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Analysis: The 2012 F1 season in numbers
Posted By: James Allen  |  04 Dec 2012   |  11:38 am GMT  |  279 comments

Kimi Raikkonen completed every lap, bar the last one of F1’s longest ever season, the only driver to do so, while only half of this season’s races were won from pole position. And the Brazilian Grand Prix featured the most overtakes ever in a wet F1 race – these are just a few of the headlines from an analysis of the 2012 F1 season in numbers.

Although it appeared that qualifying was more important than ever this year, in fact the highest number of wins from pole for a driver was three for Sebastian Vettel – a very different statistic from last year. Another change from last year was that only one team managed a 1-2 finish; Red Bull in Korea.

The tale of what might have been is clear for Lewis Hamilton who ended up with the most pole positions with seven.

Another surprise is that despite all the rain we had during practice and qualifying sessions this year, only two of the 20 races were rain affected; Malaysia and Brazil.

In total there were 1139 overtaking manoeuvres this season, while the most overtaking manoeuvres in a dry race was 90 at the Chinese Grand Prix.

The most overtaking manoeuvres in a wet race was 147 at the Brazilian Grand Prix, which is a new record. The least overtaking manouevres in a race was a paltry 12 at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The season featured a record seven winners in the first seven races, with eight race winners in total. Red Bull and McLaren were tied on seven race wins and eight pole positions apiece. The lowest grid slot for a race winner was the 11th place start of Fernando Alonso in Valencia.

Alonso’s challenge was underpinned by his 13 podium visits, the most of any driver. But wins were too sparse, just three for the Spaniard compared to five for Vettel, who became the first driver ever to win his first three F1 World Championship titles in consecutive seasons. Germans have now won half of the last 20 World Championships, a boom time for the sport in Germany.

The most emphatic winning margin was 20.6 seconds between Vettel and Felipe Massa in Japan, while the tightest was Mark Webber’s 0.643s margin over Nico Rosberg in Monaco. Webber has still not managed to win a Grand Prix where he started lower than third on the grid.

Raikkonen did a superb job to finish all 20 races, 19 of them in the points, while Michael Schumacher was left cursing his bad luck with eight retirements.

Kamui Kobayashi did the most laps on the Pirelli hard tyre with 798, compared to just 661 for Raikkonen. Sebastian Vettel did 975 laps on the soft tyres, compared to 880 for Alonso, who preferred the medium (842 laps to Vettel’s 707)

And finally fun quiz….two drivers each made up an impressive 72 places from lights to flag in races from their grid slot over the course of the 20 race season.

Who are they?

Make your guess in the comments section below and the first correct answer will receive a signed and personalised copy of our new book JA on F1 2012 – The Year of Living Dangerously, which is published this Friday December 7th.

* The competition is now closed. The answer is Jean Eric Vergne and Sergio Perez and the winner is Rachit Thukral, post #29. Congratulations to him and thanks to everyone who answered.

You can read all about the longest and certainly one of the most dramatic seasons in F1 history in JA on F1 2012 – The Year of Living Dangerously, which is priced at £10.99; it’s a 256 page large format paperback with stunning Darren Heath images and signed copies are available to order via our online shop now.

[Thanks to Michael Sheppard and Pirelli for help with stats]

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  1. Batbileg says:

    Alonso and Kimi

    1. Prathmesh says:

      Alonso and Hulkenberg

    2. Antonio says:

      Massa and Vettel

    3. Nuno says:

      Perez for sure and Massa not so sure:)

  2. Anton says:

    My guess for the two drivers making up the 72 places are:

    Vettel & Alonso

    1. Richard says:

      Vettel only starts from pole!

      1. jf says:

        Button and Schumacher

        Vettel won 2/5 races not starting in pole, and did not have the most poles of the season.

      2. KRB says:

        Singapore from 3rd, Korea from 2nd. At Korea he was in the lead by the first corner, and in Singapore he was 2nd by the 2nd corner, then inherited the lead from Hamilton’s retirement.

        Another interesting stat, though it’s influenced by the current points structure: could Vettel’s 44-point deficit be the biggest ever deficit breached to win a DWC? Hunt’s was definitely bigger in terms of “equivalent to race win’s” (I think he was behind by 3.5 race wins [9 pts for a win then] at one point in 1976), but in terms of strictly absolute points, Vettel might take it.

  3. Anthony says:

    Jean-Eric Vergne and Nico Hulkenberg

  4. James D says:

    My guess for the drivers who made up 72 places would be Vettel and Alonso.

    [thanks for the update - Mod]

  5. Tim says:

    Alonso and Button?

  6. Christina Millar says:

    I’d say Alonso and Raikkonen but they’re guesses.

  7. Simon Oram says:

    Jenson & Perez? Total guess from their lower grid positions!

  8. MISTER says:

    Alonso & Kimi

  9. Phil W says:

    Daniel Ricciardo ?

  10. Darcy says:

    sebastian vettel and mark webber

  11. Kimi completed every lap except the final one – his detour down a dead-end escape road in Brazil meant he finished a lap down on Jenson Button. So close!

    1. The Catman says:

      I would think that should count as a lap in itself!


    2. TMax says:

      bravo to Kimi. what a wonderful comeback. He sure knows what he is doing !!!!!!

  12. Oh, and I believe the two drivers with 72 overtakes were Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber!

  13. Bjornar Simonsen says:

    One is Massa. The other must be Glock?

  14. Andy Redden says:

    On that Webber never having won from lower than 3rd, a more telling stat is that Vettel has never managed to win from lower than 2nd.

    1. Archie says:

      Wrong. Look at the stats.

    2. Jimbo says:

      Incorrect. Vettel has twice won from 3rd on the grid. Malaysia 2010 and Singapore this year. Not a surprise stat I guess, but he’s not the only one. Few drivers have won outside the front two rows. Only Alonso and Raikkonen have made a regular habit of winning from further down the grid.

    3. Ricardo says:

      It is hard to win from bellow second if you nearly always manage to qualify in the front row. Ask Senna. Nonetheless, check me if I’m wrong but I believe Vettel started 3rd in Singapore this year.

    4. James says:

      I believe it is correct that Hamilton has never won from lower than 4th.

      1. KRB says:

        This is true, though I think Hamilton’s spread amongst his wins from 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th on the grid is more even, while Vettel’s wins are more concentrated from the 1st and 2nd spots. In Vettel’s wins from 3rd, he was leading before the first corner in Malaysia 2010, and in Singapore this year, he was 2nd by the 2nd corner (passing Maldonado) and then inherited 1st after Hamilton’s retirement.

    5. Even Hamilton’s never won from lower than fourth – the problem with these stats is that, if you’re a good qualifier, you’re probably not going to start much further back than that in a car good enough to challenge for wins.

    6. 69bhp says:

      Yes he has.

    7. PDiddly says:

      If that is true, it would be a classic case of lies, damn lies and statistics.

      Webber has been comprehensively SLAUGHTERED by Vettel, maybe there are some ways you can view it that make MW look better, but he really is a definitive No2 driver.

      As Marko said, how come Vettel always comes out on top ?

      1. Wade Parmino says:

        Because the RB car is built as an extension of Vettel himself. Mark Webber has done well. It’s like if Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to dance in a suit tailored to Danny de Vito! Rather challenging I would think.

      2. JF says:

        BS. The drivers champ is status, team champ is the pay out. A team will try to maximize and need both drivers to score. A strong bias will hurt that.

      3. Alex says:

        Quite a valid point. Webber has lost KERS countless times over the past three years and has had many more alternator failures than Vettel and it’s due to his height and size in comparison to Vettel’s. The same sort of thing happened to Gerhard Berger all through his career. If he was a foot shorter he would’ve been more competitive. F1′s not exclusively a Jockey sport but it really doesn’t help if you’re over 6 foot and have a team mate who’s just as fast but considerably lighter and shorter.

    8. RFG says:

      Vettel won the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2010 starting from 3rd on the grid! Just beacuse he is usually the one in the front of the grid it doesnt mean he doesn’t know how to pass. That was made clear in Brazil and Abu Dhabi,

      1. Richard says:

        Not in Abu Dhabi, he had a set up (after the penalty) that gave him more top speed so he’d be able to overtake faster.

      2. Wild Man says:

        Like Alonso.

  15. Bjornar Simonsen says:

    Sorry, i thoght it was starts..

    Massa and Alonso!

  16. Damien says:

    For the quiz…. the driers are Alonso and Massa ?

  17. Usman Ghani Sameen says:

    It has to be amongst Kimi, ALonso and Vettel. But because of vettel starting from the dead end in abu dhabi, I would say top two are Alonso and Vettel

  18. James says:

    Timo Glock and Felipe Massa

  19. Josh says:

    Making up 72 spots isn’t impressive, it just tells us that Schumacher and Vergne (maybe?) didn’t maximise qualifying enough.

  20. James baker says:

    In answer to the quiz, I think the two drivers are Alonso and Raikkonen. Great article.

  21. Sebastian says:

    Alonso and Button.

  22. Felipe Azar says:

    Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso.

  23. Julian Hinvest says:

    Vettel, Perez.

  24. aghileshwar says:

    Its Alonso and Bruno Senna

  25. little julie ruth says:

    Jean-Éric Vergne, if you don’t include his retirements

  26. Sam Jarvis says:

    Button and alonso

  27. Daniel says:


  28. James says:

    Vettel & Webber.

  29. Jean Eric Vergne and Sergio Perez?

    1. James Allen says:

      This is the correct answer and you are the winner – Well done. We will be in touch for address and personalisation details

      1. Yeah!!!!
        I’ve e-mailed my details along with a question regarding delivery charges. :)

      2. James Allen says:

        No delivery charges, it’s a prize!

        Got it thanks

  30. KK says:

    The two drivers each made up an impressive 72 places from lights to flag in races from their grid slot over the course of the 20 race season are:

    1. Jean Eric Vergne
    2. Sergio Perez

  31. little julie ruth says:

    Jean-Éric Vergne and Paul Di Resta

    (Whoops, you wanted two names…)

  32. Warren Groenewald says:

    Alonso and Vettel

  33. Nandan says:

    On a different note, even Vettel has never won from a grid position lower than 3rd.

  34. Mark in Australia says:

    Glock and Ricciardo

  35. Craig Taylor says:

    Alonso and Schumacher

  36. Irish con says:

    Massa and Perez.

    I miss f1 already. Nothing to look forward too. And Moto gp is over. Worst time of the year these next 2 months.

  37. Raja Sen says:

    “Germans have now won half of the last 20 World Championships, a boom time for the sport in Germany.”

    Just to put that huge stat in perspective,

    *Two* Germans have now won half of the last 20 World Championships.

    : )

    1. rad_g says:

      And those Germans are?

  38. Simon D says:

    Charles Pic and Felipe Massa

  39. andae23 says:

    Alonso and Perez

  40. Mike says:

    Schumacher and Massa

  41. Naveen chandar says:

    It is jean eric vergne and Sergio perez

  42. sam w says:

    Perez and vergne

  43. Ricardo says:

    I would like to know who made the most overtaking excluding first laps and first laps behind safety cars. Any guesses?

  44. Shaq says:

    Alonso and Kobayashi

  45. nenyim says:

    i think it was:
    massa and alonso
    i doubt it was vetal, but having said that he did make alot of overtakes coming from behind everyone in 2 races

  46. Charles Pic and Daniel Ricciardo. says:

    Charles Pic and Daniel Ricciardo.

  47. Marcelo says:

    Bruno Senna and Kamui Kobayashi

  48. DC says:

    Alonso & Perez?

    This isn’t going to be like the ‘Apple and Ferrari’ question where we never find out the answer though?!

    1. James Allen says:

      No, with that one there were some potential issues with revealing identity, due to the nature of the activity involved (!) but the winner has been notified..

      1. Mitchel says:

        In a season full of some nice controversies, it’s good to see you’re not letting us down either James!

  49. InternetF1Fan says:

    You forgot one stat

    Hamilton was the only one to make it to Q3 every race.

    1. Dave P says:

      Nice Stat!

  50. Phil Lewis says:

    Perez and Petrov

  51. Eduan says:

    Alonso and Massa

  52. Markus says:

    Is it:
    1 Jean Eric Vergne
    2 Charles Pic
    Cheers, Markus

  53. Kili Liam says:

    Martin Brundle and David Coulthard, definitely!
    Or is it Niki, Niki Lauda?



  54. Jose Miguel says:

    Perez and Vergne

  55. F12012 says:

    Alonso and massa

  56. David B says:

    Vergne and Kobayashi

  57. Peter says:

    I would like to also highlight some of Kimi`s overtakes (hard, fair, inch-perfect), which are not talked a lot, but after two years of break on new tires were quite amazing.
    It would be nice to announce the “pass of the year” competition as well, James?

  58. Miha Bevc says:

    Vettel and Alonso.

  59. Ernie says:

    Massa & Alonso

  60. I think the answer has already been got in that I think it’s Perez and Vergne.

    Though I have a question – I assume you’re not taking into account retirements – in which case I make it:

    Perez – 72 places
    JEV – 79 places

    I thought maybe it was perhaps that JEV was classified in a race in which he retired, but I can’t find one…?

    1. Ah – I make it

      Perez – 72 Places
      JEV – 79 places

      But that is including the 10 place grid penalty that JEV got at the British GP (he would have started 16th, he finished 14th, but actually started 23rd, so made up 9 places not 2).

      This would make it 72 places each – is that the discrepancy?

      Or am I barking up the wrong tree completely?

  61. Thanos says:

    Schumacher & Ricciardo

  62. Jeb Hoge says:

    Button & Vettel

  63. Luke R says:

    Massa and Vettel

  64. Baghetti says:

    Massa and Ricciardo

  65. MW says:

    Jean Eric Vergne and Sergio Perez

  66. Nick says:

    Massa and Ricciardo Im going to go for.

  67. Aaron Devaney says:

    Jean-Eric Vergne and Senna

  68. Yos says:

    Massa and Glock

  69. JimmiC says:

    So much for Kimi the Car Breaker…

    I’m going to go with Massa and Vergne.

  70. DM says:

    Perez and Massa

  71. salisu says:

    That’s right, Sergio Perez and Jean Eric Vergne

  72. Angus says:

    Drivers to make up 71 positions are Sergio Perez and Jean-Eric Vergne

  73. Steve says:

    Alonso and Vettel

  74. Sasa says:

    Massa, Vettel.

  75. michael says:

    schumacher and vettel maybe?

  76. Martin Nash says:

    Perez & Alonso

  77. Anand says:


  78. Will Gooding says:

    Felipe Massa and Timo Glock

    I hope!..

  79. Stickymart says:

    Vettel and Riccardo

  80. Richard deS says:

    At a guess, Perez and Massa!

  81. Tom Taylor says:

    Massa and Alonso

  82. Stefan says:

    Massa and Kovalainen

  83. wakie81 says:

    Massa and vergne

  84. Andrew Montague says:

    Alonso and Perez

  85. Andrew Carter says:

    Alonso and Glock

  86. Nick Tabram says:

    Vettel and Button would be my guess.

  87. niall quinn says:

    massa and alonso

  88. Ed says:

    Button and massa?

  89. Adeel Mehboob says:

    Timo Glock
    Flipe Massa

  90. Spoo says:

    My initial guess is J.E.Vergne and Sergio Perez but as this combination has already been guessed before, it wont help me win anything.

    Oh well, I take a shot with J.E.Vergne and Daniel Ricaardo.

    My assumptions are
    1. It has to be a midfield team with lots of overtaking options.
    2. The drivers have to be from a team which has got atleast some points.
    3. Driver/team which has struggled to qualify in top 10.

    This gives me Torro Rosso, Sauber and Williams. Mercedes was normally going back from their grid spot and FI probably qualified too well to have many spot making opportunities.

    1. Spoo says:

      There is a lot of ambiguity in the question for my liking. How are the made up places counted?
      1. When a driver finishes the race behind the starting grid position, is it counted as negative?

      2. If (1) applies i.e. – the negative positioning is also counted then how are retirements taken into account?

      3. Are the grid positions counted before or after grid penalties? e.g. Massa in Austin and SV in Abu Dhabi.

      1. James Allen says:

        Where they started a race and where they finished it…

      2. I figured that James, but from my calcs (see post above) I’ve got Perez on 72 and JEV on 79 – Assuming of course that’s the correct answer ;-)

  91. Eric says:

    Massa and Perez.

  92. Phil says:

    Massa and Schumacher?

  93. Charles says:

    Alonso and Button

  94. Räikkönen & Hulkenberg.

  95. Steve J says:

    Alonso and Perez

  96. ArunasNesvarbu says:

    Timo Glock – Felipe Massa.

  97. DJ says:

    Massa and Raikkonen?

  98. Rockie says:

    Massa and Vettel

  99. Grant says:

    Vettel and Button

  100. João says:

    Afonso + Massa

  101. DanT says:

    My quick calculations make it Jean-Éric Vergne on 73 and Sergio Pérez on 81 so I must have slipped up somewhere. But it is those two. Congrats to the winner

  102. Panayiotis says:

    Alonso and Vettel

  103. Graham says:

    Massa & Vettel… but part of me says Massa & Maldonado who would bothe make flying starts


  104. efi says:

    massa and alonso

  105. A-P says:

    Another possible number of note for you from this season.

    I believe that Pastor Maldonaldo finishing 15th in the championship is the lowest ever end-of-season championship position for a driver having won a championship race that same season.

    Any counter offers?

    1. Estophile says:

      That’s a great stat!

      Jean-Pierre Jabouille runs Maldonado close, though – in both 1979 and 1980 he won one race but failed to score in any of the others, finishing those championships in 13th and 8th place respectively.

      1. A-P says:

        You’re welcome.

        As some/many of us have checked thoroughly by now, the record indeed used to be, as you say, Jabouille from 1979, but also Jimmy Bryan, who won the Indy 500 in 1958 and also subsequently classified 13th in the World Championshp of Drivers that year.

    2. Wow, that is quite the stat!

    3. Good shout! Closest I can find is Nelson Piquet – 11th in 1982…

    4. Ah, missed one – Jean-Pierre Jabouille was 13th in 1979, but that’s the closest I can find.

    5. Anne says:

      Back in the 70´s and 80´s we had fewer races and not all of them awarded points.I just wanted to add a little twist to the stats, he he!!!

    6. strangely says:

      true, but if this points scoring system used since 2010 had been used all the way back, there would a fair few this more. Jabouille for one…

      1. A-P says:

        true, but if this points scoring system used since 2010 had been used all the way back, there would have been different World Champion Drivers some years, too. But it wasn’t, and there wasn’t… ;)

  106. Guy says:

    I think it’s Perez and Massa!

  107. Richard Groves says:

    Perez & Massa

  108. Ben says:

    Alonso & Kimi

  109. Simon says:

    My guess would be Perez & Vettel

  110. Garriel says:

    Alonso & Maldonado

  111. Rich says:

    Massa and perez

  112. Mimie says:

    kimi & Seb

  113. forzaminardi says:

    Quiz entry – Senna and Perez?

  114. James Clayton says:

    Both Vettel and Hamilton have been sent to the back of the grid, which gives them a head start, and both had a few lower than ideal positions towards the beginning of the season (Hamilton due to penalties, Vettel due to the Red Bull not being the best qualifier to begin with) so I’m going to go with this pair.

    Looks like nobody else has picked them.

    James, with competitions like this where there aren’t a massive amount of possibilites, combined with the international nature crossing multiple time zones, and especially because comments don’t instantly appear on the site due to moderation, do you think in the future it would be better to have one correct guesser picked at random, as opposed to the first correct guess?

  115. Paul Lewis says:

    Glock & Kovalainen

  116. Philippe says:


  117. Andrew M says:

    Question: How are retirements handled? Are they just left out of the equation?

  118. Paul Lewis says:

    Perez & Verne!

  119. Leon Kohrs says:

    vettel and schumacher

  120. HJ says:

    Vettel and Button

  121. Paul says:

    Highly unlikely to be any of the top runners, so….

    Perez and Kovalainen!

  122. Raj says:

    Alonso and Schumacher

  123. Triangle says:

    Alonso & Senna

  124. MJSib says:

    Massa and Glock

  125. Kay says:

    Alonso, Massa.

  126. Chris says:

    Michael and alonso

  127. Sam says:

    Alonso & Massa

  128. Chris says:

    perez and alonso

  129. Mike says:

    Hamilton and Perez is my guess

  130. John Gill says:

    Massa + Senna

  131. Mitchel says:

    Alonso and Perez

  132. Robert says:

    Charles Pic and Alonso

  133. Anne says:

    I say Alonso and Raikkonen

  134. kova says:

    schumacher and perez

  135. Elie says:

    Vettel & Massa ( as opposed to the other way round)

  136. paxdog57 says:

    Glock and Heikki

  137. Garry says:

    Some more numbers:-
    LH was the only driver to reach Q3 for all 20 qualifying sessions.
    Earlier on 6th Nov there was an analysis on where LH lost points. Just for fun this is what the table would look like if all drivers finished the race where they qualified (not including grid penalties), last column is what they actually got.

    LH 346 190
    SV 284 281
    MW 227 179
    JB 185 188
    FA 161 278
    RG 122 96
    KR 121 207
    MS 119 49
    PM 113 45
    NR 99 93
    FM 79 122
    KK 51 60
    SP 39 66
    NH 34 63
    PD 29 46
    DR 9 10
    BS 2 31
    JV 0 16

    Draw from it what you will.

    1. James Allen says:

      Thanks, that’s very cool.

      1. Dave P says:

        I would do a similar thing, in that it would be nice to look at how the championship would have panned out if a disaster did not occur. e.g. take vettels likely position if his alternator had not failed, Alonso’s likely position if he had not been crashed into, Hamiltons likely position if he had not been sent to the back of the grid etc… very subjective I know but fun… I think Hamilton would easily be the winner there as well…

    2. Antti says:

      Of the front runners, Fernando and Kimi show quite a different trend than the others! Of course, if you consistently qualify very well (Lewis and Sebastian), then it’s almost certain that you end up with less points than your quali performances would indicate. Still, shows what good racers Fernando and Kimi are.

    3. Yos says:

      Very nice info…That shows how mclaren screwed Hamilton’s season, Maldonaldo scratching his head for lost points, Alonso can only be proud of his season,button and vettel almost finished where they started…

    4. RudyBB says:

      This information is very interesting!!!!
      Lewis leaves McLaren….
      Alonso and Kimi skills….
      Michel and Pastor lack of success…

    5. Lawrence says:

      Schuey’s stats are interesting. He would have beaten Rosberg and it seems to indicate Rosberg barely moved in the races.

    6. Warren Groenewald says:

      Wow! If that McLaren was as reliable as it was fast, Hamilton would have obliterated the field this year.

      It’s also interesting that SV, JB and NR have such similar scores to where they started and very much highlights the qualifying weakness of the Ferrari with both drivers scoring higher.

      Maldonado and Grosjean though – hmmmmm.

    7. KRB says:

      What I draw from it is that this year, unlike 2010 and 2011, the McLaren was faster (relative to the other cars) in qualifying rather than race trim. It was still fast enough in the races that, if it had been as reliable as the Ferrari, then Hamilton would’ve had another two wins (Abu Dhabi and Singapore).

      The lack of relative race pace in Bahrain and Britain still really hurt McLaren … in championships these days, you simply cannot afford to let your competitors pick up good points (10+) while you snag none (or little). What it means is that at the next race you have to bag decent points, plus make up the shortfall from the prior race.

  138. Sasquatsch says:

    I can read the question in various (at least three) ways, so I go for the answer that is not yet given:

    Pic (59), Glock (57)

    when I count all the results, including races where they finished below their starting position and retirements.

    (Otherwise the answer is Verge and Perez when not counting retirements (and races where they finished below their starting position as the third way)

    1. Sasquatsch says:

      And including all retirements and races where they finished below their starting positions Lewis Hamilton lost the most places (106) :)

  139. vicnsi says:

    Off the top of my I’d say head Alonso and Raikkonen?

    I did build an excel spread sheet made up of 20 worksheets (1 each for all 20 races in 2012), so if I actually took some time to make a full analysis, I would know the definitive correct answer for sure.

  140. vicnsi says:

    Off the top of my head I’d say Alonso and Raikkonen?

    I did build an excel spread sheet made up of 20 worksheets (1 each for all 20 races in 2012), so if I actually took some time to make a full analysis, I would know the definitive correct answer for sure.

  141. Sri says:

    Someone can go to f1.com and do the work if they wan to get the accurate solution. Or better wait for James’ response.

  142. Richard D says:

    Button & Vettel

  143. unF1nnished business says:

    Massa and Perez.

  144. Andy R says:

    The Ferrari Drivers- Alonso and Massa.

  145. Ben Manojlovic says:


  146. Bayan says:

    Alonso and Kimi

  147. Blade Runner says:

    Massa and Alonso

  148. Berty Basset says:

    Massa and Glock

  149. Berty Basset says:

    Alonso and Glock

  150. DB says:

    Has anyone ever completed every lap of a season?

    1. Antti says:

      Schumacher did once, I believe 2002 (may be wrong about the year).

      1. Dave says:

        Schumi 2002, Fangio 1954 (Ignoring 500), Hawthorn 53 (Ignoring 500) and you could argue Dan Gurney in 1961. Hill and Clark both came close in 63 and 64 but both had one race where they were classified but had retired

  151. Blade Runner says:

    I think Massa and Alonso

  152. TobyS says:


    I was looking up the drivers to see who I thought would join Alonso in making up the most laps and I realised that the top 5 drivers directly above their team mates for next year, ie each of the top 5 drivers finished exactly 5 places above next years team mate. Not that exciting I know, but funny to see it in an image.

  153. Derek says:

    Michael and Bruno.

  154. Tornillo Amarillo says:

    Massa and Perez.

  155. Tim says:

    Massa & Vettel


  156. Clear View says:

    I would guess it was JB and SV

  157. Paul J says:

    Great stats James – really interesting reading.

    Alonso and Senna.

  158. Greg says:

    vergne and alonso

  159. Marco Silveira says:

    Senna and Glock

  160. Aaron Noronha says:

    All overtakes
    1. Sebastian Vettel – 74 on-track overtakes
    1. Mark Webber – 74
    3. Felipe Massa – 65
    4. Lewis Hamilton – 55
    4. Romain Grosjean – 55

    All overtakes, without backmarkers
    Disgarding the overtakes on the teams of HRT, Marussia and Caterham
    1. Sebastian Vettel – 51 on-track overtakes
    2. Lewis Hamilton – 46
    2. Mark Webber – 46
    4. Felipe Massa – 45
    5. Jenson Button – 41

    All overtakes, without backmarkers, with equal tires
    Disgarding the overtakes on the teams of HRT, Marussia and Caterham
    Disgarding overtakes on cars with more than 5 lap older tires
    1. Sebastian Vettel – 29 on-track overtakes
    2. Jenson Button – 26
    3. Mark Webber – 24
    4. Kimi Räikkönen – 23
    4. Felipe Massa – 23

    All overtakes, only on 5 top teams
    Counting only overtakes on the teams of Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus and Mercedes
    1. Sebastian Vettel – 28 on-track overtakes
    2. Lewis Hamilton – 25
    3. Jenson Button – 22
    4. Kimi Räikkönen – 21
    5. Felipe Massa – 16

    1. Aaron Noronha says:

      I dont take credit for the above stats. I read it on http://www.f1technical.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=398883&f=1

      1. Aaron Noronha says:

        But I am sure even after reading it, people will still say Vettel doent know how to overtake

    2. strangely says:

      great stats. this makes Alonso’s title challenge look even more obscenely unlikely doesn’t it…?

      1. Aaron Noronha says:

        Of all the stats the last one is very impressive i.e All overtakes, only on 5 top teams
        Counting only overtakes on the teams of Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus and Mercedes. Its show how well Vettle and Hamilton have actually driven this year. So kudos to both of them. Its a pity Hamilton had too many reliability/pitsop/strategy errors.

    3. Ral says:

      Heh. I was just about to post the same. If that’s the same stats James is going by, the answer is Vettel and Webber.

  161. Martin O'Carroll says:

    schumacher and hulkenburg

  162. Aaron Noronha says:

    James you should also add a Like and Dislike button so we can agree with someone who is right instead of just posting new post each time. The page would look lot less cluttered.. Maybe keep rename them as Agree and Disagree

  163. Petra says:

    Alonso and Senna

  164. Spark says:

    Although I think Kimi did an awesome job, there is one person who has raced every single lap of a season. Although, in all fairness, that season there were just 17 races that season.

    It was M. Schumacher who raced 100% of the race laps in 2002. He actually finished all races on the podium.

  165. Hussein Lokhandwala says:

    Perez and Massa

  166. Baart1980 says:

    Massa & Glock ?

  167. DB says:

    Hulk and vettel

  168. Peter says:

    Alonso and Schumacher

  169. MelB says:

    Vettel and Massa

  170. Chris says:

    Button and Schumacher?

  171. Tim W says:

    Raikkonen and Massa

  172. Deeren Patel says:

    Jean Eric Vergne + Alonso

  173. Victor Medina-Leal says:

    Glock and Massa

  174. Erik says:

    I really do hope that someone sorts out the Malaysian GP for next year. That timeslot at that time of year is just asking for monsoon rain. Come on F1, no one wants to sit about waiting for the race to start, we all have stuff to do!

  175. PWRocketS says:

    Schumacher & Massa

  176. M. Yoon says:

    Schumacher and Kamui

  177. Marcus says:

    Massa and Perez

  178. Sam B says:

    Alonso and Senna

  179. Dave says:

    Glock and Vergne gained the most

    Button and Hamilton lost the most over the whole season I think

    1. Dave says:

      along with Maldanado

      If not Glock then Petrov, Pic or Perez

  180. Matt says:

    Raikkonen and Glock

  181. Lawrence says:

    Big response! :) I reckon Vettel and Webber.

  182. Lawrence says:

    I didn’t even see that table above. Still not sure if my answer is accurate though. Anyhoo …

  183. Very interesting re Webber not being able to win from a position below 3rd.

    I would suggest though that often this is because he is below his team mate.

    My guess for the comp would be Button and Perez

  184. john says:

    Alonso and paul di resta

  185. Chromatic says:

    Massa and Schumacher

  186. Karen says:

    Seb Vettel & Mark Webber

  187. Lynn says:

    What’s the answer James?

  188. Gate 21 says:

    Massa & Glock

  189. Guest BT says:

    Massa and Perez!

  190. Sam says:

    Massa and Vettel

  191. stephan says:

    Massa and Button as they started out of position so often

  192. Robert says:

    Button and Perez

  193. Ashwin says:

    Massa and Alonso

  194. kfzmeister says:

    Glock and Massa

  195. Matthew says:

    Probably already guessed, but I’ll say Massa and Vergne were the two.

  196. Allwyn says:

    heikki kovalainen and naren karthikeyan

  197. Ken says:

    Alonso and Perez

  198. Chapor says:

    Perez and Vergne… Got the answer yesterday, but then I saw a comment with the correct answer already… So that kinda burst my bubble… :-( How about a random winner selection process next time James? :-)

  199. baz says:

    kobayashi and alonso

  200. Gary Neville says:

    My guess is: Alonso & Perez

  201. cookie says:

    massa and Alonso

  202. Elie says:

    Ok James let us have it

  203. Geoff says:

    Alonso and Raikkenon

  204. Ryan Eckford says:

    Alonso and Massa

  205. Deeren Patel says:

    Vettel and Webber

  206. David White says:

    Senna and Ricciardo

  207. Steve Boden says:

    Senna and Perez

  208. Isaac says:

    Massa and Perez?

  209. bichard says:

    kimi and Alonso

  210. Anup Kadam says:

    Jean Eric Vergne and Felipe Massa

  211. Ahmed says:

    Massa and Schumacher

  212. Hmm.. says:

    72 places in 20 races is an average of 3.6 places for every race. It has to be the bottom end, because only they gain those places reliably as others retire. To put that to perspective, a top driver would have start at end of the three times and finish near podium to get anywhere near that number.
    Well, okay, I suppose some middle-tier driver could qualify reliably at 10+ and drive to points.

    Anyway, could be Glock, but I’d say Kovalainen and Petrov, because Glock and Heikki was said already. Kovalainen started almost always at 19 and Petrov at 20.

    James, will you close the thread and tell the correct answer when appropriate?

  213. Mial Pagan says:

    Schumacher and Vettel

  214. bertone says:

    Pérez 80, Vergne 79 poz.

  215. Chris says:

    Massa and Glock

  216. Jay Bopara says:

    What happened to my post?
    I wrote Vergne and Perez. And talked about how I was right, but I wouldn’t get the prize.
    What happened to my comment? Was I censored or am I missing something?


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