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Posted By: James Allen  |  22 May 2013   |  3:20 pm GMT  |  1 comment

Felipe Massa warmed up for this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix by taking to the streets of Poland’s capital Warsaw in a Ferrari Formula 1 car.

It was part of a promotional event for sponsor Shell which launched their new fuel – Shell V-Power Nitro+ – with over 30,000 fans turning out to watch the Brazilian in action.

Massa did 20 laps in a 2009 Ferrari F60 around a specially designed street circuit that included two chicanes and two hairpin corners. The team’s pit crew also showed off their speed and accuracy in changing all four tyres on the car several times.

“It’s incredible to be here in Warsaw for the first time and to be able to show local fans the magic of F1,” said Massa. “There aren’t many street circuits on the Formula 1 calendar but we go to Monaco next week so it’s great that Shell has been able to create some of that special feeling here ahead of the race.”

Earlier in the day, Massa visited a local Shell petrol station where he pumped the new fuel into the Ferrari F60 for the demonstration. He then surpsied some Shell customers by filling their cars with the premium fuel, too.

The new road fuel contains 99 per cent the same types of compounds as found in the race fuel used by the Ferrari F1 team.

Massa will be back in the car on Thursday for first practice for the Monaco Grand Prix on the streets of Monte Carlo.

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One Comment
  1. goferet says:

    Hmm… Seem to recall Massa having a similar kind of day with Shell in Austin 2012.

    Kudos to Shell/Ferrari/Massa for giving the fans in Poland a taste of the magic of F1. It’s a shame though that the home hero Kubica wasn’t the one doing this (taking into account he was rumoured to replace Massa)

    Also unfortunately, this maybe the closest the Polish fans may come to the circus all thanks to the austerity going on in the Eurozone.

    Anyway best of luck to Massa this weekend at what is his second home grand prix but he definitely needs to stay away from the outside lane of the tunnel.


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