F1 Summer Break 2015
Here’s your chance to drive a state of the art racing simulator
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Posted By: James Allen  |  24 Oct 2011   |  11:46 pm GMT  |  368 comments

We’ve done some great competitions this season, taking the fans closer to the sport of F1 and taking them to Grands Prix and overseas events.

But for those fans who dream of getting behind the wheel, here is something a little bit special; we are delighted to offer JA on F1 readers the chance to experience a 3 hour in-depth driving session on a real simulator, with coaching from Darren Turner, who has over 10 years experience of F1 sim development.

Turner now runs Base Performance Simulators in Banbury. Turner is an expert on F1 simulators. He did the initial development work on the McLaren simulator from 1999 to 2006 and has worked with two other F1 teams on their simulators.

JA on F1 is looking for two readers to go to BPS in Banbury, Oxfordshire on November 9th. Travel is at your own expense, but on that basis there are no entry restrictions as to where you live. As long as you can guarantee you can get yourself to Banbury on that date, you are eligible to win.

All you have to do is watch this VIDEO of an F1 fan driving a McLaren last week, which I posted on the site on Sunday and in the comments section below this post, note down the race number of the single seater racing car I am about to climb into. Your answers will not show publicly. The competition ends on Friday 28th October at 12pm UK time. So please get your entries in before then. We will gather the correct answers and pick out two winners at random.

Expert tuition from Darren Turner

I’ve posted quite a bit on simulators recently as they become increasingly like the real thing. The technology is shrouded in secrecy, but they have developed a very important role in honing skills, training drivers to take the next step up the racing ladder or to master a new circuit.

According to Turner, “Motor racing is one of few sports where practicing your discipline is highly restrictive due to the cost implications. Simulation provides an environment where you can learn the lines of a circuit and try out different things without the pressure of potentially wasting valuable track time or indeed team time.”

Although capable of simulating most kinds of cars, the BPS simulators are targeted at younger drivers and are available to hire and they even sell their simulators for home use; BPS 2.0 is designed to be used in a spare room or garage, while the larger BPS 4.8 requires a room between 20 and 35 square metres. An ideal early Christmas present!

You can find out more about what lies ahead for you at BPS – should you win – by checking out this video.

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  1. Nauman Zahoor says:

    the answer is 3…

  2. Pawel Milto says:


    The number on the single seater race race is 3.

    Please pick me pick me coach :D


  3. Holly says:

    Number 3

  4. Simon says:

    Number 3

  5. Dave says:

    It is car #3

  6. Scott Blackwell says:


  7. Stephen Farrell says:

    James was in Car number 3

  8. Nikola Runev says:

    Car number 3

  9. Chris Welford says:

    Hi James,

    You are about to get into the number 3 car.

    Many thanks


  10. Andy Donaldson says:


  11. Adam Ruprecht says:

    Number 3 was the single seater you were jumping into

  12. Adam Raffell says:

    The race number of the single seater racing car you were about to climb into was “3″.

  13. Konstantinos Giokaris says:

    The Race car number is : 3

  14. Don Solomon says:


    I have wanted to visit Europe for year and follow the F1 season for almost 20 years. This would be my driving factor. Even if it isn’t during the season, I would still pester every team, until they let me into their shops.

  15. Joanna Berry says:


  16. Raj Sharma says:

    Car no. 3

  17. Jacques Heckstall-Smith says:


  18. Jijay barney says:


  19. Piotr Smigielski says:

    Number 3

  20. Andy says:

    Hi James,

    The answer is Silverstone single seater #3

    Best regards,

  21. Simon wright says:

    Car number 3
    Fingers crossed.

  22. Kevin Kinsella says:


  23. Charlie Kiser says:

    single seater #3- Great vid! In 2009 I won the SAP McLaren Lowest Lap time at the SAP Worldwide Sapphire Business conference in Orlando. They brought their Vodaphone simulator to the show and all the Europeans couldn’t believe an American beat them all. By day 5 it was down to me and a brazilian karter, and I beat him by 1.5 secs with a crowd of a 100 or so gathered around the simulator. Pick me!! I’ll fly from the US – great story for the F1 Races being announced this week!

  24. Shane Anderson says:

    The number of the car was 3.

  25. Steve Bentley says:

    Number 8

  26. Vassilis Alexiadis says:

    The car’s number is 3.

  27. steve says:

    Car Number 3

  28. Mark Hacking says:

    James, you’re standing next to car #3.

  29. Flying_Scotsman says:

    The car has number 3 on it james.

  30. Nelson Lopez says:

    the race car # is 3

  31. Kevin Falla says:


  32. its number 3 i hope :)


  33. Paul Turner says:

    Number 3!!

  34. Don Resnick says:

    Enjoy your time in car #3!

  35. Stephen Coughlan says:


  36. Ashish Sharma says:

    The Number seems to be 3. Can’t make it to Branbury so you can disregard the entry for the contest, but i thought i’d earn some brownie points should you ever run a contest in India or for the Drive of a lifetime next year… :-)

  37. Steve Hopkinson says:

    Looks like it’s number 3!

  38. Lux says:

    It’s number 3!

  39. David Butler says:


  40. Hifzu Hans says:

    Car number 3

  41. Phil Setrem says:


  42. Richard Nurse says:

    The single seater car was No 3 that you were about to enter.

    regards Richard Nurse

  43. Glynn Harrold says:

    Hi James, I’ll go for number 3 :)

  44. Thomas Wood says:

    Car number 3.

  45. John Page says:

    Hi James,

    Your single seater drive was car number 3.

    I bet you wanted to drive the F1 car too.


  46. Tim Stephens says:

    Car number 3

  47. zidane the great says:

    James do you know how far realistically are some driving simulation games like Rfactor (F1 mods) from professional racing simulators in terms of car handling etc.?

  48. Chris Farmer says:


  49. Anton Eygelaar says:


  50. F430-FOX says:

    Race No. is 3

    Cool Competition. Thanks James!

  51. Pablo says:

    Hi James,

    Been following your site for just under two years and read the book you wrote reviewing the 2009 season. Great stuff, keep it up!

    In the video, the single seater you are about to climb into has ’3′ written on it.


  52. Gregory Pippas says:

    The car was number 3

  53. Steve Harris says:

    The car is number 3

  54. Daniel Jackson says:


  55. Tom Kerr says:

    Race Car number = 3

  56. Juan Segui says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the competition.

    The single seater number that you are about to climb into is number 3


  57. Jon says:

    Answer, the car was No. 3

  58. Arnaud Tinet says:

    The Silverstone single seater is number 3 !
    I hope I can get a shot in those great simulators ! :)

  59. markdartj says:

    About to enter number 3

  60. NJ says:

    Driver in the video was Anthony Davidson? That appears to be his helmet.

  61. Jakub says:

    Number 3

  62. Dan Smith says:

    Car number 3!

  63. pierre berthet says:

    oh boy it is number 3
    it is three
    the first odd prime number.
    this one exactly.

    racing regards


  64. Michael says:

    No 3
    Michael Williamson

  65. David Tan says:

    The number on the car is 3

    Fingers crossed!

  66. MISTER says:

    The single seater has number 3 on it.

    Great prizes as always and whoever wins I hope they have a cracking day.

  67. Milan Stefanovic says:

    the race number of the single seater racing car I am about to climb into


    No. 3

  68. James

    The answer is 3

  69. chrisearnie says:

    The answer is 3
    I hope I win!

  70. James Norman says:

    The single seater you were about to get into was number 3!

  71. Dom says:

    car number 3!

  72. Adam Taylor says:

    I believe its a number 6 single seater you are about to climb into

  73. Dan Kendrick says:

    Number 3

  74. Amol Rotithor says:

    Dear James,

    the orange single seater that you were about to get into was Number 3.

    Best Regards

  75. Jacek Pniewski says:

    The race number of the single seater racing car that you are about to climb into is 3 (three).

  76. Christopher Whyte says:

    Number 3

  77. Mattij says:

    Hi James,

    The race number is 3.

    Hoping to get lucky,

    Matti Jokipii
    Rue des Palmiers 95
    1150 Brussels

  78. David says:

    The car number was 3

  79. Ross Price says:

    The car number you were going to get into (the single seater) looked like 3. So that’s what I’ll say. #3

    Thank you for these opportunities James, the competitions you’ve brought to the public have been fantastic.

  80. powersteer says:

    Hey man,

    your car number is “3″.
    Please let me have the chance to try the simulator.

  81. MIT Parmar says:

    The number of the single seater was number 3.
    Thank you

  82. Nathan says:

    James, the answer is: No 3

  83. Ehsan says:

    The number of the single seater car is “3″

  84. Adrian Newman says:


  85. Aaron McAree says:

    The race car is number 3

  86. Moog says:

    Car number 3

  87. Daniel Markland says:

    Car number 3 !!!

    Great website and great insight! Thanks!

  88. Matt Fry says:

    Hi James,

    The car’s number was 3.

    Best wishes, Matt

  89. Olly owens says:

    No 3

  90. Ron Colverson says:


  91. Graeme Leslie says:

    Car number: 3.

  92. Mikkel Meisler says:

    The car number is 3.
    What a great prize and thanks for an amazing blog.

    Best regards
    Mikkel Meisler

  93. Robert Small says:

    Number 3

  94. Rupert Owen says:

    Hello James

    I’ll say the single seater number is 3.



  95. K says:

    Better than getting a PlayStation 3 or XBOX 360 for Christmas :D

  96. Joe Consiglio says:

    Number 3. (Winning this would be an absolute dream come true! I’ve driven in some pretty competitive sim-racing leagues since 2002 and I really want to feel how a proper F1 simulator compares to what I’m experiencing at home).

  97. Larry Bentley says:

    Hi James, watched the video and saw that you were getting into number Three.
    Also watched the BPS video, I want one for the living room!

  98. Yodok Lustenberger says:

    The single-seater car number is : 3

  99. JamesF1 says:

    Hi James,

    The number on the car is 3. I live in Luton so am pretty close to Banbury and could definitely get there on November 9th. Also it is my birthday on November 13th so this would be a fantastic present, fingers crossed!

    James Frankland (editor of Williams F1 ezine iGNITION – http://www.attwilliams.com/ezines)
    07427 389398

  100. Peter Singleton says:

    The car was Number 3!

  101. Foaad says:

    The race number of the single seater racing car is 3.

  102. Rob Pickering says:

    Number 3

  103. Adam Lawrence says:

    The number of the single – seater was 3

  104. Marc Ward says:

    Car no is 3

  105. thestretch says:


  106. PeterC81 says:

    Car Number 3

  107. Kenny says:

    number 3

  108. Andrew says:

    Yes, I can make that date and would like to apply!


  109. Lee Cripps says:

    Number 3

  110. Tom Page says:

    Number 3 !!

  111. Stephen Lapthorne says:

    Car number 3.

  112. Jonathan Bevan says:

    Number 3!

  113. Hi, the car number James is about to get into is No. 3

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  114. Nathan Edmonds says:


  115. DanielH says:

    Number 3.

  116. David Mansell says:


  117. rass101 says:

    number 3

  118. Rasmus Tali says:

    single seater nr is 3

  119. Andrzej says:

    Number 3 ;)

  120. Jimfectious says:

    It is car number 3.
    Great contest. Jim Kirkwood

  121. Tom Cable says:

    Car number 3

  122. Ahmed says:

    3 :D

    please please choose me… an F1 sim would make such a nice change from angry birds!!

  123. Ralph Kozmian-Ledward says:

    Number 3…..

  124. Grant Lucas says:

    Competition entry for the Sim experience: Car number 3

  125. David Herrington says:


  126. Derek Wright says:

    The car you are about to get into is number 3, fingers crossed, Derek

  127. Andrew Leonard says:

    Number 3

  128. Hamilton Bear says:

    Car Number: 3

  129. Joe Szpara says:

    Number 3 :)

  130. Shaun McGoldrick says:


  131. Drew McDevitt says:

    The number on the single seater was 3. Thanks James.

  132. Ross Clabburn says:

    Number 3 – The Single Seater

  133. Anthony Agazzi says:

    The orange single seater is I believe Number 3.

  134. jamie fox says:

    The race car number is 3

  135. James Knopp says:


  136. milkboy says:

    The race number is 3.

    Oooh this would be a very nice early christmas present. Keep up the great work.

  137. Seán Craddock says:

    The car is number 3

    I can guarantee I can get to Banbury on November 9th

  138. Will Hume says:


    The answer is 3, i hope!



  139. Suky says:

    Hi James its number 3.


  140. Tony Barwell says:

    No 3

  141. John Vooght says:

    The race number of the single seater is 3

  142. Jorge Arias says:

    The race number is a 3.

  143. Alastair Paul says:


  144. doug leonard says:


  145. CSH49 says:


    No. 3 if I have read it correctly upside down. Superb idea and thanks for the opportunity.


  146. Andy Brown says:

    The number on the single seater was 3.

  147. John Nicholas says:

    The car number is 3….

  148. Alex Atkins says:

    the race number is 3

    fingers crossed!


  149. Paul Maidment says:

    3 :)

  150. Olly jefferies says:

    N3 :)

  151. TO'C GRANT says:

    Number 3

  152. Daniel John says:


  153. Edward Gray says:

    Car number is 3.

    Great site James (regardless of whether I win). ;-)

  154. Paul H-E says:

    It’s number 3.

    I hope I win!
    Thanks, James.

  155. Igor Trendafilovski says:


  156. ColinZeal says:

    Number 3.

  157. Roonmastor says:

    The car is number 3.

  158. Tony Hedley says:


  159. Steve Cobby says:

    You’re driving car number 3.

    Fantastic content in all your articles, James. Keeps me right up to date with F1 stuff.

    I asked the ‘can we see a driver’s eye view during races’ at the McLaren F1 Forum. Saw footage of this earlier this week and it looked fantastic.

    Keep up the good work, James.


  160. Tom Stagg says:

    Hi, the number of the car is 3.

  161. Jonathan Cooper says:

    Answer= Car Race Number 3

    Jonathan Cooper – Oxfordshire

  162. Rick Selby says:

    Answer: 3.

  163. Shane says:

    The single seater you’re about to get into is Car number 3.

  164. stephan says:

    It’s the Number 3

  165. Richard Head says:

    3 – I’m in Reading so not far away. Waiting for your e-mail!!!

  166. Frode Hagen says:

    Car number 3 :)

  167. Fiona Greene says:

    The car number is 3.

  168. Red5 says:

    BPS 2.0 is on my Christmas wish list…

  169. Rupert Richardson says:


  170. James Allen says:

    Great response so far with over 250 entries. Keep ‘em coming.

    We’ll publish all the entries once the end of competition deadline passes, along with the name of the winner

    1. Ross Price says:

      Hi James,

      I left a comment earlier this morning but it is still awaiting moderation. It that due to them being kept private?


      1. James Allen says:

        Yes, exactly. We’ll publish them all when the deadline passes along with the winner

      2. Jaicey says:

        It’s number 3

    2. James Minchew says:

      It’s number 3. *crosses fingers, finds typing speed goes down*

  171. Mateusz Rybka says:


  172. Jarv027 says:

    No.3 Mr Allen

  173. Brandon Merrell says:

    Car #3

  174. christos pallis says:

    No 3 is the number of the single seater. Thanks James

  175. Keir says:

    Car number is 3

    I now have everything crossed

  176. Matthew Smith says:

    Race number 3

  177. andrew james says:

    hey is that number 3 on your car… yes its number 3.. Hey james you are going to drive number 3 racing car….

  178. Dave says:

    The car is number 3


  179. Jose Arellano says:


  180. Mark Burdett says:

    Car no 3

  181. Robert Fern says:


  182. James Field says:


  183. madjon88 says:

    Hi James, absolutely amazing prize! I think the number is 3, fingers crossed!

  184. madjon88 says:

    Hi James, absolutely amazing prize ! I think the number is 3, fingers crossed!

  185. vannman says:

    No. 3!!

  186. Toby Liggins says:


  187. Will Bolton says:

    Number 3

    Pick me James! I’d love to see how one of these simulators compares to F1 2011 on the Playstation (note Ant Davidson’s involvement in development).

    Cheers, Will

  188. Arek Seredyn says:

    The race number is 3. And now fingers crossed :)

  189. Stuart Lees says:


  190. SomersetRacer says:

    Answer = Number 3

  191. Simon norton says:

    Awesome a must have from Santa! Number 3 is the answer

  192. Ross Patterson says:

    Car number 3

  193. John S says:

    Number 3.

    What an opportunity! Fingers crossed.

  194. Martin Theodorou says:

    It’s single seater number 3.

    Loving the website!

  195. Chris5057 says:

    3 James cheers!

  196. Stephen Williams says:


  197. Tony Austin says:


  198. Ben boss says:

    The car number was 3. Thanks.

  199. Danish Hanif says:

    number 3

  200. sean jenkins says:


  201. Richard Morton says:


  202. Jamie Pennington says:

    Car number 3

  203. The race number of the single seater racing car is #3.
    Best regards, Joakim

    ps. pick me!

  204. Stuart Harrison says:

    Looks like a number 3 to me!

  205. Chris Brunini says:


  206. William Russell says:

    3 :)

  207. Justin Fitzgerald says:

    Car 3 :-)

  208. Richard Hunt says:

    Car number three.

  209. StallionGP F1 says:


  210. Christopher Glover says:

    The race number is 3.

  211. Chris Winter says:

    Nice vid – the number is 3 – let it be, let it be!

  212. Peter W says:

    The car you’re about to climb into is car number 3.

  213. Raul Dimar says:

    Race Car Number 3


  214. Tom Nicholls says:

    Number 3!

  215. Alex Attard says:


  216. James Farish says:

    Looks like number 3 to me. Great site by the way. Like many of your other readers, I check it out regularly so keep entries coming. Thanks

  217. Clinton says:

    number 3

  218. Imraan Omar says:

    Car #3

  219. Khushvinder Gohlar says:

    single seater #3

  220. wayne says:

    Looks like a number 3 to me. Thanks for the competition James.

  221. wayne says:

    Wow, no other F1 website, magazine or organisation offers the quantity and quality of competitions on offer at JA on F1.

    Best bit? The prizes are always of interest to genuine motorsport fans!

  222. Glenn says:

    I was lucky enough to see Darren racing in our V8 Supercar category here in Australia last weekend. He was a lat call up to replace Dan Wheldon.

  223. Peter Ryde says:

    Number 3.

  224. Harry Buckingham says:


    Thank you, James, for this fantastic opportunity!

  225. Andrew Volan says:


  226. rad_g says:

    The number is 3 :)

  227. Martin says:

    Hi James,

    You are about to get into Car No. 3


  228. Brandon Smith says:

    The single seater is number 3, that sim looks fun too.

  229. Tim Chamberlin says:

    the race car james refers to is number three.

  230. Stephen green says:

    No’ 3

  231. Matt B says:

    James is racing the Number 3 car

  232. jake says:

    It’s car number 3. The same one I drove in one of my experiences

  233. Marc Warren says:

    Car is number 3.

    Great website James!

    Cheers, Marc

  234. Mark Gibbons says:

    That’ll be a 3 on the FPA or Formula Jaguar or whatever they call it now.

  235. John Ensor says:

    The car is no.3 in response to your competition. Thanks!

  236. Martin Winstone says:

    Thanks for the opportunity James, another really great competition.

    Based on my eyesight, the number is 3 (Three).

    Keep up the great work.

  237. smellystudent says:

    After watching the simulator video repeatedly and not seeing you climb into anything, I read the instructions :)

    It’s number 3.

  238. Chris Stewart says:

    Car number 3

    (fingers and toes crossed!)

  239. James says:

    Number 3!

  240. Tim Few says:

    Hi James,
    the car was orange 3.

    Sorry i don’t post more, but i do read every article you write, love the strategy guides before the events in particular.

  241. Peter Cowan says:

    No. 3

  242. James Beer says:

    The number on the single-seater is number 3.

  243. Paul Lewis says:

    Car No. 3

  244. Rob says:

    Is that Ant Davidson driving? Looks like his helmet.

  245. Dafydd says:

    Hi, the number of the car is 3.

  246. Andy Barnes says:

    It’s car no 3 you’re about to get into!

  247. PayDay says:


    Would love to do this!!

  248. Jaime Ayres says:

    The car number is 3

  249. Bryn Jones says:

    Car number 3

  250. Jason Murdoch says:

    Number 3

  251. Ken says:

    Hi James,

    Car 3 is what you were going to jump not.



  252. Callum Harrower says:

    Cup of tea, number 3.

  253. Jonathan Burnett says:

    Car number 3

    Jonathan Burnett

  254. steven cordingley says:

    Car number 3

  255. StGeorge says:

    car number 3..

  256. Rich Stainton says:


  257. Patrick Burkett says:

    You are about to climb into #3.

  258. Richard Cripps says:


  259. Wesley Burton says:

    The answer to the car number James is getting in is 3

  260. Mark Evans says:

    3 as far as I can tell

  261. John Towell says:

    Number 3

    What a fantastic competition, and impressive drive – well done!

  262. Stephen says:

    Answer is 3 James, thank you.

  263. Shayne Parker says:

    Hi James,

    It’s number 3 !

  264. Silverstone single-seater number 3.

  265. Kevin says:



  266. ben bailey says:

    Your car was number three. What an incredible experience for that guy!

  267. Martin Taylor says:

    Car Number 3!

  268. simon says:

    number 3.

  269. Jakub Wawrzyniak says:

    Hi James, I believe the magic number is 3.

  270. Dave Green says:

    Car number 3. Both Videos look amazing fun!

  271. shane says:

    You were about to get into car number 3 James. I’d love a go on one of these sims, just to get an idea of how much difference there is between someone who knows they can drive a fast car fast, and someone that thinks they can. Thanks for the opportunity.

  272. simon burnell says:

    N0 3

  273. Richard M says:

    Race number 3

  274. Adam says:

    Hi James,

    The answer is 3



  275. Dan Gore says:

    Competition answer: number 3.

  276. Raj Patel says:

    single seater number 3.

  277. Bartosz Orłowski says:

    Number of the car – 3

  278. Ohm says:

    My answer is number 3 James. Fingers crossed! Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity yet again! :)

  279. Tim Savigar says:

    no 3 …. fingers crossed!

  280. Timothy Szwarc says:


  281. Jacob Borg says:

    3 is hopefully the magic number:)

  282. Frazer says:

    number 3

  283. Alan Perestrello says:


  284. Mark Baker says:

    Hi James

    Race car no. 3


  285. Graham Reeds says:

    The car you were about to climb into was the orange number 3 car.

  286. Phil Shotton says:

    3 is the race number of the single seater that James is about to get into!

  287. Graeme Thompson says:

    I belive that you were about to hop into car #3

  288. Amir says:

    Hi James!

    Great competition!

    Number three.

  289. Greg Axiotis says:

    James, Love you work….big fan.
    Car number 3 and oh yes very jealous.

  290. Steve Mc says:

    No. 3

  291. Brett Keirs says:

    Race number is 3

  292. Dan Collett says:

    You are about to climb into the orange car number 3. Incidentally i drove car number 12 which was blue and white when i went last year

  293. Steve Hopkins says:

    Hi James,

    Is it number 3 you are about to jump into?



  294. Nigel Smith says:

    Hi James,
    It looks like number 3.

  295. Jamie Cottage says:

    3 (Three)

  296. Jan Q says:

    Number 3

  297. Juan Hernandez says:

    You are about to climb into Car # 3

  298. James Pinkney says:

    The orange single seater you’re about to have a go in is number 3

    Thanks for the chance

  299. Awesome. James was in Car #3.


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