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Posted By: James Allen  |  14 Oct 2011   |  12:19 pm GMT  |  595 comments

I’ve got a fantastic competition this weekend for JA on F1 readers around the world; we have four signed Senna movie posters and DVDs of the film, released this week, to give away. All you have to do is predict the time gap between the two McLaren drivers at the finish of Sunday’s Korean Grand Prix and in whose favour.

So for example if you think that Jenson Button will finish ahead of Lewis Hamilton by 4 seconds use the comments box below and write “Button by 4 secs”. Or you could predict that one will finish and the other won’t. It’s up to you. Only one entry per person, however and we won’t accept entries once the cars go to the grid.

Button has finished ahead of Hamilton in the last five Grands Prix. But will this be the weekend when Hamilton gets back the supremacy? The McLaren has been pretty competitive lately, as it was in Senna’s day!

The first four registered entries which are correct or nearest to the actual time gap between the pair at the end of Sunday’s race, will win a fantastic package of a Senna movie poster, signed and personalised by the film’s writer Manish Pandey and director Asif Kapadia and a copy of the DVD. Note: The DVDs are UK format.

The Senna DVD has been a smash hit since its launch on Monday and has sold more than 100,000 copies over the counter already. It is also at the top of the charts on both Itunes and Amazon. The figures are way ahead of expectations, to the point where it is up there with the best DVD sales records seen in the UK in recent years, according to the producers.

If you miss out on the prize or if you want to be sure to get a copy of the DVD, you can always buy one from our store at Senna DVD

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Posted by:
  1. Chris says:

    Hamilton by 6 Seconds

    1. Tim Sherman says:

      Hamilton by 10 seconds

      1. wayne says:

        hamilton by 42 seconds

      2. wayne says:

        Hamilton to finish 42 seconds ahead of JB

      3. Gannet says:

        Hammers ahead by 5.4 seconds, but only because Jenson feels sorry for him at the moment.

      4. grigved says:

        Button by 1 minute 18 seconds

      5. Peter Mohabeer says:

        7.9 seconds

    2. Spencer says:

      Hamilton by 23 seconds

    3. Hamilton ahead by 19 seconds

    4. Simon says:

      Hamilton by 25.85 seconds

    5. melvin bowman says:

      Hamilton lead of 1.8secs.

    6. Kim jong nam says:

      Hamilton by 56second

    7. Peter Mohabeer says:

      Hamilton by 7.9 seconds

    8. Glenn says:

      Hamilton out on lap 1.
      Button by 54 laps.

    9. Hitul Mistry says:

      button by 6 seconds

    10. Anand Choksi says:

      Hamilton by 15 seconds

  2. Matthew says:

    Hamilton to lead Button home by 4 seconds.

    1. Anthony Hanifin says:

      Button to finish ahead of Hamilton by 19 secs

  3. NickyStuu says:

    Button ahead by 8.5 secs

  4. Jan Q says:

    Button by 15.344 secs (to be exact :))

  5. Sean Cleary says:

    Button by a lot laps as hamilton wont finish

  6. renato nysan says:

    Button 2,547 ahead Hamilton

  7. downforce says:

    Hamilton won’t finish.

  8. Andrew Dobb says:

    Button by 10 laps (Hamilton to crash)

  9. David T says:

    Button by 27 seconds

  10. eric tuanqui says:

    Buttom by 14.32 seconds

  11. Lucy Jenkins says:

    Button to lead Hamilton by 0.5 secs :)

  12. Ashwin says:

    Hamilton will lead Button by 8.2 seconds

  13. David Sav says:

    Hamilton will not finish

  14. Ani says:

    Hamilton by 8 seconds

  15. Henry says:

    Hamilton by 24 secs.

  16. RichD says:

    Button ahead by 3.4 seconds

  17. Kev Bennett says:

    Button by 38 seconds

  18. CarlosOliden says:

    Hamilton by 17 seconds

  19. Bruce says:

    Button by 18 seconds. That’s if Hamilton finishes the race!

  20. Jon says:

    Button ahead by 1.5 seconds

  21. Abi says:

    Button 6 secs

  22. David says:

    Button by 13.5 secs

  23. Charlie Lawson says:

    Hamilton by 19 seconds

  24. Nathen M says:

    Button by 29 seconds.

  25. Stu says:

    Button then Hamilton 20 secs behind.

  26. Terry Whalebone says:

    Button will win. Hamilton will not finish.

  27. Danny says:

    Button ahead to Hamiltons DNF… :-)

  28. Kevsuths says:

    hamilton by 10 seconds

  29. William Wallace says:

    Button ahead by 9.6 seconds.

  30. Michael says:

    Button by 11 secs.

  31. Craig says:

    Hamilton DNF

  32. Rhys says:

    Button by 15.7 secs

  33. Adam Windmill says:

    Hamilton by 16.7 secs

  34. mfelat says:

    Button by 11.4 secs

  35. Swerv says:

    Button finish Hamilton out

  36. Richard says:

    Button ahead by 16.4 seconds

  37. Carl says:

    Hamilton by 26 secs

  38. James says:

    Button to finish the race.
    Hamilton to finish in the scenery…

  39. Anthony Cliffe says:

    Hamilton by 8 seconds

  40. Ian H says:

    Button by 4.12secs.

  41. Paul J says:

    Hamilton to beat Button by 18seconds

  42. Ashok says:

    Button by 29 Seconds

  43. Dom says:

    Hamilton by 12 laps

  44. Matt says:

    Button by 3.284 secs

  45. Sufyaan Patel says:

    Button ahead by 10 seconds

  46. John says:

    Hamilton to finish Button out

  47. Jordan says:

    Button finish, Hamilton DNF

  48. mark says:

    button ahead by 25 secs

  49. Pete Wallis says:

    Hamilton by 7.6 seconds

  50. Pete Wallis says:

    Hamilton by 12

  51. Cale says:

    Button by 2.75 seconds

  52. Vickii says:

    Button by 5 seconds

  53. Jimbo says:

    Button, by 2.8s

  54. Lez Martin says:

    Button ahead, 18 seconds

  55. Stuart_Gsy says:

    Lewis to lead Jenson by 13 seconds.

  56. Quercus says:

    Hamilton ahead by 0mins 23.13secs

  57. I-Ning Fang says:

    Hamilton by 6 seconds

  58. Robert N says:

    Both DNF. Hamilton will drop out first, then Button.

  59. Alastair Archbold says:

    Hamilton by 36.0 seconds.

  60. Ihsan says:

    Button by 7 seconds.

  61. GY says:

    Hamilton ahead by 9.5 seconds

  62. Robin says:

    Hamilton by 5.4 seconds

  63. Rahul says:

    Button by 32 seconds

  64. Keir says:

    Hamilton by 12.3 seconds

  65. Geoff Rogers says:

    Hamilton by 10.5 seconds

  66. Enigma says:

    Hamilton by 12.1 seconds

  67. Kay says:

    Button will finish ahead by 13 seconds.

  68. Tom Gower says:

    Button by 12.8 seconds

  69. Sammy says:

    Hamilton. Button DNF :(

  70. Andrew says:

    Neither finish

  71. Craig March says:

    Button Finish (1st), Hamilton DNF

  72. pluisje says:

    Button by 6.567 seconds

  73. Gareth Jones says:

    Button by 14 seconds

  74. Pierre says:

    Hamilton by 26.323 s.

  75. Blog_Raider says:

    Hamilton 1st, Button, DNF!

  76. James Norman says:

    Hamilton to lead Button by 5.5 secs

  77. Jonathan says:

    Button to finish, Hamilton to retire.

  78. cmnork says:

    Button by 15.3 seconds

  79. Chapor says:

    Hamilton leads Button by 7.5 seconds.

  80. James D says:

    Hamilton by 22 seconds.

  81. malli says:

    Hamilton will lead Button 2 seconds

  82. gareth says:

    Hamilton takes Button out of the race; both drivers retire and are classified DNF.

  83. Deane says:

    Hamilton by 5.3 seconds

  84. Garry J. Berry says:

    Lewis to finish the race, Jenson to drop-out and not finish.

  85. Charles Littlewood says:

    Hamilton will finish, Button will not.

  86. Estophile says:

    Hamilton ahead by 8.327 seconds.

  87. Andrew Thomas says:

    Hamilton by 31.318 seconds

  88. karen says:

    button by 40 secs

  89. Lawrence says:

    Hamilton to beat Button – Button as a DNF

  90. mark says:

    they both wont finish

  91. Eduan says:

    Button 3.5 Secs

  92. William McCone says:

    Hamilton by 6.5 seconds

  93. Senna007 says:

    Hamilton by 7 seconds.

  94. William says:

    Hamilton by 23 laps

  95. Russell says:

    Hamilton ahead by 1.2 seconds

  96. the lovelyJo says:

    Button by 8.3 seconds

  97. rass says:

    button 9,9s

  98. Rich_M says:

    Both drivers will retire

    1. Richard Hyde says:

      Clever tactic!

      1. Rich_M says:

        I hope it doesn’t happen , but if it does, at least there will be a silver lining!

  99. Richard Hyde says:

    Hamilton by 7.4 seconds

    1. Kamui says:

      Hamilton wins, Button did not finish due to collision with Webber

      1. Richard Hyde says:

        More likely with Vettel as ‘revenge’ for last weekend’s chop!

  100. kal says:

    Button will finish in front, the gap will be a lot of sour grapes.

  101. Luke Attwood says:

    Hamilton will lead Button by 2.9 seconds

  102. Andy C says:

    Even though I’m a jenson fan, I’m going for Lewis by 4.5 seconds (purely based on the amount of people selecting jenson) :-)

    I did have a good old chuckle at Gareths entry up top..

    one problem I get whenever I try to copy and quote someones post is I cannot select the text without it selecting the whole screen. May be my version of IE, but does anyone else have the same issues?

  103. Steve Mc says:

    Button by 2.3 secs

  104. Paddy says:

    HI James
    Neith driver to finish.
    But Button to retire first.

  105. Jey says:

    DNF for Lewis this weekend :-)

  106. Graham Reeds says:

    Button to lap Hamilton

  107. ben cosgrove says:

    button by 7.069secs

  108. Snowy says:

    Button by 17 seconds

  109. Lenty says:

    Hamilton will beat Button by 17 Laps.

  110. Akimbo says:

    Hamilton by 32.5 secs

  111. Mitchel says:

    Hamilton by 33.333 secs

  112. Richard D says:

    Hamilton by 13 seconds

  113. Robbiehooper says:

    Hamilton leads Button home by 15.3 seconds

  114. Chris says:

    Hamilton by 12 seconds

  115. Daniel says:

    Button by 18.1 seconds

  116. JohnW says:

    Hamilton by 1.1 secs

  117. Ian says:

    Button ahead by 15.311 seconds

  118. Doc Ric says:

    Hamilton ahead by 12 secs!

  119. Dave says:

    Button to finish, Hamilton not to finish

  120. Nando says:

    Hamilton by 1.2s.

  121. Matti says:

    Hamilton by 11.1 secs

  122. marcus says:

    Hamilton by 18.3 seconds

  123. Skybert says:

    Button ahead by 12.8 seconds.

  124. RyanC says:

    Button by 42 seconds…

  125. Aliaksey says:

    Hamilton ahead by 25 seconds

  126. Schumilewis says:

    Hamilton by 18.2 seconds

  127. Femi Akinz says:

    Button to not finish

  128. Arnold says:

    Hamilton by 5.3 seconds.

  129. UncleZen says:

    Hamilton beats Button by 5.6 seconds

  130. Simon Brown says:

    Hamilton beats button by 3.2seconds

  131. Niall O'Callaghan says:

    Button by 7.9 seconds

  132. type056 says:

    Hamilton by 5.667 secs.

  133. Martin Fry says:

    button by 15.4 seconds

  134. vicki says:

    Button by 6.7 seconds

  135. syed says:

    Button leads home hamilton by 5

  136. John Appsteam says:

    Hamilton by 22 seconds

  137. abulafia says:

    Hamilton to finish the race, Button to retire.

  138. Tino says:

    Button and Hamilton crash each other at the first lap

  139. Miguel says:

    Button by 23 seconds.

  140. Matt says:

    Hamilton by 2 seconds

  141. amal says:

    hamilton by 24 sec.

  142. Hamilton by 21 seconds

  143. ArunasNesvarbu says:

    Hamilton by 22 seconds.

  144. Richard Hazenberg says:

    Hamilton beats Button by 5.7 seconds

  145. Baghetti says:

    Hamilton beats Button by 34 seconds

  146. Neil Davies says:

    Hamilton by 9.5 seconds.

  147. JohnBt says:

    Button ahead by 22.5 seconds.

  148. Jesper Mathias Nielsen says:

    Hamilton ahead by 5 seconds

  149. Giles says:

    Button DNF

  150. eric weinraub says:

    Button by 12 seconds over Hamilton… though there is a part of me that thinks Hamiltom won’t finish..

  151. shane says:

    Button by 22 seconds

  152. Chris says:

    Hamilton by 11.1 seconds.

  153. Owen Rees says:

    Hamilton beats Button by 4.2 seconds

  154. Joel says:

    Hamilton by 7.75 seconds

  155. Ian Johnson says:

    Button ahead of Hamilton by 8.2 seconds

  156. Karen Johnson says:

    Button to finish race, Hamilton DNF

  157. SAL says:

    Button beats Hamilton by 7.8 seconds

  158. Adam Taylor says:

    Hamilton by 6.1sec

  159. Paul Stocker says:

    Button to beat Hamilton by 24 seconds

  160. Charalampos says:

    Hamilton ahead. Gap = 2.582

    1. James Allen says:

      The email address you have given is sending back our message to you.

  161. Vikram Muthyam says:

    Hamilton by 25 secs.

    [Button will complain of balance issues as it is going to very windy]

  162. TimeShift says:

    Hamilton by 2.155 secs

  163. Miles Anderson says:

    Hamilton by 15.2 seconds

  164. captainj84 says:

    button by 17 seconds

  165. Conrad M. Sathirweth says:

    Hamilton by 7.6 secs.

  166. alexyoong says:

    Hamilton beat button by 34 seconds

  167. rob says:

    Button by 18.24 seconds

  168. Cookie says:

    Hamilton to beat Button by 17 seconds

  169. Hui Zhao says:

    Hamilton by 12 seconds

  170. Adnan Khalid says:

    Hamilton to lead Button by 7 seconds.

  171. Ricardo says:

    Hamilton will win the GP..and sadly Jenson will not finish this time.

  172. Richard M says:

    Button by 9.1 seconds

  173. Simple says:

    Hamilton by 3.5 seconds

  174. Nick Banks says:

    Hamilton by 1.3 sec

  175. Simon says:

    Hamilton by 9 seconds

  176. Michael Prestia says:

    Hamilton by 5.32 seconds

  177. Dave says:

    Button ahead by 7.2 seconds

  178. flowerdew says:

    hamilton by 22 seconds. (apparently had a browser freakout when I tried to post earlier!)

  179. Steven King says:

    Hamilton by 1.618 seconds.

  180. Darryl says:

    Button over Hamilton by 2.6 seconds. Great website JA. Best in the biz mate.

  181. Davis Baasha says:

    Hamilton by 44 Seconds

  182. Alex ladell says:

    Hamilton to lea button by 18.2 seconds

  183. Rufty Tufty says:

    Hamilton by 15+ laps, Button crashes into Massa

  184. Gary Naylor says:

    Hamilton by 16.7

  185. sam w says:

    HAM by 1.5

  186. Michael says:

    Button by 30.25 seconds

  187. Chris Stewart says:

    Button by 18 seconds

    (second attempt as site thinks I’m commenting too quickly when this is my first ever comment!)

  188. Simon B says:

    Button by 55+laps-(Hamilton DNF) – punted off by Massa at first corner

  189. Jonny Wilds says:

    Hamilton to lead Button by 13 Seconds!

  190. ChrisK says:

    Hamilton by 3.6 seconds

  191. Anand says:

    Hamilton by 28.7 secs
    Thank you LH & JB for making this happen & JA for choosing this response to win

  192. Dan says:

    Hamilton by 16.51 seconds

  193. Borg says:

    Lewis leads by 8.8 seconds

  194. Munaf says:

    Button by 12 seconds

  195. Darren S says:

    Hamilton by 9.7 seconds

  196. iceman says:

    Hamilton by 26.98 secs

  197. Mashu says:

    Button ahead by 16 Seconds!

  198. RDS Motorsport says:

    Hamilton by 41 seconds

  199. Mark Roberts says:

    Hamilton ahead of Button by 2.3 secs.

  200. Jackman72 says:

    Button ahead by 14 laps

  201. Todd duncan says:

    Race finishing under safety car Hamilton by 1.3 sec over Jenson.

  202. Terry Mackown says:

    Hamilton by 14.4 seconds

  203. CTP says:

    Hamilton by 22.2s.

  204. Harvey says:

    this time it’s Hamilton. Button will not finish the race.

  205. DaveCZ says:

    Button by 22,3 secs

  206. Willryan says:

    Hamilton by 6 laps, Button DNF

  207. jonathan says:

    Hamilton to crash out before half distance after colliding with Massa.

  208. alexbookoo says:

    Hamilton will lead Button by 8.5 seconds

  209. Stu says:

    Button over Hamilton by 8.056secs

  210. Bart says:

    Hamilton will beat Button by 19.3 seconds

  211. John Couch says:

    Hamilton by 51.4 seconds

  212. chocoball says:

    Button by 17.3 seconds

  213. Titus says:

    Button will not finish

  214. AlexD says:

    Hamilton by 12.5 seconds

  215. F1racer says:

    Hamilton over Button by 2.5 seconds

  216. Hendo says:

    Hamilton by 35.2 secs

  217. Dmitry says:

    Hamilton by 12.4 sec

  218. Phil J says:

    Hamilton by 0.84 seconds

  219. Mohideen says:

    Button to finish ahead of hamilton by 8.8 sec s

  220. Foz says:

    Button to lead hamilton by 10.545 seconds

  221. Ian says:

    button by 7.8s

  222. James says:

    Hamilton by 37.4 seconds

  223. Luke Hare says:

    Hamilton by 6.5 secs

  224. Andrew says:

    I predict Hamilton will not finish.

    Jenson will.

  225. Rob S says:

    Hamilton to lead Button by 13.2 secs

  226. Dave Deacon says:

    Button since Lewis DNF

  227. Terrence Walker says:

    Lewis ahead of Jenson by 5.3

  228. Dan says:

    Hamilton by 55.4 seconds

  229. smp says:

    hamilton by 17.6 secs

  230. isaiah says:

    button by 11.777 seconds

  231. Panayiotis Chrysanthou says:

    Jenson will lead Hamilton by 8.5 secs

  232. Arnaud T. says:

    I predict Button leading Hamilton by 17,9 sec.

  233. Dan Ripley says:

    Hamilton to beat Button by 22.867 seconds.

  234. Rajat Agrawal says:

    Button by 12 seconds

  235. Morris Mao says:

    Hamilton will finish the race, Button will not.

  236. Jiten says:

    Button by 19secs

  237. ian says:

    Hamilton to Button by 12.25 secs

  238. Gav says:

    jenson ahead by 9.3

  239. paxdog57 says:

    Jenson Button by 4.51 seconds

  240. Peter Williams says:

    Button by 34.3 seconds

  241. AndyFov says:

    Hamilton to beat Jense by 0.225 seconds.

    (McLaren 1-2, staged photo finish)

  242. Shivanshu Naithani says:

    Hamilton will lead Button by 18.5 seconds …

  243. Seán Craddock says:

    Hamilton by 21 seconds

  244. Alex_D says:

    Hamilton by 12.5 seconds

  245. Jon Robertson says:

    Ham by 23sec

  246. Geoff says:

    Hamilton beats Button by 3.6 seconds

  247. Andy Bird says:

    Hamilton by 3.927 seconds.

  248. chris says:

    Hamilton 8.3s over button

  249. georgelotze says:

    Hamilton by 24 seconds.

  250. Sepu says:

    Hamilton won’t finish. Button 3 on finish …

  251. Martin says:

    Button beats Hamilton by 35s

  252. Rukman says:

    Hamilton ahead of Button by 5.5 seconds

  253. bb says:

    Button by 11.3 seconds

  254. DanielH says:

    Neither will finish, but Button will complete more laps than Hamilton.

  255. RustyDunce says:

    Button 38 seconds ahead of Hamilton

  256. Andrew Cumbria says:

    Hamilton by 1 second

  257. Andrew Cumbria says:

    Jenson by 15 seconds

  258. Tejas Kapadia says:

    Button 4th Hamilton 7th

    By 27 seconds

  259. Joe says:

    Hamilton by 4.8 seconds for a McLaren 1-2.

  260. Kevin says:

    Button to win, don’t really care how far behind Hamilton is.

    Oh I may have missed the point, ok Button ahead by 24 seconds

  261. hugh says:

    Button by 3.09 seconds.
    Great site thanks James

  262. Brent says:

    Button by 14.37 seconds.

    I expect P3 and P6 respectively. Hamilton is due for a good race, but this won’t be the weekend for it.

  263. Anton says:

    Hamilton ahead, Button DNF

  264. skan says:

    Hamilton by 6.7 seconds

  265. Richard says:

    Hamilton by 37s ahead of Button.

  266. Mooseyman says:

    Hamilton ahead of Button by 27.5 seconds

  267. Alan from Toronto, Canada says:

    Button by 8 seconds

  268. Nicci V says:

    Button to beat Hamilton by 44 seconds…

  269. Tim. says:

    Button over Hamilton 6.239

  270. KavB says:

    11 seconds

  271. Richard says:

    Hamilton to win by 36.2 sec

  272. Douglas says:

    Hamilton by 36.4 seconds (as Button will take his turn to hit Massa 6 laps from the end)

  273. r0ssj says:

    Hamilton by 26 seconds.

  274. Nguyen Minh Tri says:

    Hamilton beats Button by 10.5 seconds

    1. Nguyen Minh Tri says:

      Post again (previous wrong)
      Button beats Hamilton by 10.5 seconds

  275. JFB says:

    button by 15,2sec

  276. BillC says:

    Jenson by 17.2 sec

  277. Karatanthala says:

    Button by 37 seconds

  278. William says:

    Hamilton ahead of Button by 17 seconds

  279. Stuart Harrison says:

    Hamilton by 6.4 seconds.

  280. Anil says:

    hamilton ahead by 13.4 seconds.

  281. Paul says:

    Lewis Hamilton 23.5s

  282. DB says:

    Button DNF

  283. yos says:

    bad luck hits JB This time. dnf for Button win for hamilton

  284. Jonathan Barnett says:

    Button to win.

    Hamilton DNF due to Felipe Massa driving at full speed into Hamilton on 1st corner, whilst screaming “Revenge is a dish best served cold” in Klingon (and then congratulating Hamilton during press interviews).

  285. benny boy says:

    hamilton by 27 seconds

  286. mike_wazowsky says:

    Button by 13.654s

  287. kowalsky says:

    hamilton by 3 seconds.

  288. mark says:

    hamilton by 25 secs

  289. karen says:

    buton by 6.78 secs

  290. Jamie says:

    ham by 31

  291. Mickey78 says:

    Ham by 21.3 secs

  292. Ray Shaver says:

    Button by 2.455 seconds.

  293. CartRider says:

    Button DNF on lap 30, Hamilton finish

  294. Jon Hutchinson says:

    Button by 3.44seconds

  295. Phil says:

    Button by 23.872 sec!

  296. Sebastiaan Hekman says:

    Button by 8.56 seconds.

  297. Graeme says:

    Seeing as I think 17.99GBP is a bit ridiculous for a dvd I will go for 17.98 as Hamiltons advantage.

  298. John says:

    Button to beat hamalton by 11 seconds

  299. Naeem says:

    Button by 3.3 seconds

  300. Rob Newman says:

    Hamilton DNF.

  301. James Bolton says:

    Button by 35 seconds

  302. bones says:

    Hamilton by 3 secs

  303. Paul J says:

    I predict Lewis will beat Jenson by 8.2 seconds.

  304. Chris says:

    Hamilton by 10.7s

  305. Andrew Cumbria says:

    Jenson by 10 seconds

  306. Andrew Cumbria says:

    Lewis by 3 seconds

  307. Andrew Cumbria says:

    Jenson by 1 second

  308. Andrew Cumbria says:

    Lewis, Jenson DNF

  309. f1aroo says:

    Hamilton by 9.371897745 sec

  310. Xymph says:

    Hamilton by 25.125 seconds

  311. GD says:

    Hamilton by 14.5 seconds

  312. Jacques from France says:

    Button by 24.4 seconds

  313. RA109 says:

    Hamilton by 0.9s

  314. Hemal says:

    I think Hamilton will lead Button home by 10.4 seconds

  315. Andrew Carter says:

    Button by 10 seconds.

  316. DK says:

    Hamilton lead by 5.38 sec

  317. Ralf F says:

    Button ahead by 7.4 seconds (my birthday :) )

  318. Hamilton by 20.4 seconds

  319. Andy says:

    Lewis by 7.23 seconds

  320. Maksymilian says:

    I’ll take gamble and say Button DNF (hope not :)) So Lewis by 20 laps.

  321. ben bailey says:

    Hamilton ahead by 13 seconds

  322. Grant says:

    Hamilton ahead of Button by 3.222 seconds

  323. Petra says:

    Jenson Button by 2 min 10 sec

  324. Nathan Smith says:

    Button by 6.3 seconds

  325. Newt says:

    Button by 14.2 seconds.

  326. Rob says:

    Hamilton by 19 secs

  327. CJM says:

    Hamilton by 11.53 seconds

  328. matt b says:

    Button ahead by 14.863

  329. Nazdakka says:

    Lewis by 32.5 seconds

  330. Vanessa says:

    Hamilton will beat Button by 1.6 seconds

  331. Matt Y says:

    Button ahead because Hamilton will get a DNF.

  332. PayDay says:

    Button DNF

  333. Nick says:

    button by 6.5 seconds

  334. Glynn Harrold says:

    Hamilton by 13.5 seconds

  335. Kris Grzegorczyk says:

    Hamilton by 17.350 seconds

  336. Karthick says:

    Hamilton by 4.768 seconds

  337. Space Man says:

    Both to DNF, Button DNFing before Hamilton. How’s that for a pessimistic prediction!

  338. Jimmy Le says:

    Hamilton 12 seconds

  339. KidrA says:

    Hmilton by 14 seconds.

  340. Ian Haycox says:

    Hamilton by 17.456 seconds

  341. Dominic J says:

    Button by 6.38s

  342. ColinZeal says:

    Jenson by 3.8

  343. Jake says:

    Hamilton ahead of Button by 8.9 seconds!

  344. Bryan says:

    Hamilton by 10 seconds

  345. Julian says:

    Hamilton by 13.7 seconds

  346. CC says:

    Button by 46 secs

  347. Andy Kempton says:

    Lewis beats Button by 54 secs

  348. Aaron says:

    Hamilton by 16 secs.

  349. Jose Arellano says:

    Hamilton by 4 seconds

  350. Andy Smith says:

    Button by 45 secs.

  351. Alex C-O says:

    Hamilton by 11 seconds.

  352. 17san says:

    Hamilton by 17seconds

  353. Ben Midgley says:

    Button by 23 seconds

  354. Rana says:

    Button by 13 seconds.

  355. Grigory Arauz says:

    Hammilton by 12 sec

  356. gremlin says:

    Hamilton by 4.832 sec

  357. Kevin says:

    Hamilton by 22.3

  358. Simon L says:

    Hamilton to lead Button by 14.5 seconds

  359. Matt Devenish says:

    Hamilton by 8.342s

  360. Ben Moore says:

    Hamilton by 19.7 seconds

  361. Thynaks says:

    Button by 13.6 seconds

  362. WiLL says:

    Hamilton by 7 secs

  363. Chris says:

    Hamilton ahead by 23.224

  364. Duvvabubba says:

    Both drivers DNF

  365. F1Fan says:

    Hamilton by 18.3 seconds

  366. John says:

    Button in points. Hamilton out

  367. Josh McDonnell says:

    Hamilton in front of Button by 11.6 seconds.

  368. Gizmo says:

    Luv JB, but I think his luck is going to run out this weekend.I’m going to say he’ll get taken out somehow.

    Hamilton’s luck will change and if all goes well, he’ll end up on the podium.

  369. Karl says:

    Button by 12.9

  370. LMW says:

    Button ahead by 3.65 seconds

  371. paul collins says:

    Hamilton by 13.56 seconds

  372. Martin Nash says:

    25s – Button in front.

  373. GlastoEls says:

    Jenson by 24 seconds

  374. Olly says:

    Going all out for a McLaren one two…

    Hamilton by 4.84 seconds.

  375. NickL says:

    Hamilton by 39.2 sec

  376. William says:

    Hamilton by 9.4 seconds

  377. Mike Ede says:

    Button DNF after taking out Vettel at the start (something to do with “Not having the balance” going into the first corner…

  378. Kathryn says:

    Jenson Button by 25 seconds

  379. Alex Attard says:

    Button by 5 sec

  380. Left Philangie says:

    Hamilton by 13.3 secs

  381. JonLawson says:

    Button by 8.443 secs

  382. Vinola says:

    Hamilton by 35 seconds

  383. Kalina says:

    Button ahead by 25 seconds

  384. HFEVO2 says:

    Hamilton in front by 15.655 seconds

  385. Mattij says:

    Hamilton ahead by 9.823 seconds

  386. Kenny says:

    Button in front of Hamilton by 27.8 sec

  387. Karl says:

    Both drivers DNF,
    Button stops first

  388. Terry Hill says:

    Hamilton by 19 seconds

  389. daddy_apple says:

    Hamilton by 5.3 seconds.

  390. Bevan says:

    Hamilton by 38 sec due to Button reminiscing on his previous 10 years of F1 mediocrity pre BGP

  391. craig says:

    Hamilton by 14 laps (button retirement)

  392. MDHayes says:

    Hamilton by 23 seconds

  393. milkboy says:

    hamilton befor button by 43 seconds

  394. Athlander says:

    Hamilton by 0.04s

  395. AK says:

    Neither McLaren to finish, but Hamilton will retire first.

  396. Magdatron says:

    Lewis by 14.7 seconds

  397. Euan Taylor says:

    Hamilton by 13 seconds.

  398. F1Fan4Life says:

    Button by 32 secs.

  399. Simon Brown says:

    Button by 36 seconds

  400. Johnny Turbo says:

    Hamilton completes distance, Button DNF.

  401. Philip says:

    Hamilton by 14.2 seconds

  402. Ben Moldrich says:

    The gap between them will be 21.45 seconds, you only need the gap right? Not the order?

    1. Ben Moldrich says:

      Sorry read rules again, I’ll say button ahead 21.45.

  403. Deeren Patel says:

    Hamilton by 2.487 secs

  404. Val says:

    Hamilton, Button will not finish

  405. Mohammed Al-Momen says:

    Hamilton by 27.9 sec

  406. Alan Joshua says:

    Button ahead by 8 seconds.

  407. Tom says:

    Button 32 seconds

  408. Button ahead by 17.320 sec

  409. MehluliNdebele says:

    Hamilton by 1 minute and 30 seconds

  410. Chris of Adelaide says:

    Button DNF (Hey, gotta be different to everyone else on the off change)

  411. don knowles says:

    Hamilton by 9.66 seconds.

  412. Darren says:

    Lewis 2.4 seconds

    A 1-2 for the team

  413. Dan says:

    Hamilton by 17 laps (Button DNF)

  414. Ross Feeney says:

    Button by 6.7 seconds

  415. mathew says:

    Hamilton by 12 secs

  416. Gabe says:

    Button by 10 seconds

  417. CHARLIE CAUSEY says:

    Hamilton by 42.6 sec

  418. ian hatton says:

    Button finish Hamilton DNF

  419. Chris says:

    Hamilton by 8.8 seconds

  420. George says:

    Hamilton by 10.1 seconds.

  421. Trevor says:

    Hamilton by 32.65 secs

  422. Kyle Ward says:

    Hamilton by 8.32 seconds (it pains me to do that as a Button fan, but Lewis would seem to be due)

  423. Nick Martin says:

    Hamilton – 1.46 second

  424. Slaven says:

    Lewis 9.5 seconds ahead of Jenson

  425. Rod says:

    Button by 42 seconds

  426. Methusalem says:

    Button won’t finish the race at all, he will be ahead of Hamilton by 7 points.

  427. Dave says:

    Button by 26.4 seconds

  428. Mic says:

    Button by 38 sec

  429. James Martin says:

    button by 12.5 seconds

  430. Matthew Smith says:

    Button by 23 seconds

  431. Harrison Vrbanjac says:

    Button won’t finnish

  432. Steve says:

    Hamilton by 1.8 seconds

  433. Darren C says:

    No difference as they take each other out of the race.

  434. Annabelle says:

    Hamilton in front by 16.7 seconds.

  435. Stuart burton says:

    Button by 4.3 seconds

  436. Matthew Porter says:

    Button to lead hamilton by 21.643 seconds

  437. JEVthebest says:

    Hamilton with button with engine problem

  438. Don Farrell says:

    Button by 27 seconds

  439. Rudy says:

    Button ahead by 7.7 secs.

  440. Pierre says:

    Button by 3 seconds

  441. judd says:

    Hamilton by 3 seconds

  442. Robin Schneider says:

    Button by 2 seconds

  443. Dave says:

    Hamilton by 29 seconds

  444. Spanna says:

    Button by 5 secs

  445. Hussain says:

    Hamilton by 32 seconds!

  446. PaoloC says:

    Button by 8.7

  447. Shane says:

    Button by 26.7 seconds. Button will take another victory

  448. Steve JR says:


  449. Tex says:

    Button by 1,5 second

  450. Sam says:

    Hamilton by 6.2 seconds

  451. Mark V says:

    Button finishes in second place, Hamilton out on lap 15 (likely due to another collision with Massa)

    1. Mark V says:

      So that is 40 laps ahead.

  452. Andrew says:

    Hamilton by 8.135 seconds

  453. Lyndon says:

    Button Ahead by 1second

  454. eh says:

    Button will lead by 17.333 seconds

  455. doug vx says:

    Button by 22.3

  456. Denny says:

    Button ahead by 20.7 sec

  457. Zeke says:

    Hamilton by 12 seconds

  458. David S says:

    Button ahead by 13.8 seconds

  459. PaulL says:

    Hamilton by 5.465 seconds.

  460. Floyd says:

    Hamilton by 8 seconds

  461. Regis says:

    Hamilton DNF

  462. Karen says:

    Button ahead by 36 seconds

  463. John S says:

    Hamilton by 92 seconds

  464. Darren says:

    Hamilton by 7.38 seconds

  465. Sean M says:

    Hamilton by 3 seconds.

  466. Spider says:

    Hamilton by 29 secs

  467. JB says:

    Hamilton by 16.6 sec

  468. MikeW says:

    Button ahead by 35.5 seconds. This one’s going to turn on who’s the most flexible on unknown tyres, and who can squeeze one fewer stops in.

  469. ghayth says:

    Hamilton by 12.345 second

  470. Azli says:

    Hamilton by 2.267 seconds. How’s that?

  471. Julien says:

    Hamilton by 18 seconds

  472. Julien says:

    Hamilton by 18.8 seconds

  473. Midex says:

    Button by 7.8 seconds.

  474. Carl Sampson says:

    Button by 22.07 seconds.

  475. dolf says:

    button dnf

  476. John H. says:

    Button by 4.57 seconds

  477. f1 kings says:

    lewis hamilton will finish 3 and half seconds in front of jenson button.

  478. John Lagerquist says:

    Hamilton: DNF
    Button: Finish

  479. Mitchell says:

    Button by 24 sec.

  480. iiro says:

    Button win by 0.666 seconds

  481. Mike J says:

    Hamilton will finish 13 secs ahead of Button

  482. Stephen Singh says:

    Hamilton ahead of Jenson by 8.1 seconds

  483. Stuart Moore says:

    Button by 56 seconds

  484. Kevin L says:

    Button ahead.

    Because Hamilton DNF’d. On say.. lap 14.

  485. Ross Macfarlane says:

    Hamilton by 0.9 seconds

  486. arthur says:

    Hamilton by 8.6 secs

  487. ET says:

    Hamilton by 2.5 seconds

  488. Robert Gunning says:

    Hamilton in front of Button by 2.756 seconds

  489. FordGT40 says:

    Button by 3.1 seconds

  490. Alex W says:

    ham win button out

  491. Paulo Miranda says:

    Hamilton by 14 secs

  492. AndrewB94 says:

    Lewis by 38.555 secs

  493. dan b says:

    buttom 38 seconds ahead of hamilton

  494. Ted the Mechanic says:

    Hamilton by 4.54 secs.

  495. Dabet M. says:

    Hamilton by 6.250

  496. David G says:

    Button by 18.7 seconds

  497. Matthew Atkin says:

    Button retires.

  498. Russ says:

    Button by 35

  499. Ozzi says:

    Button by 38.6 sec

  500. Sean says:

    Hamilton ahead by 1.5s

  501. Jess says:

    Hamilton by 6s

  502. Bayan says:

    Button by 23.1 secs

  503. Derek Lorimer says:

    Button by 45 seconds

  504. Finno says:

    Button by 6.7s

  505. Thomas says:

    Button by 17.4 secs

  506. KAlam says:

    Button ahead because Hamilton will not finish the race.

  507. Sarvar D says:

    Button ahead by 2.8 sec

  508. Arshad Nazran says:

    Button by 20 seconds

  509. Eric says:

    Hamilton ahead by 17.5 seconds.

  510. FK says:

    Hamilton ahead by 16.46 sec

  511. Richard Palmer says:

    Lewis by 55 laps . Jensen and Vettel have fist corner collinson

  512. sebsronnie says:

    Hamilton by 18.38 seconds

  513. Axu says:

    Button by 17 secondes.

  514. robert says:

    hamilton by 9.8 secs

  515. Berislav says:

    Hamilton by 3 secs.

  516. Stephan says:

    Hamilton by 5.555 secs

  517. WirralGirl says:

    Lewis by 13.8 sec

  518. Richard says:

    Both to crash out on lap one.

  519. Colin Govan says:

    Button by 27.5sec

  520. Eamonn says:

    Button ahead by 1min 35.000 seconds

  521. Mark says:

    Button by 43.2sec

  522. Wexes says:

    Hamilton leads JB by 9.5 seconds

  523. Will N says:

    Button by 6.54 secs

  524. Hamilton leading Button by 13.8 seconds.

  525. Ben Parker says:

    Hamilton by 7.412 seconds

  526. Peter says:

    Hamilton by 8.2 sec.

  527. Pat Symonds says:

    Hamilton by 41.93 seconds

  528. Charlie B says:

    Hamilton ahead by 22 seconds.

  529. Bec says:

    Lewis by 17.5

  530. Vincentliu says:

    Jenson ahead by 11 laps as Hamilton DNF.

  531. blip says:

    Ham retires, But by 32 laps

  532. Katrina says:

    Button by 6.130 secs.

  533. tom says:

    3.73 seconds


  534. Robert Lujan says:

    Button by 6.3 seconds.

  535. Brian Dooley says:

    Button to lead Hamilton by 10.3 deconds

    1. Brian Dooley says:

      Button to lead Hamilton by 10.3 seconds rather!

  536. mash says:

    Button by 25 seconds.

  537. Mike Levy says:

    Hamilton by 23 seconds.

  538. Chris Burns says:

    Hamilton by 13.2 seconds

  539. Stephen Hughes says:

    Jenson by 1 lap and 5 seconds

  540. Carl Sheen says:

    Hamilton by 17.2 seconds

  541. Carly sankey says:

    Hamilton by 22.0 seconds

  542. Thomas says:

    Hamilton to lead Button at the end by 8.3 secs

  543. Alex J says:

    Hamilton by 14 seconds.

  544. Philby says:

    Button – Hamilton to crash out on first lap

  545. Yousuf Mahmood says:

    Hamilton leading button by 2.6 seconds.

  546. Christine says:

    Vettel will try to pull the same stunt at the start as last week but Lewis won’t cede and both will crash out leaving Jenson to go on and win again.

  547. Eric K. Roeske says:

    Button over Hamilton by 22.951 seconds.

  548. Joran says:

    Hamilton by 16.932s

  549. Are entries closed? There are nine of us on Hamilton 23 seconds. !!

    Make me 23.1



  550. Michael says:

    Button finishes Hamilton doesn’t!

  551. KV says:

    Button to win the Korean GP – Hamilton won’t finish.

  552. Matthew says:

    Hamilton to beat Button by 0.357 seconds.

  553. Mark Hillyard says:

    Hamilton by 17.234 seconds

  554. Matthew Harris says:

    Button by 13.58 seconds

  555. Yasin says:

    Hamilton by 33.465s

  556. stephen a says:

    Hamilton by 1.22 seconds

  557. Don McKerracher says:

    Buttom by 7.9 seconds

  558. karen says:

    button by 5.760 secs

  559. jed says:

    Button by 22 laps. Hamilton will dnf

  560. Benjamin U says:

    Hamilton by 6.4 Seconds

  561. Hamilton by 15 seconds

  562. Chapor says:

    Ok, I did actually check all the entries…

    James, did you get these as well?

    Yousouf Mahmood spot on with 2.6
    F1racer 2.5
    ET 2.5
    Robert Gunning 2.756

    1. James Allen says:

      Yes. Thanks. We’ll post the winners later today

      1. Charalampos says:

        Actually i am there as well comment 161

        161. Posted By: Charalampos
        Date: October 14th, 2011 @ 2:08 pm

        “Hamilton ahead. Gap = 2.582″

      2. James Allen says:

        Yes, but your email address doesn’t work! Please email address to James@jamesallenonf1.com

  563. Robert Gunning says:

    Hello James. I know this competition was a while back, but I remember I was quite close to predicting the correct gap between Hamilton and Button (comment 491: gap 2.756), but was never contacted if I was eligible for the prize.

    Keep up the good work on the site, and well done on landing the Radio 5 job.


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