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Caterham announce Hari Roberts as their new head of aerodynamics
Posted By: James Allen  |  05 Mar 2013   |  10:45 am GMT  |  23 comments

Caterham have strengthened their technical team by appointing Hari Roberts as the team’s head of aerodynamics.

Roberts, who has worked for Jordan, Renault and Lotus, has aerodynamics, trackside and simulation experience.

Caterham have finished 10th in the constructors’ championship each year since joining the sport in 2010, and have failed to score a point, however, Roberts’ recruitment is a sign of a continued push to close the gap to the midfield.

Roberts will work closely with technical director Mark Smith, who he worked with at Jordan and Renault, and performance director John Iley.

Smith said: “He gives us more senior leadership in a critical area of the team’s development and it is another sign of our shareholders’ ongoing commitment to our team’s growth that we have appointed someone of Hari’s calibre to the role of head of aerodynamics.

“We have also invested in such core areas as our dedicated model shop at Leafield, the ongoing development of our High Performance Cluster (HPC), which powers our CFD and design functions, and our driver in the loop simulator – all of which give us the tools needed to fight with the most famous names in motorsport in years to come.”

Roberts added that he believes the team have the potential to move up the grid.

He said: “Caterham F1 Team has the potential to grow into a serious force in Formula 1 and I am looking forward to playing an integral role in helping the team fulfil its potential.”

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  1. Dave C says:

    I might have missed it but what happened to Mike Gascoyne?

    1. Random 79 says:

      These days he’s running the road car side of Caterham.

      In my view they would have been better off leaving Mike as Technical Chief of the F1 team, but others might disagree :)

      1. Kay says:

        When has Mike won anything??!

      2. rjbetty says:

        You kidding? Didn’t he join Jordan in 1998 around the time they improved and got a 1-2, then challenged for the 1999 title before moving to Renault when he oversaw their move up the grid from 2001 onwards. He then joined Toyota and was responsible for their 2005 season when they had the 3rd best car out there, scoring 88pts to the previous years’ 9…

      3. Kay says:

        That exactly answered my question…

  2. Cedgy says:

    Sorry James this is off topic but what do you make out of this article from the BBC about Mclaren signing up with Honda for 2015?

    Below is the link:


    The reason I’m asking you is because this website has proven over time to be the most reliable source of information in regards to F1

    Love your work!

    Cheers mate :)

    1. James Allen says:

      There is something afoot, for sure.

      I’d expect it to be no sooner than 2015/6 but this is the kind of engine Honda should be building.

      If they come back, Toyota will be a couple of years behind….

      But hopefully only as engine suppliers.. Don’t forget you can use the basic 1.6l V6 for Le Mans, so there is something to be done there

      1. Random 79 says:

        Why only as engine suppliers?

        I know Toyota (and to a lesser extent Honda) can’t run an F1 team to save their life, but by 2016 if one or two more teams leave (for whatever reason), we may need a few more teams to make up the numbers.

        Maybe it’s better to have a manufacturer with solid funding than a stream of private teams that either go bust or get bought out year after year.

        As a side note, if I were Honda I’d still be kicking myself for pulling out at the end of ’08 :)

      2. IP says:

        As a big Honda fan I would love to see them back.

        James, how much did it burn Honda when they left F1 and Brawn won the title in what would’ve been a Honda?

        Not sure the Honda was as good as the Merc engine, but surely it was good enough!

      3. Rich C says:

        Nahh… never gonna happen!
        It would be too similar to Honda’s current IndyCar 2.2L twin turbo V6 that runs on that “green” E85 crap. And probably down on power, too. No, F1 could never accept that!

    2. Kay says:

      Nice story!

      Considering it talked about history of success with McLaren and Honda, McLaren will also need Alonso and Hamilton to drive for them again in order to revive that dominance. Probably good for us fans too :)

  3. Craig in Manila says:

    On paper, this is becoming a very good team with some experienced, ex-renault people plus the renault and red bull components in their car.

    If only they had an experienced driver to help them to develop the car….

    Perhaps Mr.Webber could slot-in in 2014 and help them out.

    1. Random 79 says:

      Mr. Webber might think that a choice between RBR and Caterham is an easy choice ;)

      Of course there’s no certainty that Mark will be at RBR in 2014, but if that’s that case then I think that will be his career done…and I think that will be his choice.

      He spent enough time in the midfield in his Jaguar / Williams / early Red Bull days. I can’t see him wanting to go back.

    2. alexdhq says:

      I don’t see Webber taking a second shot at developing a green car in his F1 career.

  4. Chris says:

    A bit late in the day for this year!!

    1. Leen says:

      but in time for the 2014 car development

  5. Gruntr says:


    Slightly off topic but do know if there is any truth to the Mclaren/Honda rumours that are doing the rounds today?

    If so, will they look to Renault as a model to go off?

  6. Rich C says:

    Well, he *looks looks an aerodynamicist – see how his hair is all smoothed back – so thats all to the good! Let hope he has an immediate effect on performance!

    1. Steve says:

      yes, good observation, but still I don’t think its as aerodymanically effective as Newey’s.

      1. Random 79 says:

        I’m not sure whether to laugh or cringe…but I’m definitely leaning toward laugh :)

        Still, he does seem rather impressed with that wall / roller door. I guess now we know what happened to the 10m they got for beating Marussia in the final standings ;)

  7. Leen says:

    good signing for Caterham, also in the department where they needed the most attention.

  8. zerof50 says:


  9. Random 79 says:

    Hari really can’t go wrong.

    If Caterham doesn’t do well this year, then oh well.

    But if Caterham improves, then Hari’s the guy that saved the day :)


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