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Posted By: James Allen  |  25 Oct 2011   |  12:27 pm GMT  |  115 comments

The social media competition we’ve been running, in conjunction with Shell, to find a Fan Ambassador enters its final phase.

We are looking for a Fan Ambassador to go to Abu Dhabi in November, the week after the F1 Grand Prix, to have the experience of a lifetime at a Shell V-Power Network of Champions event at Ferrari World, then experience the Yas Marina GP Circuit and then report on the trip for the JA on F1 website. They will join fans from around the world at this unique event.

After an initial phase we selected five finalists, who were asked to produce a video of around one minute which sums up their passion for F1 and performance. One finalist has had to withdraw on health grounds.

The four videos below will be judged by a panel of bloggers and social media experts and the winner will be selected on November 1.

But you can engage with this process too: we’ve got an official Ferrari T shirt and a hand stitched leather Ferrari wallet to give away to anyone who picks out the same winner as the panel. All the correct entries will be put in a hat and a name will be pulled out at random.

So take a look at the videos and let us know – in the comments section below – which reader you think is most deserving to go to Abu Dhabi.

Jamie Cottage

Rachel Clarke

Gareth Taylor

Carlo Carluccio

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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  1. Andrew Dobb says:

    Hi James,

    I’d pick Rachel Clarke as she’s not only dedicated her life to F1, but she’s prepared to open it up to others by highlighting it in new and amusing lights.


    1. Joe S says:

      +1 Rachel!

    2. Emma says:

      My vote goes to Jamie Cottage as it shows how dedicated he is to F1 by devoting his time to the sport and the way he talks about it with such passion.

  2. Dave Gale says:

    Rachel Clarke to Abu Dhabi!

  3. Mandy West says:

    I love this video. It captures the excitement and passion of the normal, every day F1 fan who works hard to get enough money to go to races and experience the noise and nerve tingling excitement that is Formula One motor racing. Rachel Clarke for the win!

  4. James W says:

    All really good, congrats to everyone, but Rachel’s is head and shoulders above the rest for me!

    1. AndyFov says:

      Surely it’s the one atop Snowdon that’s above the rest?

  5. Alex says:

    Nice Work Rachel!

  6. Snuff Smith says:

    Rachel Clarke for me. Now that is passion! And a brilliant clip.

  7. AndyFov says:

    I think all entries are very good, however if I had to pick a winner it’d be Rachel.

    I kind of regret not taking the initial round a little more seriously. I was looking forward to a chance to demonstrate how passionate I am about powerr and performance with my S Reg Seat Alhambra. ;)

  8. Ian Johnson says:

    Having watched all of the entries I have to commend and give my support/vote for Rachel Clarke – Power and Performance – a double life. This lady deserves to go to Abu Dhabi.

    1. nathan cuddihy says:

      Rachel has the best video presentation and immense dedication, I will look forward to her report from abu dhabi

  9. Love these videos, some great ideas and impressive that people made such an effort (as they should for a comp like this!) My fav has to be Rachel’s take on the ‘Double Life’ idea – very clever!

  10. Mookii says:

    I’d go for Rachel Clarke’s video. It sums up a F1 fan and it’s a more polished video.

  11. Arnaud Tinet says:

    I pick Jamie Cottage as a winner !

  12. Juan Segui says:

    My vote goes to Jamie Cottage

  13. Gareth has really thought about the question at hand and his idea of climbing Snowdon is brilliant. He gets my vote for the win.

    Well done to you all though.

  14. Mark Guest says:

    Rachel Clarke should go to Abu Dhabi – best video by far, and clearly the most passionate and enthusiastic about Formula 1!

  15. David says:

    Gareth Taylor . . meh! He’s not actually even at the “top” of Snowdon – it get’s higher behind him!

    Jamie Cottage . . . so – he’e been to several GPs . . chances are all the others have too. Where’s the passion?

    Carlo Carluccio . . . should stick to being a celebrity chef (Oh! That’s Antonio? Oops!) seems more interested in things that aren’t F1 to be a Ferrari/Shell pscophant.

    Rachel Clarke . . . Snappy! Different! Put a fair bit of work into that one! Not just a collection of images/clips. Good message, too.

  16. Thomas says:

    My money is on Rachel Clarke:) Good luck!

  17. Jon says:

    I think Rachel Clarke is the most deserving.

  18. CANADA ROCKS says:

    Rachel Clarke deserves to win it!

  19. CSH49 says:


    Rachael Clarke sums it all up perfectly. If I had a vote, she would get mine. I hope the judging panel agrees!



  20. Hi James,

    You may remember me from Marussia Virgin Racing – we met a few times in the motorhome and at the VR launch.

    I met Rachel Clarke in Turkey and can definitely vouch for her devotion to F1 – she was at the track when the other girls were out sightseeing!

    I think the video speaks for itself – you couldn’t get a better ambassador.



  21. James D says:

    Rachel Clarke

  22. Anand says:

    It has to be rachel clarke!

  23. gremlin says:

    voting Carlo Carluccio

  24. Shane says:

    Rachel Clarkes Video shows the committment and passion she has for Formula 1. I believe she is a great ambassador of the sport and is a worthy winner of this great competition.

  25. Wekps says:

    Only bribing the panel would get another than Rachel to go to Abu Dhabi, haha.

  26. Edd Porter says:

    My vote is for Rachel Clarke.
    I love what she’s done in the video (reminds me of some of the BBC F1 VCs) and she gets her passion across too.

  27. Kerri Olsen says:

    I vote for Rachel Clarke! I connected with Rachel through Twitter as we’ve shared excitement for F1 returning to the US via Austin, Texas in 2012. I had the pleasure to meet her at the South by Southwest International Film, Music and Interactive Festival in Austin back in March 2011. She is a dynamic woman and F1 fan who will bring an exciting perspective to the Fan Ambassador experience. Her enthusiasm, coupled with her diversity, will create an engaging tale that readers across the globe can relate to and live vicariously through her experience.

    Also, Rachel, fantastic video submission! Kudos.

  28. Lucy says:

    I’ve just watched all four videos and thought the most impressive F1 fan demonstration was from Jamie Cottage.

    Passion has been demonstrated by this person who is obviously a massive fan of F1 by the effort and detail this guy has gone into, looking at all aspects of a race weekend (or 3!) and the fact he is following his passion across the world. He makes me want to be there!

    I’m not sure I feel the link to the passion for F1 (or Shell’s passion, power and performance) so much in the other 3 videos!

    I vote Jamie Cottage!

    1. Lol says:

      Hi Jamie, what’s up?

      1. Jamie Cottage says:

        My girlfriend’s support hence same IP! ;)

  29. DG says:

    Rachel gets my vote.

  30. RubberGoat says:

    Rachel Clarke for the win, because she’s a mega passionate F1 fan who loves engaging with other F1 fans through social media and in real life too. Her video is pretty damn good too!

    In a week where I’ve become a bit disillusioned with Motor Sport because of the sadness involved, that video did a lot to make me feel excited about the next Grand Prix…

  31. Nigel Craft says:

    i would pick Jamie Cottage as he clearly has a passion for F1 and is a fantastic writer of articles and would travel to the amazon if there was a gp there he is that dedicated to F1

  32. Sophie says:

    Love Rachel Clarkes – feel very inspired! What a fan!

  33. Paul Fabretti says:

    Rachel must win it – hands down. If you love it, you live it. Brill video.

  34. Rob Newman says:

    Everyone has done a good job but I believe Jamie Cottage will be a better ambassador. He has communicated his passion in a remarkable way and looks like a keen fan who follows the F1 circus.

  35. Seán Craddock says:

    Definitely Rachael Clarke, that video shows what a true F1 ambassador should be like

  36. Thynaks says:

    My vote goes to Jamie Cottage

  37. Mark Hendy says:

    I was FD for Marussia Virgin Racing, and last year hosted an event for the Brazillian Grand Prix at the factory. Rachel, as a die hard fan was one of the attendees, not only on the Sunday for the race, but on the Saturday too. That aside, despite the evidence that she is a die hard fan, after watching the videos, she’s head and shoulders above the other entries. My vote. Rachel Clarke.

  38. Mark Evans says:

    Rachel sums up exactly why I love F1. Another vote for Rachel Clarke here.

  39. Sarah knight says:

    After watching the clips I have decided I want a double life too! Funny, witty and well thought out video, makes the viewer want their guilty pleasure to be F1! Rachel Clarke to win!!

  40. Emma says:

    Rachel Clarke – keep living the dream

  41. martyjward says:

    Rachel’s video is great, gets my vote

  42. Linda Cetin says:

    I vote for Jamie cottage, very original, and all his own clips, not taken off the internet. well done to you all for getting this far in the competition.

  43. Sofia says:

    My vote goes to Rachel!!

    Her video shows the thrills of being an F1 fan but also the contrast to the everyday life.

  44. Andy says:

    Carlo should get a job for Shell with that video & effort!. Seemingly done alone, with passion combined with life experience & brand love. Very good. Poetic.

  45. Alexandra Lange says:

    I vote for Rachel, she breathes F1, it’s running through her veins, she’s passionate and I’m a bit of an egoist, she’ll share her experience and make us feel we’ll have been there ;)
    Congratulations for the video Rachel it’s great!

  46. Stuart Harrison says:

    Jamie Cottage wins for me, he has the most engaging video. Rachel is a close second!

  47. f1ellen says:

    Knowing Rachel through twitter, I can not emphasise enough how passionate about F1 she is. I know a lot of thought, passion & determination was applied to this video’s making. Rachel’s enthusiasm for this competition let alone F1 as a whole is huge! I have also observed Rachel’s professionalism so I have no doubt she would be the PERFECT ambassador.

  48. James vB says:

    Easy, it’s Rachel Clarke for me. Not just for the smartly-executed video with a fun message, but for her obvious dedication to all things motorsport.

  49. Becks Turner says:

    Jamie Cottage to win!

    A true fans journey! great pics demonstrate commitment to the sport! This man deserves to win!

  50. Sebee says:

    I’m going to double down on Rachel’s double life!

  51. Kathryn says:

    I like Gareth’s Snowdon idea but Rachel’s video is by far the best. Great message, well presented. She’d be a brilliant ambassador for the millions of other fans who combine their normal everyday working lives with their passion for F1. Good luck Rachel!

  52. Rafael Lopez says:

    Rachel for sure!

  53. DB says:

    Rachel Clarke should go to Abu Dhabi.

    And by the looks of the comments, that hat will have to be big, if she’s chosen. ¦¬)

  54. Astonbabe says:

    Great effort by all, but Rachel’s video is the standout here, as is her passion for, and commitment to, the sport. I have no doubt that she would make a first class ambassador! Good Luck Rachel.

  55. MVRWill says:

    My vote goes to Rachel Clarke. A great video.

  56. Craig says:

    I vote Rachel Clarke as best video.

  57. Ismael says:

    Jamie Cottage has my vote, you can see a good fan when you are on the track no matter rain or sun.

  58. Peter Ryde says:

    Rachel Clarke. No question about it.

  59. Roo says:

    Rachel Clarke for me. A well thought-out, well produced ‘video-bio’ that encapsulates the passion behind a true F1 fan. Go Rachel !

  60. Michele says:

    Hi James
    My winner has to be Jamie Cottage I felt his passion watching the video.
    Good luck.

  61. Lindsey says:

    Rachel has to be the winner, there’s clearly no bigger F1 fan!

  62. Dominique says:

    I’m on Team Rachel! Funny and honest. Good Luck!

  63. James Bond says:

    Seems to me that Rachel should go to Abu Dhabi.
    I can’t wait to read her story…

  64. FI BABE says:

    I’ve checked them all out, prefer Jamie Cottages by a long way.

  65. Pete T says:

    Hi James,

    I would pick Jamie’s video. It took a great perspective on a very intense and fast paced sport.

  66. Stephen says:

    Absolutely Rachel Clarke, clearly a very passionate fan who typifies what we are about! Great production also….

  67. Martin says:

    Gotta be Rachel, look at the passion she shows. Rachel’s video is well above the standard of the others showing her dedication to the sport.

  68. Carol says:

    Jamie definately, he has captured his passion for the sport perfectly and very professionally.

  69. rachel raphael says:

    Rachel’s video is head and shoulders above the rest! she is a true fan and deserves to win!

  70. Jamie Cottage says:

    Great effort by all. Just wanted to point out that as I used music over my video it has some accompanying written notes that can only be read by clicking the link to watch on YouTube. These are probably getting missed by watching embedded here at JA on F1. Cheers!

  71. catherine says:

    Get Rachel Clarke to Abu Dhabi on the double!!

  72. Issy says:

    Rachel Clarke! That’s true love if I ever saw it!

  73. sarah h says:

    Rachel to win – 100% passion.

  74. Dan Manco says:

    Rachel Clarke is an amazing F1 fan!!!

  75. Katie H says:

    Rachel hands down – she’ll be amazing

  76. Richard says:

    Rachel Clarke gets my vote. Almost glad I didn’t get anywhere in the first round as I couldn’t have done anything like that!

  77. Kerrycherries says:

    The title of the competition is Fan Ambassador..

    So what does that mean to me?

    If I were to be judging the competition I would be looking for someone who I could connect with. Someone who understands how passionate I am about F1. Someone who can get across a message that I can understand.

    Thou I do not doubt that the four finalists live, eat and breath F1, only one person really stood out from the rest.

    Rachel Clarke had a message, a message that can be understood. We go to work, we eat, we sleep, we do it all again. But come race time we are no longer that person. We willingly hand over our hard earned money, just to get a glimpse of our favorite driver or team zoom past us, and hope to seem them on the podium at the end of the race. We stand in the pouring rain and freezing cold wind. We melt under the super hot sun, and yet we do not move. Toilet breaks are timed. Sleep whats that!

    Rachel says it best when she says never underestimate the power and performance of an F1 fan.


    1. Sofia says:

      Too true!

  78. Chris Godwin says:

    Rachel all the way… a truly inspiring video – evoking the spirit of Senna..

  79. James says:

    Rachel Clarke buy far and away has the best entry – it’s believable, it’s passion, it’s real! Could even get to the end of the other videos – looked liked badley editted holiday snaps. GO RACHEL (and GO MACLAREN!)

    1. Jamie Cottage says:

      Bit harsh!

  80. Karen Ball says:

    Well my vote goes to Rachel Clarke.

    I met Rachel briefly at Silverstone this year but have followed her on Twitter for quite a while now. I’ve enjoyed her tweets from the various GP’s that she has attended. Not paid for by others, but by working hard herself. She has a passion and to be honest if I could write as well as her and do a video as great as hers that’s the message that I would have hopefully gotten across. Passion, fun, but most of all dedicated.

    Good luck Rachel and I hope that you are successful and I shall enjoy reading your tweets and blog during and after the event if chosen.

  81. Jemela Coventry says:

    My vote goes to Rachel Clarke! :D good luck x

  82. engyles says:

    Without a doubt the best video is Rachel’s. It’s original, innovative, different and well-executed. She’s definitely got the passion and drive (pun?) to win.

    Good luck Rach, you deserve this!

  83. GDBH says:

    rachel Clarke, easily

  84. KesNZ says:

    Rachel Clark’s video is far away the best – Good luck

  85. Dave Gee says:

    Rachel above the rest without a doubt!
    Great video – the time to prepare it must be a fan’s equivalent of a driver’s training schedule.

  86. Martin says:

    Got to say that I agree with most of the above! Much as I dislike going with the crowd, I’ve got to say that the Rachel Clarke video is by far the best. A lot of thought went into that and a great story-line for just one minute of video, well done Rachel.

  87. Jonathan Dye says:

    Jamie – Great holiday pics, you obviously go to a lot of races. Surely this prize should go to someone who is passionate but unable to get the insight that you have already had.

    Rachel – Bit deep for my liking but the popular consensus is that this is the best and who am I to argue. Well presented and shows her passion. Enjoy Abu Dhabi.

    Gareth – I liked you passion and you havent spent loads of time pretending to be some big shot movie director. I couldnt make out a lot of what you said tho which is unfortunate.

    Carlo – Great advert for Ferrari and Shell but where is YOUR passion? Bit of a sickily brown nose attempt.

  88. Ohm says:

    Rachel Clarke!

  89. Jimmy says:

    Jamie cottage for the win, after first viewing I was not too sure, his video deserves multiple viewings as it’s deep and multi-layered – touching on many subjects beyond F1

  90. my tuppence says:

    Rachel wins hands down.

    Slick video and good thinking outside the box, thought I was watching an advert for a moment!

    Real honesty and integrity thought out.

    Errr… the politically correct response to the others would be either should have tried harder or tried too hard by dropping certain brands.

  91. Jim Hughes says:

    It’s a no brainer, has to be Rachel Clarke.

  92. Ewan Spence says:

    Who is the only person here that has managed to almost universally connect with the JAF1 readers? Rachel Clarke. If part of the role of Fan Ambassador is to relive the experience for us all left back in the cold, windy, rainy UK, then is there any other real choice?

  93. Theo Valich says:

    I think Rachel Clarke should not go to Abu Dhabi. I think Rachel Clarke should get a job at FOTA and attend all races as sports ambassador.

    That’s not “double life”, that’s “second life”.

    The sport truly could not have a better ambassador than her.

  94. Oliver Knight says:

    Has to be Rachel Clarke, for sure.

  95. John H says:

    Rachel Clarke. The most genuine fanatic, and not endorsing any sponsors ;)

  96. Deepali says:

    Rachel definitely takes pole position with her video. It clearly embodies the feelings of a true & passionate F1 fan – the double life of a daily normal living and the life of an F1 devotee.

    Hope she gets picked to be the ambassador!

  97. saltireF1 says:

    Hi James,

    I reckon you should pick Rachael to be your fan ambassador and she’d do an awesome job of reporting from Abu Dhabi

  98. Kalina says:

    Definitely hope that Rachel Clarke will be chosen as the ambassador!
    Her video shows a lady who really loves the sport and also a lady who will best present her experiences in Abu Dhabi.
    I’m looking forward to seeing/reading more from her.

  99. Katie says:

    I’d vote for Jamie Cottage- he clearly does really love F1 and that’s a really cool video with a great soundtrack. Plus I like the fact that he’s made it himself with his own photos. Katie

  100. Brian says:

    My vote goes to Rachel Clarke because she summed up the sometimes guilty pleasure nature of F1 that non-fans just don’t get it plus she was prepared to talk on camera about F1 whilst walking down a busy street!

  101. Tina says:

    I’m with the masses, Rachel’s video clearly shows her passion for F1 and a lot of thought has gone into producing it.

    Good luck to all.

  102. Alessandro says:

    I like them all but I think a young person should get the chance to go to Abu Dhabi, Rachel is obviously committed and has a great Vid but the sport needs the younger blood to carry the passion forward. With this is mind, I am voting for Jamie Cottage.

    1. J says:

      What has age got to do with anything?!?

  103. SD Jones says:

    Jamie Cottage – cool pictures!

  104. Neil Tween says:

    I vote for Jamie Cottage – best candidate in my opinion.

  105. Britt Raybould says:

    Rachel’s video just seems to get it in a way the others miss. She has my vote to go to Abu Dhabi.


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