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Posted By: James Allen  |  14 Apr 2013   |  11:11 pm GMT  |  411 comments

The 2013 Chinese Grand Prix delivered an entertaining race which saw a third different winner in three races this season and plenty of impressive performances all the way down the field.

Ferrari’s double world champion Fernando Alonso took an impressive victory, building on a fantastic start to take his 31st career win. Kimi Raikkonen felt he could have challenged for the win in the Lotus had it not been for a glitch at the start and damage to his nose following a collision with McLaren’s Sergio Perez.

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton couldn’t match his scintillating qualifying pace in the race but did his best with the car he had and was rewarded with a second successive podium. Reigning world champion Vettel produced a thrilling recovery drive from ninth to take fourth, narrowly missing out on a podium.

McLaren’s Jenson Button took fifth after starting eighth thanks to a good strategy while Daniel Ricciardo scored the best finish of his career with seventh in the Toro Rosso – but who was your Driver of the Day?

Fernando Alonso

A brilliant start was the cornerstone of a dominant drive to a victory. Moved up to second at the start and then passed Hamilton for the lead as the Mercedes driver struggled with his tyres. From there he controlled the race, only losing the lead when he fell out of sync with those who started on the mediums and therefore ran deeper into the race. Found himself behind Vettel after his final stop, but knew the Red Bull had to pit for soft tyres. Even so, the Spaniard passed the German for the lead. Took his 31st career victory and second in China, equalling Nigel Mansell for fourth in the all-time winners list. Closed to within nine points of championship leader Vettel.

Kimi Raikkonen

Recovered from a bad start to finish second and move to within three points of championship leader Vettel. A glitch at the start meant the Finn didn’t get away cleanly, dropping from second to fourth. Moved up to third at the first stops as Felipe Massa dropped back, but then hit the back of Perez who robustly defended his position. Broke the nose of his Lotus as a result, but decided not to pit. Jumped Hamilton at the final stops to move into second where he remained. After the race, he said he could have challenged Alonso for the lead had the team got everything “100%” right.

Lewis Hamilton

Started from pole and though he lacked the race pace to keep the lead, drove well to take third. Made a clean getaway from pole to keep both Ferraris at bay, but quickly found himself in trouble on the soft tyres. Both Ferraris past him before he pitted a lap later. Moved back into second after Massa dropped back. Dropped down the field during the next round of stops, he eventually found himself back in second but lost the position to Raikkonen at the final round of stops. Suffered on his final set of tyres in the last couple of laps but a couple of mistakes by the chasing Vettel saw Hamilton hold onto third.

Sebastian Vettel

Tried a different strategy, starting on the medium tyre, in a bid to bring himself back into the race but agonisingly missed out on a podium. Started from ninth and maintained position in the early stages, but rose up the standings as those on soft tyres ahead of him pitted. Found himself second, behind Nico Hulkenberg but lost time as he struggled to find a way past. Leapfrogged Hulkenberg in the pits and gave chase after Alonso, slowly cutting into his lead. Took the lead when Alonso pitted, but was past by the Spaniard shortly after. Pitted on lap 51, rejoining fourth, 12 seconds behind Hamilton and though he closed the gap to under a second, a couple of small mistakes on the final lap ended his hopes of stealing third.

Jenson Button

Started the race on the medium tyre which allowed him to go deep into the race and even took the lead before eventually finishing fifth. Maintained position at the start and then rose up the field to lead as those on soft tyres pitted. Managed his race well by pushing and then conserving tyres when required. Dropped down the field when he pitted late for softs, but past Massa for fifth which is where he went on to finish.

Daniel Ricciardo

Qualified well and finished seventh – his best result in Formula 1. Made a good start, but dropped out of the points after the first round of stops. Showed good pace from then on in, putting a good pass on his team-mate Jean-Eric Vergne at the hairpin. Climbed back into the points and was even catching Massa in the closing stages but ran out of time. Finished seventh for Toro Rosso’s best finish since the 2011 Korean Grand Prix.

So who was your Driver of the Day? Leave a comment at the bottom of this story. 

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  1. Andy says:

    Alonso, I couldn’t see anyone catching him. Ricciardo did well and is my second choice. I think had Vettel had pitted a lap earlier for softs, he would have been third. As for LH, can never be a driver of the day if you don’t have any problems and finish lower than where you started.

    1. Aaron says:

      Agreed. If they had pitted Vettel 1 or 2 laps earlier for the soft tyres he would surely have passed both Hamilton and Raikonnen.

      1. Andrew Carter says:

        And maybe he would have run out of tyres 1 lap from home and lost those places again. There’s a lot of ifs in F1.

      2. C-M says:

        No he wouldn’t.

        On his last lap he was still 2 seconds faster than Hamilton.

        On the next lap even if his time was 1.5 seconds slower than his previous lap he still would have easily leaped Hamilton.

        It was a clear strategy error

      3. Pete_from_Nepal says:

        Anyone know how fast the last pitstop was? It could have been potentiall VET on podium if it was only a few hundredths faster.

      4. Dominic Winter says:

        I doubt Vettel would have finished any higher if he had stopped earlier. The way he was thrashing those softs, they would have fallen off a cliff big time in another laps time. He may have passed Hamilton, then get re-passed himself. Always hard to no for sure unless you actually see it happen though.

      5. Chris says:

        But remember the Softs were only faster for a maximum of 6 laps if I remember right Vettel had them on for 5 laps so would if he had put them on earlier he would have run out of grip within the next lap especially as he was pushing them to the limit in order to catch Hamilton.

      6. Gazza says:

        Don’t see why driver of the day can’t be Hamilton. Its his ability being the fastest driver in F1 that qualifies the car higher than it should be IMHO.

        The Mercedes is still lacking in tyre saving race mode so I think he did a fair job in hanging on to third in ther end.

        Don’t think Vettel would have caught LH if hed have changed to the softs earlier. You could already see them graining heavily which is why he over shot his breaking on the last corners. That was his only chance to pass Hamilton.

        Alonso just shades Raikonnen has my driver of the day. Mainly because I thought Kimi was at fault for Perez collision and Fernando was absolutely faultless.

      7. Dan says:

        I agree; Vettel would’ve passed. Then fallen back the next lap as the tyres dropped off ;)

      8. kfzmeister says:

        Not so fast. He absolutely trashed them during his chase, but they were gone by the finish line.
        Perhaps he would never have gotten by Hamilton. You’ll never know.

      9. Ben B says:

        His tyres would probably have gone off though so hard to be certain it would have worked.

      10. KGBVD says:


        Alonso had a Vettel-style win, hard to fault him. Everyone else in the wars made one or two little errors that affected them in one way or another.

        Much respect for Ricciardo tho too, who looked like a genius compared to his bonehead teammate.

      11. MANish says:

        No… He would not have.. The last 4 laps he did on the softs were

        and before making the stop his last lap on the med tires was 1:40.22.. So they pitted him at the right time..

    2. Tani says:

      Kimi Räikkönen, without a doubt… no words more needed, if it wasn’t for that damaged nose he would have been first, also Ferrari and some other teams had new engines installed already, Lotus didn’t, definitely Kimi!

    3. Simmo says:

      Yep, Alonso. Kimi was close, especially having to live with that nose.

      Naughty boy goes to Perez, for aggressive weaving and what he did to Kimi.

      1. Peruvian says:

        Perez should leave space for a car, he already had the inside and push Kimi out of the circuit… much like the accident when Grosjean pushed Hamilton off the circuit, Grosjean got a heavy punishment, and Perez got nothing this time around, I believe Perez is a driver that needs to calm down a bit, and maybe find a front desk office job, because he is not going cut it as a driver… a bit sarcastic, but Perez hasn’t show he is a good driver since he was announce as a Mclaren driver.

    4. Jeff F. says:

      A dominating victory from Alonso earns him Driver of the Day whereas Vettel dominant victories are “expected” and “unimpressive”…

  2. WilTricity says:

    Alonso – Fantastic dominating victory…
    Honorable mentions to Raikkonen and Ricciardo

    1. Rayz says:

      My driver of the day out of 10,

      Alonso 9.5
      Raikkonen 8.5
      Ricciardo 8.5
      Vettel 8
      Hamilton 7.5
      Button 7.5
      Bianchi 7.5
      Hulkenberg 7.5

      Just throwing Hulk in there, awful last stint for some reason but barring a rubbish pit-stop by his team, he may well have kept Vettel honest for much of that race. Great pace in the first stint especially. Ferrari have got a great long term replacement for Alonso in the Hulkman. And with Bianchi too, Ferrari are spoilt for quality young drivers.

      Excellent drive from Alonso. DOD for me, but only just.

      1. Rayz says:

        P.S, you should put a poll on the right hand side for DOD James. Did you have one before or was that the ITVF1 site?

        I like reading the comments but takes too long to get an indicator of who people thing is DOD.

        Poll would give us a quick idea.

      2. spoo says:

        He used to have one last year but removed it because it brought in too much negativity (he feels), I agree with you, the polls were better but maybe a different format where you distribute points out of total pocket of 10 to every driver… Sometimes it is just too close to call…

      3. Basil says:


        He had one last season.

      4. Galapago555 says:

        There used to be a poll on previous seasons and many times the results of the poll were quite different from what you could read on the comments.

        I guess many people entered the poll without leaving any comments.

      5. Pete_from_Nepal says:

        James used to have that last year, but many readers kept saying “What about ________? He should be in the poll too!” James (fairly IMHO) hated that…I think we irked James a bit too much with our comments lol

      6. James Allen says:

        More than that I disliked the endless negative complaints about “national bias” in voting etc

        It took massive energy to moderate and spoiled it for everyone

      7. Simmo says:

        +1 I think you should bring back the poll James :)

  3. Andrew M says:

    Ricciardo, followed by Alonso. What I would call a genuine 7th place, not earned by qualifying outside the top 10 and getting the advantage of new tyres.

    Also, I wouldn’t call Vettel’s drive a “recovery drive”, he was down in 9th place through his own decision.

    1. AlexD says:

      exactly right on Vettel. Positioning this as a recovery is misleading. He did not set Q3 time on purpose and wanted to have an advantage. So his recovery drive was the same as anybody else on the greed. He started p9, had more fresh tires and was in a better position.

      1. Wayne says:

        His own mistakes on the last lap also cost him P3.

      2. **Paul** says:

        “He did not set Q3 time on purpose and wanted to have an advantage. ”

        He did not set a Q3 time on purpose and knew his car wasn’t capable of qualifying on the front couple of rows.

      3. AlexD says:

        Should it always be given? Alosno almost never has P1, his car is not allowing for this.

      4. brny666 says:

        “the greed” lol, how apt considering recent happenings.

      5. Andrew M says:

        Yeah, I laughed heartily at the appropriateness of that typo.

      6. AlexD says:

        I simply cannot lie:-)

    2. Rishi says:

      Good spot on the ‘genuine’ achievement of 7th by Ricciardo. I wasn’t sure between him and Alonso but I think that argument has swung it for me in the Australian’s favour (also I think he had to make his first stop early because of an issue early on, though we never saw this).

      Honourable mention to Jenson as well for making the two-stop strategy work for McLaren.

      1. Andrew M says:

        Drivers getting to change their tyres for free as a reward for failing to make it into Q3 is one of my pet bugbears. Ricciardo must have driven a superb race, it’s just a shame we didn’t see more of it.

        And yes, Jenson did very well as well to make a two stop strategy work, I think he outperformed the McLaren in the race.

    3. Quade says:

      What Vettel did was terrible and shameful insult to F1, especially for a WDC. There should be some honour in racing, if he didn’t want to set a time in Q3, he should not have attended Saturdays qualifying at all.

      There’s some mitigation though, in the fact that it was due to the shoddy tyre situation.

      1. Andrew M says:

        I think that’s pretty harsh, I don’t blame him for taking the decision he (or several others) did or have done, I blame “the system” man.

    4. Quade says:

      Ricciardo was the bee’s knee’s. He would most likely have been 4th, not 7th if Vettel and Jenson had not subverted Q3.

      1. Andrew M says:

        I think that’s a bit generous, I think both Vettel and Button could have been further up the grid than Ricciardo if they’d tried to set a lap. The fact that Ricciardo held off all the cars starting behind him on new tyres (Hulk, the Force Indias) is very impressive.

      2. Quade says:

        On second thought, you could be right, but lets not forget the real difficulties Vettel had with Hulkenberg (and Jenson too). So Ricciardo could possibly have held Vettel back, although that is highly debatable with Vettels immense pace on his final stint.

  4. Alistair McDonald says:

    Kimi is the man for me. Slightly compromised at the start, which the team implied was their fault in pit radio, he drove the pants off a wounded car and brought it home in a cool fashion.

    I do think he was wrong to complain so vociferously about the incident with Perez (though Perez’s weaving beforehand is a different matter), but we’re talking about the *driving*, not the publicity afterwards.

    Ric did well, but was not exceptional. Same for Jenson, Seb and Lewis. Fernando would be my second choice, despite never being too far ahead of the others, he dominated the race.

  5. Bones says:

    Tough choice between Alonso and Raikkonen, but have to go with Fernando.
    Ferrari is definitely much improved, can’t remember a more dominant victory from Alonso ever since he joined the red team.

    1. Sasidharan says:

      Agree. All the victories with Ferrari had been edge of the seat ones. This one was dominant

    2. Martin says:

      I’m pretty sure this would be the most dominant Ferrari win since 2008. There might have been a bigger gap in some of the 2010 wins, but not the overall performance margin.

    3. Paul Watson says:

      Silverstone 2010 was more dominant i think, especially as it was a (controversial) 1-2. This was the race when blown diffusers were banned due to mapping i think and Ferrari just drove away easily.

      1. Ryan M says:

        Nope, Silverstone 2010 was won by Mark Webber, Silverstone 2011 was won by the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso, their only win that season after the banning of the blown diffusers. Dominant? Not at all, Alonso only won after Vettel had a bad pit stop. Ferrari’s last 1-2 was Germany 2010. This post is full of inaccuracies.

  6. Aurelio Lampredi says:

    I think Jules Bianchi has been the driver of this season’s three races. It really reminds me of Alonso in 2001′s Minardi.

  7. Becken says:

    Hard to choose among those guys. All of them give us great and brilliant performances, but Fernando…

    He showed all his tools and racecraft today. I sense that it is like a privillege for all us to see in details and in a modern era – with TV and huge amount of data – a driver like this man performing at his best.

    Hope Ferrari can keep its development pace trough the season.

    A special mention to this kid Ricciado: his performance today came in a good moment, when there´s a strong rumour that Webber already signed a 5 year deal to Porsche.

    Looks like he is in a good position to grab this seat.

    1. H.Guderian says:

      I’d love to see Kimi in his (WEB) place. This is the only way to check if VET is as good as most think.

      1. holmes says:

        They will take care Vettel to shine. If you know what I mean. Kimi must stay with Lotus. He’s a leader there.

  8. Hudson says:

    I would have to say Vettel drove brilliantly for me. The Red Bull was clearly not the fastest car in China but he got the strategy right right from the start.

    1. MISTER says:

      So Vettel’s strategy was to skip qualifying so he can finish 4th in the race?

    2. AlexD says:

      but what did Vettel really do? He was as fast as anybody else today. Yes, it was not 2011 type of performance, but his car was as fast as Merc and Lotus for sure.

    3. Tim says:

      In fairness, RBR got the strategy right. SV drives the car :-)

  9. Michael S says:

    Kimi with his smashed up front nose taking 2nd was pretty amazing. Alonso drive great too, but once he got to 2nd at the start he was good to go. I am amazed how great of starts the Ferrari’s make every race

  10. Laurence H says:

    Total entertainment from start to finish.

  11. Monktonnik says:

    Hard to choose.

    JB drove well in a poor car (unusually).

    Alonso was faultless.

    Hulkenberg should get a mention as well.

    But Ricciardo gets my vote for dragging a less competitive car into the top ten and keeping it there.

    1. Craig Baker says:


  12. BigHaydo says:

    While I’m not a maniacal fan of his, I am usually satisfied when Alonso gets up because I think he is probably the best out there. However, my DOTD goes to Ricciardo. The STR has had an average start to the season and Daniel hasn’t looked the best in the first couple of rounds, but what a way to come back! Every car ahead of him was a championship contending marque, and there were still a few of those behind him. While qualifying was a shambles, he outqualified the other Red Bull stablemates despite a couple of iffy strategy calls from the team. Would be happy to see much more of that pace and composure from him!

  13. DK says:

    Alonso drove a dominant race with his normal calculated style, but Kimi has to overcome a couple of adverse circumstances to finish where he has started. The glitch at the start was not his fault so he is my driver of the day with a small margin over The race winner Alonso.

    1. kfzmeister says:

      I saw nothing but wheelspin at Kimi’s start.
      What then was the glitch???

      1. Zinobia says:

        The wrong clutch setting.

  14. Chromatic says:

    Hard to choose:
    Imperious perfection of Alonso versus an outstanding recovery drive from KR.
    Everything went smooth as clockwork for FA, but KR faced down adversity from the word go.
    Kimi it is.

    1. H.Guderian says:

      His “adversity” was caused by himself (a crash).

      DOTD: Alonso.

      1. Simmo says:

        His poor start wasn’t caused by himself – and why blame Kimi for the crash. I can understand why one might call it a racing incident, but being pushed off the track like that is hardly his fault.

      2. NickH says:

        Perez crowded him. The rule is you have to leave one car width. I do not understand why Perez did not get a penalty

      3. Elie says:

        Wrong – The start was a clutch setting by the team which caused him wheel spin. Sergio driving him off the track.
        His ability to stay in track after a collision like that and take second back is why he is DOD.

  15. Geenimetsuri says:

    This isn’t as tough as it seems.

    Räikkönen did a wonderful job getting on the podium while driving a damaged car – and possibly made the drive of the day – but it’s not Alonso’s fault that he only drove a slightly uneventful perfect race.

    So, driver of the day: Fernando Alonso.

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Agree, Alonso got EVERYTHING right.

  16. Roger LeCoco says:


    Considering what happened to Fernando in Malaysia, and how hard he hit Perez from behind it took big cojones to sweep that lotus into 195mph bends lap after lap. It must have understeered like crazy, the sign of a great driver, one that can drive around serious problems like that.

    Chuffed Fernando won too, and an honourable mention for Riccardo, he was excellent too.

  17. Chromatic says:

    PS read somewhere that new Lotus engineer Pilbeam used to programme Webber’s famously bad starts… but this could just be gossip and totally unfair to a fine engineer.

    1. hero_was_senna says:

      Pilbeam: so Kimi, we set clutch at 1.4..
      Kimi: leave me alone, I know what I’m doing!

  18. Cliff says:

    All are worthy contenders, but I gave it to Button. Driving a car that’s clearly not up to the job of competing over a race distance P5 was good result.

    PS:- I’d hoped that Massa was going to shine today, but I guess Fernando demonstrated why he is regarded by the ‘Outstanding Driver’ by Team Principles.

    1. Dave Deacon says:


  19. seeing scarlet says:

    Oh that’s tough Fernando was flying, but Raikonen really put that rally experience to use with all the outside turn passing.

  20. Brad says:

    That was one of the most confusing races I have seen in 25 yrs of watching. I had no idea what was going on half way through it, and I didn’t really enjoy it because of that. The tyres may be making it more exciting for the general audience, but the more “hard core” fans are losing out I reckon.
    ps James, you have used the word “past” many times in the above report when I believe it should be “passed” :)

      1. Sue says:

        It isn’t fixed in the Hamilton or Vettel paras….

    1. Andrew says:

      I would call myself a hardcore fan and I loved every second of it and had no trouble following what was happening. And Riccardo for DotD. He pace was impressive right throughout and was consistently the third fastest car right throughout the second half of the race.

  21. Brad says:

    oops, forgot..Fernando was driver of the day…

  22. Lockster says:

    Ricciardo, awesome drive!

    Showed how much better he is over Vergne…

    1. **Paul** says:

      I agree Ricciardo for me too.

      Alonso, drove a good race, but obviously had the fastest race car. When the likes of Vettel have won in similar circumstances driver of the day award is never forthcoming. Massa paid the price for staying out a lap longer than FA, shame because on pace Ferrai should have taken a 1-2 here. Ferrari look to have the sweet spot with their car, 2nd fastest in qually (overall) but equal fastest in race pace?

      Kimi, drove a better race than Fernando in all honesty. Bad start not his fault, recovered well. 3rd place DOTD.

      Lewis, 1st to clinging on to third. Sorry that’s not DOTD material. Merc is arguably the best 1 lap car in the field. Not the best on race pace though, pretty much matching the Lotus this time round.

      Vettel, obviously not the fastet car in race or qualifying for RBR, hence the strategy. Made it work. Amazed he got anywhere near third place. 2nd place DOTD.

      JB, great effort. Mature race, only raced people he needed to. 5th is well above where that car should be finishing. Second race on the bounce that JB has made it work in race conditions. Another 3 races and JB will be in a position to get wins IMO.

      Ricciardo. Brilliant mature drive. Couldn’t fault his performance. My DOTD.

      Hulkenburg. This guy just keeps on shining, shame something didn’t work out on his final set of tyres. He should have gone on the same strategy as Seb in all honesty. Softs in the middle stint would always lose you track position.

      1. kfzmeister says:

        Yeah, Massa paid the price for staying out a lap longer. That’s cause Alonso was a position ahead of him. And if Ferrari had the sweet spot with their car, why did Massa end up almost a whole minute behind Alonso? He really couldn’t do any better?
        You know Alonso’s the man ;-)

      2. Elie says:

        Kimi came 2nd not 3rd

      3. Elie says:

        Sorry go it 3rd in DOD

    2. Pete_from_Nepal says:

      I think Vergne had some problems pre-qualifying with his runs (something with his car i think) and that compromised qualifying, which then compromised race. Can’t say there is too much difference between the two over last season too. One might be better, but not significantly imho.

  23. Grace says:

    Fernando Alonso.

    1. Jugraj says:

      Fernando for me too. Controlled and faultless drive.

  24. Horno says:


    1. Horno says:

      Bianchi drove brilliant too, again, today!

  25. daniel ricciardo by a fair margin. a stunning drive, all things considered.

  26. Russ Edwards says:

    Ricciardo. Scoring points for a team that has found them hard to come by. Steady performance all day. Didn’t seem to be gifted his finishing position.

  27. Glennb says:

    Just a load of tyre conserving, get to the end, push to pass drives. Taking nothing away from the drivers and teams as this is what they are given to work with.

    Maybe Vettel as he did provide a little excitement at the end due to his strategy. Nothing else really stands out for me.

    1. jeffwest says:

      Seems like you missed Vettel’s move on Massa, about half way through, where he feinted left before diving inside up the right hander, carrying enough momentum to catch di Resta in the DRS zone. I’m not much of an admirer of the young German, but that was a class move and deserved of driver of the day for me.

  28. Desklupes says:

    Ricciardo. Great drive and flogged his team mate. His pace was consistent and he caught a passed the lotus of Grosjean, then proceeded to catch the fastest chassis in f1 in the form of Massas Ferrari. Top job

  29. simini says:

    Alonso, drove a textbook controlling lead, plus he won, surely the winner is the driver of the day? (Also, slightly disappointed to see the use of ‘past’ instead of ‘passed’ throughout this entire article)

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      I’m not an Alonso fan, but when someone drives to victory the way he did (even if he had the best package), then he’s my DotD. F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S

  30. Jazzda says:

    It’s not easy to choose between Alonso and Kimi, but I tend to go for Alonso as he didn’t make a single mistake, as usually.

    PS: “Who was the worse driver of the day” question would be much more interesting. So many drivers that don’t belong to F1, and so many stunning options out there. Sad

    1. Elie says:

      Neither did Kimi his launch was due to wrong clutch setting provided to him

    2. Elie says:

      Neither did Kimi his launch was due to wrong clutch setting provided to him. & The accident was Perez doing. Remarkable he even finished let alone 2nd

  31. luqa says:

    Seriously, I can’t pick a driver of the day, because except for SV “giving it a go” on the last few laps, everyone was in a procession dictated by the Race Engineers and managing those useless tires- and I use the term tires lightly.
    I thus nominate Pirelli for the ” Driver of the Day” because they controlled the drivers from racing.
    For the pinnacle of Motor sport, the races this year have been a poor showcase of the potential action.
    It is also disgusting to huge amounts of “marbles” off line so soon due to the extremely high tires wear rates. Time for a change.

  32. Dan Green says:


    First time since Seb was in the car that it seemed like a TR could compete in the top 10 without relying on the misfortune of others or a risky tire strategy.

    He ran the same tire strat as the front runners and even had to stop earlier than planned due to needing a new front nose ( longer stop as well ) and still managed to be chasing down Massa at the end.

    Great drive.

    1. Jonathan says:

      I think you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is they are all trying tire strategies. Maybe if they tried tyre management strategies they would do a lot better.

  33. Daniel says:

    Fernando Alonso

  34. tara_185 says:

    1) Hamilton
    even tho i’m not usually a fan, i was impressed with his drive – especially the last few laps.

    2) Raikkonen
    for finishing 2nd even tho he was loosing .25 per lap(according to lotus)

    3) Button
    for working to improve the car. i can’t imagine Perez has crucial feedback to report that JB wouldn’t have picked up

    Honorable mention to
    hope he continues to beat JEV in the points.

    over all a good race, a bit forgettable in the middle -but some are.
    I agree that tyres are a bit much this year. last year it was interesting but this year its getting ridiculous.

    1. NotIdiot says:

      “even tho i’m not usually a fan,….”

      I wonder why people feel compelled to remind it every time? There should be a reason.

      1. tara_185 says:

        Maybe u don’t remember the overwhelming worship he got the year before and the year he won his championship? I do and it turned me against him. Now he’s moved (and has a great attitude) I respect him more.

  35. Cedgy says:

    Nico Hulkenberg! For holding off Sebastian Vettel and leading the race. Like Martin said on Sunday he should be the one sitting in Perez Mc Laren!

  36. Mike from Colombia says:

    1) Alonso – untouchable
    2) Hamilton – that Mercedes should not really be in the mix yet. No-one can deny that he is making the difference to them this year.
    3) Button – good solid drive

    I didn’t like the race though. Enough of DRS and Pirelli should go back to 2011 tyres.

    1. Hal says:

      +1, my top 3 too.

    2. Cakes says:

      RE Hamilton: LOL

    3. madmax says:

      Hamilton making the difference this year?

      Correct me if I’m wrong but did Rosberg not dominate the Chinese grand prix last year but this year his car keeps breaking down like Schumi’s last year.

    4. Kimi4WDC says:

      I think you seem to have a magical perception of F1 drivers. Notice how World Champions are always on top. If Hamilton performed as he did, that is what Mercedes is capable of. Put Alonso, Kimi or Vettel and they will drag it there too. That’s why they are Champions, their job.

  37. james says:


    did well under what i am sure is a lot of internal pressure to out perform vergne

  38. Candice says:

    Lotus reported a loss of 0.25s after the massive FW damaged that wiped off the cascade and put a hole on the nose cone.

    To think that kimi actually spent 40 laps in that state is just superb.

    There are many long fast sweeping corners, massive understeer that results from the fw damage destroy his front tyre faster. Its brilliant how he cope with that.

    1. Poyta says:

      Would love to hear where you got that 0.2 sec fact from? Seems a bit high – got a link?

      1. Candice says:

        from Alan Permane himself. Kimi’s engineer mark slade mentioned the same thing in BBC 5 live checkquered flag interview.

      2. kfzmeister says:

        I did hear .15, which is not all that unrealistic.
        However, to suggest that it was a massive damage is a little exaggerated. Obviously the damage was very limited, otherwise he would never have finished where he did.
        I did hear some suggestions that even with that .15-.25 he would not have had enough pace to beat Alonso that day.

      3. James Allen says:

        Alan Permane estimates 0.25s per lap from the damage

      4. Elie says:

        Incident happened on lap 16. Remaining 40laps @ .25 = 10 sec+ what he lost in the incident approx 5 sec. He would certainly have had the possibility to challenge Fernando and in a better shaped car / tyres than he had.

        I’m sure if you ask Alan Permane he would say. .25 is a conservative estimate. But what people fail to understand is how many drivers can adjust to the handling of the car so well and still be that fast…

      5. Chromatic says:

        Alan Permane, Lotus briefing.

    2. H.Guderian says:

      If the loss was so high, why they didn’t change the front wing during Kimi’s pit???

      Does not make any sense….

      1. Jonathan says:

        quarter second per lap for 40 laps is 10 seconds. I think they usually say 20 seconds to change a wing – assuming it all goes well. That’s a lot of extra overtaking to get back in to the same spot – again assuming that those extra cars can be overtaken without difficulty or being held up. Add to that Kimi feeling “in the groove” and not wishing to disrupt his rythm and it all makes sense.

        Having said that I would have thought it worth slapping on a bit of gaffa tape during a standard pit stop to stop that bit on the nose flapping about.

      2. Kimi4WDC says:

        And he would have come out in traffic.

  39. Damien K says:

    Daniel Ricciardo, excellent drive today considering he had to change his front wing in his first stop.

  40. Multi 21 says:


  41. Fernando Alosno, Kimi ‘what the hell is he doing Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo were the stars of the show on Sunday.

    I’ll give it to Ricciardo for finally making a Q3 spot stick on Sunday. He made the best of Webber and Rosberg retiring. A star of the future? Time will tell.

  42. CR says:

    Excellent drive by Alonso, but my driver of the day has to be Ricciardo. To be chasing down a Ferrari at the end is a real testament to his effort.

    If only his wing wasn’t damaged by contact with Rosberg, he might have even passed Massa. Great drive.

  43. nenny says:

    Daniel Ricciardo, out drove the car that his up talking team m8 struggled with.

    on another note, could webbers woes get any worse?

  44. Rossco says:

    Definitely Hamilton, did such a good job to hold off the fast closing Vettel and manage the tyres to maintain third. I think he managed to stay ahead of Raikkonen in the final pitstop, he would have held on to second… Amazing race.

  45. gudien says:

    Sebastian Vettel was my driver of the day. He was the only driver to succeed at adopting a different tire strategy.

    Meanwhile where was his teammate Webber? Yet again Mark Webber tried too hard while Vettel delivered the goods with an average car.

    Oh sure, we’ll be subjected to quotes from Hamilton and Alonso how their cars are slow in comparison to Vettel’s, but that’s just more mind games.

    1. Poyta says:

      Button also adopted a different tire strategy. Why not give it to him? THere is no question that his car was slow in comparison to Vettels so he did quite well all things considered.

    2. AlexD says:

      So Vettel is the driver of the day because he did not take part in Q3, had more fresh tires and came 4th? So what did he do exactly?

  46. Harry says:

    Is there some law that Jenson must be included in the DoD poll?

    The team chose the tyre choice as they do not have a car that can compete. He won’t racing (not his fault), he was doing time trials to his own targets. Did Jenson even pass anyone on track (head to head, not DRS, diff. tyre strategies).?

    No offence, Jenson has deserved to win DoD on occasions but this season he’s been average (yet nominated three times). Top bloke does not equal a great drive.

  47. Juho says:

    Hate to say.. but Alonso. He didn’t make any mistakes and deserves the victory.

  48. sahir Siddiqui says:

    I would say Ricciardo drove the race of his career to get his best ever result. Alonso and Kimi and Hamilton did what they had to do, Button too. But this time, Vettel provided the fireworks, so I would say he’s the driver of the day.

  49. JTW says:

    1. Alonso
    2. Raikkonen
    3. Vettel

  50. Tyler says:

    Ricciardo. The best performance of any driver relative to the pace of his car, and that qualy was just stellar.

  51. Ross says:

    Ricciardo surely.

  52. MelB says:

    Great races from all of them but my DOD nomination goes to Ricciardo this time.

  53. Bullish says:

    Give it to Daniel Ricciardo. Strong performance after having a dodgy car for the first two rounds

  54. FerrariFan says:

    Alonso for sure.

  55. deegs says:

    It’s gotta be Ricciardo! Smashed JEV IN quali, then held on for 7th, even after pitting for a new nose. chased down Massa in the closing stages, and within 1.8 seconds of at the end. Let’s hope the season gets better for the affable aussie

  56. Kate says:

    Definitely Kimi! Powering on without complaint to 2nd after a self customised nose job is just another reason why he is the most professional and consistently strong driver in the field.

  57. Mike J says:

    Dan Ricciardo for mine.

    Drove a solid race after having a go in q3. Sure he started 7th, but that was due mainly to Button and Vettel not having a ‘go’. Also had to make up for a front wing change which I think went unnoticed on coverage. Torro Rosso has not been the best car to drive this year and Dan has suffered from exhaust issues in the first two races.
    Alonso then Kimi. Ferrari starts are almost now legendary, you just expect them to happen !

  58. Diego Raphael says:

    For sure, Fernando Alonso. That’s a detail i’ve seen no one talking. Alonso has already a DNF, but he’s just nine points behind the leader. Of course we have to wait and last season shown us that. But the Spaniard is really the strongest.

  59. HR says:

    Ricciardo’s performance today was the highlight for me. Who knows about next year if he can pull out more performances like these…

  60. bmg says:

    Ricciardo, the pressure to perform after Webber signed with porche. Ricciardo showed the goods.

  61. Max Smoot says:

    Has to be Daniel Ricciardo from 7th on the grid to 7th at the end. He’s endured a lot of criticism compared to Vergne but rose to the occasion today. The Toro Rosso starting to show well in the midfield. A nod also to Di Resta in the steadily improving Force India.

  62. Tim says:

    Drivers of the day… the preferred team number ones! Pretty extraordinary that for Ferrari, Lotus, most probably McLaren and arguably (I’d say definitely) Redbull and Mercedes the teams preferred number one driver went well. And the driver who’s battling not to be considered a number 2 went badly (think Massa, Grosjean, Perez, Webber and Rosberg).
    I’m not saying conspiracy, just coincidence. But you have to feel a little sorry to Rosberg and Webber especially; given the events of Malaysia. And does anyone else think that Brawn and Horner must just be a little relieved it wasn’t the other way around?

    Having said that, hard to go past Alonso and Kimi for driver’s of the day. Miles ahead of their team-mates and clearly both managed their races very well.

    I’m already sick of hearing drivers talk about not defending positions so they can ‘manage the tyres’ though.

    1. Poyta says:

      I think it may have something to do with the fact as to why they are perceived as being number 1 drivers? They’re number 1 because they are all the best drivers in the team and its no surprise that they all finished ahead of their teamates.

      1. Geenimetsuri says:

        It’s also a tire issue.

        Stay out one lap longer, lose 2-3 seconds.

  63. Peter says:

    I am biased but Ricciardo for me, held his head and prove to the F1 paddock that he can mix it with the big boys after Bahrain 2012 start, Bahrain 2012 very well exorcised.

    Good racing throughout to pass other drivers, but from what I saw was told he wasn’t racing Massa, after his final stop, so may have had more of a chance to chase Massa down otherwise.

  64. Erik says:

    Weber. For taking back control of his own destiny and finally walking out of a number two position at Red bull to go and drive for Porsche.

    1. Poyta says:

      Nothing confirmed yet.

    2. hero_was_senna says:

      Is that true?? If so, I wouldn’t want to be Seb hoping he’s going to let him by at a critical stage of the WDC.. Can you imagine last year in Brazil, webber would have driven into him…

      1. Rockie says:

        Dream on.

    3. Mike J says:

      Not sure. I don’t think webber will quit F1 yet. I feel he still has unfinished business and wants to keep going. Lotus or Ferrari for me, but he WILL leave RB.
      He never decides until summer break so I would be surprised if he has decided already.

    4. Pete_from_Nepal says:

      @Erik nice one!!

      Its hard not to feel sad for Webber, although I think he plays his innocence too much…

      regardless, nice bloke. just hope he leaves with a championship. would make RBR and Marko just EAT it :) nothing against VET. born racer and honest. Better than most other racers i know.

  65. Poyta says:

    I would say the Mercedes Pit crew for that incredible 3 second double pit stop!! But if I had to give it to a driver I would probably give it Hamilton – did the best job he could with that car and seemed to be punching above his weight- Secured a fantastic Pole position thanks to his incredible one lap pace and then drove very smart and cool to hang on the points – Alonso came a close 2nd – drove very smart but it just seemed a bit too easy for him.

    1. Dave in Stoke says:

      Your objectivity is remarkable. Had Lewis won this GP in as easy of fashion that Fernando did, you’d be waxing poetic about the quality of his drive and how Hamilton was the DOTD. It’s a shame that you’re so bitter about Lewis not being able to convert his pole position into a win. You should be used to it by now, since 2009 he has only converted 4 of 14 poles for victories.

      1. Poyta says:

        Did you not read where I said Alonso came a close 2nd? He did a fantastic job and I’m struggling to choose between the two for Driver of the day. I based my choice on the fact that Lewis seemed to work harder for his points – alonso may have drove faultlessly but he was hardly challenged with Kimi in a damaged car behind him and Lewis is car that simply didn’t have the pace. Don’t know why you think I’m bitter, I was under no illusion that Lewis was going to keep the lead – happy that he did as well as he did.

  66. kent says:

    Fernando- but all the World Champions, esp Kimi and Jenson, showed why they also have that title.

  67. Theoddkiwi says:

    Really has to be Alonso. He drove the race to perfection. While the DRS passes on the main straight helped the finishing of the passes into the first turn were epic.
    Loved how he would pass others just after the first DRS detection point and then have the DRS open after making the pass. That was clever and funny at the same time.

    Special mention for Ricciardo, a great drive all weekend.

  68. Matthew Cheshire says:

    1. Ricciardo. Best drive of his career, pity he didn’t get Massa to really shake up the pecking order.

    2. Alonso did OK too. All class.

    3. Kimi was great with a broken front wing, but it was partly self inflicted and he did choose to keep it!

    1. Elie says:

      No Sergio inflicted it and The team decided to keep the wing on

  69. dotdotger says:

    Alonso, hands down.

  70. BB says:

    my vote is for Ricciardo. trounced his team mate in qauli and the race. the best result for the team since Korea 2011.

  71. Heinzman (Fan of: ALO) says:

    Out of many quality drives, Ricciardo gets the chocolates!

    Just on the Ferrari, that car has is habitually a better racer than a qualifier. What are everyone’s thoughts on this?

    Is it inherent of the car itself, or do the drivers – in particular ALO – focus more on race setup than others?

    It would seem crazy to set your car up for anything but race pace these days; qualy is getting perpetually more irrelevant.

    1. Rockie says:

      Its the fact the drivers cant qualify better put a Vettel or Hamilton in the car and you would see the difference.

  72. Matthew Smith says:

    For me it was Alonso. It’s also the first time since his time at Mclaren that I’ve seen him so totally dominate a race. It’s always a combination of man and machinery but Alonso was unbeatable today and deserves the nod.

    1. Rockie says:

      Didnt you watch Silverstone 2011?

      1. Matthew Smith says:

        Certainly did, and I’m an Alonso fan much more than a Ferrari fan. I didn’t really think that was as dominant a showing, especially considering the brilliance he displayed during the Renault 2005 through McLaren 2007 period. This past weekend he repeated timed his passes to perfection and left nothing on the table in terms of racecraft. So much so that he had “pace in hand”. There haven’t been many times where that’s been the case in the past 5-6 years.

  73. matt donlevy says:

    Alonso was amazing all afternoon.

  74. Rod says:

    Ricciardo driver of the day he had to pit earlier than except to change his front wing could of maybe done as good as 5th place..

  75. Sebee says:

    McLaren and Force India tied for constriuctors at 14 points!?

    How is this possible from the team with the fastest car in 2012 and no rule changes? I don’t get it.

    Obviously FA is the DOTD. I miss the vote chart with % as it would have been nice to get the visual that Vettel got the majority vote at last GP. :-)

  76. ThePrinceRupert says:

    Fernando for me…fe-no-me-na-le!

    1. fe-no-me-not says:

      If only Massa actually had the same car as Alonso, we might really see if Alonso would be DOD. We’ll never really know if Alonso was the Driver of the Day as he is the only one without a true team mate tht is allowed to battle him if he feels pressured. They clearly ruined Massa’s qualifying chances and destroyed his race because Alonso had to avoid being out qualifyed for a fifth consecutive time.

  77. Endres says:

    Tough call, Alonso wove his magic at exactly the correct time, Vettel knew going in, this was not going to be a favourable weekend, let alone track, and really came out with a “win” along with displaying some pretty impressive driving. Kimi was in total control of the equipment he had to work with, I think he is the one driver that all the others truly fear.
    Ricciardo and button both over-driving their cars to garnish impressive results.

    Ham, was, well, how does the expression go? Lipstick on a pig?

    Alonso Driver of the Weekend.

    Vettel,, Button and Kimi honourable mentions

  78. _Nick_ says:

    That was a high quality podium and the top 3 drove brilliantly. My vote goes to Alonso because it was such a dominating display.

    Ricciardo did well to only finish a few seconds behind a Ferrari and to beat the likes of Grosjean, Di Resta, Hulkenberg and Perez. He needs to do more of that if he wants to drive for Red Bull.

    James, the Aussie press are currently reporting that Webber has signed a 5 year deal to drive for the Porsche Le Mans team from next season. Have you heard anything to suggest this? I wonder if he is regretting not signing for Ferrari at the moment.

  79. Val from montreal says:

    Forget driver of the race , Vettel is driver of the new decade!

    Nothing can stop him … started 9th , could of finished 2nd but finished 4th , almost 3rd !

    Recuperated 13 seconds in just a few laps in not the fastest car … he’s the best of his and this generation too …

    1. Poyta says:

      Pity the “driver of the decade” couldn’t even complete a Q3 lap! Could of finished 2nd? Yeah right! typical fanboy.

    2. Poyta says:

      At the point in the race where he recuperated 13 seconds he was in fact in the fastest car – he was light on fuel, on brand new option tyres and with only 5 laps he was able to push against cars that had 20+ old worn prime tyres and were in tyre saving mode – what did you expect? Seem to recall Lewis doing the same thing last year in Canada, in fact it was more like 16 seconds so why isn’t he the driver of the decade?

      1. Einstein says:

        Decade spans 2011 – 2020. Very small sample size at this point but Vettel won both WDCs thus far in this decade. Hamilton fails to win 2012 WDC in the best car on the grid. 5th in 2011 & 4th in 2012. Vettel wins 16 GP last two years, Hamilton wins 7 GP. Not to mention Hamilton has moved to Mercedes and will not win the 2013 WDC. Vettel looks like a strong bet for driver of the decade.

    3. hero_was_senna says:

      And yet to win races from outside the top 3 qualifying positions…

      1. Rockie says:

        Same goes for Hamilton and most of Sennas wins an driver who wins from lower has donee a bad job in qualifying or been a topsy turvy race.
        E.e Valencia 2012

      2. Pete_from_Nepal says:

        May be thats what he was trying on Sunday lol.

        You are right, but i think thats generally quite a hard feat given how hard overtaking is currently (especially pre-DRS and tires).

        Not sure Alonso or Kimi have managed too many of those in their careers either. Kimi’s suzuka 2005 was a classic though. Wish F1 had those races now ….

      3. Val from montreal says:

        I dont know if your aware Eroe , but Senna only managed 4 wins out of 41 when outside the top 4 …

        Have a good one !

    4. rafa says:

      You do know that he recuperated those 13seconds on the brand new soft tyres vs old mediums in front of him? Sometimes i wonder if you’re for real with all of this….

      Fa DOTD, Vettel was good, full stop. Kimi, hulk and ricciardo honourables.

    5. MANish says:

      Driver of the decade LOL… you live on a different planet

    6. Jonathan says:


      If he had tried he would have qualified 4th or 5th – and certainly ahead of Button. Given that all he achieved was to pass a much, much slower McLaren.

      Red Bull are leading the constructors despite Webber’s run. McLaren have 14 points despite Button outperforming his car. So coming home in 4th ahead of Button in 5th must mean Vettel underperformed in China – and, therefore, should not even be in the list of potential DotD.

      If Vettel had been worthy of DotD he would have looked after his softer tyres and overtaken Lewis rather than sliding all over the place behind him.

  80. aditya-now says:

    Fernando Alonso – pure class and supreme control, while being aggressive and not holding back in any of his overtakes

  81. Vince says:

    Fernando Alonso. Was quick throughout, was decisive in overtakings and managed to make the tires last (just look where Massa ended up for comparison).

  82. Azza says:

    Alonso & Ricciardo!

    James there are rumours in the Australian Media of Webber signing with Porsche to race Sports Cars..
    Can you add anything to that?

    1. James Allen says:

      Mixed stories about that. Seems very convenient timing

      1. dufus says:

        Webber sais he never makes decisions this time of year. I just want him to stick it out and see what happens. He’s driving well and the car issues should go away. This is no 2011 for him….yet.

      2. Phil says:

        Didn’t he vow never to go back to Le Mans?? I hope the car hasn’t been tested only on a flat circuit where the nose can’t lift…

    2. hero_was_senna says:

      I can , let’s see Horner try to tell him any instruction to Zseb’s advantage, lol
      I wonder if that’s why we had no fuel in car and loose wheel nut

  83. dansus says:

    Easy, Alonso.

  84. chiranjeev says:


  85. BobfromNY says:

    Alonso-no doubt about it.

  86. mhilgtx says:

    Well you have to go with Alonso, he did a good job of executing his plan.

    I would make Lewis Hamilton second because even though he had Pole position it was pretty clear that his Merc was not the best car. Really not even a top 5 car.

    Daniel Riccardo for maximizing his car is my number 3.

    Button and Vettel tied for 4 and 5 because they at least had the courage to try something different.

  87. Ricky Bobby says:

    Daniel Ricciardo – Driver of the day – by far the best drive considering the car – a very important 6 world championship points – well done young man

  88. dufus says:

    Daniel Ricciardo gets my vote.

  89. bronwyn collier says:

    Daniel Ricciardo – Great qualifying and great drive. Well done.

  90. Pete says:


  91. Mark in Australia says:

    Dan Ric for sure to be Driver of the Day.

    Anyone got anything further to the reports in the Australian press this morning that Mark Webber has inked a 5 year deal with Porsche for 2014 and beyond?

  92. chris green says:

    when is hulkenberg going to get a competitive drive? he deserves it.

    1. nusratolla says:

      I was wondering that myself…. Hulk is such a talent… If there is one driver who deserves a Mclaren or a Ferrari or a Redbull it is Hulk.

      He is a planet better than both current Mclaren drivers and both the number twos in Redbulls and Ferrari.

      Ideally, I would like to see him in a Ferrari. But, Alonso is too chicken to allow that to happen.

      If he goes to Mclaren then for Mclaren it would be compensating to a large degree the loss of Lewis Hamilton.

      Redbull….. it would be two German drivers in an Austrian Team.

      He sure deserves nothing less than the best.

  93. Jake says:

    Alonso had a good race but once it was clear the Merc did not have the race pace the Ferrari had and Kimi had broken his nose he was never really challenged.
    Kimi has to take some of the blame for the Perez incident, other than that he drove very well.
    Hamilton had a good race, the Merc is not as good as the Lotus on tyre deg. and down a little on race pace. He did well to keep third.
    Vettel and Button did race well but I can’t help but think they benefitted from a strategic decision that the FIA should have addressed a long time ago.
    Daniel gets my vote.
    We do not give the middle order drivers enough credit. They really do have a tough time with middle teams being very close on race pace so when one of those guys does well their achievement should be recognised. His 7th spot was helped by a few DNF’s but he did well to keep it together.

    1. Kimi4WDC says:

      Usually McLaren drivers are pretty aware of their surroundings. With new arrivals many top drivers should take a note regarding the risks involved when overtaking that “new” McLaren.

  94. kfzmeister says:

    Clearly Alonso. P3 to P1 convincingly taking the checkered flag. Controlled the race, pressured Hamilton hard the first few laps and upped his pace exactly when needed.
    With some pace still in reserve, he perfectly controlled the race to the end.

  95. Shane says:

    Ricciardo gets my vote. Backed up his great qualifying form & finished ahead of a number of quickers cars such as Grosjean & Perez. Hopefully this form isn’t a once off for him & STR

  96. Ben says:

    Alonso without doubt, consummate performance trounced his team mate again when his aggressive driving style was expected to destroy front tyres, brilliant use of drs, the complete package…

  97. Tornillo Amarillo says:

    Kimi of course. He fought, he recuperated, he endured damage, he is 3 points from top now, very consistent and entertainment.

    IMO only in Lotus, Kimi as a driver is the main protagonist, not the Pirellis. He’s gaining more and more respect from the fans, he is racing like in the genuine F1 that we want.

    1. hero_was_senna says:

      I’d agree with the more and more respect angle.
      In my opinion he was the wrong type of driver when Ferrari signed him. Ferrari need a leader not a guy who turns up to drive only. In the last 20 years Ferrari has had that with Schumacher and Alonso only.
      I want Ferrari to win, but if it means Vettel gets beaten, then Kimi and Lewis are my new favourites.

      1. Elie says:

        I think drivers “leading” the team is a misnomer. There is a lot more to this function than the technical and operational sides. Marketing, financial, logistics,strategic -people tend to exaggerate things when in certain teams. Im certain Christian Horner will attest to that- despite the clear public weakness in his trackside authority.
        Drivers drive cars, give professional feedback- they don’t sign the pay cheques, and if that’s the case maybe that’s what wrong with certain teams and why they don’t go so well when they don’t have a good driver… Sorry I meant “leader”..:)

    2. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      In few words, IMO:

      HERO: Kimi, Ricciardo

      ANTIHERO: Massa, Vergne

  98. Ihsan says:

    Alonso of course, drove a great race and passing people between DRS detection and activation using the DRS to get away from them while the passed driver had no use of it.

  99. Feral says:


    + Daniel Ricciardo drive for 7th place

    1. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      It’s clear, people want you drive as a HERO, not as an old lady.

  100. Bruce McLaren says:

    Kimi for driver of the day. Second in a wounded not the fastest car gets my vote.

  101. Horoldo says:

    Ricciardo. The young fella was on fire, putting that car that far up the grid, then holding his own. A few more laps and he may have caused Massa and Button headaches too. Well Done!!

    Kimi did well even with damage, and Alonso was flawless.

  102. holly says:


  103. Simple says:


    Also James, could we please have the web poll, like lat year?

    1. Nick4 says:


  104. Scuderia McLaren says:

    Kimi Raikkonen 100%.

    Started okay after a glitch, consolidated. Began to move forward, Perez almost took him out. Drove with imbalance (understeer) for the remainder of the race to a convincing 2nd.

    Can only imagine if he got of the line as he normally does… Alonso’s last win would still be Germany 2012 I think.

    It is the measure of the driver that when series of events happens, he does not DNF, fall back into the pack, complain etc. It’s just, get on with it, and 2nd is okay.

    Have to mention the paralell between Webber and Vettel also.

    Abu Dhabi 2012. Vett has fueling error in Quali. Starts race from Pitlane on track notoriously hard on overtaking. Finishes 3rd.

    China 2013. Webb has fueling error in Quali. Starts race from Pitlane on track easy to overtake (as witnessed yesterday). What a mess!

    1. Mike J says:

      Abu Dhabi 2012 Torro Rosso move out of way for Vettel.
      China 2013 Torro Rosso fights for his position. Note the difference.

      And Red Bull pit Webber early in AB 2012 so that Vettel doesn’t have to try and pass Webber.

      Vetted almost crashes into back of ricciardo in AB 2012 during SC so was very lucky.

      There are always two sides to a story.

      My opinion was the Webber penalty was harsh and should have been dealt with during the race. I mean it happened in the first quarter of the race. What were the stewards doing all that time.

      1. Mike J says:

        Maybe his wheel fell off before the Stewards had a chance to????…

      2. Scuderia McLaren says:

        Haha, sure. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story eh.

        Agree about the Stewards and the tardy delivery of punishment on a pretty simple issue. Now he has to carry that through to Bahrain. No one likes that.

    2. hero_was_senna says:

      Hey scud,
      1) no one obviously heard Kimi on the sighting lap to the grid, he was only being told about clutch settings yet he told his engineer,
      Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing. :)

      2) webber in 2011, started 18th in China and finished 3rd. It’s amazing how a team can screw with your psychological frame of mind.
      I mean Kettleboy even had time to wipe out his nose on a track marker, have his usual assault on another competitor ( Riccardio, so being RBR sister team, he should have moved out of the way easily)

      1. Scuderia McLaren says:

        Hiya HWS,

        Pt1: Lol

        Pt2: Love the line “have his usual assault on another competitor”. Made me giggle. FYI, Webber needlessly spun Vergne in what can only be described as a rookie error. 3 place grid penalty for Bahrain is testament to that.

  105. Chris says:

    Im going to say Daniel Ricciardo – and not just because I am Australian. I believe he is starting to show his talent when it comes to driving. This weekend the team finally got on top of the mechanical gremlins that have dogged him in the first few races, and Dan was able to finally get on top of JEV in a very convincing way. Torro Rosso still have a way to go, but Dan was able to show his potential in an otherwise unspectacular car (at this stage, I hope it continues to get better).

    After Dan, I would have to say Jenson for his drive in an unconvincing but improving McLaren, and Lewis for showing that Mercedes didn’t just have a “one off” in Malaysia.

    As for the other 3? Well, Alonso is always going to be fast – especially now that the Ferarri is competetive, Kimi is well…Kimi, and Sebastian to be honest really wasn’t that convincing.

  106. AlexD says:

    Alonso for me, such an impressive drive. Great start and then a great drive to overtake all cars ahead after the pit stop. Not a single mistake, a very measured drive. This is what you get when your car is allowing you to race without the need to exploit the limit….

    James, Why did you remove the actual voting? Is it because vettel was never the driver of the day? Strange that we write but cannot see the actual winner here.

  107. leukocyte says:

    Kimi with a special mention for Ricciardo

    1. Daninator says:

      Yep, my pick as well.

  108. Ahmed says:

    Kimi Raikkonen.
    Drove a superb race with a car which was missing front downforce, resulting in understeer while eating up the tyres, but still managing to hold back the Mercedes of Hamilton.

    1. Rossco says:

      Apart from when Kimi made that ridiculous move on Perez… on the outside? Fool.

      1. NickH says:

        You mean the move where he put his car ALONG SIDE perez and perez crowded him onto the grass?????

        It is very obvious that Perez is way out of his depth, he gets very nervous in wheel to wheel racing, weaves about when defending and clearly has no spacial awareness. No wonder HAM and RAI where slagging off his dangerous weaving and nervous driving before the podium.

      2. Rossco says:

        I agree he is out of his depth, but still has an amazing amount of talent. Kimi put his car where no driver would have expected anyone to pass. And came from very far back, realised that Perez was on the racing line, then backed off. Cost him the win in my opinion, but that’s KIMI. Hot one week, off the next.

  109. Pman says:

    I am a Ferrari fan and Alonso did nothing wrong. BUT Ricciardo was the man!

    1. NotIdiot says:

      “I am a Ferrari fan…”


  110. Chiranjeev says:

    Fernando Alonso

  111. Nadeem says:

    Alonso as he never put a foot wrong but mainly Ricciardo did grewta things in a car which was no where last 2 races

  112. Doobs says:

    Alonso; Got the job done. No fuss, no drama. Unlike his Malaysia race.

  113. 180110 says:

    Alonso vs Raikkonen battle for the driver of the day but give it to Ricciardo ultimately because he’s not a regular there and deserves his 7th. Good on him.

    1. NotIdiot says:

      You’re not alonso or raikkonen fan? You’re sure?

  114. domenico says:

    very interesting fact: 5 WDCs in first 5 places.

    1. AuraF1 says:

      And all their teams ‘number 1s’ – whether official or not…

  115. Ledio says:

    Hi James,
    Im a Alonso and Ferrari fan, but I got to say looking at the race with a much inferior car to me Hamilton was the driver of the day. He has grow a lot as a character, his speed even more so. He is the fastest driver on the grid hands down, I just hope he keeps it up, maybe one day he’ll wear all red.

  116. Magnus says:

    Alonso was the driver of the day. Drove his race and no one could keep up.

  117. brahma says:


  118. Anop Valimbe says:

    Fernando was my driver of the day and I have to say Ricciardo was very impressive too. Putting in his best performance when Webber has a horrible weekend is pretty ominous to get a drive next season alongside Vettel.

  119. Timmay says:

    The 2 Mexicans are tied for worst driver of the day.

    1. Angelina says:


  120. student says:

    Kimi Raikkonen, definitely. He drove race with broken front wing and nose and secured 2nd place.

  121. Panayiotis says:

    Alonso, plain and simple. You could tell after the first lap that he wasn’t letting this one get away.

    Off topic btw, what’s up with all the bad luck in Red Bull being channelled on MW? For so long now, all problems seem to affect him, and only him. Is it just MW’s bad karma, or is there a RB employee in SV’s side of the garage sticking pins on a MW doll?

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:


  122. Sammy says:

    Alonso – when car and driver come together in perfect harmony.

    Keen to know if he can deliver in Bahrein as well.
    Can’t wait.

  123. Anthony Woolford says:

    Hi James,

    Daniel Ricciardo would have to be my driver of the day.
    He has recently seemed to be getting more out of his car; even allowing for some vehicle improvements, he is starting to look like one of the best.
    kind regards
    Anthony Woolford
    (country Victoria)

  124. cremto says:

    Daniel Ricciardo – well done

  125. Doctor Necrosis says:


  126. Aaron Hartland says:


  127. Siobhan says:

    It pains me to say this (as not a big fan of him) but Alonso was on fire yesterday. Very control, drove brilliantly and didn’t make any mistakes. Credit where credit is due

  128. Magnus says:

    Kim1 a simply brilliant drive in traffic broken aero and the laps after the last pitstop keeping Hamilton on new tyres just above 1 second away not letting him use DRS. Notice the diffrence to his fast teammate compared to other teams. In a race like this Kimi is the best of them all, Alonso and Schumacher included.

  129. Arnie S says:

    Alonso – Who else??
    Super second to RAI and then VET

  130. Lars J says:

    Great start, soon pushing to first, controlled the tires perfectly and did quite some overtaking fast and with resolution. No mistakes – and no luck, just pure racecraft with reserves intact if they had been needed.

  131. shihan says:

    One and only ALONSO :)

  132. Grant H says:

    man of the weekend = daniel ricciardo, 7th place in a toro rosso is a massive achievement

    1. Alexander Supertramp says:

      Definitely if you consider the amount of better cars that should finish ahead of him. Grosjean and Perez, shame on you!

  133. Tim B says:

    Alonso for me. All the top 5 drove well, and it’s good to see Ricciardo get a reasonable result, but Alonso was dominant all race long, and I can’t recall a single mistake.

    Once again very impressed with Kimi’s reaction time and car control – he didn’t manage to avoid Perez completely, but kept the car pointing the right way and scrubbed enough speed to minimise the impact.

  134. I will says:

    Very difficult tol between ALO, KIM, and HAM. They did very well.

  135. I will says:

    Very difficult to choose between ALO, KIM, and HAM. They all did very well.

  136. Alonso for getting the job done quietly and with no drama, but admiration for Hamilton and Kimi – the former drove somewhat inferior and slower car , but was OK to accept that and fight as much as he could, while Kimi drove a broken car!

  137. It would be kimi for me. After a miserable start and losing the tip of his nose, it is not the easiest thing to do, keep your head down and push.

  138. Traingle says:


  139. SD says:

    Ricciardo it is. Can’t believe VET is even featured here. Couldn’t get past Hulk and made mistakes when mattered.

  140. J R says:

    “PIRELLI TYRES!” followed by Alonso eventhough Ric did well…

  141. Bring Back Murray says:

    A real toss up between Alonso and Kimi this one.

    Kimi did well because he managed to still get a solid second place after damaging his wing.

    Alonso shades it however simply because from start to finish he was utterly in control of the race. The way he sliced through traffic after he came in after the first stop was immense.

    How many overtakes did he make in the way to winning that race? DRS or not, that was impressive. Or should I say immense,

  142. F1ONA says:

    Hulkenberg. McLaren must be kicking themselves. He drove a very strong first stint, convincingly ahead of Vettel. A bodged pit stop was the trigger for his race to start to unravel.
    Margins are so tight in F1 that small errors in strategy, performance or driving have a profound effect. Winning is chain of finely balanced events that link together to shape the result.
    I predict Nico will have some big races this year.

  143. nusratolla says:


    I think you should start ‘Car of Day’ Poll. Since, the car are behaving differently in each race to the Pirellis. So, it would be brilliant new poll to start.

    In car terms I think Ferrari were a planet apart. Followed by Redbull (only Vettel’s Qualifying Blotch cost them the challenge to win) and then by Lotus and then by Mercedes and then by Mclaren.

    And the poll must also include the strategy and how it effected each car in the final outcome.


  144. Robert Lujan says:

    Ricciardo is my pick! Ran a great race and didn’t get into as much trouble as his teammate….

  145. Peter says:

    Kimi for recovering from a bad start (not his fault), fantastic car control when crashing into Perez, great speed with a half-broken front end, 20th race into the points etc…
    Great to see the three most talented drivers of the last 10 years on the podium.

  146. DriverN1 says:

    I vote Mak Webber, because his team deliberately ruined his race. I know that Horner and Jonathan Noble rejected these thoughts and said that this is nonsense. But I do not trust them, Noble defend Red Bull because he got money for it, and I think that every clever F1-fan knows that the team Red Bull after the race in Malaysia wants to get rid of unruly Webber. Vettel in Red Bull is a favorite, they are willing to do anything for Vettel, but they want to get rid of Mark.
    So open your eyes!!

    1. mhilgtx says:

      I have gone over this before, but that view is really short sighted.

      RBR did not make Webber run into that car.

      The thought that RBR would try to sabotage their own driver when constructors points are so vital is just crazy. Even Ferrari wouldn’t do something like that. Take a penalty to bump a driver back after the WCC is out of reach but the WDC is not yes. Hurt their chances for WCC no.

  147. fe-no-me-not says:


    1: Has team orders used against him in Malaysia, meaning team hates him. Decides not to listen like a man should. Team hates him even more in China and he still beats team mate.

    2: Team prefers team mate, finally proven in Malaysia, so gives him bad strategy. Team did not even let Vettel qualify! So he had to catch up because of politics.

    3: Despite all above – he still almost got podium.

    This last 2 race make me realise how amazing he has done in last 3 years as clearly Webber the supposed to win as he is favoured by team.

    Imagine if Vettel ever gets a team that supports him equally, let alone what Alonso gets at Ferrari which is superior support.

    1. Distant Knight says:

      I want some of what this guy is smoking… Are you serious??? DOTD has to be Ricciardo by a fair margin… Supreme effort in that heap of a car

    2. Oly says:

      LMAO !!!

  148. Richard D says:

    Has to be Alonso for a faultless drive on a day when driving skill was not the dominant factor. Time for a change back to real racing without DRS and useless tyres.

  149. Nick_F1 says:

    Alonso is a good choice but now, since the start of the season, Ferrari has the best car on the grid so far, so my choice is Kimi.

    1. krischar says:

      Lotus won in Australia with two stops

      RBR took a commendable 1-2 in sepang. Ferrari were not in contention. Many people here seems short sighted Ferrari still have plenty of work to do. China may have played well for Ferrari. However Ferrari are still slower in qauli. On pure pace they are well behind mercedes, lotus and RBR. Ferrari need to improve their quali pace

      1. Nick_F1 says:

        Ferrari is well balanced for the all circuits that is why I consider it the best car on the grid.

        Others like RB, Lotus, Merceder are strong only on some particular circuits.

  150. ashboy says:

    1. Ricciardo, very good result for both him and the team.

    2. Alonso, wish i had gone to the bookies at the start of the season, he is on fire this year.

    3. Kimi, who needs a front wing any way!

  151. Blackacre says:

    Button. Hon mensh Ricciardo

  152. Matt H says:

    Alonso. No-one else was on his level.

  153. James says:

    Daniel Ricciardo

  154. AussieWoZ says:

    1) Alonso – faultless drive
    2) Ricciardo – super impressive effort
    3) Kimi – shame he didn’t get to battle Alonso

  155. JohnBt says:

    Alonso – Kimi – Lewis – in that order. Tough one though.

  156. Nick4 says:

    ALO for me. His start was sublime and he never let go after that.

  157. EDM says:

    ALO was the man, with RIC as runner-up.

  158. Anne says:

    Alonso. Honorable mention Raikkonen and Ricciardo

  159. ForWhatIt'sWorth says:

    When was the last time a Torro Rosso finished a race less than 2 seconds and closing behind a Ferrari on an even playing field?
    Ricciardo drove the wheel off that thing – gotta be him.

    1. ForWhatIt'sWorth says:

      I meant drove the “wheels” off. Must of been thinking about Webber :-(

  160. JB says:

    Alonso – the clear winner
    Kimi – honorable mention for finishing ahead of fast Hamilton despite a broken nose.
    Ricciardo – He really put a step forward on that Toro Rosso!

    Webber is moving to LeMans next year, so Ricciardo looks to be the Aussie successor after Mark.

  161. Nige says:

    Great race! My pick is Alonso. Could this be the start of something special? Every driver in the top ten deserves a mention. Kimi for driving car with half a front wing to second. Lewis for lifting Mercedes to another podium despite poor tyre deg. Vettel for trying something different from 9th and staying in the hunt for podium. Jensen for dragging the ailing Mclaren to a respectable points finish. Massa for putting pressure on Alonso but ultimately secumbing to strategy and poor tyre deg on mediums. Ricado for showing his raw potential. Hulkenburg for racing ahead of Vettel with genuine pace again showing he can run with the top guys.

  162. Gul says:

    Lewis…..that whole podium was super.

  163. David B says:

    Has to be Alonso, faultless and imperious. Gr8 drives by Riccardio and Button

  164. azac21 says:

    Fernando “el Grande”

  165. Ryan Eckford says:

    Definitely Alonso. From the first stop onwards, he was in a class of his own. Honourable mentions to Raikkonen, Hamilton, Vettel, and to a lesser extent Button and Ricciardo.

  166. schick says:

    Fernando was supreme, Kimi dumped the start again, he’s only ever got it right once, Melbourne! nevertheless an excellent drive, Ricciardo showed he has the ability…just keep that [mod] Marko well away from him!!

    1. Candice says:

      team fault, not his. Lotus informed Kimi on last minute to change the clucth setting….and it screwed kimi up on the start.

      They apologize to kimi afterwards.

  167. Ruse says:

    1. Alonso, Hamilton and Bianchi

  168. Bruce says:

    Dan’s the Man! Go Daniel!

  169. TimW says:

    Has to be Ricciardo. The others did a good job too, but Daniel’s drive was very impressive.
    A good job advert as well, is there any chance of him being promoted to the top team to replace Webber?

  170. Mr Squiggle says:

    Dan Ricciardo looked like a number one driver in a number two team.

    Not saying he’s ready for a top team yet, but I am saying the performance gap over JEV was pretty big.

    I came close to picking Kimi, but the nose damage on the LOTUS was pretty much his fault, so I think he needs to be ruled out

  171. AMSG says:

    Ricciardo. For getting into Q3 and going for it on the softs, knowing some others would go the safe route and quali on the meds. Could have been so much better without the nose change.
    Let’s just hope this was not a quirck of a track and they are not back to fighting with the poor Williams next weekend.
    As an aside. We all want to see one of the ‘new’ teams grab a single point. How far away are they James, how hard can it be?? Is the start of the season their only shot, will they get out developed very soon after. Also why have Caterham fallen away, if anyone gets that point it looks more like Bianchi (spl) these days. Although from BBC and Sky, we really don’t get to see much of the bottom teams on the coverage. Shame

    1. James Allen says:

      Agreed. I’m making that question one of the featured items on the next podcast.

      We will have Pat Symonds from Marussia.

    2. AuraF1 says:

      Sky have done features on marussia but the race coverage is not their decision it’s FOM directors choice. It would be fun to see bianchi fighting it out back there. I think it’s safe to say we’ll see more of him up front in the next couple of years – hopefully marussia won’t slide back once they lose him to a top team.

      1. AMSG says:

        I have only watched the SKY coverage once so far with a 24 hour pass. But it really would be nice to see them in action, or even some replays of the back of the grid starts. not just the front.
        I was also a bit suprised by the lack of coverage in the UK about Max Chilton. Remember all the fuss they made about Ralph Firman ? (as opposed the the normal UK drivers). I did see one article in the Daily mail, but is was more about showing a picture of his girlfriend. The accuracy of the Daily mail of matters F1 is very poor…….

    3. Alexander Supertramp says:

      All eyes on Bianchi..

  172. Haydn Lowe says:

    Alonso. Coming back from an unfortunate retirement and the supposed resurgence of his team mate Alonso was under pressure to perform unlike any of the other frontrunners – with the possible exception of Webber and Vettel.
    And man alive – did he put in a shift on Sunday! I just hope that this isn’t an anomolous result like last year’s Chinese GP…

  173. Trickle says:

    Funny how when Vettel wins a dominant, straight forward race he gets criticism and when Alonso does he gets called a masterclass. Alonso had it right on the day, best car setup and best suited to the track but nothing exceptional.

    DotD is either:

    1) Raikonnen, potentially could’ve challenged Alonso were it not for the damage and 2nd was still good considering!

    2) Vettel – Almost made the strategy work and an impressive charge at the end made some excitement. Slightly let down by the small mistake getting past the Caterham. Would definitely have got past Hamilton were it not for that.

    3) Ricciardo – Never been much of a fan of his and typically never been impressed by him. However this weekend he has completely outshone his team-mate and put in a great result for Toro Rosso.

    1. AlexD says:

      Alonso did not win start to finish from Pole position. He had to make it work for himself and I think he overtook more car then did Vettel.

      1. krischar says:

        Perfect point AlexD I agree with you mate

        What people forget here is Vettel won too many races from lights to flag.

        Alonso have not started from pole in china. He made up positons on the track with some sensible passing moves cleared the traffic and took a very well deserved victory

    2. Nige says:

      I’d say by the number of overtakes required, DRS or otherwise that Alonso’s win was anything but straight forward! And he started from 3rd not pole. An accurate comparison to Vettel would be from pole to win the race with no overtakes. As he so often did, that said Vettel is also a fantastic driver and being quicker means you don’t see much action. And he has shown many times how good his race craft is so no need to prove that anymore.

  174. Enzo says:

    1-Alonso, faultless, fast, dominant and untouchable.
    2-Kimi, didn’t make a great start and was not completely without blame regarding the incident with Perez, great drive with a car that handled different after damaging the front.
    3-Hamilton, amazing qualifying lap, great couple of laps in the race, defending the podium with all he’s got.

    Honorable mentions:Bianchi and Ricciardo, great drives from talented youngsters.
    Not so honorable mention:Sergio Perez, this wasn’t robust racing, this was pure frustration.

  175. Jon says:

    Alonso for me, used his brain and tools available to him to make educated overtakes and passes when needed. Controlled the race.

  176. Alberto Martínez says:

    All of them did well, but the highlights were the drivings from Ricciardo, Alonso and Kimi.

    Although I´m spanish and I was delighted with Alonso´s win and his controlled and intelligent race my vote has to be for Ricciardo. Long time since a Toro Rosso didn´t score so many points on merit and with such great pace – he was even quicker than Hamilton in the second stint with Mediums (laps 24 to 37).

    1. ForWhatIt'sWorth says:

      Good point about Ricciardo’s lap times. He was consistently 10 ten quick all race.

  177. Ed says:


    Thanks once again for all your efforts with your team in running this site. It is very informative.

    Last year, it was widely accepted in these early races that Alonso rang the neck of the Ferrari and put it in places it had no right in being. By the same token, how do you rate Jenson Button’s performance in Shanghai, and Malaysia (Until that stop)…

    I am of the belief that it is likely to be too great a deficit to overcome now for McLaren unless they can come up with an RB7 style rocket… can they turn it around for race wins in your opinion?!


  178. BringBackAdelaide says:

    Dan Ricciardo.
    Get the feeling that McLaren might be regretting not signing the Hulk.

  179. fausta says:

    Alonso, when he gets an opportunity he takes it.

  180. Red says:

    He is fast and control the whole race quite well. It’s really funny to see him opening his DRS when there is no car in front of him in the DRS zone.

    The way he overtook his rivals at turn one is really fantastic. Also, with a broken front wing, he kept Lewis at bay when he knew no chance to challenge Fernando in front. That’s brilliant.

  181. Lol says:

    Alonso wins easily with the fastest car while his teammate is way back: “amazing driver, this was a genius at work.”

    Vettel wins easily with the fastest car while his teammate is way back: “it’s just the car, isn’t it, just a lucky cab driver”.

    Lol at double standards and hypocrisy.

    Driver of the day was Kimi for sure.

    1. krischar says:

      Vettel drove from lights to flag all the time and took dominant victories. Where nothing was special.

      Alonso won from P3 on the grid. Superb start and excellent passing moves to clear the traffic and a well deserved victory

      Vettel had too many easy and off days since 2010 to this point. Alonso had none of them. Much of his victories came from different grid slots. Whereas vettel hardly won few races away from P1.

      Webber clearly had the measure of vettel easily for many races than massa. Watch sepang again.

      Kimi – Oh yes. Had a quick car started from P2 ? Poor start lost a couple a positions and then hit perez when the move was not there(Kimi’s Mistake purely). Yet you vote Kimi

      Double standards and hypocrisy

  182. 69bhp says:


  183. krischar says:









    1. Scuderia McLaren says:

      Sooooooooo who is your DotD? Your post is a little unclear… lol


      1. krischar says:

        Fernando Alonso

        Fantastic and well deserved victory.

        More of the same please Fernando in bahrain

        Good drives from Daniel and Bianchi

  184. AuraF1 says:

    Webber’s right rear wheel. Because even it was so imbued with its drivers anger that it tried to run across the track and take vettel out. Now that would have been pretty ironic…

  185. Jake Pattison says:

    You know it’s a good race when there are so many great drives to choose from for DOTD.

    Alonso, controlled the race beautifully.
    Kimi, Superb job with a dodgy wing.
    Hamilton, great job considering he wasn’t real happy with the car.
    Ricciardo, fantastic Quali and Race, in a bloody Toro Rosso!

    I can’t choose, really I can’t.

  186. Andrew Carter says:

    Alonso, imperious drive.

    Ricciardo and Button would be next up, Dan because he pushed Massa’s Ferrari hard to the finish line and beat cars that should have been faster. Button because I honestly can’t see anyone else getting much more out of that car than he is right now.

  187. Abdeel Kyezira says:

    For me Vettel was like a possessed man. That was a crazy last 4 laps. I think he was doing a second less in each sector relative to the leaders. So crazy it was that when I saw Hamilton locking his wheels he got all my adrenaline out. That to me was a man who wanted to win the race. And he took the day for me

  188. AlexD says:

    What happened to a real poll? Why not to see results of the voting anymore?

  189. Richard from Perth says:

    Daniel Ricciardo (not at all biased). Great result in quali & the race. great to see a guy from Perth doing so well.

  190. Steve Rogers says:

    I liked Button’s drive. I think it was faultless and took every opportunity to gain and retain tenths, no matter how unrewarding the experience. Must have been hard work!

  191. DMyers says:

    Alonso was just sublime. Raikkonen did well too in a damaged car, and di Resta’s comeback drive after being unceremoniously shoved off the road by Sutil was great.

  192. chris says:

    And the “Tyre of the Day ” goes to……

  193. BW says:

    Alonso, for all overtakes on his path to the chequered flag. But would have to re-think it if Vettel’s podium chase were successful, as he started from P9.

    Not so excited with Ricciardo, as he finished where he’d started, with Rosberg dropping out (which in fact means RIC was one place down). He could go for DOTD on Saturday, but not on Sunday.

  194. dufus says:

    Please Mark, dont leave F1.

    1. krischar says:

      I doubt this mate

      Webber may well leave F1 come the end of season

      I like webber he is good and quick driver. Yet RBR have damaged his reputation over the past 3 seasons

      It is very sad to see the demise of such a superb driver

  195. Chad says:

    Kimi. Always Kimi.

  196. Wombat says:

    Alonso + Ferrari and by a big margin, very good strategy expertly executed.
    Kimi & Hamilton deserve a Consolation Prize.
    Vettel nearly did it again…..You have to acknowledge the raw talent.
    BTW, I wonder if a certain driver is to have an eye test – looking at the fine print in his contract through his car’s mirrors?

  197. colin grayson says:

    frankly it is amazing to me how people can’t overcome their bias for a particular driver/team and look at things logically
    in this sort of poll surely the only fact to be considered is …who got the most out of what they were driving and bearing in mind their experience

    on this basis
    alonso …on his own admission was able to cruise throughout , never any pressure
    kimi …got everything there was in a damaged car

    lewis , magical performance in qually didn’t translate to race pace , got everything there was

    vettel, only car with race pace to match ferrari , but lack of qually speed dictated tactics so couldn’t get to the front ..couple of small errors

    button , uncompetitive car , strategy designed to get some points , totally disciplined and perfectly executed

    massa , race ruined by his team at first stop in order to get the perfect stop for alonso , impossible to know what would have happened , probably a 1-2 for ferrari

    ricciardo , again got everything there was , fine performance …bearing in mind his lack of experience has to be the drive of the day for me

  198. David Taylor says:

    Ricciardo for keeping his cool.

  199. Sam says:

    Kimi Raikkonen.

  200. Robert says:


    And Kimi for so effectively modifying and improving his front aero package !

  201. levi says:

    Kimi then Ricciardo

  202. MikeW says:

    Absolutely no-one.

    This race was all about strategy to counter the tyres. Over-positive DRS, varied strategies, and tyre degradation meant that no-one seriously defended any overtakes, and no-one seriously had to attack for any.

    Make no mistake – this was a procession. Oh yes, everyone was very mixed up in the middle, and passes happened throughout, but only because of the strategy mix. But almost everyone slotted into their assigned result at the end, having followed the strategists aims.

    This was no race of driver vs driver. Google’s cars could have driven this one.

    1. MikeW says:

      Oh – and I generally support DRS and the tyre changes.

      But in this race they were too strong in combination, and caused racing to be left out.

  203. tom in adelaide says:

    Imagine Sunday’s race without pitwall/driver comms. Now THAT would be interesting.

  204. Hendri says:

    I think JB is great. Very nice tyres control in underperform car

  205. Sascha says:

    Hamilton & Raikkönen
    Both worked hard for it.

    Alonso had the best car it was easy for him, Vettel made some mistakes
    Button made nothing special

    1. krischar says:

      Funny one.

      Lewis and Kimi started from P1 and P2 on the grid. Alonso wins the race from P3 on the grid. Yet he does not deserve the vote ?

      Kimi made a big mistake by taking perez on when move was not there. Yet he qualifies for driver of the day and many people vote him here

      Lewis had a dazzling pace in mercedes on saturday. Come the race day he finished from P1 to P3 (Fair enough mercedes have tyre woes). No problems with pace. He gets the vote

      Vetttel made mistake yes, Button well a superb drive in a difficult car.

      In all fairness Alonso desrves the DOTD than anyone else by a big margin for a such a fanstastic & brilliant drive.

      Good drives by Daniel and Bianchi

      1. Sascha says:

        Supherb drive from Button? Trundling around saving tyres, to a given laptime?
        Alsonso drove good , but he had the best car.

  206. Beagleboy says:

    Kimi’s my driver of the day. No much of atlker but man can he drive!

  207. Janis says:

    obviously. He did the best he could with the package he had. And gave a fantastic chase at the end of the race when most other drivers would have cruised to the finish just to save the tyres. Kept these softs alive much longer than anyone would have expected, BTW.
    Then it’s Massa. For that brilliant move on Hamilton. (Ferrari clearly demonstrated he is No.2 driver once again keeping him out for that extra lap (unlike Mercedes!))
    Finally: yes, the trick tyres provided spectacle aplenty, but – is this sport any more?

    1. Poyta says:

      I would say most of the drivers did the best they could with the package they had – Vettel is not the exception here. Ture,he gave a fantastic chase at the end but only because he had too and the only one that really could but he to say he kept his softs alive much longer than expected isn’t quite right – he got only 4 good laps out them and on the 5th was already down to the same pace as he was doing on his worn out mediums before pitting for the softs.

    2. krischar says:

      @ Janis

      Ferrari have done nothing to demonstrate Masssa as NO 2. (Take a look at RBR how webber has been treated)

      Massa hardly lost time in that one lap, maybe 2 seconds. while he finished 40 seconds behind alonso

      Massa is not goood and quick enough, look at the lap times. Alonso did plenty of overtaking to clear the traffic. Massa failed to do so

      I repeat this Massa is dumb and slow. People know this yet Ferrari have been criticized for massa’s failures.

      There is nothing brilliant with the passing move. Alonso pulled the trigger and massa followed it. Sadly lewis had no life in the tyres.

  208. Alonsona says:

    Alonso – best win since joining Ferrari!

  209. themarvz says:

    Interesting to see people choosing Alonso as driver of the day for “dominating”, “controlling the race”, “winning”. I somehow remember the days when Seb does boring races by doing the same thing, and no one votes for him as driver of the day.

    Oh, Kimi driver of the day. Made a mistake by having contact with Perez, but sports is not about avoiding mistakes anyway but how you bounce back. Did all that with a broken wing!

    1. krischar says:

      This is simple

      Vettel takes pole and cruise easily to take the victories. RBR have always produced the dominant cars ever since Mid 2009. How many poles Ferrari took between 2010 to this point ?
      How many victories Ferrari had from 2010 to this point ? 9. How many has been won from pole ? only 3

      Alonso won from P3 on the grid. Overtook plenty of cars

      Vettel had too many easy and off days. whereas Alonso worked hard ever since 2010

      Kimi made a poor mistake simple as that. When you vote a driver for the day or weekend. He should have not put a foot wrong. Kimi’s mistake was big here. Hence he does not qualify for driver of the day or weekend

  210. dufus says:

    Is Mark Webber really considering quitting ?
    Sitting here late at night hoping its not true.
    Love him or hate him its really early in the season Mark. Don’t quit now !!!

  211. John says:

    Not a fan, but has to be Alonso. Good to see Ricciardo get a great finish in what is probably a make or break year for him.

  212. aveli says:

    driver of the day was pirelli. they took away all the drivers’ performance.
    still impressed by hamilton’s desperate cries for blue flags.

  213. Rob says:

    Perez was the driver of the day…

    He’s so funny to watch. He must be taking advice from Button seriously.

  214. Tommy says:

    This one was down to the wire between Seb and Lewis. Both had to drive a near perfect last lap to take the prize. Lewis had to hold his nerve as the weakened prey. Seb had to be incisively perfect in his attack. Seb erred in his final swoop for the kill. Lewis lived to run another day. The guile of Lewis evaded the speed and strength of Seb. Lewis is my driver of the day.

  215. Dave Walker says:

    Probably going against the grain but I thought this was a mighty performance from Vettel considering the alternate strategy and how me just missed out on a podium. Up 5 places from quali wheras Alosno, Kimi and Lewis all qualified within the top 3 and started on the soft compound. Vettel for me.

  216. Shane says:

    ALO, near perfect race with speed in hand. Bodes well for Ferrari’s & Alonso’s championship hunt.

    Honorable Mention goes to Ricciardo, great result for STR.

  217. MJ says:

    Alonso, no mistakes, when needed he made every pass without drama or delay. He did not lead from the front and just lap backmarkers as some people suggest. Utterly faultless.

  218. Honkhonk says:

    Alonso. Kimi effectively damaged his car,he wasn’t at fault but takes some of the blame. I’d rate Hamilton second and I would give Kimi 3rd but, frankly I think Hulkenberg deserves special mention, again. Please get him in the other Ferrari or Red Bull or Lotus.

  219. Dan B says:

    I think first
    Alonso for a great drive. Then a mention to Kimi for the problem he drove around to a good result.And for Ricciardo for bringing the car home from a great qualifying place to the same race result.

  220. Paige says:

    Alonso gets the nod because had a perfect drive and the victory. But all of the top-4 had great races. They each had challenges to overcome- two of them had front wing challenges that definitely limited their lap times. Vettel made the strategy work as well as he could, but he really should have gotten past Hulkenberg. The time he spent behind him definitely cost him 2nd.

    Good drive by Ricciardo. He made Q3 and finished where he started. You can’t ask for much more than that from a Toro Rosso driver. If he can have weekends like this more consistently, me thinks Vettel will have a new teammate next year. Or this could be a “once in a while” thing in his second year like it was with Alguersauri, and Red Bull will coldy cut he and Vergne off and throw in Da Costa and another soon-to-be victim of the ruthless and impatient Red Bull driver development program.

  221. Dave Deacon says:

    JB – DOtD since he drove intelligently to get a better result than the car was up for. Hope McLaren get the car sorted soon to give him a chance to catch up before it’s too late.

  222. TitanRacer says:

    Daniel is my choice of the DOD award this weekend.
    given the current rules (which I hugely disagree with) any of the above could EASILY be argued to be DOD, IMHO.
    5 elite constructors with 5 WDC drivers holding 8 drivers championships did exactly what I expect them to do – deliver with near brilliance virtually everytime out.
    Daniel has quite frankly been a bit of a let down for a year and and a half, and one race does not a superstar make… BUT, as an “almost” rookie, he was nearly perfect and quick all weekend and delivered 3+ positions beyond anything I expected during the race. my hero for a day!
    kudos to Jules – kid seems pretty special. I doubt many would think Max belongs in F1 on merit, but I for one am not so down on him. he is laying the groundwork and has an excellent opportunity in getting closer to Jules to show he “belongs” by years’ end… go Marussia!! :)

  223. yassin says:

    Hi James,

    Just a thought, at pre-season testing many commentators predictions seem to imply we wouldnt not get the 7 different winners like last year.

    Looking at china one can argue Hamilton, Webber and Massa are also in contention therefore it is not out of the question to see 4-5 different winners this season.

    Do you think Hamilton/ Mercs can convert a pole into a win?

  224. Sue says:

    Got to be Alonso in that amazingly fast Ferrari, though honourable mention to Vettel for making the last few laps so thrilling.

    Hope you’ll be giving us a report of whether Vettel’s strategy was correct for him. I’m doubtful whether qualifying on the softs would have made a difference particularly bearing in mind the brake problem or if pitting for softs a lap earlier would have got him up a spot or two. Personally I think Seb himself had it sussed when he said he lost the chance of second (don’t think the win was ever possible) behind Hulkenberg.

  225. Antonio says:

    My DOD is Fernando for his aparently straightforward race but I wouldnt like forgetting the amazing work carried out by Kimi. I do agree on saying both drivers are in my opinion the really bulls of the competition. I dont forget Louis.

  226. Lopez says:

    ALONSO – driver of the day…. period!

  227. jonnyd says:

    don’t see how you can assign a driver of the day……..when all of them are driving well within their limits, to controlled laptimes.

    you might as well turn this feature into ‘car of the day’.

    thats not just an opinion from a ‘pirelli basher’ , that is what the drivers say they are having to do over the course of a grand prix. Fact.

    the drivers are 100% passengers, apart from the racecraft required at the start of the race. They’ve acknowledged as much.


    1. James Allen says:

      I don’t understand what your last sentence (which has been moderated out) was about. It was highly offensive and there is no evidence to support what you say

      So why say it? I would like you to explain, please

    2. Søren Kühle says:

      Let me get this straight.. You think that controlling an 750 hp beast with no antispin, no abs going from 320 to 100 in less than 75 metres, AND be gentle on your tyres does’nt require any racecraft or skill?

  228. Jorge Gaviria says:

    Vettel, no question. Three races on the championship and the only driver doing the show is Vettel, the race yesterday was boring until the last 5 laps of Seb, if he accept the team orders in Malaysia that would have been a very boring race.

  229. Brian says:

    If Vettel made it to the podium, he’d have my vote. As it stands, I’ll give it to Alonso since he had a faultless race. Kimi had a good drive nursing a damaged car.. however, it was his miscalculation that caused it to be damaged in the first place.

  230. Gord says:

    My prediction is Hamilton will pull an Alonso 2012, losing out by a few points due to an avoidable crash with Maldonaldo

  231. Simon Donald says:

    It was a high quality race from most of the top drivers and some others too.

    I think driver of the day cannot go to one driver, but to two – Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen. Both were fantastic in their own way. Alonso had a fairly simple win but that was of his own making. Raikkonen in a damaged car was fantastic in taking it to Hammy and securing 2nd place.

    An hnourable mention have to go to Jenson Button for absolutely maximising the potential of the McLaren and driving a very tactical race to beat many cars that on paper should have been ahead. Also an honourable mention to Daniel Ricciardo who made a strong case this race to Red Bull main team given now that its look extremely likely Mark Webber will leave Red Bull at the end of the season.

    On that note James, any insiders news on the reported 5 year contract Mark signed this weekend to join Porsche in the WEC and Le Mans starting in 2014? It’s basically been reported here in Australia as fact. Porsche have denied it which must mean its true! :-)

  232. holmes says:


  233. Kay says:

    Late to the party.

    Kimi is my DOTD for driving with half of his nose ripped off the car.


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