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Posted By:   |  23 Jul 2013   |  6:33 am GMT  |  2 comments

McLaren Electronic Systems (MESL) – a branch of the McLaren Group dedicated to control and data systems – has today received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, for its outstanding achievement in international trade.

The electronics manufacturer, which produces the ECUs supplied to Formula One, Indy Car and Nascar, was recognised for its contribution to aerospace, transport, and automotive markets; having the award presented at the McLaren Technology Centre by Andrew Wates OBE, the Vice Lord-Lieutenant for Surrey.

This is the second Queen’s Award that the company have received for the variety of systems that they produce. The first, from 2009, came in recognition of its innovative approach to the development of control and data systems.

Since 2008 they have seen export sales in electronics, software and components increase by 60%, allowing them to be applauded for the achievements in international trade.

“We are delighted to have received this Queen’s Award for International Trade,” said Dr Peter van Manen, Managing Director of McLaren Electronic Systems. “Our domestic market for high performance electronics and software remains strong and the business outside Britain continues to grow.  McLaren is a great British company and this award is an endorsement of our drive to do even more”.   

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  1. dufus says:

    Happy for McLaren but they did scew up Webbers ECU.
    Does the Queen really know what an ECU is ?
    Ok, dont flame me my british friends but you know after the cricket and rugby etc moral is low at the moment….

    1. benny says:

      Don’t forget the Olympics embarrassment as well…


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