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Posted By: James Allen  |  07 Nov 2012   |  2:09 pm GMT  |  3 comments

McLaren has maintained its pre-eminent status among the Formula 1 grid for its environmental consciousness by retaining the Carbon Trust Standard it was first awarded two years ago.

The Woking-based oufit has taken a lead in F1 in recent years in improving its carbon efficiency and originally earned the certificate in December 2010 after three years of assessment and management aimed at reducing its carbon footprint.

This week the body recertified the McLaren Group following two further years of progress which has seen a relative reduction in its carbon footprint by 9% despite the expansion of its Woking base. This has included the construction of its new McLaren Production Centre to house its automotive division and the recruitment of nearly 300 extra full-time staff.

Both the MPC, along with the team’s adjacent F1 factory, have continued to implement energy-saving techniques to meet this end including heat recovery systems, more energy efficient simulation equipment and improved lighting.

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh said: “As an environmentally conscious group of companies we are extremely proud to have retained the Carbon Trust Standard, in turn becoming the first Formula 1 team ever to do so.

“The process has enabled us to identify new areas to increase carbon efficiency, bringing significant energy savings to all of our operations.

“It is especially satisfying to obtain recertification during a period of considerable growth across the Group, particularly within McLaren Automotive. This demonstrates our commitment to pioneering future technologies, developing new methodologies and relentlessly innovating to improve carbon efficiency.

“While this achievement is an important marker for us, it is crucial that we recognise that the Carbon Trust Standard is an ongoing process. Reducing our carbon emissions and improving our energy efficiency represents a constantly moving target – and one that our whole company is committed to pursuing.”

The recertification comes after McLaren in May was awarded a prestigious Edison Award for its high environmental standards.

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  1. thejudge13 says:

    Let’s hope they can next build a relible race car ;)

    1. thejudge13 says:

      and that I can spell ‘reliable’

  2. Adam Macdonald says:

    Of course they have less of a carbon footprint….they’re not finishing the races.


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