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Win a Senna poster: Predict points gap between Button and Hamilton at season end
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Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Nov 2011   |  9:37 am GMT  |  180 comments

With two races to go in the 2011 F1 season and Jenson Button ahead of Lewis Hamilton by 38 points, we’re running a competition to predict what the final points position will be between the two McLaren team mates after the final race in Brazil.

Hamilton had the edge during the first two thirds of the season then Button got in front at the Belgian Grand Prix and since then his run of podiums and a win in Japan have eased him clear, while Hamilton has been involved in collisions and hasn’t hauled in the points.

Hamilton, who has never been beaten by a team mate in a championship before, this weekend dismissed team boss Martin Whitmarsh’s suggestion that Button’s form was unsettling him as “rubbish”. (see separate story below)

So can he claw back the gap? Or will Button extend it? There are a maximum 50 points on the table for the final two races. You get 18pts for second place in a Grand Prix and 15pts for third place.

Put your predictions in the comments section below:
1. The order they will finish in
2. The points gap between them

The competition closes at midnight UK time on 26th November. The first registered correct answer will win a full size official cinema poster of the Senna movie – not easy to come by. The movie is now out on DVD and Blu ray.

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Posted by:
  1. ben cosgrove says:


    2.42 POINTS

  2. Dan Smith says:

    Jenson ahead of Hamilton by 47 pts

  3. UncleZen says:

    1. JB then LH
    2. 26pts

  4. D Kadrinski says:

    JB then Hamilton by 25pts

  5. Button Hamilton
    12 points adrift

  6. Merlinghnd says:

    Jenson ahead of Lewis by 38 points

  7. Valentino 46 says:

    Button ahead by 38 point

  8. Neil Davies says:

    Button, Hamilton

    38 points gap.

  9. **Paul** says:

    1. JB ahead.
    2. 24 points.

  10. Alex Thom says:

    Jenson then Hamilton
    28 points behind

  11. Orhan Dinçer says:

    Jenson Button ahead of Lewis Hamilton by 40 pts

  12. Kim Noad says:


    46 points

  13. Rodolfo says:

    Jensen ahead by 38 points

  14. Kerek says:

    Jenson ahead of Lewis by 38 points.

  15. Joe Duffy says:

    JB then LH

    38 points…

  16. bigTclub says:

    jb by 44

  17. Muride says:

    40 points

  18. sam w says:

    Jenson beats Lewis by 32

  19. toby1kenobi says:

    1. Jenson then Lewis
    2. 30 points

  20. Robbiehooper says:

    Jenson leads Lewis by 32 points

  21. Timur Akhmadeev says:

    1. Button, Hamilton
    2. 34

  22. Dan Brown says:

    JB ahead of LH by 30 pts

    Hamilton closes the gap but Jenson has had a great year.

  23. Estophile says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton by 27 points.

  24. Raimonds says:

    JB by 45

  25. Michael T says:

    Jenson ahead by 29 points!

  26. Dave says:

    1. Jenson ahead of Lewis
    2. 33 points ahead

  27. DanielH says:

    Lewis ahead of Jenson by 12 points. (i.e. two wins for Lewis, two DNFs for Button!!!)

  28. wayne says:

    Hamilton ahead of Button by 2 points.

  29. DB says:

    1. Buton ahead
    2. 41 points

  30. Martin Fry says:

    1 JB ahead
    2 50 points

  31. Kenny says:

    JB ahead of Lewis by 27 pts

  32. Gerry says:

    Button ahead by 39 points

  33. Ron Colverson says:

    Jenson in front of Lewis by 49 points

  34. Sudeep says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton by 23 points

  35. Sebee says:

    Jenson by 31 points.

  36. Pete says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton

    By 48 points

  37. Raymond U says:

    Jenson ahead by 31 points

  38. Tim Chamberlin says:

    1) JB ahead of LH
    2) by 57 points

  39. Snowy says:

    Button ahead by 35 points

  40. Rob says:

    Button ahead…

    …by 45 points.

  41. Richard says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton by 53 points

  42. Andrew Cumbria says:

    McLaren one – two in Abu Dhabi, Lewis, Jenson. Vettel, Button in Brazil.

    Therefore Jenson, Lewis by 36 points.

  43. dan b says:

    button ahead by 39 points

  44. Moog says:

    Button by 46 points

  45. Jenson Button then Lewis Hamilton

    49 points

  46. Bec says:


    42 points

  47. William Wallace says:

    Jenson ahead of Lewis by 53 points.

  48. Adam Taylor says:

    Button leads Hamilton by 56 points

  49. Phil Hutt says:

    1. Button 2nd, Hamilton 4th
    2. 30 points gap between them

  50. abulafia says:

    Lewis ahead by 5 points

  51. Ray says:

    1. Buton ahead
    2. 20 points

  52. Nando says:

    Oops, taken already. Can I change it, please?

    2nd Button
    4th Hamilton

    21 points

  53. James Leaver says:

    Hello James.

    Button finishes ahead of Hamilton

    Points difference of 48.


  54. DeadManWoking says:

    1) Button over Hamilton
    2) 62 points

  55. Mohamed Chaudhry says:

    Hamilton ahead of Jenson by 12 points

    1. ESLKid75 says:

      Extreme! 2 wins for Lewis and 2 DNFs for Jenson? There’s wishful thinking and then there’s you, I guess! :-)

  56. miuzi05 says:

    Button by 33 points!

    Finally saw Senna a month ago here in Canada. It took a long time to come here, and I had to travel quite a ways to see it, but it was marvelous. My friends and I all shed some tears, even though several of them knew nothing at all about F1.

  57. Keir says:

    Button by 9 points

  58. Rob Newman says:

    1 – Hamilton, Button
    2 – 2.38 seconds

    1. Rob Newman says:

      Ooops … made a mistake … Button to beat Hamilton by 28 points.

  59. John Nicholas says:

    Jenson to beat Lewis by 32 points.

  60. Liam Smart says:

    BUT over HAM by 18 points

  61. Mark Roberts says:

    Jenson ahead of Lewis by 32 points.

  62. Simon biles says:

    Jenson by 31 points

  63. Dave says:

    1. Button ahead of Hamilton
    2. 39 points

  64. means says:

    Button over Hamilton
    36 points

  65. APASUNOC says:

    1. Button
    2. 31 points

  66. coefficient says:

    Button, Hamilton
    24 points

  67. goferet says:

    Okay my prediction between these two gladiators is there will be a 5 point difference between them in favour of Hammy.


    1. KRB says:

      Only 2 ways this can occur:

      1) LH a 1st and a 2nd; JB 2 DNF’s
      2) LH with two 1st’s; JB with a 7th & a 10th

  68. Micael says:

    Lewis claim 2nd place in Abu Dhabi with Jenson 3rd. Then Jenson 2nd in Brazil and Lewis 3rd. So 38 points difference in favor of Jenson.

  69. DP says:

    1. Hamilton ahead of Button
    2. By 1 point!!!!

    1. ESLKid75 says:

      Hehe! I’ve got them equal at 252 points. Couldn’t get myself quite to where you’re at! :-)

  70. Chris Stewart says:

    Button ahead by 32 points

  71. Miguel says:

    1. Button, Hamilton.
    2. 31 points.

  72. Adam67 says:

    1) Button
    2) Hamilton

    26 point gap

  73. Andys says:

    Jenson leads Lewis by 40 points

  74. andrew.cocos says:

    Jenson ahead of Lewis by 39 points

  75. 1. Button ahead of Hamilton
    2. 51 points

  76. Good competition

    Shame too much of this is being made though.
    Great for Jenson to be doing so well in a team that all thought he would fail in.
    Lewis is just as Mark Webber is doing, struggling with the car. I’m sure they are both smart enough not to be worried about 2nd, 3rd, or 4th it’s all about 1st.

  77. iiro says:

    74 points

  78. Rob Stokes says:

    1. Jenson Button ahead of Lewis Hamilton
    2. 31 points

  79. Nick says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton
    24 points

  80. Paul H says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton
    43 point gap

  81. Muneeb says:

    Jenson ahead by 48 points

  82. CANADA ROCKS says:

    Jenson Button finishes ahead of Lewis Hamilton

    50 point gap

  83. Andrew Dobb says:

    Jenson ahead by 51 points

  84. Max Inga says:

    JB them LH
    by 32 points

  85. Stephen says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton by 22 points

  86. Nathan says:

    1. Hamilton over Button
    2. 4 points

  87. Miles Anderson says:

    Jenson ahead by 24 points

  88. robert says:

    1. Button
    2. 44

  89. Titus says:

    JB ahead of LH by 13 points

  90. Paul J says:

    Button will lead Hamilton by 12 points

  91. Andrew Carter says:

    1. Button, Hamilton
    2. 43 points.

  92. Harry Buckingham says:

    1. JB, LH
    2. 36

  93. Seán Craddock says:

    1. Button ahead of Hamilton

    2. 65 points

  94. Nick says:

    - Button, Hamilton
    - 52

  95. mjsib says:

    jenson to beat Lewis by 23 points

  96. ReviLO says:

    Jenson and of Lewis by 25 points

  97. JB ahead of LH by 22 points

  98. audifan says:

    JB by 28

  99. ian says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton by 37 points

    And well deserved by Button-just has to get his qualifying improved and next year could be champion again.

  100. Schumi Iceman says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton by 21 points

    The extreme bet is for Hami to win both races

  101. Rudy Pyatt says:

    Jenson ahead of Lewis, by 45 points.

  102. DK says:

    JB ahead of LH BY 26 points

  103. TimeShift says:

    1. JB will ahead of Halmilton
    2. Gap: 27 points

  104. paxdog57 says:

    Button by 3 points

  105. Andy says:

    1. Jenson Ahead of Lewis.
    2. Ahead by 20 points.

  106. Richard says:

    I’m really sticking my neck on the block here so I’m predicting a McLaren 1-2 at the final two races with a win for Lewis in both cases, which will leave Jenson still ahead by 24 points. – There are now not enough racers for Lewis to reel Jenson in unless he has another DNF or very low points score.

    So Jenson leading Lewis by 24 points.

  107. James says:

    JB by 68 points.

  108. Andy Kempton says:

    Button, Hamilton
    Difference of 28 points

  109. Martin says:

    Jenson will be ahead by 36 points

  110. Chris Crawford says:

    Jenson ahead by 17 points over lewis

  111. Matt B says:

    Button then Hamilton by 22 points

  112. Thynaks says:

    1. Button ahead of Hamilton
    2. Gap 54

  113. terrym says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton by 16 points

  114. Robert N says:

    Button ahead by 54 points.

  115. Luke Potter says:

    Hamilton ahead by 2 points

  116. F1Fan4Life says:

    Button leads Hamilton, 27 points

  117. Jake says:

    JB ahead by 10 points.

  118. Anil says:

    Jenson ahead by 19 points over lewis

  119. granddad says:

    Lewis over Jenson 3 points

  120. Gav says:

    jb ahead by 55 points

  121. Robert Gunning says:

    1. Button ahead of Hamilton
    2. 11 points

  122. Alex_D says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton by 22 points

  123. Martin Nash says:

    1. Hamilton, Button
    2. 3 points.

  124. Richard D says:

    1. Button ahead of Hamilton
    2. By 16 points

  125. ESLKid75 says:

    JB and LH equal at 252.
    Don’t need the poster though. I already got a few (both sizes too).

  126. Steven King says:

    Well, as it hasn’t (visibly) been guessed already…

    Button ahead of Hamilton by 15 pts.

  127. Hussain says:

    Button by 22 points ;)

  128. Gabe says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton by 31 points

  129. Jonny White says:

    Lewis wins the last 2 races, Button has a DNF and 4th place to his name – they tie on points and Lewis finishes above Button in the standings by virtue of 4 race victories to 3 victories!

    ….Lewis then returns next year, fully focused and with his mojo rediscovered, batters Button in the standings, wins the World championship and tells Whitmarsh to stick it where the sun don’t shine and take the number 1 to either Ferrari or Red Bull!

    1. KS says:

      Good story, mate

  130. Ryan Eckford says:

    1. Hamilton ahead of Button
    2. 0 points, Hamilton on wins by 4 wins to 3 wins.

  131. Craig says:

    Button ahead by 14 Points

  132. KRB says:

    JB by 27.

    It’s probably been taken above, most combo’s have been taken … first I was thinking JB by 24, then JB by 21 … both taken.

  133. Paul Kirk says:

    JB ahead of Lewis by 10 points.

  134. Alan Joshua says:

    1) Button ahead of Hamilton
    2) Button ahead by 24 Points

  135. Dominic J says:

    Anything can happen in F1 and I don’t think anyone else put it, so:
    Jenson by 47 pts.

  136. Pranav Haldea says:

    1. Lewis ahead of Button
    2. 6 points

  137. Andrew J says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton by 60 points.

    I don’t actually think this will happen, but i was late to this party and there aren’t many other options available!!

  138. Steve Mc says:

    Button – Hamilton


  139. Terry Hill says:

    Button to beat Hamilton by 29 points

  140. Flying_Scotsman says:

    Jenson by 41

  141. Baart says:

    Button, Hamilton
    by 56 points

  142. Vittorio says:

    Button, Hamilton
    11 points

  143. Steve B says:

    Jenson to beat Lewis
    Gap will be 25 points

  144. Enigma says:

    Button ahead by 3 points.

  145. DonSimón says:

    The gap? A season of frustration.

  146. Jomar Eldoy says:

    Button by 58 points

  147. ArunasNesvarbu says:

    Jenson ahead by 27 pts.

  148. type056 says:

    Jenson ahead by 1 point.

  149. Gruntr says:

    Button over Hamilton
    18 Point difference

  150. Ash says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton. 8 points.

  151. doodie111 says:

    BUT 24+ ahead of HAM

  152. Alex Attard says:

    button by 23 points

    It’s too late nut I think he can recover a bit in the final 2 races

  153. Serrated_Edge says:

    jenson by 31 points

  154. tom glasberg says:

    Jenson by 61 points

  155. F1Fan says:

    Button ahead by 15

  156. tom says:

    1. Jenson then Lewis
    2. 12 points

  157. Chris nixon says:

    Jens, then lewis 28 points

  158. Carlo_Carrera says:

    Button by 26 points.

  159. Jannes Allen says:

    Button by 7 points

  160. F1art says:

    JB first by 55

  161. Steve says:

    Button ahead by 23 points

  162. Shirleen Riffe says:


  163. Sean M says:

    Button – 2nd
    Hamilton – 4th
    Button by 24 points

  164. Harvey Williams says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton by 22 points.

  165. Steve says:

    Button ahead by 13 points

  166. Novikov Konstantin says:

    Button ahead by 10 points

  167. JON says:

    Button ahead by 20 points

  168. Brad Budarick says:

    Jenson by 18 points.

  169. Simon R says:

    Jenson by 5 points

  170. Terry Hall Sr. says:

    Button by 41

  171. Redwan H says:

    Jenson Button By 25.


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