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Darren Heath
Posted By: James Allen  |  23 Jan 2013   |  6:54 pm GMT  |  46 comments

The Lotus F1 Team has announced that it will pull the covers of its 2013 challenger, the E21, in an online ceremony on Monday 28th January, making it the first 2013 Formula 1 contender to break cover.

Fans can join in the fun, as the whole event will be streamed live from the team’s base in Enstone; the launch will be broadcast on the team’s YouTube channel – http://www.youtube.com/lotusf1team – from 19:15 (GMT) / 20:15 (CET).

We will have technical analysis of the new car soon after the launch here on JA on F1. So be sure to check in to find out what the talking points are on the new cars.

The event will also be broadcast live on Sky Sports News HD in the UK, including exclusive interviews and additional content.

The team will post interviews with the drivers and shots of the new car on its website.

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  1. goferet says:

    Hey January 28th >>> That’s next week man >>> Yippie!!!

    So what? Does this mean Lotus have been working of this piece of machinery for quite sometime and seeing as they’re my pick for the fastest car in 2013, it just might be so, you know.

    Alright bring it on, however, can’t make up my mind on who will unveil the prettiest 2013 car >>> maybe Mercedes who knows (all those technical directors have to be good for something)

    Say, am I the only one that’s thinking that this no-fuss/no-press online only Lotus launch was Iceman’s idea, least we forget, he knows what he’s doing hehehe.

    1. Sri says:

      @goferet: You seem to have warmed up to Lotus especially Kimi. How come? Your posts last year seem to be on a different note as far as Kimi was concerned.

      1. goferet says:

        @ Sri

        You seem to have warmed to Lotus

        Well, what can I say, Lotus was the surprise of last season and they pretty much impressed me and that’s why they’re my top pick this season (mainly based on superstition am afraid)

        As for Kimi, once upon a time I used to root for him till I changed camps.

  2. Anne says:

    Please don´t ask Kimi to go to work on a Monday. Why Lotus has to be the first team? They should wait until the first test begins. Kimi shouldn´t be bother with presentations and inteviews in late January. That´s insane.LOL!!!
    Jokes aside I love Kimi and I can´t wait to take a look at the car. I really wish Lotus and Kimi the best of luck this season

    1. Wayne says:

      Lol, I can’t wait to see the first of the new cars either. I know it will bare little resemblence to the car that rocks up for the first race but still…. exciting times!

  3. ed24f1 says:

    Is the Honeywell deal still going ahead?

    1. James Allen says:

      You hear maybe not, but all will be revealed on Monday

      1. C Lin says:

        I thought its off already.
        Let you said James, all will be revealed come 28 January.

  4. Shmeeeeve says:

    Hope their streaming goes better than last year! Didn’t they have a technical problem that meant the website wouldn’t work or something?

    Also, why isn’t Sky’s F1 channel showing it rather than Sky Sports News? It’s been showing the ‘Your home for Formula 1′ loop for months, you would have thought they’d jump at the chance to put something else on!

    1. Chromatic says:

      You’re paying for Sky F1 out of season ???

      1. Peter says:

        It comes as standard with the Sky HD package. If Shmeeeve is in the same situation as I am, they have never had to pay extra for Sky F1 ever.

        (So far, at least. Fingers crossed it stays that way.)

      2. iceman says:

        It’s not a premium channel, it’s part of a general Sky HD package that includes many other channels.

      3. iceman says:

        At least, it is at the moment.

    2. C Lin says:

      You can catch it live on youtube as well.

    3. The Catman says:

      Apparently Sky’s new F1 coverage starts on 15th February….


  5. vicnsi says:

    Be one of the first to hear the E21 ROOOOOAAAR into life for the very first time….


    First blood to Lotus!


    Bring on F1 2013!!

  6. alam says:

    I hope they do a Mclaren, ie unveil car a that looks nothing like the one the end up with at the start of the race.

    I like that, rival teams don’t get time to copy sorry!! I mean understand the car as it is too late.

    1. hero_was_senna says:

      It’s not only Mclaren.
      All the teams unveil their cars with wings from previous season, or not all the parts fixed to the bodywork for this very reason.

      1. Kay says:


        2010 McLaren introduced their car without the F-duct. Caught everyone out.

  7. alam says:

    Dear James,

    As we are on the topic of Lotus do you think the swapping of race engines of Kimi and Webber will be to their benefit or detriment?


    1. James Allen says:

      I think Webber’s engineer Ciaron Pilbeam is going to be a senior engineer for Lotus, not specifically Kimi’s engineer. That’s Mark Slade still, as far as I know

      1. Chromatic says:

        James, have they still got Permaine or if not, where is he now?

      2. toleman fan says:

        James, what was the role split between Simon Rennie and Mark Slade last year, esp re. Kimi? Am I right that it was Rennie on the radio who triggered the (in-)famous, “I know what I’m doing…” stuff?

      3. James Allen says:

        Yes, that was him. Slade was main engineer.

        It’s a good promotion for Rennie.

  8. F12012 says:

    Great, can’t wait to see all the new cars, maybe lotus can spring a surprise this year with kimi

    1. C Lin says:

      I think budget is still a problem compared with the top teams. My guess it would again end up around top 4/5 in WCC for 2013.

      1. toleman fan says:

        + 1, sadly.

  9. blah says:

    I just hope they don’t have that buxton guy hosting again…

  10. Dave C says:

    At the end of the day when its all said and done, the Mclaren will again have the fastest car but handicapped by their drivers just like last year, Kimi should go back to Mclaren and gain the title thats owed to him by multiple mechanical failure when they were the fastest package in F1 in years 2003 and 2005, I think the iceman would wipe the floor with Perez and even Button.

    1. Elie says:

      He creamed button in the e20 in his first year back. So imagine what he would have done in a mclaren

      1. Wanja says:

        That depends if the McLaren would have suited his driving style and if he would’ve got along well with his engineers.

      2. Elie says:

        A good driver sets the car up to suit his driving style. Kimi never had a problem in his 4 years at Mclaren & he certainly had no problem setting up his Lotus after 2 years out of the sport.

      3. Spinodontosaurus says:

        Button was destroyed by Hamilton in 2013 but Mclaren managed to make sure the points table didn’t reflect this (not deliberately, conspiracy theorists).
        I highly, highy doubt a rusty and overly cautious Kimi would have got near the level Hamilton did.

    2. Jake says:

      Kimi to McLaren- I don’t think so.
      “Kimi tuck your shirt in” says MW. “Leave me alone, I know how to wear a shirt” replies Kimi. “Shut the door on your way out” cries MW.

      McLaren was handicapped by Lewis last year?

    3. Chapor says:

      Really…? It was the drivers fault? Please explain…

    4. Kay says:

      The drivers didn’t handicap the team last year. Hamilton suffered from various failure.

  11. Elie says:

    Great News- Lotus I think will continue to grow in popularity if the results are anything like last year.

    The teaser Lotus posted on Twitter showed gills on what looked like the air intake- is this the passive DRS theyve been working on in 2012 ??- I cant wait to see. The other thing will be if the new Pirellis will warm up better will suit the Lotus package-hopefully improve their quali performance.

    I hope Kimi comes out even stronger than last year. Godspeed Iceman- I cant wait to see testing.

  12. Elie says:

    Link to the tweet teaser of the E21. For anyone interested.

  13. Scuderia McLaren says:

    I have a soft spot for Kimi. I am very much into the analysis of driving styles and really think his ability is mega when switched on. It seems though, to me anyway, that his performance window is the size of a small coin.

    A bit like Jenson in that way, though their respective styles differ greatly. For both, the car has to be balanced to their liking and all the little things need to be spot on. If so, they can be mega. In kimi’s case, it is like watching Senna’s style. Really epic.

    If the new Pirelli’s are anything like they say they will be, I think Kimi and Lotus will be the dark horse. A year up their sleeves and a car to Kimi’s liking… plus tyres to suit, well it could be an upset.

  14. McHarg123 says:

    I’m a big fan of Lotus and Kimi, and honestly think they are a real chance of a title tilt. They might not be up there with the likes of Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren in terms of development rate but Kimi’s consistency and hopefully Romain’s improved track awareness will spring a surprise this year.

  15. Jake says:

    Before we get too excited and give Kimi third spot in the WDC before the season starts, we should remember last season there were a few anomalies in the final rankings related to reliability issues and rookie carnage.
    We should expect that the problems with the Renault alternator have been fixed and that Red Bull reliability, particularly Webber’s car, will be back to normal. We also saw that the operational problems affecting McLaren had been addressed last season and the tire problems that caused Button major problems in the first half of the season are unlikely to reappear this year.
    Massa was also showing some of his old form in the last few races, no reason why that should not continue into the new season.
    The demolition derby drivers have had a year to settle down therefore we should expect fewer first lap pile ups.
    Basically Kimi will have to fight much harder for each and every point with close competition from Button, Webber and Massa. There is also the unknown quantity that is the new 2013 Merc. The Merc has the potential to be fast. If they have sorted the issues we can add Rosberg and Hamilton into the mix. They will all be taking points from each other over the season. Think it’s going to be tough going for the Lotus.

  16. Sufyaan Patel says:


    There are rumours that James Allison is also on the way out. Have you heard anything?

    Moving on, I believe Lotus may well close the gap on those in front. They didnt exploit the coanda exhaust as well as the top 3, so maybe they wont miss it as much. Just like the start of 2012, the top 3 teams seemed to have lost some of their advantage without their more advanced EBD systems. So it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

    So yeah, dark horses are Lotus for me. I feel it may be Ferrari’s year though. They seem to have put that wind tunnel behind them and with proper data/tools to work with, I expect them to come out with a very strong package.

    1. James Allen says:

      If I were Whitmarsh and I was about to lose Paddy I would have James at the top of July list, probably ahead of any of the internal candidates

      1. Sufyaan Patel says:

        Thanks. Sums up how much of a loss he will be.

        I’ll wait for the eventual news…. If/when it goes ahead.

      2. toleman fan says:

        Ahead of trying to extract Ross or Bob Bell (or someone else?) from Merc?

        I know Merc have deeper pockets than Lotus. But if I was at Brackley, I’d be polishing my cv…

  17. Janeen says:

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