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Posted By: Matt Meadows  |  19 Jun 2012   |  6:58 pm GMT  |  2 comments

Caterham Group, the parent company of Caterham Cars and Caterham F1 Team have appointed Graham Macdonald as their new CEO of Caterham Cars. The appointment sees Macdonald move from his position as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Cars department following the departure of former CEO Ansar Ali by mutual consent.

Macdonald and Ali have worked together through the rebuilding of the Caterham Group, making Caterham Cars a prominent part of the group following a management buy-out in 2005. During his time Ali was able to rejuvenate the historic spirit of innovation within the group and bring back the legendary Seven range. He has also provided long-term stability for Caterham Cars and been a leading figure in bringing race car innovation and performance accessible to everyone.

“I want to take this chance to thank Ansar for everything he has done for the Caterham brand over many years. Without his leadership Caterham Cars would not be the world renowned, profitable business it is today and we would almost certainly not be working under the Caterham name if he had not initiated the discussions with us that led to the enviable position Caterham finds itself in today.” Said Caterham Group Chairman Tony Fernandes.

The change in leadership to Macdonald comes after Ali decided to pursue new challenges and Fernandes has welcomed the transition. “Now we move on to the next phase of the expansion of Caterham Group and Caterham Cars. Graham is the perfect person to take over and lead the company and his experience and dedication will help us make a smooth transition into the next chapter of the Caterham Cars story.” Finished Fernandes.

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  1. David S says:

    For one surreal moment there i imagined Danny Bahar being appointed along with plans for 26 new models, a new V6 Hybrid supercharged twin-turbo and a restyled badge in the shape of a prancing rabbit !!! Ha Ha…

    Would like to think that there is still a chance of a Lotus rescue by Fernandes and a sympathetic new buyer for them. Tragic. Merger with Caterham??

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