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Your chance to visit the factory where Lewis Hamilton’s new F1 car is being built
Posted By: James Allen  |  04 Dec 2012   |  11:00 pm GMT  |  750 comments

At JA on F1 we are always trying to bring the fans closer to the sport; last month we took ten lucky fans behind the scenes at the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory in Brackley, England.

The visit was such a success that we are able to offer another tour!

We have an opportunity to take another ten fans behind the scenes to experience how a Formula 1 team factory works, to visit the various departments and to see where Lewis Hamilton’s and Nico Rosberg’s 2013 F1 car is being built.

This superb opportunity comes thanks to our partner UBS and to the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team.

To get a sense of what our visitors experienced last month and what lies in store for you, click here

You will see where the engineers work, the different departments of an F1 factory, where individual parts of an F1 car are fabricated and where the car is assembled, as well as the race bays where the mechanics work on the cars between races.

Refreshments will be served at the start of the event and there will be lunch afterwards.

And James will be there to accompany you all the way and to give insights into any areas of interest you may have in current F1, including race strategy.

The Tour takes place on Monday December 10th, with arrival at 09-30am for a 10am start.

Entry is free and the process is very simple: Leave your name below and we will select ten winners at random on Thursday night, from 19-00HRS UK time.

A post notifying the winners will be put up soon after.

Terms and conditions

- Prize does not include travel to and from Brackley, Northamptonshire.

- Competition is free to enter

- Only people excluded from entering are employees of other F1 teams, suppliers or competitors.

General Obligations

(i) you take part in the Event on your own account and at your own risk and liability;
(ii) you are aware of the potential hazards associated with your participation in the Event;
(iii) you will not be under the influence of drugs, medication or alcohol before or during participation at the Event;
(iv) you are completely healthy at the time of the Event and not suffering from any illness that may impair your ability to take part or interfere with or endanger your participation;
(v) you will adhere to all health and safety briefings provided by the Organiser;

The Organiser reserves the right to exclude any party from the Event immediately should such party contravene any of the above terms and conditions.

• Participation in the competition is open anyone aged 18 and over, save for employees and contractors of rival F1 teams, suppliers or competitors, who are not eligible to participate.
• The promoter reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone it deems unsuitable or unable to take part.
• Winners may be required to submit valid identification and proof of age at any stage of the competition and/or before receiving their prize.
• The winners must confirm that they will be available to attend the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory on Monday 10th December.
* Travel to and from the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory is at the winner’s own expense.
• By entering the competition, participants agree that their personal data submitted as part of the registration process will be stored and processed by the promoter as data controller in accordance with applicable data protection laws for the purpose(s) of administering/operating the competition.
• Any failure to adhere to these terms and conditions will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.

The competition entry period is between 19-00 PM GMT on 4 December 2012 and 19-00 PM GMT on 6 December 2012 (the “Entry Period”).

Winners will be notified by email and the names of the winners will be posted on the website www.jamesallenonf1.com

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  1. James T says:

    James T

    1. Mike Allward says:

      Brilliant! So glad I saw this article.

    2. Joe Gardner says:

      A very big MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS fan!

    3. Terry Bunnag says:

      How amazing!

    4. Rob Berryman says:

      Fingers crossed. Early Christmas present

    5. Simon Greenwood says:

      Fingers crossed

    6. Will Cooper says:

      fingers crossed :-)

    7. Arthur Chan says:

      Second time lucky?

    8. JAMES GALVIN says:


    9. Jason Smith says:

      Heres to hoping

    10. colin peach says:

      Colin Peach Winner ? :-D

    11. Phil says:

      Wow a chance to meet James and be in his presence.

      Plus a chance to see round the Mercedes F1 “Whoever they are” factory.


      Please please pick me.

    12. nathan dillon says:

      Nathan Dillon

      love to see round a factory!

    13. Neil Wells-West says:

      A truly exceptional opportunity and one I would cherish for the rest of my life!

      1. Ben Russell says:

        Ben Russell

    14. Diehl Gerald says:

      I’m just one of the biggest fans of Magic Lewis!!

    15. Cliff Webb says:

      This would be a huge event, especially from Cornwall!

    16. Graham Hill says:

      Hope I get picked!!

  2. Jon Bayliffe says:

    Jon Bayliffe

  3. Aman Bains says:

    Aman Bains

    Missed out last time, second time lucky? :)))

    1. Matthew Wheeler says:

      Matthew Wheeler

  4. Sam White says:

    Sam White

  5. Wwould be facinating to look at at understand more about the aero boffins work, Very intrigued in this aspect of car design!

  6. I would love the opportunity to go, please.

    Nick J Stilwell

  7. alastair emmerson says:

    Pick me!

  8. Matthew Pitt says:

    Matt Pitt

  9. Roger says:

    Trying again!

  10. Marc Wood says:

    Awesome prize!

    Marc Wood

  11. F12012 says:

    Neil Grattan

  12. Darren Chandler says:

    Good Luck Everyone

  13. Dominic Biddlestone says:

    Dominic Biddlestone

  14. Jonathan Allen says:

    Jonathan Allen

  15. Ryan Wood says:

    Ryan Wood

  16. Stuart Gillespie says:

    Stuart Gillespie

  17. Neal hebert says:


  18. Phil Oakley says:

    Phil Oakley

    Would be the trip of a lifetime!

  19. Dan Kennington says:

    Dan Kennington

  20. Chris Chalmers says:

    Chris Chalmers

  21. Kara keating says:

    We would love to take this tour! We are big f1 fanatics and big fans of Lewis Hamilton! : )

  22. Phil Wall says:

    Yes please….

  23. tom lowe says:

    Tom Lowe

  24. Stephen Heron says:

    Stephen Heron, fingers crossed!

  25. Damien Duffy says:

    Damien Duffy

  26. Dave Rowe says:

    Dave Rowe

  27. James Rigby-Jones says:

    This would be amazing to win this. Fingers crossed

  28. Alan says:

    Alan Dove

  29. Carwyn Bowen says:

    What a fantastic opportunity. Love the technical side of F1, would really enjoy seeing a peek behind the carbon curtain.

  30. James Thorburn says:

    James Thorburn

  31. Lewis Fergusson says:

    Lewis Fergusson, yes please.

  32. Boo Matthews says:

    Boo Matthews

  33. Kevin Colborne says:

    Christmas come early?

  34. Charlie Noble says:

    Fingers crossed….

  35. Jack says:

    Jack Denby

  36. Karl Reid says:

    I would love to visit the factory & learn more about Mercedes :-)

  37. Will Ho says:

    Will Ho

  38. Roger Mortimer says:

    great opportunity, thanks James

  39. Usi Arshad says:

    Usi Arshad

  40. Daniel Whittington says:

    Daniel Whittington

  41. Denise Newman says:

    Denise Newman

  42. Ian Bianchi says:

    Me please.. ;-)

  43. Sarah Irwin says:

    Sarah Irwin

  44. Chris Wilkin says:

    Chris Wilkin

  45. Phil Bach says:

    Sounds like a fantastic day out!

  46. Dirk says:

    I would love to go!

    Dirk from Holland

  47. James Berti says:

    James Berti
    I feel some Canadian flavour is necessary for this tour, and I am the perfect candidate.. Sign me up JA!

  48. Ravi Ghowry says:

    Ravi Ghowry

  49. Kat Hodgkinson says:

    Kat Hodgkinson

  50. Steve Riggs says:

    Yes please, would be great.

  51. Paul Newman says:

    Yes please!

  52. Chris cort says:

    We be interesting to see the other side of the fence !!

  53. Terry Pearson says:

    Dear Santa

    I wrote to you at the weekend asking for a McLaren P1, perhaps you could also organise my name being picked for a visit to Mercedes AMG Petronas.

    If all else fails will you make sure the socks are black.



    1. Terry Pearson says:


      I have just got to my desk to see I have a meeting on the same day which it would be difficult to miss, please would you withdraw my name from the entry list – apologies #meGutted

      Have a great day with the lucky ten…..

  54. Carolyn Paterson says:

    Carolyn Paterson

  55. Daniel vickery says:

    Pretty please!

  56. Stuart reason says:

    What a prize!

  57. Jonneh says:

    J ilott

  58. Sandra Paterson says:

    Sandra Paterson

  59. Jason Beet says:

    Jason Beer

  60. Alan Colegate says:

    Alan C

  61. Mark Saxby says:

    What a great opportunity! Thanks for offering it.

  62. Santino Sirignano says:

    Id love the chance to view the facilities and meet the people blessed with working with my hero Michael Schumacher :)

  63. Helen Beet says:

    Me pls

  64. Lewis Greaves says:

    Don’t chose me I work for Mclaren ; )

  65. Mark Davies says:

    Mark Davies!

  66. YuppieScum says:

    Oh! Yes please!

  67. David Mowatt says:

    F1 fan for over 30 years so would be great to attend the tour

  68. Paul says:

    Paul Cordrey.

    Fingers crossed!

  69. Kevin Ball says:

    Kevin Ball

  70. Jonathan Hawkins says:

    Jonathan Hawkins

  71. Sam Gunstone says:

    Sam Gunstone

  72. Jonathan Boxall says:

    Jonathan Boxall

    Wow, would love to go!!

  73. Ben Crump says:

    Ben Crump

  74. Ben Wheatley says:

    Ben Wheatley

  75. Tim Nicholls says:

    Tim Nicholls

  76. Simon Russell says:

    Simon Russell

  77. Janine Hutson says:

    Janine Hutson

  78. Paul Hepworth says:

    Paul Hepworth

  79. MIke Lucas says:

    Mike Lucas would like to go please.

  80. John Towell says:

    John Towell

  81. Jag Chatram says:

    Jag Chatram

  82. Muhammad Patel says:

    Plz pick me

  83. Alan Litchfield says:


  84. Sam Jarvis says:

    Sam Jarvis

  85. Nobu says:

    Nobu K.

    I will fly across the pond for this!

  86. Richard Morton says:

    Richard Morton

  87. james glencross says:

    James Glencross

  88. Martin McCauley says:

    Martin McCauley

  89. Chris Lake says:

    Fingers crossed??

  90. Matthew Smith says:

    Avid fan of F1 since the late 70′s.

  91. Pamela Ritchie says:

    Pamela Ritchie

  92. Dean Slater says:

    Dean Slater

  93. Scott Armitage says:

    Scott Armitage

  94. Sean McDonagh says:

    Sean McDonagh

  95. Kayleigh Davenport says:

    Kayleigh Davenport :-)

  96. James Banaszak says:

    James Banaszak

  97. Lee Aspinall says:

    Would love an insight into an F1 factory and to discover where the engineers work. My dream is to work in the aerodynamics section some day.

    Lee Aspinall

  98. Barrie Lee says:

    What an amazing opportunity for whoever goes, I hate my fingers crossed!

  99. Anis Bashir says:

    Anis Bashir

  100. Ed Fisher says:

    Huge fan, huge huge fan!

  101. Chris White says:

    Chris White

  102. Tariq Khan says:

    It would be a dream come true visiting the Mercedes Factory.

    T A Khan

  103. David Grant says:

    David Grant

  104. Tim Crouch says:

    Tim Crouch

  105. Matt says:

    surely it my turn this time!

  106. Martin Fagan says:

    What a chance to see the future champions in action at their base.

  107. Edel says:

    Stephen O’Keeffe

  108. Gary lawrance says:

    Yes please !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Stephen Johnston says:

    Would be great :-)

  110. Ian Freestone says:

    Ian Freestone

  111. Stelian Dobrin says:

    Stelian Dobrin

    would love to win,it would be the best Christmas present ever

  112. Laura Wright says:

    Great early 40th birthday present for me (fingers crossed!).

  113. Steve Hall says:

    Now that sounds like an interesting way to spend a Monday. Count me in! (Hopefully)

    Steve Hall

  114. Dave Walker says:

    This would be special!

  115. Steven Lovell says:

    Steven Lovell

  116. Shaquille Francis says:

    Would love to go. Huge fan of Lewis!!

    1. Shaquille Francis says:

      Shaquille Francis sorry.

  117. Ryan Gilmore says:

    Ryan Gilmore :-)

  118. Trevor Parr says:

    Should have worked in F1 but too old now!

  119. Tom Hitchings says:

    Tom Hitchings

  120. Kyle Tyrrell says:

    Kyle Tyrrell

  121. Alastair Gibbs says:

    Alastair Gibbs

  122. noel storey says:


  123. Lilian robins says:

    Lilian robins

    1. Lilian robins says:

      I would love the opportunity to see the fActory and how Lewis car comes together love Lewis xx

  124. Graham Marchant says:

    I fancy a bit of that!!

  125. Baghetti says:

    Bart De Pauw

  126. Steven Kewley says:

    Steven Kewley

  127. Paul Clough says:

    Paul Clough

  128. Ian Fidderman says:

    Ian Fidderman

  129. Seán Craddock says:

    Seán Craddock

  130. marc says:

    Marc brown please by the way please is not part of my name ;-)

  131. David Bundock says:

    Would make my year.


    David Bundock

  132. Ian Banks says:

    Ian Banks

  133. Jason Harvey says:

    Jason Harvey

    Would love to go

  134. Craeas says:

    Craig Easton

    Top man, James

  135. terry baldwin says:

    terry baldwin

  136. James Moodie says:

    James Moodie

  137. Peter keen says:

    Yes please !

  138. Barnaby says:

    Barnaby Rowe would love to go!

  139. joshua says:

    Joshua parkes

  140. David Bailey says:

    David Bailey.

    Fingers crossed.

  141. Gareth Watson says:

    Gareth Watson.

    I’d love the opportunity to go.

  142. Paul Barnby says:

    Is it my turn now?

  143. Robert Wilson says:

    Robert Wilson

    This kind of opportunity would be an absolute dream for me!

  144. Andrew Donaldson says:

    Andrew Donaldson

  145. Phil Sleigh says:

    Phil Sleigh

  146. Emma banks says:

    Emma Banks this would make a fab xmas present for some massive lewis friends of mine

  147. Chance of a life time!!! Enter me, please!

    Richard Goodwin

  148. David Caceres says:

    David Caceres

  149. Andrew archer says:

    Well I’m supposed to be off work doing the Christmas shop but this would be an amazing excuse !!

    1. andrew archer says:

      Andrew Archer

  150. David Needham says:

    Would be great to go, fingers crossed!

  151. Garriel says:

    Samuel Canca

  152. Chris says:

    Sounds cracking! Chris A.

  153. Angela Silcocks says:

    Angela Silcocks

  154. Alvin Si says:

    Alvin Si

  155. Anthony Hua says:

    Anthony Hua

  156. Stuart Harrison says:

    Aiieee! Stuart Harrison.

  157. Allan Dickinson says:

    Allan Dickinson

  158. Martin Hobbs says:

    Fingers crossed!

  159. Scott Carney says:

    Scott Carney

  160. Chris Halliday says:

    Lewis, Nico, Brawn, Mercedes. Exciting combo. Hope their relative performance towards the end this year means they have been plodding resources into 2013.

  161. Stephen Marx says:

    Me please :-D

  162. Julian Levy says:

    Fingers crossed, would love to get up close to the cars and the guys behind the sport I love do much!!

    Julian Levy

  163. Paul F says:

    Paul Fields

  164. James Billing says:

    I’ll roll the dice and see if I get lucky…

  165. Mitchell Wagstaff says:

    All the way over here from New Zealand. This would be incredible!!!

  166. Tom Shelley says:

    Thomas Shelley

  167. Will Bailey says:

    I’d so love to go! From an F1 fanatic that’s never experienced it in real life!

  168. Steve Bones says:

    Steve Bones

    Looks like an awesome chance to see behind the scenes!

  169. Ray Light says:

    Thanks James for giving F1 fans this opportunity to enter an amazing competition.

  170. Andrew Munro says:

    Would be great, thanks for the opportunity again!

  171. Laurent Godard says:

    Please, make my dream come true.

  172. Daniel Chow says:

    Daniel Chow

  173. John Byers says:

    Can i go please.

    John Byers

  174. Tony Swainston says:

    Sounds great.

  175. James Bruce says:

    Second time lucky? Would love the chance to see the factory building Lewis’s next car

  176. Lisa Clarke says:

    Lisa Clarke

  177. Christian Holm says:

    Christian Holm

  178. Randomly pick me please

  179. D@X says:

    Sunga Lungu

  180. Tom Clancy says:

    YES PLEASE!!!!

  181. Jason Pepper says:

    Jason Pepper, what an opportunity to see where the next world championship car is being made.

  182. Daryl Brown says:

    Daryl Brown

  183. Irish con says:

    Conor McLarnon.

  184. Nick Adamson says:

    Nick Adamson

  185. Gringo74 says:

    Gregor Birszwilks

  186. Paul Bendrey says:

    Paul Bendrey

  187. Greg Wales says:

    Greg Wales

  188. Ben Tucker says:

    Ben Tucker

  189. Daniel Hale says:

    Daniel Hale!

  190. Joe Walsh says:

    Joe Walsh

  191. Phil W says:

    I’d love to go.


    Phil Waddell

  192. John Preece says:

    John Preece

  193. Peter Crooks says:

    Yes Please count me in! ¬

  194. Rein Bauer says:

    Rein Bauer, please!

  195. luke says:

    Luke Robbins

  196. mark b says:

    Mark b

  197. Christian Murrau says:

    Christian Murray

  198. Henry Hamilton says:

    Fingers crossed!

  199. Neil Harper says:

    Yes please!! :-)

  200. Matt Warwick says:

    Nice easy to enter prize draw :-)
    Thanks James!
    - Matt W

  201. Matthew Wilks says:

    Matthew Wilks

  202. Yi Feng says:

    I’m really looking forward to visiting the factory!!!

    Yi Feng

  203. Jijay Barney says:

    It would be a hounour and a privilege for you guys to pick me to go to this very unique and once in a life time prize.

  204. Dan Selby says:

    A nice way to spend a day off in my opinion – much better than being dragged out Christmas shopping with the Misses!

  205. I have visited the MERC Bremen facility and collected my wife’s Merc – this would blow that away even without coming away with a new car – Dec 10 is in my calendar. Thank you.

  206. Myke Smiff says:

    Myke Smiff

  207. Chris Palmer says:

    I never win anything!

  208. Rob Witherden says:

    Rob Witherden

  209. Karl winship says:

    Good luck everyone.

  210. Myke Smiff says:

    Hope I win :)

    Mike Smith

  211. Craig Morrison says:

    Here’s hoping! :-)

    Craig Morrison

  212. Dimitar Kadrinski says:

    Dimitar Kadrinski

  213. Matt Malone says:

    See you there!

    Matt Malone

  214. Chris Caddell says:

    Chris Caddell

  215. Andrew Rhymer says:

    This would be an Amazing….. F1 experience.

  216. Kevin Schmidle says:

    Kevin Schmidle

  217. Fabio Palmini says:

    did you know there is more sugar in 1Kg of lemons than in 1Kg of strawberries?

    Fabio Palmini

  218. Paxdog57 says:

    Yes this would be a memory

  219. Splade24 says:

    Would it be possible to leave more time next time for international entrants to organise getting to the UK? I know these things may be rushed and it’s a shame fans from other countries have next to no chance of making it.

  220. Andrew Oppy says:

    Andrew Oppy coming from oz.

  221. Ernest Zamora says:

    Ernest Zamora

  222. Robert says:

    Robert G S

  223. Bren Fraher says:

    Bren Fraher

  224. Ashwin says:


  225. J Whitwell says:

    Yes please.

  226. Hitesh Patel says:

    Hitesh Patel

  227. Steve Nye says:

    Steve Nye

  228. Alex Heyes says:

    Alex Heyes

  229. Peter Brazier says:

    Peter B

  230. Narayana Kondreddi says:

    Thank you

  231. Amol Kulkarni says:

    It would be a great honor!

  232. Joonas Rajaniemi says:

    Joonas Rajaniemi

  233. Mike Adu. says:

    Mike Adu.

    I have my lucky ring on as i type this.

  234. Matthew Lawrence says:

    Matthew Lawrence

  235. Kanon Lo says:

    Kanon here. Hope I win!

  236. Barnaby Smith says:

    Barnaby Smith :)

  237. Chris Abbott says:

    Chris Abbott

  238. Rob Locke says:

    Rob Locke

  239. Ronnie Cowie says:

    Would love it

  240. Richard Groves says:

    Richard Groves

  241. jason twell says:

    I’ve been to the mclaren factory so it would be good to see what merc need to do to raise their game!!!!! lol.

  242. Nigel Butler says:

    That would be good.

  243. Sarwar Ahmed says:

    Sarwar Ahmed

  244. Siddhartha says:

    Siddhartha Biswas

  245. John Kilmartin says:

    John Kilmartin

  246. Richard Hall says:

    Richard Hall

  247. David Hastings says:

    David Hastings

  248. Steven Askwith says:

    Steven Askwith

  249. J Deans says:

    Fantastic opportunity for those who win

    J Deans

  250. Gurpal Chima says:

    Gurpal Chima

  251. Paul Stocker says:

    Paul Stocker

  252. Victoria Palmer says:

    That’s a long list of replies – but one I’m happy to join! :-D

  253. Hitul Mistry says:

    Please let me be one of the 10 !

  254. Rich Gray says:

    Rich Gray

  255. Chris Storey says:

    Chris Storey

  256. Mike Alexander says:

    Mike Alexander

  257. Victoria says:


  258. Rebecca Smith

  259. David Bispham says:

    David Bispham

  260. Steve Berry says:

    Steve Berry. Thanks for the chance James.

  261. Jamie Cottage says:

    Jamie Cottage

  262. Ron Cairnie says:

    Ron Cairnie

  263. James Pyatt says:

    James, wouldn’t an Aussie would be a welcome guest at Brackley ??????????

  264. Richard McDonald says:

    Richard McDonald

  265. Jason fearn says:

    I wonder if Nicole will be doing the tea’s

  266. Jason allen says:

    Everything crossed

  267. Andrew J says:

    ANdrew J

  268. Richardc says:

    Richard Cummins

  269. Gordon Hill says:

    I would love the opportunity to visit the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team’s factory.

  270. Bruno Fati says:

    Bruno Fati

  271. Greg Rhodes says:

    Greg Rhodes

  272. Mark Harries says:

    Mark Harries

    A great opportunity to see carbon fibre artists at work!

  273. Aaron Rattan says:

    Aaron Rattan

  274. Lizzie N says:

    Lizzie N

  275. MG says:

    Matt Gilson

  276. Richard Keech says:

    Richard Keech

  277. Carl says:

    I’d love to go and see the Mercedes car. As Lewis Hamilton is my favourite driver!

    Carl Bryant

  278. Janelle Keech says:

    Janelle Keech

  279. Mark Ratcliffe says:

    Mark Ratcliffe

  280. Steve Wright says:

    Steve Wright

  281. chris peace says:


  282. Rajeev Kapur says:

    Rajeev Kapur

  283. Rob Troke says:

    Rob Troke

  284. Darren Cooke says:

    Yes please

  285. Ajay Chandarana says:

    Ajay Chandarana

  286. james murphy says:

    james murphy

  287. Umair Ansari says:

    Umair Ansari

  288. John Nicholas says:

    John Nicholas

  289. Glynn Harrold says:

    Great, another chance to do this :)

    Glynn Harrold

  290. Andy Morgan says:

    Andy Morgan

  291. Nick says:

    Nick Williams

  292. Jon McGrath says:

    Jon McGrath

    Pick me!!!

  293. Roger Burden says:

    Yes please, I’ve been a fan since 1958, would love to see this.

  294. Ben Scott-Hyde says:

    Ben Scott-Hyde

  295. James Hope says:

    James Hope

  296. cookie says:

    Paul Cook

  297. Craig H says:

    Craig Hinchliffe

  298. Mark Mifsud says:

    Mark Mifsud

  299. Andrew Hayter says:

    What a great competition, please pick me James!

  300. Matthew Booth says:

    Matthew Booth

  301. Marien Melisse says:

    Marien Melisse

  302. Aaref C says:

    Great opportunity

  303. Adrian van says:

    Wonderful opportunity to see inner workings at Mercedes

  304. Peter Defreyne says:

    Peter Defreyne

  305. Jeremy Gregg says:

    Jeremy Gregg

  306. Thomas Wood says:

    Thomas Wood

  307. Johannes Fuchs says:

    Johannes Fuchs

  308. David Clark says:

    David Clark

  309. Robin Venables says:

    Robin Venables

  310. Martin Wheeler says:

    Martin Wheeler

  311. James Field says:

    James Field

  312. TRS says:

    I would love to go.

    1. TRS says:

      I need to withdraw – unaviodable rescheduled meeting.

  313. Giles says:

    Giles Vidgeon

  314. Giles Davis says:

    Giles Davis

  315. Matt Davis says:


  316. AndyFov says:

    Martin Whitmarsh…

    – only joking! Andrew Fovargue

  317. Mark Lyons says:

    Mark Lyons . Fingers crosses!

  318. Doug Rees says:

    Doug Rees

  319. mike cullom says:

    Mike cullom

  320. Matthew Conroy says:

    Matthew Conroy

  321. Adrian Newman says:

    Adrian Newman

  322. David S says:

    David S

  323. Khushvinder Gohlar says:

    Khushvinder Gohlar

  324. Jim Brindley says:

    Fingers crossed…and love to see the birth of next years championship winning car.

  325. Dennis Hamilton says:

    Mr Hamilton

  326. Marius Grigore says:

    Thank you in advance!

  327. Duncan Gerard says:

    Duncan Gerard

  328. Ernie says:

    Ernesto Casares

  329. Mat says:

    Sir Mat Evans

    1. Matt Jackson says:

      What a day out this would be! Fingers crossed!

  330. Luke says:

    Luke Smith

  331. Phil Brown says:

    Following Lewis from McLaren to Mercedes, so would love to see behind the scenes!

  332. Tom Cuthbert says:

    Tom Cuthbert

  333. Gemma Russell says:

    Gemma Russell

    would be awesome to go!

  334. Ian Buday says:

    Ian Buday

  335. chris jackson says:

    chris jackson

  336. Paul Rackham says:

    James, I’d love to come. Paul

  337. Geoff says:

    Geoffrey Packer
    In two minds about Lewis at the moment, but would love too see an F1 factory

  338. Smellyden says:

    Denis Yusuf

  339. sjd1992 says:

    Stephen D’Albiac

  340. Rich in Norway says:

    Richard Sargeant

  341. jon l says:

    Count me in too! Good luck everyone!

  342. Krishnakumar V says:


  343. Geoff says:

    Geoff Honour

  344. Ben Thorpe says:

    Ben Thorpe

  345. Milorad Filipović says:

    I want to go!

  346. ian halliday says:

    Good luck to me!
    Ian Halliday

  347. Toby says:

    Toby Isbell

  348. Nimesh Mehta says:

    Nimesh Mehta

  349. andrew j baxter says:

    Andrew j Baxter

  350. Mr Anderson says:

    Miles Anderson

  351. Lydia Ellis says:


  352. Matt Jackson says:

    Matt Jackson

  353. Mitchell Wagstaff says:

    Over from New Zealand this would be amazing!

  354. Fraser McIlwraith says:

    Fraser McIlwraith

  355. Paul Everett says:

    Paul Everett

  356. Simon Crowley says:

    Simon Crowley

  357. Jane Crwley says:

    Jane Crowley

  358. Seems like too good an opportunity not to enter.

    Stephen Kellett

  359. Leo Blonk says:

    Leo Blonk

  360. Jeremy James says:

    I’d love to go!

  361. colin devonport says:


  362. Richard Streeter says:

    Richard Streeter

  363. Lee Hilton says:

    Lee Hilton

  364. Ian Lockwood says:

    Ian Lockwood

    …fingers & toes crossed.

  365. Ian H says:

    Ian Hamilton

  366. kova says:

    j sanchez. call me lady luck.

  367. ashboy says:

    Ashley Boyles, to be fair James I think you could do a trip a week for a very long time with all the replies you have got.

  368. Andrew westacott says:

    Andrew westacott

  369. Nigel says:

    Nigel Day

  370. Nick Young says:

    Yes please – Nick Young

  371. Alex Corps says:

    Alex Corps

  372. Jason Norwood says:

    Jason Norwood

  373. James O'Neill says:

    James O’Neill

  374. Alan Glover says:

    Alan Glover.

    heres hoping …

  375. Simon Wren says:

    Simon Wren

  376. Peter Kilford says:

    Peter Kilford

  377. Mark Helling says:

    Mark Helling

  378. Andrew La-Page says:

    Looking forward to Thursday

  379. Paul price says:

    Please second time lucky

  380. Shaun Harris says:

    Shaun Harris

  381. eash says:

    Edward Ash

  382. Mark Wolski says:

    Mark Wolski

  383. Ross Shepherd says:

    Ross Shepherd

  384. jason sallis says:

    Jason sallis

  385. Tim Martin says:

    Tim Martin

  386. Russell says:


  387. Paul Hackett-Evans says:

    Paul Hackett-Evans,
    I’d love to go, thanks.

  388. Simon Gibson says:

    Simon Gibson

  389. Will W says:

    Sounds fantastic!

  390. Rob Burley says:

    Amazing competition! Count me in

  391. Chris Wilkinson says:

    Chris Wilkinson

  392. Chris Pichowicz says:

    Chris Pichowicz

  393. Chris Cooper says:

    Would be amazing to see where it all happens.

  394. Vinod Halai says:

    Vinod Halai

  395. Tony Lindsey says:

    A dream come true. If only.

  396. Chris Trebble says:

    Chris Trebble

  397. Tony Lindsey says:

    It would be a dream come true.

  398. David Green says:

    David Green

  399. George Hughes says:

    George Hughes

  400. Gregor Steiner says:

    Gregor Steiner

  401. Gary Chapman says:

    What an experience it would be :)

  402. David Milbourne says:

    Would love to go

  403. James Lewis says:

    James Lewis.

    Fingers crossed!

  404. Gary chapman says:

    What a great chance to see this awesome team at work

  405. Paul Watson says:

    Paul Watson

  406. Dan Taylor says:

    Dan Taylor

  407. Charlie says:

    S Charlesworth

  408. Graeme Brown says:

    Fantastic, fingers crossed!

  409. Craig Taylor says:

    Craig Taylor

  410. Matthew Davis says:

    Thank you

  411. Trevor Gant says:


    fingers crossed

  412. David Mansell says:

    David Mansell

  413. Darren Goodman says:

    Darren Goodman

  414. Ben Brooks says:

    Ben Brooks

  415. Joshua Hall says:

    Joshua Hall

  416. ColinN says:

    Sounds fantastic!

  417. M.Wishart says:

    Well here goes…

    Michael Wishart.

    Good Luck to all, it feels a bit like hoping you find the golden ticket as you pull back and unwrap your choccy bar…

  418. Jimbo says:

    Make it happen, pretty please!

  419. mark high says:

    Love to go big f1 fan

  420. Adam Taylor says:

    This is one of the reasons I love this site and recommend it to all my F1 friends. Great competition again James!

    Adam Taylor

  421. Anthony Browne says:

    Anthony Browne – Pick me :)

  422. Owen Brooker says:

    Second time lucky?

  423. Nick Jacskon says:

    Nick J

  424. Ian Sellman says:

    Yes Please !!!

    Ian Sellman

  425. David H says:

    David Hamilton

  426. Martin says:

    Michael Schumacher

  427. Richard de S says:

    Richard de S

    Got to try!

  428. Jason Weatherall says:

    Jason Weatherall

  429. Itchy says:

    Alastair Archbold

  430. Jason Hall says:

    Jason Hall

  431. Philip Archbold says:

    Philip Archbold

  432. Simon Biles says:

    Simon Biles

  433. Steve Boden says:

    Steve Boden

  434. Haydn Lowe says:

    Haydn Lowe.

    Thanks once again for such a brilliant competition James. Even if I don’t win I’m glad that you are able to offer such awesome opportunities for those of us who do win! Cheers!

  435. MISTER says:

    Bogdan Velica

  436. Matt Bryan says:

    Matt Bryan

  437. Andrew Gascoyne-Cecil says:

    Andrew Gascoyne-Cecil

  438. Chris Meirick says:

    Chris Meirick

  439. Pete Inskip says:

    Pete Inskip

    Good luck Lewis and Nico ! Hope you guys are at the front come March !!

  440. Richard Marlow says:

    Richard Marlow

  441. Daniel Spiller says:

    Please Let It Be Me :-)

  442. Tim Buzzard says:

    Would be best christmas gift i could have!

  443. Paul Dunk says:

    Paul Dunk

  444. Graham Court says:

    Graham Court
    I would love a visit.

  445. Paul Dunk says:

    Apologies – just realised I cannot do the 10th. Please remove my entry. Sorry

  446. Matt Rogers says:

    Matt Rogers

  447. P Hille says:

    That would be great. Thanks

  448. Daniel Marshall says:

    Daniel Marshall

  449. Steven hoath says:

    steven hoath

  450. Graham Bianchi says:

    Graham Bianchi

  451. Moog says:

    Mark Connop

  452. Matthew Williams says:

    Matthew Williams
    8 Year old Lewis Hamilton Fanatic :)

  453. RobertS says:

    Robert Small

  454. Paul Jackson says:

    Paul Jackson

  455. John Stuart says:

    John Stuart

  456. Matt Larkin says:

    Matt Larkin
    Count me in!!

  457. Charles Ward says:

    Charles Ward

  458. Patrick Robinsin says:

    I would love to go

  459. Patrick Robinson says:

    Patrick Robinson

  460. Peter Cotton says:

    Peter Cotton

  461. Peter Withers says:

    Peter Withers

  462. Pete Singleton says:

    Pete Singleton

  463. Sandrine says:

    Sandrine Bouchard

  464. Graeme Thompson says:

    Graeme Thompson

  465. John Panton says:

    A great way to end a great F1 season.

  466. Bluefroggle says:

    Mark Sinclair

  467. Martin Harris says:

    Martin Harris

  468. Liam Roberts says:

    Liam Roberts

  469. Ross Pisarkiewicz says:

    Ross Pisarkiewicz

  470. my tuppence says:

    Fay Chan

  471. Michael Gani says:

    Michael Gani

  472. Lee peters says:

    Please let it be me this time!!!!!!!!

  473. Ian Cotte says:

    Come on Lewwwwwwisssss!!!!!

  474. Philippe H. says:

    Awesome opportunity

    Philippe H.

  475. Tim Ballard says:

    Here goes

  476. Joad Lopez says:

    Joad Lopez

  477. Marc Coltelli says:

    Marc Coltelli

  478. Dave mac says:

    Dave mac

  479. James D says:

    James D

  480. Michael Williamson says:

    Michael Williamson

  481. ThatLindseyGuy says:

    Lindsey Stewart

  482. Victor Amaya says:

    Victor Amaya

    Pick me! :-)

  483. Chris Hobbs says:

    Chris Hobbs would like to go!

  484. Robbiehooper says:

    Rob hooper

  485. AJesque says:

    Alfred James

  486. Kasia Light says:

    Great competition

  487. chris canham says:

    chris c.would love to go

  488. Graham Hargreaves says:

    Graham Hargreaves

  489. Steve Walker says:

    Steve Walker

  490. Phil Marshall says:

    Phil Marshall

  491. Mial Pagan says:

    Mial Pagan – F1 fan since before I can remember!

  492. Martin says:

    Martin S

  493. Tom Wheeler says:

    Yes please :D

    Tom Wheeler

  494. Antonio Manuel says:

    Antonio Manuel

  495. Colin Scrivener says:

    Great opportunity for a Lewis fan.

  496. Richard M says:

    Richard M

  497. John nicholson says:

    John nicholson

  498. Carl Smith says:

    Carl smith

  499. aveli says:

    pick me next!

  500. STephen Richardson says:

    stephen richardson

  501. Stewart says:

    Stewart freestone

  502. Tim Brailli says:

    Tim Brailli

  503. Jonathan Boxall says:

    Jonathan Boxall

  504. OAK RICHARDSON says:

    oak richardson

  505. Christian dekeyser says:

    Christian dekeyser

  506. Andrew says:

    Andrew Popplestone

  507. Scott Hawkes says:

    Just looking at buying JA’s book for my son Scott for Christmas. Son a big fan of Lewis.

  508. Nick says:

    Micheal Schumacher.

  509. chris scott says:

    Chris Scott
    Wow never seen so many fast replies 8)

  510. Gareth Nicholas says:

    Gareth Nicholas

  511. Edward Smith says:

    Ed Smith

  512. Tenniel O'Brien says:

    Tenniel O’Brien

  513. Ian Ligertwood says:

    Crossing my fingers!

    Ian Ligertwood


  514. Bryan B says:

    Bryan B

  515. Hamish Harris says:

    Hamish Harris

  516. Mark Johnson says:

    Mark Johnson
    Note – ignore above post – incorrect email address!

  517. Malcolm Brown says:

    Hope it’s me!

  518. Tim Smith says:

    Me me me me !

  519. Mike Molloy says:

    Worth a punt! ;-)

  520. Gav says:

    Gavin Watt

  521. Arek Seredyn says:

    Would be an amazing birthday gift!

  522. Samuel Wakerley says:

    For an aspiring engineer soon to start a Meng course in Mechanical Engineering, this would be a fantastic insight into the world of F1.

    Samuel Wakerley

  523. Rasmus Tali says:

    Rasmus Tali

  524. Gordon McIvor says:

    Good Luck

  525. Carsten says:

    Carsten Bieker

  526. Robin Jones says:

    Robin Jones

  527. Elspeth Hardie says:

    Elspeth Hardie

  528. John Packham says:

    Try out Lewis’ new seat!

  529. Daniel Giles says:

    Daniel Giles

  530. Jon Farr says:

    Lots of names. Still worth a punt. Count me in :)

  531. Adam Jackson says:

    Adam Jackson

  532. Adam Johnson says:

    A comment

  533. Joseph Birr-Pixton says:

    Joseph Birr-Pixton

  534. Tom Collins says:

    Sounds like a fantastic opportunity!

    Tom Collins

  535. Gary Neville says:

    Gotta be in it to have a chance.

    Gary Neville

  536. Neil Donnell says:

    Another fantastic prize James.

    Neil Donnell

  537. Richard Vernon says:

    Richard Vernon

  538. Enrique Used-Alonso says:

    Me, me!

  539. Adam Jones says:

    Adam Jones

  540. James Roby says:

    James Roby


  541. Rob Wilkinson says:

    A great competition – thanks!

  542. Rafael Augusto Prete Almeida says:

    woooow come on!
    Rafael Prete

  543. Neil Moloney says:

    Neil Moloney

  544. Lee Kirrage says:

    Lee Kirrage

  545. Matt Fealy says:

    Matt Fealy

  546. Steve Windle says:

    Steve Windle 07825 408967

  547. Sam Warren says:

    Sam Warren

  548. Nicola Walker says:

    Nicola Walker

  549. Andy Boucher says:

    Andy Boucher

  550. Ben says:

    Ben Fulford

  551. James Canvin says:

    James Canvin

  552. Etharo says:

    Alberto Sanchez

  553. Niki denton says:

    Niki Denton

  554. T Smith says:

    Pick me

  555. Anna says:

    This would be so so fantastic!! A dream come true.

  556. Rumel Ahmed says:

    Rumel Ahmed

  557. Patrick Burkett says:

    Patrick Burkett

  558. Jack Beauchamp-Stansfield says:

    Fingers crossed!

  559. Mark Newman says:

    Excellent… Hammy is the best!

  560. Adam Windmill says:

    Yes yes please.

  561. Chris Kee says:

    Chris Kee

  562. Nowell Onyee says:

    Nowell Onyee

  563. Adam Currie says:

    Adam Currie

    Exciting opportunity!

  564. Rob D says:

    Yes please!

  565. David Gardner says:

    Fingers crossed! !!

    David Gardner

  566. Iain MacRitchie says:

    Me, please :-)

  567. Bev Unwin says:

    I would love to take a tour round the factory!! :-)

  568. Wil Stilwell says:

    Wil Stilwell

  569. Michael says:

    Would love it.

  570. George O'sullivan says:

    I have been following F1 since the seventies, to win this would be more than a great treat.

    warm regards George O’Sullivan

  571. Alex Towers says:

    Alex Towers

  572. Ben Ford says:

    Ben Ford

  573. Matthew Cherng says:

    Matthew Cherng.

    Fingers crossed!

  574. Jamie brooks says:

    Jamie brooks

  575. adam forrester says:

    double plus good

  576. Kevin L says:

    Will certainly get there from Australia! Fingers crossed!

  577. Brent Campbell says:

    Brent Campbell

  578. Nickie Deepak says:

    Nickie deepak

  579. Charanjit Sandhu says:

    I’m packed and ready.

  580. Nicholas Martin says:

    Nicholas Martin

  581. Allan Sayers says:

    Would be fantastic.

  582. Chris says:

    Chris Kirby

  583. James McNulty says:

    James McNulty

  584. Tim Eastgate says:

    fingers crossed

  585. Robert Ward says:

    Please let it be me.
    Robert Ward

  586. Samuel Hurst says:

    Samuel Hurst

  587. Stephen Williams says:

    Stephen Williams

  588. James Dilley says:

    That would be a nice Christmas present … James Dilley

  589. Jo Greenland says:

    Wow there’s a lot of comments! Crossing my fingers!

  590. Simon Ekblom says:

    Fingers crossed!

  591. Mark Riccioni says:

    Mark Riccioni

  592. MrDiplomacy says:

    Mark Dempsey

  593. Tony Ollier says:

    :|] Cool!

  594. Ally Wybrew says:

    So exciting! Fingers crossed.

  595. Chris Hanson says:

    Yes please!

  596. Faye says:


    Really want to go!

  597. Sufyaan Patel says:

    Sufyaan Patel

  598. Patricia Figueras says:

    OMG this would make my Christmas and Birthday all in one go !!! What an awesome opportunity.

  599. Nikki Ponsford says:

    Oh Yes Please !!!

  600. trevor gant says:

    yes please

  601. Patrick Phillips says:

    I hope my name is a lucky one

    Patrick Phillips

  602. Tim Chamberlin says:

    Tim Chamberlin

  603. Darren Kirby says:

    Darren Kirby. What a treat this would be :)

  604. Marcin oglaza says:

    Marcin Oglaza

  605. Stephen Lapthorne says:

    Stephen Lapthorne

  606. Rich says:

    Rich Gibbons

  607. Stephen Sutton says:

    Stephen Sutton

  608. Anil says:

    Anil Parmar.

    Second time lucky!

  609. Tom Beechinor says:

    Tom Beechinor

  610. Peter Horton says:

    Would be amazing!!

  611. Chris says:

    Chris Kirby.

  612. Martyn Putt says:

    Martyn Putt

  613. Andy Taylor says:

    Pick Me! :)

  614. Miroslav Maric says:

    Miroslav Maric

    It would mean everything to me!

  615. Peter Mathews says:

    Now I just have to wait along with the rest of you!

  616. I was a founder member of BAR’s Pure racing fan club. Its 8 years since i was there. Would be great to see how things have moved on under mercedes

  617. Matthew Bone says:

    Factory visit? Yes please! :)
    Matt Bone.

  618. Mon Pen says:

    Andrew Penman

  619. Graeme Leslie says:

    Graeme Leslie

  620. Richard Deakin says:

    Don’t know why I bother. I never win but I’m a good looser these days.

  621. Richard Matthews says:

    Expect this will be a great day

  622. Gurjeet Virdi says:

    Gurjeet Virdi

  623. Oliver Bergström says:

    Oliver Bergström with his dad Roger Bergström, Sweden

  624. Dominic Marmont says:

    Dominic Marmont

  625. Andrew Demetriou says:

    Andrew Demetriou

  626. wezza says:

    What a trip, count me in

  627. wezza says:

    wesley lawson

  628. Jonathan Lodge says:

    here’s hoping!

  629. ArJay says:

    (selfish bastard)
    What a fabulous website!
    (moves to top of queue)

  630. Jordan Dias says:

    Jordan Dias

  631. Darren munford says:

    Darren munford

  632. Mark Belmore says:

    One can but hope to win something

  633. Peter Jankowski says:

    It would be dream to have this opportunity. I would especially iron my Mercedes shirt.

  634. Alan Hogg says:

    Alan Hogg

  635. David Giles says:

    David Giles

  636. Lee Rauch says:

    See you on Monday… ;-)

  637. Ruben Rodner says:

    Ruben Rodner

  638. James Arundell says:

    James Arundell

  639. Richard Miller says:

    F1 Factory Tour – Yes Please!!

  640. John Hawley says:

    Great way to fill a quiet Tuesday

  641. Lee Baker says:

    Here’s hoping to be picked!

    Lee Baker

  642. Salvatore Ruggiero says:

    Fingers crossed!

  643. Michael C says:

    and me please !!

  644. Nigel Dunkley says:


  645. Daryl Radford says:

    Daryl Radford.

  646. Gareth Sobocinski says:

    Gareth Sobocinski

  647. Norseman says:

    Are Nundal

  648. Jacq Sobocinski says:

    Jacq Sobocinski

  649. M Hille says:

    P Hille

  650. Dominic Imrie says:

    Dominic Imrie

  651. Phil J says:

    Phil Jeffrey

  652. Paul Hallett says:

    Paul Hallett

  653. Gavyn Dowst says:

    Here’s hoping…

  654. Paul Garner says:

    What a brilliant X-mas present this would be.
    Choose me please.

  655. Felix Winstone says:

    Felix Winstone

  656. DM says:

    David Murray

  657. Ian Cade says:

    Ian Cade

  658. Richard Epworth says:

    Where’s my lucky rabbit foot?

  659. Philip John says:

    Would love to go :)

  660. Peter Quigley says:

    Peter Quigley

  661. Nick Combes says:

    Nick Combes

  662. Tay says:

    Taymour Semnani

  663. Andy Brown says:

    Yes please, I would love to go.

  664. Andy Brown says:

    Andy Brown

  665. Helen Chisholm says:

    Helen Chisholm

  666. Vinod says:

    Vinod R

  667. Ehsan Eslamian says:

    Finger crossed,

  668. Alexander Lee says:

    Alexander Lee

  669. Paul Braithwaite says:

    Paul Braithwaite

  670. joe says:

    James if you took me it would make up for the flights to germany that I’ve wasted because the GP or 2013 has just moved by a week…

    Joe Toller

  671. Pranav Patel says:

    Might as well chance it. Would be awesome to! Massive fan of F1 and Lewis!

  672. Paul Morris says:

    Good luck all!!

  673. Steve Colgan says:

    Steve Colgan, I’m in :)

  674. Bradley Durbin says:

    Bradley Durbin

  675. Andy Smith says:

    Wow amazing prize.


  676. Dan wilson says:

    Would love to go mega early xmas present. Meet the true heros of the suport i love, the people behind the scences at the factory so often not recognised but work just as hard as those at the races

  677. Axel says:

    Axel Jonsson

  678. Bilal Rauf says:

    Really looking forward to this! I can’t wait..missed out on the last one :’(

  679. Mike Davies says:

    Mike Davies

  680. Robert Miszka says:

    I love Lewis!

  681. Bilal Rauf says:


  682. Mir Nielsen says:

    Mir Nielsen

  683. Dennis perry says:

    Come on Lewis and nico!!!

  684. Paul Percival says:

    Would be great

  685. SEG says:

    Sergei Guschin

    Happy holidays.

  686. I would LOVE to have a tour!! F1 engineering is my life!!

  687. Jason nortey says:

    Jason Nortey

  688. Scott Hawkes says:


  689. John Cotton says:

    This is a massive prize, I’m a Lewis/Mercedes fan and my son is hoping to work in F1 product development when he graduates next year, fingers crossed

  690. Michael osborn says:

    What a great chance to see a great team , big merc fan and now even bigger with my number 1 driver taking the helm.

  691. I would like to enter on behalf on someone else: My sister who lives in Brackley. She is an avid F1 fan at 70 years young. She would love a chance to visit her favourite team. I would love to surprise her because she is so good to me and deserves such a fantastic gift. Thank you. Regards.

  692. Jim Parker says:

    I’ve been round Aston Martin factory and would love to see how Mercedes factory compares


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