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Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Sep 2012   |  12:59 pm GMT  |  18 comments

Here is something a bit different – Ferrari F1 driver and world championship leader Fernando Alonso drove a flying lap of the Singapore Grand Prix circuit today on the Shell Performance Simulator, which was set up in a hotel downtown.

The Spaniard, who has won the Singapore Grand Prix twice, drove a hot lap in 1m 48 seconds, which is only three seconds slower than he managed in qualifying here last year, whilst at the same time describing it in English, complete with corners speeds and some insights and details. It’s a pretty impressive performance; particularly because he did not have any laps in this simulator prior to the event, whereas generally the Ferrari drivers tend to do 10 warm up laps prior to such a demonstration.

Alonso said that with the restrictions in testing these days in F1, simulators have become increasingly important, “We need to practice in the simulator, not only for driving practice but also for set up and developments on the car. So it’s an important tool these days.”

Speaking of this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix he said that he believes he will have the car to “attack” and go for pole position and the win, rather than go into the weekend with a defensive mindset.

“I think there are two or three Grands Prix now where we will have the possibility to attack, the car will be in good shape and we will be competitive. If we are competitive we have to take the opportunities; here, Japan and Korea. In these three races our aim is to win Grands Prix and to increase the lead. We need another 75 points in the table.”

Alonso added that he does not feel increased pressure from a resurgent McLaren, which has won the last three races from pole position, two for Lewis Hamilton, who is now 37 points behind,

“I think if I had finished in Spa the championship gap would keep increasing all the time” he said. “That’s why it is decreasing. McLaren is in good form, but it is up to us. I feel confident and not under pressure. We have five or six contenders for the championship and seven races to go so it will be tight to the last race. But I’m the only one who can afford a retirement, the others cannot.”

Alonso also spoke about the possibility of the team replacing Felipe Massa for next season, arguing that he didn’t see anyone better who was on the list of possible candidates.

“I have worked with Felipe for two or three years, we have a good relationship,” Alonso said. “If the team decides to change Felipe, someone who arrives would have to be better than Felipe.

“In my opinion we need a driver that respects Ferrari, the tradition of the team.”

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  1. Dave says:

    Sounds like a shortshift up into 7th at around 0:28.

    Other than that he’s quite good at that game ;)

  2. Ben G says:

    The ‘tradition of the team’ being, I guess, that they always have a number one driver!

    1. Gavin28 says:

      That’s how I read it too.

      1. veeru says:

        I thought I was the only one I read it that way.

  3. AlexD says:

    Team interest means to support Alonso:-)

  4. Irish con says:

    See if I ever win the lotto I’m going to ring Ferrari and buy one of those simulators. Fact.

  5. Johnny Benerba says:

    He may have only been 3 seconds off while speaking the entire lap but dare I see a hint of a coanda style exhaust blown diffuser and traction control helping his wheel spin as well as the engine tuned up to the highest level with an extra boost of KERS? Where are the stewards!!! Hehe jk – cool video, thanks for posting James!

    1. KRB says:

      1:48.000 would’ve topped the timesheets on Friday.

  6. Val from montreal says:

    Bring in Kubica at Ferrari , then we will see 2007 all over again ….

    1. kevin says:

      Yes! Kubica to Ferrari. Let’s hope he can get his right arm sorted out and this can actually happen.

  7. Mocho_Pikuain says:

    Still can’t believe the season Fernando is doing. If he takes it, he will become the youngest three times world champion and probably the first driver in 30 years to win the title without one of the first two teams in the constructors table.

    Some people has started to think that maybe this man is the best driver of all times.
    And I agree.

    1. Baktru says:

      What Nando is doing this year is impressive indeed. If he does take the title, which is clearly still far from certain, I will label him the best driver in my times.

      Yes I know, Schum got a load of titles but he was in the best car tout court most times. This Ferrari is not head and shoulders above the rest, yet Nando makes it fly. I still think him and Kimi are the two most impressive drivers on the grid today, not just for speed but for complete driver skill (which is why I didn’t mention HAM, he’s fast but he lacks some of the other stuff).

    2. W Johnson says:

      It would be far more exciting if the points gap closed up so we could have an exciting finish to the season rather than a boring Alonso managing points finishes to become a tyre preserving champion.

    3. Val from montreal says:

      Yep , better than Hill , better than Villeneuve , better than Hakkinen , better than Schumacher , better than Raikkonen , better than Hamilton , better than Button , better than Vettel , better than Senna , better than Fangio , better Prost , better than the Renault team , better than the McLaren team , better than the Ferrari team , better than Trulli , better than Alonso himself !!!!

      1. Mocho_Pikuain says:

        As Schumy said: “He is growing above himself”. So yes, even your last statement could be true!

  8. Shah Alam says:

    Talking of Alonso in Singapore, Do you think Flav is going to comeback to F1 now his ban is comming to an end?

    If yes, who may take him on?

      1. Tim says:

        Yeah, he’ll be Chief Steward at all the GPs. Impeccable credentials.



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