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Going to Silverstone? Win a free Fanvision handheld for the weekend
Going to Silverstone? Win a free Fanvision handheld for the weekend
Posted By: James Allen  |  06 Jul 2011   |  6:34 pm GMT  |  189 comments

It’s been a busy few days in terms of helping to connect F1 fans to the sport, with the FOTA Fans Forum on Thursday and the JA on F1 pit stop competition, which took place this afternoon and about which I will post later. The winning time was a reasonably competitive 5.09 seconds. More of that anon.

Across the various activities, we’ve given away a variety of British Grand Prix tickets which means that in total we’re sending 14 fans to Silverstone who would not have been able to go otherwise and we hope that they will enjoy the sights and sounds of the F1 action close up. We hope to bring you some content reflecting some of their experiences after the weekend.

Lastly we’ve got an offer from Fanvision, formerly known as Kangaroo TV, for a free rental of one of their new G3 units for this weekend.

For those not familiar with it, the Fanvision is a hand held device on which you can follow the action while at the track, it has timing and leaderboards as well as some other vital content.

Fans, sponsor guests and even many members of the media use it to follow up to eight onboard cameras, instant replays, interviews, official timing, team and driver data, stats and analysis, pitstop timing and team radio communications.

It also has the BBC Radio 5 Live commentary from Crofty and Ant Davidson.

I use one at the track, especially during practice sessions if I go out onto the circuit to view the cars close up, somewhere like Turn 8 in Turkey or Pouhon at Spa.

You can buy or rent them at the track, but we’ve got a free rental to give away this weekend. So if you’re going to be in Silverstone and you want to be in with a chance please let us know in the comments section and we will pick one fan at random to get the Fanvision unit.

* STOP PRESS – We’ve had a ballot and the winner is #76 Ian Joyner. We’ll be in touch via email and will get Ian to post about his experiences with the Fanvision unit.

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  1. Stu says:

    I’m there and interested!!

    1. Dan says:

      I’m there!

      Leaving tomorrow morning and coming back on Monday. I’d love to try it out for a few days :-)

    2. Clive Roylance says:

      Father and son going for the weekend, almost every year for the last 30 years. We’ve been hot, cold, wet, sunburnt and everything in between but always had a great weekend. CLIVE

    3. Chris says:

      pick me, Came from OZ to see the british Granprix

    4. David says:

      Nice gesture James! Count me in for a chance.

      I’m at Silverstone for all 3 days and cant quite contain the excitement!!

      I wonder if the British weather will give us another epic race like in 2008?

    5. Andy says:

      Yes please James!

  2. Mags says:

    Yes please, James. ;o)

  3. Luke Weston says:

    Would love a free FanVision. Will save me the cost of renting one on Friday morning! :)

  4. hello !! :)
    i would love a fan vision
    had one last year , dont have the funds this yeah D: :)

  5. Rupert says:

    id love to win fanvision for the race!

  6. Thomas Foote says:

    I’d love one of these units so I can enjoy my first grand prix visit even more!

  7. Scott Brown says:

    Yes please, James

  8. Graham Kett says:

    Would love to win a Fanvision for the weekend.

  9. Yes please! I’m going to the race weekend for the first time, the Fanvision sounds fab!

  10. Jon williams says:

    Me & my son will be at Silverstone come rain(more than likely) come shine for the 3 days & would love to try a fan vision.

  11. Barnaby says:

    I’m at silverstone…. And I’d love free rental of a fanvision unit!

  12. Dominic Winter says:

    I’d love to win the rental of one, so here’s my entry!

  13. Gimme, they look fun :)

  14. Andrew Orr says:

    going to silverstone with son and his friend. I have gona to silverstone for the last 6 years but i have never had a kangaroo or now known as fanvision moniter it would be great if i could get 1 for the weekend

  15. Alex S says:

    Yes please!

  16. Rachael says:

    So looking forward to the F1, come on lads Jenson & Lewis on the podium, how FanTV would help us make sure we understood who were on same laps etc.

    Come on lads

  17. Gimme, looks fun. Though my comments don’t seem to be showing up

  18. Tom Chiverton says:

    Gimme, looks fun. Though my comments don’t seem to be showing up…

  19. Chris Mackenzie says:

    First f1 this weekend!

  20. David Ninnes says:

    James, thanks for all the insight given through your website and tweets. Let’s hope the British GP is a close and entertaining race. And of course, a Fanvision console would go down very well with my 15 year old daughter who is attending her first ever motor race this weekend at Silverstone.

  21. Andrew Brown says:

    Great offer all round – thinking of the fans. Of course I would like to have a Fanvision for the weekend :)

  22. paul rookes says:

    Pls pick me , ill restart my campaign to get coulthard oot and you back in in return :-)

  23. James Follis says:

    Had one at spa last year, it is well worth having one for the weekend

  24. Sam Drury says:

    First time going so yes please

  25. James says:

    Yes please James, that would be fantastic.


  26. Jesse Eveleigh says:

    James – wud love a fanvision for the w/end, esp as were on the new pit straight and wont have clue whats happening wiv the noise!

  27. Laurence sanderson says:

    Yes please james would make a great weekend even beter!!!

  28. Emma Whitfield says:

    I’ve waited over 20 years to be there – please let me win!!

  29. Victoria Mortimore says:

    Ooohhh I would LOVE one of these. Heading to Silverstone on Friday after work and it is my first time actually going to a race (a childhood dream) Only thing I am getting stressed about is that I am so used to watching it on the TV, im worried I wont be able to keep up with what is happening at all times.x

  30. Adam Fry says:

    James, Id love a chance to win fanvision rental. I used it when it was kangaroo tv. Great piece of kit. Thanks

  31. mark beanland says:

    Yes please James, it’ll make the GP extra special having access to live tv feed and commentary via fanvision !

    Although I cant wait for this weekends GP, fanvision or not!!

    Cheers, Mark

  32. John Paul Velasquez says:

    Hey this will be mine and my girlfriends first ever f1 weekend, driving up tomorrow from south Wales and absolutely cannot wait to experience the buzz of a live F1 wkend!! Only 2 yrs ago my gf couldn’t stand F1 but now she is a super addict if I won this comp I think Id stay in her good books for quite some time :-) cannot wait!!!

  33. Andrew Taylor says:

    I’m taking the tent to Silverstone tomorrow, a free fanvision would go down nicely!

  34. Andy F1 Webb says:

    We are here at Woodlands… Proper Fans from Today Weds all the way til Monday. Real Fans need all the Gadgets :))) Platinum Tickets.. Go-on make our weekend.. Well… U could get us in the Paddock lol but Fan Vision would be Brilliant. Cheers guys

  35. Tina Moran says:

    Please please pretty please. Can’t afford this year :-( x

  36. Laura says:

    Yes please!

  37. chris harris says:

    I’ll be there (thank the lord for ebay) and would love a fanvision!


  38. Luke Robbins says:

    Yes please! It will be my first GP!!!!

  39. Tracy Dalby says:

    Would make the weekend even more exciting if I had a Fanvision.

  40. Matthew Barr says:

    I am heading down tomorrow and would love to win one! Great last minute opportunity for the fans!

  41. Alan Green says:

    Would love to win the Fanvision for my Dad, who’ll be in the crowd watching while I’m (hopefully not too busy) marshalling :)

  42. Alan Turner says:

    Yes please!

  43. Brian says:

    I’m going & would love to win the rental!

  44. Sheila Roberts says:

    Oooh pick me ! pick me!… please :)

  45. Chris White says:

    Already here and have set up camp, but would love a fanvision for the weekend please!

  46. Francesco Lanza says:

    What’s a fanvision, am going to silverstone with my 2 friends first time there to

  47. andy jenkins says:

    Would really love the use of Fanvision for the weekend. Remember F1 is for life.

  48. Mike T says:

    Yes please James, great offer. Here is my entry.

  49. Paul Shepherd says:

    Yes please, James!

  50. Martin says:

    Yes please James!

  51. Dan says:

    I’m there!

    Leaving tomorrow morning and coming back on Monday. I’d love to try it out for a few days

  52. daniel says:

    Hi James this Sunday will be my dad and i first British grand price and we would love one

  53. Anthony O says:

    Yes please James, I’m taking the mrs for the first time so it could come in useful to save me having to explain what’s going on!

  54. Stu Bailey says:

    Yes please I’d love to have fanciful this weekend, please pick me!!!

    1. Stu Bailey says:

      Doh! Darn that predictive text!! Fanvision!!

  55. Tom Smyth says:

    a free fanvision would be awesome! Live timing has been essential this year and I’m not sure my 3G will be working

  56. Dan Shires says:

    Thanks for giving us the chance to win James! I’m taking my Dad for the first time and I know he’d love to try one!

  57. Ryan Gilmore says:

    Heading to the glastonbury of motorsport tomorrow – 5 days at woodlands. Funds this year didn’t stetch to a fanvision device. Would appreciate one if poss?

  58. Anil says:

    Count me in James! Silverstone weekend is my 21st birthday present, can’t wait!

  59. Pete says:

    Cannot for my first visit to Silverstone this weekend, and I would love a fan vision to accompany me !

  60. ali says:

    Oh, it would be ever so nice, especially for my first ever GP :-)

  61. i’ll be there too and i never win anything:(..haha…pls change that

  62. Matthew Taylor says:

    Yes please!

  63. Neil Ord says:

    I’ll be there come rain or shine, and I’m interested!

  64. Tommy K. says:

    You lucky guys!! Unfortunately, I will be watching the GP on TV. Greece is a little bit too far….Enjoy the race!!

  65. Paul young says:

    Yes please James. I can help you with the in depth analysis!

  66. Sarah Pitt says:

    Im going to Silverstone – I’d love a fanvision to keep up to speed with the weekend’s events. Thanks :-)

  67. Ben says:

    Would love a fanvision for the weekend! Apart from all the cool stuff like Crofty, Ant, lap times and in car cameras, will it show me the way back to my (hopefully not too waterlogged) tent?

  68. Simon Russell says:

    Yes please James!

  69. Toby Mathews says:

    I’m only going to be there for Sunday, but I’d *love* a FanVision nonetheless – my first GP ever!

  70. Adil says:

    I’d love one! Never quite bit the bullet but so tempted!

  71. Chris H says:

    Would love to win, make the whole weekend a little bit more special.

    Thanks very much

  72. Richard Hall says:

    Yes please.

  73. alexandra house says:

    First silverstone visit and staying at the MVR WEEKEND, went to Spa last year and loved having kangaroo tv and especially the BBC commentary too. Would love a free fan vision for silverstone! Xx

  74. Maria foy says:

    Me please because I can never read what it says on the big screen when they put the times up and then I can see the sector times when they go purple for the brits

  75. Niki denton says:

    Yes please, could really do with one of those this weekend

  76. Chris Smith says:

    Yes please James. :-)) I’m heading to Silverstone this weekend – would be great to try out one of these!

    Is there an option to have your commentary? ;-)

  77. john says:

    Free Fanvision for the weekend? Erm… Yes please!!

  78. Ian Joyner says:

    Yes please!

    Appreciating the efforts on the fan involvement James; more of the same please.

    Also, is it me or is this week really dragging? Roll on Friday!

    1. James Allen says:


  79. Stephen O'Keeffe says:

    Absolutely would love this free rental for the weekend!!! Thanks….

  80. sean jenkins says:

    yes please!!

  81. Wayne says:

    I’d love to win fanvision!!!

  82. stephanie isherwood says:

    Would love one. Heading to Silverstone tomorrow!

  83. Kevin Mandy says:

    Going to silverstone. 1st time to go to GP. Would be great to have fanvision.

  84. Stacey says:

    We are already here at silverstone campsite surviving the wind and rain and would like to try fanvision this weekend xx

  85. Mark says:

    Yes please James, me and my kids would love to win

  86. Jenna Turner says:

    Pick me James!

  87. Dan Taylor says:

    Hi James

    Would love to win a free Fanvision rental!

    I took my grandfather to his first GP at Silverstone last year and whilst he loved the race, he did not have a clue what was going on; the big screen was too far for his eyesight, and the trackside commentary not loud enough for his ears.

    We’re going again is year and I think this would really help boost his experience!

    Loving the new look website.


  88. James says:

    Sounds good! Going to my second grand prix this year :-) would love a fanvision to add to it

  89. Steve McLeod says:

    James, I’m there all weekend. Weather looks a little uncertain for my first live visit. Fanvision sounds good.See ya there.

  90. Me and my girlfriend have been to silverstone for the last six year and would love to have one please…

  91. Tim wood says:

    Hey I am going to be there all weekend this would be a great addition, keep up the good work

  92. qbie says:

    Should be an awesome weekend! I’ve decided on Grandstand seats at Village this year, usually I sit at Luffield. Thought I’d give it a try, especially with the start line moving!

    Looks like it’ll be a little damp though!

  93. Simon Spiers says:

    would love to win this one, taking my two boys who would love this too!

  94. Marcin says:

    So where and when can I pick it up?:-)

  95. Rachel Parker says:

    I’m off to silverstone with my family!

  96. Stuart Urquhart says:

    Hi James,

    I’m heading up to Silverstone with six friends after work tomorrow for the whole weekend. It’s our first British Grand Prix. A Fanvision unit would certainly enhance the experience for sure.

    They’re quite sociable devices – I found myself making a few new friends when I used one at Monza a few years back.

    Excellent evolution of the website. Keep up the good work.


  97. Stelson says:

    I’ll be there and interested please.

  98. James Scantlebury says:

    Yes please James – it’s my first Grand Prix and everything – I intend to do it properly!

  99. Jonathan Dye says:

    I’ll be at Silverstone. Its may first Grand Prix after following F1 for over 15 years and I’ll be bringing my sceptical friend (my beautiful girlfriend) to F1 too. I’ve converted her to a full blow F1 fan this year, so much so she bought the tickets for my birthday!

  100. Gill Howey says:

    I’m going Thursday til Monday, sitting at Luffield!

  101. Michael Sen says:

    I’ll be there with my brother for our first ever live Grand Prixs – a Fanvision would be the icing on the cake!

  102. Mark Westwood says:

    Going to Silverstone for F1 for the first time this weekend and wouold love to have a Fanvision…

  103. Chris Dowling says:

    Would like to enter the Fanvision draw please. Thank you!

  104. Hitul Mistry says:

    First time ever at Silverstone and will be there for all 3 days! just hope it wont be a red bull procession, would be great to have access to Fanvision

  105. Ross Shepherd says:

    I’d love to be in the running for this! I’m attending Silverstone with my dad and brother, cant wait!

  106. Matt Devenish says:

    We used FanVision (or Kangaroo TV, as it was known) at last years Belgium Grand Prix and it was F A N T A S T I C. If you’re paying a lot of money for tickets, an extra £60 is worth it for the amount of additional information you’re provided with. Plus it works for all support races!

    Now, a little suggestion. We’re only going to Silverstone for Friday practice so I was a little disappointed to find out FanVision only offers a 3-day weekend rental. £60 for one day’s usage is too much. Perhaps you could look at offering a 1 or 2 day package as an alternative? I’d happily pay £20-25 for this service and I’m sure others would too!

  107. Paul says:

    Hope I am not too late for this will me be my first ever grand prix and am taking my son aged 5 this may really aid me if boredom sets in with him.

  108. sharon martin says:

    Hi James…Keep the tweets coming! Heading down to Woodlands tomorrow morning and so excited. Its my first time and I have wanted to go for years so Im so excited :) Bring on the rain….Thats Britain!! and it may give us an epic race. Would love a Fanvision :)

  109. Joanne Proctor says:

    Great website James and we look forward to your tweets every race. So excited now and sharing the experience with the family this year so would love the fanvision. Come on jenson!

  110. Bethan Evans says:

    First f1 with my little brother. Cannot wait, we watch each practice, qualy, race, forum, highlights and would live a fanvision this weekend! Love formula 1!!

  111. Martin Bebbington says:

    Yes please James !

  112. Rob says:

    Pick me, pick me ;)

  113. Andy Brown says:

    Hi James, I will be at the GP for all 3 days (my first ever F1 event) and so would love to win this prize.

  114. Graeme Calvert says:

    I’m there with my dad for his 60th Birthday present. Its his first GP too so he’d love a fanvision for the w/e.

  115. Adam Cox says:

    Let me win please James!

  116. Steve ford says:

    I want a fanvision cos I can’t hear my silverstone radio

  117. Jon Barrett says:

    My first time at silverstone so would love chance to
    Get one! Never missed a gp!! On tele anyway!

  118. Jan Timmermans says:

    what a brilliant offer! first time back to silverstone for ten years, would cap it off with a fanvision handheld!

  119. Paul Braithwaite says:

    Count me in!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Allen Crawford says:

    I’ll be there (all the way from Indy) and would love the Fanvision!

  121. Fiona says:


    It’s my first Silverstone this year and I’m very interested!



  122. Tim Nolde says:

    Me and my friends will be there all weekend :-) please help us three guys keep in touch with what is going on at the circuit.

  123. Me and my girl have been going to silverstone for the last six year and would love one please…

  124. I am going with my fionce and this will be our 6th time at the British gp, I would love to have one 

  125. Philippe says:

    I’ll be there – can’t wait!!!! would love a fanvision thing.

  126. Mark Gabb says:

    I’m off to Silverstone for the 4th year, hoping for some rain on the Sunday to give McLaren a better chance! I’d absolutely love Fanvision!

  127. Heath Roylance says:

    Yes please all three days for me and my Dad.

  128. Andrew Robinson says:

    Hi, First trip to Silverstone. Got my Radio but would love one of these! Nice!



  129. Catherine Howsham says:

    Yes please!

  130. Aman says:

    I am at Silverstone for all 3 days and would love to try this gadget out….I will understand if you say no…

  131. Stuart H says:

    Ooh! Yes please! I saw these last year and really wanted to have a play on one.

    It would make it far easier to follow, especially this year with the many pit stops we have seen, and the screen at Luffield is so far away I had to use a telephoto lens to see it properly last year.

  132. Paul Miller says:


    Your dad Bill would always want a ex-Littlewoods guy to try out the latest tech gear, I got in to F1 from his old Autosport mags so it would continue the Allen tradition of helping needy Scousers!!

  133. Yes please! Would love one.

  134. Paul W says:

    First time at f1! Going with my father in law for his 50th birthday. Would be great to make the weekend even more special.



  135. Nick says:

    Pick me! I’ve always thought you were brilliant…

  136. chris p says:

    Me & Mrs P would love to fight over which feeds to watch if we can still be in the pot!

  137. Peter Smart says:

    I’ll be there and would love to win. I hired one on the Sunday two years ago and it was awesome for keeping up with what was going on in the race, like lap times etc. Great bit of tech.

  138. Richard Fitzsimmons says:

    Yes please!!

  139. Brusbane Bill says:

    Not for me, as a trip from Brisbane is a bitt too much in this economic climate – but my cousin is doing the whole camping experience on a tight budget – he’s mad keen (we nearly got run over by Michael Schumacher driving an Alfa Romeo hire car in the paddock when I was there with my cousin in 2000). So this would give him a real thrill.

  140. Richard Clarkson says:

    Keep the tweets coming James! Will be relying on you this weekend while im track side! First time camping at Woodlands this year, can’t wait! Would love to try out a fanvision!

  141. Gareth Stephens says:

    First time to a GP, going with a friend and would love to have access to a Fanvision for the weekend.



  142. Kelly says:

    This would top a magical weekend as tickets have been brought for my birthday for my 1st grand prix :)

  143. Neil says:

    FanVision for a weekend would be amazing… if only to hear James Allen doing the press conference after the race ;)

  144. Paul Hackett-Evans says:

    I’m taking my two young sons. First time for all of us. I’d love to win the Fanvision, please, James!

  145. Daniel Adams says:

    Going to Silverstone – need a fanvision

  146. Mark Doughty says:

    My 14yo son and I will be pitching up at Woodlands tonight at about 9pm. It’s a first for him (and his birthday too ….. yes really..!). It’s going to be a great weekend!

  147. Graeme says:

    Always felt there was something missing from my race weekend! Fanvision would be awesome to keep up to speed…

  148. nigel bryce says:

    Yes please. This will be my 36th year on the trot!!

  149. rubbergoat says:

    Fanvision is an absolute necessity. I went with a group of friends to Spa last year, and initially I chose not to have one. I was able to get hold of one on Sunday and I was amazed at the difference it made to the experience.

    I can’t say enough how much you need this to be able to follow the action, but if you want to read a little review of our experiences you can do so here: http://sidepodcast.com/post/skipping-straight-to-the-kangaroo-tv-stand

    Enjoy Silverstone, for all those who are going :)

  150. Luke Craven says:

    Yep, put me down for the prize draw if possible, please.

  151. Paul Jarman says:

    This weekends race is going to be my first time at a GP. Can’t wait!

  152. sw6569 says:

    I’d love the opportunity to have one for the weekend, thanks!

  153. Robert Miszka says:

    One fanvision please :)

  154. Alexa rees says:

    Would love a free fan vision – thanks!

  155. Haran says:

    A Fanvision, would be great, yes please!

  156. Tom Gower says:

    I am taking my soon to be 8 year old son for the weekend for his first Grand Prix. He is a massive fan and would really enjoy the benefit of this. I could not afford to rent him one as we spent so much on the tickets.

  157. Paul Trainer says:

    Yes please James, that would be awesome!

  158. Pranav Haldea says:

    I’m travelling all the way from New Delhi tomorrow for the race! I have also convinced 3 non-fans to come and watch the race with me. A fanvision would really add up to their experience!

    Pick me! I have never won any of your contents : -(

  159. noreen says:

    Yes please! Going to all 3 days and can’t wait!

  160. Ernie says:

    Yes please !

  161. Charlie says:

    I doubt I’ll be holding the winning Euromillions ticket tomorrow so I’ll throw my hat in for a Fan Vision! Will be at Becketts wearing rocket red…

  162. newton says:

    Oh yes. *Very*.

  163. Legs el Evans says:

    I’ll be there sat / sun – looking at the weather on Friday I’m glad I didn’t go for the full 3 days… Can’t wait!!!!

  164. Ben says:

    Hi JA, leaving for a wet and windy Silverstone as soon as I get outta work today! Cannot wait! Would love to get my hands on a fanvision. It’ll help explain to my gf (first time at a grand prix) wants happening!

  165. gayle jakeman says:

    coming over from ireland for all 3 days – cant wait!

  166. Jonathan Barnett says:

    Pick me, pick me!

    My lovely lady bought me a pair of Silverstone tickets – the only downside is that she’s coming as well…

    Love you darling.

  167. William Wallace says:

    I’d love to try the new Fanvision handhelds. I’m sitting at Becketts on Sunday and although I’ll see a lot of action, it would be good to see even more.

  168. Foolio says:

    The fool and his crew would say thank you to go on a mission with fanvision!

  169. Matt S says:

    Would love one of these, took some f1 virgins last year and apart from the noise of the cars this product was the most impressive part for them

  170. Simon says:

    Meeeeeeeee plllleeeeaaassseee!!!!

    Its my first time at a GP and i can’t wait.

    I’d love a Fanvision, I hope its waterproof


  171. Angela says:

    Yes please. My first British GP since soggy 2000! Very excited.

  172. tim buzzard says:

    hi james, sounds like a really good idea to me, unless you can see one of the big screens you have no idea who is where during practice till you get home an view the playback on tv, me and my buddy ‘cooper2′ have been going to silverstone for 16 years and cannot wait to see the new pit and paddock building plus wind and rain and reg changes, could this be the best race so far?

  173. chris q says:

    Yes please! Also if you have a spare brolly it sounds like I could use that too!

  174. Callum says:

    First time poster, long time reader. Very interested in trying this! The new unit looks much better than the older one. Shame you can only rent the old style one…

  175. Jason Goodey says:

    I would love a fanvision, they look AMAZING. Tried to book one online weeks ago,but they had all gone…. :-(

  176. Johnp says:

    Yes please – this would help my two sons keep up with the action!

  177. Adam says:

    Free stuff!!

  178. Amit says:

    Ill be going, these tvs are really helpful!

  179. Daniel Hoyes says:

    Would love to win one. Would help enourmously.

  180. Robertm says:

    I would love a fanvision!

    The device looks excellent

  181. steve cutler says:

    Im taking my wife to her first gp and want her to really enjoy the day-so we can go again!keep up the good work james :)


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