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Rosberg Claims emotional Win In Disrupted Monaco Grand Prix
Posted By:   |  26 May 2013   |  4:18 pm GMT  |  403 comments

It was thirty years ago that Keke Rosberg claimed his second career win around his hometown of Monaco. And today for the first time in Formula One history a son was able to emulate his father and he too collected his second career win around the streets on which he spent his childhood.

Nico Rosberg delivered a masterclass in poise in a race full of chaos and incident to win a heavily disrupted Monaco Grand Prix, ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

The race saw two safety car periods and a red flag stoppage due to three heavy incidents, causing the loss of Felipe Massa, Pastor Maldonado, Daniel Ricciardo and Romain Grosjean.

With a race that was split in to four separate stages by the respective incident’s Rosberg made a trio of perfect restarts and won the Grand Prix in the most calm and collected way. He has made a step up in class this weekend, dominating the Formula One Blue Riband event and each one of its sessions from Thursday morning and taking a popular victory.

It had looked to be a one-two for Mercedes during the opening phase of the race as Hamilton followed his team mate with the pair opening a gap on the Red Bull duo. However, leaving their pit stops late came back to bite the team as a safety car for Massa’s crash and bringing both cars in together allowed Vettel and Webber to jump past Hamilton.

The crash for Massa was a carbon copy of the one he suffered on Saturday morning and the Brazilian needed some medical assistance as he stepped out his car complaining of a sore neck.

Following the lengthy safety car period Rosberg set about reinstating his gap to second place and he was able to pull out a three second lead over Vettel in the ensuing laps. The Mercedes showed impressive pace all day and Hamilton was keen on making amends for his position loss as he pressured Webber for the final podium place.

However, as the race pulled itself back in to some sort of routine, a heavy crash between Pastor Maldonado and Max Chilton necessitated a red flag as the safety barriers at Tabac had been scattered across the track.

Chilton had made a mistake at the chicane and on the run down to Tabac the Briton moved across on the Williams driver and forced him in to the barrier.

The twenty-minute red flag stoppage allows for the teams to change the tyres on the car and barring Kimi Raikkonen the rest of the top ten took the opportunity to switch to a new set of super soft tyres for the final thirty laps.

The need for conserving tyres over the lengthy stint was aided by a third crash between Ricciardo and Grosjean, the Frenchman missing his braking point in to the chicane and driving in to the back of the Toro Rosso driver. The final safety car of the day left just eleven laps remaining and Rosberg extended his lead once again to take Mercedes’ first race win since China 2012.

The result sees Vettel extend his Championship lead over Raikkonen to 21 points, with Alonso a further 8 adrift. Red Bull also now lead Ferrari by 41 points in the Constructor’s Championship.

Aside from the race winner and expensive bedlam there was a very interesting race in the remaining points positions.

Hamilton had pressured Webber for much of the middle phase of the race but dropped off slightly as he chose not to make any desperate moves around the twisty street circuit. He came home in fourth place ahead of a great midfield battle.

Adrian Sutil was the best of that group, having a strong race as he passed Alonso and then gained two positions from a collision between Kimi Raikkonen and Sergio Perez.

Perez, being his aggressive self, made some good moves in to the chicane; including one on Jenson Button. However when he tried the same move on Raikkonen the Finn closed the door and forced Perez in to the barriers, both sustaining damage in the process. Raikkonen pitted due to a puncture whilst Perez tried to nurse his damaged car around before giving up the ghost and parking his car at the final turn in the closing laps.

This released the cars behind, headed by Sutil and the positions remained unchanged until the race end.

Button took sixth place in an encouraging race for McLaren, ahead of Fernando Alonso. Alonso was off the pace for much of the afternoon, especially the opening twenty laps, and could not put a smile on the teams face following Massa’s two crashes.

Behind Alonso, Jean-Eric Vergne had a very good drive as he drove a quiet race to collect some points for Toro Rosso.

Closing out the top ten was Paul Di Resta and Kimi Raikkonen. Di Resta made up for a poor qualifying to give Force India a very satisfying number of points. Whilst Raikkonen lost ground due to his stop for a third set of tyres.


MONACO GRAND PRIX, Monte Carlo, Race

1. Nico Rosberg Mercedes 78 laps 2hr 17m 52.056s
2. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull+00m 03.8s
3. Mark Webber Red Bull +00m 06.3s
4. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +00m 13.8s
5. Adrian Sutil Force India +00m 21.4s
6. Jenson Button McLaren +00m 23.1s
7. Fernando Alonso Ferrari +00m 26.7s
8. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso +00m 27.2s
9. Paul di Resta Force India +00m 27.6s
10. Kimi Raikkonen Lotus +00m 36.5s
11. Nico Hulkenberg Sauber +00m 42.5s
12. Valtteri Bottas Williams +00m 42.6s
13. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber +00m 43.2s
14. Max Chilton Marussia +00m 49.8s
15. Giedo van der Garde Caterham +01m 02.5s

Rtd. Sergio Perez McLaren
Rtd Romain Grosjean Lotus
Rtd. Daniel Ricciardo Toro Rosso
Rtd. Jules Bianchi Marussia
Rtd. Pastor Maldonado Williams
Rtd. Felipe Massa Ferrari
Rtd. Charles Pic Caterham

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  1. Aj says:

    Alonso driving like a zombie !!

    1. Michael S says:

      that was clearly the worst race I have seen from Alonso in years. If not for Kimi and Sergio going out Alonso would have been in 9th place. To get passed at the hairpin was even more odd…

      1. Quade says:

        Alonso said he was just being careful in a post race interview, because the drivers around him had nothing to lose. Question is – how do you carefully go backwards?

        Perhaps Ferrari is hiding something, lets not forget Massa crashed twice in very odd circumstances. Maybe thats the key.

      2. KGBVD says:

        Agreed. And yet, no mention of ‘bad luck’ or ‘fate’ or anything else that would have caused him grief. I guess it was just down to bad driving this time. But you’d never hear him admit that.

    2. Iwan says:

      Yes. Even if he didn’t have the car on the weekend, the least he could’ve done was drive defensively. Put up a fight!

    3. DB4Tim says:

      Something was very wrong

    4. tara_185 says:

      I think I heard martin say something was caught in the car and affecting his aero but couldn’t have they checked that during the red flag?

      1. Antti says:

        That was just for the last few laps, if I’ve understood correctly, so it wouldn’t explain his poor race. A piece of Perez’s front wing got stuck in his car.

      2. KGBVD says:

        The only thing caught in his car was a disinterested Spaniard. This was hardly the first time Fernando had been caught napping in Monaco.

      3. Angelina says:

        + 1

    5. James says:

      Beast mode from Raikkonen in the last two laps. Channeled his inner Monaco 2005.

      1. Ed says:

        There’s no talk of Perez getting a penalty, why not? Alonso said if he didn’t cut the chicane he’d have hit Perez but Alonso was penalised for avoiding the accident. It was the same for kimi, he didn’t drive straight, hit Perez, and both were out, surely this was Perez’s fault and he should be penalised.

  2. Andy says:

    Whilst Rosberg drove well, Vettel looked as though he had settled for second after the restart following the red flag, especially with Alonso going backwards.

    1. Quade says:

      Rosberg is my driver of the day, followed by Perez and Di Resta.

      I could end up eating my hat about Perez, God knows how many times I’ve called him a tyre enhanced dud. That lad could come good, he showed real fire today. McLaren just need to cut the hot chilli’s from his diet and they might find a real gem.

      I was really shocked that one McLaren team mate got the FIA’s attention on the other.

      1. Harry says:

        Yeah, definitely another low for Button, telling tales (unnecessarily) on your team mate. It’s hardly like Ayrton vs Prost with a WDC at stake.

      2. Andrew Carter says:

        It’s team radio so I don’t think it mattered who was listening, Perez cut the chicane and the swimming pool to gain and stay ahead of Jensen on the first lap and came damn close to put him into the wall each time as well. If Button didn’t complain then he wouldn’t belong in a race car.

      3. Serrared Edge says:

        Telling tales? Kimi and Alosno were not impressed by Perez’s driving standards in the post race comments they gave.

      4. Yak says:

        While I didn’t think too much of some of Perez’s moves in the race, the first one where Perez cut the chicane out of the tunnel, I thought Button had no place to whinge. Button was far over on the inside, nowhere near able to make a move at the entry to the corner, Perez saw him there and let the car run across the chicane instead of turning in to what looked to be an accident waiting to happen.

        IMO Button wouldn’t have dared pull the moves he was trying to make on anyone else out there, but because it’s Perez (his supposed lowly #2), he figured he can do what he wants and then whine to the team when it didn’t go his way.

      5. Sebee says:

        I think a protest has been filed against Mercedes win.

      6. Luke Clements says:

        Amazed at the lack of comments about that one, imagine the cries of cheating if RBR did a 3 day test with Pirelli & then comfortably won the following race!

      7. Quade says:

        Nothing will come off the protest. The FIA was aware of the test and Pirelli has complained loudly and repeatedly that no F1 team was willing to give them a 2013 car to test with (for fear of Pirelli leaking their secrets).

        F1 has always been unprofessionally run like some back alley sport. Everything is done with a nod and a wink by men in dark glasses; with “Bruno the kneecap collector” in the shadows, keeping Lucifers red-eyed Doberman on a short leash.
        Merc has played a fast one and suddenly, sworn tyre inspired enmity between Red Bull and ferrari has been put to one side in a shared complaint to the FIA. They too, want in, but don’t quite know how to couch it (embarrassing the FIA as they are doing now, is one way).
        Its gonna be a loooooooooooooooong season!:)

      8. crndl says:

        perez was gathering some nuggets til he hit raikkonen & then the dunce cap had to come on :(

      9. Sebee says:

        Personally, I feel the 1000km test is unfair.

        One can clearly say F1 has interest to keep Mercedes happy and to solve their tire issues.

        There is also no reason why Pirelli couldn’t have asked 3 teams or all teams for that matter. In the name of fairness. Let them opt out it they wish. To give a team 1000km of testing under guise if tire test, and to a team that has worse problems with the tire….well, doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots.

      10. Anne says:

        Well Pirelli has said they asked all the teams to do the test but that some teams didn´t want to. If those teams rejected the test I´d like to know why. To me it doesn´t make any sense.

        And there is a big contradiction as well. FIA rules don´t allow test. However Pirelli´s contract with FIA allows such a test.

      11. Zinobia says:

        Perez was driving like a GP2 amateur.

    2. [MISTER] says:

      Vettel might’ve settled for 2nd, but he made a fool of himself and RedBull with that fastest lap in the second last lap.

      RedBull and Vettel were complaining these tyres are not good enough and stuff, but by doing a 2 sec faster lap at the end, just shows that there’s still life left in the tyres, and that Vettel just likes to complain.

      1. Sven says:

        What? It showed exactly the opposite. That there was plenty of raw pace in the cars, but they couldn’t push consistently because of the tyres.

      2. Dave C says:

        Vettel just likes to complain??? Made a fool out of himself??? I doubt those very much he just wanted to prove a point he wasn’t racing Nico today as its too much risk for the championship on this track but he was just proving he was miles faster if wanted, also if it was Redbull that conducted this secret test after Barcelona the Hamilton fans would be up in arms slating Redbull, Pirelli should be dropped as tyre provider for this deceit.
        But all in all nice job Nico yet again proving to be the faster of the Mercedes drivers, lets see if this trend continues.

      3. Andre says:

        You obviously haven`t quite grasped what the tire issues are all about, have you?

      4. Afonso Ronda says:

        In all fairness to Vettel (and others) you might have realized that the whole race was made at a very slow pace, to allow for an extended tyre life. All of them could do a faster lap if they so wished. Just see the interview at the end of the race, when Vettel makes comments of Silver Arrows versus Touring Buses.

      5. Andy says:

        I agree, but it’s just political posturing. Another reason why the FOTA breakaway was never going to work, the teams are too competitive and cannot work together sufficiently.

  3. Sebee says:

    Thanks Lewis.
    Thanks Mercedes…safety car.

    Where was Keke?

    1. Peter C says:

      On the roof of the Mercedes hospitality unit.
      He doesn’t court publicity or like being interviewed.

      Refreshing, isn’t it? Must be something about the Finns.
      The last time I actually saw Keke was at Brands Hatch, when he & Jacques Lafitte tangled in practice. They had a chat (very amicable), Keke frisked his driving suit, got out the fags & they both strolled back to the Pits, smoking away!

      Marvellous days, completely non-PC but oh such quick drivers.

      1. Sebee says:

        I think all things considered, the history, the achievement, the location…well, it would have been nice to see Keke embrace his son after the win. After all, we watch this for human drama, and that would have been one heck of a father-son moment. Few happy tears would be shed I’m sure. Of course they had that momemnt, but to share it with them as Nico jumped out of the car…well, it would have been very nice.

      2. Peter C says:

        OH yes, they should do it on camera, the fans demand it.


  4. Harry says:

    Congrats to Nico. In his own back yard. What af feeling.

    Thanks to Sergiof or making it exciting. his move on Jeson was outstanding. really owned him. I hear that Jenson’s ego is currently being airlifted to the medical centre for severe bruising.

    I expect some will complain Sergio was dangerous, but he is young and eager like Lewis or Ayrton. The kid has talent. Let’s not discourage the racer. Lord knows we need them to balance this tyre management parade we are being subjected to.

    1. BW says:

      Yeah, bring more Perezes and more Grosjeans.

    2. jabg says:

      Lol and who finished the race?

      1. Harry says:

        Button, but to what end.?

        The Macs aren’t going to come into from and take many (if any)wins this year so Button’s tactic of being risk averse and generally letting the race come to him won’t make much difference. You either win the WDC or you don’t.

        At least by pulling off a couple of the overtakes of the race (mugging Button and Alonso), a race where “it’s impossible to overtake”, Perez is making a name for himself, attracting headlines and in turn sponsors.
        He’s making something of it. Can’t fault him for that.

        Had he not been greedy and naive in trying it again with Kimi, Perez would be getting a lot of praise from the media. Remember, it’s a sports entertainment show and he’s was one of the highlights of an otherwise dull parade.

      2. Jimbob says:

        That’s not a fair comment… You see Button, Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, Webber, Raikkonen etc make the good moves that Perez made whenever they have the opportunity. You don’t see them make the silly ones though and that’s the difference. Perez can’t seem to tell the difference between the move being on and the move being a disaster waiting to happen.

        Maybe he’ll mature, we’ve seen similar from Hamilton and Vettel not too long ago but everyone who jumps on this bizarre bandwagon where Jenson can’t drive and Perez is the next Senna is diluded.. If Perez has any serious potential he’ll destroy Button and he’s not shown any real sign of that yet.

        Button is probably the best benchmark you can have because although he’s not absolutely top drawer he’s close, he’s only missing a few tenths – he’s got the consistency and overtaking moves in his box of tricks if not the raw pace of Hamilton & Vettel.

        On the race… I thought it was decent, it’s a shame for Hamilton that he got caught out by the bulls, he definitely had the pace for a Merc 1-2 but these things happen. Alonso probably deserved a sloppy race as nobody can keep up his level of performance forever so he deserves some slack. Shame for Raikkonen that Perez still needs to iron kinks out as he ruined his afternoon. Good on DiResta for making the most of the opportunities he had!

      3. Andrew J says:

        Kamui did that a few years ago and where is he now?

        Perez was driving a very fine line between audacious and reckless. It was entertaining but it was also due to the reactions and sensible driving of those he overtook that meant that he made it through.

        I like Checo, and it’s good to see him getting up to speed, but I wouldn’t want to see him get a reputation for creating collisions.

    3. [MISTER] says:

      Everybody can brake late and put the car on the inside. The move on Button was ok, but on Alonso and Kimi..there was no way Perez could’ve turned in. And that was on both occasions with Kimi and the one with Alonso.

      What he did was brake late, put the car on the inside and expect the other driver to give him space.

      These guys are fighing for the title and an idiot like Perez which has nothing to lose if he crashes, comes along and does what GP2 drivers do. If Perez would be leading or be 2nd, 3rd in the championship, he would not go for those moves.
      I hope we won’t see him next year in a McLaren. He doesn’t deserve to drive that car. I know the McLaren is not that fast this year, but Perez shows no respect for the other drivers who try to race clean.

      1. Antti says:

        Spot on, I agree with everything you said there.

      2. stig neumann says:


        Perez is a Monkey!

      3. Serrared Edge says:

        also agree, Perez is a liability, only Grosjean drives more idiotically.

      4. mario says:


      5. ShaBooPi says:

        Perez is driving like an idiot. I can’t believe this guy can just go in slam the brakes n those around him have to stop. He isn’t fighting for the title so he can afford to. Glad Kimi closed the door on him, albeit unknowingly. I hope the other drivers do so as well in future. As for Whitmarsh praising him, let’s see how long either keeps their job without Perez’s car finishing races.

      6. domjones says:

        Yeah, Perez showed his inexperience here. What he should have done, as shown by old hands such as Alonso, Button and Raikonnen (for most of the race) is that at Monaco you just have to drive around and around like a robot. You make up places by here by people crashing out in front of you. Don’t bother trying to actually race anyone because all a driver has to do is close a gap and you’re out of the race. Or if the other driver plays it safe and keeps out of the way, you get accused of “just going in and slamming on the brakes n those around have to stop.”

        Didn’t some racer called Senna once say “If you see a gap and you no longer go for that gap, you’re no longer a racing driver.”

        This Perez bashing is a bit pathetic. What the hell do you want a racing driver to do around this useless circuit? I’ve seen about 25 Monaco Grands Prix now and I really don’t think it has any merit at all as a race. Pre-race all the pundits and drivers talk about it as being the jewel in the crown and all that but as a race its terrible. The only drama or excitement is caused by people crashing out or by banzai moves that then get criticised. In my opinion there should be better reasons for holding a race at a certain lace other than glitz and tradition.

        If it wasn’t for crashes and safety cars, then the race finish top five would have been identical to the qualifying top five.

      7. Bring Back Murray says:

        Agreed with Mister. In all three moves Perez just threw the car down the inside and hoped all the other three drivers simply got out of the way. That wasn’t motor racing.

      8. Harry says:

        Granted the last move on Kimi was a touch naive, but his move on Jenson and Alonso was daring and he made it stick. Nothing wrong with that in my book. I’m not so sure people would be so up in arms about this had he not tried (and failed) with his third move on Kimi. That one was a little greedy and had a negative effect on a very popular WDC contender.

      9. Rats says:

        totally agree with above comments he needs to grow up a bit quick he has had plenty of time to get over any rookie mistakes now its just idiocy in the grosjean mould, ripping points off other teams and wasting McLarens.

      10. Oly says:

        Exactly. +1

      11. cc says:

        Well said. Those who like to bash JB conveniently overlook what the likes of FA and KR have said more than once about Perez.

      12. Spinodontosaurus says:

        That is how you pass at Monaco, there is very few other ways to do it.
        The only move that was out of the ordinary for Monaco was the one on Kimi, but only because Kimi drove him clean into the inside wall.

      13. The Catman says:

        Agreed MISTER – Perez was depending on other drivers to get him out of trouble – Alonso and Raikkonen did once by cutting the chicane, but when Raikkonen didn’t the second time the result was contact that spoiled both their races….

      14. alx says:

        well, they said on tv that Peres was just using the rules to his advantage. Apparently the new rules are that if you put your front wing level with the other car’s REAR wheels, than that car must leave you space. Not let you pass, but leave you space. So he just tried to do that. Worked with Button (left him space and he passed him) worked with Alonso (who was penalised for jumping the chicane)… did not work with Kimi. Question is, should Kimi also have been penalised like Alonso?
        I am no special Perez fan, just posing the questions

      15. Zinobia says:

        That rule is for a straight line, Kimi was always going to turn left to make the chicane and Perez knew it. You cant just point your nose into any little section and expect the other driver to yield. Perez even said afterwards that Kimi should have gone straight over the chicane. Which is wrong, he is pointing his nose in a direction and expects the other car to drive off the track. That should tell him the overtake wasn’t on, and he would never have made that chicane if Kimi wasn’t there. He only took that line to push Kimi off the track.

      16. Charlie says:

        Quite right Zinobia!!!

      17. Peter C says:

        Put it this way….. if YOU were driving an F1 car, had just come out of the tunnel at Monaco at what?..150mph, brake hard for the chicane – would YOU be looking in your vibrating, small rear-view mirror to see if the car behind had its front wing level with your rear wheel…… then decide “Oh well, he’s nearly there, I’ll give him the corner”.
        All in 0.2 of a second?

        Oh,please, do me a favour.

      18. alx says:

        I can do you all favors you like…
        The point is not if the rule is smart or rather stupid
        My post was that the rule is there and Perez was exploiting it

        if the rule is stupid maybe it should be changed, because if it is not it can be misinterpreted causing one guy (Alonso) to be penalised and another (Kimi) not penalised.

      19. PB says:

        Agree with you, but only in relation to his move on Rai – that was just not on. The one on Button no doubt was a great one and well deserved. In terms of his move on Alonso, I’d still side with Perez because he caught Alonso napping (as did a few others!). On a track like Monaco, pretty much the only way someone gets past you is when either you’re in deep trouble with the car, or you’re dozing off and with Alonso it was clearly the latter. Full marks to Perez!

      20. Rishi says:

        Agree with this. He probably should have realised that after trying it two times (three if you include his first attempt on Raikkonen) that Kimi was unlikely to be caught napping at that point. But his other moves were well executed, particularly given the narrow streets of the Monte Carlo circuit.

      21. [MISTER] says:

        On the move to Alonso, no doubt Perez outbrake Alonso and both turned left, but then, Perez did not leave space for Alonso’s car, so he can go right without jumping the chicane. To me it looked like Alonso HAD to cut the chicane otherwise he would’ve had to drive left into Perez or brake, but given the very short distance between the left and right turn, there was no way Alonso could brake that hard and wait for Perez to go and him to follow.

        I think it was a very poor decission by the stewards and like someone pointed out in another comment (which included a youtube link) Schumi did the same on another driver and never got penalized.

      22. Justin Case says:

        Well said…..Perez deserved what he got in the end. Kimi did what fernando wanted to do…..but it cost him some points.

        The Kobayashi party trick………..impress the dimwits by racing way harder when title contenders are ahead knowing they will avoid collisions. And we watch the replay of the after effects of those same overtaking moves with your mid pack buddies who also have nothing to lose!!!!

        Seriously, fans who are impressed with late, un precise, diving up the inside, hoping the title contenders will back out, then you should do the right thing, stop watching f1 and watch touring cars exclusively.

      23. domjones says:

        If he is quick enough to challenge the cars in front he should challenge them! If those drivers in front are fighting for the championship, they should deserve to be in the fight for the championship by winning points and gaining or maintaining position – not by having drivers behind them hold station just because they’re not in the title fight. I am a fan that is impressed with late diving up the inside. I want to see racing whether its for 20th place or 1st place. I don’t want to get to the end of the season and say “so and so won the championship because certain mid field drivers knew their place and held back and didn’t challenge the contenders.”

      24. Justin Case says:

        When did I mention “they should hold station” or “wernt allowed to pass”????????????

        Big difference between what i said and what u wrote…..I personally dislike drivers who can’t overtake without swapping paint with the other car. Keep it clean and overtake as much as u want……….but Perez won’t be a success if his motto is ‘let me pass or we crash…..
        I don’t know how you missed the point so badly. Re read people’s posts when you reply.

      25. tara says:

        “What he did was brake late, put the car on the inside and expect the other driver to give him space.”

        Agree completely. i dont think this is racing it’s bullying and a bit lazy. Good clean wheel to wheel racing is the heart of the sport.

        I’ll admit there was one great move out of the tunnel but hopefully he gains a lot more maturity before the start of next year (but i’m not hold my breath)

        i do think JB is getting a bad wrap from fans when all he is using all his resources to win.
        I gave a little cheer when JB didn’t let Perez into the pits

      26. LEM says:

        This. “It’s not the first time he’s hit someone in the race; he seems to expect people to be always looking at what he might do, then move over or go straight on if he comes into the corner too quick and isn’t going to make it without running into someone.” – Kimi

      27. 69bhp says:

        totally agree.

      28. Darren says:

        I think his last move on Kimi was a touch foolish, the gap was never there. Naive of him to assume that the move had worked before and it would work again. I did enjoy watching Kimi engage beast mode for the last couple of laps as a result of this though!

        I think his moves on Button and Alonso were daring but fair. The first incident with Button was correct, he gave the place back eventually, the second move was a good one. The Alonso one was absolutely right, it was a good move and he absolutely made the corner. Yes I know Alonso can’t just disappear but I think it was a good move.

        Yes he needs to calm down as he is getting a reputation, however is that a bad thing? It gets people talking and its bound to give drivers in front of him a bit of the fear.

        Personally although I am not a particular fan of his, he (along with Sutil) brightened up what was otherwise a pretty dull race. The race never was going to be on, it became clear very quickly that Vettel was happy with 3rd and was delighted with 2nd when Hamilton slipped up. I can’t believe how slowly they were going during the first stint. IMO The TV shots as they go through from Tabac to the swimming pool are usually some of the most impressive of the year but they just cruising through there yesterday.

        Favorite move had to be Button’s at the Rascasse, chucking it up the inside of cant remember who, thats how its done.

    4. Dave C says:

      The comparison between Hamilton and Senna is now becoming tiresome, to be honest Perez is doing what Whitmarsh is ordering him to do and its wrong, Button, Alonso and Kimi can’t all be wrong.

  5. Joseph says:

    Something wrong with Alonso’s car today? Or ferrari simply didn’t have the pace on this track? Perez was a bit reckless, there simply wasnt space when he made his last try on Kimi, and he ruined Raikonen’s race. All in all a very boring race, Monaco might be stylish and fun for the jet set, but definitelly not a racetrack.

    1. W johnson says:

      The difficulty of overtaking is the problem with all street circuits (even with latest gimmicks, DRS and fast delaminating tyres) ….but the most snoring of them all Valencia (at least Monaco comes with more history and glitz).

      Even Singapore with its night racing is dull with so few overtaking opportunties presented by the circuit design. Like Valencia, every turn is the same concrete corner, it becomes hypotic. I fall asleep!

    2. Alberto Martínez says:

      In the Spanish TV he said that he didn´t have the pace in any stage of the race.

      Besides he told that in the last part of the race a piece of the front wing of Perez´s car attached in the car and that lead to a loss of 50 points of downforce.

      1. 69bhp says:

        i dont think the loss of downforce has anything to do with his being passed at Loews (by Sutil) and Rascasse (by Button).

    3. Spinodontosaurus says:

      No space? That might have had something to do with Kimi’s squeeze…

      BTW James, is there any reason why all of the comments are displayed in italics currently?

      1. KRB says:

        The italics are ‘cos JA’s post ended in italics, and there must be no closing html bracket for it.

      2. Andrew M says:

        James wants to add a new slant to our comments.

  6. Kay says:

    Congratulations to Nico

  7. Fizz says:

    Gaining 3 places on final lap alone & maintaining 23 races in point, great performance by the iceman

    1. Tony Lowe says:

      Agree strongly. KR rejoined in what? 14th? and then waded through 4 places in a few laps on a slow narrow track where it is difficult to pass anybody without great risk of damage, to get his one point. I wish we had gotten camera coverage for that, as it was probably 25% of the passes for the entire processional. Good race by Raikkonen. I don’t see how anyone can compliment Perez, who seemed to have the pass-or-crash strategy, and was lucky, with his antics, not to have crashed out earlier.

      1. Laurence H says:

        He came out in 16th.

      2. Charlie says:

        Absolutely agree with all of this… Kimi had a great race that was ruined by the first safety car giving the leaders a free pit stop and by Perez over-compensating for under-performing.

  8. Bring Back Murray says:

    Excellent drive from Rosberg. Kept cool despite all the incidents in the race.

    Hamilton needs to find a response for the next race – and quickly. He’s starting to look rather dominated by Rosberg all of a sudden.

    Although its good to see people trying to overtake at Monaco I thought Perez was a bit reckless today. Well his first move was just about acceptable but the second and thrid overtakes…

    Vettel looks like he’s sitting pretty in the WDC. And I know Raikonnen was unlucky today (re-Perez) but both Raikonnen and Alonso need to find a response.

    Vettel’s building a lead without having to do anything at the moment.

    Well we’ll see if Merc can keep the points. Seems an oversight to get the three day testing in, if it appears to go against the rules.

    1. Andrew M says:

      What I don’t understand is how the testing remained a secret for so long. It’s not like it was in a secret undercover location with an obscure test driver, it was at Barcelona right after the GP with Nico and Lewis, arguably the driver with the highest media profile.

      However, this also goes against Ross Brawn’s assertion that is was open and honest – there was no announcement, no press, no social media updates, nothing.

    2. Quade says:

      I don’t share your view about Lewis and Rosberg. Lewis last race was poor, but thats all.

      In Monaco, Lewis spent the whole weekend testing a new suspension and new parts for Mercs tyre management. Nico did not do any testing, but ran the regular setup tuning for the race; something Lewis had much less of an opportunity to do. Both played their parts excellently for the team this weekend.

      As we witnessed today, Lewis testing paid off, as the Merc handled their tyres much better than the Red Bulls and most other teams. You can see some of the gizmo’s and wires Lewis had on his car throughout testing here (pics from f1technical.net):

      1. Quade says:

        Correction – the only poor race Lewis has had was the one in Spain.

      2. Bring Back Murray says:

        Actually I’ve been defending Hamilton in most of my posts when other people have been ripping into him as soon as Rosberg goes a 10th quicker.

        I was just saying thats two races in a row where Rosberg has looked a quite a bit more “on it” and Hamilton now needs to find a response.

      3. Aaron Noronha says:

        True but lewis has been complaining more than rosberg about car handling, so its only fair that he tested new componants that would help him find the right balance he desires.

      4. Afonso Ronda says:


      5. Deeno says:

        Of course he’ll be complaining – he comes from a Mclaren which dominated. Rosberg has been driving Merc for donkey years compared to him.

      6. Aaron Noronha says:

        True but its really ridiculous that he is complaining having qualified on the front row just a fraction behind Rosberg, if he were P1 he would have been praising the car, its hard for him to acknowledge that Rosberg is as good as him if not better, so he keeps blaming the car. This years Mercedes is the best car in the field if we had bridgestone tyres I am sure they would have been dominating the championship. Their strength lies in their FRIC suspension and even lotus enjoys the same advantage because of their own FRIC system.Unfortunately Mercedes hasn’t been able to find a compromise with their setup that would make their tyres last longer during the race albiet with a loss of single lap speed.No wonder every team is working on their own version of FRIC

      7. Ryan says:

        I think you will find that those devices are actually the heat sensors pirelli used to collect data on the tyres. I would be surprised if the data from those where available to Mercedes and considering the team didn’t know the compound they where testing.

        What does make sense is that considering there is a very real concern that the higher torque of next years engines is going to eat the tyres and very quickly Pirelli would pick the most tyre intensive team on the grid to test next year compounds to get some contemporary knowledge of the downforce, suspension geometry etc.

      8. Quade says:

        I’ve seen engineers finding it difficult to know what those gizmo’s on the Merc were. I wouldn’t be so quick to label them as heat sensors (they most likely were), talkless of claiming they are the exact thing Pirelli uses. Do you have any photo (or youtube video)of Pirelli using such things?

        Secondly, Mercs tyre test was at Barcelona, not yesterday. We also don’t know if the tests were run with a W01, W02, W03 or W04 Merc.

        Thirdly, Merc tested 2014 rubber, the handling of which will have absolutely nothing to do with this years. Any complaints are valid for 2014 only, and that is only if Merc got any data.

      9. Quade says:

        There was a mix up in my replies. The one above was for another one I got by email.

    3. the truth says:

      I also disagree with your view on Lewis being dominated by Rosberg, on the quali lap Lewis was much faster than Rosberg in 2 of the 3 sectors, and only lost out on pole because of a lousy 1st sector in which he said the tyres had not been switched on AND the lap was drying and Nico had a dryer lap than Hamilton. also in the race Lewis could have taken Rosberg at the 1st corner as he was well ahead going in, but backed out and played the nice teammate and let Rosberg through, Lewis also had a faster lap time in the race and Brawn said it himself that Lewis was just as quick if not quicker than Rosberg in the race, it was just the timing of the pit stop that caught him out. Lewis was not dominated at all more Rosberg was good enough to capitalize on any small advantages Hamilton leave on the table, it could easily have been Hamilton on pole and the win.

      1. Timmay says:

        They have to say those nice things because they paid $30m a year for him.

        Don’t kid yourself.

      2. Dave C says:

        Totally agree, Nico should be on $50m a year is Hamilton is worth $30m, I see alot of egg on faces at the Mercedes board right now, only way to rectify it is to artificially make Hamilton look quicker from now on by altering the car and engine to favour Hamilton, and it seems the logical move.

      3. Matt H says:

        If my Aunty Fanny had a winkle she’d be my Uncle John

        Fact is Hamilton didnt switch on his tyres, Hamilton chose when to qualify and Hamilton was behind Rosberg into turn 1


      4. the truth says:

        check the replay of the start and see for yourself, Hamilton was half a car length ahead of Rosberg going into the corner, even in the post race conference Rosberg himself said he had a poor start and was beside Lewis and vettel

      5. Bring Back Murray says:

        @The truth. pls see my reply to Quade.

  9. Alexander Supertramp says:

    Merc does it! Still not convinced whether this will be a one off, but they really looked the best today-even the best on the tyres. Cue to analyse the effect of the -possibly illegal- 1000km pirelli test. This will be THE talking point in the next days.
    Unfortunately they missed some points, today should have been a 1-2. Lewis getting struck by malfortune on this one goes to show the importance of even 1 tenth in F1. Really hope Merc found a way to manage those tyres, fingers crossed for Canada (which is a great test).

    Ferrari showed that one week-end is not the other, but I expect them to hit back.

    Mclaren looked very promissing. I know it’s Monaco, so we can’t tell conclusively, but I’m starting to believe that they can close the gap to the frontrunners. That’s always good news when you love F1.
    Perez showed some nice things, but I believe he also showed why Ferrari thought that he was not ready for a top drive. His moves on Alonso and Kimi were borderline kamikazikal. He showed really poor consideration on both occasions. This is the stuff that separates him from the best guys on the grid.
    Also, it’s no coinsidence that all the ‘nutcases’ retired from this race.

    Sutil made some of the finest overtaking moves, I guess it will be between him and Nico for DotD. I guess Sutil is DotD and Nico Driver of the Week-end ;)!

  10. Val from montreal says:

    To Tim , from me :

    Remember your wager you put on the table before the season even started ? Something along the lines that if Rosberg out-qualified and out-scored Hamilton by end of the season you would eat your hat and i’d get 1000 pounds ??

    You can now forward the sums to my pay-pal account ..

    Thanks Tim !

    1. Tim says:

      Hey Val,
      Good to hear from you, sadly your memory of events is about as good as your predictions are accurate – hopeless!

      I have copied the post that I think you are referring too below, no mention of money or hat eating that I can see!

      Tim Reply:
      April 2nd, 2013 at 6:23 pm

      Let’s ‘meet’ here at the end of the season and see which of the two has come out on top.
      So far it’s 2 nil to LH, both in quali’ and the race .

      1. Tim says:

        So far Rosberg has not out qualified or outscored Hamilton. Neither is it the end of the season :-)

      2. Val from montreal says:

        Im pretty sure it was u … Lol … Well if ain’t you then it was someone else who made that bet ! Damn !

        I will do my own Magnum P.I. investigation and find the guy who counted his chickens before they hatched ..

        So yes let’s “meet” in end of November then …

        Cheerio !

      3. Charlie says:

        Magnum PI…great moustache…great theme tune.

      4. Peter C says:

        ‘ it was someone else who made that bet. Damn’

        “Sorry” might be the word you’re struggling to find. Humble don’t come easy in Montreal.

      5. Justin Case says:

        Val takes after his fav driver……….now everybody sing that song with the line ‘ sorry seems to be the hardest word’

    2. BW says:

      I thought they are even in qualifying and Hamilton is ahead of Rosberg in WDC…

      1. Dave C says:

        Yeah thanks to Nico’s nerves in early season Q3, Nico has been consistently quicker in winter testing and nearly all practice sessions, also he’s been faster than Hamilton in nearly all Q1′s and Q2′s and now with 3 poles in a row as well it shows Nico’s settled and his natural speed is clearly slightly faster than Hamilton’s.
        As goes for points well its not telling the real story as Nico has had all the mechanical failures in races and also ordered not to overtake Hamilton at Malaysia where again he was clearly faster, but this win and a stronger performance also at Barcelona is showing Nico’s abilities, for the Hamilton fans I hope for their sake Nico starts fading because if this trend continues for another 5-10 race it will damage Hamilton’s legacy.

    3. Quade says:

      Rosberg is no slouch, but I expect that if Merc has truly solved their tyre problems, that Lewis will be champ this year.

      Place your bets for the 2013 WDC on Lewis.

      1. Dave C says:

        I hope that was a joke right? Hamilton champion 2013?? I take it you’re still one of them that thinks Hamilton is the fastest and most exciting driver in F1 right?

      2. Deeno says:

        I would agree with Quade – If merc sort out tire issues – The car would devastating in qualifying – and Race is a matter of strategy and keeping it up there in front.

        Then it would be a Lewis vs Rosberg battle. And if I had money I’d bet it on Lewis. A driver who was able to equal his 2x WDC teammate, Alonso, as a Rookie!! Where is the joke in that?

      3. Justin Case says:

        If I’m gonna bet on Lewis for 2013 then there’s some things ill need……….your cash.

    4. Andrew M says:

      “by end of the season”


    5. KRB says:

      Huh? First point is it’s not even close to the end of the season. Second point is that Rosberg has not out-qualified or out-scored Hamilton at the time of writing. The only reason I can think of as to why you would want to jump the gun when the maths don’t even work for you, is that you don’t really expect this to continue.

  11. zombie says:

    Total domination by Mercedes ! When Rosberg wasn’t leading, it was Bernd Mayländer in his SLS AMG.

    What a drive by Rosberg ! I hope he’ll finally get the credit and attention he deserves. He is never counted among the top 5, i hope today’s race will change it all.

    Thanks to Perez for providing some excitement in what was race squeezed between long safety car sessions. Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez needs to keep his adrenaline in check. He is a fantastic driver but whats the point when you dont finish races ? Runner up for the ‘Driver of the race ‘ title ? Has to be Adrian Sutil. You just get a feeling that Force India is the only team that squeezes every ounce of performance for every dollar spent on their car.

    1. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      Somebody has to be aggressive in McLaren and that is not Button.

      Lewis left.

      1. Anne says:

        Aggressive and smart at the same time. Perez didn´t finish the race because of a crash. That´s not smart. McLaren needs both cars to finish the race. That´s what is important for the constructors points. McLaren didn´t need an XGame exhibition from Perez

      2. Tornillo Amarillo says:

        McLaren asked Checo to be agressive.

        And it was Kimi fault.

    2. Quade says:

      Congrats to Rosberg and Merc. If Merc has fixed their tyre issues, then they are going to supplant Red Bull.

      I love the way both Mercs went into the first corner side by side, blocking out any passing move from the cars behind.
      Thats the way teammates should coorperate – if only someone could tell that to Vettel and Webber, and lately Jenson and Perez.

      1. Andrew J says:

        and a couple of seasons ago, Jenson and Lewis!


  12. Luke says:

    Monaco is a really a procession…

    Looking forward to Canada!

  13. quattro says:

    So the Scandinavian stewards choose to penalize ALO for taking (the only available) avoiding action when Perez made his kamikaze maneuver, but not finish RAI who literally pushed Perez – who was beside him going into the corner attempting similar move – into the wall. At a day like this also the rule about leaving a cars width for overtaking cars, is thrown out through the window.

    What are they trying to say by this “rulings”? If you are ahead and defending, rather put the guy behind into the wall, than take avoiding action. The first is Ok and will NOT be penalized, (at least when a fellow Scandinavian is involved?). The 2nd is illegal.

    1. PM says:

      In Raikkonen’s case, Perez also went off the track and forced Kimi out along with him.

    2. Bjorn says:

      Go and check your eyes imediattly, there was a big difference between those two incidents. Perez attempt on Kimi was extremely optimistic. You can not compare them at all. He was not alongside Kimi. He did already push Kimi off the track oncebefore that. Perez should be punihed.

      1. quattro says:

        [mod] front wheels of PER were along the rears of RAIs. That is at least what I saw from the PER onboard during the race.

    3. Antti says:

      Maybe poor Perez shouldn’t have put his car in a a slot where it doesn’t fit? He was simply expecting others to get out of the way when he breaks late, and that simply is not the proper way to race. It was not Kimi’s responsibility to get off the racing line when Sergio does his stupid move, it’s Sergio’s responsibility to make sure he can finish the move he starts safely.

    4. Elie says:

      Are blind ..or just crazy. Perez was behind and the slow mo showed Mimi turning then Sergio locked up and collided into his rear left wheel.. Cheko was complete idiot today – he drove His own team mate off the track and then slammed into Raikkonen because he out broke himself into the corner.. He needs a 5 place grid penalty and stern kick up the backside from his team boss- but Im guessing that Whitmarsh won’t because all he sees is the potential Carlos Slim millions !

      1. Charlie says:

        Quite right!

      2. quattro says:


        PER locks front only when RAI squeezes him against the wall – wheels to wheels at that point. At no point does PER hit RAI from behind.

        I know a good optician – just let me know and I will give you the contact info!

    5. nenad says:

      Alonso was 4 wheels off the track. when Perez tried the same move on the Raikkonen, they both went off the track WITH ALL 4 WHEELS, so no penalty.

    6. Lucas says:

      Fully agreed!

    7. KRB says:

      Yeah, I thought it was harsh on Alonso … Perez did not give him room to make the corner, and Perez was not ahead at that time. As for the second move, Kimi was making his move, it was before Perez even had his nose alongside … he should’ve pulled out of it. Perez will get a penalty for it, I’m sure. How ’bout Grosjean though?! Geezus … has to be an automatic 5-place grid penalty for Canada, and possibly more b/c of his history.

    8. Simmo says:

      I agree with the first point about Alonso, but Perez once again came from a bit far back and Kimi had every right to turn in. Proof is that Perez hit the back of Raikkonen, not the side.

      1. Yak says:

        Perez didn’t hit the back of Raikkonen, they made wheel to wheel contact, and then I believe as Raikkonen pulled away Perez took off something from the rear of the car (part of the diffuser?). Look at it again before FOM have it pulled from Youtube. You can clearly see Kimi’s rear left and Perez’s front right make side-to-side contact.

        Anyone saying Raikkonen was entitled to the racing line… he wasn’t on it to begin with. The racing line into that corner would have put Kimi over by the far wall. Nor did he really hold the line he was on. Kimi was taking a defensive line into the corner, and his “turn in” was more of a gradual drift towards the inside. To make the corner from there, he would have had to slow it a lot at the corner and turn in a lot sharper once he got there. If Kimi had made that move a bit earlier perhaps Perez could have switched to the outside to go around, but it all happened too late.

        Perez’s move there was certainly more balls than brains, but that doesn’t mean Kimi can just take the middle of the track and then drift it over to the inside in the braking zone to block.

        And this is from someone who watched the race wearing a Lotus shirt.

      2. Elie says:

        Mate you do not have a clue. Sergio was behind Not alongside even after the dive and loss of control did he clip Kimis wheel with his front wing, followed then by his front right after Kimi was shunted!. So at the point of Kimis turn in- Sergio was half a car behind !-. Half the top drivers acknowledged Sergio was especially out of line on the Kimi incident ( compared to Fernando and Jenson) and yet we have stupid people making these ridiculous comments. I wanted to thump Sergio when it happened- I would not blame Kimi for saying he needs a “punch in the mouth” he deserves to be penalised for that and hope the stewards give him a 5 grid penalty and a fine before Canada

    9. Fireman says:

      What? Perez was in fault here and should’ve got a penalty for causing a collision. He was never beside Kimi in the corner.

      1. quattro says:

        Never say never. It can clearly be seen that (1) PER had his fronts along with RAI rears and (2) RAI is, at that point, steering towards the wall deliberately squeezing PER into it. Some would call that dangerous driving, no matter how optimistic PER was being in his “move”.


      2. Fireman says:

        Thanks for the link. Kimi did change the braking line a bit. But Perez was never going to make it to that corner anyway. Neither was punished so I guess we call this racing :D

        Perez needs to take a step back and drive hard but fair. The latter is now missing.

  14. Richard says:

    Goodjob Rosberg, only good thing about todays race.
    Pretty pro-Vettel biased stewards, clearly Alonso couldn’t turn in at the chicane or they would have had an accident so Alonso shouldn’t have given the place to Perez, Perez was driving very dangerous against Raikkonen and should have been penalised for this, this didn’t happen leaving Perez to take points away from Alonso and Raikkonen, good to see Perez couldn’t finish the race, although it is good to see him try but just a little bit too aggressive. Shame Hamilton lost out on the Bulls with the safety car, but it is a well known fact Vettel has some serious luck with safety cars. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went on to moan on the tyres even though he did some seriously good business for the WDC. Anyway, the boring track are out of the way (those include all of last four tracks), the upcomming six races apart from the Hungarian GP are on great tracks.

    1. W johnson says:

      Wht would penalizing Perez make a difference to Alonso’s position when Perez was a “DNF”?

      Alonso was asleep today at the wheel so by damaging his car, Perez did a favour to Alonso. There was no other way Alonso was going to get those extra points.

      Did you submit your comment before the end of the race?

    2. ciau says:

      You have some serious Vettel issues ! Hamilton could have pitted the same lap Vettel did and it would have been a Merc 1-2. Its also not Vettels fault Hamilton left too much space between himself and Rosberg on his in-lap, giving the last podium place to Webber. Hamilton is supposed to be a Canada specialist so lets see if he can turn the tables on Rosberg, Vettel, Kimi and the gang over there. The Mercedes is now a proven race winning car after all.

    3. David C says:

      Surly you mean pro Perez stewards, I didn’t see SB involved in anything worthy of the stewards attention.

    4. KRB says:

      The safety car was horrible luck for Hamilton … I don’t know how Rosberg got out 1st, but Hamilton only 4th. I thought they both would lose out, and that would’ve been really unfair.

      Having said that, after Massa’s crash, and with Webber having pitted, I thought for sure Merc would have pitted at least one of them. But was it really crucial for Race Control to call the Safety Car then, when the Merc’s had already raced past, but Vettel was able to take advantage of it? Seems more than a little odd, seeing as there had already been a lap under double-yellows before then.

      1. Afonso Ronda says:

        Besides the comments that were being made during the broadcast, I think the most important thing to take notice is the fact that Massa was attended on site, which means that Medical Car was on site during the whole procedure.

        As for Hamilton losing out, he himself said that he was instructed to stay around 6s behind Rosberg to allow for a double change of tyres and he gave “more space” than required / instructed.

        And I believe the reason why Merc didn’t pitted before (or any sooner) was because they still felt they had the potential to neutralize any undercut and the main threat was Vettel. Rocky said that Vettel’s tyre were marginal and Merc’s were not, for the first stint tyres.

    5. Wu says:

      Nothing to do with luck. Hamilton messed up by driving too slowly to the pits when instructed otherwise by his team and cost his team a well deserved 1-2.

      1. KRB says:

        Even if he was 3 sec’s quicker (the most he would’ve been allowed, given the stacked stop), he still would’ve lost out.

        I would like to see the times for both Vettel and Webber thru St Devote on that lap 32 … they were both steaming thru there, with SC and double yellows.

        On lap 31, the respective lap times were ROS 1:54.863, VET 1:38.167, WEB 1:37.933, HAM 2:02.320. HAM was 3 sec’s back at the start of that lap, so assuming all were fine for the SC delta, HAM could’ve been 4.5 sec’s quicker. It would’ve been very close.

      2. KRB says:

        I’ve watched the pit stops for ROS and HAM again, and even if it were possible for Merc to do a 3-sec stacked pit stop smoothly (don’t think it is possible), HAM still would’ve lost out to VET, but come out ahead of WEB.

        Mercedes were nuts not to pit at least one of them on lap 30, same as VET. HAM’s total pit time was 0.5s longer than VET’s, enough to maintain position if they had pitted together. Then HAM could’ve held VET back under the SC to make it not as close for ROS to get in, and back out in P1. In the race, ROS just got out ahead of VET.

        Does anyone know what the SC delta time was? Kimi got a reprimand for going 2 sec’s faster than this time, but if that was his lap 32 time, then others (ALO, HUL, etc.) did times that would be under that delta time as well, on that same lap.

    6. 69bhp says:

      Good grief Richard, how on earth did you manage to turn this into an anti Vettel rant??

  15. Marc says:

    This race was very little fun to watch. F1 cars simply don’t fit on this track anymore.

    1. Bring Back Murray says:

      You didn’t enjoy Perez ramming his way through the field!?

      1. Afonso Ronda says:

        And Sutil?

    2. alx says:

      agree with you it was so boring. Maybe f1 cars today are simply to long and too wide for Monaco.

  16. quattro says:

    The most boring race I can remember, of the latest few years.

    Basically nothing happened throughout the entire race in regards to good overtaking and meaningful action, apart from dangerous accidents, safety cars and red flag…

    1. Chris says:

      What driver/team do you support? And what race were you watching?

      1. quattro says:

        I do not support any specific team – teams are all about politics and I hate politics.

        There is only one driver for me though – his name is Alonso :)

        I was not watching a race this Sunday – rather a destruction derby – not exactly what F1 is for me. Add to that the fact that it is close to impossible to overtake on this “circuit” even though drivers can, on will, lap more than 2 seconds faster as multi12(21) showed by setting race fastest lap, 2 laps from the end.

    2. David C says:

      Honerable mention for Sutil.

    3. andyb.wrc says:

      A pretty standard Monaco GP then…

      Time it was taken off the calendar and replaced with a decent track.

      1. Serrared Edge says:

        agree, if this track was in any other location it would have been scrapped years ago.

        Simply not fit for modern F1

      2. quattro says:


  17. Elie says:

    Excellent well earned win to Nico -congratulations !- I only just heard today about the Merc tyre testing protest during the race – will there br more still to come.?

    Grosjean needs to be dropped I said it last year but I will say it again he’s back to his rookie best. As for Perez he is now not much better- James you cannot say Kimi shut the door Cheko was behind its not like he was alongside- even if Kimi went a bit wide .Lotus should dispute that and Perez should take a 5 grid spot penalty in Canada.He cost himself 9 points and Raikkonen 9 points. Ironically had Grosjean not crashed Kimi might have lasted longest on his soft tyres but that last safety car saved the top 5′s super soft.! I would love to see Kimis last 5 laps to get back into the points – that would be one help of an onboard!!

    Well done on the podium interviews James but what happened to the professor ?

    1. Anne says:

      Well Grosjean was given a 10 place penalty for next race. I guess we´re back to normal.

      And Kimi said that Perez should be given a punch in the face. LOL!!!

      1. Elie says:

        I was taking “air swings” at Perez when it happened..lol

      2. Justin Case says:

        And u really “air swung” the full stop out of the English language in your original post……over 200 words and u squeeze in 5 full stops. Yet you find ways to use ‘-’ to compensate!

        Also dude, it’s CHECHO………you can keep calling kimi, MIMI though!

      3. Wu says:

        Disapointed by Kimi’s comment. Perez should be applauded for trying to overtake on same tyres as everyone else – he was the only one of two to do so.

        Perhaps the way Kimi got to 10th warped his perception of what overtaking is – taking risks. Those cars he “raced” on the last 2 laps simply moved over for him.

      4. Zinobia says:

        Sutil should be applauded for making real passes. Perez was diving into a corner and expecting the other drivers to drive off the circuit. So he was actually pushing them off the circuit.

        F1 has rules, and certain curtsies when it comes to overtaking. Just because you are at a boring race track like Monaco doesn’t change the rules. Trying to excuse someone simply because he was trying any desperate and dangerous maneuver is wrong.

    2. KRB says:

      Heard about the Mercedes tire test on the NBC broadcast (I only saw them b/c they were on the network’s main channel), but they had said that Ferrari also had tested with Pirelli after Bahrain, and before Spain. I can’t find anything about that though, in the usual places I look for F1 info.

      Anyone hear anything about this?

      1. Bradley says:

        The main thrust of the protest seemed to be that a 2013 car was used. I don’t know about the Ferrari tests either, but if they occurred I would guess they were in a 2011-ish car.

      2. Chromatic says:

        Ferrari tested with a 2010 car and Pedro d l Rosa, according to Sky. Merc tested using 2013 car and drivers.

      3. Anne says:

        The thing is Pirelli can ask to have a test of the tyres. Ferrari did it with an old car. So no problem there. However Mercedes did it with this year car. And that is not allowed or at least is not clear. So both Ferrari and RB want clarification about the car model. And of course in order to conduct the test FIA must be told in advance. Mercedes says they told FIA but it seems they didn´t tell FIA the whole story. The last I heard FIA is not happy about it. This stoty is not over yet. We have to wait for more information. Right now it looks like Ferrari and RB have a point. But it´s early so we have to wait

      4. Bones says:

        Ferrari did the test but with the 2011 car.

        BBC story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/22676348

    3. brendan says:

      yes kimi always avoids a crash if he can,kimi had the corner/ racing line,any fool can break late and say sod it I don’t care if I crash.
      perez even did button(which is funny).
      perez thought hey this is easy, do this every lap I can win.
      what about grojean/perez as team mates?
      the team owner would have to have big pockets.
      I think its time for grojean to leave.
      Monaco has a knack for high lighting bad drivers.
      he crashed about 4 times.
      as for massa it seemed very strange,crashed twice in the same place.

    4. Joon says:

      Her you go.


      and this one on Hulkenberg, realy shows how angry he is. The car is on the rev limiter for quite some time

      1. Elie says:

        Thanks Joon Awesome !

      2. speedy_bob says:

        14 seconds into the Hulkenberg-move clip, you ree Kimi steering wheel going wildly left-right and back.
        Seems he found the whobble in the tarmac that Massa had found twice before too.

  18. Simon says:

    i have to say, the criticism, of both raikkonen and chilton, to me seems completely unjustified.

    understand chilton was later penalised by the steward panel, but come on, there has to be no way that he, like raikkonen, was expected to give “space” to the over-ambitious car on their inside at monaco??

    since when are lead cars at monaco supposed to make room for cars behind them where if thy were not to, it would be wishful thinking?…

    1. David Ryan says:

      Maldonado was on Chilton’s outside, and Chilton basically launched him into the Tecpro barrier at Tabac by moving across (however unintentional it may have been). In light of that the stewards’ decision was entirely correct, and Chilton has apologised to Maldonado for it. I don’t think there’s much else to say really.

  19. DK says:

    The race was actually quite a boring race despite of many crashes.

    Massa’s crash reminds me of Indian GP 2011 where he broke his front right suspension twice at the same spot. He seems to have practiced how to crash out at Ste Devote in Fp3 as the two incidents was almost alike.

    Perez was very aggressive and also very opportunistic trying his move before the chicane. I think his gain of a position from Alonso was questionable. His first move on Kimi was actually forcing Kimi off the track then the second was going for a gap which is too tiny and ruined Kimi’s race and ultimately his own. Button must be smiling in his dream as he appeared to have denied Perez the entry to the pitlane.

    Lastly, I just wonder how much repair bill Grojean has chalked for this weekend. Eric Boulier should have a word with his driver, again.

    1. Bring Back Murray says:

      Safety car spoiled it a bit. Otherwise we’d have had Vettel or Webber having to figure out a way to pass Ham and Rosberg via strategy (via an undercut, staying out longer, or whatever).

      Would have made it marginally more exciting!

    2. David Ryan says:

      Massa’s second crash has been put down to a car problem by the team. They’re going to run tests back at the factory according to Autosport.

    3. brendan says:

      the word is sacked

  20. Anne says:

    Congratulations to Nico. He is one hell of a driver


    However I don´t understad what went wrong with Lewis pit stop. And what is this controversy over a test Mercedes had and other teams didn´t know about it?

    I think McLaren must have a serious conversation with Perez. He has to understand that McLaren is not fighting for the championship. Their goal is to finish the race with both car.And the stewarts should do something as well. Perez had 2 incident with Kimi. And for one of them Kimi paid a very hight price. Very unfair

    Ferrari is following a bizarre patron this season. They go from an amazing race to a nightmare race. They need to find some middle ground. It´s like a rollercoaster right now.

    And RB are the real winners today

    1. KRB says:

      I am just glad that Kimi was able to recover and finish 10th, to keep his consecutive points streak alive. After Perez launched into him, and Kimi re-emerged in 13th, I was POed that such a meticulously-crafted streak like Kimi’s could be undone by an ill-advised move from Perez.

      Sutil had some good moves near the end.

      1. Rui says:

        Kimi rejoined 15th after the collision with Perez. It was a Nice recover. 5 positions in 5 laps

    2. Wu says:

      When the safety car came out it almost automatically let Vettel through who has just done his pit stop. At the same time, both Mercs, about 2 seconds apart were half way through the track driving within a safety delta time to the pits. Merc pit crew instructed Hamilton to stay within 6 seconds of Rosberg, however Hamilton arrived to the pits 11 seconds or so behind Rosberg, costing him 2 positions.

      A big mistake by Hamilton that cost his team a very probable 1-2 – perhaps their best chance to get one this year.

    3. José Jiménez says:

      ”And the stewarts should do something as well.” Och dinnae say Jackie’s getting involved, hoots mon!
      Guessing it’s a typo!

  21. kate_a says:

    great drive from rosberg.vettel must be very happy as he managed to extend his championshio margin to kimi and alonso.Perez…omg he was stupidly aggressive…he absolutely destroed kimi’s race.(the iceman was impressive though in the last 5 lap,overtaking 4 car!).bad race for ferrari.all in all quite boring race as expected.i’m looking forward for canada

  22. petreous for president says:

    bridney has grown up.

  23. MelB says:

    Raikkonen closed the door? There was never any room for a pass there. Have another look, James!

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Raikonnen closed the door, and he is ALLOWED to do that. Pretty sure James meant it that way.

    2. Elie says:

      Exactly !- how does being hit in the rear left tyre many metres before the corner rank as closing the door! The stupid thing about it is – you could see Raikkonen moving to the left- racing line gradually and Cheko did absolutely nothing to pull out- idiot !

      1. Justin Case says:

        Cos maybe the ‘many meters’ before the corner means if kimi didn’t turn in early, CHECO could have been hit by mimi’s front wheel

      2. Elie says:

        Maybe he should have just pulled over and waved him through or rolled out a red carpet – what a ridiculous comment.

    3. shankar says:

      kimi moved intentionally, laterally in the end wrecklessly. when you open the door and let the guy behind lunge you are expected to give 1 car racing width for the other car. how on earth is one supposed to overtake in monaco? i think kimi was cheeky. while alonso was penalized, chilton was penalized i think kimi also deserved a penalty. did stewards nationality play a role?

      1. Nick says:

        Isn’t a driver supposed to defend his position?
        Should he let the guy behind through just because he braked late and went for a gap that was non-existent ?

      2. Bjorn says:

        This must be the most stupid thing I ever read. If someone should be punished it was Perez. What a stupid move. He already forces Kimi of the tracj before that.

      3. Antti says:

        Kimi followed normal racing line. Perez made a kamikaze move, breaking way too late, expecting Kimi (and previously Alonso) to move out of his way as he is practicing his bulldozing skills. That’s not how racing works, and Sergio better learn that quickly. He has been doing this a lot in the past few races, soon his fellow drivers are going to lose their patience with him.

        If your (ridiculous) claim of national bias by the stewards is true, it must be that they were Mexican, given that Perez apparently has not been punished for his reckless driving, causing unnecessary collisions.

      4. Durr says:

        Well one of the stewards was José Abed FIA Vice President and former President of Mexican Grand Prix organising committee.

      5. Spinodontosaurus says:

        What form of ‘normal racing line’ would put you right up against the left hand barrier heading into a left-hand corner?

      6. Zinobia says:

        I dont know how anyone could say that Kimi closed the door. He was taking a normal defensive line that he had done for 25 laps.

        Would Perez have made that chicane at normal speed if Kimi wasn’t there?

        Perez even said Kimi should have avoided the accident by skipping the chicane, which is completely ridiculous.

        You cant just dive into any little space and expect the other drivers to drive off the track so that you can make an “overtaking” move. It is not overtaking to push others off the track. It was exactly the same with Alonso as well, Alonso shouldn’t have lost the place.

      7. Oly says:

        pushing pedal to the medal in direction of another car’s path and expecting him to move can hardly be called skill or overtaking. Lucky for Perez and MW he didn’t smash Button. Lucky for Alo he didn’t smashed him but Kimi.

        Perez should be banned from next race just like Grosjean did last year.

      8. Fireman says:

        You should look the replay again. There was no room. Perez caused the collision and should be penalized.

  24. aveli says:

    good win for rosberg! he was on it all weekend. unlucky for hamilton.
    peres also drove a good race but unlucky to not finish, all drivers complaining about his driving should drive at least 0.00005s per lap faster and he will be no where near them.
    onwards to canada. looks like vettel is slowly pulling away with the championship.

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Vettel hasn’t finished outside the top 4 so far. I’m no fan of him, but he is a deserving leader.

      1. aveli says:

        vettel does deserve every point he has scored and his current position but if it continuous, the drama and excitement of uncertainty will be diminished and that won’t be fun for me. i enjoy it most when the competition is close.

  25. Andrew M says:

    Pretty good race all round, and particularly enjoyed Martin Brundle’s anti-tyre comments during the Sunday drive phase.

    I think the Mercs will be the cars to beat again in Canada, as its not particularly tyre limited either. Montreal is Lewis’s playground, if Nico bests him there he’s in serious trouble.

    1. Truth or Lies says:

      He’s in serious trouble already, ‘Mister Mega Bucks Rock Star’ not doing too well so far, looks like he had brain fade leading up to his pit stop, I mean what was he thinking…

      Well done to Rosberg, but Mercedes alleged illegal test will probably tarnish the win to some degree.

      Massa’s accident was very unusual, same as Saturday, though it appears something was flapping about on the LHS front this time as he braked, so maybe a car problem. He was lucky to be uninjured.

      The race though, while full of incident was another very, very silly procession come demolition derby. Formula One is trying to be all sustainable and innovative for 2014, yet every May its turns up in Monte Carlo to waste resources, energy and risk injury in the most unsustainable fashion in an idiotic location.

      1. Andrew M says:

        Over the course of the season he’s at worst equal to Rosberg, so I wouldn’t say it’s serious trouble yet. However he’s been class of the field or close to it at every race he’s been in in Montreal, so if Rosberg beats him there it will take a lot of turning around.

        I agree the pitstop was baffling, I assumed he was taking it so easy because he was at the lap delta time, but the Sky post-race analysis shows he just cruised round some 15 seconds slower than the Bulls and gifted them places. Absolutely bizarre.

        And I’d rather have Monaco than another Tilkedrome any day of the week.

    2. furstyferret says:

      Yep canada is a big race for lewis, rosberg is in mighty form, I still think lewis if he can get to grips and some confidence back in the car, he will gain the upper hand, but its a big if at the moment, if nico can keep this form up, if I was McLaren id sign him to replace button, when buttons contract ends at the end of 2014, as for the gp its was the usual bore fest, apart from peres and grosian keeping us entertained

    3. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      It’s a new car, steering and engineer for Lewis though.

  26. mjsib says:

    What is the point of the Monaco GP? It’s just a procession through the streets. None of the drivers seemed interested in racing and I can see why. At the end Vettel did the fastest lap of the race but it was no good to him, even if he was 10 seconds a lap fater he still couldn’t overtake at Monaco. Dull dull dull

    1. Chris says:

      How was that dull. Surely you have to admit that was more exciting than Barcelona?

      1. mjsib says:

        No one wanted to challenge Rosberg as they wouldn’t be able to overtake so Rosberg went 3 seconds slower, Vettel was going 5 seconds slower. If you look up procession in a dictionary this race was it. Bring on Canada, a real F1 track

  27. Bjorn says:

    Totally incredible if Perez ia not getting a grid penalty in Canada. First he force Kimi of track and then he runs right into him, totally hepeless. What a hopeless guy

    1. Bring Back Murray says:

      Well Whitmarsh did tell Perez to be more aggressive. But now he’s taken it to the other extreme. He needs to find a better balance.

    2. shankar says:

      for god sake he was racing. while others were giving racing room y did kimi not give it when they collided. dont say he didnt know where perez’s car was, he knew exactly what he was doing.

      1. Bjorn says:

        Racing is good, but his move on Kimi was just totally stupid. There was no way he could pass there, coming from so long behind. He should clearly be penalised. And why was he not penalised for the first time he pushed Kimi of the track. It was no class racing at all. Just a driver with nothing to loose forcing his way through, expecting others to just jump out of his way.

      2. IgMi says:

        It was not racing. In the racing you are expected to stay on the racing track. When you make a move where you cannot make your own corner and go off track, forcing other drivers to take evasive actions to save you both then it is just plain stupid driving (again – not racing).

      3. Juho says:

        If the car in front of you is making a left hand turn you just can’t make a pass from the left side. If Perez had tried the pass from the right and Kimi had made a right hand move to block him then it would have been kimi’s fault.

  28. Irish con says:

    Did everyone enjoy that? Personally for Monaco I thought it was boring. Unless cars are flat out in Monaco I don’t see the point as you know there is gonna be very little overtaking. I remember alonso v Hamilton in 2007 pushing like hell and skimming the barriers and both sideways. That’s what Monaco is about for me.

    1. Dan says:

      It was like they were following an imaginary pace car…

      1. Glennb says:

        They were. At least Vettel & Webber were. Rosberg would have won that in a Marussia if he started it from pole.
        Poor old Lewis threw away a bottle of Moet while he was whistling dixie on his way to the pits.

    2. W johnson says:

      Managing tyres?

    3. Andrew M says:

      The first 20 or so laps were a joke, the leading cars were barely troubling the barriers or the apexes. Fortunately the red flag effectively turned the race into a two stopper, which meant drivers like Sutil and Perez (for better or worse) were able to push in the final third of the race instead of cruising home.

  29. quattro says:

    Merc was magically given an exclusive chanse to test Pirelli rubber at Barcellona in the middle of a close and tight F1 season. The 2013 spec Merc cars, driver by the Merc 2013 race drivers were obviously allowed to, exclusively, test the 2013 Pirelli rubber over more than three complete race distances (source: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/107671).

    Now that Merc finally managed to easily go from pole to race win, will Ross Brown and company come out and tell us – the fans of the other 11 teams and 20 drivers that were excluded from this minor (irony) event – how much this obviously highly secret test, contributed to the Monaco result? And how much we should expect it to contribute to the final championship standings?

    Could they also maybe elaborate on how the Mercedes brand define the term “Sport”?

    1. colin grayson says:

      apparently the tests were 90% a preliminary test for possible 2104 tyres
      the other 10% was the modification for canada

      don’t see how that helped MGP at monaco , as webber states …and it is his team that complained

    2. Bob says:

      Even if Mercedes did not gain any advantage of the test (which is really questionable….) the optics of this both for pirelli and Mercedes are terrible: secret test with 2013 cars and drivers and voila next race Mercedes seems to have solved their tyre issues?

      The answer is probably in the middle: Merc probably gained a few insights from the test, but I wouldn’t think that was the reason for today’s victory. Still, terrible PR for both Pirelli and Merc

    3. Alexander Supertramp says:

      I’m a Merc fan, and I agree with you, at least ethically speaking.

      Then again, this is a juridic matter. One the sporting side you have the in season test ban rule, on the other side you have the safety rule which allows Pirelli to change the tyres for safety reasons. It also allows Pirelli to use the help of any team on the grid to achieve better safety. It’s already clear that the safety rule prevails over the sporting one. But here comes the weird part, apparently there are no specific regulations as to what kind of car, drivers, etc. the helping team is allowed to use in order to help Pirelli. That will be the big point of litigation. No one is saying Merc weren’t allowed to help Pirelli, people are stunned that Merc did the test in full 2013 spec! It would appear that Merc and Pirelli have used a loophole in the regulations to get what they wanted in the first place: better tyres, or in this case a better understanding of the current tyres. Is this wrong? I believe so. Is it legal? I guess..

    4. Alberto Martínez says:

      I´ve just found out!!

      It seems to me an incredible event and surprising decision!

      All the word has been focused on Red Bull pressuring Pirelli and suddenly is Mercedes the team which tests in a 2013 car breaching the regulations and taking advantage of it.

      I can´t understand what the FIA is doing in the sport

    5. Macca Man says:

      I don’t think the test contributed to this result. Monaco is easy on tyres. Mercedes has good pace and this outdated track played to all of their strengths and hid their weaknesses. Canada will be a far better indicator as to whether this 1000 km test really gave Mercedes an unfair advantage or not. I’m guessing they will still eat their tyres but you never know. The biggest issue with the test is that they used the W04, their current car. Teams are supposed to use old cars for these in season sessions with Pirelli. I’m guessing grid and points penalties for Canada.

    6. mhilgtx says:

      Well since it has also came out that Ferrari had a private test, I believe after Bahrain I assume you can do the same.

      1. Anne says:

        Ferrari used an old car. That´s ok. Mercedes aparently used this year car. That´s not ok according to the rules

      2. mhilgtx says:

        Yeah well while Ferrari says it is technically OK using the old car it is still pretty easy to use that information on the new car.

      3. Anne says:

        No, Ferrari didn´t test tyres that will be used in Canada. Mercedes tested those new tyres. That´s an advantage that Mercedes has over any other team.

      4. mhilgtx says:

        I am not saying Merc didn’t get an advantage. I am only saying that Ferrari got an advantage as well and all the people claiming how Ferrari got the tires right in the off season are not entirely correct. Ferrari won in Spain only after having a test with Pirelli. New car or 2 year old car that had to help. Same thing with Merc.

        As far as the “rules” there seems to be conflicting opinions here and since I am not in possession of the complete rule book AND the contract with Pirelli and the lack of a concord agreement I just do not know what the correct decision is. I only know this hurts Red Bull which is the team I want to win.

    7. Quade says:

      How can testing 2014 tyre spec contribute to victory this year?
      There is a PDF of the 2014 spec cars on the FIA’s website, search for it and you’ll see that this years car has little bearing on next years.

      1. quattro says:

        First of all, it is stated nowhere that they were specifically testing prototypes of the 2014 tyres. That is your invention unless you post your source. At least Horner seems to believe they were testing the very tyres that are going to be used in Montereal in two (2) weeks and you would think he should know:

        “It’s not right for a current team to test a current car on tyres we’re going to be racing on here or in two weeks in Montreal.”
        Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/22672228

        If there is any truth in the above statement, I think you will start to realize the size of the advantage Merc are getting – a headstart testing their 2013 package, and getting their drivers/engineers familiar, with the tyres that will be used for the rest of the season.

        Second, since you mentioning that this years car has little bearing on next years, you should also know that it should NOT have been at all necessary to conduct the test using a 2013 spec Merc car AND driver lineup. A 2012/11 spec racer should do. Since they nonetheless choose to do so, secretly [and by secretly I refer to statements made by rival teams that they only knew about the test at Monaco GP - see same source above], one has to ask why.

        Another implication of using current car specs and race driver lineup is that, they [and only they] could very well have been testing new part/coming developments – and/or trouble-shoot their tyre/package problems.

        Merc (and its drivers) will never unlearn what they learned at that test. Hence there is no way for us to be certain that, future improvements, are not a result of that test.

        What they did gave them an unfair advantage. Either they get disqualified from the rest of the championship OR all other teams should get 1000KM of testing with the 2013 cars, tyres and drivers BEFORE Canada.

      2. Mike says:

        Well said quattro

      3. Quade says:

        My invention that they were testing 2014 tyres?
        I’m not Paul Hembery, thats who said it. Neither is Horner.

      4. aveli says:

        email evidence suggest other teams were asked 12 months ago to assist pirelli carry out the test and mercedes were the first to offer their services.
        it doesn’t matter what they learnt from the test. it’s not mercedes’ fault other teams failed to read their emails.

    8. only1halen says:

      “Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn has insisted that there was no way his squad could have benefited from the private test it carried out for Pirelli after the Spanish Grand Prix”.

      Ross Brawn sounds like a fool. Mercedes AMG got caught and should be disqualified from today’s race results.

      1. KRB says:

        I wouldn’t claim that Mercedes didn’t benefit in some way, but from what I’ve heard, Pirelli asked Mercedes to conduct the test, which they’re allowed to do, and Mercedes also cleared it with the FIA. How could the FIA clear it before the test, and then go and penalize them for it afterwards?! If the FIA’s word is to mean anything, there’s no way they can penalize Mercedes for it. If anything, what would be fairest is to organize a 1000km test for every team.

        Here’s a question though: what tires were they testing? The current spec, or the one that will be from Canada onwards?

      2. James Allen says:

        A variety including 2014 ideas and Canada ideas

      3. quattro says:

        Someone is not telling the (whole) truth.


    9. brendan says:

      brawn said he didn’t see any data from the test. and they didn’t no what tyres they was testing.
      the team will know what tyre suited there car the best. And work out the wear rate of each tyre.
      not sure if it will benefit them next year, but surely it cant do any harm for Canada can it?
      solve all this and bring back testing, so no one will have a advantage then.
      I just watched the indi 500 for the 1st time,
      if you watch that no one will ever moan about f1 ever again.
      they just go round and round for 200 laps ,if your in the leaders slip stream on final bend u win.
      most boring thing every seen.if you lead you use more fuel so have to stop more,so no one wants to lead.
      thank god for f1.

  30. bearforce1 says:

    What a super nice guy Rosberg is. So happy for Nico today.

    I always thought NR has been a great talent but has only just now had the car to shine. It really shows how F1 does require an element of luck in adition to massive talent. Lewis was lucky to have a great car from the start of his career whereas Nico has only just now after years of F1 had a terrific car.

    ps I cannot believe Mercedes testing with their 2013 car and its two race drivers. It is just cheating. Also disappointed to hear the nonsense excuses. As if Mercedes would have Lewis Hamilton and Nico driving, doing a useless/irrelevant tyre test if it was going to be no benefit to the car this season. Everyone knows there is to be no in season testing and NO testing of the current cars. There must be some sort of sever punishment, Mercedes knowingly breached the regulations.

    1. KRB says:

      Happy for Nico too … if Red Bull had won the race solely b/c of the Safety Car, it would’ve left a sour taste for many I’d say.

      Maybe Nico checks these threads, as he’s no longer wearing the neon yellow shoes … next time Nico, don’t take your helmet off until after you’ve stood atop the car and raised your arms. Racing drivers always look cooler doing that with their lid still on. :-)

      As for Merc testing, stupid of them to say that they didn’t gain anything from it, or that it was some sort of afterthought. As you say, Lewis and Nico wouldn’t have been there if that was the case.

      But having said that, if the FIA cleared it for them, how can the FIA then go and penalize them? Nothing surprises me about the FIA, but if they cared what their word meant, there’d be no penalty. They should allow a test for every other team, to be fair.

  31. Michael S says:

    Great win for Nico…

    Perez is becoming Grosjean Jr. out there… Slamming your car into a small space is not passing, it is playing a dangerous game of “chicken” I am sure Alonso and Kimi were not impressed at all. I was actually worried when Alonso lost his spot to Perez because I knew how dangerous he has become.

    Mercedes get 1000km of free test time.. WOW.. this outta get good. Ross seems to get all the loopholes taken care of over the years. Remember the double diffuser confusion?!

    1. Chris says:

      Why did Alonso shake Perez’s hand at the red flag stop?

    2. W johnson says:

      It’s a race not a procession. Any overtake attempt at Monaco always comes with a large degree of risk of contact compared to other circuits becuase the track is narrow. In fairness to Perez, it seems that it was only Sutil and Perez that were making an effort to overtake today, with the exception of Hamilton’s attempt on Webber.

      1. Bjorn says:

        And Kimi which was passing four cars in the last laps.

      2. Michael S says:

        Kimi passed very cleanly, Sutil passed very cleanly… Perez simply slams his car in there and plays chicken. Does he think he is the only driver that knows there is a tiny chance to pass there?! of course not, but the others know you have to get it perfect or pat the price. He does not care about the price, he comes in way too fast and slams on the brakes and hopes for the best.

  32. Mudzis says:

    Why Alonso was told to give a place to Perez? Why Michael Schumacher was not penalised for not giving a place back to Pedro de la Rosa in 2006 Hungarian GP?
    From 1 min.3sec. until 1 min.8sec.)
    Schumacher never got a penalty, but still scored a point in that race? FIA rules are inconsistent!

    1. Sammy says:

      From my point of view Alonso shouldn’t have to give the place back because Perez was never completely besides him leave alone in front of him.
      Nevertheless, good try from Perez, one of the fiew who really tried to do the impossible (is no real championship contender, so he can take more risks obviously).
      Poor race actually from Alonso, who during the race gave some positions away to easy…
      Nico flawless and Lewis just bad luck with the safety car.
      I don’t like this race at all – it’s just for show – have seen no real racing whatsoever.

      Now up to Canada!
      Can’t wait.

      PS: now let other teams test as well for 3 complete days – just to check if the tires are working or not :-)

    2. W johnson says:

      Perez had the advantage going into the chicane but although Alonso cut the chicane to avoid a collision, Alonso ultimtely gained an advantage becuase he retained his position from that cut.

    3. hero_was_senna says:

      Really?? An incident from SEVEN years ago!

    4. Andrew M says:

      Well, this was c. 7 years ago, driving etiquette and stewarding have changed a lot since then. I agree though that stewarding and penalties handed out are really inconsistent, and that the driver advisers haven’t helped in this regard at all.

  33. Phil Glass says:

    Feisty is great. Feisty and brainless is not great. Perez is like a young hot-headed Hamilton without the class.

    1. Dave Deacon says:


    2. Tim says:

      Hey Phil,
      remember this? In hindsight, perhaps you were a little hasty :-)

      1. Posted By: Phil Glass
      Date: May 20th, 2013 @ 11:24 am

      Sorry to put a dampener on things this early on but this will be a win from pole for VET.
      RAI and ALO will have fun with the undercut, with RAI finishing ahead after starting p6.

      ps Merc will start p2 and p3. If they finish in the points it’s drinks all round on me.

      1. Dave C says:

        Well thats before the secret test for Merc that no one knew about! Something don’t smell right, only Merc invited to the test? Its a farce the team should be disqualified and Pirelli’s contract cancelled, wouldn’t surprise me if Pirelli is bringing special tyres just for Merc.

      2. Tim says:

        Steady on, the FIA are yet to hear the evidence and you have already convicted Mercedes and excluded them from the Championship!
        I agree with you that something doesn’t smell right, but my initial conclusions differ somewhat to yours. Exactly how secret could a test held at the Circuit De Catalunya be? Martin Brundle said there is a hotel that overlooks the circuit for goodness sake. As regards no one knowing about it I am not so sure. The timing of the protest from Ferrari and RBR seems a bit too convenient to me – the eve of the GP.
        I find it hard to believe that a team such as Mercedes, run by someone as experienced as Ross Brawn, would so flagrantly breach the regulations. Particularly when they had zero chance of getting away with it.
        I guess we will find out a bit more in the next few days.

      3. Phil Glass says:

        Tim, old pal, unfortunately there was this illegal testing spree conducted in secret by Merc and Pirelli that gained them 1 sec per lap….. otherwise the champagne would be on its way right now
        regards, Phil

      4. Tim says:

        Aw c’mon Phil, don’t be sore about it. I was only pulling your leg :-)

  34. Dan says:

    Merc breached the regulations with the FIA approval! ! How does that even happen???

  35. PM says:

    Safety cars ruined the race. Would’ve been a cracker of a last 5 laps if it wasn’t for them.

  36. Hehe says:

    Hamilton being dominated by Rosberg. Even Alonso could not do this.

    And Webber beat Rosberg. So using the X x Y x Z formula, Vettel is the bestest driver of all time :P

    1. Dave C says:

      Well you know things don’t work like that but its not too far from the truth though, I doubt Hamilton would be on Vettel’s level.

  37. roberto marquez says:

    Congratulations to Nico,but if Lewis had not kept Vettel at a distance I do not think he would be celebrating.Perez is criticized by doing the same things Kimi does , why he is not cool enough ?

  38. Dan says:

    Someone put Adrian Sutil in a fast car. Boy can drive :)

  39. Candice says:

    Fernando Alonso ‏@alo_oficial 24m
    Worse luck for Kimi who has only one point without his fault, today we finished behind one of our competitors and in front of another.

  40. Hansb says:

    So, is Ferrari gonna demand for soft & supersoft tyres with a bigger temperature window now ? No
    Is Pirelli gonna respond to that and make them ? No
    Are Ferrari allowed to do a three days tyre test to sort things out ? No

    It is time this circus gets some common sense.

    1. Hum says:

      They don’t have to because these Pirelli tyres fit the Ferrari like a glove on 70% of the tracks. Monaco was an exception.

      Just watch them dominate with Lotus in Canada and Mercedes and RBR fight for 6th position, lol.

    2. mhilgtx says:

      Ferrari apparantly did do a 1000K private test with Pirelli as well. They used an older car and maybe a different driver.

      Something is pretty strange here. Hembry thinks he has permission, Merc thinks they have permission but now all of a sudden the FIA says this illegal.

      Well the sporting regs are public but I am not sure about Pirelli’s contract.

      Sounds like there will be a round of testing for the rest of the grid now that Ferrari and Merc have done one. Ferrari might get to do some more testing as well, since they used the older car.

  41. Oly says:

    Perez vs But – almost took his teammate out (or both), saved by pure luck
    Perez vs Alo – Alonso avoided the kamikaze only way he could and get penalized
    Perez vs Rai – turned Kimi’s good weekend into bad one.

    All three of the old-school drive_with_brain drivers did nothing wrong and found themselves in critical incidents with one Kamikaze driver who in the end ruined a race for one of them.

    Perez should be penalized the same way Gro did last year.

    1. OscarF1 says:

      I think the penalty on Alonso only reassured Perez in the belief that he was in the right to claim a non-existent gap and other drivers should move away from him.
      That could clearly be seen when he almost rammed Kimi (both had to skip the chicane) a few laps before actually colliding with him.

  42. Matthew says:

    Looks like Mercedes put that extra 1000 km of in-season testing of their 2013 car to good use.

  43. jean says:

    Perez, what an idiot! How can Alonso be penalised for avoiding a accident? Vettel must be the luckiest ” WC “in history

    1. Rockie says:

      You are still on about this luck my goodness prepare yourself for years of seeing this so called luck.

  44. Gul says:

    Happy for Merc and Nico…unlucky for hamilton should have been on the podium today. He’ll be back at Canada. Scary accidents; amazing no one seriously hurt. Think Vettel & have this in the bag too..hope I’m proven wrong.

  45. Danny Almonte says:

    Looks like Red Bull are playing Lotus’ game a bit better at the moment. They drive to preserve the tires and finish in the points. It’s not very exciting but Vettel and Red Bull are running away with the championships.

    McLaren look to have marginally improved the car but both drivers are lacking. Perez failed to rein himself in after some risky passes and ended in tears. Maybe Perez should have relaxed after passing his team mate as Button always seems to do. Very similar to last season’s Brazilian GP for Button. He is all over his team mate but once he gets the pass he loses focus. Once again he was passed by a Force India but this time it was Perez who crashed out ahead of him

  46. danny11 says:

    Perez has to be penalized!!!!! He is risking his own and the life of the other drivers! Idiot. The move on KImi…? What was that? Maybe he thought the car is made or rubber so he will just bounce? No brain!!!!

    1. Rach says:

      I don’t agree. Would you say the same about the moves on Perez from Button on the first lap? There racing and its true that kimi has a lot more to lose so it was no surprise to see Perez trying. Was his last move to much on Kimi probably yes. However at least he was racing if you don’t want that I feel for Monsco we should move quali to Sunday and not bother with a race anymore!

  47. All revved-up says:

    Very happy for Rosberg. Seems like a genuine good guy and top class driver who should be winning more GPs if he had a world class car.

    I felt the tyres robbed us of the usual tyres brushing barrier performances by world’s best F1 drivers.

    Instead we saw a procession behind two silver arrows managing a race to victory. Enjoyed the strategy bit. But not the lack of world class driving.

    Only Perez and Sutil managed to sneak places. The latter was concert pianist elegant in his overtaking. The former like a blunt clumsy sledge hammer – finally ruining someone’s race. The unfortunate iceman. Luckily, Kimi is not far from parties with hot chicks. So he’ll soon forget about the 9 points Perez cost him!

    Poor Grosjean. This might just be the last straw for the patience of the Lotus owners. Not only is he costing the team lots of bits of the car, but he’s missed another opportunity to pick up solid points for the team. Lotus have now slipped behind the Mercs.

  48. Tornillo Amarillo says:

    Vettel the smarter and the luckiest, but not the fastest, he extends the lead in the Championship.

    Hamilton did everything right, just unlucky to miss the podium, good job for getting 12 valuable points.

    Great job from Rosberg and Brawn, everybody has his trophy there in Mercedes now, and fighting now P3 in the Constructor’s.

    ROSBERG is indeed the fastest guy of the grid by now.

    However the hero for me is PEREZ for finding gaps in Monaco, but the statistics won’t show that.

    Pro-Checo and anti-Checo’s group of fans is underway…

    1. Dave C says:

      I doubt that very much, Vettel was 2sec faster when he wanted to and also the last stint at China showed his true pace when tyres work for a while, I very much doubt Rosberg is faster than Vettel and definitely not as consistent, I doubt Rosberg will beat Hamilton over the whole season.

    2. Rockie says:

      “Vettel the smarter and the luckiest, but not the fastest, he extends the lead in the Championship.” — When preparation meets opportunity people call it ‘luck’.

      “Hamilton did everything right, just unlucky to miss the podium, good job for getting 12 valuable points.” ‘It was basically his fault cruising to the pits he didn’t do everything right’.

  49. Miha Bevc says:

    Congrats to Nico, dominating performance from thursday to sunday. Lewis needs to find the answer, and soon!

    Surprisingly disappointing race from Alonso, started 6th, finished 7th, and that with Kimi and Sergio crashing. Otherwise he would have finished 9th, which means losing 3 places – in Monaco, where this is almost impossible.

    Too bad for Kimi, I think Perez was a bit too aggressive today. I’m glad Kimi extended his points finishes record, though.

    As for Vettel… I thought this race would be damage limitation for him, but he actually extended the lead, so well done. I hope Red Bull solves the tyre issues soon so we can see their genuine speed.

    Looking forward to the great Canadian GP, although I won’t be able to see it live. But hey… I will be on the sailboat, so I shouldn’t complain :)

    1. Miha Bevc says:

      Oh… and the Mercedes/Pirelli testing… When can we expect article on that, James?

      How is this thing even possible? Pirelli say if they change the tyre they will help Red Bull to win another WC, but at the very same time they are testing with Mercedes. This is just unacceptable!

      1. James Allen says:

        Monday. Getting to the bottom of it

      2. Dave C says:

        I’m gobsmacked, how was this allowed to happen? Why so secretive about it and why only Merc was invited? Its clearly foul play.

      3. Tornillo Amarillo says:

        James, for Tuesday, can we know if Kimi checked the mirror (turning his head left), going outside the normal race line at that point and closing the door on purpose over Checo? It was not just a race incident for me, and somebody said Checo was there also in the two previous laps and Kimi knew it…

      4. John T says:

        Perhaps we can check the footage to see if Perez had his eyes open as he came out of the tunnel. Fair dinkum mate, Perez on board camera clearly shows Kimi starting to turn into the corner well and truly before Perez was within cooee of him. It wouldn’t have mattered what Kimi did, the reckless Maclaren was going so fast he couldn’t possibly have taken that corner safely.

      5. If they help Mercedes it potentially puts another team between Lotus/Ferrari and Red Bull – makes sense to let Mercedes test as they have pretty much stated their intention is to stop Red Bull winning this years championship.

        As it happens, backfired on them this race. Vettel extended his lead…

  50. Charlie says:

    Perez ruined my Sunday.

    1. brendan says:

      why did he crash into you too? on the way out of Monaco ,ha ha.

  51. Max says:

    Hi James,

    How did the Red Bulls manage to jump Lewis yet Kimi and Fernando were nowhere to be seen, despite being right behind them behind the safey car before bein waved through? They came flying past the pit exit as the TV coverage showed Lewis leaving and it did not appear that they were following the safety car delta.


    1. Msta says:

      I’d like to see some telemetry and track position data on exactly how RB got past Ham. RB had already stopped and should have been a full pit stop behind when they were picked up by the safety car and one would think should have lost even more time to the mercs.

      1. Rockie says:

        It on the sky website Ant Davidson gave a proper analysis of how the redbulls did it merc was lucky the safety car picked up Vettel as the leader before being waved through if not they would have both lost out, not just Ham alone.

  52. Elie says:

    Everyone was brandishing Hamilton a brat in 2011 for colliding into people and so far this year Perez has done that more than 3 times with his own team mate, 3 times with Raikkonen. And at least 3imes with others- yet people are saying nothing – I think he needs a walk to the stewards office- a swift kick in the pants and 5 grid spot penalty for Canada- the guy is kidding himself seriously in how he drives- has no control !. As for Grosjean surely it’s goodbye or are you still talking him up James – he’s f/ing hopeless -poor mechanics have spent the whole weekend on his car!
    Monaco needs to be wiped from the calendar- they can have mid year parties their as usual but race elsewhere it’s a waste of time and money – it’s like gambling at the casino lets throw dice and see what happens

    1. Justin Case says:

      Another example of Higher Love

  53. Sasa says:

    Clown of the weekend – Grosjean.

    He is simply hopeless.

    1. brendan says:

      + 1

    2. Stephen Taylor says:

      Get Valsecchi in

  54. trullili says:

    Well done Nico Rosberg ! Mercedes got the dream result after the exclusive hush hush 1000 km test. Frankly i am not interested in hearing any more of the strange excuses by Hembrey, Brawn or Lauda about the test anymore. If this is the level of transparenzy in the future, say hello WWE ! If there is no punishment by the FIA, all teams with money to spare might as well run secret underground test facilities from now on.

    Vettel, the most consistent driver so far this year is the real winner today if you look at the bigger picture. Webber is back as well behaved back up driver, Alonso off form, Kimi finally losing countenace (in the WDC battle he is paying a high price for closing the door on Perez, all that only to teach him a lesson). And Rosberg and Hamilton still havent figured out who is Merc´s Nr 1 driver so they will keep taking points off each other even if Merc is winning more races.

    Apart from the crashes it was a rather dull affair with all drivers basically on the same strategy but the 1. Rosberg and 2. Vettel result is what i wanted so i am happy.

  55. Peter says:

    Why was Perez not penalised? He was not next to Kimi, actually nowhere near his car, that was a very stupid move that ruined Kimi`s race and maybe his championship. Perez has nothing to lose, this is unacceptable.

    1. brendan says:

      Perez’s punishment is listening to button telling the teacher every time he passes him.
      it simple if perez is faster move over button and stop throwing your dummy out the car.

  56. Chris J says:

    Monaco is always the most boring ‘race’! But congrats to Nico my DotD, stayed super cool and controlled the race from start to finish. Perez needs to stop drinking that red bull before getting into his car, he appears to be competing with Grosjean for the crash kid title!

  57. alexbookoo says:

    I still don’t fully understand this racing. In Mark Webber’s words they’re all just going round, waiting for the chequered flag, but then Alonso says he was struggling for pace. How can he be struggling for pace when they were all going round at least 2 seconds off the ultimate pace (based on Vettel’s fastest lap), and usually more? I’d understand if he said he couldn’t go any faster without damaging the tyres, but he just said he didn’t have the pace. Other drivers have said the same at previous races. I don’t get it.

    1. Anne says:

      Ferrari was having some problem. Just look at what happened to Massa. The same crash at the same place. Massa is no fool. There must be a reason why he couldn´t control the car twice. So the way Alonso was driving I´m not suprised he was struggling with pace or something.

    2. Rockie says:

      Its just Alonso’s usual excuse Monaco does not care about pace circa back to Mansell v Senna 2 secs faster Mansell couldnt go past he was just asleep in that GP a little humility on his part would have gone a long way was it anything to do with pace when he was passed at lowes hairpin the slowest corner in F1.

  58. goferet says:

    First and foremost, congrats to Nico on what was a fine win and best of all on home turf which is like a double win.

    Yes, Rosberg and Vettel are cut from the same cloth for they know how to control a race, are pretty rapid over one lap and more importantly are consistent.

    Right, regards this race, it was shaping up to be a grand possession till Massa saved us by bringing out the safety car and that’s when the fun and games begun.

    Now with bunched up cars, came the ensuring chaos and panache performances from the likes of Perez and Sutil that injected excitement into the afternoon proceedings.

    Having said that, that Redflag was a really downer for seeing F1 drivers hanging about on the grid – bored – isn’t exactly part of the agenda.

    All in all mighty chuffed for Rosberg and the team on this win for not only does this mean that the big teams have a new kid on the block to worry about but the Mercedes brand isn’t going no where.


    Astonishing the iceman was able to salvage some points >>> he just won’t quit will he!

    1. Warren Groenewald says:

      Actually, I think the safety cars ruined the race by turning into a procession. They took out the only variable that could have made it more interesting – which teams would try one stopping and who needed to stop twice.

      The real killer though was the red flag. Without the incidents, the last 10 laps could have been pretty tense with possible some drivers on really fresh rubber and others nearing the “cliff”.

  59. jacques villeneuve says:

    driving as slow as possible to finish 1st. this is not racing. its a disgrace.

    1. brendan says:

      its great when you bet nico,its free money ha.
      anyone would of done the same its Monaco.

  60. Quade says:

    Can someome please beg Grosjean? He clears all obstacles by simply passing through them.

    1. brendan says:

      he wanted to be a pilot I heard.

  61. James Stapleton says:

    The safety car rules need to be looked at. It took almost 15 minutes before the race was restarted when the accident was cleared in little over 5!

    And changing tyres at a fed flag shouldnt be allowed. We were robbed of a good finish two years ago and today the front runners didnt have to worry about the tyres or when to pit again!

    1. Fireman says:

      I though they used the time to fix the barriers?

    2. brendan says:

      they had to fix the barrier for safety,they all change the tyres just in case someone has picked up a puncture.
      the safely of the drivers is paramount.

    3. Afonso Ronda says:

      The accident was cleared quite quickly, but the medical car was at the track, attending Massa.

    4. tara says:

      i think only after a certain period of time lapped cars can unlap, which i think is good, but does add a few more laps behind the safety car

  62. Grant H says:

    Can I just say Perez and grosjean should give up and go back to gp2 like watching bumper cars,

    1. Bring Back Murray says:

      I think you’re being too generous with GP2. I’d suggest Ko-karting, or even dodgem cars in the fairgound!

      1. Bring Back Murray says:

        Go-karting even

      2. OscarF1 says:

        I think you stated it right at first K.O.-Karting :P

    2. Irish con says:

      Totally agree could tell Perez wasn’t going to finish that race from about 30 laps to go and for James today to say kimi closed the door is just nonsense when kimi was on the normal racing line and didn’t do anything different to any other lap. Perez was diving from a long way back into a gap that wasn’t ever there unlike the Fernando and Jenson overtakes. And then Perez blames kimi is a joke. U never see kimi, Fernando, jenson, webber, Lewis, seb or nico diving into guys like that.

      1. Rach says:

        So if Kimi was on the normal racing line how did they make contact into the left barrier before the corner?

  63. Oly says:

    Another thing – James, if you’d have a chance could you please, talk to Fernando and pass a message that he have a beautiful girlfriend and we (his fans) are very happy about that, but he needs to get more sleep before the next race. :)

    1. Fireman says:

      In some race he had two girlfriends? :D

  64. Alan says:

    Maylander would have won the race had he started from pole! I dont know why we have this farce called Monaco. And Massa doesnt know to drive, and Lewis drops a couple of places!

  65. Chromatic says:

    Not the least enjoyable F1 race ever, but close!

    I guess we were robbed of an exciting finale where we found out whose tyres were going to last and who had to pit and lose position. I fully expected the championship leaders to shine.

  66. Die Scuderia says:

    Congratulations to Nico, it’s been coming. Also to congratulate…Bayern Munchen! Now back to F1. I will say this again without fear…if Monaco wants to hold an F1 race, they must revise this street circuit or else provide a total evolution. Monaco is a plain dangerous circuit. Someday, something very major will happen in that circuit before the FIA reacts to it. As for the race itself…what race again? There was simply no racing at all. This is one race that honestly needs to make way. But then..Monaco has been around for a long time in F1, isn’t? And that is a problem right there…


    1. brendan says:

      Monaco is f1,its the jewel in the crown,i don’t think you can say its not safe,all the crashes was due to the drivers not the track.
      I just hope its back on bbc next year, listening to 5 live isn’t the same.
      Monaco is the excitement build up to qualifying,as its so important.
      I think it was a great weekend of f1.
      this is probably the best season we will have for a long time so enjoy it.
      if you want a safe and boring sport watch football.

  67. mhilgtx says:

    Well for all of those that said Barcelona was proof that Ferrari had done a great job of “understanding the tyres”and that a change of compounds was only because of Pirelli’s desire to help Red Bull we now know that is not the case.

    On the US broadcast we learned that after Bahrain Ferrari had a private test with Pirelli. Mercedes also had a private test after Spain. This apparently allowed by Pirelli’s contract so while not illegal it certainty throws cold water on the claim that Ferrari had a great Spanish GP due to their work in the off season. Why Ferrari would be chosen is beyond me. I see the reasoning behind Merc although Force India would have probably been the best choice since they had also had some failures that and working with them would not affect the outcome of the championship.

    As far as the race itself I thought it was very entertaining and loved every second of it.

    Nico is of course my driver of the day, but Hamilton is a close second. The US broadcast analysed Hamilton’s laps before Nico’s pitstop and showed how he had given Nico an additional advantage that proved to mean the difference int he race. Vettel was my number 3.

    In honorable mention the safety car that held up Vettel and Weber before eventually waiving them around was also pretty important but that is the kind of randomness that makes it racing.

    The only Perez doesn’t get my worst driver of the day is because Grossjean’s drive was something I would expect out a Putt Putt Go Cart track. You know now that I think about Perez probably cost Kimi any chance of a WDC so it is Perez.

    Great day for Force India.

    Alonso was well, Alonso. The US guys weren’t really buying the driver error story on Masa’s practice wreck.

    Kimi was really done wrong in his mix up with Perez. Perez should have never taken that line and Kimi did what a real driver should do. He put him in the wall. Contrast that with Alonso who cut the corner on the chicane and that is the difference and Alonso is lucky he didn’t have a drive through.

    All in all Nico has really done a great job of improving on last year. This was my first time watching Monaco From start to finish and I really enjoyed it. There was wheel to wheel racing and and some drama. Was it all the passing and crashing and stuff of NASCAR, no. But it was intense racing and that is all I ask for.

    1. mhilgtx says:

      I have now learned that Ferrari probably used an older car for their test. However that doesn’t change the fact that they did test and that it was a benefit not enjoyed by RBR or at the time Merc.

      To claim that a year or 2 older car would not help Ferrari seems wrong. I might be wrong but surely they would be able to bring some data over.

    2. Miha Bevc says:

      Secret Ferrari/Pirelli test after Bahrain? Is this true? With 2013 car? How can everything stay hidden for so long? It’s 21st century!

    3. IanC says:

      Ferrari used either the F10 or F150 for the Pirelli test. Neither car is comparable to the F138. Mercedes used their current car for the test. To suggest that Mercedes wouldn’t have been able to learn something from the test is nonsense. The FIA should strip Rosberg’s and Hamilton’s points from the Monaco GP.

      1. mhilgtx says:

        I suggest no such thing about Merc. Of course they learned much. I only suggest that Ferrari learned much as well. In this day of ultra high computing power there is no way that Ferrari can not take information from a 2 year old car and apply it to this years car. It might not be optimal but it is better than nothing.

  68. Capt. Obvious says:

    Looks like them 3 days of testing in Barcelona really paid off.

    1. Yes, having a slower pace than the Caterhams at the beginning of the race sure points to having solved tyre wear issues…

  69. Bjorn says:

    No penalty to Perez??? Is this some kind of joke. He was impending Kimi twice!!!

  70. Chromatic says:

    Aha. Now I see why Alonso is so lenient with Perez’s dimwit aggressiveness. He lost a couple of points because of Checo, but Kimi lost 9.
    KR still finished in the points!

    1. Oly says:

      Alonso lenient ?

      This is what Alonso said:
      Perez was also criticised by Alonso, who was forced to give a place back to the Mexican after going off track to avoid hitting the McLaren as he was overtaken.

      “Perez, he has the car parked there in the Rascasse and that is the only comment I can say.

      “He was lucky this year with two or three incidents. In Bahrain, he nearly had contact with Jenson, and with me I was off the track to avoid a contact.

      “Here I cut the chicane to avoid a contact again. Kimi was not lucky because he didn’t avoid the contact and at the end Perez retired. Only McLaren have to be happy with him, the others we just need to do our work.”

    2. Stephen Taylor says:

      Yes but what I want to know is how did Hulkenberg lose 6 secs on the final lap?

  71. Hiten says:

    Brawn says ‘Tyres were coded by Pirelli, we possibly could not know what they were testing….’

    yeah right…a team cannot differentiate which tyre its car is driving without seeing red, green, yellow marks!!! He thinks people are stupid??

  72. AlexD says:

    Maybe you have this periods in F1 life…where you begin to switch off. I always watched all races, went to many tracks…but this year..I just do not enjoy it anymore and it is not because of tyres or DRS, it is because of PR, politics and essentially lack of sport in F1. I really became very tired of all these constant and never ending distractions. I did not watch the last 2 races and I feel like switching of and not interested in races….

    Pure politics…..there has been always politics in F1, but this year…there is nothing else. Nobody seem to be able to make decisions or bring clarity and transparency. Now a Mercedes tyre test saga….what is next?

  73. David Ryan says:

    Very impressive drive by Rosberg, and a fully deserved victory. That being said, even by Monaco standards when it comes to overtaking etc that was a poor race. The novelty factor of F1 2013 has definitely worn off now. As for some of the driving on display today the less said the better really…

  74. James M says:

    I don’t get this critisism of Perez. All of his overtakes were brilliant barring the last one. And watch the replays, Kimi knew he was there and turned in anyway, seemed quite dozy to me. I know Perez was being ambitious but Kimi could and should have avoided contact. 50/50 for me.

    If it were Alonso doing identical to the first few then we would be hailing it as genius.

    1. Fireman says:

      You can’t give a position away just because someone is trying a hopeless overtaking maneuver. Sadly, Perez didn’t learn anything today, based on his comments about the crash.

    2. IgMi says:

      There was nothing brilliant about it. It was for the most part stupid driving. He was just throwing his car into tiniest gaps forcing other drivers to take evasive actions to avoid collisions. Just look at the attempt to overtake Kimi when he drove them both off track. He overshot his own braking point by a country mile. I agree with “Irish con” that it looked like Perez was not going to finish the race like that – which he eventually did not.

    3. KRB says:

      Kimi’s allowed one move, and he did move before Perez had any part of his car beside hiim. Perez could have and should’ve pulled out of it. Just as Hamilton could’ve had no complaints if he had pushed the issue with Webber going into Noghes, and he was alongside! For that corner, Hamilton would’ve had to have been ahead for Webber to be forced to give it up, seeing as he was on the normal racing line.

      1. Spinodontosaurus says:

        Raikkonen put his car in the middle of the road, then blatantly moved over to the left _after_ Perez had pulled to the inside. By this point both were well into the breaking zone and Perez was committed to the move.


      2. David Ryan says:

        Raikkonen moved across to the left because that’s where the apex of the corner is. He didn’t change his line – he was trying to go around the corner, which I think is a reasonable enough thing to do on a racetrack. That gap was only ever going to disappear and Perez should have realised that. You can’t just expect drivers to jump out of your way simply because you fancy your chances.

  75. Simmo says:

    WELL! An extremely controversial race, which I have a lot to say about!

    Firstly, great drive by Rosberg, who completely deserved the victory, and he got all 3 safety car starts correct, and built up a decent lead after each one!

    A shame for Massa, don’t really understand how that happened.

    Now, Perez. Not impressed by his driving at all. In the opening stages he was maybe being a bit too aggressive with Button (although the chicane cutting was Button’s fault in my view). But he made a fair overtake on Button. But what happened with Alonso was pure ridiculous. It was 100% CLEAR that Alonso was avoiding an idiotic Perez, but the stewards still forced him to give up the position. What else was Alonso supposed to do!? And then the collision with Raikkonen was way too far. It was clear that Perez was going into a closing gap, and in the process, nearly destroyed Kimi’s point’s streak (which, by the way, Kimi did an amazing job at coming back into the points!!).

    As for Sutil, brilliant driving – very opportunistic at the hairpin! (Same can’t be said for Button, who tapped Alonso (but no big deal there)). Alonso, however, was going nowhere sadly. But Grosjean – well, it was pure clumsy what he did to Ricciardo, and if I were the stewards I would ensure a very large penalty going into Canada. It was horrendous.

    Di Resta did very well getting into the points from so far back, so well done to him.

    If I were the stewards I would have had none of Perez’s driving right from the first near-miss with Alonso, and probably a stop-go for Chilton.

    I feel sorry for Maldonado, because, for once, what happened wasn’t his fault.

    1. Simmo says:

      I’d like to add:

      It’s also a shame that Bianchi got involved in the accident with his team-mate and Maldonado.

      Also, I know some people will be saying that Alonso should have made the corner with Perez, but you have to remember that these drivers have fractions of a second to make extremely crucial decisions, so Alonso was simply playing the safe game, not taking any chances of a collision, so it is unfair that he got penalised for Perez’s dangerous driving.

  76. TimF says:

    James, the Five Live commentary today was terrible. Nothing to do with you, but why the constant interruptions during the action for tedious repetitions of rugby stories? I was following on RTL along side you and we missed several radio messages among other things.


  77. IanC says:

    Bogus victory from Mercedes. The testing rules were clearly broken. Both Rosberg and Hamilton should be removed from the results.

  78. Fireman says:

    Sad turn of events by the “secret” Mercedes Pirelli test. I suspect it will have significant affect to the championship. The sporting rules are clear, no testing with current spec car.

    1. Fireman says:

      I wouldn’t even be surprised if Pirelli is out after this season.

      1. *fingers crossed*

  79. Andy says:

    Adrian Sutil showed how clean racing and overtaking is done, DotD!!!!

  80. Gurj A says:


    Are people going to reassess Schumacher’s performance last year now that we know how good Rosberg is? It hit home how good a job he must have been doing to beat Nico in a number of races last year.

  81. Nuno says:

    I can understand people criticism concerning Perez.

    Raikkonen was by far the best guy on track and Perez, who was dreaming of being a Senna(AH AH AH)dancing in Monte Carlo streets, destroyed Kimi’s great job.

    I never appreciated Kimi’s style as an F1 driver, and still don´t, but I recognise that now and then he delivers in style. Monaco 2013 was a great race by Kimi. Bad luck…

  82. richardc says:

    To set the record straight Perez is a menace and how he did not get the same punishment as RG is a mystery?? MW should take the mexican to one side and have a word.He is doing the team no favours with his on track antics. Got to feel a bit sorry for LH today, the safety car sinario could so easily have gone his way but as he said….. thats motor racing!

  83. Trespasser says:

    I really like the double standards. Yes, Perez was a bit agressive today, but let’s face it, he was quick, fought hard and with good tyre management. In Monaco the only way to pass is to divebomb at the chicane, late dive in the fist corner or if someone makes a mistake in the hairpin.
    If Alonso / Kimi / Hamilton tried and did the moves like Perez everyone would say they are calculated and awesome. Also, if Perez finishes 6th / 7th / 8th it’s a big failure but if any of Alonso/Vettel/Kimi does the same it’s a strong, mature and calculated drive.

    I, for one, enjoyed today’s race. Perez, Sutil and DiResta made it really enjoyable. Kudos to them for trying and showing some balls.

    We are quite a fickle bunch (the F1 fans), we complain when drivers do not race, we complain when they race. :))

    1. Oly says:

      “he was quick, fought hard and with good tyre management”

      and where your hero ended ? he may be faster than JB but because of the lack of BRAIN he will always finish behind him.

      This is the difference between Perez and Grosjean on one and JB, Alo, Kimi, Vettel on the other side..

    2. Mc Dowell says:

      Well said Trespasser. Agree with you all the way

    3. David Ryan says:

      Nothing wrong with going for overtaking moves – it’s just that Perez overstepped the mark in how he went about them. His pass on Button was very good indeed – got alongside, drove to the next apex, job done. After that, however, his tendency to straight-line the chicane said it all really – a “win or bin” mentality should be left behind at GP2 level, if not before then. Ultimately, he threw away 8 points because of that.

    4. Tornillo Amarillo says:


      Perez got a big sponsor, he got a seat in a top team and now he beat his teammate on track, who is whining on the radio and he beat him again.
      The losing points in Monaco are not important, it’s the same for McLaren to end the season P5 or P6… a big failure from the management.
      Meanwhile Perez is battling the big guns, I don’t think Alonso was better in Monaco just because he got some points.

  84. Geenimetsuri says:

    One of the best Monaco GPs I’ve seen.

    Perez got bit too greedy after his few successes, but without his retirement he’d be a DoD contender (with Sutil & Rosberg).

    Also…What happened in last few laps? Räikkönen exited the pits on P13 but ended up in P10. I completely missed what happened in the back.

  85. Timmay says:

    I don’t see what purpose it serves to let everyone chamge tyres at a red flag, or for that matter drive to a lap delta under the safety car. Dumb

    1. Tim says:

      I agree with you regarding the tyre changes, but the lap delta is apparently a safety issue. They don’t want cars running at race speeds when there is a hazard of some kind on the track – at least that’s what Martin Brundle said in commentary today.

  86. Zinobia says:

    Monaco was a terrible race, boring and completely amateur driving out there today.

    Perez deserved a penalty. First he tries to overtake Alonso by pushing him off the track and gets rewarded for it, and then he crashes with Kimi because he again tries to push someone of the track. This type of behavior should not be tolerated. Perez is being rewarded for the wrong behavior. Next time it will be a bigger crash.

  87. kevin n says:

    Congrats to Nico. Well done!

    As for Perez….really? Alonzo is forced off the track by Crasherez Perez, (unfortunately he was rewarded for this silly move) then he figures this kind of ill-advised move will be rewarded again so he has a go at Kimi. Kimi avoids Crasherez as he sails by the corner over the curbs, then Kimi rightfully decides he’s had enough and shuts the door thinking Crasherez has enough brains to react……NOPE. Sergio Crasherez. This is his new name. Grosjean was up to his old tricks as well. They should just line these two guys up together at every track so they take themselves out.

  88. Bru72 says:

    Disraceful that Mercedes got a secret 3 day tyre test with Pirelli with the current car. I wonder why their tyre problems are sorted….?

    1. They were driving well off the pace for the entire race; they just happened to be at the front.

      Until some of the other teams finally got some clean air, the Caterhams and Murrisias were the fastest cars on the track.

      I’d say their problems are far from sorted….

      1. Bru72 says:

        Regardless, all other teams should be credited 1000km of tyre testing.

  89. Matt W says:

    What is with these gimmick trophies that have crept in over the last few years. As much as I love Monaco, a trophy in the shape of the circuit is truly hideous. Can’t we go back to the traditional trophies that don’t look like they have been purchased at a cheap souvenir stand.

    1. Tim says:

      Even worse are the Santander Trophies – they look like some kind of Mr Whippy ice cream.

  90. Trickle says:

    Agree with the sentiments that Monaco just doesn’t cut it as a track anymore. No genuine overtaking occurs or what little does is a vastly superior car/tyres vs inferior (see Raik in last laps) or brandished as foolish/daredevil (see Perez).

    Perez (and Sutil to a lesser degree) provided the only interesting racing of the day. Inexperience and greed cost him ultimately but aside the collision with Raik he was my driver of the day.

    I’m happy my man got to 2nd and in terms of the WDC it was a good day but generally the top 4 were very boring to watch.

  91. Random 79 says:

    Well done to Rosberg, drove a perfect race.

    Special mention to Sutil also – some great overtakes, but without the carnage :)

  92. Charlie says:

    Interesting that the consensus view on JA on F1 is that Perez was out of line with regard to the Raikkonen incident. I tend to think that this website has the most informed and, for the most part, equitable readership out there…wonder if anything will happen to Perez retrospectively.

  93. Lachlan Mackinnon says:

    James, your view on Perez’s driving lately please. Plenty of passion about this topic which is good to see! I fully support drivers entertaining us with bold passes and putting a car in places we think aren’t possible. However, I feel he is pushing a little too hard at the moment. He got away with the move on Alonso as he was slightly off his game in this race for whatever reason. His first attempt on Raikkonen should have told him it was unlikely and his final attempt saw Raikkonen close the door before he even had his front wheels alongside Raikkonen’s back wheels. Yes a driver should leave space when a driver is along side a car……but not making a lunge from 10m back. It must be frustrating for a contender to be 4 points shy of the championship lead and in the blink of an eye be nearly a full race win behind! A frustrating day for Lotus :-(

    1. James Allen says:

      Mmmm. Right on the edge, for sure.

      Others like Sutil and Button showed it is possible to pass without risking everything for you and your rival

  94. Sri says:

    Congrats to Nico.
    Every race since last season proved that the new boys have got to learn a lot from the established ones. Alonso, Raikkonen and Button may appear like some overcautious drivers, but they are WDCs precisely for a reason – they can judge which move can be done and which cannot. The newbies like Grosjean, Perez, Maldonado are not only naive (polite term) but also refuse to learn. If those WDCs retire, we will have only Vettel + all these crash-addicts. It will be one hell of a boring season.

    1. Peter C says:

      I feel that young drivers are being ‘fast-tracked’ into F1 too soon. There was a huge pile-up just after the start of the GP2 race because drivers will not respect others & leave room.

      Is it better to win a race to the first corner, or take a little care so that you stand a chance of finihing? A few of the young drivers have not had sufficient time in lower formulae so that they can hone their racecraft.

  95. Timmay says:

    The book needs to be thrown at Merc so hard for the testing infraction – they won the next race and suddenly the worst car on tyres is the best? The sport is in disrepute to anyone with knowledge of this story.

    1. Tim says:

      Judge, jury and executioner. The evidence has not even been presented to the FIA and you have already found them guilty.
      I am not saying you are wrong, by the way, just that it might be prudent to wait until the facts are known before leaping to conclusions.

      1. Peter C says:

        Knowledge? How can you make a comment like that when no-one outside a few people knows the facts.

        One Team that does the most complaining is Red Bull, Christian Horner is one of the first to find the cameras if he sees an opportunity, but when the flexi-wing & the holes in the floor were brought up last year he said “What,moi?” & was mortified that the FIA should want to check their car. Stationary load tests were to prove nothing, but changes were made by RedBull.

        It will be interesting to see the result of the Pirelli tests, which were offered to RedBull & they turned down.
        He who shouts loudest…….

  96. Jenks says:

    Well done Nico.

    A slightly more entertaining race than usual for Monaco. But let’s face it, only crashes liven up Monaco (as a race spectacle).

    Regarding the Pirelli tyre test. From what I’ve read, Pirelli haven’t managed to get the teams to agree on a test car that they can use. If they are going to change the rubber mid-season, then they need to test it. With what?

    If they are looking to make the tyres more durable, it makes sense to use the team that is harshest on its tyres. But, they should then also use the team that treats the tyres well (Lotus, etc).

    BUT………for fairness, and rather than give two teams a free test, they should over the same to all of the teams.

    BUT……..would Pirelli and the teams all want the cost and hassle of doing this?

    This seems to have come about because the teams wouldn’t help Pirelli sort out a 2013 test car. As is always the case with F1, they drag their feet, drag their feet, and then complain when something has to be done.

  97. Kbdavies says:

    Hello James,
    Seems something seems not quite right with the site. In this article, all the comments are italicised, making them quite difficult to read, whilst on other articles, they appear to be bolded, with a different font – not any easier to read either. Is this by design?

  98. dean cassady says:

    That race was awful!
    The cheating ways of the sport, are draining its credibility.
    The manipulations by Mercedes are not acceptable.
    They’re building another German-speaking gang at Mercedes, and it ain’t pretty.
    If Mercedes don’t get penalized and have their win taken, and probably disqualification for at least several races, then we can all rest assured that the whole thing is a crock.
    Normally I love Checo’s racing, but not this time.

  99. RA109 says:

    The title should use the term “undisputed” instead of “disrupted.” It seems no one felt the urge to compete for the win.

    Was it Rosberg’s birthday? It honestly felt like the F1 circus decided to pitch in and gift Rosberg a race win.

    This started days ago when Vettel and Alonso both concluded that Rosberg would win the race. Then Hamilton – and others – decided not to do their final, available qualifying lap.

    In the race, Hamilton decided from lap 1 that he would not challenge his teammate in the same machine for position? He concluded, “I could not be as quick as Rosberg around the streets of Monaco, so I will help him win.”? And upon each restart when the field was bunched up, Vettel – the king of numbers, the three times world champion, the kid that will defy team orders and attack his own teammate – decided that second place was a fine place to settle, with no need to attack or even scare Rosberg? Vettel was keen to show that he had much additional speed in pocket (fast lap), yet chose not to use that for an advantage?

    It is a shame, because I have always like Rosberg; but at this race he did not get one cheer or smile from me. It seems he was merely handed a predetermined win. And conversely, I am not a Vettel fan, but this race found me eager for Vettel to attack!

    I feel like I’ve understood and accepted the tire situation… I’ve understood the double diffusers, blown diffusers, F-ducts… I’ve accepted the politics and the domination of a “drinks company”… but this was truly the first race where I’ve thought to myself, “What is happening?” Very confusing and frustrating, and frankly, boring. Just awful.


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