F1 Summer Break 2015
The JA on F1 Podcast. Episode 1
Darren Heath
Posted By: James Allen  |  01 Mar 2012   |  12:39 am GMT  |  147 comments

Here is something I really hope you enjoy: it’s the first JA on F1 podcast.

This is a new content strand for us and we’re really excited about it; at the end of every month we will produce a new podcast with input from the big names in the sport as well as from names you don’t get to hear so often. We aim to give F1 fans a rounded insight into the sport, bringing them closer to the sport and taking into the audio arena what we’ve been doing for years in text. Thanks to our partners at UBS for making this possible.

You can listen to it here or download it. It is also available to download on ITunes by searching for James Allen on F1. If you like it please rate it on ITunes. That will help a lot!

Please also leave us your comments below.

No player? Download the podcast directly.

Running order for Episode 1: February

0.00 Introduction
1.34 Mercedes GP boss Ross Brawn: On the 2012 car, when he will stop racing, whether Schumacher has still got “it”, Race Strategy this season and the “Tragedy” of the FOTA split
10.31 Zak Brown, CEO of F1 sponsorship specialists JMI: on the F1 business climate in 2012, the impact of the Euro crisis on F1, why there are few new sponsors on the new cars
17.36 Celebrated F1 photographer Darren Heath: On the art of taking a perfect high speed shot
26.05 Red Bull driver Mark Webber: On why he had a tough year in 2011 and how he can beat team mate Vettel in 2012
34.34 Wrap up

Duration 34.59

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  1. Davexxx says:

    This is GREAT!!
    I loved to listen to it, simply on my PC (I don’t have any other modern gismo’s, don’t even know what a Pod is!). Great to listen to the ‘actual voices’ as a change to reading your articles – which are great enough!

    1. Grayzee (Australia) says:

      Yep, I’ll second that!

  2. dirtyscarab says:

    Great addition to what is becoming a top go-to site for analysis. Thanks.

  3. dansus says:

    Great, can you publish the RSS feed so we can subscribe to the podcast. Remember not everyone uses iTunes, thanks.

    1. Braumin says:

      I second this – not everyone uses iTunes, but we still want to subscribe! RSS works for everyone!

  4. Jay B says:


    Thanks James. I hope this is the first of many!

  5. Nil says:

    Fantastic! I know what I will be listening to on my drive to work tomorrow. :)

    The iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/james-allen-on-f1/id505314984?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

  6. Dean says:

    Hi, is there any chance of an RSS feed for the show, for those of us without itunes?


  7. Luis Martinez says:

    This was absolutely great!

  8. horsepower says:

    Non iTunes users:
    Add http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/5256263-jamesallenonf1/tracks to your favourite podcatcher/podcast client. I don’t thinks there’s podcast only feed.

  9. Bayan says:

    I like when Webber gives interviews. He gives it to you the way he sees it which is rare these days.

    Very Enjoyable podcast James. Great listen while I’m working. Looking forward to the next one.

  10. Ali says:

    Also available on android market under James Allen on F1- for mobile browsers :)

    James any info on how often you’ll be doing these?

  11. Jack says:

    I was very pleased to see this.

    These days I prefer podcasts to reading articles. It’s more convenient to sync the iPod and listen to it on the go or when I get a minute to relax. As I don’t have a tablet or laptop, I have to sit at the desk to read blogs etc. and after a long day working the last thing on the agenda is to keep sitting at the desk and reading.

    Most decent F1 podcasts don’t last long, or go quiet in the off-season. As a result, the realm of F1 podcasts right now is an empty void.

    A JAF1 podcast is just the ticket. Thanks!

  12. LAH says:

    at long last…

  13. Vinay says:

    This is a great addition James! Congratulations and wish you the very best!

  14. LAH says:

    don’t keep me waiting!

  15. Glenn says:

    Absolutely superb James. The only problem is running a podcast of this calibre only monthly – clearly it needs to be weekly. :-)

    1. phil says:

      Very much agree with this, or at least after each race in the season, don’t think it will be a must listen otherwise.

  16. Mojo says:

    Here’s the link to iTunes:

    James, maybe you can retro-fit it into your piece?

  17. tim clarke says:

    vuuurrry enjoyable James. we don’t call it Formula 1 in Canada. we call it “car go fast, eh?”. you haven’t seen fast though ’til you’ve slid down a mountain on the back of a frozen beaver. i want to know why F1 doesn’t have loop-de-loops like HotWheels?

  18. Aussie Rod says:

    Nice one James and a very interesting line-up for episode 1. Downloading now…

  19. Greg Aussie says:

    James nailed it. What a fantastic piece looking forward to the next one.
    Go Mark

    1. Grayzee (Australia) says:

      i’ll second that, too!

  20. Aden says:

    The Darren Heath photos on display in London were fantastic. All the more so for *not* being high speed. i.e. Using lower shutter speeds to capture the essence of speed in the blur of colours surrounding an in-focus car. Looked so good printed in large format, and I recognised a few from your blog. I look forward to listening to this tomorrow when my girlfriend isn’t asleep next to me! Keep up the fantastic work, both to you and Darren. :-)

  21. Awesome way to expand, James. Congrats!

  22. VR says:

    Awesome! Keep it up. Would love to see more like this.

  23. James Addison says:

    This podcast is great. It would be really great if you could also provide an Ogg Vorbis version of the podcast. Vorbis has better sound quality than MP3 (or the same quality with a smaller file size) and has the added advantage of being able to be played back natively in Firefox and Opera with no additional software.

    Perhaps ask SoundCloud what their plans are for native Vorbis playback in Firefox. I think they said at the start of this year that they were looking to add Vorbis playback “in the coming months.” Maybe you could give them a hurry along.

    1. James Allen says:

      Thanks for the feedback

    2. olivier says:

      Soundcloud would be awesome! They offer you the opportunity to comment in the stream. It adds a social dimension to the podcast. After a while you’ll notice the hot sections of the interview! :)

      1. TobyS says:

        I realise that different browsers may show different things, but my browser (linux firefox) shows it in soundcloud.

        Overall I liked the podcast, but there were some strange sounds in the Ross Brawn interview (leather seats?) and it’d have been great to have had a link to the picture that Darren was describing (Singapore). I think I found it, but by the time I found it you’d moved on.

        Great new feature though, so a big thumbs up!

  24. Jon W says:

    Very good James. Good content, good guests and good production values (unlike some others I might mention) – subscribed!

  25. Wu says:

    Good stuff there, well done.

    Kind of a shame the web player hasn’t got a time for where you’re trying to click, so you’re kind of going blind to skip to the parts you want to hear, but content wise, I haven’t got a single complaint.

  26. Wu says:

    Hmmm more contructive feedback;

    The tune that comes in while people are still talking is a bit loud, perhaps a fade in? You know, getting louder only when the interview is really over. I was straining to hear the end of Brawn’s interview as a result of that tune.

    Also the colours of the clock and background are the same, meaning you can’t see it very well at the start. Minor complaint sure, but simply changing the clock’s colour to white would fix it well. Love the Orange/Black combo so I wouldn’t want that changed.

    1. Rich says:

      Firstly, I’d just like to add my compliments to James on a great podcast!

      I agree with you on the music fade-in, Wu.

      My grandfather (98 years old) is an avid F1 fan, and he likes to follow all of the pre/post-race analysis just as much as the rest of us. One thing he always complains about though, with TV and radio in general, is that he can’t make out what people are saying whenever there’s background music playing.

      @James: Is there a chance you could get your producers to lower the volume until after the person’s finished speaking?

      1. James Allen says:

        We’re adjusting levels, thanks

  27. Francesca says:

    This is really great! I’m defiantly going to subscribe to this!

  28. Husker says:

    What a great addition to your site, Love it! Will the podcasts eventually be available on iTunes? Say yes!

    1. Husker says:

      found it. heh

    2. James Allen says:

      Available now on ITunes

  29. JohnBt says:

    Thank you so much James!

  30. Tom Webb says:

    Wow, what a line-up of guests you’ve compiled James! I look forward to listening to this podcast tomorrow on my jog.

  31. SK Anand says:

    Good move James.

    Probably, with space on the server as the only concern, it will be good idea to probably post an audio file instead of a normal blog each day.

    But good move nevertheless.

  32. veeru says:

    the quality is awesome…i was disappointed it was not video podcast, but once i started listening it…it really didn’t matter..

    great work james

  33. Pete says:

    Good stuff. Will this be in addition to The Chequered Flag?

    1. James Allen says:

      Yes, Chequered Flag will come out on race weekends from the track with all the latest news and interviews. Looking forward to being part of it

  34. franed says:

    Excellent stuff James.
    We look forward to the main event on R5Live. You have already set the standard high before starting!

  35. David says:

    [mod] I am still extremely bitter about the whole move to Sky, which i think is very poorly judged. I always used to support F1 and defend it against criticism, but no longer. I am certainly not going to follow it on line if i can’t watch the races!

    I now see it for what it is – an over paid, over exposed “sport” which is run purely on business grounds and has little relevance to the real world. As far as I can see, it will have even less after 2014.

    1. Rob Newman says:

      @David, you are not alone in this. But the world is changing and we have to embrace new technology. There is nothing we can do about the Sky deal. We have to move on. At least you can still listen to F1 on BBC Five Live and watch all the races (some of them live) on BBC.

    2. Kevin Green says:

      Get with it you gibbering wreck! its a huge step forward (despite annoying we have to pay) its a channel dedicated to F1 which will clearly be more insight into the staff who they are where they come from I’e key drivers and staff (owners drivers top Newey’s etc) so we are likely to get a look into there personal lifes to extent cars they drive cribs likes dislikes etc views on season and where things are going etc etc etc

      The whole F1 access is going to be massive through this and if anything will lure more people to the sport through chance ie channel browsing as remember for now (prob only 2-3yrs the channel is free to watch with sky (hence the clever luring idea by sky to sky) but when you sit and think about it the whole experience should be so much better!

      oh by the way i was quite negative when the whole selling out rumours started and when the deal was done, But then when the promo trailers came out it became clear where it was all heading, And hey you will have loads more channels to watch now anyway for free depending on how you look at it! :)

  36. David R says:

    Great idea James. Listening now! I missed the fact that you were on soundcloud, but I’m now following there. Cheers!

  37. Nigel F says:

    Good one James. I shall look forward to this.

  38. Mahmood from Nigeria says:

    Are you gonna upload your podcast service to iTunes :D

  39. Mahmood from Nigeria says:

    Oops didn’t see the link. I feel so silly xD

  40. KiwiF1Fan says:

    Excellent podcast!!! Looking forward to more of the same each month now. Great site too. Thanks for both.

  41. andy-sharratt says:

    great stuff Allen. enjoyed the podcast. nice time length, and format. Keep up the good work. all the best for the 2012 season.

  42. Josef says:

    Excellent new content! I don’t know of any other English-language F1 site that comes anywhere near the depth and quality of this one. Bring on the 2012 season!

  43. Tony says:

    Love your podcast, but would like an RSS link as I dont use iTunes.

    1. James Allen says:

      We’re on it. Thanks

  44. Doss says:

    Good to hear F1 Peoples voices when it comes to answering tricky questions like Redbulls letter box air intake

  45. Mark says:

    Great listen, look forward to hearing more!

  46. Jenny says:

    I love podcasts, I’ll be subscribing as soon as I get home. Cheers James!

  47. RuselDeggs says:

    Hi James. Great great blog you have here. Can’t believe I didn’t find it eariler. Bookmarked it and will start to listen to the podcast right now. Excelent job!

  48. Stephen Kellett says:

    Strange. Player loaded, but refused to play. So I downloaded. Thanks.

    Browser: Chrome.
    OS: Windows 7.

    (and nothing about NASCAR)

  49. Rob Newman says:

    This is fantastic James. I am subscribing to it in iTunes now. Keep up the good work!

  50. Tom in adelaide says:

    Really, this is brilliant. I’m on the couch playing it on my iPad….. Technology is amazing.

    Great work James, this is fantastic content.

    1. James Allen says:

      Thanks, glad you like it.

  51. S Quilter says:

    Great podcast, thanks James!
    Will be subscribing on iTunes to this “for sure”!

  52. Phil says:

    If you look at the podcast details in iTunes you can get the RSS Feed link which is:

    1. dansus says:

      Thanks, was hoping someone would extract it.

  53. Giles says:

    Really enjoyed the interviews with Zak and Darren.

  54. Luca says:

    Great job, James. Just as good as I thought it would be. Hope it will continue to be available without iTunes too.

  55. stephen sutton says:

    really enjoyed it. How often will they be

    1. James Allen says:

      End of every month. Target is last Weds of each month

  56. Richard A says:

    I can’t wait for the season to start and really looking forward to more podcasts

    Thanks James!

    Just when you think JAonF1 couldn’t get any better…

  57. Galapago555 says:

    Fantastic stuff, James.

    Maybe you could consider the idea of announcing your guests to the monthly podcast in advance here, and giving the fans the chance to propose questions. Then you could chose the most interesting ones -or some at random- so you could ask them to that “big names”.

  58. Edouard Valentine says:

    Bravissimo James
    Great interviews with Zak Brown and Darren Heath. This is exactly the type of angle that TV broadcasters rarely offer the viewer (I speak in terms of UK an Irish broadcasters).

    Grazie mille James

  59. Toby Deveson says:

    Great to hear this, incredibly interesting.

    Especially hearing Darren talk with the hubub of his exhibition in the background…I am also a photographer and have an exhibition coming up at the end of May. Hearing that made me slightly nervous…

    James if you are interested in photography I’d love you to come along to the PV. If you have an email address I can use I will send you an invitation.

    Thanks once again for making this site what it is and good luck on the season ahead.

  60. Stephen Kellett says:

    Very nice James.

    Some feedback:
    1) Not sure you need to “big yourself up” quite so much in the promo sections. Anyone interested in what you are doing will find you very easily and quickly on the net.

    But more importantly:

    2) You used a professional audio production company for this. More attention needs to be paid to the levels. You are very loud in places and yet the people you are interviewing are often quiet or very quiet (Ross Brawn in particular). That makes for rather awkward and uncomfortable listening – I’m very glad I didn’t listen to this using in ear headphones.

    I’m surprised at this because I’d expect the production company to have sorted this out. Plenty of free and pro tools to do this.

    I hope you take these criticisms in the positive manner they are offered.

    Look forward to the next one.

    1. James Allen says:

      Thanks, the initial lines were for people finding it who aren’t familiar with JA on F1 or my background. It was for the first one only.

      2) Noted

      1. Dren says:


        Great show. I like the breakdown you give with what is talked about and what time it takes place.

        The mix doesn’t sound nearly as bad as was stated above. Ross has a soft and low voice. I am guessing his level is actually louder than it sounds.

  61. Jamie says:

    Great stuff James!!!
    Can’t wait to hear you commentating again!

  62. Hutch says:

    Two of my favourite things combined!; podcasts and JA on F1. Brilliant!!

  63. Sam Aparicio says:

    James, this is an amazing piece of content, keep up the good work and thanks to your sponsor UBS for keeping it free!

  64. FVH says:

    Great stuff!!! Thanks James

  65. Bayan says:

    Wow. Another big hit with F1 fans James. You are on fire!! Really looking forward to the season and all your content.

  66. Kishan says:

    Great pod.

    Very different from every other pod as you get an insight
    Into f1 as opposed to personal critique. I would prob say it is more like the pre race tv sections on the f1 world.

    Will rate you too on iTunes.

    Keep it up James you seem to have got better with age.

  67. James D says:

    Are you going to be doing the 5Live Formula One podcast as well?

    1. James Allen says:

      Yes. That is from the race track every GP. This one is monthly and more reflective

  68. Vinoo says:

    Fantastic new feature for what is already my favorite F1 site..

  69. Carlos Del Valle says:

    That’s very nice James, I’m a great fan of podcasting, it was a double joy, as:
    - I got to hear a podcast from JAF1, probably the benchmark blog about F1
    - it strengthens podcasting as a whole, and I have enourmous faith in it. As a matter of fact I started a podcast last week in my home language, and the fact that James is supporting the format (albeit in a much much more professional way) works as a big motivation!

  70. Justin LeBlanc says:

    I love the new podcast! Audio quality is great(unlike other F1 podcasts/shows), for you to offer this free of charge is great. It shows you understand the biz and your fans. Cheers UBS!

  71. Dougel says:

    Top notch

  72. Brad says:

    Brilliant James, well done. Listened to itin the office on my pc, can’t wait for the next one!

    A different and very worthwhile way to get more f1 !!

    Top class!

  73. charlie says:

    James, this is top quality, absolutely made my morning commute. Really looking forward to hearing them throughout the year.

    Keep up the good work!

    Will 5 live be covering all of the races?

    1. James Allen says:

      Yes all races live

  74. Steve McGill says:

    Download to my iPhone, play in the car! Brilliant James. I’d love to have all your articles read out end put into the a podcast monthly/weekly aswell, even if they date incorrectly.

  75. Tom D says:

    Loved it. Volume levels caught me out a few times, but content was top notch. Looking forward to the next one already!

  76. Adelaide says:

    It’s great! Can’t wait for the in-season episodes… ;)

  77. Olla says:

    Great podcast James. Better than anything else out there. Fantastic to put a voice and (very nice) personality to Darren Heath – he seems like a very grateful and humble individual. As always Ross Brawn was honest, concise and informative. Would love more interviews with the people behind the scenes on the commercial side. I am a soon to be graduate hoping to get into the business side of F1 at some point. Zak is someone to try and emulate for sure. Thanks again.

  78. Greg says:

    Absolutely loved the show, Mr. Allen. Looking forward to many more!

    Something I’m hoping you can ask a technically-minded guest sometime: has any team ever tried golf-ball texturing to reduce drag? Is it even allowed?

    I’ve wanted to know this for years!

    1. James Allen says:

      Great question! Will put it to an aero expert soon

    2. Paul says:

      That is a cool question. I wonder how much of that texturing is only effective because the ball is spinning? If so, it would clearly be an advantage for some drivers over others.

    3. Greg says:

      The idea hit me a long time ago, but I was recently reminded about it by an episode of “Mythbusters” where they put a golf-ball texture on a family saloon (as you’d call it ;) ) and it was actually proven to be more aerodynamically efficient, even at that scale.

  79. radohc says:

    you made my day James, first time I enjoyed vacuum cleaning at home – with wireless headphones listening to you podcast :D

    1. radohc says:

      by the way my wife will not be happy it will take another month to next podcast / vacuum cleaning :)

  80. Jonathan says:

    Have only listened to half of the first podcast and know this is going to be great going into the future. The Chequered Flag podcast is obsessed with dull post race interviews with drivers and team bosses all determined to cause no offence and hence revealing next to nothing. The Flying Lap is brilliant but probably works better as a TV show rather than a podcast. This is going to fill a gap- offering intelligent insight which is not overly focused on the immediate post race analysis. Many thanks for your work JA. 

  81. Rudy Pyatt says:


    Thanks, James, for an EPIC job, as always!

  82. Daniel says:

    James – Fantastic. Listened on the way home from work in Denver, CO. Congratulations!

  83. Grayzee (Australia) says:

    Well, there may already be 107 posts on this thread(we are hours behind you in OZ)but I want to put my 2 cents worth in, anyway.
    In a word, this podcast idea is simply “BRILLIANT”!
    It was so refreshing to he the voices of those involved. Ross Brawn comes across as very intellingent and articulate, and our own Mark Webber, as ever, just tells it like it is. No BS!
    Thankyou very much Mr Allen for this service!
    Can’t wait for the next one.

  84. JB says:

    James you are one of the best in my book. I like your style.

  85. Joe S says:

    Just listened to the podcast and you’ve undoubtedly raised the bar in F1 podcasting! Well done.

  86. Rated and reviewed on iTunes. (I think I was the first for both actually). Very enjoyable – thanks James.

  87. Steve Nicholls says:

    Great 1st podcast James, really enjoyed it, looking forward to many more of these!

    As a Jenson fan, having enjoyed hearing his recent statement that he doesn’t want to see a 7th world champion among the active drivers by the end of the season and now having heard Mark Webber sounding really fired up for 2012, i’m actually really struggling not to give in to the feeling that i’d really like to behind Mark for this years title.

    What a great story that would be, in the same vein as Jensons WDC coming after such a long career of hard work and determination!

    I’m going to have to split my support, I think, and hope that they both end up being the major contenders and give each other a close fight to the finish!

    If either driver were to bag it this year and finish ahead of such unbelievable talent it’d be a enormous achievement!

  88. DC Corey says:


    Listend to this in the gym this morning. Great podcast. Looking forward to the next one. You really do set the bar for F1 coverage.

    Any chance you might do a preview podcast before each race? Granted your schedule must be insane, but I enjoy reading your pre-race analysis and I’m sure listening to some analysis and interviews before a race would be fantastic.


    1. James Allen says:

      No, stuff around the races we’ll do with BBC Radio 5 Live. This will remain, for now, a reflective monthly piece.

  89. jls says:

    fantastic stuff James,

  90. David Needham says:

    Great Podcast James, the production values are really great. I’ll be downloading the next one “for sure”. I’ve been saying for a while that there is a huge gap in the market for regular F1 programmes/podcasts/radio shows.

    Peter Windsor’s Flying Lap is great but the production can make it frustrating to watch. It’s not Peter’s fault but they are obviously on a tight budget and are pushing the limits of current technology.

    With Sky having their new Friday night programme we will have an embarassment of riches regarding F1 media – at last!

    Keep up the great work and hopefully see you at an F1 Fans Forum event in the UK.

  91. Great stuff James, definitely adding this to my list of must listen F1 podcasts.

    1. Jaled Larbi says:

      Could you let us know, what other F1 podcasts make up your list please?
      Thank you

      1. There’s the 5 live chequered flag podcast, the Lotus (now Caterham) podcast, the excellent Flying Lap with Peter Windsor video podcast and “another f1 podcast.” I tried “sidepodcast” but didn’t like the presenters, the Red Bull podcast spent too long talking to their young drivers and not enough time talking to the F1 team so I stopped listening to that.

      2. Jaled Larbi says:

        Thank you very much!
        Much appreciated

  92. Stephen Johnson says:

    James, thank-you so much for this. Much like most other people here, I can’t get enough of this sport, so this is much appreciated.

    Cheers from Canada.

  93. Derek Lorimer says:


    This Podcast sets the standard for F1 podcast. Very professional and entertaining. I look forward to the next one

  94. Gabe says:

    This was excellent! I m looking forward to the next one already

  95. Jaled Larbi says:

    Great addition to you excellent work!
    Thank you James

  96. dan b says:

    This is great, but please more than once a month, its just not enough James

  97. Mika Rizinger says:

    Great podcast James and whilst we all realise you’re a busy guy, you need to release a podcast at least once a week or at worst, once after every race.

    You’re a legent, I love your work and refuse to listen to anyone else when it comes to Formula 1 news.

    Truly, I really do love your work and efforts to bringing fans so much closer to the news going around the paddock!

    1. James Allen says:

      Thanks. We’ll be doing a regular Chequered Flag podcast with BBC Radio 5 live which you can get on ITunes or the 5 Live site.

      The JA on F1 podcast will be 30 mins, available on the last Wednesday of each month.

  98. John Osborne says:

    Hi James,

    This podcast was superb. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

    Do you have any links to the photographes that were being talked about? I would love to see these pictures.

    Best wishes for your new role on 5 Live.

  99. P1 says:

    Great stuff, very insightful material and fantastic to hear guys like Brawn or Webber talk in a relaxed atmosphere, away from the stress of a GP weekend. Must say though that I started to get worried about a weird noise in my car while listening to the Brawn interview until I realized it was Brawn’s squeaky chair!

    Just a thought: How about also releasing all pieces separately? That way one can play them in whatever order he/she wants. I for one listen to podcasts while driving, and I don’t find it that easy to be searching for minute 26, second 05 for the Webber interview while keeping my eyes on the road.

  100. tifosi down under says:

    James you champion, love your work son :)

  101. Paul says:

    Fantastic interview with RB, I swear I could listen to him talk about F1 for hours, TBH tho I found the question about how much he pocketed from the sale of BGP to be a very tabloid-y cheap shot & not in keeping with the tone/quality of the rest of your Qs.

  102. Pormestari says:

    Great! I was missing F1 podcasts made by journalists, few years ago we had more of them.

  103. Paul Kirk says:

    Thanks a million, that was great! I especially enjoyed Mark and Ross, and the Yank was quite interesting, too.

  104. Kevin says:

    yeah that was brilliant (but hasn’t there been a grand prix since? report would be good)

  105. jaled says:

    Hi James
    Could you tell us when is the next podcast coming?
    Thanks and keep up ur great work.

      1. Jaled Larbi says:

        Thanks James!


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