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Video: Ferrari’s 500th GP with Shell
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Posted By: James Allen  |  26 Sep 2012   |  11:21 am GMT  |  29 comments

Considering the Singapore GP is regarded as one of the most commercially significant events on the calendar it was somewhat apt that Ferrari and its most long-standing partner, Shell, celebrated their 500th race in partnership over the weekend.

To mark the occasion several events were held around the city from Thursday onwards, including Fernando Alonso performing a demonstration lap of Marina Bay in the Shell Performance Simulator (which you can watch here), while a specially-commissioned tribute video was also shown for the first time which looked back at the history of the two world-renowned brands in partnership.

The four-minute film, which we’ve made available for you below, features archived footage dating right back to the F1 World Championships early days in the 1950s and is intercepted with soundbites explaining the significance of the relationship between team and fuel supplier from famous Ferrari names past and present such as Luca di Montezemolo, Stefano Domenicali, John Surtees and the first man to win an F1 race for Ferrari, Argentine José Froilan Gonzalez.

Brief footage of the now 89-year-old’s victory at 1951 British Grand Prix, including his presentation of the winner’s trophy by the Queen, is also shown.

The clear message that comes out through the short film is how intrinsic the partnership between Ferrari and Shell is and how vital a part the latter has played in the team’s unrivalled success over the decades. As di Montezemolo himself says succinctly: “The Shell brand with the Prancing Horse is a good combination.”

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  1. KRB says:

    Agh. In that first pic, I half expect that Domenicali glanced to his right after the pic was taken and said “Oh Felipe! What are you doing here??”

    1. Bring Back Murray says:

      It’s obvious who the number 2 driver is in that picture isn’t it!

      1. Munchies says:

        Your comment reads as if Massa should be on the painting instead of Alonso! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

      2. Bring Back Murray says:


  2. Matt W says:

    James, what are the rules on fuel supply in F1? I was under the impression that all teams had the same source, similar to the rules on tyres?

    1. James Allen says:

      Not at all, there are commercial relationships, like Mobil with McLaren, Petronas with Mercedes and Shell with Ferrari

  3. Malcolm says:

    Great promo…..The use of that running black horse was very effective, and gave the piece a great look, but the shell that was used for the ocean shots, should have been painted yellow.

    1. ed24f1 says:

      Not sure if I agree there, Shell want to give out the impression of being environmentally friendly, and the perception of ‘painting’ the natural environment wouldn’t be a good one.

  4. Jeremiah says:

    I understand that Shell is developing a very innovative street car fuel blend that will revolutionise the way we drive/live/our economic model:
    20% gasoline, 20% ethanol, 60% recycled potato peelings.

  5. Cool video, Ferrari (and McLaren) are truly special. 500 Grands Prix with Shell alone, that is impressive. I love the differences in the approaches these two great teams have. Ferrari embrace their passion, McLaren their resolve. Despite all the shananigans that happen year after year it really is very cool.

  6. Ian C. says:

    The AGIP logo’s looked better on the car than Shell’s.

  7. Bring Back Murray says:

    Just give Alonso one of the 1960s Ferrari’s to drive. He’ll still find a way to end up in 3rd place every race.

  8. John Simpson says:

    I am very disappointed with this years season.

    If Alonso wins by less than a 7 point margin then I put it to you this season is a fix.

    Why, because Sauber put off Perez with that radio mesg and gave Alonso the win at the Malaysian GP.

    Ferrari are and have always been willing to go over the line to win.

    Mclaren tried to steal Ferrari blueprints in 2007. So I would not be surprised if the roles were reversed with Mercedes or Mclaren Di Reista would have done the same.

      1. hero_was_senna says:

        I second that!!

      2. John Simpson says:

        Hope that clarifies my post.

      3. John Simpson says:

        In my post I was referring to the influence of stronger teams on smaller outfits.

        My opinion is that Sauber was too afraid to take Ferrari on for the win in Malaysia thus giving Alonso the win, and giving.

        Second part of my post was regarding F1 corruption namely the theft of technical information by Mark Coughlan.

        The final part was about if the Malaysia scenario with Perez hypothetically happened with other teams they would have chickened out the same against a larger outfit.

        Yes, its all conspiracy based on assumptions with no evidence but I am not the only one who is wondering what happened in Malaysia.

      4. hero_was_senna says:

        So why the hell did Perez overtake both Ferraris at Monza?

      5. Chris says:

        I actually agree with you to an extent, when your 2 seconds a lap faster in the wet at long straits Malaysia, its an easy pass!!! The radio message “we’re happy with the points for second” was a very uninspired message for a driver as quick as Perez that day!!! The rest of what your trying to say doesn’t make a lot of sense!!! Having said that, even the Italian press questioned the uncanny significance of the Ferrari and the Sauber – but hey: -


      6. JR says:

        What happened in Malaysia is very clear for me: Alonso drove a perfect race from start to finish, so got the win. Perez drove an almost perfect race, but made a mistake and so got second. Period.

    1. mj says:

      errrrr?? did some one spike your fruit pastels or what?

      why would Sauber purposely put off Perez so that a competitor could steal the win?! As if Peter Sauber would give up a win like that! the radio call to Perez was badly timed, but it hardly forms the basis for a conspiracy. Ferrari step no further over the line than any other team ever have done in the paddock. You could say the same about, Brawn GP, Renault, Maclaren,Red Bull, benneton, all have sailed close to the wind with rules, that’s the sport! Where a tenth makes the difference, the boundaries will always be pushed.. All teams are prepared to go to the line and slightly beyond to win, not just Ferrari.

      What the heck has Di Reista got to do with anything??

      1. Munchies says:

        I’m surprised you’ve managed to decipher that post anyway! I’ve gone through three different grammer books with no luck, and now I’m looking through my microwave instruction manual to see if that sheds any light!

    2. fafan4 says:

      Then why did Sauber allow Perez overtake both Ferraris at Monza?

      1. James Allen says:

        Because he was much faster than them!

  9. Back in those days José Froilan Gonzalez was known as… José Froilan Gonzalez, while the Queen was known as… the Queen. These days JFG would be called something like @FollowJFG, while the Queen is better known as @Queen_UK.

    Nice video, a bit PR-ish but will do, mainly because of old footage. Shell road fuel is quite good too, Imma bigga fanna.

    1. Phil too says:

      ARgh, what’s going on… am I blocked or some such?

      Don;t want to spam, but looks like a comment didn’t get through. it was in response to comment 9

      “Which Queen though. In 1951 it was Queen Elizabeth (aka Queen Mother) as George was alive until Feb 1952 and the British GP was 14 July 1951. The current Queen, @Queen_UK was Princess Elizabeth then. So it should be @Queen_Mum_RIP.

      James, who presented the trophy, the Princess (now Queen) or King George VI’s wife, Queen Elizabeth?”

      1. Didn’t realize it was so complicated! You guys have too many queens and kings to play with.

  10. franco del as es un ignorante says:

    james i was listening to the bbc5 podecast from monza, and i want to inform you, regarding the party at the sauber team. In mexico they have tequila and margaritas. The mojito, is from cuba.


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