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Gascoyne Completes Solo Transatlantic Trip
Mike Gascoyne
Posted By: Matt Meadows  |  20 Dec 2012   |  9:15 am GMT  |  1 comment

Mike Gascoyne has successfully completed his maiden solo transatlantic sailing trip after making it from Europe to the West Indies. The Caterham Composites CEO captained the teams ‘Caterham Challenge’ racing yacht, that is currently active in World yacht racing, and reached Grenada on Friday December 14.

“Just arrived back home after 3 weeks away, so much has happened and so many experiences, strange feeling but good to be home and safe,” Gascoyne tweeted.”No traffic jams in the middle. No M25 misery. Just a journey to unlock the door to your future. Act on your dreams.”

Gascoyne has been a keen sailor since his school and University days, and his chance to take on the journey came along through his new roles in the Caterham Group. Becoming CEO of both Caterham Composites and Caterham Technology and Innovation he has been able to feed his passion for the sport and join a select few to complete a single-handed transatlantic trip.

“Ever since I was very young I’ve thrived on pushing myself physically and mentally and doing my first solo transatlantic crossing is my next big challenge,” Gascoyne said prior to the trip. “Sailing is a real passion, something I’ve been lucky enough to do since growing up in Norfolk and now, with the help of Alex Thomson and 5 West, I’m about to take on something only a small number of people can say they’ve done.”

The Caterham Group has expanded this year, taking attention away from just Formula One. Their partnership with aerospace company EADS in August has acted as a racing team sponsor, as well as a specialist company that Gascoyne will be looking to utilise in their Technology and Innovation section.

And following Gascoyne’s trip they are looking at putting the data they have gathered to increase their involvement in marine projects. “We will be using the opportunity to collect some valuable data from the Caterham Challenge boat in preparation for some new marine based development projects,” added Gascoyne.

“I want to thank Tony and Riad for this opportunity as without their support I would not have this chance. Through the partnership Caterham Composites has with Alex Thomson Racing we are already bringing our expertise to the marine industry and this is a very good chance for us to show that we not only work in Alex’s world, we actively take part in it.”

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One Comment
  1. Greg says:

    Well done Mike superb achievement.


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