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Want to come on a guided tour behind the scenes at Mercedes AMG Petronas factory?
Posted By: James Allen  |  01 Nov 2012   |  5:49 pm GMT  |  653 comments

We’ve had some pretty exciting competitions on JA on F1 and have sent many first time fans to Grands Prix, who would not have had the chance to go otherwise.

Now we are at it again with a superb opportunity thanks to our partner UBS and to the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team.

We are offering 10 people the chance to tour the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory in Brackley, England. You’ll go behind the scenes of the team for which Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher raced this year and for which Lewis Hamilton will race next season. You’ll see where and how the cars are made. And you’ll be accompanied by our own James Allen.

Refreshments will be served at the start of the event and there will be lunch afterwards.

And James will be there to accompany you all the way and to give insights into any areas of interest you may have in current F1, including race strategy.

The Tour takes place on Thursday November 8th, with arrival at 09-30am for a 10am start.

Entry is simple: Leave your name below and we will select ten winners at random on Saturday night, from 19-00HRS UK time. A post notifying the winners will be put up soon after.

Terms and conditions

- Prize does not include travel to and from Brackley, Northamptonshire.

- Competition is free to enter

- Only people excluded from entering are employees of other F1 teams, suppliers or competitors.

General Obligations

(i) you take part in the Event on your own account and at your own risk and liability;
(ii) you are aware of the potential hazards associated with your participation in the Event;
(iii) you will not be under the influence of drugs, medication or alcohol before or during participation at the Event;
(iv) you are completely healthy at the time of the Event and not suffering from any illness that may impair your ability to take part or interfere with or endanger your participation;
(v) you will adhere to all health and safety briefings provided by the Organiser;

The Organiser reserves the right to exclude any party from the Event immediately should such party contravene any of the above terms and conditions.

• Participation in the competition is open anyone aged 18 and over, save for employees and contractors of rival F1 teams, suppliers or competitors, who are not eligible to participate.
• The promoter reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone it deems unsuitable or unable to take part.
• Winners may be required to submit valid identification and proof of age at any stage of the competition and/or before receiving their prize.
• The winners must confirm that they will be available to attend the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory on Thursday 8th November.
* Travel to and from the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS factory is at the winner’s own expense.
• By entering the competition, participants agree that their personal data submitted as part of the registration process will be stored and processed by the promoter as data controller in accordance with applicable data protection laws for the purpose(s) of administering/operating the competition.
• Any failure to adhere to these terms and conditions will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.

The competition entry period is between 16-00 PM GMT on 1st November 2012 and 19-00 PM GMT on 3rd November 2012 (the “Entry Period”).

Winners will be notified by email and the names of the winners will be posted on the website www.jamesallenonf1.com

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  1. Phil Lewis says:

    Yes please!

    Phil Lewis

    1. Alex Ladell says:

      Yes please !

    2. MJ Whitwell says:

      Sounds good. Entered.

    3. Cliff Webb says:

      Yes Please! Here’s hoping!

      1. David Carrington says:

        Would love to! Thanks

    4. Dawn Parker says:

      Please enter me for the comp.
      Fingers crossed.

    5. stephen murphy says:

      Yes please

    6. Would love this opportunity!

  2. Tim Martin says:

    Great site, really informative.

  3. James Muscat says:

    Would love a chance to win, thanks James :)

  4. Marc Flannery says:


  5. Steve Lamb says:

    I’m a huge F1 fan and would love to see behind the scenes at Mercedes

  6. Ben Middlicott says:

    Please pick me James!

  7. Sean says:

    Yes please!

  8. Neil Harper says:

    Yes please!!

  9. *fingers firmly crossed*

  10. Mark Leech says:

    My entry!

  11. Russell Clarkson says:

    Russell Clarkson

  12. Jake Hilton says:

    Amazing prize!!!

  13. Andrew Hewlett says:

    Andrew Hewlett

  14. Tibet Fonteyne says:


  15. Ed Ludlow says:

    Looks fun.

  16. A perfect season closes

  17. Ashu Kher says:

    good luck :)

  18. Matt Endean says:

    Pick me !

  19. Saleh Ahmed says:

    Mercedes AMG Petronas Factory Tour guide competition entry.

  20. Alastair MacGregor says:


  21. Ross Brown says:

    Massive Lewis Hamilton fan

  22. Paul milner says:

    Hi, my names paul, I’m a student nurse doing my bit for the country trying to give a little back to society. I don’t ask for a lot but would love this opportunity as I am a massive F1 fan and Lewis fan too, really Hopi g Mercedes can do a great job in 2012 too,

  23. Gurpreet Birk says:

    Would’ve been great to meet Schumi!

  24. James Thorburn says:

    Fingers crossed!

  25. phil stevens says:

    Having been an F1 follower since 1968, I would love to have a look behind the scenes at the team that has managed to prise Mr Hamilton away from McLaren. Having just taken delivery of my own AMG, I can think of no better place to visit.

  26. Ruben Rodner says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  27. Daniel Brooks says:

    Daniel Brooks

  28. STephen Richardson says:


  29. Would love to go on the tour.

  30. Ral says:

    Definitely interested! Amazing opportunity :)

  31. andy foster says:

    Hi James
    It would be amazing to tour the factory with you.
    Hope to see you on the 8th.


  32. Would be great to see the processes involved at Brackley :)


  33. TobyS says:

    Tobias Starborg. I’d love to go. Great to see what goes on behind the scenes.

  34. This was a nice contest. Would be fun to hitch a last minute plane ticket from Sweden. :)

  35. Philip Isham says:

    My name For Mercedes factory visit.

  36. Rob gibson says:

    Here’s hoping.
    rob gibson

  37. David Harvey says:

    Fingers crossed’

  38. Would love this prize!

    This is my entry:
    Peter Santamaria-Woods.

  39. Matthew Weigh says:

    Matthew Weigh – Aeronautical Engineering apprentice, and huge Lewis Hamilton fan

  40. Kevin O'Donnell says:

    I knew I had next week off for a reason!!

  41. David Guest says:

    Want to see what Lewis is moving in to. Do I wear my Brawn kit?

  42. Jeffrey Xavier says:

    entry for competition.

  43. Kevin Kinsella says:

    Nice one James

  44. Simon Bishop says:

    Here’s hoping!

  45. Phil Cooling says:

    Pick me! :) Phil Cooling

  46. Peter Cartwright says:

    I have recently retired and would love to see what goes on in a proper engineering environment

  47. Matt B says:

    Matt B

  48. furniture says:

    I Bannister

  49. Declan Findlay says:

    I’m a true Mercedes fan, this would be a dream come true!

  50. Anil says:

    Loving the sound of this :)

    Anil Parmar

  51. Darren says:

    What a great opportunity. Fingers crossed.

  52. Daniel McMurtry says:

    Please, please; please!

  53. Alec Mcintyre says:

    This looks awesome.

  54. Nigel Daly says:

    Please enter me in the competition for the Mercedes tour. Many thanks, Nigel

  55. David Hughson says:

    Please consider my entry for this competition even though I live in Scotland, I’d be there in a shot.

  56. Tim says:

    Replies not showing up ???

    1. Tim says:

      Hi Tim, do you want me to change my online posting name? If so, no problem. Please let me know asap. Thanks.


  57. Paolo Bargiacchi says:

    What a great opportunity, would be so interesting.

    Paolo Bargiacchi

  58. Steve Brown says:

    Yes please!

  59. Graham Clarke says:

    Yes please! Fingers crossed

  60. Vinay says:

    I would be excited to be on the tour!

    Vinay P

  61. George Debenham says:

    An exciting opportunity and one that has particular appeal to myself as an engineer
    and a loyal follower of F1 since 1960.
    It is incredible how technology has changed
    the sport since then, when teams would carry out work on their cars in a grass paddock from the back of their transporter.
    It was much easier in those days for fans to get up close to the cars and talk to drivers and mechanics. With, understandably, much more restriction these days, it makes a tour of the Mercedes factory very priviledged and special.

  62. Ritesh Tendulkar says:

    Ritesh Tendulkar

  63. Paul Braithwaite says:


    This sounds like an amazing opportunity and one that I wouldn’t want to miss – fingers crossed


  64. Phong Tu says:

    thanks for the oppertunity

  65. Matt Whitney says:

    Matt Whitney

  66. Alan Glover says:

    Would be fantastic to vist the factory, dream time!

  67. Steve says:

    Stephen Barry

  68. Stuart says:

    Stuart Fenton

  69. Derek Ekins says:

    I’d be happy to make up number on this one!

  70. Chris Chalmers says:

    You never know your luck!

    Chris Chalmers

  71. Terry Chen says:

    What a great opportunity! Pick me! :)

  72. Matthew Humber says:

    It would be great to have a chance to look at F1 factory

  73. Michael Delahorne says:

    This would be awesome!

  74. Peter Brazier says:

    Yes Please!

  75. Chris says:

    Pick me please James. Many thanks

  76. John Marchesan says:

    Count me in

  77. Paul Dryburgh says:

    Amazing opportunity

    Paul Dryburgh

  78. Jon G says:

    a huge f1 and Lewis fan here..would love the chance to do this! Jon G

  79. Benny Singarajan says:

    Hope I win, Experience of a lifetime beckons.

  80. Thomas Chidwick says:

    Love to! Can’t wait for the draw!

  81. Michael Westbury says:

    Would love to win a tour.
    Great competition idea.
    Michael Westbury

  82. Tom Clancy says:

    Sounds fantastic!!

    Yes please!!

  83. Dave Hooper says:

    Would love a tour!

    Dave Hooper

  84. Barry Dench says:

    I would love to join the party! Please put me in the draw!

    Great blog too!

  85. Silvio Defuns says:

    I’d like to be part of this tour.
    Regards from switzerland

  86. Lizzie H says:

    Sounds great!

  87. Itchy says:

    Count me in! Alastair Archbold

  88. Cy Pearson says:

    me please ;-)

  89. Ben Bailey says:

    It would be a great way to celebrate my birthday visiting the Mercedes factory on the 8th! Ben Bailey

  90. Nathan Pulling says:

    Would LOVE to go!! Good luck to one and all! GREAT prize!

  91. Chris Wise says:

    Oh yes please!
    My CLK200 AMG would love to come as well!

  92. gerrit de boer says:

    yesssssssss ill like thow bethere its my big dream greetz frpm the netherlands

  93. David Mitchell says:

    Count me in!

  94. [MISTER] says:

    Bogdan Velica

    This would be fantastic!

  95. Allison says:

    A dream come true

  96. Jason Wilcock says:

    Ok let’s go

  97. MissVST says:

    Hopefully I’m a girl that’ll get lucky :)

  98. Adrain Newey says:

    All I ask is that I can bring my friend Christian and take lots of photos for the kids Mark and Sebastian……….. He he……great prize James…..joshua.

  99. Kevin Britt says:

    incredible opportunity.

  100. Matthew long says:

    Pick me! Matt long!

  101. Greg Smith says:

    Yes please

  102. Stephen Purser says:

    Driven past this place loads of times, would be great to have the opportunity to have a look inside.

  103. Leo McNeir says:

    A wonderful opportunity and a great treat! Nice idea.

  104. Jon Hill says:


  105. Ryan Newington says:

    Should be Interesting!

  106. Gina Korszanski says:

    Pretty pretty please!!

  107. Paul Rackham says:

    Another great idea, James, love to come.

  108. Mike H says:

    Oo oo pick me, pick me. James, we met at the fan’s forum at McLaren this time last year. Would be great to catch up ;-)

  109. Steve Cordingley says:

    Please, please, please pick me

  110. Seán Craddock says:

    Seán Craddock

    I confirm I can attend the factory on November 8th :)

  111. Yasin Patel says:

    I would like to apply for the Mercedes-Benz Factory Tour

  112. Mark James says:

    Would be a good way to spend a day!

  113. Paul Denman says:

    Yes please, big F1 fan!

  114. This is a magnificent opportunity. Thank you James.

  115. Sam Hurst says:

    Sam Hurst

  116. Chris Larmour says:


  117. Kelly Stewart says:

    Please please pick me. I love f1 !!!! Xxx

  118. Sammy says:

    Hope for the best!

  119. Daniel Williams says:

    Fingers crossed, would be a great opportunity to see behind the scenes of my dream sport.

  120. Ashley Craig says:

    Because if I don’t win a fairy will die, could you live with yourselves ?

  121. Michael Harries says:

    Great competition

  122. Gary Taylor says:

    In it to win it! Cheers James ;)

  123. Conor Macleod says:

    Name: Conor Macleod

  124. Samuel Bluett says:

    I would love to be able to tour the Mercedes AMG Pertronas F1 Team’s base in Brackley.

    Sam Bluett :-)

  125. Gerit's klijn says:

    Yes please, not sure how I’d get there etc, but will solve that if I get the chance!

  126. Paul Nicholls says:

    Yes Please sound fabulous

  127. Rui Sargento says:

    Rui Sargento

  128. Natalie says:

    Awesome! Natalie Hewitt

  129. Adam Taylor says:

    I would love to be able win this for my girlfriends birthday. Fantastic site as always James!

  130. Niki Denton says:

    Yes please

    Niki Denton

  131. Tony Bull says:

    Count me in!

  132. Paul says:

    Oh, I like the sound of this!

    Paul Cordrey.

  133. Badri Rajagopal says:

    Its a wonderful opportunity that I would not like to miss. I had even enquired MGP last year but they didnt have any open days.
    YES is the answer

  134. Paul price says:

    Would love the chance!

  135. Marc Wood says:

    As a massive fan of Mercedes, Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher a tour of the factory would be amazing! What a great competition James.

  136. Edward Smith says:

    Edward Smith

  137. Shane Feeney says:

    Great competition James, I would love to be picked for the tour, and i’m off work next Thursday too :-) Fingers crossed.

  138. Ian says:

    Would love to come, especially as I live in France. Well worth the cost involved!

  139. Make my dreams come true !

  140. Phil J says:

    Me too!

    Phil Jeffrey

  141. Leonardo Pasta says:

    Fingers crossed here!

  142. John Nicholas says:

    Sounds like a great opportunity!

  143. Darren Smith says:

    I see from many of the comments above that people are hoping they have the best story and will get picked, engineers, retired people, bought an AMG, come on, keep it real.
    Anyway I would love to go and James Allen is the best thing since sliced bread.

  144. Rahul Nair says:

    Signing up! :-)

  145. thomas dryden says:

    Great prize would love to win

  146. Rich Watts says:

    Would love to come along on the tour and see behind the scenes – especially as I’ll be attending my first GP next year in Spa – knowledge is power! (and it’s interesting too!).

  147. cookie says:

    yes please!

  148. James Berti says:

    I’ll be there with bells on, all the way from Ontario, Canada!

    James Berti

  149. John Mills says:

    Id love to attend :)

  150. Ashboy says:

    Ash boyles

  151. Sebastian Vella says:

    Sebastian Vella

  152. Darrenwhitfield says:

    Would love a chance every fans dream

  153. Julian Levy says:

    Fingers crossed, would be great to offer the chance to my brother as a surprise Birthday present!

    Thanks for giving us fans the chance to enter things like this!!

  154. Rodney Lendore says:

    Please,please,please chose me – Rodney Lendore.

    I have been promoting the importance of Engineering in Berkshire as Chairman of Berkshire Local Network with events at Reading University and local schools.

    And a dedicated fan of F1 since 1998.

    Please, Please :)

  155. Mircea Gabriel Pavelescu says:

    Thank you for this chance, if I’m on the list I can fly from Italy.

  156. Ben Slater says:

    Ben Slater

  157. Michael netterberg says:

    Tour would be amazing!!

  158. Marc ward says:

    I’m up for that!!

  159. David Hastings says:

    Fingers crossed I’m one of the lucky 10
    David Hastings

  160. Khushvinder Gohlar says:

    Fingers crossed!

    Khushvinder Gohlar

  161. Richard Popay says:

    I would really enjoy this tour, its the chance of the decade to actually to see how the Mercedes AMG F1 cars are built from the ground up. Brilliant!

  162. Emma Wood says:

    Wow yes please

  163. Mitesh Parmar says:

    My entry.
    Mitesh Parmar

  164. Dougel says:

    Chris Elliott

  165. John Cotton says:

    What an excellent prize as a F1 fan for many years the chance to see behind the scenes to see where all the hard work takes place would be a dream come true.

  166. Steve Page says:

    Would be nice, thanks.

  167. Chris Bush says:

    Sounds great!

  168. Neil King says:

    Yes please, would be fantastic

  169. Joe B says:

    Joe Burden

    I’d love the tour! And I live in Northampton so getting to Brackley will be no hardship :)

  170. Steve B AKA Bring Back Murray says:

    Maybe I can nobble the car to make Hamilton go faster next year

  171. Chris trickett says:

    Please please please please please please Please please please please please please Please please please please please please Please please please please please please Please please please please please please Please please please please please please Please please please please please please Please please please please please please Please please please please please please Please please please please please please Please please please please please please Please please please please please please

  172. Suman says:

    I would love to enter but having a disability, I’m put off by the condition about being completely healthy at the time of the event…

    So I won’t this time.

    1. James Allen says:

      That doesn’t exclude you. Healthy doesn’t mean not disabled.

      I’ll check about the access.

      1. F1fan4life says:

        I can’t go anyway cos I’m in Singapore :< but I am rooting for this Suman fellow to be a winner! Don't let anything get in your way Suman!

  173. Pedram Najafi says:

    Me Please :)

  174. Richard Evans says:

    Name in the hat.

  175. Karl Shrewsbury says:

    Pick me

  176. Tony Law says:

    I am the chosen one!

  177. Darren says:

    Would love it !!


  178. Andréas Kühne says:

    Yes please! Would be fantastic to see!

  179. Andy Smith says:

    Wow amazing prize.

    Andy Smith.

  180. David Ward says:

    Yes please

  181. Alex Greenland says:

    Alex Greenland

  182. Alex Kühne says:

    Yes please!

  183. Mark Berg says:

    Yes yes please

  184. Peter bell says:


  185. Ben Cooke says:

    Fantastic opportunity – bring it on

  186. Josh Hayes says:

    My entry – Josh Hayes

    Thank you :-)

  187. Andrew Avramenko says:

    Can I wear my Brawn GP jacket?

  188. Steve Flynn says:

    Reverse psychology…

    I don’t want to go. Never been a Merc fan and frankly, I’d rather stab myself in the eye with a fork than travel to Brackley.

  189. Martin Kerans says:

    Tech geek F1 fan with GSOH WLTM curvy, sexy, powerful model to stroke, caress and maybe more…

  190. Dominic Bell says:

    Dominic Bell

  191. Chris Ervin says:

    Give right arm to be there

  192. jason mansbridge says:

    Pick me please!!!!! :-)

  193. Rob Mitchelmore says:

    After driving all of the AMG range on the track at Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands, this would just be the icing on the cake to be there :)
    Thanks for the opportunity

  194. chris taylor says:

    Would like to live the f1 dream for one day.

  195. Mil An says:

    This would be amazing, thank you.

  196. Karl Winship says:

    Yes Please! :-)

  197. John Aitchison says:

    Meeeeeeeeeeeee pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

  198. AndyFov says:

    Yes please.

    Andrew Fovargue

  199. Matt says:

    me me me me!


  200. David Brockwell says:

    Fingers crossed

  201. David says:

    Yes please

  202. ivan kok says:

    Please pick me :D

  203. Michaela Butcher says:

    Would like to give you a sob story about how miserable I am staying at home whilst my son and husband are going on a vip trip to Abu Dhabi with Redbull, after my son won Redbullgridsters at Goodwood. But I wont!!!!!!

  204. James Robertson says:

    Yes please id love to go!

  205. Richard says:

    Fantastic prize. Well done.

  206. Toby Liggins says:

    Toby Liggins. Thanks James!

  207. Mike Nemeth says:

    Yes please

  208. Jo Greenland says:

    Would find a way there from France for this! Jo Greenland

  209. Liam Roberts says:

    Would love to go please.

  210. Chris paterson says:

    Oh and jus by chance I’m going to be in the area on that date! May aswell make the most of my travel from the heady lands of the north (Scotland), please pick me!

  211. Jon Cooper says:

    Yes please! :-)

  212. frank says:

    Frank C

  213. Kelvin Nyambane says:

    I hope I win!!!

  214. Rob Wilkinson says:

    Great competition – thanks for running it!

  215. Stephen green says:

    Yes please

  216. John Legg says:

    yes please, what a prize to see what I believe is one of the teams with the most potential over the next two years

  217. Andy Barr says:

    Yes please !

  218. Neil Christie says:


  219. mike bowman-wright says:

    What an opportunity to visit a factory with one fantastic current champion, before another one arrives

  220. Katie hames says:


    Kate Hames

  221. Tom Hames says:

    Tom Hames

  222. Pantelis Tsolis says:

    Great opportunity!!
    Thanks James.

  223. Mahmood Bello says:

    Mahmood Bello Sign me up James ;)

  224. Rehan Rajput says:


  225. Gethin Thomas says:

    Would be an awesome trip!

  226. Simon Russell says:

    Fingers crossed!!

    Simon Russell

  227. Simon Reed says:

    Simon Reed

  228. Rehan Rajput says:

    oops. html messed up my word art attempt. It got all Double Diffused.
    Was supposed to look like the letters F1. But now looks like Grosjeans’ car after the first lap. So my chances for a trip to the Mercedes factory look worse than Jenson’s chance to win the drivers WC.

  229. Paul Garner says:

    Pick me please James.

  230. Scott Steele says:

    Scott Steele (@darthdawes)

  231. Matthew Cowlen says:


  232. Ben Crump says:

    Ben Crump

  233. Jez K says:

    What an amazing opportunity! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  234. Josh James says:

    Josh James.

  235. Richard Morton says:

    My competition entry – Richard Morton

  236. Scott says:

    A trip of a lifetime , would love to go

  237. Robin Rhys Jones says:

    What an opportunity! Yes please!

  238. Paul Steele says:

    This is a fantastic winners prize. Please add me to the list.

    Paul Steele

  239. Chris Newbold says:

    Fingers crossed!!!

  240. Nick says:

    Nick Barton

  241. Adrian Legassick says:

    It would be awesome!

  242. Ben Ford says:

    Yes please.

    Thanks James

    Ben Ford

  243. Andrew says:

    Andrew Popplestone

  244. Jamie Alcock says:

    Yes please!

  245. Luke Clements says:

    Shes’s a looooong, long way from Australia for a factory visit! If you can slip me some 2013 Oz GP tickets too, I’ll be there James! ;) Cheers

  246. Trevor M says:

    The odds of being picked look pretty good at the moment! Maybe I’ll be lucky this time.

  247. Luke McCarthy-Reed says:

    Oooh yes pls :)

  248. Todd Lewis says:

    Grand Touriss imo of the year …what a day..would love to go, please!


  249. RobertS says:

    Robert Small

  250. Alan says:

    Please, thank you.

  251. Sarah Merritt says:

    I would love to on a place on this tour, a great opportunity to see behind the scenes of an F1 team, accompanied by the ideal tour guide!

    Fingers crossed!

    Sarah Merritt

  252. Colin Oliver says:

    Great idea, hope to be there


  253. Denis Looby says:

    Denis Looby

  254. john naylor says:

    would be a real privilege to be invited on the tour

  255. Joanne Jones says:

    This sounds fantastic! :)

  256. Mike Pead says:

    Amazing opportunity – would love to win! Mike

  257. Suzanne Tait says:

    Ooh yes please :-)

  258. Martin Fry says:

    Fingers and Toes crossed- what a brilliant day.

  259. Jason "Mega Merc Fan" Wilson says:

    Would really love to tour the Merc factory, I’m an electronics engineer and would love to look at my future workplace ;)!

  260. Naoise O'Connor says:

    The reason I deserve the parachute is…

  261. Lee Peters says:

    Woooo Hoooo!

  262. John prestwood says:

    This would be the experience of a lifetime , yes please…….

  263. Matthew Cherng says:

    Matthew Cherng.

    Fingers crossed!

  264. Daniel Lee says:

    Daniel Lee

  265. Andrew Belson says:

    Andrew Belson

    Could not think of anything better to do! Would be fascinating to see how the team works

  266. Tristan Bayless says:

    May I enter a local Londoner friend?

    If so,

    Adam Treanor

  267. Richard Dreyer says:

    Love a chance to see the factory James!

  268. Mark Hindmarch says:

    Local to the shire!

  269. Mark Macrae says:

    That would be awesome! Love this site.

  270. Neil Donnell says:

    Fantastic competition. Would love to take part in this James.


  271. chris says:

    yes please

  272. Rajeev Kapur says:

    Yes Please.


  273. Mike Turnbull says:

    Fingers crossed!

  274. Wade lavery says:

    Yes please

  275. m.uSMAN GHANI says:


  276. Dan Taylor says:

    Dan Taylor

  277. Mark Evans says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  278. Tim Williams says:

    The ultimate competition for an F1 fan, who never usually gets the chance to be up close to the cars or drivers. I would love to be one of the lucky ones picked.

  279. Ashby Martin says:

    The ultimate!

  280. joe says:

    me me me me me! :-)

  281. Alex Towers says:

    ‘Good Grief’ as Danger Mouse may say to Penfold, what a prize! If you could put me in the ballot James that would be wonderful, thanks!

  282. joe says:

    me me me me me! :)

  283. mark says:

    yes please

    mark tidman

  284. Marek says:

    Mark! Thanks

  285. Willers says:

    just put my hat in the ring too!

  286. Jo Griffiths says:

    Yes please – love to go.

  287. Mike from Colombia says:

    Yes please! I will come all the way over from Colombia to get this opportunity!

  288. wes says:


  289. Edward Clarke says:

    Yes please

  290. Jonathan White says:

    Regular visitor through Brackley. Would love to see what’s on the other side of the main gate

  291. Colin Worth says:

    Would love a factory tour, can my wife come too?

  292. David Kent says:

    Yes please!

  293. Tenniel O'Brien says:

    Would love to get that bit closer to F1!

  294. Steve Kennaugh says:

    Now that would be brilliant!

    Steve Kennaugh

  295. James Bird says:

    Hi Guys, would love the chance to go on this tour as I am a massive F1 fan & petrol head! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed ;-)

    Thanks James

  296. John Makonnen says:

    What an unbelievable offer to visit and see a factory team won any formula one fan would die for

  297. Sam White says:

    Sam White

  298. Peter Brown says:

    Fingers crossed

    Peter Brown

  299. Craeas says:

    Love to go. Count me in.

  300. Roger Warham says:

    Love to!

    Roger Warham

  301. Chris haime says:

    I would relish the chance

  302. Jamie norman says:

    Thatd rock, I’ve always been a huge britney fan since webber kicked his butt in his debut season, and words cannot describe how I feel about Schumacher punting off my fav f1 driver ever, to deny him his first world championship :)

  303. Steve Whitehurst says:

    Yes Yes Yes

  304. james o'brien says:

    would so cool too visit , please please please :)

  305. Barry Weight says:

    Sounds really exciting, would love to go.

  306. Carl keeling says:

    Yes please…..

  307. Aaron scott says:

    Please please please pick me!!!

  308. Dominic Balaam-Smith says:

    Yes please for the trip of a lifetime !

  309. David Cooper says:

    Wow, what a day. Would LOVE to go, please!

  310. Giles says:

    Yes please!

  311. Lauren Hamilton says:

    Lauren Hamilton

  312. Craig Taylor says:

    Craig Taylor

  313. Mukwinda Phiri says:

    F1 enthusiast!! Well, that’s what I tell people sounds a lot better than obsessed about F1 to ‘normal people’!

  314. Derek Murphy says:

    Yes Please…huge Schumi and Brawn fan here!

  315. Gearoid Bellew says:

    Fingers crossed, I’d love to get to see where all the magic happens at the factory.

  316. Alistair says:

    Consider me entered, please!

  317. Mark Skinner says:

    Wow what a great prize to win

  318. Stephen says:

    rule me out please but if ever one of the top teams offer a guided tour I’d be more than interested!

    ok ok, only joking ;-)

  319. Joel Sciamma says:

    What an interesting opportunity to learn a lot more about the sport.


  320. Kosta Kordalis says:

    Would love to be there on my birthday, and all the way from Australia.


  321. Matthew Villari says:

    Matthew Villari

  322. AndyD says:

    Yes please

  323. William Norton says:

    Great prize for a dedicated fan. Can’t wait until I’m picked at random.

  324. Richard A says:

    Thanks James

  325. George Brown says:


  326. David says:

    Vrrrroooooommmm vroom vroom!

  327. Thomas Shelley says:

    Thomas Shelley

  328. MK_Chris says:

    Hoping to be one of the chosen few: and if I am lucky is there any chance of a car park space ?

  329. Deborah Farrell says:

    What a fantastic opportunity! Yes,please

  330. Akos Vajda says:

    I’m lucky and I know it :) Akos Vajda

  331. Cliff says:

    Here’s hoping

  332. Rachel Grace says:

    Yes please!

    Rachel Grace

  333. Rukmangadhan says:

    I like these odds..better than a lottery..!!

  334. Adam harcourt says:

    Would love to see that!

    Adam harcourt

  335. Rich in Norway says:

    Fingers crossed!


    james allens no:1 fan!

  337. JIHOON says:

    PLEASE! fingers crossed

  338. mark roberts says:

    Great prize.

  339. Mikko Boiakhtchan says:

    You know the old racing adage?

    “If you want to win, take a Finn.”

    Well, here’s your chance!

  340. Tim says:

    At Post # 59. Posted By: Tim
    Date: November 1st, 2012 @ 6:22 pm

    Replies not showing up ???


    Tim, if you want me to change my online posting name it’s no problem. Please let me know asap.


  341. Mario says:

    Yes please

  342. Dirk says:

    Hi James,

    It would be so great to visit the tour!

    Dirk from Holland

  343. John Towell says:

    Fantastic opportunity ……keeping my fingers crossed!

  344. Matthew Conolly says:

    Matthew Conolly

  345. Miha Bevc says:


    what’s going on with Abu Dhabi preview article? You usually post preview articles on wednesday…
    Sorry for being demanding, I guess you spoiled us :)

    1. James Allen says:

      Content congestion. Tomorrow.

  346. Noemi Csorba says:

    Can’t wait!

    Noemi Csorba

  347. Steve Bennewitz says:

    Hell yes.

  348. Frank says:

    I would love the chance. So looking forward. Frank

  349. neil jones says:

    please- would be a dream chance-
    Neil jonest

  350. Bryan B says:

    Bryan B

  351. Liam Gillon says:

    Thanks for the opportunity James

  352. Scott Palethorpe says:

    Yes please! It would make my year!!!

  353. Ewan Pickard says:

    Sounds fun, fingers crossed to get picked :-)

  354. Ricky Phillips says:

    me, me, me……please.

  355. f1kings says:

    it’s always a pleasure to checkout your web page james , so i will honored to go lewis hamilton fan are not..

  356. Val from montreal says:

    Good luck to all but no thanx for me … If I want to go see lemons , my local supermarket has got plenty !

  357. Gridlock says:

    Count me in!

    - Vitaly Petrov

  358. B Godber says:

    B Godber

  359. Rein says:

    … and one more “yes please!!!”

  360. Lai Couto says:

    Randomness — right this way, please.

  361. Christian Dobrick says:

    This would be amazingly awesome.

  362. Kevin Falla says:

    Kevin Falla

  363. AlexD says:

    Alex dylikowski

  364. Tom says:

    Tom from New Zealand !!!! I’ll definitely fly over if I win this!!

  365. Arthur Chan says:

    Does having a silver car help me win?

  366. Tornillo Amarillo says:

    OK tks!, pls more time for planning a trip, next time

  367. Dimitri P says:


    Wouldn’t mind a stroll through the Mercedes factory, thanks.

  368. Chris Storey says:

    Yes please James!

  369. Andrew Oppy says:

    James. Would be a dream come true. If I win I will fly from down under to be there. Cheers. Andrew.

  370. Brod says:

    Yes please!!

  371. Ali Qasim says:

    Ali Qasim

  372. joanna white says:

    Would love this…. Opportunity of a lifetime :D

  373. Socratis Socratous says:

    Count me in.
    Socratis Socratous

  374. BEN COSGROVE says:

    I would love this opportunity!

    Ben Cosgrove

  375. Shakers97 says:

    Do you want to go on the Merc F1 Factory Tour?

    Yes please- easiest competition answer ever!

  376. Marc Coltelli says:

    Marc Coltelli

  377. Andy Smith says:

    Yes Please, A Tour of The Factory Would Be Awesome.

  378. Jeff says:

    Fingers crossed…

  379. Richard Marlow says:

    Richard Marlow

  380. Owen Brooker says:

    Great opportunity, I have my fingers crossed.

  381. Mark Edwards says:

    Yes please would love to go.

  382. Pete says:

    Yes please – sounds awesome!

  383. Bryce cunningham says:


  384. Moog says:

    Mark Connop

  385. Charlie Cahill says:

    Would love
    To go !!!! 

  386. Panagiotis says:

    And me…

  387. Phil Hutt says:

    Me Please

  388. Simon Jones says:

    F1 fan’s dream :)

  389. David Bevan says:

    David Bevan

  390. Ben Midgley says:

  391. Chris Kee says:

    Chris Kee

  392. Chris M says:

    Have been supporting Michael and the team the last three years so it would be great to get the chance to visit the F1 factory of the team!! I’d even wear the team t-shirt to fit right in! Fingers crossed!

  393. Ian Thomson says:


  394. Axel Clarke says:

    My entry, Axel Clarke

  395. Peter says:

    Yes please!

  396. Richard Epworth says:

    Yeee Haaa!

  397. Anneka says:

    Yes please!

  398. John Bennett says:

    Would love to go. Just love to see the cars up close.

    John Bennett

  399. Christina Eades says:

    I have been a Mercedes fan through and through since they returned to F1 as an independent team. Not to mention I’m a huge Schumacher fan so it would be a dream come true to visit the team who bought him back into F1 :)

  400. Peter says:

    Count me in!

  401. Anneka says:

    Count me in!

  402. Phupinder Roopra says:

    Fingers crossed

  403. Rob Troke says:

    There’s nothing else in my diary that day.

  404. Guillermo Grindlay says:

    Good luck!

  405. Jason Norwood says:

    Please Please Please :-)

  406. Dave Morris says:

    Throwing my hat into the ring!

  407. Phil Brown says:

    Phil Brown

  408. Gary Neville says:

    Superb site and competition. Would love to visit Brackley.

  409. Dennis Zitman says:

    Fantastic opportunity!

  410. Attila says:

    Wow, it would be amazing…

  411. Jonathan Kelk says:

    Yes please

  412. Wayne says:

    Would love a shot at seeing where LH will race next year!

  413. Luke Smith says:

    Luke Smith

  414. David Wall says:

    ME please, please please pleas meeeeee.

  415. Simon Kelly says:


  416. Axel Jonsson says:

    Axel Jonsson

  417. Tom King says:

    Thursday 8th November is “my birthday”.

    Tom King

  418. Michael Poller says:

    Great prize!

  419. Simon Wren says:

    Yes please James.

  420. Chris Pichowicz says:

    Chris Pichowicz

  421. Andrew Parsonage says:

    Yes please – Andrew Parsonage

  422. Leo B says:

    Woots! Mouse hovering over the the Submit button booking tickets flying in from the west of Ireland..

  423. Vinod R says:

    I’m in :)

  424. Martin Hathaway says:

    Yes, please! Martin Hathaway

  425. hippyneil says:

    I’d love some F1 factory stuff. Drop my name into the hat!

  426. Mark Stewart says:

    Hi would love the chance to visit Mercedes. To see what Lewis has let himself in for.

  427. AMSG says:

    Paul Arturi

    Would love a look at Ross’s lair….

  428. Thomas Wood says:

    Thomas Wood

  429. Scott O'Donnell says:

    pick me!

  430. Mark Harris says:

    great prize

  431. Tony Hooper says:

    Me too please!

  432. John Coe says:

    Yes please

  433. Chris Hanson says:

    Yes please!

  434. Auke Kronemeijer says:

    Wow! Like to go!

    Auke Jisk Kronemeijer

  435. Stephen Graham says:

    Would make my year

  436. Matt Devenish says:

    Me and some friends popped over to have a look at the outside of the factory on the Thursday of this year’s British GP.

    We didn’t stay long because security were looking a bit concerned at what we might be up to! So would love the chance to actually get inside this time.

  437. Tom Wheeler says:

    I’m down for this! :D

  438. SimonB says:

    Ooh, yes please!

  439. paul says:

    if you need to know the in`s & out`s of f1 the only site to go on is james allen f1more indepth than any other site its at the top of my fav list

  440. Connor McLaughlin says:

    Connor McLaughlin

  441. Andrew Munro says:

    Sign me up!

  442. Ian H says:

    Ian Hamilton

    - fingers crossed!

  443. John O'Sullivan says:

    wow, i’m in. sounds great

  444. RampantHaddock says:

    Indy Bagral

  445. yat man says:

    yat man

  446. Aman Bains says:

    Great Prize!
    Would love to do this!

  447. Ben says:

    Could you reserve a place for Ben Fulford please?

  448. Jonathan Leahy says:

    Sounds like a great day out. Good luck everyone!

  449. Mike Cullom says:

    Mike Cullom

  450. Kev Bennett says:

    Wow! What a fantastic prize.
    My Entry: Kev Bennett

  451. Nabeel Akhtar says:

    Yes please

  452. Sublimeuk says:

    Yes please!

  453. Martin Harris says:

    Yes please!

  454. Harrison Vrbanjac says:


  455. Marcus says:

    What an opportunity!!

  456. Patrick Phillips says:

    I hope I can be one of the select few after missing out on the road Trip competition

  457. Tony Petrilli says:

    Ohhh yeah … count me in …

    I will have to fly from Canada, but for an opportunity like this, I’m in !!!


  458. JEROME BRIQUET says:

    Hello !
    Great site !
    Please I want to participate to the challenge !
    Tank you for all


  459. Andrew ferris says:

    Yes please!

  460. Matt says:

    Count me in!

  461. Chris Giddins says:

    Amazing prize. I hope i win.

  462. Peter Withers says:

    Would love to Visit LH’s new base.

    Peter Withers

  463. Lisa Lee says:

    Lisa Lee

  464. Paul Piggott says:

    Would love the opportunity to visit the home of the Mercedes GP team!

  465. Daniel Jones says:

    Me me me me me!

    Daniel Jones

  466. Ayusha Suhail says:

    I’m one of only 2 females in my year doing Automotive Engineering, I adore F1 and would absolutely love to go on a factory tour!! :)

  467. Anand Murthy says:

    Thank YOU, James for your vision & action
    Bless You!

  468. Jon Bayliffe says:

    Count me in!
    Jon Bayliffe

  469. Yes please. Chris Francis.

  470. Paul S says:

    Pick me!

  471. Jon T says:

    Fingers crossed!

    Jon Tandy

  472. Mathew Tuckee says:

    Thanks James!!

  473. Dan T says:

    count me in!

  474. Mark Sinclair says:

    Yes please James

    Mark Sinclair

  475. Rhys Mant says:

    In it to win it!

  476. Glynn Harrold says:

    Nice competition, and I like that it’s a lucky dip. Me please :)

    Glynn Harrold

  477. Paul Hackett-Evans says:

    Yes please!

    Paul Hackett-Evans

  478. graham best says:

    Cheers James – Graham Best

  479. Shalinder Bhatia says:

    Here’s my lottery ticket!

  480. fabio palmini says:

    now I just have to wait for my invitation

  481. Andy James says:

    Please let it be me, pretty please

  482. Pete Singleton says:

    Pete Singleton

  483. Brinn Jardine says:

    Sounds absolutely amazing



  484. Christian dekeyser says:

    Immense privilege, so yes yes yes !

  485. Jit Soni says:

    Would be a wonderful experience

  486. Jon Penney says:

    I’d love to be invited.

  487. Peter Cotton says:

    Peter Cotton

  488. OAK RICHARDSON says:

    sounds great!

  489. my tuppence says:

    Fay Chan

  490. alex manning says:

    alex manning yes please!!!!

  491. John Kieran says:

    Yes please

  492. John Kieran says:

    Yes please. Thanks very much

  493. Sufyaan Patel says:

    Thanks for the opportunity James.


    Sufyaan Patel.

  494. Adam says:

    My entry! Fingers crossed!

  495. Andrew Bentley says:

    One of my guys daughter & son in law work at the factory. Nice to see the engineering behind the scenes.

  496. Stuart Gillespie says:

    Having been denied a trip to the Arrows factory a decade ago because they went bust between me winning the competition and going on the tour, this would be cool!

  497. Stuart Brown says:

    Wow! Always wanted to visit a team factory. What an amazing opportunity.

  498. I’d love to see Lewis’s new home please!

    Thanks for having the most incite full informative website James. Well done!

  499. Would pretty much give body parts for this one….!

  500. Daniel Spiller says:

    Yes please. Would be an amazing day! :-)

  501. Mat Evans says:

    Yes flipping please!

    Mat Evans

  502. David Jones says:

    Yes please!

  503. Gary Lyne says:

    Gary Lyne

  504. Richard Gregory says:

    Would be great to join you fot a visit.

  505. Christopher Mould says:

    Yes please! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  506. Johannes says:

    What a superb price! This is my entry.


  507. Kneedownboy says:

    Oh yeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity James

    Alex Corps

  508. Derek Doyle says:

    what an opportunity
    yes please

  509. klongx says:

    Would be great !

  510. Li Tan says:

    Thank you :)

  511. Matthew Taylor says:

    Fingers crossed

  512. Tim Harris says:

    Qui audet adipiscitur

  513. Jacob Stein says:

    My entry!

  514. Yasin Macci says:

    Thanks for a wonderful opportunity James.

    Yasin Macci

  515. Chris H says:

    Would love a tour to see how these machines are created.

    Thanks for organising it James.

  516. Stephen Harvey says:

    Would love to have a tour please.

  517. Lewis Brown says:

    This would be awesome!

  518. Oscar Harvey says:

    Please,please,please can I have a look around Lewis’s new home! Thanks

  519. Robin Venables says:

    Robin Venables

  520. Johnny Mol says:

    Jonathan Molyneux

    -I cannot tell you how much I hope I win! 500+ replies so it’s a 1 in 50 chance! Come on good fortune!

    1. James Allen says:

      500 replies in 24 hours!!

  521. Waheed Parker says:


  522. wez foster says:

    Never won anything, so this would be nice start. Wez foster

  523. John Larmour says:

    Yes please

  524. Robin Givens says:

    Yes please. Thanks for the opportunity James!


  525. James Healey says:

    Please please please pick me. Yours sincerely, James Healey, avid F1 fan for 25yrs!

  526. Paul says:

    Count me in!

  527. Simon Lynwood says:

    If I cross my fingers any more tightly they’re gonna snap off!

  528. JTW says:

    Rather meaningless for anyone who doesn’t live in, or isn’t visiting, the UK. So, rule me, and thousands more, out. :-(

  529. Alastair Crisp says:

    Alastair Crisp

  530. Paul J Humphreys says:

    Ooh-ooh! Please sir! Please sir! Pick me me me mee!!

  531. Mike Ferrara says:

    The line starts…..here!

  532. Amer Hubanic says:

    Oh God let this dream come true…Zzzz

  533. Sanjay says:


  534. Henry Odogwu says:

    Fingers crossed!

  535. Simon Todd says:

    Simon Todd

  536. Jonathan Elmer says:

    I would love to go. Thanks. Jonathan Elmer

  537. Tim Weston says:

    Tim Weston

    Would be very exciting to see what goes on behind the scenes. As an Engineer its partly the behind the scenes that I find so interesting about F1.

  538. ian halliday says:

    yes please

  539. Steve Kennaugh says:

    Yes please, a visit there would be brilliant!!!!

  540. Neil Daniel says:

    Neil Daniel.

    One hell of a prize considering it’ll be right at the time they’re building the ’13 cars!!

  541. Mark Sheldrake says:

    Mark Sheldrake. Would love to attend.

  542. Douglas McCallum says:

    It’s 360 miles, but worth it.

  543. Chris Cooper says:

    Pick me, would love to see where Lewis will be working from.

  544. TJ Breen says:

    Sounds good, I’m in.

  545. Kieran Martn says:

    Fingers crossed!

  546. Jimbo says:

    Fantastic competition James, not often a great opportunity like this comes along. Not enough spots for so many entries!

  547. Paul Harkin says:

    A chance of a lifetime.

  548. MOHAMMAD NOH Mohd Ikhwan says:

    Allez, porkoi pas

  549. Tim Green says:

    Thanks :)

  550. Paul Percival says:

    Yes please

  551. Laura Leslie says:

    Why not.

  552. Rachel Wale says:

    This would be awesome

  553. Andrew Lambert says:

    Could I have an entry pleeeaaassseee, 8-)

  554. Shane Ashford says:

    Yes please.

  555. Danae Philippides says:

    Yes please, would love the chance, count me in :)

  556. I would like a tour of the Mercedes factory.

    1. James Allen says:

      Very funny! Read the Ts and Cs!

  557. James Bruce says:

    Great prize

  558. Terry baldwin says:

    Yes please!

  559. Georgios Varsos says:

    Bring it on Silver Arrows!

  560. Andy Carrick says:

    Yes please James. Great work.

  561. Martin L says:

    Sounds interesting. Count me in !

  562. Wow what a great opportunity. Yes please!

  563. Jon Wilde says:

    Yes please!

  564. Jamie fox says:

    Yes please

    Jamie fox

  565. Steve Ball says:

    Crossing my fingers, hope to see you next week :-)

  566. Hakeem Mubiru says:

    Random name generator, please choose ‘Hakeem Mubiru”.

  567. Alyn Davies says:

    Alyn Davies – love to!

  568. Nick Croshaw says:

    Here’s hoping!

  569. John Snow says:

    Please! I bet I win!

  570. Stuart Clark says:

    Yes please

  571. David Needham says:

    Here’s hoping I have more luck than Michael today!

  572. Jason Weatherall says:

    Put me down please

  573. Simon Copley says:

    Awesome prize. I’m one of F1′s biggest fans, Lewis’s biggest fan and looks like I’m going to have to share my love of Mclaren with Mercedes. What better way to learn a little about them.

  574. Susan Usher says:

    Yes please would be a dream come true!!

  575. Oli Ahmed says:

    Oli Ahmed

  576. stephen sutton says:

    yes please

  577. Amanda Borley says:

    Amanda Borley

    I’d love to have a guided tour

  578. Stephen Murphy says:


  579. Penny Jane Ford says:

    Love to thanks

  580. Chris Abbott says:

    I’d certainly love to take a peek.

  581. briggykins says:

    Me please!

  582. Richard says:

    Cheers James, amazing prize

  583. Ross Wilkins says:

    Great prize!

  584. Joakim Hermansson says:

    Sounds fun! Count me in!

  585. Kevin Brock says:

    I’d love to! (Kevin Brock)

  586. Mark Helling says:

    Would love to, if possible. Cheers, James.

  587. Adam Boanas says:


  588. Craig Easton says:

    Me please

  589. Would be great. Thanks James for another great fan friendly competition.

  590. Matthew Doyle says:

    Matthew Doyle
    Can I have a tour please. Thank you.

  591. Adam Philbrick says:

    Of course I would love to win ! Never been to a factory before

  592. Graham Hill says:

    What a great opportunity. Yes Please.

  593. Varun says:

    Of course I would – thanks James!

  594. Rupert Richardson says:

    Yes, please!

  595. Alex Daye says:


  596. brenton west says:

    me please !

  597. Daniel Bartlett says:

    Wow, sounds amazing!

  598. Angela Silcocks says:

    I’d love a tour

  599. Tom Chiverton says:

    Yeah baby

  600. Graham Silcocks says:

    Yes please

  601. robin middleton says:

    me please!

  602. Lewis Owen says:

    Yes please James!

  603. Michael Arwas says:

    Michael Arwas

    Here’s hoping!!!

  604. Garry Crossan says:

    Would love to win!

  605. Michael Pead says:

    Yes please! :)

  606. Ian Williams says:

    A big fat yes please from me!

  607. Daniel Hale says:

    Yes please!
    Daniel Hale

  608. C Easton says:

    Woukd love it

  609. Dennis Hamilton says:

    Dennis Hamilton

  610. SP says:

    Have the winners been announced yet?

  611. Harpreet Birk says:

    For sure! :)

  612. Sandeep Birk says:

    Anything German is worth seeing ;)

  613. Gerry Byrne says:

    Hope I’m not too late!

  614. Terry Kelly (MS) says:

    Would love this :-).

  615. Alex facy says:

    Seen the car at Mercedes world and would love to see one in fewer pieces…

  616. Jennifer says:

    After getting my first ever tattoo which includes #44 it would top off a love of f1 racing and the amazing Mercedes team

  617. Tracey-Anne Brazier says:

    This would be a once in a lifetime experience for my son. Thank you :)


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