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Christmas gift suggestions #1: Unique book of images taken by drivers
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Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Nov 2012   |  11:26 am GMT  |  8 comments

A new coffee table book has been published featuring a selection of photographs taken by every F1 driver and team principal, raising money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London. The hospital has strong links with F1, through Bernie Ecclestone in particular, who was behind this initiative.

Entitled “Zoom: Through the eyes of Formula 1″ it features a wide variety of images and explanations, showing in many cases places that drivers and team principals go to relax away from racing. Kamui Kobayashi shot Mount Fuji (above), while Christian Horner photographed his dogs in the back of an old Land Rover (below), for example.

One-off prints of the images, signed by the photographer, were auctioned by Coys recently, with Schumacher’s raising £2,500. And a copy of the book, signed by all the participants including Ecclestone, will be auctioned for GOST next year.

The book comes in two versions – a £20 edition which is on sale in bookshops worldwide (WHSmith and Waterstone’s in the UK) as well as a leather-bound £75 one which is limited to a print run of 250 and can only be ordered online at:

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  1. Eleanore says:

    I’m guessing the site isn’t quite hooked up properly yet, as clicking on “buy” just refreshes the page but doesn’t actually take you anywhere…

    Anyway, I’m an American fan, so hopefully I’m even able to order this, which is always iffy from UK based sites on the smaller side. Fingers crossed!

    1. Blade Runner says:

      I thought that too when I first tried to order my copy but if you look at the top left of the page you will see a Proceed to Checkout button. Press that and away you go.

      1. Blade Runner says:

        After you have pressed Buy I forgot to say!

      2. Eleanore says:

        It wasn’t doing that before (the page remained literally unchanged), but it looks like it works now, thanks!

        Now the truly important question… will they charge me an arm and a leg to ship it to the States?

      3. Blade Runner says:

        I have never been able to understand the prices for shipping across “The Pond”

        In the past few years I have bought quite a few bits pieces from the USA including a PK Ripper BMX frame and forks and a pair of Skyway Tuff IIs to fit.

        Quite bulky you would agree and only 25 GBP shipping on the wheels, similar for the frame.

        I have also bought a solid state disk drive for a laptop and that, half the size of a packet of cigarettes was 20 GBP.

        Good luck with your purchase, if you know someone in the UK it may be better to get them to ship it for you if the company want silly money?

  2. Chris says:

    Speaking of books, did anyone win the mini contest in the Apple Ferrari post?

  3. Bring Back Murray says:

    I’ll get my wife to buy me one of these

  4. Jason Riley says:

    Thank you for showing this book James. I have to go to Great Ormond Street every week for my grandaughter, Daisy. An amazing place. I use to work for Renault and Honda so both F1 & GOSH are close to my heart…


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