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Posted By: James Allen  |  09 Nov 2012   |  4:49 pm GMT  |  468 comments

There was an interesting news snippet this week; the announcement that Apple’s head of Internet software and services, Eddie Cue, has joined the board of Ferrari.

There has been speculation about what this might be leading towards, with some suggesting that Apple is interested in the “Connected car” concept, whereby services available in the home will become available in the car, thanks to improved 3g and 4g connectivity.

There is also much for Ferrari to gain in terms of reaching its enormous fan base worldwide with content and raising revenues from it, as Cue has extensive experience of Apple’s ITunes platform. He is also currently in charge of its Siri and Apple Mapping divisions.

“I am pleased and proud to become a member of the board,” Cue said. “I have personally dreamed of owning a Ferrari since I was 8 years old and have been lucky to be an owner for the past 5 years. I continue to be awed by the world-class design and engineering that only Ferrari can do.”

“I am delighted that Eddy Cue, one of the main driving forces behind Apple’s range of revolutionary products, has now joined our board,” said Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo. “His huge experience in the dynamic, innovative world of the Internet will be of great assistance to us.”

The superstar of the global tech business, Apple has had a tough time lately, by its own high standards. It’s share of global tablet sales has fallen in the face of stiff competition, while the share price is down from its peak at $700 to $600. And there is a storm in the US, as it was revealed that the company paid taxes of only 1.9% on its non-US earnings last year.

This latest move is bound to lead to something interesting and may ultimately lead Apple to F1.

The latest data for F1′s reach relative to other sports is impressive as in most of the mature TV sports markets, it is a strong second behind football.

Watch this space.

* In the photo above, whose hands are on the steering wheel? Leave your answer in the box below and I’ll send a signed copy of the JA on F1 2012 book which will be announced next week, to the first one with a correct answer (A clue: They are not my hands!)

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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Posted by:
  1. Mike from Colombia says:

    Well the dash is almost certainly from a 550 Maranello from between about 1996 to 2000.

    I would go with Luca Badoer

    1. James Allen says:

      Half right. But not the important bit!

      1. Paulo Vilela says:

        Ferrari 456 dashboard for sure

      2. Lucas says:

        The Stig

      3. Robin says:

        Hey James: can’t we solve this one before the US Grand Prix? For two reasons.
        1) The new reports related to the race will have blown this off the page.
        2) We are all dying to know just who those aged – but skilled, presumably – hands actually belong to.

  2. Barry Cosgrave says:

    The hands belong to Luca di Montezemolo

    1. Nuvolarifan says:

      Crap, well done. You’ve beaten me to it!

      Those are the hands of Luca di Montezemolo.

  3. Sebastiaan Hekman says:

    Jean Alesi’s hands.

  4. Chris G says:

    John Surtees?

  5. Geoff Norman says:

    Your comment that “Apple has had a tough time lately.” may be a response to transitory shifts in share price and one of its markets but it is very wide of the mark overall – a company that is making record sales and profits quarter after quarter is hardly having a tough time, especially when most of its competitors are seeing revenues and profits in decline.

  6. madmax says:

    Luca di Montezemolo

  7. Ant says:

    John Surtees – I think! ;)

  8. Peter Bakalor says:

    Fernando Alonso

  9. James Smee says:

    Luca di Montezemelo?

  10. JCA says:

    “He is also currently in charge of its … Apple Mapping divisions”. Should have enough on his plate then.

    1. Optimaximal says:

      When James says ‘currently in charge of Maps & Siri’, he actually meant ‘has just taken charge of Maps and Siri, following the sacking of Scott Forstall, who was personally responsible for both technologies until now and refused to sign off on the recent public apology for the shambolic state of Maps’.

      Tim Cook was forced to sign it, which seemed to be the straw that broke the back of his tolerance of one of Steve’s favoured sons.


    2. Rob says:

      I was thinking, “Ferrari maps by AppleTM” ;)

  11. Michael Maddison says:

    Is it an old man with a fat wallet and a small p***?

    1. Jon Egerton says:

      this would be the first right answer then! ;-)

    2. F1fan4life says:

      Sounds like someone has wallet envy..

  12. Matthew Day says:

    John Surtees

  13. Chris says:

    Luca di montezemelo?

    1. Chris says:

      Just because they look old.

  14. Philip Taylor says:

    Gary Anderson

  15. Laurence H says:

    Felipe Massa’s dad.

    1. JohnnyBenerba says:


  16. Adam T says:

    Are they the hands of Luca di Montezemolo?

  17. John Neese says:

    Those look like they could be the paws of a Bernie Ecclestone, but that’s just a guess.

    1. John Neese says:

      After noting the indicated speed, I *should* retract that guess. No one would ride with Eck if he drove that fast.

  18. Ginger says:

    Fernando Alonso (obvious I know)

  19. AP says:

    Luca di Montezemolo

    PS: IMHO, Ferrari’s first concern should be providing Alonso with the quickest car asap. All else can wait.

    1. Optimaximal says:

      Just like all the criticism McLaren got for releasing a cartoon, get some perspective.

      It’s not like the F1 division uses the same resources, engineers, tools and budget as their road car division. We’re not going to see iPod docks on the F2013 or anything.

  20. Kevin Schmidle says:

    Dario Benuzzi’s hands

  21. Stuart Cookson says:

    “whose hands are on the steering wheel?”

    Maybe an obvious suggestion, but I think they’re Luca di Montezemolo’s

  22. S.P. says:

    Niki Lauda?

  23. Nick Perks says:

    Phil Hill

    I’m assuming I have to get it right to get the book? :-)

    * In the photo above, whose hands are on the steering wheel? Leave your answer in the box below and I’ll send a signed copy of the JA on F1 2012 book which will be announced next week, to you (A clue: They are not my hands!)

  24. Steve says:

    Montezemolo’s hands!

  25. Craig Smith says:

    DC’s hands??

  26. James Leaver says:

    Hi James.

    I will take a guess at Jean Alesi. Thanks!


  27. Andrew S says:

    I dont know whose hands they are but James Allen 2012 book???

    Same as before – order online get a signed copy? Hope the wife picks up on hints for a Christmas present?

  28. Matthew Smith says:

    I think they’re Alonso’s hands.

  29. sugar says:

    Eddie Cue

  30. Ashish Sharma says:

    If it is Sebastian Vettel it would be great photo. I was sure it was you driving the 458 Italia till you at the very end mentioned it was not you.

    My guess the person from Pilota Ferrari you sat next to you while you drove the 458, or maybe someone on the Ultimate Road Trip…

    A lot does keep happening here. Always a pleasure to open this site… :-)

  31. William says:

    Kimi’s paws.

  32. sugar says:

    Bernie Ecclestone.

    The book is for all commented readers or guessed only?

    1. James Allen says:

      For the first right answer…

      1. Andy R says:

        Dammit I was going to answer the same :(
        Congrats ‘sugar’

      2. Spyros says:

        Actually it’s the second right answer, check #18.

        Congrats all around!

      3. Jon Egerton says:

        John Neese got it at 5:31!

      4. JohnnyBenerba says:

        But he retracted his guess! FIA regulation 45.1.17 states that if a user demonstrates they are uncertain in their response or follows with a comment that may cast doubt on the previous comment then all comments may be deemed invalid at the discretion of the stewards.

  33. Andrew S says:

    Hands – is it the boss Luca De Montezemolo?

  34. Tom says:

    Eddie Cue

  35. Michael Grievson says:

    They’re your hands James

    1. Michael Grievson says:

      Guess I read it wrong lol

      I think they’re Murray walkers then

  36. Julia says:

    Eddie Cue

  37. Andrew J says:

    Nigel Mansell

  38. Peter says:

    I think someone else has already given the correct answer, but I’ll say Jarno Trulli just in case they’re wrong!

  39. Steven_muzzy says:

    Jackie Stewart

  40. Mike from Colombia says:

    Can we have more than one guess James?

    Could it be the Swerve?

  41. Matt Burke says:


  42. AMSG says:

    Alain Prost

  43. Alberto Martínez says:

    Marc Gene

  44. mocho_pikuain says:

    Rory Byrne!

  45. gweilo8888 says:

    The hands aren’t Niki Lauda’s, by any chance, are they? (Total guess on my part.)

    1. gweilo8888 says:

      Ah, belay that. Should’ve read the page when I first loaded it, nobody else’s comments were up then. I see at least two others beat me to the Lauda guess, so I won’t be winning anything more than a sense of satisfaction if I’m right. ;-)

  46. Nick says:

    Steve Jobs?

  47. Anil says:

    I’m going to say Steve Jobs, simply because of the article is Apple related. Either way, I’m getting the book!

    1. Optimaximal says:

      Steve Jobs drove a Mercedes.

  48. Aritz Kaushik says:

    Adrian Newey?

  49. triumph says:

    Steve jobs

  50. sandyf1 says:

    Giancarlo fisichella

  51. craig says:

    Im guessing they are your hands. So James Allen?

  52. Michael Maddison says:

    Eric Clapton, Paul Newman, Jackie Stewart, Jean Todt. Close? Hugh Grant? George Michael owns a Ferrari(s) but has probably lost his license so I doubt it’s him. Nick Mason?

  53. Mark Taylor says:

    Felipe Massa

  54. Kiran says:

    The Michael

  55. Gordon says:

    Jeremy Clarkson

    1. James Allen says:

      You’re all being very unimaginative!!

      1. Gordon says:

        I made that guess before Matt Burke’s post appeared. I thought I was being quite imaginative and original, at the time! How about another hint…?

      2. Werewolf says:

        Stevie Wonder, perhaps!

  56. ron says:

    James Allen’s hands

  57. Geoff says:

    For sure they are michael schumacher’s

  58. Siva says:

    Eddie Cue

  59. RSSG says:

    James Allen

  60. Alex R says:

    Mika Häkkinen!

  61. Ben m says:

    Your hands James

  62. AnthonyD says:

    Jeremy Clarkson’s hands!?

  63. F12012 says:

    Martin brundle

  64. only1halen says:

    Ross Brawn

  65. Ben m says:

    Crap didn’t read the last line!

  66. David Croyle says:

    Michael Schumacher?

  67. GY says:

    James Allen’s hands?

  68. olivier says:

    Here’s a link giving you an insight in Eddy Cue’s personality: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57542654-37/right-on-cue-can-itunes-chief-fix-apples-maps-and-siri/

    He is a crucial part of Apple’s Dream Team. Here’s a link to his profile on the Apple website: http://www.apple.com/pr/bios/eddy-cue.html

    It certainly is great news for Ferrari. Eddy is renowned for fixing problems that seem hopeless, … perhaps he could fix Ferrari’s calibration woes of their wind tunnel first? :)

    What the — are Ferrari and Apple up to? BMW’s i concept could give us a few hints already? > http://www.bmw-i.com/en_ww/concept/

  69. Justin says:

    Michael Schumacher!

  70. Mat says:

    Martin Brundle?

    1. ben S says:

      Ahhhh Ian, I thought I was gonna get there first. but I have another long-shot still in the bag.

  71. Andrew says:

    Alain Prost

  72. Speedy says:

    Gerhard Berger

  73. Carolyn Sloan says:

    James Allen

  74. Eric Clapton says:

    They’re slow hands!

  75. Alan says:

    Hi is it Jean Todt’s hands in the Ferrari 550

  76. Justin says:

    or Rubens, or marc gene, or felipe,

  77. NemanjA says:

    Steve Jobs

  78. Gareth says:

    Luca di Montezemolo :-)

  79. shaz says:

    Felipe Massa?

  80. Ashboy says:

    Eddie irvine

  81. Lethal M says:

    Eddie Irvine?

  82. Arion says:

    Chris Evans?

  83. Nick says:

    Michael Schumacher

  84. Sammy says:

    Eddie Jordan

  85. Lai Couto says:

    Giancarlo Fisichella?

  86. David S says:

    Mark Webber…..

  87. Ben Taylor says:

    I’ll go with, err… Fisichella?

  88. Davexxx says:

    It’s a trick – it’s two different persons’ hands! (One belongs to Security, guarding the exhibit) ;-)

  89. Marshall Donnell says:

    170 MPH surely not on UK roads? Gerhard Berger my guess!

  90. Vinod says:

    Michael Schumacher

  91. Steve says:

    Jean todt

  92. Steve says:

    Or failing that ross brawn

  93. Adam says:

    Your hands James?

  94. Jon says:

    It’s Steve Jobs hands.

  95. bagwan says:

    Are they Steve Jobs’s hands , James ?

  96. Toby says:

    Jean Todt

  97. iceman says:

    michael schumacher

  98. Type056 says:

    James Allen’s Hand.:)

  99. Werewolf says:

    Murray Walker?

    1. Werewolf says:

      Even if the answer’s wrong, it’s nice to be back. All my recent posts have been rejected for some reason.

      1. James Allen says:

        And it’s nice to have you back.

  100. Horno says:

    Hands are from James Allen himself!

  101. ronmon says:

    Michael Schumacher’s hands.

    And if you gave me an Apple device, I would sell it and buy two Android devices.

  102. strangely says:

    long shot – Sir Jack Brabham…?

    1. strangely says:

      actually, i’m going to change my answer.

      Stirling Moss.

  103. bgolub23 says:

    steve jobs?

  104. Mike84 says:

    Steve Jobs, it could be an older picture

  105. Tim says:

    Max Rufus Mosley

  106. Guilherme says:

    hmmmm, i say Ross Brawn

  107. Brian says:

    Paul Frere?

  108. Rakesh says:

    Steve Jobs

  109. Martin Nash says:

    Martin Brundle

  110. Paul Watson says:

    Murray Walker?

  111. Anthony says:

    Those are your hands James!!

  112. Alan says:

    Hi is it Jean Todt’s hands at the steering wheel of the 550 Ferrari(wasn’t sure I spelt his name right last time :) )

  113. vic says:

    I guess is Marc Gene

  114. Jason says:

    They are ‘ James Allen’ hands.

  115. MattB says:

    Max Mosley

  116. Bob says:

    Gilles Villeneuve

  117. Sting says:

    None other then The Stig..

  118. Alan says:

    Ross Brawn’s hands?

  119. Irish con says:

    The drivers hands perhaps? ;)

  120. AndrewJ says:

    The Late, Great, Prof. Sid Watkins.

  121. Chromatic says:

    Michael Schumacher?

  122. Andy R says:

    Bernie Ecclestone

  123. Nuno says:

    Eddy Cue

  124. Dave says:

    Gordon Ramsay

  125. Alan says:

    Is it trick question and it’s graphic hands from an in car shot of a racing game?

  126. Daniel litt says:

    Are they the Finely manicured paws of “The Stig” ????

  127. Shane says:

    Harry Metcalfe (of evo)?

  128. Chris says:

    Long shot, but Eddy Cue

  129. AlexD says:

    Lewis Hamilton?

  130. Gordon says:

    Pete Townshend?

  131. Steve Skooz says:

    James Allen’s!
    He looks a lot younger than his 65 years.. lol!

  132. Paulo Vilela says:

    Jeremy Clarkson

  133. Daveofoz says:

    Stefano Domenicali :-)

  134. Tom says:

    James May

    1. Wade Parmino says:

      LOL! Look at the speedometer.

  135. Nil says:

    No imagination you say James? Those are Steve Jobs’ hands. He’s holding it right.

  136. Gordon says:

    Gordon Ramsay?

  137. Johann Ting says:

    Jay Kay from Jamiroquai – as you said we were being unimaginative!

  138. Stuart burton says:

    Stefano domenicali I’m going with

  139. ArJay says:

    The one on the right is definitely someone’s thumb but the one on the left is possibly a shrivelled relic borrowed from the Vatican? So…um…I really don’t know who owns the living digit.

  140. ronmon says:

    Bill Gates

  141. BurgerF1 says:

    Andrea Bertolini

  142. Rob says:

    Max Mosley. Paul Newman.

  143. Steve Brisbane Oz says:

    Bill Gates?..just for a twist!

  144. Phil W says:

    Alain Prost

  145. Phil W says:

    Ivan Capelli

  146. Chris says:

    Bill Gates

  147. Chris says:

    Either Bill Gates or Paul Allen

  148. CartRider says:

    Unimagjbative, you say? H

    1. CartRider says:

      Sorry, darn Apple iPhone lol how about Mick Jagger?

  149. Mike says:

    Tiff Needell?

  150. Ian says:

    Jody Scheckter

  151. Phil says:

    John Barnard or Osamu Goto?

  152. Pigmer says:

    Hands are from Bernie Ecclestone :)

  153. Doug says:

    My guess is Sid Watkins.

  154. Baruni says:

    Andrea Bertolini

  155. dzolve says:

    better known as Bernd Mayländer!

  156. Lindsay says:

    “I am delighted that Eddy Cue, one of the main driving forces behind Apple’s range of revolutionary products, has now joined our board,”


    Apple Maps: a revolution in attracting ridicule?
    Siri: a revolution in gimmickry?
    Itunes: Ugh

    1. olivier says:

      Scott Forstall was the one responsible for Apple maps and Siri. He resigned recently and now Eddy is taking over the troubled products.

      1. Lindsay says:

        I’m aware of this, but poking fun at the use of the word “revolutionary” rather than Eddy Cue.

  157. William says:

    Nick Mason

  158. Paulo Vilela says:

    Piero Lardi Ferrari

  159. Paulo Vilela says:

    Alain de Cadenet

  160. Ryan Goodwin says:

    John Button

  161. D1M0NST3R says:

    Chrisitan fitipaldi?

  162. only1halen says:

    Jean Todt

  163. Matt Shea says:

    Your dad, James: Bill Allen.

  164. Dave says:

    Is it The Woz? Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak collects cars.

  165. Sebee says:

    Did you get a manicure for that 458 test drive photos a few month back James?

  166. Sebee says:

    Steve Jobs!

  167. Paulo Vilela says:

    sylvester stallone

  168. Paulo Vilela says:

    Gordon Ramsey

  169. Simon says:

    Nicolas Cage

  170. Paulo Vilela says:

    Nicola Larini

  171. DRB says:

    Damon Hill

  172. Adam says:

    Piero Ferrari’s hands?

  173. Jeremiah says:

    Rocco Siffredi´s hands!

    1. Andrew Barker says:

      Lol he is a legend

  174. Anirudh Iyer says:

    I think it’s either Amedeo Felisa or Steve Wozniack

  175. Leigh says:

    eddie irvine

  176. Josh says:

    Jean Todt or Eddie Cue?

  177. Jim Dee says:

    Nigel Mansell

  178. Paxdog57 says:

    Bill gates

  179. Nigel (USA) says:

    Connected car? I already have that in my Tesla Model S….

  180. Dan says:

    Dan Gurney or Carol Shelby, in a Ferrari 550.

  181. Phil says:

    I got it – they are the hands of the guy driving the car!

  182. Tomasz Cieryt says:

    Eric Clapton or silvio berlusconi

  183. Klaus Kåg says:

    Max Mosley?

  184. JC says:

    Nick Mason !

  185. JC says:

    Or … James May

  186. JC says:

    Jody Scheckter ?

  187. Josh says:

    Ross Brawn, Jean Todt, Eddie Cue or Eddie Irvine

  188. Mike says:

    They look like old thumbs… but could Mario Andretti still be driving that fast? Second guess not so old Jacques Villeneuve.

  189. Husker says:

    Not gonna read 195 comments to see it someone has beaten me to it, sorry if it’s been posted already.

    I’ll go with Bernie Ecclestone’s hands! :D

  190. Zhenya says:

    Michele Alboreto’s

    1. Zhenya says:

      Or Charlie Whiting

      1. Zhenya says:

        Some people have several names… Just for fun: Ron Dennis.

  191. Jake says:

    Nicolas Cage?

  192. Midex says:

    Norbert Haug?

  193. anon says:

    Eric Clapton

  194. Mitchel says:

    Has anyone got it right yet, can you give us a clue, and are you only allowed one answer?

    I go for:

    Nicolas Larini
    Michele Albereto
    Valentino Rossi
    Mika Salo

  195. Paul du Maître says:

    Are they Tim Cook’s hands by any chance?

    1. Paul du Maître says:

      Or… since the owner of the hands is driving the Ferrari, perhaps someone from the Agnelli family, the owners of Fiat (and therefore Ferrari)?

  196. Mitchel says:

    This is the best comp ever. Such fun!

    Is it:
    Simon Cowell
    Simon Fuller
    Simon Pegg
    Simon Amstel
    Paul Simon

  197. paul jaworski says:

    Who’s hands? I’m guessing someone who hasn’t been picked yet. Jean Todt.

  198. Katrina says:

    Ashton Kutcher

  199. AENG says:

    The hands belonge to older man, older than LM, even up to 80 years old. Moss?

  200. Ashish Sharma says:

    Imaginative Guess – Carroll Shelby

  201. Richardd says:

    Fausto, driving instructor

  202. Rein says:

    Luca d. Montezemolo

  203. Bring Back Murray says:

    Gerhard Berger

  204. deci1668 says:

    Stefano Domenicalli’s hands

  205. Clive Russell says:

    Ron Dennis?

  206. ArJay says:

    Madame Tussaud?
    Wax Deadroom?

  207. Phil says:

    The Queen!

  208. Phil says:

    Peter Sauber?

    Brian May?

  209. Alex Y says:

    Chris Evans- just because of his ferrari collection

  210. Jake says:

    Postman Pat

  211. Adam Windmill says:

    Richard Hammond or Eric Clapton

  212. olivier says:

    1. This picture is taken on a test track as the driver seem to be driving the car at very high speed.
    2. The car is an old ferrari.
    3. This story was posted on the same day James Allen visited the Brackley factory.

    >> It has to be Ross Brawn driving his old company car on a test track near the Brackley Mercedes F1 factory :)

  213. Paulo Marcelino says:

    Murray Walker, the BBC presenter

  214. jimmy cranky says:

    It’s the big bear.

  215. ronmon says:

    Jay Leno?

  216. Sturt says:

    Ron dennis

  217. alam says:

    Its something to do with the display.

  218. Chris Mossy 41 says:

    Valentino Rossi,Max Biaggi or maybe Max Melandri or longer shot Randy Mamola

  219. Space junk says:

    Okay….. Imagination ….


  220. Sanjiv says:

    Enzo Ferrari

  221. Alex says:

    Jay Kay? Maybe even Silvio Berlusconi?

  222. jarek says:

    silvio berlusconi

  223. olivier says:

    Apparently Alonso will soon be able to have a chat with his car >> http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/11/08/apples-next-major-market-for-ios-may-be-automotive/page/1

    Gone are the days of multiple buttons on a F1 steering wheel. The driver will communicate directly to his car. Can you imagine Alonso shouting:”KERS now Daniela!.” Or Daniela to Alonso: “Easy Alonso, we’re having a long way to go!”

    It will certainly be hilarious to hear Vettel swearing to “Kate’s sister” or whatever his 2013 car will be called. Looking forward to the future!

  224. P Alliot says:

    Olivier Beretta

  225. Neil says:

    Bernard Bresslaw?

  226. Tom says:

    Might they perchance be the hands of Joakim Jotun in a 1998 Ferrari 550 Maranello?

  227. Attila says:

    Carlos Reutemann

  228. John Gill says:

    Prince Charles.

  229. Glennb says:

    Eddie Van Halen
    How will you be contacting me James?

    Side note: that right thumb looks more like a dodgy big-toe :)

  230. Bjørn says:

    John Surtees?

  231. PaulD says:

    I’m going to guess Alan Prost, as I don’t think he’s been suggested yet.

  232. Nick Tantalo says:

    Robert Kubica

  233. PaulD says:

    I just guessed Alain Prost (and spelled it wrong, thanks to phone’s autocorrect) but now I see that’s already been put forth. So let’s go with Flavio Briatore. Or perhaps Robert Kubica.

  234. Richardd says:

    Raffaele De Simone

  235. Barry cosgrave says:

    Jose Froian Gonzalez

  236. F458 says:

    Since Luca Di Montezemolo has been rinsed, i’m gonna go with the following: Luca Baldisserri, Luca Colajanni, Luca Marmorini.

    Car is a Ferrari 456.

  237. Laurence H says:

    Emerson Fittipaldi? I give up now…

  238. Eric Muniz says:

    Juan Manuel Fangio.

  239. Ben Taylor says:

    Gordon Ramsey?

  240. Eric Muniz says:

    Pete Townshend

  241. P Alliot says:

    Or maybe Raffaele De Simone …

  242. Sid says:

    Bernie Ecclestone

  243. Eric Muniz says:

    Tim Cook.

  244. paxdog57 says:

    Phil Hill

  245. Tm says:

    Charlie Whiting?

  246. EGG says:

    I don’t know, but James has done his homework. The picture doesn’t come up in Tineye, or reverse Google image search. It might be a 456, but doesn’t look like a scanned in photo, so we can probably assume digital and post-2000.

    Rather hairy right hand. David Attenborough?

  247. Steve McGill says:

    Chris Rea.

  248. Fredji says:

    Keith Richards

  249. sebna says:

    Hands belong to Steve Jobs.

    Thank you.

  250. David Goss says:

    Nick Mason

  251. Brad says:

    Stirling Moss

  252. Avinash says:

    Il comandatore – Enzo Ferrari

  253. ArJay says:

    Last try…
    It’s a 1940′s image of Thelonius Monk performing at Minton’s Playhouse artfully doctored by a CGI specialist to closely resemble old hands and an old Ferrari?

  254. Johan says:

    Those are my hands. Keira Knightley took the photo as I was showing her the best lines around the old Ring.

  255. John Gill says:


    Ron Dennis

  256. Darren Cutmore says:

    Jacky Ickx

  257. Darren Cutmore says:

    Eddie Irvine?

  258. Steve McGill says:

    Good god this is going to go on for years.

    Noones said Adrian Newey have they?

  259. Don Farrell says:

    Maradonna’s…. “hand of god” ahhaaaaa?

  260. TommyGNR says:

    Stirling Moss

  261. Mike from Colombia says:

    OK. Let’s try to pin this down everybody.

    1) Vehicle is a left hand drive 550 Maranello.
    - photo probably taken in Europe
    - vehicle looks old from the shine on the steering wheel leather, photo probably taken recently

    2) Older person’s hands

    3) Someone with balls – the car is clocking 280kph

    4) It is not a well-known F1 driver – almost all have been mentioned until now.

    1. Zhenya says:

      Thanks for this summary.

  262. Atef Girgis says:

    Tim cook or Cue

  263. Craig says:

    James May?

  264. Monktonnik says:

    James Allen

  265. Eric Muniz says:

    Rod Stewart

  266. mattoz says:

    Luca Colajani

  267. LL says:

    Eddie Cue’s hands.

  268. Allan walsh says:

    Sid watkins or max mosley or charlie whiting.

    As always, great article James

  269. F1fan4life says:

    Dammit everyone guessed everything already :<
    Nigel Stepney then back in 2007 off in a hurry with some vital information. James do you need to confess to anything..?

  270. Heinzman says:

    Is it allesandro zanardi?

  271. Mitchel says:

    When does it end?!

    Jonathan Legard
    John Watson

  272. Luke Clements says:

    Captain Slow off Top Gear…James May I think his name is!

  273. My hands ( in my dreams)

  274. Jake Pattison says:

    Simon Cowell

  275. Ben says:

    Mick Hucknall?

  276. Panagiotis says:

    Timothy “Tiff” Needell

  277. Craig Baker says:

    SIlvio Berlusconi
    Flavio Briatore

  278. Mike84 says:

    It’s Enzo !!!

  279. LJKS says:

    With a digit hooked over a steering wheel spoke at that speed it is unlikely to be anyone who has ever raced competitively. So, maybe Ross Brawn.

  280. Allwyn says:

    Darren Heath

  281. Allan walsh says:

    Emerson Fittipaldi

  282. Mark in Australia says:

    Darren Heath the photographer

  283. Witless says:

    Prince Charles?

  284. Lawrence says:

    Enzo. He was cyrogenically frozen in 1988. Gentlemen, they rebuilt him. They had the technology. They had the capability to build the world’s first bionic man. Enzo Ferrari is that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster. Ferrari weren’t going to Germany for aerodynamic testing, they rebuilt Enzo and he will be used to destroy Vettel.

  285. Garyp says:

    Just scrolled through 300 posts NO ANSWER YET JUST TELL US and I will buy your book!!!

  286. Steve O'Keeffe says:

    They belong to Luca Colajanni

  287. Zhenya says:

    All this must be about music. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, hardly Elton John, Tom Jones… Who else?

  288. Robin says:

    Could it be Ayrton Senna ?

    1. F1fan4life says:

      Yes he’s back from the dead to audition for next years season of Big Brother. Winnah!

  289. RolioJ says:

    Derek Bell?

  290. Nicky Santoro says:

    Jaime Alguersuari

  291. Gregory Pippas says:

    The pope John Paul 2nd.

  292. Kevin says:

    Rubens Gonçalves “Rubinho” Barrichello

  293. Jake says:

    Roger Waters ?

  294. Gav says:

    rowan atkinson

  295. Barry cosgrave says:

    George Harrison

  296. Breaking News: Ferrari’s 2013 challenger to be the thinnest, lightest and scratchiest car in F1 history.

  297. zombie says:

    It is Bernie Ecclestone.

  298. Euan says:

    Nick Mason?

  299. Euan says:

    or Peter Windsor

  300. Laurence H says:

    One more try… Prince Albert of Monaco.

  301. Gordon says:

    Roger Daltrey

  302. Gordon says:

    Julio Iglesias

  303. Gordon says:

    Sammy Hagar

  304. Gordon says:

    Ralph Lauren

  305. Chris says:

    Jay Leno

  306. Paul Watson says:

    Sid watkins

  307. Sebastiaan Hekman says:

    Tom Walkinshaw

  308. Bring Back Murray says:

    Has anybody mentioned Jake Humphry yet? or DC?

  309. MK_Chris says:

    Rob Smedley. With no sign of a radio message !

  310. SuperSi says:

    I think those are the hands of Eddy Cue.

  311. Richard Dreyer says:

    Derek Bell?

  312. Eric Muniz says:

    Somebody’s feet?

  313. Steve says:

    Jarno Trulli

  314. Zhenya says:

    Helmut Marko

  315. Brian says:

    Stefan Johansson

  316. Cracken says:

    Rory Byrne

  317. Ahmed says:

    The person can not be British, it is a Left hand drive. Don’t know who though :(

  318. DanWilliams from Aust says:

    Car is 458, the hands belong to Michael Mann

  319. Robin says:

    It’s either Luis Hamilton or Jenson Button dreaming of a new contract.

    1. Robin says:

      That’s Lewis, making his name look Spanish to drive alongside FA!

  320. AdrianP says:

    Jackie Stewart

  321. Jeroen says:

    Santa Claus!

  322. Jack says:

    Well its definately not Abu Hamza, is it the chef James Martin?

  323. Estophile says:

    Joe Saward

    1. James Allen says:

      Does he have a driving licence?

      1. Rach says:

        Do you still hear from Ed James? I remember his piece from Monza when he got given a ferrari with you – hence my guess. I used to follow his blog before yours. Hope he is well.

      2. James Allen says:

        No, he went on Fireign desk at Times and now I think he’s one if the main editors there

        Must give him a call, great bloke, fearless journo

  324. Allan walsh says:

    Dietrich mateschitz or helmut marko

  325. Andrew C. says:

    I vote for Patrick Tambay!

  326. dzolve says:

    Steve Mcqueen?

  327. Chris says:

    The man himself Enzo Anselmo Ferrari??

  328. dzolve says:

    Dino Zoff

  329. Martin Harris says:

    Could it be Steve Jobs? You haven’t said it the photo was taken recently!

  330. Paulo Marcelino says:

    René Arnoux

  331. MAuc says:

    Tiff Needell!

  332. Melvyn Scott says:

    They are Vito Corleone’s hands, he made them an offer to drive it, and they couldn’t refuse !!!

  333. Mike from Colombia says:

    There is no way of telling who it is from the photo.
    Have we not had enough stabs in the dark?

    Just one small clue please James?

    1. Zhenya says:

      Keke Rosberg has not happened to be mentioned, I think.

  334. Morales says:

    One of the Spa winners… Andrew Jacobs, Rob Sinfield or

  335. jeroen says:

    Daniel graig

  336. jeroen says:

    Eddie irvine

  337. Alex says:

    Franz Tost

  338. jeroen says:

    Mika Salo

  339. jeroen says:

    Gerhard Berger

  340. Adam Macdonald says:

    John Sculley

  341. Mitchel says:

    Jerry Seinfeld
    Larry David
    Ricky Gervais

  342. Gav says:

    Marcello Lippi

  343. Gav says:

    sir sean connery

  344. Ahmed Ginnah says:

    Steve Jobs hands are on the steering wheel

  345. Jack says:

    Jason Plato?

  346. Gav says:

    Ken Barlow!!

  347. Gav says:

    ross brawn

  348. Gav says:

    adrian newey

  349. Hamish says:

    Jo Ramirez

    Bill Clinton

  350. Aljo says:

    How about your Dad.

    Mr Allen senior

  351. Hamish says:

    Ron Howard

  352. Ben says:

    Is that a reflection on the dashboard that I can’t see, or has paranoia set in?

    Beyond that, Lord Lucan.

  353. M. Yoon says:

    murry walker

  354. M. Yoon says:

    Mark Blundell

  355. ArJay says:

    I hear through the grapevine that James has cunningly buried a clue in the dark area of the image to the left of the speedometer – those lucky enough to have access to Photoshop or the Gimp might like to experiment with the ‘Levels’ function…

    1. Gordon says:

      Tried it, but couldn’t see much. At first glance it looks like a face, but upon closer inspection, I think it is just the inside of the door. I could be wrong though…

  356. Space junk says:

    Thom Yorke

  357. Eric Muniz says:

    Mark Zuckerberg
    Eric Schmidt
    Sergey Brin
    Larry Page
    Larry Ellison
    Paul Allen
    Steve Wozniak
    Scott Forstall
    Johnny Ive
    Phillip Schiller

  358. P M says:

    Bill Gates

  359. Glennb says:

    Ron Jeremy

  360. Racefans says:

    Is it Steve Wozniack?

  361. Craig says:

    Steve Coogan or Rowan Atkinson

  362. Steve O says:

    luca baldisserri

  363. DanT says:

    James, has everyone been wrong so far or are you just really enjoying this :-)

  364. DanielH says:

    James Galloway.

    Flavio Briatore.

  365. Ben says:

    Derek Bell?

  366. Paul says:

    Gianni Agnelli

  367. Jack says:

    Michael Cain. Just because no one else will :)

  368. John C. says:

    Tom Selleck

  369. M. Yoon says:

    James Coburn

  370. M. Yoon says:

    David Hobbs

  371. M. Yoon says:

    Ben Collins

  372. Mike says:

    Nick Mason? He’s a massive Ferrari fan and has quite a collection…

  373. Allan walsh says:

    Peter windsor?

  374. Robin says:

    Jules Bianchi?

  375. Pete says:

    Clint Eastwood – the age fits.

  376. Zhenya says:

    Bill Clinton

  377. Edel says:

    Luca Marmorini

  378. Baghetti says:

    Mauro Forghieri

  379. ArJay says:

    Left Hand : Barack Obama
    Right Hand : Mitt Romney

    Democracy rules!

  380. DC says:

    Hans-Joachim Stuck or Hans Tanner?

  381. Alan says:

    No ones hands.it’s James Allens feet :)

  382. Vanessa says:

    Jacques Villeneuve?

  383. Hamish says:

    Jochen Mass

  384. Steve muzzy says:

    Phil the power Taylor ?

    He is doing 180 ….

  385. Brian says:

    Sergio Pininfarina

  386. Brian says:

    Robert A. Iger

  387. Paulo Vilela says:

    walter rohrl? sergio pininfarina? sylvester stallone? larry ellison from oracle? Paul Allen from Microsoft? Eric Clapton? Pete Townshend?

  388. ArJay says:

    Left Hand : Michael Jackson
    Right Hand : Elizabeth Taylor

  389. Ben says:

    Carlos Reutemann? Rob Smedley?

  390. dzolve says:

    Jonathan or Jolyon Palmer.

  391. SpaceJunk says:

    Shane Warne

  392. Paulo Marcelino says:

    Tonito Lamborghini

  393. Brian says:

    James, has anyone guessed this correctly yet?

      1. Mitchel says:

        There is a natural follow-on question to this, y’know!

      2. Gordon says:

        The suspense is killing me!

      3. P Alliot says:


      4. Hamish says:

        Will a winner be announced?

  394. Brian says:

    OK, I’ll bite. When specifically will you announce the winner?

  395. Brian says:

    Hi James, Did I miss the answer to this, or have you yet to give the answer?

  396. Gav says:

    how much longer do we need to wait James?

  397. Gav says:

    i dont think you know the answer james.

    1. Hamish says:

      I read elsewhere on this site that the correct answer was guessed but couldn’t be announced for some reason.

  398. mountainspew says:

    All I can figure, Apple has a bottomless pit of money.


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