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New Caterham F1 car passes FIA crash tests
Posted By: Matt Meadows  |  18 Dec 2011   |  9:25 am GMT  |  6 comments

Caterham F1 Team have announced, via the team’s chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne, that next year’s car has successfully passed the FIA crash tests. The CT-01 has yet to be given an official launch date, but getting the all clear from these preliminaries will allow the team to tick another box and make advances heading into the new year.

It has been a busy week for the Hingham based squad following on from their official name change from Team Lotus to Caterham F1 Team on Tuesday. Gascoyne expressed his joy on Twitter. “Great week,” he said. “Renaming as Caterham F1 Team on Tuesday and today our first chassis, CT-01 passes all FIA homologation tests. Well done all.”

As Caterham have yet to announce when they will launch the CT-01, we also have no clear indication whether they will be taking part in the first pre-season test in Jerez which begins on Tuesday 7th February.

The team have opted to keep the same driver line-up as it was in their Team Lotus era, allowing the team to have stability heading into a crucial Winter.

The 2012 crash tests are more stringent and must be passed before the car can do the pre-season test in February. This was not the case in previous years and may lead one or two teams to start the testing season with a modified 2011 chassis.

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  1. goferet says:

    But with Tilkle-airport-runway kinda tracks filling up most of the calendar, am not sure crash tests are really that important in modern day F1 plus thanks to DRS crashes are next to impossible since drivers aren’t desperate like they used to be at the first bend.

    Say with Caterham having sorted out their crash test program, I guess this means all teams have done to, they’re just not saying.

    1. Mart says:

      The Webber/Kovalainen accident from last year should be evidence enough that crash tests are more than necessary. F1 isn’t going to be 100% safe just because *some* circuits are safer and drivers are less desperate *some* of the time.

      1. Kevin says:

        Absolutely! I couldn’t agree more. It’s a question of integrity for the sport and us as fans (who drive the sport in terms of supply meeting demand) that the drivers, as driven as they are by personal motivation, do not have their lives put in jeopardy for our entertainment. The specticle of this sport is its spectacular nature and that it demonstrates the extremes of human capability in the most positive light. The deaths of Dan wheldon and Marco simoncelli should serve as a lessions that we can never do too much to protect the competitors.

  2. verstappen says:

    There’s all kinds of rumours regarding Trulli’s contract. Would he be more of an asset during the developmentphase – while becoming a liability later on?
    So, Trulli testing and later they put Senna, Sutil or Petrov in the seat…

  3. vvipkho says:

    Congrat on Crash Test..


  4. Formule 1 says:

    They going make everything differently


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