th place, because my pace was good until the final stint when I had a slow puncture almost right from the start of it”

    4. Elie says:

      JeV was faster all weekend- but for a slow puncture he would have beaten Ricciardo- Im an Aussie and certainly no fan of JeV -but he was awesome at Spa

  43. aditya-now says:

    Alonso, great recovery, great speed in a car nearly half a second slower. Incredible his forward push – never relenting!

  44. Antonio Palmiotto says:


  45. AlexD says:

    What is the point to say if we do not see statistics? Not a fan of bla-bla if we do not know where the vote goes. I guess the core idea was to identify the driver of the day, but we never do as we do not see votes.

    1. Random 79 says:

      I’m only halfway through and it already seems pretty clear that this time around it’s Alonso, but yes, having a proper voting system with a proper result would be nice – but there would be some drawbacks:

      First, we’d only be able to nominate the drivers that James nominates. With respect to James, I like to be able to nominate who I think deserves it, even if I’m the only one.

      Second, you can guarantee that some fool with too much time on their hands would get on there and vote 58, 000 times for their favourite driver, which would mess up the result anyway.

      Third, a proper vote would result in “So and so was voted DOTD”. Big deal. This way we get to see who voted for who and more importantly we get to see why they voted for them, which I think makes the whole thing more interesting.

      Good and bad side to both systems I suppose.

      1. AlexD says:

        You will still have comments, so not only you will see statistics, but you will read why. You can only vote once, so this case with one person clicking 58 000 times will not work.

        You see statistics everywhere. Go to f1.com and you will see statistics there.

        What is the point in bla-bla-bla?
        We never know who is the DOTD here at James Allen.

      2. Random 79 says:

        If you can’t see the point why are you still checking it out? It seems to me that despite your denials you are still secretly interested in our bla-bla-bla :)

        Having said that, if James can do proper votes with none of the drawbacks I mentioned then I’m all for it, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

    2. Ihsan says:

      Hear, Hear….

  46. Sasidharan says:

    VET for doing what it takes to get a victory(boring for the viewers). ALO on Sunday for the viewers(not counting Saturday’s performance).

  47. JTodt says:

    As much as I hate to say it, Sebastian Vettel. He tactically utilised the RB9′s superior grip plus a squirt of KERS going into Les Combes. This gave him an incredible exit out of Eau Rouge where he used a more KERS to exploit the faster exit to overtake the heavy Mercedes.

    No DRS required.

    Does anyone still doubt Seb’s racecraft?

    1. Richard says:

      We don’t doubt his cars superior aero efficiency, but Seb’s as good as any other top driver out there.

      1. Sugar Water says:

        +1. Some hard core SB fans still struggle with this notion. Objectivity is a “b*tch” for some I suppose.

      2. JTodt says:

        I am Ferrari supporter through and through. This makes Sebastian the my nemesis (well at least Alonso’s nemesis). But even I must (reluctantly) admit that Sebastian is a very intelligent driver and truly knows how to win (not just using his raw speed).

        He focuses on his starts and is always thinking about how he can claim P1 at the beginning of the race to get into clean air.

        He did exactly the same in Bahrain where he used a specific corner to perform all his overtakes (after watching the GP2 race).

        Unless RBR trip over themselves with reliability issues, Sebastian will win his fourth title (on the trot).

        This does not bode well for the sport.

    2. TitanRacer says:

      let us not forget that Lewis ran wide at the end of Eue Rouge in lap 1. assuming he did not lift, the extra steering input positively DID create extra mechanical drag, affecting his speed down the straight. RBR went counter to their traditional high downforce setup and made it work on a day when the rain stayed away. will be interesting to see Monza. I predict more of the same RBR setup and result… in any case, I found this to be a very good race and any of these guys and more are worthy of DOD on any given day…

    3. Jolgas says:

      “Does anyone still doubt Seb’s racecraft?”
      Absolutely – his car is far superior demonstrate by early pass on Hamilton. If I am on the outside lane of motorway driving sports car and whizz past a normal saloon car, does that make me a champion? Vettel is a good driver but not one if the greats. I would love to see him in car similar to the others or with a competitive team mate who can show him up.
      My driver of the day – Alonso. And I am not his supporter.

    4. Elie says:

      When a car can pull out of slip stream of a Mercedes at the start of the Kemmel straight and say bye bye at 2/3 of the straight- that’s the car. Sure prior corner had to be right – but any top driver would know that. Sorry guys Nothing against Seb he’s a top driver but he’s also in a fearsome car! As for those going on about Webber just remember he had clutch issues at the start and more often than not had KERS issues–he is clearly in the “other” RB9.

  48. Seized Up says:

    On the day: Alonso. For the weekend Vettel.

    Vettel’s form is awesome – perfect blend of speed [å la LH] and consistency [å la KR/FA].

    Mercedes looked like they went the wrong way on setup cf Redbull + Ferrari. Easy passes on the straights.

  49. Buddy Benerba says:

    Obviously Alonso. Button had a great drive as well but today I felt sorry for Alonso. 4 years in a row he keeps losing out to Seb. I don’t know if anyone in recent memory has had no finish second so many times for so long.

    1. Andrew says:

      MS 96-99 ?

    2. Elie says:

      Why sorry he started 9 for goodness sake..He did incredibly well just to be on the podium and none was going to catch Seb !

  50. Steven says:

    Alonso…he drove as well as he ever has with the most overtakes during the race, he was superb so it goes to him. Vettels move on Lewis on the first lap was sublime and goes to show how eager he is to win. The line he took through Eau Rouge was far better than Lewis took giving him a massive tow. Look at the amount of curb he used as opposed to Lewis.Drove a flawless race from there on.

  51. Seized Up says:

    “Lost a place to Alonso after a mistake at La Source”

    Ham let Alonso through so he could DRS him up the Kemmel.
    He said so before going to the podium. Couldn’t hear nearly as much of the inter driver debrief due to lots of enthusiastic girls clapping!

    Although you could argue it was still a mistake [decision] as his DRSing didn’t help him repass Alonso…

    1. Richard says:

      Didn’t really matter though as Alonso’s Ferrari was the faster car on Sunday. It was only the timing of the rain that prevented Alonso gettting a good grid position in qualifying. Had he started in the top four he may have won the race.

      1. Kirk says:

        It was a spoon that Alonso made in last lap on saturday which prevented him to have a good grid position in qualifying.

      2. Elie says:

        I very much doubt that !- when Fernando passed Lewis the gap to Seb was 6 sec in 10 laps it became 13 seconds without any bother what so ever from Seb.. He was at another level at Spa. Less wing on the more aero efficient – theRB9 was perfectly set up!

      3. Richard says:

        All depends Elie because had Alonso started second with Vettel further back which may have been the case had the rain worsened. Alonso’s car may have been just quick enough to hold Vettel at bay given the nature of the track. You should also remember Vettel was running in free air. Alonso was significantly quicker than Hamilton so was a lot closer to Vettel’s speed. One also has to remember he would have taken much more out of the tyres to get to second place as it turned out. There’s no doubt that the Red Bull car was incredibly quick though, but things do change a bit as fuel burns off.

    2. OldIron says:

      I did wonder if James meant that it was a tactical mistake, but if he hadn’t tried it, the place was gone anyway.

      It looked deliberate in the race, but it took me a few seconds to work out the reasoning. Shame that car was too slow to pull off a pass with the help of a tow and DRS.

  52. Growers says:

    Button was running first for a while.

  53. Hiten says:

    tie between Vettel and Alonso

  54. Thomas says:

    Button. Stood out for me. Alonso messed up his own qualifying, so I don’t see how he deserves Kudos for making his race harder than it should have been. He didn’t put the long 7th gear in that Ferrari, he just presses the throttle pedal. Par from the top 3.

    PS. Lewis didn’t make a mistake at La Source he let Alonso by to get DRS on Kemmel. Ferraris too fast though.

    1. Joel says:

      Lewis did go a tad deeper than usual and that helped Alonso, I wouldn’t call it a mistake though.
      Agree with the Alonso part – unless he fixes his qualifying issues, he won’t be the driver of the “day”.

      1. Thomas says:

        He 100% let him through. He said it in the cool down room.

  55. Warren G says:

    Alonso – brilliant first few laps with good overtakes, but what seals it for me was his late braking at the end of the Kemmel Straight defending his place from Hamilton. Not many people out brake Lewis and that took some serious kahoonas to make it work.

  56. Roberto says:

    Both Vettel and Alonso did a fine job, but Vettel had the luxury of doing a bit of cruising at the front and apparently had about half a second per lap in hand most of the time, which he used when asked to push at the end of the race because the team anticipated rain. Alonso, on the other hand, had do make the most of his equipment all day and he did so without making a mistake. Both teams did a good job getting their drivers on track without being trapped by slow traffic. Overall, I’d have to give to Alonso simply because he worked harder than Vettel for his result. Had the Ferrari been faster, the roles might have been reversed.

  57. Harshad says:

    Vettel Hands down Driver of the day really.
    He was just so dominant!!

    1. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      It’s the car.

      1. Kirk says:

        But the car needs a driver, tell that to Webber.

      2. Tornillo Amarillo says:

        Wow, IMO Webber has a different Red Bull, different setup, different engineer, and different driving style, feedback, etc. for mechanics.

        It’s THE car, for Vettel, IMO.

      3. Harshad says:

        Yeah Of Course its the car! When Vettel wins its down to the car when Other drivers win ( namely Alonso/Hamilton) its down to the driver. And I forgot to add, Hamilton/Alonso regularly “Outperform” their car, but in case of Vettel, its always “the car” that performs and not the driver!

        Hamilton made 2 mistakes on lap1, in corner 1 and Exit of Eau rouge thats why he was overtaken by Vettel on Lap1 without DRS, because Vettel simply positioned his car as any other driver would, pls don’t tell me thats not down to the driver.

        RBR is very strong car in clean air but not that very quick in traffic and hence it was important that both drivers get in front of the pack, Vettel did and Webber didn’t; Hence the result.

        Also note, in the last stint when told to push Vettel delivered fastest lap of the race and opened the gap to Alonso, whereas Button (on fresh tyres) was closing in on webber(stuck behind rosberg)@1.6 seconds a lap!! Imagine the difference it makes driving in clean air and getting stuck in traffic.

        Isn’t it the drivers job to deliver on car’s strength? Vettel is doing that incredibly for the last 4 years (2009 onwards) and hence is 3 time WDC and on his way to win 4th title.

  58. darren c says:

    Haven’t seen the race, only reports. Seems Vettel was brilliant, best set up, best tactics & strategy. Best performance all round.

  59. cometeF1 says:

    Vettel did not do much wrong but his race seemed rather easy never being challenged. That leaves me with only Alonso to pick as the DOD. Just a pity he could not bring the fight to Seb. Marc

  60. Daninator07 says:

    ALO, great start and great drive.

    RAI also deserves a mention. Recovered from a normal start made bad by duelling with his team mate then pushed through the field with great overtakes on GRO, PER, GUT, and potentially MAS had his brakes not failed ending his 27 points streak, and 39 race finish streak.

    1. Bjorn says:

      Agree on Raikkonen, he had some really superb overtakes. He did not had the straight line speed Alonso had and really had to work hard in order to overtake.

  61. ngwe_f1 says:

    Its between Alonso and Vettel for me. Difficult to choose between them because they all had good races. But I just can’t ignore the fact that Alonso started in 9th and was 5th by the second lap. He then went on to be 2nd. That has to count for something.

  62. Matt W says:

    Has to be Vettel. He was in a class of his own, flawless. He made it look easy and it was reminiscent of Schumacher circa 2002.

    Honourable mention to Alonso, although most of his work was done at the start and then the DRS made overtaking a formality to be absolutely fair. But still, another assured drive where he got the absolute maximum of what was available.

  63. BW says:

    Easy. The guy who made a brilliant, not-DRS-assisted attack on the first lap and then cruised away. He was always faster, with rivals being so much behind him that could also drive in the clean air.
    Honourable mention to Alonso as clearly best-of-rest and to Button.

  64. Abhiram says:

    Alonso all the way.. no question about it!

  65. Siobhan says:

    As much as it pains me, I have to give it to Alonso. He was very clever at the start. when all was going left to make the turn 1 easier, he stuck it into the right and gave himself a good gain.
    Vettel was impeccible during the race and deserves some credit for keeping his concentration

  66. bronnie says:

    Daniel Ricciardo. Great drive from 19th to snatch a point.

    1. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      That’s not exciting really.

  67. Grant says:

    Lewis ofcourse
    Great qualifying, and managed the race very well with poor machinery.

    1. John Mc says:

      Poor machinery? His team mate was just over a second behind him at the end. Alonso was clearly DotD.

  68. Fireman says:

    Vettel’s great first lap made him the driver of the day. Alonso did good first lap also. Great driving from both.

    I was about to write that Perez is the worst driver on the grid, but alas, he admitted he was wrong forcing Grosjean off the track. The rough edges are getting smoother.

  69. Galapago555 says:

    Driver of the Day? Fernando Alonso.

    Driver of the Weekend, and Driver of the Year so far, Sebastian Vettel.

    1. Sebee says:

      Soon perhaps driver of the decade! :-)

      1. Galapago555 says:

        For the moment he is. Grabbed the first 2 Titles of the Decade (’11 and ’12) and he’s on the way to get the third…

        I do hope to be wrong ;-)

      2. Sebee says:

        Hey, wait a minute, new meaning for DOTD!

      3. Elie says:

        Lets have one for Driver Of The Dog.. I will give it to Bianci :)

      4. Joe B says:

        Only if Alonso’s form spectacularly collapses…

      5. Sebee says:

        So DOTD won’t have to be one with most WDCs during the decade?

      6. Rockie says:

        Alonso at the peak of his prowess cant beat Vettel but you think when Vettel gets there Alonso would be able to match him ?

  70. Chris says:

    Alonso, absolutely Alonso !With the car setup 30% towards a wet race hi manage to reach second place !

    1. Sugar Water says:

      Great point !!

  71. Hansb says:

    Have to give it to Alonso. Great start, great overtaking of 7 cars in style.
    Second for Vettel. Did what he had to do and already put the wine on the table for his 4th WDC. It is just that his RB is between 0.5 till 1.0s faster per lap than his nearest rival.
    Bronze goes to Button, a shame his one stop didn’t work.
    To me Hamilton didn’t have to be on this list.

  72. Jman says:

    Jb, he got every bit of performance out of the mclaren car

  73. Alonso – he pushed hard, overtook spectacularly, excellent start, was not afraid to lock his tires on La Source, but Vettel’s car was in another dimension.

  74. Jake says:

    Alonso. He always seems to get the best out of his machine.

    Vettel drove well but not DOTD for me.

  75. Fifty Cent says:

    Clearly it has to be Vettel, with one and only overtake of his race, on Hamilton at Eau Rouge. The move was so brilliant, in fact, I turned off the TV and went to play some tennis knowing I won’t be able to see anything better all day long.

  76. Allan says:

    Hamilton didn’t make mistake at La Source that allowed Alonso through – he let him through deliberately so he had a chance to DRS him up the Kemmel straight. This was picked up in Lewis’ conversation with Vettel before the podium. It didn’t work as Lewis planned as the Ferrari was too quick even without DRS.

    Makes a bit of a mockery of DRS when a driver starts to mess around to negate its use. Just a bit too gimmicky I feel, and not pure racing at all. We shouldn’t have drivers giving up a position just so they can have the use of DRS.

    1. Warren G says:

      I thought it was pretty clever of Hamilton to think that far ahead – he knew he was a sitting duck on the straight if stayed in front. And it would have worked too if it weren’t for Alonso out braking the last of the late brakers, which I’d consider to be some top notch driving from both champions. DRS gave Hamilton the chance to get alongside the quicker Ferrari, and gimmick or not, it set up a good piece of racing.

      1. albert says:

        he was in front before though . . silly if you ask me , he would have to do that for rhe rest of the race .

      2. Warren G says:

        Alonso would have been within DRS range for the straight & Hamilton wouldn’t have stood a chance. Hamilton did something similar in Malaysia against Rosberg for a couple laps with good effect. Don’t think he expected the Ferrari to be so fast that all he could do was get alongside.

  77. Joshua says:

    James. All the journalists keep saying Hamilton made a mistake at La Source including yourself. During the conversation before the podium Hamilton said he let alonso through as he knew he would be passed and attempted to use the drs to get back ahead by the end of the Kemmel straight, which didn’t work as the ferrari was too fast. . To me I thought it showed great awareness and was his best chance of staying ahead on that lap.

    Do you and others not buy into that and belive Hamilton is saying this to mask his mistake.??

    1. I will says:

      Why should he mask his mistake? I don’t think he needs to. Drivers make mistake all over the weekend. It is clear one way or another Alo would have pass him. Huge gap in race pace.

    2. Anop says:

      I buy it. Lewis does not crack under pressure from behind even when its Fernando.

      Lewis is clever driver and so is Fernando. Both of them know what the other will do or try to do and make their next move accordingly.

      What Lewis says perfectly makes sense and he did outbreak Fernando in Albert park and didn’t allow him to pass. Lewis tried to do it again but this time Fernando knew what he was up to.

      If you look at the on-board footage of Fernando’s car, you will see that Fernando waited on Kemmel straight to use his KERS. He used it when Lewis starting gaining due to DRS and then braked late to stop Lewis from going outside to pass him. Brilliant stuff from both of them.

      This is the exact reason I love F1. It’s so much more than just the cars and the drivers.

      1. Puffing says:

        I praise your comment. I would just say that I love f1 because it has to handle very complicated machinery and a handful of pilots able to get out all the juice under the most extreme circumstances. I would say, cars and drivers with brains able to think, not only react, at maximum speed.

    3. Elie says:

      I also heard Lewis said..” I moved over once and could not move over again.. Which is in the rules now..so”. Obviously there was little he do

  78. Dan42 says:

    Vettel of course. Flawless all weekend. Couldn’t have done the job any better.

    Honorable mentions to Alonso and Ricciardo. Alonso had a good race, but it was flattered by the fact that he messed up in qualifying, spinning and losing precious time for another lap. Such mistakes are unacceptable from a top driver.

    1. Joel says:

      Agree. Had Seb or Hamilton spun, it would have become a big news story. Alonso gets a free pass on such huge mistakes. For a driver of his caliber, it must be emba…

  79. Juzh says:

    Has to be Vettel. Pulled an important move on hamilton like nobodys business and then just toyed with his opponents for the rest of the race.

  80. SlimMillipede says:

    Alonso was my clear driver of the day.

    I think I heard Hamilton saying when the drivers were chatting before the presentations that he deliberately let Alonso by at La Source thinking he would then be able to get the place back under DRS but that Alonso was too quick and even with DRS he couldn’t get the place back.

    1. Joel says:

      The Ferrari was just too quick in the long straights, a lot of other cars had trouble passing the Ferrari (Massa without KERS) even with a DRS.

  81. Rich says:

    Alonso was the clear star of this race for me. Vettel simply had to overtake a slower Mercedes to gain the lead, and then he could maintain the gap from there. Alonso needed a stellar start, as well as some great overtaking moves to even stand a chance of a podium – and he got 2nd.

  82. Random 79 says:

    Vettel. Boring – aside from maybe the pass on Hamilton – but didn’t put a foot wrong.


    Happy 4th Seb, see you next year.

  83. Truth or Lies says:

    Alonso for sure, hands down the best.

    Vettel drove very well, but Fernando was driver of the day.

    Not sure what Ricciardo is doing on this short list…

    1. Random 79 says:

      Getting a point from 19th on the grid is worthy of a mention.

    2. Jake says:

      Dan the man for me, the perfect response to the JEV rant.

      Not sure what Alonso is doing on this list, all he did was put a very fast Ferrari back in the position it should have been in had he not bodged the qualifying… ;-)

      1. Elie says:

        Not really JeV was ahead before the slow tyre deflation and early pit. Rant or not – he was faster all weekend than Dan and Im more a fan of Dan.. Just sayin….

    3. joseph failla says:

      Well ricciardo drove from 19th to 10th . Third fastest lap of the race. I think thats deserving .

  84. Quercus says:


    Vettel has a great car under him and he knows it — that’s why he always gives it a loving pat and a stroke at the end. When has ALO or HAM ever done that?

    The Italian Grand Prix next will be exactly the same, baring incidents. If it is, Red Bull will have done it again for the WDC. Lucky Vettel: a good driver, but in the right team at the right time.

    1. William says:

      That applies to most drivers. Senna wouldn’t be triple champion staying at Lotus. Mansell no champ at all.

  85. Jonathan says:

    Funny isn’t it?

    Alonso had a “fantastic start” and made some “brilliant overtakes” to gain 2 places by the first corner.

    Really? in a fast ferrari?

    What about Button’s start in that dog of a McLaren? In the worst McLaren at this point of a season for decades Button gained 2 places by the first corner and stayed ahead of Alonso for longer than expected – but apparently that only rated as strong!

  86. Miha Bevc says:

    People will say Vettel had it easy, but he did exactly the same thing as Hamilton did in Hungary, plus he made a decisive overtake on lap 1 (no DRS). Hamilton won the DOTD easily, so should Vettel.

    Alonso close 2nd.

    1. John S says:

      I was thinking the same thing right after Hungary. The headlines (not on this site) were “spectacular Hamilton” who won when his main rivals were hamstrung by problems.

      For years many people say Sebastian Vettel “doesnt know how to pass” and for once he has some good straight line speed and makes a pass and suddenly that’s not “good enough”. Certainly was good enough when other drivers used the same advantage to pass…

  87. simon says:

    It has to be Lewis Hamilton. That’s because he salvaged a podium in a “dog of a car”. Give him a better car and he will show how to win.

    2nd best driver today was Alonso. If he or Lewis were in Adrian Newey’s car they would have taught Vettel how to win with ease.

  88. Bolaji says:

    The disparity in terms of car & driver combinations takes a lot of excitement and sport out of F1. Its a strange way to compete. How can teams with shoestring budgets be said to be in the same race with others who have huge funds ? How do you have pure competition and sport in a situation like this ? Give all drivers the same machinery and then we can tell pure and simple who the driver of the day is.

  89. APL4D says:

    Guys, how can we conjecture about this? Drivers are not on level playing field. HAM states he was driving the wheels off his car throughout the race. Is VET so much better that he could cruise away like that? Of course not. As I commented after Hungary, all the drivers are good and know how to win races. The thing that separates them is how their machinery performs on the specific track in the specific conditions. I think a more realistic thing to ask us is who messed up. MAL for me is in a similar category to GRO. Last year with HAM at Valencia and other incidents point to someone who is not driving at F1 standard. I am all for trying hard but he must respect his fellow competitors. As for Webber’s clutch settings, who is responsible for this? Have RBR given him the apprentice engineers where wheels don’t get put on properly either? Everyone knows ALO has preferential treatment and while his race pace is startling (especially first laps) he is surely only driving to the limit of what his car is allowing him to do which works well under those conditions. BUT drove steadily but so dull. Need to introduce a weight penalty for top ten finishers to bring racing together? Maybe.

    1. Elie says:

      Very good comment.

  90. John in San Diego says:

    Vettel. Took a commanding lead and held on to win.

  91. Donald says:

    Makes you wonder if there’s something in the fact that Spa – a top drivers circuit – has 4 world champions and Ricciardo as the candidate ‘DoD’.

    Food for thought re RBR’s lineup.

  92. John says:

    I vote Vettel for DOTD.

    I have a few thoughts I’d like to put forth.

    1) Why do drivers says they got more than 100% out of the car? It’s not possible to do that (unless there is a hole in floor through which you can stick your foot for extra grip or braking). You can get to 100%. I think getting close to 100% is easier in some cars than others.

    2) If you had a look at the start of the race, to me it was Lewis’s mistake at the exit of the first corner and the line that Vettel took that led to the overtake. To me this has been one of Vettel’s strengths. Picking the right line to get the best exit out of a corner.

    3) I don’t understand why people talk up Alonso’s overtakes post the first lap. All of them were DRS assisted and on the straights where the Ferrari is quick.

    4) Was there a difference in setup between Vettel’s car and Webber’s? Same between Hamilton’s and Rosberg’s?

    1. Kirk says:

      Agree with you about the first point, it is widely said that sometimes a driver does more than what his car is able to, but that is impossible, unless their cars are as you said like the ones of The Flintstones.

  93. Off Track says:

    James, talking of drivers of the day, did your two hours with G Lopez from Spa to the airport yield any insights, and did the name Raikkonen crop up at any time?

  94. Jeremy J says:

    Alonso, great drive.

  95. Rob Newman says:

    It has to be Vettel. It is all about how he set up his car and delivered.

    On Saturday Ferrari and Alonso were confident they can win the race. They have one of the fastest cars. But Alonso didn’t do a good enough job on Saturday and Sunday.

    1. ShaBooPi says:

      Its all about how Newey sets up his car for today and the last 4 years.

      1. Rob Newman says:

        LOL! If Newey is the one who sets up cars for the drivers, then Newey will be the only person who can drive them.

        Drivers have different driving styles and preferences. They do their setup with their engineers.

  96. DMyers says:

    Has to be Alonso, but I think van der Garde drove a pretty decent race too.

  97. Bill Boddy says:

    Alonso for outbraking Hamilton at the top of the Keppel straight whilst managing to keep control of a car that was not happy with what he was doing.

  98. JPS says:

    Maldonado has to get best pit entry if the year.
    Seriously James what planet is he on???
    paid driver… Williams will have to get car insurance for all of the crashes he has.

  99. Sven says:

    It’s a tie between Vettel and Alonso, with Vettel edging it a bit:
    Vettel – 129 votes
    Alonso – 127 votes

    1. Sugar Water says:

      Sven I think autosport mag is based out of Germany…..that might have an impact on the readership and voting. Just a thought for u.

      1. Sven says:

        lol Are you kidding? You don’t know what Autosport is? FYI, it is a British magazine and site.

    2. JimmiC says:

      Pretty much my feeling – I couldn’t put a cigarette paper between them. Two great, different, performances.

  100. Oz Geeza says:

    Alonso by far,from 9th had top notch drivers
    in F1 to pass for God sake, how anybody can
    omit him as DOTD must realy hate his guts.
    As for WDC the fat lady hasn’t sang as yet.
    Watch ALO at Monza, he will have J. Allison
    on the pit wal.

    1. Sugar Water says:

      Perfectly stated. Their objectivity is blinded by their dislike of Fernando.

      1. Elie says:

        I agree completely on this one. I dislike the guy very much but voted Fernando as DOTD without hesitation. Too many posters cannot be objective.

  101. Rishi says:

    Alonso nicks it for me; every few races he puts in a drive like that and I’m like “Wow! That guy is really hungry right now!” and then I think “Mind you, the poor guy’s been really hungry for most of the past seven years!” In a way I don’t think Montezemolo was wrong to remind Alonso of the importance of team unity in moments of crisis but he really does deserve a better car.

    Regarding other drivers, even if Alonso had a better car Vettel would give him a lot to think about; another dominant performance for the German yesterday. Also really impressed by Ricciardo’s drive to pick up the final point and finally must note a decent drive by Esteban Gutierrez; his wheel-to-wheel stuff was a bit lairy but in terms of being on the pace this was arguably his best performance since Barcelona. Something to build on for the Mexican.

  102. Ganesh says:

    3 clear contenders for DOTD from my perspective”
    Seb, Nando & Jenson.

    Seb – Lewis overtake was awesome – however, post that he was un touchable – is it just the car? in that case why did Mark did not finish 2nd or for that matter atleast 3rd?

    Nando – great drive from 9th to 2nd – however, he is partly to balme for starting 9th – made a mistake in the last quali lap. great aggressive start, overtook everyone with relative ease. The late breaking when overtaking lewis was sublime – couldn’t beleive he could keep the car on track.

    Jenson – Great drive – the way he overtook a Ferrari (Massa) looked so easy. Wish the team was committed to 2 stop right from the beginning – he could have sneaked a podium – may be?!

    Considering the progress (9th to 2nd) it is Nando for DOTD…..

    1. Elie says:

      We are talking DOTD—Not Saturday !! For the umpteenth time

      1. Ganesh says:

        What did you not comprehend?

      2. Elie says:

        Apologies this was more intended for post 99. But again you mention Nandos sat run which Im sure he was rueing. But his performance in Sunday goes without question.

  103. Hello says:

    There was a lot of different types of set ups on track so it’s hard to say who was the best. If you look at the qualify speed trap and sector times. The Red Bulls gambled on it been dry. Others on it been wet, (Lotus) and some in between. Ferrari and Merc.

    You would probably have to give it to Maldonardo for giving us the chance of a safety car and waking me up again.

  104. wenner says:

    Sutil did some gutsy overtaking. I´d switch him for Hamilton on this list.

    DOTD Sutil

  105. Peter MAslen says:

    Alonso for sure. Vettel had a perfect car unlike Webber who was jinxed yet again by Red Bull. Once Vettel got past lewis all he had to do was coast along with a little in reserve so no great credit there.

    1. Kirk says:

      Sure, RB spends 10 million a year in salary plus the cost of the car just to jinxed it.

  106. WA Boy says:

    Ricciardo – 19th to 10th with some very nice overtakes and under a fair bit of mental pressure. Vettel for that great pass and maintaining concentration all the way through

    1. WA Boy says:

      17th grid not 19th

      1. JC says:

        No he was 19th on the grid.

      2. TJ says:

        No 19th – need to check that again WA Boy.

      3. AnthonyD says:

        No, definitely 19th…

      4. WA Boy says:

        Yeah thanks for that. read another post and doubted my own memory instead of the other author

  107. Messrine says:

    Alonso. It’s a no brainer! I can’t believe some people are even considering Vettel.

    1. Joel says:

      Why? Alonso had an equally better car. Had he not spun in qualifying, he could’ve fought for the win with Vettel.

    2. Sarvar says:

      looks like u re from Spain-)

    3. Sugar Water says:

      Joel/Sarvar – have you ever had the chance to race go karts? for that matter motor bikes? etc. If so u would understand that the top machinery is generally separated by split seconds. Hardly enough to perform a clean and easy pass. Often times it requires skill, cunning and guts to pass your competitor. SB easily blew by Hamilton – mistake or otherwise by Hamilton. Fernando (even if he did have a superior machine to all other drivers ahead of him) CLEARLY demonstrated EXCEPTIONAL driving skills……

      1. Messrine says:

        Yes totally agree with you Sugar Water. And no Sarvar I am from the UK not Spain. I just happen to support true talent and Ferrari. Not a drinks company!

      2. Joel says:

        For someone who supports true talent, your comment has so much disdain for the rest. I’m no sv fan, but he put no foot wrong, whereas fa, spun and messed his qual – so much for true talent?

      3. Joel says:

        Agree on the fact that Ferrari & rb were separated by fraction on the race day. However, I still don’t get ur point. Sv breezing past Ham is unrelated, it even supports my case. Here, I don’t deny FA demonstrated well on race day. My point is, he messed up on Saturday.

  108. Tim B says:

    Vettel if we’re talking driver of the weekend, which many seem to be.

    Driver of the day – can’t separate them. Maybe mark Hamilton down for not staying closer to Alonso.

    Thought Ricciardo did well after a terrible qualifying session. James – do you knew whether Toro Rosso told JEV to release RIC near the end?

    1. Greg (Aus) says:

      Their relative speeds were very different at that stage of the race, Dan was catching JEV at over a second a lap (Perez too). I don’t think he would have needed to be told, he wouldn’t have been able to keep Ricciardo behind him anyway (old primes vs new options).

    2. TJ says:

      Ricciardo finished 13 seconds ahead of JEV. Don’t think there was any need for Torro Rosso to tell JEV to release him as he sailed straight past due to superior speed.

    3. AnthonyD says:

      Why would they tell JEV to do that? RIC was flying in his last stint, set the third fastest lap of the race.

  109. oiio says:

    Fernando Alonso

  110. Lopez says:

    This was one quite a boring race and I believe that the only driver who truly gave some proper action and excitement was Fernando Alonso.

    Vettel drove well but all the action he gave us was the pass on Hamilton on the first lap. After that, and besides Alonso’s passes, I feel it was a frustrating race as Vettel was once again… up front!

    1. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      I think HAMILTON took too much kerbs in that moment and lost grip, that’s why VETTEL overtook him in that 1st lap.

      1. Mark says:

        Given the pace of the Red Bull, it was only going to be a matter of time before he passed Hamilton anyway. Probably within 2 laps at the most.

  111. aveli says:

    vettel rosberg vettel rosberg!

  112. Michael S says:

    It has to be Seb… Yes, Alonso made up lots of places but his car was very fast and should have been well up the grid to start with… Seb’s move with no DRS on the best lump in F1 at Merc was brilliant. Too bad so many can’t give Seb his just dues on a day like this…

  113. Cremto says:

    Alonso was driver of the day – i wish it was Webber.. but no one on his side of the garage seems to know how to make clutch adjustments! Best guess I heard….

  114. cal says:

    Alonso showed he knows how to use the DRS, nothing great

  115. f1fan says:

    Vettel deserves DOTD. Webber got stuck behind Rosberg for most of the race, therby compromising his chances of being on podium, showing how important it was for Redbull to be ahead of Mercedes.
    Vettel’s move would not have been expected so soon by anyone, even Lewis acknowledged that.

  116. Kingszito says:

    My DoTD is Vettel without a doubt, with Alonso a close 2nd. Vettel did everything he was required to do to win the race and he won with a clear margin.

    Alonso being on a back foot after quali did well to finish second.

  117. Richard says:

    9th to second in a matter of laps in an underperforming car, only the great Alonso can do such things.

    1. Kirk says:

      why underperforming car? he had a faster car than the guys he passed. Good driving yes, but the car has to be good also.

      1. krischar says:

        He had faster car ?


        In SPA only one team had the Fastest car for all conditions and had perfect balance between quali and race (RBR). vettel made use of the oppurtunity and won the race by some distance in the quickest car out there. For some reason which i cannot understand webber failed

        People here seriously need to get a grip. There is no point voting vettel. Gary anderson and few other experts in BBC have clealry confessed and explained the fact how much RBR was faster than rest of the field.

        RBR had the quickest car not by fine margins. It was massively fast and the pace was unbelievable. All vettel had to do is beat webber to win the race which he did easily.

        Rest of the teams fought for the scraps and podium places not for the race victory

        If vettel needs to be voted as DOTD just because he beat webber and won the race. It does not make any sense.

      2. Kirk says:

        I think you misunderstood what I wrote, Richard said above that Alonso had an underperforming car so his was amazing, I said he had a faster car than the guys he passed (he didn’t passed Vettel’s RBR) I didn’t say that the Ferrari was the fasTEST car, Webber probably had a wet set-up, he should ended second. Ferrari probe during the whole weekend that it was the most competitive car apart from the Red Bull, faster than Mercedes, Lotus, McLaren and so on.

  118. Luis says:

    Vettel, unbeatable this weekend!

  119. Andy says:

    Vettel, he cruised to a commanding victory with plenty to spare. For once Red Bull set his car up with 7th gear in mind and they reaped the benefits.

  120. krischar says:

    Fernando Alonso

    Thank you Fernando for such a flawless drive.

    Vintage Alonso drive

  121. RogerD says:

    Award withheld.

    To get the DOTD I think you have to do something interesting in the four quarters of the race.

    Seb made a great move less than 2km into the race, pulled a gap then cruised.

    Fred did more for longer then later admitted to being bored and lonely for the rest of the race.

    Jenson didn’t really stand out for me at all except that I was surprised a sh*tbox McLaren (thanks very much, Mark Webber) was in the front third of the field.

    Dan? Not much to see of him on the crystal bucket – on free-to-air, at least – so hard to judge. JEV more or less did just as well – the difference seemed to be the tyre strategy more than anything else (discounting slow leaks).

    I was hoping for a more interesting race courtesy of the weather if nothing else. Where is Bernie and his sprinklers when you need him???

  122. Alexander Supertramp says:

    First off, the top drivers in the top teams are really the best on the grid (except for Perez). Look at that silly accident at the busstop chicane. Replace Maldonado, Sutil, Gutierrez and even Di Resta by Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton, Button, Kimi and there is NO accident.I really believe that there’s a huge gap between the top dogs and the midfield/back runners.

    Vettel had the car yes, but he was great. 9.5/10

    Same with Nando. Great performance on Sunday with the 2nd best car. You could argue that qualifying hurt his chances, but that’s just not true. Seb was almost half a second quicker and they both ran in clean air. Even with pole Fernando would have been second, so he did the best he could. 9.5/10

    Same with Lewis. Made a small mistake trough eau rouge, but had zero chance of a better finish than P3. He actually really made it happen on saturday by leaving Massa and Webber behind. Webber was definitely the biggest threat for P3. The Merc boys were the only ones punching above their weight, but Seb can’t go higher than P1 and the gap with Vettel was too big for Fernando. Hamilton 8.5/10, Rosberg 8/10

    So basically the top 4 gets A/A+ (though Rosberg didn’t beat his teammate).

    JB was great, but he loves this track, so no surprise here. Still, the difference with Checo was huge, great performance. 8.5/10

    => DotD: Vettel for his consistency througout the week-end

  123. Konstantin says:


  124. Joel says:

    Vettel has to be the “driver of the day”. Ofcourse he had the better car, the same can be said of Alonso too.
    Button deserves a honorable mention.

  125. Dario says:

    It has to be Sebastian Vettel. Look how far he is in front of Mark Webber who use to destroy Nico Rosberg when they were at Williams together. He is the new bees knees of Formula 1. Fernando is a great racer but not a great qualifier. You could also hardly call him a team player. Luis makes mistakes hence why he was overtaken and not to mention the high life he lives. Sebastian is fast makes hardly any mistakes, super fast qualifier and cares not for glamor and best of all does not bring his dog to races.

  126. Satish says:

    ALO was DOTD
    BUT was a close second.

  127. K says:

    Vettel does a perfect race and still is not been seen as the best driver of the day. He did exactly what Hamilton did in Hungary and more (overtaking the leader).

    Typical British audience bias then, naming anyone but Vettel.

    Alonso had a poor qualifying with a very fast car, which is why he could overtake so many, he was out of position.

    1. Sugar Water says:

      K – I guess SV had a slow car then, hence his great move as he easily blew by Hamilton? Nothing hair raising about that move. Their we omany far better passes by many pthers during the race than SV on Man….

    2. JohnBt says:

      I disagree, even if Alonso was on pole Vettel would have passed him somehow and pulled away.

      The 16.8 gap woulda been at least 25 to 30 seconds if Vettel pushed all the way.

      On nearly every lap Vettel was:
      minus 2 to 3 tenths (sector 1)
      minus 5 to 9 tenths (sector 2)
      minus 2 to 3 tenths (sector 3)

      Vettel’s victory gap is truly alarming. That’s the part we don’t like at all.

  128. Fox says:

    It is all about cars, not drivers. Mercedes is best with empty tanks. Ferrari is best with full tanks. Red Bull is best as optimal balanced car. 80% depends on the car. If Button got to the podium, he would be the man…


    1. JohnBt says:

      LOL! you can’t be serious.

  129. missonf1 says:


  130. Sujith says:

    My pick is Alonso. Phenomenal start! Vettel is just second best in my list.

  131. f1_fan says:

    james, did you forget to mention Alonso’s overtake on Grosjean? .. that was great overtake too.

  132. zx6dude says:

    mr. multi 21. really don’t like him but he drove a faultless race

  133. Danny Almonte says:

    I can’t believe that Button is even getting a mention for failing to succeed with a one-stop strategy. We should all realize by now that Button has to gamble on strategy to get a decent result.

  134. Anop says:

    For me DOTD is a tie between Sebastian and Fernando.

    Both did what they needed to do and I agree with Fernando when he says that you deserve to be second when you are second fastest.

    For me the highlight was the use of KERS by both of them on the opening lap. Sebastian used it on Kemmel Straight to pass Lewis and Fernando used it going into Eau Rouge to pass Mark. Champion’s stuff from both of them.

  135. Nick says:

    Kimi for his great overtakes.

  136. Bayan says:

    Alonso. Great drive to second.

  137. Guillermo says:

    This race perfectly sums up Sebastian Vettel’s standing with F1 fans. The Red Bull is the fastest car, but no so fast that a very competent F1 driver (Webber) can beat exceptional drivers in lesser equipment (e.g. Alonso or Hamilton.)

    It is remarkable that Vettel can get so much speed out of the car that he can cruise for much of the weekend and still blow everyone away. He should be driver of the day. However, seeing racing drivers pushing to the limit every single lap and taking risks for each point they score is what we want to see. So my vote goes to Alonso.

    1. Sugar Water says:

      Guillermo – u might agree the comparison between Massa and Fernando is much the same. Massa is a GREAT disappointment. He comsistently is under achieving…..same applies to Mark. What do u think?

      1. Ganesh says:

        True – time for Massa to go home.

  138. Luke says:

    James, I think your site is infested with Alonso fans.
    It’s pretty obvious that driver of the GP was Vettel.
    Take a look at the poll on f1fanatic: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2013/08/26/2013-belgian-grand-prix-driver-of-the-weekend/comment-page-2/#comments
    Vettel is easily leading, though he has very few fans there.

    1. James Allen says:

      We welcome all fans here as long as they observe the rules

    2. Random 79 says:

      Even on that poll Alonso is a close second, but ust because a lot of people voted for Alonso doesn’t mean they’re all Alonso fans (some definitely aren’t). As an example I voted for Vettel, and I am definitely not a Vettel fan – he just happened to be the driver who impressed me the most on the day.

      Two different sites, two different fan bases, two different results.

    3. Sugar Water says:

      Luke – smartest and most discriminating fans are on this site……

      1. JohnBt says:

        How about ‘ANALYTICAL’ fans and gritting their teeth while crediting the drivers they don’t like.

    4. mvi says:

      Luke, the F1Fanatic poll is Driver of the Weekend (which I would give to Vettel), this one is Driver of the Day (which I would give to Alonso).

  139. Luca says:

    In commentary (BBC), Coulthard remarked on more than one occasion about the particular gearing of Button’s McLaren, suggesting it offered him an advantage, in DRS-free circumstances — there were a couple of occasions when the chasing Ferrari of Alonso seemed to be popping the rev limiter while JB would gain progressively better drive out of certain corners. Are gearing options made possible by the driver’s particular style or are they determined by other strictly technical considerations and therefere the responsibility of the back-up team. To whit: should I be bigging up JB for this or not?

  140. KARTRACE says:

    Alonso 4 sure. Seb had a great race but what else to expect from excellent racer + the best package overall.

  141. W Johnson says:

    Doesn’t Alonso get special help from the no 2 driver at Ferrari called Massa??? He made way for Alonso at least once this weekend during qualy to give Alonso a better opportunity. Wouldn’t happen in other teams.

  142. DJH584 says:

    Forget Vettel – the REAL race was from 2nd place downward this was where the real action was. Once Vettel had overtaken Hamilton and disappeared up the road then it was same old same old. The real racing occured behind him.

    DOTD? Has to be Fernando Alonso – although I don’t particularly like him. Ferrari say that they have to make a further step to be competitive. Try two further steps Ferrari. One to match the RBR and the second to stay ahead of it. Do I see that happening, probably not.

    Special mention for Kimi. those front brakes were obviously not right on the formation lap – you could see the smoke coming from the car when they lined up for the start. So he did exceptionally well to manage that situation for as long as he did. And then he did the right thing. Once the car wouldn’t brake for the right hander, he retired it. That in my view is professionalism.
    Perhaps he should be DOTD for the attitude he takes?

    Daniel? For DOTD? No. Yes he started towards the back of the grid and eventually scraped a point. As someone else has pointed out, he does have a lot of pressure on him as he is really fighting for that RBR seat BUT is not really delivering the results. It has been proved this season that the Toro Rosso can deliver. But can Daniel?

    As for Jenson. He is doing his best with what is really a second rate car. Mclaren should be ashamed of themselves. As already pointed out, if the team had paid more attention to the lap times and brought him earlier, then perhaps he would have finished further up the field.

    SO my D’sOTD, Alonso and Kimi.


  143. roberto marquez says:

    Vettel seems to be the best.But lets do some maths :with the marshalls partiality + kers + drs + saving the tires + saving gas + etc., I find that with every race that comes this a contest of engineering rather than driving.Lets maka a giant Scalextric circuit and let Newey and Todt etc race with car controls from a helicopter and you could save drivers pay.

  144. Gabe says:

    Vettel, easily. He made the race boring, and could have dominated even more than he did.

  145. Clemo says:

    Alonso, whose overtaking made the trip to spa worthwhile

    James, is it possible to do an article on circuit facilities for fans. As a sport that you would hope wants to attract the next generation of fans and keep the ones it has, it’s doing an appallingly bad job.
    Spa circuit is breathtaking, and the workers do a great job keeping it clean and tidy, but the toilets were (with the exception of the few you could pay to use) awful, covered ( no exaggeration) with urine and excrement. You would not have wanted to take small children in them. There were plenty of food stands but they all sold exactly the same, so burger,hotdog and chips… that’s it , no choice in an area of Europe that has fantastic food. And to top it off getting out of the circuit on Sunday was of the style that silverstone has been massively criticised for in the past…..
    We had a super weekend and loved our views from eau rouge but a little more thought from organisers would make it so much better and worth the small fortune the tickets cost.
    Little things like better promotion of the circuit radio so fans can use their phones to actually hear the commentary. The coverage on tv and radio at home is so good that at the circuit you actually feel a bit short changed as the only time you see or hear the drivers is the podium interviews, not even the press conferences were broadcast, so its hugely difficult to follow all the action.
    Sorry for the moan and thanks for allowing me to voice it, but that was the view of all the passionate, motor sport loving fans we spoke with and if the sport isn’t giving us a great experience what hope does it have of attracting new or younger fans.

    1. James Allen says:

      Maybe fan reports would work well, like yours


  146. Wombat says:

    Alonso easily.
    But Vettel still won……….
    Red Bull still can’t put two fully sorted cars on the grid.

  147. Dan B says:

    alonso for driver of the day

  148. Vettel! Is the better race driver of this era.

    1. krischar says:

      Best race driver of this ERA ?

      I suggest you to watch the hungarian 2013 GP once more

      Vettel have better stats than few other drivers which does not mean he is the best driver out there

      Vettel drove for super fast cars and all he had to was beat webber who drove simillar car to win the WDC’S which he did easily.

      Rest of the teams simply have no answer to RBR’s technical excellence for the last 4 seasons

      Vettel is considered as better driver simply because he has beaten his only competitor webber to win the 4 WDC’S.


  149. F1Ray says:

    As we know, Vettel has almost always been fast in that Red Bull car, and now he’s starting to use his brain whilst driving it. Taking the tow off Hamilton on the first lap, was class, and a well thought out manoeuvre. He certainly appears to be getting better and better, which must be a concern for his rivals. Is there anyone better than Alonso, when he’s in attack mode ?. Superb driving on the edge and usually without contact. On one of his passes on Sunday, the car was twitching so much he almost lost it. Alonso will be concerned that not only has he Red Bull to beat, but Merc and Lotus are now also in the frame and frequently costing him points. I would be inclined to give both Vettel and Alonso joint DOTD on this occasion.

  150. F1Ray says:

    On a different note, anyone notice Hamilton is never seen wearing the Merc Team Cap. Even during the press conference, he wore the Pirelli cap whilst Vettel and Alonso wore their customary team ones. I’m reading elsewhere that Hamilton doesn’t like the design of it, and refuses to wear it. For the money he’s on, I’d wear a skirt and blouse if they asked me. lol.

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Yeah kind of weird. He wants input over next year’s clothing line. This could be gold :D

  151. luqa says:

    Easy- Sebastian Vettel. Honorable mentions to LH and NR.

    FA? Both he and FM start as well as MW starts badly. Of course if you qualify badly you have many places to make up and look good, but I don’t buy it.

    1. krischar says:

      No one has the intention to qaulify badly

      on a track like SPA qualifying does not matter really

      RBR had the quickest car by nearly a second through out the race over Ferrari and Mercedes. All vettel had to do his out qualify his team mate and cruise to the victory which he did.

      starts are always a lottery, any drivers can gain and lose positions

      Alonso drove his heart out and got the second place in a car which was miles slower than RBR. His overtakes were simply superb. ON other hand we have seen in hungary how well vettel has raced.

      Just beacuse vettel beat webber and won the race by a massive margin. vettel cannot be voted as DOTD.

      I do not buy into the theory webber is always a bad starter. RBR have sabotaged mark’s clutch settings time and time again clearly with the intention to keep vettel out of webber’s reach

      Also i do not buy the theory other teams could have won in SPA. RBR was too fast and scary for other teams.

      1. luqa says:

        I was not going to argue with you – we all have our own opinion and are entitled to them until you brought up the sabotage canard!

        PUHLEEESE! Even David Coulthard in his BBC column is suggesting MW is psyching himself out. Just because you might consider sabotaging your team and loosing money in the process does not mean RBR would do such an asinine thing.

        MW over the years in his F! career has always been a poor starter, rarely having a good one. He realizes it himself which is why he is switching to Long distance Racing where starts really don’t matter. I’m sure he could have kept his seat at RB, or moved to another team if he so desired because he is still an excellent racer!

  152. Jorge says:

    Vettel, Unfortunately the only driver he had to pass was Hamilton and guess what? He did it, surely in Monza we wiil see for the first time in a long time a first row with Vettel and Alonso and that will clarify many things

    1. KRB says:

      They were on the front together for last year’s German GP.

      They’ve lined up at the front together 6x, at CHN ’09, HUN ’09, GER ’10, SIN ’10, CAN ’11, GER ’12.

      Vettel’s won 2 of those races (CHN ’09 and CAN ’11), Alonso’s won 3 (GER ’10, SIN ’10, GER ’12), and Hamilton won the other in HUN ’09.

      Guess you could say that when Alonso’s had a car that wasn’t totally outmatched by Vettel’s (so remove the 2009 and 2011 results), that he’s won everytime they’ve been on the first row together.

  153. JohnBt says:

    Alonso is my pick for the start and maintaining his second position. A bit boring for him though as there was a huge space between Vettel and Lewis.

    Kimi deserves a mention too until he retired.

    It’s just so difficult to vote for Vettel even when I like him. Tough for him even with three WDC in his bag.
    I’m sure Vettel knows that from us fans so he just fly away at will and increases the gap tremendously.

    Just hoping for a dominant Ferrari and a win at Monza.
    My brain says Vettel takes the 2013 WDC but my heart wants Alonso to win.

  154. Seifenkistler says:

    If Redbull was fastest he defended vs the fastest. And it looked like team order, to block Hamiltons back. So why Hamilton is on this list i don’t know at all.

  155. Red says:

    Seb is, for me. No doubt his RB is much faster than anyone else. But the way he passed Lewis on Lap1, after Eau Rouge, instead of wasting any time following the others and looking for a chance to pass like all the others, is really 1st class.

    Fernando and Lewis all drove quite well as well.

  156. Zhenya says:

    Sebastian Vettel.

    Unfortunately, the problem about him is that he looks to be not a great man outside the car…

  157. Eric says:

    It would appear that there are some on here that are believing this title race is over, that Vettel is going to win a 4th title in 4 consecutive years.
    Lets wait and see about this shall we?

    He has what amounts to a 2 race win lead with 8 races to go. If the current rate of points that Vettel and Alonso appear to be obtaining since March is continued with, then it will be decided within the next 6 races. There is currently a 4 point average gain from Vettel over Alonso since March, with the current gap of 46 points over Alonso after race 11 from 19 in total. That is not a lot to show for Vettel after 5 wins for him against Alonso’s 2 thus far is it? There are lots of if’s and buts to happen yet.
    Retrirements and luck have played a major part of Vettel’s title wins in 2010 and 2012 when Alonso was both ahead and behind in those years respectively. Maybe it will be 3rd time lucky for Alonso if the luck of Vettel spinning in Sao Paolo in 2012 or the crash merchant of Grosjean at Spa amongst his other races is replicated against Vettel as it was with Alonso last year.. I am not one of those that believes that Vettel has truly crushed the opposition over the past 3 years, rather that he is driver and a man who has had the right engineers etc around him making the right decisions without supporting their other driver equally in that time. The opposite is true of Alonso who has endured a politically charged management structure that have made wrong decisions and indulged a poor driver in Massa.
    Only Raikonnen and Alonso has contributed around 70% of all their respective teams points after 11 races so far. Vettel and Hamilton have contributed around 63% and 59% respectively, and they are ones that qualify within the first 2 positions on the grid per race this year.
    I think I have both statistically and historically proved that circumstance and luck have made Vettel a triple world champion, and that this can go against him if the God’s decide this to be the case this year..

    1. Ganesh says:

      And, where is the statistical & histroical proof?

      1. Eric says:

        Where are your eyes Ganesh? Up your a*se?

      2. Ganesh says:

        Definition of Proof (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/proof):

        a : the cogency of evidence that compels acceptance by the mind of a truth or a fact
        b : the process or an instance of establishing the validity of a statement especially by derivation from other statements in accordance with principles of reasoning

        And, there are three basic kinds of reasoning, where reasoning involves argumentation of any kind using assumptions and inferences of conclusions:

        1. Deductions: To find conclusions that follow from given assumptions
        2. Abductions: To find assumptions from which given given conclusions follows
        3. Inductions: To confirm or infirm assumptions by showing their conclusions do (not) conform to the observable facts.

        And, more importantly, none of them exist in your post – other than the “God’s decision!!

  158. shez says:

    Alonso for me, he made a good amount of places and regardless of what people are saying on here. He was not in anything near the fastest car.

    Vettel a close second, drove a great race too.

    Hamilton did about as much as he could with a car that wasn’t hugely quick on race pace.

    As for Buttona and Riccardio, as far as I can see they both had quick cars beneath them. The Mclaren of Button’s was quick in race pace, very quick, yet he didn’t do enough with it. Riccardio was again in a quick race car. Yes he made plenty of places, but with the pace of that car, he should have been higher than 10th to be classed as driver of the day.

  159. Lq says:

    Lewis hamilton for dotd he gave it 250% and rosberg 2nd he gave it 120%. 44 qualifying laps.

  160. Jon says:

    Think its VET for this one – just on overall dominance – the guys that didn’t win weren’t sparkling enough to topple that.

    A note on HAM though:

    It looked to me that Merc gambled on some rain showers with a higher downforce setup – hence the pole performance in quali on a damp track.

    They’re usually lightening quick so weird that HAM got mugged like that at the start otherwise.

    Also on the ALO pass, HAM clearly lets him through – there’s no lock up or anything, and he attacks immediately. HAM believes he’ll get him back up the hill. Guess he got caught out by the lack of speed with the setup. They alluded to this in the discussion between the drivers after the race.

  161. Ronnie says:

    Vettel for me, not because he passed Hamilton, but how he passed him and when.

    Many people paid to see Mike Tyson, not because he could come from behind and knock his opponent down over and over again, but he could put his opponent to dust quickly and definitively. To me the later was what Vettel did on Sunday.

  162. Dougel says:

    Alonso is my DOTD, he over delivered in the race yet again despite the team compromising his qualifying, Massa got the number one treatment on Saturday for sure!

  163. anthony says:

    Alonso. think its harsh to say he fluffed up quali, the team got the timing wrong or bad luck whatever way you look at it if he was the guy doing the last quali lap hed have been up there its one of those things.
    his race was awsome, the best overtake for me in the race – there was many great ones but alonso on hamilton, those two were so on the limit and edge. respect.

  164. SteveS says:

    Alonso get’s an awful lot of praise simply for repeatedly messing up his qualifying runs. He spun his car in Q3, it was not all down to “his team got the timing wrong”. Then, when he recovers the positions he lost in qualifying, everyone acts as if it’s an amazing feat.

    1. krischar says:

      Yes it is amazing feat steve S

      Alonso raced through the field to take fantastic second place.

      Second place was a bonus for ferrari in SPA becuase RBR were miles quicker than any other team. Practically final spot on the podium only ferrari could have achieved if webber had a proper race. Alonso have spilited the bulls and overtook the mercedes as well

      Quali is just a ten minute shootout, anything can happen in quali. Most notably points are given on race day for the finishing positions no points will be awarded for drivers in qualifying.

      We have seen in HUNGARY once more how well vettel can race in the traffic. So stop the non-sense alonso messed up the qualifying.

      Vettel had super fast car and had no need to race. Vettel even confessed the fact he was surprised by the pace RBR showed in SPA over their rivals in the post race interview. As for as webber he qualified as close to vettel as he can. Yet RBR have sabotaged webber’s race with poor clutch settings once more.

  165. Dan says:

    If Dan Ricciardo had have had the same qualifying strategy as force india where would he have finished? He climbed from 19th to 10th. Just bad luck in qualifying with the weather.

    Vettel will have to step out of RB to make an impression on most people. That car was wildly fast in a straight line for it to drive away from a merc.

  166. there can only be one DOTD and that was ricciardo. under so much pressure he drove a gutsy and great race. he more than proved that he doesn’t sit back and whine….just gets on with the job. extremely well done.

  167. moxlox says:

    Vettel for me. Utterly dominant race day performance.

    Alonso was fantastic too, but for me Vettel drove flawlessly too and won the race.

    And before we think it’s just the car, where was Webber (again)? Poor start compromised him but he didn’t recover very well. So great car exploited brilliantly by Vettel.

  168. kushal says:

    ALO all d way…


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