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Who will be the first two times Grand Prix race winner in 2012?
Darren Heath
Posted By: James Allen  |  01 Jun 2012   |  12:12 pm GMT  |  481 comments

It’s been an extraordinary season of F1 racing, with six different winners in six races.

There’s every chance that we could get a seventh in Montreal, as Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren, Michael Schumacher’s Mercedes and the Lotus cars should all be competitive there.

But who will be the first driver to win a second race this season?

Give us your guess in the comments section below. When a driver achieves a second win, we will go back and pick one of the correct answers at random and award a nice F1 prize.

I’ve done an in depth audio interview with Lotus F1 Trackside Operations Director Alan Permane for the June edition of the JA on F1 podcast. Check it out: It will be posted later today

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  1. Seán Craddock says:

    I’m going to guess that Hamilton will be the first double winner, he’ll b the 7th DIFFERENT winner in 7 races and also win in Silverstone

    1. Jorge says:

      Check your stats, Hamilton has yet to win a race, but he has 2 poles to his name, look at:

      I think it is time for Schumi to win Canada that will make it 7 different winners in 7 races. and then the season will just explode!

      1. Seán Craddock says:

        what do you mean check my stats? I gave no stats in this post? Unless you count the 7 different winner bit as a stat, which I could check 100 times and still be sure that it would be true if he wins in Canada

        What are your correcting me on???

      2. MattNZ says:

        I think he is suggesting that if you check Hamilton’s stats from last year, that those two tracks you mention are not Hamilton’strengths…whereas Schumacher in Canada is a strong possibility.

      3. Alanis Morisette says:

        The OP stated Hamilton will win Canada, thus giving him one win. If he then wins Silverstone, with a Lotus or someone who hasn’t already one a race, he will have two wins and be the only one to have done that. The first reply was from someone who didn’t understand that simple scenario, and your reply is equally confused

    2. Wayne says:

      Yup, I’d go with Hamilton as well. Once he starts I dont think he’ll be stopped too easily.

      1. Wayne says:

        I’ll also say what I have said before here and been shot down in flames for. This season has no story. An F1 season needs a narrative, a beginning, middle and an end with a rivalry thrown in for the main protagonists to overcome. This season has none of that, it appears to be a lottery, it doesn’t matter if that is really the case, it seems to be. There is no way that the tyres are not the main factor in this lottery, they do not allow the best drivers to shine, rather they limit them.

        Now that even the drivers and F1 insiders are saying the same thing will this post be any better received or will it be shot down again?

      2. Richard D says:

        So could not the ‘story’ of this year be that it’s a tyre lottery?

      3. Ivan says:

        I couldn’t agree more. So they must shoot us both :)
        By the way, I went down thinking that avenue after the forth race. The tyres made a mock of this season. Only Pirelly still fails to see it..

      4. Paul Kirk says:

        Don’t forget, Wayne, that as Alonso said, all the cars are getting close in terms of performance due to the rules being constantly changed, or every new developement being banned! And of course the drivers can’t be race drivers any more, since theyve got to conserve fuel/tyres/engines etc. I agree the tyres are definately creating what I consider an undesirable effect on the cars/teams/drivers/results, but banning of the F duct/ddd/blown difuser/engine mapping/exhaust position/flexable wings/flexable floors/etc.,etc., are also having an effect. It must be very frustrating to be a F1 car designer/team/driver at this time because everythig is so limited that they can/can’t do. And the drivers are being given all sorts of penalties, sent to the back/demoted ten/five places/drive throughs/stop and gos/being penalised for something that happened last week/etc.
        Maybe it’s time to start again with a blank sheet and a much thinner rule book!
        The new engines for 2014 will probably stir things up a bit, but by then of course, Merc’s air bleed system and McLaren’s adjustable brake vents will be banned and they’ll have a more stringent rules for exhaust exits and drs, not to mention roll cages.
        Oh well I suppose it gives us something to moan about!

      5. Wayne says:

        Nice response Paul Kirk, the blank sheet of paper theory sounds rather nice but then I recall that I have always complained that there are too many rule changes in the past! It must be a very hard job to be the FIA, constantly doing battle against teams that knowingly push beyond the spirit of the rules at every opportunity while balancing the sporting interests against the commercial ones (and the commercial ones win out far too often in my opinion – we see it in the way penalties are awarded and technical directives are passed out etc).

      6. Wayne says:

        Richard D, no the ‘lottery’ is not a valid story, it has no strcuture. Who on earth would read a novel or watch a film without a rivalry of some sort, for example. The plot of this season is far to ‘busy’ and has no focus. There is no-one to hate, no one to feel sorry for, no momentum to get behind, no gradual building of suspense. It’s a massive car crash of a story (pardon the punn).

      7. Sumanth says:

        Unfortunately for him, he does start but the guys in the pit ensure that they botch up the job. Hamilton wont win unless Mclaren get their act together.

    3. scott printup says:

      First 2 time winner: Rosberg

      1. Andrew C. says:

        my choice as well….

        I had Nico selected as the race winner for Monaco and he made it a tidy 2nd place finish. There is something about his driving and the car this year that looks very steady and competitive.

        Andrew C.

      2. Rob T says:


        The MERCS will be fast in Canada so I think it will happen there for Nico, the Lotus cars may spoil that party though

    4. Kay says:

      Jorge, the OP did say:
      “he’ll b the 7th DIFFERENT winner in 7 races and also win in Silverstone”

      Thus double from next race and Silverstone onwards.

      1. Jorge says:

        Right on, it is a valid answer then.

    5. Sergio says:

      Giving what button did last year im going to gamble and put button as my choice. However nico seems on good terms witht he car now and mercedes should be strong in canada, but hamilton just has so much raw speed so he is definitely a contender.

      This year is so unpredictable that alonso, raikkonen, or vettel could also win it. 7th winner in my opinion will be raikkonen :)

  2. Stephen Rose says:

    It’s got to be Hamilton. A win is well overdue. He’s driving well, just needs a bit of luck. I’m sure that Mclaren will sort out the pit stop blunders, it’s more their strategy calls that worry me. Fingers crossed it all comes together this time.

  3. Jonathan De Andrade says:

    Lewis Hamilton

  4. Axel says:

    Nico Rosberg, already at the next race in Montreal!

    1. kowalsky is back says:

      are the hamilton fans out of their minds?!!! He must win two in a row, and that’s very unlikely in a team that needs to find improvement in various areas where it is lacking behind.
      I agree with axel. rosberg will win in canada, eventhough i consider hamilton a better pilot than the german. But let’s not forget every driver needs a team to be able to win, and today mercedes is better than mclaren.

      1. James Clayton says:

        I think Hamilton voters (and I don’t believe that are *all* fans) are aware that he’ll need to win 2 races. They obviously believe he can do that.

        And it doesn’t have to be 2 in a row. I’ll let you work that one out for yourself…

      2. Marc says:

        If not two in the row than that would take us to eight different winners in the first eight races. Seems unlikely but not impossible. Marc

    2. Tornillo Amarillo says:

      ROSBERG, it’s a Rosberg momentum.

      Besides that, I don’t want to acknowledge Alonso has more chances to win again…

    3. Carlos says:

      I agree. The Mercedes should be good next race, and I expect Schumacher’s bad luck to continue.

    4. Francisco says:

      the odds are with nico in canada

  5. Marco Pizzuti says:

    ALONSO !!!!

    Forza Ferrari !!

    1. Stuart Harrison says:

      +1 Got to be Alonso. If he can win when he’s driving a dustcart, he can win with the car Ferrari are ever-improving.

      1. Paul Kirk says:

        It’s funny that everyone’s rubbishing the Farrari this season, but what’s wrong with it? The car and team must be doing something right otherwise they wouldn’t be leading the championship!

      2. Warren Groenewald says:

        “They” dont lead the championship – Alonso does. Before the improvements Massa was nowhere and if they had two drivers of his caliber Ferrari would be fighting Caterham for 10th.

        It’s very clear that while the car was competitive on a full fuel load before, it was also very difficult to drive, the reason Massa has struggled so much.

    2. Onko says:

      Spot on,Alonso will be hard to beat,history
      shows Canada being a hapy ground for Ferrari.
      However do not be suprise a seventh winner
      emerge in the form of F.Massa I think he will
      come trumps.

      1. Spinodontosaurus says:

        I too, think Fernando Alonso.

        Massa was strong in Canada last year, if the Ferrari is strong there this year than who knows!

      2. Xman says:


  6. Gary Argent says:

    Jenson Button!

    1. fullthrottle says:

      Jenson Button.

    2. Doug says:


      He’s got a point to prove that he’s not lost it.

      1. Kay says:

        A point only, no more. So that’s a 10th place on the finish line.

    3. Richard D says:

      I wish, but don’t expect!

  7. Edward Clarke says:

    Nico Rosberg

  8. Bob Smith says:

    Lewis Hamilton

  9. hero_was_senna says:

    My heart says Alonso, but I don’t think Ferrari will be right at the front till around the British GP.
    I can see Lewis or Lotus winning in Canada.
    So I’m going to go for Mark Webber in Valencia.

  10. anil says:

    I’m gonna say Rosberg (most likely winning in Canada).

    It hurts to say that though, being a massive Michael fan, however i just know something will go wrong next weekend again!

  11. Alex Corps says:

    I think it will be Jenson Button in Montreal!

  12. Frank Oosterhuis says:

    Fernando Alonso.

  13. Matthew Frost says:

    Lewis Hamilton

  14. Nicky Santoro says:

    Alonso perhaps…

    Let’s see. I am enjoying the so called lottery. Seeing Alonso up there is, as you say, a hint that a lottery it is not… at least not so much as some point to.

    Congratulations for the fabulous site. You sir are a very good and clear writer.

  15. Paulo SPS says:

    I think it will be Alonso, but not in Montreal

  16. My heart says Mark Webber but I think Alonso is looking very good at the moment so im going to have to say him.

    1. Lezza says:

      C’mon Chris, keep your nerve.

    2. Smeghead says:

      Stuff it, I’m going to go with Webber. He’ll have gotten a decent confidence boost both from his first win on the season and from the fact that his teammate isn’t walking away with everything like last year.

      It might be unrealistic, but it’d be great to see him do the WDC, too.

      1. aj says:

        I concur!, Thumbs up for that!.

      2. Paul Kirk says:

        Good on yar, Mate, me too.
        Go Mark!

      3. Michael says:

        I cant see why its unrealistic for the WDC. He’s been far better against than vettel so far this season and red bull has as good a chance as any team this year.

    3. Craig says:

      My money is on Webber

  17. d.h. says:

    Lewis Hamilton.

  18. Dmitry says:

    I know, everything is against my choice, but I crossed my fingers for Lewis Hamilton.

    BUT. If It’s up to McLaren to provide him with the good car and flawless pit work.
    If they fail… wellm I hope it won’t come to this.

  19. Brett Williams says:

    I can’t believe how well Alonso is going considering the pre-season form of the Ferrari. As they continue to bolt on updates I would probably put my money on him. My heart would love if it was Webber, but I would choose Alonso…

    1. Lezza says:

      Brett, keep your hand on your heart.

    2. Brett Williams says:

      Okay, so what have I won??!

  20. Pman says:

    IMHO, In Canada it will be a Mercedes win due to the track nature.
    So it’s Rosberg or Schumacher

  21. RobertS says:

    Lewis Hamilton

  22. drarpad says:

    Hamilton :-)
    Will take 2 wins in the next 3 races..

    1. Wild Man says:

      This begs the question. Who will win the other race?

    2. Brace says:

      You fail to see the conundrum you created! :)
      Your statement implies that we will see 8 different winners in the first 8 races.
      Even though I enjoy to thrill and I don’t think it’s too far fetched, I still think there’s a bigger chance that one of the next two races will be won by someone who already won a GP this year. That said, I can see Hamilton, Kimi and Grosejan all having a very realistic chance of winning one of the next two rounds, so your prediction might not be all that impossible, even though I think it’s the less likely scenario of two.

  23. Jens Jensen says:


    The car is coming right and he’s got talent. I don’t think it’ll happen in Canada though; I think and hope we’ll see 7 in 7!

  24. stoic little says:


  25. Sheetal says:


  26. David Goss says:

    Bold prediction: Lewis Hamilton.

    He had a messy 2011, but to his credit he hasn’t put a foot wrong so far this season – bad luck and team errors have prevented him from winning, but I don’t think it’ll last.

  27. Ian Lawrence says:

    Hi James,
    I think my money will be on Rosberg to get the first second win this season and he will probably do it at Montreal. That track will suit the Mercedes very very well. I would love to see Button do it but it seems that Mclaren are going backwards at the moment.

    Ian Lawrence

    1. Kay says:

      Mercedes will certainly do very well… in quali.

      Race they still are a tiny bit off.

  28. Breezyracer says:

    Given that we’re headed to Canada, I would choose Rosburg. Certainly Mercedes should be able to start on pole and Rosburg has shown he knows how to win from pole.

  29. Sebee says:

    No 2 time winners this weekend.

    We’re going old school in my neck of the woods.

    Schumi or Kimi are winning this one! We keep the streak going.

    1. Sebee says:

      I’m the first one to Kimi?

      How could you let this happen Icefans?

  30. Ant says:

    its got to be Alonso

  31. Ez Pez says:

    Jenson!! I hope! Wouldn’t surprise me if it was alonso who was first to score win number two though.

  32. mike davis says:

    Lewis Hamilton

  33. Phil Jones says:

    For no real reason other than wanting a punt at winning the unknown price I’d say Rosberg.

  34. Darren lee says:

    Mark Webber

  35. Jesus says:

    I´d say Hamilton. He has the best car and is better than Button so I can´t think of one reason why he won´t win the next 2 races.

  36. ElenaF1 says:

    Alonso. I’m sure. ;-)

  37. Tim Rowe says:

    I’m tipping Hamilton for a win at Montreal, and a strong showing from the Renaults. And being that the next round is Valencia, zzzz…

    1. hero_was_senna says:

      I’m guessing you mean the team that morphed from Renault into Lotus.
      Or maybe you mean any Renault engined car?

      1. Tim says:

        I still have it in my head that Lotus is the Renault team. The whole Lotus farce and confusion it caused trying to figure out who was who last year just meant it was easier to keep remembering ‘Renault’, with ‘Lotus’ being Caterham.

        Can’t say that little drama didn’t hurt the sport :(

  38. aheadless says:

    Sebastian Vettel

  39. Thynaks says:

    Nico Rosberg

  40. Anthony says:

    Nico Rosberg

  41. Stephen Metcalfe says:

    I reckon Alonso stands the best chance – the Ferrari machine tends to pick up the pace about this time of the year. Button (and McLaren) don’t seem to be able to get it together on race day, and although the Red Bulls remain extremely competitive, Alonso has been a consistent performer. I’m not an Alonso man these days, but he deserves my vote this time.

  42. Michael Schumacher for sure.

  43. Flintelli says:


  44. dim23 says:

    Sebastian Vettel.

  45. Alvaro says:

    Fernando Alonso! :)

  46. Haydn Lowe says:

    This season, above any I can remember for a long time, the driver is making the biggest difference to the results. On that basis, the driver who is driving better than all the others is Alonso, so I believe he will be the first double winner.
    However, I do believe there will likely be at least one other different winner first – with Schumi, Hamilton and the speedy Lotuses yet to win I can’t believe there won’t be!

  47. Qamar says:

    i so much hope so for Alonso .. but i guess ill opt for Vettel this time .. for this competition .

  48. Maldonado! (Someone had to pick him…)

    1. hero_was_senna says:

      Damn, I’d already forgotten about him!

  49. Paul Lewis says:

    I’m going for Button. In Canada. In the rain!

  50. Qamar says:

    But who will be the first driver to win a second race this season?

    Definitely Vettel . i guess.

  51. Andrew Kirk says:

    Either Alonso or Webber for their second win methinks. Alonso can drag that Ferrari anywhere and Webber is always stronger after a good result.

    Either Hamilton or Kimi to get their first win. Imagine the look on Lewis’s face if both Schumacher and Kimi win a race before him… that will not go down well.

  52. KKJ says:

    I think Michael will take it, he has won there 7 times and finished 4th last year. He has tasted some level of success in Monaco and knowing Michael this will spur him on even more knowing he has a car now to deliver.

  53. Mark Roberts says:

    Rosberg (although I’m willing Schumacher to win!) as I think Mercedes will be very strong in Canada.

  54. Raja Sen says:

    The first driver to win a second? Alonso.
    But it’ll only happen after Schumacher wins one, ideally in Montreal.

  55. Steven Pritchard says:

    Only one driver at McLaren these days?

    1. James Clayton says:

      Seems like it from the last few races :)

      1. Steven Pritchard says:

        Like last year then?

      2. James Clayton says:

        Yup. Pretty much.

      3. Jugraj says:

        Moreover, 5-0 in qualifying to Lewis.

    2. Kay says:

      Not so much different to Ferrari eh? :D

  56. Seymour Quilter says:

    Alonso…. He is a master of consistency and will win again I’m sure….

  57. Steve says:

    I hope Schumi is the 7th winner!

    Surely his bad luck has to end sometime.
    (providing Grosjean keeps away!)

    1. MikeM says:

      Im rolling out on the 7s.
      7th different driver in the 7th race by the 7 times world champion

  58. Andy Smith says:

    I think it will be Rosberg, it would be good for him to not only win his first race but be the first to get 2 this season.

  59. Dave says:

    I am going for Alonso, but not in Canada.

  60. F430-Fox says:

    Alonso – he is the most consistent driver currently

  61. Andrew J says:

    Jenson Button.

    Hopefully in Canada.

  62. Darren munford says:

    Easy . Wait . Picking name from hat . Winner Button.

  63. Jonathan Kelk says:

    Vettel is my prediction.

    1. Jonathan Kelk says:

      With so many people picking him though, I would have been better tactically to go for Karthikeyan – it’s very unlikely to happen, but if it did I’d be guaranteed the prize!!

      Never mind, I’ll stick with Vettel I think ;)

      Has anyone picked “no-one” yet, i.e. 20 different winners this year?

  64. Eric says:


  65. Ollie Holland says:

    Surely has to be Rosberg. Merc in Montreal…

  66. Chris says:


    Even though I want it to be Jenson.

  67. Grey Accountant says:

    OK, let`s thow a spanner in the works

    - Maldonado

    (Bet I`m the only one who sayes that!)

    1. Martin says:

      Bet you aint :D

  68. Phil James says:

    Fernando Alonso Díaz

  69. Iain says:

    Mark Webber, European and/or Silverstone will see him number 1 on the podium

  70. mattoz says:

    Nico Rosberg

  71. Darryl Finch says:

    Nico Rosberg.

    If it doesn’t happen in Canada then I’d say Vettel, but with the way Montreal is expected to suit Mercedes, I just can’t go against Nico.

  72. goferet says:

    Yeah for selfish reasons, am hoping Lewis doesn’t win Montreal for not only is that track cursed Championship wise, but I would also like him to save the best for last i.e. By winning in front his die hard fans at Silverstone = icing on the cake.

    Look man, Lewis doesn’t have a great record of winning back to back races at the start of the season infact his only back to back wins (at the start of the season) came in 2007 when he won the Canada & US races.

    So am going for Jenson to be the first driver to win 2 races for hey, he was the first to win this year + was the first two time winner in 2010.


    Considering my luck at winning prizes especially on the JAonF1 site, I might as well not loose too much sleep over this one.

    1. James Allen says:

      But they are always good prizes…

      1. goferet says:

        @ James Allen

        No mate, what I meant is I tend to get the answers wrong and thus not win hahahahaha.

      2. Kay says:

        hmm.. o_O?!

    2. hero_was_senna says:

      This track is cursed Championship wise?
      Out of 32 races run at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve since 1978, 12 winners have gone on to win the Championships.

      In fact goferet, your Kaiser actually won it in 2000,2002, 2003 and 2004. Only in 2001 when he finished 2nd to his brother did he miss out.

      Stats, hey? Like politicians prove on countless occasions, can be made to confirm any argument, for and against.

      1. goferet says:

        @ hero was Senna

        Out of 32 races run at Circuit Gilles
        Villeneuve since 1978, 12 winners have
        gone on to win the Championships.


        12 out of 32 aren’t odds to take to the casino.

        And if you look closely, most of those 12 winners that went on to win the championship either had a dominant car outright or had a dominate car in the first half of the season.

        And yes the Kaiser is known as such for he’s the only driver with 7 wins the next success have 3 wins.

  73. Dave Moon says:

    Jenson Button

  74. Henry says:

    As much as I would love it to be either of the Mclaren drivers (probably Jenson over Lewis) I think there have been too many mistakes this year.

    My initial reaction was it will be Alonso but I’m facinated by the fact that (at time of writing) no one has said Vettel – I think this speaks volumes considering his form last year! To that end I’m going to take a punt with Seb – at least if I’m right, theres less competition :oP

    Great website James, always good insight into the sport. Thanks.

  75. MISTER says:

    Alonso here. Weather might play it’s part, therefore Ferrari should be up there.

  76. Tank says:

    The first man to win two races this season: Michael Schumacher.

  77. Adrian says:

    I’ll go for Sebastian Vettel.

  78. Wild Man says:

    Interestingg that no-one has picked Vettel.

  79. Neil F says:

    Jenson Button
    Given that Lewis still has to make his first win this season and JB might have won in China if his pitstops had gone OK

  80. Joseph Simmons says:

    Hamilton at the Montreal race who is long overdue for a win. And the cool temperature and weather should suit the McLaren. And Kimi at the Valencia race with the warm weather assisting performance window for the Lotus tyre performance.

  81. Tim says:

    It has to be Vettel!

  82. CraigD says:

    It’s so unpredictable that I’m tempted to say Maldonado!

    But going for Vettel.

  83. Chris says:

    I fancy Rosbergs chances of a win in Cannada, but then Michael should be in the hunt as well.

    Interesting how virtully no one says Vettel, can’t be written off!!!

  84. Alberto Martínez says:

    Nico Rosberg in Montreal

  85. Holly says:

    Alonso, it will be his prize for his consistency.

    But could be anyone of the guys that already have one win, this season everything is crazy.

  86. **Paul** says:

    Alonso in Canada?

  87. Peter Williams says:

    Webber – a front-runner who flies under the radar

  88. Iwan Kemp says:


  89. Martin says:

    Interesting to see that there is no love for Vettel, the winningest driver in the last two years, and from the team that has won twice this year. Of course the standard comment is to say that the car is the reason, but if Seb just copies Mark’s set up then he’s usually okay in the race.

    Canada often tends to be hot or wet, neither of which seem to favour Rosberg in the race. McLaren may struggle at both Montreal and Valencia due to the slow corner bias of those tracks and again the hotter weather.

    As a left field choice, I’ll go for Grosjean. Great low speed traction, high top speeds, better in qualifying than Kimi at the moment, and also to redeem himself for the Monaco errors. Back-to-back wins for Romain :-)

  90. DiegoP says:

    Kimi Räikkönen :P

  91. craig kilner says:

    Hamilton!!! Going to kick ass in Montreal and then he’s right in there

  92. Goutham says:


  93. Andrew says:

    Rosberg, if the Mercedes is the fastest car in Montreal as everybody expects I expect a repeat of China’s domination.

  94. Steve says:

    In recent seasons this would have been easy to answer: Vettel, Alonso, Button, Hamilton depending on the year; this year however, its a guessing game. So I’m going to go with gut instinct and plump for Rosberg in the next race – the Mercedes were super strong in Monaco, and Canada’s semi-street circuit layout linked by long straights (double DRS to put Nico on pole?) should suit it too.
    I hope we get our 7th winner though – Lewis is surely due one soon & I can see Kimi grabbing a win before the seasons out.

  95. Mr Ed says:

    Kimi for the double!

  96. Stephan says:

    well, I don’t really think it will be him, but will stay say Maldonado, working on my own odds to win something in a draw !

  97. Trent Thomas says:

    I think Mark Webber will be the first, 2 time winner this year, and will take the wdc title.

    1. Lezza says:

      Luv ya

    2. Kevin says:

      You sir are a man of rare insight! Achem … Bloody oath mate!

    3. Chris says:

      You could be right, it may be Webber. I do think that when one driver wins two in a row it will be a sign of change and they will go on to be WDC.

  98. Sam B says:

    Suprised no-one’s said Vettel yet. I don’t want him to be the first two times winner, but I reckon he could be in with a shout!

    1. Sam B says:

      Or rather no-one had said Vettel while I was awaiting moderation!

  99. Stevo says:

    I think Vettel will win in Canada, no idea why but its just a feeling

    1. Stevo says:

      although I’d love Maldonado to do it again for Williams

  100. Jay B says:

    I’m feeling that it will be Mark Webber.

  101. Steve says:

    think its going to be Alonso

  102. oak says:


  103. Ravi Rajiv Babu says:

    Nico Rosberg is my prediction on cause of the track layout and weather conditions. But Fingers crossed for Michael Schumacher.

  104. Mark in Australia says:

    Seb Vettel.

    Can’t keep the champion down too much longer

  105. William Wallace says:

    It’s going to be Jenson Button for victory at Montreal. All his tyre-troubles will be put behind him this weekend, and as this is a track that you can overtake at, he will be able to run a strategy that will suit him and his car.

  106. Freddie says:

    Fernando Alonso.

  107. Liam in Sydney says:

    Although the circuit will help Mercedes more than most other tracks this season in terms of quali pace, I think their race pace is not nearly as quick. So I will look elsewhere to a team that races better than they qualify.

    My pick for the race: Sebastian Vettel.

  108. Jimbob says:

    Jenson Button

  109. Charles says:


  110. Daniel says:

    Mark Webber. Just because i think he will. (also not many others are putting his name up :P)

  111. AlexD says:

    It will be Vettel

  112. Tm says:

    Sebastian Vettel

  113. Mike J says:

    I think the Lotus will go well here if the tyres hold out. Kimi or Grosjean. I will pick Grosjean, after the season as far, why not !..

  114. Søren Kühle says:

    Gonna be Alonso or Vettel

  115. Berislav says:

    My opinion, it will be Lewis Hamilton!

  116. Jesse says:

    Jenson Button!

  117. El Mago says:


  118. James Clayton says:


    Do I still get the prize even if I probably spelt the name wrong?

  119. Berislav says:

    Lewis Hamilton!

  120. Jodum5 says:

    Pastor Maldonado!

  121. Mike J says:

    For first two time winner, after reading it again (duh), I will pick Webber (with Grosjean second)

  122. Beefy Mcmoo says:

    Seb Vettel

  123. Haydn Maidment says:

    Fernando Alonso. You can never count him out.

  124. Lap says:

    Mark Webber. He has enough experience now to extract the maximum the package he has.

  125. Simon says:

    I’ll say Kimi, because his first Lotus win is well over due now and once he’s got one under his belt more will surely follow. And not many others have gone for him ;-)

  126. Sam Torrens says:

    I would be a cheeky $5 on Nico Rosberg doing just that in Montreal.

    In his bullish form I think Alonso has gotta be a favorite.

    An an Aussie I would love it to be Mark Webber, but realistically I think his second victory will come later in the season – Hungary perhaps.

    it’s going to be one of the two above.

  127. Rob Newman says:

    Nico Rosberg

  128. Greg (Aus) says:

    Wow, I’m surprised so many agree with my feeling that it will be Mark Webber, but he won’t do it at Montreal.

  129. Marcus Lindblom says:

    Fernando Alonso

  130. David T says:

    Rosberg – the Mercedes should go well around the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

  131. Nandan says:

    Surely not Alonso in Montreal. This is his bogey track. 9 starts, 1 win, 1 podium, 5 retirements

  132. darth_patate says:

    Vettel has to be a contender for canada (he missed it last year by 1 error)

  133. F1racer says:

    Massa! (Smedley asked me to post this)

  134. Blazej says:

    I think Jenson and Sebastian will have more wins to their names for sure.

  135. David says:

    Sebastian Vettel

    Although, its not what I’m hoping for.

  136. joshua says:

    Bruno…… In freak conditions over the next few races

  137. RDS Motorsport says:

    Fernando Alonso

  138. Andrew M says:

    We should’ve had a poll for this, the 6 winners plus Hamilton and maybe Raikkonen, no-one else really is there?

    1. Andrew M says:

      But for the quiz, I’ll choose Vettel :)

    2. James Allen says:

      We’ll count up the votes and do a post on it

  139. gerry mc says:

    its a long shot, but im gona go with schumacher. the monaco pole will be a huge boost and knowing how good in canada, i can see him taking the win. his luck has to change. a 2nd win in valencia or silverstone will be enevitable. come on schu

  140. Nil says:

    First two time winner in 2012 will be Alonso.

  141. Dave says:

    I think Vettel but probably not until a Lotus grabs a win! Hopefully Kimi!

  142. Tim says:

    Alonso (in Valencia – European GP)

  143. Bayan says:

    Michael Schumacher. I know, might be wishful thinking.

  144. illyrical says:

    I’ll go with Rosberg.

  145. thejudge13 says:

    Jenson Button

  146. Nick Young says:

    I’m going for Button!

  147. Rhillion says:

    Nico Rosberg

  148. Laurence H says:

    No way of really predicting this. Total guess – Vettel

  149. ArunasNesvarbu says:

    Kimi Raikkonen.

  150. Xysion says:

    Fernando Alonso.

  151. PH says:

    Webber for sure!

  152. Deeren Patel says:

    I think Raikkonen will take his first victory in Canada and then Vettel will be the first double winner of the season at Valencia…..

    1. RodgerT says:

      That’s kind of the way I’m thinking.

      Although if we’re still looking for a two time winner when they roll into Valencia, I’d be hard pressed to say whether it would be Vettel, or Alonso.

      Also, if Kimi gets one soon, say Montreal, and there’s still no two time winner by Spa… Well, you know where I’m going with this.

  153. Don says:


  154. Thomas says:


    Schumi wins in Canada, Massa wins in Valencia and Maldenado wins i GB.

  155. renato nysan says:

    Mark Webber

  156. Jako says:

    I feel Mark Webber is going to have a nice season again, so I’ll go for him.

    This car suits him much better than last years car, I think.


  157. Stephen says:

    Keen to make up for last year I’m gonna say vettel

  158. Chris says:

    Its got to be a mercedes. Going with Nico this time. Sorry Michael. Maybe a 1-2?

  159. Winnie says:


  160. NickPerth says:

    My heart says and wants Webber to surprise everyone in Canada but my mind and money would be on Rosberg for sure. The Merc is looking strong and Rosberg is in the zone this year. The prospect of a Rosberg/Hamilton Mercedes team and Webber/Alonso Ferrari team next year is pants wetting exciting!!

  161. Bob says:

    I’m going with Alonso. His car and chances are improving steadily and if ever there was anyone with the determination to make it happen, it’s definitely him.

  162. Matt Cheshire says:

    Vettel. It’s time for him to get it right on Saturday and Sunday to get the second win. It’s painful but the finger will be back.

  163. john ferdinand says:

    Michael Schumacher’s Mercedes

  164. Aaron95 says:

    I’m going for Mark Webber, but not in Canada, at Silverstone. The Red Bull still looks pretty mean in fast corners and Webber would be an incredibly popular winner.

  165. Smitty says:


  166. miuzi says:

    I feel that Alonso is the man who will win a second race first.

    I also think he’s going to take the championship. At this point, he looks incredibly strong and motivated. He even seems happy!

  167. Seb says:

    Fernando Alonso

  168. Lynn says:

    Alonso is the favourite but I hope it’s Rosberg.

  169. Robbiehooper says:

    Vettel obviously!

  170. Enigma says:

    Kimi Raikkonen

  171. FerrariFan says:

    Sebastian Vettel

  172. Martin says:

    I think the Williams will be ok again in Canada so I am going for Pastor Maldonado to be the first double GP winner in 2012.

  173. Liam says:

    Rosberg in Montreal

  174. 6 Wheeled Tyrrell says:

    Fernando Alonso

  175. mark says:

    Alonso I think schumacher will win in canada he always goes really well there

  176. Jose says:

    Vettel in Valencia. Hamilton to win Montreal.

  177. Jon L says:

    Pastor Maldonado

  178. Steve says:

    Mark Webber

  179. Phil says:

    Michael Schumacher

    If he can qualify well he can stay out of trouble.

  180. Glennb says:

    Shumi or Kimi to win in Montreal.
    Webber to win in Valencia.

    1. Glennb says:

      Webber to win at Silverstone and Hockenheim too. 3 on the trot :)

  181. mkamdar says:

    Sebastian Vettel

  182. james says:

    alo, alo, alonsooo!

  183. nathan says:

    Lewis hamilton will be the 7th winner and next double winner. He will win canada and Valencia. Infact i put my money on him winning 3 in a row and taking silverstone too..

  184. Jag says:

    Lewis Hamilton

  185. Ravi says:

    It will be Vettel!

  186. Oly says:

    Alonso. Go Nando Go !

  187. Daniel MA says:

    Not a popular answer but I say Sebastian Vettel.

  188. Alan Li says:

    It has to be Webber!!

  189. Rene says:

    Kimi. You can put my prize in the post now to save some time…

  190. Sebastian Vettel. He’s there or there abouts, when he bothers to compete in Q3!

  191. Neil McGuiggan says:

    Alonso. Ridiculously, given how bad his car has been, he always seems to be near the front, and with Ferrari improving the car it will only get better for him.

  192. Roman says:

    Kimi. Montreal will be number one.

  193. Darren says:

    I am amazed at the lack of people voting for Vettel, you can never write him off!

    Setastian Vettel

    1. Darren says:

      Having said that I dont think he will win in Canada, Schumacher will win in Canada and Hamilton will win at Silverstone.

    2. James Allen says:

      You have more chance of winning if you’re right, then!

      1. TheDrivingG says:

        I also think people are discounting Vettel. I’m also voting for Vettel.

  194. Gordon says:

    Jenson Button. I’m doubly sure if it rains as hard as it did last year.

  195. Dave says:

    Mark Webber!

  196. CartRider says:

    It’s probably gonna be Rosberg, but really who can say at the moment?

  197. Jorge Arias says:

    It’s got to be Alonso!

  198. Will says:

    Sebastian Vettel

  199. CANADA ROCKS says:

    Fernando Alonso

  200. Gabe says:


  201. Regulus says:

    Jenson Button

  202. gaz909 says:

    No one has said Grosgean. So that’s mine!

    1. James Clayton says:

      I beat you to it I’m afraid :)

  203. Jack says:

    Vettel – it’d be the worst possible outcome for the fans and the sport, but that’s why it seems inevitable

    1. RodgerT says:

      Why? How is Vettel being the first two time winner of the season the worst possible result for the sport?

      Not saying your opinion is invalid, or anything like that. Just genuinely curious.

      1. Jack says:

        literally because he is the double world champion, and periods of domination are bad for any sport. If after this amazing start to the season Red Bull still manage to take the title it’d feel like such a waste.

        I’m actually a big fan of Vettel as a person, I think him and Button are the most personable and open drivers, as well as the only drivers you ever hear describe a race as ‘fun’, which i think is hugely important.

        However, I just don’t want to see them winning races, I’m a McLaren fan when it comes down to it, but wouldn’t you rather see Lotus, Williams, Ferrari, Sauber, Merecedes and Mclaren all win races before RB? Unless you’re a Red Bull fan of course!

      2. RodgerT says:

        Youre right nobody wants to watch a race where the winner is a forgone conclusion, and I can see where you’re coming from, but I don’t foresee the ruination of the sport just by Vettel being the first to win two races this season. Now if he goes on a tear from here on out, then yes it will cause a lack of interest in the fan base.

        I do like Vettel for much the same reason as you, but I’m a Kimi fan at heart, and would love for him to snag a win or two this season. And while not a Red Bull fan per se, as a some one who did his time the military I have a great amount of respect for efficient, and effective organizations, which I believe is what has them where they are right now.

        Personally, I can see some one from another team winning the drivers title with RBR taking the constructors championship.

        Here’s to a season that goes to the last round.

  204. Dan Orsino says:

    The first double winner will be Mr J. Button.

    He won there last time out, and will be spurred on to cure his tyre headache at last.
    Kimster’s migraine with the steering and what not needs some powerful medicine!

  205. Alonso will be the first double winner.

  206. Colin B says:

    Nico Rosberg

  207. Nazdakka says:

    Nico Rosberg.

  208. Anton says:

    Vettel should be the first to get a double this year

  209. Andy R says:

    Alonso oh Alonso! You willy old fox!

  210. Jey says:

    Not sure about Race winner but my bet is -Michael on pole and then Merc will find another way to give him a unreliable machine for raceday

  211. Will Gooding says:

    Fernando Alonso to be the first two time winner in 2012.

    His consistency this season has been phenomenal and if he gets a sniff of a win he will take it, he isn’t a double world champion for nothing.

    I would actually expect Ferrari to take another step forward in Canada as they generally turn it around mid season. Just as long as they can do something about their straight line speed (slow corner traction has improved ten fold, as demonstrated in Monaco).

  212. Steve G says:

    Mark Webber

  213. AP says:

    Nico Rosberg (altough i would love to prove wrong and see Alsonso win soon)

  214. Clemo says:

    Alonso…..and then to also be the first 3x and 4x winner

  215. Chao Yu says:

    Vettel for me

  216. Jeff says:

    I would have to say fernando Alonso, he’s driving brilliantly so far this season and if Ferrari can continue to improve the car he will be hard to stop.

  217. Glen Parker says:

    I’ll put my neck on the line and say pastor maldonado.

  218. Ken says:

    Sebastian Vettel to get his first Canada win and be the first 2x winner in 2012!

  219. Doug says:

    My first two time Grand Prix winner for 2012 will be Vettel in Valencia. For the bonus points I will pick Schumacher in Canada and Alonso in Silverstone.

  220. Rach says:

    Schumacher please at silverstone!

  221. James says:

    Michael Schumacher to win in Montreal and then go onto be the first man to win 2 races this season in silverstone or hockenheim. Raikonnen to win in Valencia.

  222. Steve p says:

    Sergio Perez. Ok bit of a long shot!

  223. Gustavo says:

    Fernando Alonso

    (Assuming the promissed Canada updates do work)

  224. Michael Grievson says:

    First double winner will be Mark Webber

  225. Mario says:

    Fernando Alonso

  226. El Pibe says:

    The tyre issue is starting to be ridiculous… The winner is who manages better the tyres not the fastest one… Better to change the sports name to FTM (Formula Tyre Managament)!!!

  227. John says:

    Got to be Alonso! The ferrari is almost on the pace of the rest of the pack and in Alonso’s hands is potentially faster! I think Schumi will win in montreal and then Alonso will be the first 2 timer this year!!

  228. JR says:

    Fernando Alonso

  229. Ben B says:

    Webber – reckon he’ll win the next race (maybe!)

  230. Tom Haythornthwaite says:

    Kimi will win the next two races and then you’ll pick my name.

  231. Carlos says:

    Alonso is the man with the Plan.

  232. db4tim says:

    Fernando Alonso

  233. chris severin says:

    Señor Button for me

  234. paulmeyer says:

    This should have been a poll – those are super-fun, like the “who’s your driver of the day” pole. Love those! And it’s nice to check back later and see how the scores have panned out

  235. Dizzy says:

    Raikkonen first double winner in Valencia

  236. Ihsan says:

    Fernando Alonso without a doubt.

  237. Andy V says:

    Nico Rosberg

  238. Simon Lord says:

    Leaving personal preferences aside, I have to go for Alonso as the first double winner. Apart from his talent and ability to be in the right place at the right time, he also has the advantage of being the only one of the top 8 to be a clear No.1 in his team.

  239. Shah Alam says:

    Vettel or Alonso for 2nd win
    I think Eric Boullier of Lotus should be fired.

    Kimi could have won twice, Bahrain and Spain.

    Lotus will regret settleing for short term gains in points in the future when they end up like Toyota and Honda and go nowhere.

  240. Raj says:

    Rosberg for me, he’s the driver in the best for at the moment.

  241. madmax says:


  242. Methusalem says:

    It would be Schumacher. The seven-time world champion, who won seven times in Montreal, and has car Number 7 on his Mercedes will be winning the next Canadian GP, as the seventh winner of the season. This will encourage him to win the next one in Valencia — this will make him the first two-times winner in 2012.

  243. Dufus says:


  244. madmax says:

    Narain Karthikeyan

    1. Wade Parmino says:


  245. Methusalem says:

    It would be Schumacher.The seven-time world champion, who won seven times in Montreal, and has car Number 7 on his Mercedes will be winning the next Canadian GP, as the seventh winner of the season. This will encourage him to win the next one in Valencia — this will make him the first two-times winner in 2012.

  246. Simon Biles says:

    I’m backing Rosberg for Canada

  247. Marc Coltelli says:


  248. Phill says:

    For the consistency and damn right skill of this man, I hope, and pray he will get a double, which will take him on to his third championship.
    ALONSO!! #forzaferrari

  249. Ed H says:

    I think Maldonado; he messed up at Monaco, a race which, in theory at least, he should have been competitive at. Maldonado should be especially good around Canada as it’s another street track. I think it’s silly how everyone’s forgotten about him just because of one bad race. He’s a grand prix winner for crying out loud! Increasingly this season when Senna only gets a little bit out of the car Maldonado shows potential to be right up there. That said I expect Bruno to improve. But that Williams is competitive so definately do not count Maldonado out.

  250. Stephen says:

    I’m going to say Sebastian Vettel, I just don’t know where

  251. Serrated Edge says:

    Jenson Button to return to form with a win in Canada!

  252. brett Scotland says:

    Alonso. He just has it this season.

  253. Gord says:

    Kimi Raikkonen will win Montreal and than Spa, which means that lots of different drivers will win the GPs in between. :P

  254. RA109 says:

    Jenson! He’s always full of surprises.

  255. Joe Sumegi says:

    I’m going for Mark Webber too!

  256. Craig says:

    Fernando Alonso – he’s taken himself to the next level this year both in terms of driving and engagement with fans via his excellent twitter feed. He just seems so settled and happy that it is difficult not to envy him greatly. Even his harshest critics seem to be warming to him, especially now that he is showing more of his personality.

    Hamilton and Button seem to be in the doldrums at present and Red Bull are struggling now that they are no longer dominating. Lotus and Mercedes just never quite seem to maintain momentum despite showing flashes of excellence and I think Sauber and Williams will struggle to repeat previous successes.

    It’s all very close but I think Fernando has the edge and if Ferrari can keep improving the car then he is set for a few more wins this season with the first hopefully coming in Canada.

  257. F12012 says:

    I’m gona go for Rosberg

  258. J. S. says:

    Kobayashi will win the next two races!!!

    No votes for Vettel in the first 40 posts? He’ll be wagging his finger at you JA fans.

  259. Sarvar says:


  260. My vote is for Rosberg. He is really driving well this year.

    (My heart says Alonso, and the guy is amazing, but the only way he will win the championship this year is through consistency. He might be on the podium a lot but that car isn’t good enough for the top step very often… I’ll be happy if I’m wrong! Anyway I think Rosberg will be the first double winner.)

  261. Kenji says:

    If the track is wet like last year’s race then I will tip Button to win the 2nd race this year.

    If it is dry, then I’m going to back Hamilton as the 7th different winner this season. I would love to back Schumacher, but with the run of bad he’s had so far…i’m not so sure

  262. Mathew Middleton says:

    I’d go with Vettel.

    I really think we’ll see the 7th winner in Montreal but I can’t look past the Red Bull on race day in Valencia.

  263. greenyson says:

    Mark Webber

  264. Ross says:

    Jenson Button. He’ll bounce back in Canada.

  265. Ryan Eckford says:

    I think Hamilton is well overdue for a win, so he will win either the Canadian GP or the European GP. I think Schumacher is overdue for a bit of luck and will win one of the two races listed above.

    Then, we head to Silverstone for the British GP. In practice, many teams feel that the tyres are behaving in a more consistent fashion, and that they (the teams) are finding out who really has the speed and who doesn’t. In qualifying, McLaren has a small advantage over Red Bull, and Hamilton takes advantage of this to grab pole position. Lotus and Mercedes were good behind them, with a car each from Sauber and Williams making Q3. Ferrari were lacking, and had the 9th fastest car out of the 12 teams. In the race, McLaren and Hamilton took advantage of their small margin over Red Bull to win the British GP.

    1st L. Hamilton
    2nd S. Vettel
    3rd J. Button
    4th M. Webber
    5th K. Raikkonen
    6th R. Grosjean
    7th M. Schumacher
    8th S. Perez
    9th K. Kobayashi
    10th N. Rosberg.

    So to answer the question, it will be Hamilton to be the first multiple race winner this season.

  266. Iiro says:


  267. Peter Stacey says:

    Fernando Alonso

  268. TBP says:

    Mark Webber.

  269. Sam says:

    Has to be between alonso, webber and vettel. My money is on alonso.
    If Hamilton had already won a race I would bet on him. But Alonso 3 to 2

  270. Jeff of Perth says:

    My guess is Alonso. Being an Aussie I would like to see Mark Webber up there but I think Fernando has been more consistent so far this season.

  271. Bayden says:

    Schumacher will win at Montreal, Alonso will win at Valencia to become the first repeat winner.

  272. JC Lopez says:

    Sebastian Vettel

  273. Jay Panesar says:


  274. Luke Smith says:

    Mark Webber

  275. Horoldo says:

    Webber! but not in Canada.
    LH,MS or KR to win Canada.
    Then Webber to take Valencia.

  276. Kay says:

    Fernando Alonso Díaz

  277. JohnBt says:


  278. Elie says:

    Nico Rosberg. Three straights at over 285kph is Perfect for Mercedes DDRS. Traction out of slow corners Again perfect for Mercedes. Nico was leading the race at some point last year and must fancy his . Lewis should be very close so should Kimi.

  279. Allwyn says:

    Fernando Alonso

  280. Pan Jamilano says:

    it’s gotta be Nico Rosberg.

  281. Kay says:

    Hums… people keep saying Vettel.

    Fine then Vettel for 2 wins, but Alonso to take the rest.

    Happy? :D :D :D :D :D heh

  282. Gravelrash says:

    Mark webber as he has a good chance as 2010 for the championship and this time he won,t choke….

  283. Bob Hill says:

    I tip Sebastian Vettel to be the first driver to win two races in 2012, even if he has to wait while a “seventh” driver wins in Canada, etc :-)

  284. MattNZ says:

    Michael Schumacher to win in Canada and then back it up at the European Grandprix.

    Haha I can dream.

  285. Dave B says:


  286. lockster says:

    Schumacher to win in Canada and Vettel to be the first 2 time winner…

  287. atomic says:

    rolled a dice and the result was 1. so it’s Jenson. The universal laws of pure luck have spoken

  288. Joe B says:

    I’m going for Webber to do it at Silverstone, with Hamilton winning Canada.

    (Not checked the calendar – if Valencia falls between those two then I’m saying Alonso)

  289. Luke Potter says:

    I’ll go for Nico Rosberg.

  290. Frances says:

    It will be Fernando Alonso

  291. Adrian W says:

    Romain Grosjean.

  292. Marijn says:

    I got a feeling it’ll be Alonso.

  293. Dave Aston says:

    Michael Schumacher.

  294. Manu Francis says:

    Nico Rosberg…..That mercedes was looking seriously good in monaco & they already have a good pace in qualifying with DDRS….its him or alonso.

  295. Wade Parmino says:

    Fernando Alonso.

  296. John Page says:

    Nico Rosberg.

  297. Wade Parmino says:

    James, you didn’t say who you think will be the first double-winner? Or did I miss it?

    1. James Allen says:

      Either Rosberg in Canada or Vettel in Valencia

  298. chrisearnie says:

    Nico Rosberg

  299. Agrajag says:


  300. Nathan says:

    Mark Webber Euro GP.

  301. Toby L says:

    Sebastian Vettel.

  302. Snowy says:

    Mark Webber – doing better than his teammate this year.
    But a seventh different winner first I think.

  303. David says:

    Button. Just because it could be anyone and no one would expect it to be him and as this season is so unexpected its a possibility

  304. Euan Taylor says:

    Was gonna say hamilton but lots of people are saying him so i’ll go with Vettel who I think has a good chance of winning at Silverstione.

  305. mjsib says:

    Fernando Alonso. Ferrari finally appear to be getting the car right as well as their pit stops

  306. Cova says:

    Dunno why everybody underestimates red bull and vettel this year.

    Vettel seems the driver with the most frustrating position after last year’s domination. Also he imho is the driver who has the fastest learning curve. He hates losing and hates making the same mistakes.

    I’m gonna go with Seb

  307. Jose Echandi says:

    The way it is going the pilot that should duplicate first must be Pastor Maldonado

  308. sam w says:


  309. Leigh Barratt says:

    Sebastian Vettel 100%.

    He has been scoring consistently and seems (with Alonso) more intelligent with tyres.

  310. Paul says:

    Webber for me….

  311. DM says:

    Nico Rosberg, at Montreal.

  312. Denise says:


  313. Max Nalborczyk says:

    Kimi to win in Montreal to be the 7th winner in 7, Webber becoming the second two-time race winner at Silverstone.

  314. Jugraj says:

    Vettel wins in Canada and becomes the first multiple winner of 2012.

  315. 5600k says:

    Im going to go ahead and say Ferrari will step up their game and Fernando Alonso is going to be the first second winner of 2012.

  316. ArJay says:

    Schumacher will legitimately win in Canada…
    Unfortunately, Anonymous will hack into the F1 data system and subtract 10kg from his car’s finishing weight resulting in disqualification and ceding the win to…

  317. NIck says:

    Nico Rosberg

  318. Kenny says:


  319. Jeremy says:

    I hope it will be Mark Webber :)

  320. Victor says:

    I’ll go for Sebastian Vettel as the first to win twice this year. I’ll spare though the Canadian GP for a 7th winner in as many races under the name of Michael Schumacher, he thoroughly deserves it.

  321. JamtriX says:

    ALONSO!!! first double winner!! I hope MSC will win in Canada!:D

  322. Simmo says:

    Alonso. They’re looking very competitive and in with a good chance.

  323. Rudy says:

    Got to be Fernando Alonso in Montreal.

  324. paxdog says:

    No real reason other than a wild guess, Nico Rosberg

  325. Tejas says:


  326. Dougel says:

    Stefano Domenicali said after Monaco that Ferrari need to turn their attention to qualifying. Could this mean Ferrari have a Mercedes style DRS F-Duct coming for Montreal (I have read Ferrari are developing such a system)?

    If this is the case, I think Alonso is a good bet for the first double winner.

  327. HFEVO2 says:

    My bet is on a McLaren driver.

    Obviously Jenson has the better chance statistically but he is struggling to set up the car at the moment so there is some doubt.

    So it could well be Lewis but it might need to be two in a row after Michael Schumacher wins in Canada.

  328. JoshMelb says:


  329. Richard D says:

    Nico Rosberg

  330. dan m says:


  331. J. S. says:

    I think it might be Rosberg as Canada might suit MGP’s car.

  332. Stgeorge says:

    With the form he has displayed so far this year and with an ever improving car, I’d have to say Alonso.

  333. Charalampos says:

    Well I do like predictions so…

    For Canada we have:

    Rosberg on Pole 70% Schumi 30%
    Winner Schumi 75% Rosberg 20% Rest:5

    Europe pole is

    Hamilton 80% Rest:20%

    This makes Hamilton the most possible winner, as it is not easy to pass there.

    So for the winner

    Ham 65% and no idea who could be behind him. Rest: 35%

    Then comes silverstone.

    Pole Hamilton 80% Rest:20

    Winner Hamilton 40% Raikonnen 20% Maldonado 10%
    Perez 10% Alonso 10% Massa (heh mean joke) Rest 10%

    This gives us something like the panel below:

    Second time winner

    Hamilton 21,4%
    Rosberg 20%
    Alonso 8%
    Maldo 8%
    Vettel <4%
    Webber <3%
    Button <3%

    Which gives as a 67,4 2 times winner until Europe.

    After Europe there is Germany. Now I have no idea about Germany at the moment, so I will assume that the rest 32.6% is divided between Hamilton, Vettel, Rosberg, Schumacher,Alonso, Webber, button and Maldonado, with Webber, button and Maldonado taking less from the pie. Raikonnen would also take a small part of the pie, assuming he wins somewhere else already. This should give us something like the final panel:

    Hamilton 26%
    Rosberg 25%
    Alonso 14%
    Maldo 10%
    Vettel <9%
    Webber <6%
    Button <6%
    Raik <4%

  334. Rich C says:


  335. Mike says:

    Felipe Massa wins 2 GPs before anyone else this year. Just daring to be different…very different.

  336. Paul du Maitre says:

    Alonso. In addition to Ferrari putting the strategy together this year, he’s also habing a bit of the luck that’s been elusive in his Ferrari years, and everybody knows that luck counts as well!

  337. PaoloC says:

    Rosberg in Montreal

  338. Andy says:

    With such long straights in Montreal; good traction and a great DRS on that Mercedes car, I’m putting my money on Rosberg.

  339. Mattij says:


  340. Gavin28 says:


  341. Vinod says:


  342. Priya says:


  343. Geenimetsuri says:

    Pastor Maldonado.

    Might be the big surprise this season.

  344. Jason says:

    Rosberg is probably the best bet for the kind of races we have coming up.

  345. MANish says:


  346. Walter says:

    I will be at Montreal and thinking Iceman breaks through. Then we go back to semi normal and Alonso balances it all out to win his second. Or maybe Pirelli gives one or two of their super fast high quality tires that the rest dont get i.e. William or Sauber and sit back and enjoy the spectacle they now control. LOL. Maybe Delarosa this time? Pirelli did say they wanted to improve the show.

  347. Robert Gunning says:

    Fernando Alonso

  348. Matthew says:

    Nico Rosberg

  349. DB says:


    And, if I’m right, no random pick will be necessary. ¦¬)

  350. Mandy says:

    Schumacher in Montreal, then Vettel as the first two time winner in Valencia.

  351. Tom Weaver says:

    I’ll go with Vettel in Valencia. I have a feeling Schumi is going to do it this weekend. Lucky no. 7.

  352. Toby S. says:

    Webber this Sunday in Montreal. He’ll come from 3rd on the grid to win.

  353. Hendo says:

    Button for me.

  354. Eduan says:

    Against all odds I say Schumacher for the win in Canada and a second win in Valencia.

  355. jawsf1 says:

    Ill go with Lewis Hamilton, he had back to backs in 07,08 and think he’s heading for similar consistancy So wouldn’t suprise me if he won next two races in a row!

  356. James M says:

    Aussie Mark [Webber], all the way, he’ll win with confidence, the key for his performance.

  357. Tim says:

    James –

    do you think Schumacher’s pole in Monaco could him that extra confidence to win in Canada – a track that should suit the Mercedes and a track where he has been very successful? I do note that Schumacher has not necessarily been a confidence driver in the past, but maybe confidence is exactly what he needs given his somewhat difficult comeback so far…?

  358. Joshua Convery says:

    Webber to make it 2 in a row for mine

  359. Niall says:

    Fernando Alonso

  360. esekadipisha says:

    I´ve no doubt: Fernando Alonso will be the one…!!!

  361. Polestar31 says:

    Nico Rosberg. He usually performs well in Montreal. Of course, the Pirelli lottery decides the final winner…

  362. Charlie B says:

    Nico Rosberg will be the first double winner this season.

  363. Adam says:

    Webbski for me! not this week though, I think MS will win. Valencia looks good.

  364. JohnO says:


    Quali –
    1st Rosberg
    2nd Schumacher
    3rd Alonso

    Race –
    1st Schumacher
    2nd Alonso
    3rd Button

  365. Thebe says:

    Michael Schumacher : I suspect he is finaly coming to grips with that Mercedes & possibly the tyres as well. He was on pole in Monaco and his pace in the race was not too bad.

    I think he has a fair chance of being the 7th Winner, I suspect he has the Team’s support in making that possible.

    Hopefully he has turned a corner .

  366. Petra says:

    The first driver, who will win a second race in 2012 will be Mark Webber, with a win in Canada this weekend. :-)

  367. Estophile says:

    Kimi Räikkönen

  368. Mark Taylor says:

    Nico Rosberg

  369. Adrian says:

    Most defiantly Sebastian vettel! :)

  370. Jed says:

    Unfortunately it might be Vettel. If he wins, at least I will be happy to have a chance of winning some gadgets :)

  371. BawnGP says:

    ill say it 7 times
    Michael (7 letters)
    Will be the 7th winner this season
    7th win at Canada for him
    i lost 3 fingers in an accident (7 left)
    but MSC will take this for sure

  372. Kidza says:

    Honestly, it could be anyone. Thanks to the tyres we don’t even know who is going to be quick in Canada. Nobody saw Red Bull winning Monaco after Barcelona, nobody saw Schumi getting pole either.

    Based on performance in Barcelona though, I’d say that if Mclaren can get over their race pace (tyre) and pitstop issues, Hamilton should be strong once we get back to proper circuits from Silverstone onwards. As Valencia is also a high downforce high speed track, you’d think who ever does well there will be in good shape for the rest of the season as has been the case in all previous years where the winning team in Valencia have always gone on to win the constructor’s championship and the driver’s championship as well save for 2008.

    Unfortunately, the tyres will dominate every race this season, so you can’t use the past to predict anything. Every race will be unpredictable right down to Inter Lagos. I just hope we get a championship fight somewhere along the way!

  373. Roberto F says:

    I believe it will be Vettel in Valencia. Canada I hope goes to Michael or Raikkonen, both wich deserve the win. But the first 2 time winner this year is going to be VETTEL.

  374. Briggy says:

    I’m going to go with Vettel. Not a fan of his, but I think there’ll be at least one more race where the Red Bull goes well and Seb does a race like so many from last season – gets pole, then follows it up with an easy win.

  375. Ryan says:

    Mark Webber, and for the WDC too.

  376. John Snow says:

    Vettel. He’ll win in Valencia I think

  377. April Jackson says:

    Its got to be Vettel, Red Bull are slowly rising back to the top

  378. Jimmy E says:

    Nico Rosberg, with the form and car for Montréal.

  379. David says:

    Alonso , its a season made for him where all drivers get a chance and the winner is the one who grabs the opportunities.

  380. Paul J says:


    with one win already and his consistency so far this season, he must be the favouriteto get a second win.I think it will be a mistake from another team rather than an outright pace victory though.

  381. anthony says:

    well since this is a competition ill have to say schumi please :-)

  382. Alastair says:


    There will be 7 winners in 7 races then webber to take silverstone.

  383. Gleb K. says:

    Fernando Alonso

  384. daniel mawby says:

    The 1st 2 times winner: My heart wants it to be Frank’s Boy Maldonado or Jenson or Webber (in that order) but my head says it will be Alonso.

    Which race is another interesting one – I’d say Michael or Lewis in Canada and then Alonso in Valencia.

  385. KM says:

    Heikki Kovalainen.


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